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File: 1560391503933.png (308.03 KB, 588x391, 8D74107D-3390-4D2E-9997-58….png)

4f5e2 No.225434

what’s your guys thoughts on what the episode is going to be about?

f31e0 No.225438

File: 1560396150518.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, b28.png)

Right Wing Pony Squads are coming to bring order.

f33b7 No.225439

Expecting sexual lesbian abuse threesome porn.
Lesbo horses are stonk! Lesbo horse is gud mother! Lesbo horse, and possible Rainbow Dash interaction.

Possibly an education on how you must accept them. Completely no questions asked. Obey the lesbo horse.

I'll bring a camera.

55305 No.225444

File: 1560401108433.gif (1.39 KB, 124x128, b84.gif)

f31e0 No.225445

Those numbers have weight poner.
Homo propaganda to the youth is a crime.

176bd No.225469

It's gonna be fucking gay. It was fine when lesbian horses were constrained to fanfiction, but putting it in the actual show is really dumb. Really though, who even watches the show anymore? They gutted everything that was ever good about it, they might as well rename the show entirely at this point.

1f4e1 No.225477

File: 1560434820778.gif (69.59 KB, 501x501, 1171610.gif)

As far as what the episode is literally about, I assume it will probably be just another middlish slice of life episode about the CMC having some kind of adventure and then learning a valuable lesson. The lesbian aunts will probably only be on screen for a few seconds, and will probably play no significant role in the story. The episode will probably be good, not great. Fans will nitpick the details, criticize the probably shoddy writing and story structure, quibble over whether the lesson was meaningful or not, make memes and reaction images out of a few random frames that look funny out of context, and move on to the next one.

However, as far as what the episode is ACTUALLY about, that image pretty much sums it up, and nothing more really needs to be said about it. Leftist writers make some token nod to diversity and inclusion, which leftist journalists take note of and give them a token nod of approval for. The leftist audience the journalists are writing for see it in their Twitter feed, give it a token thumbs-up, and move on to the next one.

It's just leftists in a leftist bubble virtue signaling to each other and patting themselves on the back for it. To the rest of the world it's just another mediocre, forgettable episode of what has increasingly become just another mediocre, forgettable children's cartoon. It's all so tiresome.

299d9 No.225494

File: 1560441765749.png (322.06 KB, 540x540, anime-indigo-zap.png)

I saw some of the italian leaks but am not sure, apparently she does have parents, and these two aren't a couple, they are her aunts or some shit.

899bc No.225495

Is Scoots ever going to fly?

88542 No.225500

File: 1560447122290.jpg (48.19 KB, 378x663, IMG_3469.JPG)

Yeah, it's planned for Season 10.

b418b No.225502

File: 1560447992194.png (170.52 KB, 1000x820, 1961184__safe_artist-colon….png)

4f5e2 No.225509

File: 1560451952157.jpeg (44.12 KB, 559x556, 0D763B7E-8AC1-46F5-B515-B….jpeg)

db6c0 No.225534

File: 1560462314614.png (245.38 KB, 1020x640, Unlike-her-parents.png)

I don't really mind the concept much if it's done matter-of-factly. Just a "these characters exist within the canon" and a passing casual confirmation that they are in fact lesbeans, and that's that. No more things happen to draw attention to the fact that they're lesbeans, other than stuff you'd already think couples would do. No one else makes a big deal about the fact that they're lesbeans, in either a supportive or a negative way. They just exist, and if they serve a role in an episode, then they fulfill it, and that's it. Same exact treatment as any other character.
It's also the easiest kind of LGBTQ coupling to get away with representing in fiction, especially in non-adult fiction, as it seems to be more widely accepted and easily palatable to many, compared to other representations of LGBTQ individuals and couples. Both in fictional media, and in the real world. I've heard of women who have engaged in homosexual acts who are still less than accepting, or even tolerant of the concept of male-homosexuality.
My problem is, creators seem to take the inclusion of these kinds of characters as an opportunity to shit on what some would consider their polar opposition to be, in one way or another. In this case, traditional monogamous straight couples, and sometimes nuclear family units that those couples create. Often portraying them as lesser in one or multiple respects to the less widely represented characters, rather than more or less equal to them. Take this passage from a book where the aunts first appeared. "Unlike her parents, they were always interested in what was going on in her life." I know it's subtle, but I'm inferring from this sentence that the writer is saying that Scoot's biological parents aren't being the best parents they can be in terms of caring for her emotionally and developmentally, and the aunts are picking up the slack in that area.
I really wish most of these creators could overcome their resentment of the remnants of a former dominant culture, rather than perpetuating a cycle of negative representation of groups they don't like in media. Eye for an eye makes the world go blind, and all that stuff.

f31e0 No.225566

Translated: Homosexuals shoved on our faces.

