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File: 1544038625807.png (354.45 KB, 1280x1280, 1850691__explicit_artist-c….png)

0c17d No.190858

>be discussing politics with former friend
>he says "both sides bad. but orange man most bad because he's divisive"
>debunk him and remind him of that time the left got mad at Jimmy Fallon for ruffling Trump's hair and "Humanizing", and how the left recently got mad at Pewdiepie for letting Ben Shapiro host Meme Review and "Humanizing" Ben
>point out that major left-wing politicians are the ones calling for violence against Trump supporters, and the ones engaging it, despite his repeated baseless claims that "Right-wingers are more likely to get out their guns and shoot someone"
>show him what was week's "How is this a thing" about the autistic kids getting seduced by trannies and Crowder's Antifa undercover video
>he cries and tells me I'm a bad guy for making him cry
>then he tells me whites aren't becoming a minority in the UK because they're still a majority in most of the UK
>tell him I'll watch five videos of his choice if he watches two videos, one is a four second clip of some Hyperdimension Neptunia character saying "Oh my how lewd" (I like doing this to test if the liberal actually clicks or not before crying racist) and the other is Lauren Southern's Farmlands documentary
>he sends me this
DUBS DECIDE how I respond to this guy.

0c17d No.190859

>Here's the message he sent:

You really do need to stop this anger and fear. It really is like having a gun, and i come in to help you, you shoot me in the arm and apologize for it, saying that bullet was meant for the hostile people outside.
Well that doesnt change the fact you shot me.
Saying sorry a million times doesnt change the fact im bleeding, no hugs is going to heal the flesh wound.
You people of both extremes say you are so damn tough, that you are strong for standing up for what you believe in.

Then guess what buddy, do you know what is the strongest thing to do?
Realising you pulled the trigger and harmed, actually harmed, someone innocent, and that you, and only you, no excuses, worries or explainations; YOU alone, acting on your fears, shot someone innocent. You shot me.
Realise that it takes immense grace, endless forgiveness and complete understanding from the innocent person's end to not blame you for it. I dont. But one thing you must realise is the magnitude of what you are doing.

You, in a true, direct sense, have harmed an innocent person.
In spite of all the things you said your right wing side doesnt do, that they arent as extreme as the left; well this is what you have done. Take responsibility for the fact that you, in all your fears of being taken over, have caused that exact thing you promised me that the right wing doesnt do; that it doesnt harm or kill innocent people.

Do you understand now?
Do you understand why, I have been telling you to drop the pretense and stop acting like this?
Because all you are doing is making yourself look worse. Making yourself look like a violent, heartless, hate filled criminal.
Becoming no better than a terrorist.
And that idea sickens me.

Because that is sure as fucking not what you are.
And you have the luck on your side; the person you shot was me. I will not, and do not tell anyone about what you did to me.
Others who wish to change need to convince the world that they are not evil, even after they harmed innocent lives.

You have the easiest path to recovery.
You just need to convince me that you changed.

As for your EU fears, do you want to know a fact?
Lemme tell you a fact, huh?
Do you know why the UK Brexit deal was stalled, why its tailspinning and it ends worse for the UK?
Think about it. At the start, there was a strong idea of what should be done to safely exit the union.

Right wing politicans were placed in the roles of Brexit secretary and in charge of councils leading the brexit teams. The side, i remind you, that wants this to happen. So the government gave them all the power to carry out the deal.
And do you know what happened?
They sabotaged the proceedings in Parliament, then resigned.
They lied to you.
They went in, to destroy the process, proceedings with useless arguments and proposals, then they quit and leave the stinking pile of rubbish in the process.
The EU's response? Because nobody knows what the fuck the UK wants now. All nicely tangled and fucked up, so that people can go and support these politicians again, because they will offer a new solution to the crisis.
Dont you see? the people seemingly leading the right wing movements care jack shit all about your livelihoods. All that matters is the power belongs to them. Even if it means making every one of you worse off, by sabotaging the proceedings themselves, ruining the process with the EU so that more of you guys suffer, then they come in all, saint like again, and offer a new way to get out of the problem.
Dont believe me? Take a look at when all the right wing politicians left office. Just after the negotiations took a turn for the worse, isnt it? Why do you think that is the case? Dont you think that it is too coincidental, that when they finish doing their stuff and leave, things blow up?
See though the centrist views here; its all way too coincidential that things just so happen to get worse around the time the right wingers leave.

