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File: 1569404918319.jpg (179.86 KB, 1937x2230, HJSy198.jpg)

5dde7 No.243820[Last 50 Posts]

The old thread >>179468 hit the bump limit.
Same as before: ITT post anything off-topic that doesn't need its own thread.

5dde7 No.243821

File: 1569405177806.png (55.86 KB, 813x538, Islam Is Right About Women.png)

89840 No.243829

File: 1569408753390.jpeg (641.35 KB, 1280x1024, large.jpeg)

Is that fluffy the bringer of darkness?

ad136 No.243851

File: 1569428345685-0.jpg (1.91 MB, 2707x2802, 670447__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

File: 1569428345685-1.jpg (4.31 MB, 3559x3625, 714776__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

File: 1569428345685-2.jpg (5.56 MB, 4363x2837, 768459__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

File: 1569428345685-3.jpg (2.55 MB, 2087x2644, 888917__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

File: 1569428345685-4.jpg (4.48 MB, 3083x2439, 942886__explicit_artist-co….jpg)

Looks like it.

Post moths.

89840 No.243852

File: 1569429107942-0.jpg (68.09 KB, 996x802, it_keeps_returning_by_otak….jpg)

File: 1569429107942-1.jpg (111.11 KB, 915x873, scootaloo_flys__by_otakuap….jpg)

File: 1569429107942-2.jpeg (220.94 KB, 719x600, medium.jpeg)

Moth Is not for sexual

2c050 No.243873

File: 1569438813893.mp4 (4.17 MB, 640x352, 輻光不只是在搖可樂-rdQQeJEfEsk.mp4)

2f399 No.244377

File: 1569488700871.mp4 (2.88 MB, 652x480, era.mp4)

A new era showing the swastika.

19ffe No.244902

File: 1569678863629.gif (1.48 KB, 180x120, Italian-flag.gif)

Can anyone tell me if this Italian science paper is talking about weather rainfall or meteor showers?


19ffe No.244937

I'm offended by this, you should be too.

8ee4b No.244949

>I'm offended by this
Indeed. There isn't any more respect.
Nobody is safe from degeneracy.

5574b No.244950

Kek, nice share.

de6e8 No.244954

File: 1569719363587.png (171.07 KB, 794x442, 0596841859610526.png)

When did "discussion" start getting added to Global 1's?
Why didn't I just come back here months ago? Why am I a moron?

de6e8 No.244956

Ah, now I remember. My own personal PPH is far higher than the board's & it never fails to make me feel like a total autist loser comparatively.
Is there some trick to finding comfiness on a sub 20PPH board? Am I just a total faggot?

19ffe No.244981

Multitask. I do research on the side and drop in on /mlpol/ when the research is getting a drag. You can also play games that don't need continuous attention. Or be on multiple sites and cross-post info. Posting in news thread is always welcome.

5dde7 No.244987

File: 1569742796624.mp4 (10.67 MB, 640x480, Ten Planks of the Communis….mp4)

>Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto
>How far along the communist path has America gone? In other words, is America communist? You decide.

5dde7 No.245061

File: 1569808202633-0.png (1.11 MB, 1366x768, 4827.png)

File: 1569808202633-1.png (1.05 MB, 1366x768, 4853.png)

53532 No.245062

File: 1569810262452.jpg (56.69 KB, 800x427, 1568773547458.jpg)

List of words one can use on Jewtube without being put in limited state.

>Octopussy is a okay.

>tittiefucker is a okay.
>OOGA BOOGA is a okay.
>todd[/d] is bad!
>[b]North Carolina
is bad!


19ffe No.245093

File: 1569863821500.jpg (182.89 KB, 736x839, 12236f703c8f8f4ba844c8183d….jpg)

19ffe No.245107

File: 1569874604871.jpg (70.5 KB, 640x579, v3l7bnsvihn31.jpg)

19ffe No.245111

File: 1569876327949.jpg (151.29 KB, 640x853, 8m7zfzv4kkp31.jpg)

5dde7 No.245158

File: 1569921740666.mp4 (1.47 MB, 360x360, degenerate.mp4)

Antifa intimidating the elderly.

19ffe No.245190

File: 1569952689441.png (226.42 KB, 640x341, inaroomalone.png)

2a693 No.245193

Totally despicable behavior.
But this is what is to be expected from Antifa.

33207 No.245195

File: 1569955235902.jpg (99.79 KB, 640x803, IVMT.jpg)

The values are inverted.
The virtue will be punished while evil will be celebrated.
In this case, any good doer trying to help the lady would be met with violence, arrested by the (((authorities))) and thrown in a cage for years.
Clown World.

d4b79 No.245196

File: 1569956924401-0.jpg (59.51 KB, 740x876, 6f7dbcdd9fd5fa8e1fff6175d3….jpg)

>pinkieposh is still around and works on spongebob now
How the times change.

adc37 No.245197

Spongebob had a glorious first three seasons, sank to an abyss for years, then had a renaissance when its creator returned, and now looks like it's going to crash and burn. The series is almost as old as the very oldest Zoomers, yet Nickelodeon won't put it down because they've never managed to find anything close to being as successful.

68239 No.245198

Literally who?
Can confirm im in my early 20's. it's been around almost my entire life. I hate to see what the heebs have done to the show. it's nothing but some kikes fetishes now.

c320d No.245206

>literally who
>he dosen't remember the down with molestia shitfest

68239 No.245208

i'm sorta new to this pony thing, was a /pol/ack. but i have heard about the down with molestia thing. although i'm not entirely sure what happened.

adc37 No.245212

I'm unfamiliar with that whole debacle too. Only thing I know is that "Pinkie" is some faggot.

c320d No.245217

ce236 No.245225

File: 1569962898069.jpg (53.06 KB, 382x324, ff.jpg)

