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File: 1565269612556.mp4 (4.32 MB, 480x360, 1564000171.mp4)

9fb81 No.235883

Free speech must be preserved so for humanity 8Chan must be put back online.

What's the internet without a place to troll.

0cd2b No.238389

File: 1565971281116.webm (1.75 MB, 640x360, 1563326780032-2.webm)

473a4 No.238405

File: 1565972399385.webm (4.31 MB, 640x360, DeusEx_Surveilance.webm)

>What's the internet without a place to troll.
Sad and uninteresting. I hope something like i2p or similar will take its place, where all the real magic can happen

eab04 No.239348

as a jew i was sad 8chan went down. i really like based niggers.(USER WAS GASSED FOR THIS POST)

a4619 No.239351

File: 1566411535546.png (334.69 KB, 642x332, 865b1f269edccec41c0538a70e….png)

8Chan is back after September 5th.

b4ee2 No.239352

File: 1566412208120.gif (19.8 KB, 225x225, jay_see.gif)


53a13 No.239362

File: 1566425611269.png (2.18 MB, 1550x1750, 1862654.png)

Goddamn the Internet has been boring without 8ch.

I don't see any mention of this on the infinitechan or codemonkeyz's Twitter accounts. Where are you getting this information?

5ed6a No.239404

Halfchan and voat are both down.
Thank goodness for sexy horse town.

db5dd No.239406

File: 1566449275427.gif (23.8 MB, 860x484, 1353815__explicit_artist-c….gif)

I think you mean Praise Football.

e2415 No.239408

Either another ddos by ebaum's, someone found Epstein's full stash, or another glowposting to remove anons.

The house is now taking bets.

d281f No.239415

File: 1566461175543.mp4 (2.54 MB, 640x360, 1562122944279-2.mp4)

Social engineering is why 8Chan was shutdown.

6cbb9 No.239417

File: 1566462013114.jpg (58.48 KB, 559x676, red anon conquester.jpg)

>Goddamn the Internet has been boring without 8ch.
i know anon i miss it too,
but with the fall of 8chan it'll lead to more people being red pilled because the anons that were on 8chan are forced to move somewhere else and the places these anons go they will bring forth more light to the jewish menace and it will be a internet conquest per se, wherever the red anon goes the red pill will always follow close behind him.

5ccad No.239422

Source on 8ch coming back after Sep 5, maybe: >>238282

bab21 No.239440

People on /x/ and /pol/ were investigating a child trafficking ring and several anons went MIA after going to the area.

bab21 No.239444

e9a2f No.239484

File: 1566487774783.png (140.86 KB, 1000x944, sad_trixie_by_afkrobot-d50….png)

4ch is up right now in the USA, but it's been compromised for years. Most of the posts on /pol/ there are just trash or people waiting for infinitychan to come back.

Once they come for mlpol, we'll have nothing fun left!

6cbb9 No.239490

File: 1566491261241.jpg (96.4 KB, 530x534, hitlerwasright.jpg)

anon do not despair this is what they want and you know you are better than these leftists and jews you know that we are a race that has done so many things that no other species on this planet has been able to do and we have a right as members of the white race to be proud of what we have done you know that all the lesser races are nothing compared to us and we are able to crush the lesser races in less than a year that are within our homelands if we put our minds to it
i know anon but look at weimar there was no fun then none at all so let us cherish the enjoyment that we have on our sites that we use now for it will be our last fun that we will have on the internet and the shutdown of these sites will bring about the rising of the spirit of the people and the hate that will be generated towards the jew because of this removal of free speech and internet frredom will wake up the masses and it will be enough to destroy the jew and the dystopia that they have created because can you think of anyone that doesn't use the internet in the US? No because every boomer stacy chad and normie roastie and their kids use the internet and all of these people will realize that there is something weird going on and the further we go into this clown world the more people will wake up so let us shitpost until the day the internet becomes Reddit
>what if we don't win?
there is no doubt in my mind that the men of this generation will allow the degeneracy that the jew will try to push further into our society they will realize that the jew is responsible for all the worlds problems and they will fight as true men together against the shackles that the jew has put on our race and these men will save their race from extinction and for these reasons i am still alive today to witness the rise of our nations

6f883 No.239556

>Most of the posts on /pol/ there are just trash or people waiting for infinitychan to come back.
Fug, is that where everyone went? I'm not going back to 4/pol/. No.

