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File: 1573108146563.png (Spoiler Image, 401.38 KB, 1280x1158, 890219 - Friendship_is_Mag….png)

d073b No.249827

Why is Twily crying?

14bd7 No.249828

File: 1573108412674.png (1.36 MB, 1658x1651, 1255830__safe_solo_twiligh….png)

6460a No.249830

>earth pony twilight

84abd No.249837

I mean, she still has the horn if you look closely…

a0311 No.249841

thingken of magic

44a9f No.249844

>you're in the high tower of the crystal castle when you finally get the order
>Spike comes rushing in, panting and out of breath, holding up one of his scrolls
>you smile indulgently
>he always takes his job so seriously
>it's probably just some more friendship bullshit the Princess wants you to do, nbd
>a moment later, though, your expression darkens
>Spike really looks like he's got something on his mind
"What is it, Spike?"
>he babbles incoherently for a few minutes, gives up, then hands you the scroll
>you take it with your magic and unroll it
>after scanning the words, your face becomes grave
>silently, you roll up the scroll and hand it back to him
>by now, he's calmed down enough to where he can speak
"Celestia says she's willing to do it if you don't feel up to it."
>you look at him calmly and sadly
"No, Spike. Trixie is my responsibility. I'll do it."
>you feel yourself going emotionally numb as you descend the spiral stairs of the tower
>the weight of your responsibility gets heavier with every step
>nopony's been executed in Equestria in over 1000 years
>even Nightmare Moon only got banished
>but Trixie just fucked up one too many times
>poor Trixie
>the two of you have had your differences, but that doesn't make you feel any better about this
>you already know what you are about to do will haunt you for the rest of your days
>but you also know that the title of Princess of Friendship comes with certain responsibilities
>faggot ass ponies think it's all about going on adventures and selling playsets
>but this is real shit right here
>you leave the castle and head down the street to where Trixie parks her wagon
>you hesitate, but eventually you knock
>Trixie lets you in
>you pause for a moment, looking sadly around you at all of her goofy knicknacks
>you still don't see how she can call what she does "magic," but you've always admired her passion for it
>after today, this trailer will be empty
>the thought makes you unbelievably sad
"Oh hi there, Twilight. What's up?"
>Trixie looks at you with a friendly, clueless expression
>nope, this is not going to be easy
>you thought about how to do it on the way over
>quick and painless, it definitely needs to be quick and painless
>unicorn horn through the skull should do it
>just get it over with quick, before she even sees it coming
>that's the best way
>but you'll need to make sure she's distracted
"Trixie, I was kind of wondering something. It's a little embarrassing, though."
>Trixie looks at you with curiosity
>you stare at the ground, you can't even bear to look her in the eye
>she seems to misinterpret it as lust though, so at least she's taking the bait
"The thing is, I was wondering if you would, well……………I was wondering if you would kind of, you know. Suck my horn. For a bit."
>Trixie looks a little taken aback by the request, but then she smiles mischievously
"Why Twilight, this is a side of you I've never seen. Well, the Great and Powerful Trixie does have something of a reputation for this sort of thing…."
>you smile, maybe a little too broadly
>yeah no shit, you think to yourself
>Trixie's "reputation" is a big part of why you're even in this mess
>Celestia is a pretty tolerant ruler for the most part, but even she has her limits
>you've both had to tell Trixie time and time again that Equestria is meant to be a foal-friendly environment
>well, now you'll never have to tell her anything ever again
>you rub your fetlock against your forehead nervously
"We have to keep this kind of quiet. You know, appearances and all. I am the Princess of Friendship, after all."
>Trixie smiles and licks her lips
>she pushes the door to the trailer closed and drops the lock
"Oh of course, Twilight. Your little secret's safe with me, don't you worry."
>she opens her mouth and leans toward your horn
>your sudden outburst makes Trixie pause
"I, uh, have this new spell I've been wanting to try. Hold on, I'm going to…uh…move it."
>Trixie looks confused, but a second later your horn vanishes and reappears between your legs, looking like a stallionhood
"Oooh, Twilight! How kinky!"
>Trixie lies down on her back, and you get into position over her
>she doesn't waste any time
>she starts sucking on your horn like she's performing her latest magic trick
>the fact that this feels absolutely bucking amazing isn't going to make this any easier
>but you've come this far
>you move your hips back and tense your leg muscles
>just one little thrust, and its all over
>a single tear rolls down your cheek
>just do it quick, Twily
>she won't even feel it
>just do it quick

6460a No.249846

by that logic all earth pony stallions are also unicorns

95840 No.249847


Poor little Trixie

f7a4e No.249848

That's a good green mate
And that's the story of how The Great and Powerful Trixie met her enjoyable demise.
>In a totally unrelated event Princess Twilight Sparkle had her horn haunted.
>Shrieks, moans, and other spooky sounds sometimes came from her castle.
>Sometimes the voice of The princess of friendship screams in fright.
>Twilight said she is dealing with the poltergeist ethically.
>No matter how spooky it gets.

aca42 No.249858

I think this qualifies as high-brow art.

b9409 No.249885

earth pony twilight > pegasus twilight > crystal pony twilight > kirin twilight > bat pony twilight > moth pony twilight > fluffy pony twilight > sea pony twilight > breezie twilight > unicorn twilight > human twilight > alicorn twilight > eqg twilight

change my mind protip you can't

7c058 No.249886

>change my mind
Or you could just go fuck yourself

7c7f3 No.249889

I wish I could cast spells with my dick too

8440a No.249892

Yikes, sweetie, there's no need to seethe this hard.

f7a4e No.249900

By using the spell "Biggus dickus flasidus peinum erectum." With the wand motions of back and forth perhaps with movinf the fingers you can turn the floppy phallus into a hulking hardon.

c95da No.249908

But that's literally a horn on her crotch, it's not a penis at all.

