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File: 1543131840808-0.jpg (63.09 KB, 992x414, france-protests-1-ap-er-18….jpg)

File: 1543131840808-1.jpg (123.3 KB, 1200x630, paris3.jpg)

a31af No.189171[Last 50 Posts]

Macron's new fuel taxes - which he says were raised to push his environmental agenda - seem to be causing massive riots in protest across France. It's beautiful to see them flying the French flag as they protest Macron.
>The spark for the protest is clear, but there's not much that unites the "yellow vests" beyond their high-visibility gear and their anger at rising taxes and living costs.
>In a country where protests are often tightly managed by one political party or trade union, this is a movement with no recognised national leader, no formal structure or affiliation, which unites voters of all ages, from the far-left, the far-right, even those who once supported President Macron.
>Their new co-operation is a sign that Mr Macron has failed to restore their faith in politicians, and that deep divisions remain. These are not France's most marginalised citizens, but those who say they struggle even while working, who feel they're bearing the brunt of France's economic problems, while businesses and the rich get tax breaks.
>Demonstrations were staged around in the country. Roadblocks were set up to slow down traffic. Some motorway toll booths were taken over to let vehicles through. There were a number of minor clashes. Overall 130 arrests were made. The protests and the violence were on a much smaller scale than the previous week. Last Saturday more than 280,000 people took part, more than 600 people were injured and two people were killed.

>The anger centers around a hike in the diesel fuel tax, which has gone up seven euro cents per liter — nearly 30 cents per gallon — and will keep climbing in coming years, according to Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne. The tax on gasoline is also to increase four euro cents. Currently, gasoline costs roughly 1.64 euros a liter in Paris — $7.06 a gallon — which is slightly more than diesel.

>Macron has insisted that the fuel tax rises are a necessary pain to reduce France’s dependence on fossil fuels and fund renewable energy investments, which is a cornerstone of his reforms of the nation. He will defend fresh plans to make the “energy transition” easier on Tuesday.
>On Saturday, Paris deployed some 3,000 security forces, notably around tourist-frequented areas, after an unauthorized attempt last week to march on the presidential Elysee Palace.
>Thousands of police were deployed nationwide to contain the eighth day of demonstrations in which two people have been killed since they started the Nov. 17 protests against the tax. Tense clashes on the Champs-Elysees saw police face off with protesters who burned plywood, wielded placards reading “Death to Taxes,” and upturned a large vehicle. There were no immediate reports of injuries, but 18 were detained for various acts including “throwing projectiles,” Paris police told the press.
>“The government parties didn’t understand that their tax policies would wind up producing this,” Dominique Reynié, a professor at Sciences Po, told the New York Times. “This is a movement that thinks the political parties are incapable of producing a solution. It is part of the chemistry of populism.”
>Jean-Yves Camus, who leads the Observatory on Political Radicalism, echoed Reynié’s analysis, referring to the protests as a “populist”-style revolt. “This is the first time we’re seeing a mobilization that’s coming from the social networks, and not led by the political parties or the unions,” Camus told the Times. “This is really a populist-type movement, and it’s an extremely strong protest against elite France.”
>“It’s a protest against tax policy that’s considered confiscatory,” he added. “And there’s been an undeniable drop in the buying power not just of the workers, but of the middle class.”
>Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said that 8,000 protesters flooded the Champs-Elysees at the demonstration’s peak, and there were nearly 106,000 protesters and 130 arrests in total nationwide. Castaner denounced protesters from the far-right whom he called “rebellious,” as he accused National Assembly leader Marine Le Pen of encouraging them.

6ce15 No.189173

File: 1543135258675.png (627.2 KB, 1704x1800, 1448484367365.png)

Did anybody realized that the unrest is not because of the foreign invasion, social decay, widespread degeneracy, or lack of free speech. Nope.
It is because of fuel taxes.

>Overall 130 arrests were made.

It would be interesting when those in uniform be taken under citizen arrest and exchanged by those citizens taken into captivity.

1e121 No.189215

>impromptu gangs roam the streets setting fire to shit for impromptu
>aren't even like gangs in the Euro mind because of how alien they are in nature
>no riots
Hopefully all these baguettes get fucking shot and the real action can begin.

a31af No.189277

A rise in fuel tax caused mass riots in Mexico last year. If diesel and gasoline cost $7 in the U.S., and the government wanted to make it more expensive, I promise you there would be much worse than simple riots

9ed4b No.189278

Aren't there actually 2 dead people due to the protests?

392ff No.189403

File: 1543222061091.jpg (132.29 KB, 796x1024, LeslieFaireRaisingFlag.jpg)

Social issues cause demonstrations, economic issues cause revolutions.

No matter how strongly you feel about the social decay of our nations, you probably aren't out on the streets right now taking over toll booths. You know you have too much right now to lose and would rather bide your time. When you become visibly poorer, you stand to lose that much less by action.

>"Death to Taxes"
How can we spread the good word of Bastiat and Molinari to these fine folk?

deb6d No.189413

One reason I like france is because they take no shit from their government

deb6d No.189414

Kind of funny how Macron prances around in other countries shouting "EU! EU!" while his own citizens attack Elise

f6664 No.189415

one man was shot live on TV.

Authorities: "it"s flashballs, not lethal"
Reality: totally an execution, guy was surrendering as the CRS pointed his gun at him.

Note: it's the far left who ran in the streets and started breaking cars and everything, the real protesters - far right or red pilled- don't WANT to break anything. just to protest.
but people died because the government sent in the CRS to essentially rush on retired people who no longer have money and pay taxes.

e902d No.189481

The new fallout prequel is looking good

6ce15 No.189516

File: 1543281947510.png (549.58 KB, 1280x720, revenge_Ponies_3v1.png)

I don't know what is CRS, but I think probabbly is a government's gang for population protest suppression.
May the French people begin to collect the toll on ZOGbots?

6ce15 No.189517

File: 1543282549305.jpg (50.86 KB, 860x637, police-explained1.jpg)

>far right or red pilled- don't WANT to break anything.
Then nothing ever is achieved.
Sorry but the truth is that politicians only listen when their skins are at risk.

29b12 No.189528

File: 1543286719469.jpg (103.89 KB, 860x637, jews1.jpg)

1e121 No.189556

>take government dick like the rest of euro fags
>just like western europeans
>apathy, consumption, placation, personal greed of loss, un-unity

f6664 No.190170

Live feed of the event, it's in Paris, it's everywhere right now. Not too much CRS around here but we're getting prepared. We outnumber them anyways but again, according to the EU regulations cops have the right to open fire to stop a protest if necessaryt, it happened last week.


Macron and Hollande created a social-liberal dictatorship we need to end.

6ce15 No.190171

File: 1543665703187.png (431.46 KB, 800x800, image macro_it's happening….png)

What the people want to accomplish?
Because as I see it, until you don't take the Government Palace, tame the gendarmes, and hang some politicians, nothing will change.

6ce15 No.190172

File: 1543666604100.jpg (223.29 KB, 2450x1488, jfk-6.jpg)

I am watching the video, the jew TV is talking about to pacify the situation and "freedom of expression", but at the same time I see armed ZOGbots using violence against the people.
Words and actions don't match.

f6664 No.190175

File: 1543667263875.jpg (131.86 KB, 1000x600, b35b6d7f13cadd331d75fc080b….jpg)

- Motivating more and more people to come down the streets. Everyone with a car have at least one yellow jacket and joins.
- Prove everyone that we are standing
- Outnumber the governmental forces
- Motivate more people to block the ports and railways
- Force the government to resign

There's the army securing Matignon, the Elysée Palace and Bercy, the center of tax so right now it's dead.
Most gendarmes and policemen supports the movement, securing the movement against a few rare automobilists and kicks the antifas that attacks our guys (yes we have these too) also by closing the eyes on blinded radars and other open road gates operations.

The big plan is to make a blockade on Rungis's Market, but that is going to be complex. Stay tuned, this week is going to be interesting.

f6664 No.190176

cut the sound, it's better. also there's the black blocks/antifas being in here just to break shit, to justify the assault of the CRS. The CRS let them go and rush the actual protestors.

440e5 No.190177

The government will never resign. They tried to blame the far right for the violence and the only thing it did was pissed off everyone by assuming that yellow jacket are from the far right. It just show how much they believe the people to be actually stupid.

I was waiting for today the whole week, I have the feeling a lot of thing is going to happen today.

6ce15 No.190301

File: 1543735146751-0.png (2.23 MB, 1095x5536, 1.png)

File: 1543735146751-1.png (1.81 MB, 1095x4204, 2.png)

This is looking promising indeed.

HAPPENING: /Ourguys/ Burning Federal Buildings and Degenerate Art Museums In France

6ce15 No.190304

File: 1543742645368.png (975.67 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20181202_042332.png)

The Unspoken Reason Behind The Yellow Vests Protest - Timothé Vorgenss

61082 No.190324

>anime outside of anime news network
I puked a little senpai.
Totally Baka desu tbh.

f6664 No.190342

File: 1543761767361.jpg (60.76 KB, 844x480, 3226366-exclusif-emmanuel-….jpg)

The big thing that's happening is that Macron is waiting til the 10 to sign the Pact of Marrakech on Immigration. That's the thing.

Right now I'm flooding every GJ page on FB and others with that post

« Pourquoi Macron ne fait rien, pourquoi il sén fout de nos revendications et laisse Paris à feu et à sang? La voila l'explication: il attend le 10 décembre, date à laquelle il signera le Pacte de Marrakech de l'ONU sur l'immigration.

