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File: 1567911479840.png (763.41 KB, 1024x640, pony_race_wallpaper_by_dou….png)

76022 No.241972

For my fellow horse-words writers (and Pol writers), I give you: The third installment of this competition.

This time I want short stories from you fagets. They should be more than a 1000 words and less than 5000 words. Otherwise, you will be in Glimmer's rapedungeon.

Oh, by the way, Glimglam will be searching for your stories titles in the book of life as he reads aloud all of their sins. Then he will judge them, your babies, and score them by assigning a numerical value between 1-10 to each one of them. The story with the highest value wins.

Also, there is a theme to this competition. Yes, I couldn't leave well enough alone. Here's the tag along rule: The Grand Galloping Gala is happening in Canterlot. You must connect this to your story in someway. Now, this can be a very tenous connection. Here's and example: Big Mac is loading apples onto a wagon leaving for the gala but Big Mac and the story about him does not happen in Canterlot. It happens in Ponyville with him as the main character. See, you can basically write anything you want from this.

The theme is majorly for inspirational purposes.

Happy writting.

76022 No.241973

>Forgets to include the deadline for this project.

The stories should be done within ten days from now.

4954a No.242157

Hey Sven, nice to see you’re still doing these. I may have a contribution.

b85af No.242171

Btw, I saw this, >>240761, I can't wait until you request pics for the, "Misunderstood urban youth."
They were funny because they were different stereotypes of these people…NIGGGERS!!!

6b4e1 No.242349

A green man was being lowered down by a rope from the roof of a museum. On the roof stood a pony, who just like the green man had a rope tied around his waist, and a Tabaxi, which was werecat type of creature. The Tabaxi was currently making pulls at a lever that was part of a mechanical tool, which the rope past through and every time he pulled the lever the tool let go of a short length of rope, which lower the green man downwards.

The green man was wearing black clothes. The clothes included were a sweater with a hoodie, which was currently not on his head, a duffle bag on his back which was fasten by its strap, a pair of plain sweatpants, and a pair of running shoes, which weren't completely black due to there being a small, stylized image on the side of them of a white pegasus wing. These shoes were currently used by Anon to push himself from the wall as he dangled from the rope.

After a while, Anon had been lowered past a few stories and was right next to a window. The storey he was next to was the last one that had any windows.

”Scarface! I'm there!” Anon called up to them.

”Right!” the Tabaxi called back to him.

The pony on the roof, who was a dark brown earth-pony stallion with a rotten apple for a cutie mark, climbed off the edge of it and the weight of his body strained the rope. It even made the tool it went through make a foreboding metallic sound. The tool had an upper limit on how much it could take. It was close to that limit. However, this was the reason they sent him down there in the first place because he was strong.

When the Tabaxi had lowered the stallion next to Anon, Anon look down to see a carriage that was attached to four creatures. They were a changeling, a batpony, a gryphon, and a pegasus. The batpony waved at him and Anon tapped a button on a device that hooked around his ear and covered it. It was some sort of earphone but wireless and after Anon had pushed the button on it, he heard a voice.

”Are you in position?” a female voice that came from the device asked.

”Yeah, and we are ready too,” Anon answered.

”Okay, remember, Anon. This can only take a quarter. You have to be back here by then.”

Meow Or we will leave you behind,” the voice of Scarface was heard through Anon's earphone device.

”Thanks,” said Anon.

Purr You're welcome.”

”Anon, are you sure you can do this?” the female voice asked.

Anon smirked.

”Yeah, Sunny. Have I ever let you down.”

He heard a sigh coming from the other end of the call.

”No comment. You will need your self-esteem.”

Anon heard muffled laughter coming from the others in the group over the call. He turned towards the earth-pony stallion next to him, who had let out a chuckle, and gave him a, ”Really?” look.

”Hehehe, laugh it up. I'll show you. I'll be back here in ten. Now, are you ready on your end Sunset?” He asked.

”Yes,” she said. ”Start the heist.”

Anon nodded towards Rotten Apple, who was the earth-pony stallion from before, and he got into position. The `position´ being next to the window and with his backside towards it.

Anon began to push away with his feet from the wall and he began to swing up like a pendulum from the wall. Every time he swung back towards the wall he made sure to kick off from it around the window, not on it.

When he felt he had gained enough momentum, he signaled Rotten as he kicked off from the wall. Rotten immediately moved the back leg furthermost away from the wall before his muscles tensed up and he bucked with all he had his hoof into the window.

It blew up.

