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File: 1565217405483.jpg (121.34 KB, 661x600, 1492182962059.jpg)

78f5d No.235728[Last 50 Posts]



>Latest interviews with Assad


>Live MAPS


>Fan maps


>Syria Aug 5
>Idlib Aug 3
>Yemen Aug 5
>Afghanistan Aug 5
>Libya Aug 5

Devs Aug 5
>Syrian military cancels truce in N Syria, will resume operations. SyAF bombed the militant-held town of Khan Sheikhoun
>militant forces in NW Syria have refused to withdraw from the 20-kilometer-deep demilitarized zone around the Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, and Idlib governorates
>NE Latakia:RuAF launches massive attack after militants allegedly target Hmeimim Airbase.Russia says no casualties or damage at Hmeimim AB
>unconfirmed:SAA gives militants until end of Eid(Aug 16) to withdraw from demilitarized zone. SAA will continue to target the militants inside the demilitarized zone until they withdraw
>Erdogan:Turkey informed US, Russia about upcoming military operation in E Euphrates region
>Massive explosion at Shayrat Airbase on Saturday kills 28 soldiers. Several explosions took place at an ammunition depot, which was believed to have overheated due to the temperature
>India revokes jammu and kashmir’s special status, puts army on high alert
>3 saudi airfields targeted in coordinated houthi attack.Last 3 months, Houthis carried out 60 drone attacks on southern Saudi Arabia. According to them Abha airport was struck 16 times, Jizan airport 14 times, Najran 11 times and King Khalid airbase 9 times.
>Egypt’s Sisi vows to ‘eradicate brutal terrorism’ after car bomb attack in Cairo leaves 20 killed

Previous: >>231819

8da3c No.235731

File: 1565217518255.jpg (73.38 KB, 960x745, 1548546907799.jpg)

Ah, rebranding..

78f5d No.235734

من أجل الله!

78f5d No.235739

Fugg, sorry pingu!
Btw, how are things with poos atm?

6e7fc No.235742

np maybe next time.
>how are things with poos atm?
Forces of both countries on full alert. Fighters flying combat air patrols and naval forces have left port but mostly politicians kvetching on both sides of the border.

78f5d No.235746

Let's just hope that wind blows from the west so in case somethign will go wrong all the shit will fall on chinks nips and gooks.

6e7fc No.235748

Lel, well see what happens next. The Indians have pissed off the Chinese aswell with this maneuver. The Chinks claim the Ladakh part of Jammu & Kashmir.

2ac94 No.235852

2ac94 No.235854

>Tel Sakher, Sakher silos and Sakher village under army control.

2ac94 No.235857

>Russian warplanes target missiles in the town of Mdayaya and Khan Shekhoun city in the southern countryside of Idlib, coinciding with the army helicopter bombardment of the barrel bombs of Al-Hbeit and Tal Aas of the southern countryside of Idlib.

2ac94 No.235860

File: 1565257265149-0.jpg (133.84 KB, 817x960, 3.jpg)

File: 1565257265149-1.jpg (34.71 KB, 720x405, rebel tears.jpg)


2ac94 No.235861

>Syrian Army takes control of the village of al-Jaysat, south of the town of al-Habiit 2 km

2ac94 No.235864

>Army units destroy two rocket launchers on the outskirts of Al-Habeit town

31ea4 No.235870

how's that affecting Pakistan in any way? from what i understand, it's in pakistan's favor because now they appear more favorably compared to india's stance on kashmir

2ac94 No.235881

Probably wrong position of Jaysat in the link.

2ac94 No.235901

File: 1565274740580-0.png (616.1 KB, 680x461, 2.png)

Situation according to pro-rebel media.
Jaysat is where my wiki link goes to so i guess it's correct afterall.

2ac94 No.235914

File: 1565279036296-0.jpg (340.73 KB, 1752x1059, snaus.jpg)

2ac94 No.235915

New SAA action coming soon

2ac94 No.235928

>Al-Hobait in the southern under SAA fire
>Severe clashes take place between Syrian Arab Army and militants on Kabani axis in Lattakia countryside

2ac94 No.235930

File: 1565282138180-0.jpg (24.93 KB, 699x485, 1499717996449.jpg)

Was taking Zakah just a ruse or is taking Sakhr/approaching Habit when they're so close to Kafr Zita a doubleruse?

9f2e9 No.235953

File: 1565288422248-0.png (4.46 MB, 3507x2481, 1523312436545.png)

File: 1565288422248-1.png (2.27 MB, 3507x2481, floridagovwithjewnose.png)

File: 1565288422248-2.png (1.91 MB, 3507x2481, 1523311710004.png)

Can't Mossad the Assad

2ac94 No.235959

>army controls Jissat + farms of Damium
Jissat is Jaysat, no clue what Damium is though, close-by i reckon.

2ac94 No.235963

It's "Damioun" farms apparently.

2ac94 No.235971

2ac94 No.235975

>Violent clashes on the doors of Al-Habit

78f5d No.235976

Will they break it? ;^)

2ac94 No.235977

File: 1565295459203-0.png (116.16 KB, 298x298, 1497119927312.png)

31ea4 No.235979

File: 1565295625909.jpg (58.4 KB, 409x618, 1544297719737.jpg)

78f5d No.235980

File: 1565295691100.jpg (31.96 KB, 500x500, 1513441579815.jpg)

83733 No.235981

File: 1565295855600.jpg (148.03 KB, 500x494, blond-emma-watson-girl-hai….jpg)

i laffed

78f5d No.235982

Thank You, (((Greatest Ally)))!

31ea4 No.235983

File: 1565296347249.png (48.65 KB, 645x773, 1564659141683-1.png)

i feel like this place is dying

5480a No.235984

okay, this is epic

2ac94 No.235989

So taking Zakah and posturing towards Kafr Zita was the ruse to weaken the defense at Tell Sakhr and al-Ha…Hobait.
Since they're taking Hobait, the only logical move afterwards is that they're aiming for Khan Sheikhoun and creating a kotel, otherwise, why bother?
Man, the Athshan-Sukayk-al Tamanah axis can't open soon enough.

78f5d No.235991

Nah Doc, it's jsut your chronical depression.
BTW, anyone knows what is going on in Aden?

31ea4 No.235994

File: 1565297388122.jpg (18.2 KB, 320x311, 1563559641410.jpg)

>it's jsut your chronical depression
partially true
but still, i feel like the war is becoming a stalemate

78f5d No.235995

>offensive just started after few months of wow fucking nothing
Come on now. It's not 2015-2018 gainz tempo, but it's something.

31ea4 No.235997

snail pace and the damocles sword of political agreement to status quo looming makes me think it wont end well

9f2e9 No.236009

File: 1565299636822-0.jpg (67.91 KB, 799x821, goback.jpg)

File: 1565299636822-1.png (107.23 KB, 500x500, 1523313470591.png)

Inlib or bust!

78f5d No.236011

With the current situation first pic needs papa roach more than dolan.

2ac94 No.236012

>The rebels reportedly retook the village of al-Jisat south of al-Habit
>t. pro-rebel source

2ac94 No.236015

File: 1565300843866-0.jpg (74.84 KB, 1280x720, 3.jpg)

File: 1565300843866-1.jpg (59.45 KB, 1280x720, 4.jpg)

File: 1565300843866-2.jpg (79.57 KB, 1280x720, 5.jpg)

>assault on the city of Habit

2ac94 No.236022

>SAA is targeting terrorist’s positions/equipment in Tal Sayyad

2ac94 No.236023

File: 1565303748550.jpg (68.11 KB, 526x400, 1427770606270.jpg)

>Army sent large reinforcements to Atshan, Abu Dali and Abu Omar

a27f6 No.236053

>but still, i feel like the war is becoming a stalemate
wow sceintist professor dr dr doofenschmirtz over here with the unique insight

efe4d No.236089

>The Taliban do not necessarily read meters per se, but levy what they estimate is fair and issue a payment receipt similar in appearance to the one provided by the state electricity company. The Taliban have also attacked towers in government-controlled areas to coerce the state electricity company to restore power where it has been cut off. According to one Breshna employee, ‘they threaten us to get us to fix or extend coverage, and if we don’t do it quickly they blow something up. Then we have two problems to
fix instead of one. So usually we try to meet their demands promptly’.77 One (rather extreme) example is attacks on electricity infrastructure in Baghlan, the site of a major electricity tower that links power supplies from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to Kabul and four other provinces. When power has been cut to Taliban areas of Baghlan and Kunduz, as it was most recently in the spring of 2018, the Taliban have attacked the tower and disrupted power to the capital, capturing news headlines and reminding people how far their reach extends.78 According to another Breshna official, ‘the Taliban have responsibility over everything in their areas, and our people, the mechanics and engineers, are only working with their permission’.79

Interesting. This may explain the power outages in Maymana.

efe4d No.236098

File: 1565323349372.jpeg (29.71 KB, 336x448, 2898E0D0-D462-451C-912D-A….jpeg)

This study challenges prevailing notions of control, clearly illustrating that the Taliban do not have to
take territory to control it. Following the brief period
in 2015–16 when the Taliban appeared to focus on capturing cities and grabbing headlines, their strategy has focused on creeping influence. They have already made the point that they have the military capacity to take some cities, but dramatic sieges are labour- and resource- intensive, and urban centres cannot be held once taken. Military operations of this nature also cause panic and mass exodus, making it more difficult for the Taliban
to retain control and restore order. Aid agencies and businesses withdraw and trade slows down, reducing the potential Taliban tax base and angering civilians.

Arguably, there is no need to capture a city if atmospheric coercion, punctuated by occasional violence, is enough to ensure the population submits to Taliban authority. The critical point, and one which is often missed in analyses of Taliban control, is that governance does not come after the capture of territory, but precedes it. Coercion, coupled with the more popular aspects of Taliban governance such as justice, softens the ground. Taliban governance does not supplant the Afghan government but co-opts and augments it, resulting in a hybrid service delivery arrangement. Even in Kunduz
City, which is ostensibly under government control, the author saw Taliban letters pasted up in the central chowk (bazaar), was shown receipts for Taliban tax payments and saw the results of the Taliban’s monitoring and regulation of classes in private universities (i.e. curtains placed across rooms to enforce gender segregation, objectionable pages ripped out of textbooks). In districts that NATO classifies as contested or under government control, the district centre is all that remains of a government presence, and even this is extremely limited. District governors, judges and other state officials may reside elsewhere for their own safety, and those who remain do so at the discretion of the local Taliban. The Afghan national security forces appear to have struck tacit deals with the Taliban in many districts, in effect unofficial mini-détentes. It is not uncommon for checkpoints to be manned by government police or soldiers until around
4 p.m., when they retreat and the Taliban assume their positions until the following morning. The fact that the Taliban collect taxes far beyond the borders of areas in which they have territorial dominance further underscores the need to rethink what constitutes Taliban control (Mansfield, 2017).

For the Taliban, control of people – rather than control of territory or popular support – is the priority. They seek to control the population, mainly to prevent people from informing upon them or acting against them. They use governance to keep the population at least marginally satisfied, and this, in combination with their coercive power, helps secure the population in areas under their influence or control. As such, the provision of public goods and strict regulations on personal behaviour are driven by ideology, but are also designed to control the population. The Taliban use outright violence against those they perceive as a threat, which in turn sends a message to the rest of the civilian population about what happens to those who might act against them. As Hirose et al. find in their study of Taliban targeting, the Taliban exhibit ‘an impressive, if imperfect, ability to monitor civilian attitudes, one that is likely more sophisticated and extensive than ISAF’s efforts’ (Hirose et al., 2017). Indeed, this Taliban strategy has been far more effective than
the other side’s efforts to win the war through capturing Afghan ‘hearts and minds’.

This is reflected in the ways in which civilians understand ‘support’. Most civilians interviewed were either confused by or outright hostile to questions regarding whether they support the Taliban or the government. Kalyvas, writing more generally about
civil wars, suggests that ‘most “ordinary” people appear
to display a combination of weak preferences and opportunism, both of which are subject to survival considerations’ (Kalyvas, 2006: 103). A more accurate observation might be that ordinary Afghans feel they
have very little choice in the matter; they tend to be conservative, basing most of their decisions on what
they believe will enhance their chances of survival. At
the same time, however, the Taliban must also, at least to some degree, prioritise the real-world concerns of their constituents, to prevent the widespread dissatisfaction that they fear would lead civilians to inform upon them. Their ideology has had to be reconfigured to fit these demands. One former official explained that ‘they know now that they have the support of the people. They cannot go against the will of the people because they need civilian support, so they have to change some of their ideas’.81 Such arrangements between insurgents and civilians
are based on mutual yet unequal exchange and geared towards cementing ‘an informal social contract that can render an insurgent government a legitimate authority, thereby bolstering its position in its competition with the incumbent state’ (Mampilly, 2011: 52). Insurgent governance, in other words, is not government for government’s sake. It is another means of waging war.

2ac94 No.236119

File: 1565331553642.png (17.51 KB, 509x411, 1426523521516.png)

Still no reports on Hobait.

2ac94 No.236122

File: 1565333490340.jpg (50.36 KB, 1080x652, 6.jpg)

2ac94 No.236124

>The National Liberation Front (NLF) within the "Grand Conquest" Operations Room claims that it has repelled the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attempt to capture al-Zarzur.

2ac94 No.236160

File: 1565349959867.png (241.46 KB, 732x633, 1507892148211.png)

Yusha and his military source to me claims there wasn't any army activity in the Zarzur area.

83733 No.236162

File: 1565351755879.jpg (671.43 KB, 1573x1435, EBhn_2jW4AAKqGk (1).jpg)

Following last night attack #SAA with #RuAF/#SyAAf cover captured the villages of Sakhar, Tal Sakhar, Mushairifa &Jaysat from #HTS northwestern #Hama #Syria


B-że błogosław

just a bit monotonous

83733 No.236163

File: 1565351835546.jpg (468.89 KB, 1792x1024, EBhrF4TX4AAwXMP.jpg)

Turkish artillery has targeted Zernayta, Aqiba, and Miyyasa after an HRE ATGM strike wounded several Turkish soldiers


83733 No.236165

File: 1565352108634.jpg (39.14 KB, 679x315, EBhkF6UX4AAwuP3.jpg)

#SAA attack on on eastern frontline repelled by rebels
10 soldiers killed incl officers
>t. rebel sources


83733 No.236166

File: 1565352202933-0.jpg (32.9 KB, 352x640, EBhskIjXsAAllwg.jpg)

File: 1565352202933-1.jpg (97.47 KB, 450x800, EBhskIzWkAABJSf.jpg)

#Turkish helicopters evacuate wounded Turkish soldiers injured in #YPG ATGM strike on their base near Kimar village in #Afrin countryside


83733 No.236172

File: 1565355733932-0.jpg (155.19 KB, 810x1080, EBh6k8aXsAAFhKA.jpg)

78f5d No.236174

Nice grass.

31ea4 No.236203

fake grass from football field
guess they don't have room for helipads on the nearby area

2ac94 No.236208

File: 1565373550689-0.jpg (83.93 KB, 604x453, rsof.jpg)

File: 1565373550689-1.jpg (76.59 KB, 604x453, rsof1.jpg)

File: 1565373550689-2.jpg (89.19 KB, 604x453, rsof2.jpg)

GRU in Latakia

2ac94 No.236209

File: 1565373974534-0.jpg (140.12 KB, 1280x622, 3.jpg)

File: 1565373974534-1.jpg (184.18 KB, 1280x720, 4.jpg)

File: 1565373974534-2.jpg (316.93 KB, 622x1280, 5.jpg)

SAA on the southern outskirts of Hobait
Bonus: tonki tonki

78f5d No.236212

>the trench in the 3rd pic
So this is the might of Idlib defenders?

2ac94 No.236214

File: 1565375716752-0.png (116.95 KB, 763x652, 1445558301306.png)

78f5d No.236215

Reminds me of Ghouta and how there was nothing after natural obstacles.

2ac94 No.236217

File: 1565376362609-0.jpg (46.95 KB, 600x687, 1499556529019.jpg)

>tfw you dig sick ass trenches on your front that can't even be crossed by tanks and Hakim, the commander who handles the rear front doesn't even finish the earthen barrier

78f5d No.236219

Oh, supposedly Houthi's al-Malik's brother was rekt by KSA in an air-strike.
Invoking a jihad as vengance for his death and liberating Al-Ka'ba from wahabbis when?

2ac94 No.236221

File: 1565376577336-0.jpg (457.37 KB, 2048x1152, EBjKCxRXkAAaebL.jpg)

>During morning of AUG 8th, #SAA launched a surprise-offensive by activating Kernaz front, capturing P275, Jaysat silos, Sakhr & Tal Sakhr at ~1100 H (EEST).
>Later in the evening, army units continued advance & captured Jaysat & nearby farmlands of Damyoun at ~2100 H. #IdlibDawn

2ac94 No.236223

Before the war there was 8 houthi brothers, i wonder how many are left.

