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File: 1565344163355-0.png (54.77 KB, 800x600, SilverAnimationPng.png)

File: 1565344163355-1.webm (6.53 MB, 1440x810, SilverBetaFootage - Copy.webm)

b1425 No.236146

Please rate and give feedback, how can I improve?

b1425 No.236147

[as a bonus, putting this on this site gets rid of the slide threads on the front page]

352fd No.236155

The change from orb to pony Is too stuff/instant try to add 1-2 frames to it
Also ball+down could improve by adding a small "morph" in the direction its going.
Looks a bit stiff but pretty good honestly

34c1e No.236169

File: 1565353585678.png (486.46 KB, 900x900, 1492406153628-3.png)

Surprisingly good, actually. Nice work, Nigel, you seem to have finally found something you're good at. Agree with >>236155 in that it probably needs some inbetween frames to make the motion look a little more convincing.

479c2 No.236185

File: 1565363429410.png (402.94 KB, 980x553, DSP Phil and Jasper the ca….png)

As one of your detractors i have to say that this is in fact not terrible, Jason. Color me surprised.

I can only hope that you will your newfound talents for good and give something back after youve been an insufferable pest for the past 2 years. If only you weren't such an attention whore.

9f580 No.236193

I'm Surprised good Job Jason. i would suggest adding a animation for walking backwards.

b1425 No.236194

File: 1565365223991.png (8.24 MB, 4938x3347, ThisShitAgain2Years - Copy.png)

You're right, and I was thinking the same thing. Getting these L animations to work right with their limited number of frames was a pain but his longer animations will have more frames, so hopefully they'll look better.
Guess some things never change, eh?

8cee0 No.236255

>Sonic roll
>Crouch animation is just a poodle of water
>No face animation
>No backwards animation

I'd ask why you choose a sonic roll as a jump, but I feel that will bring me more questions than answers. That is also something I feel about why you picked a hooverboard as a running animation.
The crouch probably is a placeholder so the PC knows your character is "crouching".
Having said that, the animation is very solid: a lower and stomp attack usually take time, but you already made the main structure of the moveset.
7/10, it has a good chance for improvement and development.
Congrats Nigel, you did something good even for the likes of you.

ef869 No.236292

File: 1565394283215.png (234.9 KB, 600x600, masturboop.png)

Say what you like about Glimmer, but masturboop is based and redpilled.

9f580 No.236335

File: 1565400235002.png (418.83 KB, 745x790, _GLIM MANE.png)

Glimmer is best pone

c6657 No.236553

His crouch is not poodle it is pootle
him portle
Also dont call me nigel or the commies win, it's Silver or Battlebrit

c6657 No.236555

I went for a Sonic Advance inspired jump animation because he has a Sonic Spindash and Insta-Shield attack. InstaShield comes out on frame 1 and is invincible solely on frame 1 so I can't fit a transitionary frame in there, which means he needs to already be rolling around at the speed of sound in the air.
His Starboard is because I decided an out of place "Gee did you know the author fucking loved Sonic Riders for the PS2" set of paragraphs in my story was stupid. They're called Starboards now, they're a totally original concept, they work because magic, and they aren't common in the world because they're expensive to make. Also he already runs in his non-ponyish way for his forward walk, so I needed a way to sell the idea that this is a "double run", a faster mode of transportation than his usual run.

87467 No.236556

File: 1565429958431.gif (180.48 KB, 404x416, check.gif)

oh i thought it was called puddle but thanks for clarifying it for me because i had no idea it was called pootle, nigel
also nice trips

a566c No.236791

One thing that comes to mind is that you use the same "ball" animation for both jumping left and right. This feels a little off. He should "spin" in the direction he is going.

c6657 No.236904

Is anyone here a fan of DragonBall Fighter Z?

479c2 No.236929

File: 1565531802202.jpg (413.55 KB, 1200x862, ENB38VQ.jpg)


improve your animation skills in Mugen before you jump to other games. relay your threads to /vx/ since this is game related content. I would also recommend you piled all your animation works into one thread.

polite sage.

27d5c No.237457

I want to rape that cuties ass until his anus starts to bleed. <3

0802b No.237476

We all do anon, we all do

c6657 No.237714

Bison or the cartoon horse? Either way they're both guys, don't be gay.

27d5c No.238009

I hope you know which one I'm talking about.

c6657 No.238029

I don't know what your gay tastes are, you gay weirdo.

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