6460a No.249916

>But that's literally a horn on her crotch, it's not a penis at al
What do you call the horn that comes from your crotch then? A penis is a penis, Twilight's one just looks weird due to a botched circumcision or tranny operation

44a9f No.249918

>A horn - a permanent pointed projection on the head of various animals - consists of a covering of keratin and other proteins surrounding a core of live bone.

>>The internal structures of the penis consist mainly of cavernous, erectile tissue, which is a collection of blood sinusoids separated by sheets of connective tissue (trabeculae). Some mammals have a lot of erectile tissue relative to connective tissue, for example horses.

>A bone called the baculum or os penis is present in most mammals but absent in humans, cattle and horses.

Sorry m8, a horn and a penis are not the same thing.

fe9e0 No.249919

>A bone called the baculum or os penis is present in most mammals but absent in humans, cattle and horses.
That's a rather interesting similarity between humans and horses.

6460a No.249935

>A bone called the baculum or os penis is present in most mammals but absent in humans, cattle and horses.
But no mention of ponies, unicorns or pegasi. Great source you have anon, I just love how the first picture you see is a dog dick.
>Sorry m8, a horn and a penis are not the same thing.
I'm sorry if you are too retarded enough to understand anon, but I wasn't implying Twilights cock was an actual horn. I know autists have trouble understanding idioms, euphemisms and figures of speech as a result of taking everything literally. But I was inferring that twilight spiral striped conical dick was still just a dick regardless of its shape.

Also just for your information, Unicorn horns are based on Sperm Whale horns, which aren't horns at all but actually teeth.

adfa6 No.249953

>spiral striped conical dick

44a9f No.249954

Is the penis also feminine?

f7a4e No.249956

>It's been three days since landing in Equestria, and all the magic is possible!
>Finding out that I could cast magic was a moment most distressing.
>First time wank in Purple's pony princess place.
>I think about what I just thought for a moment.
>The castle's bathroom.

"AHHH! What the fuck is it!"
>"Anon I came as quickly as I could what is the-"
"Twilight something is climbing up my dick!"
>"I thought you said you couldn't cast magic?"
"I can't! Get it off-"
>Grasping my pecker with her magic the eldritch glow spirals, and intensifies.
>"Amazing! I've never seen something that could channel this much magic all at once."
"Ah! Ahh! Twi- Twilig- EIII!"
>"Just seeing the magical output. We use it on foa-"
>From the depths of my balls jizz and an eternal well sprung forth.
>A firehose spray of motes of light splattered the entire room.
>Eventually those pinpricks of light split, again and again.
>An entire firework display with my grasp.
>"Anon?! What is with this gooy stuff?"
"Semen Twilight. It's semen, and sperm."
>"Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Of Celestia that's your p- pe- peepee!"
>"It's everywhere! Ewww."

>That's when I learned not only is pee stored in the balls, magic is too.

f7a4e No.249957

>I've come across a major problem.
>My spunk now glows.
>That didn't sound like much, but it lasts for a full month.
>A comprehensive outline of where the magic tree's plumbing actually goes was certainly enlightening.
>Ponies really wondered how Purple got the tree to look even more amazing.
>The look on her face was totally worth it.

>I've got togther with best waifu in a complicated trail of events, but it all leads to this moment.

>The holes that shouldn't see the light of day…
>Now shine brighter than the sun.
>If one looked closely you can even see the internal outline.
>The kind of things we had to do to…

>In other more sunny news.

>Selling nontoxic glowsticks is one strange business venture, but brightening eveyone's day, and night, makes it all worth it.

f7a4e No.249986

"Listen well newfags for I will tell you the story of how the sun became a teletubbies ripoff."
>The legendary tale of Anonymous the banished.

"I'll bet if I 'enhance' the sun it'll glow brighter, and then you can write messages on it."
>"Princess Celestia the sun is too bright for a simple glowstick ingredient to outshine the sun."
>"I believe I can help with this."
>"I'll go drop it off on my way out of the door."
>All I had to do is wait, and get my lifetime supply of icecream.

"Hah! The sun clearly says Anon rules, -"
>"Whaawhaaa whaa."
"Oh sweet mother of-"
>"Ahhh! We're all going to die!"

>"Princess are you sure Anonymous has to stay banished? Crime rates have dropped, public indecency is nearly non-existant, and relations with other countries are at an all time high."

"I'm sure it'll be just fine for substitute stars."
>"If thou art sure."

>"Princess could Anonymous have one last chance? More ponies are out at night, and shady deals have decreased dramatically."

"Think of the possibilities glowing ink in some magazines for late night reading."

>"Princess the leader of the bookenites have perfectly requested an audience."

"That's how I became your god-king."
>A peon with a newspaper came running in. The newspaper looked kind of honored by the service.
>The newspaper blushing as I read.
>They made their lubricant glow.
>The sexual lubricant.
>I knew I should have looked more into the company.
>I looked to my waifu, and handed her the paper.

c3fa6 No.251757

File: 1574700774392.gif (Spoiler Image, 115.38 KB, 550x450, 2.gif)

76984 No.251759

This is incredible, to be perfectly honest with you.

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