2ac94 No.236233

File: 1565381295372-0.gif (1.99 MB, 311x362, 1480732400833.gif)

Still no storming happening in Hobeit.

8ec40 No.236235

Maybe SAA got discouraged with all the recent ATGM strikes? They took plenty of casualties.

2ac94 No.236240


78f5d No.236244

Supposed heavy ordnance rebel losses during N. Hama offensive:

TANKS- 22 Destroyed, captured, or damaged.
BMPs- 11 Destroyed, captured, or damaged.
TRUCKS- 6 Destroyed, captured, or damaged
APCs- 19 Destroyed, captured, or damaged.
BULLDOZERS- 2 Destroyed, captured, or damaged
MLRS SYSTEMS/VEHICLES- 7 Destroyed, captured, or damaged.
MOTORBIKES- 3 Destroyed, captured, or damaged.
TECHNICALS- 96 Destroyed, captured, or damaged.
UNKNOWN VEHICLES- 9 Destroyed, captured, or damaged. 4 Armored.
PANTERA APCs- 3 Destroyed, captured, or damaged.
BVP-1 TYPES- 2 Destroyed, captured, or damaged
2S1 GVOZDIKA- 1 Destroyed, captured, or damaged
ARTILLERY- 1 Destroyed, captured, or damaged.

How many more tanks they keep there?

8ec40 No.236245

78f5d No.236247

The Rose of the Desert is the new & younger & hotter & better M.
Who is 007 then?

2ac94 No.236251

Nice list.
>How many more tanks they keep there?
Yeah that's pretty wild for only one front and they have to be keeping a couple for Aleppo.
There's probably even more unaccounted for from airstrikes on warehouses.

2ac94 No.236252

>SuAF, SAA artillery target Habit militants
>SAA target Turkish op.point Sher Magar.

2ac94 No.236253

Another attempt on the Kabani axis in Latakia ongoing.

8ec40 No.236259

Fucken Stalingrad attempts, wasting lives of good lads

2ac94 No.236264

After that crest it's smooth sailing down to Shughur so you just know the Uyghurs and Chechens are putting everything into it - and tons of them are getting smoked by thermobarics.

8ec40 No.236266

>tons of them are getting smoked by thermobarics.
I want to believe, haven't seen a single pic though. I know, I know, no one is there to take a pic. Seems like a wait-for-the-other-fronts front anyway. Tigers should get that fucken ammo in 2013 and hold Jisr..

2ac94 No.236270

Russians are on the ground and in the air on this front, i can't come up with any reasons thermobarics wouldn't be involved.
>Seems like a wait-for-the-other-fronts front anyway
Similar as in Daraa when the 4th kept the city lads occupied whilst el Tigro ravaged the countryside i guess.
Disappointing 4th can't advance on their own anymore.

2ac94 No.236272

>Rebels sources: Heavy classes for Habit
>Unconfirmed: The army enters Habit on the southern side

8ec40 No.236273

Hmm, any pics of Ruski SSOs or TOS-1 or whatever in Latakia from last 2-3 months? Haven't seen any, really.
>Disappointing 4th can't advance on their own anymore.
Eh, with Rafi's brother from Liwa al-Quds being in prison for ISIS bussiness running I think anything is possible. Maybe Maher is inter-fighting with mkhabarat al-jawyia and has Suheil&friends on his ass? Maybe Bashar doesn't like him, maybe Ruskies don't really want to help the 4th with air support? Dozens of reasons.

a27f6 No.236274

File: 1565390156495.jpg (32.17 KB, 720x439, 1552860198779.jpg)

>The army enters Habit on the southern side

2ac94 No.236276

>pics of Ruski SSOs
right here brah >>236208
not that i've seen
Feels silly to hinder progress on a second front, but arabs lol i guess.

2ac94 No.236285

8ec40 No.236287

Focken noiz

83733 No.236293

File: 1565394405655-0.jpg (295.73 KB, 2048x1536, EBjdvTxUwAAMlW1.jpg)

File: 1565394405655-1.jpg (270.93 KB, 2048x1536, EBjdvViU0AA07Wk.jpg)

>What’s left of a Nusra raiding group after trying to approach Syrian Arab Army positions in the northern #Hama countryside. They were unsuccessful


efe4d No.236294

Will they hold it though? Then there’s point 1125 which is the worst one.

2ac94 No.236301

Hopefully now that the blyatskis are more prominent on the scene.

2ac94 No.236302

>The army is on the fringes of Habit, fierce conflicts persist

8ec40 No.236315

Oh geez clashes long into the night, damn, my bet is on SAA anyway.
Fighting for a town in the dark though, very risky.

8ec40 No.236322

SAA, please, hire Sean Connery to do the job. I'm kidding.
SAA should do everything possible to save your average Hakim. Let the aviation and political process take care of the jihadis. Pointless to get some fine dudes from Latakia or DeZ fucked for idiotic Idlob.

8be22 No.236396

>how's that affecting Pakistan in any way? from what i understand, it's in pakistan's favor because now they appear more favorably compared to india's stance on kashmir

It does look as if things are in favor of Pakistan but only in appearance. As of yet it hasn't resulted in any diplomatic success.

The UN released their usual (((deep concern))) statement regarding the issue that both sides should refrain from escalation and called on all parties to refrain from taking steps that could affect the status of Jammu and Kashmir[1](even though the Indians did just that). The Saudis[2] and the Americans[3] also expressed similar sentiments. The outliers here were Turkey and UAE. Erdogan had a telephonic conversation with Imran Khan and also expressed concern over the recent developments but assured support to backing Pakistan's stance[4]. While UAE similar to others also called for talks[5] but its ambassador to India termed the event an internal matter and backed India's manouver[5a]. China does seem pissed with this development[6] as I said earlier[ >>235748 ] they claim Ladakh part of Jammu & Kashmir to be their territory. Though how this will develop into concrete steps remains to be seen.

Some government officials in Pakistan even had the bright idea to threaten to disrupt the Afghan peace process in order to get the Americans to pressure the Indians(Reportedly they relented from further pursuing this course of action). Either they failed to realize or went on ahead despite knowing that it is because of India's Afghan strategy completely failing[7] and being effectively sidelined by Pakistan in the peace process[7a] is one of the reasons that they decided to abrogate the autonomous status of their controlled part of Jammu and Kashmir for which they were planing to do for sometime now(Trumps remarks about willing to mediate the Kashmir issue while meeting Imran Khan, which caught him by surprise[8], in Washington seems to have pushed the Indians to carry out their plans earlier then they wanted to). The Indians fear that should peace be achieved in Afghanistan on Pakistan's terms, the Pakistanis will shift their attention towards the eastern front and really turn up the heat in Kashmir and they are absolutely correct. So it is imperative for Pakistan that the talks continue without any problems. Also the Americans are already fucking over the Indians by negotiating a withdrawal* while barely giving a second thought to their concerns in Afghanistan I do not think the US is willing to fuck them over on the Kashmir issue as well if they ever hope to carry out their strategy to contain China in which India plays a central part. Even the Afghan Taliban released a statement essentially saying don't drag us into this shit[9].

Though it has to be mentioned that the Indians might not be under any severe diplomatic pressure yet but things are not looking good for them as well. By arresting the Kashmiri leaders who were willing to work with the Indian government and ordering curfews and total communications blackouts they are alienating the locals even those that were not hostile to the government[10]. News reports have surfaced indicating that large protests took place yesterday in there[11, 11a]. Add in the fact that the insurgency in recent years has been increasingly becoming localized and the growing religious tensions in India this can easily exacerbate the situation.

So we shall see how all of this plays out.

1. https://www.un.org/sg/en/content/sg/statement/2019-08-08/statement-attributable-the-spokesman-for-the-secretary-general-the-situation-jammu-and-kashmir
2. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/region/saudi-arabia/saudi-arabia-calls-for-peaceful-solution-to-kashmir-issue-
3. https://www.rferl.org/a/us-concerned-by-events-in-kashmir-un-calls-for-restraint/30093911.html
4. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkey-expresses-concern-over-indias-kashmir-move-145539
5. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/government/uae-calls-for-restraint-by-india-pakistan-seeks-dialogue-over-kashmir
5a. https://gulfnews.com/world/asia/india/uae-ambassador-to-india-reacts-to-kashmir-decision-1.1565038437014
6. https://thediplomat.com/2019/08/china-issues-statement-condemning-indian-decision-to-bifurcate-kashmir/
7. https://indianpunchline.com/india-loses-afghan-proxy-war/
7a. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/pakistan/pakistan-to-join-us-russia-and-china-to-craft-prace-pact-with-taliban/articleshow/70219048.cms
8. https://twitter.com/ImranKhanPTI/status/1153644117378965506
9. https://twitter.com/Ahmdyarr/status/1159468802654056448
10. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-49294301
11. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-india-kashmir/thousands-protest-in-indian-kashmir-over-new-status-despite-clampdown-idUSKCN1UZ0OT
11a. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/08/indian-troops-fire-tear-gas-mass-protests-erupt-srinagar-190809151858216.html

*of-course there is a possibility that it might not even happen but we will talk about that at a latter time.

31ea4 No.236513

thanks for the insights

2ac94 No.236536

File: 1565426543351.png (255.48 KB, 655x328, EBmHBtRXUAACX8Q.png)

Orient News reporter(s) embedded with militants got smoked in an ambush in Hama

2ac94 No.236564

File: 1565434430810.gif (202.66 KB, 600x600, 1539644174376.gif)

78f5d No.236565

Ah so they started on the other side of the front too?

2ac94 No.236566

2ac94 No.236567

Today is a good day.

78f5d No.236568

Dare I say.. Morek and Lataminah will be pocketed?

2ac94 No.236569

and Kafr Zita, sure looks like it.

2ac94 No.236570

A group of terrorists hiding in a trench just got rekt southeast of Habit
Are the SAA trying to advance southeast too?

9f2e9 No.236574

File: 1565437937157.png (63.85 KB, 500x300, 89B94732-D6E0-4F3A-A624-6B….png)

I say give up on Inlib at this point. Go for Golan Heights.

2ac94 No.236575

>Syrian Army and Russian Air Force now attacking Ta’manah north of Sukayk. Syrian Army is mostly shelling the area

2ac94 No.236576

File: 1565442000781.jpg (25.25 KB, 480x720, 1506175588379.jpg)

>Military source to me: The Syrian army did not enter or attack the town of Sukayk
what the fuck

2ac94 No.236577

2ac94 No.236578

File: 1565442475639.jpg (105.93 KB, 601x534, 1496025214704.jpg)

>Only the hill was taken, not the village. A militant counterattack is currently underway and the SRG is working to deter it.

2ac94 No.236582

According to Leith, Tigers are there and confirm they only control the hill.

2ac94 No.236591

>Sukayk is now no man’s land

2ac94 No.236597

File: 1565446630401.jpg (159.01 KB, 1024x576, 3.jpg)

>Tiger Forces shot down a militant drone over the recently captured town of Jaysat in northern Hama

83733 No.236610

File: 1565451347988-0.jpg (106.53 KB, 1080x720, EBnkTbpX4AAM2jY.jpg)

File: 1565451347988-1.jpg (92.95 KB, 1080x606, EBnkT0FWkAUgXS0.jpg)

File: 1565451347988-2.jpg (95.35 KB, 1080x720, EBnkUJUW4AA8qgb.jpg)

File: 1565451347988-3.jpg (111.48 KB, 1080x720, EBnkUbtXoAA_SLw.jpg)

#HRE/#ALF attacked #FSA/#TFSA forces near #Aleppo. They captured a Fortuna One 3L/6L thermal scope, Chinese Type-56-1, two AKMs and a craftmade anti-material rifle with a W85 HMG barrel.

83733 No.236612

File: 1565451506150-0.jpg (98.66 KB, 960x540, EBnW9cJXYAA95pJ.jpg)

File: 1565451506150-1.jpg (81.41 KB, 960x540, EBnW9cJW4AEAO8f.jpg)

File: 1565451506150-2.jpg (85.28 KB, 960x540, EBnW9cIWsAYkwPJ.jpg)

Rebels sent this weaponized drone to strike Hama Airbase. It was shot down still carrying 7 bomblets.

31ea4 No.236613

oh boy
i got an idea for an OC

31ea4 No.236614

File: 1565452746337.jpg (38.71 KB, 496x376, woah-nintendo_o_7209980.jpg)

this is to better understand the OC i'm making

31ea4 No.236617

File: 1565453773786.png (958.08 KB, 1169x1000, 1565433313959.png)

r8 m8

78f5d No.236619

File: 1565453921508.jpg (85.98 KB, 534x401, 45432785834857.jpg)

As usual, top zozzle.

83733 No.236622

File: 1565454186431-0.jpg (8.59 KB, 300x168, 1556490514854.jpg)

2ac94 No.236629

File: 1565455689548.jpg (105.67 KB, 600x578, 1486566633272.jpg)

2ac94 No.236630

File: 1565455922715.jpg (138.04 KB, 1024x768, 3.jpg)

>Syrian Army’s gains at the Kabani front are confirmed. Commanders of the 42nd Brigade are pictured with their Russian advisers
>(Jabal) Al Zweqat and the 112 point captured and secured
Mission accomplished, Kabani will be free to grab very soon.

2ac94 No.236643

78f5d No.236653

File: 1565460038257.jpg (39.13 KB, 657x527, 1509327717139.jpg)

31ea4 No.236654

File: 1565460107780.png (29.38 KB, 1000x500, 1565432039143.png)

that's gonna be a doubt for me chiefs

2ac94 No.236655


78f5d No.236656

All we can do is to wait.

2ac94 No.236662

>Rebels sources: Habit front collapsed
al-tarmah doing gods work

31ea4 No.236665

literally means "the ass"

2ac94 No.236670

File: 1565462129907.jpg (70.96 KB, 600x600, 1504467239745.jpg)

>Sunni (from Qomhana) unit in Tiger Force
>named the ass
I can't even.

2ac94 No.236672

>Ass tigers are now entering the town of Habit

78f5d No.236673

I'm breaking Al-Habit tonight!!!

31ea4 No.236675

i believe there must be an error in the translation to latin alphabet
highly doubt SAA is on such levels of unironic shitposting

78f5d No.236676

I dunno Doc, ayyyrabs can sometimes pretty funny.

78f5d No.236677

*can sometimes be

31ea4 No.236678

that's how it's written in arabic

2ac94 No.236679

File: 1565462441990.jpg (7.9 KB, 323x241, 1503888148627.jpg)

I agree, but they'll be The Ass unit forever for me now.

31ea4 No.236680

File: 1565462484838.jpg (77.58 KB, 1080x1066, 1565344637665.jpg)

efe4d No.236693

File: 1565463650749.png (102.04 KB, 1228x866, 5394D19D-D292-40B7-804D-F4….png)

Pic unrelated

efe4d No.236695


2ac94 No.236700

>Opposition are acknowledging clashes inside the town of Habit

2ac94 No.236701

File: 1565464171832.jpg (128.55 KB, 1136x842, 3.jpg)

>Aden presidential palace, under the control of the separatist southern forces

78f5d No.236702

File: 1565464222109.jpg (24.38 KB, 400x400, 1445388389822.jpg)


2ac94 No.236704

2ac94 No.236707

File: 1565465405325.jpg (30.7 KB, 956x539, 3.jpg)

SVBIED on Tell Sukayk today

2ac94 No.236718

File: 1565466591395.jpg (101.02 KB, 399x388, 1426623252776.jpg)

>No further advances south of Kabani. Turkestan Islamic Party has been able to obstruct the advance into the town. If the army is unable to take the last two hills south of the town, they will likely retreat

31ea4 No.236732

2ac94 No.236736

File: 1565469529708-0.jpg (111.11 KB, 901x529, 3.jpg)

File: 1565469529708-1.jpg (118.62 KB, 720x960, 4.jpg)

TIP before and after

78f5d No.236737

There's an unexploded shell in my boot!

a27f6 No.236742

>Everybody out partying on a Saturday so I have post the updates now…
#SAA captured 90% of Al Habit

2ac94 No.236744

2ac94 No.236745

File: 1565470941351-0.jpg (338.52 KB, 1928x1055, khan.jpg)

2ac94 No.236748

File: 1565471717820-0.jpg (487.42 KB, 2487x1843, wezt.jpg)

Shit with red line under name is the places i think will need to be captured before Khan Sheikhoun.

2ac94 No.236750

a27f6 No.236752

File: 1565472007009.jpg (77.62 KB, 924x727, 1489020768006.jpg)

>They are just gonna go around the turkish observation post

2ac94 No.236754

File: 1565472359760-0.jpg (17.99 KB, 394x360, 1532369979911.jpg)

I wonder what Erdo will do about it

2ac94 No.236755

2ac94 No.236757

>Fierce clashes ongoing at the eastern sector of the town

2ac94 No.236763

>Police in Moscow bringing down a drone with an anti-drone rifle/jammer during some protests.

31ea4 No.236764

look more like it fell because it ran out of battery

2ac94 No.236765

I don't know shit about drones but it started buzzing like it was on full blast when he grabbed it, what am i missing.

