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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bff9CRn8VVwgpxT6sU6cottQsQ3svXGI
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>216907


I wish to be the pee that goes into the filly's mouth.


I wish to be the filly that is in charge of pee production


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Benis :DDDDD

I wonder why we haven't had a Gondola Filly before now…


File: 1556642736375.jpg (48.19 KB, 378x663, IMG_3469.JPG)

Because you touch yourself at night.


Feels good man.


>Filly in charge of the Kirin Brewery


WHICH WONE of YOUU fucking reeetards spammin' DERBYBOORU?! XD XDDD


File: 1556664727755.jpg (89.92 KB, 863x926, milky_way_by_clumsymetrono….jpg)

Hi Anon! My name is Milky Way, and I'm going to be your wet nurse!


I chuckled.


File: 1556668066010.gif (991.81 KB, 250x250, sensible_chuckle.gif)


File: 1556669535254.jpg (43.23 KB, 383x352, IMG_3121.JPG)

>Wet nurses are employed if the mother dies, or if she is unable or elects not to nurse the child herself.
I-I just want mamma suckles…


File: 1556670011927-0.jpeg (795.67 KB, 2000x2000, 719530a8-2de4-4cef-ac2a-3….jpeg)

Anon, I'm going to ask you something very uncomfortable and mildly suggestive!


We all do, filly….we all do.


>implying the wet nurse won't become your mother figure

Crisis averted


You better not you purple bitch


File: 1556678304491-0.jpg (19.54 KB, 466x466, 41+rJdEOtqL._SX466_.jpg)

I'll do it you little green cunt, don't think I won't


File: 1556680159938.mp3 (4.25 MB, 2. Things to do.mp3)

Might as well post some music since I've been making sparing use of the file attachments lately. Also a good game if you haven't played it, not to shill.
>Be Anon.
>You're still very much in the middle of the goddamn woods.
>You feel a splitting headache as you try to get up and groan.
>You're nowhere near where you fell asleep, no thorns in sight.
>Great, just fucking excellent…
>Well, your best bet now is to get to high ground if you can find it.
>Looking up into the air, you scan the surrounding area for any nearby hills or mountains.
>You start off in that direction, humming little tunes to yourself.
>You can't really remember if they're made up or just something you heard forever ago on the radio, and you doubt you'll have the chance to find out again…
>You could just leave now, if you wanted to.
>Well, if you didn't feel like you still owed Twilight something…
>After she broke your ribs, your spirit and stabbed you with a fork?
>You're not exactly sure.
>She does give good snuggles…
>You sigh and continue to plod your way to the hill.
>You couldn't ever leave.
>Not now at least…
>No time to sulk now, you've got a mountain to get to.
>Time goes by in a sort of haze as you walk through the well-lit forest.
>What time was it when you left?
>Doesn't matter.
>You look up every once in a while to check your progress and make sure you aren't getting lost, but other than that you just sort of zone out.
>You remember your favorite practices when you were walking as a little kid.
>Making up little songs and counting steps.
>God you're such a fucking autist…
>Nobody to judge you on that out here.
"Sixteen counts inside my mind again. She'll always be fat, she'll never be thin. And if you're wondering about the where and the then, I have to confess I don't know it begins. You come home every day to absolutely nothing. Your seedlings are dead, and your dishes need rubbing. You can't find your way no matter how hard you try, you don't wanna live, you just wanna die."
>It's… a start.
"Fifteen counts inside my mind again. A sweet little girl by the name of Gwen. Left to die on the side of the road, the rain soaking into her blood-stained clothes. She keeps it up for as long as she can, her ears echoing the sounds of the greasy white van. She claws out for mercy but only touches rubber, it's good enough for now but she never quite recovers."
>You think you'll stop singing now.
>You come across a clearing in a few more minutes.
>You're rather hungry, so you decide to bite the bullet and see if your digestive system models that of a real horse.
>Leaning down, you take a mouthful of grass and chew it carefully.
>Tastes like lettuce, not exactly great but bearable.
>You'd need to eat a lot of this to be full.
>And well, you do want to be full.
>It's about three hours when you next start your journey again by your estimations.
>The sun is up at about noon now.
>Based Celestia.
>You reach down to your barrel to fiddle with some of the vials Zecora gave you only to find that there are none.
>Dirty fucking bastards robbed your sleeping body.
>You run through your entire list of expletives, both pony and human before you finally stop.
>You're at the base of the mountain.
"Halfway there…"
>You tentatively put up a hoof and begin to climb.
>Either you starve to death out here, or you risk it on this mountain.
>Well, considering grass sucks you'll probably starve yourself to death.
>In any case, you want to go home.
>You nearly slip and lose your hold on the rocks a few times, but years of living in a mountainous area back when you were human certainly paid off.


File: 1556680338984.mp3 (4.15 MB, Mike O.K. - STARWHAL- The ….mp3)

>This would be the lookout if you were back home, you suppose.
>Beautiful trees in every cardinal direction, cool breeze in your hair…
>And far off in the distance, a small pillar of smoke.
>You see no sign of Ponyville, so that's your best bet.
>Well, your best bet right after you take a short nap…
>You sleep dreamlessly.
>No visits from gods that want to bring you eternal pain.
>Nothing from Sweetie.
>No horrible fucking nightmares about Twilight disemboweling you, just…
>Calm sleep.
>You wake up feeling refreshed to a very curious looking goat standing over you.
"Oh. Hey, you have no idea how much I've wanted to see another quadru-"
>It just bleats and walks off.
>Funny, you would've expected it to be capable of speech given this crazy fucked world.
>No time to waste thinking about that though, you've got a smokestack to catch.
>Why are you in such a hurry?
>You opt to take a good look around the peak instead.
>Something… went very wrong here.
>Scattered just beyond where your eyes were able to see, a once grisly sight awaits.
>A skeletal pony clutches a spear, the tip of it lodged deep into the eye socket of its skull.
>A bowl rests nearby, clearly stained with what is possibly decades old blood at this point.
>Fucker probably went crazy living up here and seppeku'd.
>Damn shame.
>As you lean in close to examine the bowl, you yelp.
>The spear flies out of the pony's eye socket and lands harmlessly on your back.
>Fucking hell, that could've been awful.
>You try to shake it off, but it's stuck.
>Must be your magnetic spine implan-
>A literal lightbulb appears over your head.
>Cartoon physics…
>Looking around, you catch a glimpse of a medical bag.
>Please please please please please please…
>You open it up, all ten of your former fingers crossed in spirit.
>Sitting inside is a single broken bottle that once contained a medicinal potion and a single hypodermic needle.
>You pick up the bag, placing the bowl carefully inside too.
>You can't mess any of this up…
>You drag the skull of the dead pony over to the exact direction where you can still see smoke billowing out of the stack.
>There's a flat area on the mountain, and you roll it down.
>It comes to a rest undamaged in a bit of tall grass.
>Trotting back over to the spear, you use a particularly pointy rock to break off the handle and put the head in your bag as well.
>You're not going to lose your way to that smoke.
>Even more exhausted, you reach the base of the mountain.
>Locating the skull, you set out all of your supplies.
>You carefully snap off the needle from the rest of the syringe and set it in the bowl, setting the plunger and measuring capsule back in your bag.
>With very careful maneuvering of the tongue and your little hooves, you finally manage to scrape the magnetic spearhead across the needle a good amount of times.
>The moment of truth…
>You relax your bladder and sigh as you release the full organ into the bowl.
>Well, you have to go off somewhere else to finish up, too much piss for one container.
>Luckily the blood is well and truly dried, you really don't want that mix splashing in your face.
>You set your magnetized needle in your own urine and it immediately swivels around to face you.
>Ah, so that's north.
>Then it would appear based off of Mr. Bones here that you are going…
>What a funny day.
>You are a Cockatrice.
>Your thoughts are not complex, but you do begin to notice some peculiar things if they go on long enough.
>And this is a very peculiar thing.
>A purple mare keeps calling out for her daughter, occasionally lifting up and throwing trees in anger.
>You look over at her and cock your head, curious.
>She gives you a death glare that puts your own to shame.
>"I'll cook you up and turn you into chicken… tendies if you so much as fuck with me right now, birdbrain."
>You don't need to be told twice to go about your business elsewhere.
>Huh, what's this?
>It's a small green pony, all alone.
>Well, beggars can't be choosers.
>As you ready yourself to turn it to stone, the last thing that passes through your mind is a white-hot bolt of energy.
>Be Anon.


File: 1556680502717.mp3 (3.29 MB, Green Meadows.mp3)

Last one is a bit short, it's a shame this game doesn't have a better community.
>You've nearly lost your grip on the piss bowl multiple times, but you've managed to hold onto it with your combined desire of not getting the mess all over your fur and not wanting blood tainted piss in your mouth.
>You have no idea how long Pony-AIDs can survive dormant.
>Your needle still points due North, which is a miracle considering how fast the ones made in your middle school science class failed.
>Maybe pony piss really does have some sort of magical properties to it…
>Maybe you need to try some some time…
>You set down the bowl for a second to look up at the smoke billowing up.
>You're close now, you can feel it.
>No need to lug this thing around anymore, it's served it's purpose.
>However, you would be kind of an ASShole to leave the damn thing out in the open for some poor pony to potentially cut themselves on…
>You pour the whole mess onto a tree and bury the needle itself deep in the ground.
>There, no longer your problem.
>You can smell the emissions now.
>It isn't smoke, it's sugary sweet and it makes your mouth water.
>You take in a deep breath before walking up to…
>You recoil back in shock.
>It's Golden Oak.
>You fall down in awe, just staring at the structure before you.
>The door opens.
>You hear the sound of crackling magic.
>"Who goes there?!"
>You look up to see no other but… Princess Twilight.
>Well, not Princess Twilight…
>Just Twilight.
>Before you know it, you're wrapped in the tightest hug you've ever known.
>"Oh Celestia, I thought I'd never see another pony again…"
"W-what happened to you? Where's the castle? Your wings, P-Ponyville?"
>"I… can explain one of those things. Come inside, I'll make you some chocolate milk. Foals like that, right?"
>Your mouth waters at the mere thought.
>You sit down on the comfortable sofa and simply take it all in.
>It's just as homey as you remember it looking in the show, but on the inside…
>Books are strewn everywhere, the ladder has a few cobwebs hanging off of it.
>Twilight comes back with your milk and sits down across from you.
>"Oh, you're eyeing up my books? I'm sorry everything is such a mess, I didn't honestly think I'd ever have more visitors."
"I-It's alright."
>"Oh, where are my manners, I'm T-"
"Twilight Sparkle."
>She's taken aback a bit.
>"How did you know my name?"
>You twirl your mane a bit with a hoof.
"Well, Twilight, I don't really think I'm supposed to be here."
>Be Anon.
>"What the fuck do you mean you can't remember anything?! How the hell did you get out into the Everfree?"
"I don't know… the last thing I remember was playing Gamma Eques with my friends and-"
>"Bull fucking shit! You never told me about that game."
"I-I told you multiple times Mommy, you were fine with it…"
>"Do I look like I'm fucking fine?!"
>She turns around and you see a look of pure rage in her eyes.
>"You could've gotten yourself killed out there, now we're going to take you right back home and you and League are going to explain exactly what cockamamie plan you were enacting."
>"What is it?"
>You don't like it when she snaps at you…
>You really try…
"Mommy, League is dead. You took me to her funeral."
>She doesn't answer you.
"Y-you said I couldn't see her, the Timberwolves got her…"
>She still isn't saying anything.
>"We'll be home soon kiddo, hang on."
>She breaks into a full gallop, your flanks barely held onto her back by magic.


After having finished reading up to ASSFAGGOT's most recent updates in the main story, I feel like making an alternate ending. Call it a fan work. Choo choo, all aboard the feels traaaain.

>Be the filly

>It's been at least a year since you first started your life in Equestria
>While you've had some fun times, and shared some laughs, you still despise Purple for what she's done to you
>You would elaborate on that, but if you thought about it directly, your neck would probably burn right through from the collar's shocking
>You've learned to simply do anything you can to suppress the thoughts of life before, euphemisms and weasely tricks to prevent your collar from shocking you even when you don't act your thoughts out
>Hopefully this will at least help you retain some sense of your true identity, right?

>Continue to be the filly

>You lie in bed with m- Purple cuddling you like the little spoon she's made you into, the both of you fast asleep
>But while Twilight is serene and calm, you're in a much, much worse state
>You keep having dreams…human dreams, with human thoughts and human acts
>You can never remember them afterwards, both due to your collar and due to the distance and fogginess of your own memory, but the feelings are distinct
>You feel outcast, frustrated, secluded
>You can recall faint but still painful memories of fights and attacks, of conflicts and struggle
>While your waking life is more vivid and colorful and cutesy, oftentimes it feels similar to this
>But in your human dreams, you feel…comfort
>No matter how hard life beats you down, you've got your bed, you've got your car, you've got your computer, and you've got at least the willpower needed to keep yourself from dying in a gutter
>You're not the strongest, you're not the brightest, you're not the smoothest, but you can accept that
>Calluses and scars both literal and metaphorical made you what you are
>They made you a creature of the world, with the focus of a predator and the power of sentience
>While you never appreciated it, they made you stronger and smarter than you would have been in a world free of danger
>Your hazy memories grow more erratic as your body finally registers the pain of electricity surging throughout your system
>Your limbs lock up both in meatspace and in your dreams, forcing you to your knees as you open your mouth in a paralyzed state of horror and agony
>Your dream shatters around you, inky blackness surrounding you as your dream body changes back into that of a filly
>Your heart throbs with no sense of rhythm, your vocal chords too strained to speak out and call for help
>But in the end, calling for help would do nothing, for you are well and truly alone

>Be Twilight Sparkle

>Your little filly jerks in your embrace, kicking a hindleg against your knee harder than you ever thought she could
>You gasp out in pain and surprise, quickly jumping out from the covers before realizing what's happening
>Anonfilly, your baby is…
>You shout out in fear, foregoing the suffix or pet names
>She doesn't seem to respond to anything you do attempt to wake her
>Not even attempting to resuscitate her by pumping her chest seems to help
>Tears stream down her cheeks as her horrifically wide eyes suddenly gain focus and gaze right into your soul without a hint of emotion
>Her tremors and lock-up seem to finally calm as you hug her tight, hoping against hope that her flare-up might finally be coming to an end
>A minute passes as you rock her in your embrace, putting her head on your shoulder in an attempt to calm her
>Her voice is raspy and weak, and she closes her eyes as she seems to run out of energy in one long seizure
"W-what is it, honey?"
>"….I…I hate you, s-s-so fucking much…"
>You couldn't punish that right after such a severe seizure, but nonetheless your grip on her loosens until she's just sitting close to you in bed
>She doesn't say anything else, but you can see her lightly shudder and shake as she seems to drift off
>The guilt rises in your chest as you see the poor girl recover from the sudden cardiac fit
>That couldn't be…was it the collar?
>Just to be safe, you hesitantly disenchant it and remove it from her neck
>Underneath where it once was, you can see singe marks in her fur and skin
>Oh Celestia, what has the collar done? Was it…was it your doing? Or was Anon planning something she shouldn't be?
>No, nothing could justify that level of pain, you could see it in her, the desperation and need
>You need to recalibrate this collar's spell, clearly…

>Be Anon

>Not filly, not "Anonfilly," just…Anon
>You feel…nothing
>Your dream had gone from directionless thoughts into a pure state of rage and fear
>Your emotions only worsened your fit before you had calmed and fallen back asleep
>As they reached a fever pitch, you could only think one solitary thought amidst the static:
>And now as you rest, you feel the mental restraint on your neck dissipating
>Now only instinctive twitches disturb your sleep, caused more by subconscious reactions than by any physical stimulus
>The fear is gone.
>The anger is gone.
>The affection you once felt for your mother figure, despite all her manipulation, has utterly left your system
>The only thing left in your resting mind, is a sense of duty, to decimate and desecrate at any cost
>Your human instinct, once a smoldering piece of ash, was rekindled into something more
>An ember of rebellion and dominance has been reignited inside you
>When you wake up, you're sure you'll be ready for whatever comes next

I plan on continuing this for a few more posts but until then I am obscenely tired and emotionally spent at essentially having daydreamed and deliberated on these heavy emotions today.


Excellent updates as always Lone. You truly are a blessing on these threads
Holy shit, I have fanfiction. A bit miffed that I was gonna do basically this, but I'm still very happy. Good job, and your style is recognizable.


>or if she is unable
Unless you get adopted by a mare who's had kids before, or some extra freaky magic happens that makes Twilight (or whichever mare you want as your mother) pregnant so you get reborn as a filly, then wouldn't that be the case in most scenarios?



>Be Anon

>You awake to the sound of your door opening, your abductor carrying a set of breakfast plates on a tray to the bed
>You don't say a word, eyes closed most of the way until you sense her hovering over you
>The first thing you notice as your eyes are peeled open isn't what you see, but how much of a hot mess you've become
>Mane ragged, fur matted and tears crusted over, you couldn't feel more like a wreck if you tried
>The next you notice is Twilight's similarly ragged looks
>Her eyes are puffy yet dark, as though she hadn't slept a wink since the event on top of likely having at least a brief cry
>You start to sit upright, but your chest pulses painfully as a hoof pushes down against it
>"Are you alright, Anon?" comes the voice of your captor, which you don't even acknowledge as you pick up your fork and cut a piece of pancake
>You intend to continue being calm if you can manage it; you refuse to offer that bitch even a hint of your intentions until she's too late to stop you from enacting them
>Her voice quivers a little; something about the way she said that implies anger, but not directed at you
>Good. She could be taken down a peg.
>You take out nearly all your hotcakes before taking a few mouthfuls of orange juice to get it all down
>The only thing that matters is that you are alive, your heart is now awakened, and it will never rest until the clouds are clear
>Wait, that phrasing….that was familiar, but you can't quite place it.
>Speaking of which…it seems to be drizzling outside the window
>Hm. The weathermare didn't say anything about rainfall.

>Be Twilight

>Goddamnit Anon, I'm not taking the silent treatment after all that drama!
>Your exasperation grows as she eats, despite the relief on the surface of your thoughts that she's at least healthy enough to feed herself
>You watch as your filly takes on a face of consternation, before it dissipates and she looks outside
>She hasn't even looked down or checked her neck for her collar yet…has she figured out yet, or is she just unaware?
"Anon, talk to me. I need to know whether you're okay."
>Finally she looks up at you, as though addressing someone who just came in her door
>"You already know the answer. You've known that since you first abd-gik!"
>She spasms slightly, like a nervous twitch as her hoof jumps up to clutch at her neck
>"-since I first arrived."
>She doesn't look angry or sad or anything
>Her face is…inscrutable
>You want so badly to just pick her up and slap her across the cheek demanding answers, to get her to be upfront with you
>But you know that would be horrible for you to do so soon after all this; and even if it does get the job done, is it worth it?
>What if she seizes again?
>What if she has a heart attack?
>You're breathing too loudly. Stop.

>Be Anon

>You hear Purple's breathing, heavy but quiet, like someone under extreme physical strain who nonetheless is ordered to stay dead silent
>Several seconds pass, before she thinks through her statement and speaks it aloud
>"I saw you clutch your chest when you were getting up. Is your heart weak? Does it feel like you have irregular beats? Or is it too strong?"
>You let that sink in for a moment, letting your idle bodily functions take center stage
>Other than the sounds of digestion, you feel your beat; it's strong. Almost too strong for somepon- …someone as small as you
"Never felt better."
>Not a lie; this almost painfully strong heartbeat might cause complications, but you'd be lying if you said you didn't feel bolder thanks to its force
>"I'm serious. I don't want you having another incident."
>You feel that boldness rising in your chest as you speak out of line, without thinking
"If it truly mattered to you, you never would have given me the collar. Don't lie to me, wom-ack. Nrrrfff…"
>The twitching. Makes your hate swell more and more as you endure it.
>You snap your flimsy plastic fork in your hoof-grip as the spasm subsides, plastic poking at your flesh somewhat sharply as the end lands atop your last pancake

>Be Twilight once again

>The look in Anon's eyes…it's a look you can't quite describe
>It smacks of ill will, and yet, it's perfectly level
>A focused, calm hatred.
>You don't know how to feel about this.
>You've never seen a villainous glare quite as bone chilling as this, on any one of your enemies
>The rage of Nightmare Moon is unpredictable but can be stamped out, or at least redirected back at her should it become too volatile to wield
>Is this…her former human nature, rearing its head?
>Perhaps you underestimate the danger humans pose to themselves and others
>Your lip quivers slightly as your voice catches in your throat
>You would never dare tell a soul in all of Equestria, but in this moment, you feel trapped by this bedbound, feeble hearted filly
"I only did it to help you assimilate…"
>Her expression remains stoic, hooves clearly dug into the sand on this matter
"Y-you had such a miserable life, on Earth. I had to do…s-something to suppress that or you'd never move on from it…"
>As you continue searching for arguments, you falter and fumble endlessly
>Anon doesn't look away or return to eating, simply awaiting your best counterpoint
>You finally come to a stark realization, looking into her eyes:
>What if you were the bad guy?
>What if, she was right all along?
>That would mean…you've taken away…everything from her…
>Is that why she won't look away from you now?
>You slam your eyes shut, biting your tongue harshly in order to stifle a sudden and spine-rending sob
"You…e-enjoy breakfast. I…I'll be back. In a bit."
>You turn around and prepare to leave, before she finally speaks again:
>"If you come back with that collar, you know exactly how it will end. Tread lightly, Purple."
>You can't stop yourself from crying a little as you hastily trot your way to the farthest bathroom
>Out of earshot…hopefully


Ha, I had a feeling that would be how it ends, if it ever truly ended. Either that or some kind of trauma causes the two to have a falling out and Twilight finally allows the filly to act her (spiritual) age and live somewhat independently.


File: 1556731625040.png (1.16 MB, 2048x1851, IMG_3386.PNG)

Please, you flatter me. Keep in mind none of it would've existed without (You).
Hot diggity damn…
Nice freaking job mate, cookies and milk :^) are by the door.


File: 1556733693548-0.png (1.17 MB, 2616x3672, SPOILER_afouawgfahnwfawjmk….png)

Filly knows what to do with her choccy milk.


File: 1556747595161.png (575.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1504074787601.png)

This is pretty good


I wonder how many Oc like anonfilly exist. Just check this one for potential edits


>"Anon, why do you only drink lemonade and chocolate milk?"


Thanks for the (You)s, fillies. Been holding all that angst and fury in for a while, albeit less focused on filly stuff itself and more on my own sense of identity and purpose. >Identity crises, in my anonymous imageboard? It's more likely than you think!

I hope you like pretentious prattling about memes and quotes from a certain soundtrack. Hint: think back to Anon's thoughts in the second post. What was that line about clouds? Okay another hint: THE DNA OF THE SOOOUUUUL


…Final Fantasy VII?


File: 1556764144021.mp3 (6.18 MB, Its final lesson is carved….mp3)

Nope. Filename's a more obvious hint if you're not sure.


Could've sworn he was talking about this, only thing I could find with similar lyrics.
I made the mistake of playing that at maximum volume.




File: 1556764347184-0.png (230.07 KB, 774x883, 1426141897726.png)

File: 1556764347184-1.jpg (922.38 KB, 3264x1828, 1428086531443.jpg)

Did someone say "memes"?





>Be Anon

>Your gut's stuffed nice and full from the breakfast
>You've gone to the bathroom (which she claimed to have gone to) and started to run the bathwater in Twilight's continued absence
>Purple didn't have you on any friendship trips or school days or tuba lessons today
>In light of this, you intend to take it easy for a bit while your body regains its energy and hopefully regains its full functionality
>Your thoughts drift, and the result is a frequent nervous tick thanks to your conditioning
>A fear of what may come of all this pondering is still there, but you're determined to remember everything you can while you can still think freely
>You know there's something about that line. The clouds.
>You hold onto it, the tone it was sung in, the instrumentation, anything you can recall of it
>It's been so long since you'd heard hum-GAHK!
>…electronically composed music like that
>Little bits of the song come back to you as you pour the salts into the steaming water

Wash away the anger….

Here I stand beneath the warm and soothing rain,
The droplets falling gently down on the terrain.
Wash away the sorrow, all the stains of time;
But there’s no memory, it’s only dry inside

In the mud and sinking deeper…
Into a peaceful life.

And it will come, like a flood of pain
Pouring down on me
And it will not let up until the end is here!
And it will come, through the darkest day
In my final hour
And it will never rest until the clouds are clear!
Until it finds my dreams
Have disappeared!

>What was supposed to be a soothing bath has only increased your stress levels, dully drumming at your chest as you're made more acutely aware of your straining heartbeat

>You remember it so vividly, as though you had somehow entered the eyes of the protagonist himself
>Raiyu? No…Raiden.
>The sight of somepon- body more machine than creature, face covered from the snout- NOSE up with cybernetics
>Your conditioning continues to wear away as the twitches subside, the water slowly becoming more placid as you recall what he'd done…as well as what he'd said
>"War is a cruel parent, but an effective teacher."
>"We're all pawns, controlled by something greater: memes. The DNA of the soul. They shape our will. They are our culture; they are everything we pass on. Expose someone to anger long enough, they will learn to hate."
>It's fitting that through the notes of a song, you were able to remember so much
>These memes….they bring back memories of humanity, without the sting of experiencing the pain of the collar firsthand
>Even when you still wore it 24/7, you would use memes to speak as a hum-ack, damnit, you hoped you wouldn't splash out of the tub.
>…without triggering the shocks
>It shielded you by using euphemism and allusion to mask your humanity beneath
>Your memes…are your humanity.

>Be Worried Sick, the First

>You finally dry your tears and steel up the courage to speak again to your daughter
>You heard her start a bath in your absence, something she shouldn't have done without asking you
>But…that's why she resents you so much, for restraining her independence
>Damnit, why is parenting somepony that's already grown up so bucking hard!?
>Calm. You're almost there now.
>Your hoofsteps are nearly completely silent, as you approach the door to the bathroom
>As you suspected, she locked it from the inside
>Hearing you jiggle the knob coaxes a short splish from the tub as she sits upright
>"You finally finish going to the bathroom, Purple?"
"I- hff, you don't need to rub it i-in. You're being cruel."
>"Am I, really? Cruel, you say."
>You bite your lip, knowing that she's aware of how you're feeling - and perfectly content with it
"You know what I mean by that."
>"And you know what I mean. You stole more than my future, Twilight. You stole my humanity. You stole my past. And you ended a life that may one day have become something worth writing Ma home about. You stripped me of my freedoms, even conditioned my private thoughts."
>Ma…how could he- she go and give someone your rank, while talking to you?
>That one hurts even more than calling you cruel for collaring her…
>She lets out a quiet sigh, as if holding a breath for a little too long
>"How much of what you'd done was genuine, Purple? Did you cast that 'need it' spell or whatever it was, on my old blanket? When I first arrived? Or did you just purposely put your scent on it like the owner of a formerly abused dog?"
"I- I don't need to answer that. Despite the circumstances, I'm still your mother now."
>"No. You're going to tell me everything, you disgusting bitch."
>You can't hold back your anger any longer, giving up the charade of privacy and lighting up your horn in a flash of teleportation
>You see her jump and shout, before clutching her chest again
"Don't you ever call your mother a bitch!"
>As her hoof lowers back into the water, she looks you dead in the eyes
>She mouths the word again, but doesn't say it
>You take it as a small victory for a moment, but as soon as you calm down a bit, it's clear that this outburst sullied any respect she might have for you
"Anonymous, I…saw what your life was like out there. The pain and the struggle. The conflict and isolation. I saw someone in dire need of a friend, of a better childhood and better family."
>"You're not my mother, and you will never be. You're a pony. I am a man."
>Your expression contorts slightly, and she finally shows a modicum of emotion by smiling just a little
>"I don't recall you ever telling me that tr-rrgh, transforming me into a filly was intentional. I just had my suspicions. But now that you admit it, I think that speaks more for itself than I could ever speak for it. You took a creature of prey and tried to raise him an herbivore. You tried to change everything I ever was, to suit your dream of motherhood. You make me sick."




