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File: 1502425703777-0.png (29.76 KB, 408x412, vector-vs-raster.png)

File: 1502425703777-1.png (368.79 KB, 1252x2391, pathsgf.png)

File: 1502425703777-2.png (24.24 KB, 1000x1000, gf.png)


Could you please add ".svg" and other vector image types as a supported file type? I want to be able to directly post vector files I make in the drawfag threads and meme creation threads.

The attached PNG template is stroked from a vector I drew over the pone gf meme as shown. Being able to send the SVG directly would be beneficial to other artists/memers who could then edit and fill smoothly as desired, instead of having to choppily raster edit over the template.

I don't know the technical difficulty of displaying vector images the same way as raster images are displayed now on the site. Even if it proves too much to deal with, it would benefit the creative community here greatly if you at least would add it as an attachment only and use the thumbnail of that paperclip or something similar.


Seconding this.


Redpill me on .svg files. How are they superior to .png files in terms of making/using vectors?


SVG is a vector format. PNG is a raster format.

Vector images only store paths and stroke details, which are later drawn by the image viewer. This allows vector images to be scaled up as large as you want without pixulation; the paths will just be re-drawn when you view it at any size.

Raster images are saved pixel-by-pixel. This means that if you scale a raster image up, it will have blurs and pixulation.

Vectors are used for different purposes than raster images are. For example, logos are often created as vectors so that they can be scaled to fit whatever designs you have in mind for it, from an icon to a tshirt to a huge banner. In vector image editing programs such as Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator, you can draw vector paths and then have it fill in the inside with a color or gradient. This scales as well since it's a vector, contrasted by raster painting which looks like shit when you zoom it up.

Pony templates properly saved as vectors give the advantage of being able to instantly fill in a skin color of your choosing, vice raster templates which often look choppy on the inner borders and can require much touch-up to even look decent.


File: 1502534794336-0.svg (36.04 KB, 832782__safe_artist-colon-….svg)

File: 1502534794336-1.ogg (4.24 MB, MelodicPony - The History ….ogg)

.svg, .eps, .ai, .mp3, .ogg and .blend has been added as allowed file types.


File: 1502563174169.png (7.83 MB, 5528x3168, 459581__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Thank you ^-^

File: 1501503564819.jpg (141.12 KB, 500x510, it says you are degenerate.jpg)


Hello site team,

I was just looking for a thread (the hate facts thread from that crusader poster) and could not find it anymore either in /mlpol/ or /go/ (/go/ is pretty empty with many threads with 0 replies btw)

Id like to ask if it is possible to expand the catalog to pages to increase the uptime for important threads on the main board.

Also I would suggest to turn /go/ into a general archiving board. As far as i can tell no one is really voting for threads to get moved there.


Maybe it has gotten a bit small…


The thread in question was sent to the archive perhaps two days ago and can be found here in this link https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/res/43800.html
The catalog was reduced in size to 10 pages over a month ago when the then 2500 page limit to the catalog (so high to prevent a board wipe), which expanded to 29 active pages, was objected to by anonymous users. The catalog size was raised to 12 pages a week or so ago to prevent the then-common thread spam from knocking threads off of the catalog.

It is possible to raise the catalog size to 15 or whatever number of pages if desired.


12 pages is more than enough in my book. Really, just use archive.

File: 1501141596837.jpg (13.71 KB, 250x250, 652.jpg)


in the aftermath of the illegal content raid moments ago, I can still see the ghost of the thread on /cyb/. is there any way to get rid of this if its on my end, or can you get rid of it if it isn't? I'm fairly concerned about this with growing government meddling in internet activity and I don't want to get vanned for something I couldn't control but tried my hardest to avoid.
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We're working on it.


alright, thank you. hopefully, nobody here gets vanned and the raiding asshat gets what's coming to him.


If this gets >>2060 in trouble we should consider actual payback for this.


so far I'm fine, not sure what policy is in this sort of legal shit but I'm pretty sure everything's alright on my end, knock on wood.


More illegal shit, please fix.

File: 1501795516744.png (324.26 KB, 1080x740, mlp__internet_is_traumatic….png)


Try and understand what I'm saying please? yay.

You know how I always wished I could able to roleplay or say random stuff as some fictional characters like "Sans Lazy Moment #1" and "Pinkie Pie's Wild Ride Recipie #69"? I would love to see a board about /B/ but pure focuses on OCs and FCs. Like "What if cartoon/video game characters interacted in /B/" like 4chan yet much different?

I would call it /BFG/ "Random Besties Ficties Guys" where it's "/b/ meets OC and FC of all kinds." like Mario talking about Chowder cartoons, and Fluttershy talking bad about artwork of Sonic and the girl from DragonBall Z, etc. Where in the /b/ rule is "OP have to always pretend to be their OC or FC of any kind in their own board."? Like follow this meaning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Character_(arts) S-sorry, it's my first idea..

