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File: 1492352884118.png (152 KB, 640x664, here comes dat aryane.png)


Can we leave out altbronies from our raids? At least temporarily?

I was looking for info about that sun godness/savior conspiracy theory on their twitter and I found few pics.

But seriously, look at their twitter.

https: //twitter.com/hashtag/altbrony?f=tweets&vertical=default

I don't think they know what they are doing. Or how much they may be hurting themselves by their actions.
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File: 1492671968202.jpg (59.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This pic gave me cancer


File: 1492672924435.gif (75.69 KB, 900x300, weeaboo.gif)

Why the filter shit? Even the Thrackerzod filter is fucking stupid. At least filter it into something someone would never say - how the fuck am I supposed to know if someone isn't just talking about the Mentally Advanced Series when I see 'Thrackerzod'?
You know, like weeaboo. Or desu in recent times.


How about you lurk moar?


Obviously if it's a shill thread it's going to say something like "explain that, Thrackerzodtards!" or "Do you regret voting for Thrackerzod now?" It's going to be clear that they are not talking about the Mentally Advanced Series


>Do you regret voting for Thrackerzod now?
Id never regret that.

File: 1492553335277.jpg (249.34 KB, 850x879, gay smurf art.jpg)


Should homosexual Pony Porn be banned from mlpol.net?

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File: 1492586586306.png (1.95 MB, 5000x2000, fe6JV4Z.png)

/pol/ is still there for you if you hate freedom, honey.
Our liberties shall not be infringed.


not my kind of stuff but if normies and shills are afraid of ponies then gay ponies should work even better tbh


File: 1492607570584.jpg (351.98 KB, 838x2048, 1492606579105.jpg)


Which plebs even voted yes?


I feel like it shouldn't be banned but it should probably relegated to its own thread separate from straight porn, possibly its own board. You can't always tell just from thumbnails what an image is going to be, and filtering IDs isn't always an option if let's say someone is posting both gay and straight porn in the same thread and you want to see one but not the other.

This is exactly the kind of thing I want to avoid. Part of what pleasantly surprised me about this show is that it ISN'T a bunch of leftist queer propaganda in the way that I honestly always assumed it would be. I can tolerate gays to some extent but faggots need to stay off my board.

File: 1492314606657.gif (21.87 KB, 722x722, 1492292122562.gif)


How's this? Any suggestions?
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Break the links pls.


It's not really needed since mlpol.net now automatically adds a referrer hider (href.li) to all unbroken links.

You should use archive.fo or post a webm for the pages that you don't want to give any traffic to.


I think you need to learn what it is you're talking about before making infographics.


Can already be done with uBlock Origin, just enable their filterlist.
Break every website you use for no reason. Protip: You'll end up re-enabling it anyway. Its only valid use is in the Tor Browser.

>Installing two anti-viruses

I shouldn't have to explain why this is retarded. Also:
>using Windows and closed source software if you care about privacy
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FUCKING CCLEANER
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>I shouldn't have to explain why this is retarded.
Please do.
No single antivirus can detect 100% of all malware. This is fact. Combining two (good) ones can result in a higher detection rate.
Just don't use McAfee or Microsoft's shite and you can't really fuck up.


Tldr they'll eat each other.

An antivirus performs daily probing invasive scans of your system…. Looking for programs that invade your system.

File: 1492650012731.jpg (91.86 KB, 640x480, 1414977794600.jpg)


Anyone else suffer a /mlpol/ outage a minute ago? I also got a server error when I tried to visit the patreon (and any other patreon) so maybe it was just some weirdness on my end. Not a total internet outage though, I had a stream running the whole time.
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File: 1492652578740.gif (93.03 KB, 300x300, you're.gif)








File: 1492673463704.jpg (15.21 KB, 480x496, 1492116138535.jpg)

I feel like something is off… Ah! "we dedicated server now" is gramatical genocide, otherwise betty gud

File: 1492266722049-0.jpg (1.32 MB, 751x2629, brony.jpg)


Isn't that "NIGHTMARE MOON / LUNA" thread started by an actual brony? You know, retarded normie from equestriadaily and ponychan?
What do we do against that? Horseporn might be only partially effective. And even if we don't, we shouldn't advertise the "brony" part just because of the same reason.
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>>697 LOL implying i am from burger land


Where in the world do they not have burgers?




is THIS the official THIS thread.
I request a /THIS/ board to separate all the THIS fags.


And if I like vegetables, I am vegan. If I like looking at stars, I am an astronomer. If I like riding bicycles I must be a fucking motorhead.
Go die in a fucking ditch, alright?

