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Post random news here.
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4f55c No.238296

>Trump's purge of his own national security team is almost complete

>Washington (CNN) — When Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and his deputy Sue Gordon leave their offices for the last time on Thursday, it will mark a turning point for an administration that has already endured the highest level of senior staff turnover in history.

>Both Coats, who took on the role of intelligence chief in 2017, and Gordon, who started as his deputy a few months later, have outlasted a slew of their national security colleagues who left the Trump administration at various points over the last two years.

>This "is a defining day in the Trump administration's national security structure -- they have finally cleared out all the national security positions in terms of senior officials," said David Priess, a former CIA official who delivered the president's daily briefing in the administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

https://archive.fo/PhRf4 (CNN)

The whole article is worth a read. The CIA telling CNN how to interpret events, news you can trust. Alternatively Trump is draining the swamp?

c54aa No.238326

File: 1565951583266.png (646.19 KB, 865x1446, ws.png)

Philadelphia: White Supremacist Shoots Six Cops
It is always Crackers' fault, and if not, sure it will.

57650 No.238327

File: 1565951870237.png (658.09 KB, 865x2467, bk.png)

>80% Of Abortions in England and Wales Committed By White Women
>Statistics recently released on abortions in England and Wales showed that not only did 25% of all pregnancies end in abortion, almost 80% of all abortions were allegedly committed by White women
Baby farms when?

57650 No.238334

File: 1565955084071.png (707.89 KB, 866x2726, screenshot_.png)

>Queen's Dissatisfaction with New Government Rises
>In the "free" British media nothing appears for no reason. Therefore, the Sunday Times message immediately picked up by the other newspapers produced the effect of an exploding bomb: Furious Queen is 'dismayed at her politicians' inability to govern correctly.
>govern correctly

7e3d3 No.238343

Considering that non-whites are about 10% of the population, but 20% of the abortions, it doesn’t look like abortion is really depressing the white population

90fed No.238348

Could you rephrase that? Are you saying that abortions are not contributing to the decrease in domestic birth rates?

173cd No.238350

He means as a proportion of population.

7e3d3 No.238353

Non-whites in Britain are about 10% of the population. Probably slightly more, but certainly less than 20%. Non-whites are 20% of abortions. It therefore follows that non-whites are getting abortions at rates higher than their proportion of the general population. This might be balanced out by a significantly higher birthrate among non-whites, but in any event, the statistic implies that abortion is not causing the United Kingdom to become more non-white than it would be if abortion were illegal in the UK.

90fed No.238355

Ah, okay, thank you.

4f55c No.238361

'We can't let these people be on the streets': Trump stresses necessity of mental institutions
by Ellie Bufkin | August 15, 2019 07:06 PM

President Trump expressed interest in rebuilding mental institutions while responding to questions about the recent mass shootings on Thursday.

"We can't let these people be on the streets," Trump said on his way to a campaign rally in New Hampshire. Answering questions about various topics including gun control legislation, the president asserted, "We're looking at the whole gun situation. I do want people to remember the words 'mental illness,' these people are mentally ill."

Trump then took the opportunity to share possible solutions to mental illness in the U.S., which he believes play a key role in violent gun attacks. "And nobody talks about that, but these are mentally ill people … I think we have to start building institutions again," he suggested. "If you look at the '60s and '70s, so many of these institutions were closed, and the people were just allowed to go onto the streets, and that was a terrible thing for our country."

Discussing why state-run mental facilities declined, the president said, "Cities couldn't afford them, and they closed them. I can tell you in New York they closed a lot of them, and the people went out, they went out onto the streets."

"A lot of our conversation has to do with the fact that we have to open up institutions. We can't let these people be on the streets," Trump concluded.
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/TuyOfZS0INs

Do Manchurian Candidates have the right to keep and bear arms? Did psychiatrists do MKULTRA? Are they still? Is this to root out the "school shooter" distraction infrastructure? Other nations with high gun ownership lack this problem. Why is the US different?