6cbb9 No.239557

File: 1566555775301.png (1.72 MB, 1350x2000, The red meme magician.png)

those fags that went to 4/pol/ aren't red they are filthy greens and they were never red in the first place if they switch chans because they don't understand the difference between the green and the red, they are colorblind and think they're both the same and don't know the color of my cock is red
a true red anon would have gone to here or 08chan and the /pone/ anons would be fucking a horse like true reds instead of going back to shitty /mlp/

1e287 No.239558

Well said, anon, well said

cdd9a No.239559

File: 1566556346740.png (1007.52 KB, 665x711, 1437590937113.png)

>going back to shitty /mlp/

db5dd No.239601

Take no prisoners, Anon!

6cbb9 No.239610

File: 1566573356683.jpg (113.2 KB, 750x800, shitpost harder cunt.jpg)

>implying i was going to in the first place
don't keep you're ass on the green grass, help our sites get rid of the green parasites then we'll be free and no more misery because of the degeneracy that these monstrosities create

7e040 No.239613

>those fags that went to 4/pol/ aren't red they are filthy greens and they were never red in the first place if they switch chans because they don't understand the difference between the green and the red
So, um….what are you talking about, exactly, fren?

6cbb9 No.239615

File: 1566576395175.png (1.27 MB, 779x1191, red anon explains cuck.png)

i'm talking about the naive green cuck cunts that come to 8chan with the 4cuck mentality and think we accept refugees and they think the new normie 4chan culture is the same as 8chan culture such as when all the cancer that came after brenton effortposted

they think they can regularly switch chans and these green idiots don't think of the red culture they are destroying with their cancerous presence

3d352 No.239620

Speaking of Voat, looks like their registration has been disabled for several days now. Anybody know what's up with that?

243ca No.239622

yeah we fucking turned registration off so we can't get ddosed. it is now a fully operational secret club.

i assume the turtling will end eventually.

bbcbe No.239625

File: 1566580805686.png (665.45 KB, 1017x755, Faggots Board.png)

8Chan is back next month.

bbcbe No.239626

File: 1566581171374.mp4 (1.61 MB, 576x720, 88f9216410da38d9bc5f2810b6….mp4)

eca2a No.239659

dup btfo

6f972 No.239711

Some went to nein, but there really aren't that many. neinmoot says their unique visitors are through the roof, but there's not much posting. Except for one wierd boomer-bot that likes to post one line slide threads.

Endchan isn't really busy either, but I don't know what it was like before, I never really went there. mlpol seems a bit busier, but nothing really noticable, mlpol always seemed to have a decent base level of traffic.

Haven't tried 08, seems like the technological filter will keep many out.

d213c No.239743

File: 1566618072953.png (135.24 KB, 900x800, nani.png)

>turned registration off so we can't get ddosed
I'm assuming you meant to stave off a horde of newfags?

3da6f No.239769

File: 1566643483154-0.png (87.11 KB, 1920x1200, 9A3210D7-96FB-48A0-A996-01….png)

File: 1566643483154-1.png (138.21 KB, 1255x960, 0AE50FC4-7875-4989-9B3E-59….png)

There is nothing greater than horse and horse based politics.

c882f No.239771

File: 1566643821941.png (251.61 KB, 3000x2294, 0100_OAT_Vectors_smiling_v….png)

c882f No.239772

File: 1566643882417.png (469.79 KB, 4410x3000, 0008_OAT_Vectors_MLPOL_fla….png)

19c62 No.239791


c6312 No.240255

What exactly is going on in this video?