2ac94 No.236778

>Anna News correspondent accompanying the Syrian Army operations in Idlib: Army units now control half of al-Hbeit town in Idlib countryside

2ac94 No.236780

File: 1565476425183-0.png (973.27 KB, 634x620, 1537216836668.png)

Could be outdated info, could be arabic sources overestimating the gains, could be due to counterattack or maybe he counts the northern expansion as half of the town.

2ac94 No.236784

File: 1565476884483-0.gif (41.08 KB, 250x194, 1539683912535.gif)

>Coalition warplanes targeted the #STC's military site north of Aden

2ac94 No.236788

Two videos of the SVBIED that hit tell sukayk today
SAA can't let this shit happen every time they capture something, lay a spike mat or some shit.

31ea4 No.236803

throttling of the rotors as he was moving it (thus creating an artificial force of air against the blade's motion)
but my point was that his gun looks very ineffective

2ac94 No.236813

>but my point was that his gun looks very ineffective
It jammed the drone so it did it's work but i wonder if there are anti-drone rifles that actually fries the electronics or hijacks the drone controls.

2ac94 No.236816

>TIP and Wal-Jihad associated terrorists stationed in Habit
I do recall seeing an official TIP picture from Habit earlier today so it's not bullshit.

2ac94 No.236818

2ac94 No.236821

>SAA is advancing north east of Al Tamana’ah south #Idlib CS particularly in Al Khuwen and Al Zarzur farms.

2ac94 No.236822


31ea4 No.236826

>It jammed the drone so it did it's work
way too slow, imagine if it was carrying grenades, people would have died by then
>that actually fries the electronics
not at that scale, that would imply sending an electromagnetic impulse too strong to be contained in a puny handheld weapon
>hijacks the drone controls.
should be possible on a handheld device, but that would require being able to find the right signal frequency and decrypting the signal if it's working with encryption

honestly the best technology to get rid of drones is a shotgun loaded with birdshot

a27f6 No.236827

File: 1565481990821.jpg (42.56 KB, 600x513, 1491569400466.jpg)

2ac94 No.236882

>way too slow
Did it actually move in the video?
>honestly the best technology to get rid of drones is a shotgun loaded with birdshot
Yep, but overkill during just a protest.

2ac94 No.236885

>Good morning - Al-Hobeit is under Syrian Army control after heavy clashes last night.
>Russian choppers are relentless in northeastern Latakia. Much of the Syrian Army’s attack in Kabani is Russian choppers spotting jihadists and striking them.
>The villages of Kafr Ayn and Umm Zaytunah are under heavy bombardment from the artillery of the Syrian Arab Army.

2ac94 No.236889

>A new round of clashes is underway at the axis of the village of Sukayk

2ac94 No.236900

>attempt by pro-Assad units to advance towards Sukayk

2ac94 No.236909

>Eastern Al Habit farms are said to be under the control of the army
probably just farmlands and not a village.

2ac94 No.236920

31ea4 No.236942

File: 1565536199220.jpg (262.69 KB, 584x782, 1565535046654.jpg)

i'm surprised this type of shit exist, but again i'm surprised america exist

5a3d7 No.236944

>contains 0% juice

73d7a No.236950

File: 1565538764268.webm (3.8 MB, 480x360, russian angels.webm)

>Russian choppers are relentless in northeastern Latakia. Much of the Syrian Army’s attack in Kabani is Russian choppers spotting jihadists and striking them.
Haven't seen Angels of Death deployed in a long time. I think last time was hunting IS in the deserts.

73d7a No.236952

>Regime Axis Forces have captured Al-Sukayk village from Syrian Opposition Forces
Suck it commie

78f5d No.236953

File: 1565539392391.jpg (254.25 KB, 1168x865, 1234567657867.jpg)

Post yfw Morek and Lataminah will be KOTEL'D.

73d7a No.236955

File: 1565539591741.jpg (457.04 KB, 1080x1080, comfy barrel.jpg)

9f2e9 No.236958

File: 1565539980370.jpg (30.29 KB, 697x539, PapaRoach.jpg)


78f5d No.236965

Shitmaps might be needed…

2ac94 No.236970

File: 1565543516357-0.png (339.56 KB, 342x576, 1.png)

File: 1565543516357-1.png (350.67 KB, 347x578, 2.png)

File: 1565543516357-2.png (337.96 KB, 340x570, 3.png)

File: 1565543516357-3.png (301.72 KB, 344x577, 4.png)

>Dead #HTS on the al-Habit front

2ac94 No.236971

File: 1565543565397-0.jpg (76.64 KB, 1189x629, 3.jpg)

File: 1565543565398-1.jpg (69.26 KB, 1189x633, 4.jpg)

File: 1565543565398-2.jpg (123.6 KB, 1680x1050, 5.jpg)

>failed HTS SVBIED

78f5d No.236972

File: 1565543810858.jpg (36.58 KB, 750x709, 1496403243035.jpg)

Very nice.

1a190 No.236974

Why do they even bother anymore?

2ac94 No.236976

Latest ANNA News on Arbain/Zakah, no translation yet.

2ac94 No.236977

Launching SVBIEDs? Because they are desperate?

2ac94 No.236994

efe4d No.236997

File: 1565546487334.png (557.89 KB, 750x1334, 1D687BE7-2010-4F1B-BB28-A5….png)

I can’t make Shitmaps on mobile, only districtmaps ;-;
This is unironically the best I can get you.

efe4d No.236999

And yes I tried to get the desktop link but it redirects me to the mobile link

a27f6 No.237003

File: 1565547153337.jpg (21.02 KB, 320x320, 1505658300164.jpg)

>I can’t make Shitmaps on mobile, only districtmaps ;-;
this is so tragically sad

78f5d No.237009

GoFundMe -> Ebin's new computer for shitmaps and updates.

31ea4 No.237014

File: 1565548509226.webm (2.91 MB, 540x360, burgers.webm)

this doesn't sound very sincere
>no need to add insult to injury, he's just a poor third worlder

2ac94 No.237021

>Less than 24 hours after its liberation .. Syrian Defense Minister visits the town of al-Habit in the countryside of Idlib under the guidance of President Assad

a27f6 No.237022

File: 1565548838700.jpeg (30.94 KB, 800x600, YFTS6792.JPEG)

He first needs to do livestreams from his neighbors laptop like (scamming) Homsi

2ac94 No.237026

ATGM strike on a bunch of SAA doofuses at the Sukayk axis
Man, the difference between the two fronts is astronomical.

78f5d No.237027

Well I guess if his neighbour would find out he would have his hand chopped off.

efe4d No.237053

File: 1565551190483.jpeg (51.34 KB, 542x474, BD36F7C2-B2E3-44B6-8B90-4….jpeg)

Pls no, I don’t want charity.

31ea4 No.237057

File: 1565551359577.jpg (4.09 KB, 250x193, 1485126188263.jpg)

sell some gamergirl bath water in exchange of patreonbux

2ac94 No.237071

Counterattack time

2ac94 No.237083

>HTS is currently engaged in a major counterattack on Habit
>Both sides confirm clashes are taking place
>claiming Habit on telegram and now on twitter. And they’re saying they’ve taken the town. Zero word of this from SAA people though.
no proof yet

2ac94 No.237084

>pro-militant FB-account from Maarat (al-Numan): We renew our call to our remaining families south of Khan Sheikhoun to evacuate immediately .. Your regions were sold by Erdogan and his mercenaries

2ac94 No.237085

>#HTS & rebels 'mulling withdrawal' from #Tamanah, S. #Idlib. Situation 'untenable' as lack of cover is becoming critical.
>Dozens of rebel fighters have refused to leave, will fight rearguard action to delay #SAA advance, allow rebels to reposition for counteroffensive.

2ac94 No.237086

>IS released a video from eastern #DeirEzzor which covers their attacks in past several months since Baghuz battle. The whole video can be divided in 2 parts

2ac94 No.237090

>Any reports of rebels counter-attack or clashes in Hobait are BS and exist only on web

2ac94 No.237091

>My friends - there is no counterattack on Habit, apparently some fellow at a rebel observatory made a mistake and everyone copied his words
>Rebel telegram just made up an entire battle

2ac94 No.237092

>SAA atack in Kabane axis. Small progres

ed188 No.237095

File: 1565556348144.jpg (139.74 KB, 1000x541, 123 (2).jpg)

>Both sides confirm clashes are taking place
>Any reports of rebels counter-attack or clashes in Hobait are BS and exist only on web

2ac94 No.237239

File: 1565579305719-0.jpg (45.35 KB, 770x534, 1486661621322.jpg)

2ac94 No.237318

>Syrian Army is on the verge of entering Kabani. The Zuwayqat Mountain south of the town is under army control.

2ac94 No.237321

58833 No.237329

Nice. They hold the high ground which means for the first time the SAA have a good chance of taking the city innit?

2ac94 No.237334

File: 1565618496718-0.jpg (367.98 KB, 1926x1106, latak.jpg)

It's less of a city and more a village, but that's the gist of it yeah.

2ac94 No.237337

File: 1565619414058-0.jpg (413.9 KB, 2106x1087, kabanah.jpg)

SAA's view at Kabani right about now

2ac94 No.237347

>On Monday morning, opposition activists reported that a large Turkish military convoy was traveling through the town of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man and making their way to the observation post in the northern Hama town of Morek.
Could be additional hands to dismantle the post, who knows.

a27f6 No.237349

Ah yes! the ol' send reinforcements to help retreat tactic! A Clausewitz Classic!

2ac94 No.237353

Do you know how logistics work?

2ac94 No.237358

File: 1565628203618-0.png (797.45 KB, 681x620, 1.png)

File: 1565628203618-1.png (397.27 KB, 441x616, 2.png)

>SAA in farmland near Habit days ago
Those ain't olive trees
Could be here:

2ac94 No.237363

2ac94 No.237375

>Al Bouidah is not secured yet, it’s considered no mans land (situation will change later tonight)
>The #SAA captured Tara’a i hill and advancing towards Al Tamanah
See previous link.

2ac94 No.237376

>11th Division sent a large number of reinforcements to the southern countryside of the Idlib Governorate, where they are expected to take part in the operations near Sukayk

2ac94 No.237378

File: 1565633605547-0.jpg (134.2 KB, 960x960, 3.jpg)

File: 1565633605547-1.jpg (70.63 KB, 960x960, 4.jpg)


31ea4 No.237387

smart, you'd think modern militaries would have transitioned to remote controlled tanks

2ac94 No.237388

File: 1565635532459-0.jpg (481.66 KB, 1971x1092, EByfxCHXYAEo-yf.jpg)

2ac94 No.237389

uran-9 didn't work too good

31ea4 No.237391

>high profile threadlet overbuilt APC
>doesn't perform well
imagine my sock
the point of these is to make them easy to replace and low profile
you don't build a drone for the same goals as a tank

2ac94 No.237392

Rebel media outlets are saying Iranian militias and Hezbollah are leading the charge east of Khan Sheikhoun, seems mostly like desperate damage control.

2ac94 No.237394

>the point of these is to make them easy to replace and low profile
I agree, but is low profile a real point or just common sense?

31ea4 No.237395

> but is low profile a real point or just common sense?
StuGs in the normandy campaign utterly BTFO'd amerimutt tanks because they used the bocage landscape to stay out of sight and pop out of unexpected places where they can't be seen by enemy tank crews in the distance
the only place where low profile might not be useful is in purely flat territory like a desert (ie north african campaign of WW2)

a27f6 No.237399

dont talk back to me

a27f6 No.237406

File: 1565638165918.png (1.46 KB, 51x43, 123471452869.png)

>Khmemeim AB 10 Syrian villages agreed to sign a reconciliation agreement with the Syrian government.

78f5d No.237407

At least green busses destination is close. ;^)

a27f6 No.237410

a paddle boat across the Euphrat if you don't like your village going back to the government jej

a27f6 No.237411

>im an idiot:
These are the villages which have signed a reconciliation agreement today: >Hunaydah
>N and S Safsafah
http://wikimapia.org/36644846 http://wikimapia.org/2572437
>Ayd al-Kabir
no way this is legit. like how the fuck would Tabqa either manage to organize itself to leave the SDF nor would the SDF (overlords) allow this.
maybe cool

78f5d No.237412

Oh shit it's in Raqqa, just noticed.
Noice. Hope more areas will drop the eternal kurdoids.

a27f6 No.237413

File: 1565638802134.jpg (64.57 KB, 539x480, 1492199556149.jpg)

lmao imiagine this becomeing real and "safe zones" coming into effect within the timespan of a single week; quite unfortunate week for the SDF
too good to be real tbqh

2ac94 No.237418

>Russian hired, Serbian special forces were active for the first time in Kabina front today. (In Zuwayqat and point 122)
Serbian special forces, Iranian militias, you can tell the jihadis are losing big time.

2ac94 No.237419

Reconciliation =/= SDF will leave

31ea4 No.237421

File: 1565640547245.jpg (76.95 KB, 800x795, 1558052877506.jpg)

>serbian soldiers fighting alongside the people who funded the opposite side of the serbian bosnian war

2ac94 No.237427

>Regime militias target the village of al-Hamira and the town of Khan Touman in the southern countryside of Aleppo with heavy artillery

2ac94 No.237430

>Intense clashes currently taking place on the Kabenah front

2ac94 No.237432

Another ATGM to large crowd on Sukayk front

2ac94 No.237443

ANNA News on Hobait storming:
No translation yet.

2ac94 No.237447

>The southern outskirts of Kabani village are under attack by the army
any time now

39dde No.237450

Ahh the footage starting at 2:00 is surreal. Looks like space wars through the NV.

2ac94 No.237456

>Part of Tiger's strength is transferred to Sukayk

2ac94 No.237459

File: 1565649886719-0.jpg (141.86 KB, 1080x1142, EByhZ2YXkAA7gk-.jpg)


31ea4 No.237461

File: 1565650364430.png (2.16 MB, 2048x1536, 1526748857106.png)

>imagine having an entire press article dedicated to your random death
>imagine being called a conspiracy nut for suggesting that jews control the media

2ac94 No.237464

File: 1565651533751-0.jpg (439.81 KB, 2010x925, habit.jpg)

>Abdeen under army fire
Neat view north of Habit.

a27f6 No.237467

>Serbian special forces
meaning serbian militias of possibly ex SOF status?
no way official serbian troops are there
true. have no idea of the actual agreements of the reconciliation, but it should give way for heads to bump nad friction to arise

a27f6 No.237468

does the SAA (RuAF) bomb mosques (if they have to) or do they avoid it as much as the US claims to, do you know?

2ac94 No.237470

>meaning serbian militias of possibly ex SOF status?
Serbians affiliated with/hired by Wagner or just made up pro-rebel propaganda bullshit.
I'm leaning towards the latter since they started claiming iranian militias/Hezbollah are on the Sukayk front today aswell.
>it should give way for heads to bump nad friction to arise
RuAF definitely tries to avoid bombing mosques, I've only seen footage of Syrian artillery "accidentally" hitting them.
It can almost be considered a miracle that not a single minaret in Habit got hit considering the SAA's GRAD-strategy.

83733 No.237479

File: 1565653738042-0.png (648.41 KB, 980x653, Screen-Shot-2018-03-22-at-….png)

File: 1565653738042-1.jpg (199.04 KB, 567x567, 16763.jpg)

>A “Magnus” rescue team, which began the search, helped German police identify him
>Hilik Magnus
btw I know this guy
used to live in the same area
he's Swedish and kinda looks like old Varg

wait till you see this

2ac94 No.237481

File: 1565654099639-0.jpg (19.7 KB, 624x675, 1509838588906.jpg)

>no way this is legit. like how the fuck would Tabqa either manage to organize itself to leave the SDF nor would the SDF (overlords) allow this
Remember the tribal heads who went to the tribal meeting in Ithriya?

2ac94 No.237482

Never seen a single swede with that name, is that guy some sort of wizard?

2ac94 No.237483

But yeah, Tabqa Airbase is American soil nowadays so no way José they'll let this area return to Syria.

2ac94 No.237484

File: 1565654323454-0.png (329.01 KB, 507x695, EBzsheaX4AAW9sS.png)


a27f6 No.237486

File: 1565654551002.webm (10.71 MB, 1280x720, file1.webm)

'Tis indeed

83733 No.237489

File: 1565655605295-0.png (24.66 KB, 877x264, 2019-08-13_03-06-05.png)

File: 1565655605295-1.jpg (226.93 KB, 1618x1213, hilil-magnus-italy.jpg)

>Never seen a single swede with that name
yes that's a nickname
>Yechiel “Hilik” Magnus was born in 1949, in Malmö, Sweden, then moved with his family to Israel.

