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File: 1572864972300.jpg (430.34 KB, 2350x1715, 1572784115667.jpg)

5ff63 No.249553

This show in particular was a wild ride.

I was never active in the chans until after I learned the finale was gonna air. And now that Im here Im kinda disappointed I wasnt around while the show was in its prime. I was still in denial around that time.

This show managed to give me a wholesome and cute escape from the dark reality of life, a breath of fresh air from the gritty and edgy content I find myself in, a distraction from (((them))) and (((their))) influence. But they even had to go and stick their fingers in this last bit of cozy escapism.

What has the show done for the rest of you NatSoc/Fashy types? Where you redpilled before or after the show? Has it helped you in anyway to find light in a world where our ways of life are being deconstructed and thrown away?

72b50 No.249565

>Where you redpilled before or after the show?
After. I was onboard when the first episode of seaso two aired. At that point I hadn't been redpilled yet but I was never really a liberal. It did not require much to redpill me. Don't know why that was tbh.

0b05d No.249569

Shit, /mlp/ was my gateway into imageboards back in 2012. From there I quickly found my way to golden age /pol/ and from then on my life has been an existential nightmare.

ad644 No.249583

I didn't truly see the show's redpill nature until season 5. At the time, I was recovering from being a communist. I had recanted after seeing the importance of culture and real diversity being preserved. Seeing he equal marks and fake smiles was identical to the grey society communism promised.
I saw how the show was heading with the introduction of the faggot deer changelings and the episode with Pharynx just giving me German vibes. Strong warrior culture reduced to hippie dippies with the few remembering the good ol days and being ostracized for it.
One thing i appreciate is how the show showed everyone should at least be given a second chance, and that as long as they aren't supervillains, they can come around. I mean, they redeemed fucking GARBLE. Was anybody asking for that assshole to have a good side? no, but it showed how grudges and jealousy don't help you get further in life.
The final episode was utter trash and i refuse to recognize it, but overall event he diversity agenda was handeled ina rather open way. one can think the creatures will migrate to equestria more and more, taking advantage of pony society, or they can think the school is just a way to export pony ways of friendship out to other nations, forming strong alliances.

a8d09 No.249586

This show made me lern english since 2010

1b29c No.249607

That's quite the question.
I gues having the most maddening fun a man can or could experience:

>Autism in it's purest form

>Love and hate relationships with thinga that you like
>Funniest/saddest/scariest greens and fanfics
>Dope songs
>Best images ever made (both safe and porn)
>The redpilling during Aryanne's creation and exploration of her character.

You guys sure became a great part of my life.

8c71b No.249629

i found some nice people and because of MLP i have a OC and i really love to have it.
oh, and all the great music! original and fanmade, i like both

