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File: 1570758691556.jpg (46.5 KB, 620x387, bird1_3409418b.jpg)

b0add No.246538[Last 50 Posts]



>Latest interviews with Assad


>Live MAPS


>Fan maps


>Syria Oct 3
>Yemen Oct 3
>Afghanistan Oct 3
>Iraq Oct 2
>Libya Sep 29

Devs Oct 9
>Turkish artillery and warplanes target Qamishli, Ras al-Ain, Darbasiyah, Kharab Rashak & Jaroudiyah in north and north eastern Syria and SDF bases in Sarekaniye as well as YPG training camp in the village of Hoshan in Ayn Isa, north of Raqqa
>SDF artillery is in play in several areas. Shelling across the border in retaliation, hitting several Turkish border towns.
>Mass displacement of civilians have started in the Kurdish areas targeted by Turkish forces and SDF halts its operations against ISIS.
>Fox News: US forces received orders from Trump not to move in northern Syria.
>Heavy smoke reportedly from tires being burned in Tel Abyad and Syrian democratic forces has carried out a number of raids against Turkish positions on the borders with turkey in Dêrik (Al-Malikiya)
>SAA forces continue daily light shelling of southern Idlib area
>Kurdish insurgent forces increase intensity of attacks against Turkish positions
>the SDF wants Damascus to recognize its authority over Manbij, Raqqa and eastern Deir Ezzor
>Kurdish Regional Government in North Iraq shuts border crossing with Kurdish run areas of North Syria, preventing fleeing Kurdish civilians from entering the region.
>Egypt calls for Emergency Arab Summit about the Turkish attack and the EU rejects Turkey's plans for a safe zone

Prev >>239186

49be7 No.246541

>Erdogan was attacked today by an assailant from an unidentified nation. Turkey is responding by killing people
Sorry, carry on

858ab No.246543

File: 1570760762840.png (1.35 MB, 2610x2259, 165EE2D6-B3C8-4FB4-A830-8E….png)

I’m dropping off this Shitmap a friend helped me make by screencapping the wiki warmap page since all the mobile webpage screencap programs are ass and create jpg artifacts all over the map.
I disappear again.

c04a8 No.246572

>I disappear again

85f14 No.246575

Good luck borther.

c04a8 No.246593

Which Australian are you?

85f14 No.246604

File: 1570772471386.jpg (59.95 KB, 880x629, ANA vs RPG.jpg)

One of the other ones, likely not one you are thinking of because I don't post very often.

e7f62 No.246607

File: 1570774660688.png (618.89 KB, 720x720, 67B91F0E-E96E-4BD4-861D-E0….png)

05064 No.246638

Thanks for the fresh bread mate.

05064 No.246639

>#BREAKING According to #OSINT, the Iranian Oil tanker was hit at 0500, fired two missiles from an Israeli gunboat, which started at 2300 hours, from the Israeli naval base on the island of Dahlak Eritrea. Then spotted at 0245 sailing 34 km south-east of Port Sudan.

05064 No.246640

>#Russian air force is targeting the surroundings of Kafr Nabl in southern #Idlib countryside.

41ee3 No.246641

File: 1570793380590.png (277.5 KB, 389x469, 1450283351901.png)

>iraeli gunboat,
>israeli naval base on the island of Dahlak Eritrea.

05064 No.246642


> Iran's national oil company denies reports one of its tanker attacked by rockets from Saudi Arabia. Seems it was some kind of accident. Says tanker now in stable condition. False alarm.


41ee3 No.246643

File: 1570793537197.png (17.04 KB, 900x900, 1410481963528.png)

yeah that seemed odd

05064 No.246644

IN ships do patrol the Red sea, yes?

41ee3 No.246645

>IN ships

05064 No.246646

Israeli Navy.

41ee3 No.246649

File: 1570794541931.jpg (69.09 KB, 699x485, 1477184629634 (3).jpg)

Oh right.
Yeah, from the port of Eilat. but striking a random Iranian tanker out of the blue doesn't really make sense. especially after bibi said few days ago Israel isn't prepared to deal with Iran's missile threat. maybe the Saudis? or an Irani FF to heat things up.

05064 No.246652

>maybe the Saudis? or an Irani FF to heat things up.
Doubt its the Saudis either it seems they rather not fuck with the Iranians directly and if this article is to believed
They are trying to de-escalate.

b0add No.246653

Np Pingu, good to see you still around

b0add No.246654

Αγάπη μου, πώς είσαι?

41ee3 No.246656

File: 1570796161755.png (85.21 KB, 675x548, 2019-10-11_15-14-14.png)

χρόνια και ζαμάνια
Κάνω καλά τον εαυτό μου
Τι σκαρώνεις? πώς είναι η ζωή? Σας λείπεις, ο πόλεμος έχει επιβραδυνθεί και όλα είναι βαρετά

Are they still claiming it's a missile attack? can't see really anyone doing this for shit n giggles rn

b0add No.246659

I've checked in off and on to see if you all were still around, I'm out of the loop on most things concerning the war but I know not much is going on until these recent Turkish military ops. Life is better than ever, but more different than ever too. I've been pretty busy with work since I got the new promotion in June, I'll soon be legally single, the paperwork is in the mail. But technically I'm not single because I've found the most perfect beautiful woman I always hoped for. Her body is insane, her ass is indescribable, she loves it rough and she's just as crazy as me, she's the best thing besides my sons that ever happened to me.

e0d9d No.246660

how old are you people?
i know your life story could be that of a 23 year old in America but really, im envisioning a 35 yo boomer rn

b0add No.246662

You're too smart for your own good Hans. Which German are you?

e0d9d No.246663

I object to inconspicuous namefagging, especially names given by (((Arabbaathist)))

05064 No.246664

I fucked up here >>246642
should have quoted the actual news source rather than this Ali Tahmizian fellow.
The Iranians didnt claim that there was no rocket attack rather
>Iran's National Petroleum Company denies rocket fire from Saudi Arabia to Iranian tanker in the Red Sea.

>#Iran FM spokesman confirms Iranian oil tanker hit twice in Red Sea, sustained damages


not gonna lie mate thought you had left us for good. Also how much damage did hurricane dorian in your area?

b0add No.246665

Edgy or Gay?>>246664
>not gonna lie mate thought you had left us for good.
Not really, I just check in occasionally to see if you guys still post, but I don't have the time I used to in following all the developments, so usually I stay quiet.
>Also how much damage did hurricane dorian in your area?
Absolutely none, by the time it got to me it was nothing more than a thunderstorm. I'm in the center of the state so usually by the time they reach me they've weakened substantially, Dorian hugged the coast, I'm a little over an hour from the coast.

b0add No.246666

41ee3 No.246668

File: 1570800549656.gif (3.69 MB, 500x332, 1442287433351.gif)

>I've been pretty busy with work since I got the new promotion in June

> I'll soon be legally single, the paperwork is in the mail. But technically I'm not single because I've found the most perfect beautiful woman I always hoped for.

Dang, what a rollercoaster - happy for you mate, sounds like things are coming together for you rather well and she sounds like a charm.

Ahh I see, wonder if they'll retaliate.

>Iranian Foreign Ministry: Targeting the Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea is dangerous and those behind it bear responsibility for its repercussions


>I just check in occasionally to see if you guys still post, but I don't have the time I used to in following all the developments
Just means your'e doing better than the rest of us haha.

41ee3 No.246669

File: 1570801632596.mp4 (814.71 KB, 288x640, Huge explosion in Qamishli….mp4)

#Breaking: Car bomb exploded in #Syria's #Qamishli, reports of heavy civilian casualties: SDF

41ee3 No.246684

File: 1570807882090.jpg (361.08 KB, 1792x1024, EGm469fXYAAQ5eU.jpg)

Unidentified aircraft launches 4 raids on Iranian militia positions in Al-Jalaa area of Albukamal countryside, east of Deir Ezzor. https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2019/11-october-unidentified-aircraft-launches-4-raids-on-iranian … via @RadioAlKul

19650 No.246693

>No damage
Good to see that a fellow Floridian wasn't affected at all as well.

efaf5 No.246700

efaf5 No.246701

>the Israeli naval base on the island of Dahlak Eritrea
is this ironic/unironic shitposting?

05064 No.246715

File: 1570824254288.jpg (45.27 KB, 680x510, EGnw-T6W4AAW8gO.jpg)

>US base was struck by #Turkey, @Newsweek report stating Turkey claims the attack was an accident.

>Turkish artillery hit close to a US special operations unit near #Kobani #Syria on Friday, US official confirms. The artillery shells hit several hundred meters from where the US special ops forces werelocated. There are no US injuries.


05064 No.246716

The al-Masdar News, a pro-government blog, reported that the patrol was targeted on a road linking the towns of Inkhil and Jasim.

“At least one Russian soldier and two Syrian military personnel were wounded as a result of this attack,” the blog’s report reads.

Last July, a vehicle of the Russian Military Police was targeted with an IED in the eastern Daraa countryside. Back then, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that no one was killed or injured in the attack.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is yet to confirm the new attack. The ministry usually releases a statement on such incidents within 24 hours.
No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, so far. However, ISIS cells are known to be active in the region, that was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) last year.

05064 No.246718

File: 1570824676061-0.mp4 (6.57 MB, 640x360, mI_7xvrzsG6ZS_gy.mp4)

File: 1570824676061-1.mp4 (631.93 KB, 320x580, P0wHxoUTENWqJ5Yr.mp4)

>Footage of shelling by Turkey on a prison. 5 ISIS terrorists escaped while SDF fighters were trying to transfer them to a safer location.

05064 No.246720

>Clashes between the regime-controlled areas and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the SDF areas on the outskirts of Tabiyeh, east of Deir ez-Zor, are now apparent in an apparent attempt by the regime to advance towards Koniko gas.

c1a8f No.246723

#Breaking Snr US official tells me all US troops are safe & accounted for after explosion in vicinity of US troops (near #Kobani ) There has been no explosion since & "There are no indications this was intentional," the official added w/o saying who was responsible #Syria


05064 No.246725

File: 1570825515388-0.mp4 (2.59 MB, 480x270, iAIVAEw3KGR6W7_I.mp4)

File: 1570825515388-1.mp4 (368.32 KB, 636x360, 70bVHDwg7R-Bh4nd.mp4)

File: 1570825515388-2.mp4 (48.41 KB, 640x360, H2R5-Fa5fJlL1W0C.mp4)

>Numerous Turkish commandos and tanks are being reinforced on Akçakale border line.

> footage shows a YPG/SDF Armed pickup truck being hit by a precision airstrike.


> footage of the artillery strikes in Kobane.


05064 No.246726

>All reports of an SAA attack on SDF positions in eastern Deir Ezzor are unconfirmed.

05064 No.246728

File: 1570826825416-0.jpg (110.74 KB, 1024x811, EGnP-exXkAAgm61.jpg)

>Islamic State claims responsibility for the car bomb attack in Qamishli today in northern Syria as Turkish artillery, jets and ground forces pound Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces from the south

05064 No.246729

>U.S. official on reports of Turkish attack on SOF in Syria: ``We don't know if it's Turkish fire. We don't know if it's Kurdish fire. We just want to make sure we don't have a lot of errant information out there saying U.S. Service members were attacked. That's not accurate''

05064 No.246731

>Directly from a source in the SAA-held area in Euphrates eastern bank: There was no clashes, no exchange of fire, no U.S. airstrikes, no tension … Situation calm and Russian, U.S. UAV are patrolling the skies over the area, as usual.

>All reports of an SAA attack on SDF area, which was promoted by Turkey-based opposition outlets, are 100% false. Reports of coalition airstrikes on government forces, Iranian forces, are also 100% false.


05064 No.246732

Areas reported to be captured by TAF and TFSA today

>Al Dimu and Tal Dhuban under control, near Tal Abyad.


>Al Masaudiyah, Jadiyah, Al Othmaniyah were capturedi, SW of Tal Abyad.


>Tal Halaf has been liberated from terrorists, west of Rasulayn.


>Asfar Najjar and surrounding silos have been liberated, west of Resulayn.


>Mehrabal village liberated from terrorist east of Tal Abyad


>Halava village libarated from terrorists, southeast of Tal Abyad.


c1a8f No.246733

File: 1570827553317-0.jpg (20.28 KB, 1080x814, EGoCgzmWsAI8oLK.jpg)

File: 1570827553317-1.jpg (333.77 KB, 1792x1024, EGoChnYXYAArt-e.jpg)

Turkish army heavy shelling on Sermisax village in Girge Lege countryside


what a shitshow

05064 No.246734

File: 1570827568913-0.png (395.55 KB, 595x711, EGoB_kQXUAA4ele.png)

>Turkish Defense Ministry says, the YPG/PKK post 1000 m south of the US posts targeted Turkish posts in Suruç and in response Turkey fired back at the militant group post. And took precautions to avoid US post. After the US call artillery fire ceased. Here is the approximate map

05064 No.246735

File: 1570829723518-0.jpg (43.93 KB, 719x545, 3464576342.jpg)

>Source from #Rojava :The #Turkish army are shelling hospital & medical clinics in #Derik city!

05064 No.246738

>A Russian military delegation arrived late Friday at Qamishli International Airport.
The Russian delegation appears to have been on a mission apparently to mediate between the Syrian government and SDF to avoid losing new territory to Turkey…

>The arrival of the Russian military delegation to Qamishli airport, coincided with the departure of a delegation from the "SDF" to Damascus. "


05064 No.246739

c04a8 No.246803

File: 1570861536683.gif (525.72 KB, 1500x500, rojavagif.gif)

Duuuuuh! Duhduhbumbumbuuuum! Duhsuahbum! babababuuum ba ba babababum!

c04a8 No.246804

For the full cinematic experience, open image in new tab and zoom in.
I'll be making daily updates on 4chan, and I'll include weekly updates here too.

b0add No.246808

Same here

08d74 No.246816

File: 1570876302836.jpg (141.39 KB, 1226x686, 12343565765.jpg)

I hurt myself today….

c1a8f No.246843

File: 1570892028600.jpg (199.69 KB, 1200x746, EGr5zryX4AECBqU.jpg)

urrent situation near #TalAbyad.

c1a8f No.246845

File: 1570893236182.jpg (72.6 KB, 680x351, EGr-rUIX0AAIb7N.jpg)

Today #Turkish forces & #TFSA captured Al-Jindawi, Al-Deek, Al-Sharqi, Sard ,Dhiyahbah ,Issawi ,Saeediah ,Al-Dhabaa ,Al-Daruliyah & Sere Kaniye from #SDF
Clashes inside #TelAbyad from S and E of the city

c1a8f No.246846

File: 1570893457936.jpg (78.99 KB, 680x386, EGr_DQMXYAA9C2_.jpg)

44475 No.246848

File: 1570894390909.jpeg (83.8 KB, 640x480, DA6B9294-D3D4-48F0-BE5D-7….jpeg)

c1a8f No.246858

File: 1570902032493-0.jpg (660.45 KB, 3204x1197, EGsfjogX4AAecb_.jpg)

File: 1570902032493-1.jpg (665.87 KB, 3230x1603, EGsfjofX0Acduow.jpg)

File: 1570902032493-2.jpg (245.34 KB, 1684x1549, EGsfjoYWwAAeEU1.jpg)

NE. #Syria: situation on 3rd day of Eastern #Euphrates Offensive where 40+ villages & hamlets were captured from #SDF-#YPG along 3 main axes. Maps h/t @Nrg8000.

c1a8f No.246876

Developing: Massive Syrian Army force arrives at outskirts of Manbij amid reports of imminent takeover

The source said the Syrian Army will not attack the town, but they are hoping to secure a deal that would allow them to enter Manbij and prevent the Turkish military from attacking this area.


dd9fa No.246906

File: 1570937124225-0.png (727.75 KB, 2496x2061, 2013.png)

File: 1570937124225-1.png (750.64 KB, 1024x788, Syria-Ethnicity-Summary-Ma….png)

>the M4 highway prong
>SDF being a headless chicken outside of k*rd heartland
Gee who could've seen this coming?
What will happen is T*rkey will take the cities they're currently trying to seige, they'll capture the M4 and isolate Kobani from the rest of SDF area, probably Manbij aswell. After that they'll Afrin their asses there.
The t*rks are definitely eyeing Raqqa aswell but i think they'll give SDF a chance to give it to Assad. Hasakah/Qamishli is a mystery though but I'm guessing the burgers are blocking any offensive there to not let ISIS get out of hand (bad PR if al-Hawl had a prison break for instance lel).
Not expecting SDF to betray USA any time soon though.

084de No.246913

File: 1570946322435.gif (404.94 KB, 540x432, sad.gif)

>They didn't use the meme version with the Kurdish and Turkish spurdos…

084de No.246919

File: 1570959245243.jpg (400.41 KB, 1683x877, zzzz4.jpg)

Okay guys, I need clarification because sources are disagreeing (for gif-making purposes).
On the 12th, has Ras al-Ayn been fully captured by the Torks or is it still contested?
AND (also by the 12th)
Have the Turks reached the road that splits Ayn Issa from Tell Tamer?

Also, unrelated because I'm not too worried about the 13th atm, but HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS (map for today)! I don't even know what I'm looking at here!

c1a8f No.246951

Ismat Sheikh Hassan, Minister of Defense of the Autonomous Administration of North & East #Syria 🇸🇾 (NES) or #Rojava, confirms they reached an agreement with #Russia 🇷🇺 gov to let the #Assad regime army enter #Kobane


SDF official in Kobani says we have done an agreement with the Syrian governement to enter the city in the next few hours.


c1a8f No.246952

File: 1570984746488.jpg (342.27 KB, 1242x945, 1570984433692.jpg)

#Syrian forces prepare to enter #Kobani and #Manbij northeastern #Syria after reaching an agreement with #SDF - Hmeimim base


c1a8f No.246953

File: 1570984870943.jpg (708.79 KB, 2830x1796, EGw9WfRWkAECH6w.jpg)

Map control-Tal Abyad

c1a8f No.246956

File: 1570986961649.jpg (433.92 KB, 1792x1024, EGxj02-W4AE-XPX.jpg)

SANA: Syrian army sends troops to the north of the country to face the Turkish aggression


c1a8f No.246960

Initial reports of #SAA entering #Manbij. #Turkey #Syria


BREAKING: Russia establishes no-fly zone over #Manbij & #Kobani.


08d74 No.246968

dd9fa No.246973

File: 1570991794556-0.jpg (70.34 KB, 1024x524, EBZNNSSXsAAM3QK.jpg)

Hoo boy!
Is SAA gonna hold the M4 or what?

c1a8f No.246977

#Kurds agreed on all requested points by #Damascus and #Russia is the guarantor.


c1a8f No.246978

The advance of the Syrian Army doesn't mean a clash with the Turkish forces. Russia is reaching a comprehensive agreement with Turkey and Damascus to halt the military operation as soon as possible. The main target is reached: the US forces out of Syria.


c1a8f No.246982

The yellow flags will be replaced with Syrian Arab Republic flags

Who is within the military service age will be assigned to the military same as any Syrian citizen

The heavy-medium weapons will be handed over to the SAA

All government facilities will return to the areas


c1a8f No.246995

Hasakah is being handed over to the SAA at the moment. Things are moving smoothly and peacefully.


The NDF is spread across Hasaka quarters


08d74 No.247000

File: 1571001086605.jpg (134.3 KB, 1065x622, 12343654756.jpg)


05064 No.247004

File: 1571001530901.jpg (96.04 KB, 792x558, 1445723327309.jpg)

Thought the Kurds would need a bit more ass raping from the Turks before they bent the knee to Damascus.

08d74 No.247006

Tbh, the initial artillery barrage was enough.

05064 No.247010

Are the US forces evacuating from Dei-e-Zor as well or just from Raqqa and Hasakah governorates?

c1a8f No.247012


US troops notified the Syrian Army it needs more time to remove some heavy weapons, (sensitive) documents and other military equipment.

Full control first thing in the morning.


Esper said everything but Al-Tanf is being evacuated

A second US official confirms the president has ordered all US troops in Syria except for those the Al Tanf garrison to withdraw within 30 days


08d74 No.247013


05064 No.247014

File: 1571002790615.jpg (73.25 KB, 680x468, EGxvSaaXUAIep_W.jpg)

kek. Also use pic for fresh bread at the other place.

49932 No.247016

File: 1571002919848.jpeg (251.86 KB, 1153x865, 96733026-AD64-4CB3-BAD9-6….jpeg)

For those that are still skeptical of Turkey’s intentions, I offer my analysis.

>Never trust a Turk

I don’t trust them either, but I know they’re gonna pull out since the reason they entered northern Syria in 2016 is now dealt with decisively - ending the prospects of independent Kurdistan before it results in a civil race war within Turkey. Turkey’s actions in Syria to this point have had the end goal of resolving the issue of national security because the PKK was establishing bases in Northern Syria and Northern Iraq thus constituting a legitimate national security threat to Turkey as Greater Kurdistan entails a civil race war within Turkey since the majority of the Kurdish population is within Turkey.
ALL of Turkey’s incursions have been against the Kurds, with the exception of Idlib which ultimately proved to be nothing more than a bargaining chip to use in negotiations with Russia and Syria regarding the Kurds. Now that the Kurds are dealt with in the best way possible (surrender to Assad and peaceful reintegration), the bargaining chip in Idlib has outlived its usefulness and the rebels will surrender en masse once they realize Turkey will no longer protect them.
Turkey was never gonna stand by and let their #1 enemy form a nation along their entire southern border with the goal of expanding their borders into Turkey. It was a preemptive campaign to nip a violent issue in the bud.