>is that guy some sort of wizard?

pretty much
he's in _every_ foreign rescue involving israelis/jews
as usual jews have to rely on foreign Übermensches to save them


2ac94 No.237491

What an absolute weirdo lel

83733 No.237499

File: 1565657358450.jpg (169.09 KB, 800x450, 1564116127328.jpg)

epic beard tho

39dde No.237509

Good and long article on children of jihadi fucks and their wanna-be-toibois = women. AFP is crying why Iraq, fuck, don't execute 15yo completely indoctrinated full Dawlat jihadis. They're providing a wider view too - of course it's, well, bad.
What would you do with these young jihad? Honestly I'd say Interpol/Frontex check every single one in Europe (they do have the budget to do that), if in doubt - send them to Idlob Zoo or Afgan.

39dde No.237510

Acc to this Ruskie drones are still flying, possibly helicopters and air strikes too

2ac94 No.237511

File: 1565659042235-0.jpg (259.55 KB, 1080x1080, EBzFN5aXkAcJaCf.jpg)

a27f6 No.237512

>I will be in America by Friday
>just in time to be bombarded with Epstein pedogate horseshit by TVs in public area and relatives arguing fruitlessly about this politics
come to think of it, spending any time in America is probably dreadful since there is always some political clusterfuck going on.
Hitlerjugend kids managed to never be allowed to mount any resurgence, so they ought to be able to manage the same in Iraq.
>did you forget to link the archive article btw?

39dde No.237516

File: 1565659389519.jpg (26.88 KB, 460x258, 5763d841c36188f0238b4588.jpg)

What do you think fascist, this badge is universal in the MUSLIM WORLD!
This kid is surely an Uyghur displaced from his family due to ASSAD PUTIN REGIME destroying l*yalist s*ria enclaves of peaceful Tribals.
It's kontraunderrättelsetjänst manipulation, that what it is, that picture!
t. Bild

39dde No.237519

File: 1565659529002.jpg (16.94 KB, 400x400, 1544632270980.jpg)

>the kid's got a helmet and a vest, FAB500 doesn't exist
Eh jihadis

39dde No.237520

Article is here, I thought you'll find it easily, it's on the AFP front page: https://making-of.afp.com/les-enfants-de-daech

83733 No.237525

File: 1565660135538.jpg (1.14 MB, 2800x1594, 1565646484489.jpg)

>>I will be in America by Friday
get a bulletproof vest m8

2ac94 No.237526

File: 1565660396554-0.jpg (206.11 KB, 768x1024, 1511967523030.jpg)

Best damage control is "that's not an ISIS badge, the flag is used by many groups" as if a flag used by hundreds of al-Qaeda subgroups would be better than an ISIS flag when used en masse by "moderate syrian rebels".

39dde No.237527

Serioues note: reconcilated FSA moderate-jihadis might form the backbone of TAF observation points in Idleb.
After Dara'a (90%) and other reconcilation deals plenty of not-so-moderate my-life-against-Assad jihadis might've joined the TAF, since there's completely open passage of people on T/S border.
That would explain weird actions on TAF OPs. Yet assigning retarded fucks to do this job seems quite low even for TAF.

39dde No.237528

File: 1565660652519.png (417.26 KB, 681x627, obi wan talibi.png)

>as if a flag used by hundreds of al-Qaeda subgroups would be better than an ISIS flag when used en masse by "moderate syrian rebels".
Shahada is the new Black))

2ac94 No.237533

Wouldn't turkmen or other "TFSA" N Aleppo goons with more loyalty to Erdomeme be more suitable for such a job than corrupt southern Syrian mercenaries?
Like those red beret wearing doofuses pledging allegiance to Erdo in turkish…

2ac94 No.237534

a27f6 No.237538

File: 1565662084058.jpg (187.39 KB, 750x976, xd.jpg)

>that pic
>Oh no no no no
please dont be legit kek
do you guys btw even know what Bild Zeitung (newspaper) is like?
pic related is what the typical covers always include: Celebrity drama, huge ads and naked women.
It is the single most degenerate widely popular newspaper in germany (great though for when we were 11 standing at the bus stopto go to school crowding around the newspaperdispencery flipping thrugh practically a playboy, since at least every second page has some nude woman spread about).
It is so ironic that someone like Julian Röpcke who works for that degenerate newspaper is somehow siding with jihadist. His article condeming assad and praising Nusra might literally be on the same page as a woman cuping her breasts

efe4d No.237542

Yes but most people have more important things to focus on IRL.

0e247 No.237577

File: 1565678358324.png (213.05 KB, 781x900, 1498090956885.png)

SERBS? About damned time, there won't be a single kebab left alive within 20 kilometers of DZ1.

98178 No.237578

>The army withdrew from Tall Taray tonight.


78f5d No.237581

Oh come on!

2ac94 No.237586

File: 1565691595579-0.jpg (83.98 KB, 650x878, 1512180131284.jpg)

File: 1565691595579-1.jpg (300.68 KB, 1856x1099, ugh.jpg)

Man, the Tamanah front is a fucking trainwreck.

2ac94 No.237587

>The one Tell between Tamanah and Khuwayn plus the surrounding area under heavy air strikes.
>Khuwayn under artillery and aviation fire.

2ac94 No.237594

Aftermath of failed HTS counterattack on Sukayk

2ac94 No.237606

File: 1565706365751-0.jpg (16.13 KB, 502x1032, 3.jpg)

Supposedly a SVBIED that went off in Sukayk in the counterattack hours ago and supposedly HTS has launched another counterattack on Sukayk.

2ac94 No.237609

File: 1565708133280-0.jpg (429.3 KB, 2479x1781, nn.jpg)

Ithriyah-Raqqa offensive 2.0

78f5d No.237611

File: 1565708471270.jpg (89.9 KB, 960x540, 21345356756.jpg)

Bakeries recovery rate is not on a very satisfactory rate.

2ac94 No.237613

>Rumors of Negotiations between Elders of Sarakeb and Maraat al Nouman with Russian Center for Reconciliation on Surrender of Cities to Army

2ac94 No.237630

File: 1565716515866-0.jpg (179.65 KB, 1280x960, EB3CgMZX4AI7NXa.jpg)

Sukayk by the way.

2ac94 No.237634

83733 No.237641

File: 1565718883799-0.png (569.56 KB, 856x438, 2019-08-13_20-52-32.png)

File: 1565718883799-1.png (323.14 KB, 986x447, 2019-08-13_20-50-44.png)

2ac94 No.237642

File: 1565719127093-0.jpg (70.34 KB, 1024x524, EBZNNSSXsAAM3QK.jpg)

HTS media are claiming Fatameyoun are on the front.
It would explain the piss poor performance at the Sukayk front…

2ac94 No.237644

>TIP announced that they have joined the Hama battles
It's a chink showdown!

83733 No.237647

File: 1565720809486-0.jpg (263.71 KB, 1042x569, EB3o_mDW4AATe3k.jpg)

File: 1565720809486-1.jpg (229.85 KB, 1280x960, EB3o_mDWsAA3G22.jpg)

File: 1565720809487-2.jpg (15.48 KB, 502x1032, EB3o_l_WsAEYjpc.jpg)

#Syria: since the takeover of Sukayk area (SE. #Idlib) 2 days ago, pro-Assad forces tried several times to control strategic Tell Tari but were repeatedly repelled. Several #ATGM|s fired & a SVBIED was also set off today on Tell Sukayk front


2bf5a No.237648

Not sure if I should laugh or cry. The English subtitles are more or less 100% correct in translation.
Jesus Christ getting this much wrong on chans is painful to watch listen to. Cringe factor to the max.

2ac94 No.237663

File: 1565724727574-0.jpg (64.64 KB, 1280x691, 3.jpg)

>SAA bulldozer destroyed on Kabani front

2ac94 No.237666

File: 1565725933988-0.jpg (329.5 KB, 2827x1207, bull.jpg)

2ac94 No.237668

>Kafr Ayn under Army control
>for three hours preliminary shelling of the village Kafr Ayn east of Habit and takfiri accounts have not reported anything
imma hold off on believing it's taken until we see some proofz

2ac94 No.237669

Military source to me guy claims it's captured too

2ac94 No.237673

>They are now approaching Umm Zaytunah
North of Kafr Ayn

2ac94 No.237675

2ac94 No.237678

>Syrian Army begins another push to capture Tal Tari south of Ta’manah. If this hilltop is captured, Ta’manah should fall shortly after

2ac94 No.237680

File: 1565727562028-0.jpg (449.13 KB, 2491x1901, gainz.jpg)

2ac94 No.237681

File: 1565727644496-0.jpg (461.58 KB, 2491x1901, gainz.jpg)

2ac94 No.237683

78f5d No.237684

I am surprised of the frequency of the SAA night attacks. And they mostly succeed. Did uncle Vlad provided them with some nightvision and other useful gear?

2ac94 No.237686

Most of the gains since Tel Malah has been during night time, Tigers definitely got better gear.

2ac94 No.237692

File: 1565730598635-0.jpg (44.09 KB, 500x334, 1565644622744.jpg)

Video showing background uncensored tells another story though.
99% sure it's on the top of Jabal Zuweiqat which means SAA don't control it.

83733 No.237693

File: 1565730692149.jpg (480.83 KB, 2048x1493, EB4HCNPXkAgFX4B.jpg)

>Collage of 72 #ATGM hits on #Assad loyalist targets. All were shot during the ongoing Assad's forces offensive in #Idlib and #Hama countryside. Most hits courtesy of #NLF

thanks for confirming
shits hilarious

c83e3 No.237694

>Why a military confrontation between Turkey and the Kurds in Syria might be good news for Russia

2ac94 No.237700

>Jihadists launched a massive counter attack against SAA in Idlib with some of their most fanatic jihadis and they were all wiped out in just a few hours. Nobody knows what exactly happened. There was just a lot of fire and explosions seen from a distance.

c83e3 No.237701

Interesting. Fanatic jihadis pwn3d? No one knows how? Interesting.

2ac94 No.237702

File: 1565733014665-0.jpg (49.11 KB, 684x960, 3.jpg)

File: 1565733014665-1.jpg (25.11 KB, 681x960, 4.jpg)

>army repel militants attack on the axis of Al-Qasabiyah
>destroy tank and several vehicles

c83e3 No.237706

The mood in Idlib is so grim. Not a single jihadi social media account is downplaying the SAA advance on Khan Shaykhoun.

Even the accounts who previously downplayed SAA victories in Aleppo, Ghouta, Daraa, and Salma are depressed about this one.


31ea4 No.237728

File: 1565740109270.jpg (285.24 KB, 2062x1074, 1565686180960.jpg)

been so disconnected from the news that i didn't realize that a couple of happenings happened

78f5d No.237797

File: 1565767942967.jpg (297.39 KB, 1158x893, 1234565567898.jpg)

Yeah, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended in this situation…
*baba o'riley starts playing*

56996 No.237803

>Tall Aas army cntrl. Cnfrmd
>Syrian Army is approaching the outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun after seizing Tal ‘Aas, Khirbat Murshid, and Mantar.
>Militants are fiercely resisting the Syrian Army’s advance at the southeastern flank of Khan Sheikhoun. Tal Tari is still congested, but the army has yet to crack the militant lines.

56996 No.237804

>Tell Aas
>Khirbat Murshid
>al-Muntar farms
under army


56996 No.237805

>"al-Salam" checkpoint, on the western entrance of Khan Shaykhun, is now under SAA control


Get ready

56996 No.237806

File: 1565773459784.jpg (55.47 KB, 1141x579, EB6x_j2XYAAade2.jpg)

56996 No.237807

>Clashes in the western neighborhoods of the city.
>So begins the Battle of Khan Shaykhun.


Its probably happening.
Lets wait for more reports

56996 No.237810

>Sources indicate that jihadist rebels to retreat from Morek, Latamneh and Kafr Zita at any given time to not get besieged.


56996 No.237811

>Most of the western neighborhoods of Khan Shaykhun are controlled by the Syrian Arab Army


>Syrian Arab Army captures a salt factory near the western entrance to Khan Shaykhun. Location is unknown.


56996 No.237812

>Military sources: the National Liberation Front regains control of the al-Salam checkpoint near Khan Sheikhoun south of Idlib after the advance of Russian militias under the cover of heavy air raids


if this is true lets hope that there was no actual advance inside the town

56996 No.237813

>With the fall of Tal A'as #SAA have reached outskirts of Khan Shaykhun & now troops are attacking western neighborhoods probably to accelerate evacuation of Hama salient rather than create a foothold inside the city


56996 No.237814

>no reliable army source reported of any new gains.


308fa No.237817

im so happy that there are gainz but when the war ends where do we go?

2ac94 No.237818

IMO all reports of SAA entering the town is rebel disinformation.

56996 No.237819

>After gaining control of Kafr Ayn, Tell As, Khirbat Murshid and Mintar, the army is setting-up its defense in the region and moved to no other point.
>The enemy is trying to raise morale by spreading the news of army's control over the Salem Barrier and Salt Factory and later announcing that it has retaken it.

- reporter with army



2ac94 No.237820

>The enemy is trying to raise morale by spreading the news of army's control over the Salem Barrier and Salt Factory and later announcing that it has retaken it.
>- reporter with army

2ac94 No.237821

>Al Faqeer Military checkpoint located at NW of Khan Shaykhun under intense SAA artillery and airforce bombing. Meanwhile, reports suggest big columns of jihadists reinforcements from Maarat al Numan are being obliterated by Russian airforce , just N of Khan Shaykhun

2ac94 No.237822

>Jihadist checkpoints (Al Nimer and Abou Hamosh-located N of Khan Shaykhun on Maarat al Numan road) being wiped out by Russian Airforce now.

56996 No.237823

Most operations lately were carried during the night and such a sudden attack at the town didnt really make sense. Well, lets hope that with the recent advances the evacuation process accelerates

2ac94 No.237824

File: 1565779178285-0.jpg (14.35 KB, 300x222, a8d.jpg)

>Opposition operations room claims that it recaptured Tal As

2ac94 No.237825

63e45 No.237826

Any clues about where they are evacuating to?

2ac94 No.237828

File: 1565780132512-0.jpg (109.16 KB, 1170x654, 3.jpg)

File: 1565780132513-1.jpg (114.5 KB, 1112x620, 5.jpg)

File: 1565780132513-2.jpg (91.25 KB, 890x458, 6.jpg)

>people in Khan Shaykhoun fleeing due to #SAA assault

56996 No.237829

Most of the militants will probably transfered away of the front and if they dont get bombed by the russians they will regroup
Civilians at Idlib and other urban centers
>According to information, the front north and east of Habit was mainly held by foreigners and most of them retreated to Jisr.

2ac94 No.237830

2ac94 No.237835

File: 1565788860128-0.jpg (168.42 KB, 1280x622, EB7uFcuX4AAzsuq.jpg)

>Tell Aas
Khan Sheikhun in background.

2ac94 No.237836

File: 1565789427837-0.jpg (178.7 KB, 1000x750, 3.jpg)

File: 1565789427837-1.jpg (158.52 KB, 1000x750, 4.jpg)

File: 1565789427837-2.jpg (150.46 KB, 1000x750, 5.jpg)

File: 1565789427837-3.jpg (360.23 KB, 2560x1440, 6.jpg)

>Captured militants of the "moderate opposition" and their destroyed equipment on the western outskirts of the city of Khan Sheikhun in the southeast of Idlib province

31ea4 No.237838

is this the abu hajar mobile?

15b9b No.237839

63eb3 No.237840

File: 1565791033208.png (1.66 MB, 1024x990, FD2D70FB-687A-47F1-B4C4-90….png)

It does look like that.

2ac94 No.237847

Unconfirmed: Su-22 downed

2ac94 No.237850

File: 1565794345259-0.jpg (156.6 KB, 1280x1055, 3.jpg)

Supposedly downed on Sukaik front and pilot captured.

2ac94 No.237851

2ac94 No.237858

File: 1565795793599-0.jpg (97.15 KB, 729x638, 1565700674107.jpg)

2ac94 No.237862

>It is said that the Turkestanis have the pilot

2ac94 No.237866

File: 1565803280387-0.png (60.1 KB, 530x576, 1492980649028.png)

>Big victory in making

2ac94 No.237877

2ac94 No.237879

>Bombing of the southern section of Khan Shaykhun is halted for all the right reasons
I assume the t*rks are leaving.

2ac94 No.237881

woops, supposedly old footage

2ac94 No.237882

File: 1565807754968-0.jpg (59.97 KB, 880x629, EB82495WwAAB4Jk.jpg)

>RPG head pierced the leg of ANA soldier. He survived

2ac94 No.237884

>HTS says #SyAAF pilot shot down over S. #Idlib has 'not been caught yet'. Search continues'

2ac94 No.237890

>Fierce clashes taking place in the western farms of Khan Sheikhoun as regime militias attempt to advance further on the region.

2ac94 No.237894

>Unconfirmed: Fierce clashes in Tall Sayad.

