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File: 1563325931698-0.webm (15.55 MB, 740x540, bf06a631768d1d827a271f17b….webm)

File: 1563325931698-1.webm (6.41 MB, 640x512, 2f60061fe2937b872015547f9….webm)

File: 1563325931698-2.webm (6.02 MB, 1920x1080, d4800cbd73dd28f0a31e0b870….webm)

File: 1563325931698-3.webm (15.55 MB, 854x428, 4174b3aec1b2e432c058c0e19….webm)

9a872 No.231271[View All]

We haven't had one of these in a while so I figured I'd make one. I'll start with a bunch of stuff I got from /pone/ and other places. Feel free to post pol, ponies, or whatever.
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b1319 No.242733

File: 1568647029178.webm (6.99 MB, 320x240, Life Support, Dr Rudi's a….webm)

b1319 No.242734

File: 1568647224097-0.mp4 (3.35 MB, 484x360, Eat less Dr Rudi-h-jy3OtZA….mp4)

File: 1568647224097-1.webm (9.31 MB, 352x264, Life Support - Dr Rudi - ….webm)

File: 1568647224097-2.mp4 (6.51 MB, 480x360, Life Support 101 Dr Rudi….mp4)

File: 1568647224097-3.mp4 (9.82 MB, 640x358, Life Support Dr Rudi Domes….mp4)

File: 1568647224097-4.mp4 (6.24 MB, 540x360, Life Support Dr. Rudi's Ad….mp4)

5e91c No.242738

File: 1568655341806-0.webm (2.6 MB, 848x480, BikeGOD.webm)

File: 1568655341806-1.mp4 (1.11 MB, 960x1184, nigger_traffic_light.mp4)

File: 1568655341806-2.mp4 (910.63 KB, 640x274, cant_run_away_card.mp4)

File: 1568655341806-3.webm (11.34 MB, 1280x720, helper_quest.webm)

Source on the first video?
t. gib-saucefag

03b18 No.242755

File: 1568667989719.mp4 (9.11 MB, 640x360, ss marschiert in feindesla….mp4)

it's the song "ss marschiert in feindesland" in organ

1ae81 No.242761

File: 1568673390491.jpg (46.31 KB, 600x600, 4-SzMax.jpg)

>SS organ
I'm speechless.

5e91c No.242821

File: 1568737712768-0.mp4 (2.66 MB, 1280x720, JC_Brenton.mp4)

File: 1568737712768-1.webm (4.21 MB, 640x360, TF2_Robotnik_promotion.webm)

File: 1568737712768-2.mp4 (539.3 KB, 640x640, simpson_oblivion_rest.mp4)

Thank you, fren! It's so beautiful I just couldn't live without the whole thing

03b18 No.242901

File: 1568811987123-0.webm (3.19 MB, 1280x720, TopKek.webm)

File: 1568811987123-1.mp4 (7.98 MB, 480x360, steamed cunts.mp4)

File: 1568811987123-2.webm (6.42 MB, 592x444, 8chins.webm)

File: 1568811987123-3.webm (11.82 MB, 600x400, died for jews.webm)

File: 1568811987123-4.webm (7.23 MB, 320x240, hackers-on-steroids.webm)

721fa No.242907

>webm 2
Why isnt the video upside down?

03b18 No.242911

File: 1568823003731-0.webm (3.86 MB, 506x900, aussie snake.webm)

File: 1568823003731-1.webm (4.07 MB, 640x360, Can't Win.webm)

File: 1568823003731-2.webm (3.06 MB, 640x480, Beautiful Morning in Chri….webm)

File: 1568823003731-3.webm (1.32 MB, 648x360, straya.webm)

File: 1568823003731-4.webm (3.62 MB, 264x480, hard-working-strayans.webm)

it must be kiwi

721fa No.242918

>Webm 1
That gives a new meaning to trouser snake
>webm 2
Dylan should be pardoned
>webm 3-5
Fuck, i love Oceania.

d0e22 No.242929

File: 1568830880287-0.webm (7.48 MB, 1920x1080, Archival 101 - Downloadin….webm)

File: 1568830880287-1.webm (1.82 MB, 608x1080, Aussie bogan drives in bi….webm)

