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Bitches wish their dev team was as boss as ours

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File: 1497678409770.jpg (754.31 KB, 1188x1635, 9PVE5QG7BKO61487642137792.jpg)


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File: 1497678444585.png (1.15 MB, 1600x1600, 1427971346842.png)


6a4a0 No.38402

>offbyone kenobi

30ef3 No.38403

File: 1497678521530.jpeg (229.84 KB, 771x1024, dont worry.jpeg)

drunk right now

7f8b0 No.38404


82cbe No.38405

File: 1497678631535.jpg (1.09 MB, 2592x1944, 1497069271546.jpg)


3d233 No.38406

I have that shirt!

6a4a0 No.38407


ad334 No.38408

File: 1497678983850.png (205.58 KB, 956x1024, corona.png)

Fucking drunkfags.

6a4a0 No.38409

I'm not actually drunk, I just wanted an excuse to get out some low level shitposts.

7f8b0 No.38410

File: 1497679065426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.77 KB, 675x530, 1495598741507.jpg)


6a4a0 No.38411

File: 1497679099019.jpg (40.51 KB, 500x500, imblyign.jpg)

30ef3 No.38412

File: 1497679170994.gif (172.38 KB, 500x500, whiterussian.gif)

good drink tbh

7f8b0 No.38413

File: 1497679246891.png (Spoiler Image, 186.19 KB, 457x303, 1459168838228.png)

ay lmoa duboles my guys

6a4a0 No.38414

File: 1497679461461.gif (872.91 KB, 127x189, 1482474732123.gif)

7f8b0 No.38415

File: 1497679700802.gif (41.83 KB, 480x360, Tacgnol.gif)

If you dont post on this site regularly the you should fucking fuck off to leddit and normal chan.

20018 No.38416

File: 1497680440662.png (210.13 KB, 901x1024, large.png)


7f8b0 No.38417

04aef No.38418

File: 1497680583095.jpg (674.56 KB, 1113x1601, DELET.jpg)

obligatorily posting

82cbe No.38419

File: 1497680764085.png (913.43 KB, 1024x768, 582476__safe_edit_oc_oc-co….png)

7f8b0 No.38420

File: 1497680853274.jpg (1021.75 KB, 1500x3375, 1481757163222.jpg)

My dubs say you are gay.


6a4a0 No.38421


6a4a0 No.38422

these dubs say NO U

ad334 No.38423

File: 1497681516324.jpeg (227.28 KB, 1708x2001, 1461552__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

brush the rose~

3d233 No.38424


30ef3 No.38425

File: 1497681608958.png (70.34 KB, 337x350, thisisrarity.png)

twisty is a faggot tbh

3d233 No.38426

File: 1497681682985.png (142.63 KB, 331x358, mlfw1850-1324212462491.png)

I just love ponies

82cbe No.38427

rarity a faggot tbh

ad334 No.38428

File: 1497681806702.png (290.95 KB, 467x469, 1497623592475.png)

Where are your mods now?(doin' ur mom lol)

7f8b0 No.38429

up your bum

ad334 No.38431

File: 1497682246299.gif (2.04 MB, 639x360, 1497396135526.gif)

No. Check yours.

7f8b0 No.38432

7f8b0 No.38433

File: 1497682351008.jpg (29.1 KB, 694x812, 1495997836649.jpg)

Also dubs

82cbe No.38434

File: 1497682411891.png (711.97 KB, 720x558, 10453110_964280326938446_7….png)

ad334 No.38435

File: 1497682570225.png (289.87 KB, 1622x2472, 1497044418091.png)

Then,who's bum is it in?(ur mom's lol)

6a4a0 No.38436

I swear it isn't mine

ad334 No.38437

Moddy Pi answered us.

6a4a0 No.38438

whut(ur mom :^) )

d8557 No.38439

I don't like alcohol so I just smoke pot.

86cfa No.38440

File: 1497684482322.png (677.74 KB, 965x824, 1494195277741.png)

You rang?

86cfa No.38442

File: 1497684547655.jpg (8.99 KB, 220x229, sorry.jpg)

Shit, fucked up my capcode

6a4a0 No.38443

good job, weenie.