File: 1492469311228.jpg (138.5 KB, 676x656, 1492254721295.jpg)


Why don't you add all the other merge boards, and invite the users from those boards here via 4chan (Maybe buy an ad?)
You'd probably have to buy a new domain, although not required. I'd recommend the name "April-Chan".


this does not sound like a terrible idea, but i wonder how many people on the old 4chan boards would really want to use something like this.


Not going to happen. This is mlpol first and foremost. If the other AFD boards care enough they'll make their own places and if they cared about mlpol they'd come here without encouragement


It's a nice thought, but I reject it.


too much work for low reward, maybe when we get much stronger…

File: 1492419732819.gif (805.06 KB, 974x336, RD playing with ball.gif)


When you go here, https: //mlpol.net/go/catalog.html , the link into /r/equest board changes to /nsfw/.
When I licked on /nsfw/ I recieved this error message:

"Not Found

The requested URL /nsfw/index.html was not found on this server."


I let pineapple know and we should have it fixed soon.


Thx, star-san

File: 1491841416767.png (500.85 KB, 1200x1800, STRIPED.png)


It looks like T_D and the shills finally found our hideout… There's like six Trump threads up, one of which containing no text other than a breightbart link about Trump attending a Passover party.
How do we address this?
Also, how do I sage?
pic unrelated
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I like this idea, DONE!


Filter "brony" to "Hasdrone"


Be sure it also applies to any extensions of the word (I.e "Thrackerzodkins", "Thrackerzodlings", "Thrackerzodtards" …Etc)


Oh. Looks like you did a thorough job.


File: 1492455675807.jpg (11.94 KB, 300x168, bttle demons.jpg)

Sounds spooky as fuck.

File: 1491795540349.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x600, CARLOS!.jpg)


Let's seeeeee what post # are we on now… Finna get a GET up in this bitch
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File: 1492059741615.jpg (802.61 KB, 2000x1455, Fluttershy Check Em.jpg)

Hmmm 3 in a row?




File: 1492382261652.jpg (36.81 KB, 736x736, RD oooh.jpg)

Are you using scripts? wtf?


File: 1492429209485.jpeg (77.45 KB, 700x512, image.jpeg)

Fuckin cheked

File: 1492361160894.png (81.54 KB, 678x478, attention_everyone.png)


I am reffering to the topic of raids and getting more newcomers here but I thought this particular topic needs dedicated thread.

I am member of one of the /our/discords which did raids in the past. I noticed that their traffic was not dropping too much even after mlpol .net got fully enstablished.

I asked them today if they indend to join mlpol .net sometime.
Their response basically was that this website is not the same thing, that they already formed chill community and that if they won't be able to retake 4/mlpol/, then they are staying in their bunker.

One of the friends there told me that some "inner circle" was already making plans.

Some other people in discord mentioned that the discord will probably not last and fails due attrition.
I told them that we are discussing the same question.

Other than that, I didn't recieve more feedback from them.

I want to add few of my thoughts:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Just link them with interesting threads from mlpol when it seems appropriate, and steal their memes. And I don't think it'[s that much harm if people use both the discord and this site


We shouldn't steal memes from allies.

Although, we could share…


In any case we need as much unity as possible. mlpol will die if no community is large enough to sustain itself. We intend to organize raids soon, so that will be an opportunity to get the communities to mix


File: 1492363539082.png (347.84 KB, 808x416, pinkie_twi_pc.png)

I think we could expect good turnout of posters for the cause.

The tricky is to get the timing right. We need to agree on time so our vollunteers will have free time to shitpost with us. I know I can't skip more school.

There are also other requirements that need to be met for useful raid:

-Strategy/deployment platform, like Discord(hence my post about discords)
-Agreement of who are we going to raid and how should the raid look like. AKA if we are out to make friends and have fun or rustle some serious jimmies.
-Memes and meme accessories to drive in our point. We need ideas, image editing software / some quick tutorials on them, templates,some copy-pastas. Ideally we can also ponify politics or politicalize ponies.
These things could be stored in some online file sharing website like:
https ://files.fm/

-Lastly we need a way to evade bans on our target website for good ammount of time. I know of some VPNs but they have limited use. Althought if some IT fag which knows more about VPNs and VPN proxy servers, that could give us access to more proxies.

Did I miss anything?


File: 1492367631545.jpg (40.36 KB, 491x491, 6ee.jpg)

Ooh! Needs one of these but with one of the Aryanne 'sig heil' pics!

File: 1492154952569.gif (468.69 KB, 352x400, 1492108898908.gif)


How about the filter just converts the following to null:


This seems to stop embedded links but is also easy to copy (or double click with add-ons) and looks professional.

Thanks admins for the hard work you have done.
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Alright changed it up a bit again http:// , https:// , and www. now just have a space auto placed at the end of them.


