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>If you would like to join, make a sensible loadout here at:
>And if you want to bring in something special or anything not on the list, ask to shop it in.

>When you're done, read over the Operator's Handbook:


>Or the Hoofbook if you wanna be a pony:


>Then drop a post here.

>Overall Pastebin:


>Fortress Map:


>Bulletin Board:


>Previous Thread:


Welcome back, pony cowboys…
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44700 No.210822

>Head bending forwards, Raindrop's bladed wings push the helmet off, shaking her damp mane to the left with a relieved sigh.
>Ears perking up and swiveling to you, the Knight's eyes squint briefly before setting the helmet on the map table.
"That's.. a first. No idea what this 'new-tron' thing is, but I've seen the sapient Pred-Elk here a few times. Just like their feral relatives, Pred-Elk can store lightning in their bodies and they can use their horns to expulse it, usually by charging. Takes a toll on them physically."

>Still preoccupied with the discussion, Chisan's helmet was now tipped back, removing something from his armor and showing it off.

>Sitting down while most of her platemail jingles, Raindrop's eyebrows raise, whistling in an impressed fashion.

"Every Construct I've read combat reports on or heard from the survivors has killed two ponies, minotaurs, Gryphons, and whatever else minimum. I don't mean marecenaries, I mean Honor Guard, Tower Guard, Rogue Elites, High Germaneighan Guildmares, even the Assassin's Circle; the real best of the best take severe losses and Razorback manages not to lose anypony? That really is a first Miss Castella."
>Lifting a heavy looking forehoof and poking at her nose thoughtfully, her head tilts with a small snort.
"That was a Crystal pony for sure, I've had my share of run-ins with a few. Physically they're weaker than earth ponies and nowhere near a minotaur's strength, but I kind of doubt any one of them could match a Construct. What you saw weren't spikes, those are a near-magical thing called Crystal Runes, somewhat similar to the psionic abilities that some earth ponies are born with, though much more precise. Crystal ponies are some of the best crafters and engravers on Tallus, they even have a form of crystalline technology that only they can use. Well, next to Gryphons, harpies, and Kra`ken that is. As for scary there's much worse than one angry Crystal pony in my professional opinion, even been assigned to keep you and him from meeting several of them here in Razorback."

>Unable to sight the communications unit now, one of Raindrop's eyebrows raise, the other lowering in challenge.

"Is that so?"
>Puffing her cheeks out and squeezing her lips together in a small fishface for several moments, the right foreleg lifts to point up at your chest.
"Challenge accepted, Miss Castella! The next time we do it for real. Conditions: if I win, I get an hour of your time, that is whenever I'm off duty, so I can take you to the biggest spa the Empire has. But if you win, you get an hour of my time, also whenever I'm off duty, and I'll go and do anything you want, wherever you want. Just not to the Moors, my armor is really bad in hot places."

>Still in a ruined state the auspex was rather sad looking, especially given the fact that Scions relied on their own individually issued ones greatly.

>Turning her gaze to the Scion as well, the Knight's expression deadens, ears swiveling and flattening to either side.
"That thing he's wearing, right? The bunch of minibears we came across were.. bad. One of the Arcane Blades spotted them lurking around the Fortress perimeter, he decided to out there and scare them off. I went with because.. well, you know, contract stuff. I didn't expect them to charge after that red lightning of his killed one. Used all four of my manabombs, Chisan threw a few of his, they kept on charging until maybe half of them were left. His armor was okay but that thing was torn into pretty badly. Never heard of Moors minibear swarms that big, frenzied, or this far north. Something's changed in the New Everfree but I don't know what."

44700 No.210831

>Deftly leaning over with the first primary feather on her left wing and flicking the amusingly small coconut to balance on her outstretched right, then presenting it to you, the midnight blue mare smiles merrily.
"Yep! If you wanna crack them open here put them on the counter. Want to borrow a hammer? There's a few in the back that we haven't sold yet."
>Eyes turning to the table once more, her lips purse, giving a short nod.
"Don't worry about paying right now, we're never in a rush. Besides, Sea's Bounty know Naliyna enough that she'll send the rest whenever she gets time, so I'll put those two on the reserved table in a bit. Besides that most of the crowds have been through here tonight and I haven't seen the humans not from Razorback in a while, pretty sure nothing will be bought until dawn."
>Getting over her huffing fit, the filly's wings flap quickly in an attention getting motion.
"You haven't even told him about all the other stuff on the tables, the armor things, or all the weapons!"
"You kinda did that for me sweetie, and does it look like he wants me to talk his ears off?"
"Weeelllll… no."
>Eyes rolling upwards while she shakes her head, the Ferron smiles knowingly.
"Just in case, IF you want to know about any of the weapons, armors, or armor modifications we can do, my sister can give you the short list. I mostly make pegasi or unicorn duelist weapons, she's the one that figures out how to piece every little piece together for maximum protection."

44700 No.210845

>Struggling to lift the fairly heavy, dead asleep unicorn up results in a series of strains in both arms and legs.
>Definitely not as strong as you were previously.
>Neither eyes nor ears twitched while you slow walked back into the Clinic, Nova's blissful snoring attracting an immediately dangerous sense of ire.
>Glancing upwards, the Combat Medic's eyes flicker cold blue under the hood while the empty apple shape bottle hurtles towards you at somewhere between fastball pitch and 'this WILL end in death' speeds.
>Thumping into Nova's side, the glass shatters startling her awake with a loud neigh of fright, though luckily not in your ear.
>Nova's legs flail around for several moments before retracting, both of her lightly glowing pupils narrow into scared, tiny stars at you, which is interrupted by Frost snarling aloud.
"Mister Gallo, get Nova here right now! I need her damned analysis expertise right this bloody second, there's a silver metal kind of.. tiny snake thing moving under the Prenchie's hide! It's draining this acid smelling green shit and making my nose bleed!"
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 9 ] <Adept Biologist
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 4 ]
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 4 ]
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 9 ] <M.Crystal Runes: Resonate
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 10 ]
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 8 ]
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 7 ]

>Half-horrified and half-furious in a trite, humiliated expression, Nova wiggles both ears and one forehoof at Frost's direction.

"Please take me to her before I pass out again-"

44700 No.210854

>Roughly half of the miserable pain having bled away now, Hodch's eyes roll upwards, ears flat on his skull in serious thought.
"That doesn't tell me enough, there's no physical wounds or injuries that I could see. I had the strangest feeling-"
>Instantly lifting the chocolate bar closer for you to devour, he turns an exasperated sigh to the side, glancing out into the other room.
"The host could've been caught out in combat for an hour or two, was running for a long period of time, ambushed and fought off her attackers.. too many possibilities."
>Nudging the muffins close enough to inhale, the deep purple stallion looks back at you, his face creased in broad spectrum concern.
"Cravings? That.. does narrow down what likely happened a bit. Either long term combat scenario or hours of running. Saltics are physically in better shape than most Equestrian unicorns."
>Nodding quickly, the cap is taken off and lifted to your lips, the overbearing urge for salt somehow much worse now.
>Hodch glances at the hay fries, which and rice bars, morbidly quirking the corners of his lips.
"There's nothing else in the suite, we normally don't leave anything here. If you feel up to being carried I can take you either to Six Candles, fairly large eatery in one of the southern Starborn Villages, or the Three Corners bar in the Empire. Those are the only places I can think of right now where questions aren't going to be asked."

abfb9 No.210865


>After devouring thr chocolate bar, she quickly turns to the salt water.

>The mare pressed her lips to the salt water, and almost unbelivinly, she began to chug the salinated drink.
>She slows down a little, but is clearly, for some reason, desperate to down as much as possible.
>And in a few moments, the vessel is emptied.
>Nova now takes a moment to pant softly, lifting her head up now as the pain begins to subside.
"… No… Idea. But I… Think its working? I don't feel as much pain. Like I said, might just be the painkiller but…"
>She sighs, putting a hoof clumsily to her head to rub it softly.
"I just feel… Pain, literally everywhere, no exhaustion I dont know why just these insane cravings and feeding them seems to be… Helping? Perhaps the manner of her ka's severing caused this much pain? I don't really know Hodch."
>She looks up, now to the fries curiously.
"… The fries too please. Are those rice cakes salted?"
>The mare pauses another moment, frowning.
"… God I am going to be so dehydrated after this but I literally don't care. All I can think of and feel right now are these insane cravings and this pain."

fbed5 No.210878

>Cheto huffs a little bit, frustrated by his decision.
(Carrying her was a bad idea. Well, I should try my best to hurry along with a heavy pony on my arms.)
>Knowing what's at stake, what with the snake thing Frost mentioned just now, he picks up the pace even further.
(How much do I need to do to wake up a pony? Do I really need to go to Frost's length just to wake her up? Narcolespy is a strong thing it seems.)
1d6[ 1d6 = 4 ]
1d6[ 1d6 = 4 ]<Basic Sprint

>His face express extreme worry as he approaches Frost and the patient.

"We're here!"
>He turns to Nova.
"Do your thing, Miss Flicker. You can do it!"

44700 No.210881

>Tipping her head in a small nod, Three-Point reaches up and begins tapping on the barely material hololith screen.
"The shipmarent should be ready in about ten minutes, if that. I'll send Miss Remostrine the bill, or you can take it with if you'd like."
>Sitting back into the chair and poking her forehooves together, the young mare's eyes close, lips pursing in thought.
"You know anything about Canterlot Underground? If not it's mostly unicorns that left the College so they could study pretty much everything that isn't banned under Canterlot. They manage four big atrium and one called the Atrium, it's bigger than most of the old Starborn Enclaves were. Crystal mare named Astra Galus is the main biologist there, trades stuff through us from time to time. She should have some stuff in stock there."
"Second one is Neightime Flats in Snootadishu. It's a really cute name, too! She trades us a lot of stuff from around Zebraica, mostly exotic reagents, special flowers that don't grow anywhere else, and the safer Otherworld and Eldritch flora, that sort of thing. Not sure what her prices are since we trade them stuff from the Empire workshops. She's a Zebra, if that makes any difference."
"Third one.. ehhh, you could try Blackberry Cloud Cupcake in Gozka. She's a pegasus, so, kinda airheaded, but she's the only one that trades anything from the Minotaur Hegemony in large amounts. Lot of really ancient plants there, most of it used for defensive or offensive potions and elixirs. Runs a huge alchemy workshop and eatery in the market square. You'll find it real easy, just follow all the flower scents… or look for the great big cupcake sign on top."
"Last one is really weird though, she's only started trading with us in the past couple weeks. Earth mare named Ash Kicker, wears this absolutely ANCIENT looking Solar armor that nopony in the Empire's ever seen before. Well, so far as I know. She works out of the Old Canterlot Waypoint 1 station in the Old Everfree with some other ponies that might be former Day Guard, or.. something. It's a really scary place though, I wouldn't recommarend going alone unless you have to."

