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Bitches wish their dev team was as boss as ours

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File: 1500265068659.jpg (71.15 KB, 784x1019, giddy up.jpg)

78c6a No.50166[Last 50 Posts]

3f3c2 No.50174

In case you haven't realized your kind of on your own OP. Good luck dealing with their proxyfag, cause your just going to keep the mods up all night at this point.

a4445 No.50180

nobody is ever going to get banned on /sp/
not unless you post illegal things

8590e No.50183

>on own

35a8a No.50184


8590e No.50206

File: 1500266715069.jpg (36.79 KB, 640x360, a4beebd4db2628d5d8ea46cafe….jpg)

Hmmm. I'm thinking pic related. How's sunday-night bronco-posting after Tea sound to you horsefuckers?
We can hit the same board or w/e board 4 w/e raison.

e6660 No.50213

>Good luck dealing with their proxyfag,
39mil is a very dedicated to his craft and very good at what he does.

a4445 No.50214

keep coming back to /sp/
its usually dead now

811fb No.50215

Who is 39mil?

78c6a No.50241

I'm actually having a lot of fun with this
Who else /drawtist/ here? You don't have to be good.

78c6a No.50246

I'm all up for this.
Having a blast.

f7dd8 No.50249

File: 1500269535874-0.png (222.58 KB, 318x419, 7cf0790f825cdc1ac9fc90a42f….png)

File: 1500269535874-1.png (239.25 KB, 318x419, gentlepersusion.png)

^ their (dead) endchan anon oc thread

desecrate their gods

78c6a No.50256

File: 1500271065561.png (96.85 KB, 1024x768, first contact.png)

Giddy up, faggots!
Draw-thing I'm using:
If you're too lazy, dump broncos pics from derpibooru:

1f2ed No.50259

File: 1500271954650.jpg (197.35 KB, 1445x641, Not bad Gents.JPG)

Not bad work Gents not bad at all! Keep it up!

a4445 No.50261

You have made /sp/ on topic again

78c6a No.50262

File: 1500272170179.jpg (46.14 KB, 496x478, 1491789154817-1.jpg)

What do you have against Barney, fag?!

78c6a No.50264

Ponies are a force of good.

e6660 No.50266

you will find out soon enough

1f2ed No.50269

File: 1500272667503.jpg (141.78 KB, 1336x780, MOTHER FUCKING BOT!.JPG)


e6660 No.50270

yu lik criket?

a4445 No.50271

It's like you just got on imageboards yesterday

f7dd8 No.50272

File: 1500272931466-0.png (26.83 KB, 255x235, ponerboner.png)

t. /sp/

why you stay so long when no one takes your bait? Methinks you have a poner boner tbh

e6660 No.50275

Any idea how long we have been stealing gets and getting "raided" as a result?

a4445 No.50277

this /sp/ is sportschan.org
it redirects to whatever chan is hosting it at the moment
it has existed longer than you have been alive

you think you are the first chan to get buttmad over /sp/ taking digits?

e6660 No.50278

File: 1500273196599.png (17.6 KB, 92x71, 39mil.png)

but we aren't the ones you should be concerned about.

78c6a No.50279

File: 1500273243254.png (188.84 KB, 1024x768, make sports fun again.png)

>board has exceeded the hourly thread creation limit
Oh well. I'll just share my progress in the existing threads.

a4445 No.50280

attn: mlpol mod

see how the /sp/ mod isn't deleting everything and letting you "raid"

this is called freedumb

eccbe No.50281

But we post quality. You can't delete quality.

e6660 No.50282

File: 1500273407270.png (339.68 KB, 1898x912, 7b603d5bde49e0bd0467e95bab….png)

Soon you will have many threads as well :^)

eccbe No.50283

Again acting like scripkiddies. Try to do something with quality for a change.

be907 No.50284

File: 1500273577737.jpg (26.4 KB, 292x350, 1484324254731.jpg)

Surely you must have noticed by now that you and at least one of your /sp/ friends has not been banned, right? We ban and remove posts by outsiders who come to spam and and to antagonize, and disrupt the flow of the board. And we do it very quickly. We like to allow the maximum freedom possible while still providing a comfortable home for our community

f7dd8 No.50285

File: 1500273582407-0.png (406.08 KB, 1172x1416, permaclopped.png)


git clopped posers

f7dd8 No.50286

>implying we as a community don't celebrate our mods and their strict vigilance against shills

e6660 No.50287

Nonsense, I see at least 4 screen caps of bans on /sp/ from tonight.

35a8a No.50288

>waifu thief tries to argue morality

shut the fuck up retarded faggot

be907 No.50289

Of course. I personally have banned at least 20 IPs from spammers and raiders, probably more
What are you doing to keep the board cleam, hmmm?

e6660 No.50291

Why would you make a new chan if you are just going to rulecuck? /fitlit/ was better anyhow(user is shit and his opinions are shit)

8590e No.50292

File: 1500274214124.png (233.5 KB, 1082x739, smuggest_of_the_smug_by_ma….png)

Yes, let the salt flow

a4445 No.50293

He is from 4chan after 2012
They will never be able to get out of that mentality

e6660 No.50294

Once again, do you have any idea how many times we have been "raided" after stealing a get?

/sp/ has been wiped clean dozens of times and it really doesn't matter since 1) everything is topical i.e. every day is a new sports day and yesterday's stuff no longer matters 2) quite frankly any outside observer would be unable to differentiate between "spam" and our normal posting behavior.

70a42 No.50295

File: 1500274504153-0.jpg (686.35 KB, 1700x2308, 367599__explicit_artist-co….jpg)

File: 1500274504153-1.png (825.69 KB, 553x800, 1322359__explicit_nudity_p….png)

File: 1500274504153-2.jpg (71.75 KB, 528x520, 1475065__explicit_grimdark….jpg)

File: 1500274504153-3.png (866.7 KB, 785x1129, 1468628__explicit_artist-c….png)

File: 1500274504153-4.png (946.97 KB, 2738x3298, 1473653__explicit_artist-c….png)

be907 No.50296

Deleting spam and banning raiders isn't rulecuckery, it's common sense. We're very liberal in moderation towards our users, almost never deleting anything, and issuing one (ONE) 30 minute ban in the last 3+ weeks. So what if we are less tolerant of people who don't come here to discuss ponies or politics, but just to antagonize? Why is that our loss?
>Muh oldfag circlejerk
As worthless as titles of Aristocracy. Just signs of inbreeding
They are just having fun, like you were a few hours ago. We don't want to destroy your board

a151f No.50297

File: 1500274590410-0.jpg (7.3 MB, 9728x9184, aids quilt signed optimize….jpg)

File: 1500274590410-1.jpg (6.42 MB, 9000x9000, Get Quilt 2.0-min.jpg)

just curious how many GETs your chan has claimed
this is just some from the last couple years

70a42 No.50298

File: 1500274631660-0.jpg (4.29 KB, 250x187, 1480836691940s.jpg)

45c66 No.50299

It's not really an issue, nigger. Your board is now our designated shitting board.

e6660 No.50300

we are on our 3rd quilt since moving over from 4chan in 2014

eccbe No.50301

Yes your list might be long, but you needed help from a computer to do it. You were playing in the very, very special olympics and not in a real sporting event.

e6660 No.50302

the bot just keeps track of what is coming up, and we still have to manually go after the get

we'll see my friend

a151f No.50303

the bot isn't making the posts
there are hundreds of chans
all the getwatcher does is alert people to go and try for them

when it was just 4chan we manually looked at the board list
all this does is aggregate chans and alert when a GET is near
you are completely out of your mind to think GETs can be automated

a6828 No.50304

hes just assblasted budy

eccbe No.50305

If you had to do it by yourself without the aid of computer you might have said you were accomplishing anything. But as it is now you're only showing that you are incapable of doing this on your own; you are too week and inept to do it without help.

a151f No.50307

its impossible to keep track of every single board on every single chan out there
we used to do it with 4chan and the first 6 months or so of 8chan before that place grew to 1000s of boards

nothing is automated
I got your GET timing your posts to fire at 50000
think this through before you post

a6828 No.50309

>arguing with some semen slurping yurofag aspie
why bother?

a151f No.50310

because I can

be907 No.50311

File: 1500275432654.gif (2.85 MB, 520x700, tumblr_opxgytCY0s1w0by9bo1….gif)

Uh huh. We saw that three posts were missing. You made four threads and deleted the two that failed, besides having your little machine alert you at the one hour mark. Lazy and unimpressive.

