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File: 1546939135787.jpg (103.38 KB, 1028x490, 2145675756756.jpg)

c5513 No.196994[View All]



>Latest interviews with Assad


>Live MAPS


>Fan maps


>Idlib Jan 7
>Libya Jan 7
>SE Syria Jan 5
>Yemen Jan 5
>Manbij Dec 30

>Iraq Dec 20


Devs Jan 7
>DeZ:US Coallition sent a massive convoy of weapons to SDF. IS takes advantage of heavy fog to launch offensive to retake Al-Shafah stronghold
>Idlib:HTS now controls almost 60% of Idlib de-escalation zone
>Syrian opp. leader:Saudi Arabia has ‘strong presence in northeast Syria
>Turkey slams Bolton’s comments on targeting Kurds as ‘irrational’
>Turkish military continues large-scale build up along Syrian border
>SDF official:Kurdish forces could be integrated in SAA
>Report:HTS amassing troops to storm southern and western Idlib
>TFSA send massive convoy of reinforcements to west Aleppo
>Report:No agreement made on transferring control of Manbij to Syrian gov’t
>Trump goes back on declarations:We won’t be finally pulled out until ISIS is gone
>Israel pushes US officials to recognize occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory
>Bolton:US to withdraw from Syria only when no risk remains to Israel’s security
>Egyptian AF uses Israeli airspace during strikes on isis in north Sinai

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5726c No.198768

>Iraqi PMF (Hashd) source says PMF is preparing to conduct counter-ISIS operations in Syria up to a depth of 70 kilometers
I'd say that confirms the operation will be on the western side of the Euphrates.

5726c No.198774

>A Free Syrian Army (FSA) military commander has returned from Jordan to reconcile with the Syrian government and join forces with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).
According to a source in Damascus, the commander of Jaysh Al-Yarmouk, Imad Abu Rizk, returned to Daraa, yesterday, where he signed a reconciliation pact with the government and vowed to fight in the Syrian Arab Army’s ranks.
Abu Rizk previously fled to Jordan during the Syrian Arab Army’s large-scale offensive in the Daraa Governorate this past Summer.
However, through back channels and relatives, Abu Rizk was able to negotiate a settlement with the Syrian government and return home.
The Syrian government is reportedly reconciling with the fighters of Jaysh Al-Yarmouk in a bid to allow them to return to Daraa and handle the security around their former areas of influence.
>The Yarmouk Army (Arabic: جيش اليرموك‎; transliteration: Jaysh al-Yarmouk), originally known as the Yarmouk Brigade,[11] is a prominent FSA rebel group operating in the Quneitra and Daraa governorates.[12] The group is one of the units that has received BGM-71 TOW missiles.[3] It joined the Southern Front on 14 February 2014[13] and the Hawks of the South coalition on 27 December 2014.[14]
>In January 2016, the United Sham Front joined the group.[15]

0287a No.198776

File: 1547685302362.jpg (66.04 KB, 1024x768, DxEqBcVWsAICS3h.jpg)

Iraqi-Syrian border tonight.

#Iraq’s armed forces are keeping an eye on the SDF-Da’ish clashes raging in the Hajin and Sousah pockets in #Syria.

A ground incursion is definitely on the table if the violence threatens to spill over into Iraqi territory.


5726c No.198777

SDF caught an Ethiopian kneegrow named Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, alias Abu Ridwan al-Kanadi and armchair analysts on twitter are saying he's the person who narrated Flames of War II and gave a speech before executing POWs in Flames of War I.
Here's an interview:
In the third part he claims the ISIS fighters numbers in the Susah pocket are still in the thousands and many of them are trying to leave with smugglers.

5726c No.198780

Purely coincidental and i think this isn't PMU.
Good to hear they are prepared though, since there's supposedly thousand(s) of ISIS left, a counterattack like the one in october.

5726c No.198784

>a counterattack like the one in october
could still happen*

004f9 No.198788

Not a counterattack Snus, a zerg rush.
>Feb 2018
>ISIS is cut off by SAA near Abu Dhuhur
>takes over entire pocket they shared with FSA/AQ
>SAA start squeezing in
>ISIS launches an all-out attack with every soldier they have
>burst through SAA lines with heavy casualties on both sides
>reach Idlibstan
>attempt to reestablish pocket
>get btfo and surrender to AQ

Iraqis are keeping their forces on the border to keep ISIS from zerg-rushing the SDF at Baghuz Fawqani, bursting through to the Iraqi border, bursting into Iraq itself, and disappearing into the desert to become a thorn in Iraq's side for years.

e5337 No.198790

>burst through SAA lines with heavy casualties on both sides
The burst already near Idlib region waws solely to surrender to FSA groups instead of SAA. Y'know that right? They didn't fight after that breakthrough but instantly threw down arms; and I don't blame them, (unless you are trying to refrence the initial breakthrough to FSA region over the Highway).
And tbqh ISIS soldiers would much rather surrender to SDf than Iraqis since the Iraqis are working overtime executing ISIS suspects, while the SDf has to constantly tell the west to do something about all the prisoners they now have.