The surface of the window where the hoof had hit was sent flying inside the room inside the building and a crater had replaced its area on the window, which had fallen off its frame and into the room. The window had even crumpled in on itself.

An alarm bell rang from inside the building and all of the windows, the ones on this storey and the ones on the stories above, were covered by a thick metallic gird that quickly fell behind the windows' frames. But not quick enough.

Rotten had timed his bucking so perfectly so just when Anon swung towards the window, it was destroyed. Anon was tossed through the room but not before cutting the rope off. If he hadn't, he would have been swung straight up into the ceiling after all.

He landed inside by sliding to a halt. However, he didn't stay down for long as he did a kick-up and ran out of the room. Outside of the room was a corridor. The corridor was maneuvered through quickly since not only had Anon reread the layout of the museum to the point where he knew it inside out but he also running like a nigger from the police.

6b4e1 No.242350

Well, I'm not done yet but i will be with in the time limit.
>When proof reading it for some mere minutes reveal continutity errors.

b21af No.242370

Will there be juicy rewards this time?

c38a7 No.242419

Maybe, but what would anons want as a price?
I could ask the drawfags in the drawthread to assist in this and perhaps find one that will draw a picture of the winner's story. I could also do that myself. Believe it or not my peak preformence is not too shabby.

It all depends on what people want.

c38a7 No.242482

He came to a flight of stairs going down. Instead of running down it, he sprung up to the first step before doing a long-jump. It made him fly over all the steps and he landed on the end of the flight. The landing's impact was reduced by the shoulder roll, which unlike a gymnastic roll went from one shoulder to the opposite hip, Anon transitioned into.

Down the stairs was a door. It was thrown open by Anon, who dropkicked it so that his feet also pushed down the handle of the door when his feet reach it.

On the other side of the door, Anon came to a balcony. The balcony was encapsulation the large hall, which was the entrance hall to the museum, had such a high ceiling that it passed several floors. The floor he was on was four floors above the lowest floor, the floor of the grand hall.

In the middle and near the ceiling of the grand hall was an old airship. It hanged from wires from the ceiling and looked very secure and stable.

Anon looked at it and then at the long-winded spiral staircase near him. He ran towards the place where the balcony of his floor was closest to the ship's hull and he kept his momentum and when he arrived at area closest to the ship, he turned towards the railing. The railing was used as a springboard by Anon. As Anon reach the ship's hull, he in one movement kicked off from it and went flying in the other direction. This kick allowed him to change direction but more importantly allowed him to break his fall by jumping in the other direction.

This trick was enough for me to make the fall survivable but not easy. It all went lightning fast. However, this both mattered and not really because Anon had the technique for both landing and roll ingrained in his spine. While he did focus on preforming the roll, it was more like he was focusing on the timing of the action rather than him thinking about how to do it.

He hit the floor, rolled out and began running again.

While he was running towards his next destination, he tried to feel how his body felt. He felt fine, which was something he didn't feel like trusting. It was hard to believe since it had been such a huge fall and that perhaps his body was running on adrenaline now so it disguised that fact that he was hurt. However, he felt fine and in the end, it didn't matter because it was, "do or get arrested time."

He ran past many exhibits of antique objects in glass boxes. The objects were all worth a fortune on the black market but Anon just ran past them without even so much as glancing at them. His eyes were on a door leading out of the grand hall.

On the door was a sign that read, ”Only Personal,” and Anon did not care. He entered and navigated the place like he was an employee. He did this till he found what he was looking for. A room with and an adjacent door that had a sign on it, which read, ”Archive Vault.” However, the door was not what Anon was looking for. He stopped in the middle of the room and took off his bag.

The bag had been laying on his back from his left shoulder to his right hip. This meant, if he had something in the outer pocket that was on the duffle bag's end that was near that shoulder, it would not be crushed when he shoulder rolled since he used the right shoulder to do so with.

He opened this outer pocket and took out a glass cylinder, which was more like an elonged glass jar since it had a type of lid. The cylinder's contents were visible through the glass. Anon could see that there was a red powdered substance in the end without a lid that covered about half of the cylinder's insides. The other half was a yellow creamy substance. These two substances were separated by a thick plastic disc and they were also free to move. If Anon would shake the cylinder, the yellow substance would also shake and so would the red one inside their compartment.

On the side of the cylinder, a needle was stuck to it by some transparent tape. It was removed and the needle is taken off by Anon. The needle had a peculiar design. The point was thicker than the rest of the needle, which was very thin and it was more than half the length of the cylinder.

