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Hello admins. How can I contact with PupperWoff - a developer of NPFChan script?


You called?


Yes. When I installed NPFchan, I find some bugs:
Firstly, "dismiss+" reports not working properly in the mod panel.
Secondly, I can't post with any capcod. When I tried to post with it, this error appeared:
[code]Invalid argument supplied for foreach()[/code]

As I correctly understood, there is a problem in post.php file. Probably, this codeblock has a problem:

[code]foreach ($config['mod']['capcode'] as $mod_level => $capcode_group) {
if ($mod['type'] < $mod_level)

foreach ($capcode_group as $capcode) {
if (strcasecmp($cap, $capcode) == 0) {
$post['capcode'] = utf8tohtml($capcode);
$post['name'] = $name;
Because when replace it with similar code in vichan, this bug was dissapeared. But I can't be certain in this, since I am not familar with NPFchan and vichan code. So, I will be appreciate if you fix those problems. Thanks.


Updated the code so the "Dismiss+" is now working.

Only reason I can think of for the capcode error is that either
$config['mod']['capcode'] isn't an array
or that the underlying values for each Mod level isn't an array.

Try placing this in your instance-config.php to see if it helps.

// Capcode permissions.
$config['mod']['capcode'] = array(
ADMIN => array('Admin', 'Administrator')


> // Capcode permissions.
> $config['mod']['capcode'] = array(
> ADMIN => array('Admin', 'Administrator')
> );
Yeah it works, but with: $config['mod']['capcode'] = array(
ADMIN => true[/code]
not working.

Also, when I send a thread to archive as a mod, the action didn't track into modlog.


The multidimentional array for capcodes is built so that you list for each Mod level what capcodes are allowed. Setting it to true is not a valid option.
So in the example in >>3997
Admins can post with ## Admin and ## Administrator capcodes.
So you have to list all capcodes each mod level is allowed to use.


> // Use shadow delete instead of immediate permanent delete
> $config['shadow_del']['use'] = true;
This feature also not working properly. When you clicking a delete button, it permanently delete a post istead of shadow delete.


Okay, understood. Thanks.
So, how can I fix this bug? Or can you help me with this?


I would like to ask if admin is looking into submitted issues on github


The shadow delete I assume it deletes if you are logged in as mod or admin.
Set this to false and all mod, admin levels will also shadow delete.

$config['mod']['auto_delete_shadow_post'] = MOD;


>I would like to ask if admin is looking into submitted issues on github
Probably not as much as I should.


O, thank you, anon.


Can't run rebuild in dashboard if I delete an /b/ board. Can u please fix this.


That is probably due to one of your themes that you have configured to use the /b/ board that no longer exist.


How to set a custom feature in threads archivation, that threads must move into feature archive only if they are have more than X posts, instead of voting system.


regarding this issue on github
>Warnings and nicenotices not showing while IP is not hashed
It was being caused by wrong type of "IP" column in database. I set it to varbinary(16) and now works fine


could you add following feature:
automatically ban ip if user cookie is banned


> cookie banning
Can somebody please explain me what the purpose of cookie banning and how it works? Because as far as I know it is easily to evade this type of ban just by deleting a cookie from browser.


Reporting a bug from github:https://github.com/fallenPineapple/NPFchan/issues/209
> In install.php doesn't create tables hideid in "post_" and "shadow_posts_"
Please fix it.


yes it is easy
although you can change the name of the cookie to be less obvious in instance-config so banned user would have it more difficult to figure out why he can't post
there's error while posting which doesn't say much - unknown error occured
but the feature I propose would be more efficient as it also places ban on whatever IP the user is trying to post if cookie was previosuly banned


Why janitors can see an encrypted IP-adresses near posts even if they don't have permission to see it:
[code]$config['mod']['show_ip'] = DEVELOPER;[/code]
Moreover they can see an those IP-adresses outside of a boards which they has moderate:
[code]$config['mod']['skip_per_board'] = false;[/code]


I think it would be useful to have 'OP tag'


Speaking of IPs, is there a way I can view a user's IP as an Admin account? It's great that IP hashing is a feature, but say for instance, I see illegal content and I need to report the IP if I can. It doesn't seem to be a feature there.


Admins can't see IP addresses.

As per the Policy page:
The information of the users is sacred and shall not be used outside of needs by administration, at the moment we don't even have access to IP addresses from the users, we keep no logs, not even error logs, outside of what the website provides us directly.

If this is regarding your own site unless you have logging activated on your webserver there is no way to see the IP.


Hi, it is so depressing that npfchan does not work on php 7.2.0 or above. It works on php ver 7.0 and 7.1 tho. Vichan works on php ver 7.2 and 7.3 Does anyone know how to make vichan look awesome like NPF chan does? Like how it has a link to post a new thread, so the form does not even show till one clicks on the create new thread link


I don't go on this site much and I know It's not really related but, I'm using NPFchan for my imageboard I'm building for my school and I can't figure out all the fancy features like the options menu and oekaki/multiple file uploads. Also, how do I change the boardlist? It just has a link to b but I deleted b.


All of these settings are set up in the instance-config.php file.
For most of the client side functions like Oekaki/multifile and [Options] you need to set it up to include the appropriate javascripts. Same with the boardlinks, this is also configured in instance-config.php. All the settings should have examples in the config.php file.

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