86cfa No.38444

File: 1497684675632.png (167.65 KB, 562x505, 138782917944.png)

You did this

6a4a0 No.38445

I would say trips of truth, however I'm only shitposting to get out my low-energy stuff I wouldn't use on the site.

d9cb3 No.38446

and I hope this worked…

86cfa No.38447

File: 1497684787704.gif (5.02 MB, 400x300, winrar.gif)

to yourself

d9cb3 No.38448

and it did!

d9cb3 No.38449

what now, weenie?

86cfa No.38450

File: 1497684867067.png (287.51 KB, 658x493, 1494293748650.png)

What now indeed

d9cb3 No.38451

what it is, is that VPN>mod banter!

a46c9 No.38452

and again

86cfa No.38453

File: 1497684977953.png (310.14 KB, 650x522, 1493526629138.png)

Idunno, I'm just here for the party

a46c9 No.38454

I was too, until a mod decided to go and mess with my flags. I can already nullify it, so for the sake of not having to do any more of this can you just give me back my flag again?

30ef3 No.38455

File: 1497685074393.png (204.49 KB, 925x863, mad.png)

tell twisty he's gay. or ban me. either one will be funny

f38c8 No.38456

you think you can beat me? nah.

86cfa No.38457

ur geh fem

f38c8 No.38458

just give me back my stuff, and we'll call it even. I've already gone through this with you, and it was a longer ordeal than we both probably wanted to deal with.

86cfa No.38459

File: 1497685528436.jpg (632.33 KB, 1000x773, 1491099621712.jpg)

If you don't want me to fuck with you, you shouldn't ask for it m80

8b102 No.38461

in what way is light sarcasm asking for my nationality to be changed? if I wanted to shitpost under a different flag, I'd just go back to nu/pol/.(USER IS A MASSIVE FAGGOT)

86cfa No.38462

File: 1497685746822.png (104.44 KB, 425x450, 7479__safe_solo_pinkiepie_….png)

in case you forgot

9411d No.38464

fun may be allowed, but this isn't that fun for me. can't handle sarcasm or something?

86cfa No.38466

File: 1497685945894.jpg (8.75 KB, 299x168, 1495815792887.jpg)

Nobody likes a wet blanket

85feb No.38467

nobody likes an over-reactor, either.(>HEAVILY IMPLYING)

d1862 No.38468

(srsly ur mom)

85feb No.38470

>inb4 replies with blankpost

d1862 No.38471

It's a commentary on the stranglehold Jews have on the mainstream media. Also, ur mom lol

86cfa No.38472

Hit F5

6a4a0 No.38473

ok, did you fix it?

6a4a0 No.38475

nevermind. if you were trying to, I'm back on my natural IP.

ad334 No.38476

I love you moddy pie(luv u 2 m8)

86cfa No.38478

File: 1497686653674.png (145.69 KB, 900x924, 1494195736101.png)

I'll fix it. I'm not going to change your flag anymore because you suck all the fun out of it. It's supposed to be a lighthearted joke, and I wouldn't have left you as a leaf. I'd have changed it after our shitposting was done. But I won't even try anymore. k?

6a4a0 No.38480

thank you, I'm incredibly patriotic and get pretty irritated when my flag isn't normal. we can still be friends, though. just not for shitposting.

d1862 No.38481

86cfa No.38482

File: 1497686844286.png (1.47 MB, 2380x2560, 1493761633943.png)

I think it's autism.

6a4a0 No.38483

it very well may be, people I know have told me to get checked.

86cfa No.38484

File: 1497686916353.png (143.54 KB, 936x659, autis(mlpol).png)

Maybe a good idea

6a4a0 No.38485

probably. I might look into that.

6a4a0 No.38488

just took an online quiz, it's the third to say that I've got a problem. not going to a shrink though, I'm fine being autistic and I don't want meds.

7f8b0 No.38677

File: 1497721575682.jpg (476.9 KB, 2048x2048, 1497721097100.jpg)

Bad dubs, you're a faggot.
Bad singles you are faggots.

cf86b No.38678

I haven't slept for the last 60 hours, can i come in?

3d233 No.38679

205a9 No.38680

File: 1497722171340.gif (901.88 KB, 400x400, 757617__safe_solo_oc_cloth….gif)

Low quality thread.

7f8b0 No.38683

>>38680 My sevens >>38677 are better than your not sevens. This is high quality thread.