File: 1492323156605.png (16.15 KB, 716x706, u serious nigga.png)

>now just have a space auto placed at the end of them.

Please stop bullshitting with the word filters and just solve it properly instead.

If you want to automatically add a referrer hider to the href part of all posted links.
Then add this short code to the "markup_url" function (before the "$parts = array();" line). You can find this function in /inc/functions.php, line 1533.


While you're at it, also change this line
>'rel' => 'nofollow',
>'rel' => 'nofollow noreferrer',

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


are you on the My Little Politics discord by any chance?


Thank you! Implemented the referrer hider.

>If you need any help with programming you can always ask me.

You have no idea how great that would be.


Please send an application for staff to mlpolowner@gmail.com

File: 1492228386137.gif (276.15 KB, 1159x801, mg.gif)


Are nigger hate threads considered cancer from old pol or genuine posts. Old pol had a daily spurge of them and normally nothing but hate bait than real discussion.
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Out of interest my Grand dad built and maintained spit fire during WW2 and my father in law built planes for the kamikaze. The only reason that my father-in-law is still alive was because he was not old enough to fly his own suicide mission. He has an authentic bandanna in his house which is probably the one thing I would like to inherit. I have already inherited a spitfire bolt and army uniform buttons put together into a lighter from my granddad.
Is this going to become a trend or will you finish when you have done with the photo album?


pics or it didn't happen


File: 1492265120600.jpg (2.35 MB, 3968x2976, Boltpic.JPG)

You are just going have to wait for the bandanna.


that's actually pretty fucking cool japanon


File: 1492319943905-0.jpg (2.44 MB, 3968x2976, KitkaT.JPG)

File: 1492319943905-1.jpg (2.4 MB, 3968x2976, Teeth.JPG)

As requested.
https:// vid.me/52xC
https:// vid.me/MUOv
https:// vid.me/9l9T

File: 1491950322191.png (80.32 KB, 186x345, 1491197783009.png)


If any of you guys go on r9k, you've probably noticed that the cancer that killed /pol/ is spreading there. That is why, I implore the people of this website to take the robots under their wings. If things go as I hope, perhaps you can bring friendship and happiness into those poor souls while expanding the user base all in one fell swoop.
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8chan has a v9 and r9k however they cant be very slow i also here they are not very good but thats up to you


/mlpol/ first.
then the others.
also, we do not want to cause too much attention, or do you want a /pol/2.0?


I meant rescue the legit robots, not the normal fags. Basically anyone who frequents that board a lot and is familiar with how things work there.


Maybe we should try to get more attention. /mlpol/ will soon be a distant memory on 4chan and it will be very difficult for us to get new users in the future. I'm sure the horse pussy and mods will keep us safe from shills and normies.



File: 1492288904271.png (589.58 KB, 785x582, Screenshot from 2017-04-14….png)


Instead of breaking links all over the place, why not just implement a dereferral script like the one over at 4chan.org?

I'd also like to ask you why you think breaking links in the first place is necessary. The only people that can see the referral header are website administrators. Website administrators have no reason to do anything negative to this website.

Just… Why? It just makes using links on the website a hassle, and gives you a false sense of security. BTW: Right click -> Open in New Tab still sends the referral header.


breaking links is easier
we don't want this website to show up in search engines, which is how google's modern search engine works
if alot of websites link to you or vice versa your site could end up indexed because it's relevant
also I don't trust you


Link breaking is a temporary* fix since users can't self-moderate it on their own for the most part.

Also, welcome to chan boards. They should be hard to use. You probably don't remember early 4chan because it existed before this summer but unless you knew the ins and outs of posting you probably lost your first replies to not knowing how to noko


>we don't want this site to show up in search engines, which is how google's modern search engine works

In order for your site to be indexed, you have to use the web console. There is no other way that it is going to be indexed at all. And if you really don't want it to be indexed, that is what robots.txt is for. Breaking your links is not going to stop your site from being indexed, wew.

>I don't trust you

Well, I'm just a Discord user.


to add on to this:
Links going OUTBOUND doesn't mean you're bringing relevance to the site, most of the time. That's mostly handled by inbound links, which you have absolutely no control over.

File: 1491825984393.jpeg (7.25 MB, 3500x3500, 1097176__safe_solo_pinkie….jpeg)


Hello admins!

I just noticed some sort of bug:

When I watch a thread from a board page, I can see all new posts, but when i try to access the very same thread from the catalog, some of the newer posts were missing.


File: 1492262537273.gif (1.51 MB, 320x240, twilight-sparkle-writing-o.gif)

Noticed this too. All u have to do is reload (NOT update/refresh) the page

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