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File: 1548188906402.png (495.55 KB, 1920x1188, 1920px-Texas_in_United_Sta….png)

8fcf8 No.200051[View All]

We need to start making connections and friends if our political views are ever going to gain traction. I propose a meet up thread. Post your state and area code and meet up with anons nearby.
Texas 409
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44b23 No.208107

New Jersey 856
Doubt anyone else in my area comes on here.

b7413 No.208438

anyone around 320?

ee12d No.212993

760-anon, bumping. Not just for the usual drinking-out-together purposes, but because we all know that after Brenton's stunt we're gonna need these connections more than ever.

e2931 No.215152

File: 1554221778537.jpeg (187.45 KB, 765x1778, 598F6AA2-CC49-41D0-9571-B….jpeg)

Anyponer in 320? It’s a damn deadzone unless your a metro fag.

8fcf8 No.215193

Here's an idea. Why don't we also post what types of jobs are available in our region and see if we can help fellow anons find employment. 409 lots of engineering, welding, and plant work around here.

20433 No.215197

File: 1554242352351.jpg (52.29 KB, 722x677, 9eadde1.jpg)

NC 336 reporting

6b767 No.215200

Georgia 706 standing by.

0099f No.215427

>feeling like you missed out on /mlpol
Bruv, you’re lucky to see more than 3 new comments on a thread daily. I wish it were faster, but maybe that’s the curse of being niche.

8fcf8 No.215463

We need to advertise more.

e2931 No.215547

File: 1554471538513.png (994.71 KB, 1280x2900, 838C2A62-26DE-4EE7-BF3A-80….png)

The issue there is we have a natural vanguard against spergs who’ll tilt content quality. Better to be a small tight-knit community than a giant metropolis like 4chan. /pol is an absolute mess over there.

The fact we’re hard to find means only the dedicated will arrive and stay.

2d6ce No.215558

>The fact we’re hard to find means only the dedicated will arrive and stay.
If we have more people leaving the site due to inactivity than people coming in then we will die.

5fcde No.215562

File: 1554485395523-0.png (106.65 KB, 1188x698, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-22_….png)

File: 1554485395523-1.png (113.34 KB, 818x497, Atlast asks me to not beco….png)


most new chan sites die in the first year. MLPOL got lucky by at least catching a fraction of its initial momentum, but to be completely honest with you id lie if i said i have a lot of faith in MLPOLs future. Long term there are too many factors that go against this place. Site activity is no doubt the most glaring issue but not necessarily the most dangerous one. I unironically expect Atlas or some mods to get arrested over this site in the future. Someone is eventually going to break.

2d6ce No.215563

>I unironically expect Atlas or some mods to get arrested over this site in the future. Someone is eventually going to break.
Assuming atlas and the mods are all in the U.S. I doubt we will see any arrests.

2e452 No.215565

Arrested for what? There is no child prostitution ring here

19f40 No.215624

File: 1554506838840.jpg (45.54 KB, 640x300, Sun_Tzu.jpg)

>Arrested for what?
At this time this site is low profile and is not a threat to ZOG. However that status can change suddenly as the political winds do.
I believe the spike of nationalism that we are witnessing will be met with an unavoidable crack down because the overlords are compelled to react. The stakes are about to suppress or derail the uprising, or allow their project of global domination to fade.
And talking about arrests; usually zogbots operate as a gang by recruiting patsies and snitches, their method is almost always threats and blackmail which can be real or fabricated. Resorting to kidnapping is just a method to isolate the individual they want to groom.
In the case of a chan site, the only utility might have is not more than a honeypot.

3fc8f No.215626

>META shit again
Make a thread so I can filter it.

3861e No.215643

Shhh, nobody's been arrested, goyim. Just go back to posting normally.

df328 No.215647

Hey, me too.

1bccb No.215648

File: 1554525715837.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 360x202, Who Could be Behind This P….gif)


40cee No.215649

New York (716)

19f40 No.215665

File: 1554532488913.png (62.16 KB, 1310x443, Screenshot_20190406_023255.png)

1bccb No.215667

hence the post and the image.

ba21a No.215965

File: 1554761083250.jpg (85.01 KB, 894x894, ponycart.jpg)

I declare a meetup over at neinchan. Has been kind of slow there lately, they could use some of the power of friendship.

Go to this thread, https://neinchan.com/pol/res/5102.html
post a pony and say hi. Plz no porn.

83499 No.215971

File: 1554762556769.jpg (773.53 KB, 1839x1231, mlpol n. murica distributi….jpg)

Whew, been a while since I did one of these, eh?

ac550 No.215989

File: 1554774398382.jpg (8.87 KB, 236x226, 1553136749641.jpg)

Huh, i see you have a lot of poners to hunt down cia-nigger.

83499 No.216027

File: 1554805500439.jpg (66.94 KB, 999x990, 1511654596394.jpg)

That's CSIS nigger to you, spic.

8fcba No.216029

I agree with your senitment about paranoia. I'm sure most anons realize the obvious danger of underestimating the enemy but far to few people talk about the danger of overestimating them. They want you to think of the feds, glow agencies etc. as this all seeing and all controlling force because it's much more convenient and efficient for them if you fear their power than if they'd actually had that much power. Because through your fear you'll ultimately limit yourself meaning they don't have to waste any actual resources keeping you in check. Hope that didn't go too off-topic, my main point is simply that if there's a imageboard I'd trust with organizing an IRL meetup it'd be /mlpol/.

