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File: 1570377490219.png (25.28 KB, 598x162, Screenshot_2019-10-07 Home….png)

ea244 No.245735[Last 50 Posts]

It's about to fucking happen, boys!

cbd42 No.245737

>to better protect user privacy and security
At least /fast/ will come back so there's that

b92a1 No.245738

inb4 the literal first post on the first board of the new 8chan is the manifesto of another school shooter, and the site is instantly taken down again.

bce93 No.245740

Are you ready for the right wing vs right wing e-war?

ea244 No.245743

I'm gonna do a fake one just to troll everyone.

20c96 No.245745

File: 1570382180302.gif (360.71 KB, 960x540, 2103560.gif)

>Giving a shit about the Normiefagchan 2.0: Seekrit Club Edition
Have fun being spied on even more heavily than before.
At least you won't be shitting up this board anymore though.

ea244 No.245746

Not that anyone comes to this place for anything other than furry porn and writefag threads, right? It'd be a pleasure to return albeit with multiple layers of proxies.

06e11 No.245763

>furry porn
>implying implicit implications
Proof needed britfag, not ad hominem cuckspeak.

ea244 No.245778

>ad hominem
Names are not logical fallacies, faggot.

ea244 No.245779

File: 1570400974823.svg (297.14 KB, EGOmC7FWwAIgtui(1)(1).svg)

51d82 No.245785

>D'awww pic
What he was objecting to - I assume - was not ad hominem, but straw-manning. Furry porn is observably an inaccurate term, unless you're a noob. Writefag is accurate, but implying those're all the site is about. I suggest one of the 3:
1. Do fuck off
2. No seriously, get fucked.
3. Cry/lurk moar

ea244 No.245808

>What he was objecting to - I assume - was not ad hominem, but straw-manning.
In Australia, we call it banter or bantz. You blokes take it way too seriously. Settle down!

51d82 No.245813

I thought you called it being a cunt. Cuz thats what I call it. No one said 'don't', but no one said "you'll tots get fanfare and acclaim and absolutely no response for doing so"
Tl;dr Can't handle the bantz back?

ea244 No.245816

>I thought you called it being a cunt. Cuz thats what I call it.
Nah, that's how we bond down here. But, perhaps that's part of the reason why we have such a legendary reputation. Certainly, most are not cut out to be an Aussie.
>Tl;dr Can't handle the bantz back?
Honestly, I don't think you burgers can. XDD

51d82 No.245824

>You blokes take it way too seriously. Settle down!
Uh huh, its burgers who can't handle it

ea244 No.245827

File: 1570409815162.png (329.96 KB, 1280x720, Untitled.png)

51d82 No.245834

Oooh, gotim

9f1a1 No.246754

File: 1570842589186.jpg (135.15 KB, 600x1103, Sonic_and_Tails.jpg)

Ah, a fellow patrician, I see.

9f1a1 No.246755

File: 1570842758382.gif (1.19 MB, 450x402, ant.gif)

This shit is exactly why moot forced national flags when he fucked /pol/ in the ass for the last time. Because he, like anyone, understood how fucking garbage /int/ was.

571c9 No.246765

Because of aussies don't know how to act?

ea244 No.246849

Mate, we DGaF

ea244 No.246850

File: 1570894991061.png (263.57 KB, 680x798, b9a.png)

fuck it feels good to be aussie

15bcf No.246852

There are plenty of aussies here who don't have problems with impulse control.

ea244 No.246859

they aren't real aussies

15bcf No.246860

>no true scotsman fallacy
Anything to add?

ea244 No.246861

>no true scotsman fallacy
no true scotsman is an appeal to purity based on an arbitrary difference or distinction. lacking impulse control is an essential feature that all australians share. anything else brainlet?

15bcf No.246862

>refutes the fallacy by citing the fallacy
I thought you guys were supposed to be good at this

ea244 No.246863

all aussies lack impulse control. if someone has impulse control, they can't be an aussie

bce93 No.246868

File: 1570912447899.png (317.19 KB, 1920x976, Anglosphere_Geometry.svg.png)

I've assumed that because Aussies are in a timezone far removed from other Anglos (except NZ that is smaller) they have developed the habit of trying to spice up the internet by shitposting harder to provoke the fewer English speaking posters available.

ed9dc No.246871

What impact do you think being exposed to the "Uwu natives used to live here! You're not natives! You just moved here! Also the somalians we're moving here to outvote and outbreed you are natives!" bullshit has on Australia?

bce93 No.247015

File: 1571002917153.jpg (57.04 KB, 720x859, c8ea2720bb694bcc2afe10b599….jpg)

1cb25 No.247053

File: 1571018312865.jpg (151.41 KB, 688x561, 1559578678852-2.jpg)

b5fc4 No.247068

yup, its dead

bce93 No.247070

I think you will find that was just a standard HTML access control to block public access during a test.

bce93 No.247198

File: 1571123876422.png (313.47 KB, 1920x582, cc514b7d17da4b350f4aa8d98f….png)

Unverified rumour.

ea244 No.247251

yes, that's exactly what it is. they're currently testing the site and it's not yet public.

bce93 No.247281

File: 1571187970198.jpg (570.14 KB, 1930x4175, soon.8kun.net-8kuniscoming….jpg)

>Better not pout, you better not cry. 8kun is coming to town.
Stay tuned Anons! 8kun is launching soon. While waiting, here be logos.

https://soon.8kun.net/ ← works

30e68 No.247298

Jesus, at least get the syntax of the song right,….