449ed No.38728

File: 1497727806455.jpg (4.55 KB, 225x225, STAHP.jpg)

6e533 No.38738

File: 1497728365613.png (173.44 KB, 241x238, varg.PNG)

Stop collecting welfare from french government Varg

eb773 No.38790

>tfw when drunk every other day except today

2b1ef No.38945

File: 1497759046987.jpg (48.85 KB, 300x382, Wellmemed_edit.jpg)

U faggots. This thread is gay. Stop. Also drunk nao.

7f8b0 No.38948

File: 1497760486228.gif (2.54 MB, 658x800, 1477609174321.gif)

0c2fe No.38952

Tfw to drunk to make good post

2b1ef No.38954

Stretch moar faggot

eb773 No.39118

>tfw not drunk enough to make good post

8bc6a No.41066

drinking whiskey atm. I was just looking for a place to discuss politics, but I'm 8 episodes in and 'm actually starting to like the show is that bad? I feel sorta weird…

c4b13 No.41102

File: 1498372543259.jpg (83.31 KB, 1199x678, 1492876530981.jpg)

Some necro shit. I wasn't gonna drink tonight, but I've got this thing that's been going on with my right lung that hasn't gone away in a bit, and it's bugging me tonight, so I figure I'll just get wasted in case it turns out to be a something serious whenever I get around to going to the doctor. I'm all out of whiskey, so rye vodka it is.

Show's good. Cute shit. Pretty likeable. I got into it when I was just a wee lad and it was all pretty new, but I like it. It isn't exactly wholesome if you look at some of the episodes, but it is that nice, kid-friendly shit. Starts out that way at least. Season 2 on is a different animal. Still fun, of course. What's your favorite so far?

6a4a0 No.41108

season 2 opener combo has to be one of my favorites as both episodes are pretty damn funny, and an actual antagonistic god figure appears with more than just pent-up family issues. some of the lolsorandumb stuff in it was actually a bit funny to me as well, and the star wars end for beating a star trek enemy was also a thing.

c4b13 No.41113

Season 2 opener was fun. There was only one season when I first found the shit. It was blowing up so big by early 2011 that I decided I had to give it a go that year. Spent like a week and a half just marathoning the whole first season and rewatching things. Man those were good times. Back when I had the self respect to keep it a secret too, made it scarier. No lock on my door in those days.

Had to get past the season 1 premier before I started to really like it myself. Up until that point it was alright as a kid's show, but not something worth making an ass of myself over. 'Bout episode 4 though I started to just have fun with the characters and enjoy them as ponies. Ride never ends.

You should watch Apple Buck Season and Party of One if you like that kinda slapstick silliness. I know I do. And I recommend Winter Wrap-up as one of my personal favorites. That's like a fucking classic right there. Don't know if you are watching them in order or not.

4d7f5 No.41133

File: 1498384816113.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x1440, 20170610_195145.jpg)

Hmmm a shitpost thread…
What shall I post.
Oh well I'll think it over as I put Jews in my Oven.

c4b13 No.41135

File: 1498385436107.gif (135.76 KB, 280x430, 1473819113991.gif)

You drink now!

cf86b No.41171

Are you putting chips in the oven?
Nigga what the fuck put that shit in the deep fryer

6a4a0 No.41363

as odd as it sounds, not every american is equipped to beer-batter and deep-fry everything we eat. in fact, dedicated fryers are pretty uncommon in the average household kitchen here.

568a8 No.41385

File: 1498430930694.png (164.9 KB, 1492x861, drunken shitposting.png)

4d7f5 No.41402

Nigger, what the fuck are chips? Do you mean fries.
They are called French fries.

4c1e1 No.41419

Rum and coke
Reporting in

c4b13 No.41527

File: 1498456027728.png (1.22 MB, 1300x1300, 1023515__explicit_nudity_f….png)

Back with the whiskey tonight. Woo!

eb773 No.41709

File: 1498507289791.gif (1.69 MB, 500x500, I am become alcohol.gif)

yay now I am drunk

5344f No.41721

File: 1498508686031.png (115.79 KB, 800x600, idk.png)

Posting in drunk thread

c25d3 No.42261

He seems like the type of drunk to get very oversensitive and aggressive with anyone does the slightest to fuck with him

86cfa No.42262

A bit maybe.

6a4a0 No.42266

funny thing is, I wasn't drunk. just an overly patriotic autismo.

5344f No.42808

File: 1498709286817.jpg (104.85 KB, 1492x861, 1498678630764-1.jpg)

Anyone else tonight?