Happened today
>be me
>be stupid
>School excursion of some sort soon so 1h train ride
>I should print out brenton tarrants manifesto for the shits and to read on train
>believe this is a good idea
>still believe in it
>believe it's a good idea after 3 days have passed
>finally print it out
>"70 pages is more than I thought, oh well"
>still printing
>mother comes in
>"how many pages are you printing!?"
>"what's this?"
>looks at screen; luckily on a page with a not too harsh message
>be especially retarded for a sec
>exclaim "this is brenton tarrants manifesto"
>aw shiet, now she knows what kinda shit I'm reading on the internet
>try to dodge
>"yeah I looked into it and some stuff seemed pretty interesting"
>"so I thought I'd read it tomorrow on the train"
>she:"oof.." continues with something not that bad
>too much adrenaline in my head to remember shit
>she makes a joke about reading breiviks 300-page manifesto
>what-the-shit moment in my head
>guess she thought I joked when I said that
>shitty printer is shit and leaves out some pages
>so had to print twice with different settings
>duplicates that I kept for some reason were taken away by her
>me: "wait, which pages are these?"
>take a look and find it's exactly those about capitalism and shit that aren't too hardcore
>god may have selected these for her to read
>she walked away and warned me about taking it on the school trip
>afraid of me getting b& from school
>reconsider everything regarding even printing these out
>6.000.000 litres of ink printed in great inkocaust already
>decide not to give up because all the work I've put into it
>feel like a huge retard for not simply transferring it to old smartphone
>not sure what's more to be amazed at, her chill on the matter or my disability to think at least once in those 3 days I've considered doing it
>anyway, she's gonna read those few pages and probably get redpilled
>maybe god made me retarded for a week on purpose
First greentext pls no hate

2a693 No.245233

>>maybe god made me retarded for a week on purpose
lol 10/10

68239 No.245238

File: 1569964524225.gif (2.7 MB, 864x480, _filly happy.gif)

Fantastic Anon. 14/88
Are you going to bring it with you still?

5dde7 No.245266

File: 1569976083616.jpg (452.21 KB, 3000x2975, tLFXv2H.jpg)

This green is 100% approved.

5dde7 No.245321

File: 1570010569391.png (845.33 KB, 673x2409, 9B60-FCE8.png)

Here the full history:
>Shock and outrage as masked Antifa crowd blocks and shouts at elderly couple in Canada
> Several Antifa members crowded around an elderly woman with a rolling walker, blocking her from crossing a street outside a college in Canada, where they held a rally against a local MP, ending with scuffles and arrests.
>The ugly scene took place amid a loud Antifa protest outside Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario on Sunday. Video of the event, shared on social media, shows an elderly couple attempting to cross the street on a marked crosswalk as four masked protesters deliberately loom over them, blocking their path.
>The couple remained calm, seemingly trying to reason with the protesters. One incensed activist appears to be screaming at the woman in response and later makes an aggressive hand gesture to the man accompanying her.

46ab7 No.245324

File: 1570011332736.png (368.53 KB, 836x548, 865124.png)

>A handful were detained in a police van then released without charges.
The abettor's masks are falling off again, there is a reason why this is possible.

19ffe No.245325

File: 1570011403657.jpg (133.99 KB, 1280x866, 2.jpg)

Celestia and Luna are just 2 aspects of the All-Mother, Epona.

38aad No.245345

>rainfall or meteor showers?
The title suggests that, however the data displayed is only a couple of pages from a larger paper or book, therefore incomplete to picture the whole theme.
Furthermore, all data and description is about meteorology: rainfall, sun activity, atmospheric pressure, and cyclical variations, but nothing about celestial bodies falling to Earth.

19ffe No.245371

File: 1570040430632.gif (443.53 KB, 250x140, tenor.gif)

Thank you.

19ffe No.245491

File: 1570143917606.jpg (180.45 KB, 767x797, 4694a3a8d8c922ec704e9e1ff4….jpg)

1ccb3 No.245492

lol. Love it.

2af39 No.245495

Looks like an mp5 tbh

19ffe No.245502

File: 1570147045988.png (281.19 KB, 581x681, oWWkpBgDdL1-msOJaeeq9y0PvX….png)

d4de9 No.245505

The picture is weird because i dont think it is an ar15
Looks like a subgun to me

19ffe No.245525

>Jupiter, the largest planet in the Milky Way, has several moons that…

CNN is fake news!

5dde7 No.245562

File: 1570184580109.mp4 (31.86 MB, 854x480, Massive Attack Redpilling ….mp4)

>Massive Attack - Rockwrok - San Diego, CA - September 1st 2019
>Massive Attack flashes Qanon, Pizzagate, Epstein and Building 7 messages on live concert.
Massive Attack Redpilling people on live concert.

19ffe No.245599

File: 1570224635181.png (2.93 MB, 3840x2160, satisz5t6jq31.png)

36ec2 No.245612

Kek, this was really professionally done. I wouldn't be surprised if the band did this on purpose and called it an "attack" to avert suspicion. Usually there's a staff member who sits somewhere in the middle of the crowd to make sure it sounds right and everything goes smoothly.

If this was an attack though, this is how you do it. You bring people's guards down with videos of dancing and then put in flashy redpills that seem in time to the music.

5dde7 No.245699

File: 1570346455547.png (490.58 KB, 1311x761, gret.png)

1309b No.245710

File: 1570350838045.gif (1.24 MB, 800x450, 1023458.gif)

All my friends are asleep
You are my only friends now

Just wished I could squeeze yall into a single entity and make you a close friend so you would know my backstory and talk about my life

/weird thoughts

19ffe No.245719

File: 1570368330446.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162 KB, 681x798, 657a2f82a7632100307aac3ba3….jpg)

Does /mlpol/ approve?

9ab8e No.245723

ad136 No.245724

I don't see a reason why we wouldn't. The only downside is no hooves but we're still a few years away from that being solved.

a8bc6 No.245756

absolutely correct

5dde7 No.245818

File: 1570408989572-0.jpg (90.12 KB, 500x750, 1ndsssrdc.jpg)

File: 1570408989572-1.jpg (187.34 KB, 740x555, mem004412.jpg)

File: 1570408989572-2.png (1.3 MB, 1228x888, white-sharia.png)

>conservative women
It's a fantasy.
If given freedom to do whatever they want, they'll take it to trash anyone on their way.
The only way to have a "conservative woman" is to revoke the governments' mandate and pacify the (((oligarchs)))' bots which enable degeneracy, then women will comply their natural duty even if they don't want to

70a3c No.246068

File: 1570532131575.jpg (66.08 KB, 704x728, inciting.jpg)

>The left inciting.

38aad No.246301

File: 1570657800336-0.png (1.52 MB, 790x1868, brea.png)

File: 1570657800336-1.mp4 (7.34 MB, 640x360, Breaking News From Rome-2.mp4)

>Breaking News From Rome
>"Francis told me, 'They are the proven proof that Jesus of Nazareth, once having become a man, was, though a man of exceptional virtues, not at all a God.'"
Isn't this what the kikes said all the time?

c5ce3 No.246805

File: 1570863669184.jpg (73.02 KB, 634x606, trump reads siege.jpg)

19ffe No.246813

File: 1570875250184-0.png (573.84 KB, 640x700, 5lgayptl99r31.png)

File: 1570875250184-1.png (254.73 KB, 640x289, fm6avm7789r31.png)

19ffe No.246869

5dde7 No.246928

File: 1570968191582.mp4 (4.07 MB, 854x480, what separates the mice.mp4)

>Ann Coulter
>what separates the mice from the man is figuring out that our entire country is about to be over

39db5 No.246929

Honestly, Coulter is sometimes obnoxious, but she hit the nail on the head here. When Trump brags about more legal immigration than ever before, I can't stand it.