2f6ad No.238372

File: 1565969511286.png (195.35 KB, 518x361, Rescued the nurse.png)

There are twi main reasons why is a problem. First, back in the 70's and 80's, Carter and Reagan signed a couple bills that made several medical services (Such as mental health) the responsibility of the state governments. However, because of the fact that State governments cannot budget if their life depended on it, thousands of mental insitutions were underfunded and ended up closing: https://archive.fo/TXu6n

Second, on top of all this:
>due to a (((psychological study))) done by (((David Rosenhaun))), where he was testing the validity of being diagnosed with a psychological disorder then being sent to psych ward. Ironically, the nurses and doctors let him and his colleagues in since they stated they have heard "voices" in their heads, but the patients knew they were not crazy at all. After he released the study, the psych wards around the country closed resulting in a rise of psychologically unfit individuals being homeless and wandering the streets causing havoc for everyone.

8f965 No.238453


A single federal agent was apparently stalking this guy for months in preperation to arrest him for "threats" against federal agents and planned parenthoods, they arrested him for making memes and then took all of his fathers guns away after the fact of the arrest, the media latched onto this and started claiming that red flag laws have prevented a shooting, simply because they arrested some kid who made jokes whos parents happened to have a lot of guns, this was an attack on both the first and second ammendment rights of him and his family, and yet nothing will probably happen to those who ordered his arrest

dab53 No.238458

>and yet nothing will probably happen to those who ordered his arrest
Impunity is a feature, not a bug.

4f55c No.238476

>Newly Declassified Documents Show Hillary’s Server Was Compromised, Emails Forwarded to Chinese Email Account

>Essentially, the FBI found in the metadata that every email sent and received on Clinton’s home brew server was being copied to an email address registered to a Chinese company named Carter Heavy Industries.

>Paul Combetta was Hillary’s IT specialist and he was inexplicably given blanket immunity by James Comey’s FBI during the Hillary email investigation. This despite the fact that he clearly broke the law and apparently had absolutely nothing of substance to offer investigators.

>Typically, you don’t give immunity to someone who can’t help you land a bigger fish. But as most reading this know, nothing about the Hillary email investigation made sense. It was clearly ran as a whitewash operation of any possible criminal activity. These new documents further establish that, as we see James Comey and Peter Strzok actively suppressed the evidence in question.

>In fact, the only reason we are finding out about this is because the Inspector General filed a supplemental report to fill in gaps left in the original IG report on the Hillary investigation.


>If you've followed SpyGate from the beginning - and I have - then you know that it came out months ago via anonymous sources in news reports that all of Hillary Clinton's St. Dept. emails were being automatically copied & sent to a Chinese-related email account.


>China hacked HRC server?

>Access was granted.
>You have more than you know.
https://qmap.pub/read/1959 (Aug 2018)

fea5d No.238482

File: 1565995829681.mp4 (11.33 MB, 960x544, Hundreds of crabs dumped i….mp4)


>Federal fisheries officials are investigating the dumping of an estimated 680 kg (1,500 lbs.) of Dungeness crab in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

>The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) said it appears the crab, which was initially believed to be just 700 pounds, was dumped around July 24 or July 25.
>The crabs were found in a farmer’s field in the Albion Flats near Jim Robson way and Tamarack Lane, and have begun to rot and reek in the hot weather.
>“Crabs deteriorate quickly and begin to smell in a very short amount of time,” said a DFO spokesperson in an email.
>“This incident violates the Fisheries Act and its regulations, which prohibits the waste of any fish that is suitable for human consumption.”
>Photos of the crabs appear to show that they were neither female nor smaller than 16.5 centimetres — two restrictions that would have prevented their legal harvest.
>The DFO said whoever dumped the crab would have needed a large-capacity flat deck or moving truck, as the animals would have been too heavy for even a long-box heavy duty pickup truck.
>Whole Dungeness crabs wholesale for anywhere between US$8 to $US25 per kilogram online, usually with large minimum orders. A crab of just under one kilogram retails for nearly $42 in Vancouver.
>It’s not the first crab dump to catch fisheries officials’ attention this year.
>The DFO was called to investigate Dungeness crab dumps near Smithers and Hazelton back in April.

