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File: 1548188906402.png (495.55 KB, 1920x1188, 1920px-Texas_in_United_Sta….png)

8fcf8 No.200051[View All]

We need to start making connections and friends if our political views are ever going to gain traction. I propose a meet up thread. Post your state and area code and meet up with anons nearby.
Texas 409
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9962a No.200678

That's like the 5th nearby Texan

d994b No.200681

Must be something about the state that lends itself towards the intersection of racism and horsefucking…

8fcf8 No.200685

No I'm just posting my area code again because he forgot to include mine.

83499 No.200689

File: 1548376788519.jpg (767.28 KB, 1839x1231, mlpol n. murica distributi….jpg)

Starting to take shape here. I wonder what the europoor distribution looks like?

36490 No.200699

File: 1548379606761.jpg (85.23 KB, 800x1200, BugsBunnyWithCarrot.jpg)

Excuse me, would you happen to be able to give me directions to /mlpol/? I knew I should have taken a left turn in Albuquerque. I seem to have ended up in /dramaqueen/.

00e2e No.200705

You only have yourself to blame, having draped yourself in fag

82ea5 No.200713

Nebraska 402

28250 No.200717

864 and I won't meet up for a couple of years when I have the means to do so.

70b63 No.200825

File: 1548412350367.png (90.28 KB, 347x658, 130820213331.png)

I'ma just give a tiny little bump in the hopes maybe theres another insomniac californian lurking around somewhere…

1bccb No.200833

about to head to sleep, but I'm here. 530, btw.

16594 No.200840

File: 1548415659338.jpg (92.17 KB, 1280x720, comfy.jpg)

>another insomniac californian lurking around somewhere…
Yes and yes why?

8ff9b No.200843

Any Ausfags in Brisbane, Australia?

83499 No.200879

File: 1548435599165.jpg (769.62 KB, 1839x1231, mlpol n. murica distributi….jpg)

Looking good so far, fellas.

16594 No.200890

408 btw.

d358e No.200904

Hey me too, you free this weekend?

16594 No.201025

Sadly no, but I'd like to do a meet up eventually. I'll keep you posted.

b791a No.201150

Alright. See you soon i guess.

83554 No.201218

Any Floridafags here? 813

f3578 No.201343

Toronto 647

13677 No.201368

Any coloradofags hmu on discord Enharmonic#1776
or email

84879 No.201388

File: 1548689808391.png (12.08 KB, 468x493, 1545126835186.png)

What do you guys think about coordinating off board before meeting up? I'm thinking of things like Protonmail that's supposedly secure. Or is it better to keep it here in the open?

Musician? It's good to see creative people in the community.

Also, Sweden 02* region.

83499 No.201490

File: 1548736116436.jpg (769.71 KB, 1839x1231, mlpol n. murica distributi….jpg)

Might Frankenstein a europoor map together once I get enough codes.

4a2be No.201495

File: 1548742470027.gif (238.78 KB, 161x211, 1545758680578.gif)

Massachusetts 774

83549 No.201532

Thanks for putting the effort in leaf. Some of you guys are alright.

4b250 No.201533

801 utah. I must be the only mormonfag on here

83549 No.201534

I'd revert but you let niggers in now so its clearly lost all divine mandate.

00e2e No.201543

I agreed to join, but no one will hold me under until I lose consciousness in the baptism. That was the deal.

dc638 No.201624

What I mean by mormon, I was raised and baptized into it, but im not in the faith anymore. If I wanted I could get my records erased, but havent got the will for it.

172d8 No.201653

File: 1548815522493.png (706.32 KB, 1120x1224, now_is_not_the_time_for_fe….png)

California 951. The one of you I've met has been alright.

I'm on XMPP fairly often. There are instructions on cock.li that will walk you guys through setting up pidgin with OTR encryption. I'll post my address if there's any interest.

>What do you guys think about coordinating off board before meeting up?
I'm mostly indifferent but slightly prefer keeping it private. I think that if the exact details are kept private until after the event is complete it becomes substantially harder for third parties to passively track the participants. However, this is a moot point if one of the participants is doing the tracking. The last time I did this we coordinated out in the open and things turned out fine.

b5f8e No.201806

A friendly email exchange can help reduce any danger, probably wont save you from getting cianiggered but at lesst doesnt make it easy for antifa say to crash your party.

fd2b4 No.201930

Bump for visibility and to counter my own sage because i am somehos among the ranks of the retarderded.

296f2 No.202607

speaking of texas? how many of you fags are going to harmony con in dallas? i personally cant wait for it

f2892 No.202614

479, id shit myself if there was a single person here just somewhere in arkansas

83499 No.202619

File: 1549236491233.jpg (770.24 KB, 1839x1231, mlpol n. murica distributi….jpg)

You guys are worth the effort.

8fcf8 No.202625

I might be going. I will be in the area during harmony con.

296f2 No.202627

same! this is going to be a blast (i would think)

d91a0 No.202667

File: 1549262757947.png (53.2 KB, 985x944, Aussie Shitposter Base.png)

Victoria 3131
might be nice to see the other 3 Aussies

ee12d No.202707

The arguments ITT are too paranoid for me honestly. I understand online security concerns but mlpol really is too autistic and niche to get much of a rise out of the glow in the darks. If we make connections via phone or IRC rooms or deep web groups, and use those to congregate after our first outing, there's practically zero risk of any kind of alphabet fuckery. You guys are trustworthy in my books.

Also, I really wish I hadn't taken a break from this site, now I feel late to the party having missed ten days of conversation and possible meetups.

Thanks Lazy Dog anon. I wish I'd seen this thread earlier but life's been life.


If you boys wanna meet up somewhere, lemme know. I'm CA as well, specifically 760. I'm right by the 78 now, can go as far north as LA. Job's off on Mondays and Fridays, and I can do morning munches most mornings as long as I get to work by noon.

ae7c8 No.202757

All of those are me lol but theres other californians itt too.
LA is a bit far south for me for a day trip i'm in silicon valley.

4bf7c No.202811


ee12d No.202830

lol nah. I've considered it but I never really got into the navy like I planned to forever ago. Nah, just East Oceanside born 'n raised. Though I do know a certain nigger who works at the Camp Pendleton naval hospital.

Oh shid. I feel for ya man. disappointing it's only one person, lul. SoCal feels even more lonely than silicon valley these days.

43ac6 No.203866

Alas anon, at least i have a handful of nazi friends, even if they aren't into pony.

54c5c No.204174

Oh thank goodness. One of the few redeeming qualities about this place is the beer.

85150 No.205037

The 408 fag here, shit has finally settled down if you want to meet up now I can talk about doing it either tomorrow or the day after.

3861e No.205073

lol I don't drink so even the craft beer is basically wasted on me. The nature around here and the fact that I find rain extremely comfy is about all that keeps me sane. Some of the food carts are good too, if you're willing to wade through an ocean of homeless people and interact with some rude hipster just for the opportunity to pay $14 for a plate of street tacos.

dde59 No.205090

Anyone available this weekend in 713 area? This is the first weekend I've got free in a while.

c68ef No.205091

File: 1550332771039.png (295.92 KB, 500x500, 8e00369d.png)

Maybe. I am not sure

7b8e3 No.205567

Ah, sorry i hadnt checked over the weekend, you free some time this week or not until next weekend?

a8d32 No.205631

980/251 Charlotte, NC.
Doubt that I will run into another horsefucker but even so, I think just talking with other on a regular basis is better than nothing.

60769 No.205716

Its fine, next time I will try and give you more of a heads up. And sorry again but it'll be a while till I have a large amount of free time.

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