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File: 1494804674776.png (87.92 KB, 625x625, op-is-a-fag.png)


Oppinion on furfaggotry, disease OP has.
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Don't even think about it: you'll get yourself killed.


File: 1496111463317.jpg (630.77 KB, 3000x2400, 1491907942920.jpg)

Found it in the archives


File: 1496112714091.png (145.56 KB, 800x450, eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rlcn….png)


notice how the anons are at the top of the triangle, as we're the best part of it.



File: 1495752374720.jpg (203.48 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


So I noticed I haven't complained mlpol.net on mlpol.net in a while. This week, I'd like to talk about the site's archive.

First, the archive does not display the names of the threads, but only the post number of the OP. In order to know what a thread is about, you have to click on the thread and look at it, which makes looking for a particular thread a matter of trial and error, and few people are willing to go through that to find a thread. 4chan's archives display about a line of text from the OP, which is long enough generally to include both the title of the thread (if one exists) as well as part of the text of the post. Could we change it such that the archived threads display a line of text like in the 4chan archives?

Second, unlike 4chan, there is no search feature for the archive. This makes finding a particular thread or post in the archive, when you don't already know where to look, very difficult or even impossible. Further, the website search feature extends only to posts currently existing on the board, and not to the archive. Could we have a search feature for the archive, or even better, extend the current search feature to extend into the archive as well?

Third, I've noticed that the archive is not displaying threads created after Tuesday May 2 (the Tuesday after the thread shoah). This seems to be true of all boards. I would say it's because the threads since then are all extant, except that it is not displaying spam threads that were deleted after then, where as the present archive displays even spam threads. Can you make sure the threads are actually being archived and display in the archive?

Fourth, though less importantly, about 35% of the threads in the current archive are meaningless spam. Some of them, like the /pol/ type spam threads, are kind of interesting, but the dozens of "agua" spam threads can just die. It's difficult to find more recent legitimate threads sandwiched between spam threads in the archive.

Another poster in /qa/ suggested that we need to reduce the catalog to 10 pages and let most of our current threads be pushed off the board, to reinvigorate the board. I don't know if that is or is not a good idea, but I do know that we should fix the archive before eliminating many of our current threads.


I've been meaning to make a thread about precisely this, but I was too lazy.


File: 1495905876483.png (47.75 KB, 762x723, 1492663860306.png)

I'm serious. If we're going to reduce the catalog size eventually, we need to make the archive easier to use, and also make sure threads are actually being archived


Your suggestions have been noted and are being worked on.


Thank you

File: 1495136579632.jpg (419.6 KB, 1169x770, risk1.jpg)


Mod, admins are game threads like risk allowed?
I think it could help bring life to the site and unite us better


Risk threads are fine.


love that world pony domination

File: 1495685826514.jpg (40.68 KB, 512x335, 721nwo.jpg)


Why does it keep saying my post looks automated whenever I try to post on the main board?
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We're sorry for the inconvenience, it should work now. If it doesn't please reply with any issues in this thread.


nevermind we're good. thank you.


Glad to hear that anon!


can I post now?


Huzzah OP can post in his own thread again!

File: 1495733253991.png (561.11 KB, 2208x2627, sweetiebot.png)


It seems our anitspam system is acting up a bit. We are working on the issue, in the meantime please try clearing your cache and refreshing.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



File: 1495372677084.png (261.3 KB, 1280x837, 1493000754401.png)


I know that we have been reaching out to many communities, and the conventional brony sites have been left out for obvious reasons. But, why not derpi? They have a small political base that's either been around or are decent enough for conversation.


What do you mean by "reaching out"? Advertising, Inviting their users somehow…?


File: 1495393690704-0.jpg (159.09 KB, 900x1037, rarity warhammer.jpg)

I'm not familiar with derpibooru, or even the /mlp/ fandom in general, but if you find individuals whom you would consider to be our volk, it should be fine to invite them here.
Anyway, from what I understand, derpibooru is something like a cultural hub for the /mlp/ fandom, so it makes sense that we should have a strong presence there to establish our legitimacy.
I Suggest mass-producing high-quality OC and uploading there. This way, our propaganda-poster memes can actually serve their intended purpose. By uploading our pics to the site, we get free advertisement, and even a place to find/store all the /mlpol/ memes if it hits off.
Regardless, browsers on derpibooru should be able to find some good stuff if they search the tag "mlpol" as a source.


