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File: 1564890126824.jpg (127.14 KB, 640x800, 3a8367f0ded3a39430ea8967c6….jpg)

98c36 No.234178

maybe i am late with this but i haven´t seen the series in a while and today this episode of 3rd season was full against communism everywhere and using fashwave/retrowave neon colors too. So much references for nerds and also my little pony and politics:


image not related

98c36 No.234179

File: 1564890413448.png (671.11 KB, 594x794, STRANGERTHINGSPONY.png)

98c36 No.234180

98c36 No.234181

File: 1564892120298.png (743.54 KB, 1228x664, commies&KIKElings.png)


5:56 my litle pony teach you about pipe bombs and the dangers of race mixing. LOL

98c36 No.234182

98c36 No.234183

so in the shadow world everything is a little different and shady…


98c36 No.234184

if you ponify Stranger things…

then Erica will be a ZEBRA that likes to watch my little human and hate Starligh Glimmer communist town ponies (that are the ones trying to open the portal mirror to equestria girls universe) LOL

cec6b No.234212

Gosh it is so sad to see a thread so empty where OP replies to themselves. Did they make a custom G1 style pony just as merch for the show? What?! And they call that AppleJack? Urm… Is AppleJack a pokemon because that like being a shiney.

Sorta surprised regular /mlp/ didn't talk about this when the episode hit. I watched it a while back and noted the back pack when it hit the floor and was chuckling like "omg really, mlp", but then really was like "OMFG" with the whole 'MlP theory' scene.

So we all nerds now?

13061 No.234213

You can tell this artist draws vore just from the mouths

e7b85 No.234228

I can't look at poners that have a certain amount of fluff and angular faces, because I associate them with furries.

d9c7f No.234245


not much traffic in mlpol.net . but i don´t care, i was posting as things came to my mind and i forgot to post in first place.

Also the sries is based in 1985 and that g1 MLP stuff. When people enter the "shadow realm " like the world behind the mirror, things are a shadow of the former stuff. so Apple Jack is that color.

abcb3 No.235265

abcb3 No.235288

File: 1565140641772.png (613.53 KB, 851x468, stranger_things_AJ.png)

Just realized the box has the phrase about MLP !!! :D cool !!

abcb3 No.235289

File: 1565140928842.jpeg (87.66 KB, 600x886, 2071866.jpeg)

080d8 No.235305

File: 1565146443790.gif (35.43 MB, 738x434, Giving Imgur night mares s….gif)

d076c No.235364

File: 1565157511062.gif (7.83 MB, 450x246, oh shit.gif)

>35 MB GIF

3a880 No.235565


wait, princes Molestia! lol

is that a gif version of >>234182 ?

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