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File: 1497354953374.jpg (16.88 KB, 300x240, 1469328526275.jpg)


Is there a problem with webms with the update or is it just /vx/?
I uploaded some webms there and Ive figured out how to mute them but every time I go there they activate all at once and have to be muted one at a time.


Can confirm, met with immediate earrape (at least on /vx/) unless I switch to catalog view


Good to know its not just me, wew that shit is loud.


Autoplay of webm is fixed now.



File: 1497381520567.png (234.02 KB, 1920x947, W8tKEQF.png)


How come we have about 1000 unique IDs now? Didn't we used to have about 1700? Also,didn't we used to have about 5 GB of content instead of 2.42?
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File: 1497382448754.jpg (104.11 KB, 636x542, oYH2YzZ.jpg)

I know man its depressing as fuck.
I hope thats the case but it felt so alive until Saturday now I feel like im one of 5 people posting.


Maybe people are busy IRL? Its more likely compared to neets on 4chan. I know I should be studying…


Problem counting archived threads is that they will be deleted eventually (displaying expired threads from the past x days) unless they are added to Featured Archive. So the stats for current active threads will be more relevant. But we are always open for suggestions.


Stats for current active threads? Where would I find that?


File: 1497385053299.png (12.09 KB, 510x165, screenshot-mlpol.net.png)

It's just basic stats, but on Home page https://mlpol.net/

File: 1497223437970.png (38.81 KB, 720x945, 1496809342507.png)


What are going to be in transparency reports and what should be?

I'd say one of the priorities must be an analysis on average post count a day and month. Traffic reports persay.


>one of the priorities must be an analysis on average post count a day and month
I like that. We're working on that feature, and our developers will tell you more


How about that phrase about fall?


File: 1497293489336.jpg (129.01 KB, 717x526, PicsArt_06-10-05.34.57.jpg)

That sounded more like if the site itself is loss by the Admins. The stopping of reports let's us know we are being watched/someone went full Australian



File: 1497150509781.png (386.51 KB, 2656x3000, 12323.png)


how does one get back into the fandom without feeling the guilt of leaving when it got rough?
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I-it's a question am i breaking rules?


Not at all anon, would you like this thread to be moved to /mlpol/?


oh sure!


I don't believe it was locked, it was just moved


File: 1497243706888.png (112.21 KB, 1121x1024, image.png)

When threads are moved across boards, they automatically are locked on the original board. I saw this thread on /qa/ and thought "eh. It's just taking up space locked," and so I unlocked it.

File: 1496979757088.jpg (43.46 KB, 604x453, 1492402182788.jpg)


At what point do we count stuff as shilling? Now, I'm kind of worried about threads like the "communism general" one over on /mlpol/. I know the guy is being semi respectful (even though he is just a pseudo-intellectuals who wants to jack off to his own intelligence), but if he starts another thread when this one dies, would it be frowned upon to spam it with pony porn? Because I really don't want some /leftypol/ fag to bait retards like me into actually inflating his ego.

File: 1496729239637.png (2.32 KB, 192x144, image.png)


Why is the german flag on /mlpol/ not pic related? It changing to the cuck german flag on /pol/ was one of the first signs of the place dying
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Is that even possible for them?


Herr Merkel sais NEIN


So does Grosskantzler ((((Schultz)))).


Trips of truth…


File: 1496777173541.png (615.8 KB, 1191x670, 096.png)

Leet get

File: 1496258435555-0.gif (845.63 KB, 500x281, 1495501553098.gif)


Anymore shirt designs? I absolutely love the shirt an the idea of wearing it around in everyday public.

Also, can you have add the the logo on the back to the preexisting one or something like that?
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File: 1496522901404.png (436.46 KB, 1889x1889, Nothing is Beyond Our Reac….png)

>tfw I just saw an advertizement for one of the shirts on Kissmanga.com
>tfw it was titled "My Lovely Horse".
Also, you guys might want to preview the adds before buying them: I could only see the word "Oops" before clicking.