Après quoi il va commencer à négocier mais justifier "Ah oui mais j'ai signé ce pacte donc crevez la gueule ouverte il nous faut des sous"
Même si il est destitué, il aura ruiné la France et les Français pour de bon si on le laisse faire cela.

Faites passer le message.

Because it's huge, even if he gives his resignation, he will have done his job, so if there is a moment when this cocksucker must be expelled, we have one week left.

f6664 No.190347

File: 1543763402926-0.png (215.36 KB, 1600x1200, 924854.PNG)

File: 1543763402926-1.png (230.02 KB, 1600x1200, 924850.PNG)

Il faut que tout le monde lise ça, à balancer partout.

440e5 No.190358

File: 1543765764354.jpg (35.47 KB, 601x601, 1532806903282.jpg)

"Promouvoir une information indépendante" "en cessant d'allouer des fonds publics ou d'apporter un soutien matériel aux médias qui propagent systématiquement l'intolérance"

Translation: "Promote independant information" "by ceasing to allocate public funds or provide material support to the media that systematically propagate intolerance"

Sooooo, if some media were to publish fact, they will cut the fund because it will spread intolerance. I love how they manage to contradict themselves by saying it will help independent news. It make fucking sense.

f5395 No.190363

File: 1543768602091.jpg (30.97 KB, 239x325, mw63690.jpg)

Les fils de pute!
Il faut faire du boucan, c'est dans une semaine!
Enculé de Macron, il faut le faire sauter, maintenant!

6ce15 No.190414

File: 1543791193336.png (2.04 MB, 1059x2764, Macron. Whore to the jews.png)

This is getting interesting, now the people begin to name the jew.
Listen to this BBC report on the “Gilets Jaunes” protests in Paris. As the journalist talks, from about 4:57 you hear one of the protesters shout “Macron, Pute à Juif!”. [Macron, whore to the Jew].

Sauce: https://democratieparticipative.online/macron-pute-a-juif-le-slogan-de-la-manifestation-nazie-des-gilets-jaunes-remporte-un-grand-succes-a-la-bbc-video/

6ce15 No.190430

File: 1543795710478-0.png (2.08 MB, 1182x1800, Pour la liberté.png)

File: 1543795710478-1.jpg (451.55 KB, 2048x1365, NEWSTATES.jpg)

File: 1543795710478-2.png (14.01 KB, 1113x216, La France, la libération.png)

French talk show.
Démocratie Participative S03E47 : « Cochons de juifs ! » (Pigs of Jews)
Sauce: https://democratieparticipative.online/democratie-participative-s03e47-cochons-de-juifs/
MP3 link: https://traffic.libsyn.com/democratieparticipative/DPS03E48.mp3

25c28 No.190438

6ce15 No.190472

File: 1543813415431-0.png (354.04 KB, 1366x768, 1.png)

File: 1543813415431-1.png (355.63 KB, 1366x768, 2.png)

ZOGbot down but let go by the patriots.

61082 No.190488

Alot of police / military / riot control duty have been removing their helmets and surrendering I believe? Joining the protestors that is.
Government saying they have/will consider all options? Basically an implicit acknowledgement of unhandled rioting.

42f91 No.190493

Source on this? Can't find one myself.

6ce15 No.190496

File: 1543819409906-0.png (450.24 KB, 1366x634, Screenshot_20181203.png)

File: 1543819409906-1.mp4 (1.3 MB, 320x180, GiletsJaunes Macron Consid….mp4)

f6664 No.190517

File: 1543826755313.jpg (39.5 KB, 540x960, 47238411_107928596905909_7….jpg)

Oh and who is saying this? Hmm yes that's right, the Antifa…

6ce15 No.190520

File: 1543831228428.png (624.96 KB, 1087x1536, 0c7.png)

I don't get it.
Démocratie Participative is NatSoc.
Antifa are kikes' golems and never ever turn against them, so, the protester saying “Macron, Pute à Juif” cannot be a commie.

f5395 No.190529

antifas are Macron's allies here, they break monuments and burn cars to discredit the GJs, and fuel the media.
and they attack our guys cause the GJ movement is rightwing.

61082 No.190641

Anyone steal good shit yet? Just weara different getup for one day. Loot the next disrupted area.

6ce15 No.190668

File: 1543948024036.jpg (149.18 KB, 900x600, Robespierre-Wannart.jpg)

I agree, antifa are using violent means. So?
Antifas are not wrong in their tactics.
Revolution means violence, to control the streets to deny regime's control.
In other words, this is Revolution 101 that consists in to dispute the Regime's monopoly of violence.
Understand this, asking and being polite will take the French people nowhere.
ZOGbots are not loyal to the French people or the Nation, but to their goodies and paychecks; therefore do not look at them as allies ever, even if they pretend to stand down for tactical or strategic reasons, they will turn against the people as soon as their pensions are at risk. They will not hesitate to beat, maim, kidnap, and murder you just for the thrill; their training and language is violence, and only violence understand.
Antifa and "the people" are pushing "now" to take down Macron, at some point their efforts will split because of their different goals. Be ready to tackle the hijacking of the revolution by the radical left.
Perhaps the Robespierre' spirit needs to raise again, if you know what I mean.

00490 No.190670

File: 1543949202436.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, 1484619151688.png)

>Understand this, asking and being polite will take the French people nowhere.
It will take anyone wanting a change nowhere. Time for words is over. Violence it is now.

6ce15 No.190671

Easy poner, easy.
There is a right time for everything.

25c28 No.190674

Hes one of the juif.

6ce15 No.190679

File: 1543949866878.png (251.39 KB, 1024x1429, doubtful_twilight_by_pink1….png)


fcb01 No.190716

Burn france to Theater ground

25c28 No.190718

I heard that the yellow vest revolution is spreading to Germany?

61082 No.190724

I've heard this but it's not being reported on extensively if true. Its like the protests aren't happening.
There's reports of the movement spilling into Netherlands.
I've also seen it said the fuel tax was already rolled back but a article under 24hrs says the PM is 'to announce suspension.'
Pretty sure the equivalent goods tax did go down 80% though, right?

I mean apparently it did also spread to Belgium as people have said but it's hardly being reported. Seems like 'business as usual,' is the current conditon and alert level.
Could all be media supression or Gov bullshit.

The French really are fucking retarded sometimes.
>No one left homeless.
>End the austerity policy. Cancel the interest on illegitimate debt. Don’t tax the poor to pay it back, find the €85-billion of fiscal fraud uncollected.
>Create a true integration policy, with French language, history and civics courses for immigrants.
>Minimum salary €1500 per month.
>Privilege city and village centers. Stop building huge shopping centers.
>More progressive income tax rates.
>Big companies like McDonald’s, Google, Amazon and Carrefour should pay big taxes, and little artisans low taxes.
It reads like something written by a small child.
>No one left homeless
Literally dramatic retard children who are afraid Marine Le Pen is too extreme for the right.

I honestly don't care what shithole countries do trying to help the world not help itself.

Good civcuck goys.

61082 No.190725

I meant:
>people who are afraid Marine Le Pen is too extreme for the current climate

fcb01 No.190728

I hope so
While I have not heard about that fucking Lügenpresse I would be very glad

6ce15 No.190735

File: 1543971674095-0.jpg (268.84 KB, 1458x782, 20181204_1358408.jpg)

File: 1543971674095-1.jpg (69.22 KB, 456x282, 20181204_135840844.jpg)

Les Gilets Jaunes sont sur le pont!
Croix de Fer pour tout le monde!
« Macron pute à juif »: les Gilets Jaunes s’adressent au peuple sur l’Autoroute A6.
Sauce: https://democratieparticipative.online/macron-pute-a-juif-les-gilets-jaunes-sadressent-au-peuple-sur-lautoroute-a6/

6ce15 No.190740

File: 1543974288740.png (638.58 KB, 1366x768, 111.png)

>Here’s why the French uprising may just be getting started!!!
-Macron Backs Down, but the New French Revolution is Just Beginning!!! (December 4th 2018)

25c28 No.190744

Hon Hon Hon

6ce15 No.190817

File: 1544002107308-0.jpg (145.69 KB, 1024x681, 1543918477908.jpg)

File: 1544002107308-1.jpg (29.26 KB, 203x166, 1543921458919.jpg)

File: 1544002107308-2.mp4 (9.8 MB, 408x720, fe0e7c3a2f0086dbb3a72da345….mp4)

These don't look antifa to me, but /our guys/.

6ce15 No.190819

File: 1544005982048-0.png (535.79 KB, 1366x768, 1.png)

File: 1544005982048-1.png (572.41 KB, 1366x768, 2.png)

File: 1544005982048-2.png (625.75 KB, 1366x768, 3.png)

Des Gilets jaunes se font violemment matraquer dans un Burger King rue de Wagram - Paris -1 déc.2018

61082 No.190822

ddd46 No.190837

Gods speed France, Gods speed

Looks really promising

3fbb1 No.190839

File: 1544027999967.jpg (85.01 KB, 894x894, ponycart.jpg)

Jews false flag all the time. It's their nature. My fellow white people…*

>I mean apparently it did also spread to Belgium as people have said but it's hardly being reported. Seems like 'business as usual,' is the current conditon and alert level.
Could all be media supression or Gov bullshit.
If you think the US press is bad, EU press is worse.

