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File: 1557894609572.png (2.95 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (307).png)

72841 No.221881

c46f7 No.221884

So many choices, so few slots.

At least I can take solace in knowing that any players who don't make it aren't lost forever. They can be brought back for future /pol/eagues.

c46f7 No.221886

Also, can I ask why there's no section for voting on bronze players? Is it just Golds and Silvers this time around?

72841 No.221887

File: 1557895562080.gif (165.1 KB, 402x402, 1110986264198.gif)

Also on a side note, remember that GKs cannot be medals, so if you wish to see a player say Clippity Cloppity become a medal then that means she won't be a keeper any longer.

Other then that be sure the vote and talk about other things such as music and the like in the thread. In general if you want to help out my discord is on the wiki https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//mlpol/ so feel free to message me. Also feel free to edit the wiki or recommend edits so we can have it finished up before the next /pol/eague.

72841 No.221889

File: 1557895787026.gif (580.26 KB, 197x196, 1520193823925.gif)

Yep, we're moving back to 2 golds and 2 silvers so bronze is out this time around.

d3343 No.221891

Change my Cloppity silver to Fireaxe.

c46f7 No.221901

Good to know, thanks.

Got a description for Remove Reddit, if you're interested. Like the others I've typed out, it definitely needs some work, so feel free to add or remove sections as you see fit:

From the days of #GamerGate to the 2016 election, /pol/'s influence and memetic magic has allowed the board to change the course of human history and alter the very timeline we reside in for the better. But it has not come without its costs, for the exposure of /pol/ to the wider Internet brought it into contact with the most malignant of cancers: Reddit. Ever since discovering /pol/, they have infected and spread throughout the entirety of the board. Their homeland's hugbox of likes and dislikes meant that they had been programmed to ignore proper constructive discussions and favor (You)-baiting to maximize their dopamine intake. Their ignorance of and outright hostility towards the positions of the native /pol/acks caused them to attack the very inhabitants of the board they moved to, leading to the ruination of formerly high-quality generals like 4/sg/. The heavily conservative, pro-Israel Boomers of r/the_Donald and the blind "classical liberal" followers of Sargoy of Cuckad flooded in in such large quantities that there was no hope of ever integrating them into the board culture. It was /pol/'s very own migrant crisis.

But on that fateful day of April 1, 2010 + 7, when /mlp/ and /pol/ were first merged, the Redditors were buried underneath a mountain of pony porn as the nor/mlp/eople indulged in the freedom given to them by their new red-board status. All of the (You)s they had once hoarded and shilled for were stolen by people reacting to the glorious flood of porn. Unable to come to terms with the superiority of horsepussy, and with all of their (You)s gone, they fled from the site with haste, and /pol/ was once again liberated, if only for a brief, wonderous moment.

To this day, we have not forgotten the lessons learned from the years suffering from the Redditor cancer: do not trust Reddit. They are not your friend, they are not your ally. They do not discuss, they do not integrate. They are a malignant growth on the Internet that will spread and kill off their host at a moments notice. When the Day of the Rope comes, you can be certain Reddit will be on the list.

72841 No.221902

File: 1557904287750.png (356.41 KB, 3000x3000, 1506549362289.png)

Thanks for your contribution just added it to the wiki.

2916e No.221967

Gee, there are a lot of good choices here.

d2c74 No.221970

It took a lot of thought, but I voted well. God, I wish this game had more players on the pitch at once.

c46f7 No.222097

>/balk/ made Ottoman Roach into a Silver SS
I'm not sure if this is the greatest idea they've ever had or the worst idea they've ever had.

Also, suggestion for description for Burn Juice: "I didn't you could burn (((juice)))."

d2c74 No.222276

I want to make a meme but I can't think of anything

a87e8 No.222277


Silver Spoon in an SS outfit

a87e8 No.222278

File: 1558131730986-0.jpg (7.98 KB, 236x250, 6191504bca1d2f32a034d487f0….jpg)

File: 1558131730986-1.jpg (9.94 KB, 295x171, serveimage (3).jpg)

File: 1558131730986-2.jpg (28.22 KB, 765x474, serveimage (2).jpg)

i would really want to choke in ss winking pony pussy

28b5f No.222289

How About Silver StarApple in a SS Uniform?

d2c74 No.222311

no please don't
This would be so much funnier

aa9d4 No.222375

File: 1558160616681.jpg (280.04 KB, 695x900, 456.jpg)

ed806 No.222403

fuck off you honeypot bastard. I'm not going to give my email address to someone claiming to be from meta chan on meta meta chan. dick.