19ffe No.247019

File: 1571003225716.png (299.17 KB, 1280x1241, 93c4ccc9748f29be367a2aef1e….png)

19ffe No.247021

Is she on the Pill? If so she's helping the decline.

39db5 No.247032

Never knew about this post, but I can confirm that Antifa in Berkeley are funded by folks like the OSF. Californian politics is just a route for money changers and corporate shitstains to conglomerate for political and social capitol.

5dde7 No.247039

I believe her IQ is too high to bother with kids. You know, there is a correlation between cognitive abilities and baby output.

5dde7 No.247040


e1e99 No.247133

File: 1571085846585.png (1.63 MB, 1420x1420, Moonman delivering truth.png)

c91c2 No.247135

>I believe her IQ is too high to bother with kids. You know, there is a correlation between cognitive abilities and baby output.
>You know, there is a correlation between cognitive abilities and baby output.
Therein lies the problem. "Intelligent "women are 100% more fit to be mothers than low IQ women. and this is the reason why our race's Collective IQ is falling. Because to many "Intelligent" women are to busy focusing on making money for schlomo instead of having large white families.

5dde7 No.247138

File: 1571087082494-0.png (85.64 KB, 641x732, 1237601.png)

File: 1571087082494-1.jpg (107.87 KB, 900x629, amish-kids.jpg)

No education = More babies.

c91c2 No.247143

No shit, thats the way schlomo likes it my dude. and the way it will continue to be until our race becomes to dumb to fight back. unless something changes that is.

5dde7 No.247144

File: 1571088269883-0.jpg (400.47 KB, 1200x800, nyc_jewish.jpg)

File: 1571088269883-1.jpg (192.48 KB, 1024x1024, WkAEBicY.jpg)

File: 1571088269883-2.jpeg (294.27 KB, 1400x934, 10c0.jpeg)

>thats the way schlomo likes it my dude
And it works wonders popping babies.
The reason the IQ is going down it's because women have choice to fuck anyone they want. And as a rule they fuck drug addicts, thieves, killers, and any unruly ass roaming the streets; a this is a fact.

c91c2 No.247145

I Agree with you on both points.
the 19th amendment was a mistake.

5dde7 No.247196

File: 1571120681724.mp4 (1.1 MB, 480x480, Oops! California residents….mp4)

>Oops! California residents learn solar panels dont work during blackouts

39db5 No.247214

Yeah, I remember getting a notification from my phone provider saying that my service could get cut off by the blackouts. Thankfully my neighborhood wasn't hit by it or I'd be totally fucked.

fd6c3 No.247216

Does anyone actually know why the blackouts are going on? Some are saying it's a way to silence and hide gun confiscation raids.

39db5 No.247217

I honestly have no clue. But I don't pay attention to breaking news too much these days, so I don't know any of what's going on anymore. I just workout, search for extra work and income, thrift hop, and prepare for future events.

39db5 No.247218

According to the Jew York Post:
It's due to the fault lines that Pacific hasn't fixed yet, in tandem with the dry weather and winds. In Cali that makes sense, since there's a serious brush-fire problem caused by the desert weather patterns. The huge fire that burned down all the central and southern CA vineyards a year or two ago was caused by Santa-Ana winds (warm winds with little humidity, in California we nickname them Santa-Ana as a catch-all term).

Of course, the brush existing in the first place is a massive failure on the part of California's environmental movement and lack of understanding with fires. Here, we have lots of brush that grows and dry leaves and such that never get burned down or uprooted, and then when they start withering and dying along the 76 or the I-15, suddenly some jackass with a cigarette kickstarts a cataclysmic fire. We need to conduct controlled fires more often, so that the dead brush can clear out.

39db5 No.247219


39db5 No.247220

Actually, while doing a quick search for related articles, I found this. This Forbes article goes into more depth about the issues with wildfires that California faces. This is a Forbes article on how regulations and "environmental friendliness" actually WORSENED the fires last year.

>the Sacramento Bee editorial board blamed the Carr Fire foursquare on a man-caused buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In an editorial headlined, “The Carr Fire is a terrifying glimpse into California’s future,” they write, “This is climate change, for real and in real time. We were warned that the atmospheric buildup of man-made greenhouse gas would eventually be an existential threat.”

>The Bee editorial board goes on to attack President Trump for proposing to end California’s exceptional waiver from federal law regarding auto emissions—in this case, California’s push to curtail tailpipe carbon dioxide, something never envisioned when the Clean Air Act was debated in 1970. At the time, the concern was pollution that directly harmed health rather than carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas exhaled by every living animal.
>The problem with the Bee’s editorial is that making a passionate argument is no substitute for the truth.
>In 2005 while a freshman California Assemblyman, I had the chance to visit Northern California and meet with the forest product industry professionals who grew, managed, and harvested trees on private and public lands. They told me of a worrisome trend started years earlier where both federal and state regulators were making it more and more difficult for them to do their jobs. As a result, timber industry employment gradually collapsed, falling in 2017 to half of what it was 20 years earlier, with imports from Canada, China, and other nations filling domestic need.
>As timber harvesting permit fees went up and environmental challenges multiplied, the people who earned a living felling and planting trees looked for other lines of work. The combustible fuel load in the forest predictably soared. No longer were forest management professionals clearing brush and thinning trees.
>But, fire suppression efforts continued. The result was accurately forecast by my forest management industry hosts in Siskiyou County in 2005: larger, more devastating fires—fires so hot that they sterilized the soil, making regrowth difficult and altering the landscape. More importantly, fires that increasingly threatened lives and homes as they became hotter and more difficult to bring under control.