To get back to the actual topic of the thread I think the only real chance to organize something would be in America since the vast majority of users on English speaking boards are burgers. But in case enough fellow Yuropoors exist here I'm in NRW please save me from this hellhole

89e1a No.216040

File: 1554822549437.jpg (216.11 KB, 968x1296, stein.jpg)



würde wann Amtssprache English sind

937a5 No.216099

File: 1554871761223-0.jpg (42.47 KB, 400x327, 418c3fd4e5436e7e05f02404b5….jpg)

File: 1554871761223-1.jpg (41.53 KB, 272x420, thule-gesellschaft_emblem.jpg)

It's true there's nothing wrong or illegal with meeting up to discuss politics, im a Toronto National Socialist with an appreciation for the Equestrian and the esoteric qualities of the Horse, therefore naturally I philosophize about Pony, but especially concerning the Occult qualities of Pony.

In fact I argue thats what our meet up should be like, and theres nothing illegal about that, having a Thule Society, an Occult Equestrian Political group, thats what we should be

5f7b5 No.216100

File: 1554872077111.jpg (56.19 KB, 600x574, hitlerdrink.jpg)

A shame you're all the way in Toronto

c68ef No.216101

File: 1554872997951.gif (5.55 MB, 840x599, 1188587__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Come down to Texas

19f40 No.216105

File: 1554874007751.png (291.33 KB, 719x792, Welcome .png)

>and theres nothing illegal about that
There is nothing illegal today, but tomorrow is a totally different setting.
As our civilization is fading and the (((overlords))) and their golems begin to tight the screws on the dissidents, to stay out of their radar is the smart move.
Take a look at UK and how to have a different opinion is cause for a zogbot investigation; we are progressing in that direction and worst things are on the way.
The (((System))) bets its survival on keeping the monopoly of the narrative and violence through the use of its presstitutes and hired guns. There are plenty of political prisoners who can witness this.
But of course, let's consider that this is a board of peace and friendship, and to keep the poners safe is the upmost concern.

19f40 No.216106

File: 1554875930084.png (850.03 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190410_015826.png)

Here I found what is coming to us.
Everyponer must prepare.
>House Judiciary committee Hearing on Criminalizing Nationalism for White People
>The house committee on the judiciary is holding a hearing about how to best criminalize nationalism for White people. The hearing is headed up by Jerrold "Jerry" Nadler from New York City and they titled it "Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism." A number of people including Candace Owens will testify but not a single self identified White nationalist or nationalist who is White will testify.

03cb6 No.216114

I haven't heard anything about Equestrian Nationalism.

87db9 No.216115

>Equestian Nationalism on the rise. There has been over roughly one Million Percent increase in Ponats. In related news what is a ponut? Our head researcher brings the details.

6afa2 No.216134

>not a single self identified White nationalist or nationalist who is White will testify
Good, who do we want to speak for us? Anglin? Spencer? No fucking way.

644be No.216144

Jared Taylor would be the best possible spokesman but there is no way they would give a voice to someone that dangerous. This is why (((news agencies))) always shine the spotlight on spergs.

8fcf8 No.216150

This deserves it's own thread.

e991b No.217253

I'm sad to report that the /mlpol/ embassy (containment thread) at neinchan has fallen. We had a great run. I'm attempting to regain a foothold over there with a new thread. Feel free to pop over and post something positive. Difficulty: no poners.


I officially designate this thread as fallback for all /mlpol/ Embassy and outreach operations. Plz don't make a dedicated thread, this needs to stay hidden.

9962a No.217274

File: 1555324649871.png (660.6 KB, 1280x720, 1249616.png)

Fuck neinchan and fuck you too

19f40 No.217275

File: 1555325221501.png (277.84 KB, 3212x2248, Sitting Pony - Trixie fill….png)

>Difficulty: no poners.
Everything is already said.

d3992 No.217286

There will be a time for poners, fear not. We shall make a glorious return when the time is right. In the meantime, we bide our time and grow strong.

8ed23 No.217290

BTW, does poners mean "/mlpol/ anons"? I thought it meant pony pics. I'm kind of new (midterms refugee) and mostly hang in the politics /mlpol/ threads, plz no bully

bcd46 No.217292

For me Poners just means Ponies, like Spoder are Spider. Not sure if it has another meaning for others, but I don't think so.

f4730 No.217313

Outreach deserves it's own thread

03cb6 No.217327

It can be both, depending on context, but in this context it means ponies.

8ed23 No.217331

I agree, but it also might be better to be slightly hidden, maybe somewhere only we would look. I'll be honest, there's some major backlash out there, check the original thread for an example.


It may pay to be somewhat covert and boil the frogs slowly.

f4730 No.217343

If people find the thread we will be fine. The mods have us covered if they spam and if people don't want us on their sites we should leave anyways.

8fcf8 No.217653

Anyone have any ideas on how we could start forming communities?

c68ef No.217755

Step 1: Communicate with each other

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