14289 No.240277

08 is filled with CP from what I have heard.

cdd9a No.240556

File: 1567050185279.png (312.92 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190828_234149.png)

>8chan Refugees Flee to Discord

c6312 No.240558

>news outlets need a new boogeyman so they attack the most popular social spaces for gamers and online users so absolutely no hip youth can talk about anything in private anymore
What else is new?

cdd9a No.240596

File: 1567075998981.png (6.44 MB, 1025x8192, canvas.png)

>The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Internet
>This week, James Allsup and several others from the Good Optics side of the right-wing were banned from YouTube. Allsup had nearly half a million subscribers, and was simply dropped, without explanation.
>YouTube and Twitter have recently put an absolute and categorical ban on anyone who dares to disagree with the US State Department’s brutal revolutionary agenda in Hong Kong.
>8chan is still offline, and probably will be forever, because no one will give them a CDN or register their domain.
>The censorship war is over. We lost.

1d7e8 No.240597

>the US State Department’s brutal revolutionary agenda in Hong Kong
You what?

d01da No.240599

File: 1567078018825.jpg (38.02 KB, 704x557, hk meeting marriot.jpg)

>US Calls China "Thuggish Regime" For Releasing Identity Of US Official Caught Meeting With HK Protesters
>The US State Department has released a statement in response to Chinese officials and state media accusing a US diplomatic official based in Hong Kong of interfering in Chinese affairs. State media widely reported on a viral photo showing US foreign service agent Julie Eadeh - identified as the political unit chief of the US Consulate General - meeting with leading anti-Beijing activists at a Hong Kong hotel on Tuesday amid continuing unrest in the semi-autonomous city.

5ccad No.240606

Nope. Voat was being ddosed before 8ch was nuked. Voat has been closed off for weeks.

5ccad No.240607

That has been solved. And you can global block any user.

bbc11 No.240763

File: 1567187301078.png (1.06 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot_0.png)

>Red Ice TV
>Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism
>An internal FBI intelligence bulletin recently classified conspiracy theories as a new form of domestic terrorism. Why? How far could this go if people's beliefs are criminalized?

c6312 No.240780

Don't these guys have a bitchute or a separate place to host their content? I thought they did.

130d5 No.240853

cdd9a No.242347

File: 1568259660509-0.mp4 (24.43 MB, 854x480, FINAL WORDS reveal Project….mp4)

File: 1568259660509-1.png (113.05 KB, 1102x432, 284840844.png)

File: 1568259660509-2.png (28.79 KB, 861x204, 1054430075.png)

Well anons, this post will be really creepy.
It would sound nuts and a tinfoil hat conspiracy, BUT, the video was made in June announcing that Trump would declare himself the "King of Israel", then he did it in August. So, it is up to each anon what to think.

>FINAL WORDS Classified docs reveal Project Zyphr

>In David Goldberg's final video before his death, he reveals two classified projects underway - Project Pogo & Project Zyphr - to stifle American free speech and the chilling plans scheduled for 2020/2021 that will result in the "extermination" of tens of millions of Americans.

0cc2f No.242413

File: 1568309895525.png (221.23 KB, 421x394, 1544739466299.png)

You seriously expect me to believe they're planning on secretly kidnapping and murdering millions of people in the dead of night because they watched Zionist youtube videos without instantly being found out?

cdd9a No.242418

If true, (((they))) are looking for an angle to get a Final Solution and regain control.
Either way, spreading this video and the info pertaining to it will expose (((them))) still more.

cb26c No.242422

If it's true (((they))) are getting more desperate. If the numbers are right that's about exponential growth (or a normal e growth equation).
I doubt they would commit to black ops for that many people all at once it's too obvious all at the same time. High value targets make sense, but at that point in time it's too little too late.
Realisticly they would spread out the causes of death, from 'gangs', actual gangs, Antifa, extremists of all kinds, muzzies, accidental shots from a 'concerned citizen', a corrupt cop, false rape allegations, medical malpractice.
This (the last audio message) could also be a plot to push us into making poor decisions too soon in response to this.
Stopping others from searching for information.