Hard to say. Before this is over many groups are going to try to hitch their cart to the yellow vest pony.

ddd46 No.190840

I think it is possible is started as a false flag, but if it was it looks like a false flag that backfired. It gained a momentum they didn't anticipate.

ddd46 No.190849

Rather good article by an leftist magazine lamenting that the left isn't part of the movement, is actively working against it, and that the left no longer represents working-class (if they ever did imo).

>For the past month, hundreds of thousands of yellow vests have taken to the streets all over France. Some have blocked fuel depots, supermarkets and motorway junctions, others have staged barricades outside government buildings. Organised on social media, this spontaneous, leaderless movement initially sprang up in response to a hike in tax on diesel. But it has grown to encompass a wider mood of anger against the French establishment. High levels of taxation, low wages, declining purchasing power and the growing divide between the big cities and their peripheries have all played a role.

>It is telling that when the protests were organised, they bypassed France’s organised left entirely, eschewing not just the political parties, but the trade unions, too. The reaction of some on the left suggests they were right to.
>As soon as the first protests emerged, Macron’s ministers immediately tried to discredit the gilets jaunes as having links to neo-fascists. Many on the left initially bought into this establishment line. Former presidential candidate for the centre-left Socialist Party, Benoît Hamon, dismissed calls to join the gilets jaunes, saying he would not march side-by-side with the far right.
>Much of the left-leaning media has similarly struggled to get to grips with the yellow-vest phenomenon. After the first weekend of protests, L’Obs magazine ran a cover story warning of the dangers of a ‘populist’ revival via the protests. As the centre-left daily, Libération, put it, commentators are divided between those who see the protesters as representing the ‘just anger of the people’ and those who see them as a ‘band of polluting oafs, addicted to their cars, who need to be dealt with by the police’. One Libération correspondent tweeted that the yellow-vests were simply a ‘movement of hicks’, who were mostly ‘far right’.

>Despite understanding the grievances of the yellow vests, the left is disoriented. In part, this is because it is broadly supportive of the government’s environmentalist agenda. The Socialist Party introduced the fuel tax that Macron had planned to raise. France Insoumise promises environmental policies that are even more radical – it wants to transition to a zero-carbon economy (although it claims that there are less regressive ways to achieve this than taxes which fall disproportionately on the rural poor).

>But there is a deeper disconnect, too. Across the West, the left has struggled to know how to respond to the populist uprisings of recent years. There is a tendency on the left to denounce any shock to the status quo as driven by reactionary forces. The revolting masses are often written off as fascists.
>That the yellow vests – a mass, largely working-class movement, defying the government and standing up for its interests – makes many on the left, at best, wary and, at worst, scornful is a damning indictment indeed.


9dcab No.190911

File: 1544059213678-0.png (327.94 KB, 656x648, F7Gkc3s.png)

48d15 No.190913

Imagine the French equivalent of a Samurai, drawing his fucking kawaii ryu iaido blade from a baguette

9dcab No.190936

File: 1544068363496-0.jpg (204.08 KB, 1103x1200, 17eca352b44edb84852223ea88….jpg)

5e3af No.190951

So it isn't left vs right but libertarian vs authoritarian. And since this is France are we surprised that the people have a libertarian bias against gov pressure?

0b542 No.190974

So how close are we to a government being overthrown? Something like what happened in Romania where the leader and his wife gets executed? This shit ain't dying down.

5e3af No.190980

File: 1544100691702.jpg (68.94 KB, 1200x740, DtuoDtUX4AAYG-p.jpg)

>>190974Things look dangerous:

>72% of French support yellow vest protesters, 20% oppose.


61082 No.190981

If anything happens it will likely happen Saturday as those are the biggest days for the Gilets Jaunes turnout.

Are any honhons around to translate these video titles?
Oh and, videos I guess!

1: #Macron au #PuyenVelay

2: Macron krebst zurück - will Benzinsteuer-Erhöhung aussetzen - grosser Teilsieg der Gelbwesten!

3: Scènes d'émeutes à Paris en soirée du 1er décembre

4: !O/ Video unavailable
This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account.

5: car chase video 2 - where'd it go…

6: Des Gilets jaunes se font violemment matraquer dans un Burger King rue de Wagram - Paris -1 déc.2018

61082 No.190982

Your a Cucknadian.
Why don't you put that blood of the wool, or whatever gay shit the French call it- to use and translate them accurately? Can you?

44d9c No.191001

Most canadians can sing "O canada" in french, and that's the extent of their speaking ability.

9dcab No.191029

File: 1544130574572-0.png (1.33 MB, 1262x1024, 1544128748770.png)

File: 1544130574572-1.png (342.44 KB, 835x516, 1544128722889.png)

0a0dd No.191060

File: 1544149259709.jpg (22.8 KB, 480x480, 1518759981251.jpg)

I needed that laugh.

25c28 No.191177

Are the bogs behind the riots?

0e212 No.191187

People claim to have leaked the cops' deployment for Paris : https://my.mixtape.moe/oylcdd.pdf
Boring ass administrative stuff, but look legit.

9dcab No.191309

File: 1544298116018.png (763.92 KB, 492x1208, 1544292474974.png)

9dcab No.191311

File: 1544298367537-0.png (182.09 KB, 1668x694, 1544296711644.png)

File: 1544298367537-1.png (85.59 KB, 188x408, 1544296893180.png)

File: 1544298367537-2.webm (675.05 KB, 900x447, 1544296862385.webm)

ddd46 No.191312

Fucking EU, acting just like Merkel and hating national flags.

9dcab No.191317

File: 1544300547445.jpg (158.96 KB, 640x480, 1544300389496.jpg)

The cards are never wrong.

25c28 No.191318

Mein Gott!

ddd46 No.191320

The day French craftsmanship trumped German (Merkelian) craftsmanship.

8a656 No.191321

File: 1544301018393.jpg (48.55 KB, 736x691, 1536511261828.jpg)

G-guys? I am super scared right now…

25c28 No.191322

>The Chad Frenchman
i never thought i would say that about France.

fc6ed No.191327

Kek is with us

9dcab No.191331

File: 1544302408076.jpg (25.28 KB, 370x547, 1544300500336.jpg)

25c28 No.191332

How did they know? Are they (((Them)))

fc6ed No.191336

Is there a list of what came true and what didnt (yet)?
Kind of funny how card games, children cartoons and the gutter of the Internet are the last places left to search for truth and wisdom

48d15 No.191337

I have shown that video to eight people today. I have made them understand that this is the true face of the EU.

25c28 No.191340

6ce15 No.191342

File: 1544305165929.jpg (46.36 KB, 800x800, Folding-Wrist-Sling-Shot-S….jpg)

Primitive Technology just works: Sling

fc6ed No.191347

Could it become a larger happening?

25c28 No.191350

File: 1544305868320.png (577.04 KB, 1280x1102, 1532895930833.png)

Post ponies to give the yellow vest more power

6ce15 No.191365

File: 1544307474622.jpg (385.11 KB, 550x978, 1504230413240-2.jpg)

9dcab No.191389

File: 1544312838924.png (5.67 MB, 1748x3188, 1544146993281.png)

5d3c8 No.191391

Who were the guys grabbing the flag? The shock troops had all black on, the flag grabbers had blue jeans on.

9dcab No.191392

Look again. Some if the cops were wearing blue.

5d3c8 No.191393

You are right. What bastards.

9dcab No.191395

Ruthless fucks.
They had no reason to drag him like that.

25c28 No.191396

Thats ZOGs Foot Soldiers for you.

48d15 No.191397

We need to show everyone. Fucking everyone. The time for letting these NPCs doze about like cows is over. They need to be as angry as us, and they'll only get as angry if we program them to be as angry as us.

9dcab No.191401

File: 1544316268572-0.jpg (71.7 KB, 635x1200, 1544312880983.jpg)

File: 1544316268572-1.png (759.63 KB, 564x931, 1544313844733.png)

File: 1544316268572-2.png (2.22 MB, 2060x1004, 1544312673962.png)

File: 1544316268572-3.jpg (38.91 KB, 361x262, 1544314843604.jpg)

25c28 No.191402

9dcab No.191403

File: 1544316796319-0.jpg (70.21 KB, 511x671, 1544316361761.jpg)

File: 1544316796319-1.png (491.71 KB, 458x594, 1544316494808.png)

File: 1544316796319-2.jpg (478.99 KB, 2045x1822, 1544316678102.jpg)

9dcab No.191419

File: 1544322448605-0.jpg (143.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1544316958044.jpg)

File: 1544322448605-1.jpg (97.51 KB, 914x675, 1544319733718.jpg)

File: 1544322448605-2.jpg (429.65 KB, 720x960, 1544318021356.jpg)

File: 1544322448605-3.png (1.36 MB, 963x648, 1544319939663.png)

File: 1544322448605-4.png (772.5 KB, 591x590, 1544321837459.png)

6ce15 No.191420

File: 1544322572776.jpg (107.95 KB, 625x793, Blank _8dc03a0ef42c3ff63b4….jpg)

The "concept" of the third pic has enormous potential to cause huge damage in NPCs' minds.
Not to mention to erode the trust and image of ZOG's agents beyond repair.

