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/cyb/ clearly needs to be more active, and some retooling may be needed to do so. I have a couple of suggestions.
>expand the topics of the board
Although, the board's use is quite flexible, there's always room for more. /g/ like content should be allowed if not already, more futurism related topics like eugenics, and other more /sci/ency things. Which comes to my next point.
>make a sticky
This will inform board goers on a list of discussion possibilities, helping to clarify the intent of the board.


A sticky should at minimum have an answer to the "what is cyberpunk" question, I don't think it's obvious to most people.
Maybe we should throw some ideas out as to what kind of thing should go in the board, but it's hard to get peoples opinion when there's no activity…


I still haven't finished my thing about bitcoins because I got exams now…




I tried to bring up expanding /cyb/'s topics with Atlas. So far it hasn't really been discussed. Personally I think the board topics should be expanded. What kind of topics should it include? Maybe general technology, and fiction related to technology?


At the very least, there should be a sticky to tell the users what the boards topics may include, because it looks like anyone that may be interested is just waiting for someone else to tale the reigns.


/cyb/ is gonna die at this rate. Anons hardly ever post to it. I feel like a lot of them don't even know what they should post to it.


The Topics of Cyb are anything relating to technology, these include:
Whatever you want to discuss about computers, devices, and gadgets;
The societal and political implications of technology, and political and social issues that relate to technology; and
Fiction that centers on technology


I'd say a way to make cyb easier to post in is renaming it again so that it is obvious that it is for science and technology. Maybe in the spirit of April first we should rename it /gsci/ or /scig/ as a sorta merged name. I think by having a similar name to the 4chan boards people will understand what it is about and be more inclined to post on it. I'd also say I'd like /sp/ to be /spb/ in a similar spirit and will post that on the main thread discussing that as well.


I say it needs moar fun content, like greentext and artwork to moar Anons into it.



I like this idea. We should put it to a vote.


File: 1504387591541.jpg (207.91 KB, 600x1011, x.jpg)

I volunteer to drawfag a bit for /cyb/ when I can cut out some free time. Pic related for style reference. I alwais wanted to give a try at ponies.

Don't expect it to be a fast board however, no matter how much effort is given into it.
It's like on 4/sci/, where interested people refrain from posting either for the fear of lacking competence (compsci, engineering, physics, maths), missing scifi/cyberpunk references (which require at least some reading/viewing background), or the weight of a shattered heart due to 10+ years of broken promises thanks to popsci propaganda hyping up bullshit.

As for the reading/viewing part, I suggest a /cyblit/ general with recommended authors i.e. Heinlein, Gibson etc.
Also /cybtv/ to comment ongoing scifi series or view oldies through recurring movie nights on cytube


Draw bioponez


I can do biopones and also blame!pones easily, I guess.




I'll bet you he meant "planeponies"


Blame! (pronounce "BLAM"; silly ingrish), is a sci-fi manga.


I recommended /cyb/ to an anon, he enjoys the Ghost in the shell art that is posted. its a comfy board, I say give it time, /cyb/ has potential.


isn't that by that guy who made biomega and knights of sidonia?


let's talk about programming, linux, hacking, and robotics!


Science, technology, engineering, technology, sci-fi, and how said technology will effect human society.


Oh and cyber security.




We should bring it back and rename it to /scig/. One of the boards Tumblr will be raiding is /g/ they can use our site as place to mobilize.




What about going the completely opposite direction… mash all boards into /b/ you can still post all the same topics and you don't need to expand boundaries "officially" all posting (except illegal) is allowed. When there are no politics/pony/ufos/vidya/spooky etc to post, shit posting keeps the flow going.

It seems to me that /b/ grew 4chan. Maybe that's how to grow a chan?? Divided we fall??


because if all boards become /b/, then there's nothing to stop our red boards from becoming just as shitty as modern /b/ besides the moderaators. Nothing against our mods, but I don't think the risk is worth it even if they stay as cool as they are.


Why was /cyb/ axed? Sure it was kind of slow but /1ntr/ and /ub/ are pretty slow too.


>>>/cyb/ is reactivated (booting it up now)



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