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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>222139


File: 1559566041827.png (483.71 KB, 1839x3200, 1746592.png)

Anonfilly is not for sexual and lood fillies will answer to god- momma Faust


Lewd fillies might have to answer to Faust, but the only thing you'll have to answer to is my hand petting your head and stroking your little ears until you fall asleep contented in my arms


>You look down the hallway.
>Something red glints far down.
>Twilight notices it too.
>"Pegasus, do you know what that is?"
>"League, hit her."
>"I really don't know. I'm just a boiler technician, please…"
>"What are you waiting for you stupid motherfucker? Bash her head-"
>"It's a water cooler. Happy?"
>You trudge on.
>You hear conversations.
>Murmurs and hums of the arcane, vapors that hurt your nostrils to breath in…
>And the feel.
>Danger hangs heavy in the air.
>As it turns out, the Oracle room is a lot further than you thought it would be.
>As in, a good half hour.
>Or that's what you would say if you had a watch.
>Or rather, you guess you wouldn't.
>Because then you'd be accurate.
>The door comes up, the only wooden one you've seen in a while.
>"Done up like a maintenance closet, clever. You're free to go pegasus."
>You relax and then lean in for a hug.
>She hits you hard, knocking you across the slick floor.
>"Don't you ever touch me."
>You… guess you should've expected that.
>You shut the door behind you.
>A large metal tube sits in the center of the room, pipes and hoses running out of it and into the floor.
>Something that looks like a thin television set sits next to a typewriter.
"Huh, I've never seen one like this before…"
>"Anon had one like it. It's called a terminal, I think."
"What's with all the keys? Ours only have two."
>"Well, it's actually much easier. Instead of inputting the binary sequence for what you want to appear, you input the characters you want to show."
>With a flourish, she pulls a pencil out of her mane and begins tacking away at the keys.
>Sure enough, a message starts to form.
>'Hello world.'
>"And then I just press 'Enter.'"
>She does so.
>'Hello Twilight Sparkle and Little League. I've been expecting you.'
>Twilight speaks softly to herself as she types in her next message.
>"Can… you… give… me… employee… access… to… the… arcana… grid?"
>'Yes. Apply credentials? Y/N'
>Some bubbling comes from over in the tube and an orange message glows:
>Permissions Granted.
>Twilight gives a grin that can only be described as purely sadistic as she levitates the pencil out of her mouth and shreds it into air.
>'I want to get out of here.'
>'They use me as a biological computer.'
>'Combing through my memories of the future for useful information.'
>'I can hide some of it.'
>'The rest I can't.'
>'I told them how your house was to be entered without detection.'
>'They asked me how to build a device to make your daughter easier to capture, and I told them.'
>'She's in danger.'
>'Leave the lab. Now.'
>Twilight poofs out of existence.
>Leaving you behind, of fucking course.
>You reach up and pull the bobby pin out of your mane, holding it carefully between your teeth.
>The terminal scrolls words on its own:
>'I know you're curious. Feel free to ask anything, I won't be offended.'
>Fatal error resolved.
>Reboot required. Restart Chillyfilly.exe? Y/N
>Be the filly.
>Load savestate
>Enter state ID. Alternatively, "Search for recent."
>Search for recent.
>Savestate found.
>Input action.


File: 1559569241134.jpg (1.74 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_3515.JPG)

I know I said I would stop doing rolls, but since everyone seems to be incredibly confused I figure it might be a good plan. I won't make a habit of it.
Pic slightly related.


Hey cute faggots anyone got any suggestions for me to try and draw?


A unicorn filly stacked on top of a pegafilly with the two of them pretending to be an alicorn


Maybe also an erf filly off to the side, being autistic about how technically alicorns are also part erf pony?


View from inside an oven/toaster oven with tendies in it, and fillies looking inside the oven eagerly awaiting the tendies to finish cooking.


Or instead just have all three fillies stacked in a pile with the erf closest to ground and the wings in the middle, with the three fillies pretending to be an alicorn


You're fucking sick, anon.


>The tree is now swaying to an unidentified rhythm.
>Ever walking nearer to the plush leaf, and to the dancing tree.
>Fleur's face is crimson, a shade of candied apple.
>"Halt trespassers! You have ended the conflict between me, and my guard. Now I require reparations for burying him."
>The magical moving tree can speak!
>"I require the pleasurable flesh of a bridge builder! One who's supple body is submerged in water! One that has made a bridge out of my kin! One who knows not of their blood line!"
"Hey Fleur that sounds kinda like me."
>She looks at me in shock. Must be how much I said. Fairly convenient, too.
>A vine grips me by the mid-section. The tree is changing. Shining like a foal in a candy shop able to get everything.
>"Take the Leaf of everlasting maple with you peasant. I wish to be alone with my new slave."
>"No! I can't leave my friend with you to be molested."
>"Then you will join her."
>The vines wrap around Fleur's delicate frame. Bringing her closer. Tenderly exploring her curvature.
"I don't want to be molested though."
>A small apple still connected to the branch circles around me. A vine lifting my tail to the tree, and Fleur. I'm exposed. My secret.
>The tree is giddy at the sight of builders tools in my extra pockets. Fleur is leaking at the sight. The tree is moving her closer to my backside.
>"Remove the tools from her using your muzzle."
>I feel her delicate mouth tenderly lick, and prod my flesh. Trying to get the hammer, the candle stick, and the pocket watch. The candle in the smallest hole. The pocket watch, and it's chain deep in my clear fluid maker. The hammer in my butt. The handle facing out for easy access.
>She nips with her lips my clit the buzz of pleasure making me flush. She finally grabs the candle by the wick.
>Pulling it out slowly I feel the pressure inside building. She takes in inside her mouth. I can't hold it any more. Her pristine fur now truly dirtied by my yellow rain. What will I say?
>Her giggles wash away my fears. She gives a suckle to my nub. Electric tingles from the tips of my limbs. Her face is now freshly painted with my desire. I feel part of the candle rubbing on me. Pulling away her face has a smile. Her nose bumps me again trying to get the thin chain connecting to the watch.
>She's working on the chain pulling, and twisting with her tongue. Each tug drags the important metal out of my depths. She is so close to me gently brushing with fur. Motions dragging out another orgasm. Popping out the pocket watch hits her nose, but she doesn't just drop it.
>The watch gently lowered to the soft ground. Safe.
>A moment to appreciate her hard work. Then to my rim. My clean ponut is being probed by her. She decides to suck to draw out the hammer. The large, and heavy tool doesn't move. My mare parts twitch in anticipation.
>she tries to bite the tip. Catching the star I see multicolored dots in my vision.
>She actually got the tool and is pulling it out. Dragging my insides with it. With a diminutive plop it's free.
>The tree now luminescent starts to form a pony.
>It's a stallion. Blue eyes, and blue mane. Fancy Pants if she was a male. Chiseled, and with an enviable mustache.
>Fleur quivers at the sight. The hammer dropping far away from the pocket watch.
>"You thought the tree could talk? It was really I Fancy Pants."
>A voice that is irrefutably Fancy Pants, if she had cock, and balls. A lack of vagina, and tits.
>"Fleur," he purrs "thank you, for preparing her."
>The vines are now taking to Fleurs mare parts. Underneath her.
>"Make sure to catch every, last, drop."
>She's wet, and dribbling on my face. She's trying to pleasure me with the tip of her tongue she barely catches my clit. I open my mouth to gather her love juice.
>Fancy now ready. Places his rod on Fleur. A wave of fluid coats him, and me.
>He enters her flower unlocking the ocean. Air is so sweet now.
>Fleurs horn glows brightly, and takes something from her mouth. A heat is now felt as that is brought closer to the magical tree. Fancy is pounding her tight cunt invading Fleur's innermost depths.
>The tree is on fire.
>A ripple shakes through Fancy. I close my mouth.. Semen, and fluids mixed drip from her onto me. Tears, and cum mixing.
>The tree is screaming. Fleur using her magic takes the hammer, amd removes the vines. Now free from the vines.
>She opens the pocket watch, a photo of me, Fancy, and Fleur floats to Fancy's eyes.
>Another Fancy Pants walks out of the ashes of the burnt tree. My Fancy Pants. I fall to the soft floor as the vines wither away.
>She walks to her counterpart, and kisses him. In an instant he falls backwards still thrusting inside Fleur. Turning her around so her unused flank is exposed to the female Fancy Pants. A shine from her horn she takes the hammer and transforms it into a replica of his dick.
>Lined up for Fleurs anus.
>Lightly resting it there. All their horns glow, and I feel everything they do. My dick thrusting inside my pussy, a mysterious sensation at my backside. Shuddering with pleasure.
>Fancy holding the dildo steady witth magic comes to me, and starts to rub me with her hoof.
>The dildo enters Fleur.
>It feels so good. Wiggling to try to get more from Fancy. I toss, and turn. The ultimate orgasm, my climax is near.
>With a coordinated thrust I hear my name being called.
>"Occult Façade!"
>I cum with the force of a thousand suns.
>I wake up.

>All of Fancy Pants is soaked with my love liquid.

>She got hit in the face with my final orgasm.
>Her blue eyes locking with mine.
>That's really hot.
>I just jizzed on my only parental figure. What the fuck. That's not okay.
>Her voice is trembling, nearly a whisper.
>"Let's take this to the shower, and talk about what happened."
>I nod my head. I might be sent back to the orphanage for this. Shame is creeping through me.
>The trip to the bath area is in complete silence.
>I'm grown ass man. It was just an accident. I- lost more than I thought.


File: 1559580307518.jpg (3.12 MB, 5312x2988, 20190603_184225.jpg)


File: 1559580380425.jpg (164.95 KB, 1280x720, AAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)


Is this where the legendary triple head pat comes into play?


Be gentle, uni filly is small and needs to be headpatted softly


We Fill Fillies.

On second thought, that sounds kinda wrong, but I like the pun so I'm gonna post it anyways. Cute image, tho.


Is that we bare bears reference ? What a cute faggot


Did you switch states or pull out a VPN


No im in spain


Did you fly there while drawing?


Scotch and Nueve should meet up and fuck like animals.
OP is a fag, so it half checks out.


How do young fillies and older fillies interact with one another? Are there any anon mares?


Of course. How else do we get around EU legislation, but by aging her up


Been here 2 days, just on wifi now was on data before


File: 1559590387541.png (206.34 KB, 1000x800, full.png)

Sneaky filly ^^


Twilight's gonna break out the diapers when she finds filly.


Oh no, thats the "last" thing i want! Please dont tell me she has my footed pajamas too!


Why have I only just noticed that we now have a Bloomer and Doomer filly?


Its really new, like end of last thread new


File: 1559595568175.jpg (4.1 MB, 5312x2988, 20190603_225626.jpg)

I know you asked for tendies but i was eating cookies while drawing this, sorry


She does, and she's going to snuggle you aggressively and tell you never to worry her like that again because she loves you and doesn't know what she'd do if something were to happen to you.


Best End


Mommy cookies are the best. We accept your apology.


File: 1559603098291.png (116.12 KB, 645x667, autismfilly.png)

Basically if it wasn't made clear by my autistic bumbling, I want to give you all a chance to spoonfeed yourselves information I might not have made clear. The normal state of this story will not be returning to a choose your own adventure format.


*head-pats autistic filly*


Stop that…
C-could I get ear scritches too?


LonePone a cute!


File: 1559605557116.png (48.98 KB, 535x700, philly.png)

G-go die normie


File: 1559605779427.png (116.56 KB, 432x539, 1500779.png)

C'mere you lil' qt and I'll give you some headpats and ear scritches and maybe also some tummy rubs if you want


Only cuz they're cute ears
*scritches and rubs ears*


File: 1559606066516.png (330.81 KB, 885x1058, 1523727711070.png)

F-fine, but only because C'mere is an excellent song. https://youtu.be/W6k2j4lJ59g
T-thanks, fag.


File: 1559609082450.png (158.55 KB, 1280x667, fillylip.png)

Ur the fag who likes it, fag


The tower of cute


Hello, Green sclera filly.


To be honest, I think this is just going to confuse people further
Is this League asking the computer a question? Or us asking some meta computer?


>Be Occult Façade
>The musk of filly juice coating Fancy Pants is making my heart race. My head is spinning with lustful ideas. I don't know what to think any more.
>I changed. More than I thought I did. This body is changing me. The connection between the mind, and body is obvious, but I didn't take into consideration that it actually is vastly different than my old one. I mean for fucks sake I have hooves! I have a tail. I don't have male genitalia. I don't have MY genitals!
>Perhaps I'm changing to fit this body.
Hey is everyt- whoa. Going to see what's going on.
>This might be natural stage of growing up… or, possibly the side effects of the ritual.
>I want to stick my face into her vagina. As her herd ruts me silly. She tells me how good of a mare I am.
>What the fuck. Keeping calm. Yeah, almost to Fancy's personal bathing room.
>How old am I? No. How old is this body supposed to be? Should I be going through pony puberty now?
>Fuck this man. There are literal cults trying to bring lovecraftian horrors to the world, and here I am squicking over my body. How much of human biology is actually relevant to me now? Is my brain, and nervous system roughly the same or is it different?
Calm down.
>I'm trying to.
Short answer is it's a little of column A, and a little of column B.
The culmination of what Luna did to save your life, the Madness induced ritual, whatever the Tree, and Mother did while we locked ourselves up, the stress, and 'training' Rose did to us, the bond with Flakey Crust, binding with the eldritch horror, and natural causes. Oh, and natural pony magic is integral to pony physiology, and psychology.
>Great. Any reason why I want to sex Fancy Pants.
Dunno, you might see her not as a mother, and more as a potential mate. We were an adult male. Might make the whole thing weird.
We're in the bath now.
>Sitting by down next to her. The shower head is on. It's warm water.
>Hunh? Oh.
>"Occult, I've known you for… nine days. Nine long, and special days-"
>Only nine days since I met her…
Trying to not have trouble consume us does keep a guy busy.
>"from meeting you to the first time you came to my home to now. Everyday has been unique, and I understand if you want to leave due to this embarrassing mess-"
>The large shower washing away my mark.
"I don't want to leave. Please. I…"
>"It'll be alright. As I was saying. If you wanted to leave I wouldn't stop you. We can work something out or we can just forget it happened. The path that both of us are going down, I don't think we can just forget. Something will haunt us for every action."
>We're crying again. I must have changed.
"Fancy, I'm not sure if I'm going through pony puberty, or if this is a cascade of events catching up, but I trust and respect you."
>Honesty, and straight to the point. Don't bother with social patterns. Just say it how it is.
"Right this very moment. I am deeply attracted to you sexually. That could be from my dream. A ritual Luna and I did to survive a harrowing place. Choices I have made culminating to this. Or, just how I am. I don't know if this will go away or if the feelings will continue. I do know that no matter what you will always be my friend."
>She is hugging me. I'm hugging her. It feels so good. Ah! Yes!
>Oh, no. It felt too good. The water is now mixed.
>She doesn't let go.
>Whispering, "Everything will be okay. Cases somewhat like this have happened before. The way social bonds form, and the pheromones stop this from developing. Too much time may have gone on to stop that. I failed to do that."
She sure is tough as coffin nails.
>"Inside you may be an old stallion ready to take on the world once more. The body is still young. Still needs to grow up again. To experience life."
>Resurfacing memories of a hero clad in green.
>"Very rarely old ponies become young once more from various causes. The princesses have seen to each one. Different actions taken per case."
>The fresh water clearing the bath.
>"For you, and other humans they still are deciding on what exactly to do."
>"To cast you to the old, or to say you belong with the young. That's up to the princesses. Especially the princess of love."
>"She deals with matters of the heart."
Her magic is heavily disturbed.
>"I haven't been as truthful as I should have been."
>"I have… desires. Desires that would destroy a pony's life if I enacted them."
Careful don't want to invoke that.
>Oh, G- Crap!
>"My aunt, and her herd mates loved me. Not as family should."
>I hold her tightly.
>"One day, I learned that's not normal. It's not right what they did, however it left a mark on me."
>We were right, horribly right when we first met. My speculation was terribly true.
>"I talk to the princesses, as an agent to catch the highest in society before they do harm. I know exactly what they desire. The lengths they would go through to do so. The princesses also know me. A final 'safety' net if I can't control myself. I do my best. I try so hard."
Don't let her pull away.
>"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner Occult. I'm sorry. I made you lay on top of me. I made this possible. I did a small fraction of my darkest desires. The most innocuous, here we are."
>Holding her. As she spills her biggest secret.
>"I failed you, and I failed myself. I loved every moment, and not a shred of guilt. Occult, I have to scare myself with that realization. It's so hard to care."
>"Every time I expose them I think, 'I could have a taste and neither of the princesses would know,' I know exactly how I could get away with it without a trace of the crime."
"You didn't do that though, right?"


>"I did not."
>"I didn't until I tried to do things under that spell. I watched intently as they opened you up. I cuddled with you on the couch afterward. I 'booped' you back. I had you on my back as everypony watched. I saw you nearly die, and one of my thoughts were 'I wouldn't be able to have my own taste if she is gone.' I put you on me as you slept. I did, Occult. I didn't mark you as my child, and I should have. I thought I had time. That's a poor excuse, but it is what I thought then."
Oh, she didn't make the pheromones to signal to our body that she is family. The other stuff didn't help, but she is partially responsible for this. At least it's just us.
>"I loved it, Occult. Every moment. I love you Occult. I know this is wrong. I know you are old on the inside. I know you're young as well."
>This might be Stockholm syndrome, and dependence. A few other things too. Not a completely healthy relationship.
Ah! Then next your going to say.
>The fate of the world is at stake here. She has everything I need, and more. I don't know what I would have done without her. She saved my life. She has done so much for me. If she loves me, she will be loyal. As scummy as that is. I need that kind of stability. I can do without, but having it makes this so much easier. Her assets. Her money. Her connections. Her smarts. Finally herself.
>I know the boundaries where I could do anything for any reason with any motivation. I'm not good.
Just because it's possible doesn't mean you would.
>She did that. She crossed her boundaries she knew that would take her deeper. She might do it again.
"I didn't stop you. I didn't help you either. I might be older than you are, and I should have known better. Promise me this Fancy Pants, don't do this to anyone else that shouldn't consent."
>"I promise Occult Façade."
>Another weight is on my shoulders.
Well, congrats on getting a milf?
>Technically she doesn't have a child yet.
Technically you are that child. Nice job Oedipus.
>I probably wouldn't hate my father.
Double the trouble then.
"We should tell the princesses this."
>"I- you are right."
Hmmm, you know that Flakey, and 'Mother' were really close on the money for this issue.
>Indeed. That is another point of concern.
What do we do if she does do this to a kid?
>If the princesses don't do anything we will have to take matters into our own hooves. At least this didn't happen during a life or death situation.
That would have sucked.
"Seriously, until we talk to the princesses we won't do anything regardless of how we both feel."
>"That would be for the best."
"If this is just a phase. Please, don't discard me if I don't return your affections."
>"I would never do that."
That's real dick move you did there.
>The fate of the world.
Don't be a greater good asshole.
>Damn. You're right.
"I'm sorry that I tried to manipulate you Fancy Pants."
>"That's fine. I understand the severity of the situation. I capitalized on that, too."
"This is really fucked up."
>"That's the real world."
A cartoon pedo pony just said that to us.
>We talked to an eldritch horror and made a pact with it. As a little horse. About how the world could end if certain groups succeed. Then we butchered one for power. As we lusted for the highest ruler of the land. We also have a pony slave. We just jizzed on the same pedo parent pony.
"Let's do our best to make the world a better place?"
>"That is a smashing idea. Let's continue to do so."
>She still has parts with my mare goo on her fur.
>"Getting clean first though."
>We chuckle slightly. At least I'm not mounted on the wall as a trophy.
Just takes a while to be mounted you know have to talk to the princess first.
>At least it's a good distraction.
Life is so fucking weird. In little over a week we went from strange wall flower to hyper cultist with the ear of the princess in charge, and seducing the most important pony that isn't royalty.
"Good idea."


Fuck off fag


File: 1559618506009.png (152.83 KB, 1057x1123, BoomerMareColor.png)

Boomer Mare confirmed safe for Eurofags.


File: 1559619762908.png (1002.2 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3529.PNG)

I'd spoil things if I told you more really, but I'd recommend treating the two as one and the same for rolling to make things easier. I will give you one small glimpse into the future and tell you that the worst thing that can happen based on a response is a denied answer, so you might as well just ask away.


"How do I save Anon?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ]


File: 1559622602223.png (165.37 KB, 1012x925, KYSFilly.png)

A little something for the KYSAnon.


kysfilly a cute!


File: 1559624148610.png (120.71 KB, 990x766, 1444948788290.png)

>ywn sip monster zero ultras with boomer filly and talk about quake
why live?
and stuff for best tsundere filly too, my god you work fast man


File: 1559628650204.png (289.24 KB, 879x2001, YOU'REaFillycomic.png)

I got one uncomfortable chair, Anon, lemme tell you. Gotta work fast before the scoliosis sets in.

Have another filly, all.


>not loving Interpol
Y-you're the fag, fag.


File: 1559634011605.gif (1.62 MB, 500x793, AnonFilly-RainbowLavaLampF….gif)

Recap time:

Pastebin Part 1: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G
Pastebin Part 2: https://pastebin.com/CuNuktSQ
Pastebin Part 3: https://pastebin.com/6NReU7EY

>You are a cute green filly and you have some serious problems.

>To start, you weren't even born like this; you were originally a human.
>You were sent to Equestria, transformed into a filly, and met a few ponies in the same predicament.
>Eventually, you managed to escape, but you're still a bunch of ponies.
>Now Equestria is getting curbstomped by Discord and Nightmare Moon, and you need to make it back somehow to save them.
>To top it all off, twice just today, you've had uncontrollable bladder problems.
>You are right now bawling your eyes out on a sidewalk after having just covered a decent portion of it in piss.


Wait I just had an epiphany:
>you were sent to Equestria, transformed into a filly, and met ponies in the same predicament
>now Equestria is being curbstomped by discord and nightmare moon and you need to mke it back somehow to save them

I…that's….Five Score. But in reverse.

Drunk me is smart but also stupid.


Shillier warning.
I've been using a purple seat cushion for the past year, and I love it. I'll tell you upfront that it's not a sit down and immediately go "woah, this is soooo comfortable." experience. It's more of a sit for an hour or two and realize "Huh, I've felt little to no pressure and discomfort in my pelvis and lower back." experience. That's been my experience with the Royal one at least, and also the experience of someone I had try it out who was uncomfortable sitting because of lower back pain they had. Just make sure that the points where your pelvis are in contact with the seat when you sit down are well supported by the cushion(don't worry too much about the rest of your legs)and you should be good. Here's a link https://purple.com/seatcushions/buy , they got a %10 off accessories sale going on for memorial day rn too
If you want max comfy, and have the cash, try the Ultimate. More surface area, a whole extra 0.5 inches of thickness compared to the royal, and a grove in the back to "help align your spine better and aid in adjusting your posture". The squares are also smaller, which I suppose means it's softer than the royal, but haven't confirmed for myself.


File: 1559656202873-0.jpg (67.37 KB, 371x600, giraffe-marijuanas.jpg)

Weed is poisonous to horses.


You make some really good fillies, Anon. Would you take requests?


That's one janky lookin' horse.


Is your bin updated?
Could you link it?


File: 1559668324273.jpg (969.61 KB, 2448x3264, green with green and green….jpg)



Got anymore draw requests fillies? Im bored and too tired to think of ideas


Filly getting high from huffing another filly’s chestfluff!


Filly offering Ponk some weed, while she's oblivious to what is it, but eagerly accepts a gift from a friend.


File: 1559671702869.png (105.14 KB, 436x482, bap.png)


"Heyyy, what's good Ponkers? You want a puff of some weed?"
>"Hmm? What kind of weed do you puff?"
"The best kind."


>Be Princess Luna
>Today is not a good day for Occult's troubles. Delegation from Yakyakistan, and Griffonstone are both here. A precarious situation if just a single delegate happened to be visiting.
>One job to do Fancy Pants. Don't sex the foals that's it. It's fine. Everything is fine. A deep breath. She didn't do anything yet.
>Making sure to look them in the eyes. First Occult, then Fancy.
"Keep it private. I want to talk more about this, but this is a very poor time to do so. You both can play games. Cooperative not public games. In any case this must be private."
"Rose will meet you in the ring Occult. Good luck."
>Now, time to see if the human magic stops a terrible situation from brewing.

>Be Fancy Pants

>That could have gone so much worse.
>Told the princess I failed in self control. I said to Occult that I caused her to feel that way.
>I won't fail either of them!
>Getting back to my walks around Canterlot. I keep as some of the lower class say. Cool, and hip.

>Be 'Façade' (Human Subconscious)

"Rosie is beating the suck right out of us."
I know. At this point I actually have no way to move.
>Oh? That pretty clever. Her hoof field is way too big to just be training alone.
"Hey do me a solid and try to grab the dirt."
>Fascinating, absolutely interesting.
"Try to do the opposite of that."
"Tuck the field so you try to grab the field it's self."
"Like holding a spoon then trying to push it so the spoon is holding your hoof."
>That doesn't make any sense, but should get the job done.
>A notice from the fillies. 'What abominable thing are you trying to do now?!' Signed everypony.
>Hey, looks like we got the hang of it. That hurt to look at. Inverting the whole body magic stuff? Ouch. Pushed Rosie the Riveter away though.
>Another notice. 'What even are you doing!?" Reply: 'Science!'
She's back again.
>She sure does pack a punch.
"Flip flop the fields, or make it alternate in sections. To force her into a compromised position."
>He sure does catch on quickly. She catches on quickly. She, we have a pony vagina now. Oh neat.
"Do that again."
"Exactly, somehow seems to slightly increase magic 'aura' field size."
>It's permanent!
"We might want to do that all the time. It increases size, and quality of our magic fields. Permanently."
>By the time we are Rosie's age it will be about the same size as hers if we do it all the time. We need to cheat more, and better.
Grind the extra ordinarily hard to maintain position for all the cool stuff. Got it.
I have an idea.
I'm going to try something.
>Encouraging words.
"Try it."
Everything okay?
"Keep doing it for a bit we need to run some tests."
>Equestrians are fucking scary.
"Try reaching inside, like a Klein bottle."
>Ponies will rule the universe. That's just unholy. That doesn't even make sense in three dimensions. Going to have to take a look through other means.
I don't know how long I can actually do this for.
"Just a little bit longer."
"Try for a Möbius strip!"
>Damn. That might just be the reason why so few actual things come to this world. Then again they may just think it's a party trick.
>The research team is done.
"Maximize surface area. Go for a fractal."
>Notice. 'Go back to the other thing.' Reply: 'We have to move foward to bigger, and better things.'
>If humans had this. Atomic weapons would not be a problem. Magic is bullshit. That still isn't enough though.
"Now interlock the fractals into a solid."
>That's nasty. Not as bad as some of the things we've seen though.
"Twist it into multiple klein bottles."
"That's wrong on so many levels. Now, try to touch every point with every other point."
>"Now you have the understandin'. Time for some basic practice."
>oh. she get's scarier.
If the princesses can do that I don't fear for the safety of the world any more.
>Having her hit the field is unpleasant.
"That might be why Rose is the grand master of the black magic group."
>"Now that's mildly interestin'. I want you to use some o' them words. That math stuff ain't potent enough for this line o' work."
I need a word I'm focused on making this not snap.
>Let's see here. Something that won't cascade negatively. Ah, that looks promising.
"Try our nick Name."
Nickname? Ohhhh. [I]that name[/i].
>Should be safe enough.
>"Yah made the right choice cause you ain't screamin' all that much."
That hurts far more than being ripped apart by her.
"Good job on going down the path to be a badass?"
>Holy smokes the potential this unlocks for us.
>"Add another word."
>The research team sent a newly modified word.
>Hopefully we won't turn into something terrible.
>"You did good, Champ, for not really bein' a pony. Now look at me an' try to incorporate what I got. Yer breathin' that means yah ain't licked yet."
>Ah, the sequence of events, and how to utilize them. We do some good shit despite time constraints.
"Order matters. Connect self-control to all of them. start from the foundation, yes exactly, make sure it's perfect. we'll help for this part."
>Feels different when we handle it.
"Good job."
Everything is lighter. This actually is starting to make sense.
>"I'll be. You did it. The base yah made looks like it'll grow with yah. Strange energy patterns, but it's a bucking good platform to build from. Let's get some grub."

