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File: 1565495253456.jpg (752.58 KB, 1009x653, ViolentNonResistance.jpg)

e7a0a No.236858

With the escalation of anti-white politics and the clamping down of free speech, including the coordinated takedown of 8Chan, it is apparent that the unsanitized internet is living on borrowed time. We need to step up our efforts to spread our message while we can and to prepare for when we can't. Unfortunately, NPCs and psychos, as well as those egged on by alphabets, are assuming this means grabbing guns and going after the weakest available "targets." It's clear that this is 100% counterproductive, and I made this thread >>234190 to assure posters and 8Chan refugees of this fact, as well as the necessity to disavow any random acts of violence.

However, that begs the question: what can be done instead that is actually effective and can be done on a mass scale? Let's discuss that here! I believe I have three answers:

Networking & Infiltration
Redpilling but more organized. You meet up with people who are intelligent and logical and gradually, through friendly argument, convince them and bring them on your side. You then coordinate to bring in more and more people. Be mindful of 6 Degrees of Separation and don't expose yourself. When you have several people you can set up a "secret" club. Then you can get serious and get your network to set up their own groups. It's not a secret society by any means, but a bunch of like-minded people with strong collectivist interest and ties into various organizations.

Guard against infiltration by, first of all, maintaining a low profile. Different but connected networks should not have abundant knowledge of each others' membership to prevent complete compromise in the case of interrogation. Coordination should be done on a personal, informal level and if codes are used, multiple codes are mandatory. Networks should gather intel, recruit sympathetic outsiders and conduct nonviolent or covert disruption. Leftists have long had extensive networks that function in this way so it is about time we use such tactics. Get into institutions first that are most inclined toward us: libertarian groups, churches, and grassroots conservative publications.

This is on a broader social level. Agorism, or "counter-economics" is the conducting of voluntary transactions and exchanges outside the purview of the regulated market. A "gray market," it involves purchasing and selling on a personal level; as it necessitates a good amount of social trust (much higher than that extended towards the government) it works best locally in predominantly white neighborhoods. By definition it is untraceable due to using cash or crypto, and is going to become badly needed soon. Agorism can be something as small as mowing someone's lawn for cash and not reporting it as taxes, but more famous examples that thwarted entire governments include private exchanges of needed goods in the Soviet Union and marijuana trade in the U.S. that stubbornly persisted despite draconian laws. It seems to be somewhat accepted in America but is less prevalent in Europe where people are too trusting of government; for agorism to flourish it's necessary to conduct trade outside the purview of government and adopt safety measures to prevent being found out.

The People's Veto
See www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcfFuBLzLC4
The United States has this little-known principle called Jury Nullification. It's illegal in fact to tell an active juror about it, so tell as many people who aren't jurors for when they're called to jury duty. Jury nullification essentially is the quantum computing equivalent of verdicts: it doesn't matter whether the defendant is guilty or innocent because the law itself is unconstitutional. No need to leave it to powdered-hair judges from a liberal arts college or to do-nothing legislators, you can say "This law is unjust" yourself. Hence "The People's Veto." This should be our single greatest weapon on the legal stage, and if it's at all possible county and state-level governments should be pushed to simply nullify federal law, just as California and major cities have done with immigration law. This is a dangerous venture, of course, but if a stand is not taken then we've as good as lost. Broad civil disobedience across the entire country can have a powerful effect, and I doubt that the military–most of whom dislike the elites, if not sympathize with us directly–would dare start a fight then.

Think creatively, not dangerously.

29dbf No.236866

More of a ramble, but we need to enlist the younger generation. (We meaning people I think would join forces to stop them from turning the planet, our countries, into even more of a shithole.)
By offering human decency. I don't know if that's been tried, and documented in history… oh wait Nazi Germany

There is still time, but we are not getting younger.

This feels appropriate to put here. Younger people are ignored. As the life spans increase this only continues.
Some are contented, but burning with a desire that ravages generations.



It's not just that though the school system of indoctrination is going full steam ahead.
There will be no heros.
There will be no role models.
There will be no hope for an escape from (((their))) plan.
There won't be a past.
So there can't be a future.

They arn't really stupid. They just don't know.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately they will be the bulk of the force. Not the ones on the ground, although that may happen, they must carry the terrible burden if we fail.

The current school system snuffs the creative spark, and hope out of people. Not everyone, not always the same amount.
It kills the will to truely live. To be human.
Not everywhere, and not all the time. Slowly, and surely it marches foward.

Not nearly enough people actually care, and it's been like this for multiple generations already. The cracks are showing.

Mister Fred Rodgers is a cultural saint. He shows the darkest aspect of our (American from my perspective) culture.
No one cares. If they do, No one has the time. No one has the resources to even give the smallest amount of human decency.
That was fifty years ago. When he talked to a senator (about funding the program) he gave that man the one thing he didn't experience either.
This goes back longer. Generations of pain, and suffering, and nobody could actually do anything about it.
There are statistical anomalies, but… fully well adjusted people did show up…

No one knew what the problem was so they made shit up. Pretended like they knew what was going on.
>See the fifties propaganda for how to behave in a society.
Or subverted the entire process.

This goes back longer than that.
It's a human problem, with a human solution.
I don't know exactly what that solution actually is.

But what if there was a… group place to talk to people, and actually listen to their ideas…
>That's chan culture in a nutshell.

What if this became a physical entity as well? A YMCA (without the gay rape), or Hitler Youth Groups.
A place where people go to be an actual person. Fucking hell, this is a hellish world where a cult congregation is an actual viable plan.

I think /mlpol/ worked amazingly well for a reason. (Multiple reasons actually.)
There would be room for a physical manifestation of /mlpol/ as a core political, social, and economic party.

What do you think?

Excuse me while I go curl into a ball, and rock back and forth.

846fb No.236875

I have no idea what you are trying to get at, that the world is a sad fucked up place? That it is crumbling all around us and there is little anyone can do about it and who is out there that you can trust?

This is what I take away from it.

I remember this bullshit image that some Jew most likely posted. Something about Dinosaurs lashing out because they knew they were doomed. Yeah, look at it. White people and everything they stand for is being wiped out before your very eyes and you can't even claim that it is a "Race" thing because that is "Racist" and ooooh you're a white supremacist or a white nationalist. No, if anything I am a preservist. American History is White and European, and look at it. Being dismantled and destroyed where white children are taught to hate themselves, that they are worthless and what do they do? They commit suicide.

We are being pushed deeper and deeper underground. I don't even mean that as white culture, but our very existence. And you talk about "organization". Pah, that is what a few other threads have been calling for.

For fucks sake, let us look here, yes HERE. If you want to organize anything you have to measure your assets. What do we have? A hand full of horsefuckers that are also into politics whom I will guess that many would be either A) with out a job B)With out a career C) Would have a low level job and no real career. If you find anyone with a career it would be the needle in a haystack and would be a trade job if at that. What makes me say such things?

Because allot of us are young 18-25 who are normally on the chans, and they are either fresh out of high school with no job or their first job at starbucks, Or are in college where they don't have a job at all or a part time low level job. Those that are older are rarer and would be 25-35 range and sadly most of us are jobless (look at the global statistics) and what every careers we try for, are barred due to high standards in educations (in America) and rooted out as conservatives, so the only thing left is trade jobs like Steel workers, Oil Workers, Shipbuilders and Electricians.

So This now what, the third thread today about resistance and organizing against the left. And you have to think, we don't have the real power nor the means.

We aren't in high positions of power, we aren't even in the same country. Out side of local propaganda pushes that is the only thing that we would have. Propaganda is highly effective but can be snuffed out quickly.