5726c No.198791

File: 1547687182658.jpg (42.08 KB, 551x480, 1501936515947.jpg)

Fair point fren

b90c2 No.198792

Oh hey, you guys hit bump limit again in less than 10 days. How long do you guys think you'll wait to bake a new bread?

004f9 No.198794

File: 1547687416190.gif (3.5 MB, 456x411, Abu Dhuhur Offensive.gif)

They did initially fight after that breakthrough and tried to expand their pocket once they reached Idlibstan (see gif), until AQ brought in reinforcements and btfo them.
Then ISIS surrendered after a battle between them and AQ.
>rather surrender to SDF than Iraqis
Hans, where did I say anything about surrendering in that post you replied to?

004f9 No.198795

I mean, other than to AQ.

e5337 No.198797

and one sole poster has near half of those posts as due credit to him
>This is getting to Lanka anime shitpost levels
Did HTS claim executing dozens of ISIS soldiers though and not a differnt group? (I honestly don't properly recall)

004f9 No.198798

HTS/AQ might have, I don't remember what happened after mobile zergrush ISIS pocket got btfo.

5726c No.198799

File: 1547690176871.gif (988.85 KB, 357x294, 1501150452781.gif)

>comparing informative posts and updates with unrelated anime spam

004f9 No.198800

File: 1547690261760.jpg (59.33 KB, 500x409, 1487715209909.jpg)

e5337 No.198801

File: 1547690680005.png (53.35 KB, 667x684, 1528847312652.png)

et voilà, you jsut reached bump limit on a 4channel thread all on your own.
Quite impressive.
>hating on lanka fun posting

5726c No.198802

I've been posting updates over the course of 9 bloody days, what do you expect?
Stop seething and appreciate my effort to keep this shit alive or post the updates yourself.
/pol/ is still on the 4chan domain

e5337 No.198804

who says I'm hating?

5726c No.198808

The demeaning comments tells me you hold a grudge.
So, grow up.

e5337 No.198815

is it a coping mechanism perhaps only, that holds no intrinsic hostility torward whoever gets adressed?
>plus it's fun/easy to make fun of you (especially your predictions)

5726c No.198818

You do seem to have a disorder or two, so its possible.
>it's fun/easy to make fun of you
>t. person who perceive observation posts as fully fledged military bases capable of launching meaningful offensives whilst completely isolated

6e9d6 No.198826

File: 1547705504013.png (34.21 KB, 434x341, 1547438667198.png)

5726c No.198831

File: 1547710801695-0.jpg (127.06 KB, 960x658, DxGE3ThWoAEv3Eg.jpg)

File: 1547710801695-1.jpg (385.48 KB, 1496x1757, wadi.jpg)

>ISIS Hunters
Hmm what's that dark shit in the background?
I'm thinking it could be the bed of a seasonal river in the Homs/DeZ desert (judging from satellite imagery the riverbeds tend to be almost black with what i guess is vegetation sometimes, see pic).
Any idea?

5726c No.198833

File: 1547711063939-0.jpg (266.03 KB, 600x1200, 1.jpg)

File: 1547711063939-1.jpg (472.41 KB, 1200x1199, 2.jpg)

File: 1547711063939-2.jpg (406.57 KB, 1198x1200, 3.jpg)

File: 1547711063939-3.jpg (84.17 KB, 728x720, DxGLEqGUwAAe1DB.jpg)

Bring me the horizon? bleh

00c7d No.198834

Interview of Scott Horton by Tom Woods.
This guy knows his stuff. He presents damning evidence of the U.S. involvement in Syria and stresses on the need to leave now, debunking all the hawks' objections in the process.

He also exposes the hypocrisy of the liberal elite and the (((Israel lobby))). I was going to share the audio directly but at an hour long it timed out.