Now that I think of it, I kind of feel like an idiot for telling people to do shit I know nothing about..
How do I into derpibooru? Do you need an account to upload images?


Both. Sorry I didn't clarify it.


Advertising: that's up to administration. As for reaching out to the users, I don't personally see a problem with it, so long as it's done in a respectable way that isn't direct advertising / "shilling".

I would recommend exactly this. Tasteful OC.

>How do I into derpibooru?
It's an imageboard but not in the sense of *chan imageboards. Read the documentation(Tm)

>Do you need an account to upload images?


File: 1495200729057.png (680.03 KB, 1200x1200, snuggly.png)


When will we have a mobile application for the site ? Is the site avaiblable on Everchan ?
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Thanks for the input. Will look into it

>I'm writing a mobile app for android
but I'm shit at writing mobile apps

Can't you just use Clover source code to do so ? A 8cxh user did the same to make the 8ch client.


He could. Yes.

NPFchan // Vichan // Infinity makes use of a 4chan-compatible API. Most 4chan clients / applications work without any or minor modification.


Were you able to use Dashchan to post?


Nope I can't.
I can browse the boards after installing lainchan extension (first, you need to install the extension or it won't work) then the dashchan client. I can access the /mlpol/ board and qa (you need to search for "qa", not "/qa/")
I got the following message when I try to post something :
"Your browser sent an invalid or no HTTP"

I can browse but I can't post.


Give the Wizardchan extension a shot. I'll also send a request over to Dashchan's GitHub page requesting an extension be developed. If the developer is interested, he may write a compatible extension.

The referrer header thing is related to security/anti-bot I believe.

You could also try "Bonzibuddy" (76chan) and Uboachan's extensions.

File: 1495161921310.gif (207.14 KB, 299x261, 1488850681327.gif)


I was reading through the site-wide rules and i didn't see anything about having to be 18 years or older to use this site. Did you guys forget to add that into the rules or did you feel it wasn't necessary?


Most of people here have enough experience on *chan thus not underage . 4chan needed this rule to shave off some underage posters.



I could've sworn they said 18 or older for legal reasons.


Is that necessary? Could it create legal challenges?


huh just found this sorry for the delay in response
when the rules were created we didn't think about the must be 18 thing because I guess we took it for granted but yeah you should probably be 18+ because otherwise we're not taking proper precaution thingies to make sure everyone is legal to do adult stuff
I'll update the rules

File: 1492871354714-0.png (251.39 KB, 1599x774, BanJ.png)

File: 1492871354714-1.png (2.01 MB, 1600x777, TopPics.png)


Earlier I got a bit fussy with some shit posters on 4chan so I posted 4 pictures of horse cock. Two ladies sucking horse cock. One lady being fucked and one man being fucked. They were essentially the first pics I get when I search on my google. I am in Japan and I use google.uk to do my searches.
Obliviously 4chan interprets these pictures illegal. I am just wondering how this place stands because it does have a legal obligation and I expect that is under US law. Horse cocks only?
Horse cocks in vaginas?
Horse cocks getting sucked?
Horse cock up a mans arse?
Where is the line drawn as clearly google in Japan is quite happy to provide me with such.
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filly is not for sexual :c


File: 1492973910041.png (81.17 KB, 626x639, 1491625727207.png)

My OPINION is I don't care who's horsing who or what. As for this site go with whatever won't get the admins in trouble.


in the US for most states owning zoophillia it is legal in most states. but doing the act is illegal in most states. I would still look up your states laws just to be on the safe side



>1. You will not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates local or United States law.

I could've sworn bestiality porn is legal, considering the dozens of websites that are full of it.


Depends on your state of course. Everybody has different laws. It might be illegal federally too, in the US. Not that it matters, they'll ban you for whatever, that shit is just there for legal reasons. I just got a 30 day ban for posting essentially "I dunno, better post more to help me decide." in a Would you? thread with two whole pictures in it.