Violence is something everyone is watching. The news and the democrats because they love it and thrive on it because the more we push with violence the more we give for them to have reason to smoke us out so they can execute us and since they control the propaganda machines, everyone will be ok with it. They have been demonizing Europeans Whites since God only knows when, and they are fabricating little soldiers. Don't fear violence because one day and at this rate very soon, that is what it will boil down to, an all out civil war and NAP pansys are going to be the ones who will be the first to die. I am not advocating for violence nor calling for it. But you better be ready for when the shit hits the fan and dont' underestimate the left.

But here is another note, and a good one to really think about. The asshole that shot up El Paso did so because he was fed up with Mexicans, probably lashing out like an agst teen. But more so, look at the culture clash, and the illegals that do come into the country. If you were caught in the middle of that Walmart, what would you do? How would you know who he was targeting, what side he was on? This is how the civil war will start, how it already have, some ideas which we share but many not and it will be a lashing out against other individuals, they wear no uniforms, no insignia, nothing to differentiate them from the good guy or the bad guy.

For even skinheads wear swasticas and they lash out at everyone. To be unseen is our greatest chance of survival but what happens when we can't hide and is forced to stand our ground? How do we know who to shoot and when to hold the trigger? (Food for thought)

We are pretty organized here and are the remnants of MLP and POL of 4chan. But only organized as to share thoughts, calling for action we don't do because noone is a personal army. But if you want to play the FreeMasons Illuminati, yeah I could only dream.

29dbf No.236878

You are right.

846fb No.236880

First all in these threads with some common sense.

I am hearing OP, really wanting to take "action" but other than physical and violent action, we have nothing. Best chances would to have some huge property in the backwoods where you can create some sort of small town where everyone has guns and is armed to the teeth, but the US would call it a cult and lo, we go the way of Waco.

And to play the Illuminati, seriously size up your assets. And you talk about "Action" and what would even have a lasting effect? Because who is to say that we aren't being watched? What, going to yell at the town hall meeting? That isn't going to do anything. Unless you run yourself for city council then maybe something may happen but you probably would have an "accident" and that would be that. The government is corrupt and crooked and really you are powerless. The FBI is there personal army and the MSN thier big propaganda machines. Thread lightly what ever you do.

29dbf No.236896

File: 1565511306515-0.png (121.7 KB, 1000x2000, 1557000359151.png)

File: 1565511306515-1.png (198.39 KB, 998x458, 1539270568905.png)

I can't really disagree with that.
Almost concern shilling there.
I'm just spitballing an idea if thing's get started. When the ball gets rolling.
A large part, as what you said, is that we don't really have resources that compare to what they have.

What happened at Waco is what makes me weary of a congregation of like minded people, but without teamwork, and group work there isn't much to be done alone. Without being another expenditure in a black book.

Getting the ball rolling in our favor is difficult to do without much.

It is possible though despite the odds.
I know they are watching. I know they know I know ect. I know they have various means of removing troublesome persons. I also know the government is corrupt, and the media, and schools, and banks, and nearly every business too.
The alternative to doing nothing at all is so vastly horrible it's almost funny.

I'm saying we enlighten, and influence the youth. The really young people. They are already doing that why don't we?
There is a demand, a problem, and opportunity to be had. The more (((they))) do what they do the more estranged the youth will become.
There will be a breaking point of young teens, and younger that can not continue the grid.
I'm saying that we become a beacon of hope, and friendship.
I'm thinking that not only will giving information to those so young that the spirit may also survive the harshness (((they))) will commit.

They will make Weimar look like a joke.

You have not considered their limitations either. Yes they are a global force with fingers in many pies, but they can not maintain control of an unruly populace.
I'm saying we don't just influence our children, I'm saying we have to do that with all youths. We have the upper hand of being the most edgy rebellious thing one can do.
I'm saying we out Jew the Jew. Everyone.
The question of how.

Anonymous Makes Amazing Content.
The jew cannot hope to compete. Their goal is antithetical to content, and truth. The internet is a big place. People will share with their friends either digitally, or physically.
All of (((their))) plans crumble with that nugget of information.

>The destruction of the white race.

They can't, because they forgot one tiny factoid. If they do somehow whipe out the white race. The niggers will go apeshit. The dunecoons will explode. The spics will butcher. The chinks will boil them alive.
They will be the sole 'white' race, and every single one will murderize them. Exactly as their own propaganda told them to.
They may use the nuke option, but we keep them at bay. They won't survive that.

The idiots are trying to whipe out a race of people that have waged war they cannot even comprehend.
Let me show a little formula.
Disenfranchised youth.
Hopeless situation.
Burning all consuming Hate.

They are on death ground. We will fight, because to do otherwise they will die in vain.
They know this, like we know this. The youth must be shown the greatest good possible.

The Jew's jewery also leads to their final end.
Theh have painstakingly created their own worst enemies.
None left in the Glow-In-The-Dark groups can help them if they are gone. A single incompetent agency might be left. Mossad.
The resources they have means nothing without the tactical mind to bring it to bare. They can keep throwing what they have, but they will lose.
The bushes whisper Korean.

The situation is not good, but what they did not predict is how everything will be worse off without us.
Then there is the traitors. They too will turn if left alive.

If a small group of whites hide for a few years after the dust settles (((they))) don't exist.

The ball is in our court playing to our gane they just don't realize that.

fd2cc No.236905

>This is what I take away from it.
Then re-read the post, fren.

You know, posters like you really annoy me; Spilling blackpills left and right, ravaging the morale of the board.

Yes, we do not have an uniform, nor do we have a lot of trained military personnel on our side, but the acts of just one madlad can bring change to the whole word, all this person needs is one good idea and a flawless execution; Look around you, everything you see are great ideas from dead men and women, why is our cause be any different?

Yes, they control the economy but they do not control the minds of the people, and that my friendo is the most dangerous weapon; You dont even need people in high places if everyone else at the bottom is on your side.

Anon has a point with this thread, maybe he didnt post the best strategies to combat the opposition but at least he's trying, theres a soul in there, burning for justice.
And he is right, all we need is some organization (and a good idea) to get the gears turning.

Violence is not the answer, at least not now, it will only make us look bad and drive the people away from us, remember who controls information.

846fb No.236908

The Jews Goal isn't to control, it is to simply destroy, to bring about the end of the world because they think the world belongs to them and only they shall inhabit the earth. If the unruly populace destroyed each other, they already won. If they breed with another till all identity is lost, they have won. For them White Genocide is not about race, but what that race really represents, Christianity. Christ alone is the biggest threat to the Jew and they know it. It transformed Rome, and the Jews made Rome fall, it was the "re enlightenment" that surged the renaissance and ended the dark ages and it was Christianity that did it. Sad to say, it very much is a holy war. Same with Islam. But race follows religion closely, why they want us gone.

>Oh but that is Anti-Semetic to talk about the Jews and say it is a holy war

So shrills the left. One thing I learned over the course of many years and living many places is that we ALL hate each other. Chicago alone is so divided and it is just because of bread and cirruses (SPORTS) that it is. Cubs vs Sox, the Bears vs Packers. Up, down; left, right; to and fro, it is so divided no wonder why the murder rate is so damn high. And the Left and Normies as one will say is "Let's all sit by a bonfire and sing Kum By Ya" like a bunch of hippies. Then you have the tin foil hat wearing yuppies saying shit like "Balkanism" like some Bolshevik rabbi.

If civil war breaks out, it will be Tribalism if anything and as stated earlier, you won't know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy because it will be everyone for themselves taking advantage of the situation and fuck if China decides to take advantage, we would need Napoleon Bonaparte to take back the land.

