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File: 1502744779154.png (527.46 KB, 1011x718, 1491705187783.png)


Would it be possible to add an IRC or a chatroom of some kind to the website? The kikes are coming for discord and we will need an alternative soon. It could be a good way to get a few new users from the discord servers.


>It could be a good way to get a few new users from the discord servers.

Well, if you put it that way…
Anyways, I am not MLPOL discordian but there are might 2 problems.
-This IRC would have to have feature for uploading audio, pics, gifs and video. Not sure if its also possible to have bots on it outside Discord.
Not sure how could it be possible to use IRC on this website but if you could implement https://about.riot.im/ , then this one has few bots on it.
-I remember asking MLPOL discordians why they wouldn't just abandon discord and post on mlpol.net They said something in fashion that if they can't have board on 4chan, they are staying in discord. Also something about valuing their independence or something.


File: 1502745583454.jpg (59.52 KB, 1200x675, DHNjjN8VYAArT1A.jpg)

>Also something about valuing their independence or something.

Their heads are on the chopping blocks right now. Discord is censoring the right if they have to choose between 4chan or mlpol I'm sure they would choose us.


The need to abandon the discord is obvious at this point. I don't want to start divisions but who in their right mind would still want to stay there even after this?
I honestly never understood them holding any attachment to 4chan even back then…


File: 1502745793831.gif (572.4 KB, 1000x809, full.gif)

They are fully welcomed here- But they will be under our rules, no special user-name privilege. No one cares if you where an admin or a mod on the discord, welcome back to being Anonymous




File: 1502752651376.png (17.66 KB, 209x200, Boi.png)

The hell you mean independence? I have been in the mlpol discords since day one and NO ONE thinks of it

Also you make it sound like we are not on the board we are on the board like you are. We mostly use the discord to hang out, we still post on the board, participate in events etc we are members of the community just like you.


I'm inclined to agree. I don't know what "discordian" this guy asked but I've been on the biggest mlpol discord since day one and I've posted on here since the time it was conceived.


File: 1502756480439.jpg (564.06 KB, 2289x2289, 1502306149422-0.jpg)

The amount of people I saw in the discord vs our poster count says more then 80% of the Discord sit in it and give communication via representatives. The discord has never felt like a home or apart of any chan culture- It is more along the lines of alt-brone tier. Then again, this is just my opinion after lurking, etc


File: 1502758639618.png (988.92 KB, 968x1008, Filthy Whorse Slut.png)


The reason there is a disdain for discord users is primarily because of their namefaggotry and circumvention of the real community (when I say real community it is because mlpol the movement itself is an anonymous chan movement, not a namefag discord ego stroking circle jerk. We aren't alt-brony twitter fags etc.). The fact that we were freely given an extremely high quality chan website (actually nicer than 4chan itself at this point imo, thanks fallenpineaple and anypony else who worked on it) and some people still don't use it is sad. Simultaneously, these same non-users may believe their opinion on the direction that the overall movement takes holds any value, which is ridiculous. I understand that many discord users actually do post on the site and that's good. It's fine if you use both as long as you are still an anon.

I use discord as well and understand its appeal for hanging out with friends you've met. But when they go ahead and act like they can make decisions on behalf of the whole community even if they aren't mlpol.net staff, it's just not right and only helps to foster divisiveness and creates a dichotomy. Even though they are all well intentioned, their participation in discord shouldn't extend anywhere past friendly socialization which is totally fine. Again, what they shouldn't do is make decisions offsite while still assuming they are acting on behalf of the real community, especially if they never post on our chan board.

So this negative attitude would not be directed towards you two.

What >>2176 this anon said highlights that a problem does exist, considering the insanely disproportionate attention and involvement the discord receives compared to the chan site. Anonymous communities are anonymous for a reason and function in a very different way. Disagreements in the way both communities approach things are bound to happen, but mlpol is at its root an anonymous community.


