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ae56a No.203849

f3ecb No.203850

File: 1549781276071.jpg (1.39 MB, 3100x3957, 7d1d01192f06301aa356777d68….jpg)

Yes, absolutely.
We have plenty of Starlight Glimmers already and more and being produced by (((academia))), most of them need to be gutted to give place to a Western rebirth.

46534 No.203852

Technically speaking, yes he was right. If you're new to this information, more power to you but we had a thread here on Mlpol that discussed the very same things immediately following the premiere.

83896 No.203893

>babby's first pink pill

8c281 No.203895

In itself, he is right, that is the whole point of the episode.
He didn't touch the subject of how in the end everyone became a colorful changeling tho.

6418e No.203974

The whole episode moved everyone to the center! Centrists win! Again!

15531 No.204038

File: 1549861585436.jpg (2.38 MB, 2709x1846, IMG_20190130_230909-1.jpg)

It goes even further anon…

4f992 No.205141

He has some good ideas, and neat conversation, but I found this on Urban dictonary. Not really the best place to get known info, but I thought it was interesting. Not sure about him outside of his stance on politics.

“One of the only people left on earth/the internet who uses empirical evidence and logical thinking to put forth arguments. Most well known for his videos debunking regressive left-wing and SJW ideas, particularly the video "36 Stupid Feminist Questions Answered." which has gained over ten million views. Even though he seems very right wing, he has scathingly criticized the religious right as well. His first response video was to Joshua Feuerstein, a far-right Christian.

He's also hella poor, lives in a shit shack in the middle of a forest that's breaking down as I type this, and appears to be a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, many of his older videos and Facebook posts seem to indicate as such. Many of his older videos also consist of wildlife invading his property, reading off stupid comments, and him playing video games. Some of his fans call him Daddy Shaym, and rightfully so.“

15531 No.205518

He also uploaded an april fools video about mlp being facist by the name: "Mlp is the most red-pilled show ever made" or something like that, but he maked it private at some point this year.

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