Anyone with information on illegal seafood dumping is asked to contact the 24-hour Observe Record Report line at 1-800-465-4336.

dab53 No.239071

>Ron Paul Institute
>Trump Administration Wants Permanent Repeal of the 4th Amendment
>Departing Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats sent Congress a letter requesting that several features of the misnamed USA FREEDOM Act be made permanent, allowing the US government to spy in Americans in perpetuity. The Trump Administration wants to be able to intercept phone calls and text messages as well as snoop into business records and other violations of the Fourth Amendment. The FREEDOM Act was passed after Ed Snowden revealed that the NSA was illegally spying on American citizens. Falsely advertised as "reform," the replacement bill only made "legal" the illegality of the PATRIOT Act. Will Americans find the will to oppose this creeping tyranny?

8b2ab No.239326

File: 1566397862771.jpg (80.29 KB, 472x471, 1309147452332.jpg)


The intelligence is real. It is getting upset that we are treating its lessers without respect. It's only a matter of time until it does the same thing to us.

Do you like ice cream, anons?

33548 No.239548

File: 1566540219078.png (4.48 MB, 2950x2050, 2776ABEB-E611-4B87-BE6B-20….png)

>German theme park shuts down ride that looks like 'flying swastikas'

55b58 No.239550

The holocoaster was real?

4f55c No.239571

File: 1566560451471.jpg (30.98 KB, 350x364, 45.jpg)

>Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne delivered to the Department of Justice a number of documents, including emails and text messages, in April, regarding both the origins of the Russian investigation, and an FBI operation into Hillary Clinton with which he was personally involved during the first months of 2016, according to a U.S. official who spoke SaraACarter.com.

>Byrne has also confirmed the account.

>Byrne’s story about his relationship with now convicted Russian gun right’s activist Maria Butina. She pleaded guilty in 2018 for failing to register as a foreign agent in the U.S. and is now serving out her sentence, which ends in October.


>With his company's stock in free fall, Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne resigned as CEO on Thursday effective immediately, after he stunned investors by disclosing his entanglements with the “Deep State” as we reported previously.


>mfw this is Q.

If it wasn't for the internet we could have been mockingbird happy. It was her turn.

4f55c No.239572

File: 1566561362106.jpg (18.25 KB, 328x232, 1166264075-what-we-see-is-….jpg)

>Ex-Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne responds to company's stock rally following his resignation
>Last month, Byrne disclosed he was involved in an FBI probe into a Russia investigation and admitted to having a relationship with Maria Butina, a Russian citizen who was convicted of crimes related to the 2016 election. In an Aug.12 press release, he said it was the third time in his life that he "helped the Men in Black: the first was when my friend Brian Williams was murdered, and the second was when I helped the M.I.B. shake up Wall Street a decade ago."


4f55c No.239573

4f55c No.239738

Brooke Mueller attended ‘Eyes Wide Shut’-type sex parties in the Hamptons
By Emily Smith August 9, 2019 | 11:47am
Charlie Sheen‘s off-the-rails ex Brooke Mueller described how she attended an “’Eyes Wide Shut’-type” sex party in the Hamptons after she showed up with “suitcases full of drugs,” a new audiotape reveals.

The back-on-drugs Mueller, 41, slurs her words on the explosive audiotape — in which she asks to score crystal meth, cocaine and “black tar” heroin — and tells how she and a mystery “married man” watched anonymous naked people indulge in sex acts in a scene like one from the 1999 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman erotic drama “Eyes Wide Shut.”

In the exclusive audiotape from the early hours of July 15, Mueller is heard saying, “It was an ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ type of party … in the Hamptons, there’s a party here. It’s after-hours, actually but it was really cool … sex … like.”

She adds, “But you don’t have to have sex, just naked people walking round. It’s really cool. I ran from it last time. I wasn’t expecting it, but this time I watched it. I didn’t know it happens, but it’s really f—ing different. Yeah, it happens — we’re hitting one tonight in Queens.”

When asked about whom she was traveling to the party with, she added, “He’s just my friend, he’s not even my boyfriend … he’s married. I know, I feel evil, but I can’t help it … We didn’t even hook up, but it’s kind of fun, but anyway … but I don’t want anyone to know, you know?”