d61bd No.249635

The show gave me a wholesome and cute escape from my fucked-up world and fucked-up life.
I grew up as the hated older brother of a spoilt brat. My abusive parents wanted me to go tranny, and hated me because I wasn't. My above-average reading ability as a child meant I simply HAD to be autistic, so instead of a "real" school I was sent to schools for the retarded. I was given pills that made me stupid and drowsy. And there, I was picked on by abusive teachers for not being a cutely sad submissive childish little boy who'd fit into the "I'm a kind mother/grandma" fantasies of all the shallow narcissistic bitches who worked there. I was just a normal kid who could read and write, and they hated me for that. Calling me an ungrateful bastard, constantly lecturing me about what a wreck they claim I was before attending and how much they'd helped me "Improve" as a person while I was there.
All the staff were cunts. And we're talking five or six underqualified "teaching assistants" to a room here, plus the one designated tard-wranglers some kids would get. Full of old unfuckable entitled worthless women desperate to feel like good mothers to someone. Cops don't listen to disabled kids when seemingly "Normal" adults contradict them, and nobody was allowed to bring in phones or anything else that could record people. Maybe if I shoplifted one of those audio-recording spy pens and carried it around, I'd get lucky one day and I could have used evidence to get something done about my shit parents and abusive school.
My parents forced me to spend extra years at the tard school because in the UK, you get paid extra for spending more time in kid's school before going to college or something. Never saw a penny of that, obviously. I was property and a meal ticket to my bastard parents, and something they hated for not being fucked up enough to give them the social credit they wanted.
Anyway once I went from child service's problem to adult service's problem, the worker assigned to me decided living with violent physically and emotionally abusive parents is bad, so she got me away from them. She didn't get my parents in prison where they belong, even though I offered to testify. It's like she knows how worthless the cops of this country are when it comes to getting kids away from genuinely-abusive parents who know what lefty shit to say to the cops.
And so I lived in different homes for disabled kids for a while. Never knew when I'd be kicked out to make room for a higher-priority disabled kid and moved somewhere else. One week, I got to stay in some average-ish hotel because nowhere else was available but I had to have my current room taken from me to fit someone who "Needed it more" I guess. Sometimes my mother would call or text me to gaslight me about what a terrible child she genuinely convinced herself I am this week. Or she'll try to gaslight me about how lovely my childhood was thanks to her this week. I'm ignoring her texts and calls, so now they only call every christmas when she tries to guilt me into not spending christmas with my abusers. Good thing the little shits have no idea where I live now.
I don't know if I really am autistic or not. I have trouble relating to people and understanding why so many choose to be shallow faggots who mindlessly swallow every jew lie. I have trouble trusting people and opening up to them, but that might be because I was abused and betrayed so often when I was a kid. There are thousands of things that make someone autistic. If you got twenty autists in a room they'd be different people with very different symptoms and no matter what the tard-wranglers in charge of them say their age is, the wranglers would reveal themselves to be petulant little egomaniac babies as soon as someone who doesn't fit their ideal model of what an autist should be comes along. Maybe normies were the real autists all along, considering how badly they handle change, unexpected situations, and being wrong. Anyway, the autists. You can't say they have "Different levels of autism" because everything is autism and everyone is autistic. It's a "Spectrum" of meaningless bullshit, an umbrella term for everything that means nothing. Anyone even slightly different from what society says the norm should be is autistic. Anyone the NPCs call autistic is autistic and the NPCs are autistic too. It's the newspeak word that can mean slightly abnormal, very abnormal, or anywhere in betwee. Just like anxiety is the newspeak word that can mean slightly sad/scared/uncomfy, super ultra dysphoric, or anywhere in between. Is autism even a real thing, or is it just what the quacks call someone when the parents want their kid labelled with SOMETHING and the quacks can't think of a proper name or diagnosis for what makes the kid a non-normie? Maybe that's why the left tries so hard to gaslight autists into hating "Le straight white cishet Neurotypicals(TM)", when the left isn't stealing autistic kids and putting them in dresses/sending them to have their nuts chopped off. More "autistic" kids on meds in special schools full of lefty bitches = more potential victims for the jews and their servants.
Through all of this bullshit I went through, MLPFIM was my rock. My heartwarming escape from this gay earth. The friends I made along the way were twofaced faggots who spent a while wanting to be seen spewing nice truisms and falsisms at me but got bored and found a better photo-op to spend time with a few weeks later. I made some real friends here. This is a good place and the only place where I can really be honest without having to worry about some lefty nigger 6 years from now trying to use what I said against me. The show eventually went to shit but I still rewatch the old good episodes.

d61bd No.249636


Sometimes I think that makes me a faggot unable to let go of the past. Which is strange since my past is so miserable. Pony is the only good part of my past, is that's why it's so hard to move on and find something more constructive than moping about bad shows to dedicate my time to? I've spent years planning stupid autistic pony fanfictions that don't matter and never will matter and can't ever matter as much as the good shit I want to make.
I currently live in a mediocre apartment. It's alright here. I don't have much to say about it. It's kind of cramped but bigger than the fucking broom closet of a bedroom I grew up in. Some others live in different rooms of this building. I'm 23 and I don't have to work for a living, so I guess that makes up for all the shit being labelled "Autistic" caused me. I get paid an alright amount every week. I've got nothing to do all day every day except watch anime and play videogames and masturbate like a giant fucking faggot.
But I'm trying to turn my life around. My nofap streak is strong, I'm dieting and exercising to lose my beer belly, I'm trying to be productive with my time…
I can't attract women while I'm a jobless white autist with no "Waste on women on the first date to buy a second one from her" money, but I've made my peace with that. Women won't magically make me feel complete or happy, they're brainless traitorous harpies I'm better off without. I have yet to meet an honest woman in my 23 years of being alive and being forced to know and deal with hundreds of them.
Maybe if I use my free time to work real hard on making my own indie video game, it might make me rich and I might be able to get my own money and a house of my own some day. Or maybe I could use that money to buy some doomsday prepper supplies. Or a ticket to a less faggy country once I've secured a way to make money online no matter where I go. We voted for Brexit 3 years ago and it still hasn't happened! Imagine if Trump had to wait 3 years before he could take power, and in the meantime Obama and Hillary ruled as if nothing happened, while also accelerating their persecution of white thoughtcriminals. This country's doomed. For fuck's sake, a while back some cops escorted a muzzie attack mob to some Tommy Robinson protestors and watched as the muzzies threw rocks, ready to step in if anyone fought back against the mudslimes or opened fire in self-defense. I don't think Britain will ever do that, so this country's already fallen. Does it make me a faggot to think such thoughts, or a realist? Why the fuck am I getting into so much "Me" shit? OP asked about ponies.
Anyway I was already redpilled on "Those fucking SJWs" being massive faggots but some redpillers on /mlp/ got to me and showed me the real shit. Only NatSoc can save us from IngSoc.

f1b1f No.249637

Real shit, it's hellish out there, especially for those of us molded by this clown world. If we don't act like the cogs we're supposed to in (((their))) neoliberal machine, or simply start noticing things, they'll make sure we're labelled and ostracized. There's some twisted large scale psyops that have been going on for a while. I'm sure everyone here sympathizes and relates to your story. We love you man, be safe and stay strong brother.

