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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread.

What are the bump limits for each board?


The default reply limit is set to 350. The /mlpol/ reply limit is 700, and the /vx/ reply limit is 450


what's the current maximum that the catalog can hold?


The /mlpol/ board is set to 15 threads per page, and a limit of 12 pages. Every other board is also set to 15 threads per page, but with a sitewide page limit that is much higher: 1500 pages


File: 1522711953528.png (180.56 KB, 918x918, bafcd3464680fd594f61867b9f….png)

Something of a newfag question, but what's this weird shit with links? I went to share a link that was posted here somewhere else by copying the link and it added some intro to it,directly posting to show it:
That href.li thing, what is that?
If you're intending to block referrals and that's what it is supposed to do, since this is vichan it should work just like on 8chan: put a wordfilter in board settings on the colon.

[code]Wordfilter : to :[/code]
Since the markup on this vichan seems to be different from the version of vichan 8chan uses I'm not 100% if it will work right in this software, but the italicization would be enough to make links unclickable and thus force the referral-less copying and pasting method to open a link.


Yes, the href.li was there to hide the http referrer so site you are visiting wouldn't know that you visited them from here. We have switched to using the HTML5 attribute noreferrer https://caniuse.com/rel-noreferrer as it now has 94.42% support rate among all users (98.14% among desktop) and should give same functionality without the use of 3rd party site. We will keep looking at solutions making it safe and comfy for users to use the site.


Did the Yang Gang thread get bumplocked?


It's not bumping, even though I just posted to it.


If it was bumplocked, I'm sure it had nothing to do with it being bombarded with shitty memes that eliminated legitimate discussion, or the recent influx of Yang memes invading other threads


Hmmmm, maybe I'll make another thread for Yang memes then. Not today though.


File: 1555643078221.png (180.28 KB, 800x500, Pony doubting.png)

What happened this morning around 7AM Eastern Time that mlpol.net went off line?


Did my "Post In This Thread Every Time You Visit /qa/" thread get deleted?


I kill things


I'll take that as a yes..
I checked the board and saw it was gone. Did it break any rules?


Probably not, but /qa/ is not a shitposting board. There was no question, nor issue to address/inquire about.


It was meant to promote board activity; like the similar threads on the other slower boards.
I'll just word it more carefully next time.


Alright. I remade it; this time with a clear topic in mind.
It can at least be said to be more on topic then the dragonmaud corndog thread.


File: 1559530191388-0.png (260.64 KB, 2000x2733, 1071202.png)

>Content-promotion thread gets deleted without apparent reason
>both corndog threads, catbane emoji post, and various duplicates of "Can I have a discord link?" stay where they are
What gives?


>Post in this thread every time you visit
is not a content-promotion thread. Also, corndogs r serious bizness


The underlying point of the thread was to encourage users to post to /qa/ more often, which is good for the board and the community as a whole.
And it was definitely more productive than the catbane post.


So it wasn't a 'post ITT every time' thread? Cuz it said 'post ITT every time'


No, it was indeed a post itt thread, like the ones on /cyb/ and /sp/ that were meant to spur board activity.


/qa/ was never intended to be an active board. It is here so that anons who have issues that need to brought up to staff and moderators can do so. If you have an issue with participation and content, take it up on the mainboard with the posters.


>/qa/ was never intended to be an active board
That's actually news to me.


File: 1559534231022.png (5.61 MB, 3839x2159, 1829280__safe_artist-colon….png)

Alright, I will address this directly with a capcoded post, so that hopefully there can be an official summation of the issue. While I seriously doubt this reply will be accepted as satisfying, nevertheless this will (hopefully) be the final word on this that comes from me.

First off, I would like to say that I am not the mod who deleted the thread the first time, nor did I delete the second thread, nor am I the poster in >>4766 >>4769 and so forth. When the thread was deleted, the staff member in question noted that he deleted the thread on the staff discord. I asked why the thread was deleted. I did not get a reply then, but I have today, and I sympathize with his reasoning.

/sp/ is a designated shitposting board, /a/ I don't really care about, and I am not sure about /cyb/. Those are content boards. Their purpose is so that people have content they want to see, and so a "post in this thread each time you visit" kind of makes sense as it encourages posting. /qa/ is not a content board. It is not a shitposting board. It is not an entertainment board. It has a very narrow purpose, and that is to be a conduit between the staff and the userbase to report concerns, to ask questions about the site, and to ask questions about technical issues. It is not a board for fun posting. It does not exist to amass posts. It is not a board where "activity" is desired in the way in which it is desired on the main board, /sp/ and so on. It does not matter if this is a slow or "dead" board, because it was not intend to be posted on unless there was a need. Posting on this board is desired if and only if there is an actual purpose to the posting that relates to the purpose of the board. That is, post only if you have an issue, if there is something about the site you really want to know, if you have a suggestion to improve the site, or something along those lines. Posting just to increase the number of posts reduces the functionality of this board by cluttering it, and shows a contempt for the actual purpose of outreach to solve problems.

It's like calling tech support or the IT department just to chitchat or bullshit. That is not what IT is there for, they are not there to be friends, please hangup and leave the lines open for people who actually have problems that need to be addressed. If you want to bullshit with coworkers, bullshit with your actual coworkers.