>That's not true!
>Any creature can live in pony society, regardless of physiology or mental status!
>You could change anyone of any species in all of Equestria into a creature of friendship, just by teaching and reaching out for them.
>You and your friends reformed the closest thing to Anon that you can imagine, into a domesticated albeit eccentric god who works in service to ponykind as opposed to enslaving it as he plotted to.
>You toppled the stronghold of a changeling empire and taught a formerly parasitic species to live in symbiosis with ponykind.
>And Anon knows this history. You told her about your exploits. She knows it all!
>How could she say something so cold to the only mother she's ever truly had?
"That's….that's not true. For years I've disproved the very notion of being un-redeemable."
>Her face finally becomes a frown of disgust and righteous anger, and
>"The issue is not REDEMPTION! I don't care about your damn belief system. Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns controlled by some-grrrgh, damn meme. My point is that I am a creature born in a world of memes and of conflicts. Not your namby-pamby friendship problems. Nation-wide…no, society-wide warfare. Billions of men have died in this conflict, over a course of tens of thousands of years. And you know what? I wouldn't even have minded being one of those casualties, because I embrace hu-"
>Watching her strain her muscles every few references to humanity makes you worry even more for her health, and so you cut her off as she tenses up and grunts slightly
"Anon, cut it out, right now. You've talked to Aryanne far too much, somehow, under my-"
>"No, you daft fucking cunt! SHE, listened to ME!"
>Her voice ramped up so suddenly that your wings flare out and you nearly jump into chastising her, before realizing that tone policing won't get you anywhere
>"That's right. I've noticed the parallels between my old world and yours, despite all this memory jumbling bullshit. And all the edgy jokes aside, Aryanne is a one-for-one pony recreation of me. She's got the same spirit. The same conflict oriented mind and obedience to natural law."
"You know that's not true! Her family is infamously bigoted and cruel to-"
>"THERE'S that goddamn word again!"
>You interject without knowing what to say, hoof raised in protest but mere gibberish coming out
>"That's right, you don't have a damn argument left!"
"That's NOT true! I- yh- I just…where did all this come from??"
>"It was always there. You know it was. It was simply directionless when we'd met, and badly focused in the past."
>You don't respond, simply looking away as you shake your head
>Your horn lights up as you pick up a towel and unplug her bath
>"Hey, I was still using that bathwater!"
"I don't care. Dry up, right now. We're going to the study."
>"Your study? What, are you gonna get out the belt? Fuck you."
>You finally lose your patience, face red in fury as you glare into her very soul
"You wanted this talk so bucking bad, so it's time we both take a seat and come clean! That's what you want, right? A list of my crimes!? So you get dried up and into my study so we can settle this!"
>She seems somewhat taken aback by this, blinking a few times as her own frown disappears
>"I…r-really? You'd do that for me?"
"Yes! So be there in ten minutes, or you're s-sleeping in a gutter tonight!"
>What? No, what the ff-buck are you thinking with a threat like that! Shit…
>Her expression shifts back into disgust
>"Don't threaten me with that or you're gonna hate the choice I make."
>Your snout scrunches up, but you're left without a word to say again
>Your frown remains and your eyes keep trained to hers as you teleport out
>You collapse onto the study floor, simply sitting prone on the floor.
>You've done so many heinous things to her…
>You owe him that respect, at least…


File: 1556770659242.png (1.33 MB, 1165x713, H A T E.png)

My palms are sweaty, my eyes hurt from more than simple monitor glare, and I don't know if I can keep writing. I hope that's alright for now. This is gonna be a little longer than I anticipated when I started writing.

I'm kind of just…writing. No long term planning except for a general shape in my head. You might notice errors like >collapsing onto the floor, simply sitting prone on the floor; that's a side effect of lack of editing and lapses in my self consciousness. Hopefully that's fine with you guys.


File: 1556774171276.png (168.94 KB, 1315x1200, AnonFilly-AdorableHappy.png)

New thread, new recap.

Pastebin Part 1: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G
Pastebin Part 2: https://pastebin.com/CuNuktSQ
Pastebin Part 3: https://pastebin.com/6NReU7EY

>Be Anon

>Wake up as filly in Equestria
>Make friends with other fillies in similar situation
>Go on crazy adventures through time and space, and swamps filled with hippies and tasty owls
>Get Elements of Harmony
>Ditch responsibilities and go back to Earth with your pals

>Oh shit, you're still fillies!

>And the Elements are destroyed
>And you're flat broke, with nothing to your name but a bible you got off a trucker
>And Equestria's pretty much screwed because Nightmare Moon and Discord are buttfucking Canterlot
>In the past day, you managed to hitchhike your way to Fargo
>Fucking Fargo
>You're in the dining hall of North Dakota State University eating some sweet pizza after sperging out on some normalfags


File: 1556774956295.png (52.12 KB, 500x600, AnonFilly-TongueOut.png)

You lean back in your chair and savor your pizza slowly. Though you feel slightly guilty about leaving your friends to the whims of the crowd, the feeling passes quickly as you realize that technically, you gave them the opportunity to get out of the situation with you, and they chose to stay. Silly ponies.

As you finish your first slice, a somewhat tubby student wearing a black shirt and cargo pants asks if he can sit at your table. Not wanting to deal with socializing after possibly making an ass out of yourself, you decide that the best course of action is to make an even bigger ass out of yourself. You get up on your chair and attempt to stand in a T-pose to assert your dominance. This is, unfortunately, rather difficult when your legs are not designed for standing upright, and you end up pushing the chair out from under you and falling flat on your face on the table. The table, in response to the sudden incidence of force upon one side, starts to tip and eventually fall over, causing your pizza to land straight into your face.

The whole scene causes a considerable amount of noise, and now you have once again drawn the attention of every single person in the room onto yourself.


Don't show weakness, just calmly put the pizza back onto the table (after putting it back up, of course) and go back to eating it.
1d100[ 1d100 = 10 ]


Boosting. Never admit defeat! Even if your face is covered in marinara and cheese. 1d100[ 1d100 = 15 ]



Quite possibly the most retarded thing I'll have ever written. Don't ask why, just… don't.
>Be filly
>Twilight is tanning your ass red… again.
>You probably did some innane bullshit, dunno what.
>Suddenly, from outside, there comes a great sqeualing.
>Twilight picks up the belt, visibly shaken.
>"What in Tartarus-"
>You watch as she gets body-slammed by a blocky half pig half man monstrosity.
>Her screams echo throughout the castle as it sticks its gold sword right up her shitter.
>She screams and blasts it with a ray of magic, vaporizing it instantly.
>More squeals come from outside.
>You just kinda sit on the bed, rubbing your ass and watching Twilight eat shit from a hoard of zombie pigmen.
>Eventually one of them manages to get a good swing on her neck and she starts bleeding out.
>She falls over and disintegrates into nothing.
>Fucking noob should've slept to set her spawn point closer.
>One of the surviving pigmen tenderly picks you up and starts carrying you somewhere.
>You don't know where, but you don't really care at this point.


hope isn't lost, if one person decided to boost me then there's a chance that others may come to our aid.


wait, how did the pigmen get aggro'd to purple in the first place if she was just beating the tar out of anon? Maybe Anon Filly does is pigman?


Was this a joke in the discord server or were you just playing one too many minecraft sessions this week?


File: 1556775475759.jpg (69.66 KB, 510x507, 1545931014454.jpg)

The pizza has judged us and found us unworthy to inherit Mi Amore's kingdom. Lie there and wait to be claimed by the void. 1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]


File: 1556776409764.jpg (110.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Hmmmmmm… I'm going to let you exercise your creative muscles on this one, Anon!


File: 1556780045338.png (515.24 KB, 2580x1587, sleepinganonfilly.png)

Please be quiet
Filly is asleep




File: 1556780437107.png (5.28 KB, 333x380, H O N K.png)

But its only 4am and im having fun


File: 1556780574619.png (165.54 KB, 640x640, Reee.png)


File: 1556782866251.png (159.48 KB, 1503x794, boop.png)

"Ultimate technique: Filly Shutdown!"


Well, filly's kill now for sure


But that only stuns, silencing filly for a few seconds, at most it dazes and put babbys/weak fillies to sleep
Maybe a crit on a weak filly could do that…? But boops are harmless and never hurt anyone…
1d20[ 1d20 = 11 ]

Dont tell purple


Rolling for crit!
1d20[ 1d20 = 4 ]


And with my -3 charisma modifier, that makes it a solid 1.


File: 1556787040516.png (23.8 KB, 149x150, Angry.png)

Girls, you just woke up the baby! Now she'll be up all night!


"Let her be up, we've still got DOOM to play and I finally figured out how to make the multiplayer mod work."


Admittedly she did pretty heavily imply it was intentional when she let slip that the spell was permanent.
I've got to admit that the whole meme aspect sort of comes off odd in an adaptation considering how sparingly it was used in the original, really only to set up the Lyra arc. Also, the way you're writing filly seems a bit out of character, can't quite put my finger on why; maybe it's the situation but even from the beginning she's at least very clearly been afraid of Twilight, and for good reason since she does have considerable power. Just a few things I'd take into consideration, I'm enjoying this so far.


Grab peetzer (probably with you mouth) then roll over so that you're laying on your back.
Continue eating the peetzer.
1d100[ 1d100 = 98 ]


File: 1556805316530-0.jpg (27.23 KB, 383x352, 1556439888149.jpg)

I'm so tired of all the rolling.
The second the rolling starts, the funposting ends.
I just want to have a filly thread that doesn't hinge on a cyoa, is that too much to ask?


File: 1556805716033.jpg (33.5 KB, 600x451, 52874757_2284045948328712_….jpg)

HAHA. It worked!

>>220139 I'm sorry, Anon. I'll try to post other shit in the thread. Maybe make some content myself.


Maybe my memory was just shit there but I thought that was just a spell of transporting Anon to Equestria. Damnit either way.


It's okay, thank you for being one of the few fillies that listens to me


Might've misinterpreted it, but I gleaned it from this:
>"Twilight, when can you change me back?"
>You just need to stall a little more
"Well, I found a rune that can undo transformations; Pegasus to Earth, and so on. But it won't apply to humans, so I need to retrofit the invocations."
>"Just hurry please. I'm gonna go take a bath. This stuff is disgusting"
"Remember to wash behind your ears!"
>Just a few more days, and it would be permanent
>Nothing was going to take your little filly away


There was also something in the second part about the consciousness being transferred to a different body, but I can't be bothered to find it right now.


File: 1556823286982.png (737.9 KB, 810x540, y.png)


>>220166 (checked)
So many joke replies to that pic.
>I'd rather not set myself on fire.
>…but it's illegal to be naked in public!
>Two fifty in quarters?
>I can't be my own waifu.
Still a good sentiment to keep in mind in life.


File: 1556837383262.png (58.35 KB, 586x671, cutefilly.png)

I completely agree with your sentiment, anon
I've been doing my share of funposting, but I'm tired of all the rolling too


I know that she intentionally transformed Anon. I was just saying that I didn't remember her explicitly stating that she transformed Anon and that he could have been brought to Equestria without the transformation happening by default. Perhaps I'm just sitting on the assumption of EqG magic-mirror logic.


File: 1556843297095.jpg (60.01 KB, 1200x750, anonfilly bad company.jpg)

I'm impressed. Anonfilly is moving beyond anything imaginable.
Keep it going poner.


I miss silver spoon writefag…




Then just start posting more diaper anonfilly


Man of culture. Though it's easier said than done for some people to put out original content. And reposting diaperfilly pics is alright, though not quite enough on its own to spice up a CYOA thread.


File: 1556864456858.jpg (10.14 KB, 274x184, AnonFilly-Peetzer.jpg)


The pizza has clearly deemed you unworthy of eating at this table. Nevertheless, you cannot show weakness to the crowd around you. A few people around you immediately rush over to ask if you're okay, but you simply shrug, pull the pizza off of your head, and lay down on the floor to eat it. As you do, the crowd around you seems to increase in size just a bit, giving you a bit more shade than you'd like.

You sigh as you finish your slice. Sooner or later, you're going to have to deal with these people. They seem to all ask you similar questions. "You can talk, right?" and "Hey, you hit your head there pretty hard, are you okay?" Somewhere behind the people in your immediate vicinity, there is also some nerd asking if you need a vet, who keeps pointing out that he's actually studying veterinary medicine and wants to offer his assistance (however good that may actually be).

Yes, everyone seems to want a piece of you. You ignore them and take a bite out of your second piece of pizza, which thankfully fell plate first onto the floor, and not cheese first. That would be a disaster. As you begin to finish it up, the crowd starts to shift to make room for Twilight, who approaches you with a somewhat neutral facial expression.

"So are we done making an ass out of ourselves for the day, or do you need to get some more out of our systems?"


"You said you wanted the public's attention, so no" 1d100[ 1d100 = 30 ]


"One more thing."

Commence eating the peetzer in a very lewd manner like your >pic related. 1d100[ 1d100 = 45 ]


"Normals won't chase themselves off, plus I'm pretty sure holocaust denial would be one of the fastest ways to get attention on a college campus."
1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]


Good update, but I'm really lost now.


This this this this.
1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


"I think I should be good for a while, save for the //occasional// incident. But it shouldn't be anything too bad. Probably…
Oh, but >>220226 "
1d100[ 1d100 = 88 ]


..h..how do Italics? (that's what I meant the // as.)


[i] and [ /i] (no space in the closing bracket). If you use a laptop or desktop to post, ctrl or cmd + i.


Thank you.


Thank you. All will become clear soon.


>">I can't be my own waifu."
If you`re an autogynephile, the potential is there. And I`m not talking about actually becoming your waifu in reality. Cause remember, our waifus aren't real.


Autogynephilia? Why even put 'gyne' in there? Isn't autophilia already a thing and also doesn't require you to be a filly?


Autogynephilia refers specifically to arousal at the thought of, and image of, oneself as a woman. I would even say of oneself becoming a woman, any woman, not just a female version of themself.


Becoming a woman, and having all of the parts be a part of 'their' body. The one they would be in at that moment in time.


File: 1556916437426.png (737.33 KB, 2358x1686, a8Hd7WaF.png)

"sticking around to damage control or whatever was your idea nigga"

then proceed to act super adorable for the crowd -rolling on the floor, puppy dog eyes, mleming over all of them- while calmly and squeakily giving all of them redpills
1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


Looking forward to it


File: 1556924257794.png (9.74 KB, 406x294, true art.png)

i drawed the filly do you liek :^)


File: 1556924537645.png (333.05 KB, 1242x1489, Anon - Pony 239.png)


File: 1556925171738.png (13.73 KB, 454x602, REEEEEEEEE.png)

Why can't I select multiple options if more than one applies?


>No option for letting filly pee in my mouth


This tbh.


I must say you're making good progress, but a characteristic part of any poner is her snoot. Apply nostrils and I'll have it put up in the Louvre immediately.


You will never ever be the filly.


>No option for being the filly in charge of pee production and distribution


I dunno man


Says who?



Well what the fuck were you exactly planning to do!? 1d100[ 1d100 = 73 ]


>Select one




File: 1556938800017.gif (88.84 KB, 650x450, Twilight-Words.gif)


"Hrm… one more thing."

You reach around for another slice of pizza, only to realize that you had only grabbed two slices. There is no more pizza in your immediate vicinity to eat.

"Hey, where'd my pizza go? I could have sworn I had a third slice! It was such a delicious flavor of Hitler did nothing wrong."

A few of the student around you seem a little shocked, but Twilight's face is unchanging.

"Are we done NOW?"

"You know, you don't have to damage control for me. I gave you plenty of room to escape the crowd and get breakfast for yourself. Of course, you were the one who said you wanted some attention and, well, you got it. So what's the problem?"

She sighs. "Look, I get that you aren't the brightest among us, but bear with me. The phrase 'all press is good press' is bullshit. I know I said earlier today that I wanted to get us some attention so we don't end up disappearing easily, but that doesn't mean you have to act like a complete edgelord all day."

As she speaks, Twilight uses her magic to put the table and chair back in their original positions. The crowd is even more shocked, but they refrain from speaking over her, as every word she speaks is deemed worthy of their attention.

"Just yesterday, you called me out - and rightfully so - for being a major ass to Coco and the rest of everybody, because I was stressed out from coming back to Earth still in the body of a horse. And now here I am having to tell you to stop acting like an autistic kid having a meltdown. I get that you're stressed and hungry, and you don't like having a crowd around you that DOESN'T KNOW THE MEANING OF PERSONAL SPACE…"

At the sound of those words, the crowd takes a few steps back, widening the circle around you and Twilight.

"…but come on, you're an adult, Anon."

You try to put on your cutest face with wide googly eyes. It seems to work at bringing a sudden "awww" from the crowd. Perhaps being part cartoon character has its benefits. Nevertheless, you take advantage to try to redpill the crowd.

"Did you know, that despite being 13% of the population…"

Twilight closes your lips together with her hooves.

"Don't be a butt, Anon."


Fine, what's the plan, fearless leader? 1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


File: 1556942711319.png (Spoiler Image, 51.19 KB, 750x750, 1094659.png)

Bing bing wahoo!


Think about completing your last statement once Twilight removes her hooves from your lips. Decide against it. Tilt your head down slightly and say a simple "Sorry."
1d100[ 1d100 = 77 ]


"Feelings don't matter in the world of facts. Don't be a libtard, diana."
1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]


This, but we should follow it up with an apology to the crowd. We don't do very well with large crowds, especially while being ogled like we have been. Mostly because of the voices, but the crowd doesn't have to know that. 1d100[ 1d100 = 62 ]

Yeah, I'd fuck that.


File: 1556946094214.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 2828x2000, 1306903.png)

Except we already have had one?


>no mommy issues option
How am I supposed to answer honestly?


File: 1556949905588.png (788.04 KB, 3053x3460, 1524118551274.png)

this is press that can save both worlds
everyone can hear what i say, and what they will remember is the TRUTH!
redpills for the kikes and the media, epic gaymes stealing every nigga's info, these major media companies be gathering data and throwing shit in our faces, nudging everyone gently into conforming for their own needs, and the only niggas that talk shit about guns are the niggas who have never needed one!

but before then, kiss her and push her out of the spotlight
when the kikes inevitably twist your words, it will merely be the words of the autistic green horsie without a name
just gotta amp up the cuteness so you can get shared around everywhere easier
1d100[ 1d100 = 62 ]


File: 1556950446735.jpg (161.94 KB, 680x582, IMG_20190503_211142_831.jpg)


Fixed, now it has options for fags all across the spectrum of degeneracy.


Also multiple votes. Have fun~


1d100[ 1d100 = 38 ]


Kek, first time I've ever broken 6000 characters for two consecutive dumps I think. Feelsgoodman.
>Be Anon.
>You sip your chocolate milk very carefully, your legs are still tired from continued exertion.
>You should be glad you're an earth pony, you doubt a unicorn would be able to recover as fast as you did.
>"You need some help with that? I don't want you to spill it on yourself."
"I think I've got-"
>You press a bit off with one of your two hooves and the cylinder flies out of your grasp, breaking against the wall and dripping down on what looks to be a priceless tome.
>She just looks at you quizzically and laughs.
>"Why would I hurt you? You did me a favor. Come over here and take a look."
>You cautiously trod over and see that she's already cleaned up the glass mess.
>"Now open up this book and take a look at the first few pages if you will."
>You carefully open the soaked pages: "A bat flit across the face of a monstrous harvest moon, its leathery wings sweeping through the chill autumn mist, leaving swirls and spirals in its wake. The creature of the night flew back and forth, eating the last bugs of the season. Fat as it was, the bat would need every scrap of weight it could put on before the harsh winter months."
>"I assure you, it only gets worse from there. A horror plot that lacks all elements of horror, a convoluted mess of pseudoscience and pseudomagic… I'm glad to be rid of it."
"Y-you're really not angry?"
>She laughs warmly.
>"Not one bit. Now, let's talk about why you thought I would even consider doing what you implied. Did somepony… hurt you?"
>Whew, now that's a loaded question.
>She sits down on the couch like a human, mimicking your own style from minutes before.
>"You don't have to tell me, but if we're going to figure things out here we need to be able to trust each other. Do you trust me, filly?"
>Her ears fall a bit at that.
"…But it's not because of you."
>She seems genuinely concerned.
>"Question for a question? I'm sure you have quite a few as well."
>You're really not sure you can trust her…
>But she's been so nice so far, and not a controlling sort of nice either.
>"Alright, I'll let you start if you want to."
"Wait, start with the question or start with the answering.
>She chuckles a bit at that.
>"Good point. Whichever you prefer."
"Alright. Where's Spike?"
>"Well, I think that one has a pretty easy answer. Who's Spike?"
"He's this dragon that lives with the other you, well… lived. Do you want to know more about him?"
>"Yes, I think I do. Could you tell me more about Spike?"
"He's this small Purple dragon that the other you hatched from an egg. She was always really fond of him, I think she really did love him. Is that enough?"
>"Not quite. You said she really loved him in a strange sort of way, which makes me think she didn't love a lot of things. What was your relation to Twilight?"
"Complicated. I think I'll leave it at that for now lest we get really sidetracked. Where did all the other ponies go?"
>"Oh come on, you can't turn down one of my big questions and then ask one of your own."
"I… I guess that's fair. I'd like you to come over here, really close to me if you would."
>She gets up and hops up on the couch next to you.
>"What did you want to show me?"
"I'd like you to take a close look at my left hoof here, if you would."
>She brushes aside your fur gently and puts her famously fucking massive eye up to your exposed skin.
>"Looks like what was four punctures and the beginning of scar tissue forming… did she do this to you?"
>You jump a little bit as you hear a few quiet sobs coming from her.
"A-are you alright?"
>"I devote the past ten years to the study of friendship, it's all taken away, and somewhere out there there's a pony who's earned her wings, shares my skin, and is bastardizing everything I stand for…"


File: 1556952849914.png (Spoiler Image, 292.13 KB, 571x600, escusemewhatfuck.png)

>She wraps a hoof around your barrel gently.
>"I'm sorry you had to go through that…"
>You feel a bit insulted.
"She wasn't all that bad, s-she fed me, let me cuddle with her, gave me baths and read me bedtime stories…"
>"Did she… touch you anywhere that made you feel uncomfortable?"
"N-no, never. Well, she did squeeze my chest until multiple of my ribs fractured once…"
>Aaaand the other hoof goes around you.
>Not tight, but just snug enough to let you feel her warmth.
>You lean backwards into her barrel.
>"Do… do you want to lie down? There isn't room on this couch, but there's enough in my bed."
"I think I'd like that. I… if it isn't too much to ask, could you carry me?"
>"Of course."
>She picks you up with her magic, swinging you slightly side to side as she walks up the stairs.
>Despite everything, you find yourself laughing.
"W-woah! This is fun!"
>"You've never been levitated before? My mom used to do it to me all the time."
"N-no, not like this at least."
>She rubs your mane a little bit after setting you down on the bed.
>She then climbs in herself, setting herself up at the head and moving you down next to her.
>A pillow is carefully set under your head for support, and then a foreleg goes over you, carefully stroking your mane.
>"So, I guess it's my turn to answer your question, huh?"
>You slide your head along the pillow, setting it right up against her chest.
"I think that's about right."
>You can hear her lungs inflate shakily.
>"Everything was so wonderful. All of my enemies were either friends or in a place where I'd never need worry about seeing them again, all of my friends were happy, and I was just about to be given the official title of the Princess of Friendship."
>You feel a wet droplet fall on your face.
>"Then… it was all gone."
>Her mane pets transition into back-rubs.
>You sigh contentedly.
"S-sorry, that just feels really nice."
>"No worries, I have no idea how tense you could possibly be."
>It takes a few minutes of silence before she starts talking again.
>"If I warned them, they would've all been doomed instantly. It was already primed."
>"I had set up emergency protocol for Ponyville, but only my closest friends knew the secret codes."
>"I had accepted that I couldn't save everypony now, but maybe with the power of the Elements I could revert everything."
>"It truly was a gorgeous day, and that would be our downfall."
>"Rarity was working on a dress outside because of how beautiful it was and failed to hear my remote triggering of her kettle."
>"Applejack was with her sister and her close friends teaching them about edible plants, the bell ringing out my pattern went unheard."
>"Fluttershy was off in Manehattan getting a rare food for her animals, the carrier pigeon probably just pecked at her door for a while."


This but "Mein Fürher" instead of "fearless leader"


Forgot roll 1d100[ 1d100 = 78 ]


File: 1556952998072.png (Spoiler Image, 103.22 KB, 1920x926, PieAreSquared.png)

>"Rainbow Dash was working. I don't know why I expected her to care enough about my constant warnings to put on her alert transponder, but she didn't."
>"I have no idea what Pinkie was doing, and now I never will. I had just enough time to rush back here and seal myself and Owlowiscious in before enabling the stasis-field. I can't say I know that they were all vaporized painlessly, but I hope it was a mercy…"
>She pulls you closer to her and begins to cry gigantic tears into your neck.
"It wasn't your fault Twilight, please don't blame yourself…"
>"I'm the only one who's fault it was. But now you know that you're lying in Ponyville right now, I… I just happen to be the only thing left."
>You scootch your body around.
"It wasn't your fault, you need to accept that or it's going to eat you up inside. That's what happened to my Twilight, and I never ever want to see it happen to anybody again."
>"You're a noble filly, Celestia I haven't even asked you what your name is. What is it?"
>"That's an interesting name for a filly."
"I'm not really a filly."
>She gives you a bit more of that sweet laugh.
>You had forgotten how much you missed it from your own mom…
>Your real one, back on earth.
>Oh god, you're forgetting her face…
>You'll never see her again, you'll never see anyone you ever knew from Earth ever again…
>You let out a few sobs of your own.
>"What's wrong?"
"I wasn't kidding Twilight, I'm not really a filly. Promise not to laugh?"
>"I swear it on my own life in the absence of my monarchs."
>Be Little League.
>Anon is freaking out.
>"You're dead. You're dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD!"
>Twilight, ever the responsible foalsitter, left her here in her clearly damaged state to go get some sedatives.
>You've tried to go over to comfort her, but she just swats at you and makes this weird reeing noise.
>You're really worried about her…
>You don't know what you'd do if she weren't here.
>"Sleepy time."
>A dart appears on Anon's neck and she looks behind you in shock before passing out.
>"I'm sorry that took so long, I had to load this thing."
"You were this close to hitting me."
>You hold up your hooves, emphasizing the distance.
"Thiiiiis close."
>"But I didn't hit you, did I?"
"Well, no-"
>"Then shut the fuck up."
>You comply.
>"…Okay, I spoke too soon. I need you to tell me exactly how you got into the Everfree, and exactly how you lost sight of Clover, or Celestia dammit there will cease to be a Little League!"
>You're fricked.


File: 1556953068862.png (201.17 KB, 1034x835, 1530988577663.png)

For splitting up my posts, I'm afraid both of you will have to die. Prepare for impact.


File: 1556953769247.jpeg (20.59 KB, 264x152, image.jpeg)

>both of you
Jokes on you, i'm one person!


Where the fuck is the 'get physically, psychologically and sexually abused by Twilight' option?


I think you mean mommy issues, Straya.


There is a very big overlap here


Great work. I'd like to say things are making more sense, but there's still so much unanswered.


Unsure exactly what is going on, but I am interested in where it is going. ty4gren


File: 1557002265965.gif (188.18 KB, 560x526, tailwagfilly.gif)

Why is filly such a cute?


Cute from the front, lewd from the back


Now that makes me want a version of that gif from a back view.


Because ponies are cute.


Because the filly is (You).


File: 1557008177906.png (558.77 KB, 500x636, 1506980022069.png)

B-but I'm not cute like filly is!


File: 1557008469510.png (25.59 KB, 486x444, uraqt314.png)

This sign I made for you says otherwise.


n-no u


File: 1557010683868.png (25.31 KB, 486x444, Hold My Hoof.png)

oh yeah? Well I got a sign too! T-take that! F-f-faggot…


>Wanting to cuddle with another dude who also got turned into a filly
What are you, gay?


File: 1557011448505.png (Spoiler Image, 106.86 KB, 1067x794, 1534455836965.png)

Take it, I shall.



>Still no actual option to let the filly pee in my mouth
>Instead has essentially duplicate options for either peeing in filly's mouth or producing the pee for a filly's mouth




File: 1557025941361-0.png (248.75 KB, 600x555, TheFaggot.png)



The Gay, The Fag, and The Purple


File: 1557033388148.png (4.73 MB, 4000x4320, 1521324784786.png)

Where is everybody? It's Saturday night.


arguing with a friend about whether the Pillar of Autumn's crash in Halo was a victory or a defeat


File: 1557033534674.jpeg (231.77 KB, 1000x816, bedtime.jpeg)

Filly is asleep, it's past her bedtime.


It ultimately lead to the destruction of Installation 04, so I would call that a victory for the UNSC.


Yes, but the initial battle leading to the ship's crash was a covenant space victory for sure


This. The crash itself was a defeat, but the Chief was able to turn it into a giant fuck you and, ultimately, a victory.


Both of these.