File: 1568830880287-2.webm (15.54 MB, 640x360, PMV - Appleloosan Psychia….webm)

File: 1568830880287-3.webm (5.92 MB, 1280x720, PTSD Glimmer (from pone)-….webm)

File: 1568830880287-4.webm (13.39 MB, 640x360, [YTP] Good Old P.U.-rG_Ue….webm)

03b18 No.243120

File: 1568992090907-0.webm (7.72 MB, 600x400, the saints.webm)

File: 1568992090907-1.webm (2.96 MB, 640x360, poway.webm)

File: 1568992090907-2.webm (3.21 MB, 640x360, oy vey shut it down.webm)

File: 1568992090907-3.webm (1.56 MB, 1368x768, swedistan jews.webm)

File: 1568992090907-4.webm (3.66 MB, 640x360, hitler 14 years.webm)

58da6 No.243159

>Third video
So true, so needed.
The Jewish menace must be dealt once and for all.

79199 No.243387

File: 1569202568956-0.mp4 (386.78 KB, 854x480, The Coons are Coming!-fSRb….mp4)

File: 1569202568956-1.mp4 (445.32 KB, 854x480, Archie Bunker knows a thin….mp4)

d0e22 No.243676

File: 1569307385252-0.webm (23.36 MB, 854x480, Am I Being Detained! Tape….webm)

File: 1569307385252-1.webm (14.52 MB, 1280x720, Rainbow dash-sail pmv-E1E….webm)

File: 1569307385252-2.webm (2.78 MB, 1920x1080, shipping ponies (SFMPony)….webm)

File: 1569307385252-3.webm (3.51 MB, 320x180, That one Skype contact.webm)

d0e22 No.243697

File: 1569330318182-0.webm (14.38 MB, 320x240, Boys Beware - Homosexual ….webm)

File: 1569330318182-1.webm (11.66 MB, 1280x720, Dio's Bizzare Pony Advent….webm)

File: 1569330318182-2.webm (14.12 MB, 854x474, GNU_STALLMAN QUEST-Dn8gea….webm)

File: 1569330318182-3.webm (6.14 MB, 854x480, [SFM] My Russian Pony 'Di….webm)

Here's the full version

f7190 No.243703

File: 1569334058507.jpg (53.44 KB, 640x1136, sweetie-belle-crusaders.jpg)

>second clip
>Pony Town
Big mouth vs. Applejack kick.

03b18 No.243731

File: 1569354099931.mp4 (2.87 MB, 854x480, jolly pol anthem.mp4)

thanks anon

d0e22 No.244593

File: 1569580494514-0.webm (1.61 MB, 1440x1080, A Relatively Simple Matte….webm)

File: 1569580494514-1.webm (16.75 MB, 1920x1080, FURRY APOCALYPSE-xrJVZZLv….webm)

File: 1569580494514-2.webm (7.88 MB, 640x360, INSTALL GENTOO (DO IT FAG….webm)

File: 1569580494514-3.webm (5.53 MB, 640x480, Move your body-7048410033….webm)

File: 1569580494514-4.webm (15.41 MB, 960x540, Need For Speed in Real Li….webm)

f5d1f No.244605

File: 1569583188711.png (26.52 KB, 709x523, _fursecution_2_by_morshu90….png)


ab801 No.244632

he got my vote

58da6 No.244716

File: 1569611863013.mp4 (17.95 MB, 854x480, Take Your Countries Back.mp4)

>Take Your Countries Back.

f5d1f No.244717

No way that's real. i wish it was though.

6f9e4 No.245471

File: 1570132328508-0.webm (14.74 MB, 1296x1080, Ashes-9f9Xc8j7vSc.webm)

File: 1570132328508-1.webm (14.73 MB, 640x480, Experiments in the Reviva….webm)

File: 1570132328508-2.webm (14.39 MB, 960x540, MLP -FIM [Animation] 'Pon….webm)

5a303 No.245476

File: 1570139458608.png (765.55 KB, 1867x2131, 1038322.png)

#2 is beyond sickening.

f0705 No.245477

I remember seeing that video on "Google Video" before they bought YouTube. It is truly heartbreaking and have marked me for life.