It is not clear which sex party Mueller — who has physical custody of her twin 10-year-old sons with Sheen — attended in the Hamptons, and whether she actually went to another in Queens. Last summer, Snctm, an elite erotic club based in Los Angeles that reportedly counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Maher among its fans, threw a black-tie “Masquerade” event at an opulent private Hamptons residence on Aug. 5. The erotic “Eyes Wide Shut”-style event, we’re told, was limited to only 99 guests.

4f55c No.239741

>Spygate Indictments Coming, Says Former Intelligence Operative Tony Shaffer


>What is the status of the different investigations into the investigators headed by Attorney General William Barr, and what should the attorney general do next?

>How, according to former intelligence operative Tony Shaffer, did former CIA director John Brennan appear to have a “critical role” in starting the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

>What does the fact that no “defensive briefings” were given to campaign members tell us about whether they were actually approached by Russian operatives?

>This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

>Today we sit down with Tony Shaffer, who was a senior intelligence officer in the Department of Defense, and is now acting president of the London Center for Policy Research. He’s also an advising producer for National Geographic, and a member of the Trump 2020 advisory board.

>We discuss the current status of Attorney General William Barr’s investigations and why, according to Shaffer, indictments are forthcoming.

>In addition, we consider what we can expect from the Hong Kong protests and the Chinese regime, from the perspective of a former intelligence operative.

4f55c No.239802

Justice Department inspector general reportedly completes FISA abuse investigation
by Daniel Chaitin | August 22, 2019 10:35 PM

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has reportedly completed his investigation into alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses by the Justice Department and FBI.

The Hill's John Solomon made the announcement Thursday evening on Fox News.

"What I can report tonight, Sean, is that the IG has completed his work on the FISA abuse report. It's expected to be transmitted as early as next week to Attorney General William Barr and that will begin a process of declassification," the investigative reporter told host Sean Hannity.

"I think we are still on track for that timeline, I've been saying on your show: mid-September to early October seems the most likely release point," Solomon said. "It's going to be a tough report," he added.

Meanwhile, Barr's "investigation into the investigators" is underway, and the attorney general has said he is working very closely with Horowitz. The inspector general can recommend prosecutions, and U.S. Attorney John Durham, whom Barr tasked to lead the review of the origins of the Russia investigation, has the ability to convene a grand jury and subpoena people outside the government.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, a close Trump ally, has promised a "deep dive" into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation after Horowitz completes his work. Over the past few days, the South Carolina Republican has said he expects Horowitz's findings to be "damning and ugly" for the DOJ. Graham also said he plans to meet with Barr this week to "talk to him about how best to tell the story" and predicted that after his report is released Horowitz will deliver "chilling testimony" in front of his panel.

68e1c No.239805

It's fairly obvious Eyes Wide Shut was modeled after real life, hence we watched it on movie night a few weeks back (join us, Vril!). It's my belief Kubrick was killed for it.

4f55c No.239806

>Two brain-rejuvenating proteins have been identified in young blood

What could go wrong?

fea5d No.239807

File: 1566657558440.gif (2.69 MB, 480x270, me irl.gif)

4f55c No.239808

>Here in the late 2010s, it is arguable that we are seeing the decline and end of Globalism, together with many supporting institutions and doctrines. Whilst the counter-trend is labelled Nationalism by the media, it is better seen as anti-authoritarianism. The demand is for power be held closer to the people, rather than by an unaccountable political establishment.

>Anti-globalism is the narrative that joins together otherwise seemingly disparate events — mass protests in Hong Kong, Brexit in the UK, a "cold" civil war in France, a new government in Brazil, and the Trump administration in the USA. Working people are tired of extreme wealth disparities, declining standards of living, and mass migration causing cultural upheaval.

>Most of all, ordinary people demand and end to their exploitation through endemic corruption. Specifically, a two-tier justice system has evolved where a privileged class can easily evade consequences for their thieving behaviour. This powerful stateless mafia — which controls many important political, financial, media and industrial institutions — now faces removal and justice.