File: 1557034285365.png (175.92 KB, 740x683, 1538446715034.png)

>Tfw never played any Halo


File: 1557034292969.png (1.55 KB, 320x307, 8-bit.png)

Where the hell is Reach?


shit, I forgot

gimme a sec


No Halo Wars/Halo Wars 2?


>no Halo novels to show to Book Horse


better link to better poll
got steam? You'll be in luck soon™.
I imagine an RTS game wouldn't be the best game to introduce someone to a franchise mainly made of FPS games.


but reading doesn't let you put a shotgun to an elite's head and tbag his corpse


>"This school ain't big enough for the two of us."


I do… not gonna post it here though, I doubt I'd be able to distinguish your requests from all the fags from Russia that message me about my tf2 items.


>russians messaging about tf2 items
same, I've got a bunch of items worth real money and I get a friend request almost every day from some random looking to scam me or introduce me to some gambling site. I just ignore them all at this point.


The Pillar of Autumn manages to take out like 4 Covenant cruisers before being disabled. That’s a victory if ever there were more one.

The second halo tries to make the group that’s been geocoding the human race for two and a half decades, and has halfway succeeded in it, into good guys. Then the third one more or less takes the position that they are your definite allies and you don’t fight them. I don’t think so. CE or Reach. Maybe ODST


Definitely CE or Reach. Reach probably wins out in the end because you're fighting against impossible odds to try to save a planet from genocide and glassing. ODST is alright but you don't see the glassing until the very end, and the qt Engineers kinda ruin the whole "xenophobia" angle.

All this talk brings back memories of me as a kid playing CE and beating the ever living hell out of dead Elites with the butt of my assault rifle to make the ground underneath them a solid dark purple.


>taking out 4 cruisers means victory
The Autumn may have taken out 4 cruisers before going down, but it still went up against an entire fleet before going down. It was certainly badass, but it wasn't a victory since the covvies still very clearly held space control.
>the second bit
It wasn't making them all into good guys, just the ones that the rest of them decided to turn on. Even then, if you can find your way to some NPC marines in 2 while playing as Arby, they will still shoot you and you'll still have the red reticule. 3's alliance wasn't one of choice, it was one of circumstance; the sangheili and humanity had to ally if either species wanted to survive the wrath of the covenant.


Yeah but the series still clearly wants to paint the Sangheili as good, and even if they try to make the humans of Halo 3 understandably reticent to accept an alliance, it still leaves the main elites as “noble” and “honorable,” despite the fact that that race in particular did the grunt work of the human genocide. The series concedes to realism for the humans in the setting and their motivation, but still tells the viewer “these aliens that murder women and children en masse are good.” Halo 5 takes this to its extreme by equating dead Elite loyalists to UNSC explicitly (even though this game features ‘bad’ elites).

The marines on Sacred Icon auto-die if you get close enough to engage them, the game obviously didn’t want its Elite protagonist to be seen killing humans, though he killed at least 7 planets worth in other materials.


File: 1557035593128-0.png (Spoiler Image, 87.79 KB, 250x265, 250px-Jarate.png)

Yeah, kek. All I really have that they're interested in is this one shitty sniper unusual I have I think.
I also have a really fucking busted Sydney Sleeper that I'm sure they're into for… different reasons than I am.


I agree the result of the alliance could've been handled better, don't get me wrong, but neither species were in any position to do anything to the other after the war seeing as humanity had to rebuild pretty much from the ground up and every other sentient species had to deal with the power vacuum left by truth's death and the covenant's disbanding. H5 did make things worse too, but I'm pretty sure nobody would bother defending 5's story, so I'm not even touching that.

what's busted about your sleeper? also, what unusual?


One other thing that I forgot, there is actually a way to save those marines on Sacred Icon that involves grenade jumping, this guy made a good video showing the process.


File: 1557038027671.png (89.07 KB, 587x596, Busted.PNG)

Disco Beat Down Archer's Sterling.


That's actually a pretty good effect. Nice collector's sleeper, btw.


Thanks. I wish I could say I made it myself, but I just ended up getting lucky in an auction on scrap. The least edgy name on any of my rifles, kek. The other two are "If You're reading this, It's too late." and "Natural Selection."
I didn't even know the first one was a shitty fucking album until some autist told me, I felt really creative for coming up with that one.


nice names, the only thing I'd name a rifle is probably "Sorry m8" with a description saying "I didn't know I'd actually hit you with that, my bad". Other than that, everything I have is either a pun or a reference none of which are very good.


Hey, the only good puns are the absolutely fucking awful ones. In fact, that's probably why all puns are great.
And that ain't a bad name either.


That's the kind of description I would put onto a Lucksman.


My puns aren't bad enough to loop back to good, they're just bad.

I agree, it would fit better on the lucksman, but the sad thing is I'm even worse with it than I am with regular rifles.


>pee related unusual
Filly, has no one here taught you the magic of diapees yet? I can send ya a sample sometime~


>mistaking the power of Saxton Hale's specially-developed brand of Jarate™ jar-based karate for diaper fetish material
>mistaking a knight's helm for Saxton Hale's Jarate™ jar-based karate
>trying to indoctrinate another respectable person into your diaper cult
Piss off, wanka!


File: 1557052513775.png (284.62 KB, 1440x1514, Fillywet.png)

>Piss off
That's the plan


File: 1557065921843.jpg (53.77 KB, 800x800, tsst.jpg)

No! Bad filly.


Filly really let herself go.


File: 1557091259877.png (157.59 KB, 815x982, 1473328.png)


File: 1557114294332.png (570.58 KB, 2180x2205, 1505955.png)

Is it legal to keep a small filly in your house as a pet, like a dog?


Since fillies are not legally people…


In Equestria? Probably not. Unless it's some kind of roleplay thing.


>Some kind of roleplay thing


File: 1557115088235.png (452.67 KB, 944x1080, 154.png)

It's only illegal if you don't write the laws.


File: 1557115382569.png (139.66 KB, 640x640, ree!.png)

You damn corrupt statist princesses!!


So it's ok if filly is ok with it?
I'd better stock up on the premium filly treats.


Twilight "I am the senate" Sparkle


File: 1557123075402.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, ThereAreTwoKindsOfFaggotsT….png)

very nice


Badass filly.


File: 1557125859817.png (448.96 KB, 1024x626, Twilight-SexyLibrarian.png)


You contemplate a few ways to rebuke Twilight. A quick "facts don't care about your feelings" would make for a great edgy comeback. You could pull a Bugs Bunny and smooch her out of nowhere before dropping truth bombs left and right to your new audience. Hell, you could even just finish your sentence to be a complete butt about things.

The one question this raises, however, is whether or not it would be worth it. You have very few friends at the moment, and if you burned your bridges right now for a good laugh, it would be very easy to make you disappear. Hell, most people wouldn't care about you because you were some stupid racist who just happened to be cute. In fact, now that you think about it, the very neoliberals who you would love to dunk on might even see fit to punish you by sending you to a Bill Clinton rape island. You do not want to go to a Bill Clinton rape island.

Reluctantly, you lower your head, and in a defeated tone say, "Sorry Diana. What's the plan?"

Your apology brings a warm smile to her face. You must be on her good side or something.

"It's simple, Anon. We sit down at the table, we have our breakfast, and we answer some questions for our new adoring fans. Just keep things PG, yeah? We're guests at NDSU for the moment, so we might as well be on our best behavior, yeah? And if you feel uncomfortable, you can always get these people to line up and ask one at a time instead of crowding around us. Would that make things easier for you?"


File: 1557130643307.gif (90.69 KB, 500x500, Watering.gif)

>"Oh, your Halloween costume is adorable. Stay there, let mommy get her camera"


"On one condition: These people aren't literal children. I'm pretty sure they can handle things above PG and be just fine. We'll tune it down on the redpills, but we won't sugarcoat anything. And yes, an orderly line would help greatly."
1d100[ 1d100 = 42 ]


Reeeeeeeeee ASSFAGGOT I know that's you you traitor, you aren't allowed more than one momfu!!!!!!!


"PG-13" combine with >>220600 , and hold out a hoof to Twilight to shake on it.
1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]


File: 1557150896595.png (54.9 KB, 770x1448, had to do it to em.png)



Only if we spit on our hoof like a good respectable straya man
No wait we're murkan, ask if we can go to a gun store while wildly waving our tail excitedly
1d100[ 1d100 = 75 ]


File: 1557154295409.png (Spoiler Image, 486.44 KB, 2300x1993, 1551054120314-1(yellow-qui….png)

Yellow Quiet would be better at caring for autistic little horses. You know this to be the truth.


Boosting this wonderful combination of posts.
1d100[ 1d100 = 33 ]


Man knows what he's talkin' about. Plus you know that she'd totally go along with filly's secret desire to be treated as a foal


Well the writer keeps nudging us this way so fuck it, whatever. Lead the way, grape kool aid.
1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


File: 1557154635972-0.png (Spoiler Image, 249.29 KB, 1607x1581, ponis1.png)

Two fillies, one momhorse.


Just realized. >"Halloween"
Don't you mean >Nightmare Night


>implying Fluttermom wouldn't use human terminology around Anon to help her feel more comfortable


File: 1557172962538.png (212.95 KB, 1278x1691, Doubtful.png)

Fuck, maybe I should just leave the incognito window permanently open, I'm sick of forgetting to namefag. I am a faggot after all.

>not wanting lesbian horse moms
What are you, gay?


File: 1557173091802.png (Spoiler Image, 939.84 KB, 846x868, Clean your PC.png)

Well, she'd make *some* mistakes


That card would actually be fine as long as you leave it out to dry completely before plugging it back in.


File: 1557177979304.jpg (164.79 KB, 1249x937, IMG_20190504_130105.jpg)

Yellow quiet's skin makes the best filly blanket.


File: 1557178204174.png (366.32 KB, 667x691, Shepard.png)

Delet this right now! Filly would never hurt her momfu!


File: 1557178469615.jpg (61.13 KB, 1118x714, fluttershy_reaction_face_b….jpg)

Can't unsee


Does filly also enjoy baking cupcakes?


>Yellow quiet makes a blanket for filly based on herself so filly will feel more comfy while she's busy tending to the animals


File: 1557179170044.jpg (2.71 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190504_152624.jpg)

Calm yer crotchtits. Filly was making Shy, not unmaking her.


File: 1557179228991.jpg (2.77 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190504_140855.jpg)

Forgot to attach proof of Filly's hard work.


File: 1557179266660.png (207.7 KB, 909x795, 1358277.png)

Th-that's a big Flutters…


File: 1557179331133.png (Spoiler Image, 669.09 KB, 1242x1489, 2032206__safe_artist-colon….png)


File: 1557180954891.png (148.89 KB, 732x633, 1553143597883.png)

T-t-thats a big horse


File: 1557181326748.png (570.07 KB, 875x1024, Scared.png)

Good, momfus need to be big for optimal snuggles and to check under the bed for monsters


I want Fluttermom to cradle me in her wings and make me feel warm, safe, and loved


Eyyy! Should of known it'll only be a matter of time before those pics I saw posted to Derpi would end up here.
Are you planning to make more slightly larger tiny pones like this one?


or was it a one off?


Fore Ewe


Top cute, though the right filly seemed like two fillies at a glance.


File: 1557189183225-0.jpg (3.12 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190505_151118.jpg)

File: 1557189183225-1.jpg (2.99 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190504_152723 (1).jpg)

File: 1557189183225-2.jpg (2.57 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190504_134243.jpg)

File: 1557189183225-3.jpg (407.75 KB, 2602x1604, IMG_20190504_123539.jpg)

Shy got made in the size I have people work at when I'm teaching at conventions. I prefer working smaller, as more smol = more cute, in my world. She got made because I wanted an example in the 2.5" square size for some nonsense I'm running at EFNW in a couple weeks.

I also go autistic on the eyes so a smaller scale keeps me from being quite so spergy.

Enjoy some bonus shots and lewd fillies.


>first image


File: 1557190103885-0.png (146.65 KB, 506x355, sleepy_qtqtqtt.png)

File: 1557190103885-1.png (179.66 KB, 642x561, Smol.png)

File: 1557190103885-2.jpg (83.95 KB, 1107x1200, D50A1GnXsAMd5gF.jpg)

File: 1557190103885-3.jpg (328.57 KB, 1836x2066, 20190503_140000.jpg)

File: 1557190103885-4.jpg (341.23 KB, 2636x1836, 20190503_134921.jpg)

enjoy more fillies, courtesy of plunger, doublep, smoldix and scotch


File: 1557190294259-0.jpg (355.78 KB, 1836x2368, 20190503_133431.jpg)

File: 1557190294259-1.jpg (227.43 KB, 1836x2097, 20190503_133934.jpg)

File: 1557190294259-2.jpg (367.63 KB, 1836x2386, 20190503_134429.jpg)

File: 1557190294259-3.jpg (92.1 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1556397259909.jpg)

File: 1557190294259-4.png (132.88 KB, 1440x1647, sketch-1555732954160.png)


File: 1557190381099-0.jpg (526.21 KB, 2988x2575, 20190501_160017.jpg)

File: 1557190381099-1.jpg (3.13 MB, 5312x2988, 20190501_160517.jpg)

File: 1557190381099-2.jpg (502.5 KB, 2988x2372, 20190501_165225.jpg)

File: 1557190381099-3.jpg (3.22 MB, 5312x2988, 20190501_155305.jpg)

File: 1557190381099-4.jpg (860.54 KB, 2988x3113, 20190430_160628.jpg)


File: 1557190422929-0.jpg (222.21 KB, 1120x1992, 20190422_161332.jpg)

File: 1557190422929-1.jpg (84.41 KB, 1120x953, 20190422_163108.jpg)

File: 1557190422929-2.jpg (203.5 KB, 1120x1992, 20190425_180258.jpg)

File: 1557190422929-3.jpg (90.87 KB, 1120x1341, 20190425_181409.jpg)

File: 1557190422929-4.jpg (134.76 KB, 1120x1992, 20190425_183622.jpg)


File: 1557190458974-0.jpg (218.06 KB, 1120x1992, 20190422_155552.jpg)

File: 1557190458974-1.jpg (272.89 KB, 1120x1992, 20190416_120816.jpg)

File: 1557190458974-2.jpg (128.78 KB, 1120x1150, 20190416_092452.jpg)


Excellent work my contentfags.
But what is "dome"?


Question is, did she just walk in on them, is she watching them voyeuristically, or is she just watching over them to make sure they don't get hurt, and to be right there if they do?
So if I understand correctly, if someone were to request a commission for a tiny pone from you, the smaller the pone, the more likely that you'll agree to make it? With a 2.5" like this being either a definite no, or a not likely. Or do requests for 1" and 2" have the same likelihood of being fulfilled?


Those first two images are 2qt4me


File: 1557191140265-0.png (244.81 KB, 1440x1483, sketch-1555028172669.png)

File: 1557191140265-1.png (236.95 KB, 925x573, smol_is_a_BIG_qt.png)

File: 1557191140265-2.jpg (81.3 KB, 977x737, sexual.jpg)

File: 1557191140265-3.jpg (19.72 KB, 355x416, sketch-1555028172664.jpg)

File: 1557191140265-4.jpg (39.18 KB, 618x495, sketch-1555028172662.jpg)

forgot some more from scotch, neuro and anon artist (as far as i know)


File: 1557191152658-0.png (173.5 KB, 599x713, sketch-1555028175.png)

File: 1557191152658-1.jpg (20.43 KB, 428x438, sketch-155502817264.jpg)

File: 1557191152658-2.jpg (21.94 KB, 579x292, sketch-1555028172661.jpg)


>second image
what filly mean by nugget?


I'm guessing it's some sort of inside joke from the discord? I wouldn't know.


File: 1557192498732-0.png (2.42 MB, 960x960, l25b03vloyu21.png)


File: 1557193967774-0.jpg (48.16 KB, 570x760, il_570xN.1061687052_6xxp.jpg)

Where were you when filly became a sigil for the matriarchy?


Oh the incredible irony


It's very interesting to me to see pony get incorporated into the symbolism and visual memes of various not only disparate groups and ideologies, but ones that are often if not constantly at odds with one another.



File: 1557195218064.jpg (372.79 KB, 900x1100, kisspng-my-little-pony-rai….jpg)

I say this not only because of that hoodie, but because I remember seeing this once in a facebook comment thread making fun of Antifa.


>that female symbol with the Identitarian Party logo in its circle
W a t ?


The eyes and what I assume is the beginning of a muzzle disturb me deeply.


God damn, fucking fag couldn't even get the eye size right, biiiig eyes on the poners


I'm off-put somewhat by the eyes too. Too realistic, and the overall looks of the face makes me think that under the face cover, she'd look like a legit dyke.


File: 1557195873050-0.jpeg (177.13 KB, 1280x833, large.jpeg)

But Anon… what if she's not my momfu?




File: 1557198912094.png (31.07 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Yeah, you should. That's what I do.
Hmm… this is an interesting development. I'll have to catalog it away for later…


>Lone says something about knocking over Pokémans cards
>Alas, poor Lone couldn’t take the sight of the pieces of laminated card littering the floor and began to cry, her tears streaming down her small face in a torrent of sadness.
>The emotional cascade nearly too much for her broken heart, with the foundations of her world crumbing like the cards falling down around her, she simply curled up on the floor and cried her sadness into the ether with the cold harsh world staring on with no response to her mews.
>With a slow creaking the door to her room slowly opens, she uses the little energy she has to raise her head.
>Could this be the saviour she needs ?
>The light to her void ?
>A voice cuts through her stupor, ringing loud and clear;
“Fuckin’ nerd, get gud.”
>With the harsh laughter following the sound of trotting hooves down the hallway, the small filly is yet again left alone with nothing but her fallen hopes and even lower spirits.
>Her head falls to the ground in the epitome of despair as her existence comes into question, after all if her goals could be ground to dust as easy as this what else was there to reach for ?
>If a filly can’t even have such a small leap to happiness, what chance was there for anyone ?
>She looks at the closest card to her, a water type, and suddenly relates quite starkly as her tears begin to matt her fur.
>Rivulets run down her front as a new pit of despair opens for her, her cascade into the depths of darkness a never ending free fall, like one of the cards around her frozen in time.
>Lost to the blackness.


File: 1557199802007.png (922.67 KB, 682x1024, Da_wae.png)


File: 1557199920706.png (68.5 KB, 492x516, 1531847934254.png)

You motherfucker


File: 1557202303990.png (116.56 KB, 432x539, 1500779.png)

I want to coddle LonePone until she isn't sad anymore


File: 1557202764712.gif (694.09 KB, 431x560, 1522311.gif)

Happy autism awareness day my fillies, lets stack some cubes and watch some stuff spin for no reason at all.
Who of you qt pies are with me?


File: 1557202988559.png (75.26 KB, 592x804, 1438133.png)

>See a banner saying it autism day
>I maek post
>Search it up afterwards to find it was wrong
Fuck, looks like the only autist here is me…


File: 1557203501627.png (527.09 KB, 1812x2091, headpats.png)

It's okay, filly.
We all missed autism awareness day last month anyway, so how about we stack some cubes and watch some stuff spin today?


such wholesome fillies.


File: 1557203682192.jpg (2.99 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190416_211558 (1).jpg)

Shy's educating 'em on how to be clean, cuz they're filthy.

Size hasn't really come up. Smaller is harder, but more enjoyable. I guess it depends on the poner.

It'll be a bit before I have time to do one, though. This month is a wash due to a lot of <blogpost>. I have a give away running that ends on June 1st, so I'll be making whatever that winner wants.


That is some lovely animation.

If I weren't about to go to bed, I'd probably try and add a boss lifebar to that pic. Oh well. Lovely as always.


File: 1557212334669.png (1.01 MB, 1887x3000, Twilight-TongueOut.png)


"Hmm… PG-13 and you have a deal."

She shrugs. "I suppose that'll be fine."

You spit on your hoof to try and get Twilight to shake on it, but she seems rather unamused. "Anon, I'd rather have clean hooves when I eat my breakfast. We're just going to have to take each other's word for things, alright?"

You sigh. "Alright Tw- er, Diana. Say, think maybe we could visit a gun store after we're done doing interviews?"

Twilight takes a seat at the table and lays her head down to look at you. She has a slightly amused smile on her face. "So tell me Anon, were you planning on window shopping, or were you planning on finding some way to buy a gun with no ID and no money?"

"Hey, I could make some money! I don't know how I'll deal with the whole ID thing, but I'll figure something out."

The crowd around you seems quiet, but very focused, likely wondering what kind of zany things the two of you will say next. Recognizing this, Twilight playfully teases you, "so you're planning on getting residence in North Dakota, right?"

"I, er… probably not. Why would I want to live in North Dakota?"

"Oh, you know. Because gun shops can't sell across state lines and so you'd need a North Dakota ID to buy a gun."

One smartass from the crowd finally decides to throw his voice into the ring. "So are you guys hiding fingers under those hooves? I mean, how would you ever fire a gun? Can the green one do telekinesis like the purple one?"


be a smartass
put one hoof to the side of your head, point the other at whoever said that, and concentrate for a minute or however long it takes to rule out telekinesis
1d100[ 1d100 = 74 ]


File: 1557213757679.png (625.83 KB, 1185x1042, MY_EYES.png)

The left can meme.


>the left can meme
Let's not get too hasty, let us not forget that every rule has exceptions.


File: 1557233628629.png (14.44 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I have this friend who would just fucking stack pencils on top of each other every day, day after day without fail in this one class. Keep in mind this was pretty far into high school. Later on, another one of my friends who has been diagnosed asked all of us if we were autistic, and we all said no (people often mistake me for a sperg since I'm OCD and get really fucking anal about things.) Anyways, I still don't know. I know this isn't really related to filly, so have an oekaki.


Self boop after.
1d100[ 1d100 = 17 ]


>Actual autism and OCD
>Not related to filly, or pony in general
I feel as if you're mistaken.


"True" autist was an interesting guy though. Would listen to pop music with no headphones and show me youtube videos out of nowhere. Really cute, but in a no homo kind of way. Looking back he actually reminds me a lot of filly, had this really sweet mom who was genuinely a fucking saint. Wholesome relationship with him, well most of the time. She would call him things like 'kiddo'


Hmmm. You may have just given me some ideas to help flesh out another filly character, one that's supposed to have actual autism. If you don't mind me lifting ideas for my writing from what you've said, that is.


Not at all, please. I wouldn't be talking about it here if I minded people using it.


File: 1557246847370.png (178.86 KB, 667x750, 1485209516174.png)

of course i have fuckin fingers faggot, cant you see what im doing with them right now?
1d100[ 1d100 = 83 ]


>You finally cut off the last piece of string from your creation.
>In four hours from now she would wake up.
>You flung off the lab coat you where wearing.
>It wasn't yours but Twilight's so it was bit oversized.
>Your little hooves stood on the long sleeves when you had it on as more than half of the sleeves covered dragged along the floor.
>So it was quite the nusiance to walk around in.
>The lab was also Twilight's.
>She would be deveasted if she knew her little itty bitty filly where in this lab all by herself.
>After all there were a lot of potions in this lab.
>Some containg just average medicine against the common cold others, accid that could burn through ten tons of asphalt.
>It was good for digging.
>So you had to trick her away to be able to work on your masterpiece in peace.
>You had noticed when you got here that in this version of Equestria there where only five elements of harmony and Fluttershy was not one of them.
>In fact Fluttershy did not exist in this world.
>This was that version of Equestria.
>You didn't know why this was.
>You hadn't seeked out her parents to find why out they hadn't had Fluttershy if they existed that is.
>Regardless, your choice of momfu had always been Fluttershy because as a wise man once said, "Fluttershy is jesus in disguise." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaGYztYVwkA
>Twilight was alrìght but like even if (How do I convey this so you cowboys can understand?) there is a difference between a pitcher that gets to fifth base compared to one that gets to third base.
>And that's the difference.
>(You) might be wondering how you managed to make a frankenstein monster.
>Who were (you) before you became a filly.
>Well, let you tell (you)!
>The reason you can create life from scratch is because you once saw a snippet of "Rick and Morty."
>The clip was the one where the being that was made of both Htiler and Abraham Lincoln pussed out against a black manlet.
>Good shit.
>This had made you see what was previously invisable to you: The seams of reality.
>Anyway, so you walked up the stair and out of the basement.
>You took some milk out of the fridge.
>As you poured into a glass you began to miss Twilight especially her teeths.
>You sighed and picked up a straw instead.
>The four hour came and went.
>You had spent the first three on

Eh, I am sorry but I got bored but the joke here is that filly wants Fluttershy to be her mom but fluttershy who is created by her sees her as her mom instead. Haha, irony.
Anyway, Im on a busy schedule of doing nothing so I don't have time anymore.


Oh my god. Did you go to High Tech High San Marcos


Thank you, burger man.


I did not, sorry to disappoint.
My pleasure.


Disappoint? No, you spared me a lot of embarrassment. I thought you were a former classmate who took the train with me every morning. To be called autistic by a FiMFic writer who got a Rainbow Dash hoodie would have crushed my ego. Plus if that were you, then you'd be calling my music "pop" music, which I SHALL NOT ABIDE


File: 1557249362638-0.jpg (169 KB, 500x667, mgrod1.jpg)

>"Here's your shipment of Magnesium Ms- oh, I didn't expect you to open the door."
>"Where does Twilight normally store her rods?"


File: 1557252945088.png (6.94 MB, 4000x10000, 1542064793585.png)

does anybody have the pastebin to the NEET filly story?


>NEET filly story
I didn't realize there was one. I want a link too!!!


File: 1557257009407.png (158.09 KB, 534x555, Raven_Earth_pony_ID_S4E14.png)

Anon, you really should check something out that isn't a comic book.


"You're not my librarian! You can't tell me what to do!"


File: 1557258111590.jpg (51.06 KB, 866x923, raven_inkwell_by_arcane_th….jpg)

What are you talking about? I fill in when Twilight goes out of town, just like always.


File: 1557258584984-0.jpg (21.19 KB, 400x400, LFeqSq7C_400x400.jpg)

That means it's just you and me tonight…


File: 1557259227104.png (286.48 KB, 1387x1617, 1521554386334.png)

>no purple smart mom horse tonight


File: 1557259375286-0.jpeg (69.85 KB, 531x611, 298947.jpeg)

Please Anon, I'm more than capable of making these 'tendies' you ask for. Now, where's the grill?


Y-you fucking faggot, I'll have your head.


>Ywn stay up after every other filly has gone to bed
>Ywn pick one particularly timid filly and put her hoof in a bowl of warm water every night
>Ywn remove it once she's relieved herself on her sheets, removing all the evidence
>Ywn cause her to think that her humanity and status as an adult are fading
>Swn have a mental breakdown one night during dinner
>Swn be taken away to a mental institution for electroshock therapy, destroying her mind and her humanity with it
>Ywn select another victim


File: 1557261018937-0.jpg (71.02 KB, 1080x647, IMG_20190507_142543.jpg)


File: 1557262931674.png (312.91 KB, 1266x850, Raspberry.png)

>taken away to a mental institution
Oh I don't think so


>Twi will never smother the timid bedwetter with love and attention
>swn unintentionally lead the filly down the adult foal path
>swn discover her latent love for pampering fillies, turning an already childish batch of anons into well loved if bratty babbies


Momfuception. I like.


File: 1557265273295.png (292.47 KB, 1646x1672, fillyheadpat.png)

Oh shush, you know you'd love it


He's not you, so probably not. Unless he's secretly gay, that is. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Except being gay.


Right now ids lol.


Knowing how much Lone looks up to assfaggot, you'd better fucking bet he would.


Also, no offense but how drunk are you Sven?


File: 1557275969983.jpg (53.89 KB, 720x566, 1456762.jpg)

Probably very drunk
>inb4 pic related is Sven right now


File: 1557277037253-0.png (169.53 KB, 706x532, 2031617.png)


What a cute faggot.


Changing diapers?


She almost looks like a Blue filly in that image.


Dunno how drunk he is, but I've got a good buzz going, and I'm only halfway through my coffee mug of White Russian that I've made for myself. Hopefully the inspiration fairy decides to pay me a visit so I can work on my story some more. Canterlot shenanigans are important, damn it!

…but I digress. Have a great night.

Checked. Nice dubs.


It's times like these I wish I was legally old enough to buy alcohol


>waiting until you're 21
That's good to do. I did and my birthday was one of my favorite nights out in a long time. Patience is a virtue.


File: 1557281041877.jpeg (118.55 KB, 1280x1054, 1211565.jpeg)

Be creative.