For OP only, no real life attitude [except FC/OC actions, like no "reality check" attitude.] no "human beings" or "unnamed character" like yourself, myself, or any forms of Anon that's being themselves, JUST FC/OC people with acting themselves or breaking character. No forms of porn either [except Pony porn] as it could ruin /bfg/

You can come up ideas. I don't want this fun board to be another /b/ with bunch of real life talks of "rekt" "blacked" "rate" etc.
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Where do I find the main board; MLPOL GO or QA?

I would accept to assist, but I am a little flustered on your explaination on the third sentences.


/mlpol/ is the main board, appearing on the left-most of the top of the page.


I guess I could try, although I could do samef*gging to get the ideas or rolling.

I'm a little worry about offense, but I'll try.


Will you be accepting mod applications for the new board?


Probably not

File: 1493057849141.jpg (9.35 KB, 225x225, 2017-03-21-13-09-54-982015….jpg)


Will you make a random board for here? For board games and stuff like that?

(admin edit)
should there be a /b/?

should there be a /lo/ - /low/
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No it shouldn't be excluded, it should be allowed on /b/.


We have a board for art, shops, and greentexts: mlpol
Why? It's pony content isn't it? Ponies allowed. No exceptions


Not for things unpony-pol. Though each still allowed mlpol itself can't doesn't really allow for sucj random style posting. It can still be monitored and rule 10 on the ready will still weave out most cancer


Doesn't really allow for*


Also I think if we had snacks-tier moderation of the /b/ board it would prevent the cancer from ever becoming a problem.

File: 1502090968819.jpg (2.67 MB, 2616x6726, Every Reported UFO Sightin….jpg)


Like /mlpol/ can /vx/ have its char limit at 6000 please. I want to dump a history of UFOs as per >>>/mlpol/59382 which will be insightful to understanding the phenomenon I can't do that effectively with low char limits.


The character limit should now be 6000 on all boards. It's rather ironic that it was not raised for /vx/, since /vx/ is the board for which we initially wanted the character limit increased.


Thank you.


File: 1500449534013.png (261.67 KB, 363x327, 1497797722201.png)


A person on the main board has informed me someone out there is advertising here on reddit, is there anything we can do about this?
thread for proof, forgot how to cross-board link.
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as the original seeker of heresy here, I'm giving this a 100% heresy rating. Glass it from orbit if we can, and DDoS it if we can't.


I don't care if I got triggered and went out of my way to find something that didn't exist, in fact I thought the hunt was actually kind of fun. heresy or no, I'll still seek it out if ever it's mentioned and quell it if it's found.


Good for you then.


So, how is the whole advertising thing coming along? Sorry if this isn't the right thread, but I'm making do.


We have not yet begun advertising anywhere

File: 1501602611871.jpg (126.43 KB, 763x1048, all_hail_the_silas_by_tera….jpg)


Hello Team,

I would like to ask if it was possible to disable the block of dublicate files on the site. I am about to drop a big chunk of new pictures who will likely be shared in a higher quantity and I think it would be a nuisance for the users to not be able to repost them on the fly. Thank You for your consideration.


The duplicate files is only for threads (i.e. you can't post same image twice in the same thread) and for OP (i.e. an OP can't have the same image as another OP).
As an example if you make a new thread it don't matter if any of the images posted in that thread is posted in any other thread.


>I am about to drop a big chunk of new pictures

File: 1499608349489.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.87 KB, 800x450, hflvykipmc5g22mc3m0m.jpg)


How come mlpol.net doesn't have a captcha to prevent bot posting ?
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Speaking of which, the system has been saying my posts look automated. What kind of phrases are necessarily considered to "look" automated? Any work arounds?


Sorry to hear you had problems posting. Try posting now.


Is this annoying captcha here to stay?


a reminder you don't need to type the capture case sensitive, lower case is fine.


It was comfy…

File: 1500954760446.png (192.8 KB, 918x871, 4d05b8c94e36466bf6c2bd780a….png)


/sp/ getting alot more mad, active spamming atm
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fuck off a/sp/ie before we destroy your shitty board and teach you a lesson(Your posting history tells a different story)


fuck sp seriously


File: 1501043816002.png (1.09 MB, 6628x6000, 534165.png)

I disagree. Evidently there is only one from e/sp/ who did anything "to" Mlpol, and in the process made apparent a structural weakness that most certainly would have been exploited during a less opportune moment. I DO think it was kind of fucked, but w/e.
>rule 10 is for ITT


Only one? Looks to me like at minimum two


As far as home boards, I only know of one from sp but idfk

File: 1499364701702.png (469.14 KB, 1538x776, cp.png)



hey mods am i allowed to do this?
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How do you do that?






testing please ignore

File: 1500833507970.png (428.18 KB, 800x800, 1491609968916.png)


From the spamming


Couldn't we just turn on capture when being raided?