Anon put the cylinder on the floor with the lid up in the middle of the room and then brought the needle just above the lid. The lid was removed by Anon. Anon then proceeded to stab the needle through the yellow substance into the plastic disc beneath it. This disc was pierced through after a bit of struggle and the needle reached the red substance. The red substance was quickly meet with the yellow creamy substance poured down the now created hole of the needle. The needle was pushed fully into the glass container before Anon turned the lid on again.

Wherever the red and the yellow substances meet a seething foam appeared but also small flames but this did not concern Anon. He began shaking the cylinder like a cocktail drink. This created, even more, burning white foam in the cylinder. When the cylinder got so hot it almost burned Anon's hands, he, in a fast motion, put it back on the floor lid up and grabbed his bag as he ran out of the room the way he came.

He only managed to put a few rooms between him and the cylinder before a loud rumble from behind him assaulted his ears and the whole room shook. It was shaken so much in fact that cabinets, things on tables, and such in the room fell onto the floor.

He ran back into the room to it in disarray and a large crater where the cylinder had been. The crater was what was interesting for Anon though and he immediately ran up to it to look down it. What he saw was that of the basement floor or the inside of the vault being in a state of chaos. Just like all other adjacent rooms, the blast had shaken the floor so much that its furniture had toppled over but in this case, it could also be due to pieces of the floor that had previously been where the crater now was had been scattered over the room.

c38a7 No.242483

Anon waste no time and hopped down the hole. Down there he saw how bad the damage truly was. Bookshelves had fallen upon others like dominos

c38a7 No.242485


14dde No.242704

Each one had several others laying upon them after one another.

Anon looked up at the ceiling. Searching for something glowing, Anon walked between the fallen bookshelves and tried to find the right aisle. Aisle 12-C was what he was looking for because there were no bookshelves there, only a row of cabinets, one which contained a certain document he wanted. He and the others in his gang of thieves. Speaking of them, Sunset spoke through the earpiece just when Anon reached the cabinet he was looking for.

”Anon, seven minutes have passed. Where are you?” she asked.

There the cabinet was but it did not stand up it had fallen over and its door was facing down. Down Anon crouched next to it. It laid tightly against the floor but a small crack between it and the floor existed probably due to the hinges on the door. This crack is where Anon stuck his fingers in between and then began to push his legs into the floor as he tried to deadlift or at least budge it somewhat. But nothing.

He grinded his teeth against each other and the pacing of his breathing became quicker.

”Fuck!” he swore.

”What's happening, Anon? Is something wrong?” Sunset asked.

”The fucking cabinet has fallen over,” he growled.

”What do mean?”

Anon tapped himself in the head as he let out a groan.

”Exactly what I said. It has fallen over. The door is against the floor and I can't get it up.”

”Okay, but why has it fallen over?” sunset said a bit disgruntled.

Anon gestured to the hole that he entered through in the ceiling.
”Because of your fucking bomb. This whole floor got turn upside down.”

He grabbed hold of the cabinet's frame again but this time he didn't crouch but instead stepped back with one of his legs. He was trying to turn it onto its side. It seems to be working since he got some wriggle room but then he realized that was just because the cabinet balanced its door's hinges. This did not help him enough to push the cabinet onto its side.

”Look, it was the only way to get through alright. I can't plan for everything.”

”Fuuuck!” Anon shouted as he gave his all to try to tip the cabinet over. The cabinet began to balance on its edge but due to his right hand being sweaty it slid of the edge he was holding, which forced him to abort the attempt.


”This fucking thing!” He kicked the side of the cabinet and it gave away the sound of a dull, `Thunk.´ ”I almost had it. How many minutes have passed?”

There was a pause before he heard Sunset's voice again.

”Three minutes! Anon, you have to leave now! It will anyway take time for you to get back.”

”Damnit no! I'm so close. I will get it in my next attempt. Anway, Scarface, have you see any movement from the wonderbolts? Are they still at the gala?”

”Yes, they are,” the Tabaxi from before answered as he was currently using his binoculars to watch Canterlot castle. ”But I'm not going to wait for you. The royal guards might appear before that and we don't know where they are coming from.”

”Listen to you two. I got this one more try. Just stay put for a bit longer,” Anon said.

He ignored the protests of the others as he focused his mind on the task ahead. To flip the cabinet on its side was something he knew he could do. His sweaty palms had failed him last time. Therefore he wiped them off against his pants and then got into position.

