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File: 1578882032270.jpg (41.6 KB, 447x261, 1578438216144.jpg)

2e4de No.255767[Last 50 Posts]


SOUTHFRONT Jan 6 + Iran war

>Latest interviews with Assad


>Live MAPS


>Fan maps


>Syria Jan 5
>Libya Jan 5
>Yemen Jan 5
>Afghanistan Jan 5
>Iraq Dec 30
>Idlib Dec 29

Devs Jan 11
>Iran state media confirms they shot down Boeing over Tehran
>China: Unilateral US withdrawal from JCPOA root cause of crisis
>US pulled back from striking historical sites
>EU blasts Israel’s 'illegal' settlement expansion activities, urges TelAviv to comply with intl. law
>Rouhani to UK PM: There would be no security in London without Soleimani’s efforts
>Iran invites Ukraine, Co. to help with plane crash probe
>Ukraine FM: Kiev receives full cooperation from Iran in plane crash probe
>Haftar makes large gains in Libya
>Iran fires at Al Assad U.S base in Iraq
>Iraqi parliament passes resolution asking government to cancel request for assistance from US-led coalition
>Trump threaten to strike 52 locations in Iran including historic heritage
>SAA begins heavily targeting southern Aleppo as offensive approaches
>Tehran has removed last constraints it agreed to impose on its nuclear program under the 2015 deal
>President Ashraf Ghani said Afghanistan's territory will not be used against any nation in the region
>Letter published about US forces preparing to leave was a draft accidently sent, decision not up yet

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edbf7 No.255770

Thank you all for contributing to these threads. The lurkers appreciate the work you do. (you know who you are)

e51fe No.255779

Yes, we do. :)

7b0b4 No.255780

Also, non-lurkers appreciate you too >>255767

1d987 No.255784

File: 1578893736590-0.jpg (4.22 MB, 5312x2988, 20200112_182447.jpg)

File: 1578893736590-1.jpg (6.97 MB, 4730x2660, 20200112_180015.jpg)

File: 1578893736590-2.jpg (4.04 MB, 5312x2988, 20200112_182440.jpg)

I found a treasure trove of brochures and pamphlets that were present at the 1939 world's fair in NYC. Including one for Syria

Fucking hell, a lot of the stuff shown here has been damaged or outright destroyed

b9fb9 No.255786

File: 1578894418941.png (518.52 KB, 3000x2100, 400F5E64-0F0E-4D54-A17C-3D….png)

Thank you guys. It means a lot for our work to be appreciated.

7b0b4 No.255788

It's sad about Palmyra but I'm happy that Krak des Chevaliers is still standing

9a2e2 No.255793

File: 1578901986501.jpg (201.32 KB, 1440x1080, 1.jpg)


4bdc0 No.255794

Luckily ruskies said that they are going to invest some moneyz into renewal of the cultural sides, Palmyra the most.
I wonder if any of the gulfniggers are supporting Aleppo/Damascus mosques renewal.

6ebc3 No.255795

9a2e2 No.255796

Thread on Danish TV report on Danish soldiers in Ain al-Assad airbase:
>The government had been warned six hours before missile attacks against military bases
>After the attack, the soldiers were surprised that the destruction was not greater. I would estimate that the nearest rocket hit 300 feet from us, and as we walked around afterwards, there were helicopters split in half and holes so big that you could park a van in them.

4bdc0 No.255798

Based Khadyrov & co.

4bdc0 No.255799

>majoosi warned everyone six fucking hours before this shit
Damn, if only Great Satan would do so about their drone strikes.

9a2e2 No.255801

>The Libyan Arab Armed Forces completely control the area of Abu Qarain, Wadi Zamzam and Sadada
Misrata soon but Haftar and Sarraj are supposedly in Russia for talks.

9a2e2 No.255802

>Iraq's Ambassador in Tehran: We are negotiating with Russia to buy the S-300 defense system

4bdc0 No.255803

Ehh most likely something like "x amount of oil goes to Mother Russia plus we can have a base in Libya and you can continue offensive".