9dcab No.191422

File: 1544325124185.jpg (1.08 MB, 1400x1979, 1544324623313.jpg)

6ce15 No.191453

File: 1544336291210-0.png (420.93 KB, 1366x768, aaaaaaaa.png)

File: 1544336291210-1.png (365.63 KB, 1366x768, bbbbbbb.png)

To take the regime down and to guillotine traitors, collaborators, and sympathizers, is a necessity for the survival of the West.
This is not exaggeration, but the most evil betrayal by western politicians to their Nations.
Our future depends on it.
- Marine Le Pen on Migration pact.

61082 No.191469

47fb5 No.191476

File: 1544375211527.jpg (66.24 KB, 960x634, 1c0604f483e1c6ff280d3ed68e….jpg)

So the EU army makes its appearance. If it becomes war, I hope the frogs remember their history lessons from Afghanistan and Vietnam.

Military force doesn't necessarily end a conflict.

ddd46 No.191477

The EU is pushing hard to expedite the creation of an EU army under EU control. They might see the writing on the wall and as all totalitarian communist regimes they have to set in the army to control the people they want to rule.

9dcab No.191478

If they actually gave a fuck about protection, they'd make an alliance of nations so that each country's military could independently contribute to protection. Thus is about stripping the last shred of sovereignty from their member states.
If someone else controls your military, you may as well not be an independent country.

ddd46 No.191479

I think that is the end goal. Make an EU army, get money from member states so that the EU can run that army. Then say no EU country needs an army because the EU has an army. Also member states will save money by paying the EU for protection by their army.

8d726 No.191483

The goal is ruining everything.
They will screw the people up as hard as possible and wenn everything comes crashing down and there will be wars and famine they will sit in their bunkers and wait und while we fight and die and starve and then they will put shakles back on us

9dcab No.191485

The (((elite))) have the resources to secure their safety. They don't care if our society crumbles, because they'll be fine in the end.

ddd46 No.191486

Agree, this is why we can't afford to loose the war that comes once they go into hiding. It is the only way to stop them from coming back.

47fb5 No.191497

Since its safe to assume they'll escape, the best way to stop them is to instate a society that makes it very difficult to worm their way in. Like instating a national holiday remembering the horrors of communism and marxism.

Remember. Rockefeller got caught because of a political cartoon.

25c28 No.191515

This makes me want to die.

60255 No.191517

It makes me want to scream and kill

6ce15 No.191579

File: 1544413600398.mp4 (4.26 MB, 854x480, GiletsJaunes .mp4)

#GiletsJaunes protestor with his hand blown off, after picking up a grenade fired by the police.
GLI F4 instant pgrenade (or SAE 810 ) tear gas bomb that contains an explosive charge of 25 grams of TNT It has been used by French law enforcement since 2011. France is the only European country to use it for the maintenance of order. It can cause severe mutilations even kill.

9dcab No.191590

Half of these brave protestors are going to end up looking like pirates, with all the pieces they're losing.

6ce15 No.191595

>with all the pieces they're losing.
I know.
They need to terminate the ZOGbots once and for all.

5e3af No.191645

File: 1544436967374.jpg (10.38 KB, 288x351, paris-eu-vehicles-.jpg)

0a0dd No.191650

It's stuff like this that fans the flames of revolution.

c7688 No.191654

It is a shame, or perhaps a symptom that the EU has too much power, that these stories are not told by the news. There has bee a one or two sentence mention early on that there had been injuries and a few deaths, but no details to elaborate how any of these happened. This left the reader to think it all was accidental and that you could not blame anyone for it.

Agree, but people needs to see it too, and hopefully today citizen journalists can get the word out without relying on mainstream media that covers it up.

f5395 No.191655

THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE. These armored vehicles and the police forces are not obeying to the republic or the laws, Macron brought in the EUROGENDFOR to secure EVERY STREET and especially every governmental buildings in the case the police and CRS decide to side, like many so far, with the population.
This represents everything we are fighting, Macron surrendered the sovereignty of France to Merkel and the technocrats of Brussels and this confirms it.
Soon we could have GERMANS in uniform pointing their guns at the population.
The last time a foreign armored vehicles rolled on Paris on an official operation (not a military parade) was in the 1940s and this is the same situation, don't get it wrong, France is under occupation.

As of today a lot of people who have planned to join the protest in Paris this weekend are still detained arbitrarily. They arrested people who were boarding trains and arrested buses.

This is a dictatorship, really.

5e3af No.191656


It is more and more obvious that this is no small chimp-out over minor issues. Here is a list of demands I got from voat:

"The People's Directives"

•End of the tax hike on fuel [done].

•Promote the transport of goods by rail.

•Tax on marine fuel oil and kerosene.

•Monthly minimum wage equivalent to $1,480 per month.

•Indexing of all wages, pensions and allowances to inflation.

•Nationalization of the fuel for home heating and electricity sectors.

•More progressive income tax (more marginal tax brackets).

•The end of the austerity.

•No withholding tax.

•Restoring the taxes for the ultra-wealthy.

•Same social security system for all workers, including the self-employed.

•The pension system must remain in solidarity and therefore socialized.

•No retirement pension below $1,365 per month.

•Increase of disability allowances.

•Retirement at age 60, and a right to early retirement at 55 for workers who have worked a hard manual labor job.

•Continuation of the Pajemploi help system until the child is 10 years old.

•End of outsourcing of work for French corporations.

•Limit the number of fixed-term contracts for large companies, replaced with more full time employment.

•Maximum salary fixed at $17,075 per month or $307,325 annually.

•Jobs for the unemployed.

•Any elected representative will be entitled to the median national salary.

•The popular referendum must enter into the Constitution. Creating a readable and effective website, supervised by an independent control body where people can make a proposal for a law. If this bill obtains 700,000 signatures then this bill will have to be discussed, completed and amended by the National Assembly, which will have the obligation, one year to the day after obtaining the 700,000 signatures, to submit it to the vote of all French.

•Return to a seven-year term for the President of the Republic.

•End of presidential allowances for life.

•Proportional voting system.

•Elimination of the Senate.

•Accounting of the protest/blank/none of the above ballots.

•Promote small businesses in villages and town centers. Stop the construction of large commercial areas around the big cities that kill the small business. More free parking in city centers.

•No further privatization of French infrastructure.

•Improved funding for the justice system, the police, the gendarmerie and the army.

•All the money earned by highway tolls will be used for the maintenance of motorways and roads in France and road safety.

•Immediate closure of private trains, post offices, schools and maternity homes.

•Maximum 25 students per class for all ages.

•Large corporations (McDonald's, Google, Amazon, Carrefour …) pay big [taxes], small businesses (artisans, SMEs) pay small [taxes].

•Protectionism of French industry and prohibition of outsourcing.

•End of the business tax credit. Use this money for the launch of a French hydrogen car industry.

•Eliminate credit card fees for merchants.

•Lower employer taxes.

•Continue exemption of farm diesel.

•Improve the lives of the elderly by banning their exploitation.

•Substantial boosts in mental health fund.

•Prohibition of glyphosate.

•Immediate end to temporary foreign worker programs.

•Plan for improving insulation of housing (help the environment by helping the household).

•Rent control. More low-rent housing (especially for students and precarious workers).

•Treat the root causes of forced migration.

•Fair treatment of asylum seekers. We owe them housing, security, food and education. Work with the UN to have host camps open in many countries around the world, pending the outcome of the asylum application.

•Return of unsuccessful asylum seekers to their country of origin.

•Real integration policy is implemented. Living in France means becoming French (French language course, French history course and civic education course with certification at the end of the course).


This is no small situation. This is very dangerous and it could spread. It also seems to be too early for Europe to go up in flames, I thought a couple of decades were remaining.

6ce15 No.191657

> in the case the police and CRS decide to side, like many so far, with the population.
To side means to turn their guns against other ZOGbots, and they are not doing it, therefore they are accomplices.

>They arrested people who were boarding trains and arrested buses.

I believe those doing this are "regular" police, at less an army of many, many thousand of foreign bots came in incognito mode to France.
Let us face it, the pseudo "popular police" is not such, but is making a kikery move against the French People to avoid popular blow-back.
Foreign forces cannot operate in a unknown city without coordination with the local ZOGbots. You are being betrayed and uncountable French people have been imprisoned, beaten, shot, maimed and killed.
As I see it, there is no return now.

6ce15 No.191660

File: 1544447321680.png (4.17 MB, 1059x7172, 2018.12.10 dp.png)

Police proceeds to make massive political arrests.

- Les flics procèdent à des arrestations politiques de masse
Sauce: https://democratieparticipative.online/les-flics-procedent-a-des-arrestations-politiques-de-masse/

5e3af No.191665

File: 1544449630922.jpg (247.58 KB, 1199x797, Dt7DeaAV4AAu2tH.jpg)

5e3af No.191668

825cf No.191675

>more taxes
>more spending
>"we owe them housing security, food and education"
And here I thought that the spirit of Bastiat was coming back. Is this a common consensus or is it simply demands from the left-wing of the movement?

0a0dd No.191699

Has anyone noticed that everyone keeps calling it a "protest" despite the fact that it's quite clearly passed that point into revolt?

25c28 No.191701

File: 1544480210678.jpeg (105.54 KB, 1012x1024, _filly smile.jpeg)

>Yellow vests attacking EU in Brussels

e108d No.191707

File: 1544486238315.png (928.15 KB, 849x1337, 1538377290465.png)

Most of that will be struck down in a peace treaty. This is a mix of everyone pissed at the government.