89cc5 No.237898

Quite sure it should be ex airman rather than ex airforce soldier
so did they use a manpad to shoot the jet down? Or did the aircraft got too close to gunfire?

b9d25 No.237903

Oh Shit Oh Fuck

2ac94 No.237904

2ac94 No.237905

>so did they use a manpad to shoot the jet down? Or did the aircraft got too close to gunfire?
We don't know yet.

bbc14 No.237907

what kind of RPG has such a thin head?

bbc14 No.237908

shooter looked like a lesbian. he will probably get raped by some other muzzies in jail

2ac94 No.237909

2ac94 No.237910

bbc14 No.237914

thanks mate

2ac94 No.237921

File: 1565816984961-0.jpg (96.55 KB, 552x1135, damndemocracy.jpg)

2ac94 No.237922

File: 1565817058911-0.png (375.35 KB, 620x840, 1486901326981.png)

no problemo

2ac94 No.237927

>Unconfirmed: Abdeen under army control

80ffa No.237935

Oh shit nigga they're almost in Khan Sheikhoun!

83733 No.237936

File: 1565826122570.mp4 (630.08 KB, 320x580, Syria Idlib - The pilot ha….mp4)

80ffa No.237937

Zaytuna, Kafr Tab, Tal As = FRIEND

80ffa No.237939

Ah shit poor guy's gotta be decapitated. Hope they'll trade him for some jihadi prisoners so he can get back up in his jet and bomb the fucks he was traded for.
Unlikely though. Best of luck pilot buddy!

80ffa No.237940

As-Salam (150m before Khan Sheikhoun, pretty much it's suburbs) witnessing heavy clashes tonight.
Rebels recaptured it.

80ffa No.237942

Acc to RuAF activity yesterday and today jihadis dropped the M5 as a route for reinforcing Khan Sheikhoun.
Now they move from Maarat al-Numan, Kafr Rumah, Kafr Nabel, Kafr Sajnah and Maarat Tayrah. Roughly.

31ea4 No.237943

File: 1565826736397.jpg (29.1 KB, 320x320, 1565801971913.jpg)

>syrian pilots wear adidas sweatpants

83733 No.237945

File: 1565829787127.jpg (113.08 KB, 720x960, EB-KiI-UcAAFHwP.jpg)

AK-104 with a drum, RPG-26 at the position of #Russian special forces in #Syria.

slav takeover complete

80ffa No.237946

Sweet stuff

2ac94 No.238014

2ac94 No.238018

Lots of disinfo about villages captured being spread, i'll hold off on posting anything until more reliable sources post.

89cc5 No.238020

File: 1565866677071.png (952.95 KB, 890x704, ECALGr8X4AEDOGL.png)

>Terrorist media sources report that the militants used a jihad mobile, controlled by a suicide bomber, to attack the positions of the Syrian Arab Army units in the area of ​​Sukayk.

89cc5 No.238021

89cc5 No.238022

R&U videos
>Battles for Syria | August 14th 2019 | Images and updates from Idlib Front

>Report from Douma | August 2019 | Eastern Damascus, Syria


2ac94 No.238023

File: 1565870196053-0.jpg (56.14 KB, 720x405, 3.jpg)

2ac94 No.238033

File: 1565875437332-0.jpg (253.89 KB, 1200x675, ECA12TYWkAAjgku.jpg)

File: 1565875437332-1.jpg (238.93 KB, 1200x675, ECA12TuX4AAEgME.jpg)

HTS SVBIED hit SAA position at Sukayk this morning:

2ac94 No.238035

File: 1565875847526-0.jpg (71.67 KB, 960x720, 3.jpg)

SAA still controls Sukayk.

cd809 No.238037

File: 1565878940805.mp4 (825.23 KB, 400x220, nbYMrB4e_c17P4i6.mp4)

>>Units of the Syrian Arab Army took control of the village of Madai west of Khan Sheikhun.

35bb3 No.238038

File: 1565879447650-0.gif (492.57 KB, 1333x750, Kotel Soon.gif)

File: 1565879447650-1.gif (774.02 KB, 330x620, 1556932015499.gif)

I am loving the progress they're making here.

cd809 No.238039

File: 1565879470314.mp4 (475.29 KB, 480x270, YJhaM5gonI07hD8_.mp4)

cd809 No.238040

>Gibraltar allows Iranian tanker to leave despite US detention request: judge

2ac94 No.238041

File: 1565879857140-0.png (97.59 KB, 612x491, 1495501674835.png)

>Madai west of Khan Sheikhun

cd809 No.238042

File: 1565879930273.png (29.44 KB, 300x250, 1528815011874.png)

thats what gulag translator says

2ac94 No.238043

2ac94 No.238044

File: 1565880117792-0.jpg (178.78 KB, 2740x436, guu.jpg)

Yup, noice.

cd809 No.238045

cd809 No.238056

File: 1565884752213-0.jpg (188.82 KB, 1200x675, ECBUzNlWkAAR-1R.jpg)

File: 1565884752213-1.jpg (206.31 KB, 1200x675, ECBZgNUWsAUGjD-.jpg)

File: 1565884752213-2.jpg (193.61 KB, 1200x675, ECBZgNwXsAAzovO.jpg)

File: 1565884752213-3.jpg (155.65 KB, 1200x675, ECBZgOeXUAAqRSE.jpg)

> #HTS released photos from the battle on Sukayk front (SE. #Idlib).

2ac94 No.238057

File: 1565886123531-0.jpg (47.64 KB, 640x634, 1a7fd319b1d84430b02b9857be….jpg)

This front is a disaster, militants are putting all their eggs in this basket and when SAA lost momentum failing to take tell al-ter'i they became sitting ducks for ATGMs.
Jihadi media are claiming that they've captured the village but no evidence yet.
IMO SAA should retreat and focus on the western front which thankfully is making progress.

2ac94 No.238064

File: 1565891970988-0.jpg (482.3 KB, 2490x1892, planned.jpg)

File: 1565891970988-1.jpg (436.68 KB, 2490x1892, what happened.jpg)

They underestimated the jihadis, used inexperienced manpower and failed.
They could try to charge the town head on without securing the flanks if they're stupid but for now i think they'll just focus on defending Sukayk as long as the jihadis keep launching counterattacks and let the RuAF do some landscaping.

2ac94 No.238069

2ac94 No.238078

File: 1565896215916-0.jpg (560.86 KB, 2819x1903, north.jpg)

Kfar Sejena would definitely be a milestone.

2ac94 No.238079

>Air raids on Nusra and co sites north and northeast of Madaya, especially at Rakaya

2ac94 No.238088

e08eb No.238089

i'm back niggas

2ac94 No.238090

File: 1565898516653-0.jpg (187.94 KB, 1080x607, 3.jpg)

83733 No.238091

File: 1565898570687.jpg (91.09 KB, 604x513, ECCQ0h6XUAI_SDi.jpg)

- News about the #SAA retreat from #Sukayk and Tal Sukayk is not true.
- The #HTS VBIED exploded in the vicinity of Sukayk.
- SAA artillery pounding Abedin and Madaya in north of Habit and Tal Tarei near Sukayk.
- No new changes on military map of the region yet.

2ac94 No.238093


83733 No.238095

2ac94 No.238096

File: 1565899095674-0.png (9.29 KB, 420x420, 1495544100029.png)

>field source: Syrian Army bombards with rocket launchers locations of al-Nusra in the town of Mdayaya and Kafr Sanja and its surroundings northeast of al-Hbeit in Edlib countryside ..

2ac94 No.238100

83733 No.238113

File: 1565902953732.jpg (548.24 KB, 1792x1024, ECCfIB0X4AAJDAK.jpg)

Explosions audible over Homs countryside as result of Syrian air defense engaging targets


#Syria: explosions heard in multiple areas (probably air defenses), but it's the area of #Masyaf which is targeted by missiles.


83733 No.238114

>It will be a huge mistake if the Syrian Army stops at Khan Sheikhoun. The Ghab Plains, Jabal al Zawiya, and the entirety of southern Idlib needs to be captured for starters. Operation should not end until HTS is no more and all foreign fighters are turned to organic compost

>There is no town of Khan Sheikhoun’s caliber and strategic importance until Ma’arrat al-Nu’man. Khan Sheikhoun is southern Idlib’s most formidable line of defense. Good luck to rebels trying to construct any defense line until the Ma’arrat al-Nu’man — Kafr Nabal — Ghab line.

>Khan Sheikhoun…Ma’arrat al-Nu’man…Jabal Shashabo…Saraqeb…Jisr al-Shughour are the keys to breaking HTS. The Battle for Idlib concludes with liberating those cities as a paralyzed HTS will not be able to prevent the fated reconciliation of northern Syria.


2ac94 No.238115

2ac94 No.238117

>A source from the military says the aircraft came from Lebanon

83733 No.238119

conflicting reports
>Still unconfirmed:
>IAF warplanes targeting areas in Homs and Damascus

would make sense for bibi to divert attention from the ilhan ban fallout

83733 No.238122

#UPDATE: Syrian MoD confirms a missile was launched from airspace over northern Lebanon towards Masyaf in northwest Syria, claims it was shot down by Syrian air defences


decoy? iirc they did it last time then an hour later started the actual attack

83733 No.238128

Situation ended for (now)

2 reconnaissance UAVs were destroyed



78f5d No.238133

Looking for another depot to blow?

83733 No.238135

File: 1565904587664.jpg (89.06 KB, 900x548, ECCl-W8WwAAXhd3.jpg)

Reports that Abu Salman Belarus, leader of Malhama Tactical who trained #HTS special forces was killed in northern #Syria

gotta distract the goyim

78f5d No.238136

u w0t m8?

83733 No.238138

File: 1565904871451.jpg (300.82 KB, 770x1080, ECCgbpsXkAANnq5.jpg)

He's a big guy

78f5d No.238141

83733 No.238150

File: 1565908893570.png (263.49 KB, 719x539, ECC00lGWwAACcZu.png)

83733 No.238151

Urgent // # Special // Tigers Army and Armed Forces liberate the hill west Medaya overlooking Abdin
Means to bring down # Abdeen Naria


c81a2 No.238154

All of them got thermal/NV huh

2ac94 No.238156

File: 1565910463168-0.jpg (715.7 KB, 1000x800, 1487115516152.jpg)

I hope it's true.

c81a2 No.238159

Morning will tell for sure, they might be dealing with heavy counter attacks if the capture is true.

2ac94 No.238161

2ac94 No.238162

File: 1565910910027-0.jpg (322.49 KB, 2974x1374, hu.jpg)

83733 No.238174

With the release of Khan Sheikhoun, the means to start the project to reopen the Aleppo-Damascus International Highway and open the Idlib Front on its wide roads and the fall of the first fort of terrorists in Idlib province, in addition to isolating Hama countryside from Idlib.


SyrianRussian Air Force / Syrian Air Force inflict airstrikes on positions of forces of terrorist groups in the vicinity of Serakib.


2ac94 No.238314

File: 1565944760041.jpg (93.84 KB, 960x720, 3.jpg)

2ac94 No.238315

>Nusra raids on Maarat Numan are expected in the next few days (Some elders and dignitaries of the town are in contact with the Syrian state).
>Today is the second day that news is spreading that elders Marat Numan and Sarakeb have agreed to surrender to the Syrian army. We'll see in the next few days

2ac94 No.238316

>Helicopters target terorists the village of Al-Nqair in southern Idlib

2ac94 No.238324

>Commander of Al-Quds Brigade for Sama TV: Al-Latamneh, Morek, Kafr Zita and Latmeen have become almost empty and ready for the entry of the SAA

c81a2 No.238328

>Marat Numan and Sarakeb have agreed to surrender to the Syrian army. We'll see in the next few days
No way this is true. IT would've solved the offensive pretty much with almost whole M5 under army.

2ac94 No.238329

Rumours and as stated, HTS can just arrest the troublemakers.

2ac94 No.238340

pro-HTS twitter claiming they "regained control of Rakaya"
I haven't seen any pro-SAA claims of capturing or even assaulting the town.

2ac94 No.238341

>Panama-flagged supertanker Grace-1 with 2.1 million barrels of crude oil has been renamed to Adrian Darya, will be navigating under the flag of #Iran and will be heading tomorrow towards #Syria.

2ac94 No.238347

>Reports that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham prevented commanders from the 2nd Corps of the Turkish-backed "National Army" from entering Idlib to prepare the deployment of their forces in the ongoing campaign against the regime. Opposition factions continue losing ground to the regime.

2ac94 No.238351

File: 1565965953096.png (804.97 KB, 675x900, ECGLBnDWsAAL2_v.png)

Jihadi tonk in Madaya

2ac94 No.238352

2ac94 No.238354

>Regime Axis Forces are attempting to storm Rakaya Sijnah
lol source

56996 No.238356

Snus any opinion on the recent news about SAA capturing all the hills south of Kabani?

2ac94 No.238357

File: 1565966870190.jpg (38.94 KB, 720x405, 3.jpg)

2ac94 No.238358

File: 1565966974312.jpg (93.92 KB, 453x604, ECE2I39UwAEZB4d.jpg)

Meh, highly unlikely and if it did happen there'd be more reliable sources being hyped.

56996 No.238360

I see. Last week Leith was reporting it. Probably there was some truth to it but most likely they had to retreat

2ac94 No.238362


2ac94 No.238364

2ac94 No.238365

File: 1565968119420.jpg (36.14 KB, 227x227, 1504635792523.jpg)

>Step News is reporting that a Jaish Al-Islam commander told them that they were denied entry of Idlib by HTS.

c81a2 No.238366

File: 1565968517004.jpg (44.3 KB, 899x1080, happy nusrat.jpg)

Ah, el Classico SOON

c81a2 No.238368

When at-Tamani (north of Sukayk) is captured - Khan Sheikhoun will be next for the ULTIMATE KOTEL

2ac94 No.238370

File: 1565969278427.png (186.87 KB, 321x323, 1484743539461.png)

>When at-Tamani (north of Sukayk) is captured

c5883 No.238377

File: 1565970152165.png (621.82 KB, 1013x535, Screenshot_20190809-082833….png)

That guy is a faggot.

2ac94 No.238381

File: 1565970876463-0.jpg (28.84 KB, 960x720, 3.jpg)

File: 1565970876463-1.jpg (38.18 KB, 960x720, 4.jpg)

>5th Corps on their way to the front line

2ac94 No.238382

>Reports of Turkish backed jihadists gathering North of Kafr Sajnah most probably for a counter attack on Madaya
>several gains, combing not yet finished

c81a2 No.238383

File: 1565971043184-0.jpg (38.64 KB, 576x768, ECGBn63XYAISMiD.jpg)

File: 1565971043184-1.jpg (48.71 KB, 720x960, ECGBoWQXsAY7cD8.jpg)

File: 1565971043184-2.jpg (40.51 KB, 720x540, ECGBozNWsAEh8id.jpg)

File: 1565971043184-3.jpg (49.84 KB, 720x960, ECGBpS_XkAAvGSu.jpg)

HTS Tanks, Vehicles Were destroyed by SAA Tiger forces in Idilb CS

c81a2 No.238385

File: 1565971133663-0.jpg (139.74 KB, 720x960, ECDKHqyXoAIDomo.jpg)

File: 1565971133663-1.jpg (121.03 KB, 960x720, ECDKHrxXUAIl81b.jpg)

File: 1565971133663-2.jpg (116.33 KB, 720x960, ECDKHrEW4AEvgYA.jpg)

File: 1565971133663-3.jpg (139.28 KB, 720x960, ECDKHqxW4AIBOTz.jpg)

Meanwhile in Wadi al-Nasara

cd809 No.238386

>Adbeen and Harash Abdeen army cntrl. TF page cnfrmd

cd809 No.238387

>Combing of Abidin finished - fully friend

2ac94 No.238388

>two more locations are being combed

c81a2 No.238390

They're getting ready for the counter attack. Sunset in Syria in ~2h

c81a2 No.238394

I think we've missed it, quite important.
Joint TAF/RF forces patrols in Tal Rifaat started.

c81a2 No.238396

File: 1565971563293.jpg (170.5 KB, 750x768, 2271057_900.jpg)

Source is kinda gay, allegedly SAA's S300 is now functional.

cd809 No.238397

File: 1565971727340.jpg (100.25 KB, 1042x790, ECGmqQDXkAEpusR.jpg)


hopefully ebin gets his pc repaired soon so we get proper map updates

c81a2 No.238401

c81a2 No.238406

Some of today's SAA operations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoK5iCsc4FI

2ac94 No.238408

>Breaking , Abdeen , Mager Hanteh and Harsh Taweleh North Al-Habiet Under SAA Control
Man, this shit is confusing.
"Harsh" is an area with trees (not populated) so the recently added village "Harash" on wikimapia is obviously misnamed.
Abdin on wikimapia and google maps is Khirbat Abdin on geonames so "Harash" could be Khirbat Abdin or Maghar al-Hantah (the name is used on a village west of Maghar al-Hammam) which surely must have been taken earlier if it was where it is on wikimapia.
Now there's "Harsh Taweleh" which i have never seen anywhere… fuck it i'll just post a snusmap based on my assumptions.

