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File: 1537081329538.png (1.4 MB, 1024x3300, mastodondeadonarrival.png)


Did /mlpol/ host a mastodon instance on this domain? I see mlpol listed as banned/suspend/silenced in many instances and was curious as the link seems dead.


We used to have an instance of GNU Social running. But due to a security flaw in the GNU Social software that was exploited by some hater of freedom to try to take down the site we chose to remove it. Also many of the sites running GNU Social is SJW who run lists of sites they block because seeing different point of views is a dangerous thing for a fragile leftist mind; they might start to think.


Thats totally fair.


File: 1537122358625.jpg (101.45 KB, 312x560, retarded.jpg)

that furry post dates back to april second 2017. if mastodon GNU was always such a SJW gay tranny commie furrie shitstain, why in the world was this approved for internal site usage???

File: 1536972862034.png (118.67 KB, 250x250, b75.png)



File: 1536988985963.jpg (23.69 KB, 400x400, 7QcK8ynN_400x400.jpg)

Op here, i found the js to run it, thanks.


File: 1536989079798.jpg (23.73 KB, 342x342, 21991184.jpg)

never mind, i found the js to run it thanks

File: 1536873346587.jpg (72.75 KB, 835x705, b3whl41urnl01.jpg)


hi! Its cool how you do not have the input area for a youtube video, one can just paste it in the comment area and the link shows up to play it. Is there a js that you are sing to do it that way? https://youtu.be/fkhgw-ZXddM

File: 1534257804888.jpg (59.19 KB, 600x429, 000 islem in a netshell.jpg)


I had an idea on how Anonfilly General can act less like a perpetually-circlejerking 4/mlp general and more like a part of the site.

Crossovers! Make art and green of other board OCs with Anonfilly. Just something for the thread to contribute to the site besides being here. If this general does this and others follow, the general format will become less of an exclusive circlejerk everyone hates.
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File: 1534306542425.png (736.13 KB, 2358x1686, 1519703187336-0.png)

>it was introduced as a replacement, not an additional character.
yeah, if anything this should just be pushed


I don't. I want people to represent the character and thread less, the people in the thread are probably alright.




Adopting Anonfilly probably saved the site at a time when posting rates were abysmally low, like down to 100 posts sitewide per day or less on most days. Plus they were pretty much fucked over by the janny at /mlp/ and their whole community would likely have died off if we hadn't given them a home, so it's been mutually beneficial. Just because their threads are large and move faster than other threads on the board shouldn't be taken as proof that they don't contribute to the rest of the site because they clearly do. Having a few neverending threads on the board is a small price to pay for at least having a board in the first place, and it's a fair sight better than being like 8/pol/, where the front page is nothing but stickies and nobody is allowed to have any fun. Most threads stay in our catalog about a month on average and if you feel a thread is not getting enough attention you can always bump it to keep the discussion going.

Personally I wish people would stop trying to force /mlpol/ to be one thing or another and just let it become whatever it wants to be. Imageboards have always been an amorphous culture, continuously evolving and changing as individuals come and go. /mlpol/ itself is merely a single step in the evolution of the greater imageboard culture, which frankly we should all be happy still exists after all this time.

"Anonfilly did nothing wrong!"
-- Based Tyrone


This. Anonfilly is a cute and she isn't degeneracy, she's a desire to relive a better childhood and have a good family.

File: 1508845416188.png (704.22 KB, 1402x1227, Ultimate life form vs glim….png)

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They claim their existence and continued months-long vendetta against critics is part of board culture, while displaying ignorance of chan culture and any culture other than circlejerking reddit culture. They throw around buzzwords like "Mental Gymnastics" and "Buzz Word" without knowing the meaning of those words. They shit threads up, then blame those who hate them for the actions they chose to take. They lie, shitpost, waste time, and lower the quality of discussion, then laugh every morning they visit site and see that they are still not banned. They shitposted on 4/mlp/ until its death, and now they're here, like a parasite feeding on a new host.

They are Glimmerniggers, and they do not belong here.

Obligatory disclaimer: There's a difference between Glimfag and Glimmernigger. If you just like Glimmer and you aren't part of the Glimmernigger brigade that's still salty over one man criticizing them over 3 months ago, good for you. If you don't care about Glimmer but you want people to stop criticizing her, you care about her, you just don't want to admit it. She's a fictional character. A few people criticizing Poochie isn't going to hurt you or her. Most of her fans headcanon away the worst aspects of this objectively-bad character anyway, but this thread isn't about Glimmer, this is a thread about the group of shitposters that wants their special retarded brand of Glimmer discussion to dominate the board.