9a2e2 No.255804

Sarraj is the head of the GNA so Russia is trying to have peace talks.

4bdc0 No.255805

Well lets hope that untill peace is brokered most of GNA will defect to LNA.

9a2e2 No.255808

File: 1578911080993.jpg (189.71 KB, 1541x868, 1.jpg)

9a2e2 No.255810

File: 1578915585656.jpg (28.52 KB, 512x422, 1546362893044.jpg)

>Just 11 families have crossed through Abu Duhur crossing into government territory.
Worth the ceasefire?

6f4c7 No.255815

File: 1578916757793-0.png (261.92 KB, 827x840, 1578915982924.png)

File: 1578916757793-1.png (862.85 KB, 831x859, 1578916097111.png)

Hold on to your butts.

9bb11 No.255818

9a2e2 No.255821

File: 1578924641133.png (100.82 KB, 1000x1000, EOKp_FkWkAAfXIx.png)

9a2e2 No.255822

>The Syrian army Artillery targets the sites of the Headquarters for the Liberation of Al-Sham in # Al-Zorba, # Khan_ Tuman, and Khalsa in the southern countryside of Aleppo

b9fb9 No.255824

File: 1578927645553.png (519.1 KB, 3000x2100, 0DC7FB81-6014-4B1D-B62E-0C….png)

Afghan Districtmupdate - ANDSF recaptures Shib Koh DHQ in western Farah province.

9a2e2 No.255827

b0ffe No.255829

Shits gonna get wild this year lads, i can feel it.

9a2e2 No.255830

File: 1578931839686.jpg (274.81 KB, 1200x1664, 1.jpg)

9a2e2 No.255831

>All #Iraqi groups, including Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr' Jaish al-Mahdi, agreed to unite their objective and force the #US forces out of #Iraq if the withdrawal request is ignored.

9a2e2 No.255833

>Report of meeting between senior security officials from Syria, Turkey and Russia in Moscow

9a2e2 No.255834

File: 1578938679974-0.jpg (50.86 KB, 960x468, 1.jpg)

File: 1578938679974-1.jpg (55.14 KB, 960x462, 2.jpg)

File: 1578938679974-2.jpg (35.51 KB, 960x467, 3.jpg)

File: 1578938679974-3.jpg (52.1 KB, 960x474, 4.jpg)

>Photos from #ISIS #ISIL #Daesh while ambushing Syrian Arab Army Soldiers at Rusafa area south of Raqqa

9a2e2 No.255835

>Damascus has apparently given up on Arab states.

9a2e2 No.255836

Premiere of a new ANNA News report from Aleppo

cc748 No.255837

Syria, Turkey and Russia at trilateral meeting in Moscow were presented by their heads of intelligence services. Syria reassured that it will return control over all of Idlib


9a2e2 No.255839

File: 1578942992625-0.jpg (37.73 KB, 343x481, 1496077377173.jpg)

SANA reports a Syrian-Turkish-Russian meeting in Moscow, at which Syria (Ali Mamlouk) demanded Turkey (Hakan Fidan):
• respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and withdraw Turkish forces;
• satisfy terms of 2018 Sochi agreement on Idlib.
Now we just wait and watch as T*rkey sends more military hardware to the jihadis.

9a2e2 No.255875

File: 1578979450179-0.jpg (295.26 KB, 1543x868, 2.jpg)

File: 1578979450179-1.jpg (303.31 KB, 1540x868, 3.jpg)

File: 1578979450179-2.jpg (700.93 KB, 1680x917, 1.jpg)

>This Toyota with ZSU 23 was captured from Liwa al-Quds near Kawm and was used by ISIL in 3 diferent locations about 120km away in period of 3 months

9a2e2 No.255876

File: 1578980474463-0.png (647.46 KB, 575x1024, 1577665089754.png)