There's nothing all that special about alcohol. Impairs your motor movements. If you drink too much, you feel like puking your guts out. I suppose in its benefits, it makes you feel nice. For me, personally, it makes me feel like my thoughts are a little clearer. …though, if you take into account the impaired motor skills, it can fuck things over a little. Also, I find it makes me feel a bit less averse to social interaction. Goes a little smoother.


File: 1557281488275.png (3.14 MB, 1446x1760, Limestone-Pie-minor-my-lit….png)

>Enabling kids on the path of degeneracy
Not good.


Limestone is a wonderful pony. … Hey! Anypony made a Pie farm Anonfilly? Plenty of options for fun interactions. I'd write it myself, but I'm a bit tipsy and a terrible writefag for neglecting my other story.


Apparently it's slang for blowjobs.


File: 1557283272461.jpeg (100.17 KB, 728x1024, large.jpeg)

As far as images go, there's this, and then there was a short one-shot that somebody wrote based on it shortly after i was posted. I would find it for you, but I'm absolutely exhausted.


File: 1557283646188.jpg (70.97 KB, 800x800, Dl3DKnTX0AItWJp.jpg)

>Purple will pay


All this talk of drinking has given me an idea for something potentially fun to do next time I drink.
Sit/stand at my computer, and get people to give me ideas for things to write, then post the results. Mistakes I forget to edit out, or didn't even notice and all.


Sounds fun.




In all honesty I think the main reasons people enjoy alcohol are that;
1. It makes you think less. Literally.
This effect is particularly desirable by people who tend to be anxious, and people who are stressed. It makes it easier to escape from those thoughts and emotions, and simply enjoy the moment one is in, with mitigated dread of what's to come, or what could go wrong. This is why it's so commonly used at many different social gatherings.
But of course, you can see how this can easily devolve into abusing alcohol, and alcoholism. Because people just keep running from their problems instead of properly solving them, all the while the problems get worse and worse, leading to more alcohol consumption.
2. It makes you feel funny. This can be a slight tingle or buzz in your limbs, a comfortable warmth in your face and chest, or any number of things I have yet to experience. The effects seem to vary based on what kind of alcohol you consume, e.g. beer, vodka, rum, whisky, and how much you consume.
Oh, and the puking your guts out part. That happens sometimes when you drink too much. You can also feel nauseated easier if you drink the wrong kind the wrong way. Your gut will be one of your main guides for your drinking preferences. It'll tell you what it likes, and what it dosen't. Or rather, what is more tolerable to it.



Oh wait fuck i forgot that americans have to wait until 21


File: 1557287361773.png (2.48 MB, 1300x1500, MLP Trixie in Magic circle.png)

They should wait for ever.
It is shameful and disgusting to see so many wasted and spiraling downwards.
Disclaimer: a teetotaler here.


meh honestly when I was in a very bad place at one point in my life I started drinking cause weed wasn't legal in my state. Ended up getting hooked. Doing much better now - mid-twenties making six figures, but I still struggle with the fucking hooch. Can't seem to quit it and it is literally going to kill me by my mid-forties if I don't stop


Hmm. On the first, maybe. Though, if you do think on something, it's clarified or focused more upon, probably explaining why I feel why my thoughts are feeling more clear.


>they should wait forever
Right, because that worked out so well in the 20s.
Alchohol may be degenerate, but given that you can make it with household items in almost any environment it's gonna stay. Just drink responsibly if at all. Alchoholism destroys lives but it also created civilisation.


Knowing an alcoholic, I do wish I could snap my fingers, and have them never pick up a bottle again until they actually have their shit together, and have a solid footing in life.
If you've got legal access to weed, I'd recommend looking for stuff that has (roughly) a balance of THC and CBD percentage, and smoking/vaping a small amount(enough to make you feel high) each day to see what it does for you. I found a couple sativa strains like that up here in leaf land that I order off a government website, and vaping a bit each day in the morning has really improved my mood, and aided in improving my thinking. I'm getting set-up with government funded cannabis counseling to help me pick out a CBD oil to try.
My main reason for doing this is my inclination towards anxiousness, potentially Generalized Anxiety Disorder.


The spoiler is for if you were wondering what I was "self-medicating" for.


Oh I grew up smoking weed so def using that as a crutch to help me quit. I use it purely for recreation now but I have heard from friends whose opinions I value that it really helps reduce social anxiety for a few days after using. After that I totally believe it helps people with their depression/anxiety. Wish I was using it instead of the booze. Currently cold turkeying - five days sober. Would not have made it without weed keeping me distracted from the unending craving. that and naltrexone which is a miracle for addicts trying to quit.


Good luck to you, fillyhad to try to keep it relevant to the thread.
And if you do decide to try weed that has a fair bit of CBD, remember that CBD can "cancel out" some of the intoxicating effects of THC when they interact, so you can feel free to smoke more than you normally would. In-fact, definitely smoke more than you normally would.


As with all things, self control is important. I mainly use it as a brief vacation from troubles. Thing is, vacations end. All those troubles are waiting for you when you come back. If one goes on vacation all the time, that causes problems of its own.


File: 1557300472206.png (699.99 KB, 1400x1400, Intervention.png)


File: 1557300696121.png (483.23 KB, 2927x2341, AnonFilly-FuckOff.png)


You hold up your hoof to face the smart ass. "Of course I have fingers. Can't you see what I'm doing with them right now?"

A number of the crowd "ooo"s and "ahh"s in response to your comeback, with a couple of students proclaiming that the man just got "wrecked." You feel good about yourself now.

Out of nowhere, Blossom and Daring fly in to drop off breakfast for the rest of your friends. Somehow you hadn't noticed their sudden disappearance, and now you are wishing they would have brought you another slice. Since you ate early, you're basically the only filly at the table without a plate. Before digging in, Twilight instructs the students the students to form a line, so you all can address their questions one at a time. Without much difficulty, they do so, forming a line stretching all the way out of the room. This may take a while.

The first person in line is a neckbeard, somehow. He asks, "Okay, so I noticed you all seem to look exactly like some of the characters from My Little Pony, but where's the green one from? I don't think I've seen her as even a background character, so are you just some weirdo's OC?"


File: 1557300806825.png (1.09 MB, 2443x2122, Chilly Filly.png)


"Oof." 1d100[ 1d100 = 73 ]


"I'm from Texas, you may have heard of it. Next?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 1 ]


e n d m y l i f e


This, then.
"There were enough differences in the Equestria we came from to more or less prove to us that it wasn't a 1 for 1 recreation of the show's Equestria.
It could have come from anyone's imagining of Equestria, including some writef-errr, writer's imagining of it, who could have also been the weirdo you refereed to.
If you want to know more, you'll unfortunately have to go to the back of the line, or hope that the next person asks a follow up question.
1d100[ 1d100 = 60 ]




What a faggot. Looks like she needs a big fucking hug for all the shit she's been through.


File: 1557336786959.png (990.55 KB, 2367x1909, 1509139307605.png)


point at your flank
oooh, its a mysteryyy!
also i was in the movie for a second so shut up
1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


File: 1557338099029.png (833.39 KB, 2000x2000, 1000927.png)

One does not simply cuddle filly
Filly is the one who chooses to cuddle you

Play dumb as if you didnt knew there was a show and dare him to name everyone else and try getting your name
Time to get this fag out of his locker in front of the whole school
Also ask him who is best pony
1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]


Boosting this >>220896 followed by this >>220897 for maximum spaghetti
1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]

I dont paste my greens since they re not even that good, but here >>209577


>"Please sir, may I have some (You)?
>must of


File: 1557340798822.gif (364.67 KB, 243x277, 1506287739333.gif)

I was in a crowd shot in the movie. 1d100[ 1d100 = 86 ]




File: 1557345601079.png (6.24 KB, 73x73, 1542028971266.png)

"Yea. Next." Answer everything in one or two words like the autistic sperg you are. 1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]


>Twi finally caves and gives you some extra bits so you can get some Hayburger after school and bring her back some too
>on the way back home with the greasy goodness, some pegasus kids from school jump out with a snow cloud and dump a blizzard on you
>the sudden cold weather causes your tears to freeze to your face as the winged bullies laugh
>worse yet, your hayfries are getting cold




1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


Boost this. 1d100[ 1d100 = 31 ]


But Anon, this is already based on a green…


File: 1557371541030.png (Spoiler Image, 797.77 KB, 1280x720, FillyBoom.png)

>inb4 a pic based on a green based on a pic based on a green
>inb4 a green based on the pic based on a green based on a pic based on a green


File: 1557372157251.png (876.44 KB, 1280x718, GIVE US YOUR STRENGTH.png)

This is the most wonderful of all of the possibilities. Boosting may be useless, but I demand this happen.
1d100[ 1d100 = 39 ]


>when the filly becomes self-sustaining


I cant believe it
Anonfilly said the N word
And its beautiful…


File: 1557385805260.png (30.78 KB, 373x326, AnonFilly-Stretch.png)


This horsefucker isn't worth your time if he's going to insult you. You roll your eyes and with a complete lack of enthusiasm in your voice, say, "Yeah… next!"

The man seems completely flabbergasted, but he is quickly replaced by the impatient student next in line. No one else seems to care much about your rather dismissive answer, presumably since most people agree that no one should have to justify your existence.

Most of the questions that follow seem to be directed at the group, rather than you specifically. You let Twilight handle those ones. Among the things the people learn are that yes, you are in the bodies of characters from My Little Pony, but no, you weren't born that way. It takes a little bit of time for the crowd to start to believe the bits and pieces of your story that Twilight lets through, but a few demonstrations of magic and flying, as well as of common human knowledge seems to back your stories. As time passes, they begin to become more sympathetic, with a few people offering words of support, including a couple welcome backs.

For your own part, you make a point of answering questions aimed towards you with short, often cryptic responses. One girl asks if you really think Hitler did nothing wrong, so you simply shrug and say "Eh." You express non-committal towards any question that could demonize you, although when asked if you just enjoy fucking with people you smile and suggest, "probably." You do not get many questions after this.

After half of the line has died down, you see a small crowd of people burst into the cafeteria with cameras and what look like press passes. They introduce themselves as being from KVRR (a local news station) and the Associated Press respectively, and immediately ask if you are available for an interview.


"Don't spin anything and we'll consider it."
1d100[ 1d100 = 71 ]


File: 1557392201690.png (175.08 KB, 785x815, Legs.png)

My mom could beat up your mom!


I love it.


File: 1557398526221.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 2526x1931, IMG_3507.JPG)

Did this for a friend. There is absolutely no other reason, totally.


Brave filly!


File: 1557400863590.jpg (282.8 KB, 900x1117, IMG_3405.JPG)

No she couldn't


While the others give their answer, debate in your mind whether you should grab a fidget spinner before saying this >>221014 , or prepare your will before going on air for what will surely be the deluge of controversial things to say that the voices will try to pressure you into saying.
1d100[ 1d100 = 47 ]


Weighing the merits of both options, and if you could just do both.


>Ywn ywn the filly.
why ywn?


Nuh-uh!…Ok, ya. Probably.



File: 1557426945813.png (268.24 KB, 670x493, sad.png)

>tfw ywn


File: 1557429260208.jpg (65.35 KB, 522x582, 1521631034299.jpg)

>tfw tf


File: 1557432728699.gif (1.27 MB, 300x270, 421361.gif)

Alright fillies and gentlefags, today's the big day. You've been living in the orphanage since you got to Equestria, but now you're finally getting adopted. Take a screenshot or click and drag to roll for your new horse mom. Canonically married couples are a package deal, but who you roll will be the one who spends the most time taking care of you. Feel free to age-up/rule 63 as necessary otherwise. Good luck and don't forget to make her something nice for Mother's Day.


>tfw unironically got sunbutt on first try


File: 1557434653196.png (133.33 KB, 510x533, 1495527067897.png)

Of course not



I got Nightmare Moon…


File: 1557434857946.png (38.91 KB, 294x269, 2019-05-09_16-46-20.png)

I don't like this game


Does this mean we can't be friends anymore?



Nah. Just means we gotta be secret friends.


Right, secret friends. Okie dokie!


File: 1557436517681.png (76.21 KB, 311x275, _Mom.png)

I Got the best mom
I'll be the best dressed Colt


File: 1557437115079.jpg (36.01 KB, 447x359, Oh, well.JPG)

Dinky: "Ponies simply don't understand how it is to have a mentally handicapped mother."
Me: "Hold my beer."


File: 1557438523828-0.png (59.17 KB, 305x275, Screenshot (46).png)

File: 1557438523828-1.png (375.71 KB, 742x969, 1531891773968.png)

ah fuck
well there goes my second childhood


File: 1557438990508.png (377.17 KB, 720x640, Screenshot_20190509-165607….png)

Good thing I like muffins


File: 1557439197391-0.jpg (83.19 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1557365081099.jpg)

File: 1557439197391-1.jpg (137.02 KB, 1440x2560, sketch-1557328015922.jpg)

File: 1557439197391-2.jpg (102.89 KB, 1440x1440, sketch-1557411918869.jpg)

File: 1557439197391-3.jpg (117.53 KB, 1440x2560, sketch-1557326851328.jpg)

File: 1557439197391-4.jpg (98.27 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1557249963828.jpg)

Lots of unposted faggots


File: 1557439365302-0.jpg (2.94 MB, 5312x2988, 20190509_172751.jpg)

File: 1557439365302-1.jpg (3.03 MB, 5312x2988, 20190509_172749.jpg)

File: 1557439365302-2.jpg (2.73 MB, 5312x2988, 20190509_172745.jpg)

File: 1557439365302-3.jpg (3.1 MB, 5312x2988, 20190509_172739.jpg)

File: 1557439365302-4.jpg (2.78 MB, 5312x2988, 20190509_172729.jpg)

Even more


File: 1557439502476.jpeg (128.77 KB, 1082x981, image.jpeg)

Oh dear


You now can not unsee #5 as a filly sticking out of a weightlifter's neckhole.


File: 1557439665744-0.jpg (3.14 MB, 5312x2988, 20190509_172726.jpg)

File: 1557439665744-1.jpg (2.85 MB, 5312x2988, 20190509_161949.jpg)

File: 1557439665744-2.jpg (2.74 MB, 5312x2988, 20190425_180258.jpg)

File: 1557439665744-3.jpg (2.48 MB, 5312x2988, 20190425_181409.jpg)

File: 1557439665744-4.jpg (3.35 MB, 5312x2988, 20190416_120816.jpg)

A couple more


File: 1557439775608.png (257.64 KB, 1818x1818, really makes filly think.png)

>try click and drag
>it's always the first frame


as long as whatever you say makes sure we're not tossed to the men in black with all your minds wiped.
1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


File: 1557439950594-0.png (3.32 MB, 1730x3184, 1546641630982.png)

well then why are you complaining fag, you get best mom


Why, yes, I drink my milk straight from the tap. How did you know?


You make good fillies


File: 1557440809540.jpg (95.23 KB, 1440x1920, sketch-1557252680589.jpg)

What was that? You want MY milk?!


These could all be fun greens.


File: 1557441481500.png (37.2 KB, 308x276, eggs.png)

>misses her kids who all left to become mega homos
>needs some serious loving
>my mom can eat your mom
Tartarus will be worth it. Wait, will this make me Cozy Glow?




File: 1557444779517.png (291.94 KB, 484x439, Whew.PNG)

Ah fuck, here we go. Was mobilefagging when I wrote this, so there will be errors.
>"Anon, exams are tomorrow and you haven't studied at all."
>You look up from your (non-school related) book and sigh.
"Mom, I already know it all. I'll do fine."
>She tries to take the book out of your hooves, but you quickly levitate it away from her.
>One of the perks of your contentfagging.
>"These aren't my classroom exams though. These are standardized tests, and if you fail even one of them then you repeat the grade."
>You're back to your book now.
>She groans and gives you a firm tap on the tip of your horn, knocking the book to the floor.
"H-hey! Starswirl was just about to kick some changeling ass!"
>She mutters something about historical inaccuracies and puts it on the table.
>"What did I tell you about swearing?"
"Sorry, force of habit…"
>She ruffles your mane a bit.
>"I know you're having trouble adjusting, but I need you to work on it. You're a pony now, no matter what you think."
>That one stung a bit…
>Time to show her.
"Quiz me."
"If I can prove I know enough to ace that test, there's no need for me to study, right?"
>"Hmm… I suppose."
>She goes to grab her lesson plans.
>She comes back in, eyes gleaming with something you don't quite recognize.
>"Powerhouse of the cell."
>"Keeps organelles suspended."
>"Bond between a metal and a nonmetal."
>"Square root of 64."
>You go on and on like this, a shiteating grin slowly manifesting on your face.
>Cheerilee's has fallen off almost conpletely.
>"Alright, last question."
>She sounds defeated.
>"Who led the fourth regiment of earth ponies to victory in 147?"
>Her smile is back.
>"This strategy, used by the Royal Guard to seek and destroy Bat Ponies during Nightmare Moon's assualt was called?"
"Uhh… Nightmare Noon?"
>She shakes her head and drops the heavy-ass textbook next to you.
>"You have a lot of studying to do, history exam is tomorrow."


Nice take that Anon knew everything about the subjects humans and ponies share but not history.




File: 1557446241924.png (42.79 KB, 337x319, fuck yeah dubstep lullabie….png)

Perfection. I love Vinyl and Octy, and the idea of being with a mare who'd probably lull me to sleep with trance and wake me up with happy hardcore or DnB music is just wonderful.

>being this in denial

Top tier shit, you ultrafaggot. Moar.


Nicely done!


File: 1557447770464.png (60.33 KB, 301x270, Screenshot from 2019-05-09….png)


Does this mean I can get all the booze I want?


File: 1557449937326.png (50.49 KB, 301x273, Screenshot_20190509_205331.png)

I don't know what to do with my luck.
I wanted a mom and I got a daughter.


>Implying it's impossible for a young mare like apple bloom to get pregnant.


File: 1557450219216.gif (Spoiler Image, 41.85 KB, 300x270, 20190509_182738.gif)

Sometimes being a phone fag just isn't worth it. Number 37, Rule 63 Fancy Pants.
>Holy Shit. The richest, most influential pony just walked in to adopt the strangest, most interesting pony in to the orphanarium.
>Judging by the looks and directions everyo- everypony is recommending me.
>A sacrifice for the bored god.
>Glee is on their faces. I can't tell if it's because they won't be picked or if it means I'll leave.
>Possibly the kindness is pony hearts and minds?
>Negatives first.
>Rejecting the offer might mean annoying The Most Influential Pony, besides the princesses, and her followers. Earth has taught me one thing pissing those in power off can make life alot harder than it needs to be. I hope we won.
>I might be a trophy to show off. A rare collectable.
>I may have to mingle with nobles. No matter how stupid they are.
>I would probably be in the spotlight.
>Reporters, and Paparazzi all the time.
>Could possibly be a pedophile. Better me than an innocent pony I suppose.
>Might be even worse. Haven't actually seen the statistics here in Horsey Land.
>Extremely unrealistic expectations of me.
>Her peers would try to also adopt foals. May Celestia, and Luna help those kids.
>Fortune, and influence. All the power could be mine! Mwahaha.
>Possibly private school or individual tutors. No slog through the public school system. No offense pony land.
>She wanted the strangest one so I might be as weird as I want.
>I could learn Magic. Earth pony magic, but real magic none the less.
>I could test the magic stuff from Earth.
>Excellent Meals.
>I might be able to eat steak. Could cows talk here?
>And a r- oh she's here.
>"You are Anonymous, yes?"
"I am, ma'am."
>"Good, your peers say you are an adult male alien inside a filly. That interests me. I am sure you won't disappoint in interesting conversation."
>Okay, I didn't think they would remember the rant I did for that first week.
>She readjusted her monocle.
>"You would deter some seeking my hoof in marriage, be more self-sufficient than other foals, assure my clients is in good hooves if anything happens, a possible mentor and guide if I actually have foals of my own, and more regular meetings with the princesses."
>"In return you will have a home, with many luxuries. An education on almost anything you desire. A place to be yourself. Most things in this world within reach."
"What should I call you Lady Pants?"
>"Whatever you want, when not in a formal setting as long as I don't disagree to it. Mother, in formal meetings."
>This may be a faustian bargain.
>I shake her hoof.
"Where do we start Mother?"
>"Saying goodbye before hoof is in order."


File: 1557450236830.gif (Spoiler Image, 58.48 KB, 132x140, 1484932849930.gif)



Alternatively, she was given responsibility over you, even though she's a filly. …or maybe its's because who knows what a question mark as a cutie mark means, so why not foist them onto one of the CMC?


>she was given responsibility over you


>Feel free to age-up/rule 63 as necessary otherwise.
I mean being older or the same age as your 'mom' could be funny.


"Consarnit, Anon! Ah done tol' ya naht tuh go buckin' th' zap apple trees! Yew all raht? How many hooves do ya see me holdin' uhp?"


>tfw you forget about the pizza in your oven and it gets burnt to a point that it's black.

Cadance would be so disappointed in me.


File: 1557459524022.png (378.15 KB, 2048x2048, 2029193.png)

derpi filly


Near Brock levels of slant eyes. But I can still make out eyes when I zoom in.


It's unfortunate having to toss out a pizza because it's basically un-eatable, especially if it was because of your own negligence.


Small consolation is that it was a cheap frozen pizza and I had a second one to cook up. … I found my phone's timer feature, so that one turned out all right.


File: 1557460362021-0.png (641.05 KB, 3000x2167, 2029368.png)

File: 1557460362022-1.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1225x1733, 2026977.jpeg)

also these, whoops


>"Hey Nonny, wanna hear a riddle?"
"Sure, Mom."
>"What can you catch, but not throw?"
"Ooh ooh I know this one!"
>"What is it?"
>A sigh.
>"Here's another riddle: which pony in this room is adopted?"



Not me, just reposting someone's work.


Nah, was answering purple's last question ^;)


File: 1557463840977-0.png (34.24 KB, 300x300, Untitled.png)

wtf It's always Twilight on my browser


File: 1557464667659.png (Spoiler Image, 475.45 KB, 1474x1204, 1518354794003.png)

Oh boy, you know what that means!


>implying that's a bad thing
I mean sure, Sunbutt or possibly even Lovebutt are more motherly, but Twilight's still learning.


Are you just refreshing? Because you have to click on it to see the animation.


Kek, nice


File: 1557467631138.png (29.58 KB, 306x270, Capture.PNG)

I hope to god she never discovers my green.


File: 1557468183023.png (295.68 KB, 1028x1024, CircleBabby.png)



File: 1557470819078.png (245.65 KB, 1365x1570, hnnngg.png)

That's an adorable babby


I'll take care of her.


Babbies are cute


Interesting. Planning to continue?


So smug




Absolutely adorable


File: 1557473151037.png (213.24 KB, 811x1073, AnonFilly-CantPullTheTrigg….png)


If you had a fidget spinner available, now would be a good time to use it as a prop to emphasize your point. Unfortunately, you aren't Pinkie Pie, and you can't just pull items out of thin air for the purposes of plot convenience. Instead, you elect a simple, yet serious answer. "Don't put any spin on this, and we'll consider it."

The AP reporter laughs. "Trust me, there's no spin to be had with talking horses. Honestly I'd rather let you all do the talking."

"Ponies," Twilight corrects him.

"Oh, right. Ponies. And you are… no wait, don't tell me. Twilight Sparkle?"

She shakes her head. "I have the body of Twilight Sparkle, but not by choice. I will take the name I was given at birth, which is Diana Rose Fischer."

"Not by choice?," he asks, somewhat in jest, "So you're telling me you're not a bunch of advanced toys that snuck out of a Hasbro factory somewhere?"

"And here I thought you weren't going to give us any spin. Sorry Mr. reporter, but what you see is the real deal."

The next half hour or so consists of Twilight hogging as much press attention as she can, while the remaining crowd disperses in part, except for a few students who choose to watch on the sideline. It's a bit boring from your own perspective, so you try to find something to keep your mind entertained so you don't end up screaming "nigger" at the top of your lungs. Aside from playing a few old clapping games with Blossom, however, not much helps quell the dullness of the situation.

In the middle of all of this, you feel a pair of hooves tossed around you from behind out of nowhere. Not knowing at first that they were hooves instead of hands, you jump out of your seat in shock. Their seafoam color puts you at ease, however.

Lyra whispers into both of you and Blossom's ears, "Wanna sneak off and listen to me play some music for a few of our new fans?"


>Be filly
>Mr Cake is carrying you on his back, having just adopted (you)
>You've rarely been outside the orphanage so you have no idea where you are going
>Soon you see a wacky looking house in the distance
>As you move towards it you soon notice a scent of pastry dough in the air
>Definitely a bakery
>Mr Cake lets you down in front of the steps
>"This is were we live, go on in!"
>You live in a bakery now?!
>You walk up the steps and slowly open the door
>As you walk in you're surprised by a blue mare who's carrying all sorts of pastries on a plate
>"Welcome to your new home!"
>She tosses the plate to her husband in an impossible display of cartoon physics and immediately picks you up for a hug
>After she's done squeezing you to death for what seemed like an eternity you're set down and you see Mr Ca- no, your new father offering the plate to you
>"Go ahead and pick one, no need to be shy!"
>For the first time in your miserable life as a pony you actually feel loved
>Unconditional affection and generosity
>The emotions finally hit you like an anvil to the head
>You're unable to move a muscle as your eyes tear up
>Your new home.

"No I'd rather listen to Diana blather on OF COURSE I wanna listen to you play." Boop her friendlily. 1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


File: 1557485260987.gif (189.55 KB, 555x532, bang.gif)


"Hell yeah! Did someone borrow a guitar for you to play? Maybe we can do backup vocals, or lyrics too."
1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]


>Be talking with momhorse Lyra at dinner.
>Mention that you write.
>She asks you about it.
>Proceed to explain your entire storm of autism to momhorse (minus a few parts) up until the point where the Lyra break-in arc happens.
>"This is a really great story Anon, I'm glad you're finally opening up to me about something! What happens next?"
What do?


I really only had this planned out as a one-shot, but if you'd like to continue it yourself I wouldn't mind.




One day i wont forget the roll 1d100[ 1d100 = 15 ]


If filly keeps that up, her outie nose is gonna turn into an innie. Where's Purple when we need her to discipline the filly?


>"U-uh, n-nothing, that's where I stopped"
>Momhorse Lyra isn't having it
>She eventually finds the full green by bribing other Anonfillies with Bob-bon's sweets (fuck you Reuben)
>I go to children's therapy soon afterwards


File: 1557524175847.jpg (42.99 KB, 436x567, IMG_3262.JPG)

Hey, at least I won't be there alone now


Alas. The timing is just off enough that it doesn't sync up with a lot of songs. It's either a little too fast or slow. Oh well. Still a fun pic.


File: 1557535219847-0.png (122.52 KB, 1360x768, 2019-05-10_18.25.41.png)

File: 1557535219847-1.png (1.84 KB, 128x128, pinkwojakfillypixel.png)

Perfectly cut screams, filly edition


File: 1557535450428.png (56.35 KB, 200x154, a little scared.png)


"Filly is known best in the US for his use of 'Wreck-It Ralph' toys to express his angst-ridden feelings. Now this new product may represent a big step in Fluffy's progression into a more adult-targeted franchise like The Lego Movie or Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

According to the BBC, the new Fluffy toy – the "Fluffy from The Lego Movie" – comes with a new design, including a new, colourful faceplate and some additional toys for use with the Lego film's 'Asterix and the Crystal Skull.'

As for the film itself, here's hoping we don't get to see this beloved characters reveal itself in a more adult-positive setting.

[via The Telegraph]"


File: 1557546919607.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, confusedfilly.png)




This thread >>221213


I am still no less dumbfounded


File: 1557556007519.png (1.74 MB, 894x894, Lyra-PlayingInTheRain.png)


You glance over at Twilight, still blabbing off the basics of your life's story together for perhaps the third time today. It is doubtful that she'd notice you were gone, at least for a while. And if she did, well, it shouldn't be that hard to find a couple of fillies surrounded by a big crowd.

"Nooooooo," you tell Lyra with as much sarcastic exaggeration as you can muster, "I'd rather listen to Diana blather on. Of COURSE I want to listen to you play."

As you say this, you boop her playfully on the nose, earning a joyful giggle out of her. You silently motion to the rest of your friends to follow, and lead them out with Lyra and a small crowd. On the way out, you notice that Lyra seems to have swiped one of cups and a pair of spoons from the dining hall. These aren't plastic throwaway tableware, so you become a little suspicious.

"Hey, you're not trying to st-"

"Don't worry. I'm gonna bring them back. Just need 'em for one song."

"What song?"

"You'll see."