44700 No.210897

>Emitting a brief, slow electronic sigh, the harpy's tone becomes a mix of mournful wistfulness, with a somber touch of grief.
*"Aye, and his mate. Many Harpies, Kra`ken, Basilisks, equines, minotaurs, Eyes, many others assailed the Dreaded Pair.. many times all rendered unto passing beyond fate. Mineself was but one of many undying vessels, prayed in desperation mineself did more times than stars in Endless Ocean, hoping 'gainst hope to end thee nightmarish Constructed Twos. Naught but Rites of Destruction hurled upon Constructed Twos turned thy tides of Tallus 'gainst foresworn fates. Mineself.. wisheth not to recall such terrors yet called unto service once more mineself was."*
>Hearing a sharp, bitter inhale, the trio of Destroyers finally untangle themselves, staring at you from within their angular helmets; probably never seen a human before.
*"Aye, grace. Mineself hath been renamed by victory 'gainst Lonely One's mate by thee Moonlit-Star, Thy Majesty of Night Incarnate. Mineself severed uncounted talons of Constructed Twos until mineself lain to rest thereupon thy Moon. Now.. now mineself a lonely one too, grace. There be not more wakened, slumber eternal mine kin now do. Mineself beareth no ill for kin, thy grace, whereupon they gaveth divine service 'gainst Constructed Twos, they receiveth divine service for thee sacrifices made."*

>Approaching the converted vessel, it was precisely the same as the light Lunar cruiser in the Enclave, save for the additional thick bulk of solid silverine armoring.

>Noting a few remaining patches of laser, plasma, and possibly missile damage, the material was slowly bubbling over each in a remarkable self-repairing manner.
>The process ends quickly, leaving flat, once more shiny surfaces.
>Hunching forwards to walk up the ramp, the vast space inside was not at all what you could've expected:
>Little more than four-pronged rotating bomb racks, whitesteel it looked like, were clustered together in rows, small walkways leading across to what looked like another exit ramp on the opposite side.
>The vast majority of racks were empty, though a few held batpony Destroyers around their barrel armor, several angular helmets tilting around to eye you.
>The set of rotating racks across from you bore a small bay hatch, which was presumably how the lone Destroyer stretching around outside was launched from.
>Most of the interior was whitesteel, though there were numerous silverine bulkheads and reinforcing beams criss-crossed throughout the vessel.
>In the center of the walkway was a small shaft, flickers of blue static streaming upwards, then downwards.

>Giggling once more, the female harpy's tone becomes considerably more joyful.

*"Step thou upon mineself's cradle, travel thee to bow or stern as thou wilt, grace! Mine stern holdeth thy Greatest Rites of Destruction: Klaves of Minotaur Hegemony! Mine bow holdeth wondrous tech-arcane weaponry whomst Tallus kine aided mine kin to devise!"*

44700 No.210928

>Making a rather close approximation to a grunt, Wild flips her right thumb directly at the video feed.
"YOU, mom, NOT me! I should be able to survive most anything so long as my biocore and head unit can be salvaged, but you're not even a tenth as resilient as I am even with all of my damage."
>Your cabin rocks side to side as the Eldritch Android bends over several degrees, then straightens up.
"Necessary information acquired. I may be able to repair or restore some of my external feeds.. mom, what other basic materials can be refined and turned into more useful ones?"
>The right screen is taken up by a model of a pegasus mare, approximately 3'9" tall.
"Unknown target identified. Species: pegasus. Era classification: unknown. Sex: mare. Age: ..fifteen to thirty? High degree of air elemental Anima detected. I'm unable to confirm whether she has noticed me. Should I attempt contact?"
>Retaining her still frantic pace, one of the less rusty armor slats is brought out for the tendrils to dissect, the pieces swiftly removed from sight while the welding starts again.
"Chest cabin reinforcement status: sixty-four percent complete. Secondary oxygen tank status: thirty percent complete. Environmental connections to chest cabin: completed. Initiating long ranged scans and waveform analysis now-"
1d6[ 1d6 = 5 ] <Arcanum Sensors Array
1d6+4[ 1d6+4 = 8 ] <Grade 1 Auto-Repair
1d6[ 1d6 = 4 ] <Repair Tendril #1
1d6[ 1d6 = 6 ] <Repair Tendril #2
1d6[ 1d6 = 2 ] <Repair Tendril #3
1d6[ 1d6 = 2 ] <Repair Tendril #4
1d6[ 1d6 = 2 ] <Repair Tendril #5
1d6[ 1d6 = 2 ] <Repair Tendril #6
1d6[ 1d6 = 4 ] <Repair Tendril #7

44700 No.210955

>Finding the human styled chair rather comfortable, your A.I. brings up the unicorn model of Flash to study, tapping his chin in slow thought.
"Interesting.. the scale of an organization required to create, modify in, or expand and bring out such a human capacity would consist of perhaps fifteen million throughout twenty thousand years dedicated to that sole purpose. Funding, resources, marepower, technology, and prior knowledge would have to be nearly limitless. Or at the very least on an essential black budget. Theory: the most direct aspects causing her combativeness and isolation are likely due to stagnation, or organizational traditions, that are no longer innovative nor inventive enough to keep up with the stresses of what she was expected to perform. ..maybe all she needs is psychological therapy?"

>Shoulders lifting, 'Spiral' sends a short burst of data outwards while you catch a faint whiff of some fruit scented alcohol.

"Playing message eight."
>Once more the Library was active in the background, this time it was Broken Hoof speaking in her clipped, tense Stalliongrad accent.
"Spiral, found your information. In exchange need your expertise. Middle Dynasty outpost ruins not what you want. Repeat: not outposts. Outposts may have weapons, armor, materials to be salvaged. Three temples on map not it, no elemaretal experiments conducted there. Overherd knows. Largest or smallest ruin best chances. Both had testing labs, experimaretal rooms underground. Your end of deal: find everything on Bane enchantmarents. Specifically: if possible to dispel 'permarenent' effects. Can't remove armor Spiral, would die outside it. ..help me damn you, I need this rotten thing off for just once in my life before I die!"

>Making a stern expression as the recording ends, the A.I. swivels around in the rendered chair to face the door, pointing at the mailbox embedded in the wall left of the door.

"That narrows down our search parameters significantly sir. Previous messages indicated a set of notes and maps, they should both be in there if nopony, or no human, has taken them."

e0758 No.211064

>The moment he gives Mercy the go to first, the normally-reserved pegasus bolts down the stairs with Boris.
>Sunny, taking his courtesy, follows right after yet more cautiously.
>Leaving him at the top.
"Okay okay, let me catch up."
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 7 ] <E.Sprint
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 7 ]
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 8 ]
>Jeff begins making his way down behind Sunny, sweeping the stair in detail with his light.
"This is also very clean, as well. Too clean. There's no carvings that match the foyer and chamber. Maybe whoever was working on this, never finished it."
>As he continues descending, he picks up the faint tune of chimes and flute.
>Same tone and pattern as before.
"Hey, you three, I'm hearing that music again."
>Despite the music, he catches up to keep his light pointing past Mercy and lighting their path forward.
1d6+2[ 1d6+2 = 8 ] <Helmet Light
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 7 ] <E.Perception + Lunar Faction Bonus + Leadership
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 10 ]
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 9 ]

6d558 No.211080

File: 1552663633531.jpg (330.1 KB, 972x1080, 1467153222272.jpg)

>Sunny rolled her eyes, half in amusement at Mercy's foalish excitement at racing down the stairs and half in frustration that more care wasn't being taken, stepping up her own pace in turn.
>Though she remained more or less behind Mercy, if the mare was going to rush headlong into potential danger without a care, she might as well learn something from the experience.
>If she were the type to learn from the consequences of rushing headlong danger that is.
>Maybe Mercy was just confident that there wasn't anything in this crypt that could prove a challenge or even wanted to.
>And maybe overconfidence was a slow and insidious killer.

>Sunny refrained from licking the opposite railing, she didn't see a need to taste literally every object, surface and curio in the crypt.

>Not now that Mercy was doing it anyway.
>The mare turned her thoughts towards the conundrum that was the incomplete nature of this portion of the crypt. It had not been entered since construction, had not been finished like the earlier portions and there didn't seem to be any overt traps to deter anypony from exploring too greedily and too deep.
>She was less certain than she had been earlier.
>Answers lay below, as did the unknown.
>Sunny hated surprises, she much preferred to do the surprising.
"This environment has been hermetically sealed for a long time by the scent, sir. It's strange that the builders would go to such lengths to cast preservative enchantments, yet not finish construction. Further, there's no telling whether construction was abandoned due to external events or something that occurred within the crypt itself. There's evidence to support both theories, but nothing concrete for either. We're still blind."

>Ears perked just a little straighter at the sound of the music, Sunny finished counting, stating quietly and matter of factly to Jeff.

"Repetition every twenty seconds. Either automated, or made by a pony with an excellent sense of time. No discernible differences between the sounding of each set."
>That in itself wasn't anything unusual.
>Assuming it wasn't automated, whoever was making it could just be extremely well practiced at reproducing each sound as precisely as the next.
"Possibly bat pony due to En-Kee's need for clear, precise repetition of audio cues to denote meaning. Not surprising given the location. Origin still unclear at this stage."

>An irate tail flick.