35478 No.50312

I am offended by your racism against the European continent

a6828 No.50314

all the good germans died in wwii

8590e No.50315

File: 1500275494906.gif (495.18 KB, 640x360, Spike647.gif)

Yes, your game is evident. You play a very long and deliberate game against those who don't realize there is a game, or who are too busy having fun to realize the immediacy or significance of their shit/lewd/waifu posts.
Perhaps - in ONE sense - you can be said to have claimed a scalp this round. Many take first-swipes at Mlpol.
Come then, strike @ the other cheek.

a6828 No.50316

>dont care about gets
holy shit how new r u??

a151f No.50317

the 49998 and 49999 were posts made by /sp/artans on page 10 so that 50000 would wipe the last page off 10 and into the abyiss

do you think we just stumble into this by accident?

e6660 No.50318

we good at this

eccbe No.50319

>its impossible to keep track of every single board on every single chan out there
That is where the skill comes in. And it is here the sportsmanship lies. This is the challenge. Spamming around the time of an get is not a skill. Getting together and mass posting at the same time as a get is coming up because a script told you it was coming up is not an accomplishment.

a151f No.50320

>mass posting
there were less than 10 posts left when it alerted because your board PPH is shit

f7dd8 No.50321

File: 1500275763839.png (1.22 MB, 660x2570, raidgonegud.png)

>all these a/sp/ies sticking around this board for hours

I think I know what's going on here.

Pic related

a151f No.50322

when you delete and ban a GET immediately and then manipulate the post count then attempt a weak sauce raid it is going to make us stay here forever

a6828 No.50323

they're never going to admit anything, they'll be assravaged until eternity before admitting that they got btfo on their home turf

obviously from a guy whos never played. the skill isn't KNOWING where to go, its landing a post right on the bullseye, subverting an entire board to nab their get right under there noses. you wouldnt judge the athletic prowess of an athlete based on his knowledge of where athletic events are taking place, so why would you judge this any differently?

thats rhetorical, btw. no need to answer it aspie

you realize we collect the most ass ravaged caps for the get quilts right? its even more fun then the actual get itself

be907 No.50324

We thought it was Leftist Antifa raiders. They have been coming by recently

f7dd8 No.50326

>implying the get was valid

eccbe No.50327

Still unimpressive. Show you actually have skill and quit the bot. Make it a challenge. Make it hard for others to do the same because it is hard to do. Be the best you can be without crutches holding you up and helping you every step on the way.

8590e No.50328

File: 1500275983442.jpg (73.75 KB, 400x306, 1498571649161.jpg)

Reminder to Mlpol: MOST play 'chess' the same way twice.
Do go on.
And why do you think pph=quality. How many posts have honored our friendly raid as the best thing 4 /sp/ in 4 evar?

a151f No.50329

you are very stupid
you want athletes to compete without knowing when and where to compete

anyone can go for GETs and anyone can use getwatcher.net even though /sp/ made it
/monster/ and [s4s] certainly do
this board was easy because it is slow
do you have any idea how different it is to go after a multi million GET with hundreds gunning for it at the same time?

a151f No.50330

it has nothing to do with quality retard
the get watcher alerts when the time gets to under 1 hour
because the PPH is low it alerted at around 10 posts to go because it calculated at the time that the GET would occur within 1 hour at 10PPH

e6660 No.50331

A website literally anyone can go to
>"ooooh secret cheating bot"

a4445 No.50332

/sp/ hates leftists more than you do
you should have let the thread stay for a while

8590e No.50333

File: 1500276277996.png (875.85 KB, 1178x662, Twilight-and-Celestia.png)

So if the PPH were higher, there would have been NO faggotry?

a6828 No.50334

pretty sure this place is all faggotry tbh

eccbe No.50335

Sorry but you still haven't convinced me you have skills. Mass posting around the time of the get, using the custom script on the site to get faster updates is not skills. You are still just scriptkiddies in my book.

eccbe No.50336

>had to happen
Meant for you

8590e No.50337

File: 1500276388284.png (234.5 KB, 2400x2172, 1496702017609.png)

And yet, I snagged a trip right under ur nose.

a151f No.50338

if the PPH were higher the get watcher would have alerted further out
thats all it means

I was the only one to try
If I didn't make the post then this GET would have just been ignored like lots of others we dont care about
glad we got it since this board is a goldmine

a151f No.50339

without GET watcher nobody would be lurking this fucking chan to keep tabs on your post count
this board is not significant

There is no skill needed for a board like this

f7dd8 No.50340

ur anus is a gold mine tbh, we're having fun roa/sp/ing you

a6828 No.50341

of course it wouldnt, youre a demasculated norwegian who masturbates to an innocent girls show, why would you know what skill and competition are?

e6660 No.50342

I think you have told them several times but they fail to grasp the concept

a151f No.50343

they fail to grasp why /sp/artans are still here
if they rub some brain cells together they would understand why

f7dd8 No.50344

File: 1500276599612.png (33.76 KB, 250x250, thumb.png)

eccbe No.50345

That is where the skill lies. Without the bot you would have been clueless. You see how you can't do what you do without help. You lack the skills and determination needed to do what you want to brag about.

a6828 No.50346

tried to tell you both, they're ass blasted enough to attempt a board wipe for the past hour but will try to deny it
just keep archiving the thread and takin caps for the quilt

a6828 No.50347

holy shit nigger how low is your definition of skill??

e6660 No.50348

if knowing when a get was coming up was what we were going after, you would have a point

be907 No.50349

I sincerely did not know it was /sp/ and not the same leftist who come in and raid the board every now and then. If I had known it was /sp/ I would have left it
Why are you going all out getting defensive and arguing? When I found out what /sp/ had done I thought it was pretty funny, and I was impressed with ban appeals that said "allahu akbar" in them. It was cheerful and showed a good sense of humor. This is not funny, and this is not playful.

8590e No.50350

File: 1500276769177.jpg (34.06 KB, 900x650, 279967-my-little-pony-frie….jpg)

It was fun! Ur on our radar now tho,… ^_~

f7dd8 No.50351

File: 1500276811726.jpg (54.15 KB, 450x488, larp.jpg)

they crossed from ass play to asshurt i guess

a6828 No.50352

because the /sp/ stuff was fun, but on the political side you're all degenerates who need to die tbh.

eccbe No.50353

>implying we didn't make your board better

But that is what is the hard part, knowing where and when. Posting at get time and occasionally getting gets on a board that actually is active isn't a skill.

a151f No.50354

File: 1500276978576-0.jpg (43.37 KB, 944x670, leaf is haram.jpg)

sportschan is absolutely aligned with the caliphate
our brother Kyle Parramore will be unleashing hell on Ironton once he is free
then you are next

e6660 No.50355

When the /sp/ caliphate doesn't have fun is when it is rulecucked by overzealous mods

f7dd8 No.50356

File: 1500277004545-0.png (71.71 KB, 1266x252, Screenshot from 2017-07-17….png)

File: 1500277004545-1.gif (19.43 KB, 598x588, 1dc.gif)

how about we take this discussion to the source since they are talking about it there?

second pic related

70a42 No.50357

File: 1500277011946-0.png (2.4 MB, 2060x1780, (Bloody Tentacles) 1156935….png)

File: 1500277011946-1.jpeg (423.15 KB, 1000x1109, (FlutterGuru) 1014921__ex….jpeg)

