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File: 1555171645148.jpg (419.27 KB, 1536x817, 1546601476008-2.jpg)

d2bbb No.216575

Is this really how it will all end /mlpol/? Has it already happened without us realizing it?

5ff85 No.216577

It hasnt already happened, it is happening right now.

289d1 No.216586

File: 1555174551327.jpg (44.98 KB, 539x537, 8585bd0c9f62aa03cf453d5c1c….jpg)


23133 No.216597

Exactly how will this happen.
>muh dotr
>muh mass awakening of normals
Keep fucking dreaming.

b1cc9 No.216598

File: 1555176495061.png (242.76 KB, 900x911, e3f81813.png)

Normies are mostly distracted and comfy because their electronic devices.
Image what might happen if those devices cannot be fed.

5813e No.216602

Yfw no one told me the /mlpol/ existed after april fools :(

But the Pic is right, there would have to be a massive chaotic event such as a ww3 that leads to even more destruction for anything to really change.

4ee81 No.216623

File: 1555180259143.jpeg (813.62 KB, 1024x1024, 1503980854240.jpeg)

>t. never heard of websearch
Obligatory horsepussy

d9a14 No.216638

Check the Major's speech from Metal Gear Solid 2.
The world is ending, not with bangs but wimpers.
Sooner or later, even existance itself won't be a "life" it will be just another context.

96b84 No.216716

File: 1555199004791.jpg (31.55 KB, 694x487, HowRomeCollapsed.jpg)

Rome 2.0

America will disintegrate, the EU will disintegrate. The question is will it happen fast enough?

ade7c No.216805

If the US is Rome 2.0 then we have a bit longer to wait. Rome was a republic after it won the Punic Wars for at least 200 years. Crisis after crisis would push the republic to the tipping point, till it became an empire. Today we live in the Roman Republic, not Empire. Once we fall to empire we have 200 to 400 years till we die off if we consider the Roman Empire as our model of what happens to civilization.

ef82c No.216815

File: 1555210240517.png (1.23 MB, 810x884, 1554047556387.png)

Just remember that people in the past have faced worse odds and still made a difference.

So if the future will become a shittier Deus Ex, start investing in things that will make a difference in that future.

c971f No.216828

I also tend to think our current situation is similar to the collapse of the Republic than the collapse of Rome entirely. Julius Caesar was basically a populist who used the amount of plebeian and military support to wrest control away from a Senate that had devolved into a weak, corrupt oligarchy. The Empire eventually fell apart obviously, but it was pretty based for a while.

d6c8d No.216858

>Today we live in the Roman Republic, not Empire.
You know, the more I learn about the principles on which your republic was founded, the less I recognize the US that I see. And with military presence all around the world, plus the attitude of having the right to poke one's nose into everyone elses business, it sure looks like an empire from the outside.

7d3be No.216859

The US are obviously an empire.

a9682 No.216862

File: 1555245137966.png (246.92 KB, 1778x911, havoc.png)

>Image what might happen if those devices cannot be fed.
Pic related. Not sure how accurate it is, though.

66455 No.216875

File: 1555251418683.jpg (35.68 KB, 650x650, be_the_reason-1.jpg)

It can't go on like this indefinitely. The dollar has lost over 90 percent of its worth over this century. Eventually, the dollar will be as worthless as the money of Venezuela, Zimbabwe, or Weimar Germany. People need to realize that the banksters and politicians are ripping them off through inflation, basically stealing the purchasing power out of their wallets.
If this isn't bullshit, it's amazing. I wonder what kind of trouble a small militia could cause if they shut down communications in NYC and DC simultaneously.

cb616 No.216915

File: 1555261318456.png (52.35 KB, 600x600, OswaldSpenglerMedia.png)

If we go by Spengler's idea for the decline of the West applied to the United States, then the decay of civilization and the rise of Caesars has likely already occurred. Presidential power has exploded in numerous cases to the point that FDR was almost certainly a Caesar and perhaps this applied to Wilson and further back. The President is popularly viewed as a de facto king and in modern times more have acted like this than not. True, executive power is still not absolute and there are corrupt oligarchs but this still existed at the height of Imperial power: Emperors could not risk getting on the wrong side of the Praetorian Guard or certain other people; they were worshipped as a literal god but this translated into insecurity toward the Christians. There are obvious corollaries with the modern day. Also, foreign American power has reached its zenith and is already receding. We're being flooded with barbarians.