Now that the Kurds are handing over their areas and military weaponry/gear to Assad as they should’ve done to begin with after ISIS was defeated, the Turks no longer have a reason to stay. They will pull out slowly though, to keep ISIS from resurging in a power vacuum like what happened to Iraq in 2014, but they’ll pull out while handing over ground control to SAA/Russia. It will be done incrementally and orderly.

>They’ll annex those areas! Muh ottomanism!

Let me preface my points with this statement: Erdogan is many things, but he is no fool and he is not stupid. He has far too much to lose and far too little to gain from that move.

1) Turkey’s economy is shaky because of US sanctions, annexing NW Syria would only drain the economy as Turkey would have to repair the damage caused by war.
2) The West hates Erdogan, and have tried to have him removed via coup. Erdogan can only turn to the East. Annexing parts of Syria after multiple assertions that Turkey will respect Syrian sovereignty would only cause Erdogan to lose his hard-earned favor with the East and Turkey to become an international pariah, which would kill their economy and lead to a Turkish Spring revolt against Erdogan coupled with a Kurdish revolt to take advantage of the instability.
3) Turkey is hosting 5M+ Syrian refugees that they want out of Turkey. Why then would they permanently increase the number of Syrians and Kurds within Turkey? It’s easier to just return the Syrians to Syria.
4) Turkey gets to go home with a victory under its belt after decisively dealing with the Kurdistan issue, and humiliating a superpower by forcing them out. Erdogan has so much to gain and so little to lose by bringing the troops home now.


One more thing to consider. The US being forced out of Syria demonstrates one crucial thing: they are no longer calling the shots in the Middle East.

c1a8f No.247017

I can't Scottish boomer has taken over the bakery

05064 No.247018

I see.

78d7a No.247035

File: 1571010246920.mp4 (7.78 MB, 854x480, Turkey Invaded Syria, So T….mp4)

>Turkey Invaded Syria, So That the USA Can Invade Iran

What do you think about this view about the chess game at play?

dd9fa No.247045

File: 1571013494829-0.gif (1.86 MB, 345x237, 1511710507637.gif)

Absolute horseshit

084de No.247046

File: 1571014933211.png (37.18 KB, 986x995, zz8.png)

Pro-Assad forces are amassing at Bukamal, in preparations to cross the river into SDF territory

dd9fa No.247047

File: 1571015346893-0.jpg (87.19 KB, 1200x675, 4.jpg)

File: 1571015346893-1.jpg (60.04 KB, 1200x675, 5.jpg)

>As CNN reporter left Ayn Isa, just next to the M4 highway, Turkish Armed Forces patrols appeared
Guess that answers the question, then, TFSA will control the M4.
Probably taking over the LaFarge cement factory base that the burgers used aswell:
I predict something like this will be the minimum extent of the t*rks landgrabbing:
What happens between Ain Issa and Raqqa though i dare not speculate.

dd9fa No.247048

>Tabqa airbase is being handed over to the SAA.
>Raqqa Military Council is cooperating with the SAA. Everything is expected to move smoothly.
>Tabqa soon. Tonight is a night of movement.
>SAA are supposed to be given both Tabqa and Raqqa tonight. Raqqa Military Council will work directly with SAA command to make sure there are no security incidents.

dd9fa No.247049

>Unknown aircraft has bombed a convoy belonging to SNA terrorists near the village "Kormaza", north of Ain Issa city now.
>Update: Pro-Turkish sources claiming a missle of "barrel bomb" type has just hit a convoy near the village "Kormaza", very heavy casualties reported inside ranks of SNA terrorists and allies.
^obviously a propaganda peddler but interesting if true

ce12e No.247050

>Transfering ISIS prisoners
>Not shooting them

dd9fa No.247052

File: 1571017997328-0.png (89.51 KB, 1105x1053, 1505490858765.png)

Hopefully the arrival of SAA will change things.

dd9fa No.247055

>The Syrian Arab Army has reportedly moved west from al-Hasakah and entered the town of Tal Tamr
>An SAA convoy passed through this town over five hours ago and continued in the direction of Ras al-Ayn.
Dunno about this….

dd9fa No.247064

File: 1571030580725-0.jpg (60.6 KB, 960x720, 4.jpg)

b2ae8 No.247069

Based Nate, always good to check on sg and see your efforts.
Stay litty familia.

084de No.247078

Good to hear from you again. Gruber is happy because many old aussies are meeting each other again on 4chan. Have you been there too? Anyway, I'll be there daily during the offensive.

dd9fa No.247080

efaf5 No.247091

>b*omer voice
>retarded statements
checks out

e0d9d No.247106

>not MRAPs
frickin Lügenpresse

e0d9d No.247127

This war is getting epic again, but in a different kind of shade.

05064 No.247137

>Agreement between Syrian government / SDF

1- the dismantling of the SDF
2-SAA will spread across the areas which was controlled previously by the SDF/US
3-local forces will fight under the command of SAA
4-areas between Ras Al Ayn Tal Abyad will remain hostile until liberated

e0d9d No.247139

gonna need official anouncement to believe this

05064 No.247140

aye that is true

05064 No.247141

>Pentagon says Turkish action in Syria has "undermined" mission to defeat IS

>Pentagon chief to seek NATO measures against "egregious" Turkish actions


e0d9d No.247142

File: 1571087363704.png (390.41 KB, 1439x875, Screenshot_2019-10-14 Map ….png)

Holy Fuck, while it is also turning blue in many parts, seeing these areas go Red is unironically so satisfying. It has been sooooooo long.

c1a8f No.247151

File: 1571091320761.jpg (421.35 KB, 1536x1352, EG3s1oOXUAMspBE.jpg)

#SAA take/enter #Tabqa city, Tabqa AB, Ayn ‘Issa & #Manbij + countrysides as per agreement w/ #SDF to confront #Turkey-led #PeaceSpring invasion.

These great achievements gave SAA significant opportunities to reach ‘Ayn Al-‘Arab (#Kobane) on time


bdfde No.247172

Although known to historians and religious experts, the centuries-old political and economic influence of a group known in Turkish as the “Dönmeh” is only beginning to cross the lips of Turks, Arabs, and Israelis who have been reluctant to discuss the presence in Turkey and elsewhere of a sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th centuries. These Jewish refugees from Spain were welcomed to settle in the Ottoman Empire and over the years they converted to a mystical sect of Islam that eventually mixed Jewish Kabbala and Islamic Sufi semi-mystical beliefs into a sect that eventually championed secularism in post-Ottoman Turkey. It is interesting that “Dönmeh” not only refers to the Jewish “untrustworthy converts” to Islam in Turkey but it is also a derogatory Turkish word for a transvestite, or someone who is claiming to be someone they are not.

The Donmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, a Kabbalist who believed he was the Messiah but was forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler. Many of the rabbi’s followers, known as Sabbateans, but also “crypto-Jews,” publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism, which was unrecognized by mainstream Jewish rabbinical authorities. Because it was against their beliefs to marry outside their sect, the Dönmeh created a rather secretive sub-societal clan.

More at https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2011/10/25/the-doenmeh-the-middle-easts-most-whispered-secret-part-i/

bdfde No.247173

An article in The Forward of May 8, 2007, revealed that Dönmeh dominated Turkish leadership “from the president down, as well as key diplomats . . . and a great part of Turkey’s military, cultural, academic, economic, and professional elites” kept Turkey out of a World War II alliance with Germany, and deprived Hitler of a Turkish route to the Baku oilfields.” In his book, The Donme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries and Secular Turks, Professor Marc David Baer wrote that many advanced to exalted positions in the Sufi religious orders.

…this explains a lot of Turkey's behavior.

a17ec No.247174

What the hay, I love Erdogan now.

bdfde No.247183

Part II mentions an Iraqi intelligence report from 2002, here is the link.

dd9fa No.247204

Oleg filming a Blogkhin in a former burger base, Manbij.

e0d9d No.247209

>Kabbala + gnosticism (hidden behind a vow of Islam)
How is this not based?
This is too gnostic even for kikes, mind you.

c1a8f No.247242

File: 1571173132984.jpg (273.12 KB, 1440x1080, EG8hkd3WsAAQms1 (1).jpg)

Huge crowds of #SAA #SyrianArabArmy #SyrianArmy #SyrianArmedForces continue to reach Northern Hama Countryside and Southern Idlib Countryside to start the "second phase" of the Operation to Liberate the Idlib Region. (Many Tiger Forces Soldiers Promoting it)

Ivan is back.. for now.

c1a8f No.247247

File: 1571178898980.jpg (525.31 KB, 1957x1187, EG88IiBWsAcmXVW.jpg)

During first phase, #SAA will prioritize deployment to areas along combat-lines then border-lines to minimalize gains & stop march of #Turkey-led invasion.

Secondary focus is expansion of #Syria|n government jurisdiction over remaining #SDF-territory (far from front).


b1298 No.247272

File: 1571186494185.png (1.36 MB, 2610x2259, FC1CD0A4-2340-4BEF-BBB7-66….png)

>I can into daily Shitmaps on mobile

b1298 No.247291

File: 1571189112189.jpeg (47 KB, 400x491, 2C9E5345-E2B8-4FAF-AC27-1….jpeg)

Get ready for Libya and Yemen Shitmupdates.
>What about Afghanistan?
I’m ditching the Shitmap and sticking to the Districtmap since it’s impossible to chart frontlines in Afghanistan - almost all the reporting is done at the district level instead of village level like Syria, Libya, and Yemen.

b0add No.247315

Nice, you know I have a confession to make. I never posted, baked, or did devs updates on anything but a fucking phone.

b1298 No.247324

File: 1571194399036.png (852.4 KB, 3210x2803, 651434BB-7806-4F61-A387-74….png)

Ayyyyyyyy, an actually based phoneposter. Had to be Android since I never smelled phoneposter on you, coupled with some apps.

Yemen Shitmap!
I’ll be working Libya from scratch like the last two Shitnaps I did today.

b1298 No.247327

Shout out to the guys who made this site, it’s just what I needed.

b0add No.247328

>an actually based phoneposter
All the time I was very active I loved when people would hate on phoneposters when most of the time during American daylight hours they were posting in phone bakes
>Had to be Android since I never smelled phoneposter on you
>coupled with some apps
I used Overchan, which was pretty good. For devs I just used Chrome, then posted them in notes and edited them. I went through a lot of bullshit just to do all of that work on a phone but at the time I had nothing better to do.

b0add No.247333

>she sounds like a charm
She is, she's a microbiologist, she's smart as hell and hot as fuck.

084de No.247336

File: 1571195769554.jpg (104.43 KB, 840x499, zzzz2.jpg)

Here is my gif which I've been bravely struggling to make without you:

if you see any major inaccuracies, (I'm sure you will), then let me know!

c1a8f No.247337

File: 1571195835881.gif (1.78 MB, 350x255, 1386800282503.gif)

>she's a microbiologist

b1298 No.247340

File: 1571197127254.png (581.71 KB, 2210x2878, 5F3BB036-2F6D-49DA-8A74-64….png)

Libya Shitmap!

>tfw iShit hated all 4chan apps
You’re very lucky you have Android, I’ll never get iShit if I can keep from it - it hates everything that is windows and makes you severely limited on what you can do. But it’s better than nothing.
Trips of truth, checked.
Not seeing any major inaccuracies. You did good lad.
I wonder if we could talk on another platform so we can share notes in real time.

9806a No.247342

>she's a microbiologist
She'd have to be to see your dick lmao.

084de No.247345

Sure, do you have twitter?
You could add me there?

084de No.247346


You can find my troll account at

b1298 No.247347

Nope, I don’t have Twitter.

084de No.247348


b1298 No.247350

No steam either. I have something but I’m not proud to say what it is.

b1298 No.247357

I sleep. Tonight was a good night.
Stay safe lads.

efaf5 No.247358

File: 1571202654612.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x245, 354deaa3770912621bb816da07….jpg)

efaf5 No.247359

you too ebin

0d338 No.247360

W - what is it?

08d74 No.247388

Tinder, I bet. ;^)
In other news, Ruskies are already in Kobane.

b1298 No.247395

File: 1571238558746.png (158.47 KB, 451x454, 817C0877-BBD7-4210-B320-01….png)

Worse, lel.

efaf5 No.247396


007e0 No.247432

It's Gab isn't it?

007e0 No.247433

2002f No.247457

>U.S. bombs own base left over in Syria
Not like we haven’t left weapons in Syria for the enemy to find.

b1298 No.247474

File: 1571289056469.png (1.36 MB, 2610x2259, 070ED5D6-3DEE-4795-B04B-2C….png)

Syria Shitmupdate

084de No.247515

Yeah, I was thinking grindr too. Haha.
Discord? Yes, I do have one but I haven't used it in a year, and even when I was using it, I had no idea how it worked (Muttley made me create an account). So yes, I do have one… I'm looking at it now…
>friend tab
>add friend
Okay, I think I've figured it out. What's your Discord tag?

084de No.247516

Also, people on Wikipedia are heavily critiquing my map of the Rojava offensive. They seem angry at me. I - I'm frightened.
Two people have asked "What's your source for this!?" and I think they'll probably take it down if I answer "me and a guy I know online named Ebin"

9cd1b No.247518

File: 1571322244407.jpeg (38.46 KB, 500x361, 62ED86C3-6FEE-42B6-8327-4….jpeg)

Errr, I’d rather you post yours first if you don’t mind and I’ll add you.
That’s why you have multiple sources ready in response to criticism. Look at my updates for Afghanistan back when I was updating the map and especially for my mass updates after careful research - I never went without a source since you have to have a source for literally every edit to that map.
No, al-m*Sdar is not a reliable source, blacklist it immediately.
Anyhow I’m literally just screencapping the Wikipedia warmap page, so ask THEM what their sources are.

9cd1b No.247519

File: 1571322541240.png (324.08 KB, 750x1334, E2C58597-1399-437A-8E08-9E….png)

> especially for my mass updates after careful research - I never went without a source since you have to have a source for literally every edit to that map.
Pic related

084de No.247521

Is that right? it's the number next to my name. Seems a little low, if that's meant to be a unique identifier.
Thanks for the advice. My sources are always the same. Livemaps, southfront, syrianwarmap and your map, then average the differences, but give more weight to claims if there is photo evidnce or specific tweet for that area.

084de No.247522

My account name is C. Kyle
if that's needed too?

9cd1b No.247523

e7f62 No.247615

File: 1571402493782.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 3000x4000, 1793473.png)

Live from Syria

084de No.247714

File: 1571446618693-0.png (189.34 KB, 1152x1588, zzzz5.png)

File: 1571446618693-1.png (103.67 KB, 860x628, zzzz2.png)

Ebin! They are mustering their forces against me! Look at this. It's all from the last 12 hours alone. Pic related.
My wiki friends are fighting back against them (see bottom of the pic).

Yeah, some of what they say is reasonable, but they want me to use "reliable sources" like CNN.

This is the pic the want me to use. I know what you're thinking, but this pic was released after the ceasefire! FUCKING THIS MAP IS THEIR EXAMPLE OF A GOOD MAP!
I won't do it! I swear I won't do it!

084de No.247724

Well, it's a new article, but apparently using an old picture. Still awful though.

f3e3c No.247736

File: 1571449927166.png (1.36 MB, 2610x2259, BE50AAC9-ACD7-484F-A204-DD….png)

Tch, at this point outside arbitration is needed. Reminds me of the bloody Yemen map talk page where literally one guy held up all the progress. Me, I’m just using their map, even if it’s shite.
Though I’d reduce reliance on Southfront and focus more on twatter since they love that platform. Especially since if they give you grief for twitter sources, they invalidate their own sources.

Syria Shitmupdate

084de No.247740

Really, they like twitter eh? I thought they would treat it like nothing, even with photo evidence included. Interesting. Okay, I just replied to them. Half the people support me and I'm being super suckeruperish in my reply so that, in addition to being allowed to maybe use twitter sources, think I can get it back up.

084de No.247742

File: 1571450816415-0.jpg (33.17 KB, 648x455, 1526318348698.jpg)

Damn though, Our maps do look kind of different…

f3e3c No.247746

Yeah I’m not too sure about some of the frontlines, especially to the SW of Tal Abyad and that spot with the one isolated village under TFSA control to the east of Tal Abyad.

084de No.247749

File: 1571451868744-0.png (247.77 KB, 576x500, 1561374983529.png)

Oh yeah, that whole area is a bit of a mess. Lots of conflicting claims.
Speaking of conflicting claims, have you seen the death count according to Turkish and Kurdish forces? Both claim several deaths on their side and hundreds on the other. It's like that whenever the Turks and Kurds fight. Pretty funny tbqh.

f3e3c No.247756

Yeah doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s always a dick measuring contest between those two.

084de No.247762


It's right there, a perfect, hd version which hasn't had its size reduced. This is what I've wanted for the last few days. Yet it's an animation and it won't let me save the whole thing. Only one picture at a time!

f3e3c No.247767

Gimp. Open as layers. Select the frames in order. Then export as .gif. Set time intervals to 1000 milliseconds (1000ms = 1 second), and frame disposal as replace, and do this for all where unspecified. Export.

78d7a No.247768

File: 1571464203481-0.png (103.47 KB, 941x634, 1.png)

File: 1571464203481-1.png (91.78 KB, 1000x575, 2.png)

>Only one picture at a time!
Exactly, a GIF is composed of a series of images.
Download all the images, use the link offered to create the gif.

084de No.247770

File: 1571464654437-0.gif (1.52 MB, 1500x650, rojavagif.gif)

The problem was that whenever I did that, it would reduce the size, despite saying that I could keep it at 100% size (which was a lie)
don't worry, I figured it out
1. Make 2 gifs (doesn't reduce the size if the frame number is small - 6 or less frames)
2. upload the gifs and choose "combine gifs" option

..at least it works for now, it might reduce the size again if I add more gifs…

Here is the final product.

084de No.247771

I did just download gimp (who tf came up with that name? haha, sicko) though, so I can use it as well.

f3e3c No.247808

You should make a folder to save all .png frames into because you’ll see severe quality loss when you try to open more than 1 gif in gimp.

084de No.247810

File: 1571490895510.jpg (40.01 KB, 960x726, pie.jpg)

Ebin, my friend. I just had a really intense debate with a guy from wikipedia. Over 20,000 bites in data. He won't let me have my gif on the main page. It got really heated. My gif isn't reliable enough; needs to be more like CNN's pictures. I - I think I'm gonna cry.

e0d9d No.247811

File: 1571491102606.jpg (11.31 KB, 392x392, 1a0398d8083c95a34a95057e26….jpg)

ddb31 No.247817

File: 1571498282183.jpeg (214.14 KB, 1242x1187, F7CB5D0E-0F89-4077-B3A6-5….jpeg)

You’ll always have /sg/.

cd4e8 No.247848

File: 1571519236514.jpg (420.18 KB, 1668x839, EHRSkpkWoAA2D6x.jpg)

Latest Maps:
Turkey has not consolidated their gains yet. Even Ras Al Ayn is still not taken.
SAA has control of almost the whole M4 highway and also control parts of the border with Turkey)

dd9fa No.247850

>SAA has control of almost the whole M4 highway and also control parts of the border with Turkey)
I haven't seen any reports of SAA advancing east on the M4 from Ain Issa.
Am i missing anything?

cd4e8 No.247851

File: 1571521465706.jpg (278.96 KB, 1274x874, EHRUd6jWsAYdIFn.jpg)

50027 No.247855

File: 1571525916502.png (2.27 MB, 3507x2481, CantmossadtheAssad.png)

dd9fa No.247862

Geroman is very enthusiastic…

69a7d No.247869

Maybe its cuz they're close together, but am I the only one who sees this >>247855 in this >>247848 ?

f8868 No.247871

I can't unsee.

3ca21 No.247872

Honk honk

084de No.247939


oh, also the map is here>>247848

So did the Turks just recapture that whole area above the highway in between their main two holdings?

That makes me feel better, I guess.

40190 No.247971

Pictures From abandoned #USA base SW of Manbij in eastern #Aleppo CS

f27ce No.247974

File: 1571592721842.jpg (16.46 KB, 460x276, 1234365765765.jpg)

>HP books

dd9fa No.248031

File: 1571613571958-0.jpg (79.22 KB, 800x445, 4.jpg)

File: 1571613571958-1.jpg (161.35 KB, 1512x655, 5.jpg)

dd9fa No.248038

>SAA moving into Qamishli, Hasakah, Amudê ect
Unconfirmed: Border wall was opened between Ras al-Ain and Dirbêsiyê
Upcoming hotspots will probably be west and east of Tel Abyad, and west of Dirbêsiyê. It remains to be seen If TFSA will move south of the M4 and which part of it SAA will control (for instance it's unknown whether SAA controls it between Tall Tamr and Qamishli and between Ain Issa and Sarrin/Kobani).
Sanadid Forces (arab trib e part of SDF, friendly with SAA) are strong south and east of Qamishli so i doubt T*rkey could muster enough support among the arabs there to warrant an invasion.

efaf5 No.248135

Oh nononono
>ANA commander Asim was wounded in Bilchiragh when his bodyguard shot him
the absolute state of AN"""""A"""""

dd9fa No.248142

>Dirbasiyah is now a ghost town. Thousands of people have left. Guy I talked to said a lot of the villages around it have evacuated too.
>Everyone believes the town has been sold
To T*rkey ofc.