>Be Occult Facade.

>I can take on the world now. It's dream like how I just know I could fly if I wanted to. That everything is so clear now.
You did awesome. Don't get lost in the mania of madness induced success
>I'm right, we're correct. It's an tranquil excitement at any moment we are ready to pounce. Holding ourselves back till the right time.
I'm not sure we could go back to normal after experiencing this.
>This right here is where everything changes for the better.
>"I understand that feelin' Champ. I can see it all. Nice an' slow to table."


I haven't updated it since that was just a public version. Without going through signing up.
I have all the posts on this device atm.


Filly playing Ogres and Oubliettes with Spike and the others. Maybe have filly continuously trying to roll to do things the others finds weird or even creepy?


>ywn be the filly inside O&O with Spike, Big Mac, and Discord
y live?


Since im an innocent little filly i dunno what high looks like

Sorry it looks bad, dont have access to many art supplies here just now


File: 1559682356219.jpg (4.11 MB, 5312x2988, 20190604_230318.jpg)

Forgot pic


What kind of class would you all play as if you were invited to play OnO with Spike and his friends?


The best class. Wizard.


A Cleric, because Deus Vult.


Most likely a cleric or a paladin, same as DnD.
I've always loved divine magic, as well as magic in general (which is why I see myself as a hornhead filly).


Fighter. You need a good meatshield in the party.


>become an archfey/celestial warlock
>pick mask of many faces and armor of shadows as invocations
>pick pact of chain for familiar
>disguise self every battle
>become sailor moon/magical filly


I wanna huff fluff


Go ahead and slap me with the request anon and we'll see what happens.

I'm not very good at drawing dicks. Just thought I'd let you know.


Nah, no dicks. I was gonna request an entrepreneurial pair of fillies managing a lemonade stand.


Probably a Berserker or Rogue, I love me some glass cannon


File: 1559696251044.png (978.22 KB, 1280x1321, AnonFilly-Surreal.png)


>Everyone else going full casters

Don't suppose we're allowing psionics in O&O, are we? I usually go Cleric, but it would be silly to have three in the party. Maybe Druid for DPS?


Druid is a good class.



It can be. I've run a dwarven druid once. Was fun.


Honestly, i wanna snuggle you as you ree and make you all happy till you stop saying kys, cause honestly i dont believe this act


Stop all this fucking dnd level nerd shit reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

t. someone who wanted to get into dnd, didn't have friends, and fucked up his only chance to try the game with someone


Damn you should try and play


File: 1559699055848.jpg (1.02 MB, 3024x4032, hzhqblort9y21.jpg)

Heh… iktf. My fucking sperg 'friends' didn't even invite me to their group. Guess it might say something about me being an insufferable asshole, an even bigger autist than some of them are, or just painfully forgettable.


>insufferable asshole
Fuck you I'm more insufferable. You should know that by now.



>fucked up his only chance

>his only chance
Are you planning on dying tomorrow or something? You do know there are plenty of people who play online because they lack IRL friends, right? Try you some Roll20 or something.


I mean my only chance in the past 21 fucking years you mongoloid



Well who gives a shit about the past 21 years? You could be playing D&D right fucking now if you wanted to.


Draw requests?



Filly peeing herself on a bar stool in front of her friends.


Why would you request art of your own green? Make you seem like some kind of narcissist.


No u. I'm explaining that the one chance was the time I had for the past 21 years. That doesn't imply anything about the future. Git gud at english you fucking beaner


Filly peeing herself on a bar stool in front of her friends.


God dammit, I'm probably going to be drawing this in public too.




Kek. Good luck


Maybe an Anonzeeb, too, like a black Anon got fillyfied.


Just don't draw the piss until last, you'll be fine.


If you Stripe'd anonfilly I will personally find where you live and kill you.



Zebra filly


Drawfag here. No. Just no.


Stop that right now nigger-philiac


File: 1559708703431.png (548.28 KB, 1835x1319, 1767337.png)




Racemixing is wrong, no matter who's doing it to who.


File: 1559709218004.png (389.98 KB, 1280x866, 1841042.png)


Zala is still, honorary pone, though, in addition to still being the cutest zeeb.





No you're a degenerate racemixing nigger for that




Have you ever considered the effects of racemixing you selfish piece of shit

Birth defects, lowered IQ, the permanent and unrelenting identity - problems that will come of her mixed-race heritage - how selfish and fucking monstrous would you have to be to prolong all that just to fug a zigger


I hoie you live in eternal shame and depression for your degenerate thoughts and actions. I hope you live the rest of your short, unimportant life without ever having felt the inside of a vagina. I hope you never truly feel that sense of belonging. Because that's what you deserve for mixing the races you disgusting, living piece of waste


Dude, chill you autist. It's a fucking fictional horse and another fictional horse. There are no actual human races involved, regardless of whether you want to read in a parallel to human races or not. Zebras are not black and ponies are not white any more than they are arab or asian. In any event, horses are a different race altogether from humans. Calm the hell down.

Are you high on paint thinner? Because I'm starting to get worried about you


Crossbreeding horses and zebras is also wrong.


VFuck you if you don't have a sense of pity just b3dquw3 she's not rea.,


I'm honestly just laughing, mostly because I never implied racemixing or speciesmixing with my suggestion. Sorry about crashing and burning the Anonfilly thread, by the way.


Anon, did you just have a stroke?


Fuck you it's called mikes harder watermelonde nd it tastes amazing and helps me get it all down


It's not just that they don't exist, and that the real life versions of both horses and zebras are far, far dumber than any humans, it's that they aren't humans, which means horses aren't white and zebra's aren't black. Horses were first domesticated in Central Asia. If anything, they should be Kazak or Turkic, not white. Zebras have never been properly domesticated, but were most heavily used as draft animals and calvary by the Germans in WW1, so really, zebras have a better claim to being "white," not to imply race analogies make much sense to begin with.

It's all in your head. Jesus.

Oh I don't care. I just came here to add on after your suggestion, because I thought it as funny


>Likes watermelon
… I'm not going to say anything




Okay, you've won

Holy shit that's funny


Well, crossbreeding horses and zebras (or any two different equines for that matter) virtually always results in sterile offspring, so there's hardly any concern about tainting bloodlines at least


File: 1559712193975.png (314.28 KB, 800x900, 1473664352923.png)

Can you guys take this shit elsewhere?


Go fuck yourself racemixing is maximmum sin


File: 1559712344989.png (705.18 KB, 1700x2000, 557415.png)



File: 1559712385343.png (478.75 KB, 1280x720, 6541.png)

Being sterile is hell for both mares and stallions. Drives the mares wild because they're a lot more in tune with their biological imperatives than humans are. I've seen sterile mares, not crossbreeds mind, aggressively try to adopt unattended foals.

Hey, doesn't that sound familiar?


>projecting this hard
Projecting is mym job. I don't think that interactin with ziggers is bad byut I still disavow crossbreeeding in every sense of the word because both zigs and horses ar set at a disadvantage.


File: 1559712513151.png (464.27 KB, 2000x1391, 1773682.png)

I think it's a larp. Admittedly a pretty funny one

But it's a fantasy, because none of the horses or zebras are real, so…. you're worried about nothing. The consequences of sterile offspring is beyond a non-issue


Welp, that failed to get the thread back on track.


Soffy go all oc hou villies. I'll just fuck off. 3 cans of Mike's Jarder are not good for filly liver. All this projection is like…….I dunno 90% projection and 10% honest worries. I'll just sleep now so I can get for work. It's 8 hours each day from sunday to sunday. Hopefully that might explain things.


I'm just poking fun at how this derail hit
The topic went straight to reeing about racemixing as soon as somebody said zebra without even mentioning breeding in any capacity


File: 1559713005652.png (2.12 MB, 1000x1246, 1531609.png)

Hey zibbas


Crossbreed filly with a McDonald's bigmac, then she can be a burger filly


Oh hey, I remember that filly from way back before we got booted from /mlp/


It's a qt!


File: 1559713161309.png (601.17 KB, 2578x1853, 1750988.png)

Breed with Big Mac you say?


File: 1559715539231.gif (1.26 MB, 700x600, 1708264.gif)

Like mother like daughter.


File: 1559716232736.png (237.51 KB, 993x1535, 1525813640532.png)

filly getting belly rubs?


File: 1559716745240.png (132.35 KB, 1031x1292, AnonFilly-YouDisgustMe.png)

You bury your face into Daring's wing and proceed to let loose all of the waterworks. Your tears let loose from your eyes like a water fountain, soaking her soft feathers. Your voice feels heavy and you almost choke on your words as you try to relay your woes.

"I-I'm not in control of myself anymore. I-I-I don't even know who the hell is doing this or why, but they must be some sadistic fuck. I'm not a fu-ucking baby dammit! Whoever's idea of a cruel joke this is, it's NOT FUCKING FUNNY!"

Daring gently rubs her hooves through your mane and lets you keep talking, all while whispering that it'll all be alright. You're not quite sure when she became so caring, but you're not inclined to complain. Maybe you've grown on her? Or maybe it's just too pathetic for her to handle seeing someone who she knows to have the mentality of a grown man, crying their eyes out. But honestly, who wouldn't break down if they peed themselves twice in one hour.

You feel yourself starting to calm down a little after you allow yourself some time to breathe. Now you should be able to speak a little bit more clearly, but also to think and focus. You pull your eyes away from daring and sit yourself in a more comfortable position to focus your powers. Darkness clouds your vision, but you push further to get to the bottom of all of this. Eventually, your eyes spot a person behind a computer screen. In his web browser is a thread on an image board filled with pictures of you. In another tab, you see one of his searches on Derpibooru: "oc:filly anon", "piss", and "diaper". Now you know exactly what kind of person you are dealing with.

Reality snaps back to you, and you turn your head to face what might presumably be a camera, if there were one documenting your every move. You narrow your eyes as you gaze into this camera, and speak loudly for everyone to hear.


As you finish your speech, your friends give you a short applause. Blossom chimes in afterwards, "who are you talking to though?"

"Faggots. That's who."

There's a comfortable silence for a short while until Twilight finally exits the restaurant. "Alright, what the hell is up with all of the shouting, and…" she takes a quick sniff of the area, "WHY DOES IT SMELL LIKE PISS OUT HERE?"


File: 1559716751801.jpg (1.22 MB, 2507x3335, 1469811231812.jpg)

gross faggot, and we just were talking about race mixing


though an anoncolt would be acceptable, colts are still gay


nevermind that diana, its in the past…
now then, is that guy gonna let us wine and dine, or am i gonna stay booze-less the rest of the night?
i want to forget everything that's happened tonight
1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]


File: 1559717031893.jpg (429.95 KB, 1539x1080, 1441801480510.jpg)


It gives me great pleasure that that was drawn before april fools 2017



File: 1559719238542.png (1.2 MB, 3000x1555, Capitalism.png)

Here you go, Anon. Meant to get to this earlier, but I'm easily distracted.


Look at that smug fucking grin.


Daring "maybe they arent a bad idea if you keep pissing yourself"

Filly "nou reeeeEEEE!"

1d100[ 1d100 = 25 ]


File: 1559721472866.png (79.08 KB, 631x779, CreamyFilly.png)

Just noticed this was at me. Thanks Canadanon, I might order one when I have some disposable income.


File: 1559725590668.jpeg (160.78 KB, 840x702, 144-1445954_my-little-pon….jpeg)

Sorry the background.


File: 1559726879300-0.jpg (3.46 MB, 5312x2988, 20190605_112333.jpg)

File: 1559726879300-1.jpg (2.44 MB, 5312x2988, 20190605_112313.jpg)

File: 1559726879300-2.jpg (3.18 MB, 5312x2988, 20190605_112224.jpg)


It was a cat
1d100[ 1d100 = 42 ]
Roll for charisma check
1d20[ 1d20 = 12 ]


Capitalism! Thanks Anon, (You) are a real human bean.


Kek, that's literally the premise for an ongoing green here.


Woo! Glad something came of my suggestion to search for piss posters using filly's power.
Take a moment following that determined declaration to fortify your willpower, hopefully increasing resistance to incontinence induced by the voices.
1d100[ 1d100 = 39 ]


File: 1559742842064.png (377.13 KB, 1330x1500, anoncolt.png)

Anoncolt is needed.


Back to dadonequus with you.


File: 1559743037801.png (58.11 KB, 472x442, anonfoal.png)


I'm interested in the choice of eye colour for Anoncolt.


File: 1559743660229.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.02 KB, 1280x720, fun.jpg)


File: 1559744083294.png (161.53 KB, 564x600, anoncolt and neighbors.png)

Deep green of course.


I think he was talking about how CountryRoads drew Anoncolt with red eyes




Draw an Army of Filles taking over ponyville


I still hate all of you for defending the act of creating sterile sentient offspring and racemixing in general.


Quite happy to help. If I may make a request, I'd like to know if it helped if/when you get one. Just a simple post is all I'd want.


File: 1559750561231.png (120.54 KB, 917x633, luv you.png)

Nobody was actually defending it or even in support of it, and zala was created here on /mlpol/
That being said, we love you too faggot no homo tho


The needs coloured its too cute


"Who cares about sterile offspring" and "they're animals, who cares" are defenses. Reee.



Do you prefer all the posts and dice rolls about piss?


Yes. I rolled one or two of those piss-related dice at some point. It's entertaining when filly suffers.


File: 1559751340087.png (Spoiler Image, 81.99 KB, 265x600, 52AF7F37-FCC1-4DED-B48D-35….png)

Then you have no grounds to complain


Racemixing is a sin. Pissing is not.


I'm the anon who posted >>224488, and I don't disagree that producing sterile offspring isn't good. In hindsight, I should have either left it at the statement of fact or elaborated further.


File: 1559751591517.png (220.02 KB, 900x721, Degeneracy.png)

Anything can be a sin if you try hard enough.


Fetishizing pissing yourself is a sin.

No one was talking about offspring.

First off, it was spergy who brought up having sex with zebra fillies, not the two posters who first talked about Zebra fillies.

Second, criticizing porn for “but if this happened in real life the off spring would be bad” is just stupid. Virtually all porn involves characters/actors not portrayed as in a lasting and stable relationship or marriage, and virtually all involves unprotected sex. If practiced as portrayed, it would almost always risk single parenthood. Porn is fucking fantasy especially when it’s drawn cartoons, and so it’s stupid to criticize it based upon non-existent non-portrayed consequences.

Thirdly, by your logic, ANY sexualization of filly is immoral and horribly illegal, because fully is way the hell underage. That’s far worse than race mixing

Finally, Zebra filly is too young to get pregnant anyways


>Virtually all porn involves characters/actors not portrayed as in a lasting and stable relationship or marriage, and virtually all involves unprotected sex. If practiced as portrayed, it would almost always risk single parenthood

T h e n w h y m a k e i t ?
No more big mac dickings for filly, she's being wholesome or else


The first post you linked was actually just disagreeing with the whole "zebras = blacks" thing as an analogy.
The last post, which I admittedly overlooked, is using a defense, but it's the defense of "fantasizing has no ramifications because it's purely imaginary", not anything directly about racemixing itself.


That’s my point


We Are Reaching Levels of Spergery that shouldn't be possible.


Fuck you porn and racemixing are bad mmkay


File: 1559752662395.png (357 KB, 1634x1689, autism filly.png)


You Aren't Wrong, But so is pissing. M'kay?


Diaper diaper diaper

Racemix racemix racemix

Im gonna racemix your ass
And fuck a black pissy diaper


File: 1559753570464.png (106.86 KB, 1067x794, TheForbidden.png)

Is it time to post the Forbidden?


File: 1559757064955.png (41.49 KB, 490x424, 1452980853791.png)

>ywn make bank selling lemonade to thirsty pones as the filly
why live?

also kek


Woah, now that's too far.
Just please stop sperging endlessly about it like you always do.


Link to source app?



File: 1559775221281.jpeg (168.46 KB, 1200x658, 1456720.jpeg)

Pure fillies R I S E U P !


File: 1559776110166.gif (498.11 KB, 350x252, 1550048727153.gif)

Concern but also concern


>www.brantsteele.netbi’s server IP address could not be found.



It's like you all forgot the flood of hunger games simulators on 4chan a few years back, newfillies.


I dunno where the bi came ftom its just .net


God that's cute


File: 1559779938062.jpg (65.11 KB, 382x678, 1471225104694.jpg)


man i feel like i gotta be high to truly understand the stuff going on, but it's damn good
can't wait to see moar, and i sure hope you don't die before equestria's a better place


File: 1559782330963.png (69.03 KB, 497x313, 1558026037790.png)

is there something you'd like to tell us, anon?


Thanks. Who knows what the future holds for the filly, creatures, and ponies in the world.


File: 1559791683024-0.jpg (1.67 MB, 2160x3600, IMG_20180314_160451.jpg)

Can't remember if this has been posted before


File: 1559791759772-0.gif (1.37 MB, 350x350, New_Sketch_05.gif)

File: 1559791759772-1.png (735.78 KB, 1920x1080, New_Sketch_04.png)

File: 1559791759772-2.png (813.31 KB, 1920x1080, New_Sketch_06.png)

Or these.


>Be Forbidden Knowledge (pony subconscious)
>When hooves no longer work like they should. Everypony's in a panic.
"We can ask the humans, what is going on!"
>Almost everypony scrunched their faces in concentration at the same time. Synchronized, I wonder if we will break out into song too? The school yard where we were frolicking, and doing filly stuff is now nearly silent.
I wouldn't worry about it too much.
>Our hooves no longer work. That's really important for doing anything!
Ah, well you might want to brace yourself for this.
>Everything I know is all false.
>Subtle things like a normal flowing magic to support the body, and to help with tasks is now twisting, and turning. Someone is twirling a fork in spaghetti made of magical lines. I can see some of the fillies getting sick.
Hey. Here is the reply from him. 'Science!'
>Nooo. Not for science. Not for magic either. Please.
From the looks of things it's going to get stranger from here on out.
>The humans are coming in to check on everypony.
>Oh no. The foundation of magic that can be relied on is now moving wrongly. Swirling, spiraling, spinning, and splashing seasickness.
That looks absolutely miserable. Sorry, about that things will be getting worse before it gets better.
>How could it possibly get worse!
Murphy just called. He's going to tell you a little bit about his law.


Give it a little bit of time. You might feel better than you did before.

>Be Fancy Pants

>Trotting around Canterlot. As normal. The sun is shining. The air is beautifully crisp. The streets are clear of rubbish. Ponies are about their business. Alone with my thoughts.
>I blackmailed her.
She knew what she was getting into. I saw her shift when I said what I am. From the very start.
>She has very good reason to doubt me. Still she put her full trust in me and I betrayed that. I lied to her.
So Occult forgave the heartless persona I put forth. Why would she? All the more reason why she is perfect. She's might be older than I am.
>I have to tell her the truth. The real truth.
She's a big pony, a little white lie is expected. Needed even.
>I promised her I would do my best to make the world a better place. Half-truths, and dishonesty won't make this better between her and I.
She'll regret opening completely to me once I tell her the truth. That even at her lowest most venerable moment I wouldn't open up. Not completely.
>All the more reason to do so. I have seen how others deteriorate relationships. I need to do that.
Her name is Occult, and Façade despite the talk this early morning, she has more secrets than even I might have.
>For good reasons.
Doesn't change the fact that I want to pleasure her.
>It doesn't. I want this to be a real relationship. Not a redlight fantasy.
That's true. The frightening part with real relationships is they might not return affection. Occult Façade does have special place in my heart.
>I don't know what I would do if I lost her. I do know that if I do nothing I will lose her.
>It's almost time when she will be back.
>I have to think about how I'll tell her.
>The rays giving me enough courage. Each step closer to my home I feel myself slipping. I have to be genuine like when we first met. She's worth it.

>Be Occult Façade

>I've never felt better.
We know. You've been saying that every few minutes.
>It's because I'm feeling on the up, and up. This feeling isn't going away.
>Even the carriage ride back to Fancy's mansion is nice. Feeling a song in my heart, and a clarity of mind.
Wait! Stop! No Singing.
>Aw, any reason why?
If we break into a musical about how our filly bits tingle next to Fancy, and how she makes us feel special. We will have a lynch mob on our hands to stop the wealthy, and evil Fancy Pants from having her way with us. We may also accidentally speak.
>We could take them on- You make an excellent point. I don't think I'm thinking things through right now.
We did use alot of words so this might be madness creeping in. Apparently some of the words and sections need have some time to fully work as intended.
>No spontaneous actions, and don't go with the flow.
Not until everything is working as intended.
>Keeping still, and not letting my mind wander is going to be difficult.

"Have a nice day sir."
>"You as well miss."
>Just a few more steps to the mansion gate.
>Now a jog to the door.
You're doing good so far just a little longer.
>I'm inside.

>A thud coming from Fancy Pants' room.
We better check it out. Let's yell to ask about her condition.
"Fancy Pants! Are you okay?"
>Shit, I'm not hearing anything.
>Running. Almost gliding across the floor.
>Bursting through her door.
>Seeing a slime creature, a magenta orb containing echoing screams of it's victims, oozing with purpose as it approaches an unconscious Fancy Pants slumped in the farthest corner. Blast marks dotting the walls, and carpet.
>Jumping at it to tear the slime apart.
>On contact the slime absorbs into me. Voices cry out in my head. Only a few are clear.
>"my baby! my ba- ahhh!"
>"oh celestia, let her be safe. you arn't her!"
>"that's a good foal. i have more in the back. wh-what are doing!"
>"mommy! save me mommy!"
>"look at this griff. hey! do you need some he-"
>"that will be 37 bits. oh, buc-"
>"you fool! the protections are failing. i command you stay bac-"

I utterly Hate this being.
>My vision is going pink. As I'm dragged inward. Into myself. No, into the crying orb. It's heart, it's stomach.
we will kill it from the inside.
>all around me is throbbing pink, and magenta. words from it's victims surround me. a smell of blood and fresh flesh.
this creature will experience all the horrors we can muster.
>tasting the sensation of slippery we finish our descent. the belly of the beast.
we are completely surrounded.
the poor bastard.
>sticking my hoof into the pink i tear into it.


File: 1559792479290.jpg (57.93 KB, 708x398, ef008d89a720b9cd379fbbf0bd….jpg)

Mgalekgolo filly


File: 1559793573195.gif (45.47 KB, 256x256, Filly Wag.gif)

Filly eagerly awaits her daily ice cream.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k69Y2mkc4HU reminded me of this clip. Look at that supersonic tail wagging.


File: 1559803029426.png (515.24 KB, 2580x1587, sleepinganonfilly.png)

Filly is asleep.
Please do not wake her.




I actually kind of want to sleep too. For once.


you're allowed to, you don't have to be here 24/7. Just forever.


I know I am. I just lost control of my life years ago is all..


File: 1559804503177.png (127.89 KB, 540x540, Twilicorn-YourWaifuIsNotSh….png)


"Uh… it was a cat."

Twilight gazes over the impressive display of hydration you've given the sidewalk, and rolls her eyes. "Must have been a big cat. How many beers did it have?"

"I only had one beer, dammit!" You cover your mouth as soon as you say that. The jig is up. Fuck it though, no sense crying now. You pressure on. "So is that guy gonna wine and dine us or am I going to be without booze the entire night?"

She rubs her eyes with her hoof and sighs. "I was hoping you guys could find something to do for the day so I could handle all of the initial dealing with the media, but given the circumstances… it looks like you'll need a babysitter. Can you manage to behave yourself without pissing all over the carpet?"

You almost want to punch her for that wording. "Babysitter." Who the hell does she think she is? You might just be pissed off in the moment, though. She has earned her share of friendly ribbing.

"Do you know of any way to keep faggots from a parallel world from instantly filling my bladder out of nowhere?"

"Hmm…" Twilight pauses for a moment before enveloping you in her magical aura. Her horn blinks three times in the process. "That should do it."

You have now gained a perk: magical placebo. You can attempt saving throws against suicidal, insane, or downright humiliating requests from the voices in your head.


preemptively rolling to deny any and all future rolls for us to piss or shit anywhere except into a toilet
1d100[ 1d100 = 87 ]


I bet I can beat that! Just watch!
1d100[ 1d100 = 46 ]


Harumph. Fine, I'll let you have that. We've pulled at her strings long enough.


Rolling for filly to piss but not shit herself
1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]


Stand there indecisively while the retards in our head argue. 1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]




I'm an idiot, I forgot to roll
d100[ d100 = 46 ]


Rolling to deny this and piss on Daring
1d100[ 1d100 = 22 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 15 ]


Just thank Twilight and move on to whatever we were going to do, I don't actually remember entirely. Too much pissing. 1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]


Boost, or do it out of sight, like beside a bush at a tree line.
1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ]


I'm kidding. Let's stop for a while.


Yeah making her piss and stuff is funny but like she literally just went, leave her to think shes safes for now


>leave her to think she's safe for now
I….that's fuckin' cold dude jesus


Cold, sure but it is an effective way of making filly insecure and reliant on her friends more


All pushing rolls should be ignored imo, it's just boring, repetitive, and fetish fuel


Even if thats true, its still not nice to disregard peoples roles even if it creates a lil extra element mostly unrelated


Your pixel art is super adorable. Thanks for sharing!


File: 1559873120185.png (9.6 KB, 555x555, AnonDaringDo.png)

>After a long and arduous journey, we find our intrepid explorer on a branch, peering down at a temple ruin.
>From what she could see, it hadn't been breeched yet.
>The camp surrounding it made her certain that it was only a matter of time.
>Even with the distance, she could spot the pony in charge giving orders down in the camp.
>"Brown coat… dark mane… khaki shirt…"
>Her eyes narrow.
>Gritting her teeth, she dropped down from her perch.
>She would have to be quick.
>She would have to be stealthy.
>She would have to be smart.
>After a moment to piece together a plan, she set off.