First, he pushed it so that it tipped over on one side of its hinges, which required was the easy part. Secondly, he gathered himself before he extended and pushed away with his legs. His legs that wanted to glide away, even though his shoes usually had a good grip, were stopped by him pushing them into the ground.

A loud, `bang´ echoed throughout the room as the cabinet was tipped over to its side. In this position, it revealed its door.

Anon hunched forward and didn't tip over because his arms supported him by holding onto his knees. On the floor, beneath the knees, a poodle of sweat had gathered. Sweat beads ran down his forehead and he was taking deep breaths. Despite that and feeling a bit dizzy, he pushed himself into action as he crouched down next to the cabinet.

He opened it by the code he had and took out the envelope that had a serial number, which read, ” 1089098489-ABDG.” Then Anon realized that maybe it was more like a safe than cabinet since it required a code to enter.

”-that's why we really can't wait any longer, Anon. Anon? Are you still there? Anon?” Sunset's voice sounded through the earpiece.

”Yes, I'm still there and I got the document now. On my way, back to the window now.”

Anon ran back towards the hole in the ceiling. While he did this, he opened the larger pocket in his duffle bag and put the document there before he zipped the zipper.

”That's great, Anon!” said Sunset.

14dde No.242705


”Is it though? He is late. He will never make it back in time. I'm leaving!” Scarface said.

”Nooo! We still got time, damn it!” Sunset said.

But Anon heard over the com the sound of flying carriage drifting away on streets.

Anon had just climbed up out of the hole, run up the stairs and was about to get back to the room he came from when he heard Sunset over the com.

”I'm sorry, Anon but I will abandon you as well. Do not hate me for this but I will shut off the radio communication now, bye forever.”

”Nooooooooooooo, Sunset. Don't do it!!!!!”


Anon then opened the door to the room he entered the building from. The room was walked through and Anon came to the window he had exited from before.

The metal grid that had covered it was gone now due to Anon having started the fire alarm, which in the faulty museum's security system made this specific window remove its metal grid.

Outside the window, Anon saw that carriage was gone and he then turned to watch the clock on the wall inside the room. It should that he was back before fifteen minutes had passed.

Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts came shortly after and found Anon on his knees with his outstretched in the air dramatically.

He had realized that the ones he loved and trusted had not kept their promise and abandon him. He had been abandon by everyone even Sunset. One could truly not trust anyone. All beings were driven by selfish desires. Oh, what a world.

Rainbow Dash walked up to him and said.

”Okay, big guy. You are under arrest for-”

But she was interrupted by Anon.


14dde No.242706

Yeah, so it is done.

14dde No.242716

I have thought about this before but I truly am the inverse Placeholder. Placeholder write just the barebones of things and his dialogue is a bit stilted. My writting is the opposite, I waste everybodies fucking time with extranous details and never get to the point. While my dialogue isn't stilted, most of it is just unecessary.

Oh, man. I thought I had solved my issue with pacing but apperently not. I mean look at this fucking garbage I just produced. It has begining, a middle, and end. Sure, but everything is so bloated. Like if the story is a about a theif who gets left behind by his comrads on heist that goes wrong, then WTF is up with all this parkour nonsense? I guess one could argue that is adds to the immersion, as showing that Anoon is competent theif, but the same could have been down so much easier. I could just have Anon pick a door lock or something.

I know where these problems stem from. It is from my appriciation of the rule, "Show, don't tell," that my writting suffers. The thing about showing over telling, though, is that I'm suppose to do two things: Not break the immersion of the story and be concise with my writting. It is the latter part where I struggle becasue… Well… I'm too autistic.

Afterall, pacing is about where you focus your attention and description. Or something like that. At least, I know you don't want to describe a frying pan to ridicolous levels if it ain't important to the plot. But the reverse is also true, that you do want take your time to describe things that are important to the plot. So my problem is to understand which scenes these are(maybe not so much) and how much is enough but also not too little for a minor scene.

Okay, so an example. Character A is a fighter. This is his first fight and he is just going to fight against a couple of goonsthat are not really relevant to the story at large but are therre to introduce us to the fact taht A can fight.

If Placeholder would be writting this scene, he would write it like this:
>A got into fighting position.
>The enemies charged at him.
>After a bit of struggle, A knocked them all out by kicking each one in the face.
>He won.

I on the other hand would write it like this:

>The fist goon ran up to A and fired off a punch towards his face with his left hand.

>A doged by jerking backwards.
>His face barely avoided geting hit.
>Anon, who was still fighting the first goon saw that the others had gotten themselves bags of popcorn, which they were now muching on.