But there the fear is too, with these "Red Flag" laws and these "Let the DOJ censor the internet by working with social media". Yeah that scares the piss out of me because it will end like Salem in the 1600's and France in the 1780's. It will be everyone calling everyone out as a "racist" and a "White Supremacist Terrorist" and before you know it, we all go to the gallows.

And who is to say our little "freedom" online will remain, look at China. What if ISP's are forcing censorship, which some actually do in the US as many were noted long before 8ch removal to of blocked the site.

What I am saying is that things are going to get way tougher from here on in, and if you want to organize then a simple means to keep in contact is a start when the shit hits the fan, but you want to call to action, what are you going to do with limited assets?

To spitball an Idea, you mention teaching, what does it take to open a university? There are so many "online" schools as it is. You need teachers ya, but elementary here at the least has dumbed down their teachers admission tests because of the dumb niggers that can't do word problems that is shameful. But kid you not anyone with half a brain would be able to pass it. For a university I really can't say but what would even you teach?

b9259 No.236910

File: 1565522321180.jpeg (138.78 KB, 700x599, 835FA46A-8118-4556-A1AD-6….jpeg)

Definitely try to stop using jew money and use Bitcoin. The Federal Reserve Bank only exists to enslave you.

846fb No.236911


You mean reality. You want to have your ambitions come to fruition? Be realistic with your vision and you will succeed. You can dream all you want but reality has quite the nasty way to kick you in your ass. I am not one of them pessimistic hates on everything types. I am the "Hey, take a step back and learn to play the game before you move." But you have to understand, we aren't pawns on some chess board, we are real people and truth be told, it IS life or death.

You do any action and you are caught even if it IS something as innocent as posting a "It's Ok to Be White" poster in the wrong neighborhood and it is traced back to you, kiss your life good by. You would be labeled a "terrorist" and lose your job, you family anything you had before is gone. This is why everyone shouts "We aren't your Personal Army" because no one wants to be roped into something where the risk is so high. And so, you have to be realistic, you have to measure your assets. It really is every man for themselves and no one is going to stand up and fight back, why I say when they come for the guns, it be a small family against 30 cops, and that be that.

Inaction could be far worse though than taking action but it has to be measured action. And an enemy with out a face is an enemy unto themselves. So yes, when it boils down to you saying we don't have a Uniform, or trained military, even a militia wears a uniform, even a militia takes measured steps because even a militia knows they are not invincible.

The stakes for error can spell the end to everything, not just conservatives, but even just this site because they deem it so. Violence yeah Isn't an answer but I will still say, be prepared for it because the first gun grabbers will kill the ones they are grabbing from and stories like this will be heavily suppressed, but the rage when it breaks out will send the people in the streets with riots and it will be war, be prepared.

You want to organize, start talking turkey, because what happens when shit hits the fan? How do you communicate? and what are you going to do to peacefully push back, are you willing to take on the risks of doing so? How do you keep hidden? Don't think that the internet will last forever especially in America.

846fb No.236912

And yet the American Government is trying to crack down on crypto Currency by disallowing Facebook to go through with their crypto currency. And didn't bitcoin fall through anyway?

Though what are you buying up with all your money anyway that you wish to hide besides drugs, arms, and slaves?

fd2cc No.236919

File: 1565526410302.jpg (197.52 KB, 760x881, 1565378739853.jpg)

>You mean reality
A blackpill Is a depressed, self-defeating view of reality, like the doomer meme.
Yes, it is life or death, at that point you have to wonder if its better to be dead inside, laughing at the rotting carcass of the world or die trying to change it.
Of course death is not a desired result that is why movements, (specially us) need to be really careful.
>Inaction could be far worse though than taking action but it has to be measured action.
Thats my point.
>even a militia wears a uniform, even a militia takes measured steps because even a militia knows they are not invincible.
Indeed no one is invincible, but i bet most of mlpol/horsefuckers Will end up wearing some variant of the nazi uniform if shit really hits the fan.
That will be the last of your worries if it really happens thought, i'd give it just a month before someone decides to take over the US by force.
>Violence yeah Isn't an answer but(…)
Whats up with the insistency on how violence is coming and were all gonna die, violence is not the answer right now for our movement yet i do not imply we should be a bunch of fat fucks.
It is obvious everyone should be physically fit, know their way around firearms and at least have an idea on how to defend themselves yet this does not means se should go full 1934 nor does it means we should go full pacifist, everyone will experience different scenarios for which they'll have to adapt.
>Don't think that the internet will last forever
My negro, my idea Is not for mlpol to be full of airhead soldiers who rush to the front line under heavy fire, my idea is that any anon who is willing to learn actually develops some critical thinking, reads some books, improves himself and becomes not only an exemplary member of society, but is also capable of being a leader.
As i said, passive resistance only works in peaceful times.

Of course that Is not my job, this is just a mongolian horse-whispering imageboard and i am just implying whoever wants to improve himself has a supporting community over here.

846fb No.236922

>Blackpill is life
Sadly that is where we are at this time, a depressed state where we are the oppressed. Thing is, look before you leap. It is a very scary time that we live it. Truly becoming 1984 and freedoms are being tested everyday. I am not trying to paint anyone as worthless but show that lashing out, no matter how high emotions are, will only serve to hurt you, and everyone else. You have to start taking in the realitys of everything that will go wrong and act to minimize risk, even now we are at risk simply speaking because any glownigger would want our heads, even if all we do is commune in a church and praise Christ.

>Some Variant of the Nazi Uniform

And here is where there is great risk, do you think the white power loving KKK or the skin heads that tatoo all over their bodies swasticas and 14/88 really give a shit about anyone that truely follows National Socialism and its ideologies? Who prides on individuality and bettering the man and person and giving towards the nation? Or do you think they will kill for blood sport, pillage and rape because they are no more than thugs. This was my earlier point, how do you know who's side is who's, the larpers from the followers? And with out a uniform, you don't know who is who. All you can defer is that commies like to wear black, but so do swat, however cops have badges. And albeit that the commies normally go unmarked, red stars and hammer and scythes will mark them outright.
Know thy enemy, Know thy self.

>Those that instigate war, already lost

I am not calling for violence, I am saying be prepared for it, we aren't going to be the ones to instigate it, the left is. Why do I say this? Because look at history, every time there every was any country that banned guns, every time, it resulted in genocide. It again is happening Right Now in Venezuela. What is happening in the US is very frightening and what really puts a spot light on it is the very fact that Trump is in support of it. DOJ to investigate "Censorship" to flag "Potential Terrorists" before they act. That is step 1. Red Flag Laws, raise the alarm to "Potential Terrorists" and take away, seize their arms before they can act.

Think hard what this entails, do you see a picture? Anyone can be marked with a "Red Flag" and the left wing biased social media will act to silence their conservative users. It won't be "Potential threats" that may be actual threats it will be "Nazi, White Nationalists, White Supremacists,White Terrorists, Racists, Deplorables, Christians, Privlaged," and every other name they call us to demonize us, and all because we simply disagree with their views.

What do you think will then happen next? People unlike you and me, normal people that just voted for Trump and owns fire arms will be flagged and in the middle of the night, an army of FBI and police will wake them up at 3am in the morning like what Muller pulled with anyone tied to Trump and what do you think will really go down? Here is a hint: https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2018/11/05/fatal-officer-involved-shooting-in-anne-arundel-county/

You may think your home is being broken into, https://newsmaven.io/pinacnews/cops-gone-rogue/man-shot-four-times-by-cop-thru-front-door-says-call-the-cops-i-am-the-cops-zL2kt-60WUGt8al3-nZpCw/ and the next thing you know, you are being shot.