>#Libya: Turkey-backed GNA's demands were so ridiculous they were short of asking Haftar to surrender himself at one of their stations in downtown Tripoli
>Haftar returns to Libya refusing any ceasefire.
Seems promising for the T*rkey-Syria meeting in Moscow.

b9fb9 No.255891

File: 1579015181327.png (487.3 KB, 1610x1801, 1185D7F1-ACF2-4D4B-BCCB-18….png)

Nigeria Shitmap
Note - the Wikipedia warmap page was last updated on August 5, 2019,

9a2e2 No.255908

>RuAf tonight carried out airstikes on Dadikh and Khan al-Sibel ,first time after ceasefire

9a2e2 No.255909

>Air Strikes target Khan Al-Sabil tonight. Video filmed within the past 30 minutes.

a6256 No.255910

File: 1579034264636.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 3000x4000, Iraniansoldierwhofiredatpl….png)

9a2e2 No.255911

File: 1579034589418-0.jpg (111.71 KB, 952x742, EJaqXKnWkAERG_h.jpg)

Hmm, 3 days into the ceasefire and Russia started launching airstrikes plus SAA artillery increasing activity in both Idlib and Aleppo.
15th is too early imo, i'd give it another week.
One thing is for sure though and that is the ceasefire not lasting 25 days.
Let's see if Erdomeme's threats were just jokes or not.

9a2e2 No.255915

For those who missed it
>Erdogan threatens Assad regime with military action: “400K displaced Syrians in Idlib must be returned to their homes. If necessary we’ll stop regime’s attempts to break the ceasefire on our own. Everyone should see that we don’t joke, we will do whatever we say”
>Erdogan issues a veiled military threat to Haftar
“If coupist Haftar continues it’s against the legitimate Libyan govt and our brethren there, we won’t hesitate to teach him the lesson he deserves”

a6256 No.255919

File: 1579037888811.png (2.27 MB, 3507x2481, CantmossadtheAssad.png)

al-Baghdadi was the fall guy. Israel had to kill him to tie up loose ends

9a2e2 No.255920

File: 1579038372537-0.jpg (91.55 KB, 600x400, 1502476798226.jpg)

That's Erdogan in the pic tho.
Baghdadi was killed to boost Trumps popularity.
brb washing my eyes with bleach

b9fb9 No.255964

Ye I forgot that SAA loves WWI tactics of just blowing up shit for weeks before advancing.
LOL, you get used to it.

9a2e2 No.255967

>Artillery shelling reported across the entire Tiger Forces' northern flank (Ghadfah - Masaran - Tal al-Shaykh - Kursiyan - Abu Jurayf) in a rapid and concentrated manner typically reserved for the early hours before a day of advancing forward.
Might be sooner than a week.

9a2e2 No.255968

Calling it the "Tiger Forces' northern flank" is wrong though as this is the 5th's front.
Meanwhile on the Tiger's front:
>Russian aircraft target the towns of Masran (5th), Maar Shamsheh, and Talmans (Tigers) with high-explosive missiles in the eastern and southern Idlib countryside.

9a2e2 No.255977

Also Kursiyan was hit by RuAF

9a2e2 No.255978

>Turkish Defense Minister Akar: "Our effort is to stop the bloodshed, with a political solution in both Libya and Idlib."
>Turkish Minister of Defense announces that ongoing talks with Russia on "establishing a safe area in Idlib where displaced Syrians can spend the winter"
>Turkish Defense Minister: We will not withdraw from the observation point in Idlib and it has been strengthened
Empty talk, they have a "safe zone" on their border already and neither the M-4 nor M-5 run near it.
Remains to be seen if they'll further prop up their proxies and literally al-Qaeda to retain the highways.

9a2e2 No.255986

File: 1579091945272.png (742.43 KB, 864x648, 1.png)

>air strike on the Sina'a area, in the city of Idlib

9a2e2 No.255987

File: 1579094055794.jpg (63.93 KB, 960x793, 1.jpg)

9a2e2 No.255988

Across the street from the bank that was hit by RuAF i think three years ago

9a2e2 No.255989

video of the Russian airstrike years ago

cc748 No.255990

File: 1579095544847.jpg (8.29 KB, 225x225, 1479936281953.jpg)

#BREAKING Russian government, Medvedev resigns: news agencies


9a2e2 No.255991

>Syrian and Russian jets have carried out more than 100 airstriks on Idlib since the morning.