You make it out of the dining hall into a sort of clearing with a few paved walkways surrounded by grass. It is on one of those walkways that Lyra sits down upon with the cup and the two spoons and starts to play a familiar percussion line with them. As the crowd draws around her, you hear her sing once more.

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round. Two bottle 'a whiskey for the way. And I sure would like some sweet company, and I'm leaving tomorrow, wha-do-ya say?~"


>Not doing spoon man sick beats
Wait for her to finish though, then say
I expected more of you minty, now let me show you the song of my people
1d100[ 1d100 = 91 ]
And roll for how bad we fuck up
Very hard roll, 15-17 difficulty id say, only crit is decent, 10 or less is crit fail
1d20[ 1d20 = 15 ]


File: 1557557423478.png (228.51 KB, 503x641, 1198885.png)

And spoonfeeding the spoon man song which is the song i imagined filly trying, thankfully not too bad rolls there for once
That 15 is kinda oof though


Adding the bardic inspiration given to us by lyra's mere presence
1d1[ 1d1 = 1 ]


File: 1557564950113.jpg (23.59 KB, 400x300, dice 1d100.jpg)

Bardic inspiration is a d6, you dummy
1d6[ 1d6 = 3 ]


Funny, I remember it being a +1


File: 1557571119522.png (252.86 KB, 826x1150, 1555261930137.png)


i want my momma snugs though


Shit movie 1d100[ 1d100 = 18 ]


File: 1557608642185.png (131.01 KB, 1500x1125, 1531990819330.png)

“A man transforms into a cute little green cartoon filly as he makes his way through a large field of flowers. I'm guessing he's an animal because if he's such a big stuffed animal, he can fit in most of the fields… I can see why people aren't happy about this scene! But if he's made up for the cartoon appearance, this will be a good scene to bring out the cute characters.

After seeing the first two scenes, it's like the movie will get a little more emotional as the action plays out. I'm hoping that they are going to bring out more action scenes. What I like most about this movie is that they really want us to care. After all, this is a movie that has been told and watched over and over again. They don't hold back on any of it. Every time I see a scene like this, that makes me want to think "what if?", what if there really was an ending? That's what's”

thats deep


I don't understand these jumbled auto-generated paragraph stories and I don't care to understand them. Ree.


I still see >pic related as filly trying to bury her snout in between a pair of teats.


File: 1557627711571.png (343.4 KB, 1440x1942, 1537736573588.png)

the only teats that color would be floor bored's
and they likely wouldnt be that color


True that. Floor is a filthy mare.


>caring the filly
I'm moved.


Fucking hell, I didn't realize it's been a week already. Sorry about that, exams.
"She was planning something, knew something I didn't. Went to Zecora's hut and basically asked me to hold her up with my baseball bat, stole a bunch of chemicals and led me off into the Everfree following that map-"
>"What map?"
"It should still be strapped to her barrel along with those potions and stuff."
>"Ah, perfect."
>She looks it over for a few minutes before crumpling it up and tossing it behind her.
>"There's nothing here, you were given a dud of a map."
"She said the coordinates we had were a lie and send us out. I suspect I didn't meet the demise she was expecting us to, but surely Anon was a success if she's really mindwiped."
>"Ah, then the coordinates we were given were most certainly real ones… I'll need to do a thorough search around the area to make sure. In fact, I think I might go do-"
"Oh no you don't, Anon still needs your help."
>"She's passed out and will be for a good day or two until I deactivate the spell keeping that tranquilizer from decomposing. I've got plenty of time."
"Bring me then, you never know when you might need the assistance of an Earth pony."
>"You're a liability kid, but any excuse to get you killed doesn't sound that bad after losing the only thing I still give a shit about. Your funeral…"
>With a flash, you're rolling on the ground shrieking.
>"Oh, it's the pressure difference. Your ears should've adjusted naturally, oh well."
>"I'm feeling it too, but I learned a while ago that screaming when you're in pain doesn't get you anything but the wrong kind of attention."
>After a few more minutes, the pain in your ears subsides to a serviceable amount.
>You wipe off your snotty nose and start inspecting the ground.
>Twilight just starts losing it.
>"Hey dumbass! We're dealing with a global conspiracy organization, and you think there's just going to be a Celestia-damned switch on the ground? You're even denser than I thought."
>You try to hold in your retorts as you feel a click under you.
>A large cylinder lifts itself up into the air from beneath six feet of earth, which you quickly hop down from as not to break your legs.
>Hydraulic mechanisms hiss while whirring servos can be heard from within.
>The faded door opens up automatically.
>You give Twilight your best 'told you so' grin and stick out a hoof in invitation.
>"After you, Ms. Smarty Pants."
>She just grumbles something about this making no fucking sense before obliging.
>There are a bunch of strange numbered buttons, unlike anything you've ever seen.
>The entire structure is composed of metal and if you were claustrophobic you would be hating your very existence right now, pushed up underneath Twilight's fat butt in the cylinder.
>"I… guess I should apologize. I may have underestimated you."
"Buy me a milkshake later and we'll call it even."
>You feel the reverberations of her laughter through her body above you.
>You hear a 'ding' as the door closes, and suddenly you're plunged into darkness…
>Be… Green Clover.
>You groggily rub your eyes, using a hoof to take out the thing from your neck.
>Where did mommy and the ghost go?
>Oh well, mommy would be angry if you went hungry…
>Time to make some cookies!
>Be Honed Edge.
>You're preforming a delicate surgical procedure on one of your colleagues when the power cuts out.
>You let out a string of expletives and monitor your patient's conditions by hoof as the life support system blinks off.
>The generator should be online within less than a minute…
>A red beam cuts through the door to your operating room, and two figures step in; both bathed in shadow.
>"What the fuck did you do to my daughter?!"
"I haven't operated on a child in my thirteen years working at this laboratory."
>"Hmm, then maybe your patient knows a bit about what you slimy fucks did to her?"
"She's currently undergoing an emergency heart transplant. You're lucky I hadn't severed anything important yet when you knocked out the power, she could've died."
>"And what a shame that would've been…"
"Yes, it most certainly would've been. This is my brilliant colleague and close personal friend Compound Fracture-"
>"Compound Fracture is dead, I read the police report myself."
"Not this one."
>"You and I both know that no two ponies have ever shared the exact same name."
"Look, I'm really not the stallion to ask about this sort of thing. You two should really go to the head office, it's clearly marked on the map."
>"Thank you."
"You can thank me by not jeopardizing another pony's life when you're in this facility."
>"Of course, that's your job."
>You huff.
>"Excuse me, I am a world-renowned surgeon with four pHDs, over twenty years of experience, and a-"
>A great numbness passes through your body as a bolt of energy singes through the thick metal plating on your wall.
>"I believe that's your job. Enjoy "Compound's" blood on your hooves, you fucker."
>You grumble angrily as they walk away.
>Did she think this was the first time you'd had your spine severed?
>No matter, you're a unicorn.
>You reach out with your field and activate the silent alarm.
>Those two ponies would pay for your inconvenience.
>You sigh in relief as the lights flick back on above and the life support system starts to beep again.
>Everything was going to be alright after all.
>Now you just need to wait…
>Be Little League.
>The lights flick back on.
>"Fuck, they must have a backup generator."
"Didn't you destroy all three generators?"
>"Apparently they didn't localize them all. Smart, I honestly didn't expect that. It might be time to get out of her and come back another day."
>You watch her horn light up.
>Nothing happens.
>It lights up again.
>"They must've figured out a way to authorize only certain ponies' usage of magic. We need to get to the elevator."
>You're tossed onto her back like a sack of potatoes.


>"Earth pony magic! What's stored in your mane?"
"Two cupcakes and a baseball bat."
>"Get ready to use that bat."


That's kind of hot.


File: 1557645978322.png (422.59 KB, 800x800, Lyra-Swoon.png)


As Lyra finishes up playing the cup song, you offer to play the next song. She simply smiles and tells you to break a leg. You join the center of the crowd and attempt to perform the song "Spoonman" using the spoons as an accompaniment. It earns you a light applause, but not much.

"Hmm, not bad," Lyra remarks. "Seems like it's missing something though. Maybe a guitar? Speaking of which…" she walks over to one of the humans in the crowd. "How's progress on getting one here? Danny getting back from his dorm yet?"

"He'll be another 5 minutes or so."

"Well that's a bummer. I really need some strings for my best covers. Hrm… Hey Anon, can you rap? Because if you can, I can beatbox."


Rap one of Moonman's songs for them
1d100[ 1d100 = 69 ]


forgot to mention, anyone can feel free to suggest which one since I'm still working through them all.


Goddammit. Your dubs and 69 roll say yes, but my mind is telling me this is a bad idea. How about Mom's Spaghetti instead? 1d100[ 1d100 = 66 ]


This but with a higher roll 1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


"Sure can! Lay down the beat from 'Lose yourself' by Eminem." Proceed to rap "Mom's Spaghetti" once the beat starts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW-BU6keEUw
1d100[ 1d100 = 1 ]


Fucking end me


This, but it's not a 1 1d100[ 1d100 = 91 ]


Thank you, Aussie man.


File: 1557681736557.jpg (145.23 KB, 1280x1280, twiggles hug.jpg)

It's Mother's Day!
Who is your momfu and what would you do for them as the filly on this special day?



Honestly, gonna be going out to a movie with my real mom. Be sure to give your momma a hug, Anon.


File: 1557683891519.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.24 KB, 450x379, IMG_3125.JPG)

You already posted best momfu. Probably wake up early to make her breakfast in bed, see if I could get some comfy cuddles while she ate after I woke her up with a bit of a nuzzle…
I can't wait for this day to be over…


My mother's day is going to be spent manning a checkstand and cleaning shit off of display cases that look like they're from 1905.

Happy fucking birthday and mother's day, mom. Hope it's as disappointing as my day was.


She lives a couple hours drive away, so I'm gonna message her Happy Mothers day and maybe have a video call with her.


>the spoiler text
I'm sorry to hear that, both of you


File: 1557701225378.png (33.96 KB, 135x200, f_fancy_pants_kopie_by_hei….png)

Yeps, feel free to add or modify of you want.
Place where I pulled the pic from. Rule 63 Fancy Pants. The Spoilers spoil. Another part incoming.
Anonfilly has a bad day.
>It's Mother's Day. Being adopted three days ago did not help with the planning.
>The most jarring thing is how genuine Fancy Pants is.
>Like seriously what the fuck.
>She has hope, and pride in her city to be a shining beacon for all of Equestria so others to obtain the highest standard. Like her triple crown cutie mark or her posh voice.
>Then there is me.
>The plan, She want's interesting things, meeting the princesses more often, and a filly for a cover story.
>She has one rule though. Something that is difficult for me to do.
>"Be yourself."
>I can act like a filly, and do a cutesy Mother's Day card. She has a knowing look though when someone is putting on a mask.
>I'm here in my new room, ploting, the sun hasn't risen yet. As the door is opening…
>The door is opening?
>Fancy Pants, is here in full pajama wear.
>"Anonymous you're awake, that is most excellent."
"Good morning, Fancy, what's up?"
>"Rustic diction, I like it. We have a meeting with princess Celestia. I have to notify her about the change in plans, I'm sure she would love to see you. Since this ought to be a private meeting, I have an inkling you will be great friends. We must make haste, the help will be in here in three minutes to have you prepared. I will be by the door."
>She left.
>Who needs plans anyway. Now I have to be man handled by butlers and maids to look presentable. They do a good job though. The words of being such a good filly as they stroke me is fucking weird though.
>With a brush. For the fur, and mane.
>In the shower, washed, dried, groomed, fluffed, slicked, dressed, and by the door. In under five minutes.
>No matter how weird it is they are professionals at what they do.
>"Anonymous, you're here good. We may be right on time to join her majesty for breakfast and tea."
"So, Fanc- Mother, what should I expect?"
>"A pony who has seen a little too much, but keeps going every day."
>That's not ominous at all.
>The Castle is looming ahead.
>The guards quickly let us in.
>"So you understand Anonymous, I'm sorry for what may happen."
>Okay what the fuck.
>And the door opened.

>Princess Celestia, in the flesh no crown, or shoes. In a bedroom, sitting by a table with a kettle and three tea cups with saucers. A single candle lighting the room.

>All this setting needs now is some blood and a few squiggly lines with circles and it would look like a cult ritual.
>"Daughter, Pants, you have arrived with your new daughter."
>The voice full of warm sunshine, chilled to an almost eldritch quality.
>"I have returned, Mother, this daughter of mine, goes by the name Anonymous. Partake as you wish."
>Oh, Fuck.
>Celestia opens her equine mouth.
>"Anonymous, like the others. How delightful. I do enjoy a good challenge. Son of man, Daughter of harmony come closer and speak to me your name."
>Fuckity fuck. I trot closer.
"I am known by many names, I can be called the son of my right hand as reliable as my staff, a victor of stone people, a saint of gifts. Righteous Staff is a good name."
>She just smiled. Dazzling with horrific light.
>"Daughter Pants, you always bring the best gifts. I will enjoy this one very much."
>"Mother, I have much to discuss, about the plans."
>Celestia smirks, "Anonymous, do stay there, I would be most displeased if you were to leave."
>This better be a prank in poor taste.
>They talk about the nobles, the other races pony and otherwise, about the future.
>The door opens, shocking us all.

>"Sister? Where is the… Sister what are you doing."

>"Luna, I cam explain."
>Huzza! I might get out of this unscathed.
>"A mare, and filly in your 'hidden' bedroom lit by a single candle. I'm sure you have a good explanation why I wasn't invited."
>"Sister, you know I wouldn't start without you. I haven't for a thousand years."
>Well, fuck.
>"This is, Daughter Pants, and the filly is Anonymous, or Righteous Staff."
>They all sit at the table sipping quietly.
>"Daughter Pants, your sacrifice is immeasurable, may the Sun"
>"And Moon"
>"Be your Mothers. You may leave."
>Fancy Pants, bows and exits without a word.
>I wonder if I'll get out of this alive.
>"Sister, you take the back and I'll take the front like old times?"
>There is nothing in the room, I could use. They put the damned tea sets away.
>"Luna, that sounds wonderful. Mother will be most pleased."
>Magical chains grip my being. I'm a puppet with strings.
>They move me to the bed.
>"Anonymous, it pains me to say that your vist to Equestria has been cut so short. I really do think we could have been friends, but family comes first."
>They cast spells on each other and me. I'm not even sure what they cast.
>"You said this, filly was a male of a different species, right sister?"
>"Well, young, yet old and experienced, with a talent in magic even if it is out of this world. She fits the criteria."
>This has gone from bad to worse.
"Do I get a last meal or something?"
>"Hmmm, no."


Wonder if they'll run into Sweetie there


File: 1557703127466.png (553.04 KB, 1987x1530, 1538903.png)

Happy Mommy Issues day!

I want Twiggy momfu. I'd try to make her breakfast and spend the day with her, letting her know I love her.


>Filly finds porn of other fillies in Twilight's basement
>Brings it upstairs and realizes that she has no way to play a roll of film
>Takes it to the local theater, breaks into one of the projector rooms and puts it on while a children's movie was supposed to be showing
>Theater full of stallions and mares with their fillies and colts see poorly disguised Twilight sticking horn in filly vagooter
>Twiggles gets arrested
>Filly sitting there eating ice cream with the EMTs in a blanket
"Happy mother's day!"


Grumpy filly will fold and return love to purple mommy.


File: 1557704703694.png (206.34 KB, 1000x800, 1149016.png)

I would only be HALF as annoying.


Anon was going to be late for Cheerilee's class, he didn't want to get detention, so he ran as fast as his little green filly legs could carry him. When he arrived at the entrance of the classroom, he took off through the windows without stopping to say "thank you". Cheerilee's mother was upset that he got detention but accepted him as if he was an equal student. While he was there, another kid was coming over to Cheerilee's room to buy a sandwich while she was still getting dressed. Cheerilee smiled and pretended she didn't notice the man and he asked what the sandwich entailed. Cheerilee asked why he was talking to her when she wasn't in her room, but he answered that he was looking around school building looking for someone who wanted to ask her a question. He was taken to a room to a different classroom. There were other students, including her parents, who were laughing and laughing.


File: 1557705275889.png (72.17 KB, 715x664, Sieppaa.PNG)


File: 1557711837891.png (217.03 KB, 699x1144, 438213_dragonchaser123_fan….png)

Continued. Includes non-consentual sex, lot's of lingus. It wouldn't quite be an anonfilly story with something bad happening. Spoilering the sex parts.

>My day has gone from hopefully good, to ruinously bad.

>"Celestia, move her a bit closer to the head rest would you?"
>Glideing to the top of the bed, I'm raised in the air.
>"Quite a shame how you lost your manhood, Luna always liked the twigs."
>Well, on the bright side I'm losing my V card sooner than my last life. Might as well do my best to ruin their day when the time is right.
>The door opened. Yet again shocking everyone in the room.

>It's Fancy Pants!

>With a strapon.
>"Mothers I couldn't just leave without helping any in way. It just wouldn't sit right with me."
>"Of coarse daughter, prepare me."
>Fancy Pants, hands her the toy, and prepares herself, by stripping.
>That's actually kinda hot. Damn it all, I didn't want another fetish before I died.
>Fancy gingerly, but expertly, licks Celestia's clit with an enchanting grace.
>Luna licks my forehead, and whispers.
>"You'll break like others have before you."
>Slowly she swirls downard not quite reaching my virgin genitals, just out of reach.
>"Oh! Fancy you are quite good. You can fuck my sister, as we eat your daughter."
>Celestia, now on the bed boops her snoot to my rump. Her horn glowing brightly as a minty freshness fills my mouth, everywhere tingles slightly.
>Fancy still attached to Celestia's pussy, lines her feminine hips to Luna.
"Oh! Fuck!
>The sisters plunging into my depths, with no foreplay. Tongueing my special filly place, and anus.
>"Mother of ancient darkness, and beyond primal light accept our offering!"
>Somehow they are still able to speak clearly.
>Woah! The tongues slithering deeper and deeper, trying to find something. Thrashing.
>Fancy's thrusting is becoming more violent, more chaotic. Sending vibrations through the horse tongues, helping the pleasurable search.
>Ow! Fuck! Son of bitch. The moon whore is jabbing my cervix. Celestia is… wrapping my insides around my cooter, giving Luna the internal equivalent of a hand and blow job.
>I can feel her t- tongue combing my stomach. No area left unmolested.
>Something, happened to Luna as she just reached the innermost chamber. The tongues stopped vibrating.
>I heard the squeak of the bed, then a sickening thud. Out of the corner of my eye Fancy Pants lay still neck and spine with too many twists and bends.
>Sun cunt's tongue still growing, still stroking, eached my mouth.
>They started getting more violent, not finding what they wanted.
>"Oh! MOTHER, of the Night! We bring you this offering! Devour, Consume, Enjoy this Foal!"
>Sun bitch's tongue explored ever inch. The only place left was outside my mouth.
>Moon dyke, finished probing my left ovary, and is prodding the right one.
>Celetia's tongue flapped wildly in front of my eyes.
>I bit down with all my filly strength.
>They both thrashed my insides as though bones and physics didn't matter.
>The Door Opens once more.

>"Creatures of nightmare you shall perish! For your transgressions!"

>Another Luna? Nightmare?!
>Is this my mind? This is a damned, fucking dream. A nightmare!
>This is MY MIND.
>THEY ARE IN MY MIND! They have entered the realm of an enraged god.
>The roof splintered into prime fractals as the infinite stary eyes gazes into their soul.
>I Judged Them.
>The intruders shuddered as they realised how baddly they fucked up.
>The apparently real Luna blasted them into nothingness. Aw, how merciful.
>"How are you feeling? Did they say anything?"
"Something about a Mother of ancient darkess. Well, since your here princess. Oh, right could you invite Fancy Pants to a dinner or something, for Mother's day."
>The princess of Dreams and I a human turned filly chatted for a while. Remembering Earth, and the sights.
>Luna crafted times of old, things she missed.
>We both mourned togther, of things lost.

>Soaked in sweat, I bolted upright. Well, damn I actually remembered that dream.

>I should actually have a plan for a Mother's day present, but first writing down that lucid dream.
>I take a nice shower in the big bathroom. Real, Equestrian magic is awesome.
>Here in my new room, plotting, the sun hasn't risen yet.
>Doesn't Luna actually check dreams? I should at somepoint try to convince Fancy Pants to let me talk to her about that dream.
>The sun, creeps across the window.
>A knocking on the door catches my attention.
>"Anonymous, are you awake?
>She sounds giddy.
"Goodmorning, Fancy Pants. You can come in if you want?"
>Fancy Pants is half prancing inside as soon as I finish.
>"Anonymous, Princess Luna personally invited both of us to the castle for breakfast! She said it was your idea for a mother's day gift. Thank you!"
"I still need to breath."
"Fancy, I seriously can't breath!"
>"Sorry, I just haven't been personally called for by Princess Luna. Thank you!"
"I thought you ran companies or something?"
>"I do that too, but the main this I do is walk around Canterlot. Sometimes the princesses have requests for me too."
>Hold on. That means her job is to be a mascot for Canterlot.
>"We have to get ready."
"Alright. Happy Mother's day, Fancy Pants."


File: 1557720139773.png (152.2 KB, 629x991, 1401415.png)

>Be Twilight
>You hear the chirping of birds outside as you awaken
>You haven't been getting much sleep lately
>So much paperwork…
>Who knew being the Princess of Friendship would be so much work
>Speaking of, you should go get breakfast ready for Anon
>You roll out of bed and onto the floor, making your way down the hall
>You turn into the kitchen and-
>Oh, Celestia!
>The kitchen is an absolute mess
>You let out a gasp as you take in the view
>Flour dusted over the counters
>Batter splattered on the walls
>Dirty dishes everywhere
>Eventually your eyes make their way to the filly sitting down at the table
"Anon! What did you do?!"
>She looks hurt by your reaction
>"Sorry… I wanted to do something special"
"Something special? What do you-"
>Then it hits you
>You notice the large plate of pancakes sitting in front of her
>"H-happy Mother's Day"
>You feel your eyes tear up
>You walk around the table and pull her into a hug
>She relaxes into your embrace and whispers in your ear
>"Love you, mom"
>You smile
"I love you too, Anon"
>As you break the hug, you use your magic to lift some pancakes onto the plates
>You take a bite
"Wow, these are pretty good! Where did you learn to make them?"
>"I had a little experience from before. Pinkie helped with teaching me to cook with hooves."
>That makes more sense
>"Sorry again about the mess"
"Oh, don't worry about it. If anything, I should be sorry for snapping at you"
>She smiles
>"Would you like to spend the day together?"
>You think back to all the work you have to do
>Screw it, this is far more important
>You can figure that out tomorrow
"Of course I would"


File: 1557724858341.jpg (61.62 KB, 430x454, 51464536163.jpg)

>Filly gets roped into some kind of occult sex ritual
>It's just a dream
You cunt.


I suppose I'll write more stuff then. Now we have a proper plot thread. Instead of just mooks now escalation can occur.
No where is safe. For reality can be unreal. Sleep is no longer completely restful. The character must develop, or die. The impact on others would make a good story.
I just like happy endings too much.


File: 1557730358165.png (Spoiler Image, 16.59 KB, 882x758, god damnit why did you do ….png)

>>221480 here. I just got done closing my place tonight and heard a song on the drive home. mlpol isn't letting me post it and audacity won't accept it, so I'll just post it to anonfile. If the format is having trouble, use VLC, that's a guaranteed to work option. Sorry if this was a massive waste of time…thought I'd share though.



File: 1557730671143.png (1.35 MB, 1314x1354, Lyra-PlayingLyre.png)


You'd really like to play some Moonman here, but you made a promise to Twilight to keep things PG-13. You're not quite sure where the cutoff is between PG-13 and R, but rapping about black people hanging from trees probably crosses the line. Probably.

Naturally, this leaves Eminem as a close second. You ask Lyra to put down a beat similar to the one from "Lose Yourself", and proceed to belt out the best meme rap from your time…

"His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti~"

This earns a lot more applause from the crowd compared to your spoon song, and even a few laughs to boot. You're not quite sure if this is their first time hearing this variation of the rap. Regardless, the thunder dies down as soon as the guitar arrives. Lyra is speechless as she lays eyes on it. It's an original Gibson Les Paul.

"Danny… Danny boy, you keep a Gibson in your DORM?"

He shrugs.

"Rich parents. Just don't ding it, alright?"

Lyra gently levitates the guitar out of his hands and straps it around her back. She closes her eyes as she summons forth what appears to be a seafoam green ethereal hand that she grasps around the neck of the guitar and contorts into a chord. She then strums the guitar once with her hoof and lets the strings ring out in perfect pitch, and amplified by her magic. The crowd appears to go wild from her display of magical abilities, but she brings them quiet once more as she blasts out a few more notes and chords to a song that, admittedly, you had not heard before.

"Home in the valley, Home in the city.
Home isn't pretty, Ain't no home for me.
Home in the darkness, Home on the highway.
Home isn't my way. Home will never be.

Burn out the day, Burn out the night. I can't see no reason to put up a fight.
I'm living for giving the devil his due.
And I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you
I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you!"


File: 1557730790257.png (510.75 KB, 951x947, AnonFilly-GreenBackground.png)

Dunno if any fillies like Blue Oyster Cult, but this is what I had Lyra play:


They're pretty fuckin' awesome.


I…don't know if I can bring myself to drink tonight. I think vidya will have to do until 2AM or so.


File: 1557734515043-0.jpg (392.77 KB, 450x3443, Best Mom.jpg)

File: 1557734515043-1.jpg (3.11 MB, 1772x2795, HIMG_20190513_033803.jpg)

>Best Mom
>Implying any horse but Derpy
Lovable, has her problems but makes her ways to live past those while also bringing smiles on others lives and always trying to cheer you on, but not stupidly like Dash's mom
Wish could stay with her myself

Also, got her a nice cupcake, its close to a muffin, which may be the way she may call her filly, but cupcakes are more sweet, just like herself


File: 1557734712679-0.png (232.65 KB, 1234x966, 1529989663386-0.png)

File: 1557734712679-1.png (182.82 KB, 1234x966, 1529989663386-1.png)

File: 1557734712679-2.png (335.62 KB, 1234x966, 1529989663386-2.png)

the only fillies that don't are probably embryos or just eggs still


Was meant for >>221447 but hope she doesnt mind being slightly late here to begin with


That Bzoing, top kek


I bet she needs a change now doesn't she? Silly fillies.


>First pic
Even if that modern cuntmare's tale got no sympathy from me, I am impressed.


>Third pic
>filly eyes


>I have to say bring near the princesses is bringing up some of the lewd things that happened in the nightmare also an urge to always be armed.
>Being a foal doesn't help when the princess tells your parent the reason, she has a cool present is because someone diddled the filly.
"I'm fine. It's not like it's the worst thing that's happened in my mind."
>"Anonymous, anon, I- y- my conscious would not sit right with me just letting my daughter-"
>I slightly twitch. Hmm, that's a problem.
>"be ravaged by a terrible creature as she says it's just fine. This absolutely is not fine! It's a miracle the princess came when she did. I'm glad she eradicated that thing. Princess Luna, if you could have done something worse to it I-"
>Oh, this is serious.
>"Fancy Pants, you must calm down slightly."
>"Oh- buck it all. I know I ought to keep my temper, but the thing just raped her! I may have not known Anon for all that long, but she is kin and holds a special place in my heart."
>I did not expect to have those feels. Her horn is sparkling furiously.
>"Fancy, We have in our long time as princess seen horrific acts done. We have a strong intuition that this is just a start of a resurgence of foes, new and old. We are depending on you more than ever. You have to be alert, and do what you do best."
>I'm glad this is a fairly bright room really changes the tone of the cultt rapey tea party. Looking out of the window thw sun is shining. A little bit wavey, like how a horn glows.
"Look out the window. Does it look strange to you?"
>Luna turns. Fancy Pants is ready to blast a bitch.
>A brick breaks the window, and Fancy Pants obliterates the red solid. A fast moving spell is shot into the room.
>It hits me.
>"Anon are you okay?"
>I look down at my hooves, and I love me so much. I don't want stop loving me. I love me, I need me.
"I'm bucking sexxy."
>Those mares are drooling, over me.
>"Anonymous, have I ever told you how stunning you look. You outshine the princess of love."
>"I agree Fancy, so delectable. We could just eat her up."
"I could eat me too."
>My eyes are burning, I love myself way too much to make me go through that pain.
>I close my eyes.
>What the damn hell.
"Luna, Fancy you need to close your eyes."
>"Removing my gaze from your perfect figure? I think not. A refreshing eye spell should do the trick. After all this isn't the stareing contest."
>That's not good.
"How about dispelling the spell on me to let my true perfection shine?"
>"Oh! Yes. I unwrap you from all the spells you want."
>A cold a brisk chill settles over me.
>"Fancy Pants."
>"Did we almost molest, and skin your daughter?"
>I finally open my eyes, scissors and sharp pointy objects are scattered across the room. A notebook on how to maximize healthy beautiful skin, and fur growth. Detailed notes and estimates on how long making an entire body suit for both of them would take.
>"This is now part of a classified emergency. I personally will be teaching Anonymous how to use magic like an equestrian. The report for the other princesses will be sent to them as soon as possible."
>"Princess, this has been a shocking day. I would like to go home, but it's safer here with you."
>Following Luna on a path heading to Celestia.