>the dollar will be worthless
People have been saying this for a while but the dollar will be one of the last currencies to collapse. It is, as the saying goes, "the least dirtiest clothing in the laundry" and you can just look at debt levels and exchange rates to see for yourself. America's debt is horrendous but it is only moderate compared to most other major countries, and it is still the center of economic power. There are no real contenders right now to displace the dollar. Gadaffi was the most viable threat and look what happened to him. The Euro is a sinking boat, Russia is still a second-rate economy, and China has debt out the wazoo. Crypto can be hacked, not that it was being taken seriously anyway.

>what kind of trouble

More like when. If done prematurely then that small militia will be rounded up, crackdowns will be fiercer, and they'll actually do stuff like patrol cables with drones to prevent it from happening again. Timing is everything and the shutdown would have to be at a tense time when people already feel like they have nothing to lose, or if there are significant other assets capable of causing irreparable damage.

Also, why hasn't this been done in France to aid the protesters? Is security that much better there?

a9bf6 No.216924

>the dollar will be one of the last currencies to collapse
Yes, we are fucked, but other countries are worse.

>Crypto can be hacked, not that it was being taken seriously anyway

crypto is pretty much a joke. It's mostly illiquid, wild swings in price, not anonymous as people say it is, and really only good to buy drugs.

ade7c No.216952

See Rome after it bested Carthage. It was an empire in grand politics but its people weren't ready to recognize what it would take to hold an Empire. We like Rome was 200 years before Cesar an Empire without an Emperor. A republic unwilling to become an Empire. But one so obviously destined to become one.
Spengler would argue we are existing Autumn and starting winter, not that we are in the middle of winter. The president is becoming stonger and stronger. Just like how the Council was given more and more power over the Senate. We still rely on money politics rather then force politics. Once money means less then force then we will have our emperor.

5e0c6 No.217220

An empire is ruled by an emperor or empress.
A kingdom is ruled by a king or queen.
A principality is ruled by a prince or princess.
A duchy is ruled by a duke or duchess.
A county is ruled by a count or countess.
Corporations, however, are ruled by a president.

Question: which form of slavery is most acceptable to the goyim?
Answer: the one in which the slave does not know they are enslaved goy.

b1cc9 No.217236

File: 1555316989842.jpeg (52.31 KB, 1153x692, sig.jpeg)

dbce3 No.217355

File: 1555349242205.jpg (40.14 KB, 628x460, fuckofjews.jpg)

One of the most underrated comments of all time

1aae9 No.217363

The collapse will probably be like another 1929 or 2008.

ad00e No.217532

>give yourself without thinking
lmso freudian slip

ee588 No.217584

they already know a collapse is going to happen, it's basically unavoidable at this point. what I believe they are more concerned about is how it happen. it's the difference between a controlled demolition and one that isn't. probably around 2021-22 the global economy will completely crash. they know this and that is precisely why central banks are buying gold at ridiculous rates, however the price of gold magically remains stable as they are gobbling it up.

oral contraception destroyed birthrates in the developed world and you see a dramatic drop starting around 1965, it became commercially available in 1961. the problem is that if your country doesn't reproduce at replacement you kill consumption based growth and destroy your tax base over time. this makes your nation essentially one massive retirement home with each generation smaller than the last having to pay for a larger population then themselves. when the boomers completely phase into retirement they take their investment capital with them. no investment capital means the cost of capital will sky rocket, so no more easy credit. if credit is tight that means no more debt slavery but if you aren't buying useless shit. lower consumption means fewer jobs which means less taxes, to pay for things. we're going from the most capital rich period in human history to the most capital poor. shit will hit the fan. in each region it will be different. imagine middle class normies being cut off from easy credit, the credit they need to have the veneer of middle class life.