41625 No.248175

Well looks like Burgers are keeping the oilfields.

084de No.248178

File: 1571710217029.jpg (32.19 KB, 500x373, classic-sad-frog.jpg)

A few days ago: Damn, they're staying in Al Tanf, but at least the rest will go home, leaving all the Kurdish areas
Yesterday: Damn, they're not actually going home, just moving next door to Iraq, but at least they ARE leaving
Today: Damn, they're staying in the south, but at least they'll leave the North
Tomorrow: Damn, they have some guys who will stay in the North too but at least they don't support the rebels any…
Next month: Damn, they're supporting Al Nusra again but at least…
Next year: "Assad must go, he used chemical weapons against his own people."

41625 No.248187

Yeah but they’re not gonna stay for long unless they fancy coming under siege for black liquid.

41625 No.248188

File: 1571714218334.jpeg (10.98 KB, 250x193, 3218B302-C781-485B-A9E7-6….jpeg)

Oh I missed this. What do you think of the fact that ANDSF regularly sees dozens of casualties? I don’t even report those since it’s so bloody common.

dd9fa No.248226

>Breaking: Syrian army has begun entering Dirbêsiyê (Al-Darbasiyah) city.

cd4e8 No.248230

File: 1571745832054.jpg (169.27 KB, 1280x763, 1571745690633.jpg)

084de No.248231

>Every inch of Syria would be reclaimed, Assad said, every inch. Here he is in Idlib today (first time in 7+ years) as his troops position themselves along the once Kurdish-held border with Turkey (first time in 7+ years)


5a842 No.248234

File: 1571750435998.jpg (28.63 KB, 493x493, 1234546765765.jpg)


cd4e8 No.248243

File: 1571755432211.png (540.33 KB, 712x676, EHfE3FnWoAEKwXs.png)

>The Syrian Presidency website has just published this picture عبارة and the phrase (shortly ….)

cd4e8 No.248245

File: 1571756882060.mp4 (15.19 MB, 1280x720, اليوم على خطوط النار.. إدل….mp4)

1a15b No.248264

File: 1571775233564.png (1.91 MB, 3507x2481, 1501382897473.png)

I sincerely appreciate ALL of you for providing incredible amounts of information regarding the actions in Syria. There has been a recent surge of 'muh freedumbz r bein burgered!' memes throughout dozens of military affiliated channels. It's been difficult to counter CIA-fed media propaganda without having direct, unbiased sources on hand. Thanks to you poners the pro-war agendas and shill attitudes are quickly dying off to be replaced with disgust or anger. SAWRO 3/15th thanks you all.

084de No.248314


5bb8c No.248328

File: 1571822557656.jpg (29.96 KB, 460x288, gud job.jpg)

>mfw when no turk or kike in a /sg/ thread
well done mlpol, well done

cd4e8 No.248331

File: 1571824452981.jpg (48.46 KB, 600x416, 1557431361210.jpg)

cd4e8 No.248332

File: 1571824524514-0.jpg (369.09 KB, 1920x1080, 1571824249260.jpg)

File: 1571824524514-1.jpg (267.29 KB, 1280x960, 1571824269179.jpg)

A convoy of Russian military police crosses the Euphrates River in Syria en route to the town of Kobani


cd4e8 No.248333

File: 1571826171982.mp4 (1.75 MB, 640x352, EXCLUSIVE Syria Russian Mi….mp4)

#Syria : #Russian Military Police patrolling along the Turkish border from Kobani towards Jarabulus.

cd4e8 No.248345

File: 1571832657473.jpg (665.28 KB, 2200x1564, 1571832102046.jpg)

Fresh map of the Russian MoD:

The main provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey

e7a17 No.248359

Now… to get all the yellow collored land.
Tho some of the Great Satan's minions stayed around Omar oilfield and surroundings.

24ce5 No.248397

File: 1571869703967.png (1.36 MB, 2610x2259, D65DE326-1762-438D-A89D-91….png)

Syria Shitmupdate!

084de No.248414

File: 1571880654610.png (1.1 MB, 2610x2259, zzzz8.png)

What colours should we use for the agreement when it is put in place?
I think 2 should be purely red, the same as most of Syria. I think 3 should be the current Turkish / rebel colour (split between dark and light green)
The real question is 1. It's Russian / Turkish joint patrol. An important question is what colour even is Russia? Should that part be a dark green / red split? Or should Russia get a different colour other than red?

3636e No.248442

2 should be orange until it’s CONFIRMED that YPG has left.
3 sounds good
1 should be purple (truce color)

3636e No.248470

File: 1571938491473.png (1.36 MB, 2610x2259, 742150C5-9194-44D3-A6E9-31….png)

Syria Shitmupdate!

efaf5 No.248475

084de No.248508

Arabs simply can't play music. Same thing happened in every country he's visited in the Middle East.

e4b57 No.248514

File: 1571967521012.png (232.77 KB, 1024x1021, 318-3180646_rarity-coverin….png)

My disgust is beyond words.

efaf5 No.248667

File: 1572114367193.jpg (165.96 KB, 750x688, i3807qqf8yt31.jpg)

quick semi-OC

084de No.248702

2330e No.248717

ISIS leader is now dead: https://archive.md/x2Vnm
How soon until we leave?

f9576 No.248731

Big if true, just like the last 100 times.
You don't get to leave, none of us do.

084de No.248732


ed500 No.248752

File: 1572183181430.jpg (42.11 KB, 625x415, 123436576587.jpg)

>GuYs We DiD iT, We KiLlEd CiA aSsEt

d9ddc No.248762

File: 1572201261027.png (910.38 KB, 3000x3362, syrianponeissyrian.png)

Awfully fucking quiet? Anyone alive?

efaf5 No.248765

>new call of duty game is featuring b*omer tier propaganda

efaf5 No.248766

oddly i can't post pic
so here's a link

366e3 No.248785

File: 1572218084102.jpeg (27.83 KB, 480x421, E89EDE5F-FF93-4E86-8560-0….jpeg)

I’m holding off on the map update until the day is almost over in the States. So about 4-5 hours.
That’ll give Wikipedia time to finish their flood of updates and edits.

084de No.248792

It only seems quite because Pingu has not posted for some time. This is as active as it's ever been without him desu.
kek, btw, if you save as .png it should work. mlpol tends to randomly reject 50% of jpegs as well as some others for no reason but seems to always accept png.

366e3 No.248793

File: 1572223411496.png (298.42 KB, 750x1334, 89E7F2F5-53A9-4E76-84BB-9D….png)

See this shit? Constantly changing. It’s either mixed control icons or reverts, or more SAA icons, or some TFSA gains. Nothing’s consistent which is why I’m waiting.

084de No.248794

File: 1572223534086.jpg (41.73 KB, 768x432, zzzz.jpg)

>Abu.. Ba-caaar… Al Bagadi! Not a nice guy! Let me tell you. But he died… like a LITTLE BABY. He was crying. Out troops were very smart, very smart, none of them were injured…
>mr president, can I just ask…
Except a dog was injured, a brave, brave cainine. But Babadi… He was wimpering and crying like a little girl
>mr president, was he…
He was a tough tough guy in real life, wasn't a tough guy then.

084de No.248795

makes sense. Can I just ask how you make your maps. Is there some button to download the wikimap which gives you the towns and you just add the approximate borders afterwards?

366e3 No.248797

File: 1572223955119-0.jpeg (60.25 KB, 750x221, 52DC1A81-9BE8-4D88-B302-B….jpeg)

File: 1572223955119-1.png (401.93 KB, 750x1334, 11FD286B-CE31-4194-B233-ED….png)

I use this site for the screencap. It’s not perfect as it creates weird Hs for what I presume were icons with dead links.
I then download the capture and use MediBang (perfect for mobile) to do my edits.

366e3 No.248799

Correction: i click ‘view’ and download the png.

084de No.248800

Interesting. If you're using the wiki maps, I guess you have to use what they say? Like if they post an update which you know has errors, do you ever manually edit those areas?

366e3 No.248801

File: 1572224763455.jpeg (112.38 KB, 720x540, B96728EC-D241-4C3E-B076-3….jpeg)

When I was on laptop, I would do individual screencaps and open MSPaint with a bloody large canvas, make the background the background color on Wikipedia, paste the screencaps and make THEIR backgrounds transparent (selection tool, check transparent section, set background color as secondary color) so I could stitch them together manually in MSPaint. I drew the borders by hand using the pencil tool, occasionally using the curve line tool for large empty spaces. Yes, it’s a long and tedious process especially if you’re starting from scratch.

I was able to figure out a ‘cheat’ in MSPaint by setting the background color as the secondary color, then hitting the selection button and checking transparent selection then rectangle (it has to be rectangle, I’ve tried free form) cutting an area, bucket filling the cut area with a chosen color, then pasting the part I cut out back in its place so I could fill in an area with a color much more quickly as opposed to manually filling in each spot with the bucket fill tool.
Theoretically it should be faster in GIMP with the color selection tool, but I don’t know, I’ve always preferred MSPaint.

It sounds complicated but it’s not, especially if you do it hundreds or even thousands of times.

366e3 No.248802

I’ve done manual edits, usually by copying and pasting an icon of the same size onto the error.

084de No.248803

Thanks for the info. Very interesting stuff.

366e3 No.248821

File: 1572233526449.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 00E5F776-EB5E-43AE-8334-E1….png)

Syria Shitmupdate. Massive changes.

efaf5 No.248864

919c6 No.248866

Scotsman got really bored after he parted his ways with Samurai Jack, I see.

084de No.248899

Ebin, I am confuse. Your map and this one
https://twitter.com/GeromanAT/status/1185663407145533442 show the whole area between Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ayn as being owned by the Turks. Do you know if that's confirmed or is it just what you think. Others maps still show a gap there.

366e3 No.248927

Let’s use strategic logic: do you think the TFSA wouldn’t want to link up their fronts? Their modus operandi in Afrin was to penetrate the YPG defenses, then link up their fronts, then squeeze in on all fronts.
It’s the same here, plus it shortens their frontlines and frees up more TFSA for offensive operations elsewhere.

There are three key points that lends credence to our filling in that area for TFSA:
1. There’s been no reports of fighting from that area
2. YPG is withdrawing from the TAF safe zone
3. TFSA has been swarming the safe zone and capturing dozens of villages especially around Tel Abyad.

366e3 No.248929

File: 1572329459632.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, F3F6BDCA-6D7A-469E-BAAA-88….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - Qamishli is no longer a pocket

366e3 No.248930

File: 1572330472385.png (628.7 KB, 3860x2910, 0B5AE1E8-22BF-49C6-B4AC-6C….png)

Afghan Shitmupdate - ANA retakes several DHQ but Taliban maintain a presence nearby.
Tarinkot is still under siege.

084de No.248948

File: 1572347790624.jpg (65.87 KB, 700x700, zzzz.jpg)

oh yeah, I like using logic and inductive reasoning to make guesses. There was once three points, let's call them A B and C (it was during the road to DeZ in 2017, I forget their names). And sources confirmed that A and C were taken, but no word for B (which was on the road that linked them) - they would have had to have taken B, so I coloured it red. Then some wiki janny got angry at me and asked for my source. I explained what I just said to you, then finished by posting a link to this picture. Let's just say he wasn't impressed.

cd4e8 No.248969

File: 1572377153320-0.jpg (178.1 KB, 1298x463, EIEaSuTX4AEe8HH.jpg)

File: 1572377153320-1.jpg (153.24 KB, 1162x566, EIEaSuRX4AEEf3E.jpg)

After 6 days since #Sochi agreement were reached, #Russia announced #SDF retreated 32Km deep from border area. However, ground situation looks very different as #SNA captured many villages due to #SAA/#SDF withdrawal resulting in many losses in both sides during the last days


366e3 No.248999

File: 1572407693476.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 5AF16C4D-905A-4C60-B1B6-0E….png)

Syria Shitmupdate.

366e3 No.249018

73a51 No.249131

Fresh and hot interview with Bashar, just like the bread from the bombed bakeries!

366e3 No.249183

USS Liberty Incident תקרית ליברטי Free Palestine ארץ ישראל החופשית Israeli Human Rights abuses הפרות של זכויות האדם בישראל IDF war crimes פשעי מלחמה של צה ל Illegal occupation of the West Bank ומלעגאַל פאַך פון די וועסט באַנק White Phosphorus זרחן לבן Civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip מקרי מוות אזרחיים ברצועת עזה Sterilization of Ethiopian Jews עיקור של יהודים אתיופים Effects of circumcision on childhood development השפעות מילה בהתפתחות הילדות Bulldozing of Palestinian homes בדחפורים של בתים פלסטינייםAmerican-Israeli dual citizens in Congress אזרחים אמריקאים-ישראלים כפולים בקונגרסIsraeli nuclear weapons נשק גרעיני ישראלי

b2ae8 No.249203

I've been doing well. Work, uni, and normiedom keeps me busy most days. But whenever I see a headline about Syria that doesn't do the war justice, or some other development treated as isolated in an article but forgetting the geopolitics, I think back to my FNRs, and they make me think back to my fellows in /sg/. I find time to lurk here and there, and stay somewhat informed, hopefully in few weeks I'll have more time to dedicate to research. Hope all is well on your end, and so ends my blogpost.
Stay litty familia.

b2ae8 No.249204

File: 1572617728567.png (3.78 MB, 6410x5132, Syria_Ethnic_Detailed_lg.png)

Here's a demographic map so at least I've put a bit of information into the thread.

366e3 No.249276

File: 1572667792817.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 31BE661A-955F-4C44-A634-95….png)

Thanks lad, especially for the map.
Syria Shitmupdate.

efaf5 No.249315

asking for a friend, you wouldn't happen to know much about Krakow? he's bound to go here study in the university of AGH in a couple of months

ddd21 No.249371

The approaching operation in #Idlib will be limited.


e2bf4 No.249389

Avoid Nowa Huta district - full of football fans of all the clubs from the city (three of them).
University itself is a ok place.
Is he accomodated?
Any tution?

efaf5 No.249420

>Is he accomodated?
yes, he's coming from a french university that do internship with some foreign universities
housing and tuition is provided by the university

e2bf4 No.249467

So it's going to be a-ok for him then. Just tell him to avoid OldCity market during late night weekends.

efaf5 No.249468

>Just tell him to avoid OldCity market during late night weekends
is poland really that dangerous for foreigner as the mainstream media makes it out?
anything else he should be wary of?
he's my brother btw

e2bf4 No.249469

Nah, only that random drunks might try to beat his ass.
Plus, as I said about football club fans, they often carry knives with them. Then again, hardly to see them in his surroundings I bet. He could unironically visit Kazimierz,comfy old district, full of G*d's Chosen People.
Oh and I hope occasional tourist trips from the Promised Land are not a problem for him, I remember when I was there, met quite a lot of IDF hoes on Tinder.

efaf5 No.249470

>occasional tourist trips from the Promised Land are not a problem for him
you mean the auschwitz pilgrimage?
doubt it'll bother him, he's pretty chill

ddd21 No.249471

File: 1572810928437.gif (135.72 KB, 250x203, 1540049164242 (2).gif)

>is poland really that dangerous for foreigner as the mainstream media makes it out?
I was unaware of that stereotype
t.went on a lolocaust trip eons ago and they only told us to beware of the skinheads

e2bf4 No.249472

Heh, long gone. Even usual bydło is slowly changing into hipster fags.
Ah, all hail the progress.

efaf5 No.249473

>went on a lolocaust trip
is it mandatory or did you legit want to go to the national pilgrimage destination?

ddd21 No.249474

I think I saw one group of skinheads during the entire trip with the patches and everything, on the train (how fitting) on the way to Majdanek. other than that never never saw anything unusual. but that was long time ago, I assume nowadays it's practically gone.

not mandatory but they guilt trip you into it and since your'e a teenager at the time and everyone else does it you don't can't really say no.
also nowadays it's just an excuse for arsim (local chavs) to go on a free trip to europe and get drunk in polish hotels.

efaf5 No.249475

File: 1572813147743.jpg (39.69 KB, 600x600, elrisitas.jpg)

>on the train (how fitting)
what a cohencidence

ddd21 No.249476

File: 1572813725234.png (70.88 KB, 683x686, 1491463539088.png)

such a soothing ride

ddd21 No.249477

File: 1572814455106.jpg (115.39 KB, 1024x1024, 1509916785947.jpg)

p.s. is your brother becoming a doctor too

efaf5 No.249478

nope he's in telecommunication and computer science he never really cared about biology

efaf5 No.249479

btw, i'll be sure to remind him not to utter the sentence "polish death camps" under any circumstance

ddd21 No.249480

File: 1572815723815.jpg (35.48 KB, 570x570, 1463790962349.jpg)

I see
CS is pretty cool too, not bad.

efaf5 No.249481

>CS is pretty cool too
eh i really disagree
the job market is saturated IMO and the job opportunities are scarcer
btw aren't you too working in the CS department?

ddd21 No.249483

>the job market is saturated IMO and the job opportunities are scarcer
eh, still much better than being an IT slave like me.

>btw aren't you too working in the CS department?

nah I wish. never did too good with math. so I'm in low-tech doing IT. that's why I can shitpost 24/7 since i'm glued to screen at work anyways.

efaf5 No.249484

what's the difference between IT and CS?

ddd21 No.249485

File: 1572818341315.jpg (1.2 MB, 2596x2160, 1520090235982.jpg)

CS=software engineering/programmers/hardware engineers etc. much higher salaries, more job opportunists etc
IT=QA/tech support/Sysadmins/helpdesk etc. the mechanics of the high-tech world. much less prestigious, lower salaries etc.
I do helpdesk (hey JJ come fix my keyboard, hey why isn't my monitor working bla bla). not the best but it's pretty comfy and fits my apatheticness. besides most of the time I don't do anything and just browse away my time waiting for issues to arise
Wish I could program though, the wages are far better. my memory is too fucked now to learn something new. can't retain shit anymore. oh well.

e2bf4 No.249486

Meh, some shitposting amterial is welcomed in this topic.
And judging on his career profile, he won't have any unpleasant situations.
Dudes there mostly focus on the job/drink a bit during weekends and chill during house parties.

efaf5 No.249488

ah i get it now
you still manage to find jobs in such department?
>Wish I could program though
why didn't you specialize in programing? wasn't there many schools teaching the subject back then?
btw is AGH a reputable school in poland?
because he's coming (from what i gather) from a good reputation engineer school (it's a private school so you'd expect it from them to have some standards) from paris

e2bf4 No.249489

Yeah it's decent. Certainly better tech school than my local one.
He might actually work on modern hardware, etc.

ddd21 No.249490

File: 1572820183672.gif (422.26 KB, 464x260, 1386996422054.gif)

>you still manage to find jobs in such department?
Yeah, been doing it since ages so got lots of experience which is what recruiters want
>why didn't you specialize in programing?
back in the day it wasn't very popular. the leading lang was Pascal (it's shit) and there weren't many schools teaching it. by the time is started becoming popular around here i was already deeply embedded in IT and i just sorta ignored it.
If i could start over i'd definitely force myself to study it when i was younger.. ah well, c'est la vie.

efaf5 No.249492

alright, thanks for the insights
i may go there to meet him when he'll be doing his internship
why not self teaching during your down time?
worst case scenario you got yourself a healthier hobby than shitposting with the cyberjihadi known as maghrebois

ddd21 No.249494

>why not self teaching during your down time?
>healthier hobby than shitposting with the cyberjihadi known as maghrebois
I tried, I can get away with basic scripts in powershell but otherwise it's too cumbersome and there's too many math concepts that I can't get my head around anymore. your brother can probably explain the complexity better. also no chance to land a job without proper degrees or certs so.. yeah.

but for the younger folk out there it's still a great path to take me thinks. even with all the market saturation and outsourcing to pajeets there's still plenty of jobs and overall it's a growing market.

efaf5 No.249495

>also no chance to land a job without proper degrees or certs
i wouldn't be so sure, creating yourself a portfolio that is referenced online is far more valuable than a diploma

ddd21 No.249496

File: 1572821863759.jpg (83.1 KB, 750x1000, 1521514213581.jpg)

True, true. if your'e really into it you can get around it. too late for me tho dawg.

efaf5 No.249497

well, i understand

ddd21 No.249498

File: 1572824251542.jpg (119.66 KB, 889x465, 113th-base-deir-ezzor.jpg)

#US. New Base in North of #DeirEzzor City

According to evidence, US. forces are after building a new military base in north of Deir Ezzor City.
The base is in the hand of SDF. This is one of Syria’s biggest air defense base in northeast of Syria which was occupied in 2013 when Free Syrian Army and al Qaeda forces jointly attacked it.