Previous thread, which accomplished nothing and was deleted when mods decided on the "Just ignore the brigading shitposters or I'll ban you" strategy: http://archive.is/XUfam
Proof that Glimmerniggers are cancer: http://archive.is/oAeAp
Proof that the "Just ignore them or else!" strategy sounds good but doesn't work, because these ledditfags can be summoned into a thread the second one of their bad-argument persecution-complex reddit-style Rickingmorty-loving members feels backed into a corner even if the topic is political and not even remotely Glimmer-related: http://archive.is/LgBev
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Bumping because the Glimmer cabal is at it again. And this time, they're organized. They aren't any brighter than they were last time, but they're more organized.


Who will these "Glimmerniggers", organized using Discord and united to act like leftypol, attack next? Who will they harass and hound across threads and boards, who will they decide is a cringey thoughtcriminal next?


File: 1535780781364.png (285.72 KB, 634x428, Starlight_Glimmer_is_Back!.png)

Who indeed?



Damn, invaders. Back at it again with the you-deserve-bans.

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File: 1525159653806-0.gif (2.81 MB, 500x500, 1525156088543.gif)


How to get more posters on mlpol?
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File: 1529212062605.jpg (82.57 KB, 708x454, mlpol-net-statspage-180616….jpg)

Posts per week since Nov.


File: 1529213688461.png (223.32 KB, 1015x1161, milo_by_jeremeymcdude-d7g9….png)

You know what goes great with meticulous statistics? The Denver Broncos.
Back in 1776 when the American Colonies were punting England in the taint, John Elway took a breather. It happens once every thousand years, but yes even John Elway needs a water break, and so he decided to stop being 100% Football, just for a moment. In not being 100% Football the concentration of American that emanated outward from him diminished, which the universe would not abide as the universe was not the Dude.
This vacuum of American was filled in by the colonies becoming American, and upon doing so decided to become American. It was way later that they called themselves America, and even further still that they would realize Football and become Denver Broncos.
And while it made John Elway kek to see them grow into Football, these decades were but moments to him. So to pass the time, John Elway did go back in time and smite dinosaurs with a massive magnifying glass, because it seemed like a fun thing to do. And further did he smite the Oakland Raiders, who were ancestral trilobytes at the time, and also the Seattle Seahawks, who were Oakland Raiders.


We could bring in people to mobilize during the Tumblr raid. We should bring back /cyb/ and rename it to /scig/ while we are at it since /g/ is one of the targeted boards.


File: 1532540767421.jpg (124.04 KB, 1110x926, mlpol-net-statspage-180723….jpg)

Finished bottoming out?


We need to advertise. The site is slowing down.

File: 1493396492930.gif (180.72 KB, 500x700, 473257__safe_artist-colon-….gif)


ITT: post any suggestions and issues you have with this sites programming.
Could we possibly change the "save as original filename" function so that it saves it to the last folder you saved something in? I don't know if I'm the only one with this issue or not, but it's been saving the pics to my main images folder: it defeats the purpose of convenience, since I have to
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I will add archiving of json, and look into making a script to recreate json files for those already archived. It might take a little time to make a script to recreate the json files for the already archived threads.
>sadly have some projects that has to take priority


Cool, thanks.


File: 1527126419713.gif (4.45 MB, 273x273, 1089357__safe_screencap_tw….gif)

Y no purpletext?


Please add optional OP tag attached to posts submitted by OP


File: 1532980735112.png (385.04 KB, 587x639, 1352821989792.png)

>No page number in the catalog
Come on guys. I was just reading a huge thread when it 404'd. Would have bumped it but didnt know it was on the last page until scrolling all the way to the bottom.

File: 1529889394006.png (13.62 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


To my knowledge there are only three. While I understand that it may not be an incredibly important thing to implement, I still think having more 404s would help the site feel a bit more organic.


File: 1529922607668.jpg (102.9 KB, 596x593, 3d86847c6a077f5bb6f49cdbb0….jpg)



File: 1527453731173.jpg (44.3 KB, 500x334, gretgun.jpg)


Add /outkasp/ already.
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That is a good point


Opinion Discarded


File: 1531752803234.jpeg (268.77 KB, 1686x1299, image.jpeg)


lol. So all you have to do is paint your gun in Rainbow Dash theme and it will be classified as an imitation gun… I really hope this takes off in Australia. Hunters dressed as different mlp characters running around shooting kangaroos with mlp themed guns.


friendship truly is magic

File: 1531536075279.png (71.39 KB, 600x600, our-little-infinity (29).png)


Today it is very difficult to have a chan. Spam, cp and pornography make it very difficult. I have been looking for ways to verify each publication before it is published or visible, but I have not had any luck. I would like to know if it is possible to moderate each publication before it is visible to users.