3cc60 No.247440

Nope doesn't work for me. They can't even keep up a static "coming soon" page.

bce93 No.247455

File: 1571277866400-0.jpg (102.17 KB, 1024x512, EG8vXj-UUAAHHJT.jpg:large.jpg)

File: 1571277866400-1.png (105.01 KB, 994x908, EG9TBqQVAAAVnHC.png:large.png)

Some images found on twitter. Looks like periodic testing of making it public.

ca15f No.247613

My ponyholes are disappoint. Today I get:
>Access Forbidden: Remote DDoS Mitigation by VanwaTech
Went to vanwatech, there's some seriously classic MBA engrish on there.
>Transcend the expensive and myopic view of running your own factory and outdoing your competitors. Focus on superiorly meeting the needs of your consumers by leveraging VanwaTech's innovative solutions. Explode your business today.
Further research shows that vanwatech is owned by the founder of BitMitigate. But there's really not a whole lot of information out there on vanwatech.

bce93 No.247860

File: 1571529338256-0.png (292.73 KB, 1593x463, 654e0a2ce8ec0bc30b286db4ea….png)

File: 1571529338256-1.png (1.23 MB, 720x960, watkinsq.png)

File: 1571529338256-2.jpg (30.75 KB, 315x475, decline.jpg)

8kun hosted by the US DOD

Confirmed pic related myself.

Q is just a LARP. This is consistent with our slow "wheel" rotation into right wing/fascism. Ironicly most vocal internet right wingers reject Q, but that is because it is civic- not ethno-.

Interesting to see internet and culture get militarised by the USA. The question remains, is a force against evil or for evil? Or just evil vs evil?

bce93 No.247861

If not 'hosted', protected by.

83497 No.247875

Jim already addressed this in one of his videos apparently. He says it's actually an internal IP address that whois just says is DOD for some reason.
Make of it what you will.

8a306 No.247877

Israel's subsidiary for war.


>The question remains, is a force against evil or for evil? Or just evil vs evil?
A faction against another, and both have the same goal but just through different paths: One World Government.

8a306 No.247883

File: 1571542010210.jpg (119.98 KB, 716x500, it's the nazis.jpg)

>Ironicly most vocal internet right wingers reject Q, but that is because it is civic- not ethno
Not quite.
It is mostly because Q won't name the jew and spreads misleading information meant to distract = PsyOp.
Qanon works good with brainwashed christian zionists and the The_Donald shill army, but it never will with the anons.

06e11 No.247884

File: 1571544085069.png (349.81 KB, 1600x1300, 652468__grimdark_artist-co….png)

"I warned them. They did not listen."

28286 No.247887

That meme in no way resembles how Twilight talks. For shame anon

06e11 No.247894

File: 1571546839955.png (216.26 KB, 850x1024, 1476051638773.png)

Shame is when Qlarp faggots cannot separate reality from insanity. Here, have a cute pony.

bce93 No.247960

File: 1571581101198.png (153.44 KB, 1228x676, e1d43eba2d1d795e0f41fd05e9….png)

Looks like 8kun keeps getting deplatformed.

c697a No.247966

Brennan is an insufferable faggot.

76c40 No.247975

I think he really just wants to kill 8chan by any means necessary. I don't necessarily dislike him for it either. I don't know what reasons he may have, but I feel like that may be his primary goal here. Severing ties between him and the site might also be a motivating factor.

a494d No.247976

i do not have a twatter, could you inform codemonkey about this cuntnugget?

68f33 No.247978

a494d No.247979

oh, ok then.

bce93 No.248093

>For the past week, a battle has been raging in the dark corners of the internet. It’s a fight between the owners of the hate-filled message board 8chan, who are trying to revive the controversial website, and the site’s founder, who's doing everything in his power to keep the site — and QAnon — offline.

>Ever since 8chan was de-platformed in August, in the wake of the El Paso mass shooting, the company that owns the site, NT Technology, has been promising to bring it back. Last week it unveiled 8kun as the successor to 8chan, and it's been trying to get its old users back on board.

In recent days, 8kun.net has briefly flickered online before disappearing again, thanks mostly to the work of 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan, who has been pressuring hosting and networking companies to drop support for the site.

>Brennan is clear about why he never wants 8chan and 8kun to come back online: QAnon.

https://archive.is/3iBvH (vice.com)

This is a very odd situation that does not add up properly. I wonder what is really going on.

a85eb No.248095

Yeah fred really turned into a spergy cunt about it
I guess his new social justice friends must really be giving him a sense of community, or forcing him somehow
I find it hard to believe the cripplekike has become a genuine moral fag
Did he find some nice christian flip whore that resulted in him feeling bad about his previous life?

