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File: 1491987606101.jpg (1.2 MB, 4000x5143, EssexB.jpg)


I noticed a couple of permanent bans. You may be interested to see this list.


Forgot just type 176.10 in the search.


looks like 1000 hits is max it returns, but if you search for 176.10.104. you will see that it lists same IP several times so there is hard to tell how many IPs in subnet 176.10.*.* it is spammed from.


Might have to blacklist this site and put upna captcha soon admim


>save as csv
>cut -d, -f2 < search.csv | sort | uniq


Some of the problem is still that you will get 1000 hits max so who knows how many entries there actually is in their db.

File: 1492022903012.png (630.67 KB, 1125x1000, 1491201206958.png)


Is it possible to get an system where threads that have had new posts since last view of catalog get some "mark" or styling to indicate it?
>would imagine the way to do it is to store timestamp in cookie and check that timestamp against last post in thread timestamp (or something like that)

File: 1491842813633.png (681.11 KB, 4000x5143, 1491263392714.png)


Can you implement a system where banned users get redirected to some fucked up site on the web instead of a "you are banned" page. Might make it less desirable to risk getting a ban.
(probably still need a way for users to beg for forgiveness)
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File: 1491933405254.png (690.66 KB, 2086x2086, Kyrie found a faggot.png)

encyclopedia dramaticas offended page


We could perhaps send them via a temporary-url link or similar to avoid mlpol showing up in the referrals.


Is there a warning feature like on 4ch?

We could use this to redirect to the rules. This way we ensure that people see them.
The difficult thing would be making people read them and not just clicking it away…
Maybe something like "write the 5th letter from the back from each rule here"
or "type the tenth word of the rules here" or something like that


>implying most people don´t have a decent virus protection


>not having your browser ask you if you want to open a page before its opened

File: 1492012542351.jpg (93.98 KB, 871x596, 1484924565787.jpg)


You guys ought to put cooldown timers for posts. Kinda gets anoyying then posts get discarded because it was seen as flooding.

Also, rangeban Malaysian IPs pls. We don't need Mike here.

File: 1491854690793.jpg (83.23 KB, 960x960, thetimeforargumentshaspass….jpg)


The board, as it stands, is too slow. Old, post-1 April /mlpol/ would get 1k posts an hour; we can barely get a hundred on our /mlpol/. This is not a sustainable posting rate; while it is important to preserve the purity of this board, it will not lead to anything stable or powerful long term.

This brings us the question - How will we tackle the issue of bringing in new blood without compromising the board? How can we regain the many active /mlpol/tards that were bled when the board got frozen and subsequently deleted?
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The only thing I'm worried about with getting new blood is overworking our mods. We should put some effort into protecting and nurturing good mods.


As things are progressing the admins are doing well. We have had a couple of tiny-raids without problems. As long as we do not have a large increase of new people all at once it will be o.k. /pol/ suffered because it got on the main stream news and all the new people did not know what threads were real and what were just bait. Avoid too much exposure on the main stream and we can cope. I do think that the cost of this board will increase and my knowledge of webspace providers is that once you start using up their bandwidth they suddenly start asking for a lot more money than advertised. If you look at the patron link I think they under-estimate the long term cost if traffic increases.


File: 1491999451682.jpg (110.75 KB, 850x749, cow girl hentai.jpg)


I like to post Hentai from time to time.


Yes, there's no reason to limit ourselves. At least, unless we start alienating others in our small group. We'll never survive if we need to start making containment boards like 4chan.


Well fuck you

At the time I wrote that I took it for granted that new users would be interested in politics. I was worried about imbalance. No one understood that

File: 1491926608182.png (2.57 MB, 1800x1165, 1491901808539.png)


Without it making new posts is subtly discouraged.


Would be nice, but also nice that not much of the top is taken in catalog and you are always just one click away from being able to make a thread. I miss banner image more.


That will make it easier to spam though


>click one button
>post thread
>click back to catalog from that thread

Not hard op

Also it discourages quickly made threads. Aka shill/bait threads


File: 1492009048320.jpg (571.71 KB, 2519x1728, tmp_23947-18unujny2bc0wjpg….jpg)

I miss this too but I only make like 1 thread per day so its not whats keeping me up at night

File: 1491966498860.gif (1.92 MB, 781x540, enjoy.gif)


Is there a way of changing the flag images to something more fun. Something that represents the various countries in a more mlpol way. Even if it is just for the regular flags only.


Maybe we could have an rng watermark flag in the background, but that might increase loading times right?

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