File: 1500277011946-2.png (373.08 KB, 1280x763, (DD Rape) 986047__oc_expli….png)

nice buzzword senpai. really hurt my fee fees. badd daddy

a151f No.50358

they seem to be right leaning pony tards
it is very confusing

e6660 No.50359

no it is not, the get is the hardest part you goose

78c6a No.50360

File: 1500277111473.png (164.65 KB, 1042x785, shig dig.png)

>board wipe
>On-topic threads
>shitposts slid
Looks to me like we fixed the place up

a151f No.50361

usually hard on boards like this because someone else from /sp/ could inadvertently sage it away
happens a lot

it really becomes a competetion between which /sp/artan will get it or which /sp/artan will fuck it up
sometimes some other boards will gun for it if it matters

in GETs the board is merely the ball

70a42 No.50362

File: 1500277169885-0.jpeg (236.27 KB, 1280x1150, (Applejack Human Fellatio….jpeg)

File: 1500277169885-1.png (525.42 KB, 1000x800, (Blonde OC) 1464840346135.png)

Anyone have gay pone porn?

e6660 No.50363

Saging to a get is /intl/-tier

eccbe No.50364

But you just admitted you would never have known about the get here, and I guess neither on most other boards without help. This is what makes it hard. Getting the get here and most of the gets on your brag picture I guess was easy picking. But if the script hadn't told you about those boards your brag picture would not be nearly that large.

78c6a No.50365

Does it make a difference in this case? Just post what you like.

a6828 No.50366

you're a goldmine, make more posts pls

no really, youre mentally defectives- theres something wrong with you and jacking off to childrens TV shows goes hand in hand with faggotry and other mental illnesses

>>50362 related

a151f No.50368

you were the pioneer of that technique

a151f No.50369

this guy here >>50363
used to be the one and only guy who would manually make threads letting everyone on /sp/ know when GETs were happening

you underestimate how hard it actually is to get GETs even when you know how many posts out it is

there is nothing stopping your chan from going for GETs
you seem to have enough people here to make a good team
go for it if you don't want /sp/ to dominate

e6660 No.50370

Well I am off for the evening, have fun my new friends. I am sure you will be seeing a lot of us soon enough.

eccbe No.50371

I want the users of whichever board or site it is to be the one who reaps the gets. So I won't be going after gets. And when you were manually looking for gets you were actually doing something that took an effort to do. With the script you turned a marathon into a 100 yard walk.

70a42 No.50372

File: 1500277694256.png (154.2 KB, 736x736, milky shiggy.png)

Wow fam. So, this is some larger than life crusade of yours. Shiet. Didn't know this meant more than GETs to you, but this seem like you have an initiative.

8590e No.50373

File: 1500277721434.png (91.67 KB, 500x568, f39.png)

Why would you steal some totally unrelated group's GETS?

be907 No.50374

File: 1500277747240.png (440.01 KB, 3000x4059, 1071206__safe_artist-colon….png)

This has been pretty fun

70a42 No.50375

File: 1500277752116.gif (1.01 MB, 900x900, 494829__explicit_artist-co….gif)

the thing is
i dont even think i am mentally capable of holding a full time job
i got fired from my last one
i worked at a grocery store as a stocker
my coworkers kept teasing me and i lashed out at them
i got reported and fired
i kept filing harassment claims ect
but they wouldnt listen they told me to "grow thicker skin"
so i just flipped the table in the break room tossed a bunch of chairs tore down a bunch of shit and smashed some glass bottles
i was planning on quitting anyway
i couldt take the mental stress
they kept calling me alex jones and a paranoid nutcase
and the fag wouldnt leave me the fuck alone
he kept stalking me and hitting on me
like i'm not even fucking gay
i need a job where i work alone

eccbe No.50376

File: 1500277798461.gif (982 KB, 1024x1024, 1491706622028.gif)


a151f No.50377

for the first 8 or so years of 4chan GETs were a traditional activity among all boards that mattered. /sp/ was the best at it
then moot fucked everything up when he opened the floodgates with dumb fucking weebshit janitors and mods who went full NO FUN ALLOWED everywhere
now the majority of people left such as yourself have no idea the history and lineage of GETs and GET related activities
when 8chan was formed it was a new renaissance of GETs

/sp/ has always treated GETs as a team activity and will continue to do so

What you fail to understand is you can't steal your own GET, you can only defend it. The only way to get GETs is to go abroad and take them from other boards.

70a42 No.50378

File: 1500278094703.jpg (18.2 KB, 480x480, 1500153288222.jpg)

I am the trash man and I am here to take over your thread

eccbe No.50383

File: 1500278369939.png (346.63 KB, 1280x1280, #.png)

And I bet back then /sp/ was best at it because they put in the most effort to get the GETs. This effort was it that the other borads didn't manage to muster. This is what made /sp/ good at the sport. The effort you put in the back then is gone. You sit and wait for a bot to tell you where you should go and roughly when.
But we might have different takes on what good sportsmanship is. And what is an effort and not. Sadly I have to leave you at this point and wish you luck in your future endeavours. I just hope you go back to old-school GETing when GETing a GET meant something because it took effort.

35a8a No.50386

definately not hogging waifus thats for sure ya fuckin dumbass

be907 No.50388

File: 1500278655244.png (431.5 KB, 1280x720, Twilight_Sparkle_sad_S1E2.png)

78c6a No.50390

File: 1500279173107.png (93.46 KB, 1024x768, a mare's wet dream.png)

I'm actually make quite a bit of progress on this digital stuff. I guess I just needed a place to dump all of my awful shitposts.

70a42 No.50391

File: 1500279186020.jpg (211.84 KB, 1741x2437, 995295__explicit_artist-co….jpg)

It's dead Jim.

f7dd8 No.50392

File: 1500279247983-0.png (455.22 KB, 1457x1280, ec.png)

u a/sp/ies better start defending your board oc fam, you're on our radar now

70a42 No.50393

What I recommend is getting the basics down, then drawing porn. Of course, practicing takes about a good year with some dedication and study to achieve any decency (even then, can that be doubted.) Right now, I'm going to ask are you using a drawing tablet or anything? If not, could you post paper sketches just so I can gauge where you are in hand coordination or anything.

70a42 No.50395

Can I be a leaf again?(USER WAS LEAFED FOR THIS POST)

8590e No.50397

File: 1500279580443.jpg (68.05 KB, 1191x670, pinkie_pie_uses___party_ca….jpg)

You misunderstand entirely. I KNOW why you chase GETs, I just wanted you to have the opportunity to express yourself, that your faggotry is evident.
Don't worry, we'll still play with you.

f7dd8 No.50399

post pone pr0n in their get thread

78c6a No.50401

File: 1500280685282.png (65.42 KB, 1024x768, riding a football through ….png)

Well, my intent was to mass-produce cancer, so I think I'll just keep going like this.
I'm using a mouse, btw

78c6a No.50407

File: 1500281055070.png (36.18 KB, 1024x768, drawtism 2.png)

>For those of you nufags without collections:

4a605 No.50408

File: 1500281173188.jpg (31.18 KB, 630x420, kershaw2.jpg)

have you heard the good word of Clayton Kershaw yet?

f7dd8 No.50410

File: 1500281232645.gif (651.97 KB, 900x506, full.gif)

holy clop

78c6a No.50412

File: 1500281408956.jpg (140.52 KB, 630x420, 1500240782810.jpg)

Holy indeep.
Feast, my brethren, feast!

8590e No.50413

File: 1500281578993.png (50 KB, 144x191, 1493104999100-0.png)

Can I get pic related shooped on this guy's hand and another one descending from the air toward his forearm?
I gotta b up in 3 hrs

70a42 No.50414

Alright, but if you do ever want to get serious, there will be a thread for it.

f7dd8 No.50415

welp thanks to you I'll be missing from work for a week now

70a42 No.50421

We're being raided by the way, mods.