03b18 No.245483

File: 1570142112147-0.webm (10.55 MB, 800x400, Battlefield 1 (ONE) Revie….webm)

File: 1570142112147-1.webm (8.35 MB, 640x360, int Sings Ievan Polkka.webm)

File: 1570142112147-2.webm (1.52 MB, 640x360, Meanwhile in Ireland.webm)

File: 1570142112147-3.webm (9.93 MB, 640x480, FlutterPie is Blue.webm)

File: 1570142112147-4.webm (13.58 MB, 640x480, Flutter Girl.webm)

i feel mixed about the video, on one hand we could revive anyone that has died, as long as they were perhaps frozen and not completely torn in half we could revive them but i would imagine old age would eventually kill them, but on the other hand this goes against the laws of nature and you would have created a sort of Frankenstein monster

bdc23 No.245508

File: 1570148158583.webm (525.21 KB, 720x480, 1566004376799.webm)

The actual problem is that long periods without bloodflow is the deterioration of the brain. Plus all the other stuff the rest of the body produces to keep everything healthy.

I don't think it would be all that pleasant.
Head in jars futurama style is possible. So is a robot body controlled by a human mind.
An actual think tank for a human (biological it doesn't have to be human) powered computer. This is old stuff.

Hooking togther brains, controlling machines, ect.
Reality is far more terrifying then fiction because it doesn't have to make sense.

I'm expecting a supercomputer with a quadcore mice cpu in the future.

fd579 No.245605

You assume that the human mind is as malleable as a computer, in terms of programming. The human mind, however, will always come with centers of the brain for processing sensory inputs, action outputs, biological functions, internal comprehension, and other things which aren't needed for a computer. Those things take up the vast majority of your brain as well, which is why humans are functionally useless at mathematics compared to even low-power calculators. We are built expecting that we need to rely on statistical games and significant amounts of adaptation to get around the fact that we don't have infinite processing power or information. All animals have this "problem".
By the time it will be fixed, it will be more economical to keep using regular electronic/quantum computers.

03b18 No.245618

File: 1570258959816-0.webm (9.61 MB, 800x480, Faux YTPMV - Unreal Super….webm)

File: 1570258959816-1.webm (7.07 MB, 640x480, BetaPony.webm)

File: 1570258959816-2.webm (9.53 MB, 600x480, Appletastic Spring.webm)

File: 1570258959816-3.webm (2.36 MB, 640x360, Applejack sings the song ….webm)

File: 1570258959816-4.webm (7.26 MB, 1280x720, Geothermal.webm)

6f9e4 No.245643

File: 1570285624505-0.webm (15.61 MB, 640x360, Different Life of Guardia….webm)

File: 1570285624505-1.mp4 (9.27 MB, 1280x576, MC Jarbo - My Girlfriend's….mp4)

File: 1570285624505-2.webm (9.49 MB, 640x360, Pony Town Animation - Ser….webm)

File: 1570285624505-3.webm (15.13 MB, 320x240, Small Town 1950s Case Stu….webm)

03b18 No.245691

File: 1570333034465-0.webm (4.19 MB, 540x360, Masked Pony.webm)

File: 1570333034465-1.webm (7.9 MB, 600x360, DRAGONPIE.webm)

File: 1570333034465-2.webm (8.53 MB, 600x480, Sweet Computer Filly.webm)

File: 1570333034465-3.webm (8.55 MB, 480x360, AppleJack Tylenol.webm)

File: 1570333034465-4.webm (11.92 MB, 1280x720, _Ponyworld Revolution_ポニー….webm)

58da6 No.245695

File: 1570335972864.jpg (141.14 KB, 1111x927, 1996.jpg)

>Fourth video
>Agitator negro family moves into a White neighborhood knowing damn well the disturbance will cause.
>Whites bite the bullet because the government threaten them with violence if they resist.
I wonder who was behind the idea and funded it.