2e4de No.255992

Idlib SOON!
I hope..
>Lavrov resigned

9a2e2 No.255995

>Tiger Forces Soldier: Second Stage (Freeing Idlib) - The cease fire is finished

b9fb9 No.255997

In the 2020 adress, Putin proposed several changes to the Russian constitution that are aimed at strengthening the Russian Federation’s national sovereignty.

Among others, the proposals include the following:

• To guarantee the primacy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the territory of Russia over international law and international treaties. Previously, the Russian state followed the principle of the primacy of international law over its national laws.
• To ban prime ministers, governors and other key officials to have foreign citizenship or residence permit at the constitutional level.
• To update the requirement for presidential candidates. This should include the residence in Russia for 25 years and the absence of foreign citizenship.
• To introduce in the Constitution the corresponding status and role of the State Council (an advisory body to the Russian head of state).
• To increase the responsibility of the Federal Assembly (the two-chamber Parliament) for the formation and activities of the government and entrust the State Duma (the lower house of the Parliament) with the approval of the prime minister. The President will not have the right to reject the approved candidacy.
• The President should appoint of heads of law enforcement agencies, after consultation with the Federation Council.
• To strengthen the role of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. At the request of the president, it should verify the constitutionality of bills and other documents.
• To allow the Federation Council (the upper house of the Parliament), on the recommendation of the President of Russia, to remove from office judges of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts in response to their misconduct defaming honor and dignity.

Tl;dr these amendments are aimed at reinforcing Russian sovereignty.

9a2e2 No.255998

>Two dozen Russian vehicles, including armored escort, are currently en route to Derîk. Likely they are about to establish a new military base. Furthering Russian presence in the east of Syria.

9a2e2 No.256000

File: 1579106896715.png (767.69 KB, 1280x1172, 1505550698115.png)

>They turned around

9a2e2 No.256002

>In other news today, looks like John Bolton or his doppelgänger is taking a solo stroll in Doha #Qatar

9a2e2 No.256003

File: 1579107896175.jpg (93.56 KB, 1080x810, 1.jpg)

Supposedly in Jarjanaz

9a2e2 No.256008

4Th Div says their objective is "the liberation of Aleppo's countryside & to head towards Idlib".
Let's see if they manage to capture anything this time.

9a2e2 No.256015

>Confirmed arrest of two 17th Division soldiers for giving information about SAA movements to ISIS in the town Makhan

9a2e2 No.256016

>Violent clashes between the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and Al-Qaeda gangs on the axis of Tel Khatra and Abu Jarif in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Liwa Al-Quds reporter claiming they're "resuming the battle for liberation Southeast Idlib countryside"

9a2e2 No.256017

File: 1579115403153.png (20.18 KB, 509x578, 1518725040269.png)

>Militants say violent clashes ongoing right now as #SAA try to advance on the Abu Jarif axis
Wrong frontline but Ebin called it

9a2e2 No.256019

>The army units launch a military operation towards the village of Abu Jarif in the SE Idlib CS.- SAMA correspondent

9a2e2 No.256021

>and towards Tell Khatrah.
So Tell Khatrah wasn't captured? Can't say im too surprised, the info was too vague back then, no pictures and no counterattacks.

9a2e2 No.256022

File: 1579116732945.jpg (555.04 KB, 2734x1812, 1 - Copy.jpg)

9a2e2 No.256023

File: 1579116817621.png (128.45 KB, 500x522, 1512005847755.png)

>All reports of large SAA attack are false

9a2e2 No.256026

File: 1579120555574.jpg (77.84 KB, 942x561, 1 - Copy.jpg)

>Yesterday NDF in the Deir Ez Zor Governorate sent to help & Support the Syrian Arab Army & #SRG repel the remnants of #ISIS #ISIL #Daesh who Sieged a military point in the Badiyat (desert of) al-Mayadeen city at noon yesterday.