9acbf No.249499

>T-anf s-soon

ddd21 No.249500

File: 1572827798776.png (55.22 KB, 272x204, zem_154.png)

nice memories

dd9fa No.249511

File: 1572834864904.jpg (60.24 KB, 960x831, 4.jpg)

>"SDF" patrolling the euphrates at Dhiban opposite the city of Mayadeen
The local arab mercenaries in DeZ military council of SDF (mostly ex-ISIS/other takfiri factions) didn't change their stance towards SAA when the k*rds got butthurt at america and invited SAA.
Looks like they were guaranteed that USA would stay in DeZ beforehand.
SDF allowing the burgers to remain near the border at Sarriin and east of Qamishli (probably because the k*rds don't want to lose control of the Semalka Border Crossing to SAA) is the only sign that these mercenaries in DeZ will remain in SDF.
The t*rks should raise the pressure on Semalka to deliver the final blow to the k*rds.
Semalka is used to pump oil to Iraqi k*rdistan btw (saw a recent pic with oil lines and shit but didn't save)

dd9fa No.249512

File: 1572835548568.gif (892.37 KB, 392x269, 1566491609531.gif)

SAA might finally be using different tactics on the Kabani front (Latakia) now by the way.
I've seen footage of infantry ascending up steep hills and a sketchy report of SAA controlling Dahdo (west of Kabani).
Hopefully it's true and the people in charge figured trying the same shit rolling tanks and bulldozers on top of Zuwayqat hill a brazillion times won't work.

dd9fa No.249513

Furthermore, arty and airstrike activity by both Russians and SAA looks promising.

dd9fa No.249514

File: 1572835741181.jpg (65.51 KB, 403x604, EFsuYw0XoAAJiTc.jpg)

in southern Idlob*

dd9fa No.249560

File: 1572875699939.jpg (511.6 KB, 2121x1661, kababani.jpg)

>According to a source in Damascus, the Syrian Army’s high command is mulling a move to deploy the elite 25th Special Mission Forces Division (formerly Tiger Forces) to help the 4th Armored Division in their ongoing offensive at Kabani.
>If the Syrian Army’s high command goes through with this move, the southern Idlib offensive will likely put on hold in favor of capturing Kabani.
Depends how big of a TF detachment gets moved there but it definitely looks like the SAA was actually planning (but obviously failed) on taking the k*rd mountains of Latakia BEFORE taking the Zawiyah mountains on the other side of the Ghab plains all along, Jisr al-Shughur being the obvious target.

dd9fa No.249561

File: 1572876001432-0.png (382.16 KB, 720x540, 1.png)

File: 1572876001432-1.png (344.94 KB, 720x540, 2.png)

Jisr al-Shughur

dd9fa No.249563

File: 1572876236885-0.png (389.15 KB, 898x683, 1.png)

File: 1572876236885-1.jpg (66.08 KB, 540x960, 4.jpg)

File: 1572876236885-2.jpg (45.55 KB, 960x540, 5.jpg)

dd9fa No.249564

Also shelling/airstrikes in the Aleppo and south Idlib fronts.

366e3 No.249574

File: 1572884856133.jpeg (101.99 KB, 1068x1200, 986D6967-F35F-4EFA-AFE8-E….jpeg)

efaf5 No.249584

this is what you get for electing a, may allah forgive me for uttering this word, boomer

ddd21 No.249587

File: 1572897231093.jpg (352.66 KB, 1024x1020, Ras-al-Ayn-4nov19-13ab98-1….jpg)

Map: Latest Military Situation in Ras alAyn-Tal Tamar Axis, 4 November 2019

ddd21 No.249588

File: 1572897533076-0.jpg (288.22 KB, 1438x1072, EIWnTcYW4AEvm6X.jpg)

File: 1572897533076-1.jpg (124.15 KB, 960x540, EIT6txeWoA0NoSW (1).jpg)

>Kabani front
Syrian Army captures strategic hills amid heavy clashes with jihadists near Kabani: video



Rare front-line footage of the Syrian Army advancing in strategic Kabani hills: video


>A map showing the distribution of control in Kabani in Lattakia countryside. Red SAA

ddd21 No.249589

Russia mulling lease of Qamishli Airport to challenge US influence in eastern Syria: report

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:50 A.M.) – The Russian military is currently negotiating the lease of the Qamishli Airport in northeastern Syria, the Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro reported, citing the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

According to the publication, the Russian military is interested in leasing the Qamishli Airport for a duration of 49 years.


dd9fa No.249594

>4th Division is stepping up the bombardment of the hills around Kabani. Three caves have been secured by the Syrian Marines this morning

dd9fa No.249595

>Rare front-line footage of the Syrian Army advancing in strategic Kabani hills: video
Ye that's the vid i was talking about

dd9fa No.249602

File: 1572902589172-0.jpg (106.09 KB, 1080x720, 4.jpg)

>Most of the heavy weapons the Syrian Army is deploying in northeast Syria were newly-supplied from Russia, paid for by ….
He wrote something similar about a tank/military vehicle shipment from Russia back in October (pic):
>Thank you Russia … And thank you secret Santa
Who is the anonymous donor?

efaf5 No.249605

chinks or iranians

dd9fa No.249608

File: 1572903508439-0.jpg (97.15 KB, 729x638, 1565700674107.jpg)

Why now?
Think about it, who in the middle east would be opposed to T*rkey (i.e muslim brotherhood) invading northern Syria and expanding their influence?
Who opened their embassy in Damascus recently?

efaf5 No.249609

opening up diplomatic channels is one thing, but going full 180 on the funding/weapon supply seems a bit of a stretch

dd9fa No.249610

Not really that wild considering the gulfnigros position earlier and previously mentioned hate for all things Qatar/T*rkey, but ye you have a point.
Just odd Iran/China would pay for Russian military wares delivered to the SAA when they haven't done it in such a fashion before (as far as i know it's usually Russia directly donating/trading for resources or Iran sending their own shit).

efaf5 No.249612

>pay for Russian military wares
i was thinking of sending their homemade copy of russian tech
i'm more inclinded to say it's iranian stuff but the camo reminded me of some chinese chit
maybe north korea then?
but again it's seems out of the ordinary for NK or CN to send anything so best bet is iran (or maybe iraq sending some russian surplus too, who knows)

dd9fa No.249613

It was delivered from mother Russia

efaf5 No.249614

well in that case KSA is a plausible possibility, but i wouldn't be surprised if it was USA trying to give erdoroach a middle finger for their invasion of SDF territory

dd9fa No.249615

USA buying tanks via Russia to SAA is a bit far fetched considering the current political climate but the gulfoids who's money are a big reason for continued US involvement with SDF.
I can definitely see the pentagon giving KSA/UAE their approval to do so and a reason for the SAA's neutral handling of US army patrols still around/leaving the country.
After all, it's kind of silly imagining what has happened in NE Syria recently being completely sporadic and without any communications.

efaf5 No.249616

i agree

dd9fa No.249617

I'm too tired to formulate comprehensive lines of text, going to bed.

dd9fa No.249618

File: 1572906484968-0.jpg (84.8 KB, 960x640, 4.jpg)

File: 1572906484968-1.jpg (90.03 KB, 960x640, 5.jpg)

Unused, recently delivered stuff being deployed by SAA in Hasakah

efaf5 No.249621

>that DDR helmet

efaf5 No.249626

File: 1572914177904.jpg (62.81 KB, 720x775, jqfgumupuow31.jpg)



efaf5 No.249627

it gets better
>They were arrested because both of them kept complaining about each other to the Taliban authorities. Simintov was arrested before too when he returned from exile to Afghanistan after Taliban takeover (And he was severely beaten too) but the only time the two were arrested together was Simintov and Levin both falsely accused each other of crimes which according to each were:

>QLevin: I have accepted Islam but this bigot Simintov doesn't want to accept me. He runs a secret brothel. Where he sells, wait for it, Alcohol.

>Simintov: He is a liar. He practices blackmagic and steals relics from the synagogue. This charlatan wants me out of the synagogue so that he could sell it.

>Foreign Policy asked Taliban leader Khairullah Khairkhwa who was visiting Qatar as part of Talib delegation in ongoing peacetalks about the duo. Khairkhwa laughed and said "yes I remember those two, they caused me a lot of trouble". Simintov the madlad even sent a video via Foreign Policy journalists to Khairkhwa demanding his Torah back, Khairkhwa says he doesn't know where the Torah is, all he knows is that his then-deputy took it.

efaf5 No.249628

some footage
this shit is hilarious

ddd21 No.249631

File: 1572915866964.png (15.2 KB, 333x293, 1437047500437.png)

sitcom worthy

efaf5 No.249632

>"triple goy"
shots fired

dd9fa No.249665

File: 1572949308672-0.jpg (9.97 KB, 480x360, 1508180214544.jpg)

>triple goy

e0aea No.249667

File: 1572949432976.png (224.82 KB, 303x335, 1569231612384.png)

Fuck iraq and fuck iraqi people

efaf5 No.249669

what did they do to you this time?

3b3dd No.249672

File: 1572956823461.jpg (132.63 KB, 1080x1080, 4357833.jpg)

efaf5 No.249673

i though the new iraqi government was more iran friendly than the previous one
surely JewSA is pulling some strings

3b3dd No.249674

File: 1572957047269.jpg (28.52 KB, 400x400, 222436.jpg)

You don't know anything about anti-Iran Iraq protests?

e5ef0 No.249675

efaf5 No.249676

i know about anti government protest in iraq lately but never heard anything about anti iranian sentiment beside the usual "reeeeeeee iran stop meddling in our affairs" that you can also sometime see in syria and lebanon
if there has been a spark of anti iranian sentiment, i bet the US is pulling the strings like they do in hong kong right now

efaf5 No.249677

some more info
>The story of Simintov and Levin was the basis for a British play. Simintov deprecated Levin in an interview with British journalist Martin Fletcher. Levin had initially welcomed Simintov but the two fell out permanently when Simintov offered the caretaker help to emigrate to Israel to join the rest of the former Kabul Jewish community. Simintov was adamant he made the suggestion only as he thought Kabul was too cold for the old man, but the older man took umbrage, claiming Simintov was trying to take over the synagogue. A feud ensued, with the Taliban becoming involved after both men reported each other to the authorities for alleged wrongdoings ranging from running a brothel to misappropriating religious objects. After Levin's death, Simintov said he was not sad and would not miss him.

9cb45 No.249681

Ah, the raw edit of oriental Seinfeld. Nice.

dd9fa No.249706

File: 1572980594778-0.png (384.66 KB, 720x405, 1.png)

SAA in the Mala Abass oil fields east of Qamishli.

dd9fa No.249707

File: 1572980712014-0.png (469.56 KB, 712x812, 1.png)


dd9fa No.249709

File: 1572981003258-0.png (235.51 KB, 552x310, 1.png)

SAA deployed along the border all the way to the Iraq.

dd9fa No.249710

File: 1572981284616-0.gif (1.24 MB, 200x200, 1501207359884.gif)

K*rdish monkeys showcasing their intelligence in Kobani…

dd9fa No.249714

>Heavy bombardment is expected tomorrow in Latakia
>Several NDF WhatsApp-groups talking about ANNA news being present in Salma today.

dd9fa No.249715

File: 1572985038516-0.jpg (98.38 KB, 1189x624, 4.jpg)

File: 1572985038516-1.jpg (106.51 KB, 1189x626, 5.jpg)

>Ambush by SAA in Kabani

366e3 No.249717

VERY good analysis and very insightful, it even changed part of my picture on the Taliban, specifically their origins as a good chunk of their leadership comes from Zabul.
Now I wonder if Zabul will be the first province to fall as opposed to Helmand, Faryab, Kunduz, etc.

3aa6e No.249738

File: 1573008320802-0.jpg (86.4 KB, 1189x625, EIokcADXkAMMqMe.jpg)

File: 1573008320802-1.jpg (89.82 KB, 1189x629, EIokcAHW4AEAd6k.jpg)

3aa6e No.249739

Unless Malikayah is taken they can't be sure US forces won't cross from Iraq.

dd9fa No.249741

Semalka is the most important crossing (for SDF) as it is the only connection to "Iraqi Kurdistan" besides Iraqi gov. territory.
US forces can cross anywhere all the way to the Euphrates if they need though, so it's a bit early to discuss blocking burgers.
Still, just a week or so ago, burgers were in Al-Qahtaniyah and now SAA are there.

dd9fa No.249742

File: 1573010397905-0.png (444.59 KB, 640x439, 1.png)

>A 122mm MLRS launcher with 60 rails mounted on the T-55 base. This MLRS was made in a single copy during the Iraq-Iran war
holy shit lol

366e3 No.249789

File: 1573066014279.jpeg (29.88 KB, 306x306, AE5B910E-F62C-450F-95AE-6….jpeg)

Doc, you around? I’m wanting to know what symptoms there are from sleep apnea other than waking up needing to get air in your lungs - which happens to me on a semi-regular basis.

efaf5 No.249791

>sleep apnea
you overweight? that tends to happen mostly with overweight people as the fat in their neck reduces their pharynx diameter
that and allergies are the main factors, also having a shot jaw bone since it puts the tongue too far back thus also chokes out the aerial ways
either you're a fatass or a chinlet :^)
>other than waking up needing to get air in your lungs
that must be a pretty severe case or something else
most of the sleep apnea tends to only decrease the sleep quality and thus all the other induced indirect symptoms (resulting from the poor sleep) quality:bad mood, day sleepiness, bad memory etc
direct symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring and high blood pressure

efaf5 No.249792

>no answer
must have struck a nerve ;^)

dd9fa No.249804

Aviation intensifies the bombardment of Nusra, TIP and Co sites from Jisr to Southern Idlib CS.

New army reinforcements for the Idlib CS and high level of operational readiness of the armed forces on all axes.

- field reporter

dd9fa No.249806

dd9fa No.249807

File: 1573081965053.jpg (54.9 KB, 1257x662, 4.jpg)

SDF backed by SAA are advancing on the M-4 from Ain Issa and recaptured Bir Issa and Qantari.
TFSA supposedly had orders to retreat so for now it looks like SAA/SDF will reopen the highway to Tel Tamr.

dd9fa No.249810

File: 1573086943041.png (233.57 KB, 480x640, 1.png)

SAA going north from Homs, on their way to Tabqa

366e3 No.249814

No I’m not overweight. If anything, I’m underweight. And I’m not a chinlet either.
>indirect symptoms
Yeah I’ve got those symptoms
>direct symptoms
I wake up with a dry mouth a lot of the time, and I do snore. Plus I never feel like anything’s obstructing my throat, even when I wake up to get air into my lungs.
A lot of stuff came up.

e4b57 No.249825

File: 1573103617440.jpeg (40.98 KB, 680x510, 1504840.248.jpeg)

Russian and American troops crossing each other’s route on M4 highway.

366e3 No.249860

File: 1573154628684.png (625.69 KB, 3860x2910, 605975F4-0376-4D3A-A344-98….png)

It’s been a while since I did this. Afghan Districtmupdate.
The most significant news beyond the routine killings of police chiefs and ambushes, IEDs, clashes, defections, airstrikes, counteroffensives by the ANDSF, raids by NATO, war crimes is this: around 300 ANA are under Taliban siege in the Gizab District of Daykundi province.
Plus the Taliban have lost a few DHQs to government counteroffensives but the government won’t hold them forever.

dd9fa No.249891

>for now it looks like SAA/SDF will reopen the highway to Tel Tamr
Scratch that, TFSA launched a counteroffensive west and east of Ain Issa targeting villages on the M4.
It looks like SDF has beaten it back but we'll see.

dd9fa No.249898

>Bir Isa has now changed hands four times in two days.
>SDF has it now after losing it briefly today. It’s a hamlet really. Neither side can properly hold it.
Bza'ah ping-pong tier

d90f2 No.249899

File: 1573165015785.jpeg (23.12 KB, 360x240, 3C72FB66-7289-40E6-8A45-4….jpeg)

Fun times. Let’s not forget the cake: Azaz ping-pong back in 2016.

6f403 No.249976

366e3 No.250011

File: 1573277458058.png (626.44 KB, 3860x2910, 902BF961-0B85-4EBB-894C-0E….png)

Afghan Districtmupdate - Taliban have seized Arghandab DHQ in Zabul province.

084de No.250029

File: 1573302350582.png (359.1 KB, 1184x696, zzzz5.png)

South Front's map of Syria has a tiny little map of Syria hidden inside it.
What did South Front mean by this?

6f403 No.250035

sdf flag

084de No.250036

oh yeah, I forgot that was their flag. Kind of presumptuous of them.

d7784 No.250061

366e3 No.250073

Detailed PDF maps of Afghan provinces, compiled by me


Zabul Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Zabul_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Kandahar Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Kandahar_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Ghazni Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Ghazni_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Sar-e Pul Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Sar-e-Pul_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Uruzgan Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Uruzgan_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Takhar Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Takhar_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Samangan Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Samangan_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Parwan Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Parwan_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Panjshir Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Panjsher_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Paktia Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Paktya_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Paktika Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Paktika_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Nuristan Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Nuristan_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Nimroz Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Nimroz_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Nangarhar Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Nangarhar_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Logar Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Logar_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Laghman Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Laghman_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Kunduz Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Kunduz_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Kunar Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Kunar_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Balkh Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Balkh_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Khost Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Khost_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Kapisa Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Kapisa_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Kabul Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Kabul_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Jowzjan Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Jawzjan_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Herat Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Hirat_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Helmand Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Hilmand_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Ghor Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Ghor_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Faryab Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Faryab_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Farah Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Farah_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Daykundi Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Daykundi_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Bamyan Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Bamyan_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Baghlan Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Baghlan_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Baghdis Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Badghis_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

Wardak Map - https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/sites/www.humanitarianresponse.info/files/Wardak_Province_Reference_Map_DD_20140209FEB09_A0.pdf

366e3 No.250086

37904 No.250091

Thanks borther, I've been looking for a map that isn't shit.

dd9fa No.250225

File: 1573503345010.jpg (56.63 KB, 1250x646, EJHVuc2XkAIE8bf.jpg)

>Qamishli airport

5a819 No.250266

File: 1573545449942.jpg (57.99 KB, 720x960, EJJ-kRnWoAATc0V.jpg)

Breaking: Assassination of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander by Israel

>This morning, Israeli warplanes bombed the home of “Baha Abu Al-Ata” a top Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander in #Gaza.


>#UPDATE: Airstrike in Damascus this morning killed PIJ senior commander Akram Ajouri in what seems to be a simultaneous strike with the one in Gaza that killed the head of PIJ Al-Quds Brigade

>bibi so desperate he will do anything to prevent Gantz from forming a government

5a819 No.250272

File: 1573549816419.jpg (42.21 KB, 1004x442, EJKUTrvWoAECtbo.jpg)

Russian warplanes bombard the area of Shannan and Kfroma villages in the southern countryside of Idlib. https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2019/12-november-russian-warplanes-bombard-the-area-of-shannan … via @mohmad_rasheed #Syria


5a819 No.250292

#TFSA captured Al-Rashidiyah, Al-Rayhaniyah, Al-Fasyaliyah & Al-Manakh from #SDF
Now clashes at Umm Al-Kayf TFSA advancing Hills in the area
N #Syria


efaf5 No.250294

>bibi so desperate he will do anything to prevent Gantz from forming a government
how is this related?

5a819 No.250295

just speculation
he said they could do it 3 weeks ago(when he had the mandate to form a government) but didn't want to "hurt the political process", now when gantz has the mandate he suddenly doesn't care.
just weird innit.

oh well, seems like Hamas doesn't really care and PIJ has limited resources.

efaf5 No.250297

>seems like Hamas doesn't really care
weird isn't it?

5a819 No.250299

Guy was a big troublemaker apparently
Hamas is probably overjoyed he got whacked, every analysis I've read says he was a loose cannon and that he endangered the "humanitarian" Qatari funds that flow through Israel (..to Hamas).

efaf5 No.250304

alright, thanks for the insights

5a819 No.250313

efaf5 No.250317

File: 1573590798012.jpg (96.35 KB, 358x359, hqdefault.jpg)

quick OC

dd9fa No.250341

File: 1573612547479.jpg (618.74 KB, 2821x1552, hue.jpg)

After lazily analyzing some updates from the Tal Tamr front today i bring you this update:
TFSA made a push today capturing the villages in blue and approaching Umm al-Kayf (middle orange circle).
For now it looks like the primary goal of TFSA on the Tall Tamr front is to secure the northern side of the canal (black line) and Umm al-Kayf (which primarily is an arab village), not entering Tell Tamr as many alarmists are moaning about.
Furthermore, Sultan Murat Division of TFSA claimed that they cut the main road from Tell Tamr to Abu Rasin (blue line+x), likely by setting up ATGM positions in range of the road, further hinting at their desire to control all villages and towns situated along the river running from T*rkey to Tal Tamr:
The SDF supported by SAA (supposedly only artillery) launched a counterattack tonight to take back the villages captured by TFSA today but personally i don't think they can keep the villages in the long run since they've been sold by both America and Russia. Holding the villages on the river is another story though because SAA seems quite keen on defending it and sending reinforcements.
So far the SDF reportedly secured the road from Tell Tamr to Al-'Arishah (left orange circle) after the carfuffle in and around Umm al-Kayf.

dd9fa No.250343

Another thing regarding Abu Rasin and the river it's located at, it's the only defensive line SAA has to keep the TFSA from advancing east into vulnerable arabic farmland all the way to Qamishli which could enable TFSA to siege Amûdê and Darbasiyah on the T*rkish border.

25b67 No.250344

Doc, call Hamas and tell them that I wish no bombing of stadium in Quds city this saturday.
Please, thank you.

dd9fa No.250345

File: 1573614580951.png (234.83 KB, 357x321, 1485208932577.png)

Some of you guys are alright, don't go to bagelland this weekend.

dd9fa No.250373

File: 1573642704136.jpg (29.14 KB, 600x400, EJPT10gWwAIgv_f.jpg)

>Around 120 vehicles have left the coalition base in Sarrin this morning. These vehicles with ammunition, logistics and armored vehicles. Large explosions heard from the base after the convoy left, believed to have been coalition airstrikes to destroy parts of the base.
They left the Septê military airbase on the Sarrin plain, expect SAA to move in very soon (probably securing the Lafarge cement plant base and the highway to Ayn Issa in the process).

dd9fa No.250376

efaf5 No.250377

am i missing something?