In anycase making sure you are prepared incase shit hits the fan, but deviations from normal activities could tip them off…
Honestly, I doubt they would be able to do it to everyone if they do anything at all. It screams concern shilling, but has enough useful information to know that whatever the fuck they are doing isn't working for them so they need to do something.

ea1ff No.242424

mostly legit probably

68bd3 No.242432

Fuck off you bioluminescent shill. The gubernment isn’t able to kill hundreds of people without someone fucking up the hit, and it only takes one failed attempt to blow the whole thing wide open. There’s people whose job it is to calculate risks and they would say “there’s a 30% chance you get exposed and the US citizens revolt and string you up in the streets” do you really think that every death and suicide is a Jewish plot? Listen, you’re even more transparent than most of the shills that come through here, so tell your boss you need remedial training.

579fd No.242495

File: 1568346920147.png (538.78 KB, 951x1189, 184423584190.png)

>whatever the fuck they are doing isn't working for them so they need to do something
>they need to do something
Taking away the Americans' ability to defend themselves looks like the previous step for crackdown.

>USSA Government Asks Apple & Google To Hand Over Info On Gun Owners

>The authoritarian dystopian future has been here for a while now, but this is simply more evidence of humanity’s disregard for freedom and independence. The United States government has demanded that Apple and Google (who are both politically biased towards the left) hand over any information they have on gun owners in the USSA.
>Make no mistake: the government is coming for your guns. It’s obvious now.

21f3c No.242500

File: 1568352731088-0.jpg (151.19 KB, 1280x720, lemon.jpg)

File: 1568352731088-1.png (24.12 KB, 792x162, 14498498424.png)

I was giving a thought to this conspiracy and taking some cues around.
- Systematic demonization of Whites at every social sphere.
- Whites not aligned with the establishment are targeted in particular, for example Trump supporters.
- Removal of Whites from positions of power.
- Criminalization of ideologies and ideas opposed by the Jews.
- The judenpresse is leading this propaganda campaign and taking it to new levels together with the FBI, calling free thinkers and political opponents: Terrorists.
- Trump is not only looking the other way, but he let loose his DOJ to persecute their supporters, while the supposed Silicon Valley opponents have free reign to suppress his supporters.
- Trump is giving signals that will attack the Second Amendment.

So, looking at the Jewish record in Russia and Ukraine, the stage is being set, and it makes sense that the slaughter might begin after the compulsory disarmament.

cb26c No.242506

File: 1568355547092-0.png (630.29 KB, 1446x1437, 1567013680364-1.png)

File: 1568355547092-1.jpg (57.52 KB, 780x834, 1538565351952.jpg)

File: 1568355547092-2.jpg (199.58 KB, 710x890, 1538445260500.jpg)

Not bad. Doesn't really dig in deep enough through, but it's pretty good.
I'm not a soup can salesman, and I do agree that if they do those hits they will fuck up somewhere unleashing the fury of the people. They potentially have alot of methods to use so it's good to be alert.

>So, looking at the Jewish record in Russia and Ukraine, the stage is being set, and it makes sense that the slaughter might begin after the compulsory disarmament.
Very true.

The government if I remember correctly made execution for traitors legal…
Lots of pushing for red flag laws…

cdd9a No.242576

File: 1568447302835.png (1.24 MB, 947x2779, 5683091373077.png)

>So, looking at the Jewish record in Russia and Ukraine, the stage is being set, and it makes sense that the slaughter might begin after the compulsory disarmament.
Looking at the last years news about the unrelenting push from Jewish lawmakers for gun grabs, the (((government))) stock pilling ammo, the military training in American soil for urban warfare, the spying on the citizenry, and government behavior detached from its main purpose of serve the people instead of the bankster, I would say the writing is on the wall.