39db5 No.247221

Reading all this stuff about climate science and leftist policymakers is making me lightheaded with frustration. I'm gonna actually add something positive to the thread for once:
>Asha Logos: A Last Message To the West? #NCCC

19ffe No.247367

File: 1571210496940.jpg (1.37 MB, 5066x3419, 6d911780d5efdd50d6fc76cc19….jpg)

19ffe No.247497

File: 1571307969060.jpg (60.96 KB, 960x385, zgdw9xmfpls31.jpg)

a41ad No.247498

File: 1571309416355.png (315.41 KB, 1800x456, far-right.png)

That's boomery as fuck. In reality it looks more like this

5dde7 No.247502

File: 1571310762519.png (222.72 KB, 2083x1354, 7ko.png)

Well, that was unexpected, the AnCap stole the show.

88903 No.247537

File: 1571344322797-0.png (246.81 KB, 922x593, Screenshot_2019-10-17 Elij….png)

File: 1571344322797-1.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, pepecorn.gif)

Rep. Elijah Cummings dies at 68!!

19ffe No.247544

File: 1571346941135.jpg (135.15 KB, 1200x675, 87301d03ae1186c50f02d347c4….jpg)

c64d8 No.247545

Holy shit, as the Trump gains power the Trump Curse gains power!

7d7c8 No.247546

File: 1571349849735.png (377.2 KB, 1800x900, fixed.png)

Close, but not quite.

675cf No.247547

File: 1571350375355.gif (1.42 MB, 473x331, 1495697043032.gif)

Great news!

f5038 No.247584

File: 1571373272764.png (420.67 KB, 2550x3300, 42984984094.png)

That's retarded when not ignorant, or, perhaps a malicious sloppy attempt to subvert the concept. Bolshevism is Judaism, there no other way around.
Try your luck with Strasserism next time fren, either way, it will be dismissed as not true NatSoc.

7d7c8 No.247653

File: 1571425863337.jpg (636.49 KB, 929x4200, nazbol.jpg)

shut up jew

59b82 No.247656

File: 1571426520949.png (708.33 KB, 952x734, tbawtba.png)

39db5 No.247662

Ladies, ladies. We need inspired leadership and pro-white policies and people. After that we can hammer out authoritarian vs. libertarian, left vs. right, global white hegemony vs. nation-state and racial lines for all races. Remember your priorities, and do not stoop to the level of your enemy or become the caricature of the enemy.

a399f No.247664

File: 1571433585663-0.jpg (378.4 KB, 829x1475, 1491443432673.jpg)

File: 1571433585663-1.png (146.39 KB, 400x400, 1521138371754-0.png)

File: 1571433585663-2.png (1.85 MB, 1330x3610, djb7z18ds.png)

File: 1571433585663-3.png (650.86 KB, 1156x1140, 1536713817383.png)

File: 1571433585663-4.jpg (104.53 KB, 720x902, 1532922847130-2.jpg)

Bolshevism was created by judes as pro-judaic propaganda. All functions and features of capitalism, communism, corporatism, or socialism is derived from judaism. The swede doesn't know much better than you do. Read a book or twenty.

5dde7 No.247815

File: 1571493675077.mp4 (18.52 MB, 854x480, Ann Coulter roasts Trump.mp4)

675cf No.247816

Perhaps the best that can happen is that the Democrats wins the election. It is the only sure way to accelerate. Trump is only going to prolong it.
Or if we're lucky we're in a win-win situation. Trump wins, the left will go apeshit and start the civil war. Democrats win, they will try to take the guns and free speech and will in turn be met with bullets.

19ffe No.247853

Alternative;y, Trump in his second term can stop playing nice because he no longer has to think of votes.

19ffe No.247858

File: 1571528225888-0.jpg (150.71 KB, 1200x900, c728fb99dec6573c4054b053fc….jpg)

File: 1571528225888-1.jpg (222.32 KB, 598x1329, ff227cd194c65d2920479217fb….jpg)

File: 1571528225888-2.jpg (110.66 KB, 752x958, 0a31986cbaa50700eee62123ca….jpg)

675cf No.247913

That would definitely be the best outcome.

19ffe No.247927

File: 1571554999890.png (1.21 MB, 597x1853, 1553107204645.png)

19ffe No.247959

File: 1571578166110.png (321.49 KB, 640x616, qio8umw2v6t31.png)

39db5 No.247972

>no pedophiles and sexual deviants reading to your children is far right now
Lads, stock up on toilet paper because we're gettin' real close!

19ffe No.248047

File: 1571616710422.jpg (64 KB, 1100x619, extra_large-1559647439-cov….jpg)

>Human Civilization Will Come To An End Within 30 Years, New Research Warns (June, 2019)

They have to stop getting my hopes up like this.. the disappointment when it fails to happen is too much.

…a nice anti-climate alarmist site:

How to mislead people with selective climate statistics:

20cba No.248079

New Tab
Look up the Freedomtoons video on Babylon Bee
Don't ask why or I'll call you a nigger

19ffe No.248090

d35b8 No.248133

File: 1571681143102.jpg (970.95 KB, 1280x3878, 1571673624072.jpg)

68753 No.248143

63185 No.248144

I used to be annoyed the way "the left" uses language by calling themselves strong, powerful, beautiful at the same time they claim to be weak. Of course now I know why they are doing it, but it is just a simple thing that shows that people with different ideologies simply doesn't share the same language.

39db5 No.248145

I think it's more than a self esteem thing.

63185 No.248147

Yup. Also, they are in charge and they just keep on flexing their power whenever they can. It's a thing that made me bail talking about politics in more normal places. People just don't get how power works.

63185 No.248150

Also I might add, that in the US forcing the mantra of freedom, liberty etc on the "right" basically made them incapable of actually winning. At least the conservative types, I am not talking about the dissident right.

The "left" has absolutely no moral breaks when seeking power, yet their opposition is obliged to give them a seat at the table even if they want to kill them. Funny.

I think the left beautifully used the conservative's worship of private enterprise to basically implement ever increasing censorship that will be hand waved by the "right" as "they are private business so it's ok".

39db5 No.248151

I agree. I think what would garner more support is to talk more of responsibility than freedom and rights. A sense of purpose and unity among the party, and a notion that actions must be taken, not just to reduce the state's power but to keep productive and naturalized citizens above illegals and outsiders, would most definitely get support across the US. Instead of all this shit about taxing less for the rich and constantly retreating.

63185 No.248153

That is sensible. The problem (for people who want change) with the mainstream right parties is that they really don't have any goals beside "making a business friendly environment*" and preaching the liberalism of 5-10 years ago. I think politically the US right is a bit messed up due to the early influence of aliens during the formative years combined with the fake unified culture basically invented by Hollywood combined with huge demographic shifts over the centuries.

