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ff6d1 No.189806

I'd like to post a nice book written in 1999 that I found that talks about how NGOs, feminist organizations and how language was articulated in order to destroy national family.
This post is mostly to host this book anonymously and go redpill some people, but I'd like to open a discussion about the destruction of family and traditions in your own countries as well.

466bb No.189807

Does it Name the jew?

9c77c No.189826

Not once.
It is about Cultural Marxism used as tool to destroy the Family Institution.

7c0c1 No.189828

In the U.S. 4 out of 10 children belong to single parent homes and our divorce rate is about 50%. Tinder has destroyed the dating scene so it looks like the family is pretty much dead in the United States.

7d98f No.189849

Any english copies? I've only seen screencaps regarding the destruction of the family unit, so a book would be nice

9c77c No.189936

File: 1543549903379.png (315.71 KB, 1600x1116, TwilightSparkle_Book.png)

>Any english copies?
I am not aware of anyone.
But I was translating it with Jewgle Translate and it came out as a very instructive piece about how subversion was applied to us.
Feminism and other "equality" and "tolerance" garbage, are just marxism applied to every level of our civilization.


>The serious threats that threaten the family in Chile come from a set of ideological, political and social forces that work together.
>Some of them, however, refrain from attacking the family directly because the vast majority of Chileans would reject these attacks and begin to distrust their perpetrators.
>They prefer to leave that ungrateful role to an uninhibited vanguard with which the other components of the anti-family front collaborate in various ways.
>One of the most frequent and daring ways of attacking the family, promoted by these avant-garde organizations, consists in the presumed defense or promotion of women, claiming in favor of them certain pseudo-advantages that in fact are deeply contrary to them, because they affect thoroughly their dignity.
>They present the woman as if she were enslaved or dominated, either by her husband, by her family, or by society as a whole.
>In reality, what is intended is to "liberate" it from the Moral Law, in order to degrade it, its children and society as a whole.
>This ideology pays an obvious tribute to Marxist errors. Like those precursors of the class struggle, this philosophy holds that all inequality is an abuse, and that, to correct it, the struggle of the "exploited" against the "exploiter" is necessary.
>For decades, this error inspired the struggle of the poor against the rich, workers against bosses, but, having made it clear that the alleged defenders of the poor were in fact their executioners, those addicted to the class struggle now intend to reissue it within the bosses. families, of the woman against her husband, of the children against the parents, etc.

6dfdc No.189945

I could attempt to translate it to English using a dictionary and knowledge of Romance languages, but it would probably take weeks.

9c77c No.189946

File: 1543550915766.png (70.37 KB, 714x556, Screenshot_20181129_230626.png)

>I could attempt to translate it to English
Not yet.
Let me email them first for a fast inquire.

9c77c No.192347

Not answer.
Probably they are out of business.

d1e13 No.197874

Please do

7d5ac No.197934

>tfw you are only able to understand two languages
Fuck I REALLY need to go /üb/ more
It is almost like I am a fucking casual

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