>The probability of them being taken unprepared and by surprise was increasing drastically with the continued lack of concrete information. At best they had schematics that may not even be accurate for the deeper chambers and precedence for lunar-solar war experiments and potentially hostile undead and/or spectral entities.
>The lack of consistency where she would expect it and the high consistency where she would not set Sunny's brow in a furrow. This crypt was bent on remaining inscrutable to her senses and deductive reasoning, it didn't help her patience that observable details were becoming even more scarce the deeper they got.
>Failure. Frustrating.

1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 10 ] < B. Perception
1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 10 ]

1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 5 ] < B. Traps
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 4 ]

1daa7 No.211100

"Sure, I don't have one with me."
>"I highly doubt the hangguards to my hook swords are durable enough to crack amber open without being damaged."
>While Bubba prefers to pay a total upfront, he did realize that carrying a load of money around always asks for trouble.
"I can drop down nine eighty in that case, if you want."
>He figured it wouldn't hurt to suggest as such.
>He cracks a bit of a smirk at the exchange.
"I'm in no rush, I can have one ear talked off."
>He takes a moment to stow the coconut away inside a jacket pocket.
"Sure, it'd be good to know about the other things you all sell."
>"And what modifications they can do to my stuff. Like with that bamboo."

37ee5 No.211108

"Yeah yeah, the point still stands."
"While my knowledge on the subject is kind of limited… I'd guess that most things aside from wood, aside from turning that into basic fuel."
>I spend a moment on staring at the screen.
"Once she's closer to us, yes."
>"Hopefully this does not immediately bite us in the ass."

8927e No.211150

>As the pegasus knight removed her helmet, Mallia raised their hands to the sides of hers to do the same. Though she keeps it by her side, instead of putting it on the table.
>She payed rapt-attention to Raindrop as she explained away; though Mallia's head tilts at the mention of any titles and rune magic, staring at the knight inquisitively, as her brow rises slowly across her forehead.
>Though she did playfully, but cheekily smirk towards the knight still, after her 'challenge'; giving her a good-natured pout to imitate hers, before her eyes dart away again, towards the stormtrooper.

>Her lips slowly curled into a sad, mournful frown as, she kept staring towards the Stormtrooper's auspex, her left eye barely-visibly twitching as Raindrop explains how it had happened. Prompting a slow, understanding, but troubled nod.

>Chest heaving as a slow, sighing breathe is taken in, and out. Drumming her fingers along the edge of her own helmet, as she goes silent. Darting her eyes.

"I… Have many questions."
>She turned her head back to Raindrop Raspberry with a small, apologetic smile.
"I don't know what any of those titles mean. I know nothing of crystal runes. Or even what an Arcane Blade is; or what minibears are…"
>She paused at that, reaching up with one hand to nervously rub at a spot along the side of her neck as she chuckled mirthlessly,
"Heheh-- Eh, I don't even know what a 'Spa' is, heh!…"

>The Enginseer took a moment to glance at the Pegasus' eyes, as if exploring them for a brief second. Before chuckling to herself again, giving off a tiny squee beneath her breath as her voice accidentally rises in pitch, having to cover her lips to hide her overtly wide smile.

(Why. Is. this. equine. so. cute looking.)

"Y'know -- with what you said you were gonna do with my time, I almost kind of WANT to loose, just so I can spend time with you doing something I've never done before."
>She snorts through her nose and pushes out her lips into a big ol' good-natured pout,
"'s not fair… You can't just make defeat sound so enticing."
>Her pout quickly evaporates, replaced with a genuinely warm smile. Reaching out with a hand to give Raindrop a single ruffle of her mane, then sticking out her tongue at her.

>Though she pauses there to let the mare make her response, Mallia's glance keeps drifting off. Brow furrowing slightly with concern, cheek being swallow in and nibble onto, eyes shifting and gazing into the maps beside them. Her hand returning limply at her side, drawing their hand across the strap holding her lasgun to her shoulder.

(I wonder if we just got lucky. We managed to kill that thing with no casualties; maybe… Maybe SOMETHING went right. Something happened. Because… Because if they are really that strong, as I saw then how is it we killed it so easily?)

(Maybe it just wanted to die. That could be it. Or maybe the Inquisitor did something. Or perhaps it was just that Crystal Pony's intervention… Or the explosives. Or the las…)

>A slow, irritated sigh slowly drags itself out of her nose, followed by a soft, little growl as she tried to make logic out of a few things…

"… Why was it even here in the first place?…"
>She frowned worriedly, as she whispered that question beneath her breath. Mostly to herself.

d8c43 No.211358

>Zhun thought about it for a second before accepting the bill himself
"I think I'll deliver it to her. Also, can you show how much that we ordered? Need to see how big that order was."
>That first one is a big if
>Especially if that visitor from before decides to see me
>Actually might die of fright this time
"Funny, I was looking into Snootadishu as well. The base doesn't know much about the place though. I guess no one decided to pay the place a visit."
>Gozka? The minotaur land.
>She could be a lead
>Although, Zhun wonders if he is allowed to get more than what is asked
>Might break the bank, even if it is a fuckton of bits
"That last one is interesting. About the old pony and old pony armor. What does she deal in?"

d8c43 No.211363

>Regular incursions
>But another one?
"So you are tasked with the Lonely One. There's another mothership?"
>Inspecting the inside, the interior is huge
>The bomb racks inside were interesting
>Clem however can't imagine this thing dropping the ponies onto the ship
>The apparent ramming he observed seemed more feasible
>How strong is this thing anyway and how did other ships like it get killed?
>He gives a glance over to the few Destroyers around
>Hearing the considerably more happy harpy, he looks to both the aft and stern
>And that blue static
>Thinking it might be power transference or the data of the harpy itself, he dismisses it and heads for the aft
"Tech-arcane weaponry? Do the Rites use these on there incursions to the mothership?"

5c927 No.211394

>Pareidolia clasps his gloved hands together, leaning forward on his elbows.

"Possible. Whatever her organization's protocols were, she clearly disregarded them and considered them inferior considering her ranting. I doubt she would be trusting enough to accept therapy from anyone here."

>He looks up as Broken Hoof mentions outposts and ruins, exhaling through his helmet filters.

[Elemental experiments? Was he looking to undo what happened to him? And yet another pony under dire circumstances relying on Spiral to save them… ]

>Standing up, he moves to check the embedded mailbox with an equally stern expression.

"Number of ponies relying on Spiral for serious assistance is concerning. I don't understand why he would leave without taking them."

44700 No.211400

"But, you're experiencing the same cravings that most ponies, especially mares, suffer from after severe trauma or extended combat situation, that much I can tell-"
>Relief floods your mind and body at the wondrously saline-laden water, Hodch's face crumpled in a confounded mix of concern, understanding… and deep seated fear.
"Which tells me more than I'd ever want to know. I've had more than my fair share of narrow escapes, captures, and being tortured for information. You want to know what I think right now? I DON'T want to think right, especially since you are inhabiting the body of a young breeding age mare and I am completely disturbed by it this so thank you for horrifying me beyond every possible future I could've seen!"
>Sighing disgustedly, the half-full bag of hay fries are lifted right in front of your snout, as are the pressed rice cake bars.
>Both of which cause your impetuously demanding, mostly unfilled, and unfulfilled, stomach to grumble angrily.
"..no, most ponies like them plain. Look, I can solve the dehydration and any other pain you feel, but only after you've eaten. Right now you need to tell me every single damned thing you even remotely want and I'll get it for you. So, again, Lunar eatery or Empire bar? None of the ponies in either one are going to ask questions and I can easily trade for whatever you require."
>At this, the many, MANY irritable new bits of your anatomy relax for a moment.. before twisting angrily in both pain and excitement at the motion of 'anything'.
>This, of course, wasn't what you wanted, but it was what you were dealing with at the moment.

abfb9 No.211428


>She sighed and threw up a hoof into the air in an exaggerated shrug.

"I don't know Hodch. I have told you what I am craving at the moment and that all I feel is pain, everywhere! My entire body! Nothing paticularly hurts more than any other part of my body at the moment other than the black hole that is my stomach. I am so fucking hungry right now I could eat a horse!"
>The mare looks at the rice cakes, her hunger for other things somehow preventing her from immidiately eating the fries and rice cakes.
>She pushes them away for the moment.
>There needed to be more room for what she actually needed.
>A hard choice but a bunch of starch and carbs would not do for her at the moment.
"Okay Hodch… I want… Chocolate coverered apples, salted caramel candy, cucumbers, carrots, wine, chocolate covered pretzels, cinnamon rolls, wine, grapes, mango, pineapple, and god damn if I could eat meat again candied bacon! I would love some of that right now if I were still human!"
>Nova grunts, annoyed at herself and this new body.
>She puts her two hooves on the ground in front of her and slowly lays down.
"Just… Let's go. Feeding the beast seems to be working."

44700 No.211432

>Trudging from the Clinic's only entrance/exit towards the central medical bed on the right side, Nova Flicker stares up at you with a dazzling expression of self-hatred.
>Either that, or acknowledging her incompetence from whatever narcolepsy truly is.
>Reaching the eastern central bed at a pace that was somewhere between needing a few days in a gym to recover and full force cardio workout, the carnelian Crystal-unicorn wiggles herself out of your grasp sideways, whimpering under her breath as she does so.
"Please do not tell me what I can do without knowing what I am supposed to be doing!"
>Falling down to land on a puffy white cloud, Nova Flicker rolls over across it to stand above the Prench stallion, a dense cluster of lights shining in the same color as her coat.
"What do you need me to do?"
>The scalpel is tossing into the center of the Clinic while Frost Egg's entire face twists in pain, bright rainbow hued blood trickling from her nostrils while pointing at the back of the pegasi's head.
"Tell me what this acid is why it feels like my skull is splitting and HOW TO MAKE IT STOP-"
>Throwing a forehoof out and lodging it in the Combat Medic's mouth, the Crystal-unicorn hybrid bends down, sniffing carefully, likewise staring at the unseen motions for a few moments.
>Removing the hoof, Nova places it down while her jaw clenches several times in a row.
>Head turning around to face your direction, trickles of blood beginning streaming from her nostrils as well, leaning back as far as she could and speaking in a pained tone.
"That is the raw venom from a Saddle Arabian species of serpent known as the Ark Viper. Detox and superior broad spectrum antidotes are capable of reducing the effects but they cannot fully negate them. ..I am starting to feel ill. Leave the aerosol radius immediately-"
>Standing up, Frost Egg steps backwards to the edge of the medical bed while Nova Flicker keeps her neck and head turned in your direct, eyes shut tightly.