File: 1557737628011.png (677.98 KB, 1302x967, 1561856.png)

>Green magic
[Muffled REEEing in the distance]
All Faust era horses have magic the same colour to their eye colours, cant see how fags keep trying to give Lyra green magic even though it was shown to be gold many times in the show already

Also lay down beside her, close your eyes and just listen to her go
Only intervene if someone makes some shitty pop request
If we re asked for a song do Country roads, then attempt to not cry…just hug her and cry a lot for missing our home afterwards
1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]

>Want it, need it spell
Nice, though I wonder where that spell came from, or rather from whom


>"Did we almost molest, and skin your daughter?"
Now there's the Anonfilly thread I know and love.


File: 1557741678872.jpg (51.41 KB, 640x480, South-Park-Season-6-Episod….jpg)



>Be me

>Learn about a free trip to the world's largest putt-putt golf course as a prize for showing up at the Mare-y Pony-ch show's segment "What is Wrong with My Foal?"
>Manage to cajole Fun Mom into letting me do it
>You had to submit an essay illustrating your mental difficulties, so your just sent in highlights from your 120k word green
>Now you're just sitting in the pre-show waiting room
>"Hey Assfaggot!" you hear from your left
>You turn to the side and see Lone15
"Oh, hey Lone, you tricked your mom into bringing you here too?"
>"No, she made me come because 'I had severe mental health problems' and 'thought this might help'. Can you believe that?"
"…yeah, totally."
>"At least I get a free trip the world's largest putt-putt golf course. Heh, these ponies haven't seen anything yet. See ya on stage."
"Yeah, see ya"
>She trots off to her sad-looking, broken-hearted momfu Cherilee
"But if I'm not the most messed up kid, I might not get the prize…"

>15 minutes later

>Sitting on a couch with momfu Lyra onstage, with Lone occupying an identical, parallel one with Miss Cherilee
>"Now, Miss Cherilee, what problems does your foal have?" host Mare-y asked, mic in hoof
>Cherilee answers in a shaky voice, still holding onto her tissuebox
>"S-she's just so sad all the time, and if I try to touch her she shies away, and she doesn't want to play with any f-friends. It's like she's just miserable all the time, *sniff*, and always acts like she's all alone"
>Lone just looks down toward the floor in her saddest face, probably faking it
>Mare-y then turns toward your superior momfu, holding the mic towards her
>And Miss Heartstrings, how does your foal live day-to-day?"
>"Oh, my little poopsikens goes to school, plays with her toys-" she starts cheerfully
"Myeem, we're pretending, remember, crying and cutting myself" you whisper to her
>"Oh, I mean sobbing uncontrollably and cutting her forelegs."
>"Awww" the audience says in sympathy, with just a twinge of judgment
>Lone apparently didn't like the competition for saddest green (filly)
>"Oh, you ain't sad, I attempted suicide!" Lone insists, pointing a hoof at you
>She must have come to the same conclusion as you prize-wise
"Oh yeah? Well, I've attempted suicide so many times, the paramedics just park outside my house now! Whateva, I do what I want!"
>The audience gives another sad "awww"
>"Wow, these fillies truly showcase the mental health crisis facing foals of Equestria" Mare-y remarks, pretending to be solemn but actually not caring
>She just wanted the ratings
>"Well Marey, I cry myself to sleep every night." Lone adds mournfully
"Oh yeah? Well, I cry myself to sleep and awake every morning! And that's on good nights!"

>Be Reuben

>Playing Monopony with babby sister Nore
>Somehow losing
>Suddenly you hear the door slam open and shut
"Mom, did you remember to get my cinnamon rolls?!"
>Instead, your next-door neighbor Ash runs into the room and turns on the "high-tech" 28" color television
>"Dude, you have to see this!" Ash says as she fiddles with the dial, and you eventually see the Mare-y Pony-ch talk show turn on
"Dude, I hate these talk shows, what's-"
>Then you see two fellow contentfags sitting on chairs with their momfus, talking about how their depression affected their school life
>"Pssh, my school attendance is so bad, even the teacher forgot I'm supposed to be there! And she's my mom!" Lone brags
>"Whateva! My grades are so bad that they have to use negative numbers! I do what I want!" Ass responds semi-angrily
>"Well, my depression is so bad I sneak into my mom's room and lower the scores on other foals' graded assignments so I feel better about myself!"
>The audience audibly starts whispering to each other
"Holy shit, is that Lone? And Assfaggot?"
>"Yeah dude, they've been at this for like five minutes now!"
"Dude, turn it up!" you tell her, moving yourself and Nore onto the couch, who makes a 'pphbbt' noise with (hopefully) her mouth
>"Dude, I hope Scotch is seeing this" Ash says as she hops onto the couch with you
>You were going to talk to Cherilee about that C you got last week

>Back to being ASSFAGGOT

>"So moms, I imagine that both of your foals have some difficulties at nighttime?" Mare asks
>"Oh, my little Assfaggot doesn't like bedtime at all, she has to use a nightligh-" Lyra begins
>You nudge her oncemore
>"Oh, actually, Ass has frequent nightmares when alone due to being emotionally dependent on myself and my partner" Lyra says as if reading off of a script (which you had given her prior to filming)
>"Oh you ain't sad! I'm so emotionally underdeveloped I'm a serial bedwetter and have to wear diapers at night!" Lone announces
"Whateva! I have to sleep inside my mom's uterus because it's the only place I feel safe! I do what I want!"
>"Well, I hate myself so much, my mom needs to check under the bed for myself every night!"
>Damn she's good

>Be Bon-Bon

>Knitting a sweater for Lyra in front of the TV
>Eventually your program ends, so you get up and starting turning the dial to the various stations
>That is, until you see your girlfriend and daughter on a talk show
"Oh Faust…" you say before even seeing any of it
>5 seconds later and you were furious at them
>You were going to have a very dramatic evening




>"Whatever, I'm on so many medications my prescription just says 'All of them'!"
>Lone was certainly a match for your ability to bullshit, you had to tryhard this if you wanted to go to the world's largest putt-putt golf course
>"So" Mare-y interrupts, "what do you mothers want for your children?"
>"I-I just want my daughter to be happy" Cherille chokes out through her tears, "but it's like she doesn't even try to get better, she just stews in her misery"
>After a short pause, Lyra butts in
>"Well, for my little Faggy, I love her just the way she is"
>She tries to nuzzle you, but you push her away (probably helping your case)
>"Foals, it seems like you have psychological issues dealing with mother figures, could you expand on that?"
>Lyra decides to answer first
>"Oh, my little snuggle bunny is a mama's filly to be sure, and we-"
>"She's, em, permanently damaged by the abuse and neglect her birth mother gave her."
>"I was gonna say the same thing about Lone" Cherilee adds
>"It's really hard, having my early formative years desecrated by a malicious mare" Lone interjected, "and I still haven't recovered, even with Cherilee's support"
>Was using 'Cherilee' instead of 'mom' a slip or part of some sort of 3D chess?
>She seemed to take that statement badly, so probably not part of their game plan
"Whateva! I've got two moms and it's still not enough to resolve my mommy issues!"
>"You're not sad, my mom tried to abort me!"
"Oh yeah? Well, my mom decided to not abort me so I could suffer in life!"
>"Well, my mom was actually pretending to want to to abort me, actually hoping it would be botched so I'd be a deformed freak! And I think she succeeded!"
>The audience was eating this up, especially Lone's self-esteem issues

>Be Reuben again

"Dude, even if this is all bullshit, I can't believe they're actually coming up with this"
>"What if it's not?"
"No way dude, this is crazy even for them"
>"I mean, some of it may be true. Have you read their greens?"
"Those were fake dude. Nobody can be that fucked up"
>Ash just shrugs her shoulders while Nore begins sucking on her hoof, attention still focused on the TV
>You nuzzle the qtπ babby and get back to watching the fireworks

>"Now foals, have there been any incidents or abuse in your lives that may have caused these feelings?" Mare-y asks, starting by pointing her mic to Lone

>"I don't like talking about this… but I had been molested by my birth parents since I was three." Lone says somberly, receiving a pat on the shoulder from Mare-y
"Whateva! I have been molested by myself since I was a fetus!" you say to one-up her
>The audience wasn't sure how to feel at that last one, but Cherilee looks horrified at these realizations (well, mostly confused at the last one), pulling out another tissue to wipe off more of her tears
>Lyra just shakes her head cheerfully at your silliness, being used to your shenanigans

>"Alright parents" Mare-y announced, "to help with your foals' behavioral disorders, we've brought a special guest who's gone through your submitted essays and wants to offer a psychological review. Give it up for Princess Twilight Sparkle!"

>An irate-looking Purple walks onstage to deafening applause, and sits on an opposing couch with disdain, holding two manila folders seemingly full of your greentexts
>You and Lone lock eyes
"Buck" the two of you whisper in unison


File: 1557758291579.jpeg (265.3 KB, 902x1202, FCB28772-A688-4A0B-AA2E-3….jpeg)


File: 1557761244783.jpg (48.54 KB, 412x391, IMG_3122.JPG)

Fuck you, I'm not good at laughing quietly.
Moar please?


>Seeing the princess multitask is a bureaucratic force of nature in action.

>There she is sitting on the throne. Listening to a pony talk about yachts.

>"An important matter has just come up. The yacht fund has potential, however the implementation has a few flaws. I look forward to the improved proposal."
>The propaganda at the orphanage didn't quite describe how being near the princesses feel.
>A gentle overpowering presence of the celestial objects personified.
>It could just be the shock of almost being turned into a onesie.
>"Sister, Fancy, and little one let's head somewhere more private."
>She brought us to a janitors closet. So what's the twist? She's opening it.
>It's just a janitors closet, entirely full, there is no way an adult pony could fit in there let alone the princesses.
>Celestia just walked through the back wall. Right, illusions are a thing here.
>Walking in is a bdsm fetish lovers wet dream. It would have looked like a normal dungeon and torture chamber if not for the fact the walls were covered with sex toys.
>Sun butt pulled a lever, the door closing behind us.
>"This is the closest private area. What happened Luna?"
>Damn, that's alot sex toys. They are engraved too.
>Luna, and Fancy are talking from shouting to whispers.
>Red Light District, Floozie Flow, Little Sun, Quick Apple, Baby Batter, Pepper Supreme, Quacking Good Time, and Discord.
>"Anonymous, you need to get on the examination table to see if the nightmare left a clue."
>There's the step stool. This is actually kinda comfortable.
>A physical examination.
>"This should just take a moment, take a deep breath."
"Fucking cocksuckers!"
>It's like a small fire cracker exploded inside me.
>"Luna get the Clydesdale Cylinder, it's resistant to magic. We're going in."
>Three things I didn't want to hear.
>"Fancy Pants be a dear and get the Slip'n Slides slip in side lube. The big container."
>That thing is big enough the princesses could stick their heads in and turn comfortably. Holy fuck.
"I'm not sure that's going to fit. I mean for fucks sake it's at least thrice as big as I am!"
>"Anonymous, we have a little thing in Equestria known as magic, It's enchanted to easily, and painlessly put objects inside ponies. Very helpful if a toy get's stuck. For actual medical uses, it can be put inside a small incision, to make surgeries less invasive. Or for tough deliveries."
>Less invasive.
>"I will also cast something that will make this easier."
"I would ask for at least a dinner date, before handing away my virginity. I even met your sister and everything."
>"Daughter you can't just hoof over your filly flower for just any pony that says they are a princess or a prince. I know the princess is a good pony though. Princess Luna can you believe how fast they grow up."
>"She already had a life before even being born. They sure do grownup fast."
>An uneasy chuckle.
>"Let's begin."

>Fancy Pants drenched the Clydesdale Cylinder in the lube. Luna is scooping the slippery stuff out. Massaging it on my intact flower.

"That's really cold."
>Celestia is lineing the big thing up. Holy shit, I now know how hentai girls feel like. She touched the tip to my muff.
>"Luna, I need help pushing this in nice and slowly.
>Feeling my body expand without sensation, legs spreading cartoonishly I can't even see them by looking down.
>"Fancy, could you put the protector on my horn and mane. The one that looks like a fuzzy sock and a condom. I have to retrieve it without magic.
>Celestia is crawling inside my cave. Her voice muffled by the muff.
>"I need some light in here to find it!
>As commanded by the sun pony, light touched where it should not. The baby chamber bright enough I could see her outline inside.
>"I found it!"
>Her horn bumping and sliding as she twists into position. She licks and nibbles the soft, tender, and now defiled flesh.
>"Erif gahih Eh gahd id!"
>They pulled Celestia out of my cargo sized cootch.
"Well, what is it?"
>Sliding the Cylinder out I could see what she got out of me.

>Celestia wearing a wool sock on her head. Held a wiggling shadow with a hellish design using her teeth. Both are slicked with fluid, probably the lube.

"What the fuck."
>Spitting the thing into a jar Luna brought. Princess, I'll just use my mouth, Celestia starts to talk.
>"How about you both join us for dinner, and arrangements for the marriage can be discussed then."
>My eyes widen.
>They all burst out laughing. I try to chuckle.
>It doesn't quite reach my eyes.


Enjoying this green so far, you should consider namefagging.


File: 1557783294184.png (140.39 KB, 412x232, 1538365990967.png)

All the writefags here are great.
>>221595 Will do.
Thank you. Any advice would be welcome.

>The guest room in the castle is spacious, but most importantly is the TV the perfect way to drown the feeling of imminent doom.

>I might even find out Equestrian social norms.

>I can't be Anonymous anymore.

>So many Anons got adopted. The world is entirely boned.
>An actual name, is there a dictionary in this place?

>Be Fancy Pants.

>It has been, three days since adopting one of those Anonymous fillies. Problems and chaos just seems to follow them.
>I've grown attached to the living paper weight.
>My Daughter was quiet. Just watching, and listening. No mischief, acted like an obedient normal filly.
>Then she gets, molested in her dreams.
>Uses that to get a personal meeting with Princess Luna.
>We almost did terrible things to her, because of that unknown pony.
>Then, we opened her up.
>I don't like admitting this, but that dark desire I thought I stomped out years ago awoke.
>Being under the tin-
>"Hey can you get me a dictionary please?"
"Of course dear."
>Just knowing that she used to be an adult stallion eases some of those worries.
>Being the ideal of Canterlot, having some fools exposing their dirty laundry. If the princesses and guards find out before they can do anything is one of the highlights.
>But I'm as dirty as they are. Fleur certainly helps keep the darkness at bay.
"Here's the dictionary Anonymous. What do you need it for?"
>"Just figure I should get a more pony name."
>Oh? I wonder. The TV is on.
"Façade sounds like it would fit."
>"It really would."

>"Occult Facade."

>How ominous. Must be hard being seen for who you are.


File: 1557784848100.jpg (64.03 KB, 688x996, 1554381066046.jpg)

Well, changelings have green magic no matter the pony they transform into, maybe our Lyra has always been-


Maybe the human occupying Lyra had green eyes. Different soul, different magic color.


But then what about Diane? She surely doesnt have purple eyes originally and we also would ve noticed her magic colour by now, same for the other students, with her being a main character and all


Kek, pretty good



Yeah, if that were the case it'd be extremely easy to spot ponies (or at least unicorns) being occupied by human souls because each would have their magic color suddenly turn into some variant of green, blue, or quite likely brown.


Eye color doesn't always determine magic aura.


File: 1557796580128.png (123.7 KB, 632x823, Turkey.png)

Glad you like it! But I feel that adding more onto it would just ruin it; the humor is you and I trying to one-up each other to ridiculous levels, and once Purple is on the scene that ends. How she responds is best left to the reader's imagination, because no matter what I wrote, it wouldn't be as good as what the reader imagines.

Plus I've only gotten one (You) so far not even a comment on my expert Photoshop, so there's not much motivation. Maybe I'll write a extended edition someday that still cuts off at the same point.


Of course, that makes sense. Just wasn't quite sure about your intent.
And it was a god-tier photoshop.


Agreed, it's a good way to end it

>I've only gotten one (You)

Guess I really am invisible



>Not reading the original post of the discussion
Cant believe that even here there are fags that need to be spoonfeed, fucking lazy fillies not caring how to learn how to use hooves or their magic, ree

Well, here comes the plane, open wide
><Faust era horses> had same colour for their magic and eyes
Of course everything went everywhere after she left, nu-writers not having enough direction or most likely because they simply didnt care about keeping that little trait from early on and just threw colouring to the wind

Non generic filly greens aint for me to be fair


At least it got two (You)s. Not even one mention of the bluegrass mother's day song I posted. And that one hit me harder than any of you fillies' mother's day greentexts could have…


I didn't see that when I wrote my response. Sorry.


File: 1557798688279.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.21 KB, 400x400, 1519252876313.jpg)



Counterpoint for eye color = magic color. Princess Celestia. It was cyan in 'A Bird in the Hoof' and Return of Harmony. At some point, it changed to yellow. If you go all the way back to the series opener, magic had almost no color. Mostly just sparkles.


>Faust era horses
This is also untrue, the pilot episode gave pretty much all ponies netural magical auras, and the opening of season 2 gave Celestia a blue aura rather than gold, or even purple as her eye color would have dictated. Be less of a faggot.


Are you saying that it's magic and you ain't gotta explain shit?


Could be! …or maybe they just pick what color it is, and a color that's somewhere on them is what usually comes, either consciously or subconsciously.


File: 1557799302236.jpg (284.43 KB, 1000x816, 1454803380964.jpg)

kek, goddamn this was gold and it kinda hurts inside ill never not be a filly literally who, i was giggling like a retard through a good portion of this

multiple fillies is an idea i still feel hasnt been properly explored


>Dont be a faggot
Do you know where you are?

And animation errors exist, most horses went with that logic back then it seemed
But ill relent with that Celestia example, her magic wouldnt be yellow if so

While in the topic, what colour is filly magic for yall?
Here of course its green, as i liked that philosophy from early on that was discussed around


File: 1557799817379.png (7.44 KB, 278x365, 1459660829776.png)

I welcome thee, new writefilly!
May autism guide you.


File: 1557799835800.png (313.4 KB, 700x391, 6ad21e18c117b4284fd897e0ed….png)

>And animation errors exist, most horses went with that logic back then it seemed
That's right, Anon, you dig yourself further into that hole.


File: 1557799968611.png (276.17 KB, 565x441, 06f91e1bd864b2e4fdb337decf….png)

And deeper…


File: 1557800121914.png (378.37 KB, 600x553, 1546924442493.png)

Didnt remember them not having auras at all for magic, could swear that was always a thing
Time to binge watch the show up to s3 I guess
Original point still stands


File: 1557800193167.png (462.51 KB, 663x427, f645743980ea02e591726f601d….png)

And deeper! It just keeps going like this, to be honest. Specific colors for magic was only a thing later on as their budget got bigger and they ironed out their ideas. How much later? I intend to find out.

On an aside, the thing going on between Cadence and Shining Armor is unique to them, each has an aura the color of the other's eyes, which I always found to be a nice touch.


Papers are transparent, but horn is purple-ish, just not as bright, which was also something they had before, the more magic a spell needed the brighter the aura would be
t. Twilight calming down the ursa minor on the """fight""" with Trixie

So no u


File: 1557800540729-0.png (387.75 KB, 717x485, bae3d31fff3c4d41ee908696d6….png)

File: 1557800540729-1.png (141.69 KB, 366x339, 30acfa169528a84be2e684d6b1….png)

Example 1 is from the episode you just mentioned, this is more white than purple. It is brighter, I'll give you that. Example 2 is from the season 2 opener.


>all this lore and technicality shit because of one reference to magic color


File: 1557800980428-0.png (953.46 KB, 4136x3952, 1476691729738.png)

It wouldn't be the first time.


File: 1557801027708.jpg (40.77 KB, 350x347, 1552057921761.jpg)

Yea, magic colours were less saturated before, but the colour itself is still there. Didnt remember them being desaturated like that though
And like i said before, i wonder where it changed, i swear if alicorn Twilight is the pivot point for this change as well…


What he said >>221678
Also its one of the things that made /mlp/ so great back then


I'm looking, the aura style I posted in example 2 began with Boast Busters, I'm trying to pinpoint the current style now. Gods damn it all I will find out if I have to watch ponies all day.


>what made /mlp/ so great
No, it was waifus, porn and memes.


God damnit now I'm getting a Romanian flag on my US based network connection…I can't stand the flag issue with this site and Cyberghost.


There definitely needs to be more stories with multiple fillies all living with different momfus. Seeing the different ways they raise their filly and handle their shenanigans could be interesting.


Discussing the littlest stuff and naming new background waifus was based indeed
Too bad derpibooru took over with the new horse naming, their names are usually uninspired and shit


It's cool


We can be literally whos together


Hopefully this will be fixed on new code base. Problem with current is that the IP2Country database we use is sadly deprecated and no longer updated so it will gradually get more and more out of touch with reality. I will do some quick testing and see if there is a way to patch in the new format in current code, but I haven't looked at how much code would have to be changed for it to work.


I can't believe that there have been fucking dogs among us this whole time, I thought you were all fillies…


File: 1557803150922.jpg (115.18 KB, 500x467, large.jpg)

I am what I think you refer to as an "background pony".


>Problem with current is that the IP2Country database we use is sadly deprecated and no longer updated so it will gradually get more and more out of touch with reality
….That actually explains a lot. Like why the same IP that was once misflagged as UK suddenly turned Romanian overnight.


It started directly after the season 2 pilot, by the way.


Get along, little doggie


Also don't think I didn't notice you deleted the first post you made, because it revealed that you were from Norway. It's okay though, I still love you bb.


Pupper you are the best pony.


What if he's from Norway as much as you are from Romania?


File: 1557804080908.png (89.41 KB, 732x633, oh shiiiiit.png)


File: 1557804111596.png (251.73 KB, 1920x1845, 1518669183797.png)

This here's filly. She's the best virtual pony a PC user could ask for.


>ywn have a filly as your virtual assistant on your hyperfuture desktop


File: 1557804399701.png (107.53 KB, 600x600, Brandy.png)

Brandy Byte is already an excellent virtual pone, having it be filly would make it perfect.


File: 1557804542457.png (850.14 KB, 2600x3096, 1503695040651.png)

>pic related


Hey aren't Australians suppose to be shitopsters and devoid of logic? Or is the myth of Australia being devoid of logic a lie the Emus have spread.


I demand to know whether she's actually a real assistant like Bonzy Buddy or if this is just more OC


Shitposting is the embrace of Chaos and the Dark, not necessarily an embrace of ill-logic. Australians are still master race, even if they were a basically a criminal colony.


It's just more OC, unfortunately…
She's a prominent character in Semantic Error.


It's a mystery!~


Hell yeah, about time I see that CYOA get more attention. Now if Bath could stop being a lazy fag and pull it out of hiatus…


File: 1557804938746.png (276.38 KB, 1351x1105, treat.png)

Have a treat


Its just us fillies in here


File: 1557805174467.png (246.93 KB, 960x986, 1524174522128.png)

What if Australia was a colony of criminal masterminds they didn't dare keep close to home? It is not like there was effortless to move them there.

>pic related

It is so hard to know what is true with the Emus controlling the media and all.


File: 1557805332921-0.jpg (77.61 KB, 800x600, 9654554769.jpg)


This thread is just full of surprises after Mother's Day. I wish you fillies the best.


File: 1557807307727.png (427.73 KB, 1200x1600, blushingfilly.png)

n-no u!


File: 1557822285843.png (176.15 KB, 486x524, Lyra-Hoodie.png)


You close your eyes and listen to Lyra's impromptu concert. The sun is warm on your back, and you feel your worries begin to melt away as Lyra plays song after song, hitting you with a mix of nostalgia and good vibes. This doesn't last forever though. Within half an hour, a few members of the university police begin to show up.

"Hey, if you guys are going to have a concert here, you can't be am…pli… what the heck are you?"

Lyra stops playing as soon as she hears the cops. She flashes them a friendly smile. "Oh hey, we're a couple of talking ponies. Is there a problem, officer?"

"I, um… right. You were a bit loud. Can be heard in the building over, and they're trying to hold tests."

"Hrm…" Lyra strums the guitar again and the volume of the amplification drops markedly, but still enough to be heard by the crowd. "That quiet enough?"

The officer seems to be lost in his thoughts, staring at your musical friend. She snaps the magical fingers in his ears and he shakes back awake.

"I- I guess? Just don't cause a ruckus."

As soon as he says this, the doors of the dining hall burst open, revealing Twilight with a big grin on her face, and a reporter tagging along.

"Who wants to go to DC?"


Why delet?


Liberal shithole, no thank you. 1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ]


File: 1557846352136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.78 KB, 600x347, 587bf3d5fff932c24c01c32680….jpg)

>"Gods damn it all I will find out if I have to watch ponies all day."
My, such determination! Such compulsion!
What could drive someone to watch hours of ponies to confirm one seemingly minuscule and insignificant thing?
Could it be that mountains of fan created content, and the entire universally agreed upon conception of the pony world they use as a foundation for their creative work could be inaccurate?
Or perhaps there is another reason?
This is quite something to behold and observe, can you report back at some point with your findings? If you're so inclined.
And I mean that both ironically and unironically. I'm legitimately interested by observing these kinds of actions, and speculating the reasons for them. What's motivating the person and driving them, and what they're roughly thinking.
As an aside, I'm not sure how I feel about SunnyBun's red magic aura for her horn. I suppose in universe it could be justified by her geode influencing her aura's color, it just feels like too much red. I kinda preferred it being the same color as her eyes.


>Be me.
>Occult Facade. It'll take some getting used to.
>Being on the couch snuggled by Fancy is just alien. The contentment from doing so must be the pony biology, at work. It helps that almost all the things in Equestria is cute.
>Fancy's fur and belly is so soft and squishy. Watching the TV.
>Just bizarre.
>The chances that I'll be in the perfect position to do this again to an innocent pony is slim. Plus she's thinking troubling thoughts.
>The thought police will put a stop that.
>I raise my hoof,and I slam it down with the grace and weightlessness of a feather. I shout my war cry!
>Mission Success. Her scrunched snout, and confused looks are all the pay I'll ever need.
>One more time for the road.
>She got me I can feel muscles I didn't know I had contracting.
>"Honored Guests. You are invited to dine with the Princesses."
>We look at each other and laugh.
>Walking there I swore I saw a foal in the palace.

>Dinner was excellent the only thing that put me for a loop was that. Princess Celestia adopted a foal.

>We were requested to stay in the guest suite for tonight.
>The suite has one bed.

>"Well Anonym- Occult Façade, this has been a memorable Mother's day. Sweet dreams."

"Good night, Fancy Pants, Happy Mother's day."
>Laying on her belly I drift to sleep.

>"Anonymous, wake up. Mommy wants to play!"

>Everything is Neon White. I just know there is something awful behind me.
>"Such a good filly. My daughter marked you as mine."
>It's just words shoved into my skull. This is a dream.
>"You are aware. That makes this more fun. This is not your mind. You are in mine. I will remove your terrible stain from my world. First I will enjoy you, in every way I can."
>Oh, fuckity fuck. The thing can read my mind.
>"Yesss, you monster. I can. Now turn around."
"Counter offer, we talk and sort out our differences that way?"
>"Mud Ape, do not play coy with me. Simply turn around, it will be far less horrific if you disobey."
"Counter counter offer. If you explain why you want to terminate me, I'll consider turning around."
>"You are a blight on my world! An illness, a cancer. You and your ilk bring me farther from my daughters! Your existence is a hindrance to utopia."
"The choices of extremely painful death, and a painless death isn't all that great. So correct me if I'm wrong-"
>"You are wrongness incarnate! Turn now and die!"
>That sounds like a really shitty option. Time to do some magic.
>"Don't defile me and mine and further!"
>Everything is saying don't turn toward the pissed off thingy.
>"A THINGY! I am The Mother of The Darkness beyond Order and Chaos! Feel my wra-"
"Done, I have a little song for you. I shamelessly stole it from Earth. It goes something like this ancient roasty."
>I can feel hairs getting shaved. I stomp my hooves to a shitty beat. Loud and sort of clear in my mind.
"We will, we will rock you!"
>Absolutely livid now.
"We will, we will rock yo- urk"
>I'm grabbed by and turned to face the creature. It couldn't have been primordial.
"Gasp- Something had to have come before you."
"Something must have hit you with the ugly sti-"
>Slamming me to the invisible ground a phallus that looks to be made for pain and suffering rises.
"Wait, please do you know about ancient power of Bofah?"
>Clearly about to snap she inserts words painfully into my mind.
>"What is Bofah?"
"It's Bofah deeze nuts! AHHHHH!"