Be prepared because they can kill an entire family if they wanted to and the news media will pass it off as a White Nationalist Terrorist with "illegal guns" illegal how? They just red flagged you that is how. You are crazy and insaine and all because social media flagged you, and then the neighbors will do the same and it will be just like calling witch but instead calling Conservative!. Just look how El Paso was so hyped up but Dayton was swept under the rug, why? Because Dayton was Left Winged Antifa member, that is why.

When the shit hits the fan, where are you going to go? What are you going to do? You better be prepared to get out of dodge that is for damn sure.

113a2 No.236923

Hey how do you 3d print stuff that might be useful when shit hits the fan?

fd2cc No.236924

Anon, where are you trying to get with your post?
I could keep agreeing with some points and disputing others, yet my main issue is, what are you even trying to comunicate?
That we should do nothing?
That we should prepare?
That youre scared because the world Is a fuckup?

I dont get it, man like yeah a civil war Is dangerous and so is hate speech yet you contradict this
>Inaction could be far worse though than taking action but it has to be measured action.
With this
>You have to start taking in the realitys of everything that will go wrong and act to minimize risk, even now we are at risk simply speaking because any glownigger would want our heads, even if all we do is commune in a church and praise Christ.
Like yeah, i thought we agreed on how any kind of movement needs careful planning, but anon please, where are you even standing on right now?

846fb No.236925

I am all for self improvement and the students becoming the masters. I am also for finding other ways to fight back which is non-violent because no one wants war, at least anyone saine that is. We have the UB board for that reason as well.

However self improvement isn't going to help in trying to push an action or a cause. What would our cause be? To hinder the enemy in every way we could. How could we help our cause? By involving more. How can we maintain permanence? By ensuring communication, the internet is one tool and can be taken away and used against us, every method of communication can be compromised. Even if everything you do is legal, it can be shut down just because of the "Threat" they deem. So this is something that needs to be addressed and fleashed out. Be it if we have to send telegraphs then it needs to be ready to do so, use of ham radios, snail mail or any other method, there needs to be systems in place that ensures a constant flow of information. It isn't End of the World type stuff here, it is what do you do when the left becomes more restrictive, and things become compromised? You have to start thinking ahead. VPNs may protect you somewhat for the now but what happens when the ISP itself is monitoring and blocking sites? Then what?

Just like I don't know who it was a while back talking about "cells" and "Coded messages" and that may sound find and dandy but how are you going to transmit the message? Organize such groups? Always try to think ahead. There are many tools we have, even some not so obvious.

846fb No.236926

That is broad, first do you have a 3d printer, software to model 3d objects and do you know what you are going to need? Because I would have a water proof sheet like a tarp, good length parachute cord and lots of it, flint and steel with dry tinder, a compass, a map of the area or where you are going, a water bottle and iodine tablets for purification, and food rations at bare minimal. A light shovel or hatchet would be very useful as well. Because if the shit hits the fan, you don't' want to be sticking around in the city, you want to go where you can hide and that may mean out in the woods somewhere.

fd2cc No.236927

File: 1565531257414.jpg (56.95 KB, 500x500, 1563885520803.jpg)

Well we can agree on those points.
And about the communications, well if the internet as a whole is compromissed, it would be really hard for anons to keep in touch.
I would suggest radio, as it is possible to send pics using a pc and an UHF radio, but its unlikely that every anon out there has the gear to join the little neo-internet mlpol.

846fb No.236928

This is what I am saying. We have no organization or means to communicate, when shit hits the fan we all will be running like roaches in the light. Will it hit the fan, if it keeps going the way it is, yes. Can we do something to stop it, perhaps but be prepared for any way the pendulum swings. What can we do? Right now, nothing is going to get us nothing, doing something is risky so it needs well thought and planning. For many barking at the senators may make them think twice about the Red Flag laws but that is going to have to be some really good convincing, and no matter what, it will pass the house, the senate is the only thing to stop it.

Can we be stopped? Hell yes, we aren't some underground, this site is right in the meat space and I don't know you from jack, can there be a glow nigger here? There could be anyone here, this site could be a honey pot for all we know. That is what I am talking about. Heck you don't even need an account to see everything here and you talk about "Planning" for action, look at the "Capture the flag" that /pol/ tried and got nowhere because shareblue glowniggers were all over that site and was like "oh yeah guys, don't by it, just /pol/ again"

So yes, you have to be careful no matter what you do because loose lips sink ships. Granted this is a small site, and granted a few people visit but it isn't impossible to find the site, that is why there is that big warning message from atlas if this site ever is compromised. All of these statements aren't towards "What should be do about x" but "How are we going to join forces and remain in operation?"

Hell even Antifa, if you ever seen Stephen Crowder undercover, uses burner phones with encrypted messaging software, go figure. Step one would be communication, we are world wide, how safe are we on this very site?

Step Two, You aren't even American, if our cause was to stop Red Flags, that is only in America, why would a senator here be getting a letter from Uruguay? We would have to organize on a National Level. As what one other mentioned with "cells" and what would that entail?

Step Three, Acting on a cause. How is it going to be done? We have no idea of our man power or any of our assets, it isn't like anyone is going to say "this is my job and where I live" because that would compromise their identity, so other than spreading propaganda campaigns, were do we lie?

846fb No.236930

I meant to say InterNational

846fb No.236932

And when it comes to causes, it isn't like we can't just have one. One cause I wanted to do was to build a well documented library with all the conservative and nationalistic works in it, where it can be easily shared with anyone so the ideologies behind us, will always be there and preserved. Why? Because I doubt that I can go to the book store and order a copy of Mein Kamp, And look at the book "Catcher and the Rye" that was banned for the longest time because it "inspired" some wack a doo assassin. Imagine a FBI groomed autistic teen going on a shooting spree and blaming Hannity's new book, you can see where this could go. They already call Tucker a White Supremacist who is to say the works of conservatives won't be on whims of emotions banned from sale like Dicks Sporting Goods banning the sale of guns from their stores?

846fb No.236933

I been up since yesterday morning and havent' went down as of yet. I am quite tired but will be up in a few hours again and read everything here.

98686 No.236941

File: 1565535976028-0.jpg (6.34 KB, 188x262, NSDAP P2.jpg)

File: 1565535976028-1.jpg (11.76 KB, 183x276, NSDAP P5.jpg)

File: 1565535976028-2.jpg (13.93 KB, 187x270, NSDAP P7.jpg)

I have two long term proposals which will change the tide… eventually.

1) Have children, raise them properly, take back your neighbourhoods with numbers. Teach your kids the value of having kids. Kids are the root of Everything.

2) Have them enter politics. Take back politics it is the "high ground" of a nation.

Put these both together. Raise 6 kids, have them each have 6 kids, etc, have them all enter local politics. Keep growing, keep rising.

Yes I know it is not fun.

fd2cc No.236962

File: 1565540734780.gif (3.66 MB, 475x787, 1563969416242.gif)

Well anon, what can i tell ya
We have everything to lose indeed and the only thing that keeps us going is an idea.
Ironically that is our strongpoint, as long as we can spread the idea by any possible means, we can keep going.

Yeah when shit hits the fan stuff Will get tough as nails, its going to be every man for himself, but im sure those whose determination was not subdued will keep on helping the "cause"
Speaking of causes, i do believe we have quite the spectrum under this "cause"
Of course, anyone with a pinch of power wont like the idea of a world full of "übermensch" so they will naturally oppose any cause that could hurt them, including noble causes like information or transhumanism.