Certainly having more action would be preferable over just being the dignified/moral losers.
I say, be on the attack (in a legal fashion). Things are easier when you can pick where and how you engage instead of letting a numerically and economically superior enemy do it for you. That is why conservatives, moral majority etc. was pretty much defeated easily. A good question is… How can you create something and keep your opponents out? I don't think that can be done in a formal organization at this point.

*for the big corporations always, small business owners need not to apply

39db5 No.248156

This is part of why I think the users on here should irlpost and seek friends to work with in their countries. You should seek other swedebros, whether moving in as housemates/sharing the mortgage or gathering in the same town or neighborhood ideologically. The concrete jungles will collapse with less and less of a singular race in them, bringing down most of our economic structures with them, but if we're already prepared for the end times with friends in different trades and skill sets, we should be okay. Not luxurious, but alive and perhaps even comfortable.

63185 No.248157

My flag can be deceiving. On one hand, I certainly support the idea of building up close knit communities and taking electoral politics less seriously. But on the other hand, I think the nature of our current set of problems be the demographic replacement, general failure of our civilizations etc. can only be really fought in an international fashion. Make it hard to pin you or your base down. For example the US's First Amendment protections were important to support dissident communication in European countries etc.

39db5 No.248436

>Technocracy - all episodes compiled into one documentary

A video from the Mysterious Mr. Enter whatever you think of him, this is still worth saving for future purposes. I don't think this is necessarily treading on any new ground but I like the way it goes into the history of each company he criticizes and the specific infractions that they have committed.

c55f0 No.248727

File: 1572155690578.png (1.02 MB, 713x3452, F31CC6-9BEC87.png)

>Struggling Dad Sent to Prison For Being Unable to Pay $1,941 Bill to the Gov’t
>A father of two in Philadelphia is learning about this two-tiered system of justice in the land of the free the hard way this month after his inability to pay just $1,941 in court costs led to him being kidnapped and caged for years. To be clear, Maurice Hudson, 29, had already done his time for a burglary charge that happened over a decade ago. Despite being sentenced to two to four years behind bars in 2009, the state still wanted their cut. But Hudson — a struggling father and part time janitor — didn’t have the extra cash around to just give to high paid judges.
>It’s not just court costs either. Unpaid college loans, medical bills, and parking tickets have also landed people in cages as well as visits from SWAT teams.

c55f0 No.248741

File: 1572169983123-0.mp4 (5.02 MB, 854x480, America First Trolls Turni….mp4)

File: 1572169983123-1.mp4 (13.58 MB, 854x480, There is no political solu….mp4)

File: 1572169983123-2.jpg (44.12 KB, 940x627, turning_point_usa.jpg)

File: 1572169983123-3.jpg (193.29 KB, 1080x1080, dxynrxy nynr5sny.jpg)

MAGA trolls MIGA.
Charlie Kirk from the "conservative" Turning Point USA was shilling for occupied Palestine, multiracialism and globohomo when was met with the MAGA guys with inconvenient questions.
Also, look at Rand Paul's reaction who was there to support the shilling.

40136 No.248742

Kek, I'm glad a Jewish-looking guy and Patrick Bateman are dishing out the tough questions. Also, props to the guy namedropping Nick Fuentes.

19ffe No.248798

>Tristan Harris @ US Senate June 25, 2019
>"The fundamental problem of humanity is that we have paleolithic ancient emotions, we have medieval institutions, and we have god-like technology. So we're chimpanzees with nukes."
https://youtu.be/WQMuxNiYoz4?t=447 (@7m26s)

>Tristan Harris (/trɪsˈtɑːn/) is the director and a co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology.[1][2] Earlier, he worked as a design ethicist at Google, where he studied ethics of human persuasion.[3]

>Harris left Google in December 2015 to focus on a nonprofit called Time Well Spent, which he co-founded.[4][11] Through Time Well Spent, Harris hoped to mobilize support for an alternative built around core values at tech corporations, chief of which is helping us spend our time well, instead of demanding more of it. Harris is convinced that all human minds can be hijacked and the choices they make are not as free as they think they are.[12][13] The Atlantic stated in their November 2016 issue that “Harris is the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience.”[4]

>He coined the phrase "human downgrading" to describe the idea that computers are changing people's lives and minds for the worse.[14]


20b7c No.248824

He's right you know

ee863 No.248829

>He coined the phrase "human downgrading" to describe the idea that computers are changing people's lives and minds for the worse
Alternative information is invalidating the establishment narrative as fake and malicious.
Also, Harris use the term "radicalized" instead of "better informed".
It is more of the same tale, they have the only valid truth, and those challenging it are radical, dangerous and evil.
So. If the Earth is round, so how difficult can be to probe it beyond any doubt and to challenge to debunkers in a public arena?
If the Holohoax was real, why forbid its investigation?
If the vaccines are safe and work, why to lie about those already vaccinated as at risk from those refusing vaccines?
If Western Nations are free and democratic and under the rule of law, then why no fat cat is ever jailed? Why there are restrictions to free speech? Why political dissidents are persecuted, silenced and jailed?
If the governments are meant to administrate and serve the people, why people is afraid of them?

c7f00 No.248833

File: 1572239456977.png (933.43 KB, 3507x2481, SyrianaConsiderTheFollowin….png)

To be the devil's advocate, people's viewpoints are becoming more radical regardless of side. /pol/ is a positive representation but on the other hand there has been a rise of "breadtubers," Tumblrites and degenerates on a scale not seen since the 1930's. Of course, left-wingers are helped along by universities and the media but the internet has also created bubbles for them to fester in. Think of fedora-tipping Reddit atheists as well as that /r9k/ trap scandal a while back.

There are positives and negatives to everything (and fyi, anti-vaxxers have earned their ire by being heavily represented by New Age hippie soccer moms, killing an otherwise sympathetic cause). You get better information on the internet but Pareto's Principle dictates that there's a lot more stupidity, too. If you let your child loose on the internet he may become redpilled but he may instead become a furfag.

c55f0 No.249066

File: 1572478973290.png (781.74 KB, 1366x768, 20191.png)

Here the full show.
Evil hebrew operative Charlie Kirk brought a homosexual negroid to Ohio to try to sell anal sex, gender fluidity and jewish racial supremacism to conservative heterosexual white men.
>The Q&A shitshow starting at 43:30.
>Culture War LIVE from the Ohio State University featuring Charlie Kirk, Rob Smith and Fleccas!

c55f0 No.249067

File: 1572481361810.mp4 (24.46 MB, 640x480, Murdoch Murdoch - Fake and….mp4)

Last Murdoch Murdoch episode: "Fake and Gay."