5a819 No.250397


israel-poland match EURO 2020 qualifiers
will probably be moved to Greece or Cyprus if things don't calm down. ceasefire might be reached soon tho.

efaf5 No.250399

>EURO 2020
same with eurovision, why don't you people stop pretending you're in europe?
literally amerimutt tier

5a819 No.250414

>why don't you people stop pretending you're in europe?
because araps

>Prior to this, Israel competed at the Asian Games from 1954 to 1974, however, when the Asian Games Federation became the Olympic Council of Asia, Israel were expelled in 1972 when Arab nations refused to play them.

efaf5 No.250417

File: 1573668171551.jpg (20.1 KB, 545x403, 1bjlh9.jpg)

that makes you expelled, not european

5a819 No.250420

File: 1573669093999.png (1005.04 KB, 928x8800, we can't keep getting away….png)

>that makes you expelled
what else is new?

efaf5 No.250425

1963 is wrong tho
they left of their own volition since they knew they could keep their privileged place of power and wealth since the cremieux decree was null and void
some stayed tho

5a819 No.250430

File: 1573671987029.png (10.18 KB, 334x372, jews pop algeria.png)

Interesting, I actually thought that most left in 48'. didn't know about 63' and that law.

>After Algeria gained its independence in 1962, it passed the Nationality Code in 1963, depriving non-Muslims of citizenship. This law extended citizenship only to those individuals whose fathers and paternal grandfathers were Muslim.[27] 95% of the country's 140,000-strong indigenous Jewish population went into exile after the passage of the law. Approximately 130,000 Jews left Algeria.


5a819 No.250448

File: 1573675682358.jpg (135.08 KB, 1156x560, EJRzqzhXsAE7yS0.jpg)

#Hasakah: #SAA/#SDF recaptured Rashidiyah, Al-Qasimiyah & Rihaniyah villages

5a819 No.250452

File: 1573675949482-0.jpg (250.47 KB, 1051x1058, EJQftKOWkAACct7.jpg)

File: 1573675949482-1.jpg (171.38 KB, 991x748, EJQv0QTU8AALJ4c.jpg)

>Tal Tamr front
Strong push by Turkish-led/SNA forces north and west of #TalTamr.
The red-marked areas are under intense attack, according to YPG sources, and could fall under Turkish/SNA control over the next hours.
Seems #Erdogan wants facts on the ground before he talks to #Trump.

SDF/YPG is now claiming(!), they are in a strong counteroffensive and recaptured the marked areas.


efaf5 No.250470

>I actually thought that most left in 48'
the country was still under french occupation
guess they felt safe enough

5a819 No.250475

File: 1573678563703.jpg (49.18 KB, 361x315, 1493129834445.jpg)

that makes sense

dd9fa No.250532

Seems like SAA finally managed to capture Zuwayqat on the Kabani axis and they are reportedly advancing on the Abu Dali axis in south-eastern Idlib (unconfirmed report says two villages seized).

dd9fa No.250536

>The Syrian Army started a military operation on Idlib, the attack began on the south-east side of Idlib province.

5a819 No.250561

File: 1573716338080-0.jpg (136.73 KB, 1033x568, EJUMWvDXsAAKZai.jpg)

File: 1573716338080-1.jpg (283.54 KB, 1498x844, EJUMWvEW4AYL83Z.jpg)

Syrian Arab Army Soldiers saying Abu al-Duhur Countryside Battle has Begun #SAA #SyrianArmy Units took control of Al-Wubaida
Location on the Map Syrians are saying was captured so far its titled "Lweibdeh Shamaliyah on wikimapia"


3636e No.250578

>second pic
So I’m not the only one who has that problem…

e0d9d No.250596

What are the aims of this operation?
How much of the Idlib goblin will they chop off this time around?

3636e No.250607

File: 1573762750866.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 8079D605-0A76-41EE-9160-8F….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - SAA deploys around Derik/Malikiyah, taking almost full control of the Turkish border
Also gains in Idlib and ping pong north of Tal Tamer

3636e No.250609

Interesting claim

the government, state, and law are absent in Buner. Taliban have returned to the district of Buner in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. They threaten and punish people, ask for money and if you do not cooperate, you will be killed. Where is de government?

efaf5 No.250610

this individual's bios is enough to discredit his tweets

3636e No.250612

Yeah I know, he’s in Afghanistan
>let me tell you about your country
I just found this claim to be interesting.

efaf5 No.250615

New propaganda clip from ISIS featuring the spokesman from the ISIS branch of the maghreb

dd9fa No.250671

File: 1573785570973-0.jpg (123.65 KB, 1164x564, EJXnfhXXkAMFLvi.jpg)

File: 1573785570974-1.jpg (156.59 KB, 1162x560, EJWwnVXXUAczNVB.jpg)

File: 1573785570974-2.jpg (138.29 KB, 1136x562, EJWuoS3XsAAmNVp.jpg)

Southeast Idlib/Tell Tamr/T*rkish border

dd9fa No.250674

9f7e1 No.250677

hey fags, long time since I've posted here but that's because I've mostly been on Discord and Nate and Ebin got ahold of me. I've still been paying attention to Syria but I've been using Discord for the most part, I run a server for happenings and I have a channel for every country. It has a few other /sg/ oldfags on it too, if anyone remembers Hannibal he's staff here. It's not syria related specifically, it's just a server for news related to the entire globe but Syria is one of the most active channels


So yeah, Nate and Ebin are on the server now. I'm in regular contact with a few of the oldfags so I'll give some updates

Libyanon is still very much alive and on the server too, but he's not really active, however I do talk to him from time to time in dm's. He ain't dead

Aleppobro (also known as Jad) is still around too but isn't on Discord, I regularly talk to him on Telegram.

As for Houthibro, some of you fags probably remember when Houthibro allegedly showed himself here. Sorry to say but that was a prank orchestrated by myself, although the timesteamp was in Sana'a. I know another nigger in Yemen and I thought it'd be funny to get him to prank this board. He's also an unironically gay furry too, but lives with a salafi family and has to hide this part of him. Also he's engaged to his cousin too. An ugly 3/10 at that according to him who he hates

I've been memeing like crazy with Libyanon and this Yemeni furfag (who I'll call Raz) and Hannibal though and we've even made OC too for shits and giggles which I might show here if people are interested

084de No.250678

Snus, Doc and Pingu, get in here >>250677 lads.
(and everyone else of course, I just thought you 3 might like it the most)

084de No.250679

And you too, familianon!

3636e No.250681

File: 1573788764412.jpeg (56.94 KB, 720x960, 02300A0A-8D56-4686-A3D1-5….jpeg)

Just make sure to post here as well for the anons who don’t discord.

084de No.250682

I just sent this message to lankabro:

"Hey LankaBro. Long time no see. I know that about a year ago you said you are leaving /sg/, but I just thought I'd let you know that most of the oldfags are on a discord server https://discord.gg/ByEDpwj (including Ebin, Libyanon, Aleppobro, Muttley etc) and I thought I'd just let you know in case you wanted to drop by. It's super cosy. Of course, you don't have to and you can ignore this message if you don't want to, but I just felt like I should let you know, for old time's sake."

I know he's made the decision to cut his connections with /sg/ for personal reasons. I tried to make my message as soft as possible, not wanting to put too much pressure on him. I'd be very happy if he does turn up. I hope my message got the balance right.

3636e No.250683

Eh looks good.

084de No.250684

9f7e1 No.250685

Aleppobro isn't on the server bruv I told you cunts already he only uses Telegram

dd9fa No.250687

File: 1573789853492-0.png (93.72 KB, 396x385, 1427772401183.png)

Discord trannies gtfo

3636e No.250688

File: 1573789912099.gif (3.26 MB, 600x494, 9FB7F052-0BAD-4405-B46C-A1….gif)

dd9fa No.250693

File: 1573792218787-0.jpg (678.48 KB, 2676x1635, ssss.jpg)

Pretty easy to imagine what will happen when Mashayrfah, Umm at Tinah and the AD base is captured.

dd9fa No.250694

According to a Syrian Army source in nearby Hama, this attack on Thursday is the just the preliminary assault. A much larger attack is expected to be launched in the coming days.
Furthermore, the source says the primary objective of this attack in southeastern Idlib is to build a pocket around the key town of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man, which is located directly north of Khan Sheikhoun.
The source added that the Syrian Army will expand the offensive by pushing towards Ma’arat Al-Nu’man from two different axes; these axes will be the southwestern and southeastern flanks of the city.
This battle contingency is similar to the Syrian Army’s previous attacks on Khan Sheikhoun and Kafr Zita. By creating a pocket around the town, the Syrian Army leaves the militant forces with one road to flee the area. If the militants refuse to leave, they will be eventually besieged by the army.
Ma’arat Al-Nu’man may prove to be difficult for the army, however, as the town is well defended and has long been a pro-opposition stronghold.

084de No.250695

oh, right. I was just scanning for names. My bad.

9f7e1 No.250704

honestly I've been on /sg/ for a lot longer than that I only just namefagged fairly recently, I've been watching Syria since Kobane tbh

3636e No.250736

File: 1573831095360.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, A1ED3CE0-EDE8-4BA0-B83D-4A….png)

Syria Shitmupdate
SAA takes full control of border deployment areas
TAF took some land near Tal Tamer
More gains around Abu Duhur

efaf5 No.250764

File: 1573837992702.jpg (28.07 KB, 500x403, 902.jpg)

>check on mlpol/sg
>literally r/sgay: discord trannies edition

26ba0 No.250783

File: 1573847562820.jpg (182.07 KB, 695x785, 124546658768.jpg)

How can one man be so Based&Redpilled?

4f187 No.250789

I guess when the entire oligarchy of the Western world is out to kill you, you get a bit more savy to their tricks.

dd9fa No.250794

File: 1573851453868.jpg (69.82 KB, 1280x720, EJZ9QvBXsAAzM3I.jpg)

Strikes on east and west slopes of Height 1125, picture taken from north-northeastern direction.

42aaa No.250818

Pardon the first low iq post, I just lost the genetic lottery is all.

efaf5 No.250889

e4af6 No.250894

File: 1573919495791.png (253.94 KB, 580x572, hoofchin.png)

Can someone redpill me on the kurds? I keep hearing that they're fucking shitheads but never paid enough attention to really grasp why. All the research I've done has turned up nothing but journos kvetching that we must protect the kurds at all costs because muh democracy or something.

efaf5 No.250895

tl;dr: israelis 2.0

e4b57 No.250906

They want their own land, and because of that, they sell themselves like a whore to whoever promise them that plus goodies. Logically, they are pumped and dumped over and over again. Now they are the bitch of America and the Jews, tomorrow who knows.

eda57 No.250907

File: 1573932442124.jpg (110.37 KB, 359x398, ServesHimRightHeTrustedAKu….jpg)

Also, the Kurds are open commies.

e4b57 No.250908

I forgot to add.
In the same way they are used and dumped; they have a record of stabbing their patrons as soon as a better deal shows up.

9f7e1 No.250964

File: 1573964402125.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, shitmap.png)

Ebin didn't post his map here and I think he went to sleep so I'll do it for him. Minor SDF/SAA gainz around Tel Tamr

5a819 No.251009

File: 1573989790279-0.jpg (128.19 KB, 1163x577, EJkX_94XsAE2yJE.jpg)

File: 1573989790279-1.jpg (138.61 KB, 1161x567, EJkX_9yXYAAbS17.jpg)

#Raqqa: #SDF captured Bir Tamah & Saada village. Sheikh Abadi & Abadi Koy under #SNA control.
#Hasakah: #SAA/#SDF recaptured Aziziyah, Dawudiyah, Isha, Gebro & Arishah. Menakh & Aniq Al-Hawa under #SNA

5a819 No.251010

File: 1573989804861.jpg (129.12 KB, 1159x552, EJkdoHkWkAA57Cw.jpg)

S.E. #Idlib current situation: Tall Khinazah village under #SAA control. Ard az Zurzur village under #HTS control.

5a819 No.251011

File: 1573989869011-0.jpg (470.54 KB, 1647x789, EJhttEdWsAAAuG2.jpg)

File: 1573989869011-1.jpg (276.6 KB, 1533x645, EJiU9azWsAA2D_Z.jpg)

>Under the new agreement, the TR / TFSA militants will withdraw to designated positions, here's a map.

>And SDF will retreat behind the yellow line

Corridor will be under Russian / SAA / Turkish control.

dd9fa No.251076

HTS posted an interesting video of bombardments on the Kabani front
The video is shot north-northeast of the village and shows the slope of Height 1125 and northern top of Zuweiqat being hit.
Another detail being showed is the terrain east of Kabani, quite the valley.
According to Leith/masdar the SAA managed to capture the northern top of Zuweiqat last night but were driven back by a HTS & co counterattack, the video i linked probably being after the SAA's retreat.
Due to the incline of the mountains, i don't see Kabani being captured any time soon without divine intervention (RuAF dropping some major thermobarics on the northern slopes) or SAA first advancing east of Height 1125 (which it does seem like they're trying to do aswell judging on the impacts shown in the video).

dd9fa No.251079

File: 1574042463240.jpg (621.85 KB, 2780x1636, zzz.jpg)

Impacts = Approximately around the gray circles
If you ask me they should abandon all hopes of taking all of Zuwaiqat mountain and focus more effort on the area east of Height 1125 which in all fairness seems to get some more attention by SAA than earlier.

7d24b No.251080

File: 1574042572280.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 6C0A4AD7-F6BB-4E22-8BB7-34….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - more ping pong north of Tal Tamer and some to the west of Tal Abyad.
In Idlibstan, HTS gains one village from joint control with FSA.

7d24b No.251081

Should’ve made the grey circles black to stand out more, I almost missed the one on Zuweiqat because it blended in.
In your opinion why is the SAA having so much trouble with Kabani? I haven’t followed this place nearly as much, and tactics aren’t my strong suit.

084de No.251082

I'm getting triggered over the fact that the Northern Syria fontlone has basically stopped moving and it still doesn't look like this>>248345

dd9fa No.251084

File: 1574044195637.jpg (49.07 KB, 1350x814, very strategic.jpg)

>In your opinion why is the SAA having so much trouble with Kabani?
If what Masdar is posting is accurate, SAA are trying to position themselves on the northern peak of the mountain and advance downhill but keep getting raped by counterattacks because they're too exposed to sniper fire and ATGM's fired from Kabani/Jabal Barzah to setup fire superiority.
HTS can simply pop up from the SAA deadspot on the northern slopes.
Here, i asked my wifes son to illustrate it for you.

7d24b No.251085

File: 1574045672356.jpeg (614.84 KB, 750x1334, AB28D258-B0BD-47CA-8B00-E….jpeg)

That makes sense. DAMN, that place is a geographical clusterfuck. Can’t SAA go around it and attack Kabani from behind?
Pic related.

dd9fa No.251088

File: 1574048631575-0.jpg (686.42 KB, 3056x1408, barseh.jpg)

>Can’t SAA go around it and attack Kabani from behind?
Pic related is the northwestern view from Jabal Barzah, it would be like trying to take the Zawiya mountains via the al-Ghab plains.
It's all downhill after Kabani/Jabal Barzah, HTS controlled Latakia falls with it but not without it.

dd9fa No.251132

This new video from SAA defensive positions southeast of Zuwayqat shows that the situation hasn't changed much since 2015…
Sure they have paved a proper secure dirt road up the southern slope and nuked the mountain top to the point that they can easily keep the jihadists from controlling it. But that doesn't change the fact that they have no solid defensive positions up there and are effectively stuck in the same position since years back.
It's all so tiresome…

dd9fa No.251133

File: 1574124037686.jpg (548.1 KB, 2196x1266, EJsdrZXXUAASuOU (1).jpg)

Aprox situation north of Tell Tamr

38fa8 No.251158

File: 1574137507394.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 25732FCF-9FA6-4F18-A8F0-96….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - SNA takes Dardara north of Tal Tamer and cuts the road.

ee778 No.251190

File: 1574162055940.png (147.36 KB, 500x576, 12344565665.png)

efaf5 No.251192

old video

ee778 No.251200

Is it? I remember one guy being kicked, but in the different manner, back in 2017/18?

efaf5 No.251201

maybe i'm mixing them
after all, such sights aren't uncommon

efaf5 No.251205

3e2c8 No.251246

File: 1574209472093-0.mp4 (2.72 MB, 1280x720, Breaking video footage eme….mp4)

File: 1574209472093-1.jpg (16.43 KB, 960x601, EJxoeX2XkAAhhK_.jpg)

>Breaking video footage emerges huge fire ripping through unknown object in southern #Damascus amid #Israeli airstrikes.


dd9fa No.251247

Reconaissance flights has been taking place over Idlib and talks of SAA resuming the offensive.

dd9fa No.251248

3e2c8 No.251297

File: 1574258465295.jpg (192.75 KB, 1125x1526, EJzCH3DXYAA-87A.jpg)

>SAA sustained more than heavy losses, way more than any previous strike, but SOHR's numbers are completely made up, Iran, as far as I know now, sustained no losses at all. SOHR's claims of 7 Iranian killed is utter BS. SAA alone may have lost more than 11 officers, beside equip..

>>Syrian losses around one billion USD, several officers killed, a family of three injured.

>I'm still assessing the damage dealt to the army yesterday, it is catastrophic. I will likely need 24 hours or even more. Will not likely share most information.



>#Israeli Air Forces attacked about 20 targets tonight in #Damascus area, about half of them belong to #IRGC. Also 6 #SAA anti-aircraft batteries destroyed, some #NDF positions in the Syrian Golan attacked with combat helicopters #Syria


wew lad, Iran better retaliate

dd9fa No.251302

>Army captured Mushayrifa for hours but later retreated from village

38fa8 No.251304

File: 1574273895485.jpeg (65.78 KB, 500x394, 378B5147-4B66-45BD-9965-1….jpeg)

M8, that’s what Israel wants Iran to do. They’re spoiling for a fight while the US is still capable of fighting for Israel, but Iran is gonna stay patient and wait for the empire to collapse under its own weight.

3e2c8 No.251306

I know, I mean a limited retaliatory strike like they did 2 nights ago

3e2c8 No.251307

(only more successful i.e. more missiles)

3e2c8 No.251308

File: 1574278014284.mp4 (10.94 MB, 1280x720, @obretix Syria today pro-A….mp4)

#Syria: today pro-Assad forces launched an attack on Musharifah (SE. #Idlib) & took over the village. Rebels reversed then the advance. SAA fleeing during Rebel counter-attack.


d8501 No.251319

File: 1574290273185.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, F0EDB5E0-039D-442F-A2B4-F8….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - SDF retakes Dardara

dd9fa No.251322

File: 1574294670213.jpg (206.11 KB, 768x1024, 1511967523030.jpg)

The village being shelled in the video is actually
Luwaybidah, not Mashayrfah.
Old footage from when Luwaybidah had been captured last week i presume.

dd9fa No.251325

File: 1574300086712.jpg (667.02 KB, 2779x1747, SE Idlib.jpg)

SE Idlib, Musharifah in black because there's no proof of SAA controlling it yet.

dd9fa No.251326

Blue = T*rk Base

dd9fa No.251380

File: 1574322004965.jpg (669.14 KB, 2779x1747, SE Idlib.jpg)

>On Wednesday evening, the Syrian Army was able to establish full control over the entire town while securing all of the points they seized from the jihadist rebels.

dd9fa No.251381

File: 1574322923120.jpg (690.59 KB, 2779x1747, SE Idlib - Copy.jpg)

Once they capture Umm at Tinah and the airbase to the north of Musharifah and fend off the inevitable counterattack we should see some bigger gains in the area landing them at the outskirts of the TAF base.
The T*rks will help the SNA militants to prevent this though, expect MRAPs and heavier use of ATGM's.

dd9fa No.251383

File: 1574324680057.jpg (1.34 MB, 2558x1798, jal.jpg)

What's to come after that i'm not sure but betting on Umm Jalal does look promising.

dd9fa No.251392

>The Kurdish security forces, Asayish, are preparing to withdraw from the town of Manbij in northeastern Aleppo, Al-Watan reported on Thursday.
>According to the Al-Watan report, the Asayish forces will be withdrawing from Manbij per the agreement the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) made with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

dd9fa No.251394

>Fierce clashes are taking place between the heroes of the Syrian Army and the armed terrorist forces on the axis of Zarzour in the southeastern countryside of Idlib.

dd9fa No.251396

File: 1574331460615.png (20.92 KB, 736x616, 1535461854186.png)

>Russian warplanes target high-explosive rockets in the village of Musharfeh in the east of Idlib

dd9fa No.251410

File: 1574345391493.jpg (126.91 KB, 880x1176, EJ5cELSXsAI7Mt0.jpg)

f562b No.251413

>White flag?

dd9fa No.251427

That would be the IEA flag in Afghanistan

dd9fa No.251432

File: 1574373253918.jpg (148.51 KB, 811x730, 1504501262277.jpg)

>Warplanes target one of the ovens of Kafranbel city in the southern countryside of Idlib

43361 No.251448

File: 1574382438170.png (43.6 KB, 1200x800, FA768603-7D1C-42A8-9D2F-87….png)

Doesn’t look like the Taliban flag.

dd9fa No.251489

dd9fa No.251490

File: 1574437990070.webm (1.3 MB, 1280x720, 1500954215946.webm)

Need an updated version of this

e4b57 No.251495

File: 1574450605253.mp4 (15.39 MB, 854x480, Russia Takes control of Am….mp4)

Russia Takes control of American Abandoned Base in Syria.