5726c No.198836

>Army troops and NDF thwart new infiltration attempts in the vicinity of Hasariyah and Judaydah, northern Hama
>The army units launched intensive missile strikes on the sites and movements of the Jaysh al-Izza terrorists in Kafr Zita in response to their violations of the agreement

5726c No.198844

Breddy good.

5726c No.198845

File: 1547716660619-0.jpg (112.48 KB, 1029x605, DxGaXLZUcAA7IEn.jpg)


5726c No.198852

File: 1547732891704-0.jpg (17.84 KB, 400x400, NqqkUKxg_400x400.jpg)

>It looks like Daesh retreated from Susah once the SDF took the Palestine neighborhood.

0287a No.198857

Breaking: Turkish warplanes spotted over western Aleppo, northern Idlib

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:30 P.M.) – Turkish warplanes were spotted over western Aleppo and northern Idlib, today, prompting the Syrian military to raise their combat alert levels, a source told Al-Masdar News this afternoon.

According to the military source, at least three Turkish warplanes were seen conducting low altitude flights over western Aleppo and northern Idlib.


5726c No.198858

>There are now clashes around the Palestine neighborhood (Southern end of as-Susah). Shelling on Marashida. Earlier Baghuz was shelled with rocket artillery.
Educated guess tells me the frontline probably looks something like this (SDF has firing positions on the cliffs overlooking Susah, ergo holding the thin line of buildings along the roads leading directly south would make no sense):

5726c No.198859

File: 1547735422394-0.jpg (110.54 KB, 887x810, DxHl4VKUYAAmQVQ.jpg)

>The Tiger Suhail Al Hassan arrived to Northern Hama CS and met the Troops
>Major General Suheil Al-Hassan inspecting the forces stationed on the front lines in the western sector of the Hama CS.
Looks like Latakia mountains in the background, Ghab plains mayhaps? :^)

5726c No.198860

>The SAA thwarted an infiltration attempt south of Palmyra by a terrorist group attempting to infiltrate SAA positions from the direction of the US-established 55-km security zone. 1 technical destroyed, weapons captured, and the attackers were eliminated.

5726c No.198862

>Correction: The terror gang actually entered a minefield laid by the SAA, which led to the destruction of the technical and two dead terrorists. The SAA later recovered the corpses and some weapons.

5726c No.198864

>Another infiltration occurred in the area of Al-Talila, 20 km east of Palmyra, where a group of terrorists on motorcycles tried to sneak towards SAA points. The attempt was successfully thwarted. 3 terrorists captured, weapons and motorcycles seized.

6e9d6 No.198865

someone should bake a new one with recent devs

0287a No.198866

5726c No.198867

69e19 No.198871

bafcb No.198872

I know people ignore me when I say this, but
we should make bi-weekly devs tbqh, considering these threads tend to last a fortnight or so.

bafcb No.198873

But thanks for baking, regardless.

69e19 No.198875

5726c No.198876

File: 1547741788513-0.gif (320.56 KB, 400x400, 1484777749414.gif)

>Tigger man talk about Qalaat muh dik
>K*rdos being split about whether to submit their anus to watermelon man or telling NATO to fuck off
>Susah almost captured, 3 villages left
Anything else?

bafcb No.198877

Yeah, that's pretty good, but also
>America still doing the hokey pokey
>Turkey making attempts to get HTS on their side with moderate success.

5726c No.198882

>Turkey making attempts to get HTS on their side with moderate success
Hmm? The arrests of HTS members in T*rkey doesn't tell this narrative, even if was only a media stunt.
Did i miss something?

bafcb No.198883

I was just going off memory. Wasn't there some big things about Turkey trying to woe HTS / show off the fact that HTS supported their planned offensive against the Kurds / still maintained pressure on the SAR not to attack Idlib?

5726c No.198884

>Turkey trying to woe HTS
What was it, the foreign minister who said Russia, Iran and Syria has responsibility for Idlib or some shit?
Sounded like an invite for an offensive to me.
>show off the fact that HTS supported their planned offensive against the Kurds
That was simply Jolani licking T*rkish ass if anything. It's not like the t*rks paraded the fact around.
>still maintained pressure on the SAR not to attack Idlib?
See first response, i haven't heard anything else.
We'll see after the ErdoPutin meeting on wednesday the 23rd.

bafcb No.198885

File: 1547743930187.png (59.34 KB, 408x594, gustafus.png)

Well, I hope you are right.
An isolated HTS would obviously be good, as Idlib would be ripe for conquest!

179f6 No.198929

File: 1547762735429.jpg (41.67 KB, 634x489, 1496223856451.jpg)

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