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File: 1551290557901.jpg (66.37 KB, 667x647, 1543647210688.jpg)

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Post evidence.
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File: 1568178765025.mp4 (3.23 MB, 854x480, Henryka Shaw and the soap.mp4)

Jewess Henryka Shaw explains about the soap made with Jewish fat.
What she doesn't say is that telling lies gave her the right to collect a monthly check for her "survival".

36248 No.243825

File: 1569406725352.mp4 (2.66 MB, 858x480, Hell.mp4)


c0f0f No.243854

This is fantastic, i an't stop watching it.

c0f0f No.243855

File: 1569429721461-0.png (161.34 KB, 647x602, anne frank 2.png)

File: 1569429721461-1.gif (263.14 KB, 648x864, anne frank hoax.gif)

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File: 1570269249120.png (688.86 KB, 757x2070, 40642662.png)

>Jew-Owned European Kangaroo Court: Holocaust Skepticism “Not a Human Right”

57db9 No.245655

File: 1570299619214.png (31.27 KB, 607x358, research.png)

500a3 No.246896

File: 1570931505934.mp4 (5.68 MB, 854x480, Vincent Reynouard - Confes….mp4)

>Vincent Reynouard - Confessions of a Reformed Denier

2b7aa No.247100

>Yes, us Swedes have the moral right and justification to survive and the acts of others should not be considered in this pursuit.
I agree completely.

1d99c No.247103

File: 1571063091996.jpg (2.49 MB, 3313x4340, So you say.jpg)


I'm attempting to read through everything in this thread, go through the factual claims, trying to discern what's claims and fact. It is difficult and some claims are read as baseless by me or irrelevant.

I'm fascinated by the discussion regarding how violent, sadistic, and characters of questionable moral fibre was considered. Just as I am interested in knowing how much genocidal intent there really was, and why such acts occurred if the military structure and authority were against wanton violence and strived to behave civilized.

If the Germans never intended an outright genocide, then why did it happen?

If the Germans were against the brutal and uncivilized treatment of prisoners then why did it happen?

If the Germans did intend to genocide the Jews, why did it happen?

How much guilt does the German have regarding the death of prisoners?

How much guilt can be put on the Allies?

It is close to impossible for me to sort the information and process it. Part of this is because I do not know where to find information that lacks political and identitarian considerations that the author/researcher allowed to affect their work. An example of this would be the works of Jared Diamond that are tinted by his anti-Western and anti-White sentiment, especially in 𝘎𝘶𝘯𝘴, 𝘎𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘴, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘚𝘵𝘦𝘦𝘭 where he argues Whites were lucky due to geography and largely discounts European intellectual efforts to strengthen his argument of muh magic soil.

2b7aa No.247117

I won't be able to post today it seems and I will have a hard time to really engage in this discussion. We will see though. I should be able post my own input tomorrow. My expertise is not in the holocaust so I might not be able to provide as in depth explaination as others who our better. Those exist since they actually have read books I haven't about the subject. But I will do what I can.
This is due to my approach to argumentation as I avoid basing my arguments on sources that are not common or shared by everyone. For example, historical, statistical, and scientific arguments are things I avoid using. It is nice knowing them but I don't use them. This is because people who don't know this knowledge can just dismiss them. Like the holocaust, for example, I am not afraid to say that I don't believe in it but I don't dvelve deeper into it than that. It is kinda distracting from the question at hand which is usually about our current situation.
I try to convince people through common sense and in extension logic so that everyone who hears
about it cannot deny it. Like a person can dismiss something because it comes from a certain place as a lie without even checking but, unless they are dishonest, they cannot rationalize a contradiction. Like, "If these immigrants are such a blessing, why are all the areas which they rule over turned to shit?", "If homosexuals are oppressed, we do they occupy every town in the entirety of Sweden each year?", and "Why is it that every western country has problems with black populations in their countries?" Of course some of these require a bit of knowledge regarding what people know. But I think most people know these days what damage the immigrants cause.

Anyway, I'll get back to you. Clearly, if I can write this much spontanously, I can write you a proper response. Just don't expect an awesome explaination for my standpoint since this is not my area of expertise. So I am sorry if I can't provide you with the knowledge or proof you are looking for but that is for the future to decide.