>Barely within sight, a small, metallic silver balloon directly behind the stallion's ear is seen inflating, making an incredibly strange sound akin to metal being torn under high temperature.

>The silver globe pulses in a rhythmic manner, slowly reaching the size of a grapefruit while Frost places her left forehoof in the middle of her snout, visibly trying to halt the bleeding, and failing to do so.
>Glancing upwards to meet your eyes for a moment, the purple robed mare turns her stare onto the cantaloupe sized silver sphere connected to a roughly pencil-thin, flexible stalk.
"..Mister Gallo, what is the largest or most potent incendiary weapon that you currently have in your possession?"

44700 No.211433

>A merry, ragged snicker is what you receive from Mercy, reaching the lower floor nearly five seconds before you do.
>Shining the flashlight's nearly apologetic high beam down through the stairwell, it was able to illuminate the Void-enshrouded pegasi's cheerful half-skipping down the stairs.
>Catching up to her at the lower doors in the middle, Mercy had stopped to stare at each one, her wingblades now doing more than glowing: they were on fire.
>That is, covered in oddly soothing bright pink flames dancing across each blade from the outermost primary to the innermost secondary.
>The closer you came to the black granite double doors the colder the air temperature was.

>Quite nonplussed with the Spirit Walker's antics, the Belligerent had taken hold of her mane with both hands, crushing the mechanic's tool bag under an arm and turning his head in your direction.

"I am able to hear the music spoken of commander. Miss Mercy is capable of relaying what she experiences to other sapients in direct contact but this tune does not seem to be a warning, it is both too calm and metered in cadence."
"It is fine Boris, there is.. nothing down here save for an empty.. crypt."

>Trailing down the stairwell after the human and other pegasus, after analyzing all possible locations for traps, wards, or sorcerous marks that, this entire section was even more blank than the ceremonial chamber.
>Reaching the underground floor without a hint of pressure plates or trip mechanisms on the stairs, the air was rapidly approaching chilly temperatures.

>Seemingly unaffected by the cold, Mercy leans up against the right door this time leading into the underground chamber, pushing with all of her body weight, and barely moving it.

"This one is.. so heavy, why?"

44700 No.211437

"Hay, get one of the hammers out here please!"
>Waving a wing upwards at one of the other Sea's Bounty ponies, the midnight blue mare turns her eyes back to you with an uncaring shrug.
"Nah, none of us really care much so don't worry about paymarent. Far as we're concerned we owe Razorback more than fifty foals, and Naliyna's always been good on her word from what I know."
>Giving you a mildly sincere 'I told you so' smile, the Ferron turns about to whistle at her younger sister.
"You heard the Razorback. Go ahead and let him have the whole armor assortment we have on hoof."
>Sitting up as her eyes widen and taking the biggest inhale possible, the filly's chest twitches, then chokes, devolving into a coughing fit.
>Lips quirking, the mare shakes her head as she begins poking one of each rough, hard amber round towards the empty end of the counter.
"Got her a bit too excited, give her a minute or else she'll pass out."

>Placing each of the amber chunks down, a rather serious looking dark green mare passes by, dropping an impressively modest looking blacksmith's hammer next to the pile.

>Lifting the handle up for you to take, the midnight mare's eyebrows raise at her sister calming from the fit, then gestures towards the rounds.
"Eh.. maybe another minute. Or five, hard to tell with her some nights. In the meanwhile, have a crack at 'em."

bd24b No.211484

>Bubba was pretty sure she inhaled a bug.
>Or had a stroke.
>One or the other.
>"Most of their stuff likely won't fit me, but I doubt that'll be an issue."
>Taking the hammer from her, Bubba took a moment to get a feel for its weight, before starting on the chunks of amber, beginning at the smallest and working his way up the line.

fbed5 No.211516

>Cheto nods as he kneels down to search for his gas mask.
"Is there any way to transport this pony out of the clinic? We may compromise the whole building if that bubble of venom explodes."
>He fishes out his gas mask and puts it on with its respective air filter already attached.
>After this, he quickly pulls out a molotov from his bandoleer and a lighter from his pockets.
>He lights the rag on the molotov with the lighter and presents the flaming bottle to Frost, extending his molotov arm towards her slightly while putting back the lighter in his pockets after extinguishing its flame.
"I have two more of these if you need more fire."
>He takes this time to check on the ticking pony time bomb's current wellbeing. See if anything other than the big grapefruit lump is currently wrong with the patient. He also observes the two medics as well to see if anything else has occurend.
(So far I've seen it make nosebleeds but I must be sure that the skin or hide is intact. I'd like not to get my skin burnt off. Maybe see if any other parts of the body are bleeding from the venom like the eyes, ears or any other holes.)
1d6[ 1d6 = 6 ]
1d6[ 1d6 = 6 ]<Basic Perception

e0758 No.211619

>Catching up to his other squadmates, Jeff notices Mercy's pink glades literally dancing with intense flames.
>And as they neared another set of black granite doors, presumably going into the actual crypt, it started to get cold. Really cold.
>Like he can see his breath cold.
>It didn't really bother him, as the heatstone embedded in his armor kicked on a bit, but it was a telltale sign of something… ghostly was going on.
"Maybe it's a lullaby to keep the vampires asleep, Boris. Heh."
>Jeff visually scoff at Mercy's nonchalant reply, certain signs to him not agreeing with it.
"That's not what your wing blades are saying. They're lit of up like a bonfire, and this temperature drop almost feel unnatural. Don't spectrals and ghosts usually make those?"
>As the Spirit Walker tries to open the doors, they didn't seem to budge.
>He puts away his revolver and squares himself up with the left door.
"Nothing a little heav-ho'ing won't fix. Let me give it a go."
1d6+4[ 1d6+4 = 8 ] <M.Leadership: Assault
1d6+4[ 1d6+4 = 9 ]
1d6+4[ 1d6+4 = 6 ]
1d6+4[ 1d6+4 = 8 ]
>Jeff activates his sticky enchantment to dig his feet into the floor and hands onto the black marble and gives the door a hearty shove.
1d6+8[ 1d6+8 = 9 ] <Perfect Grip
1d6+8[ 1d6+8 = 11 ] <Close Quarters
1d6+7[ 1d6+7 = 8 ] <E.Assault: Pushing Force
1d6+7[ 1d6+7 = 9 ]
1d6+7[ 1d6+7 = 11 ]
1d6+7[ 1d6+7 = 9 ] <M.Adrenaline Rush
1d6+7[ 1d6+7 = 13 ]
1d6+7[ 1d6+7 = 9 ]

44700 No.211649

>Pulling one of the large steel harpoons into view on the right screen, the Eldritch abomination's speakers relay an exasperated noise.
"Mom, I'm not even a thousandth as important as you, so either don't argue with me or start agreeing, there are no other choices."
>Breaching something outside the chest cabin, the brief scent of heated metal becomes apparent as Wild shifts from leg to leg.
"Understood. Once the waveforms have completed I will begin experimenting with material refinements, need something better than steel to reinforce myself with. Chest cabin reinforcement: seventy-three percent complete. Secondary oxygen tank status: fifty-eight percent complete."
>Sheaving the weapon's shaft apart into small half-cylinders, each of the tendrils begin welding them around the cabin, Wild's left screen flickers to show a worryingly large red circle expanding from the estimated offshore impact zone.
1d6+4[ 1d6+4 = 9 ] <Grade 1 Auto-Repair
1d6[ 1d6 = 1 ] <Repair Tendril #1
1d6[ 1d6 = 6 ] <Repair Tendril #2
1d6[ 1d6 = 1 ] <Repair Tendril #3
1d6[ 1d6 = 6 ] <Repair Tendril #4
1d6[ 1d6 = 1 ] <Repair Tendril #5
1d6[ 1d6 = 5 ] <Repair Tendril #6
1d6[ 1d6 = 2 ] <Repair Tendril #7

"Long range scans concluded. Update: approximately four-point-five minutes remain before wave impacts occur. Orders updated: prevention of unnecessary deaths now Primary Priority Two. Initiating contact now-"
>Cutting off her internal communications, Wild's external speakers begin to broadcast her voice, though it was barely heard inside the cabin due to the additional reinforcements.
>The splotch of movement ceases, lifting off the shore, presumably in flight, before rapidly disappearing towards the west.
>Left hand raising out of sight, the sound of Wild rubbing her armored head creaks outside.
"Close enough to hear at least. I hope that will be enough to save them. Initiating long range scans centered on the unknown Construct vessel now-"
1d6[ 1d6 = 6 ] <Arcanum Sensors Array

6d558 No.211726

File: 1552785612224.png (302.41 KB, 1956x1980, 1466220527390.png)

>Taking note of Mercy's blades and the rapidly lowering ambient temperature, Sunny whispers as she takes positions behind the other two, eye on the door.
"I'll believe that when we've cleared the crypt and found nothing."
>If they couldn't open the door, she might have to slip through it using what the Ceranul taught her.
>It'd take a lot out of her and she'd have to do it twice, once to get in and another to get out, but she should be able to withstand that level of physiological strain.
>She'd only be able to take one of them with her at most, as well.

"Sir, if it proves necessary, I can bypass this door if you're unable to open it."
>There could only be a few reasons it was so heavy. Worst case scenario it was intended to keep whatever was within sealed inside.
>And by no means did she believe anything on the other side was intended to get out.
>That or it may be barricaded from the other side.
>She could still do nothing but speculate wildly and it irritated her.
>Sunny felt a little guilty that Jeff and Mercy had been doing all the door opening up to now.
>Her attention on the parts of the door she could see around the others, she observed it for the same incompleteness this portion of the crypt had also displayed.
>Ears continued to twitch towards the door, attempting to pick up even the most minute of sounds beyond the repeating music.

