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File: 1560667597834.png (61.27 KB, 500x370, mlpolhype.png)

6e52b No.225857

The /pol/eague starts in 5 days. There are 373 Gametips for PES 18. ITT gibs ideas for /pol/ or /mlpol/ related gametips to be submitted to /pol/eague administrators
>Hitler did nothing wrong!

06e52 No.225858

File: 1560667919674.jpg (70.2 KB, 369x600, Hail derpy.jpg)

16aab No.225860

>Protip: Removing all griffon referees makes a game 20% more fair

8f572 No.225906

>Nobody expects the Bra7il1an Inquisition

5cde2 No.225926

Did you know: Despite being only 13% of the population, zebras account for more than 50% of all rhymes in Equestria

2cce4 No.225974

Or really anything from here would be good https://vocaroo.com/i/s0lY9BvFM4Qd

f9d31 No.225976

I like where this is going. How about “violent rhymes” which ties in with the idea of poner innocence and violence in general being absolutely verboten.

834e3 No.225977

File: 1560768209111.png (400.4 KB, 1280x720, aryanneflag.png)

41b16 No.225983

"Where we're you when the 4cc burned Boris's apartment down"

5f024 No.225986

Please note, ideas for in-game chants are also needed

0172e No.226039

File: 1560814284112.png (1.47 MB, 1376x1075, 1105844292718.png)

Draw happens in 30 see what teams are up against which at the end of it.

0172e No.226046

File: 1560817339761.png (182.87 KB, 720x540, draw.png)

5f024 No.226066

We get /tcr/ and yang-gang? And /sg/ gets /leftypol/? This should be fun

5f024 No.226128

Thursday is the deadline for any Gametip submissions to appear on Saturday

5f024 No.226129

Also, in-game chants must be in .mp3 format

8f572 No.226134

Good to know. Currently still trying to come up with player descriptions. Got one for (((Griffons))) and Honk Ponk, now.


They're mean, they're ugly, they hate each other only slightly less than they hate everypony else. They're greedy, they love money so much they once continuously stole each other's gold until they left their kingdom destitute. And their beaks…if there was any doubt as to which species had earned the right to be called "The Kikes of Equestria", it was cast from our minds the moments these disgusting, talon-rubbing, money-grubbing, happy merchant cat-birds where formally introduced to us.

Honk Ponk:

There are many of us these days who have fallen into the dark pits of depression. It is easy to see why, as it feels as if every step forward we make is pushed backwards by two. That is why it is important to remember that in this crazy clown world we live in, where logic and reason no longer applies, we should not take ourselves so seriously, lest we lose ourselves to the blackpills that are constantly forced down our throats. It is easier with cute colorful ponies, especially when the cutest and most colorful of them all is the literal Element of Laughter.

Remember, Anons: giggle at the ghosties, and suddenly they no longer seem as scary as they once were.

5f024 No.226139

File: 1560875679597.jpg (74.29 KB, 600x646, CwNCWMC.jpg)

10/10 anon. All that's left is Moonmare, Reichs Alicorn, and Dixie Jack from starters, and FRIENDSHIP IN THE WATER IS TURNING THE FREAKIN' CHANGELINGS GAY, Horsepill, and Windmill of Friendship
Revisions of existing bios is also welcome

8f572 No.226149

Shit, just noticed a typo I made in the bio for (((Griffons))). The "where" at the end of the bio should be changed to "were".

Also, got one for Dixie Jack:

Ah dunno 'bout y'all, but Ah'm gettin' mighty sick an' tired 'bout them fancy-schmancy Can-ter-lot unicorns tellin' us hard workin' Earth Ponies what we can an' can't do. Us Apples 'ave been workin' these here orchards fer generations now, so Ah think we know a might bit more 'bout apples an' apple farmin' than those city slickers. Ponyville is an Earth Pony town, through an' through, an' over here we do thangs the Earth Pony way, just as we always have ever since Granny Smith first helped ta found this place. We ain't gon' take it no more! Equestria was founded on cooperation 'tween all three pony races, not on unicorns tellin' everypony what ta do an' how ta do thangs their way. An ya know wha'? Ah say we go back ta those days. We are Earth Ponies, an' ain't no unicorn gon' tell us what to do any more!

cd67e No.226155

Might suggest this old pasta
>I remember the exact moment I became fine with crotchboobs. In the fall of 2014 i was looking at an e621 picture of a wonderful mare named Blitzstar, which had both the crotchboob and boobless versions. I looked at the comments of the crotchboob version and a couple commenters said things like "crotchboobs? gross" far more commenters said to these "what is wrong with you? Crotchboobs are natural." And so from that night on I appreciated the natural.

edee3 No.226231

a0890 No.226236

what happened?