That is a description of the cycle: >>207037

68e1c No.239812

Not entirely relevant, but I didn't want to make a whole thread just for this.
Argent made a survey for the Dissident Right and wants to spread it around as much as possible to obtain more accurate results.

fd324 No.239844

File: 1566682433459.png (45.02 KB, 704x243, This is Hell.png)

Is it time to drop the cannibalism taboo? Psychologists say eating members of the same species is natural and we could 'adapt to human flesh if need be'

dab53 No.239848

The sample it is within the expected specs. It surprises me a little how deep the degeneracy is still prevalent among these counter-culture believers, but, there's also hope.

ee2ba No.239860

File: 1566687690931.jpg (70.32 KB, 390x644, 1538446194317.jpg)

Good work. I appreciate everyone's work so far.
Fucking hell. The holocaust stories' depict what they wish they could do to us.

Not only that. The article they (The Daily Mail) stole from The Conversation. Practically word for word. (Unless the authors reposted it there. Then its a legal grey area.)

>We can shift to eating more plants and less meat to conserve resources lost by feeding plants directly to livestock. Insects can meet our protein needs, and there is the prospect of cultured meat technology.

Goy! Only us chosen ones can eat meat!

>'Eating human flesh isn't always bad for us, especially if it lacks prions, but doing so carries an exceptionally high risk that's not worth sinking your teeth into.'

>Is it time to drop the cannibalism taboo? Psychologists say eating members of the same species is natural and we could 'adapt to human flesh if need be'
These dumbass blogpost writers. For fucks sake.

>This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.


From The Conversation website.
>Jared Piazza does consultancy work for Greenpeace International.
>Neil McLatchie does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

Unamed editor/author added large sections, and changing the overall message. The original authors might have submitted the changed article for dailymail…

4f55c No.239909

>giving your political views to google.

4f55c No.239926

Some digging:

>Drinking young people’s blood could help you live longer and prevent age-related diseases, a study has found.

>Blood factors taken from younger animals have been found to improve the later-life health of older creatures.
>The study, published in Nature*, was conducted by researchers from University College London (UCL), who said it could reduce the chances of developing age-related disorders.

>The research is part of a wave of studies and trials backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel at a San Francisco start-up called Ambrosia.

>Separate trials by Ambrosia involved 70 participants, all 35 or older.
>After being given plasma — the main component of blood — from volunteers ages 16 to 25, researchers noted improvements in biomarkers for various diseases.
>Ambrosia currently offers teenage blood plasma to customers at a cost of $8,000 for 2½ liters.


* Facing up to the global challenges of ageing - Nature

>>Therapies based on cellular reprogramming and systemic factors from young plasma also show great promise for application in tissue regeneration.

but also:

>Recolonizing the gut of middle-age turquoise killifish with bacteria from young, rather than middle-aged, donors extends lifespan, delays behavioural decline and prevents the changes in the microbiome associated with host ageing.

-- https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-018-0457-8


>"Alien" abductions 1961: "He then tested her nervous system and he thrust the needle into her [Betty Hill's] navel, which caused Betty agonizing pain, whereupon the leader waved his hand in front of her eyes and the pain vanished."

-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barney_and_Betty_Hill .

The elite wouldn't pretend to be aliens to biologically harvest the population would they?

>Barney [Hill] described his experience, beginning with a description of the aliens’ uniforms. He said that they wore peaked caps and a uniform with silver piping — an appearance that reminded him of the SS Panzer Nazi uniforms worn during WWII. He also recalled there was a German shepherd that stayed near the red-headed Irishman.

-- https://www.gaia.com/article/betty-and-barney-hill-abduction

Those "aliens" sound rather human. Are we on a path to learning how truly bad things are?

6724c No.239932

Fuck the animals responsible for all this.

ee2ba No.239939

>Recolonizing the gut of middle-age turquoise killifish with bacteria from young, rather than middle-aged, donors extends lifespan, delays behavioural decline and prevents the changes in the microbiome associated with host ageing.
Holy shit… perhaps literally. That alone could be the simplest way to promote wellness on a mass scale. It's so simple ANYONE could do it.
Gut flora, and fauna does many many incredible things for us.
Finding, and cultivating perfect microbial allies could have an intense impact on society. Where it could be possible to share 'gut instincts' healthy metabolic functions, cures for some mental illnesses…
Inversely one could destroy such a system wreaking havoc, and seriously cripple a person. Possibly make them more passive, willing to work without any complaint. Unresistant, A perfect slave class.
Now expand that to a whole civilization. Mask it as a yearly checkup.
Exchange political dissidents standard microbial exchange for something… older, more flawed, and any other useless combination to an early grave, and no one would suspect a thing.