Regardless, im sure 8kun will be trash from the start

And the cripple and the pigfucker sperging online is also entertaining
It changes nothing

bce93 No.248096

>Paul E. Vallely (born November 29, 1939) is a retired U.S. Army major general and senior military analyst for Fox News. He served in the Vietnam War and retired in 1993 as deputy commanding general, Pacific Command. In 2004, together with retired Air Force lieutenant general Thomas McInerney, Vallely co-authored the book Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror. Vallely currently serves as the military committee chairman for the Center for Security Policy and has lent his support to the organization Veteran Defenders of America. In late 2013 he called for a "March on Washington" by "patriots" to force President Obama to resign.
-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_E._Vallely

>Retired General Paul E. Vallely admits QAnon is real in interview

>Gen. Vallely answered the following: “Q-Anon is information that comes out of a group called ‘The Army of Northern Virginia.’ This is a group of military intelligence specialists, of over 800 people that advises the president. The president does not have a lot of confidence in the CIA or the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) much anymore. So the President relies on real operators, who are mostly Special Operations type of people. This is where ‘Q’ picks up some of his information, as I understand it.”
-- https://youtu.be/1PXbj6iFOeA

Which is a clipping from:
>Americanuck Radio - 20191014
Interview starts 28:40, Q questions start at 32:47

760b5 No.248122

He sold it, so he doesn't stand to benefit from it anymore. He has two options. Defend it and take a beating from the libs for nothing OR crusade against it, and win all the praise from the libs and media. Faggot hotwheels might get a book deal and a movie out of this.

>I find it hard to believe the cripplekike has become a genuine moral fag
See above anon. I bet with the plaudits he has already received, he's well on the road to become a censoring lib. Heck, he might even get a pity fuck from antifa out of the deal. I hope it's at least a woman, and not a man in a dress.

f2ca2 No.248184

>im sure 8kun will be trash from the start
This. The little trust I had is gone.

bce93 No.248196

File: 1571716391191.jpg (233.99 KB, 1200x885, ed1a27dc04eb92e9528ee7e989….jpg)

I think the Watkins' are decent folks. Here is CodeMonkeyz (Ron Watkins) other project, Project Odin:

>The Odin Project is one of those "What I wish I had when I was learning" resources. Not everyone has access to a computer science education or the funds to attend an intensive coding school and neither of those is right for everyone anyway. This project is designed to fill in the gap for people who are trying to hack it on their own but still want a high quality education.

Free education is not something assholes tend to do as a project. Jim Watkins defended free speech to Congress.

I think ethno-nationalists (that are planning on killing people) should feel distrust for them, but I see no reason for civic-nationalists to have concerns. Jim seems to be a staunch believer in traditional American principles. This fits well with them hosting Q which seems to be US military >>248096 , which of course is going to also be civic-nationalist. US Mil has more than just white people.

The only odd thing in all of this is HotWheels behavior. He is acting as though he has been brainwashed or blackmailed. What he is today is a long way from pic related. It is odd also that the military can't seem to help make 8kun viable. If I put the two odd things together; HW being savage + mil can't keep a website up = maybe HW is controlled opposition and a friendly adversary testing robustness in the field. Otherwise these 2 odd things don't make sense. If the Watkins can survive HW, then they can probably survive what comes after that.

If 8kun gets going again I expect a ethno- vc civic- internet conflict in the shape of /pol/ vs /qresearch/. Humans can divide and fight over everything, including right-wing and nationalism.

Part of the wheel rotation process to the right-wing is that we also are heading towards libertarianism. That requires the failure of centralization. I expected the right-wing to factionalise whilst winning.

bce93 No.248197

f2ca2 No.248211

>I think ethno-nationalists (that are planning on killing people) should feel distrust for them
>(that are planning on killing people)
What kind of joint are you smoking?
The only people trained and indoctrinated to kill other people is the military. And the worst part is not for freedom and patriotism as the propaganda says, but to enrich even more the fat cats in (((Wall Street))).
Check your language anon, you are using doublespeak and establishment narrative.

bce93 No.248212

>The only people trained and indoctrinated to kill other people is the military. And the worst part is not for freedom and patriotism as the propaganda says, but to enrich even more the fat cats in (((Wall Street))).

That's true, because they themselves got propagandized. But I think the wheels are falling off now. The US hasn't expanded it's conflicts to new countries since Trump. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States Admittedly old ones persist.

e6382 No.248223

File: 1571737298280.jpg (248.82 KB, 893x677, the kike on wheels.jpg)

>Profits from selling 8chan
>Then trys to OY VEY! SHUT IT DOWN
That horrible little gremlin needs his welfare cut

8cf1f No.248236

>>248223 (off by oooooone)
That's a very concise summary, and exactly what is happening.