05e30 No.249089

File: 1572497355156.jpg (27.49 KB, 280x373, fable.jpg)

This picture was taken at a new bookstore I went to with a friend. Someone working there is based AF.
The section is "Science Fiction and Fantasy"
The book at the bottom, with a girl in red on the cover, is the diary of Anne Frank

374a8 No.249092

File: 1572498143645.png (72.14 KB, 888x498, 157907207.png)

The comment section is very entertaining.

0b923 No.249098

It's like the only things they know about Nick Fuentes are his non-white ancestry and he doesn't like Murdoch Murdoch.

ee863 No.249100

Murdoch Murdoch gassed Dr. Pierce in one episode and they recanted after a huge blowback.
Perhaps this wrench attack on Fuentes might be a similar mistake.

70343 No.249107

Nice VPN.

6b7bc No.249108

File: 1572510501697.jpg (60.59 KB, 637x324, snitch.jpg)

c55f0 No.249109

File: 1572511481643.mp4 (1.06 MB, 854x480, Jewish Charlie Kirk's disl….mp4)

>Charlie Kirk
I found more of this kike injecting globalist subversion.
He says America is just an idea.

c55f0 No.249114

File: 1572521458541.png (897.51 KB, 1366x768, shot_5.png)

The zionists are out to get Fuentes.
>Sebastian Gorka Radio: Nicholas J. Fuentes is an anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying grifter

09111 No.249116

File: 1572523525282.png (55.64 KB, 811x471, 0949440949.png)

>The comment section

bbe06 No.249119

Pierce was more influential on modern White nationalism than anyone except for Hitler and Rockwell themselves. Fuentes is just some spic e-celeb. I doubt if the blowback is gonna be nearly as bad.

19ffe No.249138

What do Epstein and Christmas lights have in common?
They don’t hang themselves

19ffe No.249140

File: 1572563023074.jpg (84.85 KB, 544x600, ipkDuMBxy1dVA4YKXpxu1KzVvh….jpg)

A successful civilization will use it's resources to fight itself. Success = failure.

04082 No.249149

File: 1572577853866.png (406.61 KB, 1635x918, coomgang.png)

Everyone here should participate in No Nut November. Ideally go no-PMO:

>Kick a degenerate habit

>Opportunity to replace with a better habit like lifting
>Restore normal brain chemistry
>Harness newfound energy
>Boost your confidence by knowing you're better than the COOMER

Forget the New Year, resolve to NNN.

Wasn't it like just two years ago called No Fap November? Are we back to the Bernstein universe?

38aad No.249154

File: 1572579726246.png (104.54 KB, 580x390, 1499066280.png)

>(((Turning Point USA)))

19ffe No.249180

File: 1572587573127.jpg (67.33 KB, 640x640, ueec9fsllzv31.jpg)

7d7c8 No.249194

Oh boy, I'm gonna use this as a chance to shill for an obscure board I happen to like.
And yeah, it was called Nofap November, but for some reason the mainstream never really noticed it til somebody came up with No Nut November. Still, the name change was worth it for all the kvetching pornographers did over it last year.

08bed No.249202

This is going to be hard.

acb3a No.249216

I started my nofap streak two days ago. I will not coom. Not even to ponies. Haven't fapped to a human in months. Will not fap again.

28075 No.249219

File: 1572631953265.png (750.47 KB, 1024x1024, full moon.png)

So far the today has been a cake walk but i have been preparing for no nut November for nearly half the year by focusing on the outdoors and heavily on dieting and lifting, it makes it relatively easy to go for a few weeks of nofap or a couple of days.
Usually on every full moon i religiously bust my moon rocks to Luna, which is something i'll sadly have to stop this month.

7b48d No.249221

Good luck man, I'm in a similar situation. I have accomplished some 5-day streaks in the last six-or-so months, and that's pretty much it, so I'm not prepared well but I have faith in myself. Started doing simple excercises few moons ago and that kinda helps it. I'm afraid it isn't enough so I need to find something to do real quick.
Good luck to you all out there

28075 No.249228

good luck anon.

acb3a No.249232

On this many days, nofap feels weird.
I feel urges now and then, and I ignore them.
And sometimes I feel like I miss the easy goodfeels fapping could give me, even if they were fleeting and left me feeling worse than before.
Now my subconscious is saying "Write some sexual stories!", as if that's a good idea when I'm so ready to blow.

7ef8b No.249273

File: 1572666590732.jpg (560.21 KB, 1037x1597, 90days.jpg)

>Oh boy, I'm gonna use this as a chance to shill for an obscure board I happen to like.
That looks like the 8/nofap/ bunker board. I'm happy to see it lives on. There was a lot of good stuff on that board.

I respect those that don't lead into November by wanking three times on Halloween. You're gonna make it. Day 21 here, going for 90 and beyond, feels good man

>so I'm not prepared well but I have faith in myself
The importance of preparation cannot be overstated. I have an active website blocking extension (LeechBlock) and spent a long time configuring it. Also it takes several minutes to disable it which is usually enough time for my frontal cortex to beat back those primitive urges. Highly recommend.

c5ce3 No.249274

File: 1572667370936.jpg (421.72 KB, 2967x3840, IqVSYrs.jpg)

Thanks poner.

c55f0 No.249407

File: 1572751608809-0.png (5.1 MB, 1250x8189, 1.png)

File: 1572751608809-1.png (122.59 KB, 1350x1310, 2.png)

This is amusing stuff.
The handlers of the commie Elizabeth Warren have realized that they are handicapped without meme skills.
Yup. They just launched a site to engage in meme warfare against Trump. I kid you not.
>Can Democrats Compete With Trump’s Twitter Feed?
>Warren's Meme Team
>Warren’s Meme Team Plan - Saving the nation with selfies & memes.

abacb No.249409

File: 1572752834033-0.png (369.78 KB, 1530x1201, 1486560911659.png)

File: 1572752834033-1.jpg (166.15 KB, 800x800, 1483646816001.jpg)

File: 1572752834033-2.png (426.7 KB, 2500x1652, 1483646599445.png)

>Yup. They just launched a site to engage in meme warfare against Trump. I kid you not.
Lol, Correct The Record reboot.

19ffe No.249423

7ef8b No.249428

Karma has struck, the day after posting about Day 21 I get my first nocturnal emission. Still it's the first such one not to feature my major fetish, so that's an improvement I guess. I think I can keep the counter going but will mark Day 22 with an asterisk.