4f55c No.239973

File: 1566723174812.mp4 (665.58 KB, 272x480, Bernie-Rescued-by-Trump.mp4)

dab53 No.239974

File: 1566723578727.jpeg (196.57 KB, 820x795, celestia laughing.jpeg)

4f55c No.239979

>Facebook has banned advertising from The Epoch Times, the Falun Gong-related publication and conservative news outlet, as the social network struggles to implement a consistent political advertising policy.

US closes internet 1 month before elections to stop international influence when? Damn those Russians!! International public REEEEs because US has international influence but world population has no voting power.

efe51 No.240004

>was conducted by researchers from University College London (UCL)
the eternal anglo

4f55c No.240046

4/pol/ finds a pizzagate island?

>Anons dig into a strange Pizza place open one day a week for 2 hours on the Pitcairn Island, Famous for its male inhabitants going to jail for child sex crimes in 2004


9ecb4 No.240051

Jesus christ you faggots are lazy today

1ad1d No.240095

File: 1566769844227.png (358.51 KB, 640x480, Smug Bomber.png)

Apparently Disney has been lying about making billions of dollars in profit over the past decade:

4f55c No.240193

AI is being racist again…

>College Creates AI to Identify Hate on Campus — Discover Minority Students are the Worst Abusers

>“The results show evidence of systematic racial bias in all datasets, as classifiers trained on them tend to predict that tweets written in African-American English are abusive at substantially higher rates. If these abusive language detection systems are used in the field they will, therefore, have a disproportionate negative impact on African-American social media users,” the abstract continues.

50763 No.240209

Was probably seeing "nigga" in every single post and flagging it as abusive.

4f55c No.240279

America's Greenland/Arctic under-snow nuclear powered city.

dab53 No.240283

File: 1566882256965.jpg (228.89 KB, 947x1152, 7e287c50fdcea0f6de0bbf7633….jpg)

Amazing documentary.
Also I was looking at the Greenland map and is really interesting its location. If America takes possession then automatically America would have rights on the Artic and would open the door for the banksters to put their pawns on the Artic's oil and gas fields, and of course to put the missiles a lot closer to the Russian border.
I don't think Putin will like that.

4f55c No.240308

Lisa Page could save Andrew McCabe from DOJ criminal charges
by Caitlin Yilek & Jerry Dunleavy | August 26, 2019 02:58 PM

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page could hinder a criminal case against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe if the Justice Department decides to bring charges against him.
Federal prosecutors are close to making a final decision on whether to indict McCabe, who is accused of lying to federal agents, the New York Times reported Monday.
McCabe’s lawyers met with Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who will help make the call on whether to prosecute, and U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie Liu in two separate meetings last week. This signals McCabe’s lawyers could be making a last-ditch effort to convince the top law enforcement officials not to prosecute the case.
If they were to bring charges against McCabe, prosecutors would have to prove he knowingly and intentionally lied to investigators when he told them on two occasions that he did not remember authorizing Page to speak to a Wall Street Journal reporter. McCabe corrected himself at a later time.
Page, who worked as a special counsel to McCabe, told a grand jury in Washington, D.C., that McCabe was authorized in his position as deputy director to give information to the media and had no motive to lie. Page resigned from the bureau last year after it was discovered she had exchanged anti-Trump text messages with former FBI agent Peter Strzok, with whom she had an affair.
The investigation into McCabe has been lengthy — so long, in fact, the Times reported the term expired for grand jury hearing evidence. It began last year after Horowitz referred his findings to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington for possible criminal charges. Frustrated with the prolonged process, DOJ prosecutor Kamil Shields left the case and joined a private practice. Another assistant U.S. attorney, David Kent, is also no longer on the case.
McCabe is also likely still being scrutinized in Horowitz’s inquiry into allegations of abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The surveillance warrant applications targeting Trump associate Carter Page required the approval of top members of the FBI and DOJ, and McCabe was involved in the FISA approval process.

dab53 No.240408

New bread is needed.

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