318f6 No.249643

File: 1572928152886.jpg (48.33 KB, 696x470, 1572824970262.jpg)


OP here.

God that sucks. It's stories like these that make me realize how sheltered I was as a kid, the worst I've ever dont would be the best a kid down the block would have. And I've slapped both my mom and step mom in the face before. (Although strange enough my mom didnt deserve it yet didnt call the police, while I had every right to hit my step mom and she did, statute of limitations ending almost a year ago in Janurary.)

My parents thought I had autism after one visit to some shrink who just graduated, but all my counselors who were certified to test for Autism said, "nah my nigga you don't".
Although Im currently posting on a nazi horse forum so the shrink may have been right.

I've honestly thought about researching and becoming redpilled on Autism but I could give a damn atm. Maybe something I should look into in the future?

I've definetly had my own problems, not as horrible as yours, but different and my own. Look at me now though, graduated HS early, joined the military, and now I live in Japan, which sounds like a dream until you realize the degenerecy isnt exclusive to the west andbyou get black pilled easily. Atleast when I was home I had they people I loved around, now I dont even have that.

I became redpilled slowly, after I had discovered the show during the first hiatus, I still remember people making memes about season 3 coming out, but it was of no influence. I would sparaticly pick up the show from time to time. Getting caught up, going onto a chan or two, reading some fanfiction and then dropping it. This may happen again, idk. But everytime I have a great shift, a new redpilling event I guess you could say, or every time I take a black pill, the show has been there. It was different some how. And seeing as now I have a lot of ideas for my own greens, or stories I think are two complex and plot based to just be a fun green, or just a nee found appreciation and understanding of the show, Ill probably be around for the long run.

Locking my room, turning off the lights and shit posting on horse forums. True magic.

Stay strong my king from across the pond, keep up the /sig/ and do the opposite of everything the griffons tell you too and we'll all make it.

318f6 No.249644

File: 1572928316336.gif (614.71 KB, 284x250, 1572827454225.gif)

Its hard to break the molding. Easier said than done. Its why we need our bros.

d61bd No.249648

If you're in Japan now, where are you from originally?
And what's degenerate about Japan? (Besides the fucked up hentai made there)

f8c8f No.249653

this show make me furry :(
i have always refused to be that LGBTfag before

318f6 No.249654

File: 1572935341654.gif (386.74 KB, 500x281, 1572585583012.gif)

Im a Yank from Alabama. And yes it is a sweet home.

Also Japan is degenerate for its highly profit driven capitalistic culture. To imagine it, think of the US, with less room, and thousands of years more of history under its belt to give off the illusion of there still being culture. There really isn't, atleast value and life style wise, its all an after glow.

I know too many people in my shop with asian wives. I've seen too many native women wearing niggress clothes, too many single asian moms with half white or half brown babies. Too many friends who fuck chicks who dont speak a word of English. All this removed from the porn obsessed culture, the borderline tolerance of child rape, and the thankless jobs. The ads, the size of the living spaces, the pachinko parlors lining the streets. No wonder the suicide rate here is so high.

Unironically Id rather be in England or Germany, which is a situation Im trying to set up after my two years here are over, and Im almost to the one year mark.

After my stunt in Europe Ill just go home, not even reenlist, get a comfy job in medicine or something. I hate being a mechanic.

d9d89 No.249655

So, you are a zogbot.

318f6 No.249656

File: 1572936386244.png (22.71 KB, 109x128, emote-7.png)

d9d89 No.249657

File: 1572936717723.png (761.42 KB, 4367x4521, agawegfw.png)

Take it easy.
You may redeem yourself.

318f6 No.249659

in my defense I didn't know shit when I enlisted. I know a few Fascists that are joining the military anyways if just to learn skills.

f8d02 No.249660

Nothing, I don't enjoy the show. Also I'm ancap not fash.