28ec6 No.247118

Redpill memes are all fine and good, but if you're looking for evidence - and if you're giving this a fair hearing you ought - then I'll re-emphasize the hdot.org link here >>218620 and the holocaust reprogramming course here >>222679 are two of your best bets.

c9a53 No.247121

File: 1571081278834.png (339.32 KB, 987x772, SpitfireSmokingDrinking.png)

The Holohoax is one of those things I disbelieve but do not start arguments over unless to provoke. There are a handy facts that put doubt into the official narrative; while I accept some Jews were killed (mainly because of subversive or criminal activities like sabotage in Slovakia, or because of some Hilfswilige who held a grudge) there's no reason to believe that the great bulk were treated any worse than Japanese-Americans were during the War. There's simply no real motive behind it: Jews by their own admission were a necessary labor component in industry-starved Germany and mass murder, especially in regards to claims that it had started while the Germans were still winning, doesn't make any sense. The Red Cross found no evidence of such things happening in Auschwitz of all places and according to official documents it seems that concentration camps were a temporary measure to prevent sabotage by Jewish operatives or pogroms/second Kristellnacht against Jewish communities.

Of course we've all seen the pictures of walking skeletons but that is a horror of war. The exact same thing happened in POW camps during the American Civil War because a complete collapse in supply lines led to severe shortages, and given the necessary choice you must feed the guards first.

However, I withhold former judgement until I actually peruse all important sources from both sides. Given that I'm not a historian and this is a monumental undertaking, that's not happening for many years. I don't consider it significant because 1) it's a very poor way to redpill people because of inherent sensitivity and the permanent tarnish being labeled a "denier" is, 2) it's easier to downplay its significance by pointing out equally bad or worse atrocities by the Soviets, Japanese, and even Western allies that have gone unpunished, and 3) the only people you can realistically discuss it with in a non-anonymous setting are already red-pilled or very open-minded. Also, I don't consider myself a NatSoc and have other moral objections including economic policy, the anti-traditional nature of Lebensborn and Aktion T4 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aktion_T4). Ironically, things like Aktion T4 get (((ignored))) because they reduce the share of victimhood for Jews (just as how it's claimed six million Jews died out of 13.5 total victims, just so they're in the majority and get automatic consideration as the primary victims).

500a3 No.247123

>and the permanent tarnish being labeled a "denier"
I prefer "debunker".

500a3 No.247131

File: 1571084640827.jpg (61.59 KB, 500x500, 1367452.jpg)

1d99c No.247187


Thanks for your effort.


About what I do, I do not deny any of it in a general situation because the topic is very sensitive. Where I've found at least one open-minded I may if the topic is brought up naturally discuss the event and mention that the official figure is not supported by evidence. Another way I treat this historic event is to put it in a context or compare it to other atrocities; denying it outright is to label yourself as an undesirable. In this day and age, there are things you simply don't do. It doesn't benefit the wish to discuss the topic in a critical manner either. A stance that seems to nettle a few on the forum enough to treat me with condescension.

Never heard about Aktion T4 until now. Just reading about it gives me the chill. I can understand euthanasia for people who are terminally ill and suffering severely, but not for those with certain mental illnesses that can be cared for in institutions. This part of the population is vanishingly small and caring for them is hardly a bigger toll on the system than the criminal population with no such ailments.

28ec6 No.247188

I appreciate your position, and when people are presented with the idea that the Holocaust is a lie, their first reaction is to indicate that people did die. There's no refuting that, the issue is painting the Nazis as deliberate and methodical exterminators who's sole intention was to kill as many of the Jews as possible. This myth persists to present day, and is used as the staple excuse to denounce any nationalist or white initiative worldwide. As though anyone who would have any racial pride - something that is encouraged in all races except white - is out to murder another 6 gorrillion.

4b8ea No.247236

The video
I found it
Hey >>247103
I found the video, my guy!

4b8ea No.247237

wait clicked the wrong post
but this is the right video

b9397 No.247329

Prepare for some reading material.



The jews have flaunted their impossible "millions of survivors", even going to so far as to publish their own numbers:


Essential reading:
#1: Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans After World War II
#2: Gruesome Harvest
#3: GERMANY’S WAR: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of World War II
#4: The Assassination of James Forrestal
#5: Prolonging the Agony: How The Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a-Half Years
#6: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists
#7: Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel
#8: 200 Years Together by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. Not fully translated yet:

4b8ea No.247450


74bcd No.247451

Who could resist cunty insistence like that?