5e3af No.191722

File: 1544490885264.jpg (63.68 KB, 543x474, ideology-cycle-alignment-d….jpg)


This is authoritarianism vs libertarianism, which includes both left and right in both camps. The political compass has four directions not 2. Which is interesting because now there are 4 conflict concentrations on the cycle. And it also makes sense because 2014 should be maximum authoritarianism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Rally_(France)#Electoral_successes_(2012%E2%80%932017) . Which suggests authoritarian EU collapse started 4 years back. This will give rise to nationalism and the right wing which will reach its maximum about 2039. Which is when the wars might start as the right wing starts facing its own cyclic decline.

e108d No.191723

File: 1544491009645.jpg (38.58 KB, 452x526, 1538401376196.jpg)

Generally if an authority starts pissing everyone off. A sense of nationality begins as the revolution is being fought.

5e3af No.191724

Yep. What we tend to do is go in one direction until we reach an instability and then the conflict emerges leading to a change in direction.

The cycle is us butting heads with the outer edge of stability and then changing direction. We go in that new direction until we hit the outer edge of stability again, then we change direction again.

Our new direction is "right" after that is "libertarianism" etc. Us on this site and former 4pol is the cycle itself.

25c28 No.191726

How long before Hitler 2.0?

5e3af No.191728

File: 1544492091483-0.jpg (188.09 KB, 691x507, soon-1933-2033.jpg)

File: 1544492091483-1.png (550.2 KB, 1024x1024, 1024px-Lorenz_attractor_yb….png)

Pic#1 may not be a joke. He should be alive now. It is important to remember though that history rhymes rather than repeats. So the actual look of events in the future is unclear but the general impact should be similar (unless we find a new stability cycle to flip over into https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attractor#Strange_attractor )

25c28 No.191730

Didn't Hitler say america will be where the next NS happening would be?

5e3af No.191732

Never heard of this. (Citation needed. Operation Paper Clip) But my assumption would be that the most visible emergence of such a figure would be in the most visible nation. So it is probably a self-fulling prophecy. Trump's nationalism is possibly a refined repeat of Hitler. Especially if Q is legit. It's unlikely someone will redo Hitler exactly, since that was a massive failure last time. The cycle doesn't repeat the exact path.

1f8be No.191778

What terrifies the elites is "Nazi ideals" being spread all over the globe. They can deal with one country becoming with Nazi Germany. Imagine a global one as widespread as Islam.

5e3af No.191781

As the world becomes more united by technology, comms and transportation, the world will have a unified cycle. This will be 1/4 invigorating and 3/4 terrifying because everyone's ideology only gets 1/4 of the turn being on top. Regions of the world that keep sufficient isolation could have different cycles.

As for elites, every ideology has it's own elites. And a really clever elite can exploit any ideology.

5e3af No.191793

File: 1544518122459.jpg (474.42 KB, 1800x1310, e46f4cc21e65e8eb5322f976f6….jpg)

Via Q

6ce15 No.191796

File: 1544519414315.png (365.42 KB, 2175x1894, wtf.png)

>It's unlikely someone will redo Hitler exactly, since that was a massive failure last time.
Do you mean National Socialism or that he lost the war?

5e3af No.191798

Lost the war. The ideology will turn up in the correct place in the cycle.

e108d No.191847

File: 1544536134342.png (236.41 KB, 600x600, 1510805692693.png)

Rule 1, never attack the Russians during winter.

0a0dd No.191849

File: 1544536308418.gif (4.81 MB, 640x480, 1714334__safe_artist-colon….gif)

Rule 2, NEVER attack the Russians during winter.

e108d No.191851

File: 1544536346193.jpg (11.61 KB, 247x255, someonesayjew.jpg)

They said when he comes back, there will be no more mr. nice guy.

5e3af No.191918

File: 1544563674127.png (587.32 KB, 843x701, yellowjacket1.png)

>Yellow Jackets Steal French Army Tank; PREPARED FOR CIVIL WAR WITH (((MACRON AND EU)))

It's all fun and games until someone looses an eye.

0a0dd No.191920

Top kek.

5e3af No.191922

File: 1544565398039.jpg (79.82 KB, 652x433, cycleofwar-2014.jpg)


>[Martin Armstrong's] Cycles of War
>The War Cycle is a 24.049 year cycle. The current cycle began in 2014 and intensifies at the six year point which coincides with a bottom in the economic confidence model in 2020. We must realize that there are two types of war:
>* Domestic War: civil unrest, civil war, and revolution


Contrast the MA 24 years cycle of war with my tentative suggestion of a 25 year cycle as we cross the 4 compass points of political ideology. Also MA suggests 2014 as a beginning of this cycle, and I also concluded 2014 as important based on using 1939 as a reference point in a ~100 year cycle.

5e3af No.191923

…and that chart says 25.049 years. This implies that MA is still fine tuning the exact frequency. I would instead suggest that the cycles are messy and have no exact frequency. Chaos/free will make it wobble.

92d04 No.191924

Is there anything else happening? I haven't heard anything since macron gave his sop to the protesters.

5e3af No.191926

If I see something I will post it.

9dcab No.191948

File: 1544573572955-0.png (252.66 KB, 480x360, b13.png)

File: 1544573572955-1.jpg (19.47 KB, 232x218, image0-403.jpg)

9dcab No.191952

File: 1544576698072-0.png (619.54 KB, 589x761, 1544570604459.png)

File: 1544576698072-1.jpg (37.21 KB, 540x405, 1544563670871.jpg)

File: 1544576698072-2.jpg (190.92 KB, 1200x900, 1544573851327.jpg)

File: 1544576698072-3.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 1544552825341.jpg)

File: 1544576698072-4.png (1.57 MB, 2132x1584, 1544575790500.png)

25c28 No.191953

"My Ancestors are smiling upon me. Can you say the same,racists?"

ddd46 No.191954

This gives me great hope for the future.

6ce15 No.191981

File: 1544600104988-0.png (912.3 KB, 1366x768, aaaa.png)

File: 1544600104988-1.png (97.63 KB, 597x598, a1.png)

File: 1544600104988-2.png (1.01 MB, 1366x768, bbbbb.png)

File: 1544600104988-3.png (136.56 KB, 830x508, b1.png)

In this video, Luke takes to the streets of Paris France where there is a feeling in the air something BIG is about to happen. In fact, there seems to be a total media blackout, and the truth is that Paris is far worse than they will tell you!
- What You're Not Being TOLD About The Yellow Vest's in Paris

9dcab No.192013

File: 1544620430143-0.png (1.62 MB, 1200x1228, musat5xmap321.png)

File: 1544620430143-1.png (800.73 KB, 872x960, 48268939_737329093312883_4….png)

ddd46 No.192018

Thanks for video link. The press, all press have been eerily quiet when it comes to the yellow vests in France, and for that matter in other European countries.

9dcab No.192019

Macron's head in a basket isn't good enough. France needs a total regime change.
Picnic when?

8e148 No.192045

File: 1544639800792-0.png (97.23 KB, 1644x939, 181212t1325.PNG)

File: 1544639800792-1.png (255.61 KB, 1636x937, 181212t1326.PNG)

File: 1544639800792-2.jpg (45.51 KB, 288x358, 1493966463499.jpg)

Can someone give me a quick rundown on the aftermath of French People Being French 17: Electric Boogaloo.

The French are defiantly protesting again. But what will they achieve?

5e3af No.192055

File: 1544642473729-0.jpg (114.98 KB, 962x637, 7193812-6476125-image-a-43….jpg)

File: 1544642473729-1.jpg (153.86 KB, 962x640, 7194706-6476125-image-a-78….jpg)

File: 1544642473729-2.jpg (98.75 KB, 962x643, 7194498-6476125-image-a-60….jpg)

File: 1544642473729-3.jpg (198.9 KB, 960x639, 7193880-6476125-A_view_of_….jpg)

File: 1544642473729-4.jpg (87.9 KB, 960x650, 7193864-6477953-A_car_burn….jpg)

>Riot police fought back with tear gas, water cannon and baton charges, leaving 71 people injured in the French capital.

>Department stores, museums and monuments including the Eiffel Tower had to close. The interior ministry said 136,000 people took part in Saturday's anti-government protests, and more than 1,700 were arrested, with Paris seeing more damage than last week. Protests also took place in Marseille, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

>while a woman in Paris lost an eye during violent clashes last night.

>Cities including Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux exploded into violence on Saturday, during the fourth weekend of demonstrations in a row by Yellow Vest protesters.

>The turnaround was a humbling moment for Macron, who last month declared nationalism a 'betrayal' of patriotism, as well as the opponents of the populism spreading across parts of Europe.


5e3af No.192056

We are at maximum EU totilitarianism. This is the reversion back to libertarianism via right wing nationalism.

9dcab No.192057

I can only hope the frogs keep fighting the good fight.
The EU wants to detroy Europe. They loathe European national cultures and only see them as an obstacle to trade. They only see countries as economic institutions.

ddd46 No.192058

So much this. A French revolution will spread like fire once the media is unable to cover it up anymore. It will take great sacrifice by the French people, but it will not be in vain. Once people learn about the full extent of the medias collaboration with the globalist EU agenda people will start to see the truth. And once the truth starts to spread freely the stranglehold the EU has over Europe will crumble.

e108d No.192060

File: 1544645315031.jpg (42.73 KB, 751x486, nope.jpg)

Just remember here in Burgerland

e108d No.192096

File: 1544659198767.png (1.12 MB, 3000x4000, 1533828258618-3.png)

62faa No.192122

Good luck frogs. You're gonna need it.