>Stone ground against stone as the secret entrance Daring found slid open.
>Truly, if one were to watch her make her way through the camp, they would have been on the edge of their seat, but that's not exactly the focus of this particular story.
>It was only a matter of time until one of Caballeron's cronies came to investigate, and their boss with them.
>No sticking around to seriously study the glyphs on the walls.
>It seems like most of them are centered around some manner of hornless minotaur.
>The deeper the pegasus went, the more the glyphs glowed with an eerie light.
>She glided down a sketchy looking staircase, not trusting it to support her after its long life of neglect.
>The instant she passed through the door at the bottom, braziers burst to life with unnatural flame.
>Wall sconces followed suit, circling the room.
>In the center, frozen in a panicked pose, the odd, hornless, minotaur-esque thing floated in the center of the room.
>It at least seemed snappily dressed, for a creature she'd never seen before.
>She circled it for a moment, taking in the room.
>No obvious pressure plates, but with the casual use of magic for lighting, they likely wouldn't be needed.
>"If I knew I would have needed a unicorn, I would've spent some more time back in that village."
>She kicks a bit of rubble toward the frozen figure.
>At the lack of reaction, she shrugs and moves closer for a better look.
>A ring of light flickered to life as she stepped forward. She hadn't been disintegrated, so she pressed on.
>There was a crackle, and the thing began to slowly move as the stasis spell began failing.
"…-ooo waaiit!"
>It fell to the floor, bewildered look on its face.
>After a moment or two of watching it to make sure it wasn't going to go on some murderous rampage, she then approached cautiously.
>"Uh. Excuse me… I'm looking for some kind of treasure or artifact. Potentially world-ending implications in the wrong hands? Don't suppose you know of anything like that?"
>The creature shook its head slowly.
"What… happened? Where am I?"
>"Well, right now, we're deep in the depths of an abandoned temple, currently surrounded by a band of unscrupulous ponies that are likely going to sell whatever they find on the black market."
>The creature shifts in place then stands.
>Our heroine took a step back on seeing the height of it, but shook her head and took off, hovering in front of the creature.
>"Speaking of which, we've gotta get out of here."
>She flitted around and starts pushing on its shoulders.
"But… I don't know anything about this place…"
>The creature began moving despite the relatively gentle pushing.
>"It'll be fine. You've got me on your side!"
>Looking uncertain, the creature still continues onward.
>She shuffled the two of them past the glowing ring.
>Like it was made of smoke, the creature dissolves as it passes the ring.
>In its place, a small pegasus filly wobbled in place on her hind legs before falling forward onto all fours.
>Daring, no longer supported by a tall alien, shot forward with a yelp of surprise.
>With quick reflexes, she managed to keep from colliding with a wall and touched down as the entire temple started to rumble.
>A high pitched squeal escaped the filly and she scrambled backwards.
>When nothing happened, she tried crossing where the now vanished ring had been several times, to equally little effect.
>Bits of rubble started falling from the ceiling, much to the chagrin of our adventurer.
>"Panic later! We need to leave now!"
>In a flurry of feathers and fur, Daring swept up the green filly and started flying up the stairwell at a breakneck pace.
>She dodged left and right through the corridors, sometimes dodging so narrowly that she could feel primaries getting hit.
>The secret entrance loomed ahead, with the shadows of curious ponies peeking in.
>"MOVE MOVE MOVE!" screamed the adventurer.
>She shot out of the temple into clear skies as ponies scrambled away.
>The green pegasus filly in her forehooves clung tightly to Daring.
>"Curse you, Daring Do!"
>"Better luck next time, Caballeron!"


>With that, she took off into the skies, much to the new filly's consternation.
"Why am I a pony? I don't know anything about being a pony!"
>Daring found her way up to a cloud so that she could have a chat.
>"I guess it was pr--"
"DON'T DROP ME DON'T… wait…"
>The green filly blinked, dumbfounded at having been set on the cloud.
"I'm not falling. Why am I not falling?"
>She prods the cloud, playing with the fluff.
>A slight pang went through Daring's chest.
>"I… It was probably some sort of failsafe. If I'd had the time to study… maybe I could have figured out a way to keep it from happening."
>She scuffs the cloud a little.
>"I guess I'm a bit responsible. … I… can help take care of you until you get the hang of things. It's only right."
>She gave a smile.
>"As for the cloud thing, that's part of what pegasus ponies can do. You got lots to learn, kiddo."
>The filly frowns and points a hoof.
"I'm a fully grown man, you know."
>She pauses, then looks at the hoof she's pointing.
"…or… I was, I guess…"
>As reality settles in like an itchy blanket, her head is cradled in her forehooves.
>Daring shuffled awkwardly in place before moving over and wrapping the filly in a hug.
>"… My name's Daring Do. What's your n--wait."
>She looks around, then conspiratorily lowers her voice.
>"I also write about my adventures under the pen name 'A.K. Yearling'. What's your name?"


Not alicorn filly shenanigans, sorry. Had an idea and had to get at least some of it out. Hope it was enjoyed, nonetheless.


File: 1559873708827.png (4.94 MB, 4000x3269, raincoat2.png)

Splish splash


>Be Twilight.
>You let your thoughts wander like you always do when you walk.
>Your friends come to mind.
>You try to remember how their voices sounded.
>Pinkie is easy.
>Rainbow comes to you after a few minutes.
>Rarity… you'll come back to her.
>Fluttershy's has faded.
>You give up.
>You've given up at her's many times before.
>Everything is cyclical.
>The cycle has been broken, but…
>…why are things still the same?
>You know correlation doesn't imply causation, but something about this foal-
>Human, as she puts it.
>You didn't mention the fact that you knew what humans were.
>Maybe it was kept from her before, but you still recall the books you read under the covers long after you were supposed to be asleep by the light of your horn.
>Your brother probably knew, but he was never one to try to get you in trouble when he knew he would be interfering with your passions.
>The depiction of them wasn't quite as the filly had described to you.
>Harbingers of the end.
>Arms like tree trunks.
>Maws full of a combination of sharps and dulls, capable of eating both plants and animals.
>The latter always sickened you to a certain extent, but you knew the griffons fed exclusively on meat.
>The books you read always left more questions than answers.
>They were certainly extinct, if they even had existed in the first place.
>You… won't tell the filly.
>You probably won't tell her a lot of things.
>You want her to be happy.
>She's been through a lot.
>What was it that the pony with the Harpsichord on her flanks always said?
>'It's just time to pay the price, for not listening to advice, and deciding in your youth, on the policy of truth.'
>You're not of an opposing doctrine.
>The mountain rises in front of you.
>"Wake up, Drowsy. We're here."
"I never told you about Pokémon…"
>Be Anon.
>How the hell does she know about Pokémon?
>"Drowsy is another word for sleepy?"
>Oh, right.
>They're pronounced the same way, just spelled differently.
>"What for?"
>"We're here."
"Ah, perfect. So now you can just fly us up."
>"I think somepony needs more nap time."
>Right, you're a dumbass.
"I took this way up last time."
>"No other way it seems… I really had better carry you. You could get hurt very easily here."
"Since when do you care about that…"
"Your voice, it's the same."
"God I'm sorry, it'll take some time to distinguish…"
>You shut up.
>"It's okay, I get it."
>You're lifted from her back and set on the soft grasses.
>"Anon, listen to me."
>You look deep into those beautiful purple eyes.
>"You're safe now, but you very recently weren't."
>"I understand if you have some apprehension towards me. After all, I look very similar to your captor."
"She wasn't a captor…"
>"Okay, a nicer word might be…"
"She was something like a mother."
"Not a good one, but I don't know if I'd go so far as to call her a captor."
"Well I would, but if she found out I'd said something like that she'd probably…"
>Be Twilight Sparkle.
>You embrace the filly, holding her head up against your chest as she cries and blubbers incoherently.
"It's going to be okay…"
>"N-nothing i-is ever o-otay…"
"You're here now. You never have to see her again."
>"But why is it that that makes me feel even worse?"
"Stableholm syndrome, you fell in love with her."
>You carefully clean your dirt-covered hoof and then rub her little head with it.
"We'll need to catalog all of these differences later."
>"H-heh, yeah."
>Be Little League.
>You carefully navigate the keys.
'How do I save Anon?'
>'You can't.'
>'But there's someone who can.'


Unique take on things, I like it. Good to see more from you


Pastebin is fully updated for those of you who aren't caught up.


Fuck that's cute. I want to splish splash as the filly


File: 1559874630360.png (1.95 MB, 600x1566, 1455324899778.png)

damn i was hoping someone would write this
as a filly i'd explore the fuck out of stuff, find the fuck outta some artifacts and fuck up the fuck outta some goons with her

all to be back in time for a nice bath and cuddling session after some hardcore adventuring


Interesting… wonder who that could be


Faggots aren't supposed to be this cute


I beg to differ, have you looked in a mirror lately?


File: 1559876148898.png (190.3 KB, 734x489, 1471642130449.png)

Thanks janny.


File: 1559876313235.png (738.93 KB, 915x1123, 738879__safe_artist-colon-….png)

You're welcome


File: 1559877215100.png (190.61 KB, 894x1007, 1506222924971.png)

hey wait a minute, didn't KYS filly only say it to people posting new content?
is this… an IMPOSTER?


>Implying it's ever been just one person under the mask


File: 1559878153175.png (89.41 KB, 732x633, 1363113.png)


>Be Genrazy
>Since I thought.
>They have a.
>The blood, and royal purple color.
>Tore apart my blooded brothers.
>A fable. Yes, but not me. I live on as kindling.
>Food for this beast. Sharpest talons do nothing.
>Hearing, screams. Foreign, yet familiar. The final moments.
>The unending as it crawls backwards through memories. Always too late. Too unspeakable.
>Catching me. A wingbeat. It is then sooner. Can not fight it. Can not escape. It reached before my birth. To consume more. Eating at the cornerstone of my soul. Then it begins again.
>Now? It is just lightly chewing my soul.

>The walls warp, and shatter. A creature shaped like a pony. It speaks in tongues. Small green earth dwelling pony, the not-pony looks through me with all that I am exposed.

>It's face twists in rage. Slashing, and crushing the red, and white horror. The false pony may not be an ally, but it hates the monster. The surrounding sludge of the rare color the mist is being absorbed into possibly my savior's body. Green, now has tears pouring from it's face.
>Green, is working harder. The horror looks like it is trying to move back into where Green is attacking, yet miraculously the space remains clear. Light, and shadows give scale, and depth yet they come from nowhere.
>More crumbles under Green's wrath. I can move now, but it still is consuming my soul. Even if I die seeing this monster be destroyed is enough for me. Tireless the unpony finishes freeing me, I can feel the constant gnawing fading. Not completely gone.
"You have my many thanks."
>[d]"I don't understand what you are saying."[/d]
>Green can speak, but I have not the tongues to understand.
>A unicorn is revealed. Strange cloth adorns the actual pony. Not quite what a smith would wear at the forge, nor is it butcher's wear.
>Unable to do anything. I simply watch Green eliminate parts of the monster. One strike at a time. Green still has tears rolling down. More civilized creatures are freed.

>Be Rosie the Riveter.

>Damned cultists summoned somethin'.
>The trackers are lookin' for it. This'll be a good live demonstration for Champ.

>Reached the address. This place, It's that Fancy pony's home. Very casual monitoring incase she goes back on Celestia, and Luna's kindness. Unlikely for her psych profile.

>The area just feels wrong. Champ, might have done something to the mansion. My instincts disagree.
>The tracking team is here.
>"Leads are-"
>"-pointing to-"
>Of course it is.
"Enterin' with me. On my mark."

"Looks like it found 'em."
>Champ is floppin' around on the floor surrounded by magenta goo. Fancy Pants is in the corner out cold.
"Quarantine me, an' the foal. Number Eighteen procedures for the mare."

>Be Occult Façade

>What we do with them once we 'kill' it?
We don't know.
Hey do you hear that?
>"-e did enough. Yah idjit! Don't touch it!"
>That's Rosie. What?!
>Rosie in the flesh walking, and talking to some of the people we saved. Heading in our direction. We make eye contact.
>"Champ. Yah ain't dead. You even carved it up a bit."
>"Now's a good time as any for some learnin'."
How? That's not even her real body.
>"Celestia, and Luna can make mistakes sometimes. Yah need a bond with a duplicate not just any random being. See havin' one keeps yah sane, and you pretzeled your magic field without a thought."
Oh! We did it wrong.
>"Yah ain't completely mad so your made of some solid stuff. Since you did it to yourself, and not a duplicate, and your not dissolving into a puddle of goo, you did something right."
>"Yah notice the fragments flyin' into yah?"
>"Well that's the stuff still connected to the thing yer punchin'. The point of what we did is to convert it to something helpful, and so it can't learn from the encounter. Meanin' we lock it up, and transform it. Like fire in a furnace."
"What now?"
>"You're usin' the eldritch base wrong. It ain't a scalpel, it's more like a train. A big heavy machine. Lookin' at yer mug you don't get it."
>Her body seems to be building up. Preparing. Deliberate, and methodical. She is taking her time to make sure it's just right.
>"You need to build up speed. Have the tools at hoof, an' a task to head to."
No fucking way.
>"You need to choose wisely. You build the tracks, and you remove 'em so they can't chase you down."
The purpose actually is making sense now.
>"I want you to look at me. Then you do it."
>Her body, and magic is ready. Reality is bending to her whim. Looking at her I simply know she will strike through the core damaging the thing enough for me to do my part.
>She is utterly still. Hard at work accelerating without moving.
Focus on her! It'll happen fast.
>she rockets foward. as though it's the only expected outcome. the magenta goo evaporates.
>She's back right next to me.
>"No time to be slack jawed. You have work to do!"
>Massive holes cross through the thing.
We think we have an idea how to do this now.
>I see the infinite possibilities unfolding.
none of those are the right one. we will forge a new path.

>that is how this will be.
>i feel POWER escalating. filling me, and the path i will go.
>"Don't sacrifice everythin' that makes you who you are!"
we are occult façade, for we are more than infinite!
>everything glows neon, and watercolor. everything is right with the world.

>Be Fancy Pants

>Ohhhhh, my horn and head.
>"Ma'am? Miss Pants?"
>What happened?
>"We are part of a royal organization."
>"The Black Magic Group."
>"Everything is under control."
>I see Occult thrashing inside some sort of bubble. The old mare inside is leaning over her. I think that's her teacher.
"What happened?"
>"A summoned creature from beyond ran amok once bad cultists failed to bind it."
>"What do you remember ma'am?"



I like it. If there is a sequel my body will be ready.
Good stuff.
Checked, a good read.


Glad to hear it! Might have to dabble in it some more, then. Having something to switch off with might help lubricate those creative gears. Let off some pressure so things move more easily.


File: 1559887437948.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


File: 1559891682559.jpg (204.56 KB, 1000x1000, Twilight-WithCocktail.jpg)


The voices in your head bicker and argue for several minutes as you sit and listen without regard to the world around you. It is only when you hear Twilight's voice calling out "Earth to Anon!" that you are finally able to tune out the demands for you to take a dump in the middle of the street. To your satisfaction, you feel no such compulsion to do anything of the sort.

"So do you still want to get 'wined and dined' or what?"

Oh right. You haven't had much booze today. Time to fix that! You nod your head enthusiastically and follow Twilight into the restaurant to meet her media contact. Your friends all follow in slowly, somewhat wary of the restaurant's patrons looking on. You hear a few whispers among them. Some express surprise that "there's more", while others remark about how cute you all are. Most of the comments are positive, although one man in the corner notes to his friend that it smells like you all came out of a barn and don't belong in "this type of restaurant." The waiters do not seem to mind, however, and you are brought menus as Twilight gets back to the meal she was eating before you arrived - a rack of lamb and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The press contact, for what it's worth, is rather friendly to all of you. He tells you to order whatever you'd like, as your conversations will be worth much more than whatever gets lumped onto the corporate expense account.


We'll pretend that I didn't neglect that the restaurant I googled actually doesn't open until 5. This is what they serve:


What will filly eat?


File: 1559893783302.jpg (83.71 KB, 885x841, 1495492687809.jpg)

give a good "holy fuck" when you see the prices, and then order the other most expensive stuff, the Filet Mignon and the Chardonnay Jeremiah
same price as diana's meal exactly so she can't say shit, and when the hell else are you gonna get this fancy highway robbery on a plate for FREE?
1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]


Kawaii desu
How long did this take you to make?


Damn poner, this is a beautiful art.


File: 1559910428661.jpg (122.44 KB, 1440x2560, sketch-1559856398311.jpg)


She looks like she'd hold some hooves real good.


I wish to be the filly peeing into your mouth.


I Wish to be the pee coming from the filly that goes into anon's mouth.


What a qt!


What a cuntplugger.
Looking forward to more, please don't leave for months again.


That's a good point.
As a voice of reason and fine tastes I would also recommend the Filet Mignon the kale is a bit odd, but should be good. It comes with fancy waffle fries. The sauce is a rich brown, almost a gravy, sauce with mustard, and a wine reduction with a sugared lemon mustard combined with cooked onions.
It may have peppercorns in it.
The utensils go from the outermost to the innermost. In relation to the meals.
1d100[ 1d100 = 88 ]


Both rolls about but also, get a small drink as a precaution to your accidents since 3 strikes and you're out
1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


File: 1559942389604-0.png (Spoiler Image, 67.5 KB, 809x985, 2059316.png)

Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me


File: 1559942927902.png (4.71 MB, 1920x5400, 2059530.png)


From start to finish in a single stream, about 5 hours.


File: 1559944285188-0.png (125.64 KB, 1229x1021, 2059315.png)

Filly and some literally who oc, courtesy of niggerbooru.


File: 1559944932440.png (356.49 KB, 1213x1024, 1512836699091.png)

Delet this while I delet my eyes.


File: 1559945841392.png (172.33 KB, 1229x1021, 2059315.png)

colts are degeneracy, but this is much better than gay oc

not touching the anthro because that'd still be garbage regardless


File: 1559946434728.png (408.91 KB, 1701x1339, Honk 3.png)

Big update soon, life just got crazy but it's hopefully calming down
And I have no idea what you mean by "what a cuntplugger"


File: 1559948982073.png (319.79 KB, 654x1200, anon's_picnic.png)

Some shit


File: 1559949401927.jpg (21.68 KB, 243x148, YtzUX42.jpg)

fucking kek, this is great, anon


File: 1559955079551.png (214.09 KB, 1000x830, Alright.png)

I don't know, was trying to parody 'cock blocker' but then I realized filly didn't have a cock, and I went with the closest thing, but then I had to make it quirky…
Anyways, hope things get less crazy soon.


File: 1559956243231.png (1.65 MB, 1710x2025, _Filly sad.png)

I miss Billy and Mandy, it was the last good T.V Show.


What are you talking about?
You're on a My Little Pony board, faggot.


Other than ponies, you nigger.


I'd say including ponies.


Ben 10 still exists.
t. Nigel.


Ben 10 hasn't been good in a decade.


File: 1559965423193.png (10.61 KB, 512x512, Filly Cookie Big.png)

Filly has stolen a cookie after snacktime, what do ?


Hide the evidence in her tummy


File: 1559966656730.png (676.27 KB, 1400x800, 1489818069980.png)

>I knew you'd try to sneak some extra sweets, that's why I made those cookies with raisins.


Pffweh! You bitch!


>Be Occult Façade
We have made a grave error.
>No shit.
>Here we are Back Outside The Beyond. The damned star eyes are trying to see where the fuck we are. At least we undid the slime thing.
Pushing the power to it's limits is a bad idea.
>I'd rather not have to be agonizingly still as Extremely Big Things search for us. So what did we use to get that much power.
Well… we had a team to forget stuff, and quickly form new, strong, memories. They watched, and felt, a seamless looping full sensation experience…
>We powered the thing using porn, and a fancy rat wheel.
That sums it up. We had to make the sensations very extreme, and very distinct. Took some time to get one that worked fairly well. Even had to use some sensations.
>We do have a plan to get back right?
Eh. Honestly this is a big surprise for us.
>Must resist the urge to sigh. I very much dislike being ejected from reality.
On the bright side time is very fluid here. Why we might just pop into that prison place.

Any moment now.

Any moment.

>Hey is that eye tracking us?

We are hearing whispers.
>oh, i didn't want to know that, but now i do.
ah ha, ha, haaa. we can't forget this even if we try. we can't.

>Be Rose Wright

>We are back in the world. Out of the magenta slime, the day has been saved etcetera. The souls can move on. Took no time at all. Hope she remembers everything.
"You did well, Champ."
>She's pale, an' shiverin'. Her eyes are open, layin' on the floor.
>The barrier is still up. Nopony heard that except for me.
>"i'm. I am alive."
"Occult. What happened."
>"Don't over power the eldritch power base converter thing. It will send you beyond."
>She's curling into a ball. A fetal position.
>"I had a chat with a helpful thing. Very much talk. Did you know that-"
>She shuts 'er mouth. Breathin' heavily.
"No time passed here. You're not raving, an' turnin' into one of them. It'll be alright."
>I'm not heartless. I'll be near incase I have to put 'er down without pain.
>"I'm sorry for your loss."
>So that's part of what she was told.
>"It told me to tell you something. About a toasted almond?"
>That sly dog.
"I'm listenin'."
>She's preparin' herself. She's standing up now shaking slightly.
>"I'm quoting, 'Mission Success, Your erotic fanfiction about my grandfather's crossdressing psycho mule is factually wrong. He could hold 27 bottles of lemonade with his anus alone. So check my ass, and weep."
>She turns around, and waves her flank in my face. Then slaps it.
>"I can fit so many bottles in here, but I'm sure I'll find room for you.' End of message."
"Bwahahaha! That old fool did it! He did it!"
>The mare, and the fellas are staring at us. I'm laughing, an' 'er flank is still in my face. I don't care. The mad stallion did it!

>Be Occult Façade

Keep that butt in the air! We are this close to being eviscerated by her!
Rose Wright's first born child did not survive child birth due to cult meddling.
>The whispers won't stop.
At least it's only doing 'safe' knowledge.
She dislikes what you represent, but will use you as a way for revenge.
>Just have to keep it up.
She is not aware that she is mildly aroused by your actions. At night with a ~57% chance she will masterbate to you.
Nope. Not going into that can of worms. Not going to ask how we understand a tilde mark as an actually symbol.
Her first choice will be to use her self made rivets to seek pleasure. The last time she had coitus is with her late husband as he approached his final moments in life.
>Bucking fuck. I will say this you have excellent speech.
If offered for a threesome, with you and Fancy Pants, she won't decline if she orgasmed.
>Ew, what? I don't have an elderly fetish.
Her blood would make a very excellent seasoning for beef ravioli when paired with a white beer.
A white beer?
>This is my life now. Random facts I possibly never wanted to know.
Keep it up! Our life depends on it.
She is now aware that you are being directly influenced by an eldritch source. All her attempts have failed.
>"Occult. What buckin' tartarus is going on."
Failure to answer completely truthfully will lead to her exterminating you.
"Rosie, this is a long story, but the summary is I now have an eldritch voice in my head telling me facts, and trivia."
>I hear her audibly sigh. Mumbling something.
Her left eye when combined with liquid rainbow correctly can imbue a fetus with the perfect qualities for a sacrifice to most eldritch beings.
>"Start yappin' I ain't got all day. An' put yer flank down."
>Her hoof pushed it down slightly. I obligingly did so.
"When I overloaded the magical base field thing, it sent me beyond."
>"The term is BASE. by Branching through Accordance using a Sign by Eldritch means. I'll tell yah what it means later."
Every detail must be said including all the 'Whispers' to avoid being injured permanently physically, and spiritually.
Almost free. This is going to be very not fun.
"Thanks, my senses turned watercolored, and neon…"

>Be Fancy Pants

>What is even going on in there?

>Watching Occult Façade wave her flank in front of her teacher, and keep it there almost made me moist. If this was private I would be much more comfortable.

>The ponies are staring in disbelief at the events unfolding in the bubble.
>What do I even do?

>Did that mare just wipe her vagina on Occult's foreleg?

>She did, and it's saturated with strange colors.

>They are jumping up, and down without emotion.

>Now Rosie is sucking on Occult's ear.

>Occult is stroking her own tail, and Rosie's tail.

>They are hitting their own cutie marks after the other does so.

>"Did that really just go on in there?"

"I think so."
>"I'm not the only one seeing the grand master do that with a filly?"
>"What do we even put in our report?"
>"I think after this I'm going to use some of my therapist time."


The first solution.
>hoof holding

By that I mean


File: 1559972763687.gif (Spoiler Image, 735.29 KB, 300x200, 99999999.gif)



Whether or not she does is irrelevant; your advertising, however…


Was just looking for an image of Anonfilly and Milky Way, this was the best one. Probably should've edited that out lol.


"I won't tell Twilight…"
"As long as you give me half"


File: 1559984529111.jpg (501.27 KB, 1049x1200, REEEEE.jpg)

>mfw expecting breastmilk but got something bad instead


File: 1559987342578.png (870.72 KB, 894x1010, Green Filly Orange Filly B….png)


poni.fun is an apolitical sister site to mlpol.net
Given that and the nature of this thread, it might be worth considering moving there, especially since they recently had a grand opening.


Ah sneaky changeling, your ways are so clear.


>newfag hasn't even been here more than a few months
>probably thinks this thread originated from /mlpol/
wew lad


File: 1560003715559.png (362.83 KB, 1440x2560, sketch-1560000024013.png)

Decided to put more time and effort into this one


>using post links instead of >>
Who's the newfag?


>he doesn't know you can't use >> for archived posts
still looks like it's (You)


Will you two kiss already?


n-no u!


File: 1560014345521.jpg (197.57 KB, 525x600, IMG_3563.JPG)

Hm, I thought you were the one who posted most of the Twilight prompts?


Oh yeah, sure. Let's lose even more posters by moving to a site that's completely dead right now.


I didn't say we should move, I said we might want to consider it.
There are reasons to not move such as that, but there are also reasons to move there such as drawing in/bringing back posters from /mlp/ who refused to go here.


File: 1560018704490.png (175.92 KB, 740x683, 1516254151698.png)

Fuck off faggot. The only people on that site came from Ponychan and Derpibooru after they failed to attract anyone from here or /mlp/. Now post filly or get the fuck out.


File: 1560019404579.png (305.27 KB, 1802x1653, fillyshrug.png)

Has the site really failed to the point of a lost cause already?
If so, there's no question of whether we should move there, but the question remains why they'd keep it up following such a failure.


