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File: 1565585793847-0.jpg (46.59 KB, 636x374, 1563906671487.jpg)

3b620 No.237282

Game of horse porn, for your pleasure.

>newest version 003a28 w/ miniserver


>add crotchtits for poners

>add Octavia and Trixie
>add Floor Bored

>tutorials and information for adding new ponies


266df No.237283

File: 1565586479961.jpg (82.53 KB, 1024x1024, 7arH2M3.jpg)

>w/ miniserver
What is this?
How can a game to be 9Mb?

31e50 No.237286




It's called Secret Horse Files for those that don't want to download it.
It's HTML5 Javascript css game. Adding stuff shouldn't be too hard if you have the baseline.
Even if the version is not the newest it's still very decent, and downloading, or copying the HTML, and JAVASCRIPT from his website.

I didn't click OP's links just happened to know about it.

31e50 No.237289

>w/ miniserver
Just stick the Javascript into a HTML5, and run the fucker. Unless it's doing some stuff like saving profiles to the main server instead of a local cookie.

Apparently in patreon version 3a28 it has alot more stuff. Four version difference does have many changes from what the patron patch notes say.

6e7d0 No.237338

003a28 without creepy included Apache server:

I already added the Octavia and Trixie bits.

If you're on Windows, install https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48264 and run with (replacing path, obviously):
"c:\Program Files\IIS Express\iisexpress.exe" /path:C:\Wherever\You\Extracted /port:9999

Then browse to http://localhost:9999

If you're on Linux, you probably already know how to serve a folder via a webserver, but make sure you allow serving .atlas, .cdb, and .fnt files in addition to the normal file types.

If you're on Mac, stop being gay and get a real computer.

580dd No.237497

File: 1565656939454.jpg (47.04 KB, 580x346, 1521993805205.jpg)

No need to dick around with any of the big web servers if you're a lunixfag. Just grab darkhttpd (https://unix4lyfe.org/darkhttpd/), point it to the www directory, and presto.

266df No.237543

>If you're on Mac, stop being gay and get a real computer.

266df No.237545

>No need to dick around
>binary file
True, but sometimes can be better to build from source.

87077 No.237546

Can someone explain why my anti-virus keeps telling me it's a trojan and then also explain to someone who can't into HTML how to run this?

266df No.237548

>why my anti-virus keeps telling me it's a trojan
Any server running in your machine is kinda a trojan, the difference is it under your control and serving you or not.

580dd No.237549

Want to know how I know you didn't read the link?

266df No.237550

I went to GIT, so I saw the sources.

266df No.237552

My initial post was bad crafted and open to be misunderstood.

580dd No.237553

File: 1565664142072.png (147.92 KB, 236x366, 1513498237099.png)

Well, saves me having to dig into my confused pony folder.

76b4a No.237573

So how do I play the latest release with crotch tits?

4b4c2 No.237646

https://mega.nz/#!Ux4SWaCR!eZTVLLZxZ35iNPOUoVF3R28UY4l0BZ8he66Xsv0-tao I posted this in the last thread, as long as you let your browser access local files, you should be able to run this just fine by opening index.html. No miniserver needed.

3b620 No.237690

Just download the crotchtit files and then use them to overwrite the ones in the game files. Drag and drop. Easy.

f2b9e No.237695

does anyone need help in making assets?
i can contribute with vector pieces

f2b9e No.237698

actually, paste the files inside the "spine" folder

if all else fails, open the game with palemoon browser

87077 No.237786

Okay finally something I can understand. Downloaded the package and exacted the folder. Tried running index.html with Brave and Chrome but both only gave me a black box in the corner of my screen. What do I do now?
With the above download, I now know where where to put the addon files, thank you for your help. Just gotta get the program to run

66ddc No.238535


Just install Python 3 (if you don't already have it), run python3 -m http.server 8080 on the directory that has the game (or a parent of it) and then browse to http://localhost:8080

Any OS, any browser (that can run the game).

Shit, I could easily do it on an Android phone with Termux, but the game didn't support touch controls last I checked.

For those lovable idiots that like to cling to obsolete junk and refuse to embrace Python 3, here's the Python 2 way:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

tl;dr: cd wherever/you/put/the/game_dir/ ; python3 -m http.server 8080

580dd No.238592

Huh, learn something new every day. Not sure how to feel about Python having an HTTP server built in, but hey, it works.
Thanks, Arnaldo.

f6aaa No.238917

Has anyone figure out how to make custom characters for the game?

66ddc No.239829

bump and link to the previous thread from /mlp/, which OP failed to mention: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/34069291

8b27c No.242457

Uname/Password to the newest patreon-only v29 (just increment the url from the public version) is “patron:somanybugs”

06368 No.243817

Tavi's hair seems backwards.

6e7d0 No.243867

[Atlas Edit]


6e7d0 No.245103

Oh, I uploaded the new version, but I guess it got deleted for being a windows binary file or something?

