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cd855 No.92861

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union’s executive will sue Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in the bloc’s top court for their refusal to host asylum-seekers, two EU sources said on Wednesday.

The European Commission will announce the decision on Thursday, the sources said, stepping up a legal case it opened against the three last summer.

The countries have declined to shelter asylum-seekers despite an overall drop in arrivals due to tighter borders and projects beyond the EU’s frontiers to discourage migration to Europe.

They say the mainly-Muslim refugees have no place in their homogeneous, predominantly Christian societies and cite security concerns given deadly attacks by Islamist militants in Europe.


What could possibly go wrong?

ae238 No.92869

Inb4 all three leave the EU and establish a Miedzymorze faction to preserve Europe.

f7d5b No.92870

this tbh they're only in the EU for gibs anyway

cd855 No.92871

The whole thing is so funny. The harder the EU pushes the more it will fall apart.

20a0f No.92873

I like how the sign looks like they are welcoming kindergarteners to class. I don’t get how some people are so blind to danger that they will beg on hands and knees for it.

f7d5b No.92875

>I don’t get how
it's simple anon, women can't into logic

cd855 No.92879

They are being motherly.

e5fbd No.92880

I wish more countries were like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic

f7d5b No.92885

how's your own country doing norwanon?

e5fbd No.92886

We could be doing better. We are not the worst off because it can be cold during winters and desert people don't like it. But most of our politicians believe in the globalist agenda so we are on the decline. We desperately need a draining of our swamps before they go full Sweden. It is the danger of leftism, they will never admit they were wrong. If challenged on their politics they will double down and doing even more of the failed politics. And sadly it looks like even thou the centre right won the election the centre is moving to the left.
In other news we might have a big crack in the housing market coming as prices have been kept, and driven, artificially high over the years.

cd855 No.92915

Take a look at your birthrates chart. Move that forward by an amount of years equal to the retirement age. You will see then the point where all those boomers will downsize their house as they retire, and crash the market with some unknown time delay, perhaps a few years.

e5fbd No.92933

Yes, we might have a double whammy before us in the housing market. And when the interest rate goes up it will be an triple whammy.

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