2ac94 No.238409

File: 1565973282607-0.jpg (444.67 KB, 2959x1494, generalsnus.jpg)

c81a2 No.238411

Pretty good defensive position. It would be wise to fortify these to reppel country attacks. Meanwhile advance east from that front and simultanously north-west from Sukayk. No point to advance further north when Khan Sheikhoun is waiting.

cd809 No.238414

>#Syria: #HTS detonated moments ago a SVBIED inside Madaya (S. #Idlib). Village was seized last night by pro-Assad forces.

2ac94 No.238415

File: 1565975136461-0.jpg (481.71 KB, 2048x1152, D77Tff5W4AYLsS9.jpg)

>advance east from that front
For some reason the SAA seems reluctant to storm Khan Sheikhoun from the west and this group of SAA is obviously stronger than the one on Sukayk, if GRAD shelling is an indicator of SAA movement, the madmen will try to reach the M-5 north of Khan Sheikhun and force the jihadists to redirect troops from the Sukayk front to stop that.
Pic related, they might even go for Kafr Sejena to secure paved roads to the M-5.
>north-west from Sukayk
Sukayk front failed miserably, i hope those 5th corps reinforcements >>238381 are heading there.

6672d No.238417

File: 1565975784628.jpg (730.61 KB, 2048x1152, 16 8 2019 być może.jpg)

>try to reach the M-5 north of Khan Sheikhun
This is madness. They'll get raped with ATGMs and minefields. They'll be overstretched like a 50y/o Philipino hooker.
I think Sukayk is much more reasonable.
Unless.. Maybe SAA wants to eliminate as much jihadis as possible to destroy HTS, or at least break them. But in this case they have to advance like this anyway, from the Sukayk front..

6672d No.238418

If SAA indeed decides to cut off Khan Sheikhoun from the north, it'll be really bad if jihadis launch an assault on recently liberated areas in the Ghab Plain. They'll simply run out of capable units, because this theoretical operation is quite huge.

2ac94 No.238419

>They'll get raped with ATGMs and minefields
and you think storming Khan Sheikhoun will be any different? Check out what happened on the Sukayk front where the jihadis have the high ground versus inexperienced SAA units with lesser night vision capacity, total ATGM carnage.
>They'll simply run out of capable units
TF is not using all their units yet you know.

f2d06 No.238420

>TF is not using all their units yet you know.
I know Taha and Ass units are deployed. What's left?
>and you think storming Khan Sheikhoun will be any different?
Eh, I know it could be a pain in the ass, but RuAF & MLRS can do the job. Of course both options are hard, I'm not sure which is the worse one.

2ac94 No.238422

Shaheen, Zaydar and Al-Komeet among others.
Mostly Tarmah doing the heavy lifting right now.
>Eh, I know it could be a pain in the ass, but RuAF & MLRS can do the job. Of course both options are hard, I'm not sure which is the worse one.
SAA are much stronger on this axis (night operation capability, experienced troops and commanders), they need Sukayk front to succeed to take Sheikhun, so why not capitalize on the jihadis western front is collapsing and force the eastern front to direct jihadiss to west.

cd809 No.238425

>Magher Hantah was reported as captured before the storming of Habit.

>Map shows Harash Abidin located to south of Abidin. On wikimapia is registred as Harsh and Harash al-Habit.


2ac94 No.238426

We'll see what the next move is, maybe they'll just redirect storming units to Sukayk front and get on with the original plan.

cd809 No.238427

>S. #Syria: two soldiers, probably belonging to 4th Division, were executed today by gunmen near Tell Sheab (W. #Daraa province).

2ac94 No.238428

File: 1565978107128-0.jpg (108.56 KB, 640x470, 1484671620529.jpg)

>Map shows
>military source to me guy maps
If he added the name of what's now Harsh Abdin on wikimapia i would believe it, but he hasn't so it's probably just sloppy work.

2ac94 No.238429

>“No need to get involved in unnecessary urban battles”
Well fuck, did they actually retreat from Madayah like the jihadi social network is claiming…

2ac94 No.238430

File: 1565980333916-0.jpg (35.56 KB, 1344x793, ECHIWaCW4AYLBYW.jpg)

Supposedly the SVBIED that hit Madayah…

2ac94 No.238433

Looks like it blew up in the northern part and pic was taken from the east, water tower visible:

2ac94 No.238436

File: 1565982114456-0.png (31.85 KB, 657x527, 1495927101409.png)

File: 1565982114456-1.jpg (14.64 KB, 696x367, 1288.jpg)

2ac94 No.238443

File: 1565983763340-0.jpg (214.56 KB, 1000x750, 3.jpg)

File: 1565983763340-1.jpg (179.04 KB, 1000x750, 4.jpg)

File: 1565983763340-2.jpg (196.39 KB, 1000x750, 5.jpg)

File: 1565983763340-3.jpg (114.71 KB, 1000x750, 6.jpg)

>The soldiers of the Syrian army in the vicinity of the previously taken village of Abdin in the southeast of Idlib province.

83733 No.238447

File: 1565985041969.jpg (175.09 KB, 1280x720, ECHZpffWwAIQVIR.jpg)

#Syria: Rebels fended off today multiple attempts by pro-Assad forces to advance on #Kabana front (NE. #Latakia).


2ac94 No.238451

File: 1565985483748-0.jpg (633.14 KB, 2500x1854, snooze.jpg)

83733 No.238452

File: 1565985572621.jpg (260.15 KB, 1284x788, ECG32iPW4AA7YFz.jpg)

1577a No.238460

File: 1565990654861.jpg (679.14 KB, 2500x1854, 1565985483748-0.jpg)

Two variants + confirmed air sorties

2ac94 No.238464

The Madaya-Kafr Dun-M5 prong would be an ATGM death trap from Kafr Sejena, there's no paved road and no village to fortify, might aswell storm Khan Sheikhoun from Tell Aas because that wouldn't be defendable.

83733 No.238467

File: 1565992642391.jpg (208.24 KB, 1351x596, ECH1vgLW4AE1wzA.jpg)

Battle of Idlib - Front of West Khan Sheikhoun
Syrian Army forces take control of Khirbet Abdeen, Mughr al-Hanta, Harsh and Tal al-Arjhi northwest of Khan Sheikhoun

83733 No.238468

Rebels sources….Rebels groups repelled a saa who attempted to infiltrate the village of Shelyut, north of Hama.

Syrian Arab Army extends control over 112, 225 and Zuwaiqat mountains towards Jisr al-Shughur
the environment of Kabani


2ac94 No.238469

File: 1565993050605.png (567.19 KB, 493x438, 1491487795387.png)

Silly Abu Hajaars, there's only one way to avoid the kotel and that's hopping in your jihadmobile and taking the M-5 north.

2ac94 No.238472

Wait a minute, "a saa who attempted to infiltrate the village of Shelyut". Am i just tired or did someone put psychedelics in my food?
Who the hell posted this?

1577a No.238473

File: 1565993863421.jpg (51.21 KB, 620x878, .jpg)

The Syrian Civil War is strong in you, Young Padawan

1577a No.238474

>Silly Abu Hajaars, there's only one way to avoid the kotel and that's hopping in your jihadmobile and taking the M-5 north.
Wait, wait, wait, this way they'll blow up Maraat al-Numan))

2ac94 No.238475

File: 1565994105079.jpg (35.09 KB, 480x360, 1491584576143.jpg)

Green bus to Germoney when

2ac94 No.238477

File: 1565994407933-0.jpg (100.36 KB, 1334x750, 3.jpg)

File: 1565994407933-1.jpg (130.74 KB, 1334x750, 4.jpg)

File: 1565994407933-2.jpg (115.53 KB, 1334x750, 5.jpg)

File: 1565994407933-3.jpg (108.98 KB, 1334x750, 6.jpg)

>today’s SVBIED attack against a Syrian loyalist position inside Madaya in S. Idlib countryside

2ac94 No.238478

>Just a reminder, there are 50,000 Syrian soldiers around greater Idlib that haven’t lifted a single finger yet. So far the operations have been carried out by small select groups. Battle didn’t start yet; we will see after Khan Sheikhoun.

1577a No.238481

Now well.. Well that's quite a news for me.
50.000? Really? Seems unreal. But the part:
>So far the operations have been carried out by small select groups.
That I can agree on.

2ac94 No.238483

>50.000? Really? Seems unreal
The overwhelming majority are just there to defend and not to advance, there's 100's of kilometers of frontline after all.
The SAA could brute force their way into Idlib by opening the entire front without precision RuAF support but that would drastically increase casualty rates.

1577a No.238484

>The SAA could brute force their way into Idlib by opening the entire front without precision RuAF support but that would drastically increase casualty rates.
Yeah sure that makes sense. I mean I'm drunk anyway, but it's obvious precision air sorties/grid zone MLRS + "special forces" is to reduce the casualties. As you pointed out it's dumb to rush the front with literally guys with AKs without support.
I just find it weird that there's half my country's army at the front after these many years of war.

2ac94 No.238485

File: 1565996609118-0.gif (645.6 KB, 512x481, 1496435777074.gif)

>I just find it weird that there's half my country's army at the front after these many years of war

1577a No.238486

File: 1565996918709.jpg (2.17 MB, 3500x2546, .jpg)

1577a No.238489

Literally on 100km frontline there's SAA soldier every 2 meters. I call bullshit and shenanigans.

95f81 No.238498

File: 1565999990000.png (207.58 KB, 400x328, f1eba7cd655faa5b4575c77f19….png)

America doesn't give a crap about Syria.

2ac94 No.238577

The frontline is not 100km.

2ac94 No.238580

>Militants panic over Kafrsajna and say that it is in danger

cd809 No.238596

R&U videos

>Battles for Syria | August 16th 2019 | Images and updates from Northern Hama Idlib Front


>Russian airstrikes on jihadi targets in Syria | August 2019


cd809 No.238597

>Turkish Agency:

Turkish military source confirms Turkey's readiness to intervene militarily to protect Idlib if negotiations fail in the coming hours ..

>this refers to factions of militants who have not let Turkish militants from the so-called NFL fight the Syrian army in southern Idlib


cd809 No.238599

>Intense clashed reported between #SAA and Ansar al-Tawheed in the vicinity of Sukayk village, S Idlib CS

cd809 No.238600

>#Abu_Kamal: Unidentified aircraft has targeted an pro-assad checkpoint in the outskirts of Abu-Kamal today, Deir ez-zor province.

cd809 No.238601

>Lots of reports that a checkpoint was airstruck in Bukamal, leading to Iranian deaths. I’ve not heard back from anyone on this, but it’s entirely possible it happened. Though with the positions of more valuable targets known I’m hesistant to believe just a checkpoint was bombed.

cd809 No.238602

File: 1566059577144.mp4 (1.88 MB, 352x640, jmdPSCrW4IjSlpwM.mp4)

>#Syria: reinforcements belonging to Ahrar Sharqiyah (part of Turkish-backed National Army) coming from #Afrin/#EuphratesShield areas reached Greater #Idlib to face pro-Assad Offensive on S. front.

cd809 No.238603

File: 1566059717596-0.jpg (151.54 KB, 1200x675, ECLd4qsWwAE6YKk.jpg)

File: 1566059717596-1.jpg (159.85 KB, 1200x675, ECLd4sRWsAA9Gea.jpg)

File: 1566059717596-2.jpg (125.19 KB, 1200x675, ECLd4roXoAIE6gt.jpg)

File: 1566059717596-3.jpg (206.63 KB, 1200x675, ECLd4s_WsAETh8w.jpg)

>#Syria: photos from Sukayk front (SE. #Idlib) where Fateh Mubeen & Incite the Believers Op. Rooms joined their forces to counter pro-Assad Offensive.

2ac94 No.238606

File: 1566061584085.jpg (89.24 KB, 1257x592, 3.jpg)

>SAA in Abidin

2ac94 No.238607

File: 1566061763682-0.jpg (56.13 KB, 960x540, 3.jpg)

File: 1566061763682-1.jpg (112.17 KB, 960x718, 4.jpg)

>Training of NDF units in Qamishli

2ac94 No.238610

File: 1566063636823-0.jpg (149.52 KB, 714x960, 4.jpg)

File: 1566063636823-1.jpg (68.81 KB, 714x960, 5.jpg)

File: 1566063636823-2.jpg (65.65 KB, 714x960, 6.jpg)

File: 1566063636823-3.jpg (51.66 KB, 714x960, 7.jpg)

Caves in Abidin with a turkish treasure inside

cd809 No.238615

>A Russian position in Tel Rifaat has apparently been hit by artillery fired by TFSA forces.

>According to ANHA, 3 shells have hit a Russian position amongst shelling by both Turkey and their backed groups


cd809 No.238616

>Interview with #Syria|n Hezbollah fighter cc. ongoing Offensive in S. #Idlib: "if you follow the statements of the Russians in the past 2 days, they have affirmed that the raids they have carried out do not conform with the advance on the ground & the cost has become exorbitant".

cd809 No.238617

> interview w/a member of the Hezbollah-affiliated Special Force in Syria. Includes some critical comments on Russian role in Syria & restriction on Hezbollah participation in the Idlib operations

1577a No.238618

Eh still heavy losses on Sukayk front. Landmines, sniper fire, ambushes.

cd809 No.238619

>ISIS ambush kills several Syrian soldiers near Palmyra
BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:35 P.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIS) carried out a new ambush along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway this week, targeting a Syrian military convoy as it was traveling east from the ancient city.

According to a local report, the Syrian convoy, which was comprised of mostly military personnel from the National Defense Forces (NDF), were traveling along this roadway when a group of Islamic State terrorists ambushed their troops.

The report added that a number of soldiers were killed or wounded as a result of this Islamic State ambush.

Since the start of 2019, the Islamic State has carried out several attacks against the Syrian military and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in eastern and central Syria.

The Islamic State has resorted to ambushes and terrorist attacks to wreak havoc across Syria; this has even stretched as far as the Idlib Governorate, where the terrorist group’s sleeper cells have remained active.

cd809 No.238620

>A Russian soldier was injured in Tal Rifat after a Russian military point was targeted by three shells by the Turkish occupation and his armed /mercenary factions.
The arrival of Russian military reinforcements to Tal Rifaat after the bombing of the point
Afrin act network

cd809 No.238621

>During the 24 hours on the Sukayk axis, 24 of our soldiers and 80 militants were killed during the fighting

cd809 No.238622

>Turkish army will not withdraw from the observation points, even in the worst case scenario -A Turkish officer in Idlib

cd809 No.238624

File: 1566069802319-0.jpg (154.3 KB, 1200x824, ECMXZyrXsAAd4gh.jpg)

File: 1566069802319-1.jpg (156.44 KB, 1200x824, ECMXZzTXkAIQNaK.jpg)

>#Syria: after Eastern factions from #Afrin/#EuphratesShield areas sent reinforcements to counter pro-Assad Offensive, National Army also started to send heavy weaponry to Greater #Idlib (a 1st).

cd809 No.238625

>Shelling has expanded to Ziwan, Tel Mudiq, and Nirbiya.

efe4d No.238626

>Actually significant if true

Iraq Closes Airspace Even To US Coalition Flights After Suspected Israeli Raid

In what is a severely under reported but perhaps the most alarming development out of the Middle East this week, Iraq's government has said it's ready to down any aircraft violating its airspace amid a blanket ban on 'unauthorized' flights not specifically approved by the prime minister's office. Military Times reported the day after Iraq closed its airspace on Thursday:

U.S. military officials in Iraq will now seek out Iraqi approval before launching any air operations, a move made a day after that nation’s prime minister announced a ban of unauthorized flights, including those involving coalition forces fighting ISIS.

Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi called for an end to all “unauthorized flights” including US drones, spy planes, jets, or helicopters on Thursday. The directive demanded that all aerial vehicles comply with Iraqi law and operations must be under Iraqi government authorization.

The US Coalition on Friday issued a statement saying that it is ready to comply with the order:
>The US-led Coalition says it is complying with an order by Iraq's Prime Minister banning airspace access to international aircraft [following a recent claimed US or Israeli strike on an arms dump near Baghdad, which killed a civilian and destroyed c$100m of munitions]

The drastic Baghdad decision came after on Monday a massive blast ripped through a neighborhood in the city, which Iraqi officials believe was the result of an Israeli strike on a pro-Iranian militia ammunition depot.

The resulting fire had raged throughout the day not far from the 'Green Zone' and sent mortars and exploding munitions across the city, resulting in the death of at least one civilian and wounding of nearly 40 others, many of them children. The weapons base reportedly belonged to the pro-Iran Kataib Sayyid Al-Shuhada militia, and an estimated $110 million worth of munitions were wiped out.

“The prime minister ordered to revoke all special flight permits in Iraqi airspace for reconnaissance aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft with weapons, fighters, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles of all kinds available to the Iraqi and non-Iraqi sides”, an official Iraq government statement said after an Iraqi National Security Council meeting this week.

“All authorities are required to comply with this order. Any flights that violate this regulation will be considered an aggression, which our air defense will immediately respond to,” the statement added.

While there's been no official government statement out of Baghdad confirming an Israeli jet or drone was behind the attack amid an ongoing investigation, Iraqi militia commanders and military leaders were quick to name Israel, and not for the first time (prior recent 'mystery' explosions at Iran-backed militia bases have also been blamed on Israeli). “We believe that the US and Israel were behind these explosions,” one Shiite commander told Arab News.