1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 8 ] < B. Perception
1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 10 ]

1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 7 ] < B Traps
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 7 ]

44700 No.211734

>Head tilting, Raindrop's lips make a comical S-shape while her ears flop to either side.
"Minibears are tiny ursines, about-"
>Lifting one front hoof a foot or so off the stone.
"This tall. They're usually fairly scared of anything bigger than them. The Arcane Blades are a marecenary pegasi squadron that protect others from esoteric and nonphysical threats, you'll see them quite a bit here. As for Crystal Runes and psionics, they're like most forms of magic except they happen instantly or at the speed of their thoughts. You'd have to watch them being used for a while, or ask Naliyna, she'll show you what she's able to do."
>Taking note of your confusion, the Knight's eyebrows furrow together as her face crinkles in a deceptively pleased manner.
"You don't know what a spa is? It's basically a swimming pool except for being filled with hot water. They're made to relax and unwind in, relieve stress, have fun, make new friends, that sort."
>Cracking a deep smile at the ruffling, Raindrop's mane was, as expected, still wet and quite luxurious to the touch.
>Wriggling her neck under your hand, the neon raspberry mare looks up at you with an expressive, possibly even pleased smile.
"If you wanna do that again, go ahead. It's like your hands were designed for that sort of contact.. were you professionally trained?"
>Calmly blinking at the study, her snout wiggles several times in curious reciprocation, her eyebrows raising with a peculiar air of sureness.
"Then I'm gonna make sure I win. Even if I don't win, which I'm sure will happen, I'll show you the best places around Tallus."

>Bladed wings lifting in a disarming, or in this case dishoofing shrug, the Knight rocks backwards, left ear twitching upwards while the right swivels around in a small circle.

"Somepony or a human that didn't know much about them must've scavenged one that wasn't completely destroyed and brought it here. Probably spent a few hours repairing itself before activating. Biggest problem with Constructs is they work in pairs; if one is destroyed the survivor goes berserk, becoming faster, stronger, more accurate, recover quicker, use new tactics. I don't know much about them except to leave the area at maximum speed or outnumber them ten to one using teamwork to keep them from causing more damage. There's not a single marecenary that accepts contracts to deal with Constructs, not even minotaurs or Gryphons.. which should tell you how damned nasty they are to deal with."

>Ears perking up at Chisan stepping out from the doorway and walking to the opposite side of the map table, the Scion's helmet shakes negatively.

"Operational staff are too sleep deprived and busy to answer necessary questions. There is a small problem that must be taken care of first. The sanctioned Knight-"
>Gesturing towards the neon red mare currently admiring you with an odd look, then quickly looking away with a partially abashed expression.
"And I must search for a missing rookie team. Four hours ago they were dispatched without equine support to recover what they could from a city abandoned three to four years prior to now. It was heavily scouted approximately one week prior to now and there were no indications of enemy presences. Communications ceased three hours ago according to the command staff here. No replies have been sent since."
>Clicking into the private voxlink, the Stormtrooper mutters quietly into his bead.
*"The Inquisitor has ordered me to undertake all rescue operations if humans have disappeared or do not return in time. Should you choose to accompany us I am hereby requesting your full assistance."

44700 No.211738

"One hoof of seconds please!"
>Poking something on the hololith screen, a large, paper-sized sheet of flexible crystal is printed, or something like that, out from your side of the desk to take.
>..which was covered in Crystal pony runes.
>That you could not read.
>Giving another apologetic smile, Three-Point lifts both hooves in your direction.
"There you go! I'm really sorry I can't sell you more, we haven't delivered the orders for Tartarus Isle, Cloud Company, Earthforged Companions, Central Equestrian Gold Host, or even Terra Company, the little tiny group of human marecenaries."
>Tipping her snout upwards for a polite smile, the young mare taps her forehooves together happily.
"Zebras are friendly for the most part, they love having company from Equestria. That and they have huge beaches that only a few ponies visit! But, um, I'd suggest going to all of them until we can fulfill next year's shipmarent."
>Turning her chair towards the hololith, she pokes up at the screen for a few moments, making several low, amusing kissing sounds with her lips in thought.
"Humm.. ground Haze Fern, raw Seqoyya sprigs, Draft Root juice, Snap-Berry powder, young powdered Sawgrass, just to name a few. Mostly raw elemental attribute alchemy stuff and really good binding agents. She also salvages a few things from the ruins around Old Canterlot but won't sell or trade them."
>Blinking slowly, Peach Quartz turns her chair in your direction, putting on a somewhat sultry, tender expression.
"Buuut.. since there's basically nothing to do right now and I'm super bored, I'll make you a deal. Do a TINY little favor for me I'll let you take something to give to Astra Gallus that she's been wanting for a few years. I'm not supposed to 'trade' it to her without an up front contract, but if you do she'll give you the Crystal Empire discount for sure."

>In the words of your spiritual liege: 'oh HELL yeah!'

93166 No.211892

>Mallia, for the most part, looked to Raindrop and listened in rapt-attention as she gives her brief, but important details; soaking the information like a sponge thanks to her micro-cogitator, which she tells to briskly create more folders to store and organize the information in their own categories, in order.
>She also takes note of the fact that Raindrop likes being pat, and keeps that information as well.

>Slowly nodding her head in quiet understanding, she goes on to widen her smile into an amused grin as the knight lowkey asks her for more pats.

>Even asking if she's 'professionally trained in petting'

"Heheh! N-no, not really. They don't teach me to pet things where I'm from."
>She giggled heartily to her own words. Eagerly, but gently leaning her hand up against Raindrop's furred neck to gently pet along her fur idly
"That does sound fun though…"
>Her grin turns back into an eager smile after the explanation about the Spa, giving a little wiggle up and down again which is even followed by her mechadendrite, which makes her backpack noisily rattle about against her Axe and shield.

>The petting doesn't stop even after Raindrop replies to the question she had asked mostly to herself, though in a surprisingly exhaustive manner… Though it does slow down as she starts to glance off, frowning with some concern specifically at the bits about the constructs.

(That seems like an oddly sentient and … Emotional behavior for a machine like that. Perhaps even illogical. Why don't they do that before their comrade is taken out? Infact, why don't they do it all the time if they are capable of it? Why do they…)

>Her mind's eye defocuses as she likewise hears the Stormtrooper stepping back to them. The short woman that was Mallia looked back and slightly up towards Chisan, regarding him with a firmly neutral, pensive glance.

>The news that her questions would remain unanswered did not phase her too much.
>It was then that the petting of Raindrop pauses though; now merely affectionately resting her hand on their back idly, as she regarded the Stormtrooper intently.

>After the vox communication however, she retracts her hand and briskly slips her helmet back on, taking a moment to adjust it with a few practiced movements, before answering the voxlink.

>She doesn't quite catch the stare from the mare below in that moment; focused entirely on Chisan.

"*Understood. I will assist you however I am able with my still limited assets.*"

>She gives him a quick, but firm nod of her helmeted head; before sighing audibly through her respirator, putting her hand on her lasrifle's strap, shifting her weight more to her left leg, rolling her shoulders.

>The Enginseer starts to slowly step around the map table, looking down at the maps, then up to the Stormtrooper in anticipation of him pointing out where they'd be going.

"Must we depart immediately? You still need your Auspex restored. Ontop of that I still need to inspect your equipment, and I must also take care of my helmet and laspistol at the very least…"

>Then, as her voice trails off, she glanced back down to the pegasus knight and gazes down at them for a good second.

"… And what is the problem with the sanctioned knight, exactly?"
>She returned her eyes to Chisan, her voice taking on a slightly confused tone.
"She's our 'equine support', isn't she?"

44700 No.211983

>A sharp, annoyed inhale and rather angry tone becomes your answer.
*"Dost thou not recall mineself's words moments past? Mineself spaketh this prior: thee Lonely One be thee mate of motherly Constructed Two vessel above within thee Endless Ocean. Mineself, hosts of kin, an'hosts of Tallus kine aided bringing down Lonely One's mate upon Tallus ages past. Only thee Lonely One remaineth, grace; trifle not upon mine knowings."*
>That definitely didn't go as planned.

>Most of the remaining Destroyers tap the arms holding them, and, of course, fall down onto the lower racks where they begin hopping down each level towards your direction.

>The ramp opposite you lowers, less than fifty batponies streaming around you and the opposite side while receiving passing glances from their angled diamond helmets.

>Unable to find a ladder going up or down, and sensing the risk of jumping down to the lower racks was too much, the pulsing beam of white-blue static appeared to be the only choice for moving around.

>Finding no other option, stepping into the cylinder of light it appeared to register your thought of 'aft', floating you down slowly towards the converted vessel's lower section.
*"Nay, grace; mine carried chiropteran equines comply by thee Rites of Destruction: destroy thee Constructed Twos by they hoof, claw, an' manabomb. Minotaur Klavists destroy by axe, hammer, mace, polearm, an' fist. Mine tech-arcane weaponry be for mineself tae use upon Constructed Twos, severing thy's hull in twain, whereupon mineself delivers Rites of Destruction within."

>Slowly being lowered into the vessel's aft, hundreds of rotating Destroyer racks pass by, each aligned in position on rotating rings, probably to deliver as many happy suicide batponies as possible, you're stopped upon reaching the lowest level.

>Finding another catwalk, this one with rails, the empty racks above held nothing.
>Upon looking downwards, the sight below was startling:
>Perhaps sixty minotaurs were arrayed in rows of ten, six levels deep, visibly locked in silent stasis cells.
>Each looked as if there were merely halted in the middle of battle frenzy, eyes wild, bloodshot, and wide open in fury.
>you quickly noted the sacrificial minotaurs all bore thickly segmented, layered and hardened steel armor bearing the grim earthy and dull red Hegemony colors.
>Likewise, all clasped one, or a pair of, cruelly armor-piercing weapons, everything from pickaxes, spiked maces, all steel clubs with quartets of four spikes on either direction, short warpikes, and even a massive, 9' tall halberd in one case.

>The harpy's voice returns again, this time incredibly proud.