4b8ea No.247711

Christ, I need to stop saying cunty.
Sorry about being a cunt.

7dc51 No.247809


This is quite some information to go through. Thanks for all the information, I will try to discern what's an academic attempt to prove a claim apart from political and personal inclinations.

4bee9 No.247813

File: 1571492910097.jpg (501.25 KB, 1800x695, 1407547049541.jpg)

>academic attempt to prove a claim
Academic irrefutable evidence of a colossal fraud.
>political and personal inclinations
Thirst for justice and truth.

64da1 No.247818

yes, it ok

50639 No.250457

Can someone post the equation with the ovens, and burntime?

25281 No.250508

I have them some where in my image gallery, but it should be somewhat near the beginning of the thread.

f79c2 No.250986

File: 1573979879882.png (709.76 KB, 833x2955, 1589422080817.png)

>Ever Elusive Mythical ‘Mass Grave’ Finally Found At Treblinka Transit Camp In Poland?
>Feeling pressure to locate the 6 million Jews who completely disappeared without a trace after allegedly being ‘genocided’ during World War II, investigators of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) announced that a new ‘mass grave’ was discovered on the site of the Treblinka I labor camp in central Poland.

6cff1 No.251047

5 Rigbux says that if it is a mass grave >im-fucking-plying then it was yet another made by the Soviet menace.

5f7bc No.251056

>mass grave fits in a 4.5 by 3.4 meter area
Truly proof of the renowned Nazi efficiency.

6e74a No.251094

File: 1574058662050-0.jpg (103.45 KB, 924x1067, website_induction_33.jpg)

On an unrelated note, Ben Shapiro ponders the mathematical likelihood of Cookie Monster's mass baking operation: https://twitter.com/coldhealing/status/1194063993662509056

f79c2 No.251557

File: 1574499400628.png (973.53 KB, 944x4115, churcheng.png)

>The Church Of England Officially Blames Christians In General For Contributing To The ‘Holocaust’
>The very nature of real Christianity is anti-jewish, and no amount of hand ringing, apologies, or changing of doctrine is going to change that. Christ rejected the Jews and everything they stood for, and by demanding that today’s Christians embrace the Jews is tantamount to demanding that Christians reject Christ, which is exactly what the Jews want.
>The plan is to replace the suffering of Christ with the alleged suffering of the Jews during World War II. Holocaustianity has replaced Christianity in the hearts of atheistic western Europeans, and their new overlords are ruthless jewish bankers.
>Those who refuse to be ruled by Christ are destined to be ruled by the Jews. Just ask the 60 million dead Russians what that will be like.

51a2c No.251735

File: 1574668757288.jpg (36.4 KB, 600x378, master-race-holocaust-card.jpg)

6e509 No.252719

File: 1575799896330.jpeg (66.65 KB, 619x640, 4840840.jpeg)

f3a1f No.252784

Theres a video called "one third of the Holocaust". It covers the camps that weren't Auschwitz. 4 hours, i remember it being decent. You should find it on bitchute and youtube.
Another interesting video, that isnt related to the Holocaust, but to the ostfront, made by the myth of the 20th century on bitchute

f3a1f No.252785

f3a1f No.252787

I know its unwise to reply to an old post like this. But i do wonder how this efficiency has taken place. There is no way i can think of where preheating simple ovens like that cause them to consume barely any fuel. I dont think energy consumption works like that, especially if you're on a time limit, and need to use temperatures hot enough to turn bone into ash. Sure a hot oven can start cooking faster, but thats because the oven itself has absorbed heat from the coke. Heat that has to be transferred to the body, or replenished by the coke.
Plus 2 bodies would take longer to cook wouldn't they? Less surface area would be touching the flames.

f6e4d No.252788

>But i do wonder how this efficiency has taken place
Any efficiency is possible when it is made up.

7e33b No.252799


8161e No.257369

File: 1580205640930.png (354.39 KB, 1004x751, 490929049497779291903.png)

5ec70 No.257490

File: 1580295833638-0.png (10.32 MB, 1350x8192, fake.png)

File: 1580295833638-1.mp4 (2.31 MB, 480x270, Anne Frank's step-sister E….mp4)

>Anne Frank's step-sister and Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss claims photos of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz are FAKE because soldiers hadn't brought cameras and were taken at other camps
>Eva was sent to Auschwitz aged 15 with her mother, Fritzi and father and brother
>Says pictures showing Russian liberation of Auschwitz aren't real, as none exist
>The survivor has alleged that pictures of Soviet Red Army liberating the camp are fake, because Russian soldiers hadn't brought cameras, and says there was a heavy snowfall at Auschwitz at the time, which isn't shown in pictures.