568a8 No.42809

Can't afford to be hung over tomorrow…
I think I'll just shitpost for a while longer and actually pay attention while I'm doing so for once…

5344f No.42823

File: 1498712313960.gif (512.24 KB, 1831x1637, 1491115684328.gif)

Alright then but ima have to drink double now

827e6 No.42825

File: 1498714195091.jpg (48.93 KB, 480x476, 1498611551072.jpg)


5344f No.43342

File: 1498876932884.png (609.93 KB, 1192x924, Oxt0HSA.png)

Gotta be others

38df2 No.43345


5344f No.43346

File: 1498877204367.png (849.98 KB, 896x1024, adad.png)

Woot not alone in my drunk

38df2 No.43366

File: 1498879045551.png (244.5 KB, 1280x877, rainbow_dash__s_appletini_….png)

I almost suspect that if ur drunk on Mlpol, you're never alone

5344f No.43368

File: 1498879214225.png (376.34 KB, 937x718, Anon Filly Reaction (6).png)

I say dubs confirms it

568a8 No.43370

File: 1498879287982.jpg (177.05 KB, 768x1024, drunk.jpg)

It's unhealthy to drink alone. That's why this site is savior foi me.

5344f No.43372

File: 1498879444953.jpeg (60.61 KB, 522x582, Anon Filly Reaction (1).jpeg)

Ive got music playing myself while browsing

3d99a No.43373

Buzzed and comfy, winding down reading greens.

5344f No.43374

File: 1498879621305.png (796.74 KB, 1280x960, af2953f92ffe61d6e98f779c86….png)

I tryed to do some reading but had more then I thought I would

38df2 No.43376

File: 1498879800505.png (107.4 KB, 500x497, tumblr_o1y9ahbWsW1scieh7o1….png)

I was thinking about going out, but there's ponies here

41ee8 No.43377

File: 1498879843896.png (2.28 MB, 1452x1080, wait power.png)


i like how she is holding the beer without a glass

5344f No.43379

File: 1498880013934.jpg (139.91 KB, 760x1140, PicsArt_06-20-02.05.45.jpg)


568a8 No.43380

File: 1498880015901.png (927.61 KB, 1400x1195, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.png)

Friday night fashwave?

5344f No.43381

File: 1498880104642.png (544.91 KB, 1200x900, 1491109753939.png)

I made a list of mlp and pol music so I have a nice mix of musics. Was for a stream but now its just me list

86cfa No.43384

Nice! I'd love to hear it!

568a8 No.43385

Post the links in the aesthetics thread: it needs a bump anyway.

5344f No.43386

Id post it but already got crapped on for not being able to webm proper so I shut it down from public.
Don't have much fashwave and not sure if all of it would be conisder aesthetics anyway

5344f No.43390

File: 1498880967828.png (252.87 KB, 915x1024, Anon Filly Reaction (4).png)

5344f No.43395

File: 1498881566460.jpg (18.56 KB, 316x153, PicsArt_06-15-09.27.11.jpg)

guess next question is what is everyones drink? Apple Jimbeam

568a8 No.43397

Whiskey. I got it from my grandad's house, and I have no idea how valuable it is…
I quite honestly only just started drinking seriously due to some irl bullshit: I feel like I may have picked up kind of a bad habit though…

5344f No.43398

File: 1498881928092.jpg (224.44 KB, 979x1387, PicsArt_06-20-08.03.12.jpg)

Yeah it can turn into one lol. I tend not to drink but im on day 4 straight. Rl be shite kek

38df2 No.43399

File: 1498882024426.png (329.29 KB, 1245x1381, 110636 - artist thex-ploti….png)

Cap'n Morgan Cannonball.
Btw, op img is creepy af

5344f No.43400

File: 1498882210761.jpg (135.86 KB, 1191x670, rainbow_dash_and_aryanne_b….jpg)


61f55 No.43412

Double dubs. Save it friend its all spoops.

38df2 No.43517

File: 1498926756929-0.jpg (17.13 KB, 438x260, 998.jpg)

File: 1498926756929-1.jpg (44.55 KB, 500x478, tumblr_mwjraxoZMj1sl0ccjo1….jpg)

This thread is nao a smoking section

568a8 No.43531

>dat second pic
Fug! Wtf is that thing? Looks like a special gift from Tree Hugger.