88bf0 No.248305

File: 1571798910825.png (33.11 KB, 595x247, ClipboardImage.png)

When did kikewheels become as obsessed with Qtards as Qtards are with Qlarp? I must have missed that.

bce93 No.248306

It's not even rational. And yet he is a programmer who made 8chan, a task requiring logic skills. Something is way off.

f2ca2 No.248311

>Something is way off
What about it is all a bluff between the crippled and Watkins the get attention and prop Q?
It makes sense if ZOG is pumping them money.

83497 No.248330

He knows that 8chan isn't about Qlarper, but he's built up a twitter following of ex-Qoomers who stick #denounceQ into their every post and he really really wants to keep getting attention from them.
He really didn't make 8chan. Tinyboard already existed, he just stuck a little hack into it that allowed users to make their own boards. He's a scriptkiddie, nothing more. That's why he wasn't even trusted to work on infinity never, and why every substantial improvement to 8chan was made after he left.

7a7d9 No.248413

I finally stopped caring about 8chan and just fucked off to the webring that everyone has been hiding out in. Only problem is that it's slower, but it's a hell of a lot better than waiting for it to come back so it can be flooded by boomers and shills.

bce93 No.248437

File: 1571893383842.jpg (25 KB, 436x291, CGS4ulHUcAAyXpk.jpg)

I have a hypothesis:
>Q group breaks into Fred's "gates community with 24 hour security" home without being filmed and leaves a Q with a note saying "SOON".
>creepy rather than a thank you
>he sells 8 and also there was a contract probably to offer support in the transition
>HW got some legal advice from a anti-Q twitter person stating the contract with the Watkins was bad. So strike 2. (Can't find the twitter post now and can't be bothered to read the posts again)
>Add in some shooters.
>Add in Watkins pro free speech and Q.
>Add in some: Christianity blames all evil on demons and the devil.
>Q and the Watkins are now the servants of daemons!
>HW being a good Christian solder must now defeat the great evil!
>God will forgive him in heaven for allowing free speech because he fought valiantly to stop it.

All of us are the hero of our own story. Our egos need a great enemy so we can be the great champion that the world doesn't deserve, but needs.

6148a No.248503

soon.8kun.net is up at the moment. www.8kun.net is access forbidden. Apparently vanwatech found hosting. There's a disclaimer that vanwatech is not associated with the content on 8kun. Heh.

39f19 No.248519

oh joy.
does this mean that /pdf/ will be back soon?

47616 No.248520

No one knows the new rules yet, if there will be any. I bet there's going to be more focus on being completely law abiding, there was always lip service to abiding by the laws of the US, but some piracy did exist. Flip a coin on that one.

With all the time it has taken them, I wouldn't be surprised if they have an onion address and a new distributed setup, kind of like 08chan. Every lefty on earth is going to target them.

f2ca2 No.248523

>I have a hypothesis

I have a counter one:
>The tandem T_D plus chans got out of control counter signaling ZOG.
>As a result a crack down was initiated.
>T_D was quarantined.
>"Hateful" ideas from normie social media were purged.
>8cuck was shut down
>Remaining non convenient thinkers and activists were expelled from Jewtube
>The crippled and the mustache man suddenly found themselves without a platform to deliver the psyop known as Qanon and therefore, the flow of sheckels stopped.
>Mustache man flew to a threatening hearing with the upmost self confidence knowing that glowniggers handlers have his back.
>The hearing was swept under the rug by the judenpresse, which speaks volumes about someone pulling stringa behind the curtains.
>The crippled is making noise to attract attention to a "dangerous conspiracy theory" while mustache man is preparing the site's relaunching = sheckels need to flow again.

5f1f5 No.248546

>without a platform to deliver the psyop known as Qanon
You anons are really blowing up qanon bigger than it ever was. And frankly, I think Qanon was good, just because it drove some people to the chans, people that we could redpill. Just like I think t_d is good, because it also is a gateway to the chans. I do check out t_d every so often, and I have so say, there's a lot more WN/NS on there these days making thinly veiled references than there ever were. Three years ago they would have been called out and shut down, but not now. Granted, you still can't name the jew, but it's getting closer. I see "every time" and "what a coincidence" pretty often. Certainly much more calling people fags and calling out degeneracy.

We are winning the war anons, it's just not happening overnight.

57f70 No.248547

This is heartening. II can't bring myself to even dip my toes into Reddit, even r/conspiracy (aka St Joseph's Baby Redpills for Kids). Thanks for reporting for reporting from the front lines for those of us in the rear.

f2ca2 No.248551

File: 1572025818326.mp4 (24.77 MB, 1920x1080, The Reddit Cuck Discovers ….mp4)

>I think Qanon was good, just because it drove some people to the chans, people that we could redpill.
I think this was a main factor for 8cuck shut down.
The lemmings were exposed to unadulterated /pol/ and that was fatal for the Qanon project, which was meant to shepherding them and contain them. In other words, it backfired badly.