9dcab No.192130

It feels good, doesn't it?

2aef6 No.192151

File: 1544703756583.jpg (785.08 KB, 800x1110, commandant teste.jpg)

This is bullshit.
This is probably a memeflag who isn't German. (Requested on QA).

It's no surprise they have a history from 1960s+ to today of pro-non-white riots.
Here is an honest rundown of 'muh riots' for everyone:


Gilets Jaunes are rural retards. But ironically of course.
Majority of Yellow Vests are just leftards, the same ones who voted Macron in who aren't happy he was extreme enough or some stupid shit.

FRENCHIES VOTED FOR Macron! - They got him.
FRENCIES VOTED FOR Climate scam! - They got it.
FRENCHIES VOTED TO Tax themselves to oblivion.
Reap what you sow retards.


- but less responsibility.
- misc. fart huffing.
- but not to pay for any of it.

They are malcontents with an excuse.

Frogs have a long history of rioting and knowing what they want.
But. When it comes to politically getting what they want they have no fucking clue.
When it comes to politics they have no fucking idea in general.

Anybody that says Gilets Jaunes are right-wing is either retarded, a shill or both.
This is almost as stupid as all the people who said T.S was "right-wing" when 'they' obviously couldn't have known that and everyone was telling the retarded T.S posters to be careful. It's almost the same situation IMO.

It is looking like the Guilets Jaunes / Yellow Vests could be taken over by right-wingers but make no mistake- most of the Guilets Jaunes are frog normies.
I'd say the Guilets Jaunes probably will be leaned right if they become an independent entity but there's literally no way to know this for certain. Until it's confirmed it shouldn't be expected, of course, assuming they do become independent formally. Yellow Vests are also just as likely to be beholden to the current 'system' in which case they are more likely to completely fracture (politically) either into chaos or against the rocks of said 'system' and into the wind from that point.(3 sitewide posts by this ID, 2 of which are dated 18 days ago)

e108d No.192161

do we spread that pic or keep it internal?

6ce15 No.192162

You make very good points.
And at this stage, it is in our interest to remove the kikes from the System, or at least to reduce their influence. Be by the far right or left is only a detail.

e108d No.192165

File: 1544714002040.png (240.09 KB, 670x503, prism.png)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Who gives a shit who's part of it, except for "protesters" that are paid shills. But even the true anarchist can spot a fake.

5ca30 No.192170

>most of the Guilets Jaunes are frog normies
It's too bad my french is shit, otherwise I'd meme a connection between immigrants and loss of the social safety net and increases in punishing taxes. That's what needs to happen to turn the frog normies into right wingers.

Right now, they are out there, looking for answers, we should fill in the blanks.

Any frenchies out there? I have the gimp skills if someone has the language skills. Don't fall for my VPN flag.

9dcab No.192186

Spread everything like wildfire.

2aef6 No.192290

Besides all the "Oy vey fellow Goyim" and (((interest))) 'predictions' he's right about the taxes you know.
It's entirely possible the inevitable will merely be stalled. Money doesn't grow on trees and (((friendship)))('humanitarian' work) isn't magic.

6ce15 No.192317

File: 1544767496859-0.png (1.43 MB, 1196x2857, fren.png)

File: 1544767496859-1.png (1.53 MB, 1288x4177, eng.png)

A group of top French military generals have accused Emmanuel Macron of committing “treason” by signing the UN migration pact.

- French Army Accuse Macron Of “Treason” Over UN Migration Pact.
Sauce: https://newspunch.com/french-army-macron-treason-un-migration-pact/
-Original letter in French:

c52ab No.192375

Nice! Coup when?

f6664 No.192391

File: 1544805642975.jpg (78.14 KB, 480x480, 47586721_963486520506720_1….jpg)

THIS is what it is, this was completely an act of treason.

For discussing with a friend the situation is very complex, between the military who are loyal to the President, and the others who are loyal to the people it needs some preparation.
Well I'm going to be in the streets again, tomorrow, even if it freezes but the only way now is to keep things on the long time.

Macron's first motive for a resignation should have been since the Benalla affair. THIS was a real motive, but all Macron said was "Yes I'm the one who's responsible, COME AT ME!"

Signing this treaty has anticonstitutional clauses in it, the end of the sovereignty.
Sovereignty also has been lost last week since they send EUROGENDFOR's armored vehicles entered in Paris with EUROGENDFOR's troops which are out of their jurisdiction according to the French Law, but fine in the EU law.
Yes these are literal acts of treason.

We will keep on protesting til we have a new election.

9dcab No.192635

File: 1544904791376-0.png (576.13 KB, 660x751, 1544885202149.png)

File: 1544904791376-1.jpg (97.8 KB, 478x896, 1544885055204.jpg)

File: 1544904791376-2.jpg (204.5 KB, 672x787, 1544886220816.jpg)

File: 1544904791376-3.jpg (159.93 KB, 776x1002, 1544889070858.jpg)

File: 1544904791376-4.jpg (652.81 KB, 950x633, 1544884975408.jpg)


ecd66 No.192638

>Well I'm going to be in the streets again, tomorrow, even if it freezes but the only way now is to keep things on the long time.
Gods speed to you French-anon Diamond and all of your fellow Frenchmen.

9dcab No.192642

File: 1544908119543-0.jpg (120.87 KB, 1013x789, 1544904740280.jpg)

File: 1544908119543-1.png (420.21 KB, 800x700, 1544906891422.png)

f6664 No.192646

File: 1544909707628.gif (2.11 MB, 382x369, 1325389181611.gif)

Another saturday, another mass arrest wave, and a lot of people I knew and met there IRL are spending the weekend in jail.
Lot of trans and transports to Paris cancelled.
TV spamming "the movement is over" despite it's only been kept growing. And yesterday one of them midget fraud Franck Dubosc, an "humorist" on the side of Macron and who called on shit on our movement got shunned and ridiculized in Besancon.

So yeah things are changing but to seal this change, and conduct the proper revolution only one thing is needed : to shutdown the party's transmissions.
The TV and media must be blocked by all means, they spread disinfo and attack the movement. They spread lies, they brainwash the masses.

If we want to win on the long term we must consider this shit one of our main targets.

ecd66 No.192648

Sorry to hear about your friends, I hope this envigorate them to continue fighting.
Some things that might help is spreading videos from the protests and doing live streams. Let people see that the movement is still going and it is growing. Also target international audience by giving English titles to videos and do interviews in English. Make use of Infowars and Breibart; get them to write about it. They are good at getting the word spreading to people who might not know or think that it has died out like the media portray it. But I agree the biggest obstacle to getting the word spread is the main stream media that refuses to cover it.
Norwegian media wrote a little piece about it, but that was because there was Handmaids tale cosplayers standing in front of some police "having an icefront". But that was about the extent of the coverage. They mentioned tear gas being deployed, but mainly painted the Yellow Vests in a negative light.

ecd66 No.192650

File: 1544911082779.jpg (102.67 KB, 1000x500, xuObzcP1-EVetVi5GBJrBQDhcT….jpg)

Perhaps they weren't literally Handmaids tale type cosplayers. They were dressed like Marianne (French national symbol apparently), so they might not be as bad as Handsmaid tale cosplayers but they didn't convey the message of the Yellow Vests I think.
>then again I am not well versed in French culture and what Marianne symbolizes for French people

610c3 No.192651

File: 1544911518608.jpg (317.56 KB, 1920x1080, FMA_storming_the_radio_sta….jpg)

>So yeah things are changing but to seal this change, and conduct the proper revolution only one thing is needed : to shutdown the party's transmissions.
The first step of any coup is taking control of the TV and radio stations.

0777a No.192652

File: 1544911753788.png (487.42 KB, 972x807, Armstrong.png)

Then cut the cords you cant make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. And you making the mother of all omelettes here.

c79a0 No.192657

How tough is it to actually break into broadcast stations and overwhelm the crew? Aren't they all in cities?

c79a0 No.192659

ecd66 No.192661

I think the problem in taking over a TV station is that most stations have offsite locations they can switch broadcast to. If you have someone with the know how and technical expertise to manage the "control center" of the TV station and takes the main location you could probably do this. But I suspect most of this is secured good and unless you got an insider it will be hard to do.
They might keep you on air because it is newsworthy that you took over their station.

I look forward to the day VISA and MasterCard can't discriminate and have to act as neutral payment options available to all for the same transaction fee. They act like a bank that refuses to accept transactions from or to individual accounts.

25c28 No.192662

Revolution when?

25c28 No.192663

you guys need a leader imo

bfb9d No.192667

No. the moment they pick someone, it will be hijacked by (((them))).

6ce15 No.192668

If there is not power:
- ZOG propaganda cannot be broadcasted.
- Merchandise cannot be shipped.
- Financial transactions cannot be completed.
- Vehicles cannot be fueled.

25c28 No.192670

that's why you put a french nationalist in charge.

bfb9d No.192671

Mhm, yeah, sure.
Properly prepared ones, huh?

25c28 No.192677

One who loves the french people and hates (((them)))

2fba2 No.192690

We can't even decide if some e-celebs believe their message or are in it for views.

25c28 No.192695

Its Can Be sort of hard to tell. but passion is very hard to fake.

df66f No.192704

>Lot of trans and transports to Paris cancelled.
I giggled. But I shouldn't, I mean, this is undemocratic to prevent people from circulating.