File: 1492828017671.png (1.27 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_3025.PNG)


How do mods become mods? Tell me the process you go through.
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File: 1493780535803.jpg (25.12 KB, 348x344, bend.jpg)

Done and done


If I check my inbox and there are no nudes im banning you



Was OP banned?




File: 1495025719175.jpg (26.96 KB, 313x470, tmp_7501-images-90-1992129….jpg)


Ive been away for a few weeks, anything new or interesting to have happened?


Some faggot from /qa/ just necro-bumped a bunch of ancient threads on the brink of death.


That actually happened after this thread was made

File: 1494364356409.jpg (99.64 KB, 960x727, enlightenedarrest.jpg)


I'd like to point out a specific dutch criminal case from 2010 regarding 4chan, since the judge's decision and reasoning might interest the community. I'll translate it from the official juristicial site of the netherlands: https://uitspraken.rechtspraak.nl/inziendocument?id=ECLI:NL:RBSGR:2010:BM1481

TLDR: anon posts he's gonna shoot up the school on /b/, judge determines /b/ is full of shitposts and there's a disclaimer, anon goes free.

Translated summary:
Not guilty. Suspect has posted on the website www.4chan.org that he would kill several people of the Maerlant College. He has used his neighbour's router and/or encrypted wireless connection to do so. The words used in the post by the suspect can, as determined by the judge, be cause of criminal threat to the lives of students and teachers of the Mearlant College. For a punishable threat, however, it is required the suspect has had a (conditional) intent to do so. The court has judged that with the specific circumstances under which this message is placed it can not be determined that the suspect has wittingly accepted the significant chance that fear of life could originate among students and/or teachers of the Maerlant College. Reason for this being primarily the context of the 4chan-website, including the warning placed thereupon. The testimonies of the suspect about the character of the website and the concerning forum upon which such messages can be placed as a sort of game support that. The court determines the suspect not guilty of the accusation in section 2.

The disclaimer, quoted literally in the court proceedings: "The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact"

Why is this interesting, you ask? This site is already home to calls to gas the jews and to decorate trees. People on this site are expected to understand the nuances of gassing jews, but how are you going to explain them to a judge? How do you back up your claims? On 4/pol/ I've seen one or more people posting with a name à la "All posts by this IP are ironic/satirical", which really shouldn't be necessary, since 4/pol/ users are implicitly expected to understand about shitposting and layered irony.


Speaking of this as a Dutch case, a country outside of the natve server's location, it would be a moot attempt to call back on in the face of trial. Will the satire stance work in a case against a threat? Probably not. Can any of us be persecuted for what we said here? It's possible, but will probably never happen. None of us will ever have to redpill a judge, or any of that. Our free speech here still stands.

Or, maybe not. I'm no lawyer.

File: 1494364801726.gif (562.99 KB, 500x500, rarity_gif__om_nom_nom_by_….gif)


I was wondering if Atlas or Sapphire would make a Steam group or if it's a stupid idea.
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File: 1494372576804.png (131.73 KB, 220x525, 1493235154647.png)

The ride never ends, Atlas


File: 1494372763479.png (767.27 KB, 894x894, 1491368848852.png)


I sent you a friend request on steam Atlas


we should start a PES team for the lols


oh noes im sorry I didn't see this post I'll open right now and check <3

File: 1493526875254.png (101.64 KB, 640x723, Derpy404.png)


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File: 1493684943616.gif (132.48 KB, 640x480, PB.gif)


Atlas already made a thread for ban images no?


Yeah but that thread fell out of the catalog a long time ago and the ban page idea was not implemented


That's a shame it had lots of normalfag repellant


File: 1494338772537.jpg (64.1 KB, 640x360, aryanne-paperrain.jpg)

File: 1494041685544.gif (1.19 MB, 428x576, 1491073827122.gif)


can we get the ability to report posts? with a captcha of course.


The ability to report posts has been around for weeks


Click the arrow near your name (Anonymous) and select "report post"



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