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Bitches wish their dev team was as boss as ours

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83b19 No.50198

When I read that Macron is /ourguy/, like on the 4chan post attached, my eyes are bleeding. Some of you guys are very receptive to propaganda and don't know enough about France to understand some of Macron's move. Let me clarify a few points.

>Renames "Ministry of Defense" to "Ministry of the Armies"

This is a step toward an EU Defense, it subtly means that we have armies but that defense will soon or late be federalized.
Macron is a globalist of the worst kind and wants the death of nation.

>Wants to make France a military superpower again

Macron just cut the defense budget of almost 1 billion euros. It's a major scandal in France and our top level military has spoken against that. He will certainly be fired soon.

>Auto-proclaims himself "Chief of the Secret Services"

>Fires a ton of journalists

The first he refused to let access to various official event are Russia Today, because they don't serve his interests like the others do.

>Says journalists are incapable of grasping his intellect.

It's called megalomania.

>Puts everyone with potential terror connections on a watchlist

Nothing new, but the police doesn't have the resources to watch thousands of persons. They should loose their double nationality (which most of them have) and be deported.

>Produces USSR-tier propaganda clips where he's called "The Saviour" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gL59BEHws0 [Embed]

The French MSM are dedicated lackeys.

>Cuts welfare and social security, social spending as a whole

>Allows migrants to be worked more than 40 hours a week, to pay them little and fire them easily

France has an extreme unemployment rate. Mass migration will create more competition and reduce salaries of French workers, as it always did.



>Says Africa's problems are "Civilizational"

>Says African women are having too many babies
>Buddies with Trump and Putin.

It's called diplomacy.

>Has literally taken the Bogpill.

>Constantly compares himself to the god Jupiter.

Megalomania, again.

>Cut taxes and shrank the government welfare for refugees

He just raised taxes, except on the richest. Retired persons will see their modest income reduced.

His promises to reduced SOME taxes are postponed to 2020 (never).

>Backed off on ousting Assad


>Told Italy to go fuck themselves when it comes to the migrant crisis

Very smart, since there's no border between France and Italia because of the EU.

I hope I clarified a bit despite my bad english.

8f32d No.50251

Seeing how Macron is a crony for the Rothschilds and the Globalists, it wouldn't cross my mind that he is working for them loyally and doesn't plan on backstabbing them and even if he did, the many hardcore leftists and globalists in France and Europe would be majorly pissed and try their hardest to oust him and have him "disappear", so the only thing that would come from him backstabbing is total suicide.

Lesson here is never open up to someone who works for the Rothschilds, EVER and for the love of God, don't EVER elect one as the damn prime minister (or president, I don't know which one France has).

ef88c No.50252

Thank you for the insight.

I saw those threads on /4pol/ too, and I found the portrayal of his behavior confusing. How strongly /4pol/ shilled "ourguy" also raised some warning bells since /4pol/ is heavily compromised at this point.

3c4fb No.50325

watch his actions and more importantly the result of those actions in 2 months. You'll see what side he ends up on. Fuck what he says.

f6ace No.50381

Thank you for your points, I hope people realize, that no one was ever /ourguy/, everyone has to be "their own guy," and only in luck that some of us banded together to be some leveled field of rational beings. Trump was never ourguy, trump has always been his ownguy. This maybe a new front that the globalists are pushing, using people who appeal nationalistically, but aren't.

f58e4 No.50385

/pol/ will and never again will take itself seriously. All and everything has been compromised with the guise of "le funny may mays" and "lol we're satirical." Everyone knew then what was at stake when Le Pen was running, so how could they be convinced of otherwise now?

86ac8 No.50479

File: 1500298668982.jpg (34.65 KB, 500x333, large.jpg)

>/ourguy/ meme

f231e No.50524

Hitler was /ourguy/

dca19 No.50530


837a0 No.50574

I apologize for having fell for the meme for a moment. Thanks for clarifying what's actually happening.

0519a No.50577

He's a shrewd politician I'll give him that much. But like your posts indicated in the end he's a globalist trying to promote an agenda of destroying the nation state inside of Europe. He's a danger to all who value the sovereignty of the state and so must not be trusted. /pol/ has a large amount of actual shills and so must be shifted through with caution.

af7c3 No.51670


5b97a No.51677

Those fucking Macron shills are insufferable. They're just a reminder of why I'm not going back to that shithole.
At least they're better at subversion than the Schulz shills..

bc6cc No.51684

We need a madman.
That just means he will try to be the biggest, if his megalomania is stronger than his puppetism, he will become truly unstoppable

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