File: 1496524178048.png (282.92 KB, 2000x2623, 1491218818390.png)

Lolwut we haven't purchased ads afaik…
>ooh shit
I think it was the teespring site's ad, Oops is the name of the design. My lovely horse the URL.

BTw the jews know your hobbies now apparently. Here's your go-pack.


>the jews know your hobbies now
Fug! I've been careless.


I'd wear that, looks good anon


File: 1496679367656.png (524.49 KB, 1280x1280, 1495153708773.png)

I had to cut the shirt campaign short for a few reasons
>Site was advertising our shirt via ads all over the internet drawing normie attn
>Wouldn't ship before end of campaign. Long wait for buyers
>Teespring just (like 3 weeks ago) had a hardcore hate speech crackdown and I was worried (and still am) that the whole thing will be shut down by their morality.

We're cooking up something real good. Found a company that doesnt moralfag.

At the moment both campaigns have ended and shirts are going into production. If any of the staff freaks out about the shirts one of two things happen

1) you guys get your shirts everyones happy and capitalism wins.
2) you guys get refunded and my account gets banned for hate speech (lol) and we move forward.

If you didnt get a chance to buy the shirt in time send an email to whitebandicoot@gmail.com and I'll make it up to you in the coming weeks.

File: 1496266468411.png (141.48 KB, 581x600, medium.png)


A shirt? Man, Encyclopedia Dramatica is going to have a field day with us…


(I kinda want one though)


What do you mean? Is it something I should look forward to?


>Encyclopedia Dramatica is going to have a field day with us
Care to elaborate?

File: 1494804674776.png (87.92 KB, 625x625, op-is-a-fag.png)


Oppinion on furfaggotry, disease OP has.
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Don't even think about it: you'll get yourself killed.


File: 1496111463317.jpg (630.77 KB, 3000x2400, 1491907942920.jpg)

Found it in the archives


File: 1496112714091.png (145.56 KB, 800x450, eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rlcn….png)


notice how the anons are at the top of the triangle, as we're the best part of it.



File: 1495752374720.jpg (203.48 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


So I noticed I haven't complained mlpol.net on mlpol.net in a while. This week, I'd like to talk about the site's archive.

First, the archive does not display the names of the threads, but only the post number of the OP. In order to know what a thread is about, you have to click on the thread and look at it, which makes looking for a particular thread a matter of trial and error, and few people are willing to go through that to find a thread. 4chan's archives display about a line of text from the OP, which is long enough generally to include both the title of the thread (if one exists) as well as part of the text of the post. Could we change it such that the archived threads display a line of text like in the 4chan archives?

Second, unlike 4chan, there is no search feature for the archive. This makes finding a particular thread or post in the archive, when you don't already know where to look, very difficult or even impossible. Further, the website search feature extends only to posts currently existing on the board, and not to the archive. Could we have a search feature for the archive, or even better, extend the current search feature to extend into the archive as well?

Third, I've noticed that the archive is not displaying threads created after Tuesday May 2 (the Tuesday after the thread shoah). This seems to be true of all boards. I would say it's because the threads since then are all extant, except that it is not displaying spam threads that were deleted after then, where as the present archive displays even spam threads. Can you make sure the threads are actually being archived and display in the archive?

Fourth, though less importantly, about 35% of the threads in the current archive are meaningless spam. Some of them, like the /pol/ type spam threads, are kind of interesting, but the dozens of "agua" spam threads can just die. It's difficult to find more recent legitimate threads sandwiched between spam threads in the archive.

Another poster in /qa/ suggested that we need to reduce the catalog to 10 pages and let most of our current threads be pushed off the board, to reinvigorate the board. I don't know if that is or is not a good idea, but I do know that we should fix the archive before eliminating many of our current threads.