What do you mean by "publication" exactly?


This whole post reeks of flagless. Mods, take all this with a pinch of salt pls.


Post, Thread.

File: 1530738643152.jpg (41.38 KB, 671x493, Untitled.jpg)


HALP! Can't post on /mlpol/


Will look into it and fix. One moment.


Please try now and let me know if it still don't work.


File: 1530739878527.png (551.41 KB, 1280x720, A_big_group_hug_S1E23.png)

Fixed thanks!!!

File: 1523313238107.png (111.85 KB, 1024x768, 151233512453.png)


Hey, I was wondering if you guys would be willing to sell Anonfilly T-shirts in the shop. Not really suggesting it, just more throwing it out there. Drawfags and the like feel free to throw your hat into the ring, just sounded like a good idea a few hours ago.
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Do we have shipping for the republic of congo?


Yes. Congo receives from the European warehouse.


I'd wear it.


Oh yeah, talking about pics 1 & 2

File: 1519391214466.png (392.95 KB, 1080x1080, 1491235246356.png)


First off: Sorry for using an old version of the rules but it guess I have lost the newer version.


This whole thing made me think. While I got a decent amount of keks out of the whole debacle I can very much see why most people would just see information noise.
Mlpol has recently doubled its population by numbers. 2560 UIDs instead of ca. 1200. This is a blessing and a curse.
Nobody likes a dead board but the sudden influx of new users is a challenge. It is not easy to establish the rules as to why this board was founded.

Why do people come here?
Some people want a shill-free enviroment without slide-threads. Some people come here to post what is not allowed on other boards due to faggot mods.
I think these have been the major things that keep the users here.

THERADNESS has posted and got banned and while I think enforcing the rules is of utmost improtance the way it was done was wrong.

If someone posts shit on the main board there should be the option to issue a warning with a message. Something like "This kind of thread belongs on sp/vx/üb/…" instead of outright banning them.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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wow. thanks for the concern :) coming from /b/ circa 2008, i have seen some shit.
but the autism levels on my arrival, were off of the damn charts. they couldn't even dox someone who doxed himself. it was really a pity to see the incompetent way they went about fucking a football. i even asked for help with my nephew. it kinda pissed me off. i thought friendship was magic…… but all i got was "this is my pony fucking board, you are not cool enough"
i have gotten that shit all through my life. thats why i ran to comics and anime. but to get bullied by millenials, on a poor mans /b/, well, i got pissed. thats why i decided to go into L33t h4xxor mode. /b/cuz, you deserved the god damn Goatse!
i am a fag.
but you are pony fuckers.
there is a god damn difference!
and the lesson to others will /b/
don't take shit from faggot nigger bullies.
i have contributed a shit ton of OC.
and will continue to do so.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Your memes are lame


File: 1523009609333.png (258.3 KB, 747x566, 1506887715687.png)

Dear Mr. Therad/wtfe,
You're not a bad sort, but do dispense with muh ebin 1337-speak. It would be to your benefit and credit to express yourself as an adult. Your "OC" is little more than deriving satisfaction from dancing incoherently in front of a camera. Plz consider therapy. Best wishes.
>t. horsefucker


Thank you! I hope your sex change went well
: )>>4140
Yes, the leet has been disabled,
Like my brain


A little 1337 is okay, but making people decipher encrypted text is a chore they're probably not gonna want to do. I'm glad to see you're still around, but I notice you stopped posting videos. I hope everything is ok

File: 1527546828111-0.png (3.81 KB, 48x48, favicon.png)

File: 1527546828112-1.png (962 B, 128x128, favicon.png)

File: 1527546828112-2.png (1.09 KB, 128x128, favicon-nws-newposts.png)

File: 1527546828112-3.png (1.09 KB, 128x128, favicon-nws-newreplies.png)

File: 1527546828112-4.zip (36.69 KB, mlpol favicons.zip)


Our site's favicon suffers from a number of problems:
- It's unoptimized, at 3,901 bytes
- It scales poorly to lower resolutions, particularly 16x16
- It does not change based on new posts, (You)'s, and 404's

To help speed along any fixes to these problems, I've attached some new, Nightmare Moon-themed favicons I made, as potential candidates to replace the old one. If they look similar to some of the flag thread pieces, it's because I'm the same guy who made those flags.
If you fix this, or if you'd like to see a different set of favicons, please let me know!

File: 1527089259361.jpg (42.84 KB, 1024x590, ca4b8e7e4dd3efbfa7f682b996….jpg)


My friends are here!


Are they? You seem to be the only other one here.


I am here


File: 1527122205158.jpg (252.04 KB, 1330x897, 1422048817402.jpg)

And Applejack is here too!

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