>The TV and media must be blocked by all means, they spread disinfo and attack the movement.

You need hackers. Skilled hackers to shutdown the propaganda and you'll be free.

ee2d9 No.192711

File: 1544968601454.png (568.42 KB, 1163x578, ClipboardImage.png)


violent protests in Brussels
against the EU and Migration Policy
riot police with horses in the field
quadruple Ruptly live stream on Danish police with chat and commentary

ecd66 No.192714

Niiiiiice… Gods speed to the protesters. Lets hope this is the start of the end of the EU.

f6664 No.192760

File: 1544999194536.png (58.64 KB, 1043x757, loot.PNG)

Yep it's the idea apart one thing, we need to be even smarter. We need to find a way to shutdown or interfere with the TV or radio networks which are totally what controls the remaining people who don't move but are brainwashed everyday by leftist, social-liberal bullshit on gender and tolerance. once the people are disconnected they will find their info somewhere else.

except one thing, there is a lot of redundancy systems for TV broadcast; between hertzian, fiber optics, satellite backups. It's just as advanced and sealed as the military network is, and as secure as SWIFTNET. This says a LOT about the importance of television in the society. Managing to disconnect all of this is possible but we need to find how.
Maybe jammers for UHF bands; or the physical attacks on relay antennas; drones might need to be involved…

Act VI. We take the Rungis Market; a bit the platform for all groceries for Paris.
We'll see how it goes since the Elysee is now a fort again!

ba8e9 No.192803

Prate radio and TV. Just keep the transmitter mobile.

e108d No.192895

File: 1545079286269.png (1.03 MB, 1228x676, ponkstartedit.png)

Pinkie Pie was well ahead of you guys.

ecd66 No.192899

Yellow Vests movement has arrived in Canada, and they are protesting in solidarity with the French people and for a free Canada.
Also it looks like the Communists in Canada were trying to do a coup of the Yellow Vest movement. Luckily is looks like their attempt failed hard.

ecd66 No.192902

Another video from Canada

5e3af No.192987

>France prepares 'last resort' chemical weapon that can be smothered around Paris to keep Yellow Vest rioters away from key buildings as anti-Macron protests continue

> French security forces could smother centre of Paris with debilitating powder

> Chemical can be spread across area of size of six football pitches in ten seconds
> Police desperate after five weekends of 'Yellow Vest' rioting around France
> Paris alone saw 168 arrests with police using water cannon, batons and tear gas


technology + the war part of the cycle = ?

1a8ab No.192992

>Chemical weapons against civilian targets
There's no going back if they do it, people will put their heads on fucking pikes. I'm willing to bet they let this get out to see if it'll scare people off.

5e3af No.192993

File: 1545120900968-0.png (228.24 KB, 500x331, brus4.PNG)

File: 1545120900968-1.jpg (70.93 KB, 763x457, 1530220319130-1.jpg)

File: 1545120900968-2.png (84.1 KB, 1099x691, archibald_july2011_solar_f….png)

File: 1545120900968-3.jpg (135.45 KB, 1200x614, 1530220319130-0.jpg)

File: 1545120900968-4.jpg (38.62 KB, 777x226, 1515471188032-4.jpg)

>The streets of Brussels turned violent on Sunday after thousands of Flemish right-wing parties called for a march against a UN migration pact signed in Marrakech last week, according to the BBC.

>Approximately 5,500 anti-immigration protesters came out in force against the pact- chanting various slogans such as "our people first" , "no jihad in our state" and "Brussels rats," while around 1,000 counter-protesters from left-wing groups showed up to oppose the march. Police fired tear gas and a water cannon as violence broke out between the groups, throwing fences and stones.

* Left vs Right
* Globalism vs Nationalism
* Totalitarianism vs Libertarianism

How much is a bullet proof vest in Europe?
Who's excited for the next European war?

>Global war and civil unrest is also in Armstrong’s forecast. His model shows a 300 year cycle is upon us. Armstrong predicts, “It turned up in 2014. The 300 year model is civil unrest. Going into it was the Occupy Wall Street, but that was peaceful. Next time the Occupy starts, you are going to see much more violence, as you are seeing Europe, but that will probably take place in the U.S. after 2016. In Europe, you are seeing unrest everywhere. . . . Europe seems to be absolutely crumbling. . . . It’s an absolute disaster zone everywhere you look.”

>The eleven-year cycle in sunspots itself builds in intensity like the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) reaching “grand maxima” and “grand minima” over the course of 300 years.


>Solar activity predicted to fall 60% in 2030s, to 'mini ice age' levels: Sun driven by double dynamo

>A new model of the Sun's solar cycle is producing unprecedentedly accurate predictions of irregularities within the Sun's 11-year heartbeat. The model draws on dynamo effects in two layers of the Sun, one close to the surface and one deep within its convection zone. Predictions from the model suggest that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the 'mini ice age' that began in 1645.

We are in a great big machine that biases how we think, feel and act. Do you feel the agitation building?

5e3af No.192994

25c28 No.193002

File: 1545136972308.png (343.64 KB, 750x474, _jew snek.png)

>gassing people

ecd66 No.193004

If the EU starts gassing French citizens perhaps the mainstream media will finally start to write about what is happening. Stand fast French people and with Gods Speed may he lead you to victory over Macron and the EU.

ecd66 No.193005

I am glad to see that the European people have had enough and is pushing back. I hope the breaking point finally has come and that the writing on the walls spells the downfall of the EU and the UN.

5e3af No.193020

It's necessary to end global unity to clear the way for inter-nationalal/inter-nationalist nuclear war.
One extreme is not better than the other, just different ways to cut yourself.

ecd66 No.193024

As long as nationalism don't turn into globalism I don't think it will e that bad. All we actually need is to get back to the "I'd prefer dangerous freedom, over peaceful slavery." Europe is moving, and has bee moving for a long time towards peaceful slavery, removing freedom after freedom from its people. The UN had a place when it was there to be an free an open forum for nations to air their grievances, and to set some basic rules for warfare. Today the UN is moving toward being a global version of the EU where it imposes its rules on internal affairs of nation states.

5e3af No.193045

>[Macron] came across as an angry parent come to dress down his misbehaving children, which falls right in line with his Jupiter complex (for those not following Macron's career, shortly after becoming president he summonned parliament for a speech during which he stated that he would govern like Jupiter handing down his commandments from upon high - no I am not exaggerating, those were his words) of considering himself above the unwashed masses.


I am getting confused. Do we or don't we like fascism?

25c28 No.193075

That Depends are Italians white or not?

1a8ab No.193084

We like Fascism if the leader is worth following. When it's practiced by the left, they're not interested in the wellbeing of their citizens, their children, or the future prosperity of the state. That's what most people don't understand about Fascist states, it only works with the consent of the governed as with any form of government. It didn't matter that Hitler wielded as much power as he did, it didn't matter that NatSoc Germany was less democratic than other nations would have liked, he almost never acted as an individual who just happened to be the head of state, but an extension of the governed.

Macron is an individual, and his approach to leadership is that he has carte blanche to do whatever the fuck he wants because he is the head of state, and to hell with the people who put him there. Too many heads of state aren't aware of the fact that earning the privilege of rule doesn't end after an election, it's something that must continually be earned from day to day, and Macron's learning this lesson the hard way.

25c28 No.193085

Individualism was a mistake

1a8ab No.193086

Not quite, individualism in moderation works really well, the extreme sort we're seeing now is what should be avoided at all costs, especially in the people we place in positions of authority.

0a0dd No.193089

*Selfishness was a mistake

5e3af No.193143

I think you just described democracy. The problem is that a very efficient functional society support the rise of individualism and the pursuit of degeneracy ("happiness") leading to the corruption and collapse of that society. There is a limit to how much freedom/chaos a society can have before social entropy destroys it.

Humans with no significant practical concerns resort to turning feelings and urges into drama and entertainment to fill the void of meaning. See Twitter or Rome.

There's some libertarians and anarcho-capitalists here who want a private word with you.

>BELGIUM’S Prime Minister Charles Michel has offered to resign after losing a vote of no confidence amid a political crisis over a controversial UN migration pact.


If only Macron acted the same. The whole point of democracy is peaceful overthrow.

78de5 No.193145

*Letting selfish globalists take power anywhere was a mistake.

5e3af No.193154

File: 1545187473289.png (122.06 KB, 959x821, french stocks.png)

>PARIS, Dec 18 (Reuters) - French "yellow vest" protesters caused transport chaos on Tuesday after occupying highway toll booths and setting some of them on fire.

>France's biggest toll road operator, Vinci Autoroutes , said demonstrations were under way at some 40 sites in its network and that several highway intersections had been heavily damaged, notably in the south of France.


25c28 No.193165

File: 1545193036859.jpg (223.21 KB, 2450x1488, JFK 1.jpg)

1a8ab No.193173

All group dynamics are inherently democratic on some level, even the ones we say aren't democratic by the simple fact that we still choose to live under such systems with a little or a lot of coercion. The monarchies of yesteryear are proof of that, no one particularly liked living under kings and queens, but they did it anyway. Consent, whether or not it's willingly given, is what gives a government its legitimacy.

5e3af No.193174

I think you are stretching the use of the word too far.

>Democracy (Greek: δημοκρατία dēmokratía, literally "rule by people"), in modern usage, has three senses—all for a system of government where the citizens exercise power by voting.