We can pretty much just makes plans and keep going till we run out of cake.

e7a0a No.236964

File: 1565541106940.png (933.24 KB, 722x1462, CutieMarkCrusaderStockBrok….png)

A good number of us are NEETs, but certainly not all. I am going for a Master's and there are others who are decently well-off. Our movement is lacking in money but what we especially need is intelligence in order to outsmart our foes. Those who are more obscure and have less to lose would do well with footwork.

>How do we know who to (tickle) and when to hold the (feather)?

Hence the importance of intelligence networks and databases to properly identify opposition leaders. This is highly labor intensive. Suppose there are only 100,000 persons of import to watch out for (there are far more than this), and for each you can spend half an hour researching and preparing a one-page dossier (unrealistically short). That's fifty thousand man-hours; even if you have fifty anons in a room diligently researching 48 hours a week, it would take 42 weeks or nearly a year to finish. Now imagine a million people to look out for. It's a worthwhile task but it's enormous and gathering anons without risking infiltration or discovery is a feat in itself.

>Freemasons Illuminati

More like standard practice for any underground organization. Communist organizations persisted through the 19th century despite attempts by secret police to snuff them out. We ought to be able to do the same thing. Also, it should be separated from any website simply because anything on the internet is assumed public.

>small town
If you advertise your intent, then of course that'll have disastrous results. However, to organize your community such that you look normal even if you're all anti-government is the goal. By nature this means you should use unobtrusive strategies. Conduct as many transactions with cash as you can and report as little as you can without alerting the law (more people than you realize already do this). Get your neighbors on board for when the "boogaloo" starts but otherwise stay quiet and watchful. The minutemen were a model force.

You should have a private face and a public face. Privately get people on board and say whatever you like, but publicly exercise care and only vaguely push people in the direction you want.

>Out-Jew the Jew
Agreed 100%. People don't realize that Jewish ideas prevailed in the West not just because they controlled the media, but because they were good at it. They were funny and innovative and subversive, subtly changing people's views while making censors look like unreasonable prudes. Now Jewish media is largely stale and repugnant and opportunity is ripe for us to turn the tables. We need a new /Disney/ with capital and ideas to spread our ideas. Although a new competing company is best for this, I think it's still possible to build a decently wholesome series within the current industry if one's clever enough. MLP is an example, and that World Peace aired at all should provide an impetus (though I don't think Hyde had a contingency plan for when that phone call came).

>A physical entity
Check'd. People must belong to groups and this is why we should promote groups for white people. I don't mean this explicitly, of course, because any explicitly white group is going to get demonized and sidelined. /mlpol/ worked because MLP was enjoyed by young white men. Similarly, promote our ideals in settings where our ideas may bear fruit. I've continuously recommended libertarian and church groups because they tend to be places that embody our values. (More traditional) churches are spiritual communities celebrating tradition, so emphasize this as you encourage participation and recruit (convert) outsiders. Libertarians are very similar to us on political issues and are overwhelmingly white, as well as tolerant of white ideals. They're also doing a heck of a job forming communities. Tom Woods, a lone podcaster, popularizes unknown scholars, gives away free ebooks, has an entire frickin' homeschool program, arranges a convention on a cruise ship every year, and gives free publicity to his supporters' projects. He's a bit of a boomer but is top-notch for deprogramming neocon Republicucks and provides an open forum for young thinkers. Regardless of your personal politics you can't go wrong mingling with such people.

I largely agree but I think everyone right of center is more wary of "coming to grab your guns" than you think. Gun sales soared during the Obama years, after all. Those in power realize this and know they can't outright ban semi-auto rifles as much as they would like to. Attempting to do so currently would spark a civil war, and that is the last thing they want (not that we want it ourselves). At this point of time training is more useful than stocking up. I don't mean the scary camo militias VICE likes reporting on, but wholesome-looking activities that nonetheless get people prepared.

I have some schematics but I won't post them now.

This is the long game and it's the bare minimum of what we need to do. If you must choose between career and family, choose family, but if at all possible try to earn a large amount of assets and forge connections. Every leak from major tech companies, media, etc. is extremely valuable. Leaks are extremely risky individually so this why an insider network covering for itself and passing on information make it possible to breach even professional agencies.

7fd2c No.236979

Fucking this. The society is set up that those who can ruse the best can live it up. When fighting a conspiracy, you just need to come up with an even better conspiracy. Thread is a good start and I suggest just dropping subtle redpills in your talks or creations for those inclined towards media making. The comic you've posted is a good one.

846fb No.237089

This is at the most basic levels of DUH. And now to add a pinch of No Shit Sherlock, you have to teach your children, be sure to make sure that they are Homeschooled.

I don't know how easy or hard it is for Europe but it isn't so difficult for America and if you want at least good values, teach them Christian Values. I will HIGHLY recommend A Beka Academywhich provides all the tools you need to homeschool your kids K-12. It is a Christian Academy out of Pensacola Christian School; Pensacola,FL. There are a series of books and DVD's where you watch the teacher as if you were in the class room and the great thing is that you can always go back on the DVD to rewatch it again if you missed anything. You can even email your instructors as well if needed.

The parent is just the one taking the work materials, grading it, and mailing it back to the school for review. And just because the school is out of Pensacola, FL doesn't mean that you have to be living in Pensacola, FL either. I graduated from this Academy and highly recommend it.

19ee2 No.237094

Absolutely on homeschooling, but participation in a church or greater community organization. You want your kids to be as social and readily (psychologically) interactive as possible. It doesn't have to be a church necessarily, and that's not to say that the children need to be extroverts, but that they be sufficiently socialized with other children and adults in absence of that time they get in school.

846fb No.237097

Every great movement starts with an Idea, but only those with a plan will ever test the sands of time. And yeah, our "causes" is far and wide and I feel there needs to be somethings that really needs to take some focus if it is ever to come to fruition.

And it isn't going to be easy, >>236941I agree with this guy that the most important is ensuring the next generation, come hell or highwater. My own father says to paraphrase, "I may not see a civil war in my time, but sure as hell you may." And so the notion in the back of our minds shouldn't be to NOT have children for 'Oh what a cruel world' but to have those that will continue the fight long after we are gone.

Oh I can only dream of another McCoy vs Hatfeilds situation. Huge families on both sides and each just on the other line of the state mind you, and a feud breaks out, but no real family can "Prosecute" the other in the court of law because the one's on the side of the law IS the family. Sherrifs, Judges, Councilmen and Clergy, everyone was either a Hatfield or McCoy. That is one problem with us, we are so spread out that we can't have each others back if we tried, why on the other chans there been many wanting an "Ethnostate" with in the states. Which isn't a bad idea, but no one is about to uproot themselves now in hopes to lay roots elsewhere in a hope to see the same level of comfort. Job Security, Financial Security, and so forth.

If you are a trade electrician, where do you think most of the work will be? In a booming growing city with neon lights or out in the middle of nowhere with farm fields for miles to see? This too is why it is hard to organize to a much greater level. Because there is no concentration of influence.

Hell, even the Free Masons have their Lodges and the Scientologists with their "churches" places to go and congregate, and someone mentioned something on the likes of a YMCA, but with out the homeless rape. Heck even the Boy Scouts of America USED to be something, now it is full of gay, limp wristed, pedophiles and transsexuals.

In other words, literally organizing and setting up social clubs, or even a religion (as funny as it may sounds) may be something that can further our cause. No one fucks with the Masons, and the Scientologist, albeit we poke fun allot is in heavy secrecy and nothing in the open so that is why you get all them tin foil hat theories on them. As long as nothing is shared in open and there be heavy vetting, no one will fuck with us. But it is just one way to convene.