(part 1 of 2)

0c17d No.190860

>(Part 2 of 2)

As for the videos;
1st one-
South Africa farmland situation, yes? Questions about out of control situations, and white people getting harmed, innit?
Well lets talk about why people acted this way. The concept in South Africa called Apartheid. The era of racial segregation.

For decades, the white population in South Africa used the Apartheid institutions to do even worse things to all other races.
When South Africa started, and the moment the small group of white people took power, the first order of business was the remove all non whites ability to vote in elections. So only whites could do anything.
Next was the forced removal; in order to support white farmers, homes of coloured people were bulldozed, and they were forced away to make space for white farmers to grow food.
Next up, only white people could do many things; segregation at its finest; starving and killing people who werent white.
And then came the mass murders. Starving people, denied votes, food, water and everything got angry. The response was to shoot, detain and torture people at the rate of 18,000 people per year and increasing to 30,000 people per year. Mass torture, rape and genocide.
Of course, its no surprise then that something would happen, and people lashed out and caused the South Africa that you are so worried about today. Its the example of the term, "the sins of the fathers." Many of the non white populace dont have any fathers left, because of what the white population did to them.
So of course they are scared. There was a European proverb, stating that only criminals worry when the law comes to town. They are worried of being taken away, beaten and killed because they made the laws that allowed them to do that to everyone else. Now that the tables are turned, they are scared because of the laws they made to kill others, could turn around and kill them.

2nd one:
Ahh….migration. Why do people migrate? Why do people want to leave the countries? You certainly want to for your own country. Why?
Really simple. Because their country is a terrible place and they want to go find better places elsewhere.
So then you must ask, why does a country become unlivable?
Well, fear of course. The same way you fear.
Except of course the countries they come from dont need to imagine the fear; it just happens.
Bombs blowing up their schools, hospitals and homes. One fine day they could come back and find a crater where their apartment was, and find out half their family didnt survive.
So of course theyd want to leave by any means and come to Europe. A place where they can start anew.

But one must ask, why this even came about?
Quite simply, a lot of people in the UK want resources, just like any other western country. So they go in, they fuck with the land to get what they need and then go toodle off back home, not realising that what they did was cause divisions that then cause fighting. So of course it gets to the point people bombing people, and some people jsut say "fuck that shit im leaving". So when they travel all over, and some wind up in the EU.
So why people set up all these policies to allow safer travel of migrants? Once again, the sins of the fathers. The reason why you all have much better coniditions is because you went in to these countries decades ago, and left a giant mess that they cannot handle. And that this, this is the consequences.

0c17d No.190862

…Yep, that's the email.

Dubs decide how I respond to this guy.

f9266 No.190863

Don't try to red pill people. Get your shit together, dare I say "clean your room", start lifting, be someone others want to be. Then they will follow you without question.

d2fba No.190888

Reconcile and suck his cock.

f3e2d No.190889

The trips of truth have spoken
You are fucked OP
In the mouth

7b908 No.190890

Oof,… hitler trips

44217 No.190894

File: 1544052104473.jpg (204.2 KB, 1717x1691, 1521234759342.jpg)



44217 No.190896


In other news, I'm still retarderoo.

f3e2d No.190897

You could tell him to eat pineapple

d452f No.190908

>whites aren't becoming a minority in the UK because they're still a majority in most of the UK

That's like saying "your car isn't slowing down because it's still moving".
(btw this board is too slow for "dubs decide" to be worth anything)

1e8a8 No.190909

OOOF OP is gonna catch the big gay

b78aa No.190928

File: 1544064789668.jpg (139.52 KB, 632x540, 1422622847855.jpg)

OP is fucked.
Careful what you wish.