9a2e2 No.256029

>"The resumption of military action on several axes in Idlib countryside, amid great progress of the army from an hour until now, its control of several towns & a major breakdown in the defensive lines of armed groups."
The announced "towns" are Nawhia al-Gharbia and Nawhia al-Sharqia, but SAA has been pictured in both after jihadi raids and they were never claimed before.
Weird and gives credence to this: >>256023

9a2e2 No.256031

Supposedly Tel-Khatrah and Um-Jarif (Abu?) captured

9a2e2 No.256032

9a2e2 No.256034

>Reconciled fighters from Beit Jinn fighting (in) the 5th Corps are now in Barsah according Idleb Police Command source. Battle continue…
>Same source indicates that Barseh was not held by anyone since the 'ceasefire' was implemented

9a2e2 No.256078

>4th Division are shelling western Aleppo hard right now

9a2e2 No.256080

>Hayder Regiment have mobilized more men after successful contract negotiations with the SAA last week. 25th Division getting closer to full strength. Ready for Idleb

9a2e2 No.256085

Tigers promising surprises

b9fb9 No.256087

It looks like they’re aiming to cut the M5 between Saraqib and Maarat al-Nu’man.

b9fb9 No.256088

File: 1579185922633.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, BD95FC02-EBC6-492D-85CA-DB….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - gains near Abu Dhuhur.

9a2e2 No.256089

File: 1579188926897-0.jpg (49.78 KB, 960x640, 1.jpg)

File: 1579188926897-1.jpg (51.82 KB, 960x640, 2.jpg)

File: 1579188926897-2.jpg (42.98 KB, 960x640, 3.jpg)

File: 1579188926897-3.jpg (26.58 KB, 960x558, 4.jpg)

>Militants claim to recapture Abu Jurayf Village
Third pic looks like the northern section of Tall Khatrah, but i can't confidently say that it actually is:

9a2e2 No.256090

Abu Juraif recaptured
Seized a Shilka
Seized Doshka machine guns
Seized anti-tank missiles
Seized various weapons, ammunition, and mechanisms
More than 20 dead and dozens wounded from Liwa al Quds.”

9a2e2 No.256091

SAA video from Tall Khatrah earlier this morning with
Standing on the hill that the village is named after:

9a2e2 No.256092

File: 1579190323581-0.png (945.1 KB, 624x832, 1.png)

captured by jihadists

9a2e2 No.256093

9a2e2 No.256095

>Abu Jafur and Tell Khatrah under SAA. Militants failed to recaptured it.
Uhh, right…

9a2e2 No.256097

>According reporters its was HTS raid and village is again under SAA
>The army has completed preparations for a large-scale military operation in the west and south of Aleppo.

cc748 No.256100

File: 1579199705845.mp4 (5.57 MB, 1280x720, @ArslonXudosi Syria a Korn….mp4)

#Syria: a #Kornet fired by #NLF wiped out today a pick-up filled in with pro-Assad fighters (E. #Idlib). Deadliest #ATGM strike since long time.

cc748 No.256101

File: 1579201502361.png (485.2 KB, 960x522, 1551938113690 (1).png)

Until now
There’s no serious work in #Aleppo west CS and #Idlib south east CS


9a2e2 No.256107

File: 1579207693948-0.jpg (75.95 KB, 1732x297, 2020.jpg)

9a2e2 No.256108

Weather is too bad supposedly

9a2e2 No.256109

Looks like the shot was taken indoors and close enough to have been in the same village.
What a shitfest.

9a2e2 No.256110

6 dudes, most of them around 60 years old were found shot and beheaded in Abisan, Khanasir countryside:
ISIS remnants from the Abu Duhur offensive behind the murders maybe?