846fb No.237111

>Always Choose Family over Career
And is why I quite my job to be with family when my father got quite ill, and still is ill nonetheless.

And yeah just read my other post >>237097

The things about Jews though is that they are a Country, a People, a Race, and a Religion. We are White, Christian, but not so much a country. And when it comes to Religion, it is a joke. There are so many protestant churches and look at the false profit of a pope that welcomes islam into Italy, you see we are quite divided.

But Religion is one heck of a need of reformation and it is one heck of a shield for any group as "Freedom of religion" is a constitutional right here in America and why such cults like the "Scientologists" have becomes legitimized by the US. Not only do we need more right winged politicians, we need more right winged religious groups and prominently Christian.

You want to "Out Jew the Jew" you have to start thinking like one. Infiltrate the media, use religion as a shield, use race as a sheild (Oh I am not white I am Italian, so sick of that meme but eh it might be something afterall) No one is going to help us, not even our own race (feminists and everyone else that claims "White Privilage") You can't change them, only seek to stop more of them and breed new minds that will kick their asses.

50ec1 No.237138

File: 1565562859768.png (1.52 MB, 1646x1041, ChristmasAtSchoolWithFoals.png)

>Abeka Academy
Also Seton Home Study School (for Catholics) and Liberty Classroom (started by the aforementioned Tom Woods, and which is a heck of a lot cheaper). Homeschooling makes life more efficient (no dropping off at school) and it allows greater control over outside influences (on its face not so good, but long gone are the days where most kids could wander the neighborhood alone and unsupervised).

>Freemasons and Scientologists
A better example is that of the Mormons, who (along with the Amish) are the only Christian sect that's growing. Mormons used to get a lot of flak from other Christians, but I've noticed they're not criticized so much anymore since they're so successful. After all, every church would be better off if they were more like the Mormons, even if it's "cultish." I know at least one anon here who's seriously considered joining them.

Any tightly knit organization, even "fraternal societies," carries benefits for its members. When everyone was part of such a group, pretty much every aspect of society, even healthcare costs, were better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFoXyFmmGBQ. Now society is atomized and federalized, with a few internet sites serving as poor substitutes. Little wonder so many Discord servers have idiots willing to show their ugly mugs.

846fb No.237154

Yeah, you see my own point.

There are many options to raising good offspring, away from the influence of the compromised public school system where you could build greater bonds with your child.

The biggest argument against homeschooling that the left and other make is "Where is your child going to obtain their social skills?"

Well, that is what the second bullet point is for. Social organizations such as social clubs or church can provide a good foundation for like minded individuals to socialize and learn such skills. Such organizations, like churches, need to be open to all ages because we need to pass down from older generations to younger. And as of this very moment, I think the biggest push back would be to organize in this very sense, like a religion (No taxes) or a social organization like the YMCA used to be. (More opted for religion because of very key provisions but anything is better than nothing and on the surface, it would be very very benign but a way to operates with methods to weed out infiltrators like left winged communists.

50ec1 No.237155

File: 1565567599064.png (1.31 MB, 1360x1190, ChristianPonies.png)

Making a new religion isn't necessary. Unless you're talking about the most milquetoast, Kumbaya-singing community, you're not going to find left-wing communists or Jews there. Also, most denominations used to be redpilled even on the JQ and activities like Bible discussion may be useful to redpill members.

This is a great video to share, but make sure people trust and respect you before you show it to them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=typ2pl2L47k

846fb No.237167

File: 1565569765809.jpg (32.91 KB, 1100x618, ap_19058035402677_wide-b47….jpg)

>Making a New Religion isn't Necessary.

Maybe, Maybe not because when it comes to religion, especially Christianity it is messed up. Cathlolics get a bad rep because of the pedophiles that are all over it, then the pope preaches how it is ok to see the entire culture and religion in every European country be wiped out by migrants.

Then you look towards the protestant churches, and there are so many it is pathetic. Worse are the ones who appoint women as preists, and allow for them to be homosexual and transsexual. As if there is no Left-Wing groups that has subverted religion. Unless you have been living under a rock, it has become quite subverted.

Look at recently the Methodist, one sect of it because there seems to be several, tried to have a vote whether to allow for faggot preachers, and the vote was No but if you look at the "Protests" they are standing no in front of but In the methodist church with articles of Rainbow Clothing and waving rainbow flags. Are they really apart of the church? Are they really "Christian" or claim to be? Pic related, you can find videos too of when the "Vote" came in and all the "Shocked" Christians in the room as the camera pans to them and all of them are wearing the faggot flag.

But just like the Skinheads, you get the radicals too that are so anti-everything that they would shit on the graves of faggots; break tombstones from every other group, faggots, jews, muslims, and do you really want to fall into that? I fucking hate jews but I am not going to desecrate a grave, they are already dead and can't hurt anyone anymore. And by doing such acts, it isn't going to win anyone over but violent thugs wanting to hide behind religion.

Then you have the religious nut jobs that are on par with cults, "Oh loordy Looordy Loordy pray with maeh and all ya ale will go away" *Bashes your face in* " Awe Looordy he be saved and my goodnaus he can walk again! A real miracaul" Then they stand there dumb stuck as they claim The light of the lord touched me bullshit and use that as even an excuse as to why they got pregnant while their husbands were away at war and the husband comes back to find the wife giving birth to a nigger child. Oh it a miracle! Light of the lord blessed this family. Yeah, like religion isn't compromised.

Cultural Marxism seeks to destroy everything.
Race, Religion, History, Culture

Tell people that they should feel ashamed for being white and privileged and must pay reparations. Tell them that there is no God and to praise the devil. Destroy their history by rewriting it, tear down their monuments and erect new ones with a new ideology. Destroy their culture but an influx of outsiders who speak a different language, preach a different religion, share different foods and clothes, make them a stranger in their own country; Destroy their art, their music, their entertainment, propagandize everything so there is no place to escape to.

This has been on going since the 1880's and has only increased because of technology making it easier to destroy, garner the masses and groom them into soldiers, and pump the masses with propaganda that the public eats up because they are the only voice that speaks.

20e0a No.237168

>because the government wants to crack down on it, that must mean it can only be used for illicit things
>because multinationals use gold to buy politicians, you must be buying politicians if you own gold

Fuck you. The point isn't to just hide illicit things. They don't need to be in our pockets, period. No ifs, ands or buts about it. They don't need to know what you ate for breakfast! They don't need to track every last thing you do, even if you're completely within the bounds of the law! That's the whole point of trying to move away from the USD.

And that's not even mentioning the main issue, which is the USD's inherent, debt-based economic structure. Which was his original point when he said that it's made to enslave you. Just give five seconds to the fractional reserve banking system and then come back to us.

846fb No.237174

Yeah but there are things which are done, and things that are done with in reason. You can be tracked through everything not just money but it looks more suspicious when you do things that warrants it.

Take a bank for example, if you purchase 1500 rounds of ammo and that is on the transaction report, they will flag it. It is why websites try to list it as something else. But then who is delivering it? The Post office, UPS, FedEx, you have to declare that what you are sending are "Explosives" because that is what it is classified under, just like fireworks. Can't avoid that unless you go in person somewhere and buy it from a store and how do you not know that you will be monitored? Better use cash because there is no "Crypto Credit Card" and even then if there was, would they accept it? Would they not flag you there?

It is like the "Swiss Bank Accounts" it doesn't matter what the intent is, it flags you right then and there the moment you open one up.