4a605 No.50425

you call this a raid?
grow some thicker skin son
plus your mods set the thread limit to 5
/sp/ is letting you have your fun and not banning anybody
grow up aspie

70a42 No.50426

No you

f7dd8 No.50427

File: 1500282500631.jpg (44.09 KB, 640x640, f039bc8d4cb83009c5d5f11740….jpg)

ban urself m112

35a8a No.50428

File: 1500282514194.jpg (220.99 KB, 1000x667, sp anal.jpg)

he's right no reason to play unfair.

f7dd8 No.50429

File: 1500282689038.png (387.85 KB, 954x720, simpsonsbushmlpol2.png)


our mods are in fact gods

your mods apparently don't give a shit about their own board

I know which one I'm proud to be a part of

4a605 No.50433

/sp/ only has 1 mod and you would have to do illegal shit to get banned or cause /sp/ to be disrupted beyond usage

Trust me. nothing you are doing is disrupting /sp/ at all
keep thinking you are accomplishing anything with your "ebin raid"

78c6a No.50434

I'm just having fun, desu. I'll stop as soon as I get bored.

45c66 No.50435

So basically you're saying your board already sucks and there's nothing we can do to make it suck worse? I really wish someone actually worth our effort would start shit with us one of these days.

Anyway, you heard him everypony. endchan/sp/ is now our designated shitting board.

8590e No.50436

File: 1500283417939.gif (2.92 MB, 257x160, 1494139672124.gif)

Where do u think u are?

78c6a No.50437

>endchan/sp/ is now our designated shitting board.
I can work with this.

f7dd8 No.50438

File: 1500283533447.png (129.76 KB, 449x623, 1494405256169.png)


I had fun with your endchan anon memes, who gives a shit if we get banned or not there. Obvi you hardly make any content bc the oc anon art thread wasn't updated in months, with most of the content from a couple years ago. Very sad…

also, nice digit steal just now

8590e No.50439

File: 1500283583636.png (174.17 KB, 897x890, mane_six_got_swag__pinkie_….png)

>acting natural

9d727 No.50440

endchan/sp/ has only existed since April
prior to that /sp/ was on 76chan and before that 8chan
you must be talking about the abandoned 8/getball/
that was a board owned by the former admin of 8chan, not /sp/

/sp/ is relevant when sports are on
in the middle of the night its dead as fuck
several of our own autists regularly board wipe themselves

eccbe No.50441

c7744 No.50442

File: 1500286091541.png (882.8 KB, 1457x1186, 1496348626622.png)

>Stay late at work
>Come back to see this
I wish I could have participated or can but I'm going to bed because I'm exhausted. Still take a bump and keep fighting the good fight. I'll be one tomorrow and hopefully this is still going on by then.

45c66 No.50443

It's ongoing. endchan/sp/ is the new designated shitting board, feel free to shitpost there whenever you like.

c980f No.50444

File: 1500287417603.png (155.37 KB, 836x487, mlpol 10000 get.png)


>that was a board owned by the former admin of 8chan, not /sp/

That fucking snake. No wonder he did not care about get thiefs when people send him reports. luckyly this waste of human flesh is no longer relevant.

c980f No.50453

File: 1500293678780.png (24.31 KB, 1718x186, wew is now hatespeech.png)

ac85c No.50456

Cant be bothered to read thread to find out whats happening also work but post some pie girls pls.

3902f No.50462

That was deleted.
Keep it to furtburl.

c927b No.50464

I see that they had tryed to counter raid and failed to the point of ree so far lol

c927b No.50467

File: 1500295804396.jpeg (147.51 KB, 502x600, mootrape.jpeg)

So if your mods do not care, dose that mean we have a new /qa/?
Holy fuck that would be awesome

6fae9 No.50471

File: 1500297030180.png (165.04 KB, 1024x1163, 1415483__safe_artist-colon….png)

Keep it to football though. It's important to keep to the board's topic/rules. We're not barbarians.
Otherwise, yes. It is the new /qa/.

6fae9 No.50473

File: 1500297539576-0.png (162.06 KB, 1024x1063, 1415523__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1500297539576-1.png (154.68 KB, 1024x1157, 1415643__safe_artist-colon….png)

I need 40k shoops for Miley.
Shoopfag, pls gib shoops.

6fae9 No.50475

File: 1500298115650-0.png (9.81 KB, 300x300, 28ac0c3bdf6bfbfa9090419707….png)

I've taken quite a liking to this instant oekaki drawboard.

811fb No.50477

Lol. You're actually not bad at it

c927b No.50478

Do it without the bot for real gets fssgt

6fae9 No.50483

File: 1500298954679-0.png (8.54 KB, 300x300, 939fb121dda185d35c4175a0d1….png)

I got 2 work now though. zSomeone else take over.

c980f No.50485

File: 1500299224542.png (16.85 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

6fae9 No.50488

Gr8, m8.

be907 No.50492

It is common for moderators of mlpol.net to use the "reason" field to type banter or something cutesy when banning raiders and spammers. That particular ban was issued against a proxy poster who was spamming many posts in a very short period of time, and was continually switching between proxies as others were banned. That particular post, containing only the words "wew," was one of several made in the span of a minute before that IP was banned. The real reason thus for the ban was Spamming and Ban Evasion.

Obviously posting "wew," chen, or shitposting are not banned. If bans are issued for these, it's because it was either a part of a series of spam, or because it was anticipated the IP would spam or slide threads if not banned first.

c980f No.50493

File: 1500299703704.png (831.83 KB, 932x646, wew lad gimme da pussy.png)

be907 No.50494

Wew indeed

c927b No.50495

srry, Im done shopping/artfagging4good

6fae9 No.50515

File: 1500302334408.png (143.19 KB, 1024x1011, 1415869__safe_artist-colon….png)

>B& 4 spam
Ok.. I stop for now…

c980f No.50532

File: 1500305295496.png (217.61 KB, 1844x1544, 1148812__safe_solo_meme_ve….png)

/sp/ gets really angry is you post pony porn there

a4445 No.50535

File: 1500305981222.png (52.52 KB, 659x801, wew.png)

this is the story of wew

c980f No.50536

File: 1500306349289.jpg (582.65 KB, 910x1287, Overwatch Mercy in Uniform….jpg)


"wew" truly is hatespeech!

f8894 No.50537


fb0fa No.50556

I demand you furfags be obsessed with us forever

c927b No.50558

File: 1500312667370.png (307.97 KB, 1280x988, large.png)

It goes the other way. We do a raid after someone decides to mess with us, then they tend to follow us back here and never leave

c980f No.50560

File: 1500312913845.jpg (415.59 KB, 900x1273, __rory_mercury_gate_jieita….jpg)

fb0fa No.50563


c980f No.50567

File: 1500313795310.jpg (79.78 KB, 642x560, never not time to bump.jpg)

fb0fa No.50579

File: 1500318130516.jpg (48.88 KB, 480x590, V__B19B.jpg)

c980f No.50585

File: 1500318825093.gif (258.3 KB, 441x500, handsome sonic.gif)

af30e No.50586

It's on the front page, m8. No need to bump it so frequently. We've all seen the by now.
Just post at your own speed. Elway threads are meant to be comfy.

fb0fa No.50587

c980f No.50589

File: 1500319582544.jpg (101.96 KB, 1280x712, shut your whorse mouth.jpg)

fb0fa No.50590

f8894 No.50592

File: 1500320177998.png (604.86 KB, 600x522, magik.png)

that file name

c980f No.50593

File: 1500320410593.mp4 (1.71 MB, 1484x1080, heil marching aryanne.mp4)

6d030 No.50596

So… Did anyone screencap 50000 get?

c980f No.50598


dont think so, but i dont recall it being a raid get

a4445 No.50600

6d030 No.50601

File: 1500321076335.png (469.45 KB, 986x1611, 1477233951845.png)

thanks, mate. Have qt horses

f8894 No.50602

File: 1500321189445.gif (856.45 KB, 720x405, 81b.gif)

all /sp/olen gets are belong to us again niggurs


1f2ed No.50603

File: 1500321249053.jpg (52.86 KB, 686x304, BAN.JPG)

So what was that about our staff being a bunch of rule fags and banning people in a raid and how YOUR board has chill mods that don't ban people for raiding.