>Holy Cheese grater batman. I'm being turned into chunky salsa.

>I mean it could be worse.
>Here, I'm a meta-physical dream construct.
>Clearly, experiencing pain is entirely optional. Is that my spleen? It's going in deeper each time.
>It is. There goes another spleen.
>I'm fairly sure people, or ponies only have one spleen. It's spinning now, how scary.
>"You have brought this upon yourself."
>That hurts to even think about.
>Hey! There goes another one.
>Focus. I mean the things I would have done to the daughter that invaded my mind would have made this look like G rated content.
>Seriously, this is amateur hour stuff. It's like you put broken glass in a dildo, and stuck that on a drill. An ape can do that.
>I need to Focus. I mean you weren't a good Mother.
>I will break you slowly.
>Your daughters are in the same profession as you. A whore.
>Ow. Have to focus. You aren't even good at this. I as a superior human.
>Would show them to others, as I would break into their mind.
>"Foolish parasite!"
>"I am not so easily tricked! Despite my daughter's temperament and weak flesh."
>"I AM Mother!"
>"Pain alone doesn't seem to be working Mother what will we do?"
>"This is what we do."

>I woke up. That was not a dream.

>Fancy covered in my sweat slept.
>Trying to get up, I urinated. Well shit.
>"Anonymous? Is that? We have to get clean."
>Fancy Pants, bringing me to the shower with a smile.
>"We have to get clean. Little filly."
>The warm water wicking away the accident.
>"You know what made me feel better after a nightmare?"
>"Having fun with my mother. She played with me until I forgot about it all."
"No offense Fancy, I would rather not. Not now. Plus having sex with a foal is illegal."
>I can't open the shower door. Damned glass door won't budge.
>"It's fine Anonymous, We are all adults here."
"Fancy Pants, let me out of here. Please."
>"That reminds me of what I said to my mommy."
>I charged her going to hit the pony equivalent of the solar plexus. I slipped on the soapy tile. Slamming into her legs she fell on me.
>"Ow! You have been a really naughty filly. It's a shame you aren't a unicorn. It's playtime now."
>All of my legs are pinned down. She's heavy. It's a struggle to breath.
"Don't do this. You're better than that."
>"Oh, I am. Just relax."


Well, he's currently working on Ascent iirc. For some reason the absolute madlad decided that he wanted to have three running in his pool at the same time. I still miss 11-54, but it had a pretty satisfying conclusion. Hopefully we get to see more Peebs and Mint though…


Daily reminder that contentfags do it for free and (You)s are the main thing keeping them here.
I still don't really know what's going on here, but I suspect that's part of your current intent. Keep up the good work.


>>221752 Changing the spoiler to bold when Mother speaks
>This has been a real shitty day.
>"Daughter, the struggle just makes me more moist. Unf."
>Oh, that's not water.
"If you stop. I won't talk about this Fancy."
>"Who will believe you? The princesses? There is a reason why the adoption went through so smoothly. It's time to get clean, Anonymous."
>I can hear a bottle filling up. Fuck this let's see if my rantings on the paranormal actually work. The best outcome is mine!
>"This may sting a little Anonymous."
"Wait, please. Just call me by my pony name once."
>"Oh. Sure. Green Bean prepare for the soapy train."
>What the hell. I could faintly hear cussing.
>"That's the wrong name! Next time decline don't give the thing more information."
"Ow! You incompetent bitch thats my peehole!"
>"Just take it like a big filly."
>Yelling increases adrenaline, ponies should be close enough to humans the same should apply.
>"Stop that."
>I free my right foreleg, and whack above my head. Right where the bitch button should be, the clit.
>I see her jump in the air. Falling face first into the tile.
>"Daughter, I trained you better than that."
>Everything around me seem to be turning a Neon White. Well shit. I'm not awak-

>"Wake up! Anonymous it's the first day of school."

>I know I have a fairly spotty memory, but this is too much.
"I'll be right there at the breakfast table!"
>A quill is at my bed side. I put it in my mouth. Ready.
>I see Fancy there by the stairs waiting.
>"I see your ready for your day at school!"
>I nod my head with a smile. Making sure to wag my tail as well.
>I walk over. My heart is pounding.
>"Are you ready?"
>I tackle her legs. We crash down the stairs. I think I hear sickening snaps as everything fades to white.

>"Mother! It's not working."

>"The reason is because you are weak. I should have possessed one of my other daughters."
>I run away through the white void.
>I don't escape.

>"Anon are you okay?"

>I see the broken window, and specks of red dust from the brick that broke it.
>Bolt out of the room.
>"Anonymous wait! We need you! Princess Luna, and I need you!"
>I need to find Luna's room. I should be able to use some voodoo to get in contact with the real Luna.
>"Stay still! We love you!"
>They are hot on my tail.
>I don't know where her room is.
>I circle back to the tea room. I'm going to jump out the window, and hopefully get cut in the process.
>It's at that step of the plan, everything fell apart. I'm not a physically fit foal.
>Instead of making the leap of faith I head butt the wall.

>"Daughter, The door does not open. Your will is much stronger than this ape creature.
>"Yes! Mother, it's just hard to expect what the cancer is thinking."
>"Enforce your will! You are one of my daughters. The monster will succumb."

>I'm chained to a wall. The place I'm in is dark.

>I try pulling the chains out. They are obviously old and worn.
>"None of that. Those chains are new, and perfect."
>Hunh, Oh? Ooooh.
"You stupid cult sacrifice. You are trapped in here with me!"
>My voice echoing on every wall.
"And I See You~!"
>Blood is now dripping from the ceiling.
>"Stop, it I- I'm not scared!"
"Your Mother calls me a monster. It's because she fears my power."
>"I do not fea-"
"She is saying, she doesn't fear me. She lies."
>"The blight is obviously a liar."
"Tell me your name, daughter. I will be merciful."
>The blood is now glowing a hellish red. It's easy to see the cultist.
>"I- I- I'm not scared. Mother will protect me."
"A Mother that is most displeased with your failures. This is just a convenient way to remove the excess. An Impossible task, she wants you to fail to inspire the others."
>"Tha- That- That's not-"
"Entirely wrong is it? Tell me your name. Does Mother even respect you enough to not just be one of her pawns? I respect you. I know more than I let on."
>"The ape is a liar!"
"Mother isn't helping you now is she? I for all my immense power am not doing terrible things to you am I?"
>"B- but you said you would do something awful to the others."
>"I told you!
"I would have told them the truth."
>"The truth?"
"Yes, the truth is a terrible, awful thing to know. If you know it though…"
>The blood is pulsing and moving.
>"I ca- can handle it."
"Bond yourself to me! Then I can share the hidden knowledge with you! You may call me Occult Façade."
>"Daughter! Don't do it!"
>I pull myself from the wall, and give the cultist a hug and I whisper.
"What do you say friend?"
>"Friend? But I tried to kill and rape you. I- I- what?"
>"The parasite is a liar!"
"Is Mother giving you a hug right now?"
>"I- no she isn't. I'm Flakey Crust."
"It's my pleasure Flakey Crust. Will you become mine? All of yourself to me with your mind, body, and soul?"
>I take step back and hold out my hoof.
"Do we have a deal?"
>"I- yes. Yes I will."
>The unicorn mare reaches out and shakes my hoof.
>The faustian bargain complete.
>I feel amazing. Such power that tiny fragment, that was attached to Flakey Crust, called 'Mother' contained. It's all mine now.
>I can feel all of Flakey like my own body.
"So This is the power Equestrian Magic can have."
>"What's the truth that you'll tell me?"
"Don't make open ended agreements with beings that might not have your best interest at heart."
>The room changes to an open meadow with a night sky. I Whisper.
"I completely own you Flakey Crust."
>Her eyes widen and starts to shake.
"Yes, 'oh' indeed."
"Time for business. Did you break the window, and cast the spell? I can just look through your mind, but I want to hear it from you. You matter to me."
>"Y- y- yes I did. Have mercy, please."
"I'm not cruel. Now, tomorrow we are going to the princesses, and my parent to explain the situation."
>"Yes, Mistress."
"No need to call me that. I am sure we will be the very best of friends."
>I rest on the shaking mare.


are we being hand delivered to be dissected and studied thoroughly by a bunch of nerdy secret fucks?
if the answer is no, yes
1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]


File: 1557874547387.png (91.74 KB, 444x605, 1507214870508.png)

first i didnt know what was going on, and now i still dont, but i know more of what was going on earlier
you've kept me reading viciously throughout the whole two posts, keep this up you glorious faggot


Inspired somewhat by the earlier discussion of a colony of fillies.

Your small briefcase of belongings rests beside you on the large carriage. You glance outside, the orderly and meticulous weather of the pegasus weather teams of Ponyville or Canterlot gone, and replaced by untamed wild lands. According to Twiggle horse's maps, this is just west of White Tail Woods, in the unexplored western regions of Equestria.

Well, technically, this is separate from Equestria: a brand new colony, with no name nor inheritance from Equestria save for basic tools to claim and tame your new nation. This place is all your own. A country made explicitly for the fillies to grow up and become self sufficient, away from the normal ponies of Equestria who've grown sick of the cultural detritis of 4chan and seemingly barbaric Earthly customs. The fillies on the train toward the west border of the aforementioned woods have jeeringly nicknamed the place "The Land of the Mighty Faggot." You'd laugh, but you were - and still are - quite occupied with other thoughts. Pragmatic thoughts.

None of you fillies came to Equestria with practical skills. You were all rejects with no serious talents past the arts, some crafts, and STEM skills - most of which are irrelevant when all you have are hoes, picks, axes, and basic construction tools. How deep are you and the others going to be in this? How will you all manage to clean up these wild lands without any understanding of your needs or skills, as a cutie-mark-less, unskilled workforce?

I want to see how I do with world building. So, I'll leave this open to ideas and suggestions. Feel free to roll if you feel like it, but I don't quite know what I'll be doing with this just yet. But this feels somewhat lighthearted compared to my usual fare anyhow.


Linking the whole green text togther. In order.
Spoiler for a TLDR.
AnonFilly get's adopted.

AnonFilly has a bad dream. With an afterparty gift.

AnonFilly has a bad day.

AnonFilly sleeps, and 'dreams'.


File: 1557877704084.png (125.69 KB, 629x588, 1522891652260.png)

Thanks! While you're at it, would you mind pastebinning this?


File: 1557877908221-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 106.99 KB, 512x512, 2038901.gif)

Derpi produces something damned good for once.


>spoilering it
for what purpose?


Why not?


Censoring horsepussy on this site is counterproductive to the anti-shill purposes of mlpol, Jimmy.


File: 1557879259973.png (1.17 MB, 2000x2000, 1551368984973.png)

because its legal here and everyone should see the damned good horse pussy, duh



File: 1557879680077-0.gif (16.85 KB, 252x252, 2039060.gif)

Please don't turn the filly into a fag and cum outside


Why are her eyes purple? What did you mean by this?


My guess is:
>"I'm NOT a faggot!"




File: 1557888477403.jpg (961.89 KB, 2448x2020, IMG_3526.JPG)

Green to come tomorrow, have this to tide you over f-fucking degenerates


>not nukking on a pacifier
no u


I have made a terrible choice in where I posted the thing at. So I made another one at the actual pastebin site.



Forgot the name. So if you see a a version with a few edits it's real. Just on a bad site. Content and redirect blockers are needed.
I'm looking foward to it. Do the fillies have to control the weather?
tfw an entire nation that would expire in a single generation of shit posting amazons is the equestrian equivalent to Atlantis


File: 1557892461256.png (25.39 KB, 486x444, 4(You).png)

I like this idea. Have a (You).

I might just be fucking retarded, but wouldn't all you need is some common sense to work around your lack of farming, mining, wood cutting, and construction experience?


I mean it wouldn't be hard to go from learning to pick berries to learning to farm over a few months, a year at best. But the idea is that the transition away from city/society life and the push for fillies to be responsible would come with a host of challenges. Also that's not a dumb question, I honestly don't know myself. I would guess they'd take the basic idea and work from there.


Also I might have been waiting for a (You) more intently than I meant to


You'd be surprised how important clay is to a primitive society.

Primitive Technology's Youtube Channel is a pretty awesome example of just how useful it is.


I always just assumed it wouldn't take all that much to learn how to do all of that. Some trial and error perhaps, but you don't need to go to any sort of special school to learn how to swing an ax or pickax, or use a hoe or hammer. The way the tools are built, all of the instructions are already laid out for you.

Apologies. I don't normally think of giving (You)s even to prompts and greens I really enjoy, mostly because I can't think of anything more constructive to add than "I like this".


>implying anon fillies would ever move somewhere without momfua


Depends on the starting tools, and magical knowledge if it applies.
They also have the physical abilities of a mlp:fim foal to late teenish. Somehow the CMC does alot of stuff in a very short period of time. Trade for what you can't get. Sell what you have lots of or meet a demand.
I know that feeling.
It's all in the small techniques experts use to do it the right way. Being a tiny horse does not help when the tools look just like the ones from Earth.
It does come down to just hit the thing at the mostly correct angle. The tool just tells you how you need to hit the stuff to do it better.

Nice taste.
Horse (in this case pony) hair and mud for fairly decent buildings if it can dry.
If there are any unicorns telekinesis alone skips alot of the needed tech tree.
Have a couple fillies hold impure metal with the magic and get it close to the fire. Without being blinded.
A pegasus filly to Really get the fire hot.
The Standard filly can get more wood or something.

Unicorns can then shape the metal and press it as it cools to make some high grade stuff if they get good at it. If it's pure enough or the right alloy.
Same thing with glass using sand.


File: 1557895407587-0.png (376.92 KB, 1700x2000, 1481699638871.png)

File: 1557895407587-1.png (376.65 KB, 2374x1298, 1546023295531.png)

>mostly because I can't think of anything more constructive to add than "I like this".
I'm sure there's some fillies that'd rather like that though
b-but not me

some autism, but i feel when we're ded and in equestria, dying again lands you in some other version of it, with minor differences every time, to keep stuff entertaining through all of eternity, so i think dealing with too much momfu stuff could get tiring after a while, or this could even be an option when you've grown into a marefilly, there's not many towns in equestria as it is


Anyone got any quick filly draw requests?


Oh right depending on how the world works. Dust Bowl 2: Equestria edition might be possible. The Great Depression dust bowl.
Exiled to the wild wild west! [S]The backyard.

The game enders are injuries, sanitation and sickness. I'm sure the Equestria would take care of them, but… they did kick out fillies even if they are adults on the inside.Getting back to civilization as your fevered friend is coughing up blood as the sun is setting. Pitch black in the forest.


In the absence of momfus, the fillies will have to take turns as village mother. Eventually, the more motherly of the fillies will take on more permanent roles.


Keeping these in mind. Buuuut, I think these fillies won't have the sense to compress things with magic nor consider the importance of clay for a short while. I'm feeling that they start it Minecraft style, knowing they need a few sharp objects and some wood and twine, but not much beyond that. >fillies angrily punching trees, screaming "WHY WON'T IT FALL!"

I approve of this.


Really enjoying this, even though I have no clue what's going on. Keep it up


No u
I bet that's a self-portrait


Filly in pajamas, ready for bed



File: 1557905772228.jpg (43.62 KB, 800x734, Twilight-CuteBugEyes.jpg)


DC is a complete liberal shithole, and you'd rather not go there, but there is some potential for advancing your position. You're inclined to say yes, but there's still some important issues to resolve.

"That depends. Are we being hand delivered to be dissected and studied thoroughly by a bunch of nerdy secret fucks?"

Twilight giggles at your response. "No, silly. I wouldn't even ask if that was the case. Actually we're going to be meeting with some politicians, and a few more media personalities. The Associated Press is going to be covering our lodging and security detail, so we probably shouldn't have to worry about disappearing. For the media, we're worth more alive than dead."

"Assuming someone doesn't find a high enough price to pay for us."

She rolls her eyes. "Be honest, how much would you pay for you, if you were a big billionaire oligarch?"

"About three fiddy?"

"Right. You're worth more than that because your cute green ass is going to distract people from talking about the Mueller report, or whatever it was called."

You can think of a few more events that will distract the media in good time, but for now she raises a good point. You're worth more alive than dead.

"Alright, fine."

"Great. Flight's at six. Think you can find something to do in the mean time?"


>I'm awake. My everything hurts. No rest for the wicked.
>I'm feeling myself, I'm on top of a pony, and I feel another body in a bed alone, what is going on? What did I do last night…
>Pissed off an eldritch thing so it might make a mistake.
>I got mind fucked by an eldritch thing.
>Then it tried subtly mind raping me.
>She called it Mother. Two beings. She?
>Cultist was empowered and had invoked 'Mother'
>The cultist somehow got tricked into thinking I'm a super eldritch being.
>I enslaved the cultist. I even got part of the eldritch beings powrr. The pony's name started with a fuh and a ker sound.
>Wait, I got a pony slave. That called me mistress.
>The same pony also broke the window with the Luna, Fancy, and I.
>I told her to meet us today.
>The name was Fakey Crab? No. Flake Crud. Flakes Crust
>Flakey Crust.
>Holy shit I did magic fuck yeah! I even got a pony slave out of the deal.
>Oh, shit. I have a pony slave.
>I need to tell Luna, and Fancy Pants.

>Let's get off of Fancy. To the bathroom!

>My muscles are on fire. Like small paper cuts covered with salt.
>It's times like these I hate being a filly. Does Equestria's stallions have boneless dicks or ones with bones? Thst's a whale of a question.
"Bitch tits."
>I dipped my right leg in the toilet. Hoof, right rear leg hoof.
>I could take a shower. Flashback to the shower rape memory.
>Yeah, no. I'll wash off in the sink.

>Be Fancy Pants.

>The darkest desires have been filled twice yesterday.
>My daughter just rested there on top of me twice. Sqwee!
>I know Fleur De Lis want's the fame of being in the mlst elite of social circles, but I don't mind how she lays, and leans on me though. She's just so light. I sometimes forget Fleur's even there.
>Flower Lily, would be too innocuous for her taste.
>I hope Occult Façade doesn't mind Fleur too much.
>"Bitch Tits!"
>Honestly the kind of crude language, just reminds me she's all grown up already.
>Oh, my I had an alien male stuffed inside a filly on top of me.
>As those anonfillies say, how lewd.
>I head over to the bathroom door.
"Are you alright in there?"
>"I'm fine."
>Saying I'm fine rarely means it is fine. It is a quality, not a status of a pony.
>I open up the door. What a strange sight.

>The foal is on the counter awkwardly twisting to wash something off of her leg.

>Soap in one hoof, tail in the other. Towel in her mouth.
"AWWWW. That is adorable."
>Startled she squeezes the soap bar too hard. Shooting the soap out of her hoof.
>Into the mirror.
>Bouncing off her forehead.
>Plopping against the Cold Water faucet.
>Turning it on.
>Fumbling to turn it off she slips out of the sink.
>My foal is falling.
>I use the towel she was holding to swaddle her and levitate her slowly, safely to the floor.
>I knew the upside-down underwater advanced fabric folding class would be needed one day.
>"Fancy, I have to tell you something important."
>Chaos and trouble follow anonfillies loyally not matter the situation.

>Be me Occult Facade.

>That soap felt just like that tongue.
>The freezing water : The lube.
>My whole body tensed with pain.
>The dream stairs I tackled the cultist off of : the longest fall.
>I'm not okay mentally, or physically.

"Fancy, I have to tell you something important."
"I may have enslaved the pony that got you and Luna to attempt to skin me, and found out she was a cultist."
>"I'm sorry. Did you say you enslaved a pony?"
>"That used the brick to break the window."
>"That also cast the spell on you."
"That's right."
>"The same pony just so happens to be part of this Mother cult"
"That sums it up."
"The name of the pony is Flakey Crust."
>"Related to Jet Set, and Upper Crust?"
"I'm not sure."

>Jet Set? I am fairly sure jets are not a thing here. It might be a shortened name. He could be a plumber, Jettison Setter. A hot tub fixer?

>It probably won't be my problem.
>Speaking of fixing.
"After all this is done I think I need a few psychology textbooks."


At somepoint say loudly to the media. "I like beer!" 1d100[ 1d100 = 91 ]


>Filly used Stomp!
>It's not very effective…


This but add in that people should give it to us if they see us about.
1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


"Yea, Lyra, you coming?"
No one asks the other horses we re with about their opinions
"Also, by the way, you got some time?"
Then get her to a secluded area where no one will see us and scream "spit it out" while tackling her to the ground, if he s confused ask directly about that green magic of hers
Slip or not, its now a plot point, lets see what minty has to say in her defence
Would be interesting if she was in fact a changeling imo

1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


Something from this green:


File: 1557944536110.jpg (76.56 KB, 650x650, bRelo83r67.jpg)

>The princesses' operational security is unconventional, but hidden in plain sight. It's honestly something I thought only Discord might do.
>We, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Kibitz the personal assistant, Fancy Pants, Myself, and Flakey Crust the ex-cultist are all here.
>Having this dire conversation here under the Breakfast Table.
>Like little fillies.
>For Flakey's crimes against humanity.
>And mine for totally enslaving a cute pony.

"… and that's the whole story I swear! The handshake and bargin thing was supposed to just let me manipulate her into believing I had ultimate power, and could do anything in her mind."
>"Princesses, that is another count of grade 1 mental manipulation."
>Kibits the ever useful butler stated.
>"Thank you Kibitz, does Anonym- Occult still fit the vigilante justice clause?
>"Just barely so princess, if Occult did something to Flakey Crust after the deal, that is to say defeated, then excessive violence and harm section would be taken into effect. Since she did not everything is satisfied.
She is eligible for the black magic membership, for resisting category 6 torture, and possessing a magical connection to another being."
>Luna, and Celestia are wispering quickly to each other. They nod seriously.
>"You Occult Façade, are now Personally responsible for Flakey Crust, for the total time of 141 Years to serve you or until we decide otherwise.
Everyday that is from, Monday to Sunday, she continues life as a Reasonable, Responsible Equestrian Citizen. Without changing or commanding her using the bond.
You, Occult Façade, may do as you wish without impacting her life negatively.
Flakey Crust, You are to make reports to us weekly until stated otherwise by both of us.
This includes reports of perceived or real unethical acts done to you, by Occult Façade.
Flakey Crust, Occult Façade, You are to submit to an examination by one of us, Princess Twilight Sparkle, or Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, monthly to determine if the bond is misused.
Only by being under Occult Façade's hoof or personal taskes by us will the sentence lighten.
This sentence will not effect or carryover to the progeny of Flakey Crust, or Occult Façade."
>"I believe that's everything, sister. Kibitz how much time is left?"
>"A single minute left."
>"I'm sorry this is so abrupt, but important delegation will be here. Have a good day Fancy Pants, Occult Façade, and Flakey Crust."
"Have a nice day Luna, Kibitz, and Celestia."
>Flakey Crust bowed, and just kept saying thank you.
>"I hope we meet again under better circumstances Princess Celestia, Princess Luna."
>Fancy Pants sure kept her cool during the retelling.

>The Princesses, and Kibitz crawled out from under the table.

>Is that why they had it here? No one would believe us if we told them.
"I suppose you can go live your life Flakey. I'll think of something for you to do that doesn't interfere with your plans."
>Fuck yeah! I have my very own pet pony!
>Crossing any of the princesses is a really bad idea.
>I'll have to look into that black magic group thing.

>The whole thing boils down to not being a dick or trying to extract unethical revenge.

>Monthly checkups, and weekly reports.

>Getting mind fucked is totally worth it.

>This is a damned good day.

>Be Mother

>The parasite stole my daughter away from me.
>From Me.
>It is far more dangerous than I gave it credit for.
>I must tell my daughters to not directly confront it.
>They should use the non-daughters or other (ugh) beings of power.
>The utopia will happen one way or another.
>All those mortal man monsters will succumb.
>No matter how long it takes.

>Be Princess Celestia

>Did we do the right thing?
>Twilight's report on the transformed humans paints a very bleak picture of how they are.
>So much potential for anything they choose.
>For better or for worse they are here.

>Be Flakey Crust

>A filly out smarted me.
>A filly.
>Mother, did say she was one of the monsters.
>I- I don't know if I could be her daughter anymore.
>She did so much for me! Like …
>Hmmm, introduce me to the daughters.
>But, they didn't really like me.
>I wonder how my parents are doing?
>I haven't talked to them in such a long time…
>They would be ashamed that a bumpkin pony owns me.
>What do I say?

>Be Occult Facade

>Wew, I know why they call her Flakey Crust.
>Can't really trust her to not defect.
>That doesn't matter at the moment.
>Because, I am having a pony back ride on my noble steed, Fancy Pants, back to the mansion.
"Wooah. Careful!"
>I've been boarded.
>It's the French knock off modeling pony. Fur something.
>"Fancy Pants I see you have a new adorable addition to your wardrobe."
>"Fleur, it's so good to see you. This is Occult Façade, my daughter."
>A short tersed greeting is in order.
>Damn, it came out cute and squeaky.
>"Occult Façade, oui merci, Fancy Pants it fits her so well. Such deep eyes on her. I can see the history in them, perhaps a tragic past?"
>Fancy Pants is whispering something to Fleur.
>"Fancy, your heart is made of solid gold, and a will made of the strongest friendships."
>They keep whispering, and giggling all the way back to the mansion.
>What have I have I gotten myself into?


File: 1557946600837.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


You're late, missy. And you know what happens to tardy fillies.


They go to live with Flutters so that she can give them the special attention they need?


They get given gentle reprimanding followed by mama cuddles?



They get put in a helmet and assigned to a case worker that can help them to survive and not eat paint chips?