>Couldn't we just turn on capture when being raided?

Good question.


why hasnt captcha been enabled?

File: 1500578213155.webm (4.64 MB, 854x480, LibraryAfterStory.webm)


How does it work? Which threads end up there, why, how, who decides?

Does it use the dewey decimal system?

Why are threads important to the site's history, such as the voting threads about gay and loli h°rses and the rogue mod missing? Perhaps the library is not for those threads and I'm misunderstanding its purpose.

I also discovered the per-board archive with featured threads literally halfway into writing this post, and now I am REALLY confused as to what /go/ is about.


Golden Oaks is a board intended to be a sort of library of mlpol. A location to display our most important threads. It was created in the time before there was any sort of archive. It is locked to all posters except admins (maybe moderators can post there, I don't know). If a thread is selected to go to Golden Oaks, an admin may move the thread to that board. Recently, this power was extended to Moderators as well. It is somewhat buggy, and has in the past resulted in only the OP being transferred, or multiple copies of the OP, or a partial transfer. To move a thread, a staff member asks in staff chat if it should be moved, and if there is no opposition, a person with the power to move the thread moves it. Because of what basically amounts to forgetfulness, besides the fact that the ability to move has historically been limited to admins, and probably also historically error prone transfers, it has not been used much.

The threads are organized by the creation date of the OP on its original board, though of course sticky threads are on top.

The threads you named were not been transferred probably for two reasons. The more minor reason is that no one thought to move them. The greater reason is that while these threads represent important events in mlpol history, they are embarrassing. They relate to events no one on staff would like to remember. We have generally intended Gokden Oaks to display higher points in mlpol history, like OC creation and the 4chan cup.

Golden Oaks was created long before the featured thread archive

File: 1500272656416.jpg (2.06 KB, 115x124, Fagit!.jpg)


Seems as though they're planning something @mods


File: 1500272694170.png (25.39 KB, 1084x102, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at ….png)

Seems as though they're planning something @mods


Planning what?


I think they're just trying to make us paranoid but don't let your guards down


I think so too.

File: 1500008086210-0.jpg (159.12 KB, 1159x801, 1491284739647.jpg)

File: 1500008086210-1.jpg (531.56 KB, 1920x1080, 20170713202130_1.jpg)

File: 1500008086210-2.jpg (395.1 KB, 1920x1080, 20170713201906_1.jpg)


Could I create an interactive playthough thread on /vx/ that would be recurring, centered around an civilization 5 hotseat game I'm playing against myself? I'm running all the players in the game, and I'm playing them as fairly and to the best of my ability's as I possibly can. The game would take a few mouths to finish because I'm playing on the slowest speed, but I feel like it has the potential of being a cool ongoing game in witch the anons on this board could lead one of the country's though all the intense volatile political situations that arise as the game goes forward. There are some things in the game I could do to add flavor, like name the religions after things like KEK or Luna, we could name the citys and units to characters from mlp(which I have recently cought up to season 7, and I am a fan).

Just wanted to ask to see, because it would like like a general thread from the outside, and it's a really slow game(1 real game turn = me playing all the other nations first(10), and the game goes on for 1,500 turns(so really 15,000 turns for all countries) I plan on playing 10 real turns a day, so the game will go on for nearly half a year. BUT it would be a consistent evolving game that would be a community effort, something people could get excited about and check back in to discuss what to do next in the game. And there would be memes of course.
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File: 1500066473552.jpg (51.32 KB, 670x377, 1dxet4.jpg)

>Civilization getting boring ever



I started getting bored at 21 minute mark. Maybe its not my thing…


It helps to be more interactive with the game, that probably keeps it interesting


>making the in game time go faster
I wish I could, but for every one real turn I play, I play all the other nations, so if I play two real turns(say a farm takes two turns to be completed), I have to make decisions for the other players, so really, I have to 20 other nations turns before the farm is completed, and it get's tedious fast because early game turns may seem to go by fast, but it takes 100 turns to get ten turns to pass, and I'm playing to the best of my ability.

As for the game getting boring, sure, people might lose interest for a few days, but it would be in the background, others will take up the slack and over time it will be like a episodic show that keeps growing over time.

The latter eras, medieval/renaissance/modern era will be more exciting, especially since I'm controlling all the players, it will be far more interactive then a normal single player game with AI who are brain dead.


If you say so, I don't rmember last time I played civ game so I don't remember mechanics that well.

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