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File: 1500954760446.png (192.8 KB, 918x871, 4d05b8c94e36466bf6c2bd780a….png)


/sp/ getting alot more mad, active spamming atm


jesus christ, how long until they get bored and leave?


They won't. They got raped hard over the GET so now they not only want the 55555 they are also trying to throw 32chan under the bus


are the mods/admins here able to freeze posting? if so, we can snipe our own 55555 get and make them fuck off, hopefully.


That would be an abuse of power anon, a big no no for us mods


if enough people got on board and everything was explained thoroughly, would it be theoretically possible though?


File: 1500955880607.jpg (299.13 KB, 1543x1474, 1493347625512-0.jpg)

Hope no one here falls for the trap /sp/ is setting up on /int*/
That user post on both sites and is attempting for us to raid it


I feel like freezing the board to stop a raid is like committing suicide so you wont get murdered


fair enough, I'll stop with the bad ideas for now.


hey don't feel that way guy we might still do it it's just not at the top of my to do list


File: 1500956278551.jpg (59.9 KB, 500x608, 457903-my_little_pony_frie….jpg)

/int*/ has even called them out too




Now /sp/ is pretending to be us.
They REALLY want us off their site to the point of starting a war. I can not wait for both of us to pay them a visit


Speaking of gets, welcome to the 21st century, /qa/.


You /int/?
Let's give 'em Hell.


/int*/ has not done anything to us. Cross posters from /sp/ who use /int*/ are attempting to start a war





Yes, that is the thread started by /sp/


nice try /int*/


I'm the Shopfag from here. Tell me, what do you think about rule 10?


I don't know rule 10. I don't know that /int*/ is fucking with you pretty bad right now and trying to blame it on /sp/


/sp/ nice try. /int*/ has done nothing to us. Your cross poster is failing hard


*I do know that /int*/ is fucking with you


>false flagging /int*/
All the keks. /sp/ you are our bitch for a long time


If they were trying to blame it on someone else, they wouldn't put "/int*" in every post.


fuck off a/sp/ie before we destroy your shitty board and teach you a lesson(Your posting history tells a different story)


fuck sp seriously


File: 1501043816002.png (1.09 MB, 6628x6000, 534165.png)

I disagree. Evidently there is only one from e/sp/ who did anything "to" Mlpol, and in the process made apparent a structural weakness that most certainly would have been exploited during a less opportune moment. I DO think it was kind of fucked, but w/e.
>rule 10 is for ITT


Only one? Looks to me like at minimum two


As far as home boards, I only know of one from sp but idfk

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