6aa1b No.226237

File: 1560939474667.mp3 (965.67 KB, Vocaroo_s0lY9BvFM4Qd.mp3)

Now that I think about it that Vocaroo link I posted here >>225974 would also make for a pretty good chant. Here's the mp3 file for it.

8db35 No.226252

We'll see what we can get away with. With the exception of the rain during the babbies, most chants are ~30 sec

8a440 No.226271

to translate >>226252
cut stuff in-between, so it's basically only "I want to cum in every pony ponut" nonstop and maybe speedup the audio Or you could save the clip for something else. I think this would be a great victory anthem.

71035 No.226276

I hope someone staff related is recording our matches in some sort of publlic MLPOL archive. From what i know they shut down the 4chan league youtube channels recently so that is no longer an option.

cdbc7 No.226278

Newfag here, where and when can i actually watch the games?

a07de No.226281

a07de No.226282

File: 1560968772766.jpg (42.86 KB, 541x439, 1522126857513.jpg)

>/balk/ actually made Ottoman Roach a gold
Top zozzle.

8f572 No.226283

Not just any Gold Player, at that. A Gold Second Striker.

e4abe No.226287

That's like making Hi Anon a gold medal

a089b No.226288

a07de No.226289

File: 1560970958825.jpg (36.87 KB, 392x392, 1234556756756.jpg)

Someone call /mlp/ managment. If poners wants to go in blaze of glory/shame that's one way to do it.
Isn't Twilight the one to be demoted? Free spot! ;^)

59dad No.226302

I miss advice puppy, and all of its subsequent spinoff memes.

71035 No.226362

File: 1561037519947.png (1.51 MB, 1278x876, __android_18_dragon_ball_z….png)

I just looked up the wiki page, still no announcement where this will be streamed.

Has /pol/ league staff taken a look at https://bitwave.tv yet?
Last i checked the site supports up to 100 people at a time and doesnt take streams down for """hate speech"".

also, heres the pol league Discord

8f572 No.226366

Odds are they'll use the official Cytu.be again. Someone will post a link when the cup starts, or you can just click the link they have on the front page of the wiki.

0c1af No.226407

Still need bios for Moonmare and Reichs Alicorn on starters, and Friendship in the Water, and Horsepill for the bench.

Also need .mp3 files for chants (hoping to get a recording of Pinkimus Prime detailing Football, the Denver Broncos, Football, American, and John Elway who is Football).

8f572 No.226417

No clue on what to do about Moonmare except just ponifying the lyrics to one of Moonman's raps, but I got something for the others here. Still probably needs work, but it's something.

>Reichs Alicorn:

All good movements need a symbol, and what better symbol for the union between /pol/ and /mlp/ than the Reichstag's own coat of arms, ponified? A gloriously posed Celestia on the classic swastika, itself a representation of the sun, while overlooking her beloved subjects. Hmm…something's just a little bit off…why don't we try turning the swastika into Celestia's cuite mark? Nah, how about we make it a Black Sun? Nobody else uses it. Sure, but give it Celestia's colors. She needs to be more Aryan. Oh, but what about some love for Luna? HI ANON, I'M SITTING ON YOUR SYMBOL! Now make the background black. No, red. A darker red. Why not make it blue? Now add words underneath. That's great, but…shit, thread hit the bump limit. Let's continue this in the next thread…

Someday, we will finally decide once and for all the specifics on our glorious Reichs Alicorn, but for now we will march to victory underneath the over 9000 edits as a tribute to our creative prowess (or autism, depending on who you ask).