55f09 No.258038

What made me really believe in the holocaust, was Himmler's posen speech.

d163f No.259722

Soap argument is personally my favorite. I wonder if (((they))) know it wasn't produced on a mass scale, wasn't made from camp prisoners bodies and it was just some kind of experiment produced in literally one laboratory? (((wikipedia))) may be not the best source but it explains everything.

But even if what you say is true and it was all jewish lies then what about Poles? Did almost 2 millions of native polacks just killed themselves when the war started?

e613c No.259733

>But even if what you say is true and it was all jewish lies then what about Poles? Did almost 2 millions of native polacks just killed themselves when the war started?
I don't have the statistics on the subject but I would wager the primary causes for most Polish deaths were 1) Soviet occupation which was in half of what was then Poland due to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and which was even worse than Germany's, and 2) in the latter part of the war Poland was a warzone with all the hazards that entailed, including lack of basic necessities and rampaging Soviets. No doubt though that occupation under Germany was quite harsh as wartime occupations tend to be, particularly as focus on the Soviet front meant there was very little tolerance for being a thorn in the side.

bb89f No.259737

Maybe you are right. For the victorious country partisans are nothing more but terrorists polnische banditen but you cant justify all german war crimes like Wola massacre (40 000 civilians killed).
I'm not trying to derail this thread but even if hololol wasn't real it still doesn't prove Nazis were the good guys. Have you read about Hitler's plans for eastern europe?

And it's kinda funny that poles saved a lot of jews during wwii yet they still hate them. Are poles the ultimate cucks?

b43cd No.259749

There are no good guys on a war, are there?
But there's a desired outcome, and a not so fortunate outcome.
What would have happened if hitler won? Hard to say, but his ideals and methods sure seem better than what wr got now.

90f44 No.259834

File: 1582042337390-0.jpg (335.77 KB, 1288x1011, Pol_holohoax_lets_do_the_m….jpg)

File: 1582042337390-1.jpg (2.29 MB, 3000x4000, hillary_email_occult.jpg)

File: 1582042337390-2.webm (1.87 MB, 640x360, 6 GORILLION GOY-R7eao-UXZ….webm)

The word holocaust comes from Latin holocaustum (which comes from Greek ὁλόκαυστος
Holocaustum literally mean "a burnt offering wholly consumed by fire" t. Wiktionary ( also https://archive.is/iD7zi )
But a offering to whom??

Remember how the (((canaanites))) worshiped and sacrificed people to one of their gods called Ba'al aka Beelzebub ("the Lord of flies" ( https://archive.is/azdbR & https://archive.is/CVE1R & https://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/sta/sta20.htm ) Also, "the Lord of flies" might imply "Lord of filth" or similar?) There is a chapter in Book of Daniel that's found in the Greek Bible called "Bel and the Dragon" ( https://www.sacred-texts.com/bib/apo/bel001.htm ) I believe that the names Bel ("Lord") and Ba'al (also "Lord" https://archive.is/qGMYh & https://archive.is/jGakR ) and Moloch ( https://archive.is/aYJdT ) refer to the same god. Also the number 6 million can't be just another coincidence. Why they are insisting on that exact number? Likely because 6 is an important number in occult and in (((their))) prophesies ( https://archive.is/GnOkJ & https://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/sta/sta16.htm )

b2656 No.259884

File: 1582105361318.mp4 (1.11 MB, 854x480, Holohoax.mp4)


b9397 No.259932

Show your flag you propaganda fellating dipshit. The implication of Baal being the (((lord of flies))) is solely due to early jews calling them "dung". Don't use biased judeo-cuckstain sources for your claims, either.

9beb3 No.260144

File: 1582300301243-0.jpg (92.17 KB, 778x729, Pope_paul_vi_and_impopeste….jpg)

File: 1582300301244-1.jpg (1.25 MB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-159172930-2048….jpg)

forgive me, my faith in (((YHWH))) and (((Vatican))) has been shaken recently. are you implying that Ba'al is a benevolent god? this subject might belong in a different thread. perhaps the magick thread? >>>/vx/98688 sorry, for derailing

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