41ee8 No.43550

File: 1498937561512.jpg (1.4 MB, 1260x1800, forest_knight_applejack_ve….jpg)


I never liked Fluttershy. She always struck me as a leftist doormat that fucks the animals she hoards.

38df2 No.43872

File: 1499044389996.gif (875.64 KB, 350x253, 6aef75fc212320d139771ff6cb….gif)

I can't be the only person literally waiting for 'tea' (more o' tha cannonball)

ad334 No.43873

File: 1499044912675.jpeg (116.08 KB, 640x511, 1465392538715.jpeg)

I am too.
Oi, say that shit to my face, anthro posting faggot.

3d233 No.43875

She's definitely a leftist doormat, but I wouldn't say she fucks her animal hoard

3d99a No.43876


Well, tea that's been steeping for half an hour is actually pretty great. I totally meant to do that.

ad334 No.43877

Tea time when?

38df2 No.43878

File: 1499045862193-0.gif (26.74 KB, 453x330, rabbit Alice in Wonderland.gif)

File: 1499045862193-1.gif (402.66 KB, 420x178, excite_kitty.gif)

a93e1 No.43881

How does one summon Atlas?
I'm not making my Earl Grey until I have confirmations the oarty has started

568a8 No.43882

File: 1499046056693.gif (962.15 KB, 500x281, headcanon accepted.gif)

3d233 No.43884

We're about to start a thread with a link to the thread. It should be about five minutes

3d233 No.43887


3bf5a No.43892

The correct way to summon atlas is to set fire to a DVD copy of MLP season 3 in the middle of a pentagram drawn with the blood of an unborn pony, with tealights lit at each point of the pentagram.

ad334 No.43905

File: 1499047655702.png (159.85 KB, 916x1538, 1088796__safe_solo_flutter….png)

>Earl Grey
Mein fucking nigger! I'm drinking that too. How's yours brewing?

a93e1 No.43908

Getting ready to make it even though I cant join the party.
Gaad to know I'm not the only one that appricates Earl Grey though

38df2 No.45229

File: 1499307069154.jpg (82.64 KB, 707x548, 1496885029631-4.jpg)

I don't know about you, but with this whole.Meme War 2 and that phatty CNN doxxier over in thread, I'm thinking anons should keep their horsepussy close and shoot first

5344f No.46015

File: 1499473591288.png (1.34 MB, 2452x1813, too_much_cider_by_v_d_k-d6….png)

7f8b0 No.46114

File: 1499492653270.jpg (2.47 KB, 125x125, 1453081190659.jpg)

wew we wew wew nigger its the time of the month day night week nigger we are in here and been here.

c60df No.49249

now drunk

fcafd No.49251

File: 1499979431154.jpg (32.11 KB, 639x426, `1421421.jpg)

Here, have some pretzels!

c60df No.49255

thank you
want some grünkohl with mettwürstechen?

fcafd No.49256

File: 1499981077253.jpg (94.39 KB, 620x474, 214215215.jpg)

Danke, I prefer weisswurst!

c60df No.49257

good choice

3d99a No.49573

>tfw Friday and didn't even realize I could get a beer from the fridge before seeing this thread in the catalog
spoiler tag because it's Guinness

7f8b0 No.49590

ur gay

c4b13 No.49632

File: 1500104830871.jpg (84.14 KB, 900x675, 1493697883822.jpg)

This board is slow and so is my Friday night, wooo! Drinkin' some shit beer and eating a platter. Did some drinking earlier, but I might move on to liquor in a bit.

d1862 No.49640

I miss alcohol sometimes.

c4b13 No.49641

File: 1500111579676.png (164.25 KB, 992x960, 1472908.png)

Life made you quit, huh? I used to have a problem, a much bigger one than I do now. Went to the urgent care once upon a time, blood pressure was through the roof. On a tangentially related note, I've since come to discover that I have this completely involuntary panic issue too. Even when my mind is clear, my reptilian brain is making me hyperventilate and wig out. Anyway, I cut back, even though I still drink more than I should. The biggest thing is that I stopped smoking and started doing an hour of cardio per day. I feel a lot better now, and I can drink enough to have fun without just making myself feel like shit all the time. Feels good. Someday, I'll start lifting so I can get rid of this gut, and cut back on the booze even more. Starting to get real fucking tired of being alone all the time. 23 and the clock is starting to tick, ya know? I'm beginning feeling the pressure. One step at a time though. I'll just enjoy it for now.