9a2e2 No.256149

> A Syrian Arab Army Soldier messaged me 5 hours ago saying that #SAA still control Tall Khatra but not Abu Jurayf
>Abu Jarif village is enemy

9a2e2 No.256150

>fierce fighting on the Abu Jarif axis

9a2e2 No.256152

>Huge uptick in ATGM usage today across greater Idlib
>Just by a quick glance I counted 4. And just by the NLF
Connect the dots: >>255839 >>255978

9a2e2 No.256153

Unconfirmed: SAA lost Tal khatrah

9a2e2 No.256157

>Militants claim Two tanks were captured on the Tal Khatra axis and A tank was destroyed on the Tah axis with an ATGM.
No reason to not believe it tbqh

9a2e2 No.256169

>4th Division artillery hitting western Aleppo hard. Hardest bombardment since their arrival right now

9a2e2 No.256176

Also RuAF striking west Aleppo, big bombing campaign going on.

9a2e2 No.256177

>Tribal reinforcements loyal to the Syrian army to the new neighborhoods of Aleppo, Jabal Azan, Al-Safira, Tal Aran and defense laboratories, amid reports of the establishment of new headquarters in the village of Abtan
>Reports Claim - Warplanes destroy a car bomb while militants were preparing it in the village of al-Houta / Al Hawtah west of Mansoura, which caused A powerful explosion heard all over the city of Aleppo.

9a2e2 No.256181

>War planes are still in the sky of Aleppo and dozens of airstrikes, Rockets and Artillery shaking and raining down on militant locations in western aleppo countryside. This ferocious paving is the biggest in years.

9a2e2 No.256186

Haven't seen any reports of arty/airstrikes hitting Kafr Hamra/Haritan/Anadan on the NW front of Aleppo so a direct assault on this salient is improbable, working on the west/southwest/south axis is more likely.

9a2e2 No.256198

File: 1579313734360-0.jpg (74.52 KB, 1280x720, 1504513008579.jpg)

Can't really find any weak spots to take advantage of in the Aleppo front though and arty/airstrikes aren't that effective when the jihadis have been busy digging tunnels for years.
If the 4th aren't ready to brute force to punch a hole somewhere by zerging tanks (more than 3 at a time) straight into ATGM fire this will be another Jobar/Kabani.

9a2e2 No.256200

Also, the jihadis definitely have several defensive lines in all villages/towns near the frontline.
This will be a shitfest.

d0aa0 No.256218

> definitely have several defensive lines
Honestly you are giving these people too much credit, they never have a second defensive line.

b9fb9 No.256223

File: 1579332564021.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, D55B2A65-2150-42A9-8F35-30….png)

Late Syria Shitmupdate - rebels recapture Abu Jarf in SE Idlib.

6bf19 No.256225

File: 1579332823477.jpg (69.04 KB, 900x413, EOi8ifRWsAEH6wP.jpg)

#HTS claim 6 #Russian soldiers were killed and others were injured, including a Russian reporter on Tal Khatra front
E #Idlib


9a2e2 No.256244

Yeah nah that was fake news, Oleg from ANNA is fine and the 6 names they announced were fake:
>they never have a second defensive line
Remember Ain Terma and Jobar.

4cca9 No.256245

File: 1579340595891.webm (6.62 MB, 640x352, reinfor.webm)

>Russian Reinforcements Pass Through U.S. Checkpoint In Northeast Syria near Tell Tamr.
>Fresh Russian reinforcements were deployed on January 17 in the key town of Tell Tamr in the northern countryside of Syria’s al-Hasakah.

9a2e2 No.256262

>RuAF again in the skies of Aleppo. Militants locations at the Electricity Association in western Aleppo are said to have been bombed.