71f30 No.190977

Do the same thread on /pol/ and let /mlpol/ in for fun ^:?

0c17d No.190986

Sure, go ahead.

6fb62 No.191000

File: 1544108252162.jpg (87.24 KB, 590x775, OPisaFaggot.jpg)

Best get ever.

c1062 No.191002

File: 1544113922025.png (352.83 KB, 1200x750, ea26f7db61714ae2d5b2ee274b….png)

Dear god this made my migraine slightly more bearable.

8b8b5 No.191020

File: 1544129196083-0.png (252.37 KB, 420x420, 1492335868161.png)

File: 1544129196083-1.jpg (64.47 KB, 538x482, 1511477921272.jpg)

File: 1544129196083-2.jpg (36.37 KB, 346x286, 1511062399231.jpg)

File: 1544129196083-3.gif (914.89 KB, 500x285, tumblr_mrej09Wew51sdkmt1o1….gif)


Damn, my sides!

0c17d No.191034

I forgot to mention this, but I'm banned from 4chan. I was banned during the post-april fools "Bring back /mlpol/!" raid.
Did the change to 4channel delete the banned list?

dee2f No.191036

File: 1544137507864.png (20.01 KB, 150x124, 1505694220262.png)

You're in no position to delegate. All u gotta do is try and post.

33705 No.191037

Just reset your router.

1e8a8 No.191044

REEEEEEEEEEEEE honor the trips nigger

dee2f No.191046

This. OR you could stop posting bullshit, Nigel needs more dopamine threads, and then bitching out when it doesn't go your way.

0c17d No.191055

4chan thinks my post is spam. What do?
Also I said dubs decide, not trips decide.

663c1 No.191056

Stop posting "dubs decide" bullshit.

44217 No.191064

File: 1544150033133.jpg (53.58 KB, 600x600, 1518760196126-1.jpg)


aee93 No.191066

Leave the site.
Also, check 'em

1e8a8 No.191072

File: 1544151395149.jpg (123.07 KB, 1019x422, _112.jpg)

44217 No.191073

File: 1544151860249.jpg (146.58 KB, 957x1120, 1515883341921.jpg)

Not nearly as good as the Hitler Trips, but I'll check 'em anyways.

0c17d No.191206

I can't tell him to leave the site, email isn't a site and I already talked him out of leaving Gmail.
Also, I was kidding about the dubs thing. I know how this works, trips beats dubs. I was hoping for a funnier quads.
I have decided to embrace the power of Hitler Trips.
I have sent an email in which I attempt to reconcile with this friend and suck his cock. Metaphorically speaking.
Let's see if this works!

1e8a8 No.191211

>Metaphorically speaking.

54d74 No.191212

>Metaphorically speaking.
what are you a faggot?
suck his cock. Literally speaking.

b78aa No.191224

File: 1544239481703.gif (3.14 MB, 536x360, img-2482416-2-508834__safe….gif)

Enough delays, comply with the trips and dubs.
You have to suck cock.
Your fate is decided, you fell from proud poner to cucksucker.

52095 No.191226

What they said. This is the future you chose when you dared to say "dubs decide".

0c17d No.191281

What am I supposed to do, travel to South fucking Korea for the sake of cock?
Besides, neither of us are gay, so we can't.

81388 No.191286

File: 1544282873769.png (245.29 KB, 623x1200, discord.png)

>travel to South fucking Korea for the sake of cock
Dubs decided, your fate is sealed. Clearly you have angered the gods. Do not tempt the gods, for they are powerful and fickle.

52095 No.191290

You could try prostrating yourself before John Elway, beseeching him to spare you in his American, that you might be saved from sucking cock by Football. Praise Football.

54d74 No.191296

yes faggot

4fe57 No.191301

File: 1544293132956.png (139.05 KB, 434x310, no homo pass.png)

that is why you use this anon

f5140 No.191303

Allah wills it.

1e8a8 No.191325

Being a Faggot is a choice nigel

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