>Meme team cringe
>"selfies and memes"
>Funny = emojis everywhere
Yea I think they've already lost this front.

bc086 No.249441

I'm betting a lot of people already have heard of Mitnick but nevertheless there are key things to be learned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn3O8XD1z0w

bc086 No.249444

File: 1572801285822.mp4 (17.52 MB, 854x480, Jeffrey Epstein's Temple H….mp4)

c55f0 No.249505

File: 1572831142883.mp4 (5.15 MB, 854x480, Nick Fuentes Never forget ….mp4)

>Nick Fuentes
Never forget why this is happening.

c55f0 No.249543

File: 1572856130759.png (482.89 KB, 886x3686, canvas.png)

>The Incredible Shrinking Overton Window
>“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.” ~ Noam Chomsky
>The plutocrat-owned narrative managers of the political/media class work constantly to shrink the Overton window, the spectrum of debate that is considered socially acceptable. They do this by framing more and more debates in terms of how the oligarchic empire should be sustained and supported, steering them away from debates about whether that empire should be permitted to exist at all.
>They get people debating whether there should be some moderate changes made or no meaningful changes at all, rather than the massive, sweeping changes we all know need to be made to the entire system.

e981a No.249547

Two absolutely beautiful posts. Thank you for sharing them.

bc086 No.249555

File: 1572866219918.jpg (556.79 KB, 1358x1920, The-Workshop-44x31cm-Zette….jpg)

I'm not sure where the art thread is because searching for it on the main board gives me the result (Query too broad) and I'm too lazy to search all the pictures.

I found an interesting video on Minecraft paintings. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRFrCfjkFXw
May sound banal but this Swede unironically found spiritual dimension in Counter-Strike matches and invented an entirely new genre of paintings. It's a thought-stimulating juxtaposition of traditional and modern, real and virtual, 3D and 2D. It's pretty much the opposite of post-modern Jew trash. It will revive your hope and love for art. Combine this with Minecraft's avenues for creativity and Notch being /ourguy/ and Minecraft is truly /ourgame/. It's emblematic of the Faustian spirit.

19ffe No.249590

File: 1572898712271.jpg (77.38 KB, 640x479, mmtacac21pw31.jpg)

39485 No.249591

kek. Excellent Christmas display.

19ffe No.249593

File: 1572898967494.jpg (81.27 KB, 640x706, 3wg-wZlnC-4yMLADl_QqQ-S12f….jpg)

a1236 No.249680

I don't know if this thing is complete satire or not anymore. Do people actually fall to this shit?

19ffe No.249691

Rumour says it was done by an artist and was taken down a few days later. Film was shown that it is now gone but no evidence that an artist did it.

19ffe No.249915

File: 1573179598842.jpg (28.96 KB, 638x510, zwnetah8d7x31.jpg)

39d53 No.249943

File: 1573209294143.png (571.37 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_2.png)

Ben Jewpiro goes to the offensive against Fuentes and the Groyper Army.
It looks like he had no choice, the levels of goyim knowing is reaching highs not seen before.
>Ben Shapiro Speaking at Stanford University

7a97a No.249964

It's afraid!

3d1f8 No.249973

File: 1573242492084-0.png (2.19 MB, 1301x7864, canvas.png)

File: 1573242492084-1.jpg (100.1 KB, 900x890, rts-11172343602688617.jpg)

>How a New Meme Exposes the Far-Right Roots of #NoNutNovember
>A month-long masturbation-abstinence challenge has a new “coomer” meme, mocking men who masturbate
>If you spend a lot of time in certain Extremely Online corners of the internet ecosystem, you’ve likely stumbled onto #NoNutNovember, or just #NNN for short. An annual challenge encouraging men to refrain from masturbating (or even, for many, having any sex) for the month, No Nut November was initially created as a parody of internet-borne phenomena such as the Ice Bucket Challenge or Movember, skewering the silliness of viral internet challenges along with the more extreme claims made by proponents of NoFap, an anti-porn subreddit with half a million members. (According to one of the moderators of the NoNutNovember subreddit, /u/yeeval, the subreddit has no connection to NoFap, though the two are often conflated.)

c55f0 No.249978

File: 1573245014910.mp4 (14.77 MB, 854x480, Nick Fuentes Clips Groyper….mp4)

>the whiteboard
>the strategy
Groypers' war.

19ffe No.249981

>Will Ferrell: Child Trafficking Comedy Skit
Not funny.

a8bc6 No.249982

That entire sketch plays out like a bad YTP, how the hell did this get approval to air?

c55f0 No.249993

File: 1573269056073.png (457.67 KB, 952x953, 1570503049731-0.png)


7a97a No.249994

Pedos have always been in media and they've always dropped subtle hints to troll us and claim it's "comedy" (www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzWF6O8T26Y). That it's becoming increasingly difficult to hide and people are less afraid to call it out is ultimately a good thing.

53532 No.249998

File: 1573271539299.png (67.57 KB, 657x88, 1556154840482.png)

Damn (((them))) damn (((them))) all!
Hijacking my love of YTPs the ingrained mental connections normally only related for enjoyment. I wanted to smile due to the format, printed for the punchline, I suppesed that subconscious instinct. Then to shock as would they really do such a thing, denial. Finally to this burning rage this is the sort of thing they really would do.
Every section is a rundown of how they operate. It's realistic. Nothing is wrong with realism, but in this there isn't punchline this is how the world works. They are telling us exactly how it works because they know they can do it practically scott free.
They are breeding slaves for any purpose, for sale or for rent.
Even if one is caught others pick up everything, and everyone before the final blow is stuck. They are confident in their power, and secrecy their illusion of carefully crafted control.
Pride comes before the fall. (((Their))) hubris will assist in their own demise.

>Never forget what they've taken from us. When the time comes for human consciousness to rise up against the enemy, be sure to remember all the ways in which the kikes have taken away the freedoms and pasttimes you used to enjoy.

0b0eb No.250019

File: 1573279649389.mp4 (4.39 MB, 854x480, Ben Shapiro on the rootles….mp4)

A clip from that video where he mocked as a conspiracy theory the clique's existence.
>Ben Shapiro on the rootless international clique. where have i heard this before oh, that's right

f0ba5 No.250063

>certain Extremely Online corners of the internet ecosystem
>Extremely Online Individuals
I forget where I read that phrase before but I still kek'd

19ffe No.250088

File: 1573343330182.png (518.58 KB, 816x960, 95cff531f5527e02.png)

19ffe No.250100

File: 1573358804449.jpg (735.14 KB, 5312x2988, ymcua6v0qrx31.jpg)

7d7c8 No.250104

>chemtrails aren't real though, goy

2a8e5 No.250144

>weather modification proposal equals chemtrails
>implying that it's not literally just contrails in cold weather that got people so riled up

I don't trust the government either but don't just jump to conclusions. That's why we had retarded skin-heads listening to oi-oi music and screeching like the feds that told them to do it.