I've been meaning to make a thread about precisely this, but I was too lazy.


File: 1495905876483.png (47.75 KB, 762x723, 1492663860306.png)

I'm serious. If we're going to reduce the catalog size eventually, we need to make the archive easier to use, and also make sure threads are actually being archived


Your suggestions have been noted and are being worked on.


Thank you

File: 1495136579632.jpg (419.6 KB, 1169x770, risk1.jpg)


Mod, admins are game threads like risk allowed?
I think it could help bring life to the site and unite us better


Risk threads are fine.


love that world pony domination

File: 1495685826514.jpg (40.68 KB, 512x335, 721nwo.jpg)


Why does it keep saying my post looks automated whenever I try to post on the main board?
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We're sorry for the inconvenience, it should work now. If it doesn't please reply with any issues in this thread.


nevermind we're good. thank you.


Glad to hear that anon!


can I post now?


Huzzah OP can post in his own thread again!

File: 1495733253991.png (561.11 KB, 2208x2627, sweetiebot.png)


It seems our anitspam system is acting up a bit. We are working on the issue, in the meantime please try clearing your cache and refreshing.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



File: 1495372677084.png (261.3 KB, 1280x837, 1493000754401.png)


I know that we have been reaching out to many communities, and the conventional brony sites have been left out for obvious reasons. But, why not derpi? They have a small political base that's either been around or are decent enough for conversation.


What do you mean by "reaching out"? Advertising, Inviting their users somehow…?


File: 1495393690704-0.jpg (159.09 KB, 900x1037, rarity warhammer.jpg)

I'm not familiar with derpibooru, or even the /mlp/ fandom in general, but if you find individuals whom you would consider to be our volk, it should be fine to invite them here.
Anyway, from what I understand, derpibooru is something like a cultural hub for the /mlp/ fandom, so it makes sense that we should have a strong presence there to establish our legitimacy.
I Suggest mass-producing high-quality OC and uploading there. This way, our propaganda-poster memes can actually serve their intended purpose. By uploading our pics to the site, we get free advertisement, and even a place to find/store all the /mlpol/ memes if it hits off.
Regardless, browsers on derpibooru should be able to find some good stuff if they search the tag "mlpol" as a source.


Now that I think of it, I kind of feel like an idiot for telling people to do shit I know nothing about..
How do I into derpibooru? Do you need an account to upload images?


Both. Sorry I didn't clarify it.


Advertising: that's up to administration. As for reaching out to the users, I don't personally see a problem with it, so long as it's done in a respectable way that isn't direct advertising / "shilling".

I would recommend exactly this. Tasteful OC.

>How do I into derpibooru?
It's an imageboard but not in the sense of *chan imageboards. Read the documentation(Tm)

>Do you need an account to upload images?


File: 1495200729057.png (680.03 KB, 1200x1200, snuggly.png)


When will we have a mobile application for the site ? Is the site avaiblable on Everchan ?
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Thanks for the input. Will look into it

>I'm writing a mobile app for android
but I'm shit at writing mobile apps

Can't you just use Clover source code to do so ? A 8cxh user did the same to make the 8ch client.


He could. Yes.

NPFchan // Vichan // Infinity makes use of a 4chan-compatible API. Most 4chan clients / applications work without any or minor modification.


Were you able to use Dashchan to post?


Nope I can't.
I can browse the boards after installing lainchan extension (first, you need to install the extension or it won't work) then the dashchan client. I can access the /mlpol/ board and qa (you need to search for "qa", not "/qa/")
I got the following message when I try to post something :
"Your browser sent an invalid or no HTTP"

I can browse but I can't post.


Give the Wizardchan extension a shot. I'll also send a request over to Dashchan's GitHub page requesting an extension be developed. If the developer is interested, he may write a compatible extension.

The referrer header thing is related to security/anti-bot I believe.

You could also try "Bonzibuddy" (76chan) and Uboachan's extensions.

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