6a8d2 No.248577

File: 1572038511110.jpg (50.99 KB, 590x438, HopeAdolf.jpg)

It's easy to feel like we've stagnated or declined since those loud & proud days of 2016 where /pol/ singlehandedly determined the path of internet discourse and there was a movement to get behind. Nowadays there's more censorship and shilling, unified fronts can't get going for a number of reasons, and /ourcontent/ creators don't seem any more popular. However, there has been a more general retrenchment. People are still waking up but it's being done gradually through individual prodding, silent action and culture. Edgy memes from the good ol' days are still around or have metamorphosed, people are more distrustful of mainstream institutions than ever, and lefty Youtubers that still try to bluepill aren't getting the audience they used to and are watched by the same old cucks.

There are phases in every movement and right now we're in a somewhat quiet one where we learn to dodge suppression and develop a more cohesive approach.

c973d No.248585

>webring that everyone has been hiding out in
You mean the zeronet clone?

47af6 No.248594

>the Qanon project
I'm pretty sure it was just done for the lulz. Just one of those things that would have been ignored but for the fact that it was the right thing for the right time, and it caught on.

>Thanks for reporting for reporting from the front lines for those of us in the rear.
Kek, T_D isn't as bad as the chans make it out to be, though there is definitely a large civnat contingent (based niggers!). It is probably the most hated sub on all of reddit, so I give them credit for that. And it is pretty much a 24/7 cheerleading squad for trump, which can get annoying. But if you bust out some memes, and you want to release them, T_D has huge reach. It's also interesting to see what people on the right are thinking. The chans right now are hopelessly blackpilled, they don't have perspective. I also visit TRP (also highly hated) and steroids (generally tolerated, probably because they joke (?) about fucking trannies and anything else that moves when on sterons). The rest of reddit is a wasteland, and I don't go out there.

>However, there has been a more general retrenchment
I think what happened is that 8ch was basically containment. They nuked our playground, so everyone went out - where the normies are. But we didn't stop shitposting, we didn't stop redpilling people. Now we are everywhere. I have noticed a LOT more of /ourguys/ out on normie sites, like slashdot, etc. Sites that two years ago were liberal bastions, /ourguys/ are pushing back, often in subtle ways, but it's happening.

bce93 No.248601

The wheel keeps turning.

e2a97 No.248614

>I'm pretty sure it was just done for the lulz
I seriously doubt it.
Q had privileged knowledge of the government ins and outs, and government employees rarely do anything on their own and much less without backing. You know, patriotism is a facade to virtue signal their goodness, but constant sheckels and opportunities plus a safe retirement are the things that make them tick.

>The chans right now are hopelessly blackpilled, they don't have perspective

The anons can see that everything is fake, their perspective, or vision, goes well ahead than the official, and even the alternate narrative.
Not only in America, but all around the world, we are being played by our leaders and toyed by those printing the money.
The blackpill is terrible but also a motor to redefine the game and to change strategy.

>Sites that two years ago were liberal bastions, /ourguys/ are pushing back, often in subtle ways, but it's happening.

I have to agree, it is slow but the redpilling is spreading.

a218f No.248646

>The anons can see that everything is fake
They can't see anything good. These anons who think trump is as bad as hillary, etc. It's being generous for me to call them blackpillers, I think they are shills. I think there's a few democrat run operations out there with troll farms, and since the fall of 8, it's easier to spread blackpills on the slower moving bunkers.

>Q had privileged knowledge of the government ins and outs, and government employees rarely do anything on their own and much less without backing

You should read up on how to do cold reads, being vague, etc. Gypsies with crystal balls have been making money for hundreds and hundreds of years. It's not a secret how it's done.

bce93 No.248650

File: 1572100120545-0.jpeg (102.43 KB, 1280x720, 9daab56ef1ec79ff2db851f5c….jpeg)

File: 1572100120545-1.png (680.19 KB, 634x634, 97NMnfojl8LBiEx1LZhJj59WSp….png)

File: 1572100120545-2.jpg (2.05 MB, 2079x7357, --ca4de9d70b2812e2ad9a7a8d….jpg)

File: 1572100120545-3.jpg (87.29 KB, 960x840, 49c71a70267f9983b453871921….jpg)

File: 1572100120545-4.jpg (132.2 KB, 744x687, 3fb5053acbf0067f4fe025890f….jpg)

>You should read up on how to do cold reads, being vague, etc. Gypsies with crystal balls have been making money for hundreds and hundreds of years. It's not a secret how it's done.

That description falls well short of the data.

a218f No.248651

Kek, if I were trump, I'd totally throw "tip-top" into a speech to bait everyone. That said, I bet there was a whole thread full of predictions, so what, one came true.