*"Thy see mine Klavist Rites of Destruction, grace? Bear them minself havest to thee Lonely One many times. Naught but one havest been destroyed."*

44700 No.212048

>Swinging around in the rendered model chair, the A.I. tosses a hoof upwards in approval with a wide smile.
"That, sir, is one of many reasons I was created! Most humans will inevitably suffer irrecoverable losses and deal with the resulting trauma in their own typically self-destructive manners and ways. I was trained to recognize, understand, soothe, deal with, treat, and aid in recovering from operator trauma, just like I brought you back from the potential effects of short term insanity against the Construct! In addition, I am also outside the circle of human suffering therefore I'm perfectly neutral in the matter. In short, sir: I'm asking your permission to attempt my many psychological recovery-state protocols with 'Flash' when she recovers. Of course, I'll also try to acquire relevant technological information and usable knowledge from her."
"Hrm.. but, the possibility of one large scale engagement against Constructs is becoming more likely which would cause suffering on a mass scale, something I wouldn't be able to deal with. Is there a cybernetics section available on this base, sir?"
>Briefly remembering one of the more technologically advanced Operators in Razorback, an unusually stern, grim tech-knight of some sort, named Kunid Erakoi.
>He spent most of his time performing electronic work to his ever finicky powered exoarmor, though helped other humans out from time to time.

>Pulling open the mailbox's cover, a plethora of items inside were neatly stacked next to each other:

>The first was a half-folded, hard board backed map showing the location of a small Middle Dynasty outpost roughly 19 miles northeast of the Fortress, along with six vellum paper notes covered in both Spiral's and Mist Dancer's impeccable writing styles.
>Second was a much smaller map of the Skybrook region including the area where Skykeep had drifted to and eventually settled above.
>The third was a set of official Day Guard records accompanied by a hard backed, twice-folded crystal map of the New Everfree showing 6 early Dynasty, 11 Middle Dynasty, and 1 Late Dynasty buildings, all of which were within 500 miles of Razorback Fortress.
-Off to the side and alone was a peculiar map of somewhere in southeast Caneighdia showing the precise location of an Early Dynasty ruin, one that made Razorback Fortress look tiny in comparison.
>Unlike the others, four volumes of varied sizes and eras, each bearing Canterlot Underground's insignia, were placed atop a quite large work tablet sized, though 2" thick, crystalline device.
>Which, strangely, looked more like a ground-penetrating radar screen.

"As I stated before sir, I'm ninety-eight point seven percent confident that Marquis du Spiral was more than capable of exploring.. whatever he wanted, really. The indications we've seen and heard so far mostly prove that he left with the expectation of a quick search and return, but was unable to. I've no knowledge of why exactly since I have little knowledge of this world's general dangers, sir."
>Taking an image of each, the A.I. blips out for a moment, then returns to stare awkwardly at the last item.
"These match what were described from the.. messages? Is.. is that a micro-laptop? I thought this form of technology didn't exist here?"

44700 No.212121

>Hodch facehoofs with a plaintive, half-amused, half-despairing snort.
"You are a mare now, so, go ahead and eat yourself but I don't want to watch. Then again I'll probably regret having to teach you the gateway spells. Still, the more specific information I know the fewer problems I'll have treating you."
>Lifting the excellent smelling hay fries up to noisily bite into a few, the Starborn reservist shrugs after swallowing.
"That horn on your head means more than the ability to work with, shape, draw out, drain, or expulse Anima. It's a term used by some of the Extra-Planar Harpies. In short it means 'all living energies'. You'll learn more on that later, but the downside is this: consuming any amount of flesh will do worse than kill you, if not much worse, so you'd better accept being a strict vegetarian as quickly as possible. Eggs don't count and I'm not sure why.. also, a tiny amount of seafood once per month is relatively safe so long as you take the necessary precautions."
>Losing roughly 75% of the formerly crippling pain in favor of merely being exhausted, a bit warm from the bottle of wine, and physically sore in ways that your psyche STILL couldn't comprehend, there was still a great deal of hunger.
>Upon lying down a pair of sharp, unwelcome pleasures between your rear legs flare up once more.
>Having teats was definitely going to be a nuisance.
"Let me clean up a bit while I think about someplace that might work better.. maybe the Five Star in Prance would be better?"
>Lofted into an ethereal cloud the same color as Hodch's coat before worse could happen, the sensation was akin to zero gravity, and most importantly caused zero pressure.
>While you weren't able to see out of it clearly the cloud functioned more like an isolated dimension micro-dimension.
"Better enjoy that while it lasts. I mostly use that space for storing food."
>Audibly tidying the tiny room while you hear what might have been a short 'and bodies' under his breath, Hodch munches on the rice cakes.
>Empty bottles and debris are removed, except for the slowly crystallizing, now scentless blood, the still full bottles floated into the other room.
"And now-"
>Turning around, Hodch makes a brief series of motions with a forehoof, dull colors streaming off his horn while bizarre coronas of visible, barely pulsing energies roll outwards.
>Several sets of dull purple reins form around his neck, chest, and barrel, connected by two leads under the cloud.
>Taking an short step forwards, the cloud, and you, glide forwards smoothly.
"Hm.. getting rusty, but this should do."
>Float-dragged into the middle of a relatively comfortable sitting room lacking decorations, the world twitches slightly as Hodch taps what sounded like a translocation matrice made of hard cloud.

>Instead of vertigo or nausea, the unexpected trip through the Vortex Remnant was rather calming, filled with fascinating sensations that felt like living concepts flowing through endless numbers of lazy rivers.

>Reality returns in the form of the Crystal Empire's abnormally dense lighting, although considerably dulled at the moment.
"Three Corners should have most of what you want except for the grapes and salted caramel, those are usually gone long before midnight."
>The pocket cloud glides forwards once more, Hodch calling over his shoulder in stifled mirth.
"So, from one professional to another: any useful 'new discoveries' you'd like to share that won't make me regret this little excursion? Other than taking you to the best spa here and having getting you acquainted with the troubles of mane and tail styling, or taking care of your hooves, it might be a better idea to hoof you over to one of my more.. classy associates."

5c927 No.212244

>Pareidolia blinks twice in rapid succession considering the ramifications as he reaches the mailbox in the stairwell.

"That was one of your tertiary purposes, but your request will be belayed until I have more information on Flash's personal history and personality. Her volatility presents a major risk to interacting with her. And no, this base functions at an estimated 15% of what the Committee's surface assets provided without comparable cybernetics infrastructure. I would need to consult individual operators with cybernetics expertise."

>Staring at the bewildering array of parchments, notes, maps, and a single crystal tablet of some kind, he carefully removes all of them and takes them into the lab.

>Unfurling them all and arraying them in a line across the table, he scans over them.

[Only Spiral would be able to see the connections in a series of maps this large… ]

"Then confirmation of his status is imperative. It would take a great deal to bring down someone of his caliber."

>He nods as the A.I. remarks.

"The Crystal Empire has independently developed hololiths and processing devices based on their ability to manipulate crystal runes and resonance. They are typically only accessible to crystal ponies or magic users unless modifications are made."

44700 No.212252

>Hefting the three pound hammer up, it was one of many common blacksmithing variants that you'd seen Spiral, Krinza, and Aiutante using.
>Cracking open the cantaloupe sized chunk first, it falls apart quite easily.
1d100[ 1d100 = 27 ] <Ancient Treasure: Small
>The second took a bit more force, the exterior fracturing through like cracking an egg shell.
1d100[ 1d100 = 51 ] <Ancient Treasure: Medium
>Gripping the hammer in both hands for the large one, it takes a trio of hits to crack the hard layered shell, then another one to smash open the internal layer.
1d500[ 1d500 = 177 ] <Ancient Treasure: Large
>Moderately concerned over the giant, rough amber round, the first blow takes a chunk off, sending it flying into the shack's rear, none of the Ferron mares caring much as if this was a rather common event.
>Beating on it a few more times finally exposes a series of much harder, yet thinner and more fragile inner shells that fracture inwards quite easily.
>Breaking through the last one, the midnight blue mare pulls each one towards her for a close inspection of the contents.
"Nice job there Razorback. Gimme a bit to figure these out."
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 8 ] <E.Appraisal
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 8 ]
1d6+3[ 1d6+3 = 4 ]

>The filly recovers from her fit, turning a briefly angry stare at her sister.

>Making a series of motions with her wings and left forehoof that you didn't understand, she takes a slow, cautious inhale before speaking up.
"Let me just figure out what we have first."
>Glancing behind her, lips purse several times while she studies the materials.
>Turning back to you, the filly sits back in her chair, front hooves clopping together briskly.
"Okay! We have all of the following:"
"There's a few rolls of red Epkrii Spinetail shark hide! It's pretty light and tough, and it stretches a lot. Kinda resists fire, ice, and water but stays warm. If it freezes it won't fall apart, just put a heatstone on it for a while. Takes about five years to cure right. Umm… I guess about two thousand Bits a roll?"
"There's some Green Dorval plates in the back. It's a big mean armored fishcat thingy that someponies hate because they eat all the little squid. They're toxic, so, really bad for eating, but the plates can absorb poison, acid, and water element stuffs. It takes a while for them to dry but they don't smell bad at all! Maybe three thousand Bits?"
"I know mom moved a roll of Temphil spike-tail hide around here.. ..somewhere. It's a thick blue and dull black streaked hide that looks like it's always under water. Good against plasma, fire, shadow, void and elements. Also smells like hot salt! Three thousand Bits for that one too."
"There's a lot of Hourglass Abalone shells in the back that I've been working on smoothing out. It's pretty shiny stuff, looks like a dark rainbow if you keep it polished! Mom said it's really hard to puncture and absorbs hard blows better than most things. Um, four thousand Bits for a suit of armor from it, I think? But it'll take me a night or so to fit all the pieces together."
"Somepony put a bunch of Island Drake hides in the back and I haven't made anything out of them in a while. It looks like hide covered in little gray and blue scales, but it's pretty to look at! One of mom's older sisters says it's good for sneaking around 'cause it doesn't make much noise. She also said it resists heat and plasma. Dad said I can make a big armor out of it for five thousand Bits."
"Mom got done curing a buncha big Deeprock Ocean Crab claws on the roof a while back. They've got funny bumps all over them but it's hard stuff. Weird bunch of dull red, black, and blue stripes on them. They bend a lot more than most crab shells and it's really hard to puncture. Might be a little bulky but they're kinda quiet so long as you keep a bit of water on the joins. Probably eight thousand bits for that one."
"And last but not least! I've been saving lots of Deepwater Steelback Clam shells off the Empire's coastline, takes a whole night just to flatten one out. They're kinda heavy but mom says they're not actually steel, just any kinda hard metal they eat waaaay up by where the tundra rivers go into ocean. My biggest sister says Crystal ponies and unicorns use them for target practice, so they're probably really good for resisting.. just about anything. It'll take most of us half a night to make a big armor that'd fit you, sooo.. ten thousand Bits sound okay?"