9a2e2 No.256295

File: 1579393063524-0.jpg (14.27 KB, 300x400, 1504948295611.jpg)

>ISIS broadcasts a video and announces their resumption in the state of Tripoli and threatens Tunisia
One masked dude
Right after "Erdogan warns Europe of new ‘terrorist’ threat if Turkish-backed Libyan gov’t falls"
Pathetically obvious what's going on.
Here's an article on the warning of Erdomeme:
>“Terrorist organisations such as ISIS [ISIL or Daesh] and al-Qaeda, which suffered a military defeat in Syria and Iraq, will find a fertile ground to get back on their feet”

9a2e2 No.256296

File: 1579393231176-0.png (860.95 KB, 640x640, 1.png)

Some dopey looking cunt in front of a TOS-1

9a2e2 No.256298

File: 1579396824693-0.jpg (955.31 KB, 2948x1764, sigh.jpg)

Pretty amazing what the 5th corps, Liwa al-Quds & co managed to do this week. Not only did they lose Abu Jurayf and Tall Khatrah, they also lost and failed to recapture an important fortified hill they've held since the Abu Duhur offensive.
This front isn't getting anywhere, it's another Tamanah disaster now that HTS & co has reinforced it and NLF got a green light to launch ATGMs.
Hopefully the tigers will come true with their promise of surprises and the 4th brings the heat to the Aleppo front for real.

9a2e2 No.256299

Compilation of clips from the Abu Jurayf/Tall Khatrah battle

2e4de No.256321

Delamaghrebois is at it again.

9a2e2 No.256323

File: 1579438608776-0.jpg (373.53 KB, 1167x875, 1.jpg)

>5th with the trophy from a few days ago
Another tank conversion

9a2e2 No.256326

>Reports that SAA repelled attack on Abu Dafna
>Syrian Arab Army units and their counterpart forces stand up to the terrorist attack by al-Nusra on the axis of the town of Halban

9a2e2 No.256331

>SAA was ready for that rebel attack in Idleb. Bad weather means high probability of a rebel attack. No charity today
>Some minor booty for the rebels should be expected from these raids, but not these free giveaways we have seen the last couple of days. Important to note that the rebels suffered big time today

9a2e2 No.256366

>Video : Suqour al-Sham Brigades vehicle involved in todays attack on Abu Dafna being struck by #SAA #SyrianArmy which causes the driver to jump out & run for his life. Militant activist say That atleast 3 Militants from Jerjanaz died in this.
top lel
volume warning

9bb11 No.256368

let me leave that here
>khomeini's great grandson

9bb11 No.256369

let me add that he's whiter than your average "white" american

b9fb9 No.256423

File: 1579534906992.png (519.42 KB, 3000x2100, B7A32F6A-1DE9-4C57-B508-90….png)

Afghan Districtmupdate - Gultapa District in Kunduz becomes contested.

9a2e2 No.256434

Looks like offensive preparations are taking place in Abu Dafn(a)
Lots of tanks and BMPs, Ghadfah soon?

9bb11 No.256435

File: 1579551650797.jpg (61.54 KB, 722x717, 1579427453821.jpg)


9a2e2 No.256445

File: 1579564952004-0.jpg (151.1 KB, 1928x1080, 1.jpg)

File: 1579564952004-1.jpg (160.19 KB, 1917x1080, 2.jpg)

File: 1579564952004-2.jpg (303.07 KB, 1922x1080, 3.jpg)

File: 1579564952004-3.jpg (266.91 KB, 1915x1080, 4.jpg)

9a2e2 No.256449

File: 1579565862879-0.jpg (100.08 KB, 1277x699, 1.jpg)

File: 1579565862879-1.jpg (107.27 KB, 1103x868, 2.jpg)

>Seems one BTR 60 was destroyed

9a2e2 No.256499

File: 1579616809917.jpg (83.92 KB, 1543x868, 1.jpg)


9a2e2 No.256556

Video from the assault on Abu Dafna, SAA fled like cowards from their positions as they usually does in the NW part of the village but somehow managed to win the battle.
Good amount of mines laid out on the road, probably the biggest reason why they didn't lose the rest of the town.
SAA lost like two ATGM launchers and an AGS, probably all from the fortified houses visible at the start.
No movement from the Tigers and the 4th are still bombarding the Aleppo outskirts.

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