7e1a5 No.222529

File: 1558251321454.jpeg (612.55 KB, 1400x878, 1630904.jpeg)

Question, isnt clippity cloppity and Anonfilly tecnically the same player? Why have both in there at once?

Also imo we need more humans to relate the /pol/ side of the board, even with the political themes going for everyone if we have 70% horses then we re just mulp-lite
Sure, mlpol itself is "horse politics", but i think it would be nice to mix more humans into the team, make it more equilibrated in its player representation, surely comrade Glimmer would approve of this too

Ps. Image unrelated

Look man, I know you probably dont trust these kind of sites, but until something better comes up its the best we got.
Mulp also uses this model for the board to decide about the team players and its fairly good against rigging so…

72841 No.222531

File: 1558255160102.png (882.8 KB, 1457x1186, 1496348626622.png)


>Question, isnt clippity cloppity and Anonfilly tecnically the same player
Technically, yes, there are a lot of reasons why its allowed. It amounts to the event of anonfilly moving over making it more relevant then not. So even if I agree with you in that I'd like to see one anonfilly rep I'm not going to take a double off the team unless anons vote her out. So till then she'll just be a non-green filly.

c1c69 No.222533

Oh Fug, more work incoming. Might have to use the basic sfm models untill we can get something better

47321 No.222540

File: 1558276247244-0.jpg (81 KB, 259x383, Homer profound disgust.jpg)

File: 1558276247245-1.png (70.03 KB, 967x447, ClipboardImage.png)

I just read on https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//pol/eague_4
that someone invited /leftypol/

this is a joke, right?

c46f7 No.222553

Damn. Hope this won't cause any problems.
I always figured it was because Clippity Cloppity isn't technically an Anonfilly meme; that rather it's just a ponification of the Don't Tread on Me flag.

Oh, it's legit. It was mentioned at the end of the last /pol/eague, though I'm not sure if they were going to do it anyways or if it is just because we won. God help the team that loses to them.

268ed No.222573

File: 1558298087035.jpg (46.44 KB, 340x565, ___.jpg)

That's the Big Gay

d2c74 No.222576

What if we pre-emptively disqualified leftypol as revenge for all the things they've taken away from us?
Or better yet, so nobody can say we aren't making things fair for them…
If leftypol lose, they can't play here again. If they lose, they are banned.

3f331 No.222582

This post gave me cancer

edd49 No.222596

While I dislike Leftypol, I'm not for doing gay ops to get them removed.

I'd say let them play, it's better to let stupid ideas stay in the light to be laughed at, then hidden and fester. Heck maybe all the other teams can bond over the collective joking aimed at leftypol, leading to friendship between them

c46f7 No.222597

>for all the things they've taken away from us
I'm having a hard time finding a single think they've "taken away from us". Anyways, come on, Nigel. It's virtual divegrass. For as serious a business as it is, it isn't THAT serious. We're here just to have some fun with friends and meme on the whole 4CC by being a dominant force of football and Football using the power of Horsepussy and Our Lord and Savior John Elway.

c46f7 No.222601

Speaking of being a dominant force, how have the tictacs been coming along? Just because we won last year doesn't mean we can get lazy and complacent. We should try our damnedest to avoid the curse that's taken both /sg/ and /ptg/.

d2c74 No.222603

Good point. Sorry lads, I lost my shit for a second there.

72841 No.222895

Reminder today is the last day to vote.

c46f7 No.222927

I wonder who will make it this year and who will be put on the back burner. We're going to have a large repertoire of players we can bring back for future /pol/eagues and other cups, I feel. Also hope aesthetics are doing alright. I wonder what their ambitions are being used for.

d3343 No.222930

I am looking forward to seeing what the results are. Always exciting.

72841 No.222989

File: 1558592155694-0.png (353 KB, 600x451, 1511842281101.png)

File: 1558592155694-1.png (36.01 KB, 722x811, poll.png)

File: 1558592155694-2.png (35.05 KB, 770x830, gold_poll.png)

File: 1558592155694-3.png (35.27 KB, 770x830, silver_poll.png)

Well polls closed, we had a tie between burn juice and clopped for the last one to make it in. So I put it up to another vote for the anons inside /mlpol/. Burned juice just won so clopped will be sitting out this cup as well. The two players with their names blank *because they are too long) are what the fuck I like horses now, and friendship in the water turning the changelings gay.