I exaggerate. There iss some truth to this though and while an detailed action scene might not be boring to read tosome compared to just description about something more mundane, in this example this is just suppoe to be a scene where it is established that A is a good fighter. If it gets a life of its own, the rest of the story will sufffer because the plot will basically be on hold till it is over.

So yeah, rant over.

14dde No.242724

I guess I should make it clear that I do not mean any disrespect towards Placeholder. Just saying that we could really learn from each other or well, I haven't read anything from him in a while. Maybe he has gotten better at that.

caead No.242726

File: 1568636173533.jpg (282.56 KB, 750x1000, 894984084.jpg)

bd710 No.242778

File: 1568686773262.jpg (770.44 KB, 1311x1819, Pinkie Pie Christmas.jpg)

That does look tasty. I like to imagine that the muffin just came out from the oven and its dough has yet to solidify. The hot dough then gets sucked through the straw and melts on her tongue. Mmmm.
However, I don't know what you want to convey with a reaction image like this. Derpy's expression is kinda unreadable after all. You will have to clarify.

Another Nigel-tier rant in-coming…

I know I can't force anyone. Even if I want to… But I do like these threads. Ever since the success of the first one, which it was. Just check it out, https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/res/197973.html
A good time was had by all and that's what I want to do with these threads. The point isn't who wins but just writing a small silly story and share it with other Anons with similar interests. That's why the second competition thread I made failed, https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/res/213469.html , even though it seemed to had more goodwill than the previous one, but it failed because it was too complicated and it was too big. You gained less from writing than the effort you put in; It was like a serious competition without a serious price to go along with it.

This is not what I want to do with these threads. They are supposed to be some kind of community get-together amongst the writers here. This is why the entries from now on can only be short stories because they are not that demanding to write. Anyone here can type one-thousand words on like max three hours or something and not get stuck on that arbitrary number, in the future I will have no limits at all for the stories posted (any contribution will do), but it is more to make a point.

Another thing about these threads that were lost in the second installment was that these competitions are less about who wins and more about having fun and expression ourselves. The part of the fun is especially important. These threads are supposed to be lighthearted or that is what I want to get to, if not before, now anyway. This is actually connected to the other part about expressing ourselves.

I want you to unleash your autism like a cannon shot.

The anons of this community are pretty similar but not without our differences either. I love the (((diversity))) among the writers of this board.
I want to read stories from our two edgelords: Lone15 and Placeholder(the german on in the first thread). I want to reply to their posts with Higarshi reaction gifs.
I like for our local pervert, Canda-sama to write a horsefucking story and for me to reply to it with, ”Okay, it's well made and kinda hot at times but did you have to write the ponies to be anatomically correct? I mean horsepussy is just a meme, right? I mean they are kinda weird looking.” Only to the meet with replies calling me a faggot and even have the mods write in their fancy green text on my post that, ”Son, you sure are gay.”
I love to read entries from the, ”WHATTHEFUCKISGOINGON?!”-squad, which consists of OcultFacade and Dusker. I like to sit down and read their stories. And then read it again and then again and still not get it.
I want the filler-king, Rueben to waste my time.
I want the guy who can't write serious stories, Kingbattlebrit, to write the most meta crock of a shitpost ever.
I would like Nigel to make feel like an autistic reject again and not this rebel against ZOG.
I hope I can raise the dead: The guy who wrote the manos series, the guy who wrote this >>146529 , and Canda-sempai.
I also want this silly, easy, and simple stories on the thread to inspire and to make other anons try their hand at writing only for them to realize that it is not so hard (to be averagely good at it).

I wish this can become like a game night, were you and a couple of buddies gather at someone's place, take a couple of drinks, and play a board game but for writers.

This is why I won't stop here. I will redo this thread on Friday. This one won't have any word count restriction you need to keep track of or a theme you need to adhere to. Just come and type something extremely autistic or whatever you like. This one will only be three days, during the weekend. After that, we wait for Glimglam to determine a winner and that will be it.

The next time, I won't pressure myself. I will just write a short silly story and that will be it. There won't be any need for any complex story arch or an arch at all for that matter. Just a bunch of text.

So please, hang out with me. It will be fun.

4a119 No.242789

That hit me right in the feels.
I… kept putting off writing something… it's the same thing that happened last time in the last competition.
Also in the anonfilly thread…
I'm sorry.

I'll start writing a story since today is Mon-
It's Tuesday already?!

bd710 No.242799

Hehe, dude don't worry about. Don't feel guilty. In the weekend we're gonna have good time you and I.

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