a4445 No.50604

when you start spamming in active sports threads then you get fucked
no sympathy for you

6e3ef No.50605

stick to spamming at night when nobody is there

f8894 No.50606

File: 1500321533244.jpg (27.35 KB, 660x580, 309.jpg)

your true colors show LMFAO

f33ae No.50607

File: 1500321534216.jpeg (185.76 KB, 696x660, image.jpeg)

>/sp/ finally gets around to understanding how board moderation works
Good job anon

c980f No.50608

File: 1500321608007.webm (3.79 MB, 1280x720, trump because youll be in….webm)


its a bunch of bullshit Anon. The assburgers are merely angry that their raiding is so ineffective they need to lecture us on how to police our own site.

a4445 No.50609

nobody is trying to raid you moron
/sp/ just wanted the GET which they got
that is the objective

then some of us tried to sports post with you here but your mods just ban everything

f8894 No.50610

>butthurt in this thread after almost a full day still
The keks are too powerful

Fam if you make a legit sports thread, maybe with a pone pic or two to season it some, I'm sure it would stay up. All I've seen you guys make was a bunch of spam cricket and doyer threads

a4445 No.50611

File: 1500322026818.jpg (655.41 KB, 1858x944, 39m at work.jpg)

thats mil
he does this on /sp/ all the time

The doyer threads aren't spam unless you consider your elway threads spam
you want to talk to us about john elway 100 times but you wont let us talk to you about clayton kershaw

f8894 No.50612

File: 1500322280784.gif (622.89 KB, 760x385, 1499051071045.gif)

We like to actually police our board, unlike /sp/ it seems from your pic lol. If you wanna make a legit sports thread here though I don't see what's stopping you. If you're respectful of board rules I think you'll find we're actually a welcoming community.

6e3ef No.50613

Things /sp/ did:
stole your GET
laughed at you
laughed at you "raid" /sp/
laughed at you ban all of mils proxies

Things mlpol did:
get incredibly mad
organize a "raid"
manipulate the board software to pretend they defended their GET
fill up 2 pages of /sp/ during dead hours

Seems like you guys are just another version of /int*/
ebin raid tho

1f2ed No.50614

File: 1500322567091.png (317.86 KB, 973x746, Pony asdfasdf.png)

You're just mad because you guys suck at raiding

f33ae No.50615

File: 1500322694823.jpeg (17.01 KB, 300x168, image.jpeg)

One of our older foes also used to slide their entire board with meaningless spam when they got raided. I don't understand it honestly. Don't you like your threads and the discussion that takes place in them? Don't you care about the catalog?

f8894 No.50616

File: 1500322714547.png (573.67 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie_Pie_pulls_Rainbow_u….png)

>literally just fishing for moar posts for your GET quilt
Nice b8, but I just ate so I'm good

f33ae No.50617

File: 1500322799660.jpeg (34.56 KB, 494x358, image.jpeg)

6e3ef No.50618

nobody is tried to raid you
/pol/ boards are always so paranoid

mil went on an autism spree with proxies
then 4 farcical threads were made about Clayton Kershaw

also if you think anti-semitic behavior is going to trigger us or something you should know that /sp/ is a right wing board that hates jews spics niggers fags and leftist marxist commie fucks

6e3ef No.50619

you don't get it
sports are set to begin and end at known times
what happened yesterday is over and finished with
its meaningless
there is no content to save
your mind is fucked

f33ae No.50620

Well shit, any of you want to stay here and talk politics?

6e3ef No.50621

we are too busy killing jews to talk about it tbh

eccbe No.50623

>so edgy
You are not helping your cause or paint your fellow a/sp/ies in a favourable light.

6e3ef No.50624

we hate yuro cucks most of all too
on of us actually drowned a jew
its a long story someone probably has it screencapped

a4445 No.50625

this is going perfect

eccbe No.50626

>we are too busy killing jews
>killing jews
>on of us actually drowned a jew
>drowned a jew
>a jew
Get back to me when you have actually killed jews.

c980f No.50627

File: 1500323542176.png (147.58 KB, 550x229, you have now power here.png)

I would advice the admins to just ban the subhuman assburgers and be done with it. Our GET is incorruptible. If our system admin has some spare time we may or may not smuggle some of /sp/ IPs to the FBI for incriminating charges.

f8894 No.50630

File: 1500323928857.png (321.64 KB, 660x469, ponerboner2.png)

just admit it, you don't wanna go back to endchan because you saw the anatomically correct poni pucci thread

fb0fa No.50632

>wahhhh ban things I don't like
wouldn't expect anything else from a kraut. All the good Germans died by '45

fb0fa No.50633

Get back to me when you live in a country where your government wouldnt arrest you for this post

fb0fa No.50635

this tbh, a more pathetic version of int* who get off on banning things that hurt their feelings and bestiality.
at least you could respect int* for their dedication to anarchy

45c66 No.50637

File: 1500326900734.png (246.56 KB, 2879x2727, 2657482-3633565948-Scoot.png)

>get incredibly mad
nigga, you ain't even seen us mad. This is just what we do when we're bored.

c927b No.50653

>cant see the fun we have while they ree
This is great. So, are you going to stick around like GR15 dose?

a6828 No.50655

>hahah ban everyone for fun guys LOL
>totally not mad guys didnt even care about those digits
>reset the post count because i dont care so much
>joke raid thread lol totally trolling them
ok you

a6828 No.50661


a6828 No.50664


45c66 No.50667

File: 1500332430043.png (111.5 KB, 880x1098, 1492965796845.png)

>gee whiz I hope these guys see what I wrote
>I made le ebin comeback, why isn't anyone responding
>I always win at internet arguments, that's what my mom says
>why isn't anyone responding to me

a6828 No.50668

a6828 No.50669


35a8a No.50671

45c66 No.50673

File: 1500333957591.png (462.51 KB, 1280x612, boop_by_foxkin-d4yo2s3.png)

f7dd8 No.50675

8590e No.50676

File: 1500334219740.png (102.39 KB, 900x684, mlfw7720-1344728556558054.png)

>we stole your get!
>u must be so devastated!
>wait, dammit stop evading. You're not supposed to be able to fix things!
>hey! STOP banning us! It doesn't bother us, it uh, it only proves how we're winning!
>stop laughing at us! We're IMPORTANT dammit!

760c5 No.50679

File: 1500334365612.png (167.37 KB, 1280x1024, image.png)


45c66 No.50680

File: 1500334389185.jpg (140.78 KB, 1218x834, Cosby.jpg)


3f3c2 No.50681

Clayton Kershaw gets ass fucked whenever his pitiful team makes it to the playoffs.

74e6e No.50683

File: 1500336462001.png (77.55 KB, 655x240, mlpol 50000.png)

all that matters is the GET bby
that sweet
everything else is just baiting you into saying things like >>50676 to put on the quilt

o yes i love it
gimme dat GET

sorry for what was written
you dont have to kill yourselves
well unless you really want to of course

45c66 No.50686

File: 1500336736211.png (594.03 KB, 3000x3960, 1491769959432.png)

It's hilarious that you're still here. Have a pony on a zeppelin.

74e6e No.50687

as long as /mlpol/ posts on /sp/ then /sp/ will post on /mlpol/
think of it as a foreign exchange program

0a8cd No.50689

File: 1500336960050.png (17.19 KB, 109x150, image.png)

No, I'm pretty sure the GET is right here >>50000

8590e No.50690

File: 1500337016796.png (33.1 KB, 300x250, dash pepe drinking.png)

>I don't have to kill myself if I don't want
Cheers, I was worried for a moment.

0a8cd No.50691

File: 1500337195127.png (162.67 KB, 403x400, image.png)

Willkommen refugees! We are sorry for the sad state of your board. Please feel free to take up residence in this thread

74e6e No.50692

we aren't commies
we are given the option of suicide from allah and we deliver it to you. the people

8590e No.50693

File: 1500337303383.png (1.11 MB, 1181x1024, 1492150265051-3.png)

While you're here, have you sampled the horsecock?

