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File: 1543640954674.jpg (26.58 KB, 653x367, george hw bush.JPG)

45b76 No.190114

The 41st president of the United States died today at age 94, the longest lived president in American history.

02ea9 No.190120

F? S?

To be perfectly honest I'm not sure.

579d0 No.190126

Jeb surge imminent now.
Trump beware.

255e4 No.190127

More a M for meh. He was an establishment puppet who's guilty of murdering thousands but that's not really worse than any other president. Letting him be forgotten is the best.


1a44f No.190140

File: 1543648740480.png (1.49 MB, 3000x4000, syrianacheer.png)

99d43 No.190143

He was also most likely a willing conspirator in the assassination of JFK, for more read MC Piper's book. It's in the appendix if I remember because there's only circumstantial evidence linking him to it. It is curious though that he lied to Congress under oath about never having affiliated with The Company before he was appointed head, when in fact he was recruited as a member of Skull and Bones back in college by the crew captain (who was the Yale CIA plant).

8da1f No.190150

File: 1543650680118.gif (244.41 KB, 423x423, bleughb.gif)

Well I don't have anything nice to say about him so here's a pony.

ad70f No.190156

File: 1543653084585.jpg (46 KB, 515x734, __suigintou_rozen_maiden_d….jpg)

>he doesn't know he should spit on a republicuck
I cringed and owwied pretty hard at that one.

He was the previous chance of the American Republican party to do anything and what does he do? Ignore the people saying he should be trying to close the Southern Border wholesale and now America's future is uncertain due to demographic based policy interests.
He was a fucking retard. Thank god he's dead.
This could've been avoided had the Republican do nothings not taken power. Imagine what the party base would be today and the state of America if it started with Bush and ended with Trump. Fuck this guy.

He was prime example #1 of Republicucks, neocon, "(((conserve)))-atives" and probably a zionist cock sucker as much as anybody else.

Fuck him.


eed1f No.190192

Rot in hell, you piece of shit.

a8059 No.190253

Good Riddance. S

488d4 No.190657

I get the day off tomorrow because he's dead.

-t. Government contractor who works in a government building that is closed tomorrow.

fafa0 No.190855

German media praises him so I am inclined to S

a8059 No.190917

Left and Right are both Praising him here.

259e7 No.190944

That's how you know that he's rotten.

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