And so what, someone took some pictures out a plane window. It's not like the dates and times can't be faked.

d74ef No.248664

Webring is distinct from 08chan. https://vch.moe

bce93 No.248709

Should /mlpol/ join web ring?

f2ca2 No.248710

File: 1572146799275.png (1.83 MB, 1600x900, 95233 - Alicorn artist br0….png)

>cross pollination
It is Atlas' call.

ed1c6 No.248761

Took a look, looks like mostly julayworld, normies, degenerates, and upstart nobody chans (floridachan, WTF?).

f2ca2 No.248769

I know, the idea only might work if /mlpol/ is insulated and normies are lead to /a/, /1ntr/, /vx/, /cyb/, and /sp/.

f2ca2 No.248770

File: 1572210360622.png (108.4 KB, 900x583, 1547860847451.png)

* I can imagine that some /vx/, /sp/, and /cyb/ users may want to crucify me for this idea.

5e0a0 No.249019

What does it say about me that I haven't a clue what is behind any of those doors?
And what does it say about you that you know all of them?

bce93 No.249386

File: 1572729491750.png (Spoiler Image, 122.66 KB, 776x650, b10ba66e0056110aadad432521….png)

8kun is somewhat up. Seems mostly stable on Tor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_(anonymity_network)#Tor_Browser
Tor site is said to be hosted separately from clearnet site. jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion
Also it is somehow related to https://docs.loki.network/ServiceNodes/SNFullGuide/

Q appears to have posted and trip codes seem to work as before.

762bd No.249401


Clearnet was down for me. But browsing the tor site I noticed no /b or /pol. veddy intahesting… I won't go back except for the occasional happening. Strangely enough, I've found a nice home with these horse fuckers.

f2ca2 No.249402

File: 1572746006518.png (256.54 KB, 499x437, 861698.png)

>I've found a nice home with these horse fuckers.
Glad to have you.

05684 No.249403

These horse fuckers think you're nice too, Anon.

2feb4 No.249784

Fucking hell, they were down for months, and the only difference I can tell is the stupid, unaesthetic disclaimer on every post. Niggers need to put it at the bottom of the post box, not where the text is supposed to go. This is total newbie shit. All the boards aren't back yet either. I hope they did some serious back-end work, because it's not showing shit on the front-end.

This is apparently how it ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

bce93 No.249785

>unaesthetic disclaimer on every post
They are protecting themselves from lawyers. Rumor says you can turn it off in options. I haven't checked.

>All the boards aren't back yet either.

If the board owner did not request their board and give a proper password then the board was not recovered.

>I hope they did some serious back-end work

About 5 months ago https://lokinet.org/ started and 8kun is somehow associated. https://twitter.com/CodeMonkeyZ/status/1190663933754925057

Problems at the moment are that the CDN is causing all clearnet posters to have the same ID. Also they are getting DDOS'ed. Caching seems to be a problem also.

Be interesting to see if they can get it stablized in a hostile internet environment.

c973d No.249787

I can't even access it on clearnet anymore. DNS lookup returns nxdomain too. Tor works but I can't post, I keep getting 504 Gateway Time Out every time I try to solve the captcha.
I still have to try Lokinet, and wouldn't want to. They should have chosen a better and well established darknet.

>Rumor says you can turn it off in options
You can always display:none it using CSS. I was about to, since I already use custom CSS on chans, but it went offline before I could update all the customizations I had on 8ch.

e186d No.249797

>Rumor says you can turn it off in options.
Will check later and report back.

>If the board owner did not request their board and give a proper password then the board was not recovered.

I don't entirely believe that. Only 66 boards came back? There were many, many more.

>About 5 months ago https://lokinet.org/ started and 8kun is somehow associated

Fug, too much shit to do. I'll research and report back. Probably not today, need to set up a VM for this. Don't trust their code.

>Problems at the moment are that the CDN is causing all clearnet posters to have the same ID.

Woops. Everyone should be using tor at this point anyway. Too much scrutiny on 8chan at this point.

I have only tried over tor. Seems to be pretty reliable over tor.
Haven't tried lokinet yet.

>Be interesting to see if they can get it stablized in a hostile internet environment.

They may end up entirely tor / lokiwhatever. Too many people are gunning for them.

319f1 No.249799

8kun.net returns nxdomain error.
What's the direct ip address? I'd like to try that.

bce93 No.249809

e186d No.249811

Interesting. Kind of funny how 8chan users swamped the other loki users in around 30 days.

bce93 No.249901

File: 1573166974063-0.png (191.11 KB, 413x647, 5ba7121f85a6aa7a73d5fc3089….png)

File: 1573166974063-1.png (1.13 MB, 750x4465, 51c6f080e0804fce8bec5826e8….png)

f2ca2 No.249911

File: 1573175756799.png (928.08 KB, 1600x900, FAM-error148.png)

I was wrong when I speculated about the crippled was in synchrony with Watkins to get attention.

bce93 No.249955

File: 1573232395848.png (588.09 KB, 671x780, 000c7aaa3059ef4149009d81d3….png)

c973d No.249963

I tried the Lokinet thing as well but it doesn't work either. Still can't load captchas, fuck this trash.

bce93 No.249968

Lokinet isn't ready yet. That experiment is said to not even be hooked up to blockchain yet. Watkins should just get tor working. But even that could be DDoSed. Maybe it will end up being just another example of evil is more powerful than good. Because it is easier to destroy than create.

c973d No.249972

It's not a lokinet issue, captcha has never worked for me, not even in Tor or clearnet. I know it's not ready, it was just the last try I gave it to see if it worked at all.