74e6e No.50694

thats a bronnen.net meme

8590e No.50695

File: 1500337544605.png (910.05 KB, 1280x1003, 1492150265051-4.png)

So that's a yes?

74e6e No.50696

or pizza and horsecock?

hard decisions

t. bronnen

a6828 No.50700


45c66 No.50703

File: 1500338391862.png (248.37 KB, 425x526, welcome to mlpol.png)

We look forward to teaching you about the power of friendship.

8590e No.50705

File: 1500338542358.png (1.09 MB, 6628x6000, 534165.png)

Idk, what do you mean by "pizza"
? I don't want no John Podesta-style pizza if you catch my meaning.
Horsecock can stay.

74e6e No.50706

more like the potato chip thread
that shit is great

45c66 No.50708

File: 1500338984223.png (207.21 KB, 334x483, doritos-toasted-corn.png)

Have you tried Doritios™ brand corn chips? Personally I am currently maining Salsa Verde™ Doritos™, but have in the past been partial to Cool Ranch™, Nacho Cheese™, and Spicy Sweet Chili™, however I am boycotting Cool Ranch™ for reasons I have already described.

For a noob, I would recommend that you begin with Toasted Corn™ Doritos™, as they will give you a good sense of the Corn Flavor™ of Doritos Brand™ Corn™ Chips that will serve as a strong foundation for trying later brands™ in the future.

a6828 No.50714


f7dd8 No.50733

File: 1500346797708.png (1.58 MB, 1080x816, DEYmeVCXgAAHnkd.png)

I may have erm…sampled some of the varying flavors

a6828 No.50740


a6828 No.50743


a6828 No.50748


a6828 No.50764


a6828 No.50766


fb0fa No.50853

bumping the most important thread of this boards history

fb0fa No.50920

the pinnacle of this boards history

8590e No.50964

File: 1500420147751.png (227.49 KB, 640x360, MLPfim_ep0757.png)

>still this mad
You guys remind me of the NEETfag from /r9k/

45c66 No.50966

File: 1500420218222.png (360.23 KB, 986x936, screenshot-endchan.xyz-201….png)

a6828 No.50971

bumping the only thread worth posting in

be907 No.50973

File: 1500420691623.png (827.26 KB, 1845x992, sp learns the magic of fri….png)

8590e No.50977

File: 1500420893956.jpg (291.61 KB, 720x664, 134867 - artist krazy_chib….jpg)

It's STILL ongoing? Hold on, lemme get my beer

e2298 No.50979

>STILL being this butthurt over a stolen GET

45c66 No.50984

File: 1500421251295.jpg (54.6 KB, 600x612, bananashalit.jpg)

What? Did you guys steal one of our gets or something? Also, why do you keep posting sports stuff in our shitposting board?

a6828 No.50987


8590e No.50991

THATS why it's called /sp/! I get it now!
>for extra lulz, check the banlist

be907 No.50992

Oh it's been going on for a while now
Really more of having fun

8590e No.50995

Nice, I figured it would've tapered by now, but the John MF Elway thread is @340 ^_^
Oh and don't mind him, he doesn't realize that this is the sort of fire that Mlpol was forged in.

be907 No.50996

Nope. We're high energy as fuck. This is nearly as fun as the /qa/ raid. They know we started our existence by raiding a board so hard we caused the mods to freeze it, right?

be907 No.50999


97091 No.51000

I can do what I want

8590e No.51001

File: 1500422830796.gif (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, pinkie_happy_cry_by_fox104….gif)

I love you guys

a6828 No.51002

not to be a one upper but i think its pretty obvious you're not familiar with espee history

be907 No.51004

/qa/ said the same thing

e2298 No.51006

right, you can have fun on /sp/ but you don't have to spam like /b/ retards

autism is appreciated on /sp/, and I can appreciate your autism, but this raid is pretty pointless m8. You guys lost a GET, get over it. There are way better communities to direct your autism to anyways, like /int*/ or Roblox. Let /sp/ do it's thing, you do your thing, and may our autism guide our own paths.

a6828 No.51007

please, pull out all the stops, show us your full power, and destroy our board forever

be907 No.51008

Any tips on how to spam properly?

a6828 No.51009

efficiency, creativity, and purpose tbh.

a6828 No.51010

its too late anon, im going to goad them into it

45c66 No.51011

File: 1500423726602.jpg (71.01 KB, 640x360, JAHN WELAY.jpg)

>You guys lost a GET, get over it.
Do you honestly think this is still about a get? This is just what we do for entertainment around here.

a6828 No.51012

>honestly think this is about
i know anon- the bans and board manipulation tell me so
please knock yourselves out tho, spee thrives on effort

97091 No.51013

File: 1500424157957.jpeg (178.41 KB, 1347x387, image.jpeg)

We have thier blessings! Be free Taco ponies!

e2298 No.51014

seems like its only a couple of you. So what's the goal here, then, trying to stir shit? Please.

c927b No.51015

File: 1500424280486.jpg (133.19 KB, 945x315, 1493348835892-0.jpg)

>Raid a board over a get stolen and keep going because its pretty lulz
>They think this is mad over a get raiding
All you guys did was give us a reason. Raiding is fun, even your board seems to enjoy coming over here for some shitposting.
I see us having a great time together after the fact. Nothing forges friendship like raids. Enjoy our site while we enjoy yours, ya?
>Started to lurk, not much of a board but kinda comfy tbh

c927b No.51016

a6828 No.51017

i think whats trying to be expressed is that nobody will ever enjoy your board because its the worst characteristics of /pol/ rule cuckery and furry fag shit
however spee is impervious to 'raiding' so it doesnt really matter either way. i'll stress test your board later when i have some time, ive been wanting to develop sochie some more and this is as good an opportunity as ever

c927b No.51018

I think you failed at expressing what you think this board is. We share the same mentality of being unraidable. I mean, the wrost ive seen is bumps. Like, thats it. Bumps on the raid thread too, so thats even funnier. Its like your board was so dead, you need something raiding it atm.

45c66 No.51020

File: 1500424857831.png (5.56 MB, 1919x5750, screencapture-endchan-xyz-….png)

>spee is impervious to 'raiding'
Your catalog tells a different story :^)

8590e No.51021

File: 1500424889445.gif (534.98 KB, 304x367, Glimclap.gif)

>worst characteristics
Gasp! Insults! My only weakness! How will I,….

c927b No.51022

I think they are just use to having a shitty place so they cant tell if their is ever a raid or not

45c66 No.51023

Just like /qa/, no fighting spirit. Oh well, one of these days we're bound to find an opponent worthy of us.

c927b No.51024

File: 1500425040669.gif (4.01 MB, 600x600, 218390__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

True. Either way, it seems we have one of theirs here and they seem to want to stay. Same thing that happens every raid, we get some new members

e2298 No.51026

If you get your kicks from raiding, that's fine. /sp/ has had it's fun with it as well. But raiding /sp/ is ultimately pointless because there is no real reason for it at this point. Spamming and raiding is most fun when there is true purpose in it. Anybody can go to any board and start making obnoxious posts that will irate the host community. That's pretty dumb though. You can't really declare yourselves as powerful autists if you're doing petty shit like that. There's no real purpose to this conflict, and as a result the raid will never be as satisfying.