9a367 No.249687

File: 1572968367103.png (377.1 KB, 743x996, eponasmile.png)

Sounds like something we need to change.

d61bd No.249688

As long as you agree the jew needs to go, we can be friends.

cc776 No.249697

The eternal leaf, everyone.

f9397 No.249705

File: 1572980531303.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1036, long live mlpol.png)

blogpost, don't mind me
I was a /b/tard for almost an entire decade, stuck around long after most of the other oldfags left, never really followed or paid attention to politics, I was just sort of a casual liberal because all my friends were and all the TV comedy programs made it sound reasonable. Started lurking /pol/ around 2015 because it seemed like that's where the remaining oldfags were going, and wound up becoming legitimately interested in the subjects discussed. It's been a wild ride, I wound up reading Julius Evola and Plato and a bunch of other interesting things I'd probably not otherwise have picked up, and my views have changed radically as a result.

I am critical of NatSoc and Fascism and don't consider myself to be either, but I basically went from being politically oblivious to being a normie republican to being ancap/libertarian, then eventually discarding all of that. Now I believe in something more akin to Traditionalism/Monarchism, which is not something me from four years ago would have ever seen coming. I like the /pol/sphere; even though a lot of it is just tinfoil hat nonsense that's almost as dumb as what the left comes up with, it continuously challenges me to rethink and question everything, and not take anything I read in the news at face value.

The pony thing I was aware of but never really got into before /mlpol/ happened. I regret that now because it looks like the early fandom was a lot of fun. I basically had the complete 7 year fandom experience condensed into the space of about 7 months, and I'm surprised I was able to live through a concentrated dose of that much autism. It was fun though. I stuck around on 4/1 because I thought the whole thing was really really funny, and then wound up discovering I legitimately enjoyed ponies. Wound up going to a convention, buying a bunch of plushies, and generally going the full autistic monty. Even the EQG stuff I enjoyed more than I thought I would.

The show itself I think was a mixed bag overall. I find myself mostly on the side of the people who think it should have just ended after S3 and been fondly remembered. I also think the lore the fans would have doubtlessly come up with would probably have been better than what was ultimately made canon. However there were still some great later episodes. I'd call it about 75-80% good cumulatively, with the bulk of the fantastic episodes residing in the first three seasons and all but a handful of episodes from the last two seasons being in the mediocre to just plain awful category.

More than anything though I like what a creative and dynamic fandom this is. The only other fandom I've ever really gotten into is anime, and as much as I enjoy that, it's almost entirely a consumer fandom. Japan craps it out, and the weebs slurp it up and say "Thank you senpai." Every now and then you'll meet someone who writes and draws their own terrible manga, but by and large it's just a fandom that revolves around fat horny losers spending money and consuming content made by someone else. With MLP, it's a fandom of fat horny losers creating their own shitty content as well as consuming shitty content made by Hasbro, and that makes the experience more fun and interactive. That's how I've since tried to explain the appeal whenever I'm asked about it, as most people outside the fandom see it as just a bunch of omega dweebs sitting around obsessing over a children's cartoon show. The fandom really needs to be experienced in order to be understood.

In any case, I'm happy to have had this opportunity to spend the last two years creating and enjoying all of this shitty content with you fucking autistic fags. God bless us fat horny losers. God bless us, every one.

>strange enough my mom didnt deserve it yet didnt call the police, while I had every right to hit my step mom and she did
In my experience, it's usually the people who deserve to get hit who are the most shocked when someone actually hits them.

d61bd No.249722

You know what's stupid?
This world wants more cogs.
More samey mindless NPC cogs.
It's got too many cogs.
Not enough land to house the cogs and not enough taxpayer money to feed them and not enough jobs to go around.
But it still wants more cogs.
Not more houses, not more business owners, not more farmers.
Nothing that could threaten the monopolies on using and providing for the cogs.
Just more cogs.
They import more nogs because after some racemixing with whites their borderline-retarded children never think or question anything.
Always more nogs.
Want more cogs.
More cogs for the big broken machine.
Nobody in the machine can think of any way to fix the machine or allow anyone to think because that's uncogly behaviour.
Less cog-nition, more cogs.

d9d89 No.249725

File: 1572996467121.jpg (148.44 KB, 543x557, Epona-and-Link-the-legend-….jpg)

I'm in love.

60d76 No.249726

The show have meant a lot.
The first experience I had with MLP was 1st of April in the year of our Lord 2017. After a year of sifting trough shilling, minion posting and other low effort posting, a happy little pastel colored pony stared back at me. The initial outcry from much of /pol/ was hilarious with condemnation and reeee'ing. I myself fund a new love for this cute little thing. I might have heard about MLP FiM in the passing a few times before, but I was free of any preconditioning and prejudice towards the show. Perhaps I was among the lucky ones, the ones who gladly would set aside some time to watch the show and make an independent determination. And what I found was a fun show, I think I thought it was a bit slow start (two first episodes), but the show quickly picked up speed.

I just want to say thanks to all who posted ponies, and all who urged me to watch the show. Without it I would probably still be stuck at 4chan or another dark place.

God Bless you Anon

And God Bless you All

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