And for all of that, I sympathized with you and would not have deleted the thread myself, hence why I asked the staff member who deleted it why they deleted it. I was sympathetic, until your blatant act of disrespect and contempt by remaking the exact same thread after being told it was deleted because it was off-topic. What the actual fuck anon? For some reason, you pretended like you were going to remake the thread so it would comply with the board's topic, but instead you made exactly the same thread with the same title and OP image, just reordering the wording of the one sentence of text in the body of the post. And you did all of that almost immediately after it was confirmed that it was deleted by a member of staff for being off topic. Jesus Anon, I was on the fence about whether your thread should have been allowed, but then you had to childishly and impetuously defy the staff in a "you can't tell me what to do!" stunt. No, I don't think the staff member did the right thing in not capcoding in the reply despite obviously claiming to be staff, and I thought more elaboration in the reply was merited. But damn, you were right onto "fuck the rules, I do what I want" before I could even drive home from work and buying a pizza. That pissed me off, and I did not care before.

And now let me address the Corndog thread. Did you notice the thread was dated to 2 years ago? That thread was made two years ago, back when May had a real majority in the House of Commons, seven months before the last Jedi was released. I have lived in 4 different cities in two states for 10+ weeks at each location, and am now living in a 5th city, since that thread was last posted in. The last post in that thread was made before I ever came onto mlpol staff. It was made almost a year before the staff member who deleted your thread came onto staff. My point is, that thread is fucking old and a lot of shit has changed since then, and it is not clear that it would be given the same pass today as it was way back when it was posted. Besides the age, there are two reasons that thread is less obnoxious as a shit post than the "post in this thread every time you visit" thread. First, that thread was a self aware parody of how the /qa/ board of 4chan, which, like this board, was intended as a means of communication with the community, was taken over by a bunch of entitled squatters who made vapid and inane posts. Second, that thread didn't encourage daily shitposting in it, which would keep it at the top of the page and slowly undermine the purpose of the board.

The fact that you had to find threads that were two years old in order to have examples of shitposting kind of proves that shitposting on /qa/ has been rare, and far more an exception than the norm.

Don't act entitled to shitpost. We understand wanting to post fun things, but acting like an entitled dick about it, and childishly remaking the exact same thread immediately after you are told it was deleted for being off-topic while also lying about changing it to make it topical, just alienates any sympathy we would have for your position.


>remaking the exact same thread after being told it was deleted because it was off-topic
I specifically made sure to change the wording of the thread to ensure it included a definitive issue about the board and opened a topic for conversation. After it was deleted a second time, this time with a ghost of an explation, I did not see it fit to make it again. Since the thread was deleted without the staff in question saying why it was deleted or what particular rule it broke, I, who had no real information from my standpoint, I figured the thread would be compliant with the rules if I changed the wording to make it more appropriate, but that was later revealed to not be the case.
As for the intent of the thread, it was just a casual attempt to increase user participation on the board, since the similar threads on /cyb/, /sp/, and /a/ seemed to bolster posting on those boards in the slightest bit. Since it worked on the other threads, I thought it would do the same here, since community participation is actually a topic I consider to really be important. If such a thread is against restrictions, then I'm glad to comply.


File: 1559538780608-0.png (907.42 KB, 3000x1500, 1503940501655-1.png)

>First, that thread was a self aware parody of how the /qa/ board of 4chan, which, like this board, was intended as a means of communication with the community, was taken over by a bunch of entitled squatters who made vapid and inane posts.
I feel like addressing this part, just because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth..
First of all, 4cuck's /qa/ board was hardly ever intended to be a meta board, despite its name. It was reborn from the ashes of /q/ as Moot's parting "gift" to the site he abandoned. It didn't turn to shit because it was "taken over" by /jp/sies; it was left to rot and fester by mods who didn't care about the community, let alone their opinions. The "questions and answers" rebranding felt more like a sarcastic remark, because 4chan's /qa/ was filled with Anon's asking questions, and never, ever receiving answers; and occasionally a place where Hiroshimoot tested his site codes.
/qa/ was a garbage dump of a hidden board where Anons were commonly left to scream at a virtual wall until they got tired and gave up. Only the angriest shitposters ever gave it a chance, thinking if they screamed, and that's how this community was first reformed after the original /mlpol/ board froze.
I remember visiting 4chan's /qa/ for two consecutive days only twice in the past decade. The first time was when /pol/'s /rwss/ thread was shoahed, causing a horde of angry /pol/acks to flood in with complaints about compromises in moderation (which persisted long enough for one of the mods to get fired). The second time was when /mlpol/ was shut down, and all of us who knew and loved the board flooded in and demanded change, too angry to care that our pleas were falling on death ears. Both of times, I remember being greeted by the "locals": those scriptfagging, botspamming, corndog-worshipping troglodytes who squatted there like gypsies because none of the dozen weeb-shitposting boards on 4chan were specific enough to suit their autistic habits, acting liked they owned the board because they alone used it for anything but meta; those were the entitled faggots who acted like they were the "real" 4chan, responding with rude and irrationally hostile remarks to anyone who came there with a real issue, with repeated comments like "delet /pol/" or "go back there".
Now, I get it if it's desirable to mitigate shitposting on what is supposed to be a serious meta board, but to compare what was an honest attempt to increase user activity to those prickly, entitled, moeblob-spamming weebs we all came together loathing feels a bit misguided. Nobody here thinks how those cave-NEETs behaved was ever acceptable, or that shitposting all over the meta board would ever be okay; I just thought the site could possibly benefit from /qa/ showing up on the overboard maybe once every few days, and that was the end of it.


Awhile ago on 8ch someone made a post describing a level system in psychology. It was a scale of 4 or 5 where 1 is typical normies and NPCs 2 is mental illness and I can't remember the others. Does anyone know what I might be talking about?


File: 1566137250346-0.png (117.44 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20190726-115904.png)

File: 1566137250346-1.png (144.02 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20190726-121711.png)

Yeah, it's psychology.
You can explain the actions of others based on an already stabilished model.

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