8590e No.51028

File: 1500425469064.png (317.2 KB, 1024x1222, 1499807602433.png)

OMG. This is all your fault.

c927b No.51029

File: 1500425805579.png (296.02 KB, 811x649, Lyra-minor-my-little-pony-….png)

It was in response to a get steal. After that, its because we just want to out of being bored. you seem to be really upset over this, for you know. A bad raid, etc.

c927b No.51030

File: 1500425838770.png (145.63 KB, 500x597, 240395__safe_solo_vinyl sc….png)

I wish it was tbh

a6828 No.51031

i think youve missed the point
your definition of a raid is pretty soft tbh

be907 No.51032

One of your guys freaked out and spammed "THE MODS ARE RULE CUCKS" from 40 proxies. That's all I need to know

c927b No.51034

File: 1500425937158.jpg (73.34 KB, 999x799, honest_love__loyal_heart__….jpg)

It can be a few anons to the site raiding. The entire site was behind /qa/ but know a days its not many who go out. We seem to cause enuff for you guys to stick around and whine tho

78c6a No.51035

File: 1500425962905.png (206.84 KB, 802x536, even worse.png)

>worst characteristics

a6828 No.51037

the real autism is about come out and play

70a42 No.51038

>33 posts by this ID

8590e No.51039

File: 1500426144443.png (221.13 KB, 600x459, funny-Derpy-my-little-pony….png)

>Guys, guys, c'mon now guys. Guys? Plz guys, ur dumb.
WTF I hate raiding now

c927b No.51040

File: 1500426143992.png (630.77 KB, 918x1024, 1498587558838.png)

Neat. Hope you can keep up with the mods and admins who do shit for free

a6828 No.51041

e2298 No.51042

/sp/ has been through a good amount of shit before, seen these kinda things happen before and honestly it gets old after awhile
that's 39mil and that's just kinda what he does

c927b No.51043

File: 1500426278155.png (176.91 KB, 500x500, tumblr_os7m1n8ls21w33h2fo1….png)

and we had our entire threads wiped out. What is your point? Sooner or later the raid ends out of boardem. The question is will you stick around like all the others before you

e2298 No.51044

Personally I prefer my /pol/ without the /mlp/, but that's just me. So I don't have much incentive to stick around, besides peeking my head in to see if there's something regarding /sp/. I can appreciate the autism displayed here though, so you have that blessing.

307e4 No.51045

>prefer /pol/ without /mlp/
But not without shills and plebdittors, k. Whatever floats your boat, fam.

c927b No.51046

File: 1500426643762.gif (1.33 MB, 640x365, full.gif)

We left our /pol/ due to the lack of mods and what not. Here they do it for free and with glee. I see why the pones would turn you and thats why we love em so much. The magic of April 1st will never be captured again. Its kinda sad you missed out on that tbh. All in all, I see our boards being friends. We both seem to like to raid, from small to big. We have unraidable sites, ours because of active mods, yours because they dont care to the point that raiding is like pissing in piss. We do it for the lulz, nothing more nothing less
>/pol/ack here who isnt into the horsepuss

a6828 No.51047

what are you talking about? this place is exclusively shills

c927b No.51048

be907 No.51049

File: 1500426771188.png (191.78 KB, 900x506, i__m_gonna_love_and_tolera….png)

45c66 No.51050

That's cute. I kind of wished they'd kept the original song and not done the subtitles though

45c66 No.51051

File: 1500426950812.png (148.08 KB, 500x325, I'm in charge.png)

Can't wait.

8590e No.51052

File: 1500427017737.png (561.89 KB, 1600x1242, tea_time_by_magister39-d99….png)

Dun worry, it'll get old long before it's over

e2298 No.51053

just about everyone on /sp/ (the 5) left 4chan in 2014, after a long battle against the mods.
>All in all, I see our boards being friends
Subject matter will always clash but /sp/ already has unlikely love/hate alliances like with 8chan /monster/. We can be good allies to have, /sp/ has been in the trenches before and even against great odds has managed to find a way.

a6828 No.51054

ghost pls, nobody wants to indulge in your fetishes

c927b No.51056

File: 1500427595700.png (1.07 MB, 800x1000, good stuff i say.png)

As have we. We stuck around on 4shit for as long as we did because we wanted to keep the fight going. After April 1st tho, we just couldn't bend over for em anymore. We knew for a long time 4shit was kill, but we stuck around out of hope. Then Atlas bought this site name to shill his art and we have been here since.
Just don't come for our gets again is all lol

c927b No.51061

File: 1500428439623.jpg (992.24 KB, 2048x2048, 1498265838450-0.jpg)

I am also still ban from your site unless I feel like proxing myself, I dont, but I thought I would post this

>So. We came here because of a stolen get. We have stayed because of the lulz. I'm starting this thread because so far, you can not raid us and we can not trigger you.

So. Instead, how about we talk of an alliance? We will sooner or later get bored and move on. Sooner or later, you will forget the raid.
How about we form something that we both can call upon later? If this gets purged, I get it, it really is not sports related. We do not have to be shitposters to one another. We can shitpost together

e2298 No.51065

>Just don't come for our gets again is all lol
That I can absolutely not promise, in fact you're probably gonna get carpetbombed extra hard for the next one because of all this drama. You gotta understand that GETting is a longtime /sp/ tradition.

You guys should just start playing GETball too. /sp/ could use more competition in the sport and with the autism around here, you just might be the team that can compete. That would work well as a friendly kind of rivalry.

78c6a No.51066

File: 1500428671042.jpg (175.43 KB, 1920x1280, 339269__explicit_grimdark_….jpg)

This is going to be fun the most fun I've had since the /qa/ war.

a6828 No.51070


c927b No.51078

File: 1500429002658.png (85.16 KB, 380x500, johnelway-2.png)

We just dont like others going for our gets. Each site that has done it has been raided for it. If you want to counter raid for starting things, thats fine. We dont into /getball/ we just ask you get your gets elsewhere. Other then that, /sp/ fired the first shot. if you counter raid because of our raid for stealing our get, so be it. Can't stop mob mentality and the like. Id just rather us just be allies against greater shill threats is all

e2298 No.51080

>Id just rather us just be allies against greater shill threats is all
me as well dude

a4445 No.51082

all boards are fair game
defend your GET and don't whine if it gets stolen

8590e No.51083

File: 1500429668857.png (152.18 KB, 701x1139, rainbow_dash_salutes_by_xy….png)

Alright, you should know one thing: on Mlpol, GETs are for waifu-stealing. If you wanna get some o' these horsefuckers REEEing, take that GET with the tag "Stealing <so-and-so>"; extra REEs if you claim more than one.
If you're not stealing someone's waifu, well that's like a long-run TD w/out a celebration.

c927b No.51084

File: 1500429701391.gif (131.08 KB, 1280x720, 141920558514.gif)

Then how about this; Our raids WILL stop, just because bored. I can not stop em. >>51082
is not helping the matter.
Either way, I think our two boards would bond very much so over the next cup game tbh.

be907 No.51085

This guy gets it

6f926 No.51086

Theres a lot of autism on both sides. This might go on for a long time. Not sure if its worth all our time. Well always be coming for your gets though. Especially after this.

c927b No.51087

File: 1500429824052.webm (15.72 MB, 640x360, Pinodash.webm)

Dash IS best pone

a4445 No.51088

this /sp/ is not the same one obsessed with that idiotic 4chan cup stupidity

/sp/ has been got a couple times in the last 2 months
if you flip the fuck out like this over a 50000 then you have not been on imageboards long enough to know when to relax the fuck out

do what you want
/sp/ doesn't have content that needs to last overnight
sports doesn't work like that

c927b No.51089

File: 1500429904157.jpg (169.72 KB, 500x647, tumblr_lipjttI2y11qa71spo1….jpg)

Again, anyone after ANT get gets raided. Dont like the raid, dont go for the get. Stop assuming we are you

c927b No.51090

So, like the first time, you want to start the raids. That bored or what?

be907 No.51091

File: 1500429941032.png (832.47 KB, 1366x699, 891.png)

Check your bot

a4445 No.51092

File: 1500429943559.jpg (262.03 KB, 900x648, wadina isis.jpg)

thats stupid everyone knows wadina is best waifu

acac6 No.51093

a4445 No.51094

>telling /sp/ what to do
that doesn't work

acac6 No.51095

doing the opposite just because of that tbh

c927b No.51096

nor dose telling US what to do works. It seems only a few spazz from each side want to keep going with the raid. I think its nice tbh. Ourpost stay on /jp/ the ones here are onj the kill wall

c927b No.51097

Fair enuff. Once you start shit, I do like the reee we get for firing back

acac6 No.51098

Allah is on our side, you will perish kuffar

c927b No.51099

File: 1500430258087.jpg (61.89 KB, 750x421, 1498265838450-1.jpg)

kek. ur allah is into horse puss

68d84 No.51100

nigger what the fuck are you on?
people are going to go after your GET no matter how many "threats" you make
you think you can just stop hundreds of people from politely ignoring your board?
you little narcissist pony fucking freak who the fuck do you think you are?