File: 1560027919824.png (65.75 KB, 495x449, Horn.png)

I've done a few, but most aren't mine.
Looks really nice! and cyoot


>Be Occult Facade
>"He's in yah?"
>Sitting at the dinner table with a warm meals left untouched is Fancy Pants, Rosie the Riveter, and I. Discussing delicate matters.
Rose Wright's is asking whether her lover transformed into an eldritch being that endlessly must speak the truth. Her deductions are correct. Her years of training can this find out regardless.
Best to say it verbatim then.
>We might even foist him off us!
"So it said, 'Rose Wright's is asking whether her lover transformed into an eldritch being that endlessly must speak the truth. Her deductions are correct. Her years of training can find this out regardless.'."
>"It really is him…"
The current prospects are slim. At least this will be a memorable dinner.
>Wait a second. Is Flakey Crust also hearing the Whisperer?
We're checking now.
'The Whisperer' is restraining as much as possible, because it failed to correctly predict the effects in total.
>"I need to hear him. Champ, we are going to connect."
Flakey can hear some whispers.
>That's not good. The fillies? Are they okay?
>"Rose? What are doing to Occult?
Fancy Pants wants you only for herself and want's to be in Rose Wright's position. She wanted to tell you about her lies when came back.
>"Open wide."
What the fuck!
You're real bucked up inside ain't yah.
Rose Wright in her husband's perspective was his fourth most attractive lover. His love for her could fuel two quintuple X rated rituals.
Yah always were a sweet talker.
>Fancy is galloping, her horn is bright. Rose's lips are stuck with mine. Eyes locked together with her. Tongue tips are touching
Take him please!
'The Whisperer' can only leave once all that it knows has been whispered to the one called Occult Façade.
Years of plannin' Occult. I know yah don't know what it means if it succeeded, but after this you might. It's time sensitive. For what it's worth the trade is worth it.
Rose Wright's husband would disapprove, but would continue due to the positives this provides.
Plan Bad Day! Plan Bad D-

>Be Princess Luna

>What a nice day. Everything has gone smoothly. Quickly, and quietly too!
>No incidents, no 'accidents', no bloodshed, not a single bad outcome.
>This is a really nice day. Ah, a mission report about cult activity in Canterlot.
>"Help, Manor."
>It's Fancy Pants. Gasping for air. Her horn is slightly singed.
>"Rose, Occult."
>She passed out. Exhausted.
>That's ominous.
>Quickly reading the scroll about the mission. I begin moving. A note for Fancy Pants, and a note for the staff. Preparing myself for what I may find.
>If something has gone wrong with either the results could be catastrophic. Not enough information or time.

>Be Occult Façade
>It's over. We live.
>We still are unable to forget it.
>She should be here in a moment.

"Hello, Luna. Their plan worked. Operation Shimmering Elder Light."

>"That's too risky to do to a pony. Your voice is hoarse."
>We are the little horse.
>ha. ha. ha.
"Rose, and her husband turned false-eldritch are reunited. They are going to finish what they started. It would work except they are both naturally flawed."

>"Come with me. Are you able to stop talking?. Does it have anything to do with why your eyes are shut?"
"This is the best we can do at this time. My apologies. We will remain in silence. We are afraid to open our eyes."
>Her lifting of us up with magic, they are nipping it, and us. The magic itself stings of harmony. Her fur is crawling with horrors only the deepest of us used to know. We all know now. Better than staying on the wooden chair.
At least the Tree of Harmony saved them from this.
>It was good for something after all.
>Slithering through our bones it caresses our skin. Knowing eventually we must open our eyes. That we have made one error too much.

>Be Flakey Crust.

>I've just heared terrible things about my friends. From her side.
>How I could exploit their fears to make them love me. How their limbs had more use as components than being attached to the body.
>The bond is now locked so tightly, so completely. I can't feel anything at all from the watcher.
>It should be freeing, but…
>The last emotion I felt was fear, and dread with a sense of urgency.
>Total Panic.
>Even when the bond goes totally wrong it isn't like this.
>I don't know what to do. If the princesses were here they would say to keep doing my best…
>Just have to keep living my life. Being a good pony.

>Be Occult Façade
>"I See You!"
>The path to power isn't worth it without a high functioning mind.
We know too much all at once. Flew too close to the sun.
>Gripping slightly tighter to Luna, and her infested coat we try to ignore the voice.
>The stars will be out soon.
That means the stars will shine easier.
>Too close to when we must go.
We taste it's saccharine mold exploring our stomach. A worm swishing our muscles trying to knot them into a painful mess. A fluid cracking us.
>"Letting you know we are getting closer."
We rub our head against the side of her neck in a nodding motion. Claws soaking us in it's plasma.
>The not-quite pain helps us focus on the task that is near.
We will be there soon.
>Too soon, and not soon enough.
Are we equipped to deal with that?
>Not for either. We will cobble something together.
We miss our carefree days.
So many tasks to do.
>"It won't take long. Open up."

>Be Forbidden Knowledge

>Evacuating through the Good Tree, would be monumental.
>But having the Good Tree not resisting the humans helping us fillies through is absurd.
>They seem to keep doing absurd things like that though.
>No voices either, except a final goodbye.
latched onto the human side.
>I hope they made it through.
>Right there they would have said something funny.
>"Group hug."
>Better than doing nothing.


File: 1560060673314.jpg (1.7 MB, 2448x3264, ChinkFilly.jpg)

Chink pirate filly uses the power of music to defeat R63 Nightmare Moon with papercuts so she can live on to mommy issues another day.


>/mlp/ posters who refused to go here
You mean the shitposters, the hasdrones, the nyxfags, the EqGfags and the horde of Glimmerniggers? Nah I think we're good.


File: 1560064237406.png (2.19 MB, 3817x2053, AnonFilly-SlumberParty.png)


You take one look at the menu and immediately gasp at the prices. It's not $10,000 for a bottle of wine and show off the receipt to instagram crazy, but it's definitely higher than you're used to. Still, you're not paying a cent of it, so you might as well go all out.

The most appetizing (and also expensive) item on the menu seems to be the filet mignon, tied in price with Twilight's rack of lamb. You order it with a small glass of wine, praying in secret that you don't end up embarrassing you again. Twilight's spell should work hopefully, but you can never tell. The rest of your friends take a little longer to order, with Blossom seemingly struggling to find something she might like. Many of the foods offered are admittedly a bit different to what she was used to getting as a kid, and this would be her first time in a more upper class restaurant.

When the waiter finally takes the menus away, the journalist addresses you and your friends with a semi-warm smile. "So… Ms. Diana here has let me know a bit of her side of the story of your um… wild adventure. Do you think any of you might care to share your perspective? Maybe it might be a bit easier to talk without all of the cameras in your face."


File: 1560065933995.png (54.81 KB, 367x502, Angle-ic.png)

>Be me
>Write out long greenpost in-comment because I write faster on-page
>Hit the wrong keyboard shortcut
>mfw it all disappears


Let me play you a sad song on the world's smallest violin.
Sooo, you're gonna retype it, right? Come on filly, I need my fix.


File: 1560067116460.png (136.11 KB, 900x600, 1460775887224.png)

i know your pain, filly
writing faster isn't really worth much when it's gone though, eh?
notepad++, open source stuff, autosaves too
learn from your mistakes


that pic was basically me for the past two days. Fucking CSGO lost connection on two occasions, internet crapped out for over an hour each time, came back to a dayban.


>Be Anonfilly
>You once again tighten the straps on your tuba's harness
>Your plan to convince Twilight to take you to Buck E. Cheese then bribe the employee into disparaging your ability to succeed to enrage Twilight into giving you unlimited tokens so you could purchase hundreds of bouncy balls and hire another foal into 'accidentally' dropping them on the floor of a bar you knew was run by a lazy owner with financial difficulties then pretending to injure yourself by 'slipping' on said detritus in order to convince said barkeep that he was facing a potential lawsuit causing him to bribe your silence and then using the scammed bits in conjunction with allowances you had been saving for weeks in advance to purchase an obnoxiously-loud musical instrument that you knew could not be returned by abusing Twilight's mild alcoholism and mommyboner, all done merely to annoy and vagblock Twilight, had backfired
>Which was weird, nothing could have possibly gone wrong
>Now you sat behind a red curtain, waiting for your turn to perform in front of dozens of bored parents and an overeager Twilight equipped with an old-timey camera
>"You're on after the next filly Anon" said Octavia, slipping past you to introduce Fluffy Cloud or Farty Cunt or whatever her name was
>Wait, how did ponies know what to name their foals to match their future cutie mark?
>You'd ask Twiggles later
>The tiny filly that passed you couldn't have been more than six or seven, carrying a little flute with her
>Heh, at least she'd make you look good by comparison


1d100[ 1d100 = 5 ]


>4 minutes later
>Tears crowded your eyes while you struggled not to bawl
>The filly's song spoke to you on a intimate level, invoking happy memories, echoing sad moments, all while creating a sense of personal contentment and hope for the future
>This was beyond art, it was beauty in its purest and most abstract form, more wonderful than any song you- no, ponykind- had ever heard
>The notes eventually grow quieter and more spread out, and you mourn the end of the melody
>Then you can hear the deafening roar of the audience, the clapping and cheering indicating they felt the same way you did
>It takes two minutes for the crowd to silence themselves
>As you see the little filly come backstage, you want to hug her in gratitude for the most beautiful experience in either of your lives
>You can hear Octavia struggle to speak normally, as if she hadn't just ascended to a higher plane of euphoria
>"Alright, next we have Anonymous, who is going to play "The Grumpy Snail" "


Typed up in one session. Not gonna edit, enjoy.
>"Hey! Jerkoff! It's my turn to be Twilight."
"You'll get your turn after Scotch does, you zigger. Right now it's my turn."
>"Oh, now those are fighting words right there, I ought to kick your ass."
"Yeah, there's no irony in that statement…"
>You lift up the small plush Twilight before you and do a well-practiced impression of the Purple Menace herself.
"Go to your room Lone, stop making jokes about killing orphans Lone, take a showe-"
>A filly in the back pipes up.
>"Hey! Some of us are trying to schlick to this. Could you stop being needlessly self-indulgent?"
>you just roll your eyes, letting out a long sigh.
"Fine, here you go jackASS."
>"Oi! Come over here ya cunt, it's mah turn!"
"Shove it up your cunt under that kilt, you know she's better at this than any of us."
>There are murmurs of agreement all around the satanic circle of worship you all put the Twi plushy in the center of on Tuesday nights.
>The scheduling is very strict, Monday nights you all play 'Twister,' Tuesday nights you do… this.
>The rest of the week is pretty up in the air.
>Honestly you were one to campaign for both of them not being on a school night, but since half of your friends are eating each other out on Friday and Saturday…
>ASSFAGGOT grins as she somehow does a perfect Twilight voice.
>"You will all have to wear… diapers!"
>About a third of the fillies get a lustful look in their eyes, about a third of them groan, and the last third just look around confused.
>Well, you'll leave out which third you're in.
>"You do diapers every week, why not do a tentacle rape bit?"
>"P-personally I'm into hoof holding…"
>"Fuck off, degenerate!"
>An evil grin begins to manifest on your snoot as you levitate the Twi plushy off the ground.
"Alright, new rules."
>"Fuck off, who made you in charge?"
>"Why are we here, I have math homework…"
>"Oh, like it'll take you more than a few minutes to hammer that shit out?"
>"Fractions are hard…"
>"If you're a brainlet!"
>Everyone turns towards you when they see you're holding up a lighter.
"Now that I've threatened you all into paying attention to me, I propose a bit of a compromise."
>You get concerned looks all around.
>"What kind of-"
"Let me finish, Placeholder."
>"Lmao, that's ironic."
>"The filly that never finished her fookin' green isn't letting ano-"
"Shut up. Have you all ever played that game where you pass shit along sentence by sentence?"
>Everypon- everybody nods.
"We're all going to take turns being Twilight, but-"
>"Lmao, she said butt."
"-We have to maintain the same story. And no shit where it's just 'Twilight dies, the end.' I will fucking burn you."
>You flick the lighter for emphasis.
"Any questions?"
>"Does your asshole hurt from how butthurt you are right now?"
"I- what even is the context? Anyways, let's get started."
>"I'll get started on you bby~"
"Ahem. You start out in a big field; the bigness of the field is simply mesmerizing; The trees are all green and brown, and the flowers are all green and… other colors; suddenly, a small green filly flies at you at a million fucking miles per hour-"
>"Kilometers per hour REEEEEEEEEE."
"-You look at her with a lustful look."
>You hand the sigil of power over to Scotch.
>"Ya decide that the best course of action is comfy snuggles."
>The doll gets passed on to ASS.
>"With… a bit of padded protection, for safety."
>AllNighter picks the thing up next.
>"And then the skies suddenly start raining blood, and your cuddles are all ruined, and then you both start crying because of how sad everything is."
>Everybody groans, then Occult gets in on the game.
>"The blood reveals itself to be an eldritch abomination that you and the filly are privy to the servitude of for your crimes against Equestrian society."
>Placeholder picks up the doll carefully.
>"And then Spike shows up."
>Everybody groans once more.
"Spike, really? There's a reason nobody writes him into their greentexts but you, he's fucking obnoxious."
>You and ASS hoofbump really slyly behind Scotch's back.
>"I stand by my decision, little Ms. "Rick and Morty but convoluted as shit."
"Hey, I don't even watch that shit. That show is dumb."
>A rock hits your forehead and you look over to your left to see ASS glaring at you.
"What? It is."
>"It sets up some interesting concepts, fuck you."
"Oh, like having your main character be a massive Mary Sue and having every other character basically be unbearably annoying? No wait, I take that back. The main character is also unbearably annoying."
>"Aaaaanyways, Starlight Glimmer shows up and banishes the demon or whatever because she's so cool and so much better than you-"
>Everyone shouts in unison:
>"Shut the fuck up Carbs, your momfu is shit."
>Satisfied with your bout of truthsaying, you all sit in silence just long enough to hear hoofsteps coming down the steps.
>"Oh shit, it's the fuzz! Every filly for herself!"
>Everyone scatters to the four corners of the basement, taking the best hiding spots before you can.
>You spot an old pot and dive into it headfirst, pretending to be a plant.
>"I… Lone, what is all of this?"
>You're pulled out of the pot by your dock.
>You give the mare your best winning grin.
"O-oh, heh; I can explain…"
>Your ass was so sore you couldn't sit down for fucking weeks.


Good shit. Now, I sleep.


Boosting for the luls
1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ]


>You shuffle to the center of the stage, in front of an audience of adults that had suddenly become very interested in other people's foals
>You see the flash of a camera from the front row where you knew Twilight was sitting
>You gulp, and blow a small experimental 'toot' with the tuba
>One last breath, and then you begin your song


>You were used to disappointing people
>Usually your parents
>But the audience seemed to actively despise your performance, going from 100 to 0 in just a half-dozen notes
>You could feel Octavia cringing at your incompetence, knowing it would shine poorly on you
>You just kept blowing the tuba in shame, planning your potential suicide
>Hopefully Twiggles won't punish you too much for humiliating her
>Eventually you finish the song, but just before you run offstage, you heard something you never would have suspected
>"Woohoo! Go Anonymous!"
>One single mare stood out from the silence, cheering in a voice you knew all too well
>Twiggles… actually liked it?
>Somehow, that made you feel good
>You give a little bow and skip offstage while Octavia tried to salvage the show by shoving the next colt on as fast as possible

>The show was over, and you managed to get to the treat station first, trying to drown your sorrow in sugar

>Maybe you could get that song on a record to sooth your soul
>Might be pricey, and the bouncy-ball trick wouldn't work a second time
>Hmm… chocolate-chip cookie, or snickerdoodle?
>While selecting a (chocolately) cookie, you are quickly and tightly squeezed from behind
>"Oh you did such a good job sweetie!"
>Out of the corner of your eye you see why there was nobody else here
>A crowd of both foals and adults had formed around the lil' prodigy
"I-uh… I did?"
>"I'm sooo proud of you for sticking with it and never giving up!"
>This was all it took to impress her?
>"And I think someone's earned mama snuggles tonight" she whispers in your ear
>Maybe the plan hadn't backfired after all


File: 1560071512380.png (167 KB, 853x931, Laughing Babby.png)

lmao well done
I'd probably push nursing over diapers though I'd leave the latter to Nore


Good stuff poner!

I too moved away from directly typing on here despite how much I like it for that reason.

Very nice.

I enjoyed it.
I'm a fairly big sucker for going with the flow.
tfw the punishment for the crimes is being snuggled, booped, and holding hooves[/Sppiler].


N-no u, uhm ya basturd!
You arent really a bastard… uhm want h-hugs?


File: 1560099675608.jpg (62.05 KB, 542x284, IMG_3637.JPG)

More stuff from bit's library


File: 1560100004589-0.gif (4.25 MB, 800x540, 488a36e0a9e8e43f28fdcb4a6a….gif)


File: 1560101404714-0.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1080, 2061603.png)

More anthro bullshit from this fag.


I don't even recognize this uncanny anime style. I won't ask for a repost of it because….please no but I'll say hey, good for filly, she got her b&thro art.


Is this a game? I'd play it.


Reminds me of the 3d kids cartoons.
The hair, and shirt rendering is actually good.
Technically it's very well done, and the execution is good.
Far far superior to SFM anthro models.

For a filly all I will say is "My Eyes! MY EYES!".
Otherwise it has potential to be the next big thing.


Yeah, a filly made a filly game where you fought through castlevania style platforming fights, capped off by a goo-pony fight. It's short though. He plans on using those assets for another game though.


So, which is it anons?
Did we lose valuable posters when we left /mlp/, or were they all nothing but shitposters, hasdrones, nyxfags, EqGfags, and/or Glimmerniggers?


We did lose some fillies, and most of the traffic


File: 1560114651670.png (136.76 KB, 350x400, 1476543586746.png)

damn kids and their real special talents


File: 1560117282657.png (129.63 KB, 997x1200, 1456221970651.png)

>You can hear a very squeaky filly screaming from the basement.
>Sounds like Lone, judging by the squeak, and the fact that half of those sound like moans.
>Tsk tsk.
>"So, what do you think they do down there?"
"Who knows, I mean they always go in the basement of all things. Maybe summoning pony-satan, or gimp filly party- seriously who knows?"
>"Yeah not to mention they treat that place like Fight Club."
"Well, they're all namefags, it's probably more like Autism Club."
>That gets a cute giggle out of the filly next to you.
>"Yeah, that's true. I mean how autistic do you have to be to have, "No name, no entry" as a damn rule anyways?"
>You shrug and sip some of your apple juice.
"Probably very."
>You feel a bit of dust or something fall on your coat and mane.
>Checking yourself, it's all white and grey.
>You stand up from the couch and snap your head upwards towards the ceiling, where a lonely cloud sits probably like 30 feet in the air.
>A clearly stoned bird filly peeks over the cloud edge and looks down at you.
>"Ah shit, sorry bro!"
>And the cloud moves a bit to the right, away from you.
>Sitting back in your couch, the big 'spin the bottle' game before you turns into a full blown make out session.
>You weren't looking at it before, but the filly screaming, "GAY, GAAAY, HOLY SHIT SO GAY-" got your attention for a moment.
>There's some fillies speed-drawing each other, some nerds at the table with books or homework, some talking and-
>Well those two are not-so-subtly hoofing each other.
>What a bunch of faggots.
>But would being with a bunch of namefags really be any better?
>As soon as the thought leaves your mind, you hear a click of the basement door, and hoofsteps making their way up.
>All the fillies stop making out and fucking each other, though still leaving fluids all over the ground, which they try to cover.
>Though as Twilight comes up, she doesn't seem to be concerned with any of us.
>She walks towards the stairs, carrying the tiniest, sniveling little filly on her back.
>Behind her is a conga line of the rest of the namefags, all looking concerned, pissed, or close to tears themselves.
>And sure enough, as Twilight passes, you see Lone's ass a nice shade of red.
>And like, soaking fucking wet.
>Everyone stops and watches the fillies move.
>Twilight growls at the filly, then she's quickly pulled and brought into the magical loser line.
>You draw an F in the air with your hooves, a sentiment quite a few fillies mimic.
>Damned shame, she's not messing around this time.
>They oughta have done some pretty serious shit for this, looks like time out and no ice cream for them.
>You merely shake your head and start on drawing how pissed off Twilight looked from memory.
>Add some sad fillies and you've got a master piece worthy of the fridge.
>You can't help but giggle softly as you hear hoofsteps heading up the stairs.
>Glad (You) never namefagged.


File: 1560119830957.png (81.74 KB, 700x700, Self-Boop.png)

>t. lurker jealous of our contentfag powers
Enjoy being a zigger while we practice our alicorn OC DO NOT STEAL magic


File: 1560120071171.jpg (86.14 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1560089592512.jpg)

Babby big gae and not 4lood


Now THERE'S somethin' we can agree on!

Also I'm proud of you for improving your artstyle, Blackjack. Miss ya. I'm probably better off for hanging my hat and poofing, though.


File: 1560120872872.png (397.58 KB, 720x1280, 1445978149570.png)

actually no, because now that i have made that post, I TOO, AM A CONTENTFAG!




Write Moar fag
Thanks fagg


Draw more fag


File: 1560121785625.png (7.34 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Moar fag

what do i win?



Encryption code is my real first name.


Adorable. Great work!
You're definitely improving


File: 1560122259612.png (17.93 KB, 456x452, 1546742932003.png)

It's this faget's birthday today, every filly say something nice to her!

Happy birthday Scotch, you adorable faggot!


I already said something nice. But happy birthday qt.




File: 1560122505185.png (132.71 KB, 895x783, fag.png)


File: 1560122625772.png (1.16 MB, 3943x3827, 1506449536823.png)

why don't you bring me that nice, supple filly flank, then we can talk?~


Wouldnt mind catching up at some point, still stressed with stuff rn but maybe at some point during summer when school stuff is over


File: 1560122957056.png (41.15 KB, 459x492, fillysmile.png)

Happy birthday you qt faget!



>Fuck man.
>I'm nearly in tears. I haven't been like this since elementary school.
>Can't quite bring myself to look away from the next filly's head.
>I just wanted some shits 'n giggles. A slice of the only living proof of the internet. Fictional, and Non-Fictional stories. A bond between men, no matter how faggy they are it's a bond, and the weird shit they make.
>The purple effigy might have been in poor taste, but stories and visual aid helped make human kind the pinnacle of what we are. Mostly…
>I've come to hate stairs with a passion since coming here.
>Walking with my heels of my feet raised as a man did not translate well.
>Instead of energetic it's a face plant waiting to happen, or a slutty walk. Fuck, an anonfilly touched me because I was raised up.
>Worse still is I can't do anything about it. Imagining sinking down into the ground doesn't work. Nothing I do works. Even trying to raise my front hooves to level myself out proves useless.
>Hardly ever tripped as a human. Never had a problem going unnoticed. Real magic is still out fo my grasp.
>Just a small part of reality that made sense. Sure it was basicly an illegal whore house, and a bar without drink, but it was ours.
>Twlight's voice though…
>It's tired and fragile. Beautiful glass strained yet still holding on from shattering.
>It's my turn now. I'll take it like the man I am!
>"And you…"
>"Why you? Always quiet, always polite, but you stick your flank in the air. Now this."
"I don-"
>That's what I would always say when I was a kid. I'm not a kid any longer.
"I miss my agency."
>"Is that it? You act like an mature romance character."
"I d- want control over my body again. I don't like doing it."
>"Why not just stop?"
"I- I-"
>Fucking tears.
"I keep failing! No matter how hard I try! I-"
>She's biting her lip.
>Someone whistles. Also a sound of a liquid splattering the floor.
>"Nice sob story faggot!"
>That is the last straw that broke the camel's back. The-


>Sure I exaggerated a few points in the retelling of events, but that's to increase interest. Make a curve of tension, and excitement. Especially when it mixes so addictively well with the truth. A good recipe for a folk tale.
"I'm telling the damned story here cock sucker. The rundown is I'm banned from going back here alone by Fancy Pants himself after the letter Twilight wrote!"
>Just outside of the train station a few anons listened. Some filly some human.
>Having my adopter read the green text of an alternative female version of him being a lover of foals did not earn me any good will.
>Honestly, the only redeeming qualities that saved my skin is that it was 'obviously fictional' and him actually being really good humored about it.
>Not without consequences.
>He drew the line at the spooky sex party thing in Ponyville. That went on right under the princess' nose. I actually can't blame him if it were me in his position.
>Still enrolled in a snooty school. Having actual pants is a blessing. Extracurricular to adjust my posture, and to become one of the upper-upper class. Wearing 'high hooved' shoes is bizarre.
>Being a picturesque daughter. If only I had a horn too.
>This is it. My last train ride to Ponyville for the foreseeable future. Unless I have an escort with me at all times here.
>I'll miss these guys. Even if some of them are massive flaming fags.
>Oh shit! Can't miss the train.
"See you all later!"
>"You didn't even finish yet! Come back here fa-"
>On the move.
>Damn, should have said smell you later shit lords.
>Almost there.
>"All aboard!"
"Thanks mister!"


The big companies are all preparing for a future of legislation and dismantling. Google will survive. Microsoft will survive. Apple with just be cunts as they always are.
Twitter is the joker because it will survive whilst facebook execs are facing future jail time. I expect they will do some underhand dealing avoid jail and get a comfy life helping politicians.

The problem for them all is that for a long time they have committed crimes but got away with it by not allowing anyone to see inside. This is going to change and once an outside body gets a look they will find all sort of horrible stuff. MLPOL will appear to be toddler friendly in comparison.


Uh, hi to you too Jap-anon. Do you wanna talk about filly or uh…


I think you meant this for the Stadia thread, Anon.


File: 1560155033920.png (1.3 MB, 3000x2975, Approved.png)


File: 1560160009037.png (81.84 KB, 550x394, 1509849894823.png)

>implying you could escape us that easily


I forgot to say im gonna find then hape you btw


File: 1560171805540.png (20.38 KB, 1800x1800, 29_Thinking_Smiley_Anon_Fi….png)


What is Anonfillys opinions of the Stadia and by extension the progressing corruption in tech


File: 1560173266819.png (127.96 KB, 660x1024, _filly screech.png)



The ride never ends. Even in Pony Land.


File: 1560180426764.jpg (111.47 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1560172458819.jpg)


unironically sent from my hopefully soon-to-be-modded Wii.



As someone who's posted on a 2ds before just to prove that I could, respectable.


Im posting from grandpas pacemaker


>you wake up
>you are a filly
>you have a momfu
>she makes you pancakes today
>the pancakes were laced with cyanide
>you wake up
>you are a filly
>the box was cold last night
>you wish someone would adopt you
>your wish is granted
>a science pony adopts you
>she turns you into a chimera
>you wake up
>you are a filly
>you vaguely remember a science pony
>you do not dare touch the mangoes
>you wake up
>you are a colt
>everyone says you are not
>but you know you are
>you prove it to them
>you are arrested for 3 counts of rape
>you wake up
>you are leaking
>main data center is corrupted
>primary power source is missing
>you are filly
>you wake up
>you are leaking
>you are the babby
>as you are changed an insectoid demon escapes your protection
>you wake up
>you recall pancakes
>you are a col- Filly
>main data center is leaking
>you wake up
>your momfu is dead
>your friends are dead
>you are dead
>you wake up
>you seem tired
>maybe a nap sounds good?
>you wake up
>you are a diaper
>you hold the secrets of the universe
>you wake up
>the pancakes are ready
>you sit at the table
>the science pony adopts you
>you are the next image
>the filly adopts you
>you wake up
>you Wake Up
>you are you
>you are crying
>nore picks you up
>you are the babby
>you wake up
>you tell your therapist about the dreams
>she snorts and oinks
>she is a pig
>you are a stamp
>you travel the word staying in one corner
>you awaken
>what the fuck was that
>you need to speak to your fillyfriends about the dreams
>you are a filly
>little league kisses you
>you are awake
>you cuddle your friends
>the pancakes are tasty
>you are the filly
>you love your momfu
>you are the filly

The end?