I hope you see my point. You don't want to be flagged. And if they have reason what so ever to come after you they will.

>Crypto Currency can't be traced you tard

But your purchases can, that is the very point. Nothing is 100%. And you have an influx of money somehow appearing out of nowhere, say you were buying stock on the market and turning it into crypto. Well that is tax evaision then say all the sudden the neighbors see a fancy new yacht in the yard, how did you get that?, they wonder. Next thing you know you are facing charges with tax evasion, money laundering, bank fraud, and embezzlement.

And rest assured it is for the reasons stated above why Congress DENIED Facebooks Crypto.

20e0a No.237177

File: 1565571420335.mp3 (2.06 MB, Ta-Ta-Tax Fraud! (Reprise)….mp3)

Tax evasion is the most bullshit nothingburger crime in the world. I don't care that people evade their taxes. Our taxes go to complete bullshit more than anything else, and I would rather see our entire infrastructure burn than give a cent to our government to line the pockets of a TSA worker. Those fucking federal workers make more money in California than the motherfucking governor! Literally more than the governor.

Again, I do not care about taxes. I do not care about people seeing one's income as suspicious. Unless there is REASONABLE suspicion of a crime being committed, I don't believe in anyone having their hands in my pockets. Using crypto to buy gardening equipment is just as valid as using cash to.

Also don't act like Congress is in any way a friend of the people, looking out for the safety and comfort of the citizenry. Don't be fucking deluded. You know what they care about? Open borders, fag parades, state-enforced cake-baking and deconstruction of the family. They only feign concern over the facebook cryptocurrency proposition because that would expose normies to alternative currencies.

846fb No.237182

File: 1565572405402.png (520.54 KB, 1713x929, Screenshot_44.png)

>Doesn't care about the law
>Tax evasion is nothing burger

Keep telling yourself that. And with the paranoid world we live in, it is foolish to not take precaution and you think the mail office can flag you? https://about.usps.com/securing-the-mail/suspiciousmail.htm They note everything they handle you think with the world of today that things won't go unnoticed? Riiight.

20e0a No.237183

>implying I don't know that
>implying I would be stupid enough to mail something illegal to myself
>implying I don't use private couriers, alternate/burner addresses and connections whenever possible

Also when did I say I broke any laws in my use of crypto or orders? I didn't. Because I don't. No arms, no drugs, no CP. Because unlike the caricature of ancaps you have in your head, I'm not some low-IQ thug.

20e0a No.237184

>not InfoGalactic

50ec1 No.237194

I'm not denying that practically every denomination is corrupted. Christianity has been Judaism's #1 enemy since they killed Christ and naturally it would be top on the infiltration list. Lo, and have they infiltrated to high places! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_O%27Connor_(cardinal)

However, I disagree that making a new sect is in any way viable. First, from a practical standpoint it's not going to happen. Splitting off from an existing church makes both that much weaker, and I doubt that it's possible to come up with a set of doctrines that would make anons interested in joining while simultaneously not be a veiled political group (which is what it would be). Religiously-inclined people are attached to a community already and from what I've seen here there's no one really fit to be a minister, let alone a prophet to bring in whites by the thousands. Also, truth is by the Christian definition absolute and eternal, and making up your own doctrines simply proves your new sect is all a sham. There's a reason why those churches that change their creeds to be "politically correct" quickly take on water and sink.

Yet I'm not hopeless because moral decay and revival is nothing new in the history of Christianity and although heresy may gain power the truth will never die. We live in dark days, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Become the moral counter-pressure to maintain your religious community and embolden them against increased threat.

As a lot of ancaps say, I don't pay taxes because I feel "morally obligated" to, I do so because I don't want to be shot.

20e0a No.237197

Truth. That being said, I don't believe in prosecuting tax evaders. I pay them but only because it's simpler this way until I gain full financial independence and conduct my own business in cash, metals or crypto.

20e0a No.237199

Something that just came to mind that might actually be productive instead of the shit-flinging I originally came here to do:
Why haven't we talked full agorism? Because creating parallel and at least mostly legal structures is objectively the best thing we can do for the future of the movement.

29dbf No.237207

So become a speak easy during the alcohol ban.

At this point becoming a religion, or even as a cover would solve a fuck ton of problems.

Under the cover of 'religion', friendship, or some other reason. It would be possible to make a micro society. Essentially being, an amish congregation.

Oh, we helped Bob with his house. We helped Tim with the fields. John with the power plant. Why we even talked at the nearby town about our great place, and ideals. Me, and some buddies whipped up a feast, we'll be donating to nearby soup kitchens. Ect.
What do you mean is it for a special day? We make a feast every day as a community to foster interpersonal bonds.
Online it's
"Have you seen this meme by X_Group?"
>"Oh yeah! Their information is spot on. Thinking about applying to their higher education centers?"
"Definitely dude. Have you seen how nice their town is?"
>"Hey, their shitposters are on."
"Their new album just came out, and a new episode!"

Now the problem with religion is that government put their fingers into it so being inclusive to (((everyone))), or no tax breaks.

20e0a No.237209

Like I said, it doesn't even have to breach the law to work out well. For instance, move to a nice empty plot of land, invite friends to the area, build a community of like-minded people, kindly request that people stick mostly to using rare earth metals like copper or silver as currency, or at least offer it as an alternative method of pay, and so on. That'd actually be pretty easy and would be easy enough to do with just a couple of good friends. Not that I could contribute to that since I don't have any. But…still.

But yeah, the thing that the government struggles the most with controlling is small towns that aren't reliant on getting things from out of town. So with a farmer, electrician, construction worker, and so on cooperating to make a community somewhere, we could totally pull this sort of thing off. I'd even offer to put my money where my mouth is by building a house somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the west/midwest.

50ec1 No.237214

So basically the equivalent of Ave Maria, Florida?

I've thought of this idea before myself. However, I'd elect to go for more of a manorial or feudal approach, where if I had a ton of wealth I'd buy a large plot of land, have a decent-sized and sturdy house, then build smaller European-style cottages. I'd invite tenants with the promise of living rent-free at these cottages so long as they start families, grow produce and help out with community matters.

I don't like the idea of trying to get a bunch of anons to live in proximity. We're far more dangerous spreading our ideas around different areas and being everywhere than being clustered together hoping drones won't fly overhead. I believe in leaders and followers and the leaders among us should form their own nuclei of support.

20e0a No.237217

Well we don't necessarily have to do it in complete isolation. We could, for instance, move to a place in a densely populated county like San Diego that has space for a few people, then communicate in person and/or separately from the lemming masses. In fact, via social isolation or mockery, we could even indoctrinate people to join the community, bullycide style.

29dbf No.237229


Since everyone is so spread out with enough starting capital (main limiting factor at the moment, and raw resources) around the world. Eventually taking over the world one friendship at a time.
Everywhere you go a good samaritan group can be found.

Right now, we continue to improve ourselves.
Infact someone could run a charity fund / kickstarter / gofundme / whatever to build such a thing.
Or find (an) investor(s) that isn't kiked.
The down side is that they know exactly what is being done, and they can prepare something nasty.

846fb No.237246

I never claimed that you had to be breaking the law to be flagged. Anything can put into question about your practices. And never did I say anything about ancaps, you just did.

I am poking holes in this "I can be completly hidden and the government will never know" idealogoy because if you work and make an income in the US at the very least, you are tagged. You own property you have to pay taxes, you make and income, taxes, let's hope you don't have a mortgage. Hell, you even have sales tax. You can't not pay it and can't avoid it unless you are some wildman in the back woods. That is point 1.