307e4 No.51101

File: 1500430308228.jpg (40.99 KB, 250x163, derpy-isis.jpg)


6f926 No.51102


c927b No.51103

I am Anon. And you?

45c66 No.51104

File: 1500430319805.jpg (366.12 KB, 1536x1024, john-elway-contract-extens….jpg)

The age of Allah has passed. Now is the time of Elway.

c927b No.51105

Yes, here it is. Welcome to OUR site and not yours.

acac6 No.51106

toothpaste these people are mentally ill, you cant reason with them- its why they have a special mod tool that asks people if theyre going to kill themselves today

c927b No.51107

Love u too fassgit

6f926 No.51108

I haven't even used a bot yet m8.

45c66 No.51109

>faggot flag calling anyone mentally ill

c927b No.51111

File: 1500430501391.jpg (89.88 KB, 701x1140, d3bb0176aea943a58dd56b18b5….jpg)

Also, if our fun raiding wasnt a bother NONE of you would be here. Yet, here you are

32d37 No.51113

honestly felt suicidal that these sports jerks were on this board raiding us
this is a magical place to discuss politics and a love of anyponies without dealing with sports faggotry and dicks trying to disrupt us
I hope the endchan board gets shut down and the raid never ends

be907 No.51114

File: 1500430566155.png (45.92 KB, 375x375, 889283__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Fucking nice digits

c927b No.51115

File: 1500430623102.jpg (299.13 KB, 1543x1474, 1493347625512-0.jpg)

Trips of truth without a bot I got. Woot

a6828 No.51118

im here because you guys are /cow/ tier, this shits hilarious
/sp/ is THE biggest event of your boards history

c927b No.51119

Our biggest even was the freezing of /qa/ you hold yourselfs high dont ya?

eccbe No.51120

File: 1500430768284.gif (124.94 KB, 278x259, 2baa830b24d7998132ee7cdc93….gif)


8590e No.51121

File: 1500430849336.png (829.79 KB, 3500x5781, 736172__solo_oc_vector_bel….png)

Its so beautiful!
(aren't there supposed to be GET thieves ITT?)

78c6a No.51122

File: 1500430899316.jpeg (551.66 KB, 1944x1944, discord kamina check.jpeg)


68d84 No.51123

thats just a quad
GETs have always been things like 100000, 111111 and 123456

be907 No.51124

Lol, yes. >>51000 was stolen right under their noses when they had people in the thread just ten posts away

c927b No.51125

File: 1500430972172.png (294.28 KB, 892x895, t092ee5191_full.png)

>ITT /sp/ is mad they can not raid us so claim they are the best raiders we have had
>They do not know of The Wipe
>They can't into /qa/ freezing
>They truly think we think of them as a threat with their raid
>They are triggered STILL by a few shitposters
Man. What a great week

a6828 No.51126

a6828 No.51127

oh wew im unbanned

c927b No.51128

Wb. We may have active mods, but we cut slack. Now. About our alliance.

a6828 No.51129

i dont negotiate with kuffar

68d84 No.51130

someone keeps linking this thread on /sp/

don't fool yourself only one other board ever in the history of GETs has sperged out over losing a GET like this and your board isn't even a quarter as good as them

45c66 No.51131

There will be no discussion of alliances without /sp/'s complete unconditional surrender.

c927b No.51132

Im sure its one of you tbh. We had one of yours TRY to make multiple threads here about the raid.
>>51129 But you are tho one tho, wtf

78c6a No.51133


78c6a No.51134

What's with the page number?

c927b No.51136

Why do you respond to yourself?

68d84 No.51137

/sp/ has what /sp/ wants
your stupid 5 digit GET that means NOTHING to /sp/
there is nothing else this board has that /sp/ wants until 55555

what is it that you want?
kissing of your feet?

c927b No.51138

They have nothing to surrender. /qa/ wanted its quite so they stuck a deal. Thye are like us in away, for the lulz

acac6 No.51139

That's because /sp/ shoulder checking you in the hallway is THE most important event in your boards history. I'm just here to bump the thread

c927b No.51142

>jew proxy flag, ew
Fun raiding is fun and we got a reason. >>51139
Again, you keep thinking we will care about that. Why? Are you guys only into gets or someshit? We dont like raiders trying shit. They seem to get triggered when we raid back. If you dont like the pone. pick your targets better lol

68d84 No.51143

we are only into GETs

acac6 No.51144


c927b No.51145

File: 1500431657688.jpg (27.82 KB, 450x413, Kerning.jpg)

So we can agree- Go for your gets, come here for em and get pony puss in return.
Now, you may bitch about that, yet here you are. On our site. Bitching about it.

a4445 No.51146

sports is very low on the priority list for /sp/
especially outside of football season

68d84 No.51148

Someone keeps linking this thread egging us on to come here and post
I don't care what you do but know no matter how hard you "raid" it won't make a difference so its pointless for anyone to complain about it

We are really amazed that 1 or 2 of you are this frustrated this. It's fun to see

c927b No.51149

Wuts funny is 1-2 of each side is keeping it going. Im still ban and have not posted since lol. So why are you here? If this dose not bother you you would be gone

acac6 No.51150

>i-its probly one of you!
>i bet your making all that john elway OC too!
>lol we dont even care

c927b No.51151

Yet here you guys are

6f926 No.51152

Youre taking imageboards way too seriously. /sp/ hasnt been taking you fags seriously at all and the main spammers on /sp/ havent even bothered with you guys yet.

8590e No.51153

File: 1500431926763.png (65.17 KB, 970x792, 26280__safe_applejack_derp….png)

That's probably GR15DF, he's a faggot
Now now, we could be having this conversation @ /sp/, except there seems to be some to-do about the Denver Broncos

c927b No.51154

and us you.
We have ALOT in commen. You have alot in commen with horsefuckers

68d84 No.51155

because I can

GR15DF is great
he is quality shitposting on /sp/ on snack foods
let him stay

c927b No.51156

He is here too. Hes amusing no?

be907 No.51157

File: 1500432013346.png (977.8 KB, 1898x990, A Better sp (2).png)

The /sp/ catalog just keeps getting better and better
That's one of our raiders namefagging as GR15. You're bumping one of his raid threads

78c6a No.51158

I was wondering why the page number says ???, as if the thread had been deleted.

c927b No.51159

Only one deleted was the duplicated of this thread. Also, mods will enforce rules then lax on em

68d84 No.51160

nobody gives a shit about the catalog
if we did we wouldn't let our own shitposters wipe the board

/sp/ is completely different in structure than boards like this where you have content in lots of threads
sports is cyclical

be907 No.51161

Okay. Please tell you mod to stop deleting my taco threads

68d84 No.51163

just wait until he goes to sleep like everyone else

e2298 No.51165

the threads might last if you don't make a whole page's worth of them

68d84 No.51166

the denver broncos stuff would definitely stay

c927b No.51167

File: 1500432713537.gif (5.55 MB, 1625x1000, mlp-porn-r34--Rainbow-Dash….gif)

Now we know

78c6a No.51177

db97a No.51190

It's cute. They are a board about sports so they act like they are the jocks of the internet. That's pretty clever!

09d21 No.51192

I like this idea. If nothing else it could get us more traffic. We need a /bronco/ board.

d8002 No.51193

**keep up the good work**

acac6 No.51207

I hope you've all archived and screencapped this historic thread

c927b No.51238

File: 1500454928326.png (849.98 KB, 896x1024, 1498772169600.png)

No, but I'm sure you and some other /sp/ have. Bet it's been awhile since your sites been noticed

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