7e449 No.249988

Ron said the no-cookie captcha page is being DDoS'd, something that hotwheels mentioned and talked about doing "hypothetically".

c4170 No.249989

File: 1573263661526.png (289.07 KB, 640x480, Worried Higehige.png)

vch.moe and julay.world are being DDOSed!!!

83497 No.249992

What we're witnessing here is the ultimate triumph of governments and corporations over the common man. If cripplekike and the freddit squad aren't acting at the direst behest of rich kikes, then they're acting at the unconscious prompting of memes that were sowed into the culture by the ruling class and were designed to make the plebs police each other for independent thought. The viral ideas that infect the minds of leftists and normalfags which cause them to react reflexively and almost violently to any belief which falls beyond the limits of what our masters define as acceptable discourse. "Muh shooters," "das racis," "da darkweb." Cripplekike and the freddit squad are only symptoms of the problem at large. The problem at large is that there are powerful men grasping for total control while retaining zero accountability. The tyranny of the future isn't going to resemble any historical monarchy or dictatorship; that would be far too personal and therefore democratic for the kikes who seek power. The tyranny of the future is going to be a highly complex and convoluted network of masters and slaves, with most of the slaves being completely unaware of who even their direct master is or even that they are slaves, to include the slaves who fill up "high-ranking" positions such as heads of states. E.E. Smith described the way of the future best in his Lensman space-opera series with its evil Boskonian empire. In the future, the only one who's going to know who really rules the world will be the man who rules it himself. And that man will hold absolute and complete power over every aspect of our lives, even down to the individual level, not so much through direct force of violence, but mostly by controlling the flow of both money and memes.

Never forget what they've taken from us. When the time comes for human consciousness to rise up against the enemy, be sure to remember all the ways in which the kikes have taken away the freedoms and pasttimes you used to enjoy. 8chan. The webring. The ruination of MLP. If you were ever affected by a single-parenthood, a divorce, a suicide, or a loved one becoming hopelessly brainwashed by the inhuman powers that be. They want to see you de-humanized, so when the time comes be sure to make them wish they'd never de-humanized you to begin with.

bce93 No.250242

File: 1573530634489.png (53.78 KB, 800x426, 6eb0c6f82825857b03d3525dee….png)

bce93 No.250243

https://8kun.us/ is working
also Q is posting, seems to be from tor

bce93 No.250245

File: 1573533025177.mp4 (2.53 MB, 1280x720, JustInformed Talk - Nothin….mp4)

c4144 No.250263

Was able to post on 8kun.us, but images aren't working atm.
Hopefully we'll see the site return to full operation soon.

f2ca2 No.250264

File: 1573542972094.jpg (216.57 KB, 1920x1080, 153708085.jpg)

I can't rationally explain why, but my guts are telling me to stay away.

bce93 No.250356

If you want to take Q at their word. It is for the NSA to disseminate info as a part of it's conflict with the CIA/Deep State.

bce93 No.250359

File: 1573625414271.png (16.5 KB, 255x123, t_d4933db7b09c2ddaaa551e59….png)

35e73 No.250361

File: 1573630424452.png (144.83 KB, 1145x933, 1504750222659-0.png)

>If you want to take Q at their word
Snowden said it loud and clear, they are out of control and tasked to control everyone, which it is incompatible with freedom and to be people' servants.
So, regarding to take their word, I'll pass.

3f31c No.250366

File: 1573632181972.png (231.35 KB, 900x1000, 5F2F7F09-3C5B-46FE-B22B-C6….png)

What’s so wrong with here that people want glowniggerchan?

c2e92 No.250371

There's a fair number of 8chan refugees residing here. They just want their home back, nothing wrong with that. Its one of the stages of grief in action.

83497 No.250390

File: 1573660064594.png (359.61 KB, 1280x720, ponetrip.png)

/mlpol/ is a decent replacement for /pol/, and a halfway decent replacement for /pone/. But /christian/, /nofap/, /gtpone/, /tech/, /x/, /bane/, /lit/, /gondola/, and lots of other boards either ended up with no bunker or dead bunkers. Projects geared at replacing 8chan, such as the webring or the alt-chan federation or 8channel, have all proven to be mostly failures due to the fact that it's just not possible to get the word out to most of the old redanons. 8kun seems like the our only hope to mostly re-gather the communities and cultures we once had, and I for one want to hold out for it.

99e2f No.250394

>8kun seems like the our only hope to mostly re-gather the communities and cultures we once had, and I for one want to hold out for it.
Jim and co. have already confirmed that the site will be having some form of a muzzle on it when it comes back as it's the only way they can avoid receiving gag orders. One of the things I've seen a lot of Anons stating is that they plan on cycling through sites (The webring, 08, 8kun, etc.) when 8kun goes up because everyone is cautious of what will happen. It's already been confirmed that /pol/ isn't going to be anywhere near the same anymore.