7b400 No.251496

File: 1574453337678.mp4 (3 MB, 1280x720, @PetTheGreat1 Syria NLF bl….mp4)

>#Syria: #NLF blew up with a #TOW an #ATGM position in NE. #Latakia mounts. Crew likely neutralized.

dd9fa No.251497

>Crew likely neutralized.
You can literally see them run away long before impact.
Ohhhhhh, that's why.

7b400 No.251498

File: 1574454938307-0.jpg (137.93 KB, 718x1278, EKAOkwoXUAAZPjE.jpg)

File: 1574454938307-1.jpg (147.78 KB, 718x1278, EKAOkwhXsAA8J0m.jpg)

>S. #Syria: 2 members (possibly reconcilied) working with 4th Division were executed tonight by gunmen on Tafas-Yadudah road in NW. #Daraa province.


text is from qalaat al muhdick as well

d8501 No.251501

File: 1574457687893-0.png (628.51 KB, 3860x2910, AA732147-C2D5-42B5-9490-A8….png)

File: 1574457687893-1.jpeg (81.85 KB, 1328x888, 2D770F76-8C61-4D3A-BCDB-C….jpeg)

Afghan Districtmupdate - Taliban counteroffensive in north Faryab, Qaramqol DHQ was captured and Taliban are on outskirts of Andkhoy.

7b400 No.251503

File: 1574458376070-0.jpg (44.58 KB, 534x531, EKAYRUXX0AAmHlh.jpg)

File: 1574458376070-1.jpg (37.71 KB, 552x553, EKAYRUZXsAAU73W.jpg)

File: 1574458376070-2.jpg (30.53 KB, 552x552, EKAYRUSXUAAAJIZ.jpg)

File: 1574458376070-3.jpg (55.5 KB, 540x694, EKAYRUSXYAAr_yq (1).jpg)

Thread on the losses caused by the November 20 Israeli attack on Syria:

-The Syrian Air Defense Forces lost four highly-qualified officers:
Maj. Ra'id Dib
Capt. Osama As'ad
1st Lt. Omran Suliamn
Lt. Jafar Nouraldin

7b400 No.251504

File: 1574458423607-0.jpg (85.59 KB, 596x804, EKAYSpdXsAEnbsP.jpg)

File: 1574458423607-1.jpg (59.79 KB, 535x581, EKAYScfXkAAHQJJ.jpg)

-The SAA lost two soldiers:
Salim Skaf
Akram Darbuli

-The SAA lost six pieces of equipment in total, including a ZSU-23-4 Shilka SPAAG. Most of the losses were in southern Damascus.

-Iranian forces sustained no losses. Non of their fighters were injured or killed.

-Several Iranian positions were struck, most of them were offices, or rest and recreation centers. Iranian forces had evacuated all targeted positions more than 12 hours before the airstrikes.


dd9fa No.251505

File: 1574461225980.jpg (82.62 KB, 640x638, 1504736941041.jpg)

>text is from qalaat al muhdick as well
He's seething so badly from the Tochka strike on the "refugee camp"/ammunition depot in Al-Qah.

dd9fa No.251506

File: 1574461277449.jpg (64.02 KB, 549x959, EKAbRcsWsAEMzJE.jpg)

efaf5 No.251507

>using english instead of arabic

dd9fa No.251510

>Very large crowds of the Syrian Arab Army are heading to Aleppo for the upcoming battle to liberate Aleppo countryside from the terrorist gangs.

dd9fa No.251511

He wasn't talking with another arab.

dd9fa No.251512

File: 1574466151934.png (330.86 KB, 585x390, EKA7TE1WkAEHH4l.png)

memeable pic

7b400 No.251577

File: 1574525489467.jpg (955 KB, 3061x2040, 15904358943589430.jpg)

Initial attacks on the SDF around Ayn Issa repelled. The SDF has recaptured the Ayn Issa camp after losing it earlier in the day. Second large wave of attacks by the Turks and TFSA ongoing.

Reports that the SAA has withdrawn are complete bullshit propaganda design to create confusion. On the contrary, they have been involved in the fighting the entire day and are launching artillery fire missions from south of the city.

Reports that the SDF have recaptured Saida are as of yet unconfirmed. This is the only area lost and not regained that I know of.

The TFSA is attempting to take the IDP camp still. Much damage to the already evacuated camp. Many tents destroyed.


The Turkish Army and TFSA have captured Saidah north of Ayn Issa


7b400 No.251580

File: 1574536765389.jpg (53.34 KB, 680x378, EKFGc9XXUAA4srW.jpg)

SDF recaptured Ayn Issa camp, Saidah & Ma’alak from #TFSA.
Clashes continue NE of the Ain Issa camp.
N #Syria


7b400 No.251596

File: 1574547236857-0.jpg (335.05 KB, 1544x941, EKFtvOwWwAUvTf2.jpg)

File: 1574547236857-1.jpg (280 KB, 1024x733, ayn-issa-23nov19-1024x733.jpg)

Map cntrl-Ain Isa

dd9fa No.251625

wait what
SAA/Russia in the brigade 93 military in Ain Issa and they let TFSA capture stuff right on the outskirt of the town.
Must be some Russia/Türk agreement if true.

dd9fa No.251626

File: 1574572217334.png (9.29 KB, 420x420, 1495544100029.png)

>SNA missiles raining down at the Ayn Issa front. SAA got 5th Corps AGTM teams are positioned to take out any threats to the city
>I also received information that the entire leadership of the 5th Corps are positioned in the heart of Ayn Issa and never planned on leaving

084de No.251657

New leak: Neocons on suicide watch:

Subject: Grave concern about the 'redacted' Douma report
Dear Bob,
I wish to express, as a member of the FFM team that conducted the investigation into the alleged chemical attack in Douma on 7 April, my gravest concern at the redacted version of the FFM report, which I understand was at the behest of the ODG. After reading this modified report, which incidentally no other team member who deployed into Douma has had the opportunity to do, I was struck by how much it misrepresents the facts. Many of the facts and observations outlined in the full version are inextricably interconnected and, by selectively omitting certain ones, an unintended bias has been introduced into the report, undermining its credibility. In other cases, some crucial facts that have remained in the redacted version have morphed into something quite different to what was originally drafted. If I may, I will outline some specific aspects to the redacted report that are particularly worrisome.
The statement in paragraph 8.3 in the final conclusions "The team has sufficient evidence at this time to determine that chlorine, or another reactive chlorine-containing chemical, was likely released from cylinders" is highly misleading and not supported by the facts. The only evidence available at this moment is that some samples collected at Locations 2 and 4 were in contact with one or more chemicals that contain a reactive chlorine atom. Such chemicals could include molecular chlorine, phosgene, cyanogen chloride, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride, or sodium hypochlorite (the major ingredient of househסld chlorine-based bleach). Purposely singling out chlorine gas as one of the possibilities is disingenuous. It is also worth noting that the term "reactive chlorine-containing chemical" used in the redacted report is, in fact, inaccurate.

It actually describes a reactive chemical that contains chlorine which itself (the chlorine) is not necessarily reactive e.g. chlorophenol.
The original report uses the more accurate term "a chemical containing reactive chlorine".
The redacted report states that the gas was likely released from the cylinders (in Locations 2 and 4). The original report purposely emphasised the fact that, although the cylinders might have been the sources of the suspected chemical release, there was insufficient evidence to affirm this. It is possible the error was simply a typo. This is a major deviation from the original report. Paragraph 8.2 states that "based on the high levels of various chlorinated organic derivatives, […] detected in environmental samples". Describing the levels as "high" likely overstates the extent of levels of chlorinated organic derivatives detected. They were, in most cases, present only in parts per billion range, as low as 1-2 ppb, which is essentially trace quantities.
The original report discusses in detail the inconsistency between the victims' symptoms, as reported by witnesses and seen in video recordings. Omitting this section of the report (including the Epidemiology which has been removed in its entirety) has a serious negative impact on the report as this section is inextricably linked to the chemical agent identified. It either supports or detracts from the confidence in the identity of any possible chemical. In this case, the confidence in the identity of chlorine or any Cho king agent is drawn into question precisely because of the inconsistency with the reported and observed symptoms. The inconsistency was not only noted by the FFM team but strongly supported by three toxicologists with expertise in exposure to CW agents.
The original report has extensive sections regarding the placement of the cylinders at both locations as well as the relative damage caused to the impact points, compared to that caused to the cylinders suspected of being the sources of the toxic chemical. These sections are essentially absent from the redacted report. This information was important in assessing the likelihood of the 'presence' of toxic chemicals versus the 'use' of toxic chemicals. A feature of this investigation and report was the robust and extensive scientific basis for sampling plans and analysing the data collected. A comprehensive bibliography of peer-reviewed scientific literature was attached to support and enhance the credibility of the work of the mission.
This has unfortunately been omitted from the redacted report. By singling out chlorine above other equally plausible substances containing reactive chlorine and presenting it as a fact in isolation creates, I believe, a level of partiality that would negatively impact on the perceived credibility of the report, and by extension that of the Organisation. I am requesting that the fact-finding report be released in its entirety as I fear that this redacted version no longer reflects the work of the team. The original report contains facts and observations that are all equally valid. The fact that inconsistencies are highlighted or observations not fully understood does not justify their omission. The inconsistencies and observations are based on the evidence and data collected. Further information in the future may help resolved them but the facts as they stand at present will not alter and need to be reported. If the redacted version is to be released, I respectfully request to attach my differing observations, in accordance with the spirit of paragraph 62 of Part II of the Verification Annex of the CWC
Yours sincerely

084de No.251658

7b400 No.251674

Raqqa : #Turkey orders #FSA National Army units to withdraw from the outskirts of #Ain_Issa and several villages they fought for near the city due to their agreement with #Russia. #YPG


7b400 No.251675

#Syria #Idlib
Today #SAA captured al-Mushayrfah village after hours of heavy airstrikes (de facto violating the ceasefire #Assad + #Russia imposed): 1st real advance since the collapse of Northern #Hama (al-Lataminah + Khan Shaykhoun).
Now #SAA is trying to take Zarzur town.


dd9fa No.251677

File: 1574624155477.jpg (279.29 KB, 2256x1695, zur.jpg)

>Now #SAA is trying to take Zarzur town.
Every little village on this front except Zarzur is reportedly being shelled, i think HTS has abandoned it already.

dd9fa No.251680

dd9fa No.251693

File: 1574637152630-0.png (98.12 KB, 462x390, EKLHobFXsAUHNpn.png)

File: 1574637152630-1.jpg (108.06 KB, 1082x1080, EKLHobHXYAUEwlx.jpg)

dd9fa No.251695

dd9fa No.251696

File: 1574637584008-0.jpg (694.03 KB, 2779x1747, SE Idlib - Copy.jpg)

Now let's see if they continue advancing, might just be a diversion for the real offensive and HTS aren't buying it, who knows.

d8501 No.251704

File: 1574641479993.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 1FA641B8-FCE2-4A44-B323-E5….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - SAA gains Mushayrifah and SDF gains a small hamlet NE of Ain Issa

7b400 No.251705

File: 1574641831218-0.jpg (295.61 KB, 1868x857, EKLVDXhW4AAWjQo.jpg)

File: 1574641831218-1.jpg (199.34 KB, 1038x580, EKLXEQOXUAAdEZo.jpg)

#SAA #SyrianArmy and groups including Liwa al Quds have taking full control of Tal al-Zarzour & Zarzour Village.
- SAMA reporter : Syrian Army takeover of #Zurzur الزرزور in SW Idlib enables #SAA to fire on large geographical areas towards town of #Jarjanaz

New Map of the Areas Confirmed to be captured by the Liwa al Quds & Syrian Arab Army in the past 24 Hours
Um Al-Khalakhel
Tal Zarzur
Zarzur Village.
SAMA news Reporter on ground also Confirms.


d8501 No.251706

File: 1574642945525.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 77926751-FC58-4877-8F26-E0….png)

Fixed Shitmap to keep up with these gains.

084de No.251710

Nice, but also:
>Qamishli still not a big dot
[[This pic >>248178]]

7b400 No.251711

File: 1574647021933.jpg (20.81 KB, 570x570, very nice (1).jpg)

dd9fa No.251712

File: 1574648621566-0.jpg (550.43 KB, 2337x1896, jar.jpg)

>takeover of #Zurzur الزرزور in SW Idlib enables #SAA to fire on large geographical areas towards town of #Jarjanaz

dd9fa No.251746

dd9fa No.251754

>"Because Turky didnt implement agreement on Idlib SAA will continue operation in south Idlib" - Mazan Ibrahim, Tiger Forces
>SAA is now pounding villages of Furayji, Sihal and Umm at Tinah in order to probe weaknesses in jihadist defenses
The account claiming that SAA are storming al Farjah also claim now that SAA are "attempting to storm Al-Sihal" is VivaRevolt. I think it's misinformation.

dd9fa No.251755

>I think it's misinformation
The reason why i think this is primarily because capturing these two villages before Umm at Tinah would put SAA in in a topographical disadvantage.
Haven't seen any pro-SAA sources claim that a storming is underway, VivaRevolt didn't claim SAA captured Farjah before Sihal and there's no proper road between Sihal and Khalakhil.

146db No.251763

File: 1574706276586-0.png (627.18 KB, 3860x2910, F7C3BB62-3B09-45D9-857A-89….png)

File: 1574706276586-1.png (234.36 KB, 625x403, 5F896B90-949A-4AEB-A30F-D5….png)

Afghan Districtmupdate - All of Jowzjan is contested with the exception of one district. Kunduz has two of three districts added - Aqtash and Gul Tepa. I’m not adding Gulbad because I’ve not been able to find anything from that district beyond three tweets saying it exists.
Also Dashti Archi DHQ was overrun by Taliban.

146db No.251764

File: 1574706424990-0.jpeg (5.76 KB, 262x192, 9049544D-61A5-44F1-B194-B….jpeg)


146db No.251765

File: 1574706588132-0.jpeg (68.52 KB, 283x357, 03122DA9-144E-4245-9B81-B….jpeg)

Oh, now I remember. It’s my old IP. Feels weird coming full circle.

dd9fa No.251769

Liwa al-Quds video from the SE Idlib area

dd9fa No.251778

>News that the army is making a horseshoe around Farhaj and Sihaĺl village
Highly dubious source and squeezing between Umm at Tinah to reach Sihal is nonsensical.

dd9fa No.251787

084de No.251794

File: 1574729566776.jpg (62 KB, 750x1000, mp,840x830,matte,f8f8f8,t-….jpg)

How does one obtain a Syria general flag?

dd9fa No.251796

File: 1574730950595-0.jpg (367.26 KB, 1440x960, EKPRErnWwAEE-O3.jpg)

Roasted 4th div tanks, BMPs and bulldozers on the southern peak of Jabal Al-Zuweiqat at Kabani.

dd9fa No.251797

Jaish al-Izza having a lovely time on the Idlib frontline

dd9fa No.251887

File: 1574805594007.png (2.34 MB, 1316x1066, 1501764956427.png)

So uhh, haven't seen any updates about further actions around the recently captured villages in SE Idlib, not even artillery.
Talks of a second phase, pictures of 5TH corps, Tiger Forces and NDF in Suqaylabiyah circulating and Russian airstrikes and artillery hitting most villages and towns west of the M-5 all the way to Maraat al-numan and beyond.
It's starting to look like the real battle for Jabal Zawiya is about to commence.

7a4b6 No.251906

File: 1574831021092.png (626.21 KB, 3860x2910, 9EB366B7-5F33-4600-9FCA-8F….png)

Afghan Districtmupdate.
Done after researching a study on the security situation posted here: https://easo.europa.eu/sites/default/files/publications/Afghanistan-security-situation-2019-web.pdf
>dated June 30

dd9fa No.251936

>Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces is reported in Sarj, Sahal and Farja towns in the southern countryside
Probably a counterattack incoming, but who knows.

ff2ce No.251942

#Taliban political leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar and his team visited #Tehran.

A statement of spokesman says, Taliban delegation met Jawad Zarif (foreign minister of Iran) and other Iranian officials during the trip, they talked about bilateral relations & refugees problems.

dd9fa No.251968

File: 1574902633951.png (15.89 KB, 200x200, 1501694244757.png)

>Childhood friend & chief financier of #AlQaeda ‘s Jolani Mohannad al-Masre was finally arrested last night in UAE following request by #Syria ‘s Govt through Interpol
>Mohannad al-Masre (Chairman of Damasco) had a long standing relationship with UNHCR
>Food aid through #UNHCR & other charities or sources are big business. The higher the number of civilians, the more aid you receive.
>Armed groups like #Nusra #AlQaeda knew this too well.
>The childhood friend of Jolani Mohannad al-Masre sure did & made the right friends
HTS cookie status: Crumbling

dd9fa No.251969

File: 1574903589776.jpg (5.58 KB, 302x319, 1514768445420.jpg)

We'll probably see more financiers in arab nations of Syrian jihadi orgs get taken down in a similar manner shortly meaning only T*rkey and Qatar remains.
Will HTS cut a deal with T*rkey or get stomped by the SAA now that they'll be unable to pay their fighters - suddenly Cavishoglu(T*rkish Minister of Foreign Affairs)'s outlandish statement about the Damascus-Aleppo and Lattakia-Aleppo roads being opened before the end of the year "within the Sochi Agreement" doesn't seem so far fetched.

6460e No.252028

File: 1574963884549.jpg (86.34 KB, 540x621, EKemc0jWsAESZG6.jpg)

S. #Syria: head of Busra Harir's Air Force Intelligence (E. #Daraa) shot dead yesterday in an ambush is now pictured👇. He was from area of #Safita (#Tartus prov.).


6460e No.252039

Jihadist rebels beat back Syrian Army assault on strategic town in northeast Latakia

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:10 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attempted to advance their positions in the northeastern countryside of the Latakia Governorate on Thursday after a relatively quiet week at the Kabani front.

According to reports from this front, Syrian Arab Army troops took advantage of the poor weather conditions and attempted to advance at the Zuwayqat Mountains south of Kabani.

However, following a short battle with the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) and the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP), the Syrian Arab Army was forced to halt their attack in order to avoid more casualties.


dd9fa No.252042

If they aren't willing to risk it there will never be a breakthrough, what a waste.

dd9fa No.252044

File: 1574971234605-0.jpg (215.85 KB, 1275x715, EKe4xBdXUAMPM1z.jpg)

File: 1574971234605-1.jpg (307.45 KB, 1275x715, EKe4xBgW4AE2u5V.jpg)

>#Kurdish #sniper scanning #Kabanah front
My guess is Jabal Barzah.

dd9fa No.252047

File: 1574978950681-0.jpg (171.93 KB, 1275x715, EJ6C6G4WwAA4sO6.jpg)

Weird ass group seems to mostly hang out around Kabani.
Here's a pic uploaded last week from Height 1125 with Kabani/Jabal Barzah in the background.

dd9fa No.252048

>Within a single hour, 24 Russian airstrikes targeted the area of al-Nahr al-Abyad in Jisr sl-Shoughr outskirt. This is very unusual and appears to be well-planned strike.
Nahr al-Abyad=The white river and is here on online databases:
Seems to be a section of the orontes river.
My guess is an extremely high priority target hiding out here or using the makeshift river crossing, if true that is.

dd9fa No.252049

>Sputnik correspondent: Syrian Army masses huge military forces south of Idlib in preparation for the start of military action

057a1 No.252051

File: 1574985634765.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 9690E7AF-3A0D-4625-95AE-96….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - SDF recaptures Saada and Kafifa (couldn’t find location).

dd9fa No.252091

79173 No.252095

File: 1575052146679-0.jpg (60.07 KB, 491x456, EKj1_0bXsAApM3p.jpg)

File: 1575052146679-1.jpg (31.59 KB, 534x801, EKj1_0dXUAAYO-Z.jpg)

File: 1575052146679-2.jpg (53.96 KB, 1280x853, EKjxCAZWoAEbLSb.jpg)

File: 1575052146679-3.jpg (74.45 KB, 1280x853, EKjxCAdXkAUEpYM.jpg)

File: 1575052146679-4.jpg (134.23 KB, 1280x853, EKjxCAZWkAYmYHn.jpg)

#Syria: #Kabana front (NE. #Latakia) witnessed an intense day of battle & bombardment as pro-Assad forces backed by tanks & armored dozers launched 3 assaults today. All were however repelled by Rebels. Among documented fatalities there's a 4th Division's Adra tank driver👇


#Syria: as airstrikes & artillery shelling recently stepped up on Greater #Idlib, many residents left today S. & E. #Idlib CS heading to Turkish border.