To play online go to:

To download go to:

For either use username:

And password:

Yiff.Party link to newer paywalled Patreon posts:

6e7d0 No.245104

Oops, https://dailevy.space/shf_builds/003a29 is the correct link to play v29 online. v30 folder seems to be created on his webserver, but he hasn't given out login credentials for it yet.

bf1ea No.245214

It was posted by a kind anon on 4chan



ab1b8 No.245567

Wish they added more toys and ways of interacting with the characters.

ffdc3 No.248325

v31 is up and someone posted the credentials on 4chan again

6e678 No.249398

oh dear god they added crotch tits… this was just a novelty until now. I feel shame but at the same time do not care

8b27c No.249623

For whatever reason the fucker making the game won’t release the JavaScript map files (produced automatically when the game is built and packed) as though his codebase is the authorization for the nuclear launch silos. If he releases that someday, expect to see massive mods and overhauls. Until then, people are stuck fucking around with minified JavaScript that implements a different language so modding will be hella slow. If people are interested in a mod or two, give me a (you) along with a request and I’ll try to make it happen.

0826e No.249802

File: 1573078431613.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.8 MB, 646x364, maxine_pomf.webm)

Hella? Hella? Hella? Hella? Hella?

e92ef No.249803

Is there a download of it anywhere? Also, are we able to save settings yet?
Maybe try to make settings saveable. Right now that's my biggest annoyance with the game.

80945 No.249812

Top Kek.

b6a09 No.249928

Just wish there was the option to tear flesh, blood, whips, piss, crying.

1b364 No.249932

What you do to yourself while you're playing the game is your own business, Jacques.

6cd08 No.249945


WTF is that shit?

06080 No.249997

Funny, that's what that shit is!

31e50 No.250003

File: 1573273672917-0.png (34.68 KB, 625x626, 1538570729827.png)

File: 1573273672917-1.jpg (66.69 KB, 643x675, 1539385400039.jpg)

pic related.
You're going to have to try harder.

1db40 No.250021

Sadly saving settings is out of my league without mapfiles. You could probably set up an AHK macro to repeat your inputs the way you wanted.

87077 No.250169

6e7d0 No.252321

December builds up yet? Anyone have the assword?

092a0 No.252462

Build isn’t up yet. If you punch in the password it just says “coming soon”. Check yiffparty for the explanation (he ran out of time to upload for the month and is disabling the features he didn’t get finished that month). I expect most of the mentioned WIPs to be in a Christmas or New Year update. Check again in a few days, I guess.

6e7d0 No.253263


username: patron

password: birbbug

Build isn't up yet, but that's the username and password you'll need.


Stuff that's in the update for sure:

new characters
testing new species
new tech for toys
other new tech for toys
more toys
interaction with more body parts
more bondage gear
more personality options
more body part variations

Stuff that'll make it in as long as it isn't broken AF

mare/stallion bodies for rule 63 versions of characters (wip)
age-up and age-down features (wip)
body part customization
bulges for big/deep toys (fuckin' WIP)
more toys
tightness mechanics for sheath-type toys

bfa07 No.253271

I hope I get to grab them titties.

ca187 No.253798

can you please update Yiff.Party post.
maybe share in file sharing systems?

2e6e0 No.255549

so how do i fuck them?

b9abe No.255574

Unfortunately you cannot do so directly, but you can touch them, tickle them, or insert lewd objects into them. They respond to different things depending on their personality (which you can change).

6e7d0 No.257307

File: 1580160675862.png (93.62 KB, 756x1131, Factory.png)

According to his Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/quick-progress-33089426 the dev has put the game on hold in it's half-baked status while he focuses on another half-baked game called Factory.

Factory is apparently a game like Fallout Shelter / XCom Base building, but you build lewd pipe. No, I'm not kidding. Pictures attached to this post are from dev's Patreon trying to explain this concept.

e8356 No.257322

>be autist
>optimize workflow-i mean cumflow
>statistics page says I have produced 23 gallons of milk today
>nut pridefully
seriously what the fuck

6e7d0 No.257409


Because what could be sexier than "routing fluids" ?

e8356 No.257414

I know, I'm joking.
Does't the faggot realize a VR game is something we don't already have a thousand of? An open-source/easily-modded VR waifu game would create a market. Create an entirely new fucking market of people willing to create and rig 3D models and program them into the game to function as VR AI Waifus you can pay people to make.

6e7d0 No.257418

File: 1580239178970.jpg (180.05 KB, 1112x625, Besti.jpg)

Are you browsing /mlpol/ while seriously not having heard of https://besti.love ?

Certainly not, right?

e8356 No.257424

There are a lot of things I've never heard before.

8d52d No.258648

Guys, a new version has been released! when can you give a password?

5bc55 No.258749

From the /mlp/ thread.

5bc55 No.258778

b8453 No.261359

New release, can some one get it?

6e7d0 No.261401

u: patron
p: bugbrains

Looks like the link isn't active yet though

6e7d0 No.261763


Link is now active. GO GO GO!

b8453 No.262330

What was added:
The toys can be linked
Sheaths have side and tightness
And that's it.

9780e No.263043

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