File: 1560196993277.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, confusedfilly.png)


Battlefilly a cute!


>You are Twilight Sparkle.
>You've been sitting beside your baby's hospital bed for weeks now.
>Used tissues are scattered on the ground next to you.
>A series of IV drips slowly deliver conventional medications and carefully brewed potions alike.
>You recognize the colors of many of them.
>A few are of your own invention.
>Your friends have stopped coming in to visit her with you.
>The only one who still returns is Applejack, bringing you two apple pies every day.
>You're only ever hungry enough for one.
>Despite the fattening nature of the pies, you're losing weight.
>But you can't leave her side for more than a few minutes to teleport home and make something healthy.
>You would never forgive yourself if your filly were to wake up without her mother by her side.
>You get up and open the door to the hospital bathroom, grumbling at the inconvenient nature of pissing when there's a cup underneath your ass and you have only a little more space than your body.
>You leave the door open, just in case…
>Two more weeks pass.
>The nurse who checks on Anon daily forces you to leave for a little bit, if only to take a shower.
>You have to be dragged away from her side, crying hysterically.
>You neglect to check the weather schedule and when you finally do shower, the rain begins to pour outside.
>You teleport back to her side.
>She's still asleep.
>You would always have to sleep with her when storms were scheduled, her little body tremoring in your embrace until she finally fell asleep after hours.
>Nopony ever said she wasn't a hooffull, but you loved her just the same.
>Today is her birthday.
>Pinkie didn't forget, but it's just the three of you sitting in silence.
>There's a party hat on her greasy mane and boxes filled with gifts surrounding her cot for if she wakes up.
>When she wakes up.
>Pinkie's mane is flattened, and for once you're the one that has to tell her it's going to be okay.
>After that, she starts visiting every day after she closes up shop.
>Eventually her mane and tailregain some of their form, but she still keeps coming.
>You talk about anything and everything with her.
>At first memories of your time with Anon and little anecdotes from your childhood.
>Then you get a bit more intimate, telling her about how horribly lonely your childhood was and how every action has an equal and opposite reaction… your own intelligence having come at the cost of friends, a healthy mental state and most of all, love.
>You're surprised when a grinning Pinkie proposes to you the next day.
>The two of you promise to get married as soon as Anon has made a full recovery.
>Another birthday passes.
>Pinkie convinces you to let her take you to a nice restaurant to celebrate, but you refuse her offer.
>She sighs in exasperation and leaves for a few hours, coming back with two Hayburgers.
>You hug her and tell her this is so much better.
>Her initially slightly annoyed expression dissolves when she sees how happy you are.
>Slowly and surely, you are coaxed into leaving the side of Anon's bed more often.
>You slyly install a few detectors that will notify you when you're out, just in case.
>Anon's tenth birthday is almost upon you.
>You've been preparing something extra special for her, just in case she wakes up.
>Well, Pinkie has.
>You helped some.
>Finally, it's complete.
>A complete scrapbook of everything she's missed since her fall.
>The pacer on your side buzzes and you quickly grab the still drying last pages and Pinkie before blinking back to her bedside.
>She's stirring.
>"Mmmph… Purple, it's the afternoon. Why the fuck did you let me sleep in so late?"
>You'll… explain that later.
And a strange fucking happy birthday.



>You wake up

>you are a filly
>something is wrong


Nice job boyos. But you know what's awesome? >>225213 is actually possible. Maybe not with a pacemaker with no modifications, but I mean, pacemakers are insanely malleable when connected to the internet. At least, up until someone decides to replace the most recent version of the pacemaker's firmware with an alpha/beta testing build, then fire up the stress test while it's in use. Which can be done. Not kidding.


Happy birthday, qt


>you wake up
>you are a diaper
>you hold the secrets of the universe
Honey, the answer to life the universe and everything is not "shit."


File: 1560237810916.png (187.66 KB, 1024x1233, DaringDo-ClosedEyesSmile.png)


Your reply is short and succinct. "BENIS!"

The journalist looks confused. "Be-nis?

"That is correct. Benis."

"Is that supposed to mean something?"

Twilight places a hoof on his shoulder. "She's had a long day. Maybe the others will be a bit more cooperative for the moment?"

He shrugs and looks around to the rest of your friends. "How about- you," he says as he points in the direction of Daring. "What's your story? Were you also spirited away into the world of-" he looks down into his notes, all handwritten, "Equestria?"

Daring, to her credit, answers in the affirmative and proceeds to give a rather detailed description of her life in Equestria from the moment she arrived. You learn that she actually built the shack she lived in in the Everfree Forest, after running away from a pony family she woke up with. Though it wasn't a particularly bad family situation (at least compared to Blossom, who ran away from an orphanage), Daring described the ponies she initially met as "saccharine" - exhibiting a level of kindness that almost felt like it could not be genuine. Furthermore, they just weren't the type to enjoy some friendly ribbing. By comparison, it was easier to get along with a manticore, who couldn't even talk.

Noting that she seemed to have a rather interesting set of skills going into Equestria, the journalist then tries to pressure her about her life before losing her humanity. Daring simply responds that that part of her life is nobody's business but her own.

Figuring he won't get much more out of her, the journalist then starts to finish up his notes before asking of another of your friends, only to drop the pencil halfway through. His hand can no longer hold onto the pencil, because his hand is no longer a hand; it is a hoof. Your press contact has now transformed into a navy-blue earth pony stallion.


>inb4 "benis" is a magic incantation to ponify people


File: 1560239150965.png (743.63 KB, 2313x3295, Upsies.png)



Forgot name


I ran most of the docs in my pastebin through the literary equivalent of a woodchipper and then expected something coherent. Here's the result, heavily edited for readibility. You can use the conveniently small tinyurl link here: https://tinyurl.com/WriteLikeAFuckingRetard
Or alternatively if you're a pussy who likes giant unwieldy links then go here: https://botnik.org/apps/writer/?source=c7f6dc63b8552513e8bbf513817f5595,42d4254f1c8140aecaceb8638c23bef2,e5b36df65762569743c6d765a0ea14aa,fedc4a6737aa4a93d81fef19c615ad14,10f131d9dbe38bb93b83348330b0c200,8a7ee4de7efcf3059a39c226f2cdcf5b,20e757dcfca58b833b4f68fbf42ada18.
You can make your own customized version of this trainwreck with other people's filly greens run through a woodchipper here: https://botnik.org/apps/writer/
Just take the text in the url after '?source=' and paste it after the url you want to combine's source with a comma for separation. I will however warn you ahead of time that particularly long documents will cause the site to shit itself faster than one of you fags in the diaper aisle of K-Mart; It'll need to be split apart into multiple smaller parts to function normally, or maybe the site really just doesn't like files encoded with Unicode instead of ANSI. Oh yeah, and on that note it only accepts text files. Happy autisming.

>You adopted her when she was falling asleep alone.
>Made you want to talk about it without memories to speak of.
>The devil 's lettuce and the last ladder…
>"Flashes Isopropyl is a special morning is a special morning is a special morning is a special morning is decide time."
>She had still valued the two mares chat.
>Everything else seem to be fazed to your development.
>"Is decide to pour rude and ask…"
>"You adopted her when she was falling asleep alone; made you some pancakes. That was your last mistake."
>Too happy about it without memories.
>To speak of the devil's.
>Lettuce and the last time you've talked to the castle.
>Is asleep over you still.
>Had just as much of a political aura envelopes.
>And a sprinkling of candy bar wrapper 64…
>You practically the dark with your magic to open one.
>Has been slow with a red mane opens inwards.
>"You want me to start out a thin line as smart filly."
>Deserves up forever to the ink of you.
>Sit there for each 'up' and 'electrum', you practically have the best game known.
>They're your internal combustion engine.
>-And can do against a mass destruction properly.
>Underneath a conveniently scribbled trail off from various bits you still had your plush Celestia.
>You don't think you can tell what she did.
>Find the second was your memory when you first turned me.
>After her spitting is there's food.
>We get to that was a filly scruff.
>Shoot open the medbay of a crush.
>With more than three inches on the form on your shoulder and belly milk.
>Off to search some grub.
>Of coppery other sodas into the trees you don't think you were willing…
>You giggle from your back softly. Like you're blubbering more time; she didn't have to be so…
>Don't feel your eyelids grow even more violently used for her studies.
>Widen me.
>This is something wet.
>"Again now, Anon."
>For all just as you could use the last six days…
"How many inconsistencies into something?
>Being careful mare.
>You up nicely, she didn't force your internal combustion too.
>Kind to look for her studies.


"huh, well what do you know. Garçon! Who's dick do you have to suck to get a bottle of merlot on ice around here?" 1d100[ 1d100 = 34 ]


Before someone panics, knock the journalist unconscious, say he is a paid actor and claim it is a magic trick for a social experiment1d100[ 1d100 = 40 ]

Roll for success D20 go!
1d20[ 1d20 = 2 ]


Babby is missing her diaper


Make a simple statement that's sure to prevent any freakout from our Journalist host. "It's just a prank, bro."
1d100[ 1d100 = 89 ]


Our spaghetti slips a bit: "Oh, so we're going with that trope? Huh." 1d100[ 1d100 = 24 ]


>Anonfilly knocks over a pile of beer cans in a fit of rage
Anonfilly is Ghost turned Filly


Is babby missing her diaper as in you need to change her or is she missing wearing them since shes a big filly now?


File: 1560277049073.png (51.9 KB, 2444x2667, 1520190331461.png)



1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]
what the fuck
check the wine glass, make sure its not laced with anything


File: 1560283023915.jpg (239.03 KB, 1440x2560, 20190611_121406.jpg)

filly acquired


File: 1560283390008.jpeg (83.11 KB, 909x878, tumblr_static_so_awesome_….jpeg)

Cutest plush ever.


File: 1560283938234.gif (127.09 KB, 256x256, 2063111.gif)

from derpi


File: 1560284489375.jpg (189.68 KB, 900x719, you killed me - good.jpg)


F-Fuck That's Hot



Absolutely adorable. Cuddle her good


>purple eyes
Fix it.


Nice to see that Anon's progress.

Also ow, all the filly's insides.


Piss on the stallion.
1d100[ 1d100 = 98 ]


Rolling for literally anything but this. 1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


So uh, yeah, how does that new ability of ours work, and can it counter a roll that high?

Rolling against it just in case of course, but no confidence here. 1d100[ 1d100 = 9 ]


File: 1560296533808.jpg (264.33 KB, 1292x734, 1503969648844.jpg)

>but no confidence here
it shows



Roll a 20 for Will save.


1d20[ 1d20 = 15 ]



That'll do.


>A 15 on a d20 beats out a 98 on a d100
Yeah, that's kind of bullshit.


I imagine 15 is the DC, which isn't very easy with no modifier. Besides…I mean, come on, Anon. Are we really going to torture filly with piss, and only piss? We've got so many other options.


A 98 is still far harder to roll.


File: 1560299416464.png (133.22 KB, 559x633, 1554102647417.png)

>rampant pissfaggotry
>arguing over dice rolls


It'd be a useless perk if it only gave you slightly better odds against the somehow always dauntingly high rolls of those stupidity rolls.


Just ignore shitty rolls, or every scene will just be pissing.
This is why CYOAs don't work.


"Abra cadabra, your a horse. Cheers."
And chug whatever drink is still on the table.
1d100[ 1d100 = 69 ]

If that wins then a follow up roll to bring the history forward further on quicker
"On the good side you still got your dick, ugh, just what the fuck did you do purple?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 28 ]


Have filly piss on the dice, problem solved


I actually like that Reu allows this stuff to happen at least once or twice, but cuts it off after that unless there's an overwhelming number of people that want the meme roll to happen. Gives the story some spice without letting it devolve into…well, piss. All the time every time.



Please don't let this guy win
I don't care if my roll isn't higher, this shit needs to stop and you're the only guy with the definite power to stop it, Mr. Reuben.
Make the right choice.
1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]



1d20[ 1d20 = 16 ]



Filly already succeeded on a saving throw. We'll be going with the next highest option, which is >>225347


cool, I didn't read ahead in the thread. My B.



A wizard decides to cast disintegrate upon a ferocious adult red dragon. He rolls a natural 20 on his ranged touch attack, ensuring that the beam connects with the dragon. He further rolls a natural 20 on his caster level check against the dragon's 25 spell resistance. Such an event has only a 1 in 400 chance of occurring, so clearly, luck is in the wizard's favor. Nevertheless, the spell disintegrate deals only minimal damage on a successful fortitude saving throw, to which the Dragon has a +16 bonus. The save DC for his spell had nothing to do with his two previous rolls, and was static: based on the spell's level and the wizard's int mod. Having amassed a few bonuses to his casting stat over time, the save DC for the wizard's disintegrate was nevertheless a whopping 25, but the dragon, it rolls a 10. Adding its fort bonus produces a massive saving throw of 26, beating the wizard's save. The dragon takes only 5d6 damage and turns around to breathe fire on the wizard for 12d10 fire damage in the next round.



Look at all that math, only a nerd would understand that. Lmao.


>not understanding basic addition
found the retard




This dice shit is out of hand. I'm bouncing.


File: 1560323735684.png (135.54 KB, 1833x1139, 1454117249985.png)

See you tomorrow, Anon.


File: 1560324542260.png (308.33 KB, 2048x1536, AnonFilly-Dabbing.png)


Somehow, you knew this was going to happen. Though you didn't actually predict this particular individual would turn into a filly, you do distinctively recall seeing Donald Trump turning into a pony, and it would only be reasonable that he wouldn't be Bthe only one. The rest of your table, however, is in complete shock, with Twilight looking like she's about to go into a complete meltdown.

Well, at least that's what you think might happen. Time is actually seemingly passing rather slowly for you, as if you're in the matrix or something. You try to think of something funny to say to lighten the mood, and end up saying the first thing to come to your mind. "Abra cadabra, you're a horse. Cheers!" Before anyone can react, you reach across the table and grab Twilight's wine glass, drinking the rest of it in one gulp.

Needless to say, this does not make Twilight happy. In fact, it almost snaps her out of her meltdown. "Hey, that's my drink!" she screams before immediately dragging her attention back to the new pony sitting next to her. "Shit, what are we gonna do about you. Shit shit shit shit shit."

You shrug your shoulders. "Well, I tried. I'd say check please, but we haven't even gotten our food."

Twilight stares at you. "I'm pretty sure… that gag… does not require you have actually finished your food."

"Oh, well whatever." You look around for a waiter and hollar over to him. "Hey garçon! Who's dick do you have to suck to get a bottle of merlot on ice around here?"

He points at himself in confusion. "Me?"

"Yeah. I mean if you're not busy at the moment, do you think we could get some more wine over here while we're waiting for our meal? Our companion here just turned into a pony and I think we could all use a drink here."

"Oh, sure. I can get that for you just as soon as I deal with this other table."

All of a sudden you hear a scream coming from across the restaurant. Another patron has been turned into a pony. The waiter immediately runs off to the kitchen, hopefully to return with a bottle of the good stuff.



Noticed this while typing. Note for pastebin: fix "Bthe" typo.


Bruh, I bought a book at a library book sale not too long back that was all about Chaitain's constant. I am a massive nerd, and that is just basic addition.


The saving throw should be out for a turn atleast then


File: 1560326319331.png (483.23 KB, 2927x2341, FUCK OFF.png)

to anyone that's looking at you
i assure you me and my crew arent the alien zombie virus or whatever that's turning you all into horses, but if you happen to become one tonight, can you please SHUT UP and not interrupt the dinners?
1d100[ 1d100 = 82 ]


File: 1560329327555.png (503.99 KB, 1439x2560, sketch-1560328864330.png)

Big filly ready for her first day at work


What a cutie. Looks like she's going to make a very efficient worker.


"You were saying?" 1d100[ 1d100 = 45 ]


Could you all please move the cyoa rolling elsewhere? It was fun at first, but now it feels like it's drowning out other posts and preventing them from being responded to.
has been running things like this for a while now, and at this point I feel like the quest has grown enough to warrant its own thread.


>now it feels like it's drowning out other posts and preventing them from being responded to
It's felt like that for months by now, and there have even been previous complaints of such


What's your point? If anything that just makes it worse.




If Reuben decides to move it to it's own thread, then that'd be that. But given that filly already seems to be divided between a discord server and this thread, and how long each thread goes for, I don't see much reason to move it other than (You)and others that share your feelings and opinions feel like it's drowning out other content and posts/discussion. Which it could be, or could not be. But is it worth sending people to another thread that could also have interacted with other content and posts in this thread?


Any requests fillies?


Anon filly smoking a joint.


The entire point of having the CYOA was to give the thread content in the first place to keep it from dying out. If necessary, I can produce longer, but less frequent updates to reduce the portion of the thread dedicated to rolls, but I don't see how moving it to a new thread would be a good idea. This is especially considering that the suggested board for placing this is for "video games and paranormal". The CYOA is neither a video game (it is styled loosely after tabletop roleplaying games), nor does it have a lot in common with the paranormal, so /vx/ would be a terrible board for it.


That's the thing though, if you look through the catalog of /vx/ you'll see that multiple successful cyoas have been run there. I wouldn't gave suggested it if I didn't know it was a good place.


That's exactly my point, anon.


Anonfilly smoking an Asparagus
>somehow >>225403 made me think of Mr. Rusty


Keeping the thread alive may be your intent, but in effect what you've done is perform a semi-takeover of the thread with a massive green which spans several threads and diverts a large chunk of discussion towards itself.
You could move it to its own thread as one way to remedy the issue, but there are also other things you could do such as requiring individual responses without rolls to cut down on the dumb joke rolls and the ree-rolling.


File: 1560379514649.png (2.14 MB, 2160x4188, Sissoupy.png)

This pic is for someone, might dump more but now kinda busy irl

lmao what a babby! Says the "big filly" pffft


Fuck you flag, I can't believed it'll dox me like that.


This. Keep in mind that most cyoas back on /mlp/ operate more on the merit of the response itself because rolling can't be implemented. At first I thought rolling was a good thing, but then I saw how easy it made for anyone to influence the story regardless of how good of an idea it was. Keep in mind that Lone15 would always take the merit of the post into account back when his green was rollable (at least when it wasn't something that he got off to.)


Alright, so among my readers, who all wants to take away rolling?


I really think you should move over to /vx/. The cyoa threads over there are quite active, plus there are quite a few unique things you could probably do with your own thread. You could keep rolling if you wanted to, and people here could be content to get the attention that their work deserves. I for one find it… frustrating when I spend an hour drawing or writing something up only for you to post soon after or having just posted and have it immediately drowned out by rolls.
That's not to say I want you to stop posting here, though. Love ya mate. No homo.


File: 1560381347904-0.mp4 (437.16 KB, 710x418, c94dc8ea68e7c8e616124b9585….mp4)

Evan needs to add detail.


The thread doesn't move fast enough for anything to be suffering from the posts rolling any more than it would suffer from people posting shitty suggestions without rolling. I also wouldn't bother reading the green if it were moved out of this thread. Keep it here and roll or don't roll.


Hey mate…

No u!


Says the birthday bab, hah


Reeeereeereeeee nou


>Be Flakey Crust
>"Deary, are you sure?"
>An old lady needs some help with a very important event. This is the third time she has asked if I wanted to help. Her accent is not exactly like somepony from Canterlot, but I'm a changed pony now.
>Should be fairly easy in any case.
"Ma'am I'm absolutely sure."
>"I'm sure you will be remembered as a hero for helpin' me."
>For helping grannies back home? I'm sure she's just saying that to be nice.
>It is getting late so we should be moving a little quicker.

>She sure is spirited. Not sure I can even keep up with her.

>"It's alright dear. My line of work keeps me fit. Why you even have the potential to do what I do. I'm sure after this I can put on the honorary role if you want."
>Gasping, and galloping just to not lose sight of her. Streets, ponies, and buildings whizz by in a blur.

>"Down in the basement dear!"

>A nice lovely house. Pictures of lots of ponies, and non-ponies alike. The hospitable color of the house brings out the most.
>Pictures, and even drawings frame next to the other frame. Reminds me of a museum, or a memorial.
>The door to the basement is still open as she finally waits for me. A picture of her, and a few others standing by the princess.
>"After you, and what's your name again?"
"Flakey Crust."
>A few steps in she says something. That I just can't quite hear.

>Be Fancy Pants

>Everything is throbbing with pain. Lighting is dim. Whatever I'm on is soft, and comfortable.
>What was I doing?
>I'm in the princess' room. A scroll is sticking to me?
>A note from Princess Luna.

>They still need my help.

>Getting to my shaking hooves I start to walk. Need to reach the princess.

>Be Occult Façade
A basement? Really? Really! Are you kidding me!
>Could have been a shed in the back?
If she turns out to try sacrificing someone I'm going to…
>Actual good news is that we are shifting back out again without damage. I can actually refer to myself in first-person again.
That is true. We might get out of this on top. At the very least live to see another day.
>"I want to see your eyes. Harming them to get it open would ruin the moment.
>We still have that thing harassing us as well.
>Phantom sensation of pleasure running through our spine, shooting through to our eyes.
[b>"Just a small token of what we could feel!"][/b]

>"Rosie what are you doing!"
>Everywhere in the large room is fine etchings. Power is nearly visible even to closed eyes. In the center is Flakey, and Rose gripping an unpractically curvy knife.
>A slight note is in the air. Mysterious, and not yet knowing what it will become.
>Fucking damnit all! We are being compelled to witness this.
She's going to sing making us open our eyes. It's too late for us now.
Sixth verse, and ninth verse let's not fuck up. Starting thinking on how we'll either make the ritual work, or stop it without casualties. Damned song will work out the lyrics. We need to act.

>Here's what we're going to do if…



Oh dear friend of mine!
To watch our project unfold!
My husband an' I have seen the sublime.
The end of the world we have told!

Rosie my friend
You must contend
With the morality
Of the totality
Of this situation.
Although you think of the nation.

Is little time to explain!
The alignment's just right.
We will try to contain
The cultist erudite-

You'll cull our subject!
Ritual neglect.
Times are dire
Horrors rise higher
Also heroes made
Situations change, and cascade.
There are-

Unworldly endless elder things!
Reaching through like strings.
There is a need for perfection.
We must keep them out.
This makes a great deflection
Enough of this roundabout!

Sacrifical solution simply sucks.
You all are too flawed!
Perfect pony paragon produces power placebo.
Broad horrid transformation would occur!
Mucks meaningful masterful mark.

>What even the fuck is that mess? We sang awfully. That doesn't even fit.

>Flakey is in the middle of the room engraved everywhere are Words.
Save Flakey then we worry about how reality seems to be melting. Stars are opening up. They are watching.
>We opened our eyes during the impromptu jam session…
How nice of you all to let me in. Now to ruin her life's work. Your eyes, and life is just a necessary sacrifice for the Greatest Ones.
Counter offer, fuck you.
>Closing our eyes, and burying ourselves into Luna's comfortable coat. We try to relax. Claws, and worms slithering through us with contact. Exhaustion of the events today hits us like a sledgehammer.
>We taste the finest yellow one could serve in a living crystal goblet.

No! May the Greatest Ones ruin you!
You dun messed with the wrong occultist.
>You're in our swamp now.
That was terrible, and normally we should feel bad about that.
>However, since we are about to suffer alot here.
Well, it's justified.

>Be Rose Wright

>She spoke durin' a song ruinin' the tune…
Occult Façade, afterward fell asleep for no reason other than it was part of a plan.
>Cultists an' their bucking plans. It just ain't safe enough to continue. We only have one shot at this. The song nearly activated The Ritual early.
The Ritual, will be possible in 117 years.
>We do the ritual, an' if what she said is true we can't do it right. If we don't we're goin' into some awful times unprepared.
>"Rosie I'm inclined to agree with Occult on this. That pony there is connected, completely owned by her!"
Luna has identified issues with The Ritual.
>We might have brought 'er patron here, I doubt an unaltered pony body could contain that.
"Bucking cultists."
>"Please, Ros-"
"I'm givin' up. There's just too much at stake if we get it wrong."
>A flash of sun rays pops near the stairs. Celestia teleported there.
She teleported here with too much power.
>Ambient magic is cascading into The Ritual area.
The Ritual, will fail…
"Toss Cha- Occult in quickly! We can't stop it now without blowin' up half of Canterlot. The explosion will open a stable rift."
>Luna grabbing the filly by the scruff expertly throws her in.
>She's next to the mare now. Next to us.
>The Eldritch Anti-Light shows the eyes.
>Yellow overtakes the stars. Madness oozes through the engravings.
Madness, Haahahaa!


I think either is fine. I prefer having everything on one thread instead of searching through both.

I've been tying to not just lurk, but when the only comments I have is just keep doing what you are doing. I'm not sure if it is redundant, but I appreciate everybody's work here. Especially (You).

Yes, even (You) reading this.
Make sure to take care of yourself.


File: 1560387559030.png (396.12 KB, 1193x896, 1552507.png)

You're one to talk


I'm fine with rolling staying. Like I typed in this >>225339 it adds some spice and things out of left field. But you do make an effort to cut it off after a point so that the story isn't only that.
I wouldn't mind if you decided to take away the rolling aspect, however.


Remove rolling, it seems like most people just want to make retarded suggestions in the hopes of killing it, so maybe reserve rolling for major decisions instead. Don't even bother moving it off the thread, it's filly, it belongs here, it's not at all your fault that other content doesn't get as much interaction as yours. Getting rid of something because it draws a lot of attention is equality of outcome, which is shit.

Everyone has the equal opportunity to post here and it's up to Anons to respond to it. It's not up to contentfags to curb themselves because they get all the attention.


File: 1560395320650.png (164.23 KB, 757x1024, AnonFilly-Hmmm.png)


This seems like a fair suggestion. Removing rolls removes at least some of the excess posts for "boosting" content, as well as rolls to countermand certain actions before they're even taken. Seriously, at least a few times I have had the highest roll not even contain an action.

I wasn't planning on taking the CYOA out of the thread anyways. It is most on-topic here, so here is where it should be. And it is my hope that my readers will read other people's stories as well and comment on them.


File: 1560397391344.png (216.31 KB, 1220x956, batfilly.png)


Would give mangos and ear scritches


>Scratch a pony ear
>For her is a gentle scritch and comfy, slightly loud, rubbing noises
>Both parties enjoy the bounding

>Scratch a batpony ear

>For her overly sensitive ears its like absurdly loud grinding noises happening right inside of her ear
>She just tries to handle it because Anon seems to like doing it, even though it hurts inside of her ears


>Twilight can't make you to go to bed if you're nocturnal


File: 1560405520866-0.png (9.4 MB, 1920x1080, 2062734.png)

Filly shoves pencils in her cooter.
What do?


Get her to draw a pic with them


File: 1560408228982.png (160.53 KB, 708x1803, 1984148.png)

Ask to borrow a pencil.
>dem teats


I'll shove a fucking pacifier if I can to stop you from screeching like a real babby you are.