44700 No.212253

1d1000[ 1d1000 = 58 ] <Ancient Treasure: Giant

44700 No.212258

>Standing up with the hoof still covering her snout, Frost takes two steps backwards to the bed's edge, her tone flatly negative.
"Not as he is now. This.. THING is draining Ark Viper venom from him. None of us caught that so for right now it's doing what we can't."
>Turning an eye up as Nova likewise scoots back, the Combat Medic's eyes narrow briefly, nodding at the inflating silver bulb.
"Ready the other two. Nova, can you teleport something this small?"
"Yes, so long as I do not.. pass out again."
>Surveying the young stallion's few visible wounds and finding neither visible degeneration nor decay, it was quite apparent that the venom had been introduced to him internally, likely from the fractured off red blade that was removed earlier.
>The unusual silver balloon continued to fill at a much slower pace now, gently pulsing in tune with the pegasi's heartbeat you figure.
>Both of the mares were, at the moment, greatly concerned and worried over his situation, having little care for their own well being asides from shielding their bleeding snouts.
>The metallic suction device remains steady for another minute while the pair remain where they were, that is until a nauseating chime occurs, the sphere making a clicking sound and falling onto the bed.
"Nova, send that thing east of the Clinic; Mister Gallo, run outside, find it, and burn the damned thing into a crater!"
>Inhaling sharply, the carnelian hybrid's horn is covered in a dazzling array of colored specks, the sphere blinking from reality.
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 11 ] <M.Teleport
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 8 ]
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 9 ]
1d6+6[ 1d6+6 = 12 ]

>Turning and leaping to the Clinic wall, Frost's left forehoof smacks against it, her voice resonating outside loudly.

>Removing her hoof quickly, the Combat Medic nods in your direction, then covers her snout once more.
"Go burn it, but stay out of the fumes!"

e0758 No.212276

>>The crystal mare's short-term memory is mentally waved off, considering what he's heard she's been through.
"I understand Shanis's discretion. Whatever they are for, I hope they help her out."

>She seems to have no problem with him touring the grounds, and Raidor gives her a nod of thanks.

"I will definitely walk the Fortress, for the time being. Do take care Ivan. I will come and find you, when I am finished."
>He looks over at the crystal mare and gives her a grateful bow.
"Thank you Naliyna. I will take my tour now. I will return later to take some with me to Manehattan."
>Raidor leaves Ivan and the others at the Pagoda, as he casually trots out of the building.
>He looks around out into the human encampment. The sights, the sounds. The smells.
1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 10 ] <E.Perception
1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 10 ]
1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 9 ]

18bfd No.212322

>Cheto nods at Frost.
"Right away. Be sure to keep an eye out and prepare for any other venom balls that may come out of the Prench Pony's body. I fear that that won't be the last."
>With his free hand, he goes for a quick, gentle stroke on Nova's head to calm his nerves a bit.
"Be safe and prepared, you two."
>He places his molotov arm closer to his chest and moves the lit molotov into the crook of the arm, followed by removing the two other molotovs in his bandoleer and placing them next to the lit molotov, rags facing upwards.
(No time to waste! I have to drown that venom ball in fire!)
>Standing up with all the molotovs in his possession in between his forearm and chest, he starts to rush outside the clinic outside towards the fountain, as he remembered from the map it was given that it was east of the clinic.
1d6[ 1d6 = 2 ]
1d6[ 1d6 = 6 ]<Basic Sprint

>His mind is currently processing the sudden disappearance of the ball as he goes along.

(What was that? Some kind of magical spell or something? How would they know where it would go? Did Nova do it? Her horn did that sparkle thing like Apricot today, so that may be true. If it were not for the current danger this stupid mean venom ball presents, I would have asked about it.)
>His free hand goes for the lit molotov, igniting the other two with the rag's flame as he moves.
>His eyes scan the area for the seemingly teleported thing around the area it was meant to go.
1d6[ 1d6 = 2 ]
1d6[ 1d6 = 2 ]<Basic Perception

44700 No.212331

>Leadership: +2 to all Assault & Perception rolls

>Giving you the questioning side-eye as Mercy flexes all of her available muscles, Boris lifts his stony shoulders on her saddle.
"A difference of twenty seconds between specifically metered repetitions from certain sounds would be more of a 'wake-up' call such as the Disc Jockey provides at dusk. Were this a lullaby for vampire ponies I would expect the snoring of ponies or waterfalls, commander."
>Gritting her teeth and shoving into the door with all possible force, Mercy's left wing flicks out to deliver a light smack on your right leg's armor.
"Meh.. strong preservation enchantmarents here.. sometimes, but I sense neither at the momarent-"
>Shoving into the door with a modicum of force, combined with Mercy's strength it begins to creak inwards, reacting as if it were on a heavily weighted cable system.

>Fully examining both of the underground chamber's doors, there were no indications of traps, wards, or bound spells that would cause injury.
>Watching Mercy and Jeff force the door open, a rather merry jingle of chimes draws your attention.
>As both the Spirit Walker and Ranger shove the door open halfway, the first is stunned by a silk pillow to her face.
>Then another, a third, and a fourth.
>That is, until a hard, regal Stalliongrad pegasi accent shrieks in cold anger.

>The right door swings back on its own, a rather calm piano melody playing from inside, the left door likewise pulling open as the mare's voice calls out in a merriness.

"Do come in please, good ponies! I apologize for my neophytes, they were not adequately prepared for awakening!"
>Now opened fully, the underground chamber was nothing like what the team expected:
>Designed more like a ballroom in combination with a royal barracks, upon gazing into the room Mercy is the first to stiffen as soothing shades of blue, red, purple, and green light drift outwards, accompanied by a quaint, archaic melody of resonating bronze chimes.
>Immediately within sight were a line of sixteen deeply, formally bowing equines; nine earth ponies, eight of which were fillies with one mare, two pegasi fillies and two mares, two unicorn mares, and a lone Crystal pony filly.
>Each was covered by veritably archaic, dark purple dresses, most of which were three-tier ruffled with shallow hoods, though the elder earth mare and Crystal pony filly bore smooth, one-piece garmarents of finely dyed silk.
>Beyond them, a series of giant amber beds faintly glowing in the comfortable lighting, also covered in silk pillows, were highly visible.
>Standing up first, a quartet of long, sharp canines flash under the earth mare's hood in a profoundly merry smile, the rest of her face hidden while she quickly kicks a pillow under her to the left side, the middle-aged mare's tone carrying a smoky, seductive quality.
"Greetings to thee, kin! Give thy orders how we must serve you this wondrous night! Be it with our bodies, our minds, or our knowledge? Choose one, or all, for your choices shall be richly rewarded!"

>Failing to hyperventilate in time to save herself, Mercy collapses forwards onto her knees, blind white eyes widening in shock as her jaw drops.

"Lunar vampires.. real.. but they were just stories? Mom said they were only.. stories.. but they are real? Why are they.. real now?"

f92c8 No.212334


>Doctor Nova merely shakes his head at him with a small chuckle.

"Like I said several times now. Everywhere. Just this dull, crippling pain all over my body… God damn was it painful, and now, it seems to be finally going away as I… Fulfill my cravings. Meat will be missed dearly… Vegetables are just not the same as some marinated venison jerky, but I do enjoy being alive…"
>She grumbles, annoyed at her now strictly vegan lifestyle.
>Truly, a fate almost worse than death.
>She shifted her weight off of her hindquarters now once more as her… Assets once more reminded her of their annoying existence.
>No wonder horses spent all day standing…
>She attempted, to stand, slowly, as Hodch lofted her into the ethereal cloud.
>Feeling disabled, she slumps over in her cloud with a grumble.
"I'm in your snack cupboard? What, what a privilege I have."
>She comments sarcastically as Hodch prepares their transport.
"… By the way, now I'm just feeling… Exhausted mostly, now that most of that pain has passed. Damn this mare must have been put through hell before she was… Severed from her body."
>It still disturbed him to think of that.

>After their transport which was, surprisingly, pleasant ride through the vortex, they pop out in unfamiliar yet recognizable territory.

>The crystal empire!
"… New discoveries Hodch? Well… Today I learned what it was like to have these annoying teats. Can I just say that your ancestors were really stupid when they pissed off whatever cursed your races with being overwhelmingly female? Right now I can safely say that I dearly miss Mr Johnson and the juice crew, and that being a mare is just all sorts of annoying!"
>And once more, she slumps over in the 0 g cloud, quite obviously annoyed at this whole… Adventure at the moment.

44700 No.212360

>Head tossing in your direction, the Knight's face creases into a cheerful smile at the stroking across her unarmored neck.
"It's not hard Miss Castella. We simply like being touched, it's both relaxing and calming for us. If you want I'll show you the safest places to rub or touch most ponies, there's a number that're kinda erogenous and a hooffull that you're only supposed to do for 'fun' times in private."

>Tipping her head backwards, the mare's ears flop to either side with a relaxed sigh while the Stormtrooper's helmet nods.

"There are some locally made supplies available if you require them. Speed is of the essence this time, it would be best if you store any equipment that would weigh you down. There are wargear lockers available for us in the Armory a short distance from here."
>Tapping the empty grenade pockets across his vest, Chisan reaches around to his battlepack with a short, negative sounding grunt.
"My auspex is beyond repair and time is of the essence Enginseer. The Inquisitor's orders stand: not a single human can be allowed to suffer injury under our watch. You may borrow my laspistol if need be."
>Turning his visor towards Knight Raspberry not so slyly peers up at your chest, the Tempestus Scion's helmet tilts curiously.
>Cracking a grin, she lifts her bladed wings in an embarrassed motion while Chisan removes his Lasrifle's powerpack, then slams it back into the socket with a careless shrug.
"She is and there are no 'problems' save my own Enginseer. I would prefer working with-"
>Making a short aquila with his right hand, then pointing to you and himself quickly with it, the common battle-lingo sign for 'Imperials'.
"As it stands you are unable to keep up with me on foot therefore you require transport. Knight Raindrop, are you able and willing to carry the Enginseer in a combat situation?"
>Heaving herself upwards to stand, the raspberry red mare gives a calculating smile, blades extending to snag her relic helmet and jamming it onto her head, speaking muffledly behind the facemask.
"Damned right I'm able and willing! Hop on my saddle Miss Castella, the most comfortable position Stalliongrad's finest armor has to offer is yours!"
>Shaking her archaic armor into place, the armor's unusual saddle was not uncomfortable looking, covered in thick layers of some heavy, nearly metallic looking padding.