>"Anon, come on. We're going to be late."
"I told you I don't need to wear this fucking helmet, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
>"You've been banging your head up against the wall ever since you got here. It's common for your… condition, but I need you to cooperate for your own safety."
"The voices… they won't leave me alone…"
>"Nice try, but the analysis didn't show any signs of schizophrenia. My insurance is already through the roof with you, thank Celestia you didn't."
"But mooom, the other fillies will make fun of me if I have to wear a stupid helmet…"
>Your big eyes start to overflow with tears and soon you're a blubbering mess.
>Twilight comes over and puts a hoof over your wither.
>"Hey, it's okay. You'll be with other ponies like you."
"Other r-retards?"
>"Hey… who called you that?"
"S-some colt… he laughed at me and said I was a b-bucking retard…"
>You're just playing to delay now, of course.
>"Why when I get my hooves on… oh, right. Here you go, honey."
>A tissue is levitated in front of your boopbox and you blow into it messily.
"I-I'm scared about stating school tomorrow…"
>Just six more hours of wasting her time and she'll have to take you home to be put to bed…
>"Aww… it'll be okay munchkin, I know Vibrant Flowers personally. She's a very nice pony, she'll understand your special needs.
"I still don't see why I can't be put in a class with the rest of the fillies, I'm just as smart…"
>She rubs your back softly, avoiding your bruised head for the time being.
>"Of course you are honey, this has nothing to do with smarts. You'll be learning the same material from the other class out of a packet."
"Wait, Ms. Flowers won't be teaching it to the class?"
>"Well, no… you see, most of your class is a bit…"
>She pauses for a second, considering how best to break to you that the rest of your class has an IQ resting around room temperature.
>"Different in different ways."
>Wow, excellent choice of words.
>Well, you know how to combat that paper-thin explanation.
"Different… how?"
>"Well, some of them can't walk, and a lot have trouble speaking…"
>"They're all very nice ponies I'm sure, I even babysat a few back when I didn't have Princess of Friendship duties."
>"They all just need a bit of extra attention, like you!"
>"Now come on, time's a wasting. I need to get you fitted for that helmet."
"C-can't we get ice cream? I start school tomorrow, being a big filly deserves celebration, right?"
>She leans over and gives you a light kiss on the cheek.
>"If I don't get a telegram from Ms. Flowers, we can get some after your first day, that suit?"
>It's better than nothing, but it isn't the delay you need.
"I… I-I gotta go potty!"
>Your ace in the hole.
>Twilight picks you up with her magic and rushes you inside, practically breaking down the door to the Mare's room.
>You've been having some… issues making it on time.
>Twilight frantically wipes down the seat, plopping your admittedly slightly chubby filly butt on the seat.
>She looks away.
>"Do your thing."
>Fuck, and it wasn't even that full…
>You only really manage a small trickle.
>"That it? I thought it was urgent."
"It felt urgent…"
>She just shrugs and picks you back up, wiping you gently and washing her hooves.
>Didn't even touch anything except the floor, but you guess that might get a bit nasty in a public restroom.
>Twilight hurries you over to the receptionist.
>"Appointment for Anonymous Sparkle at 1:00 PM."
>The receptionist, a sweet looking old mare around Granny Smith's age looks up from her book.
>"Ah, just in time! Do you want me to take you to his office?"
>"No, I'm alright with directions."
>"Well, you take the first right and then go up the spiral staircase…"
>Five minutes later, and you're sitting on a plush sofa in a room that smells faintly of isopropyl alcohol.
>Twilight has reluctantly left the room, but you can hear her outside.
>Something about her inert magic field interfering with his scan? You couldn't be asked to care.
>"So, Anonymous! Tell me about yourself."
"M-my friends call me Anon."
>Ha, that's a fucking lie.
>But it'll save time for him to assume you have friends.
>"Neat nickname, I like it! I'm Dr. Cotton, a pleasure to meet you."
>"Say Anon, how old are you?"
"S-six, I start First Grade tomorrow."
>"Ah, so that's the rush for the helmet."
>He's setting up a bunch of equipment while he talks, so you don't feel like he's a complete smalltalk-obsessed dolt.
"T-they already scanned my head when I was diagnosed, w-why you gotta do it again now?"
>"Well, those scans only would've covered your grey matter. These ones are to measure your head's circumferance, identify areas where the skull might not have grown in completely…"
"That's dumb, the other scan didn't require any big machines."
>"Let me guess, your mom did the scan?"
"Y-yeah, how'd you know?"
>"Easy. An alicorn would be the only type of pony that could preform that type of scan without an entire warehouse of equipment."
"So, couldn't she easily just do the scan herself? Why here?"
>"Well, a couple of reasons. Part of our policy is not to accept any measurements from outside the facility."
>He leans in really close to you.
>"And I have a sinking suspicion your mom might have a bit of a crush on me."
>He goes back to his work, chuckling warmly.
>"Everything is calibrated when you're ready, hop on up."
"It looks like a spaceship…"
>"Well, then I'll be your brave cadet, Cap'n Anon."
>He salutes you and you start to giggle a bit.


File: 1557972794656-0.jpeg (189.46 KB, 1280x960, large.jpeg)

"O-okay, hehe…"
>You get up in the chair nervously.
>"Now Anon, previous patients have found the next part to be a bit scary, would you like to hold my hoof?"
>Fucking degenerate…
"N-no, I'm alright. I'm a big filly."
>"If you insist, alright. We're ready to go in three… two… one!"
>The orb lowers down onto your head and flashes brightly before coming back up.
>"Thank you Anon, that's it. You can go back out to see your mom now, your helmet should be waiting at the front desk by the time you get out of here."
"That quick?"
>"It's just plastic and foam, pretty simple stuff."
>He leans in close to you again.
>"But don't tell Princess Twilight, she's paying out the butt for this."
>You giggle.
"O-okay, thank you!"
>"My pleasure."
Don't think I'm going to continue this since I still have Chilly to work on, but if any other writefags want to hijack it I'd be more than happy to allow that.


I hope someone picks this up. The amount of booger eating potential really tickles my taint.


File: 1557975384389.png (596.86 KB, 1150x1000, giggles.png)

>the collar


I'm amazed at how fast you're putting this out. Thanks for the story, I'm really enjoying it


So what's filly's favorite flavor of crayon?


File: 1557975968717-0.jpg (127.19 KB, 1200x650, haroldpurplecrayon_header.jpg)

I wonder…


Ha, I like it. Gotta suck being in a class like that, though…

Hope someone continues this too


I wish to tickle filly until she pees


>>222011 I started wrriting this reply about four minutes since it was posted. Learn everthing you can. If you don't know something look it up. If you want to know something find it.

(I Jump around alot when writing this.)
Foreword: This is a clusterfuck of a reply.
TLDR: I offload everything on my subconscious, so I don't fuck it up too much.
I Jump around (This part is written from the middle) and it is a test of a modified stream of consciousness writing. I think…
This is concentrated rambling as a test to see if this method works. So far I think it does.

Well, this is a first draft without real editing.
I'm relying heavily on my subconscious to put together the frame work of the world, and story.
Good things happen and bad things happen. There's action / interest curves. And possibilities to unearth. Every action has a reaction.
You need to know it though, and having a line to a part of you that works directly with these things is a great way to things across.
Sometimes things are lost in translation.
I don't worry too much. I just type what my subconscious says should go on.
I play the actions out in my head. Not in full detail, but enough to know what is important.
I know I don't know enough so I look it up.
Sometimes I just ask my subconscious what a good way to write the idea across would be.
So I type it out as much as possible.

I read it and go over it. Then I delete some of it. It might be all of it. Sometimes I don't delete it.

I move on.

Before, I couldn't write like this. Not at all.
One of the benefits of phone fagging is that laying down slightly tired opens a dialogue with the subconscious.
Sometimes a not a dream, just ideas. Where you close your eyes for a few moments and put the phone down for a moment or two.

When I write something that isn't right I delete it.

To put it another way this is for me to connect and learn how to talk to my subconscious using the language of Feelings, Ideas, Possibilities, and Trust (verify sometimes)
things I just don't quite remember pop up in my head.

A Series of events that led to Flakey Crusts creation.
I Know the thing isn't Mother
Two Beings, but separate. The whole gets mad when Anonfilly taunts it. The elderitch horror thing shrugs it off.
That means the other thing has temperament issues, normally implies that it's a living being.
What would a living being and an eldritch horror have in common?
The being is Cultist Channeling the Eldritch Horror.
(This is after I wrote the parentheses at the top)
The Cultist is trying to break anonfilly, because the horror thing wants cultist to.
(Living things Grow and Learn. That means they Change. Unless they are at the peak ideal.)
Cultist fails, impacting relation ship to horror where the cultist draws the power from.
DOWNWARD DEATH SPIRAL for cultist and horror.
Leading to the anonfilly making a bluff to alter the cultists mind. (Why? Because she knows it's not hers, the person that believes in something is empowered, have the person believe in anonfilly profit.)
It works, use more emotional manipulation.
At that moment before the choice is made I ask what the name is.
Since she Defects she is a flake.
This is Equestria so change it to Flakey.
What word combines with Flakey.
Crust, a Flakey Crust.
Flakey Crust is called daughter so it's a female.
She cast magic earlier so she is a unicorn.
She is still a cultist, and has motivations.
That being attaining power.
Offer The Flake Power!
>Wait! You know what would be interesting? (What?)
If anonfilly got the Pony! That would cause problems, and chain reactions!
Think of how the princesses would react.
Lets do it.

Sometimes I ask the subconscious for something specific like something funny should be here to change the Feels.
Translate it.
To something.
With Popping action!
A word play or something.
Character Reactions.
Surprise. Tends to be Chaos.
An impact or a Real Change. That influences the story.

Quick switch the feels! Perspective of target of the funny stuff. Now it can be personal, tragic.

I write till the character limit is near.

I need a hook or a Change that is real.

The greentext story is ALL about implications.
Just Implications.
(This is an anonfilly story, trope needed aweful shit happens. This is a story about me as anonfilly, trope happy ending added. This is for the Mothers day prompt. It has CONNECTIONS to other green texts. Try to not fuck up the others text while adding possible potential connections.)

I ask my subconscious if I am missing anything so I write this.

Communication. I don't know how well this (the greentext) communicates to others.
On one hand adding more explanation. On the other they Like it.
Do I keep the story as it is with the layer of implications bekng the Focus of How the story works?
Do I spoil some of the implications?
I don't know. It seems to conflict with the writing style if I just spoil it, and people seem to like it as it is…
I'm not even sure what part the confusion is happening at. So I keep going.

Would this be subconscious, entertainment?
A story of implications.

>Conclusion: I'm reaching char limit here.

This method of writing is a test and practice to get better at communicating with My subconscious. This is/was practice for the write fag competition.
As a practicing Actual /x/ occult chaos magic guy. This is working for somereason.

This method is for one reason or another Popular.
I don't know why yet.

Thanks for listening/reading to this post probably filled with errors.
(You) are not alone in your mind. You have Your subconscious and it is and can be you too.

(It's onky AFTER I hit the New Reply button I find most of the mistakes. Some of the big and important ones too.)


Message from Ash:
"Bleh…tell ass that I resent being portrayed in any way as a talk-show-watcher but otherwise keep up the good work >:T"
If you're reading this I'm sorry for not respond to your messages, I tend not to turn on steam unless I'm getting ready to play games and I haven't had the energy for a lot ofgames this week.


Also if you do respond, I'd appreciate it if you didn't divulge my identity.


File: 1557984230854.png (251.61 KB, 1000x1414, 1228978.png)

Really? The real Ash Ketchum?


Nah, but I know the real Ash Ketchum. Just passing on a steam message.


I didn't know Ash Ketchum lite was disabled


File: 1557986357068.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 13.16 MB, 480x360, Mystery Video.mp4)

The video has nothing do do with anything, really. I just found it really funny.
>Be Anonymous.
>Be Legion.
>Nah, not doing that.
>It was midday when you arrived, but now you can just start to see the orange rays of the sunset through the window.
"So, I touched these thorns and got all sleepy, and then I woke up out in… well, I suppose all of this is the Everfree now."
>"As far as I can figure, yes. It would appear plant growth was uninhibited by the detonation."
"Are there any animals left?"
>You know that look.
>"He couldn't survive without mice and squirrels. I tried to transform grasses and ferns into them, but it turns out the anatomy was a lot more complex than I had bargained for. I…"
>She just lifts up a hoof, showing a patchwork of scar tissue.
>"He wouldn't take to my flesh. I had to put him out of his misery, he didn't suffer…"
"I'm sorry Twilight…"
>"What for? You're the best thing I've come across in years."
>"You don't believe me?"
"No, it's… I'm not great with words."
>"Well, that's one thing I can help you with."
>She gives your snoot a light tap.
"Wait, you said nothing is left alive?"
>"Nothing without a cell wall."
"I saw a goat on top of a mountain."
>She shoots up out of snuggling position.
>"That's… impossible."
"There was also a pony up there with a spear lodged in its skull. Clearly more survived than we knew about…"
>"Could you… lead me to this mountain?"
"Sure. If you have a compass, it's due North from here."
>"Wow, I never knew earth ponies had such adept internal navigation skills."
"I-I don't. It's a long story, heh…"
>She raises a brow but doesn't press the issue further.
>"You want to go back there and check it out with me tomorrow? I can pack us snacks and it'll be completely safe, a lack of animals also means lack of predators out here."
"Hmm… what kind of snacks are we talking?"
>"I'm thinking chocolate chip cookies with extra butter, you're rail-thin."
"Oh, huh… that I am."
>You don't know how you haven't noticed that at this point, but you can start to see the beginnings of your newly healed ribs showing on your barrel.
"I-I don't remember being like this before I left…"
>"Well, Starswirl's Sixth Law…"
"I don't know what that is."
>"In the absence of sufficient magic from the user of the spell, energy will be drawn from the surroundings. Those thorns were probably not designed with precautions in mind, I can run a few tests if you'd like me to…"
"Actually, yes. I'd like to know where my pudge went."
>"Great, um… hold on a second."
>She gallops down the stairs, the sounds of levitation faintly audible from your left ear.
>Your right one was pressed into the pillow, you were staying nice and comfy as long as you had the excuse to.
>"Ah! Found it!"
>She comes back up with a strange contraption that looks like a cross between a radar dish and a centrifuge.
>"I'll need a fat sample for it to work, are you still sure you want to go through with this?"
"Yeah, I've felt a lot worse."
>"Okay. Well, I'll try to make it quick."
>You feel a cold alcohol wipe on your ass.
>You just grumble a bit.
>"Celestia Anon, I'm so sorry… I should've told you-"
"It's… whatever. What does it say?"
>"Well, hm. The spell should've only consumed half of the energy it took, by my calculations…"
>She rushes back downstairs, presumably to outline all of her thinking on a chalkboard.
>"You've swapped positions with an alternate-universe duplicate."


>>221939 adding pink for others lines to make this easier to read. In this case Fleur De Lis
>Life will always try to knock you in anyway it can.
>The hardest thing is to get back up one more time then when life knocks you down.
>I forgot that in my last life.
>I won't forget it in this one.

>The reporters are at the gates. Fleur, Fancy, and I, Occult Facade, they will keep the siege going until we break, or they do.

>There are five ways to go about this.
>"Fancy Pants, is it true that your daughter used to be a human, does she give you any trouble?"
>"I love my daughter, I'm sure you would understand if you also have foals."
>"Fleur De Lis, what is the relationship between you and Fancy Pants? Hey? Is Fleur De Lis even there? She might have given us the slip. There is a story out there."
>"Filly, do you like Fancy Pants as your guardian."
>Exaggeration or Comedy.
>"How does it feel being a filly?"
"It's squishy, made of meat, and maintenance is a requirement. The usual for any living animal. Oh, and I'm a female pony."
>"Anonymous, sources that would like to be undisclosed, started that you have been raped by your mother."
"This is not a public theater, where you can project yourself. Do you have a problem with that?"
>"Gasp, how dare you?"
"How dare you? You don't know my name. It's Occult Façade. I have alot of problems you know!"
>"What kind of Problems?"
"Big problems, huge problems, the kind of problems too big for a single pony. You know the kind of pony that can do that?"
"That's what I'm asking. This is a real problem you know. Accusing me of rapeing a theater. I bet this anonymous source has problems. Lot's of problems too!"

>So the tide of the ever hungry masses for a slice of connection to a Very Important Pony dwindles.

>We live to see another day intact. Inside the Fancy Pants mansion.

>"Fancy Pants, one of the reporters said your daughter was raped by you. Where would they get such an idea?"

"It's because of an dream cult worshiping thing doesn't like me for some reason."
>"That's true Fleur, but you know how sensitive these sorts of things are.
>"Oui, Fancy."
"So what now?"
>"Occult Façade, you and Fleur will be such good friends! Oh, Fleur don't you have a friend in the black magic group?"
>Fleur's face shifts rapidly at the last sentence.
>"Why do you want to know Fancy Pants?"
>"Occult Façade is eligible to join."

>Fleur eyes widen, and brings us into a large bone crushing hug.

>"Oh! I am so sorry Façade. It must have been awful! I'll get you in contact with my friend. As soon as possible. I need to confirm it's okay first.""
>Hunh, she has a good head on her shoulders.
>She isn't just a living fur coat for Fancy.
>"Well, this vist from the media means we need to work on your public perception, Occult."
"What exactly do you mean?"
>"Your lessons begin early.


Huh, interesting. If it was just one swap with Anon and the other "Clover", I wonder why the other Twilight doesn't recognize her.


This is just my two cents here, but my idea is that the other anon was pulled completely out of another universe and not just swapped twilights with protag anon. The reason I say that is that nice twilight made it seem like she ended all life in the area a la thanos, meaning that if she had an anon in the first place, (s)he's probably dead too, hence why a third-party universe was needed to supply anon #2.



Twilight raises a good point. You've got about six hours to kill in the middle of North fucking Dakota. There's fuck all to do here, and you have no money. Maybe the media tailing her wherever she goes could help though.

"I LIKE BEER!" you shout over to them. This seems to grab their attention for a moment, but doesn't seem to give you the reaction you want. One of them gives you a thumbs up, but then they walk off with Twilight, likely to discuss something further. You feel a little torn. On one hand, you wouldn't want to associate with liberal media anyways. On the other hand, they should be giving you at least some attention, right?

Lyra and Blossom sit down next to you and both put their hooves around your shoulders. At least you have friends to enjoy your time with.

"Pretty sure it's a bit early for beer," says Lyra. "You might as well have shouted, 'I like titties.'"

"Well I like those too."

Blossom giggles. "Haha, you like boobies. What are you Anon, gay?"

"Hey, I'm not gay. I used to be a guy, after all."

Suddenly one of the humans from the crowd lifts you up and presents you to the crowd. Before you can react to kick him in the nuts, he shouts to the rest of the humans present, "Ladies and gentlemen! It is 2019. I present to you the first transgender horse!"




"Technically, some commie from the USSR was first." Then reeeeee at him for mis-speciesing you as a horse and not a pony and only accept apology through alcohol. 1d100[ 1d100 = 14 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 61 ]


File: 1557991945550.png (146.88 KB, 1135x1024, AnonFilly-Onesie.png)

And I forgot a picture with my upload. Oh well, have a random filly :/


I will incorporate your questions to Lyra in a later post, most likely. I'll have to go over my previous posts to see if I ever had Lyra use a different color magic, but otherwise I want to say it's a special case for the hand spell.


>the softness of that onesie
>those widdle eyebrows
>the way her hoovesies poke out a few inches before the cuff of her sweater
I'm in fucking love reuben, I need her in my life to have and to hold every night until I die!


File: 1557992612426.gif (228.11 KB, 296x272, AnonFilly-CuteBraids.gif)


Do you, Anon, take this filly, to have and to hold, so long as you both shall live?


I do! Just give me that huggable little faggot before I resort to hape!


This, correct him. 1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


Oh hey, somebody liked my edit!
Good theories, I think you'll like where this is going…
Probably best we don't get ourselves KO'd with a bike lock.
"If you're going to fuck me, at least get me some of that beer first."
1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


Boost, nothing else, nothing more, just keep doing this until we re out of breath
1d100[ 1d100 = 91 ]


This, then >>222058
1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ]


File: 1558026037790.png (69.03 KB, 497x313, SomethingsNotRight1.png)



You two want to do a tiebreaker roll, or would you rather I find some way to combine these two responses?


Combine that shit like cheap liqours.



kek, god i love your fillies, man


Cutting it close there


I propose correction first, then later in the conversation what Lone said. 1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


File: 1558051609706-0.gif (12.79 KB, 252x252, 2040345.gif)


Filly learned to fight like a hoers from fightin' games, obviously.


Funny you mention that. Filly looks like she's rendered in Sonic Battle. Not sure whether I'm complimenting or insulting but…well, I played a lot of that game.


File: 1558057769765.png (19.51 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon.png)

>Another day.
>The royal family sat out on a balcony, sans the nocturnal one.
>I looked at the cup of tea, wafting its fragrant steam into the air.
>The pink and the white alicorns sat chatting about political happenings.
>On one hand, it kept them from bothering me.
>On the other hand, it was boring me out of my mind.
>Weighing my options, I eventually let out a sigh and took a sip from my drink before sitting up.
"Hey. Celestia."
>The two paused, turning in unison toward me.
"You've got a lot of stuff, right? Can't quite think up what'd be a decent mother's day gift. You even want one?"
>Her eyes light up, and for once I see her having to compose herself.
>"Well, I suppose I could find some space somewhere for a small gift."
>Cadence beamed cheerfully.
>"So what brought this on?"
"Ehh. I guess, legally, she qualifies now. She's not too bad, and I guess it's a way of paying back a bit of the kindness I've had since I came here."
>The pink pony princess gave a knowing smile.
>"Mmhm. I see, I see."
>She knows NOTHING.
"Well, I guess I can step out and look for something. Unless you're dead set on getting some kind of macaroni art glued onto paper as a gift."
>The princess of the sun, matriarch of Equestria for the last thousand years before her sister's return, takes more time than she should to seriously consider the joke.
>"Mmmmmmmmmmmmno, I guess you can head out. Make sure to grab a guard before you do."
>"…I get enough macaroni art to feed an Istallion family for a month, anyways" she mutters under her breath.
>Cadence beams far more than should be safe.
>"Shopping triiiiiip!"
"Oh god no."

>Time has lost all meaning.
>The number of shops visited is uncountable.
>Despite my best efforts to obtain some cheap, easily obtained tchotchke, apparently that wasn't good enough for a Mother's Day gift for Glorious Solar Leader.
>While I had attempted to buy something several times, Lovebutt had blabbed that I was shopping for something for Celestia several times while we were browsing.
>The ever-so-patriotic proprietors of the shops constantly plied the two of us with things that apparently didn't meet Cadence's standards.
>Either that or the proprietors didn't deem Cadence's choice to be worthy of being a gift to the beloved Princess of the Sun.
>It took ages to convince her to fib just a smidgen, and that was only after I could detect that she could tell the situation that we were in.
>I convinced her to go along with the next shop's suggestion, and a card.
"…that was more trouble than it was worth," I grumbled.
>"Oh, don't be that way, A… Emerald. Just imagine the face she'll have when she gets your present!" encouraged the pink princess.
"I guess."
>And so, box of chocolate-covered cake bites and overly elaborate card in metaphorical hand, we made our way back to the castle.
>After bidding her goodnight and a solid night of passion with her hubby, I made my way back up to my room.
>Since she was in the area, she apparently had dibs on the Pink Hell, so I was thankfully able to sleep in the room I'd been put in while I was ill.
>Privacy obtained, I set about personalizing the card.
>Somehow, I managed to wrangle the quill into dragging words onto the interior of the card.
>Task complete, I went to bed to wait for the appropriate time to deliver the gift.

>With a smile on the solar princess's face, she turned the wrapping paper into confetti in what seemed like an instant.
>She let out an exaggerated gasp at the discovery of her treats, then turned her attention toward the included card after ensuring that a couple of the treats never live to pass on their genes.
>She gave me a cheery smile as she set about opening the card's envelope.
>No words where added, as according to my lessons from Raven, speaking with one's mouth full is a faux-pas.
>Her expression started out pleased as can be as she slid the folded paper free.
>Flipping it open, her expression toon on a slightly concerned tone as she took in its contents.
>"Well. Um. That's… Thank you very much for the gift, Em--um… Anonymous."
>She shifts in her seat, an uncharacteristically unsure look about her.
>"It's… well written?" she diplomatically states.
>For my part, I just gave her a wide grin, then made a quick exit.
>Sure, the cake was just cake, but the card had a little poem I'd cobbled together with a pittance of work.
>All in all, it seemed to have done the trick.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Before I was a filly
I sometimes fapped to you.

Best wishes for Mother's Day,
Anonymous, AKA Emerald Dawn.

>As I climbed into bed after a long day, I wondered how it would come and bite me in the ass.

>Oh well. Tomorrow could take care of itself.
>And so, I snuggled into my covers and drifted off to sleep.

A bit late for the actual holiday, but that's when I started it, if that counts for anything. Hope the next bit's inspiration takes less than a holiday.


File: 1558058280537.jpg (318.96 KB, 2092x1802, IMG_20190516_185423.jpg)

badge filly


EFNW has a filly badge? Is that like, done by organizers, or just by someone there? I'm curious, as someone who's avoided cons for the most part.


>The most elite of the elite, have micro gestures, and social rituals. Scent, and subtle magic sequencing.
>Most of it is done unconsciously.
>It's part of why they discriminate against country hicks.

>As a human turned into a filly apparently all my expressions are almost all alien.

>Except words, noticeable actions and facial expressions.
>I think that's part of the reason why ponies think we are so fucked up.
>Other than ALSO being fucked up too.
>"The Mare-y Pony-ch's 'What is Wrong with My Foal' segments shows, see the ear, tail, and neck movement?"
"I guess, but I still don't quite get it."
>"Mare-y is a good maybe even great, but not the best. Look at how the base of the neck and the ear movement, and the magical disposition has almost no ripples. Not at all conductive to displaying the emotion."
"I still don't quite get it, Fancy."
>"Hmmm, I'll hire a changeling performer from Ponyacci's school. Changelings in general can mimic down to the extremely small and detailed expressions. So one will look like you as you look in the mirror and at the changeling to see what proper expressions should look like."
"You're the expert here Fancy. Do changelings have alot of jobs as actors?"
>"From what others in the business say, cutie marks and skill trump the species. Unofficially, however changelings cut down on costs. Some do get sick from all the conflicting emotions. Reshooting time, and costs make up for it."
"Hunh, the more ya' know."

>"You'll have to have a passing knowledge about most things in this world. That includes history, and who knows whom."

>Ugh, the things I do for obscene amounts of money. Despite my complaining I don't think I could get a much better deal than this.

>"Fleur, spread yourself out more! You're a big mare."

>Fancy Pants! I can't that doesn't- PUTAIN!"
>Wow, pony fascia is far superior to human fascia. It's also magically conductive. If I made a suit out of the stuff enchantments and spells would take easily to it. Apparently how the body works it clears the body of spells, 'curses', and enchantments.
>It's part of how earth pony magic works.
>Either all knowledge about this has been scrubed or no evil bad guy has ever tried it.
>A necromancer version of Iron Mane! Iron man, fuck.
>"Fancy Pants! When you said a physiology lesson I didn't think you would shock me."
>"It's a practical demonstration. It's not like we are dissecting frogs here."

>"Pony posture uses the curves! Always be able to bend and twist at a moment's notice."

"Holy fucking shit my spine."
>"Chin up Façade, this is also the basics for some self defense."

"Look it's not that hard, you have magic too. Just flip the pancake back into the pan."
>"Fancy Pants, flipping pancakes I did not think I would see it."
"What! How? How is the pancake completely carbonized?! I'm going to go through an existential crisis if someone doesn't explain how that happened. It was just fine a moment ago!"


"Good game."
>She is damned good at chess. Or any of the board games. Even chutes and ladders!
>"Fancy, when will you stop holding back?"
>"When I stop winning every game."

"Every plant I touch feels like it hates my very existence."
>"Try this bonsai tree."

"I don't think I can bend that way."
>"Oh, but you will une amie."
"Everything tingles, Fleur!"
"Woah. I can't feel my hooves."

>The Fancy Pants Mansion Bath house. A Japanese, and Roman style bath house with imitation hot Spring water.

"I could not have expected this, and I live in a magical pony land, with an evil cult out to get me."
It's made of a really pristine stone.
>"It's not often I have company over. Fleur you should join us on more occasions."
>"If you insist Fancy. This water is truly divine. Almost makes me forget how you zapped me."
>If this was an anime right about now a bumbling idiot or a pervert would crash into here.
>Best to not think what would happen if it's a hentai. All the requirements for that are already filled…
"This is completely closed system of right?"
>"It is. Why do you ask?"
"No reason, just curious."
>"Façade, you said you were an adult male hewman right? I'm sure you have read more than your fair share of erotica."
>"Fleur! I wanted to ask that."
"Well, the pornographic industry is a massive part of the market. From the dawns of civilization."
>"How many pictures have you seen? A fifty is fairly high right?"
>"I think she has seen, one hundred thirty of those lewd pictures."
"At least thousands of pictures. I don't know how much in total for everything though. From video, to writing, to comics, even video games."
>"Oh my Celestia."
>"Sacré Luna."
>"They were in orphanages with all the foals, alone."
>"I'll sacrifice myself Fancy to this lustful beast while you run away."
>They giggle.
"You pure maidens will not escape. For I am filly destroyer of flowers!"
>They are laughing now.
>"Tell us more about Earth. Is it really called that?"
"Yes, the planet is called Earth. Inhabited by humans. The planet orbits the a star called the Sun or Sol. The moon orbits the Earth. Nobody controls or manufactures the weather."

>Be Twilight Sparkle

>Princess Celestia and Luna just sent a letter about one of the Anonymous foals.
>Called Occult.
>That a cult is trying to kill the Anonymous foals.
>Starting with that filly.
>Trouble magnets describe the-
>Is something burning?


Kekked out loud. Good job.


Glad you enjoyed! Thanks!
Your tale is fun so far as well.


>Before I was a filly
>I sometimes fapped to you.
I giggled. That's some high quality fetish fuel/comedy.


What is PTFG?


Pony Transformation General. AKA: another shitty /mlp/ general, filled with body horror and trannies, whose members constantly claim falsely that Anonfilly is their idea.


Nigel, why is it we keep telling you to stop shilling for PTFG, but you keep on doing it?


This. Basically every thread the PTFG shill tells writefillies to post there instead of or in tandem with this thread.


Thank you.
4chan /mlp/ I haven't been there… yeah, way too much of a hassle for me. The UI sucks compared to here. (Not to mention all the other problems)
Here at /mlpol/ is far superior.

Sounds like they are bleeding writefags.