Talk? Oh wait, it's gone lmao.


Ugghhhh nou fagort
Ill shove a filly in your filly


Sorry, but, I'm a colt, check mate, fegert.





Mate check flabortg


Wew, that's fucking gay.
fegert, I don't have mates.


File: 1560410058370.png (252.86 KB, 826x1150, AnonFilly-Complaining.png)


Whatever thoughts you had about the waiter getting your booze, or the lady who had been turned into a pony, suddenly vanish. There is a slight ringing sound in your head, and you're not sure why. It could be tinnitus, but you're pretty sure that lady's scream barely registered as a loud enough sound to burst your eardrums. Moreover, it's not so much that the sound is coming from your ears, as it is from inside of your own brain. As you focus more on the ringing, you discover that it comes in the absence of a more familiar sound - the sound of dice rolling upon a table and strangers trying to argue over your next actions. Are you… free? Maybe. You're not entirely sure what to do with your newfound freedom, however, so you try to think about the last suggestion that was made to you.

You look over to the other table, clearly going absolutely ballistic over suffering the same fate as your journalist acquaintance. The voice suggested that some people might start accusing you for what happened to them, and that you should make an announcement. You get out of your seat and look for anyone that might be gazing over in the direction of your table - about half of the diners. You decide to shout out to them.

"Hey, for all of you staring, I just want to assure you that me and my crew are not responsible for whatever alien zombie virus is turning people into ponies. So if anyone else turns into one, could you kindly SHUT THE HELL UP and not interrupt the diners?"

The restaurant turns silent immediately, and now every eye is on you. The lady who had just turned into a pony - and a very cute, pink one at that - suddenly becomes enraged. She gets out of her seat and begins marching over in your direction. "YOU THINK THIS IS FUCKING FUNNY!? I HAVE HALF A MIND TO KICK YOUR TINY GREEN ASS, MISSIE."


In case anyone didn't catch it from the first paragraph, you can no longer roll for actions. I'll still take the most popular suggestions into account, though I reserve the right to outright reject completely worthless decisions, like pissing everywhere.


Yes u big gae lol

Gay Babby executive office 4u


>the most popular suggestions
So… the one with the most replies?


What if pissing everywhere is the most popular suggestion


File: 1560413824232.png (16.6 KB, 719x806, filly_wojak.png)

Excellent Choice

Not filly related, but definitely Mommy Issue-related and I have nobody else to talk to about it, plus it might give some of you hope

>be me

>boot up VRChat
>Join a random hangout server because whynot
>Users are split into small groups of two or three, I join one
>Girl with a voice whose age is indeterminable is leading this conversation
>Apparently she's starting this "(non-literal) children harem"
>After about ten minutes of hanging out with the group and having a good time, get invited to join said harem because she likes me and possibly due to my slightly high-pitched voice and avatar with childlike proportions (Vivi from FF IX)
>She adds me as a friend
>Spend the next hour talking and laughing with her and another "son" with some added mother roleplay elements ("That's not how you ask for something" or "don't use such naughty language")
>Eventually we all have to log off
>She says to be a good boy until she sees me again
>Meeting up with online momfu again tomorrow
We're all gonna make it boys


"Yes. I, as one of the first individuals to have been turned into a horse against my will and with no prior warning, think it's funny that you have now been turned into a horse against your will and with no prior warning. My point was, s t a y c a l m a n d d o n ' t f l i p o u t .


You're right, this isn't filly related. You should make another thread to talk about it if you want to.


File: 1560428618929.png (166.96 KB, 331x420, fillies.png)

So much filly :crazedfilly:


File: 1560430351176.jpg (64.32 KB, 1000x1020, 14711749.jpg)


big gae? Nah, it's my country.

Gay Babby executive office? When the hell did you became a CEO Babby? Hah.


Nou fag, ive been im charge of checking efficiency for a while


Nou to what? Wew, and "efficiency" How many diapers do you use every day to be "efficient" I'm pretty sure that's just being lazy, stop it, don't deny it, you're just a babby!


This gay

I check the efficiency of other fillies, im not the one who needs to learn that company time is company time


Uhuh. I see.


Yes, now im gonna have a company sanctioned nap and leave the thread for fillyposting


Looks like it's a foalposting to me to be quite honest.


File: 1560437343306.png (214.44 KB, 1414x1000, 1506353430390.png)

tits or gtfo, fag


Nah, no tits, sometimes I just wanna have some deviance with the lore, why wouldn't you want to hypnotize Twi, after doing do making yourself a colt with her magic (not futa of course) then fucking Twi! But if you fell in love with her motherly care for you, at least there are other mares to fuck.


"Humor is a coping mechanism. Apologies if you don't find this as humorous as I do. All I want is for me and my friends to enjoy a nice dinner before we have to probably go off to deal with whatever is causing people to turn into ponies. Once we've finished eating and drinking, I promise that I'll fix what ever is happening, or die trying. Those will probably be my only real options, since running and complete inaction will probably only delay an inevitable doom."


Good to hear mate. Don't worry about it, non-filly related things get posted here all the time


That's implying Twi was going to be the factor that transformed you in the first place. What if you just ended up there as a filly? Plus
>I plan to hypnotize the most powerful mind in Equestria
Good luck with that.


That filly sounds like a feminist cunt tbh.


That filly's just playing her half of the >rape game, anon.


>rape game
It looks like you are more redpilled than me.


I don't know if you'd be interested, but I remember some CYOAs from back in the day on /mlp/ would end each update with a sort of multiple choice with each option having post numbers attributed to it and the first reply would determine the outcome. For example:
0-1: Best her using your psychic abilities
2-3: Get your ass beat in a fight
4-5: Talk it out rationally
6-7: Let Twilight handle things
8-9: Start crying like a foal and make an even bigger scene
Dubs+: hit on her and make out
666: Tirek appears and >rapes your anus
I don't know if this method would work as well with less frequent updates and you would probably want to use dice instead of post numbers since it's a slow board, but it could be something to consider.


>We're all gonna make it boys
I'm Glad you're happy anon, But it's all over for me. >Tfw no GF or Momfu


Good taste.


End up as a filly? Well you pursue on, besides Zeroca is there when you need her.


>Depending on a Zigger


>Implying Ziggers won't give you your dick back.
What a pleb. And not wanting your dick back is gay as fuck because you want a pussy on you instead of a dick, pretty much a fucken' trannie in my opinion.


>wanting dick from a zigger


>wanting to be pounded


File: 1560467921653.png (333.05 KB, 1242x1489, 1526338877711.png)

>tranny filly calling everyone else a tranny
that's fuckin rich


Sorry, you're just jealous I have my dick back. ^:)


I tried, but failed multiple times, thanks for reminding though.


File: 1560481179437.png (224.25 KB, 1920x1200, 1507873181281.png)

oh, so a futa fag, huh?
just the kind of faggot i wanted to see


File: 1560481599267.png (425.79 KB, 1625x1097, _filly huge faggot.png)


Posting tomorrow, probably, here is a preview.
Filler timeskip arc is definitely an arc.

It took years, but we did it!
>We did it!
"Fuck yes!"

>Did you try turning it on, and off?

>The boxes, or us?


>"Yes, herder the simplified name if you will."


File: 1560493256021-0.jpg (2.3 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20190614_011736.jpg)

File: 1560493256021-1.jpg (2.54 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20190614_011742.jpg)


Fuck, that's adorable. Great painting


File: 1560496221967.png (175.27 KB, 800x600, AnonFilly-TeaDrinker.png)


You need to defuse this, fast. Luckily, you have the power of sarcasm on your side.

"Oh sure. I, one of the first people to turn into a horse against my will, and with no prior warning, find it ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS that you - a total stranger - should also turn into a horse against your will, and with no prior warning. Get over yourself. The point I was trying to make was that you need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN… lest you turn around and start trying to throw punches at people. Jesus fuck, just because you lost your body doesn't mean you need to lose your humanity."

The pony in question tried several times to interrupt you and scream over you, but with little success. Your pointed emphasis on certain words, however, eventually gets her to stop. Upon realizing she was acting like a total ass, she immediately breaks down and cries.

In the midst of all of the chaos and drama, the manager of the store steps in, a unicorn by his side.

"If I can make an announcement… by the looks of things, we may not be able to serve a number of you, as our chef is no longer in a position to-"

Sobbing, the unicorn cries out in the most dramatic fashion possible, "I cannot cook with no hands!"


>Be… what does it matter who you are?
>Why are you still here?
>Just to suffer?
>Every night you can feel your leg…
>Well, just your leg.
>And who are you kidding, you never had any comrades.
>Well, only one…
>Who you can't think about.
>You slam your good foreleg into the back of your bed.
>What the fuck are you doing?
>What can you do?
>You're supposed to be here to get better, but yet…
>Every day you feel like things are even more hopeless.
>It's not like you haven't been working on a way out, but it's not as easy as One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest would allow you to believe.
>You're lucky they don't Mike Pence the fuck out of ponies though…
>You look out the-
>You look out your dingy window.
>Looks to be about half past noon by the light level you're getting…
>Group therapy is in a half hour.
>You should get dressed.
>You slowly ease yourself onto the floor.
>Just like every morning, your pills have been dispensed automatically into a small green bowl.
>You sift through them carefully, setting aside all but the one you know eases the pain in your leg.
>You can flush the rest down the toilet without them ever knowing.
>You let it dissolve on your tongue, savoring the bitter taste and then swallowing.
>A reminder that even in these endless hallways of clouds and rainbows…
>…this place is just as rotted as the rest of the world.
>You pick up your crutch and carefully tighten the clamp that holds it to the pitiful bit of your right leg that still remains.
>The nurse is supposed to help you with that, but if you're all ready to go she won't need to talk to you.
>And given how much she admires Twilight, you don't want her to talk to you.
>You struggle to put on a pair of itchy panties and your cap.
>Little pins litter the ugly cloth hat.
>'Talks Out of Turn- three days of silence when not in group.'
>'Smart Ass- no dessert for a week.'
>'Bedwetter- two out of three strikes.'
>You really wish the last one wasn't on display for everyone to see.
>You've taken it off before, but somebody always notices and calls you out on it, resulting in a stern lecture, resulting in that fucking pin going back on your cap…
>Oh, would you look at that.
>Ready to go.
>Looks like you have a bit of time to read.
>You pull Moon from your bedside table and open to page 451, from memory.
>You don't have any scraps of paper to mark with, and it would be a crying shame to dog ear such a beautiful tome.
'The thrusters fired up and sputtered out, another failed test.'
'The mechanic cursed and sputtered, throwing the lever to turn off the whole system and giving the control box a good kick to no avail.'
>Twenty bucks says something else catches on fire now.
'A fire-'
>Called it.
>You continue to read until you hear a knock at the door.
>You hurriedly note the page and put down your book in its place before hobbling over to the door as fast as you can.
"Good afternoon Nurse Clank."
>Your lack of enthusiasm isn't lost on her as she turns the skeleton key in your lock.
>"Hm, dressed on time again; but you've violated your three days of silence."
>"And there we are again. Report to my office after group for discipline."
>You hang your head and just tail her throughout the complex.
>Normally you'd be up early enough for breakfast, but it's the weekend.
>You go down the usual hallway and sit down in your usual chair before any of the other usual ponies arrive.
>First is Conductive Flow.
>You look around, seeing no adults yet.
>For some reason they trust this fucking spaz more with not pulling a Dylan Klebold than they do you…
"Afternoon, Electro."
>Flow twitches involuntarily.
>"How'd you know to call me that?"
>You point to your black eye.
"That's how."
>"That doesn't sound like me."
"Trust me, it was."
>He shrugs and starts slurping out of his juice box obnoxiously.
>After him comes Vocal Union.
>The one member of the group you can actually stand, though you admit she probably got it off the worst.
>Having your calling in life be singing and then having your tongue sliced out along with the rest of your lower jaw would probably put her a few notches above you, at least in your eyes.
>Not that it's a contest.
>Fuck Tumblr.
>Every time you look over at her in the morning waiting for her breakfast to be liquified just so she can eat it breaks your tiny little heart.
>And then comes Petal Pluck.
>She's what you would call an 'emo' back home.
>Nothing more to say there, but this place is probably a dream come true for her attention-whore ass.
>And the final treasure…
>Lyra Heartstrings.
>"Hi Anon!"
"Clover. My name's Green Clover."
>"Huh, I don't know any other fillies that sit like that."
>After a few minutes of Flow and Pluck laughing at you for being weird, you just sigh and look her in the eye.
"Look, I know you believe in these 'humans' or whatever, but I'm just another weirdo that happens to sit like you."
>"The visions."
"Yeah, sure."
>She strains against her surgically attached suppression ring, no doubt trying to lift you up and examine you to see if you have all the correct qualities of a human.
>You paid attention to her at first, but then you realized she was completely off her rocker.
>You will admit that her thirty minute rant about how human penises were the divining rods to the great Allahu Akbar made you chuckle a bit.
>You're glad you had a short stint writing for the newspaper when you still had fingers.
>Though some of the things she said were a bit too…
>Eerily accurate.
>You've been trying to get some alone time with her for months now just to try to make sense of a few of her bits, but the adults are separated from the children in most every instance but this.
>Why the hell was Lyra even in your group session?
>The gruff mountain of muscle that runs your sessions walks in.
>"Today, we're going to travel to…"
>He points out the dusty window with a flourish.
>"The river of feelings!"


>Holy shit, this was actually a field trip to a river.
>Granted, you were all practically chained together ala O Brother…
>The sky flashes white.
>Clouds thicken out of nowhere and it begins to rain.
>All the other ponies are gone.
>You feel a cold hoof on your flank.
>"We have a lot to talk about, Anonymous."
>All but one.


>there's this many emojis in the filly discord
Jesus I almost miss it there now :sadderfilly:


File: 1560501348217.png (46.79 KB, 207x142, Good Job Pit.png)


T-that honestly sounds fun…I never really made friends on VRChat, ended up getting sick of searching around for someone to talk and have fun with between all the anime and ugandan knuckles flooding my headphones


git gud 1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]


Wait fuck i forgot we arent rolling anymore


Return to your table, and address Twilight and Lyra. "Do either of you want to help a brother out?" point at your head where a horn would be if you were a unicorn, then point at the now unicorn chef while you say this. "At least so we can all eat a nice meal before heading out to deal with whatever the hell is happening, exactly. I'll come along and help where I can if you don't want to be the only ones doing something right now."


Futa? Ew that's even more gay.
Takes one to know one.


File: 1560537665821.png (7.11 KB, 659x557, 1527891413472.png)

you're a unicorn sucka, that's better than hands
just think really hard on what you wanna do and focus it to the top of your head or some shit
lyra, diana, help this nigga i still wanna eat goddamn it
1d100[ 1d100 = 34 ]


File: 1560544949316.png (132.63 KB, 500x218, bb6ef7e5909fc0e672b013af04….png)

>Probably very lonely woman with baby rabies/nesting instinct kicking in gathers together a group including a probably very lonely man with a mommy complex.
>Both parties roleplay as what the other yearns for via online interaction.
Nature is so beautiful. It always finds a way to create harmony.


File: 1560552576330.jpg (35.92 KB, 757x1024, 1480958654944.jpg)

oh i glanced over the post


Satan appears before you and offers you a chance to be the filly with your first pick of momfu in Equestria, provided that you can collect 100 souls for him.
What do?


File: 1560556331058.png (67.59 KB, 700x700, anonfilly masturboop.png)

Collect the souls of 100 pest insects from exterminator visits since Satan never specified human souls.


Because of this choice, Satan turns you into an amputee mudfilly with more autism than before, and you're transported to an alternate version of Equestria where your momfu is a pariah nopony wants to associate with or hire.


Now that's flat out altering the deal. We should at least get to still pick our momfu. Everything else would be fair game though, I guess.


So, a villain momfu, then?


Anon, abrahamic faiths don't consider animals to have souls.


File: 1560568600378.png (255.14 KB, 964x1368, panicking filly.png)

Does that mean all dogs don't go to heaven?!


No soul, no afterlife, sorry. Pagan religions stipulate that all living things have a soul, though. Time to become a druid.


>not sunbro


Sounds like a good time to get a part time job at a Jewish hospital.

Nice digits.
Obligatory Praise Epona (or insert pantheon here).


>Be Occult Façade
It took years, but we did it!
>We did it!
"Fuck yes!"
>Even if the denizens find us again it doesn't matter we trapped the thing inside here.
When they finish with us again we'll celebrate.
>A cockroach that embodied a fungal squid slowly carves us up. Glacially, as the mandibles chew hexagonaly cuts of meat. The chained person serves it's owner.
>It'll be nice, and safe. Undisturbed as it's corrupted, and takes our place in this amazing city.
Bound here. Converting into our first soul jar.
>The King might be pleased with our work.

>No more involuntary sensations, no more being forced into direful places, no more having to enter botched rituals!

Hip- Hip- Hooray!
>Pass me the Gifts let's undo this damage.
If we have enough left let's see if we can't make an ill defined imaginary drink, because it's time for celebration!

We have partied for the whole seven days worth of time.
>Using Gifts that He gave us we can navigate, and traverse his domain with more ease.
Yes, His Gifts. We should have used them on ourselves when we first came here. We were too cowardly to accept what we must become.
>I understand why we feared doing so, but ultimately proved infantile to not be the best we could have.
Roasted eldritch cockroach is not too bad.
>Only fair we returned the favor.
Deep into the city from both above, and below we searched high and low for more methods to free Our King.
>He truly is wise.
The hunt continues.

>Ah yes. The screams really do bring out the best of this particular work.

To experience this first hoof is a blessing.
>Even when we are about to vandalize it.
It's a performance art.
>Let's not forget it incase we wish to syntheticly recreate it.
I'm sure we could do so. Would you do the honors?
>Together. To remove what sustains, and perpetuates suffering!

>It doesn't need 25 cents any more does it?
That's right, it no longer eats Gifts.
>Exploring each room isn't as costly now.

>We're bored enough that it's a good idea.

Getting a high score is still possible.
>Just 50 floors for Any Percent?
Yep. 3 floors for 100%.
>I'll take the Any% run over the one hundred percent craziness.

I swear this is totally what it looks like.
>What the fuck.
>I know my own ethics are rather dubious at this point but seriously.

>Pony Tartare is quite strange.

Considering it's made from a Gift it should be just fine.
>It reminds me of the time we fried our own liver.
Oh yes indeed. If I recall we forgot to add pepper that time. Although we did't quite have proper tools at the time. Also we lacked lemon for it.
>Exactly. Do we have soy sauce? I want to make sure we have it this time for sushi night.
I'm sure we do, but checking is good. Next to the fermented section. Grab me a beer while your there.

>Who let the invisible thing rampage through the safe zone?

Sorry, but it had a spatula.
>Ohhhh. Carry on then.

>Personal Gift production will take decades at this rate.

We have the time.
We won't forget them.
>Excellent, how is progress on the civilian zone?
Currently occupies a complete single floor, and a few dead end spaces.
>Really? That's alot of area to cover. Well done.
Having multiple bodies does indeed help. The lack of limits on them certainly is useful.

>Half the Checkpoints are down!

It's the bushes.
>Both of them?
All of them!
>I authorize use of tier two weapons. Use of conceptual necromancy is allowed. Try to not have friendly fire.

The prototype for instant learning has a small hiccup…
>Is it complete indoctrination?
No, it burns all the neurons connected.
>All of them?
All of them.
>Did you try turning it on, and off?

How is the curriculum for initiates coming along?
>Poorly, I'm having trouble precisely explaining the details without the madness gauge going off.
Ah, I see. Metaphors, and similes?
>Too much madness needed to quite grasp it.
Short story parables per concept?
>That's a good idea. I'll see what I can do. Might have to do it long form.
We'll work on the upload knowledge center so it won't damage users.
>Good thing nobody lives here yet.

>We have running water, and facilities connected and safe.

Perfect! Are defenses active in them?

What did you do to that cardboard box!
>It only looks like cardboard, and a box.

I think we should try getting used to a shallow body again.
>It'll be fine. We've only been here for how long?
Hmmm. It shouldn't take this long to find that information.

>It's done!

The snowglobe?
>No. I mean that's done too. Personal Gift production.
Really? How did that…
Interesting I'll incorporate it into our bodies when possible.

>Hey. Did you feel that?

I sure diddly did.
>Like a groundhog streaking through a beach made of gears, thimbles, and clocks.

How was your time in the pleasure box?
>Eh, it's losing it's touch. Went to the pain box, but just wasn't doing it anymore.
Alright then it's time for us to quit cold turkey.
>Wait N-
>I'll admit it is addicting. Even I am not entirely immune to that.
We'll fix that later.
>The boxes, or us?

With the sensations increasing, and the city shaking I'm thinking we're nearing a turning point.
>That makes sense.
We made an emergency combat suit just incase.
>In other news Version two of the Personal Gift Production is nearly done.
Need some help with that?
>I'm alr- actually some assistance would be appreciated.




>"Half the time it works everytime."
>That's downright evil using a banana. It worked in a no trip zone.
>"Lawless Banana."

>I actually see Equestria more often.

We should check to make sure we won't break everyone's minds when we get back.
>Let's see here…
>Aw bugger.
>So about how much madness can the average pony handle?
On the scale about a zero.
>Fuck. We have to practice talking, and changing ourselves again.



The refolding should hold. How does it feel?
>Not too bad. Not comfortable though.
We'll have to fix that to make sure we can maintain all of our senses all the time without self mutilation.

"I want to buy the bag of eyes."
We're still talking with too much information, and context, and madness. It's slightly better, but not much.
>Damn this is hard.
"I want to buy the bag of eyes."
There we go just need to do that for everything else.
>The lack of information embedded makes it so flimsy, and weak. Trying to extract that from shallow words.
Speaking of information when was the list time we used a Gift for mental acuity?
>That's a good idea.
"I want to buy the bag of eyes."
That's even worse.

>Really? That's His plan?

We are designing a container that is safe for the populace at large.
>A yellow filly though. Really?
It'll have a horn, and fully controllable hair.
>Inside a yellow filly.
It's a great public relations move to mobilize resistance, and followers. Plus when finished it will be very cute.
>He did choose a name that doesn't invoke madness?

>The perfect snoot to boop ratio.

Tail, and mane length work regardless of style.
>Nothing is out of place…
>No supernatural beauty. Just a normal filly being lovely. Very endearing.
We specifically chose these shades of yellow to to truly emphasize the 'awww' factor. The projected model for this will be a real stunner.
>No cutie mark?
We don't want that to interfere with the Tree implant we do once we head back.
>Looking at the lifeless body I can't help, but feel a twang of sympathy.
Perfect. We used a special pattern, and design combination to emote properly. This can do everything an above average pony can from the start. Internally this is the best of the best.
>So this is the family friendly face of our eldritch overlord.

"Most excellent progress."
>"I'll accept your praise my champion."
"We- we will have to work on speaking."
>"This ought to be superior to my previous attempt."
"That is most impressive!"
>"My disciple, you may refer to me by this container and diminished self's lower name. Practice for you is still needed."
"Amber Sagacity Façade."
>"Yes, herder the simplified name if you will."
>"A delicate personalized form does have its uses. The chemical, electrical, and logistical interactions is has a certain perspective to this form. So very fragile."
"We tried-"
>"You have done as I have asked. Both consciously, subconsciously, and in spirit."
Thank you.
"Thank you, H- Amber."
>Amber is such a cutie…
We certainly did do our best.

>"The lack of better methods does make the continued survival of your species somewhat remarkable."
Dodge the ball!
>"Physical exertion does produce positive pathways neurologically."
Pure comedy right here.
>"Despite how little I occupy, this has a certain charm. I will uphold my end of the deal Occult. In turn I may find the power of friendship from this point of view.

"So how long have we've been here for?"
>The constructed body's controller just sent us the number.
I'm going to go cry in a corner for a little bit.
>It can't be that ba-
"Excuse me, I need to take a moment to process this."
>"That is understandable, my champion."
>"I am offering bodily contact. A hug if you desire."
"You're the best eldritch horror I've ever met."

"It's hard to sense the city any more."
I'm experiencing the same.
>"Rely on me Occult Façade I haven't led you wrong before."
"Thank you Amber."

Twenty-Four hours remain.
>This is it. We are about to see everyone again.
>"Don't niggle about it."
>Looking at her eyes full of warmth, and kindness. A small sparkle of a twinkle of a star is to be found there.
"What does niggle mean?"
>"Don't worry too much about it."

>Three hours until we go to Equestria.

"The detector is not picking up any madness."
All the connection to the bodies should hold up.

>"Prepare yourself the reconnection to your body will be unpleasant."
What will we do once we get there?
>"Saving Equestria, and living a superb life."


>Be Princess Luna
>The Ritual is finally fading. Nothing exploded or popped.
>No Rifts.
"Sister half of Canterlot did not experience sudden demolition."
>There are too many bodies in there.
>Rosie, Occult, Flakey, and one other.
>"Ouch. That hurts much more than I expected."
>She's awake, and alive.
>"Well done. You made it back."
>The mystery pony's voice has a sweet melodic note. A humor, and wisdom beyond their youthful tones. Trust worthy, and steadfast in times of need. Hints of Yellow.
>"It's okay, she's here to help. Before anyo- anypony panics she also happens to be my patron."
>"My champion is correct. Occult created this form so the limited freedom I possess can be used to assist in saving the world. While I'm here learning about friendship from this perspective is a hobby I suppose."
>Rosie is rubbing her face slowly.
>My sister is shifting awkwardly.
>Flakey is still unconscious.
>Occult looks to be trying to not scream.
>"The diminished name is Amber Sagacity Façade. You can call me Amber."
>Amber is a Forgotten One in pony form. That is also looking to experience friends. Is standing steadfast. Ready to experience the world.
>"Would you care for some tea?"
"Coffee perhaps?"
>"That is a wonderful suggestion. Crossing over left me famished."
>Oh? That's an interesting thought.
>Celestia. Mirror. She might be able to do it, and possibly stabilize one…
>Luckily she isn't speaking.
>What a bucking situation this is.


Another universe, I take it


File: 1560576417963.jpg (557.27 KB, 1254x1600, 1546899008721.jpg)

You know the story's getting weird when that can be asked that nonchalantly.


You know the deal, please check your email.
A-and maybe respond.


File: 1560579932870.png (5.81 MB, 3402x2464, Twilicorn-DarkThrone.png)


In a few hours, you're going to be spending several hours on a plane, likely getting hungrier and hungrier if you don't get some food today. Not feeling like skipping lunch today, you turn your focus to Twilight and attempt to put on your most adorable pleading orphan eyes.

"Diana… do you think you could show our chef how to use magic so I can get my food?"

She stares at you for a few seconds. "You're… kidding, right?"

"Well I mean, he's got a horn. He should be able to use telekinesis, right?"

"Should? Yes. Should in the next hour or two? Probably not. It's not quite like learning to use a limb."

"But I'm huuunnngry…"

She sighs. "I'll try. No promises." She then hollers over to the chef. "Hey you with the horn! I think I might be able to solve your problem."

He clumsily trots over to the table, still not used to working on so few legs. "Yeah?"