Medals are Gold Aryanne (no surprise really) and due to Elway getting more votes for silver he will come in as a silver medal. This means Leslie will be a Gold. Lastly Syriana will be a silver again. To keep Fireaxe in a special place she will be our second keeper and keep us safe against any dangerous shots on goal.

Thats about it from now, we'll be using you all in about a month so mark your calendar for June 21–23, 28–30 when we will tentatively be having the 4th iteration of the /pol/eague.

4a5b8 No.223542

File: 1559045906444.png (388.84 KB, 1684x2165, 1558327695297.png)

the Jew who is organizing this shit wanted this

1d885 No.223547

File: 1559055942238.jpg (6.4 KB, 200x180, 1234567686767.jpg)

>no /sng/
>no /sg/
>no /lrg/
>ironic faggy maymays of yang in
Well at least /tcr/ is in and /auspol/ has returned.

82475 No.223548

File: 1559057676178.jpg (15.56 KB, 255x255, 58-wtf_is_this_shit.jpg)

>/auspol/ has returned
On autopilot only

c46f7 No.223551

Fun fact: if there was one more new team on the pitch, there would be 20 teams exactly in the /pol/eague lineup.

8f61d No.223574

Yang memes is the new "Pretending to be retarded"
Can anyone make any defenses for Yang "No gun rights for you, I'm owned by the Jew" Yang that isn't just
>hurr durr let me suck his cock ironically for teh funniez!

1fe97 No.223578

Ideally /britpol/, /sg/, /lrg/, and /ptg/ will join in as well.

1d885 No.223587

>Yang memes is the new "Pretending to be retarded"
I thought posting on 4/pol/ these days generally is.

c46f7 No.223641

I kek'd, but goddamn does that feel hurt…

c46f7 No.224562

/ptg/ finally signed up. I'm hoping we get a /ptg/ /pay/ rivalry after this /pol/eague.

1ad6f No.224569

File: 1559765044036.png (58.36 KB, 1010x702, unknown.png)

This aint good

0441e No.224572

File: 1559768275945.png (96.79 KB, 1024x749, On-glas-of-bepis-pls-ddd-_….png)

c46f7 No.224574

I was wondering if this would ever happen. I hope somebody has all of the videos backed up somewhere.

b41cd No.224640

Jesus. If you know a channel is about to be shoah’d then either download the videos yourself with yt-downloader or ask for an archivefag like myself to do it, or all those memes will be lost, like tears in rain.

ea6b2 No.224702

Yt-Downloader is kill

d3343 No.224728

I've had great success using (as long as I keep it up to date)

ea6b2 No.224875

Thanks norway.

3b4bd No.225184

File: 1560142094686.png (32.13 KB, 521x125, format.png)

/pol/eague 4 locked in, less than 2 weeks away

c46f7 No.225214

I'm already hyp. Win or lose, this is going to be a fun cup. I wonder if /polder/ will break their 0% win rate.

52d81 No.225310

/sg/ here, who should I be wanting to win?

c46f7 No.225315

I suppose that's up to you, but I feel like there's a strong-enough camaraderie between /mlpol/ and /sg/ to root for both. Especially if there's a situation where both could end up in the finals.

32ffe No.225385

It depends on what the result of the draw round is. Aside from /mlpol/ and /sg/ in that order I'll be rooting for whoever is playing against reddit, /leftypol/, yang-gang, and /tcr/ just for spite.

c46f7 No.225965

With it being less than a week away, I've been thinking of more descriptions for our roster players. Think I've got one for Syriana, now.

>Syriana is a nation pony, one of the many pony OCs who represent the various nations of the world, and serves as further proof that there truly is a pony of everything. Specifically, she represents Syria underneath Bashar al-Assad, the un-Mossaded one and rightful President of Syria. After the establishment of the /sg/ bunker on /mlpol/, she was quickly accepted by the new posters as a mascot for the General where she has found love as a humble merchant of barrels and drinker of Moderated Rebel Tears. She is a cute (and occasionally lewd) mare and a perfect representative for /mlpol/ on the athletic stage, and with her aid our team is certain to make MAD GAINZ on the field of virtual divegrass. Barrel bombs, anypony?

6461f No.225985

Added, TY.
The remaining starting players who need bios is down to:
(((Griffons))), Moonmare, Reichs Alicorn, Dixie Jack, and Honk Ponk.
For the non-starters, there's WOW! Communism, Friendship in the Water is Turning the Freakin' Changelings GAY!, Horsepill, WTF I like horses now, and Windmill of Friendship

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