505ca No.225574

File: 1560478085801.jpeg (202.57 KB, 1280x720, C460A795-D04F-41CA-AEB8-0….jpeg)

>bans the name Derpy
>lesbian parents.

db6c0 No.225580

Don't forget, that was a different time. Not just in terms of the year itself, but in terms of the age of the show, and it's point in development. We're in the final season now. The recent horsemas special had a part in it heavily criticizing the kind of toy marketing that the show was meant to be for for decades now.
I wouldn't be surprised if she gets called Derpy by the end of the season. Then again, neither would I be surprised if she dosen't.
Also, they aren't her actual parents, they're her aunts. Scoot's actual parents are in her life, just…away most of the time, because of "demanding jobs" is the official explanation. The aunts are a big part of her life, however. Wonder if they'll confirm in the show if they're close to surrogate parents to her.

1a02c No.225585

File: 1560481688474.png (164.14 KB, 289x500, EC954464-8A89-4454-9AB0-45….png)

Half a season. They only had to get through half a season more to (as far as I know) keep being the only major kids’ network to not shoehorn gay characters into a children’s show, but nothing is ever enough for these kikes.

>and possible Rainbow Dash interaction
My REEEing will pierce the heavens if they try to get my waifu involved.

299d9 No.225588

File: 1560483575630.png (407.18 KB, 1280x720, Adagio_Dazzle_gritting_her….png)

I feel your pain bro.
This might be interesting. There's apparently one or more guys tired of it, in the last EQG (please keep reading) special, Rarijack which was stablished in the previous special, just got screwed by a dizzy Applejack and the new Rarity's crush who looks alike AJ, all along a literal sinking ship going down.

8de2b No.225620

"The Last Crusade" countdown

Episode synopsis
Unexpected visitors to Ponyville threaten to break up the Cutie Mark Crusaders forever!

Live streams
https://cytu.be/r/mlpol_party_room (recommended)

b162c No.225631

File: 1560538907954.png (254.75 KB, 536x387, aryanne and the fuhrer.png)

thanks finbro

db6c0 No.225632

Scoot's Aunts were established in a book prior to the upcoming visit to ponyville in the show, so the IP unfortunately wasn't as close as you think it was to getting through with 0 gay characters(I believe it was confirmed via Twitter that the aunts were gae. A twitter post abotu the book, that is, not the show). The show maybe, but not the IP.

65363 No.225727

The one on the left is just as ugly as a typical lesbo.

b418b No.225733

One looks like a vulture, and the other looks a little fat and stocky. They look exactly like your stereotypical lesbian couple, and neither of them are attractive in either sense of the word when compared to the base body type or the one used for Mrs. Cake.

07af9 No.225750

File: 1560600018415.png (728.39 KB, 1217x1024, 3E22F816-39E7-43D5-9484-CF….png)

Putting aside the politics for a second, this was not only a strong contender for the worst episode of this season, you could proudly put it up there with some of the worst in the entire show.

Overall this episode is boring and predictable, so boring and predictable that despite watching yesterday I completely forgot about half of the episode and had to go back and skim through it. Not to mention that we were just assaulted with 4 new characters who came out of completely nowhere, who we’ll likely never see again. (Or the “everycreature” shill at the end of the episode.)

The only thing that did surprise me was how superficial the big “LGBT” reveal was. Being generous, this is only one step above Lyra and Bon Bons “friendship” scene. All were told is that these are Scootaloos aunts, which could mean that their both literally her aunts, unless the show is trying to imply incest.

I’m generally not in favour of LGBT characters being in children’s media, at all, but if you’re going to do it you should at least do it properly. I don’t want to see any of this maybe they’re just aunts that happen to live together, maybe they’re eating each out the second Scootaloo back is turned. That kind of ambiguity is offensive to everyone, including the LGBT community. It’s 2019 “current year” virtually every show has at least one explicitly LGBT character, (in Steven Universe they make up like half the cast) I think we can expect the same from a show that only has ~10 episodes left. Again I’m not in favour of putting LGBT characters in children media, but if you are, you should at least do right.

I’m giving this 2/10, only because I’ve seen so many people give it 8/10 and unironically call it the best episode of this season so far, and possibly throughout. Even if you’re really pro LGBT rights, you should have higher standards than this.

a27c4 No.225752

Please don't encourage him

b162c No.225753

ok i won't

db6c0 No.225761

>Make something mediocre in the realm of entertainment.
>Include massive virtue signal of some form of "representation" or other
>Media picks up on it, and writes articles about it
>People spread the news far and wide via social media
>Mediocre product gets critical acclaim on top of all of the free exposure
Every. Fucking. Time.
I'd say they're trying to piss people off, and make them care less and less about this stuff. But I generally lean towards "Never attribute to intent what can be accurately explained by stupidity."* I think most of them are just taking advantage of the current cultural climate, and they either don't realize or don't care how detrimental their actions are in the long run to the causes they supposedly support. Even if the majority of the feedback out there right now for their actions is positive.