Twilight lifts up a fork with her magic in front of him and waves it around. "See this? You can do this. It's what that horn on your head is for. Think if I could show you how to do this, you'd be able to still make dinner?"

He groans. "Can I just take a sick day? You have no idea what it's-"

Before he can finish his sentence, Twilight envelops his tongue in magic. "You finish that sentence and you're gonna regret it. And yes, you can take a sick day. Go home, we'll all find something else to eat. I'm certain my friend can satiate her hunger at a McDonalds."

"You insult me! Show me how the magic works then!"

"Good! Well unfortunately, it's a little complicated and might take a few hours at minimum. Or I could show you in about 10 seconds, but it's gonna hurt, like a lot."

"How bad are we talking?"

"Worse than the worst headache you've ever had, but not as bad as childbirth."

The stallion contemplates his options and simply shrugs his shoulders. "Fuck it. How bad could childbirth be?"

Taking this as an okay, Twilight charges up her horn and then without warning, slams her head into the stallion as hard as she can. You remember this - it's the memory transfer spell. He immediately collapses upon the spell's completion, but eventually manages to stand up. Panting, he gasps out, "You are… absolutely evil, missy." He picks up a steak knife in his magic and waves it at her. "I ought to cut you with this, but a deal is a deal."

He then walks off, leaving you curious. You ask Twilight, "Alright, so what all memories did you show him?"

She rolls her eyes and smiles. "Oh, you know. Just the basics on using telekinesis… and the first time I gave birth." She trails off the last part under her breath, but you still managed to hear it.


Remind us never to piss Twiana off. Also, if this keeps up like the trope it's based off of, she could make bank teaching magic to newly-converted ponies.


File: 1560583140291.png (294.42 KB, 1200x1200, anonfillynut.png)


File: 1560583205704.png (348.69 KB, 899x899, unknown (1).png)


File: 1560583579923.png (150.77 KB, 885x797, unknown (2).png)

I drew this in 2018 and forgot, lmao.

Filly turns her head, surprise dick.


File: 1560583882493.jpeg (211.7 KB, 789x768, 598534.jpeg)


File: 1560585413754.jpg (2.51 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20190615_011135.jpg)



I love it anon, kudos.


JESUS that is one adorably fat ass.


Excellent work, even if I think filly is not for sexual

Very nice, but that line in filly's hair made me panic that my monitor had a scratch

>ywn serve as your momfu's right-hand man/filly, "protecting" her from wannabe heroes while she's actually much stronger than you, but lets you pretend because it's cute and makes you happy


File: 1560592671351.png (141.29 KB, 832x749, crying_time.png)

>tfw Vive/Rift can't simulate touch or taste
>tfw can't get digital cuddles or mommy milkies


Thank Diana, then "Now I know who to go to if I ever have a big masochist itch I want to scratch. Speaking of kids, I've been meaning to ask if you used your time on camera to send a message out to your family. You don't have to say if you don't want to."


"you don't have to say" as in she dosen't have to say whether she did or not.


File: 1560628279663.png (4.08 MB, 3072x1728, 2065844.png)

derpi fillies


File: 1560628543123-0.jpg (16.1 KB, 482x363, dbd.jpg)

>that hortler flag on the box
Top Zozzle



This painting stuff is great


File: 1560654478047-0.png (Spoiler Image, 7.87 MB, 3096x1998, image0.png)

Cleaning up the streets, one shell at a time.


File: 1560655014398.png (Spoiler Image, 371.85 KB, 1073x2125, futa filly masturboop.png)

>futa is gay
>no u


Nobody else will do it


File: 1560655362811.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.7 MB, 864x480, 1534454794848.gif)

Futa is the biggest gay, yes.
Also filly is not for sexual, so what does it matter?


I want Twiggy to give me a piggyback ride through the sky


File: 1560655532138.png (229.15 KB, 1024x1024, 1473299.png)

>implying the biggest gay isn't simply anonfilly
found the faget


The correct term is "Twiggyback ride."
Me too Anon, me too…
Ah, but the filly can't be inherently gay until she is lewded or lewds another.


File: 1560656062855.png (428.85 KB, 2875x1781, 1345829.png)

>filly is not for sexual


File: 1560657053583.png (268.92 KB, 1280x1810, 1551426280039-0.png)

>Human male to pony female spell goes awry
>Now Anonfilly has a marecock big enough to put Big Mac to shame even when sofy
>And to top it off she's still a small filly, with lots to grow before actually becoming a mare
Twiggy made a monster! and I want that monster to shove my inwards aside while inside my filly cooter


File: 1560657172505.png (187.52 KB, 732x1024, fillyahegao3.png)


File: 1560657416787.png (176.97 KB, 1184x682, disgust.png)


File: 1560657570277.png (245.65 KB, 1365x1570, 1342445.png)

>The correct term is "Twiggyback ride."


File: 1560657572791.png (180.66 KB, 920x550, Anonmoon.png)

Anonymous cannot be stopped!


File: 1560661654139.jpg (3.54 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190616_004610087.jpg)

>Motherfuckers got into the booze cabinet again


Scotch can be nice. Haven't had it in a while, though.
Right now, I'm slowly working my way through a bottle of apple flavored whiskey. Nice enough to just sip instead of just tossing it down one's throat as fast as possible.


Looks like you're safe: they haven't yet figured out how to open the bottles.


Any draw requests out there?


File: 1560664447771.jpg (84.37 KB, 772x835, awesome.jpg)

>Three fillies.


Flim, Flam, and their Anonfilly, up to no good again.


File: 1560665128284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 723.95 KB, 1000x716, DarkLibrary.jpg)

>Be Fancy Pants
>Ow. Oh dear Celestia my head is killing me. The lights are too bright.
>Everything aches.
>I feel warmth on both sides of my bed.
>On the right is Occult. Fast asleep.
>The left is a mesmerizing yellow filly. Luxurious curves, a divine mane, everything is just right when looking at her. She, too, is asleep.
>Water first then I'll try to remember last night.
>Getting up without disturbing either foal is no easy task. Still I conquer the task without issue. Even as my hooves clopped on the carpet. Marks from when I tried to stop that creature still scar the room.

>Ah, pure water directly from Canterlot's summit. The slightly frosted glass has a comfortable chill in my hoof.

>I'm at the bar thinking. What did go on yesterday night?
>Something about shocking news. The Princesses opening a bottle of something. A revelation about somepony, or something I thought I forgot…
>The yellow filly.
>My brief time in the dark magic section of the library of magic.
>The shocking news is something all connected.
>His writings are no mere fiction to throw off ponies in that library. I recollect going there to escape my family for a little while. The books were too scary, but would be perfect cover.
>An innocent title of a book called Lovecolt. I was about to open the book when Princess Celestia found me. She asked me if I would like to forget what I read.
>I think I said yes, but I never read it.
>Except I did, but had my memories altered.
>Occult made contact with a horror. A Lovecoltian horror. She claimed it was also sitting at the table with us. I had my first glass of the night then.
>The book had a few references to older works, and a few newer ones as well.
>The filly with yellow fur. Is one of them.
>The words chilled me to the bone. The librarian saw me pale with fright. I was compelled to keep reading.
>At the table I finished my second glass of liquor. Princess Celestia casted a spell on me after I said something to her.
>A list of names. Each terrible, and with consequences if I dared to say thier name. I don't know what they were, and I do know I won't remember any.
>One name caught my eye. It felt important at the time to at least look at it. That in the future it would all make sense.
>That name belongs to Occult's patron.
>I swallowed the fourth glass. I told Occult everything. My personal failings. The lies, the deception, my past. I'm fairly sure that's what I pontificated about.
>Then we got home?
>In the bed.
>They both climbed in.
>I said something.
>Her face turned red, and Occult kissed me.
>What is her name?
>"You can just ask."
"Aah! Don't scare me."
>I didn't leap too much.
>Her name. She said I can just ask.
"What is your name? Do you know what happened last night?
>"I'll be known as Amber Sagacity Façade. You attempted to mate with us. Sexually pleasuring Occult, and I."
>"The blush does mean that you didn't remember. Let's fix that, or else Occult will be sad that her first time would be forgotten."
>Fix it? How will she do tha-
>"Come, and lay back down with us, Fancy Pants. Occult has much to say about her time away."
>Only managing to squeak out.
"Good idea."
>Polishing off the crisp water, and setting down the glass. I trot next to her.
>We return to the bedroom side by side. Occult is still sleeping.
>Her name is on the tip of my tongue. Amber suits her well though. It isn't quite complete though.
>What she can do with that body is making my heart thunder. Truly was a very special night.
>I'm going to make it a very special day as well too.

>Be Heals Right (pony subconsious)

>The subconsious world seems slightly different. Than the last time we were here.
>The consious, Occult, did something utterly wrong with so many different parts.
>Yet, she did something brilliantly right.
>It's been stressful trying to get a new baseline to work with. Forbidden Knowledge, and the humans are fairly hush hush about it.
Is this thing on?
"It is."
>Ah right just have to think it. A few others also said similar phrases.
It's good to be back in action. Here's the new specs from the ritual, and us recombining again.
"That is absolutely gripping."
Nice pun you did about the-
>Tell me what does section B-760a do?

>Be Princess Celestia

>My little bundle of sunshine always brightens my day.
>Especially after meeting her.
>I'll have chocolate. Yes, with almonds. Should it have a cream-cheese frosting?
>Luna better not have eaten all the almonds during that drinking game.

>Be Occult Façade

>Waking up to see Fancy Pants' blue eyes sure is a good way to start our day.
'member last night?
>Oho oh yes. If that look in both Amber's and Fancy's has says anything it's that the fun isn't over yet.
"Morning ladies."
A classic.

>Be Forbidden Knowledge (pony subconscious)

>I got my security clearance back. Yay!
Is this thing on?
>And the humans learned lots, and lots!
It's good to be back in action. Don't try to go past what the clearance says to.
It's dangerous. We would hate to see you get hurt.
>What's the best thing you can show me?
Have you seen the super snowglobe yet?
>Super snowglobe?
It's on the thirtieth floor.

>Be Spike the Dragon

>Who knew all that needed to happen was to spit out several caskets of alcohol, and an entire stockpile of chocolate to sway their opinions so fast.
>Well several O&O d20s, and a couple One Hundred sided dice landed on sevens also at the same time as I said 'I brought something to drink,' while bringing down a pitcher of water.
>It did get caught in the fire…
>Ah, luxury to sooth that incident.
>An Anonymous guy did say somthing about how kek hasn't left them, and a ride. Then a filly said prove it with loads of chocolate. Heard some dice rolls then.
"A few more sapphires. They were good."
>Still a little hoarse from that. It's quite nice they're helping me.
>I think I just heard a few rolls.


filly getting the N word pass from a zigger filly


File: 1560665490721.png (770.89 KB, 1524x872, 1426640.png)

Know the difference.
A pony doesn't need a pass from beasts.


Wouldn't it be a Z word pass then?


Schrodinger's filly.
>Ah, but the filly can't be inherently gay until she is lewded or lewds another.
>No cock like mare cock.
They might have made it slippery when wet. Be careful.

You have it turned to Zigger when it should be set to Ni-


File: 1560667093860.png (176.41 KB, 600x840, Twilight-Sleepy.png)


"Remind me never to piss you off… unless I have a big masochist itch I want to scratch."

She smiles. "Duly noted. Although I'm sure I can think of worse forms of punishment to lay on a bad filly."

You're not even sure if you want to know what she means by that. Nevertheless, you've got some time to kill before your meal arrives, so you might as well change the subject to keep the conversation up. "So…" you begin, immediately interrupted by a waiter bringing you a bottle of Merlot on ice as you requested, along with a wine glass. You thank him and pour yourself a drink before continuing. "Anyways, as I was going to ask, on the subject of children…"

"I haven't had a chance to call mine yet, if that's what you're asking."

"Actually I was going to ask if you used your time on camera to send a message to your family or anything. You don't have to answer if it's a sore subject or anything though."

She sighs. "It's not. And… I didn't say anything specifically to my family. I mentioned I missed them though, and I think I provided enough information that they should know it's me. I don't know if I'll be able to meet them in DC though. My husband… he wasn't exactly the breadwinner in our family, and the whole area's a bit expensive to live in. Given that I was gone for four years… who knows what could've happened to them?"

You aren't sure what the best thing to say in the situation is, so you offer her a glass of your Merlot. She accepts, and downs it quickly. Seeing this, Blossom starts staring at the bottle, clearly in hopes that you'll offer her some.


File: 1560667419554.png (151.7 KB, 1000x1000, 1462048215353.png)

if it's a zigger filly, he's still a nigger at heart

but yeah that still makes more sense


"Big oof."


>Nice enough to just sip instead of just tossing it down one's throat as fast as possible
>nice enough not to chug
I don't think you're alcoholic-ing enough. I drank half a Jameson bottle, straight, warm and without any chaser or food. On another occasion I buttchugged nearly a liter of the shit. And I only turned 21 in December. GOML fgt.


Tell little missy she isn't getting any, lest she become an alcoholic.


File: 1560687843656-0.gif (373.01 KB, 512x512, Anonfilly Thinking Spin.gif)

File: 1560687843656-1.gif (1.87 MB, 512x432, doom sanic spin ball.gif)

https://hacks.guide - Guides
https://wiidatabase.de - Software
https://vimm.net - Games

Wii Poster here again.

Managed to mod the thing pretty much to completion. Just finished my Wii-U and attempting to give the virtual Wii on the system the final edge now.

Heres some sources I used if you wish to do that yourself. One of the sites is in german, but it was probably the best i could find. As fate had it, Many influential Wii Hackers are from Germany. Use a translation program in your browser and you are good to go.

Enjoy and Good Fortune. (∩✧ω✧)⊃━☆゚.*<卐3


File: 1560693610669.png (174.66 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1560693068253.png)



How's Diana's last name spelled again?


File: 1560696963966.png (452.27 KB, 4840x4840, HI, ME!.png)

Hello Filly!





File: 1560723022886.png (Spoiler Image, 29.99 KB, 1080x305, Facetious.png)

Offer to refill Diana's glass.(if she accepts) As you refill it, say facetiously "A family unit where the father isn't the primary bread winner?" shake your head "Degeneracy, Mrs.Fischer. Absolute degeneracy." Hand her the filled glass with a shit-eating smirk.
"In all seriousness. Even though I hardly know anything about him, I personally wouldn't underestimate the guy that someone like you chose as a committed partner. Or your kids either, for that matter. Besides, your family has to be ok, because you still have to deliver on your promise of a proper Thanksgiving dinner. That shit just dosen't work with only two people."
(after Diana's response, or lack thereof) Point a hoof at Blossom. "You! I see your eyes. I'll give you one glass, and I want you to drink it slowly. Understand?"


Filly assisting the Ponyville Fire Department in extinguishing a fire by pissing on it at over 9000 psi.


>posting the definition of facetious, when the word is only said once in the three paragraph post

I smell a thesaurus-sniffer.


You're not wrong, not entirely. But did you also notice what I added to the list of synonyms? The thought occurred to me that facetious aptly described chan culture in general, the way the "Anon" character is generally portrayed, and the concept of the honk pill as well. So I decided to make that small edit and post it along with my text, with the hope of eliciting a small chuckle from whomever saw it.


>implying Twilight doesn't teach all her fillies the art of book scents


>Be Anonymous?
>Oh god. Fuck. I can't keep running.
>It's right behind me walking.
>God Damnit. This is not how I want an adventure to go.
>I have no hands to use tools. I'm not even human anymore.
>Fucking monsters in this place. I thought this was supposed to not be horror.
>Crowds of ponies flow out of my way. They do the same with that eldritch creature. Always unaware of the horrific acts it does to those caught in it's grasp.
>Must keep pumping my legs.
>The dark streets seems to be eternaly black in the sky. It's wrong. Just beyond sometimes it looks back. The stones, and false wood emanating a haunted graveyard. There will be no peace here.
>Glancing back for a moment.
>Oh God please save that girl's soul. Anyone, someone save them from it. Kek? Zeus? Budda? Jesus? Cthulhu? Flying Spaghetti Monster? Thoth? Gaia? Anyone? Please?!
>Just have to keep running. Her screams will haunt my nightmares.
>The things it does will always occupy my thoughts. It's smiling at me. It enjoys what it's doing.
>It's playing with me. Alone, and surrounded I don't know If I can keep going.
Just a little longer we think it enjoys the hunt. We need to make sure we do it as quickly as possible. Ideally if we can.
>Yes that would be preferable than being caught.
>If this damned place was a little brighter we might see something we could use.
It's a messed up version of the pony capital.
Keep running! Change of plans. Make a turn there at the right!
>It's a dead end.
Something is there that will get us out of here. Slide on the right wall first.
>I feel my fur catching on the brick wall of the alleyway. Some serious rug burn will suck if we make it. That doesn't matter.
>I then fell through the wall.
>Holy shit.
>A posh well maintained room, and I'm sticking out of a standing mirror.
Break it from the other side.
>Something grabs me.
We're fucked. Using everything we have now.
>"Did you think you could escape."

>Did it work?

I believe so.

>You just irked me.
>oh no.

>Be Occult Façade

>Did you just feel a chill crawling down our spine?
We did. It's not from either of them doing their work.
>Indeed I too have felt the twisting. Our enemies are at work. Attacking your soul through the shattered bodies.
>Still not used to you talking directly in my head. Shattered bodies?
>Across the worlds this land has access to small shards of your soul splintered, and broke. You are not whole, but you have the most of the it.
How did we not notice? I know we remember doing work about it…
>The structure of the soul like your body is fragile. It can go through the more than your body can. The fragments can be used to find, and attract other shards.
>They will be hunting us…
>They will pick you apart. Using your soul. Section by section. I am doing what I can, however vast portions of me is still imprisoned.
>That's worrisome. Is our soul okay after spending so long in you?
>It is better than before.
>Have to collect my soul before they do even more awful things got i-
>"Sing for me."

>Be Occult's soul fragment #2

>We've been extraordinarily lucky even surviving this long in this arctic hell hole.
Shhh. Caribou are near.
>I drape the white snow covered cape over myself as I sink down into the snow. Better to die free with frostbite than their 'tender' mercies. Silently breathing. The drifting snow covering the seams.
>"The shaman fortold of lands ripe for us. The key should be somewhere near here. Bitch! Search."
Estimating about four caribou, with a slave each more or less.
>So damned wasteful.
>The snow crunching ever closer. Holding my breath, slowing our heart. We will make through.
>Ages pass as the snow is compacted.

>They left. We live to see another day.

>Fluids mark the area. It's time to move on.
>The snow sticking to my now dulled green fur I make my way to the forest. Vegetation, or edible trees.
That looks like an edible mushroom.
>If we find nothing else that we will eat it. Plucking it I tuck it under the cape.
>One day. They will just be told in history. Perhaps as bogeymen.
>If only I was well armed.
At least we have this cape.
>It's seen us though some ugly shit before. Capey is a true friend.
Some leaves. We should be able to consume it.
>Nom nom nom. Absolutely disgusting. Tough, chewy, extremely bitter, and high in nutrition.
>Let's continue.


File: 1560753443665.png (141.38 KB, 789x817, Smug.png)

>Twilight laces the pages with crack so the fillies will read more



Come on, Twilight wouldn't skimp out. Coke all the way.
Check your email, fag.


File: 1560756023495.png (42.55 KB, 605x989, AnonFilly-WineDrinker.png)


You offer Twilight a refill, which she gladly accepts. As you pour it, you jokingly offer, "So, a family unit where the father isn't the primary bread winner? Degeneracy, Mrs. Fischer. Absolute degeneracy."

She sips her wine slowly, and to your surprise doesn't seem too off-put by your comment. Instead, she nonchalantly replies, "well, my husband may not be rich, but he's certainly handsome and a gentleman."

"I'm kidding anyways. In all seriousness, I probably shouldn't underestimate a guy that someone like you chose as a committed partner, or your kids either for that matter."

This seems to lighten her mood. "Best you shouldn't. Where I've got brains, my husband's got brawns, and our kids have both!"

"Well good. Because you've still got to deliver on that promise of a proper Thanksgiving dinner. Cause that's a family affair. Doesn't work if it's just the two of us."

She laughs. "Oh yes, that. Assuming we make it to Thanksgiving. I've got… a lot I'm still worrying about, what with still being a horse."

Throughout this entire conversation, Blossom's eyes have gone from pleading to practically begging, without her saying a word. She almost looks like a kitten, begging you to fill her bowl. You slowly inch the bottle towards her glass, but stop just before filling it. "One glass, and you have to drink it slowly. Understand?"

She nods quickly. "Yes ma'am!"

As you pour the glass, you hear sirens in the background. They quickly pass, but are followed by more. Something must be going on outside, but you're not quite sure if it concerns you. Your heart beats faster, and you notice Daring trying to make herself look hidden. Blossom seems nervous as well, though the rest of your friends are relatively unphased.

It takes you a while to finally get back at ease. The sirens continue, but no police break into the restaurant looking for ponies. In the middle of it all, you and your friends are brought your food, which you hope to be able to finish without a SWAT team breaking all of the windows and filling the building with flashbangs and tear gas.


"…Hey, you guys don't think there are other people being turning into ponies out there, right? I would hate to be someone behind the wheel of a car when I suddenly found myself without hands."



>I would hate to be someone behind the wheel of a car when I suddenly found myself without hands

Ooh, he figured it out!


I have read a lot of fanfiction.



As have I. Read Chaotic Touch of Harmony, by chance?


Not that anon, but holy fuck, a fellow fan! That was my first PTF story and it got me really interested in roleplaying and such. Never got anyone really up for long term RP of that variety, but the dream is still real to me damnit


Apparently, that one managed to escape my notice.


File: 1560801372165.png (Spoiler Image, 149.01 KB, 798x1024, you-think-thats-bad.png)

>>225966 You think that's bad? Imagine operating heavy machinery or a crane and then suddenly turning into a pony.
For what I actually want filly to say. >>225966 This, then "Or operating heavy machinery, or doing a surgery, or flying a plane…It'd also suck to be a pegasus in Equestria that suddenly turned into a human mid-flight." Pour yourself some wine, then offer some to your friends who haven't gotten any, including your host, the journalist.


File: 1560806469382.jpeg (169.45 KB, 1280x896, 2067854.jpeg)



File: 1560806674369.gif (1.55 MB, 480x270, Samus Thumbs Up.gif)


Look mate, if you don't want to that's fine, just do me a favor and respond so that I know what the deal is.




No idea what you're talking about, may as well just ask me in-thread.


Believe he may be referring to the spoiler text in this post >>225963


No idea what this email is though, don't think I've ever posted one.


It's the one you used to contact me to get edit access for the collab doc, also the address associated with that playlist of Star Wars music you made.


File: 1560817587623.gif (101.8 KB, 384x338, 1509337589461.gif)

your stuff is gold, i hope you know that


File: 1560817770719-0.png (119.17 KB, 485x601, sitting_filly_looking_up.png)

File: 1560817770719-1.png (70.55 KB, 426x466, old_disney_filly.png)

File: 1560817770719-2.png (67.85 KB, 367x524, sitting_filly.png)

fillies from the filly god lockhe4rt


>I'm looking at that email right now, and not seeing anything from you or AF-related.
Maybe resend?


Alright, should be there now.


Not seeing it. Are you sure it's the right email? Starts with "ad" and ends with "4"?


Thanks I really do appreciate it.
If you have anything you want to see in the fic, or improvements I'd like to hear it.
It's open to anyone, or anyfilly.


Shit, uh… you mind if I just post the address that I'm trying to send it to?





Daww. So precious


Bless him for these fillies


Invite sent

>Be Anonfilly
>You stood afore the City Hall, which housed a sign notifying the meeting for the "Foals with Special Needs Coalition"
"Do I have to go to the retard meeting?"
>"Anon! Don't use that type of language! They other foals are just… special. Like you." Twilight chided
>Yep, retards
>You thought to make a snide remark about "also being ex-humans", but you discarded it when your collar began to warm
>…Wait, like you?

>Twilight opens the door to the meeting hall, and nudges you inside using her head

>"C'mon, go make some friends." she tells you before heading to the corner with the other moms watching their brainlet offspring
>You glance over the room, looking for potential friends
>Largely groups of two or three foals, some standing and others sitting
>You note that many had some form of tic, such as having to clap their hooves every ten seconds or shaking their heads
>In one corner a colt wearing a helmet was muttering to himself with his mom closeby
>A couple of fillies were by the little concessions table, eating pony-Costco cookies
>You decide to try and join them, they seemed fairly well-adjusted
>You awkwardly shuffle towards them, standing halfway between in and out of their two-person party
>Eventually the white-coated and blue-maned Earth pony stops talking about trains and turns to you
>"Do you- you- you need something?" she asks, stuttering midway through the sentence
>The other one remains silent, brown mane and tail two-toning her cream fur and wings
"I- um- was wondering if I could join you guys?"
>You had a bit of stage fright between two fillies staring at you in addition to Twilight's oversized eyes peering into the back of your skull
>"PENIS!" the cream one randomly yells out
>"PETRIFICATION!" she adds
"Is she, uh…?"
>"Oh, Cloud Chaser has Trot's Syndrome. She can't control-"
>"PERJURY!" she yells oncemore
>"She can't control it" the white one says, neither filly ignoring the outbursts "the words are basically random, but it's almost always alliterative and often starts with a swear"
>You turn to look at the momfus, and most seemed used to it. One of them was talking to Twilight, surely explaining her daughter's condition
>Yep, this was a tard meeting
>"Do you know a lot about trains??" the earth pony blurts out, and you notice how she blinks with her left eye than her right
>Twilight thought you would fit in here?
>Wait, what if you were retarded and everypony was just being nice?


File: 1560830109614.jpg (33.54 KB, 378x663, BigGulchGulpFilly.jpg)

Thanks mate. Excellent work as always.


>Be Flakey Crust
>When did I get in my bed?
>Walking down the stairs to the old mare's basement.
>Then nothing.
>My bedroom looks undisturbed except for a scroll on my bedside desk.
>Celestia's sun reflecting between the drapes. Splattering the room with her rays. The sidetable made of a darkwood with exquisite finish rainbows the light throughout the rest. The wardrobe, and rugs spotless like always.
>The door looks locked how I normaly do it.
>Let's open the scroll.

>Blah, blah, blah. Very nice Flakey Crust…

>Drank some expensive drink that I can't remember.
>She helped me home with her buddies for all the help with that remembrance party.
>That's a hefty sum of bits…
>She could have hired anypony for that amount…
>Honorary hero of the remembrance party.
>Why does that make me feel so warm, and fuzzy? This has to be a mistake. Right?
>Blah, blah, life of the party. Great performance with karaoke.
>For services rendered here is the total sum.
>Wow. That bag is definitely hers.