d1862 No.49644

File: 1500113470511.png (142.93 KB, 650x593, 726510__safe_artist-colon-….png)

It got to be a pretty bad problem at one point several years ago. I would start drinking and keep going until I blacked out, and then start drinking again whenever I woke up until I blacked out again. It would usually end up being about 3-4 days of just me locked inside my crappy little apartment with the blinds drawn getting blasted. Whenever the binge ended I'd get withdrawal symptoms for the next day or two, which is absolutely horrible to go through. I did go to urgent care a couple of times because of it, mostly I would just kind of white-knuckle through it or try to taper down with low-alcohol beer. Once I had some weird auditory hallucinations, usually I couldn't sleep and when I was able to I always had incredibly fucked up lucid dreams. I pretty much had to stop or I probably would either be dead or homeless by now.

I do kind of get nostalgic sometimes about how it was before it got out of control, just coming home with a bottle of something and staying up all night bullshitting with anons on 4chan. Can't go back to it, though, I've learned I have literally no impulse control once I start drinking. Be careful, I guess would be my advice.

54eb4 No.49650

File: 1500125471602.jpg (18.2 KB, 480x480, The_Trash_Man.jpg)

I am the Trash man and I am here to invade your thread

04862 No.49658

File: 1500132027621.jpg (158.78 KB, 1024x1352, HyperionCEO_3.jpg)

stop gloryfying alcohol abuse

568a8 No.49661

I kind of have to agree, desu..

c60df No.49674

File: 1500137482683.jpg (3.22 KB, 125x124, 1482538360882.jpg)

>tfw drunk

38df2 No.49686

File: 1500140615955.png (1.09 MB, 6628x6000, 534165.png)


c4b13 No.49732

File: 1500157337319.png (217.85 KB, 880x595, 497473.png)

Oh look… Fine, drinking is bad, alright? Alcohol is bad, m'kay. So, uh… you shouldn't drink alcohol. Because it's bad. No one will deny that.

Now if you aren't here to drink and have fun with your jew-hating, pony obsessed online friends, kindly go elsewhere. We're trying to have some semblance of fun here.

568a8 No.49734

Don't worry. I'm by no means a prohibitionist or a puritan.

f1a6a No.49735

File: 1500157913619.jpeg (26.21 KB, 224x225, image.jpeg)

>Not being a Puritian

568a8 No.49744

File: 1500163724354.png (154.2 KB, 736x736, 1497947836462.png)

>Having three waifus

c4b13 No.49753

>Being Puritan
>Opposed to happy, loving sex between married couples
I'd rather die, you loveless faggot.

38df2 No.49885

File: 1500207911880.png (1.27 MB, 680x384, 84f.png)

In b4 some fag steals the trip get

970e1 No.49886

File: 1500208190539.png (359.74 KB, 900x506, nlr.png)


970e1 No.49887

mine is

970e1 No.49888


13ee8 No.49893

File: 1500208938787.png (131.78 KB, 1000x800, RD hoodie drinking straw.png)

w/e man

38df2 No.50417

File: 1500281908498.png (152.18 KB, 701x1139, rainbow_dash_salutes_by_xy….png)

Holy shit fam, tonite was a blast

e5de5 No.50465

File: 1500295616093.jpg (59.51 KB, 800x546, 066.jpg)

It hasn't even begun.
Just wait till I get home from work.

67270 No.50551

File: 1500310964334.png (517.96 KB, 1152x921, 3oO8G.png)

I'm a degenerate with no fucks to give

04862 No.50565

File: 1500313725344.png (2.09 MB, 1260x1785, Kantai Collection Prinz Eu….png)


You need to recognize the value of your own mortal existence and weaponize is for a greater good, Anon.

67270 No.50568

File: 1500314459407.jpg (80.83 KB, 1080x608, 3b4692c2fdbc69fdbb294dfed8….jpg)

Fuck that shit. Im this way because I did shit for others. Im a used up shit who has no fucks to give anymore. Booze gets me tho

04862 No.50570

File: 1500314879422.jpg (46.14 KB, 475x475, effort made.jpg)


You can always do better. Don't be a nihilist.

67270 No.50571

much much to late

04862 No.50572

File: 1500315103707.gif (691.45 KB, 260x146, follow your dreams.gif)

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