Where do you get this idea we are trying to hijack the movement? There has been no moves from any discord staff member to take over the board or hijack the movement. I haven't seen the discords make any power plays on the movement.

Also the discords have a good deal of users that post on the board there are for more than me and the other anon who posted.


Anon, the culture on /mlpol/ grew separately from the board culture. I come onto here, then I come onto there, there's a complete difference in attitude. I've even seen members from the discord to here every once in a blue moon, but they don't mesh well. They feel alien. I can definitely apply this generally because at the core, they have isolated themselves from us.


/mlpol/ discord*


How do you see them? This is an anonymous board?!?!


.t Discordfag


what >>2182 said


Also, this alone is like a reddick style post
>How can u tell sum1s not anon
It just sticks the fuck out


Pattern recognition.


this, if you think you don't write a certain way you're retarded.


I immediatedly knew that anons behind nazbol thread were discordfags. Mainly because I saw it on discord first tho.


File: 1503203149791.gif (314.5 KB, 234x159, 1489543859725.gif)

This anon has not yet become an hero, but he could be. He could be an hero for us all.


Redpill me on IRCs: What's the benefit to chatting on them?


IRC is a dying technology. The fact that it is somehow still alive amazes me.
There are free open source alternatives to Discord, ones which are more secure and actually encrypt their messages and don't store them on THEIR servers.
I like discord for how easy it is to use and everything, but you hand over your freedom by using it.


IRC has always been better than those convoluted dataminers.
Absolutely no strings attached and strong anonyminity. Even if someone were to find out your password or soething, then it wouldn't even be a bother.


Why would he kill himself? Because he made Discordfags sad?


Why not just use the main board then?


IRC is better for real time chatting.
Really though, using the main board is a better idea. An IRC or the like should only be used as a backup, mlpol isn't active enough that we need to branch out.


https://about.mattermost.com This is also good guys.


I think this topic should be brought up again since the recent rightwing server takedown has scared people shitless. So much that they're moving. I believe that if the site were to implement IRC, we would catch a lot of those faggots who don' use the site.


Wasn't one of the servers that was taken down called "pony power"?


File: 1504760939754.jpg (107.48 KB, 500x333, sysadmin LARPing.jpg)

I actually hate discord enough and have set up IRC servers before.
Watch the cam, I'll be there in 30 minutes.
Who even makes a good ircd these days?


File: 1504761588127.png (215.79 KB, 481x501, death.png)

Trying to find something better than unreal ircd at this point, considering its poor record.


You're doing Epona's work, lad. Carry on.


File: 1504766369040.png (496.15 KB, 983x1024, its too early for this shi….png)

got a real cert, plugging it in now


nope, shutting it down for now, will try again soon.


File: 1504768474104.swf (7.45 MB, hey.swf)

Why the animosity towards discord anons? They're still part of /mlpol/. They're just newfags who don't understand anonymity and the value of image-boards. They're going to lose their discord homes. I say we make them welcome and instruct them to begin lurking. Do you agree?




File: 1504782367612.png (302.99 KB, 694x270, DI_wApVXUAIxIBI.png)



File: 1504782743809.jpg (58.88 KB, 630x432, 23523534634.jpg)

>needs assistance from our community to shut down
Yes, be a good goy and inform us about "bad behaviours".
Such kind of people will be delt with at the very first.



I lurk there. They would rather find another namefag-circle jerk place then post here. It's funny to watch them spazz out over losing what they feel makes them special tbh


File: 1504862568590.png (218.93 KB, 431x472, ded.png)

It's unrealircd.
Pls don't hack.


File: 1504863223814.png (595.56 KB, 627x441, front lines.png)

OK, IRC is up and running.
SSL only port 6697


Mods, how do I connect?


Have you used IRC before anon?



Just got in. Where is everyone?


Who's gonna make channels?


I have used ngIRCd. People should learn to Linux if they want to escape being controlled by others. The easy road is the path taken by sheep to the slaughterhouse. If you run things yourself you know who is in charge of your data.


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