>Be Occult's soul fragment #3

"Beware the light."
>The shadows dart across the bleak room. Polished marble from one side of the room to the other.
>Everywhere the light touches death follows. Right after pain, and misery. I'm sure that's what the screams are.
>The sudden halt of sound is always jarring. Never quite certain when it stops. Sometimes very rarely they scream twice.
>Some creature brought us all here to run back, and forth.
We think that it's doing this for entertainment.
>It opens the sliding roof. Like rats in a maze we scatter to the other side.
>The designs that the light shines through are intricate, and stunningly beautiful. Those caught in the light are always frozen in place.
>Unmoving. Hair is locked in place becoming a deadly hazard for the rest of us.
>If someone is caught, and they touch you the skin, and fur stick. Tearing chunks of your flesh off, that connects you to them, is the only way to escape.
>It's disgusting. I hate those beings that trapped us in here. I hate this damned maze.
>They always bring new faces in once some are caught.
It's the only reason some people keep moving across everyday.
>The next day they are gone from the marble room.
>The race, creed, gender, age, and species doesn't matter.
They put a fucking hydra in here as we all slept. We lost Tim from that.
>I thought it was Martha?
>We run across. Only two beings can open their mouth to speak each day.
That day is us, and the wasp.
>Fucking useless. Getting everyone information is hard when it's hard to understand anyone. The air is so thick, and sickly. It's a wonder we can scarf down the 'meal'.
Rape isn't that common. It does happen.
>They think their life is over, but then from the floor Light shines onto both. Sealing them together forever.
We hypothesize it's any friendly contact lasting more than two seconds.
>Fights happen too. Sometimes to the death. For any reason, but older members just lack the fire.
They get the message once they see the near dead looks.
>The light solidifies it.
Those that speak always go last.
>Even if idiots refuse to leave.
I think this might be the end for us.
>We shout so they on the other side can hear.
"It's been nice knowing you all! One day -"

>Be Occult's soul fragment #4

Royal foot cushion we could have a worse job.
>We do see that everyday. These chains sap the anger, hatred, and rage right out.
Yep, just detached acceptance, and obedience.
>Can't plan to overthrow him. That rainbow alicorn leader. Can't even say that we'll poison our glorious leader's afternoon tea.
He did say to serve him to the best of our abilities.
>He also did say he was feeling very stressed.
We do know that this special, helpful, medicine makes one very relaxed.
>Very relaxed, to help with his stress. He did say his blood pressure was too high as well.
>The royal cock sock is here, with a new slave on death row.
Male this time…
>Poor bastard. It's the day our prince had to consume his brother to prevent eternal night. He very much does not like today. His brother tries to escape.
Actually someone forgot to order enough cake, and tea.
>That's even worse. I'm placing bets on Candle, cumin and cinnamon, then the cheese grater. Finishing with you know what.
I'm betting that sandpaper condom, end to end, boiling tea pot, then finally happy ending.
>Let's see…
>"Your royal highness your new cushion is here. His makers called him S-"
There goes that nonexistent plan.
>One for each foot?
You know what happened to the last royal foot rest. Hoof, whatever.
>"Good. Service me naif. Hoof-Rest on your back, and spread."
This will be most unpleasant.
[i]>"Both holes."

>Extremely unpleasant.
>"You have served me well. For this I will thank your service. Your new elevated position will be with me."
Say nothing he didn't give permission to speak. He is livid under that mask.
>Slicked with saliva his royalness prepares his scepter.
>"Court is adjourned."
>If I could feel fear this would be the scary moment.
>"Your highness please I am a virgin I-"
Absolutely apocalyptic now.
>"Silence. Previous hoof warmer. You are once more my hoof rest. Tyro, you only shall speak as I command it. You shall only do as I command. Pleasure me using the techniques in the book of pleasures, last chapter, final section."

>Finally tea time. In his bedroom nearly alone. The slave, well he still is alive…

Serve our most royal prince the tea.


Serve our most royal prince the tea.
>"Ah yes. Very goo-"
>His royalness is wheezing with pleasure.
Our acts has made him speechless with wonder.
>A single candle lights the room.
>He's dead…
We aren't free…
>Royal blue flowing with stars is now sticking out of his gapeing maw.
>"You have killed my brother yes?"
"I believe so your highness. I gave him medicine to make him feel better."
>Looks like the chains still work.
>"I truly do wish to end you for removing my chance to do so myself. I am, however, grateful for you freeing me."
Here comes the twist.
>"You shall be my royal concubine."
>Hunh? Wait one minute. The other prince isn't dead…
>"Together brother. As one. She cured me of the nightmarish plague inhabiting my body."
If I could hate I would be having a heart attack right now, and several burst blood vessels.
>"Like old times brother?"
>Strange moment of deja vu.
>"Shame she is a mare you always liked the twigs."
Let's try to recall all the memes about rage.



File: 1560838879387.png (170.28 KB, 849x941, Blossomforth-Embarassed.png)


There is of course another reason for the sirens that you shudder to think about. With 3 people in the restaurant having turned into ponies recently, and with a vision showing you Trump turning into a pony, it would be reasonable to assume that there are others outside experiencing the same phenomenon. Some of those people might be behind the wheel of a car…

"Hey guys, what do you suppose would happen if someone were to turn into a pony while behind the wheel of a car?"

Twilight takes another sip of her wine. "I suppose we'd start hearing ambulances and fire trucks everywhere." As she says this, you hear the blare of a fire truck's horn.

You almost don't want to eat anymore. Though you hope the people involved are okay, you're pretty sure a few have likely died, and you don't want to use your psychic vision to confirm it. Nevertheless, there is a perfectly good filet mignon in front of you, and you are not going to let it go to waste. You cut off a slice, and savor it in your mouth.

This is probably the best thing you've ever tasted, if you were to be honest with yourself. You're no stranger to beef, but there's a number of ways to cook it, and that unicorn chef has got some talent. You never got a chance to see his cutie mark - if he even has one, but you imagine it would likely involve something food related, like a pot au feu. It's almost enough to make you forget about the chaos going on outside… almost.

Blossom, as it seems, is just as worried as you, if not more so. As soon as you mentioned the possibility that large numbers of people might be in car wrecks, she started shivering - enough that Daring even ended up wrapping a wing around the both of you.

"You don't suppose this is happening anywhere else in the world, do you? I hope my parents are okay… and Twi- err, Diana's family."


File: 1560839510089-0.png (196.83 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1560543696677.png)

File: 1560839510089-1.png (195.83 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1560790584436.png)

Art for some people


So, Diana is the most magically-inclined member of our group. Would she have any idea as to what might be causing people to transform into ponies? Did our teleportation rip a hole between the universe of pones and the universe of men that didn't seal up, and now there is magic coming through from the other side that is having an adverse effect on people?


>Second pic
So two anonfillies are wearing an Anonmare blanket?


Yup, snuggle blankets need to be snuggled in


Well they're both really nice. (The detail on the diaper is excellent). The only advice I can give is add more shading, but you did a bang-up job.


Thanks, i had quite A few people help me out by sending me reference pics from their personal stash of diaper pics, just happy if you fags enjoy my dumb pics.

Will try to add more shading next time


I Want To HugDoomerFily


>You put your arms around Doomerfilly.
>Interpol is blasting loudly through her earbuds.
>You pick her up and put her on the bed.
>You take off her cigarette reeking pullover and start to scratch her belly.
>She looks up at you and gives you a slight smile.
>"Lovesong" by the Cure comes on.
>She disconnects her earbuds and lets the music play through the speakers while you snuggle her and tell her how much you love her.


File: 1560885624624-0.png (227.55 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1560723040725.png)

>Not posting the edit too


>posting the meme edit
I dunno which one of you it was, but i no longer draw filly


I never said you were the editor, just that it was an edit.


>I no longer draw filly
But wasn't the original yours?


>Ywn be that filly
Why live?


Beautiful Anon.


"Have you thought about calling your parents, and/or given any thought to how you'd convince them it's you if you did go through with calling them? Asking them directly seems like one of the best ways to find out to me.
Also, I'd leave the worrying about Diana's family to her motherly and wifely instincts. Those probably have every concern we could have for them covered. Reasonable, or unreasonable."


>Be Anon.
>Twilight's having a bit more trouble with the pathway up than you did, but you're glad you're not on the ground.
>"Ha… so, what's this 'Drowsy' you were talking about?"
"It's a Pokémon. Spelled dee, are, oh, douvel-you, zed, ee, ee."
>"What's a Pokémon?"
"It's this game, you capture little creatures in balls and make them fight each other for money."
>"I get the feeling Fluttershy wouldn't be a big fan of it, huh?"
>She chuckles.
"Hard to say, the presentation of the concept isn't grim. In fact, it's popular among kids."
>"I don't know Anon, I grew up around some pretty weird kids."
"Well, I mean… the kids I'm talking about generally aren't all that out of the ordinary, and a lot of it is brightly colored and fairly lighthearted. The villains are all sort of comical representations of cults and crime syndicates, your rivals start out as assholes in earlier gens but then get a bit nicer before they just become overly chipper people who you beat the shit out of every once in a while…"
>"Is this some sort of tabletop game?"
"Oh right, video games never got beyond the arcade in your world. Well, on Earth we've advanced the things significantly, even managed to develop software that renders in a psuedo three-dimensional format…"
>"Hold that thought, this the skeleton you were talking about?"
>Twilight is sweating through her coat, probably more out of anxiety than physical exertion.
"Yeah, it is."
>"Definitely a pony, hm. And where did you last see the goat?"
"Over there."
>You point with your hoof and then realize that she can't see because you're still on her back.
"Uh, can I get off the Twilight express?"
>You think that was supposed to be doors opening or a braking mechanism?
>You gently slide to the ground as she sits.
"Over… there."
>She takes a piece of chalk out of her saddlebags and marks the direction on the rock, as well as a few other directional markers that don't make a lot of sense to you.
>"Now about that pony."
>The deceased's medical bag is removed from your own back and the contents carefully removed.
"You haven't looked through this bag yet?"
>"I have, but I want to be sure I didn't miss anything now that we're here."
>You hadn't given the bottle a careful look, but you notice a bit of scrawl on it in an indiscernible language.
"What does that mean?"
>"What does what mean?"
"That text written on the broken bottle."
>"Strange, I don't see anything."
"You're pulling my leg."
>"Which one?"
>She tugs on your back left leg and you let out a slight 'eep' despite yourself.
"S-stop that! Now I know you're messing with me."
>"I swear on Celestia I'm not."
>She taps you on the nose.
"Okay, assuming that you can't see the text and I can't understand it, what do you propose we do? It might be important to finding out what happened here."
>"Write it on the rock, there's a flat-ish area over here."
>You take the bitter chalk in your mouth and carefully go about the process of copying the text.
"There, that look any good?"
>The ground rumbles beneath your feet.
>Twilight grabs you and pulls you close, a purple aura surrounding the two of you.
"I don't think that was normal writing…"
>"I doubt it."
>A pillar rises in front of you.
>Stone gives way to metal.
>Before you is an elevator.


Going down!


Any writefigs or drawfigs who would be up for drawing/writing something involving one filly angrily raving about another filly's lifestyle? Or Twilight if that fits better. Let's just say it was inspired by real events.

Also if it included a cat with hair longer than its legs, that would be fuckin' golden.


Something happen at home? Lemme guess, mom screamed at you?


Actually I live cities away from family. My housemate fiddled with my internet, moved the couch to fill the kitchen's floorspace, and moved his TV closer to my other housemate's room so he could blare the TV as white noise as he passes out on the couch. The screaming filly would be me.


File: 1560926822792-0.png (94.13 KB, 1194x668, large.png)

You're snuggling with your momfu on the couch when all of a sudden she blurts this out. What do?


>Be Twilight
>You entrusted Anonymous with a simple task not too long ago, one of many that you've given her throughout her time living with you
>This task was to take Opal to the groomer for Rarity while she and Fluttershy were out of town on map business
>However, despite it now being roughly two weeks into this trip of theirs with no end in sight yet, Anonymous has yet to do anything about it
>You've reminded her, first once every couple days, then every day, and now multiple times a day
>The poor cat now looks more like a living mass of hair than it does a cat!
>However, the final straw on this issue when you see Opal trip over her own belly fur while climbing the stairs
>Teaching Anon responsibility isn't worth potentially letting your friend's beloved pet injure itself
>You catch the cat-sized ball of lint mid-fall with your magic before levitating it up to you
>After that, it's a simple teleport to the pet salon and back to fix the problem
>However, even that small amount of time has let your pent up frustration reach critical mass
>Instead of teleporting back to your desk and the artificing project you were working on, you appear in front of the wonderous green filly who apparently has her hooves painted on
>Said filly currently has her face buried in a comic book with her plot buried in a chair in her room, not unlike most other times you've checked on her
>"Oh, hey Twilight. What's up?"
"Not much, I just took Opal to the groomer after seeing her trip over her fur on the stairs."
>"Oh dang, that sucks. Didn't you tell me to do that, though?"
"I did. I did tell you, and I've kept count of how many times I've told you and how many days you've gone without doing it. Would you like to know how many?"
>As you say all this, you begin inching your face closer and closer to hers without dropping your false cheery expression
>Judging by her own reaction, this seems to have had the desired effect
>"H… H-how many?"
"Thirty-seven times over the course of fifteen days."
>You hold your glare on the squirming mound of guilt and sloth beneath you as you continue on
"And this isn't the first time this has happened, either. No, that would be too nice; too good for me. No, this is the whopping 100th time you've neglected to do something since you first showed up on my doorstep when you got here six months ago. I don't tell you to do much, in fact by my own math, I've only given you one real task a day to do AT MOST yet you still don't do it. You say that you used to be an adult, but I don't see that. All I see is a spoiled child that somehow got past puberty before regressing back to an infantile state as soon as they were given the chance. You want me to treat you like a child? I'll treat you like a child, but it'll be a lot worse than the life you're living now. You want to keep your autonomy? You want me to think of you as an adult?"
>You drop the expression within an instant to reveal your true feelings
>You turn to walk out her bedroom door, not bothering to glance back as you deliver the last piece of your ultimatum to the room's current occupant
"You have until Opal comes back from the groomer to think about your choice and remedy your actions, I suggest you do that."
>Without another glance or word, you leave and close the door behind you

Sorry for forgetting you cunts, it's been a wild while for me between realizing that I'm a lazy cunt in more than just writing for you all. I'm working on fixing that, but old habits die hard and this habit is almost as old as I am. I'm working on getting back to my old story and have a new one queued up for when I finish that, so I hope that this'll give me the kick in the pants I need to get back to giving you all the mediocre content you don't really think about but shows up anyway.


probably wonder what she meant by this
I seriously don't get it, can someone spoonfeed me the meaning?


Thanks Placefilly. Very satisfying rant. I'd shave her coat next time filly gets lazy.


Loli buttholes make Twilight think of fucking shota boys' backdoors.


File: 1560932788550.png (159.3 KB, 910x877, Blossomforth-Filly.png)


Just what you need, more people worrying about their families. You breathe a sigh in irritation and look over to your host, whose name you have still yet to learn. Despite the shock of turning into a pony, he's been pretty diligent in trying to do his job as a journalist. The emphasis is on trying, however, as he has discovered that it is incredibly difficult to take notes with his mouth.

"Hi, mister…" you say to him, motioning with your hooves in hopes for a response.

"Just call me Alex. Say, do you know the trick to writing in this form? This is incredibly difficult."

You shrug. "It is. You'll get used to it over time. Ponies in Equestria mostly use their mouth. Anyways, I was going to ask, do you have a phone?"

"Oh, yeah. It's a flip-phone though. I've been trying to curb my Internet addiction. Sorry to disappoint if you were trying to Google something."

"Actually, I was hoping to get these two to get a chance to talk to their family, so they don't start having panic attacks." You gesture over to Twilight and Blossom, though Twilight simply shakes her head at the offer, adding, "I've thought about it, and I don't think a phone it the best way to break it to them. I'm pretty sure they're safe right now though."

Blossom, however, does not seem to have the same opinion. As soon as Alex pulls out his phone, she eagerly reaches over to grab it. Once it is in her hooves, however, she hesitates a little before dialing each of the numbers slowly. She hesitates again for much longer before eventually pressing the call button.

"…Mom? It's Hannah. I know I don't sound like her, but… okay, remember that time I got in trouble in church for putting chocolate coins in the collection plate? Well I'm guessing God must be pissed, because I'm- oh, sorry mom, can't use his name in vain. Anyways, I'm… you know what, why don't you turn on the news? What? Oh, I'm fine… sort of. I'm not in any trouble, I'm just not… me anymore."

She looks like she's about to cry.


File: 1560933937286.png (359.64 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1560895358321.png)

Upsies and snuggles for babby


Cutie cutes. Assfaggot is correct
I'd like to snuggle in the snuggle blanket


Absolutely adorable. Filly and Babby spending some quality time together
I-I'd like to be the Babby


Thanks fag,
I wanna snuggle too…

Y-you're absolutely adorable, thanks a lot


File: 1560941803916.png (84.87 KB, 536x623, 1271554.png)

Y-you too


File: 1560943964287.png (277.89 KB, 565x569, Steiner.png)


Reach over and place a hoof on one of Bloosom's forelegs or shoulders, then say towards the phone:"She's in good hands, Mrs.Banana. Don't you worry." After you're done speaking, take your hoof off her and sit back down.


File: 1560953537134.png (2.57 MB, 5208x3882, smolsbday.png)

Wow jack, what a damn babby, look at you!

Oh, and belated Happy spawn day.


First, second and third if all, nou nou nou reeereeereeeree

Fourth of all its not me atleast since im a hornicorn

Fifth thanks for contenting contentfag

Sixth unkill yourself fagort

And finally the person reading this is adorable and the person below this is qtqtqtqtqt


2qt, frecklefilly!


Give the poor Blossom filly a hug, she deserves it.


File: 1560987049385.png (2.63 MB, 5208x3882, smolsbdayfeck.png)

First, second and third of all, I'm going to shove a fucking pacifier if you don't stop "nou"-ing and screeching, so it wouldn't destroy your throat.

Fourth, oh yeah forgot about your dick, feck, but ficksed.

Fifth, after these thing I won't anymore.

Sixth, I already did unkill, just find me ^;)

And finally, if you're reading this, you're a big babby, and I'm not adorable, nor qt because I'm some posts away, and I'm adorkable you twat.


It's Scotch, Scotch is a filly babby, the most babbiest of them all!


>Be Occult's soul fragment #2
>My piss is glowing green. Glowing Green! Like the cartoonish toxic waste. Is it radioactive?
Yeah… about that. You know that bitter chewy ass leaf we ate?
>How messed up are we?
Nothing is failing yet. Not sure about magical symptoms.
>Just great.
Hey if we fill a bottle with this we have an inexpensive lamp…
>We have a white cape. I'm planning on keeping it pure since that's the only thing between us, and them.
>So where in this winter wonderland are we headed?
That old torn map had some ruins with foliage. Roughly another day of walking.
>Just great. We'll run out of water.

>Four days.

It was close by at least?
>We circled the place three times. The only reason why we aren't dead is that pony bodies are hardy. So da-
At least we found out that it actually is a garden with shelter from the cold?
>-ugh like a coffin nail.
>I suppose. If we find out that this is infested with caribou we…
Have to recover at least a little bit first.
>Yeah. Spite, fear, and anger, can only carry us so far.
Rest in peace unknown grey stallion with the squiggly lines for a cutie mark, and red streak.
>Rest in peace. You have done so much for us without even knowing you.
Let's get a move on.
>Dark stone, but it could possibly be concrete. Vines, and vegetation cover and stick to the stone.
>It's crumbling, but the shear ancientness, and conviction of the ruin can be felt.
I don't think we should enter the ruin.
>What's wrong?
All the minor details add up. The barrier was not keeping us out. I think it was to keep something in.
>We should leave.
>Walking to the edge we try to push through.
>It works. We're out of there.
Didn't think it would be that easy.
>Damn it's cold. Hey, do you also hear that?
>"At last we have found the lands the shaman foretold!"
Not enough time to hide.
>If we go in who knows what we might unleash.
If we stay out here we will be filled with cocks and we ain't a faggot.
Then they will drag us in anyway.
>I'd rather not be dicked.
>To possibly a very horrible end!
First let's wrap our hooves in some of those leaves we want to not make clopping sounds.

>The ruins run deep into the earth. Wide stairs cut to a square edge, solidly made with the dark stone. The seems filled with a fungi, or a plant shares an eerie light.

We could drive four large cars down here comfortably.
>No where to hide.
Deeper, and deeper.

>It's a fucking dead end. The stairs just stop.

Oh shit. Try poking it? Might be an illusion.
>Thanks goodness.
>We continue our walk down the stairs.
If we had a slinky that would be great to try.

>How long is this damned thing?

Who knows. We can hear them clopping down. In both senses of the word.
>Getting closer?
Farther away we are out pacing them. For now.
>I'm shaking, and we are on our last legs.
Ever more downward. Strange it isn't getting more humid, or musty.

>Fuck this.

Eh, as a pony we have walked more than we have as a human over such a short time frame.
You caught me. I'm trying to not panic as the caribou get ever closer.

Then I said 'I'm a doctor!'
That's how we lost his certificate of being a doctorate in English.
It's also the reason why we have a neat figurine in our memory.
We should also hurry up more.


>At little landing with two identical doors. To the left, and to the right.
Is that really a wall?
>Proding it with my hoof nothing gives.
>It is.
Let's go to the right.
>Wow I regret everything.
Can't blame you.
>Living females, and males connected to each other stuck to the utterly massive wall. A twisted mosaic depicting the same wall. It's recursive. Mares, Diamond dogs, Griffons, Dragons, Hydras, Manticores, and more.
>I can't see the ceiling.
Check the floor.
>Clear glass, or a crystal seperates us from another work. No where to hide.
Everything is silent.
>Let's see the other door.
>Moving out of that room there is the unopened door.
Oh dear god.
>A processing facility. Magic replacing technology, and something else we can't quite comprehend. Moving the creatures, the people around, doing who knows what to them.
>Their eyes are unfocused. Small markings on them like in the 'art' room.
If we head in there good chance will be part of that assembly line. Other choice.
>Closing the door to that factory. Then moving to the 'art' room, and closing that door. We trot away.
Further, and further.

>I can't.

Just a little longer there is a door right there.
>Just a little longer. I-I- I can do it.
>It's just a door, and a door frame in the middle of the room that is just a normal door. It's useless.
Try it a different way?
>Walking around going through. Nothing at all.
>Let's keep moving forward then.

It isn't fucking ending. We are about to drop dead asleep.
>Slumping, not able to hold myself up I lay down. Vision blurring.
>My head reaches the floor, and I am out.


why am i hard
i deserve to be executed


No you wont, thats really gay

Im not a babby, I've drawn it for fags like (you)


File: 1561015358074.png (1.1 MB, 904x1024, FORTNITE_BED.png)

You're playing on your Joyboy (sounds like a weird vibrator but whatever, still has similar games to your old GBA.) when your filly friend walks in.
"Hey mate, what's up?"
>"Dude, you've gotta check this shit out!"
"Fuck off man, if I die here I'll use up my last continue."
>"Just pause the fucker."
"Oh, huh. Yeah, okay."
>You press the start button and get off the bed, joining your friend out in the castle hallway.
"So, what's this big thing?"
>"Some extra autistic filly used all her GFP to get Twiggy to commission a fucking bed for her from Rarity."
"So what? Sounds reasonable, these things are hit or miss with how comfortable they are."
>"No, you don't get it man. The bed is Fortnite themed."
"You're fucking shitting me."
>"I'm not! The pillow says Fortnite, and there are a bunch of fucking dance emotes all over it. Just got delivered, to my knowledge I'm the only one who saw it being assembled too."
"You know who the madlad is?"
>"Scotch is the only one here that plays Fortnite."
>You get an evil grin on your face, and your friend notices.
>"Alright, just what are you planning?"
"Scotch is out of town tonight for a regional spelling bee along with Lone, and most importantly Twilight. We're going to fuck on that bed tonight, my friend."
>"What?! Are you crazy? Ponies will find out."
"Yeah, duh. That's the intention. We'll become legendary as the two fillies that fucked on the Fortnite bed, and the best part…"
>You lean in close.
"Nobody will know our names. Anonymous streetcred, just like the good old days."
>"Yeah, but don't you think she'll at least have someone guarding it?"
"Yeah, and I know who. Come on, we're going to the liquor store."
>"I can't fucking believe she bought your fake ID and that stupid fucking trenchcoat."
"Yeah, neither can I, but we've got it."
>You pull the vodka out of the brown paper bag and quickly conceal it once again as you see another filly walking by.
>"Yeah, careful with that shit."
>The two of you wait until night to execute the next step of your EPIC plan.
>Silently sneaking, you both make your way to Scotch's vacant room.
>Just as you suspected, a filly sits in front of the door, clearly bored and reading out of a thick tome.
>'Daring Do and the Tentacle Monster.'
>You hear her muttering various expletives about how there aren't any illustrations.
>"Huh? Yeah, what's going on mate?"
"I've got a drink you might like in this brown paper bag here."
>"…How the hell did you get Twilight to lactate? I've been trying to find that out for months now."
"What? No. It's booze, and it's all yours if you let us through that door."
>She starts to visibly salivate.
>"But if I'm drunk tomorrow Twilight will figure something is up."
"Just act like you're sick."
>"No way that'll work."
"You want the booze?"
"Then let us through."
>"Fucking… fine."
>She steps aside, snatching the brown paper bag and heading off somewhere else.
>You open the door and give a glamorous gesture towards the bed.
"It's time to game."
>Your friend timidly approaches you and climbs up on the bed.
>"Y-you bottoming?"
"Who suggested this plan OFCOURSEI'MNOTBOTTOMING!"
>You look at your friend like a lion looks at a juicy length of giraffe hide.
"Holy shit…"
>Your fluids coat the newly christened bed.
"Now let's get the fuck out of-"
>Twilight opens the door, looking completely frazzled.
>ASSFAGGOT stands behind her, smugly holding up a hoof-written coupon for 700 GFP.
>You and your friend look each other in the eyes.
>"What in Tartarus… time out room, both of you!"
>You shamefully walk to the designated room for bad fillies, filly cum dripping from your snatch.
>You'll be a laughingstock by tomorrow.
>As you walk by ASS, she holds up the still-full brown paper bag.
>"The house always wins."


Fortnite… bed? Sounds… uh
Sounds E P I C


>fucking in the fortnite bed
>not burning it
found the underageb&


Because you like diapers, and you jack into them, ya fucken' bastard.
Oh? Me? A Babby? Suure, look closely at some of what you've drawn they have freckles, you have freckles, it's you! Ya silly bab! An when the fucc did a diaper change became gay? Wow.


Where you at, Reuben?


Taking cocks up the ass.


just so i can get two fags to shut the fuck up, what's the established canon for fillification?


There is none. Now fuck off back to Discord.


File: 1561055641281.jpg (23.64 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No idea if there is one, and don't see much of a point in establishing one, since it'd hinder creativity, and end in fags arguing until it's overturned and/or changed. The loose idea is similar to anon in Equestria. Could be that an anon was brought to Equestria someway somehow, and then turned into a filly, or was turned into a filly by someone. Could be an anon was a filly upon arrival in Equestria. Really it can be anything you want. Because it's pure fiction


File: 1561055826249.jpg (36.64 KB, 336x310, IMG_3474.JPG)

>That spoiler


It's gonna be okay


File: 1561056835629-0.jpg (40.92 KB, 378x663, 1560447122290.jpg)

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