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Discuss Features and things that you wish to have added/fixed

I'll Start

Captchpa for Spam protection
DDos Protection
Archive site like 4plebs or desuarchive
Multiple images per post (see 8chan)
Visible logs on bans

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Motion fails


Stop resisting.
Also, wear your designated flag.


File: 1504293045561.png (53.33 KB, 356x428, thinking_with_portals_by_s….png)



File: 1504293511898.png (484.59 KB, 2956x4000, 1502916993542.png)


We'll move-in together some other day then, Flashy..


option to mark thread as featured before they land in the archive
like button for threads if you will
move featured thread to /go/




way to open thread from /ov/ in new tab without fucking up the page


Spoiler-ed files should have their filenames changed to "spoiler image" (or something like that) so that the filename doesn't spoil the content anyway.


Uhm, you might consider setting up something so that gaming doesn't flood the main page.


Why was the /1ntr/ quads deleted and every conversation surrounding it? There doesn't seem to be a rule against it, and this is unprecedented.


I can only assume it was to prevent long-lasting hostility…


But, I saw it as a light vengeance for the ngrs.


bumping, because I don't think anyone ever saw this.


Which boards are included or excluded from recent posts on the homepage can be edited very easily; /vx/ can be excluded from the homepage during game nights and returned if necessary.
I saw it (I see everything). I am not sure I agree. Having an idea of what the spoilered content is is often helpful in determining whether you want to view it or not.


File: 1505669944322.jpg (237.38 KB, 1024x768, Eye of Sauron.jpg)


>I saw it (I see everything)


Noted. Admittedly, I don't know that there is a problem, its more that I want to make sure that it doesn't become a problem/obstacle for the rest of the board. Tks


>The server failed to handle your upload.
Curl says: Operation timed out after 14010 milliseconds with 8972 out of 377456 bytes received
Why does this keep happening?


Are Youtube embedded thumbnail possible on this board? Do we already have them?


File: 1507083532894-0.png (94.35 KB, 1918x386, 1507082644827.png)

Actually, what was with this debacle? It wasn't just this thread, but several other posts were deleted. The 800000 Get was "accidently" deleted too. It looks like the situation is only escalating. I want some clarification.


File: 1507084154697.png (11.09 KB, 641x116, mlpol 80000 (2).png)

According to the moderation log, mlpol 80000 was moved to /sp/, and apparently was deleted on that board


Why would you move a get post? Are there any sort of regulations in place, or this just arbitrary?


Over the past several days there has been a large amount of complaining about shit posts and low quality threads


Among the moderators?


Some, but mostly within the threads themselves


Alright, but I do think it was a dickmove moving that post. For now, I'll accept any excuses.


File: 1507085661048.png (142.33 KB, 808x989, rainbow_dash_shrug_vector_….png)

You really cannot please everyone when determining what does and does not belong on the mainboard. A couple days ago, there was a thread about the decline of quality of Rick and Morty in its third season. The thread actually had a nexus to politics because it talked about diversity hires affecting the quality of the show. It looked fine to me, but people whined and bitched and demanded it be moved to /sp/. Yesterday there was a thread about Tom Petty and his evident death, and people demanded it be moved. Earlier today there was a thread about Derpibooru being cucked, and people wanted it moved, or at least one Admin wanted it moved - it was deleted. I believe there has been more over the past several days, but I cannot remember. In any event, the thread in question was a single sentence with no obvious meaning, and no title. A far fitter candidate for /sp/ then some that had actually been moved.


I do believe it helps being more open about it. That's how it used to be handled.


What are you referring to?


Well, simply after a mod deleted one or two posts, they could have clarified why. It would have cleared it up before anything would have bubbled to the surface, and I still don't believe it's being handled well without explanation yet someone still deletes the posts. Mind the provocativeness, but there's unneeded agitation that comes from this kind of rule.


I'm assuming you're referring to GET theft drama? Either you have it, or you don't have it. Atlas has already weighed in and determined he does not want it. To this end it's been banned on the moderator side. But it's reappeared anyways


Derpibooru is so cucked, one of the site's head admins is a Glimmernigger pussy with shit-tier debate skills.



Let's make a concrete rule on /sp/: If the thread is also a political discussion that couldn't happen in a regular pony thread, IT DOESN'T BELONG IN /SP/.


The sage function should be expanded to include "Sage" (with a capital S) too. Anons keep messing up.


ok hear me out,Orange text.


Is it possible to make Mlpol view-able in other languages? I know language translation programs/sites exist, but is it A. possible and B. not ridiculously complex to develop a board-proprietary language option?
Certain elements are not translate-able, but for simple discussion perhaps?


Some games have that feature of auto translation already installed in real time chat, it should be possible.

How to do it? Well that is really complex and we should probably get some constant user feedback (like how faceshit asks for better traditions)


When I use foreign image boards, I just use the Jewgle translate to translate all the text on the page, but I only lurk, because I know my shitty translations would just fuck up the conversation.


It wouldn't need to be all languages. I don't know how complicated of an idea I'm talking, but Spanish, French, German (might get ppl arrested),… definitely Russian (you've seen the meme right?) should suffice.


I can help with Spanish and portuguese If needed but it's all on the programmer, really.
We should ask lotus or whoever is in charge of that.


I'll admit, this idea is growing on me.


That is what I thought, but some moderators believe "it's shit, it belongs on /sp/"
I asked our developers to see how well mlpol.net works with Google translate. I am not certain of the results
I guess that is possible. Would this be a feature like bolding?
>That namefag
What. Uh, I guess pink text is possible?


but /sp/ is for football


How do I make text in bold?



Might it be possible to develop a feature where an anon can be filtered site-wide? Something comparable to the existing filters, except cued to (without revealing) a poster's IP?


The site's Search system doesn't work very well. Happy the time when you enter in what feels like a very distinguishing phrase, the result comes out as "query too broad".


*Half the time


We'll add this to the list of issues to be improved in the re-write of the code


Could we have Invidious links added to Youtube URLs, similar to the embed function? It's useful for getting around georestrictions and also gives you a download option.

Hopefully not too much work to implement, it's just the YT URL with youtube.com changed to invidio.us.


I'll add converting youtube links to invidious as an option for users in settings. Invidious links are already supported in new code when it comes to embedding.


I meant adding an [invidious] link in brackets after the URL, visually similar to how embeds show up. An option to convert all links sounds nice, but if it requires changing settings most people aren't going to even know it exists.

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