>Red Flag Gun Laws Are Rooted In Communist Methods Of Oppression

>In our controlled political machine in which presidents from both parties are merely puppets for elitist interests, these kinds of liberty crushing laws are not generally designed for the current Administration's use. Rather, they are supported by one president or party, and then exploited by the next president or party in power. In this way, conservatives could be tricked into backing unconstitutional laws in the name of “helping their side win”, only to discover that the laws they supported (or ignored) are being used against them by Democrats a few years later.
>I think this would be especially true for Red Flag legislation. If conservatives do not raise hell in response to these laws just because they don't want to derail the Trump train, then they will find themselves complicit in their own disarmament if markets tank and the Dems take over in 2020. The socialist front runners will say that we “asked for this” under Trump, and now we're getting what we wanted. And, once these laws are in the books, expect that a majority of police will comply with them and enforce them.
>Of course, this leads to an inevitable outcome – War. There are millions of people in the US that are not going to fold to the dismantling of gun rights or gun confiscation. No doubt, we would all be labeled terrorists, and our defiance would be held up as further proof of our mental instability. So be it.
>Once the Pandora's box of pre-crime and hearsay evidence is opened, the sky is truly the limit for the violation of American constitutional rights.

4d23e No.242578

File: 1568449256577.mp4 (26.13 MB, 640x360, 9808400849.mp4)

>URGENT: NEW Nightmare Federal Firearms REGISTRATION Bill

e3e13 No.242580

File: 1568454184785.jpg (208.07 KB, 1083x1200, 428482842680.jpg)

6c716 No.242589

File: 1568467501011.png (80.6 KB, 399x583, 2027-no_text.png)

>Trump would declare himself the "King of Israel", then he did it in August.
You literally cannot read. Trump tweeted that somebody named Wayne Allyn Root said Trump was loved like he was. Not that Trump was, nor did Trump say he was.
>and the Jewish people in Israel love him … like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God

Somebody saying he's loved that much just means the zio-kikes like him, which everyone already knew. The US is not merging with kikeistan or anything. Chill the fuck out.

21f3c No.242627

File: 1568508111870.jpg (38.08 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>Chill the fuck out.
I wish you're right.

b9edf No.242651

How would the "red flag" laws work in regard to the right to face your accuser in court. Wouldn't most of these case be thrown out due to the accuser being anonymous or not showing up at all. And wouldn't it be required that the accuser have to give their personal details along with the accusation, and also possibly be liable to given false statements to the police.
But I guess there is some amnesties in the "red flag" laws that makes it possible to give false statements and anonymous statements carries no risk to the accuser. I'm just wondering how it will fare when the Bill of Rights if brought up in court.

14465 No.242659

Well of course in normal times the court wouldn't be able to operate on such conditions. But if you consider that this law is intended to turn regular Americans into pretty much the equivalent of war criminals, everything makes sense.

cdd9a No.242722

File: 1568628564672.mp4 (5.31 MB, 854x480, Trump gun grabber.mp4)

>5D Chess
>Donald Trump: Confiscate the Guns First. Figure Out If It's Legal Later"
We need Ron Paul for president now.

b9edf No.242727

Bye, bye, fifth and fourteenth amendment.

0cd4d No.242730

File: 1568639782995.png (55.61 KB, 1187x647, 1848151.png)

The video is from a bipartisan meeting at The White House plotting the incoming Gun Control Bill. The date was February 28, 2008.
Full video:
>18 Months Ago: 'Take the Guns First and Then Go to Court'

cdd9a No.242772

File: 1568679455265.mp4 (3.32 MB, 640x360, holycow.mp4)

Zyklons are getting redpilled at amazing pace.

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