03b18 No.245875

File: 1570429580492-0.webm (17.4 MB, 540x360, Friendship is Serious Bus….webm)

File: 1570429580492-1.webm (4.51 MB, 854x400, Pink Pandemic.webm)

File: 1570429580492-2.webm (5.88 MB, 600x480, Mega Mare X Storm Pegasus.webm)

File: 1570429580492-3.webm (6.48 MB, 640x360, Lavender Ponyville.webm)

File: 1570429580492-4.webm (5.45 MB, 640x480, Hold My Pony.webm)

03b18 No.246053

File: 1570511828097-0.webm (18.52 MB, 600x360, Celestias Fantasia.webm)

File: 1570511828097-1.webm (2.26 MB, 640x360, Fasten My Little Ponies.webm)

File: 1570511828097-2.webm (6.14 MB, 640x360, Something Like Fans On Th….webm)

File: 1570511828097-3.webm (12.27 MB, 1280x720, CutieMarkCrusaders.webm)

File: 1570511828097-4.webm (7.66 MB, 640x360, Corridors of kindness.webm)

08fd5 No.246295

File: 1570656396342-0.mp4 (2.53 MB, 540x360, TrixieYes.mp4)

File: 1570656396342-1.webm (6.13 MB, 480x360, Avast Fluttershy's Ass.webm)

08fd5 No.246566

File: 1570766933663-0.mp4 (9.69 MB, 1280x720, Play Like Pinkie Pie.mp4)

File: 1570766933663-1.mp4 (13.96 MB, 1280x720, Shine Like Rarity.mp4)

08fd5 No.246568

File: 1570767129190.mp4 (10.61 MB, 1280x720, Uh Uh.mp4)

Earth Pony Twilight

d9f97 No.246864

File: 1570905292163-0.webm (13.42 MB, 640x360, High Hopes _ PMV Collab-D….webm)

File: 1570905292163-1.webm (2.49 MB, 294x240, Postman Pat.webm)

File: 1570905292163-2.webm (756.3 KB, 960x540, Revolution of our time.webm)

File: 1570905292163-3.webm (14.66 MB, 426x240, The Young Turks Election ….webm)

File: 1570905292163-4.webm (14.99 MB, 426x240, The Young Turks Election ….webm)

087eb No.246875

Is this a meme or something?

d9f97 No.247054

File: 1571018521128-0.webm (15 MB, 640x360, China Uncensored - South ….webm)

File: 1571018521128-1.webm (13.23 MB, 1920x1080, I just dont care.webm)

File: 1571018521128-2.mp4 (5.46 MB, 638x360, MLPTST July 10th 2009.mp4)

File: 1571018521128-3.webm (6.54 MB, 1920x1080, Nachos.webm)

File: 1571018521128-4.webm (8.22 MB, 1920x1080, [SFM] Turn back time-HJ_0….webm)

It's the future if G5 leaks are accurate

f6d62 No.247167

song name?

03b18 No.247176

darude sandstorm

08fd5 No.247321

Running joke on /pone/ from before that leak.
Will Calls (Diplo Remix)

f6d62 No.247375

Thanks friend.

b46c8 No.247406

b515a No.247504

File: 1571310965345-0.webm (7.39 MB, 1920x1080, CNN Media Coordinator sta….webm)

File: 1571310965345-1.webm (14.58 MB, 960x540, Different View of Harmony….webm)

File: 1571310965345-2.webm (15.97 MB, 1920x1080, Make it a surprise [Anima….webm)

File: 1571310965345-3.webm (10.88 MB, 1920x816, The producers - Goodbye -….webm)

File: 1571310965345-4.webm (1.11 MB, 720x480, Thriller with Bat Ponies ….webm)

58da6 No.247506

>third video
The cutest thing.

b515a No.247644

File: 1571414773869-0.webm (14.46 MB, 360x640, Scam Callers Threaten Ape….webm)

File: 1571414773869-1.webm (15.56 MB, 640x360, Surviving in a war zone ….webm)

File: 1571414773869-2.webm (15.99 MB, 640x360, 子馬又-Ks_vmipVDrE.webm)

b515a No.247841

File: 1571516764612-0.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, Donald J. Trump - FAKE NE….webm)

File: 1571516764612-1.webm (556.45 KB, 1280x720, More or Less MLP Season 9….webm)

File: 1571516764612-2.mp4 (2.97 MB, 1280x720, Shino-1183530272987500549.mp4)

File: 1571516764612-3.webm (1.61 MB, 854x476, Taco Tuesday Simulator-yt….webm)

File: 1571516764612-4.webm (39.38 MB, 1920x1080, Welcooom to the Clop Zone….webm)

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