>Friendship in the Water

"If you're a new listener just type in 'Canterlot tested friendship bomb on changeling hive' they considered-no, they didn't consider using it, they've used it on our changelings, in Ngua Nam they'd spread EOH on the changelings, Twilight's Castle. Ha! You think 'Elements of Harmony' are some magic jewelry or something, heh, they got stuff that'll whack your brain permanently! Brain spells in the drones! They give changelings 'special spells' that are actually magitech that will re-engineer their brains. Yeah, there it is, the 'friendship bomb'. Look it up for yourself, this is what they're-what do you think tap water, is!? It's a friendship bomb, baby! And I'm not saying changelings didn't have natural homosexual feelings, I'm not even getting into it. Quite frankly, I mean, give me a break! You think 'I, uh, mh huh, uh so shocked by it so I appear like I'm bashing it because I don't like gay drones'! I DON'T LIKE THEM PUTTING FRIENDSHIP IN THE WATER, THAT TURN THE FREAKIN' CHANGELINGS GAY! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!? UHG, UHG, I'M SICK OF THIS CRAP! I'M SICK OF BEING SOCIAL ENGINEERED, IT'S NOT FUNNY!"


The merger was quite a shock to the /pol/acks, in more ways than one. In particular, the increasingly blackpilled /pol/acks were taken aback by the almost carefree nature of the nor/mlp/eople and the cute and colorful ponies they loved to post. They were especially confused about how, despite all of this, the denizens of /mlp/ were actually quite knowledgeable about many of /pol/'s favorite topics and in fact held similar beliefs. The Shareblue shills could find no ground on the newly formed /mlpol/, and those who survived the merge would be simply ignored by the pony posters, or would be flooded with the strange and terrifying concept of horspr0nz. Most of all, after having fought for years in the Meme Wars against Jews, the Left, and Reddit, the concept of "friendship" introduced to them by the nor/mlp/eople was almost foreign, and yet rather…enticing. Finally, they could sit down, relax, and enjoy the good company and camaraderie giving to them by their newfound friends.

This is your last chance: after this there is no turning back. You take the Shareblue pill, you wake up in your computer chair; you continue posting on your board and complain about what you want to complain. You take the horsepill…and I show how deep the friendship really goes.

ac140 No.226493


A-18 = Aryanne my headcannon

ac140 No.226502


this: >>218743
and this: >>222330

0c1af No.226540

100 isn't nearly enough. In the last /pol/eague there was generally 100+ anons in the preliminary rounds

0bf5d No.226569

File: 1561166538371.png (133.17 KB, 396x398, 1452649525729.png)

Made a special gift for you faggots. Hopefully it will play tomorrow. I will link it in a future thread regardless.

I genuinely hope you guys like it.

a0024 No.226577

Nice! Can't wait to see what it is.

cd67e No.226581

Oooooo. Looking forward to see it.
Hype level is rising.

f454b No.226621

Any news on where this will be streamed? The first match is only a couple hours away and i still dont know where to actually watch it

cd67e No.226623

Not sure, I'm watching the 4cc cytube just in case it starts there. But I assume a Hype thread will be created before it starts with all the info.

e1d95 No.226624

Unconfirmed, but I was hearing smashcast

a0024 No.226635

I thought they had moved away from Smashcast.

e1d95 No.226642

They had, but its alleged that the /pol/eague Youtube got shoah'd cuz the Voxapocalypse

a0024 No.226645

I guess we'll see here in an hour. I've got snacks and the whole day free. I may-or-may-not have deleted my Smashcast thing after they had made the move, so I am kinda hoping it's gonna be on the Cytube.

e1d95 No.226647

Even if it is on smashcast, it will undoubtably still be streamed through the cytube

e1d95 No.226649

e1d95 No.226651

File: 1561219558666.png (1.44 MB, 1924x1084, 688476-3.png)

>hyp intensifies

cd67e No.226652

File: 1561219953912.gif (382.88 KB, 470x471, happy pony.gif)


9b4fa No.226653

File: 1561220690340.gif (20.88 KB, 128x128, rotating rainbow blob.gif)

a0024 No.226654

File: 1561220833882.png (547.11 KB, 1024x1280, 1636947__safe_artist-colon….png)

Get HYP!

9b4fa No.226656

File: 1561221092012.png (372.36 KB, 1211x548, ClipboardImage.png)

cd67e No.226657

File: 1561221120079.gif (55.55 KB, 275x200, Dash_way_too_happy.gif)

9b4fa No.226658

are we going to make a new thread or just use this one

c16f7 No.226659

File: 1561221229942.png (284.07 KB, 997x997, 1971495__safe_artist-colon….png)

Giddy Up

e1d95 No.226661

File: 1561221497477.png (595.72 KB, 1366x768, 1a.png)

OP here, I'll delete this thread as soon as somepony bakes a fancier bread

a0024 No.226662

Stream ded

cd67e No.226664


I made new one with stream link (when it starts working again) in OP

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