Indeed even Israeli media has been source of widespread speculation that Israeli planes have been conducting raids in Iraqi airspace of late. All of this also comes as Iraq's parliament has increasingly voiced anger and frustration at the continued US troop presence even after the Islamic State has been defeated.

efe4d No.238628

2ac94 No.238630

>Madaya targeted by jihadists using Grad rockets
>Huge jihadists counter attack imminent.
There better not be a hidden Russian-T*rkish agreement…

2ac94 No.238638

>Reports that Turkish-Backed Faylaq Al-Sham have sent massive reinforcements to Idlib,including Tanks and Rocket Launchers and Armored Vehicles

2ac94 No.238640

>Fierce clashes erupted between SAA and jihadists at Madaya

2ac94 No.238643

I wouldn't be surprised if SAA pulls back to Hoabit during this upcoming counteroffensive…

2ac94 No.238644

>Iraqi Air Defense Command plans to upgrade their platforms in 2019 and 2020 with new radars and missile batteries. Also expressed that the defense budget is enough to purchase S-400 if any negotiation for Patriot falls through.

2ac94 No.238645

In light of the latest Israeli/US airstrikes, new talks will be had.

2ac94 No.238649

>Brigadier-General Yahya Rasool: Any flight outside the approval of Abdul-Mahdi will be dealt with as hostile aviation

2ac94 No.238651

File: 1566075097953.jpg (105.52 KB, 1080x717, ECMyKJmXYAA9GPj.jpg)

Is this the same T-72 but with added track-cover?
It was in Hama months ago

2ac94 No.238652

>Breaking , SAA Tiger forces capture the west Farms of Khan Shekhon .. Storming going on
Well then, this was unexpected.

2ac94 No.238654

>NW farms of Khan Sheikhun under SAA control.

2ac94 No.238656

File: 1566075552031.gif (896.98 KB, 224x233, 1502553538580.gif)

>Following the capture of the Khan Sheikhoun Farms, the Syrian Arab Army began storming the nearby town of Rakaya and hilltop of Tal Nar.
>Preliminary reports say that the Syrian Army is already in control of Tal Nar; however, this has not been confirmed by the military yet.

b6d8c No.238657

Looks exactly the same.

2ac94 No.238658

With the reports of Rakaya and Tal Nar in mind, i assume the "farms" is actually this:
Mazra't = farm

2ac94 No.238659

This area and road was used to fire at Madaya with technicals during the SVBIED attack, visible in the Images and updates from Northern Hama Idlib Front video at the 3:23 minute mark here: >>238596

2ac94 No.238660

2ac94 No.238661

Could be a standardized NLF T-72 modification but i doubt it.

2ac94 No.238664

File: 1566077536834.jpg (570.43 KB, 2819x1903, north - Copy.jpg)

Skeptical about Tal Nar (red circle) to be honest…

2ac94 No.238665

>Al Faqeer Military Checkpoint has been vacated by jihadists amid SAA push towards Khan Sheikhun. Relentless Ru and SyAAF airstrikes propelling SAA advance.

2ac94 No.238666

>The farms are located just south of the Tal (al Nar).
Further corroborating my theory.
Further proof

2ac94 No.238668

>Message from our field correspondents: The Syrian army and allied forces occupies the strategically important height of the Naar, located in the vicinity of the M-5 "Hama - Aleppo" highway and Kafr Sejena
Even ANNA news reporting it, muy bueno.

b6d8c No.238671

Whoa, the madmen will be in Idleb City in the morning hours at this rate!

2ac94 No.238672

File: 1566080077706.gif (1.9 MB, 500x281, 1513308083217.gif)

>Syrian Army didnt capture Tal Al-Nar

b6d8c No.238673

Wait, military source to me: guy is spreading misinformation right? I believe ANNA on this one.

2ac94 No.238674

>military source to me: guy is spreading misinformation right
He has no reason to but he has done similar denials before things are officially announced in the past…

56996 No.238676

File: 1566080922008.jpeg (31.58 KB, 900x506, ECNIIdlWsAAnZJi.jpeg)

2ac94 No.238678

56996 No.238679

Oh nevermind then. Thanks for checking out snus

2ac94 No.238681

File: 1566081303754.png (14.99 KB, 240x304, 1516568575242.png)

is ok fren

b6d8c No.238685

Military source to me :

Many Khan Sheikhoun farms captured, east of Madaya, MLRS&arty working non stop, mainly north.
Tell Nar is enemy. Under heavy shelling.
From a source in Idleb CS.

2ac94 No.238686

File: 1566082880012.jpg (40.88 KB, 747x788, 1510926253159.jpg)

>A cook stationed with the SAA in Kernaz (yes, it is a serious source lol) has denied that Tal al-Nar is under the army
it was too good to be true.

2ac94 No.238688

>Syrian Army (is) Storming Tal Al-Nar
>tfw fake news leads to the army actually doing it to not get humiliated on faceberg
or it was preliminary reports of SAA preparing to capture it getting misunderstood
ooor fake news again

b6d8c No.238689

File: 1566083280475.jpg (28.86 KB, 400x400, hmm (2).jpg)

Here's what probably happened:
>fuckhuge shelling as always
>SAA assault group storms the hill and capture it
>Twatter is spreading news it's captured wow amazing no way cool nice
>12 guys that captured the hill got killed by jihadis
>military source to me : Tell Nar is enemy

2ac94 No.238690

File: 1566083448579.jpg (36.78 KB, 854x570, DaDaxU7WsAETSeI.jpg)

b6d8c No.238693

Yusha made a fair point:
>controlling Tell Nar means jihadis have to evacuate from Rakaya, fire control over some of the supply routes to Khan Sheikhoun from the NW and direct fire control over Kafr Sajnah.

b6d8c No.238695

Seems that Khan Sheikhoun is effectively besieged, Nusrats announced the town "war zone". https://twitter.com/nm79797979

2ac94 No.238697

They need to capture at least Rakaya tonight and Kafr Sejena in the morning since the hill has no height superiority over Kafr Sejena and barely any buildings to cover in.
They won't be able to fire control anything if their heavy weaponry are out in the open when the sun rises.

b6d8c No.238698

>since the hill has no height superiority over Kafr Sejena and barely any buildings to cover in.
Right, I've been just checking satellite and topo maps. True.
>They won't be able to fire control anything if their heavy weaponry are out in the open when the sun rises.
100% agreed buddy.

b6d8c No.238699

Anyway military source to me : Tell Nar = friend. Minute ago.

2ac94 No.238700

Video supposedly from the hill, observing artillery hitting the M-5 highway.
It's surprisingly silent besides the arty impacts.

2ac94 No.238701

File: 1566085451520.png (185.07 KB, 452x336, 1488484047429 (1).png)

>1.5 KMs around the hill are now secured
>And some ‘reliable sources’ just announced the hill as captured
>And we’ve been fortifying the hill since two hours
>I mean dude are you using internet explorer or what?

b6d8c No.238702

Huh. Really weird. I doubt it's from the hill really. It's quiet, nothing's going on maybe the hill didn't witness heavy fights after all and rather skirmishes? Dunno what to think about it.

b6d8c No.238703

File: 1566085660484.gif (1.52 MB, 200x200, 1537219519889.gif)

>1.5 KMs around the hill are now secured
Ekhm, that means Kafr Sejena and Rakaya are captured, which is plain retarded.

2ac94 No.238704

File: 1566086002596.jpg (70.76 KB, 720x469, 1522664790628.jpg)

I don't know man, i don't know.

2ac94 No.238705

Oh well, i'll get some shut eye, hoping there's good news in the morning.

b6d8c No.238706

Same cya

b6d8c No.238707

83733 No.238710

This breach at Kafr Sajnah is a massive development. Tal al-Nar exposes Jabal Shahshabo, Jabal al-Zawiya, and Ma’arrat al-Nu’man’s western countryside. Looks like the party is about to start.


2ac94 No.238800

>Video: More reinforcements are moving from #Aleppo countryside to #Idlib (National Army)
Latest ANNA News

2ac94 No.238801

File: 1566134298289.jpg (74.58 KB, 1013x1072, 1501016716295.jpg)

Rakaya and Kafr Sajnah still not captured and zero imagery from Tal al-Nar, I'm getting worried here.

ebbe6 No.238802

File: 1566134719283.jpg (178.14 KB, 949x960, 1551640503376.jpg)

If all stays quiet into the night they might launch an assault on Khan Sheikhoun maybe.
Tal al-Nar situation is weird. Either they didn't secure the hill, or army wants to perform a large operation without jihadis knowing. In the area of the hill of course.

ebbe6 No.238803

>Syrian Arab Army units took control of the farms of Kfaridoun and Al-Sabaghiya in the area between Mudaya and Kafarsejneh in the southern Idlib countryside and were able to monitor the road of Khan Sheikhoun -Kafarsejneh amid continued fighting with armed gangs on the axes north

ebbe6 No.238804

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:35 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is within one kilometer of the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun in southern Idlib, a military source told Al-Masdar News this evening.

According to the source, the Syrian Arab Army’s advance this evening has put them in position for a potential attack on Khan Sheikhoun.

Led by the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army was able to capture the Khan Sheikhoun Farms this evening after resuming their offensive in the southern countryside of the Idlib Governorate.

At the same time, the Syrian Army has begun storming the nearby town of Rakaya and the hilltop of Tal Nar, which are both located northwest of Khan Sheikhoun.

If the Syrian Army does storm Khan Sheikhoun, it will be from the city’s western axis, as their advance to the eastern flank of the city has currently been forestalled by the jihadist rebels near Sukayk.

The jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Rouse the Believers launched a big counter-offensive on Saturday morning to retake Sukayk.

While they were unable to retake Sukayk, they did manage to retake some points north of the town.

2ac94 No.238808

>If all stays quiet into the night they might launch an assault on Khan Sheikhoun maybe
An assault on Khan Sheikhoun wouldn't make sense if they haven't secured the surroundings of Tal al-Nar
We'll see tonight i guess.
This guy is not a good source, he makes up alot of shit based on unconfirmed reports by literal who sources.

2ac94 No.238827

2ac94 No.238829

Supposedly they're Faylaq al-Rahman (Ghouta faction).

2ac94 No.238832

File: 1566149821687.jpg (51.97 KB, 1280x1160, ECRIA0sWsAEbcvl.jpg)

Supposedly a SVBIED that went off on Kafr Dun.
Topographically it looks like it is Kafr Dun (it's on a hill) but the silhouette in the background makes no sense.

2ac94 No.238833

It's Kafr Dun alright, pic taken from northeast, the coastal mountain range in the background.

2ac94 No.238836

I read unconfirmed reports of SAA trying to advance to Tell Al-Ter'i on the Sukayk axis today after a hiatus but no reported gains. Perhaps SAA has brought in additional reinforcements and are making another push to take Tamanah.
Haven't seen any reports of airstrikes in the area but the radicals seldom report airstrikes outside of towns.
Busy night for reporters i hope.

efe4d No.238837

Looks more like clouds.

2ac94 No.238838

File: 1566152121197.jpg (307.12 KB, 2104x1398, kkk.jpg)

2ac94 No.238839

Weird clouds.

2ac94 No.238841

2ac94 No.238844

>Reports of gunfire from Khan Sheikoun now due to jihadist infighting
Doubt but hilarious if true.

2ac94 No.238846

Interview with Hezbollah-affiliated "Syrian Special Force" member says political matters restrict resistance axis factions from participating in the Idlib offensive.
>Iranians will not leave Syria in this state with the Russians (in charge), and they will assume responsibility for the entire Idlib operation with weapons, equipment and ammunition, and even the soldiers on the ground. And in this state of affairs Hezbollah will come down to the Idlib battle.
This is just plain silly, even if Hezbollah & co aren't involved in the offensive, the Idlibeans still see SAA as shiites.
The offensive could've been so damn dope if Iran AND Russia cooperated like in the good old days…

2ac94 No.238847

>Tensions brewing between NLF and HTS. Supply trucks destined for NLF were stopped by HTS at Khan Sheikoun. Clashes therefore erupted between some factions over there. Meanwhile NLF has blamed HTS for recent defeats at Hama/Idlib axis.

2ac94 No.238848

>Air strike targeted a terrorist convoy in Urem Al Kubra, Aleppo which resulted a massive explosion, it was even heard in the eastern streets of Aleppo city
No GRAD rockets for Hama)))

2ac94 No.238849

>Reliable Sources are confirming that Regime Axis Forces are about to enter Khan Sheikhoun,and have captured Al-Faqeer checkpoint at its entrance

2ac94 No.238850

>SAA has entered the first neighborhoods of Khan Sheikhoun from the west

2ac94 No.238851

>Regime Axis Forces are attempting reach Dharat Al-Nimr,north of Khan Sheikhoun and cut the M-5 road

2ac94 No.238852

>Jihadists withdrew from western neighborhoods of Khan Sheikoun

2ac94 No.238854

>Military source to me man: Breaking ,SAA Tiger forces Start Storming #KhanSheikhoun

2ac94 No.238857

File: 1566159185436.jpg (101.32 KB, 1583x890, ECRzW_6W4AMmHYD.jpg)

Two Turkish UAVs in air now
Moment of truth

2ac94 No.238860

>Khan Shaykhun:“Supposedly there won’t be much of clashes, but it will be filed with all kinds of traps, which us luck”

2ac94 No.238861

>SAA ground units now having direct fire control over M5

b4a47 No.238862

File: 1566161043505.jpg (120.16 KB, 1212x1203, 1546538019741.jpg)

>>Reports of gunfire from Khan Sheikoun now due to jihadist infighting

b4a47 No.238863

>making another push to take Tamanah.
We can only wish for that. Sukayk front is almost as bad as Kabani. I hope if they do launch a large op in there, they'll put safety of our lads on top priority. I don't really want to see another video of decapitating SAA boys.

b4a47 No.238867

File: 1566161482502.jpg (18.51 KB, 298x382, al putladen.jpg)

Direct control of M5 means aviation can focus on other things, since arty can pound the wannabe reinforcements.
With this development >>238854 assault on Khan Sheikhoun seems viable, yet risky. Booby traps, suicide bombers, tall buildings, prolly lots of tunnels/caves/basements. It's not Raqqa or Worst Ghouta, but it's not going to be quick and painless for the lads.
Busy night for reporters?!

b4a47 No.238870

It's quite possible the assault will take place tommorow rather than today.
Obvious eastern approach isn't so obvious. Striking from the north is possible as well, the farms and CS is captured.

bce42 No.238874

Just level the fucking place into a parking lot, and make a statue of a Barrel Bomb. Fuck that town

b4a47 No.238878

SAA is advancing on 3 fronts :
From Faqeer Checkpoint (NW) , Salam checkpoint (W) and towards Nimr checkpoint (N) .

b4a47 No.238879

Well, SANA went completely quiet. That's more than obvious that SAA is inside the town.

b4a47 No.238880

>Militants are fiercely resisting the Syrian Army’s advance at the southeastern flank of Khan Sheikhoun. Tal Tari is still congested, but the army has yet to crack the militant lines.

2ac94 No.238937

File: 1566204883219.jpg (71.99 KB, 634x634, 1565713848709.jpg)

wtf is going on

56996 No.238942

File: 1566206697668.jpg (32.38 KB, 480x640, 2897f7a2f4bd3ebb5727cdd2a5….jpg)

>Exclusive pic from Khan Sheikhoun

2ac94 No.238943

>The reports are false, the Turkish military convoy is still around Hesh town and is unable to move due to the Syrian army shelling on the area.

56996 No.238944

>The reports are false, the Turkish military convoy still around Hesh town and is unable to move due to the Syrian army shelling on the area.
>Sources said that Turkey is going to give up on Khan Shaykhun, instead, they want to establish a military post on the M5 highway just between Maart Numan and Khan Shaykhun to prevent the Syrian army from advancing north any further.


Even if such thing happened what would stop SAA from koteling it like they are doing now with the one in Morek?

2ac94 No.238945

Good question.
Stubborn fucking roaches.

2ac94 No.238946

>Turkısh warplanes are heading to Idlib for secure to TAF convoy.

cd809 No.238947

Was there some news of the Turkish convoy getting hit or something? Or is this a separate incident

>One of the commander of Faylaq Sham who was accompanying Turkish Army convoy has been killed by an airstrike. 2 others injured.


cd809 No.238948

>Turkish army reportedly arrived Khan Shaykoun to establish new obs. point. Meanwhile heavy battles still ongoing in the NW part of the city.

