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File: 1565128251850.jpg (496.87 KB, 1076x1377, Screenshot_20190806-174725….jpg)

593d6 No.235243

I created a group on minds.com to help promote /mlpol/

d1b57 No.235248

Nice. What exactly is minds?

dce42 No.235250

Twitter without all the left-wing bias. Not exactly right-wing, but it holds a fairly politically neutral stance for now.

758a1 No.235252

Do I get to bring friends?

8c9cc No.235276

We should also advertise on some of the forums listed here: https://www.whoiswhite.com

0b93d No.235310

I used Minds for a while but got bored of it. Also, I suspect the "boosts" which supposedly enable users to spread content don't actually do jack shit. Maybe using Minds as a group might be more effective, though.

593d6 No.235324

File: 1565150281853.jpg (154.81 KB, 670x1024, RNFetchBlobTmp_27897df181h….jpg)

Ive been using it pretty steady since 2015, the boosts work
Posting in "groups" is the only effective way to grow on the site
-fashington post
Are great (very active) groups

593d6 No.235325

File: 1565150377792.jpg (390.35 KB, 1076x1054, Screenshot_20190806-195759….jpg)

I made a new friend

593d6 No.235327

File: 1565150489835.jpg (276.64 KB, 1080x1089, Screenshot_20190807-000048….jpg)

My profile has 1 Million Views

d1b57 No.235331

08901 No.235332

I'm disappointed they don't list us under "forums," particularly since we're a whole lot /safer/ than 4 or 8Chan.
Also, >Haaretz

Hey, that's bretty gud

d7688 No.235337

File: 1565152266868.png (48.5 KB, 986x500, wiw.png)

Use Tor to visit this link.

593d6 No.235341

File: 1565152778432.jpg (233.36 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20190807-003820….jpg)

Even though the tokens are virtually worthless, the psychological reward mechanism is awesome

593d6 No.235342

File: 1565152939057.jpg (205.67 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20190807-004056….jpg)

If im actively shitposting dank memes I cant easily score 5 tokens a day…

593d6 No.235344

File: 1565153134560.jpg (372.6 KB, 1080x1146, Screenshot_20190807-004444….jpg)

This is about as "Free speech" as we can ask for…lol

39e58 No.235348


c3db7 No.235359

More of a Gab man myself.

9d843 No.235439

Does /mlpol/ have a gab?

30bd6 No.235448

I don't really use gab so idk…

30bd6 No.235450

The minds app has some censorship
(Google play's fault)
But the website has none

30bd6 No.235493

File: 1565186928121.jpg (418.41 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20190807-085350….jpg)

I created some rules

fd623 No.235801

Not that I am aware of

5d606 No.235803

>does /mlpol/ have a gay gab?

e0078 No.235898

File: 1565274209120.jpg (357.34 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20190808-101918….jpg)

These guys right here:
These guys are based

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