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File: 1504910639824.jpg (116.33 KB, 680x497, shekels.jpg)


Since it was mentioned in a thread on the main board, does mlpol.net accept donations? I really like this site, and am willing to send a portion of my Patreon budget your way. If you do accept donations, is there Patreon like rewards system such as inside scoops, and donor recognition? If there isn't a donation option like that, is it being considered?

On another note, since I don't see ads and I don't see a donation option (besides the Patreon account that got shoahed), how is this site being funded anyway?


Does /mlpol/ accept any cryptoshekels?


we accept bitcoin via:

currently we are running on the funding provided by previous donations, we still have months of funding left and sometime this week plan to have our store and stripe accounts set up for more goy money


File: 1505401390655.jpg (433.41 KB, 1717x1847, 1497726624755-0.jpg)

Suggestions for the store
>Mouse pads
>Coffee cups and glassware
>Maor paintings
>Hoddies for those of us in snow and cold areas




File: 1548386013376.jpg (106.16 KB, 1160x451, Coexist.jpg)

Will the COEXIST t-shirts be back in stock in the next couple of weeks? I want to help out the site by purchasing a t-shirt but don't want to out myself as a complete autist just yet.


>When being a Nazi is easier to admit than being a horsefucker
I can relate though.


File: 1549273586008.jpeg (152.83 KB, 752x716, 270941.jpeg)

>easier to admit
This is typical (((commie))) speech trying to shame everybody around to conform to their Judaism.
Sorry kike, but it won't work with poners.

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