83497 No.250407

>Jim and co. have already confirmed that the site will be having some form of a muzzle on it when it comes back as it's the only way they can avoid receiving gag orders.
The couple of times 8kun has come up, it's seemed identical to 8ch in most of the ways that matter. There's lots of liability shit now, like the global rule has been expanded to give examples of law-breaking behavior such as threats or those disclaimers on every post that you have to disable, but Jim has stood pretty firmly by his statement that hate speech is constitutionally protected free speech. If there's any sort of muzzle implied by that, it's not one that was likely to affect me in the first place. After all, you'd have to be an idiot to discuss genuinely illegal activities on any clearnet imageboard anywhere; there's not a site admin alive who won't turn your shit over to the glowniggers when the glowniggers come asking for it.
>One of the things I've seen a lot of Anons stating is that they plan on cycling through sites
Not really opposed to that, but the only bunker board I really use is officially planning on shutting down when 8kun comes up. Frankly, I suspect that most of the sites that popped up in the wake of 8chan's shut down will become ghost towns once 8kun is up.
>It's already been confirmed that /pol/ isn't going to be anywhere near the same anymore.
It hurts to say this, but 8/pol/ had been a shithole for longer than it was good. It turned into /r/the_donald in 2015 and vols insisted on keeping it that way long after it was apparent to every anon that Trump wasn't going to help us. Even after the old BO was replaced, the general userbase never really recovered from the age of retardation, and it became impossible to disagree with anyone on anything without incurring walls of angry redtext spam. Whatever 8/pol/ changes into, as long as I can still say nigger and it doesn't turn into literal cuck porn central like 4/pol/, it'll be pretty hard for it to be any worse than it was. Again, Jim has affirmed that he believes that hate speech is free speech, so we can be sure it won't be neutered too badly. At worst I bet it'll just be unlisted for liability purposes, but otherwise it'll still probably be very recognizable as /pol/.

bce93 No.250423

Snowden seems to have been a double agent. He initially worked for the CIA, then went to the NSA to sabotage them. The impression I have is that the NSA is tasked with stopping the CIA/Deep State, hence the overactive monitoring, it's target is not ordinary civilians. The CIA/Deep State does not obey any law, if the NSA did they would never be able to challenge them.

The Wikileaks Vault 7 was the NSA counterattack against the CIA spying, doing to the CIA what the CIA did to the NSA.

Overall neither group should be doing this but since the US gov lost control of the CIA it is a no rules conflict.

1afa0 No.250521

>the US gov lost control of the CIA
The People lost control of the government.

bce93 No.250527

93bc2 No.250539

Maybe they're related?… Nah!!!

b6007 No.250597

Nxdomain again, rip?

ea244 No.250650

If you ever posted on r/thedonald, you'd know that 8chan never was it. That Subreddit bans anyone left of cuckservative civnatism, while 8chan always allowed true dissident voices. 8chan was never perfect, but it has always been better than any Subreddit.

ea244 No.250651

The URL suffix is now .us: 8kun.us.

07219 No.250702


c973d No.250770

What? .us is still returning clienthold, .tw says OK but it doesn't work.
I'm getting real tired of this shit, I guess I'll just have to waste some time and setup a tor proxy to use on Firefox, so I can keep using 4chanX to browse all the imageboards.

bce93 No.250799

That manifesto must have been more dangerous than Mein Kampf.

aec8f No.250846

File: 1573878351423.pdf (867.57 KB, ChristchurchManifesto.pdf)

It legitimately is. It's logical and necessarily could not have been written by someone with any mental illness (not even sociopathy) and presents a more-or-less reasonable conclusion that many people are bound to sympathize with, if not outright agree with. It's also much shorter than MK and can be read in one sitting.

Any wonder why it's banned/flagged material? Be careful with it.

ea244 No.250856

I'm working on copyediting the manifesto. I plan to upload it for free and sell it on Lulu so that you may buy it in paperback form. Would a paperback copy be something of interest to Anons?

ea244 No.250860

File: 1573881007093.png (16 KB, 598x91, Screenshot_2019-11-16 (10)….png)

ea244 No.250861

He still hasn't announced it or mentioned anything about it.

83497 No.250863

He really needs to see if OpenNic will let him have a TLD.

ea244 No.250867

Reminder that the kike Brennan (cripplekike) was working overtime to shutdown the reboot and now he's getting sued by Jim Watkins. He's finished after that happens.

bce93 No.251373

Place your bets on how many days.

bce93 No.251375

File: 1574316124942.gif (3.83 MB, 444x250, 80855597b613a01ece8d4c503c….gif)

f2ca2 No.251376

File: 1574316192156.png (107.7 KB, 980x487, tp.png)

Big disappointment for glowniggers.

c973d No.251424

Is there a bunch of unlisted but public boards or just the administration ones? I only ever browsed a handful of boards from the list.

bce93 No.251442

Unlisted. They are probably the Q related boards.

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