Point 2 is what are you purchasing that you need privacy? Electirc, Water, and Garbage bills, a Mortgage? What about groceries, and other personal items, buying baby diapers for you infant on crypto seems rather percular. Point being, there isn't a whole lot of buying power you have with crypto if at all other than a very select few online places. And you speak of metals, the day a man walks into a walmart to pay for a flat screen tv with a gold bar is the day I seen everything. And the momment you turn that gold bar into cash, I assure you that you will be paying taxes somewhere or another.

I get the notion, Screw the "Man" and his theft of my hard earned money. But realistically you can't form your own economy and everything goes right back to the man. It sucks and if it were I, I would use the "You don't work, you don't eat" way of an economy. You want something, bargain your work for it.


The thing is, most people don't care what a person does in the privacy of their own home. However people are more afraid now than ever due to this fear mongering that the MSN feeds to the people every day. A Suspicious Package today could had been 100% ok back then but today someone sees "Palmetto State Armory" and anyone that swallows up the MSN would know what that is. They may get "Scared" and call the feds and even if they don't act then, they may if scaredy pants notices more packages. Just like the things package handlers watch for is unmarked packages or "Discreet" packages. You can be getting something from Adam & Eve sex shop and they would still call it "Suspicious".

This is the fucked up world we live in. This is my highlight because again there aren't online grocery stores that takes in crypto and not everyone uses it so what are you buying? This was just my other highlight because really who really cares what a person does with their money, the government doesn't see the same way neither does most others.

And you don't have to come out of your skin because I am pointing out some of the things to consider.

846fb No.237278

File: 1565584515315.jpg (137.23 KB, 1362x766, 141003-Foreman-sark-tease_….jpg)


First of all, we are stronger together than being plucked off one by one, as I said with the red flag laws impacting normal families because someone called "WITCH" on them.

The Amish may live in a somewhat old timey fashion but they are self reliant and no one fucks with them. That is their religion to do so and all honesty a small community like the amish but strongly conservative really isn't a bad idea. If you really fear drones flying over, you really have to piss off allot of people and the shit at that point really would of had hit the fan. In modern day, people have nuke shelters. Who is to say we wouldn't just have shelters and tunnels running all about?


I so image a place like link related. My whole family are a bunch of Electricians. I am not very physical but I have my mind. Working with computers and such, and even though I am not the strongest horse around I am NOT afraid to get dirty. I have earned many blisters and scars working.

Many other anons on 4chan was thinking the same thing but in Washinton State and to be honest, fuck washington.

For a place to last a long time, you need a place safe enough from natural disasters like: Earthquakes, Wild Fires, Volcanoes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods, etc.

After that you have to think of the area that you live in, what are the politics, the land like, the climate? What towns are near by in case you had to go out side your community?

I personally lived all over the south and mid west, again electricians do travel, allot. So far I like the Piedmont area because the mountains break the storms that come over so they are less intense and it is mostly inland so you don't get hurricanes. High enough that you don't get floods unless by rivers or lakes. Wild fires still happen time to time but not like on the western side of the US. Climate is Temperate, not tropical heat but not harsh winters either, occasional snow.

Florida is hot as fuck with humidity so high that you can cut the air with a butter knife. Hurricanes no matter where you go and water spouts on the coast.

Illinois, Mostly flat midlands and open storms with no barrier, prone to violent storms and tornados. Also Chicago. Indiana is the same. Winters are harsh and summers tend to be quite mild. I can tolerate the cold more than the heat.

Gulf Coast, anywhere is quite poor, run down, and coastal ANYWHERE is a bad idea for the fact of port towns always has squalor and crime. Also hurricanes and floods. Though I do miss the seafood. Sheephead is a trash fish and Popano is best fish.

And yeah, so do I wish that something like this could happen.

846fb No.237280

Why I say form a religion even if it is one as like the amish where they want a community all to themselves. I say this for MANY reasons as the same with any Non-profit organization. It doesn't need to be broadcasted to the world to what the organization is doing but could be to do what the scientologiest did with there massive facility they built.

I would stay away from CommieFornia though as to build a habitat. High ass taxes, sanctuary state, wild fires and earth quakes. But on the lines of what I was also saying about social clubs, religious groups, etc. What ever we choose, having places where others could go to better themselves, with out the kikery would help to spread and have more permanence than just propaganda flyers on a light post. Can we be shut down? Why else do you think that I said to form a religion more so? Church and State separation and at that point they would call us a wacko cult if we don't stand to be political. Religion though is what set out politics here in the states, hence "One Nation Under God." and "In God We Trust." as for all other things well that really depends what route we go.

How to start up or fund all this well, start talking because if anything, location, location, location. And that goes for ANY action not just some spitball idea.

c3ebd No.237682

29dbf No.237699

Yep, that guy knows what he's talking about. I would seriously look foward to a cult simulator. From the backwater cult in bumfuck nowhere to the global enterprise to the invisible forces of the internet.

>Handy dandy guide to brainwashing. Actually knowing about it helps shield you from it somewhat.

>Heres the full quote.
(On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being absolute yes and 1, absolute no, check off the underlying areas of evaluation.)

degree by which the group and.or leader(s) claim ultimate knowledge about the nature of reality.
degree by which group and/or leader(s) offer power and status as a result of joining the group as a member.
degree by which your finances are involved to support your membership in this group and its leader(s).
degree of internal hierarchy or distance between new members and leader(s) ….. pressures for attaining position.
degree by which members must follow the group's morality and ethical code over their own; also the degree of dogma and philosophical rigidity.
degree of control leaders exercise over members' style of communicating; degree of inhibition towards outside ideas about the group, its dogmas and leaders.
degree of concern over real or imagined enemies; also degree by which humor is forbidden in relation to group dogmas, etc.


29dbf No.237705

d8cdd No.237711


>inb4 Fathers of Equestria spring up somewhere in Ohio and slowly spread to the cities

>spreading the good word of Celestia and the superiority of the Indo-European man
>promising every member their own personal genetically-modified waifuable cuddle-horse in exchange for starting the racewar

846fb No.237730

>Playing a game
>Oddly so critical he is telling you how to actually do it.

So, we are the cult of the horsefuckers now? Imagine going to your secretary of state with articles of foundation for a non-profit with that. "Oh, so you want to file for organization for your new religion? What is it called? Oh… Oh my…"

8291d No.237734

I feel like we need to bring back the discussions on founding Celestialism as a proper religion.

d8cdd No.237736

File: 1565741140816.mp3 (170.02 KB, I'm not sorry for making t….mp3)

29dbf No.237742

Good voice work anon.

d8cdd No.237743

I don't know why I love doing this voice so much. Send help.

29dbf No.237747

File: 1565743781331-0.jpg (440.16 KB, 1550x620, 1556371089964.jpg)

File: 1565743781331-1.png (785.27 KB, 566x564, 1556308604210.png)

File: 1565743781331-2.jpg (152.83 KB, 650x650, KD69ZRrNeo.jpg)

File: 1565743781331-3.jpg (105.87 KB, 640x407, 1560303448098-0.jpg)

File: 1565743781331-4.jpg (29.42 KB, 960x624, 1562089265028.jpg)

Don't let the voice take over you friend!

29dbf No.237749

But, seriously some guy voiced Elmo. Anime, and cartoon characters have different voice actors.
If you actually can't or have a very strong urge to not stop you'll need some help, or regulate it to help you.

d8cdd No.237750

The voice hasn't taken over except in online games because OWO. I'm just joking around. That being said I'm a massive faggot so I ain't stoppin'!

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