2ac94 No.238949

Syrian airstrike hitting the Faylaq dudes escorting the convoy was the incident.

cd809 No.238950

>Syrian airstrike hitting the Faylaq dudes escorting the convoy was the incident.

too accurate of a stike to be Syrian airforce though

cd809 No.238954

File: 1566211536167.jpg (132.46 KB, 1049x1200, _87020856_gettyimages-5140….jpg)


78f5d No.238959

Top (Gun) tier bantz.

cd809 No.238960

File: 1566212408770.mp4 (123.21 KB, 360x270, VVGxQKEXifq56Kea.mp4)

>While #Turkish F-16 are flying over #Idlib, the #Assad regime again striked or shelled the highway at Hish in order to prevent the Turkish convoy from reaching Khan Sheikhoun.

cd809 No.238961

>If the regime keeps preventing Turkish military convoy, Turkish army will respond with militarily - local news agencies reporting

2ac94 No.238973

Latest ANNA News now translated:

2ac94 No.238976

>Nimr barrier under control
>Syrian Army units control the Tigers Hill, the Syriatel Hill, Harsh Al-Khan and Wadi Al-Fateh in the vicinity of Khan Sheikhoun.
Not gonna try finding Syriatel, but here's the stuff:

2ac94 No.238977

File: 1566218924249.jpg (319.43 KB, 1924x1105, khn.jpg)

I assume this is Wadi Al-Fateh

2ac94 No.238978

Ay yo hol up, according to geonames and mapcarta, Wadi al-Fateh/Fattah is south of Tel As
They both use the same database so it must be an error.

2ac94 No.238980

>Video of vehicles that were targeted on Aleppo-Damascus international road earlier today
Check out that hole in the road lmao

2ac94 No.238986

File: 1566223589313.png (393.86 KB, 537x734, 1.png)

2ac94 No.238988

>I spoke to Idlib residents, incl rebels & opposition commanders to try to understand what's behind this collapse.
>The main reason appears to be simply exhaustion: the rebels have been subjected to thousands of airstrikes. At least 2,000 rebels have been killed since late April.
>2 weeks ago jihadist cleric Muhaysini said the opposition lost 1,600 fighters, probably an under-counting. Since then, the number of rebels killed has grown by the hundreds. Idlib is home to tens of thousands of rebels, but many of them have little recent fighting experience.
>The fighting experience of some factions is lobbing rockets & manning checkpoints. The brunt of Idlib front-line fighting is being shouldered by Jaysh al-Izza, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and some sub-factions of the National Liberation Front. Attrition in their ranks is immense.
>Only this week, "fresh" experienced fighters were dispatched to Idlib - jihadist factions moved forces from Lattakia to the Skayk-Tel Tar'i front-line, halting regime progress there.
>Only this week HTS concluded a deal w/ the Turkish-backed National Army (SNA) to enter Idlib.
>Some of the SNA factions recently underwent training in Turkey, but they have not fought without Turkish air cover for years. They're useful for fire support, tho.
In short: the opposition does not have enough experienced fighters on the front-lines to make up for fast attrition
>2 explanations to rebel losses commonly heard among Syrians are wrong, imo:
>1) Iranian-backed forces joining the fight: no public evidence exists for this opposition claim (such as "martyrdom" notices)
>2) A supposed deal between Turkey & Russia to hand over parts of Idlib in exchange for SDF areas: no evidence exists for this either & Russia doesn't get to decide the fate of SDF areas, the US does. Turkey also did not prevent SNA fighters from going to Idlib & provides ATGMs.
>This theory is incredibly prevalent among Syrians residents incl rebels (I've heard it from all rebels with whom I spoke except HTS fighters). It possibly affects their morale and willingness to fight. Now that Turkey dispatched new convoys, this perception may change.
>The rebels are much more reliant on the population now that support has been reduced/cut off by foreign backers. Weapons are still coming from Turkey, but salaries are laughable (NLF fighters get 50 Turkish Lira per month, $30), meaning families finance their sons' fighting

2ac94 No.238989

File: 1566225508723.jpg (70.88 KB, 960x540, ECVtavmWwAAMxx5.jpg)


2ac94 No.238991

Sukayk front has been active for hours now, no reported gains, but SAA are on the offensive.

2ac94 No.238993

>BREAKING Putin tells Macron Russia backs actions of Syrian army in Idlib

83733 No.238994

File: 1566234029111-0.png (518.13 KB, 720x540, ECWQgJyWsAAhYU8.png)

File: 1566234029111-1.jpg (73.24 KB, 720x960, ECWOYA8XYAMSdHR.jpg)

File: 1566234029111-2.png (508.76 KB, 823x593, 1566233740750.png)

File: 1566234029111-3.jpg (120.67 KB, 960x720, ECWOYBSW4AIKFyp.jpg)

Tigers of the Syrian Army from al-Nimr hill north of Khan Sheikhoun in the southern countryside of Idlib

2ac94 No.238995

83733 No.238999

#SAA crossed the M5 Damascus Aleppo highway from the west to the east, north of Khan Shaykhun

The effort now is to capture more high/ground on the eastern bank of the highway, the political pressure on #Turkey is increasing regarding their post in Morek in #Hama CS.

Terrorists in #Idlilb are shelling #Khmemeim AB with Grad rockets


2ac94 No.239000

File: 1566235238077-0.jpg (3.91 MB, 2271x1247, RuGqQhE.jpg)

File: 1566235238077-1.jpg (490.08 KB, 2048x1152, 4.jpg)

Peto is back niggaz

2ac94 No.239002

>ISIS and NDF & Liwa al-Quds are clashing around the village al-Taybah in Homs. Difficult circumstances for the pro-government forces as they need more support to fight ISIS in this region
>Frustration is getting even bigger upon hearing the news that reinforcements are arriving in Dara'a to deal with the insurgents in this region, while next to no reinforcements are arriving in the al-Sukhnah area

83733 No.239003

File: 1566237638533-3.jpg (236.33 KB, 1279x913, ECWR1QBXoAUVOZw.jpg)

File: 1566237638533-4.jpg (241.66 KB, 1576x1331, ECWcY1OU8AAO09Z.jpg)

Geolocation of #Turkish military convoy near Maarat al-Numan (معرة النعمان), #Idlib.


2ac94 No.239004

File: 1566237876478-0.jpg (82.62 KB, 640x638, 1504736941041.jpg)

>tfw SAA will be able to green bus the turkish army soon

2ac94 No.239005

>Arab Nationalist Guard ATGM training on live TIP jihadist in Kabana hills #Latakia

2ac94 No.239007

2ac94 No.239009

2ac94 No.239015

>Rebels sources claim that Khan Shaykhoun under regime control
>SAA forces reportedly captured #KhanSheikhoun City
>Khan Shaikhoun liberated by Syrian Army

2ac94 No.239016

>According to reports Kafr Zita, al Buwayda, Marakaba all evacuated and empty now after complete collapse at Khan Sheikhoun

78f5d No.239017

File: 1566246717981.png (37.69 KB, 660x330, 1520899230883.png)

Holy shit it's a total fucking collapse of the jihadis lines.
And it's beautiful.

2ac94 No.239018

>Just now. Rebels completely withdrew from Kafr Zita town. Also all non HTS units withdrew from Khan Sheikon city
>FSA groups also starting to leave Lataminah HQ, the biggest base in north #Hama province. Airstrikes have stoped, except on HTS units in Khan Sheikoun
>Government troops (#NDF, Syrian army & Hezbollah(yeah right lol)) completely captured Kafr Zita town & all barriers around it. FSA Rebels withdrew from Lataminah & all areas in north

2ac94 No.239019

>Khan Sheikhun is not fully captured by the Syrian Arab Army yet. But the jihadist forces are fleeing
>Syrian Army secures Uthman ibn Affan mosque in northwest part of the city.
>SAA Combing operation southward in city districts is reported. Nothing confirmed yet but we should as(k) the Turks in Morek for a field update
>Militants are retreating from the city of Khan Sheikhun.
>Army didn't enter the city.
>- reporter with army

2ac94 No.239021

2ac94 No.239022

Conflicting reports here, seems T*rkey controlled militias are leaving (hence why pro-NLF/TSK media is reporting it's all lost already) whilst HTS and other radicals remain.

2ac94 No.239025

>The Syrian Army enters the city of Khan Sheikhoun and controls Al-Karawan Gas Station, Petrol Station, Osman Mosque and its surroundings, Al-Sayyadi Mosque and its surroundings and besieges a whole group of rats inside it.

2ac94 No.239026

>The reporter lied a little.
>Most of the city under Army control.

56996 No.239027

File: 1566249656132.jpg (65.4 KB, 600x517, file.jpg)

cd809 No.239028

>#Syria #Hama #Idlib
Utter confusion and chaos among jihadists at N Hama front after collapse of Khan Sheikoun, reports of abrupt withdrawal of jihadists from many areas including Kafr Zita. Russian Airforce meanwhile unleashing hell onto the jihadists from sky

56996 No.239029

>Unconfirmed: 3 Russian soldiers have been captured alive by the rebels in the vicinity of Khan S.


Imagine the COPE

78f5d No.239030

File: 1566249843164.png (269.16 KB, 737x562, 1528986647761.png)


2ac94 No.239035

File: 1566250067882-0.jpg (27.06 KB, 327x382, 1491901617012.jpg)

2ac94 No.239038

>Rebel telegram and twitter is a mess. They’re now claiming a Russian cruise missile barrage is hitting Khan Shaykoun.

cd809 No.239040

File: 1566251833995.jpg (85.7 KB, 1200x675, ECXR1kZWwAEYiVj.jpg)

cd809 No.239046

>Intel suggests that the terrorists are about to launch a counter attacks against #SAA in #Idlib from two axes:

From Arynbeh towards Abdin
And from Al Tama’anah toward Sokayk.

2ac94 No.239048

File: 1566256789886-0.jpg (541.17 KB, 2497x1677, huhh.jpg)

With the Hama salient and Morek roach lair soon to be out of the game, some "Turkish News agency" reported earlier today that "A Turkish officer in the region said that two obs. points will be established between Morek & Shahshbo mountain".
The t*rks are stubborn donkeys so i don't doubt for a second that they'll keep this "observation" charade up, not to mention that the t*rks brought construction equipment to southern Idlib:
Any guess where they'd lay their next nest?
My money is on Hish or Ma'arr Zita and Al-Tah.

2ac94 No.239049

File: 1566257613547-0.jpg (161.42 KB, 1024x757, 4.jpg)

>While all attention is focused on KhanSheikhun in Syria, Hizam alAmni(backed by UAE) surrounded the police&security forces headquarters in the Abyan province.
>Conflicts are spreading in Abyan & more troops are being dispatched to Zinjibar city.
>Southerners wants the South!

2ac94 No.239051

File: 1566259384225-0.jpg (6.27 KB, 184x184, 1496933071078.jpg)

>We talked previously about HTS media known tactic: creating a fake battle then claiming a victory
>So bout Khan Shaykhun, until now there’s no Ops. Inside the city, and we won’t say more than that regarding area
>Khan Shaykhun became a virtual battle rather than a tangible one.
I chose not to believe this.

2ac94 No.239057

File: 1566267123449-0.jpg (129.04 KB, 1280x720, ECVFUeqWwAAajKE.jpg)

The uighurs wrecked a tank at the same spot as the bulldozer on the top of Jabal Al-Zuweiqat today.
Why they aren't dropping thermobarics on this place is beyond me.

2ac94 No.239058

>News about the ambush of regime forces inside Khan Sheikhoun is not true as well as the reports of the capture of three elements is also incorrect.
>The battles rages on the northern axes of the city of Khan Sheikhoun under heavy aerial and missile shelling accompanied by air strikes of warplanes, helicopters and thermal reconnaissance
>One of the activists who published the news of the fall of Khan Sheikhoun talked to him in private and asked him if he was sure or not, unfortunately told me clashes are still going on in the city but about to fall
>The regime no longer need to control the entrances of villages and towns to cut off supplies, unfortunately spy planes are doing the job and this is what made the capabilities of the factions restricted

2ac94 No.239059

SAA should bring in some houthis to the Kabani front imo

203f7 No.239060

Well I'm just back from a musical and I think posting it is as random as the Ansar Allah in Latakia wish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKjA1EUqRXI
Allahu ackbar

203f7 No.239141

Hahahaha whole Lataminah, Kafr Zita, Khan Sheikhoun is done, suck it jihadi fucks

78f5d No.239144

File: 1566301050193.jpg (179.71 KB, 948x828, 123458768769.jpg)

That really hits me where I live!

027f6 No.239149

File: 1566303540848.png (15.12 KB, 600x600, .png)


027f6 No.239150

At-Tamanah heavy bombardment+helicopters, I think SAA will assault it tonight, RuAF and SyAF active all day.

027f6 No.239151

>Any guess where they'd lay their next nest?
I'd say somewhere south to Maarrat al-Numan. They must be aware everything else is lost.
Other guess would be Kafr Nabel.

027f6 No.239152

>Turkısh FM Çavuşoğlu: Turkey will not withdraw from TAF’s observation points especially Morek No9 OP.

027f6 No.239153

Lavrov: we maintain red line contact with t*rks all the time (and bomb them from time to time huehuehueehu)

027f6 No.239154

Oh wow, Lavrov officially admited there's RF ground forces in Idleb province.

2ac94 No.239155

File: 1566305068033-0.jpg (74.72 KB, 960x960, 1502140944283.jpg)

027f6 No.239161

File: 1566306581622.png (533.53 KB, 873x658, fashion houthi.png)

Wazzup SadSwede

2ac94 No.239164

Tired of the fake news.
Won't post anything until there's pictures.

027f6 No.239165

File: 1566306942917.jpg (160.82 KB, 1000x750, ECaX_9iWsAEpr0-.jpg)

ANNA is in Khan Sheikhoun with the Tigers.
Best and confirmed news will be released in some time. With video verification. G*d's work Ruski boyz.

027f6 No.239166

Eh, with classical warfare goes the information warfare. Following the conflict from the comfiness of our comfy countries and sofas makes us obviously unable to check the shit on the ground. But with got the sofas. And the coffee.

2ac94 No.239168

File: 1566307260044-0.jpg (49.92 KB, 1024x435, 4.jpg)

File: 1566307260044-1.jpg (126.9 KB, 715x960, 5.jpg)

File: 1566307260044-2.jpg (450.18 KB, 2253x1833, kab.jpg)

SAA's view of Kabani, years apart.

21915 No.239169

File: 1566307493035.jpg (3.22 MB, 4160x3120, 2019-08-20 15.23.50.jpg)

I've recently discovered this ginger flavoured drink and it's fucking tasty as fuck (confirmed, proof in pic)

027f6 No.239170

File: 1566307636977.jpg (38.22 KB, 350x483, budang.jpg)

They could ATGM the shit out of this village with that view. Ruskies with 12,7mm could snipe too.

2ac94 No.239171

Yeah but fake news on frontline changes often get corrected in a day or so, there's been three days of "90%" captured and "0%" captured claims from both sides, incredibly tedious.
Optimistic side of me says Tigers aren't entering because the t*rks want to leave and has forced Russia to hold off.

027f6 No.239172

>there's been three days of "90%" captured and "0%" captured claims from both sides
I think it's confusing like this because there's pretty much 5 parties engaged in this battle.
Ruskies, Turks, SAA, moderate jihadis, not-so-moderate jihadis.
Ruskies stay pretty quiet other than recent Lavrov's statements. Turks go full propaganda&diplomacy. SAA is spreading misinformation with occassional information. Both types of jihadis are spreading missinformation with occassional information.
It's confusing as fuck, I know. We can do literally 99% guesswork - which makes no sense. It's just kind of fun to speculate and be proven right later.
In 2-3 days ANNA will release full documentation of the op and everything will be clear.

2ac94 No.239173

For sure but the uighurs are on the mountains mostly and for some reason SAA are too cowardly to climb the mountains and clearing them out.
The mountains are too entrenched for regular arty to clear out and Russia aren't dropping thermobarics.

027f6 No.239174

>and Russia aren't dropping thermobarics

2ac94 No.239176

You're right, the obvious shadow politics going on is just frustrating as fuck.

2ac94 No.239177

Burka Idlibeans aren't happy with Golani

78f5d No.239178

>ginger falvoured
Soulless desu.

31ea4 No.239179

File: 1566308985786.png (190.96 KB, 1228x1150, 1565717376173.png)

027f6 No.239180

Rozhin is claiming TAF F-16 wanted to down the SAA plane that bombed the convoy but Su35 pursued the TAF F-16. Interesting if true.

027f6 No.239181

Oh and he claims since the beggining of the offensive (around 3 weeks now?) jihadis lost 1500 people, 250 technicals and 37 tanks.

027f6 No.239182

Pretty good Khan Sheikhoun overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aoX_It1Lss

78f5d No.239183

BTW, a bit off-top. Anyone knows if we're getting season 2 of Chernobyl for real?
4 radiation stations in the Motherland went dark after that "nothing" happened.

027f6 No.239184

Rosatom issued a statement, it's somewhere on TASS. There's tons of technical details in the press conference on RIA too. I think it's only in Ruski though.

78f5d No.239185

I'll look into it.
Baking new rn.
Gonna use that pic Pingustan asked for earlier.

78f5d No.239187

8f6ee No.239419

Accurate prediction, tbqh.

8f6ee No.239423

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