79173 No.252096

File: 1575054243954-0.jpg (69.85 KB, 960x720, EKj4gu8W4AE6m66.jpg)

File: 1575054243954-1.jpg (103.89 KB, 960x720, EKj4gvGXkAIubZu.jpg)

File: 1575054243954-2.jpg (106.79 KB, 960x720, EKj4gu-XUAI9JFw.jpg)

File: 1575054243954-3.jpg (49.25 KB, 960x640, EKj4gu_XsAAEfru.jpg)

#Syria: yesterday night #RuAF carried out an insane amount of airstrikes (20+) on small area located N. of #JisrShoghur (SW. #Idlib), wiping it out entirely.


dd9fa No.252098


e334f No.252123

File: 1575089261516.png (668.6 KB, 3860x2910, 493857FD-40A5-4F72-9B53-94….png)

Thanks snus.

As for my Districtmap, I’ve made massive changes to it.
I’ve added in DHQs for almost every single district except for a few where there was no marker for a DHQ.
And I’ve added in primary roads (think: interstates), so it’ll show the ring road and other roads of equal magnitude. Tomorrow and the next day I’ll work on adding in secondary roads (think: highways).

79173 No.252178

File: 1575135025597-0.jpg (213.94 KB, 1002x859, EKotD8OWsAA7m8h.jpg)

File: 1575135025597-1.jpg (315.11 KB, 1222x819, EKotD8PWkAYRj4Z.jpg)

Battle for #Idlib - #Hama N -Latest Situation / Map
"Rebels" started an offensive and captures some towns:

clashes with heavy machine guns between syrian forces & rebel factions on Tal al-Nar & Kfar Sijnah axis..

Shelling with rocket launchers and heavy artillery is reported in the villages and towns of Hish, Kfaroma, Sijnah, Muwaq, Tel al-Nar, Sahyan and Tahtaya in southern Idlib countryside.
In conjunction with aerial bombardment
Tigers preapering

79173 No.252181

File: 1575140935581.jpg (323.56 KB, 1120x1280, EKo-yXmWkAA_4S_.jpg)

>current situation after Rebels captured 4 villages from pro-Assad forces today on SE. #Idlib front.

79173 No.252182

File: 1575140982242.mp4 (917.31 KB, 640x352, @obretix Syria area of His….mp4)

#Syria: area of Hish in S. #Idlib countryside bombed tonight with a barrage of Grad rockets (MLRS).

dd9fa No.252185

Supposedly the jihadis withdrew.

79173 No.252187

File: 1575144610220.jpg (294.79 KB, 1009x546, EKpM39XXsAUvB9a.jpg)

>fierce night clashes btwn Rebels & pro-Assad forces on SE. #Idlib front as the latter are attempting to take back Ajaz captured earlier today by Rebels.

dd9fa No.252188

File: 1575144658821-0.jpg (330.38 KB, 1543x868, EKolV0VWkAE3qEQ.jpg)

File: 1575144658821-1.jpg (181.02 KB, 1420x640, EKnzMI-XsAAJ2K7.jpg)

Before and after

efaf5 No.252190

since i have some spare time tonight
redpill me about the relation that israelis have toward religion and the "jewish culture" (ie the religious traditions) how much percentage of the "secular" population (ie non ultra orthodox/haredim) follow the religious teachings (like shabbat and fasting holidays)

79173 No.252193

> follow the religious teachings (like shabbat and fasting holidays)
most of secularists only do that kind of things as tradition (holidays) or trend (losing weight on yom kippur)

some people light candles and shit on friday too so they can feel slightly religious.
the majority doesn't really care otherwise. they even started bus service in tel aviv on shabbat this weekend (a big no no) and orthodox are seething rn.

efaf5 No.252194

so the average jew doesn't care about turning the lights on during shabbat?
if this country is barely religious, how do you achieve cohesion (sinc IMO religion is the mortar linking everyone) considering the diversity of origins/culture of the citizens?
>and orthodox are seething
aren't they concentrated in their ghettos so it just doesn't matter for the average israeli?

79173 No.252195

File: 1575153126277.png (4.07 KB, 380x113, 2019-12-01_00-25-30.png)

>so the average jew doesn't care about turning the lights on during shabbat?
no. those who are mildly religious maybe, seculars don't care about any of that. not sure about the actual share but wiki says 67%.

>considering the diversity of origins/culture of the citizens?

well it works since every group is enclosed in their own cities. i.e. tel aviv metropolitan area highly secular, Jerusalem very religious etc. so each keeps to his own most of the time.

>aren't they concentrated in their ghettos so it just doesn't matter for the average israeli?

most religious zealots don't care as long as it's private (your car) but public transportation is forbidden by law on shabbos. so the Tel Aviv municipality found a loophole and they made the bus service free on saturday as a city-service and thus they're technically not breaking the law. but many religious folks are angry saying it's desecration of the Sabbath and calling them all sinners.

efaf5 No.252196

>only 67% in 2007
i suppose it's lower now, is it harder for non relighious jews to live their daily life without being policed by the religious jews (when going clubbing or not following the holidays rituals)?
also (may sound odd) is the pork consumption among secular jew a big thing in israel or is it even a no-no for seculars?

79173 No.252197

>i suppose it's lower now
yeah maybe a bit since orthodox have gazillion kids.

> is it harder for non relighious jews to live their daily life without being policed by the religious jews

no, completely unheard of unless you do something silly like going into an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood and eating bacaon. people generally leave each other to their own.

>also (may sound odd) is the pork consumption among secular jew a big thing in israel or is it even a no-no for seculars?

pretty rare because very few places sell it. but it's quite popular amongst the russian diaspora, they have their own shops and tons of non-kosher food.

efaf5 No.252198

>they have their own shops and tons of non-kosher food.
are russian diaspora even jewish? or are they goys that larped as jews to escape USSR?
how does the average israeli sees them?

79173 No.252200

most claim they are, you know, for the benefits and better treatment. I assume most of them are larping just to get the Israeli ID.

>how does the average israeli sees them?

well there's so many of them they are practically ingrained into Israel society already.in the past they kept to their own but nowadays they'be integrated and speak hebrew and all that jazz. I'm pretty sure I'm the only non russian in my apartment complex.

efaf5 No.252201

but are they seen by the average israeli as jewish or as a fraud like Ethiopian jews?

79173 No.252202

nah they're accepted as jewish since they actually contribute most of the time. (other than than the typical drunken slav shenanigans)

efaf5 No.252203

alright, thanks for the insights

79173 No.252204

File: 1575158200538.jpg (100.16 KB, 1024x768, 1454570697385 (1).jpg)

Russia transport ‘unusually’ large shipment of tanks to Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:30 A.M.) – Russia has recently transported a large amount of military cargo to the Syrian port city of Tartous, the Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro reported this week.

According to Avia.Pro, Russia was transporting an ‘unusually’ large shipment of tanks and armored vehicles to Syria via their Dvinitsa-50 vessel that is part of the Black Sea Fleet.

“About a day ago on the web, new photos were published of the Russian ship ‘Dvinitsa-50’ from the Black Sea Fleet, which proceeded from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea,” Avia.Pro reported. “According to sources, the ship is transporting very heavy cargo; however, at the moment, no official comments from the Russian Ministry of Defense have been made.”



dd9fa No.252206

File: 1575166171850-0.jpg (23.23 KB, 376x262, 1575063596379.jpg)

>the ship is transporting very heavy cargo; however, at the moment, no official comments from the Russian Ministry of Defense have been made
Gee i wonder why

548c5 No.252207

File: 1575167575994.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, E5119DBE-7C27-4751-BBF1-7A….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - Rebels/AQ recapture four villages from SAA in Abu Dhuhur CS

548c5 No.252208

File: 1575167721355.png (701.6 KB, 3860x2910, 23C03188-1BA6-4E9D-B452-85….png)

Finished my improvement project on the Afghan Districtmap - primary and secondary highways have been added.

dd9fa No.252210

File: 1575168493816-0.jpg (111.71 KB, 952x742, EJaqXKnWkAERG_h.jpg)

Pretty fun comparing this latest breach with the Tal Malah/Jubbayn breach during the Khan Sheikhoun offensive.
Pretty self explanatory what's about to happen if this is the most powerful attack they can pull off, Maraat al-Numan by christmas maybe?

dd9fa No.252217

Another point of interest was the tanks they used, only one had a usable turret (was captured), the rest were a brem and two turretless tanks used as APCs.

dd9fa No.252237

>SAA recaptured Ajaz, reports that militants withdraw from others but still no (official) report from SAA reporter

dd9fa No.252238

>SANA correspondent: SAA entered Aliyah silos near Tal Tamr as advancing on M4 highway Aleppo- Hasakah

efaf5 No.252247

File: 1575231537715.png (511.82 KB, 885x801, 1575220708116.png)

around polaks, never relax

79173 No.252251

File: 1575235299714-0.png (179.75 KB, 289x514, EKuqbQ6XYAAL-cX.png)

File: 1575235299714-1.png (151.03 KB, 288x509, EKuqbQ5WoAAgdbz.png)

File: 1575235299714-2.png (176.17 KB, 284x512, EKuqbQ5WoAEJ-PV.png)

File: 1575235299714-3.jpg (368.74 KB, 1024x965, EKuiVSaXkAAAQYF.jpg)

Soldier posted a video 8 hours ago titled
- From the inside of the town of Ajaz today, after it was fully recaptured from the terrorists.

Video From the Militant's after they had to Flee / Run Away from Ajaz Village because the #SAA #SyrianArmy #SyrianArmedForces were recapturing the village.


dd9fa No.252256

File: 1575238372286.webm (3.58 MB, 720x720, 1572026979717.webm)

>leaving before shahada

efaf5 No.252258

On a side note
God bless Cyanoacrylate
best wound-plugging jury-rig tool

79173 No.252277

SDF, Russia agree to deploy Russian troops in three areas in northeastern Syria: commander

SULAIMANI — The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Russia reached an agreement about the deployment of Russian troops in several areas of northeastern Syria, a commander has said.

SDF commander Mazloum Abdi, known as Mazloum Kobani, said in a tweet that he had a “productive meeting” with commander of the Russian forces in Syria Alexander Chaiko on Sunday (December 1).

“We agreed to deploy Russian troops in Amuda, Tel Tamir, and Ain Issa for the security and stability of the region,” the SDF commander tweeted.

“We look forward to further joint efforts in the interest of our two countries.”


b71e0 No.252290

>Three Russian military policemen injured by roadside bomb blast in northern Syria – Defense Ministry

0107c No.252320

whats going on with the protests in Iraq and Iran? Any proofs about ((who)) is behind them?

dd9fa No.252337

File: 1575330712408-0.jpg (70.54 KB, 1663x692, EK0Qbv3WkAA8cQE.jpg)

File: 1575330712408-1.jpg (65.47 KB, 1663x674, EK0Qbv3WkAEO0DZ.jpg)

File: 1575330712408-2.jpg (68.58 KB, 1663x692, EK0Qbv8XUAsWXjR.jpg)

Russki bomb

dd9fa No.252338

File: 1575330802688-0.png (847.58 KB, 875x875, EK0W9ahXsAEu_5Z.png)

Was used by NLF when taking Ajaz.

e4b57 No.252367

>Russki bomb
It looks like some kind of directional thing. Perhaps cylindrical.

dd9fa No.252369

The shockwaves are just extra visible thanks to the weather

dd9fa No.252442

>Syrian Army regains control of Rasm Al Ward, Istablat, and Suruj after clashes with Nusra/FSA jihadists in #Idlib
>Clashes near village Um Tiyne (Um tinah) east Idleb

dd9fa No.252459

>Seems #US drone used its new weapon R9X (for urban areas- No Explosion) to kill HTS Military Leader (Abu Ahmad al-Muhajir) in Atme #Syria today

dd9fa No.252470

Reading unconfirmed/contested reports that SAA has taken the AD base east of Umm At Tinah and are trying to take the village itself.

79173 No.252491

File: 1575462417615.jpg (349.62 KB, 1024x952, EK8FJrYUwAEmSpp.jpg)

Military Situation In Syria On December 4, 2019 (Map Update)

dd9fa No.252493

File: 1575466091271-0.png (485.77 KB, 600x331, EK8eR1iWwAAhNpq.png)

Syrian desert

dd9fa No.252494

>The Syrian Army controls the abandoned battalion northwest of the town of Al-Mashrafia
>t. SAA reporter

dd9fa No.252495

b0a6f No.252505

I wish Jacopetti and Prosperi were still alive today. I just watched Africa Addio and feel…changed, somehow. Legitimately the most painful thing I ever watched. Is there any comparable documentary on Syria?

79173 No.252511

Unconfirmed -
Militant activist are saying Rebel Groups were able to recapture the Abandoned Battalion North West of Al-Mashrafia in Eastern Idlib After Syrian Soldiers & SAMA reporter on the ground reported 7 Hours ago that the #SAA #SyrianArmy captured it.


dd9fa No.252513

> Militant Activist Posted 13 Minutes Ago
>- Hi people, everyone who publishes about the friendship(capture) of "abandoned battalion" on the axis of Tal Dam-Mushayrifah, is not true it's confirmed to be with the enemy (Syrian Army)

dd9fa No.252514

>Video Listening to Militant Radio Communications as the Syrian Armed Forces are trying to advance to Umm at Tinah village after capturing the Abandoned Battalion Area.
>Face to face battles against the Syrian Army are ongoing they say.

dd9fa No.252515

File: 1575498002530-0.jpg (219.92 KB, 1353x909, AD.jpg)

Umm at-Tinah and it's Air Defense base is a pretty significant gain on this front and would enable further gains north and west as can be seen here: >>251696
The jihadis still have safe supply roads into the village which SAA can't gain fire control over without capturing and solidifying the positions in the village so a counterattack is still very much on the table. Hopefully the RuAF is still active.

dd9fa No.252516

File: 1575498713577-0.jpg (385.14 KB, 1680x920, 1.jpg)

File: 1575498713577-1.jpg (222.8 KB, 1189x621, 2.jpg)

File: 1575498713577-2.jpg (96.5 KB, 1189x628, 3.jpg)

File: 1575498713577-3.jpg (588.86 KB, 1370x915, 4.jpg)

File: 1575498713577-4.jpg (427.69 KB, 1680x920, 1 - Copy.jpg)

The jihadis had pretty chunky trenches between Umm at Tinah and Mashayrfa.
Pics taken over Umm at Tinah in the direction of Mashayrfa, my educated guess™ on the situation in the final picture, haven't seen any reports of SAA being the village yet.

dd9fa No.252518

File: 1575499457057-0.jpg (417.77 KB, 1348x1202, ADbs.jpg)

Final note is that the "Abandoned Battalion Area" is less of a base and more of a entrenched position in a field that used to have AA weaponry in the past. The few tiny buildings seem to have been destroyed in previous battles.
Pic related is how it used to look before the war.

dd9fa No.252519

File: 1575499887854-0.png (209.24 KB, 638x1000, 1540362934168.png)

>my educated guess™ on the situation in the final picture
After actually looking at the video i can confirm that is the case.

dd9fa No.252521

File: 1575500013717-0.jpg (109.16 KB, 1080x720, 1b.jpg)

File: 1575500013717-1.jpg (172.75 KB, 1080x720, 1b - Copy.jpg)

Fresh satellite imagery

dd9fa No.252522

>European diesel imported by Turkey entering HTS-controlled Idlib
Looks like the airstrikes on the makeshift oil refineries in the al-Bab countryside for the oil imported from SDF territory had an effect.

dd9fa No.252523

"Assad Forces"/"Iranian Militia" positions opposite of the Shuaytat area on the Euphrates.

dd9fa No.252527

>TFSA has withdrawn from Al-Mabroukah Electric substation,South of Sere Kaniye,allowing Russian Military Police to enter the substation
Not 100% sure on this being the correct electrical substation but it definitely makes sense considering TFSA handing over the M-4 in the area (there is also a Mubarakiyah east of "Sere Kaniye", but i can't find any station there).
Time will tell.

dd9fa No.252593

File: 1575592500325-0.jpg (74.53 KB, 600x615, 1543091130897.jpg)

No advances reported in south-eastern Idlib today as SAA was fended off from Umm Jalal, Farjah and Umm at Tinah.
This was the first attempt on Umm Jalal this season, a great development.
As far as i know there aren't any "elite" units like Tiger Forces involved on this front, so the status quo from the Khan Sheikhoun offensive is likely still in place (the real offensive will happen elsewhere).
Weird thing is that the Zawiyah frontline (northwest of Khan Sheikhoun) have been really quiet beside the heavy airstrikes behind the lines, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the real offensive will take place there but why is it so damn quiet, do they really think the jihadis will move more manpower to the south-eastern front the longer they wait?

723c3 No.252631

File: 1575656269592.jpg (54.8 KB, 1357x687, ELH20FdW4AIgt2N.jpg)

#Syria: #SyAF stopped all sorties today over Greater #Idlib, besides #Latakia Mounts. However #RuAF remains active, also carrying out airstrikes tonight (Kafrouma👇).

6c78e No.252632

> really think the jihadis will?
Yes, they are not smart people and they will be corralled like fish, inshallah.

dd9fa No.252637

Another HTS tank captured by SAA on A'jaz axis

dd9fa No.252638

>SyAF stopped all sorties
>RuAF remains active
Are they, dare i say it, making way for CAS?

dd9fa No.252640

>Despite the cold, fog, rain in Latakia's CS, the men of God and Assad are here and they're (4th armored division) launching prepatory fire to storm Kabani.

dd9fa No.252653

File: 1575688484917-0.jpg (74.13 KB, 640x472, 1504221955623.jpg)

Kafranbel looking thoroughly depopulated as a result of all the bombing, start the Tiger offensive already

dd9fa No.252677

File: 1575737300650-0.png (425.75 KB, 540x720, ELMIG4DWkAAKXUc.png)

>Western Hama-army is ready

dd9fa No.252683

>Hours and a new victory begins, wait for us
>Southern Idlib countryside

dd9fa No.252684

>The Syrian army begins a massive artillery, air and missile launching operation in the southern and southeastern Idlib countryside

dd9fa No.252689

File: 1575747633697-0.jpg (177.25 KB, 1024x1004, 1553236350342.jpg)

>Army target with heavy artillery shells the villages of Al-Araima and Midan Ghazal in the western Hama countryside.
Jabal Shahshbo head on?

dd9fa No.252691

>Russian warplanes target terrorist strongholds in the town of #Thataya

dd9fa No.252694

dd9fa No.252722

>Tawil_Al-Halib -The army's attack on this axis is ongoing
>Militants claims that they repell attack on Tuwayl al Halib, also they are talking about SAA operation in coming days
Finally some action on the Abu Duhur front

723c3 No.252724

No large military operations in the north west sector in #Syria until spring.



dd9fa No.252726

File: 1575824932750-0.jpg (23.52 KB, 542x503, 1557098133723.jpg)

>No large
Doesn't exclude small operations.

dd9fa No.252733

File: 1575835748329-0.jpg (105.53 KB, 960x540, ELSc36IXsAc54OM.jpg)

File: 1575835748329-1.jpg (115.76 KB, 960x540, ELSc36CWsAETwFQ.jpg)

>Hello Syria! Everybody here is waiting for operation in Idlib.
>t. le ANNA News man

723c3 No.252734

File: 1575836567912.jpg (44.77 KB, 437x582, emma66.jpg)

>small operations

dd9fa No.252739

File: 1575840265060-0.gif (2.09 MB, 280x280, 1536414758756.gif)


dd9fa No.252786

>Sources reported that the Shuaitat and Akidat clans rejected an offer made by Major General Ali Mamlouk to leave the service in SDF and join the Syrian Arab Army in exchange for a general amnesty issued by the President of the Republic.
Guess the burgers are still giving them a good deal in the Euphrates region.

e0d9d No.252794

File: 1575933122158.jpg (6.36 KB, 172x200, 1486761651983.jpg)

this is the life of people who still follow thee Syrian Civil War in such detail.

dd9fa No.252873

File: 1576016804193-0.jpg (26.22 KB, 640x457, ELccqgyX0AAqwEq.jpg)

Shitty conditions in Latakia

dd9fa No.252880

Kino ass ATGM strike on SAA hookah and chill position in the Ghab plain
I managed to find the building, indicating it was shot from Arimah or the adjacent mountaintop:
Serving as a reminder as to how retarded it is to capture the Ghab plain without first controlling the high ground (insert star wars meme here).

dd9fa No.252924

File: 1576084393959-0.jpg (18.45 KB, 300x300, 1507296833961.jpg)

>Russia is reinforcing fire support brigades of the Syrian army on the Idlib and Lattakia countryside fronts with ORLAN and TOS-1

723c3 No.252932

Being said
We’re maybe weeks away from a limited military operation west of #Aleppo


eda00 No.252934

I hope it’s Anadan area, and they reopen the Aleppo-Nubl/Zahraa road.

dd9fa No.252938

I can't recall seeing any reports of SAA shelling in that area recently but i hope so too, way overdue.
The T*rks have been promising to open that road together with Russia for way too long and the close proximity to central Aleppo is unacceptable.

96c29 No.252942

File: 1576108916744.jpg (281 KB, 1108x658, 1244366577676.jpg)

3rd anniversary of le ppo liberation soon.

efaf5 No.252957

File: 1576120601506.png (1.01 MB, 1251x1310, 1576098987793.png)


146db No.252964

File: 1576126452983.jpeg (47.97 KB, 1024x1024, 0140BBC3-9298-424B-BC1C-7….jpeg)

577dc No.252968

>fake news: Thrackerzod WILL sign the bill
Saying Trump will sign the bill and Trump actually signing the bill are two different things, and even if he did, it's the type of bill that will seperate the jew from the actual whites, essentially making jews their own group. And getting designated as a different group of people instead of just another bunch of white people is not good for (((them))).

efaf5 No.252984

can someone shoot this meme of a president?

bae2c No.252991

Never a dull day in this hellhole.
Quick update on the situation please. Been out of the loop for some time.