>Making the first positive sound of acknowledgement so far, the Scion unslings his lasrifle and strides towards the door.

"Armory is a short walk northeast from here, need to restock grenades."

d8c43 No.212367

>When Zhun gets the piece of crystal?, he gets that "Oh yeah" blank look on his face
>"Didn't think about that one."
>He also didn't know there was other companies of humans
>Old one before Razorback?
>Looking back at the runed page, he stores it on his person
>"At least Nal can get that done."
"It's fine. Gotta keep promises and orders."
>At least it should be fine in Zebraica
>"Ze…bra…i..ca. Man that's hard to say."
"Sounds nice over there."
"Well, I can make a little detour over to her. What's the favor?"

d8c43 No.212369

>"Hmmm, went somewhat far there. Ok."
>Going down the ramp and reaching the light, he does ponder it before stepping into the light
>He gets that "drop" feeling as he wasn't expecting the light shaft to be a magic elevator
>"This is some sci-fi shit. Actually, I don't know what shit there is anymore on this place."
>Ok, so the bats are just bombs
>The minotaurs are the foot soldiers that beat shit
>Wonder if they can speak about the interior of the mothership
>As he descends, he is amazed at the large amount of racks there are for the batponies
>Even more amazing is the frozen minotaurs below
>Like they stopped in time in those pods
>"Ok, maybe talking is out of the question for these guys."
"Veterans of the fight I see. And they look like they haven't left the fight either."
>Clem walks around the area, inspecting the minotaurs but the pods are also of interest
>"It's like some cryogenics but…not. Is this really time stopping?"

6cfea No.212385

>Jamal looks about in bewilderment at the whole-ass rainbow of kush surrounding him.
>He liked to think he knew the good shit from normal shit, but this was a whole other game.
>A deep drag is taken on his cigarillo before Jamal meanders over to the nearest zebra for directions.
"Ay what up. Who I gotta talk to to get in on summa dat loud?"
>As much as he probably could just follow the his nose, Jamal figured he ought to be polite and shit and ask.
>Not so polite as to avoid drinking his fresh Mango Fanta™ while talking to a stranger though, which he does without thought.

44700 No.212526

"Trust me, it is. You don't wanna deal with all of them in the same room. My head still hurts from the last 'lessons' they gave."
>Shifting her eyes towards the north with a disturbed shudder, Naliyna returns to her sorting.
"Just put it wherever there's room, I'll try and see if my daughters are around too, Quell knows way more about armor than I do."

>Looking up from an obvious filly's letter, Naliyna lifts one shoulder with a morbid frown.
"That's most of why I didn't want to get involved: I think Shanis is helping too much. The last time Sweet came through here she was crying, didn't say anything and went off somewhere. I think the 'Juggernaut' was only a maretality she was trained to have. You probably know more about the stuff she's done, so what's Sweet going to do or act like when she remembers stuff that she really shouldn't? There's helping, then there's obsessively revealing more than any fifty minds can hoofle. I know what that's like ponifally, and it's never good."
>Making a partial bow to Raidor in return, the trader goes back to, slowly, sorting through applications.
"Might wanna try after dusk Captain, most everypony and human here's probably burned out by now. Been really busy tonight."

>Perusing the map briefly, the Captain's course was, of course, the water fountain north where a trio of humans and two mares were tucked into Empire sleeping bags.

>The most curious sight was the large, Lunar designed Arena east, empty at the momarent as the doors were closed.
>As for scents, a profound host of vegetables, roots, berries, fruits, and nuts drifting from the north, definitely a Mess Hall.
>Taking note of the obvious Clinic west, it featured distinct Honor Guard construction styles, though was much more heavily armored than most designs.
>North between four well spaced barracks, squads of humans and mixed ponies had set up heatstone piles, their conversations inaudible at the current distance.
>More curious was the partially below ground steel building northeast covered in a number of odd metallic projections, including several giant shields on top.

329d0 No.212545

>Raindrop's words resonate within Mallia, sparking a distinct interest when she tells the Enginseer that she can show her the 'safest places to rub and touch' most ponies.

(Oh! I could make a pony petting guide with this information; this is good! Yes! This is totally why I am interested!)

>It was lucky (or unlucky) that she had her helmet on, because she was wholly incapable of restraining her smile into growing into an overeager grin. Though the light, interested hum that comes through the respirator is quite audible…

>Though she doesn't let herself dwell too much on that (yet), as she quickly shifted her jaw to kill her smile and listened to the Stormtrooper with rapt attention.
>As a polar opposition to her mood, Chisan telling her there'd be no time for extended maintenance irks her in a way only an Enginseer could be irked; visibly lifting and sagging her shoulders and slapping her arms akimbo, then blowing out a quiet huff of disappointment.

>Regardless, she acknowledges his words with a quiet:

"I understand."
>Then she finds her glance once again turning towards Raindrop; double taking on both Chisan and the pegasus as the notion of riding a pony is presented to her.

(Oh by the Omnissiah.)
(I get to ride an equine.)
(Am I dreaming? There's no way this is happening.)

>Her voice comes and goes, abruptly cutting out -- especially when Raindrop eagerly offers the ride to her, as well.
>There's a second of actual silence from Mallia, before, like a child, she wiggles to and fro, lightly claps her hands, and let's out this tiny, high pitched squee of pure delight.


>Then, without hesitation or further pause, she steps up beside the pegasus knight and carefully startws to figure out the best angle to arch her leg and get on the saddle. A process that takes a few seconds as she glances down, minding the wings, before fully sitting onto the mare's back.

>She wiggles about on the saddle; getting comfortable. Carefully lifting her legs up off the ground and resting her hands infront of herself, on the mare's neck; Studying the best way to hold herself as she goes.
>Meanwhile her mechadendrite shuffles further beneath the backpack to keep the weight balanced as she straightened her back.

"Being 5 foot and 3 inches of height is optimal indeed!"
>Mallia would declare out loud once she's settled in.
>Almost immediately she tentatively spares a hand to point towards the exit, in that general direction. Assuming her best 'Commissariat Approved' posture; nose high, finger pointed at the horizon, and strong, confidently eager tone.

"Onwards, mighty equine knight! The armory beckons! Glory, honour, and soldiers in distress await; let us conquer the night and take the day by storm as if it was our last!"

>She even makes her mechadendrite coil around the other side of her back so she can point the manipulator claw in that direction, too, and give a little eager whirring sound.

>Now if only she had a nice sword…

e0758 No.212622

File: 1553036018942.jpg (19.53 KB, 285x284, 1476582734857.jpg)

>As he and Mercy begin making headway on both doors, they both stop as the mare is softly assaulted by a barrage of pillows.
>A accented mare bellows out fromt he other side of the door, which both open up from the inside to reveal-
>The dumbfounded expression is not lost on his face, as he looks over the grand greeting; as they were apparently now guests to a party full of Lunar vampires.
>He feels like he's seen a movie with a plot like this.
>The decor, the garments, the old music. The teeth!
>Jeff flashes his own toothy smile, in greeting back, but it pales in comparison. Try as he might, he couldn't seem to muster up any of that light bat power he's had.
>And they wanted to serve them?
>If it weren't for the fact nothing she said really nerved him, he would have been freaking out. Luckily he somehow accepted the situation for what it was: unexpected.
>While Mercy was in a state of stuttering shock, Jeff politely removes his helmet to give their greeter a short bow in return. He feels wildly improperly dressed to crash a party full of vampires.
>He gives her a reassuring pat on the head while attempting to break the ice.
"Greetings to you all! You'll have to excuse our confusion faces. We didn't… expect anypony to be down here."
>The human, now feeling very out of place, clears his throat to properly address their Earth-vampire host.
"I think a little sharing of knowledge is in order, before anything else. My name is Jeff and this is Mercy, Boris, and Sunny."
>Visually addressing each of his teammates accordingly, making sure to keep their affiliation and purpose there ambiguous for the moment.
"And who might you all be, dare I ask? And what's the occasion for this soiree?"
>Jeff raises a gauntlet to his chin and raises a brow with intrigue.

6d558 No.212654

File: 1553049075413.png (153.57 KB, 401x427, 1241194.png)

"Nothing down here, she says, nothing but an empty crypt, she says."
>Sunny quietly snickered at Mercy's bombardment and reaction before refolding her wings and relaxing.
>A little.
>The mare waved a wing in greeting, realising she was still within the underdark, she carefully and reluctantly extricated herself from the spectrum and re-entered realspace, repeating the wave.
>Though they could probably see her anyway, they saw Mercy.
>She found the bowing strange, perhaps they were expecting someone specific after all this time, or maybe they recognised Jeff's affiliation with the lunars like she thought they would.

>A little, but not entirely surprised that Lunar Vampires were real after all, as all stories were based upon some grain of truth, Sunny examined the room from where she stood in the doorway. It was of archaic quality, well kept, well lived in it seemed.

>Either the preservation enchantments present were particularly robust here or these ponies hadn't slept completely through the slow march of centuries and had maintained the space themselves. Probably both.
>They might have been forever buried in this place if it hadn't been raised from the earthy clutches of the moors by the engineers outside.
>She remembered Mercy's words outside the crypt. Great undead, but fading. These ponies did not seem like they were fading in any sense of the word.
>The crypt was in use, and this portion of it was clearly complete, so why were other parts of the construction abandoned? Something was wrong here, Sunny could feel it.
>She hung back to let Jeff do the talking, while she simply observed.

1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 11 ] < B. Perception
1d6+5[ 1d6+5 = 10 ]

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