1b4b6 No.250145

File: 1573417463460-0.png (63.45 KB, 181x236, VaguelySemiticFeatures.png)

File: 1573417463460-1.png (98.73 KB, 1582x778, 52days.png)

>vaguely Semitic features
These media fuckers can't help themselves can they? Incredible. If anything the Coomer is the victim of Le Conspiring Hands Man, a tragic warning to other Wojak's that may be heading toward the way of temptation.

Speaking of…

…I ruined my 29 day streak. Insomnia struck and after almost three hours lying in bed last night the lizard brain took over, leaping right back into the fetish stuff I was starting to leave behind. Don't let it happen to you bros. I'm going full monkmode now; I think I'll even filter out /fit/. Not only is there the softcore shit to deal with but nothing too useful gets posted anymore anyway. Maybe I'll give /üb/ a shot. I have to accept that 8chan is never coming back

Now to No Nut my way to the New Year, and beyond.

6834d No.250161

File: 1573443267819.mp4 (2.96 MB, 1038x480, GROYPER BOMB - Don Trump J….mp4)

>Charlie Kirk and Trump' son groyped.
>Both refused the Q&A to avoid a sure backlash.
>Charlie Kirk groyped in front of the president’s son

f11ff No.250162

File: 1573443627214.png (755.21 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20191110.png)

These fake conservatives' full speech::
>Triggered, trump jr and Charlie Kirk at university of California! Kirk groyped

b63ba No.250170

File: 1573449349318.jpg (572.21 KB, 1280x1024, The-Dark-Knight-Rises.jpg)

>to avoid a sure backlash.
They've got it anyway.
Fake ideas, fake leaders.
The fire rises.

d4330 No.250174

File: 1573451469934-0.png (305.5 KB, 635x754, 1.png)

File: 1573451469934-1.png (337.12 KB, 631x733, 2.png)

377b7 No.250199

Kek, at the end she was basically screaming "RESPECT YOUR ELDERS"

c55f0 No.250200

File: 1573471464449.mp4 (1.69 MB, 854x480, (((Andrew Marantz))).mp4)

>(((Andrew Marantz)))
>tracking meme creators

c0cde No.250206

This is some gold, holy shit. Even more hilarious than the boomer tier banter about triggurd libs, is that around 23-24 minutes in, the Puerto Rican woman (can we call her the Hole?) is screaming about DEMS ARE THE REAL RACISTS, RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, DEMS MURDER BABIES, AAAAAAAAAA!!! Jesus, after 25 minutes it just devolves into a complete shitshow.

c0cde No.250207

File: 1573485831892.png (672.86 KB, 1024x576, Not the worship of ashes b….png)

>Women have more jobs and less unemployment under Trump
How's this a good thing again? I care more about them having kids and developing relationships and communities with and for the men of their families and neighborhoods, than women getting see: NEEDING to sit at a desk for eight hours to make ends meet. It's just like how the first SOTU address under Trump went on about black and Mexican unemployment. Why does this matter? They're visitors at best, parasites at worst. Focus on the people who actually made the country what it is, from sea to shining sea. Fuck that's frustrating.

c55f0 No.250365

File: 1573631854319.mp4 (18.73 MB, 854x480, Nick Fuentes Clips Conserv….mp4)

>Nick Fuentes: Conservatism Whiteboard.
>Paleocons vs. Neocons.
Here, he names the jew.

7d7c8 No.250398

File: 1573664733121.jpg (70.97 KB, 761x960, witch.jpg)

He's not wrong in anything he says, but holy shit there's something in his facial expressions and the tone of his voice that just infuriates me for some reason. Fuentes has a bad case of youtuber syndrome.

9faba No.250403

I've just resigned to believeing that it's a "good thing" because it's what all the baizuo complain about as the "current problems of the day".

b7682 No.250404

If your only aim is to appease, you'll never have peace. People will always push the boundaries if you don't set them firmly. White Sharia when?

7d7c8 No.250424

>How's this a good thing again?

b7682 No.250426


I had to quote Murdoch there, lmao. I forget which episode that's from.

013c3 No.250516

>there's something in his facial expressions and the tone of his voice that just infuriates me for some reason
Yup. He is obnoxious as fuck sometimes.

b7393 No.250881

File: 1573898165818-0.webm (5.41 MB, 854x480, SPRITE - ORGULLO - PUCHO ….webm)

File: 1573898165818-1.png (1.02 MB, 2000x2000, 06_18_20_464_vomitdash.png)

>Sprite Commercial Promotes Boys Dressing Like Girls, Chest Binders
>Sprite released a television commercial in Argentina that quite frankly sexualizes children. It’s depraved but not surprising considering the aggressive work of radical sex and gender revolutionaries.
>The commercial shows a mother helping her son dress as a drag queen. It also shows a mother helping her daughter bind her breasts. And then there’s the mom who proudly applies makeup to her son’s face.

By the way, the son of the new Argentina's president is a drag queen.
Judaism is stronger over there.

19ffe No.250883

File: 1573900127383.jpg (57.58 KB, 640x505, w2bq40onb7y31.jpg)

c55f0 No.250999

File: 1573984745968-0.mp3 (16.5 MB, ADV 2019-1116 - Television….mp3)

File: 1573984745968-1.png (1.12 MB, 999x2266, 720D4-8FA563.png)

>Anti-White judenpresse
>Television: Off
>WHEN TWO non-White invaders broke into a young Atlanta-area woman’s home, raped her right in front of her toddlers, tortured her with a taser, and then poured boiling water on her body to permanently disfigure her, the story was never broadcast on the major media. It should have provoked national outage. CNN — no coverage. CBS — no coverage. NBC — no coverage. ABC — no coverage. Bloomberg News — no coverage. PBS — no coverage. Only small local outlets carried the story. No coverage of the attack, no coverage of the arrests, no coverage of the trial, no coverage of the sentencing. No interviews with shocked, frightened neighbors or weeping family members, no interviews with experts about how the non-White invasion is hurting our families and threatening our future, no call for Congressional hearings on the threat posed by invaders, no call for new laws to get these invaders back where they belong. Nothing.

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