1f4e1 No.225771

File: 1560615182006.png (335.2 KB, 900x506, cmc-yakked.png)

Well, after all the buildup that was basically a meh episode as predicted. For anyone who wants to save themselves the bother of watching it, here are the only significant takeaways:

>Scootaloo's parents are inconsiderate assholes

>oh look dykes, how progressive
>literally no questions about the specifics of Scootaloo's living situation up until now have been answered

That's basically it. The lesbians (and for that matter, Scoots' parents) are incidental, hastily constructed characters that didn't need to exist in a universe that already has entirely too many incidental, hastily constructed characters. If the writers hadn't made them lesbians this episode would be completely forgettable. A story about the CMC getting YAKKED would have literally made a better episode.

db6c0 No.225775

>"Scootaloo's parents are inconsiderate assholes"
"Unlike her parents, they were always interested in what was going on in her life."
I had really hoped they weren't going to carry that over from the book, but it looks like they made it less subtle and more overt, if that was your take away from the episode. I'll have to check it out.

1f4e1 No.225781

Actually, I found the aunt characters objectionable for reasons besides the obvious as well. I won't spoil it for you since it sounds like you haven't seen it, but they don't seem to be especially admirable as caregivers either.

e9e02 No.225784

Couldn't be spoiling much considering Scoots admitted to wishing she had supportive parental figures in Parental Glideance.

9f0eb No.225790

Worst forced episode ever.
Twilight getting her wings was better.

7e62e No.225792

>straight parents bad, lesbian parents good

Fuck this gay show, it should have ended years ago.

299d9 No.225807

File: 1560647033708.jpg (474.11 KB, 1024x697, 65-5.jpg)

Isn't just wonderful when poners are honest and rant about shitty episodes, instead of defending them for the sake of contradicting nigel?

355b7 No.225809

File: 1560647523737.png (396.08 KB, 746x1024, zwararl.png)

899bc No.225819

>Scootaloos father is a mudpony
>Scoots is a literal mutt
>Scoots can't fly because of mudpony genes
>Both parents neglected her to pursue their fantasy
Based and redpilled.

899bc No.225822

Seriously, it all makes sense now.
Scootaloo has vestigial chicken wings and solid earth pony bones, just like her father. She'll never fly, and it's all because she's a mutt.

ad745 No.225832

I'm sad for the future of poor Scootaloo.
Someone made some interesting remarks:

>Parents are aussies

>Mentors are lesbians
>Her role model is a rug munched who wants to fuck a white whore

He will grow up to become the ultimate /lgbt/ shitposter.
At least someone made a good stand up joke with that

>"So I hooked this cute mare after one of my shows, we go to a bar, drink a few, and get intimate."

>"Anyway, she drops what makes her hot, and goes: I'm into watersports."
>"So I replied: No problem. I drink Fosters too."

899bc No.225837

I can think of no other reason for why she can't fly already, other than her being generally deformed/neglected.
Poor Scoots has vestigial chicken wings and earth pony bones, and will probably live out the rest of her puberty dreaming of someday being able to fly until she's an adult.

Has she been practicing? Does she try every day, or has she just given up?

41db3 No.225863

>scoots can't fly because father is mudpony
>cake pegafoal can fly hours after birth despite both parents being non-pegasi
How tf does genetics work with these pastel horses

899bc No.225872

I'm pretty sure the cake foal is evidence that Mrs. Cake canonically cucked Mr. Cake.

e8f23 No.225874

Personally I headcanon it as "That straight-winged buzzing shit she does on her scooter is the wrong way to fly, you're supposed to bend your wings but nobody taught her that. If she cracked open a single book on flight she'd realize what she's doing wrong and fly at least as good as Cake's kid from then on"

899bc No.225883

Idk. She spends a lot of time around Rainbow Dash: Equestria's best flier. Wouldn't she have had plenty of chances to learn from her?

35c56 No.225895

File: 1560698319720.jpeg (121.86 KB, 620x420, C1EC37A3-D868-4F08-9473-6….jpeg)

Can someone debunked this “But kids are smarter! They can understand gay people!”. I feel like that’s just a smokescreen.

d2bae No.225898

It's because gay people think like children

0df4e No.225899

I believe the thinking goes something like this.
>Show some kids what you want them to think.
>Then ask them if they think like you want them to think after seeing it.
>If they do QED.
It is basically "educating" or indoctrinating children to think a certain way. And when you succeed you can say children are "smart" because they are now thinking the way you wanted them to.

Also you can probably debunk it all by asking "If children understand gay people why do they need to be "taught" about them?" Taught as in pushing pro gay propaganda on them.

b418b No.225902

File: 1560700618932.jpg (223.69 KB, 1236x1009, 1847544__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

My rage knows no bounds at being reminded of this travesty.

899bc No.225903

Ikr. I really enjoyed that show growing up.

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