723c3 No.253004

fuck climate FUDders too

efaf5 No.253005

>Quick update on the situation please
the shitposter in chief is cringeposting by taking seriously greta on twitter
as if he doesn't have more pressing issues at hand

bae2c No.253007

>the shitposter in chief is cringeposting by taking seriously greta on twitter
I see
>as if he doesn't have more pressing issues at hand
Is he really getting impeached this time or is it another time pass until the next elections?

Also what about the rest? (Syria and others)

efaf5 No.253008

>Is he really getting impeached this time or is it another time pass until the next elections?
don't know, sounds more serious than the previous attempts tho
>Also what about the rest? (Syria and others)
been out of the loop since too much busy with work IRL

bae2c No.253010

alright thanks mate.

dd9fa No.253044

>Huge reinforcements to the west of Aleppo and the countryside of Idlib
>Waiting for driving instructions (green-light)
>t. Liwal al Quds reporter
>Syrian Army recently deployed more forces to the area between Al-Sukhnah and Al-Shoula - the result has been more clashes with ISIS and less ambushes

dd9fa No.253083

>HTS detaining some HaD members in Idleb. Interesting strategy to arrest one of your main battlefield allies…
>Mhardeh NDF are represented in the ongoing Tiger Forces training in Hama
>There are also several recruits from Raqqa governorate present
>Safe to say you can rename Salma to Mud. Yesterday, several soldiers had to call for help because they were stuck in the mud (everyone is alive and well)
Latakia frontline btw

96c29 No.253084

I swear to Allah, I have nothing to do with this!

efaf5 No.253085

is that an anime crossover?

96c29 No.253086

If so, what genre?

efaf5 No.253087

>lawyer you
>pakistan pingu
>hospital me
just found it a weird coincidence

49c7f No.253088

File: 1576267215425.jpg (34.87 KB, 580x624, HmmmSSSkullEmoji.jpg)

Can't believe it's been eight years of this going on in Syria. Looking back, what was the most memorable /sg/ thread? I'd argue it was the one where combined autism found that camp and got it blown up.

96c29 No.253104

File: 1576289172030.jpg (96.78 KB, 720x576, sgg.jpg)

>all the geolocation threads (that fucking Ghouta pool)
>Issam's death
>Kosher jet shot down
>all the autism during /pol/eague 2 when /sg/ won
>one panicking dude that was like "guys Jimmy - the dutch guy, doxxed himself and got arrested, it's over!!!"
>everything with OG Maghrebois when he started to fume much more
>Al-Bab and the 40 attempts to capture the city
>watching KSA army being humiliated over and over by Houthis
>seeths of Onur & co.
>hot Salami(yah) pocket and others
>Jihadi Julian in general
>first meme-strike and absoulte full nuclear "death to america" mode of /sg/
>race for T2 station
>all of ISIS kino&music
>rebels splintering #5367326u72367
>laughing at kurds
>watching Iraqi army performing sunni genocide in Mosul
>all the MEMRI
And many many more things.
What a ride it was.

dd9fa No.253266

Shit that is going down in Aleppo and Idlib right now.
>Massive reinforcements arriving at Khan Sheikhoun, Sinjar (Idlib), Aleppo and Abu Duhur
>Basically all villages and towns east of the M5 highway in Marat Numan countryside getting nuked
>Including airstrikes on Saraqib and Binnish
>Clashes and airstrikes on the Haritan/Layramoun front in Aleppo, Hayyan getting hit aswell
Cautionary hype lads

dd9fa No.253267

>Russian jets are still up and flying sorties

dd9fa No.253268

Pro-Jihadi account claims the offensive starts tomorrow

8b1a1 No.253279

File: 1576558268271.jpeg (32.55 KB, 480x360, 2B58F39B-5EA3-4675-A880-D….jpeg)

>watch 3 seconds of Memri
>get red pilled

a8804 No.253312

File: 1576588923271.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 736BC5BF-F8BC-4A76-B04E-6F….png)

Overdue Syria Shitmupdate. TFSA retreats from M4 and SAA moves in.

a8804 No.253313

File: 1576589064088.png (702.37 KB, 3860x2910, 7B9BCD6A-8EC9-4341-A2DB-23….png)

Overdue Afghan Districtmupdate. Before you start in on the sudden appearance of blue in central Afghanistan: https://twitter.com/RisboLensky/status/1201894034991730688

96c29 No.253333

File: 1576615406814.jpg (124.64 KB, 769x431, 1511069098494.jpg)

Truly a gift from Allah.

dd9fa No.253334

dd9fa No.253335

>Iyad Tlass is preparing his Republican Guard men for battle in Idleb. He is a distant relative of Manaf Tlass but have remained loyal throughout the Syrian conflict

dd9fa No.253343

>Suheil al-Hassan will have to deal with some new constellations of infantry if a ground attack is going to happen in the near future
>Since the birth of the 25th Special Forces Division, the structure of Suheil's organization has slightly changed and with some pieces still missing
>There are still 'original' Tiger Forces groups that are not battle ready due to conflicts with the SAA about the positions they will have in the 'new' 25th SF Division
>Suheil will rely on the usual strength from the air and from artillery, but will have to resort to some groups from the 'outside' due to the ongoing difficult negotiations. This will result in a larger presence of 5th Corps storming groups
>He will also have to co-operate closely with representatives from the SAA High Command. To sum up, there are many question marks about how battle ready the 25th SF Division is right now
Personally i don't think the results will be different as the strength of the TF was always having skilled commanders, a lot of firepower and good communications with the RuAF.
The grunts haven't been anything special in a long while.

8b1a1 No.253346

File: 1576635365487.png (1.61 MB, 1919x1031, itsoktohateisrael.png)

It's ok to hate Israel.

dd9fa No.253367

>Brigadier General Ahmad al-Shami, native of Jarjnaz, Idleb, is leading the artillery groups of the 4th Division in Idleb. He is known as a fanatic Baathist. The 4th Division's artillery groups are still regarded as one of the best and most loyal parts of the SAA
>Fun fact: in this part of the 4th Division, the clean shaven rule is absolute. No exceptions.

dd9fa No.253372

File: 1576676156391.jpg (121.53 KB, 1189x594, EMEn0csXYAAFSoO.jpg)

Lurking in Khan Sheikhoun

dd9fa No.253373

dd9fa No.253377

dd9fa No.253446

Reading reports that the offensive has started, specifically in the south east(clashes on Umm Jalal, Umm at Tinah fronts etc).

fea13 No.253458

File: 1576782779429-0.jpg (90.62 KB, 900x558, EMK3YXWWwAI_iIh.jpg)

File: 1576782779429-1.jpg (88.51 KB, 1280x720, EMK7DH2WwAADGWm.jpg)

#Syria: 4 months after capture of #KhanSheikhoun, pro-Assad forces kicked off tonight the 2nd stage of Greater #Idlib Offensive. Aim is to take M5 Highway & nearby towns. Attack backed by #RuAF started from SE. front. Heavy clashes ongoing.

#Syria: Rebels are engaged in fierce clashes tonight as pro-Assad forces launched multiple attacks amidst heavy bombardment. Assaults on Um Jalal (repelled), Eskiat (ongoing) & Khuraibi (ongoing).


dd9fa No.253462

>Eskiat (ongoing) & Khuraibi (ongoing).
Can't find "Eskiat" but Kuraibi is probably this:

efaf5 No.253465

apparently trump is impeached
never thought it'd actually happen

96c29 No.253466


fea13 No.253467

File: 1576791530895.jpg (268.45 KB, 1835x1168, EMLazocVUAEBi_G.jpg)

Breaking , SAA Tiger forces liberate first town " Um - Jalal " in south Idlib after only 2 hours of clashes

UNCONFIRMED reports about SAA took Um Jalal - but "rebels" still counterattacking from the high ground north:



dd9fa No.253469

File: 1576793141594.png (131.1 KB, 353x299, 1499355214970.png)

>HTS threw dozens of young NFL fighters into Umm Jalal and withdrew, leaving them to be massacred by the SAA.

efaf5 No.253471

dd9fa No.253474

>5th Corps takes control of Al-Rabi'a town in Idlib's eastern countryside.
>t. 5th Corps Commander 30 minutes ago

dd9fa No.253475

>On the night of 18-19 December, the Syrian Arab Army extended its control over Umm Jalal, Tal al-Shaykh, and Abu Habah, and they might continue further north.
>It is a "soft spot" in the front, a movement to outflank the HTS strongholds on the west (al-Tah, Tahtaya) and the east (Tal Dam, Um al-Tinah) which has seen battles for the past few weeks and is the destination of a high concentration of mujahideen reinforcements.
>The attack from the south was led by the Tigers, which implies this is the main axis of progress. Smaller units such as 5th corps engage in clashes on the east side, perhaps as a measure to "distract" the mujahideen, but perhaps this area will develop into a proper second axis.

dd9fa No.253478

>The hour is now 4:38 in the morning!
>Violent clashes are now occuring on multiple sides of the southeastern Idlib countryside.
Counterattack(s) or is SAA going balls deep?

dd9fa No.253479

File: 1576809860555.gif (55.71 KB, 460x405, 1499194266981.gif)

>All of the villages on the front lines of the Southeastern Idlib countryside are on fire, from the artillery of the Syrian Arab Army

dd9fa No.253498

>Syrian Arab Army's Tiger Forces have captured the following two villages in eastern Idlib countryside: Kharbah and Sharah
>Breaking news: The Syrian Arab Army's Tiger Forces capture "Tal al-Mahu" and "al-Basel farms" in the eastern Idlib countryside.
>Precise location is currently unknown.
>The Syrian Arab Army captured the village of Birnan, east Idlib CS this morning.

dd9fa No.253512

>Progress is continuing and violent clashes between the Syrian army and armed gangs are taking place in each of the villages of Qatrah, Al-Sayadi and Al-Saqia'a in the southeastern countryside of Idlib.
>Tigers and Armed Forces continue to advance towards the village of Al-Farajah
>alfarajat under #SAA
see above

dd9fa No.253518

dd9fa No.253543

dd9fa No.253546

dd9fa No.253568

>Leaked Voice Recording
>The collapse of the first line of defense of the militants in the eastern Idlib countryside, amid mutual accusations between the terrorist organizations among themselves of being responsible for the large losses incurred by these organizations.

fea13 No.253569

File: 1576882828161-0.jpg (129.41 KB, 772x649, EMQ3rLHVAAAaeG1.jpg)

File: 1576882828162-1.jpg (152.9 KB, 1314x866, EMQ7pWkXsAAjR4n.jpg)

File: 1576882828162-2.jpg (283.99 KB, 1385x849, EMQ7pWgXkAAzqyH.jpg)

File: 1576882828162-3.jpg (333.16 KB, 1474x930, EMQ72HVXUAAJu5r.jpg)

Closing the 2nd day of the operation by capturing a new village

#SAA captured the village of Al Hulbah north west of the newly captured village Al Rifah south east of #Idlib

Putting the SAA in a position where Ma’aret Al Nu’man is only 12 KMs away.


East #Idlib : #SAA free Ash Sha`rah, Rubay`ah, Barnān + Al Khuraybah from #Jihadists

dd9fa No.253571

File: 1576883505601.png (722.59 KB, 927x742, 1498856904514.png)

Supposedly it's this:
But they must have captured (or is in the progress of capturing) Harran to the east and/or the village to the west aswell cuz that road is way too exposed from Harran.
Similar to how Tall Ash-Shayk and Abu Habbah wasn't "officially" reported to be captured until the morning after Umm Jalal was captured.
It's funny, i scrapped a prediction i made when Umm Jalal was captured that they'd punch through these villages to reach Jarjanaz ASAP but it seemed way too brash and al-Tah seemed like the safer alternative, guess i underestimated the Tiger.

dd9fa No.253574

File: 1576885094586.jpg (250.52 KB, 1387x961, h4.jpg)

Lack of progress on the eastern front this afternoon/evening/night is kind of worrying though, all the villages captured are all in a depression and hard to defend.

dd9fa No.253575

>SAA prepares for Idlib offensive as joint Russia drill continues

dd9fa No.253580

File: 1576887707907.jpg (923.74 KB, 2085x1195, koef.jpg)

Qarati and Harran is 100% next, after that they either go straight into Jarjanaz or squeeze the jihadis out of the villages to the east, surround the T*rk Observation Post and go for Abu Makki before Jarjanaz.
How the other front will operate i have no clue though but going for Sayyadi and meeting the Tigers in Surman is highly likely.

146db No.253602

File: 1576903210044.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 22490B4C-8FBB-4052-B5AF-B3….png)

Yes, I am Shitmapping this.
Syria Shitmupdate

dd9fa No.253617

dd9fa No.253618

File: 1576939285823.jpg (931 KB, 2085x1195, koef.jpg)

dd9fa No.253619

dd9fa No.253622

fea13 No.253623

File: 1576954427018-0.jpg (77.17 KB, 1280x720, EMVHbDWWkAAwN5y.jpg)

File: 1576954427018-1.jpg (211.88 KB, 1280x720, EMVHbDWWsAEKxEC.jpg)

File: 1576954427018-2.jpg (199.51 KB, 1280x720, EMVHbDZX0AEZmzP.jpg)

Abu Hudayfah (#HTS) launched its SVBIED today striking gathering of pro-Assad troops & vehicles in Ruffah (SE. #Idlib). Evidence denying all reports the car bomb was detonated before it could reach its target.

dd9fa No.253627

96c29 No.253629

File: 1576958951241.jpg (5.3 KB, 220x229, 123346554765.jpg)

dd9fa No.253631

fea13 No.253632

File: 1576963722171.mp4 (10.65 MB, 1280x720, Syria HTS drone monitored ….mp4)

fea13 No.253640

File: 1576974729143.png (1.34 MB, 894x540, EMV-EvNXYAkbEOi.png)

SAA is about 2.5 km away from Turkish military observation base, located at the grain silos in SE of Surman/Sarman.

Liwa al Quds Mediaman confirms Al-Sharj village and Tal Damm and Tal Hayya are friend.


dd9fa No.253646

dd9fa No.253647

>8 hours ago a Idlib Militant Activist said Rujm al Qiţţ which is NE of Surman was "Enemy" (Under #SAA Control)

dd9fa No.253648

File: 1576978706627.jpg (960.98 KB, 1937x1778, ee.jpg)

Supposedly Halbah is (still?) under SAA but i'm skeptical about that report.

dd9fa No.253655

>"The residents of Tal Menes have reconciled with the Syrian state… After we capture Jarjanaz we will enter Tal Menes without resistance and it will serve as the automatic eastern door to Maarat al-Numan."
>There calls on the residents of Maarshurin, Ghadqah, and Maarat al-Numan to take similar measures and drive out the enemies.
>"Jarjanaz, the capital of criminals and murders, has been the origin of a large number of mercenaries since the beginning of the conflict in Syria. In the coming days, it will be the village that resists most fiercely against the Syrian Arab Army."

146db No.253683

File: 1576995321192-0.png (436.46 KB, 3000x2100, 538CB97A-3AA8-46E5-A7E3-8A….png)

File: 1576995321192-1.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, C7AC1458-B928-4BE6-B0E2-55….png)

Found these resources:
Districts Spreadsheet and ArcGIS maps

Yes I am making a new Districtmap based on that map. It took me literally all day to get to this point, next up is roads which will take even longer.

And ofc, the Syria Shitmupdate.

fea13 No.253697

File: 1577002134898-0.jpg (287.24 KB, 1242x1755, EMX8xggW4AAVmtw.jpg)

File: 1577002134898-1.jpg (82.05 KB, 960x720, EMYEoLxW4AAVn8O.jpg)

File: 1577002134898-2.jpg (201.64 KB, 1440x1080, EMYEoReWoAA29p0.jpg)

Newest Reports this morning
- Halbah and Qarati are friend and under the control of the men of Allah, the Arab Army of Syria.

After the capture of Qarati the Syrian Army is 3.2KM away from Jarjanaz from the South axis

Well respected and great Field SAMA TV reporter Confirms this morning to his followers Haraki, Tahtaya, Halbah are under #SAA control


dd9fa No.253705

dd9fa No.253706

>The rescue (salvation) government (HTS) is stealing the electricity transformers from the town of Al-Eis and the surrounding countryside
Telltale sign they're not expecting to hold on to the town.

dd9fa No.253721

SAA reporting progress on Kabani axis, cautious hype.
Al Tah "Awaiting complete control before publication"
>Tah city is empty
>Liberated but this is uncorfirmed for now

dd9fa No.253723

dd9fa No.253726

dd9fa No.253727

File: 1577034456959.jpg (213.47 KB, 1223x1606, lol.jpg)

96c29 No.253749

File: 1577048125305.png (404.12 KB, 557x605, 1499010034782.png)

Happy 3rd Aleppo Libaration anniversary, fellow khommie khommoloids.

dd9fa No.253766

>Militant Reporter Confirms the situation to his Militant followers
Babuleen friend
Al tah enemy
Al masureen enemy
Abu haba enemy
Jadr maarata friend
Haraki enemy

dd9fa No.253770

146db No.253773

File: 1577057278565.png (1.37 MB, 2610x2259, 6D8C3812-B32F-47CF-90E7-99….png)

Syria Shitmupdate - another TAF OP is surrounded.

dd9fa No.253784

File: 1577058570746.jpg (625.29 KB, 2312x1740, mmm.jpg)

This is the situation according to reliable sources.
Fa'lul/Abu Makki/Surman might be empty but hasn't been announced as being entered yet.

dd9fa No.253785

File: 1577058806925.jpg (90.55 KB, 960x960, 1528484209690.jpg)

Jarjanaz captured???
Yeah nah, there'd be a whole lot more fuzz if that was the case.

dd9fa No.253791

File: 1577065029565.jpg (638.79 KB, 2312x1740, mmm.jpg)

>The same tiger forces commander who did a video at Al Tah tonight posted 5 hours ago Abu Makki was Under there Control and posted a photo.
Well, well, well.

fea13 No.253819

File: 1577099792161-0.jpg (255.12 KB, 1024x872, EMd6HJaWkAA3XPN.jpg)

File: 1577099792161-1.jpg (294.98 KB, 1652x937, EMdz3FSW4AEYmtx.jpg)

#SAA captured Tahtaya Fa’lul, Abu Dafnah, Khirbet Al-Saruni Kafr Ataya & Ruba’a Al-Jour, Babuleen, Kafr Bassin & Hadithi

dd9fa No.253820

>There are reports of ongoing talks about the surrender of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man to the Syrian Army - nothing is confirmed

dd9fa No.253821

>A lot of towns are being announced as ‘captured’ in southeast Idlib, but according to the Syrian Army, they haven’t entered many of them.
>opposition channels are reporting them captured by the SAA but from what I have been told, they (opposition media) just announce this after the militants withdrawal.

dd9fa No.253822

>Abu Dafnah
>Kafr Bassin
Who claimed SAA captured these? Cuz i haven't seen any reputable accounts claiming this, probably jihadis just left as >>253821 says.

dd9fa No.253823

Weird shit going on
>Syrian Media Reporter alongside the 5th Corps, 3rd Corps says this morning: Congrats on the victory Rajm alqat , Falul, saqeah, dafna are friend.
Saqeah (Suqay`ah) and Rajm alqat (Rujm al Qiţţ) was announced like two days ago.
Same thing with:
>Tal sidi Ali, Tal Jafar, tahtaya, kafr ataya
Were the first two tells where announced as captured shorthly after Khan Sheikhoun.
WTF is going on

dd9fa No.253825

Whatever im gonna ignore the confusion and just point out that the gains today are Abu Dafn/Fa’lul/Hadithi.

fea13 No.253826

dd9fa No.253827

File: 1577112516513.jpg (179.41 KB, 944x944, 1505926348557.jpg)

Hmm ok, what a mess this is.

dd9fa No.253829

File: 1577115798124.jpg (82.17 KB, 720x1280, EMe0CflXYAAHnSl.jpg)

Extremely reliable field reporter confirms Abu Dafn(a) is captured by SAA.

dd9fa No.253830

>The Syrian army is now engaged in violent clashes at the entrance to the town of Jerjanaz

dd9fa No.253833

>The SAA worked to fortify its recent gains, move its fire support units forward during the day, this why there was no advance. Now however, the army is advancing again.

dd9fa No.253834

>Urgent: the Syrian army controls the town of Jarjanaz
>t. military source to meme

fea13 No.253835

>Jarjanaz has been captured by #SAA (almost no response by opposition groups): 1st big town since the beginning of the offensive.
>Anyway, like all the others urban areas previously captured by SAA, it's just a big pile of rubble, with almost 0 civilians left.


fea13 No.253836

beat me to it

dd9fa No.253837

File: 1577122413805.png (42.75 KB, 200x259, 1491359523969.png)

>Anyway, like all the others urban areas previously captured by SAA, it's just a big pile of rubble, with almost 0 civilians left

dd9fa No.253839

Looks like NLF is sending reinforcements, will they make it to the front before Maarrat al-Numan is captured though?

fea13 No.253840

also someone bake

add8b No.253842

Baking fresh bread

dd9fa No.253843

dd9fa No.253844

add8b No.253846

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