the US will avoid the worst of this economic shit storm because since the 1960's the US has opened the flood gates to the 3rd world. whether it's you spending your money or a 3rd worlder spending it via welfare it doesn't matter. the EU has tried to do the same but Europeans reacted much more swiftly to stem the tide. for as much shit burgers give euros, Europe isn't nearly as absolutely shitted as the US. the American collapse will be triggered by the racial rewards system. our masters sacrificed social stability for economic growth. thanks to the ethnoracial pentagon, it's pretty much unavoidable.

the US government uses something called the ethnoracial pentagon to determine where a person stands in America's racial victim hierarchy. all groups receive civil rights protection and privileges except whites. this is fine when you have laws that protect the 13% against the 87%, as was the case in the 1960s, however for every white under the age of 30 they are the minority. civil rights have become inverted and is now a weapon used against whites. each successive minority white generation will be more radical than the last. this imbalance will come to ahead. I have no idea when but I'm assuming sometime after 2030 when the boomers die off and whites are the actual minority. multicultural and multiracial states always fail.

a6bdf No.217616


17fae No.217784

why does it say "JIDF" where the flag is supposed to be…? (in the OP picture)

b1cc9 No.217788

File: 1555483841362.png (178.58 KB, 708x1504, canvas.png)

Read this, just the last part is relevant to the topic of this thread:
>The Saker Interviews Dmitry Orlov

d2387 No.217789

Old /pol/ may-mays.

b1cc9 No.218017

File: 1555569310204.mp4 (29.93 MB, 480x360, Interview Russian General ….mp4)

>what I believe they are more concerned about is how it happen
Everything that is happening comes straight from the top, we are being played at every level.
We "believe" that we are opposing the jews and our cause will develop in some kind of kinetic quarrel that will bring the fall of globalism. May be true, but this is the next move of the kikes according to the following video of a Russian General who knows of this stuff.
If you want the part concerning to our collapse, which this Russian says will be similar to the Soviet Union, jump to around the time 9:40.

>Interview: Russian General details the structure of New World Order


f48aa No.218064


if the monetary system is changed to local full reserve money, that is created based on economic creation, the elite will lose all their leverage.

b1cc9 No.218080

Yup. This is what uncle Adolf did, sadly it lasted only 12 years.

6fce2 No.218087

I feel this post should be a meme.

ceba1 No.220773

>Just remember that people in the past have faced worse odds and still made a difference.

Then, reliant on the land. Multigenerational family.
Today, reliant on a fragile 'on demand' supply chain. Alone.
I can't deny, I am shitscared getting oder.

337e1 No.220806

All we can do is prepare for shit to get worse, while doing what we can to feel less like helpless and betrayed children dying in crashed cars driven by our worthless parents and grandparents.
I exercise, I write, and I try to redpill as many people as I can as often as I can. Every time I turn one mind away from leftism, that's a victory.
Small victories. Those are the keys. Small victories, and hope.
Some day, I might have a family with many white kids. I know having three, five, maybe even seven kids won't make up for how rapidly the Jews are killing us and replacing us.
But if I give up hope, I might as well die now. I won't surrender to the Jews or their Leftism. I won't give up and spend the rest of my life as an immobile and pacified cow. Even if all I can do is a drop in an ocean, I won't stop. Even if nothing but spite is left to motivate me, I won't stop.
Don't stop, or you're a cow. And a faggot.

3ca57 No.220849

That's the spirit!
Demoralization is how they get you.
Keep up the good attitude!
>you encouraged me to keep fighting the good
>fight, thank you.

17f4d No.220870

File: 1557319694013.jpeg (44.44 KB, 640x1136, 5EBBC009-1011-4EE8-8C5B-B….jpeg)

Red pill everyone you can!

17f4d No.220871

File: 1557320031696.png (87.11 KB, 1920x1200, E6922EA3-6C5E-44C3-BC5F-8C….png)

Tread on them!

d56bf No.220880

it definitely already happened, imagine going back in time to the 20s, 50s, or eve the 80s grabbing a random american man off the street and trying to explain what things were like now to him. Constant spying, furries, pedophiles, transgender children, muslim grooming gangs and sharia courts in western countries, etc. He'd be horrified and disgusted, the fact of the matter is we're already living in what by any normal standards is a cyberpunk dystopia

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