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File: 1519391214466.png (392.95 KB, 1080x1080, 1491235246356.png)


First off: Sorry for using an old version of the rules but it guess I have lost the newer version.


This whole thing made me think. While I got a decent amount of keks out of the whole debacle I can very much see why most people would just see information noise.
Mlpol has recently doubled its population by numbers. 2560 UIDs instead of ca. 1200. This is a blessing and a curse.
Nobody likes a dead board but the sudden influx of new users is a challenge. It is not easy to establish the rules as to why this board was founded.

Why do people come here?
Some people want a shill-free enviroment without slide-threads. Some people come here to post what is not allowed on other boards due to faggot mods.
I think these have been the major things that keep the users here.

THERADNESS has posted and got banned and while I think enforcing the rules is of utmost improtance the way it was done was wrong.

If someone posts shit on the main board there should be the option to issue a warning with a message. Something like "This kind of thread belongs on sp/vx/üb/…" instead of outright banning them.

The doxxing that happened is really, really bad in my opinion.

I guess the gist of it is that you should issue warnings and move threads first before banning someone.
Ease them in. Even if they come for the sideboards or threads curiosity will lead them to look up what the other things are about.

Friendship is magic you fags.


I think he knew not to post his dick pics on /mlpol/


maybe not

It was just something I thought of


That's what he was banned for the first time and then he did it again.


File: 1519394074043.png (36.46 KB, 945x945, 1502283565469.png)

Then dismiss my post.
I thought he was banned out of the blue with no warning and no explanation which would be bad for the board in general.


Who was doxed?




Are you sure he didn't doxx himself?


The guy is clearly just a faggot trying to lolwhore himself, and contributes to the board in no way. Worse than an e-celeb; just a troll.


Worse than that; he's an attention whore.


THERADNESS was a fag and got what he deserved. End of story - let this be a lesson to others.


wow. thanks for the concern :) coming from /b/ circa 2008, i have seen some shit.
but the autism levels on my arrival, were off of the damn charts. they couldn't even dox someone who doxed himself. it was really a pity to see the incompetent way they went about fucking a football. i even asked for help with my nephew. it kinda pissed me off. i thought friendship was magic…… but all i got was "this is my pony fucking board, you are not cool enough"
i have gotten that shit all through my life. thats why i ran to comics and anime. but to get bullied by millenials, on a poor mans /b/, well, i got pissed. thats why i decided to go into L33t h4xxor mode. /b/cuz, you deserved the god damn Goatse!
i am a fag.
but you are pony fuckers.
there is a god damn difference!
and the lesson to others will /b/
don't take shit from faggot nigger bullies.
i have contributed a shit ton of OC.
and will continue to do so.
so, white jesus
you insufferable little twits.
and as always Jesus'
loves you.
hopes you get impaled by IRL HORSECOCK YOU FAGGOT NIGGERS! 1488, SUCK MY COCK
:^ )


Your memes are lame


File: 1523009609333.png (258.3 KB, 747x566, 1506887715687.png)

Dear Mr. Therad/wtfe,
You're not a bad sort, but do dispense with muh ebin 1337-speak. It would be to your benefit and credit to express yourself as an adult. Your "OC" is little more than deriving satisfaction from dancing incoherently in front of a camera. Plz consider therapy. Best wishes.
>t. horsefucker


Thank you! I hope your sex change went well
: )>>4140
Yes, the leet has been disabled,
Like my brain


A little 1337 is okay, but making people decipher encrypted text is a chore they're probably not gonna want to do. I'm glad to see you're still around, but I notice you stopped posting videos. I hope everything is ok

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