>rule by people


To highlight that further let me use an extreme example. A person locked up in the Tower of London is ruled over by the Monarchy despite giving zero consent.

Democracy is a balance between communism ("by the people") choosing leadership ("fascism"). It is centrist and balancing. Is that sentence bait?

0a0dd No.193181

I don't think communism has ever been "by the people".

1a8ab No.193183

>Dictionary meanings are inviolable and absolutely correct at all times.
Wrong, all societies are group organisms, making every single government form rule by people. A person locked up in the Tower of London could have chosen not to be taken alive, he chose to be locked up, he chose to be ruled over by his monarch in such a manner. One might saying dying in such a situation is not a choice, except it demonstrably, undeniably is. This hypothetical prisoner chose continued life rather than death. Consent, dubious as it is.

Take modern day England for example, many of them don't like the way their government is ruling over them, and yet they allow it by not overthrowing the system, they have made a choice, they have consented to be ruled in such a manner by inaction alone. One does not have to agree with the manner of rule to be ruled by it. The frogs are beginning to understand this, hence the riots.

25c28 No.193186

Communism(by the (((elite)))

0a0dd No.193187

A much better way of describing it.

5e3af No.193189

That's because true communism hasn't been tried yet.

25c28 No.193190

is this European humor?

1a8ab No.193191

It's an actual fact. All attempts at actual honest to god communism have never gone past the socialism stage, collapsing during the various attempts at implementing it because it just doesn't fucking work. To my knowledge at least, I think I recall something about small communities in rural Russia still practicing actual communism to this day.

5e3af No.193192

1a8ab No.193193

>Only the center works
National Socialism worked, and that was considered extremely right wing.

5e3af No.193194

Communism is a natural extension of Libertarianism, which is a natural extension of family. In small communities they can self regulate without overarching rules. At scale it fails because the exploiters can hide within the masses and slowly all the people see the benefit of just taking and not giving.

Only small communities can self-provide the oversight to stop rampant abuse.

1a8ab No.193195

Still, can it even be said to be 'true communism' if they excise the exploiters from their community? It's just not compatible with human psychology methinks.

25c28 No.193196

Communism can never and will never work
National Socialism is completely different from Marxism.

1a8ab No.193197

>National Socialism is completely different from Marxism.
I'm well aware of that, I was arguing against the conclusion that neither left or right wing extremes work, when that's historically false considering what's considered a right wing extreme pulled off the single greatest economic recovery known to man.

5e3af No.193198

File: 1545203439670.jpg (67.7 KB, 543x474, ideology-cycle-chaos-evil-….jpg)

It worked ….. for 12 years and imploded itself into shards of hot metal and flying bricks, totally cucking its citizenry who remained alive until this day.

But it's more interesting from a cycles perspective. Hitler fought in WW1 formed his ideas after the war ends in 1914. That's the transition from the left half of the cycle to the right half of the cycle via totilitarianism. Hitler was nationalist and right wing but also socialist (but not in the self-generating way communism thinks would work but from a top down love for the protection of the people). When the Nazi flag was being designed the red background was to look like the communist flags and stay under the radar until more established.

What all this means is that National Socialism is a stepping stone ideology from left to right via totalitarianism. It imploded starting in 1939 because that is what every extreme ends up doing. The failure of NatSoc was NatSoc's fault throw extremist thinking isolating it from the rest of the chaos of humanity.

Hitler is literally the Spengler Imperium part of the ideology cycle.

It can't work at scale because human empathy is local only and exploitation is global and ravenous.

25c28 No.193199

It "stopped working" because (((The entire world))) started fighting Germany.

1a8ab No.193200

>for 12 years and imploded itself into shards of hot metal and flying bricks
Gee, that couldn't at all have been because of half the planet gunning for them at the behest of the jews. Must have been a fault in the system.

5e3af No.193201

A leader has to take into account that the world will turn on you. Otherwise they aren't leading that are smoking a crack pipe.

WTF! "I lost because they beat me! If they didn't beat me I would have won! REEEEEE!!!"

Seriously is that the counter-argument??

1a8ab No.193202

That's not the point, the point is that the system worked just fine, whereas communism/socialism in comparison implodes all on its own without outside interference.

5e3af No.193203

One implodes from the inside the other implodes from the outside. What is a duality? Does flipping between dualities = a cycle?

1a8ab No.193204

Vril, you're doing that thing where you start memeing to derail the conversation because you can't argue a point. Stop that.

0a0dd No.193205

The failures of the leadership are disconnected from the failures of the ideology. Hitler and his generals made many mistakes during the war that cost them dearly, but the ideology was sound. Blaming their defeat on National Socialism instead of tactical errors made by Germany's military leaders is dishonest, at best.

5e3af No.193206

All ideologies work on paper.

0a0dd No.193207

And it worked in practice. Again, blaming Germany's failure on National Socialism is dishonest when there are many other factors that played a much, much bigger part.

5e3af No.193209

Was Hitler the embodiment of National Socialism?

5e3af No.193210


And if so, are you saying:
"National Socialism has never been tried?"

0a0dd No.193211

No, much as Mussolini wasn't the embodiment of Fascism. Ideologies have their own spirit, separate from those who pioneer them.
This has never been said. Germany WAS National Socialist. Germany, however FAILED National Socialism. Not the other way around.

5e3af No.193213

>Twilight Sparkle: Friendship didn't fail me, I failed friendship.
You made me LOL, anon.

However your post points out a much more important point than simply if [insert ideology] works or doesn't. It shows that humans can not maintain a stable state and always collapse into anarchy and then try again. This ideology is just the flavour of failure.

One can say [insert social structure] failed [insert ideology] because that's exact;y how it works all the time.

25c28 No.193214

File: 1545205498343.jpg (42.54 KB, 604x453, _cant tell if.jpg)

0a0dd No.193215

That's basically the entire point to your cycles.

5e3af No.193216

All of those and more. This is a multiple choice question, yes?

5e3af No.193217

Yes. Have you seen the exit??

6ce15 No.193218

File: 1545205924470.jpg (397.51 KB, 2048x1651, National Socialism for Dum….jpg)

>It worked ….. for 12 years and imploded itself into shards of hot metal and flying bricks, totally cucking its citizenry who remained alive until this day.
This is a lie.
It didn't implode itself, but it was demolished by the jewry commanding the Allies.
NatSoc is so appealing and natural to accept that the jewry is doing its best to suppress any vestige of acceptance.

5e3af No.193219

The [insert ideology] failed to produce utopia because [insert reason].
"Failure" is the only thing worth noting.
The whole purpose of a superior ideology is that it doesn't fail. The reason is secondary.

0a0dd No.193220

Again, National Socialism didn't fail.

6ce15 No.193221

File: 1545206687909.gif (1.01 MB, 550x707, ah.gif)

You are stating a fallacy.
The ideology didn't fail at all, but it was suppressed.
But it continuous today and we are witnessing, against all odds, a timid rebirth.
NatSoc is the natural immune response to Judaism.

5e3af No.193223

But might it have if it continued?

>The Nazis came to power in the midst of Great Depression. The unemployment rate at that point in time was close to 30%.[16] At first, the new Nazi government continued the economic policies introduced by the government of Kurt von Schleicher in 1932 to combat the effects of the Depression.[17] Hitler appointed Hjalmar Schacht, a former member of the German Democratic Party, as President of the Reichsbank in 1933 and Minister of Economics in 1934.[16] The policies he inherited included a large public works programs supported by deficit spending – such as the construction of the Autobahn network – to stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment.[18] These were programs that were planned to be undertaken by the Weimar Republic during conservative Paul von Hindenburg's presidency, and which the Nazis appropriated as their own after coming to power.[19] Hjalmar Schacht created a scheme for deficit financing, in which capital projects were paid for with the issuance of promissory notes called Mefo bills, which could be traded by companies with each other.[20] This was particularly useful in allowing Germany to rearm, because the Mefo bills were not Reichsmarks and did not appear in the federal budget, so they helped conceal rearmament.[21] When the notes were presented for payment, the Reichsbank printed money. [b]This proved inadequate in 1938, when a large share of Mefo’s five-year promissory notes fell due, so the government employed “highly dubious methods” where “banks were forced to buy government bonds, and the government took money from savings accounts and insurance companies” in order to pay the holders of Mefo bills, due mainly to a serious government cash shortage.
[22] Meanwhile, Schacht's administration achieved a rapid decline in the unemployment rate, the largest of any country during the Great Depression.[16] By 1938 unemployment was practically extinct.[23]

Look at all of that beautiful National SOCIALISM. How was this debt going to be paid? We like Nazi Socialism?

5e3af No.193224

6ce15 No.193225

I will pass, thank you.

5e3af No.193226

I have no problem with NatSoc being the Spengler Imperium restoration. I merely suggest that it will reach an extremist position then fail.

5e3af No.193227

What sources will you accept as a history of Nazi Germany finances?

25c28 No.193228

Do you not like it because you are afraid of mama merkle's gestapo?

6ce15 No.193231

File: 1545207369441-0.jpg (149.87 KB, 1024x512, Adolf Hitler quote - Hitle….jpg)

File: 1545207369441-1.jpg (174.24 KB, 960x712, Aldof Hitler quote - On th….jpg)

However NatSoc is the medicine needed for our times.
Your posture is to abandon any action because is doomed for failure in the long term. But our issues are centered in present time which require immediate answers.

5e3af No.193232

My position is that the fault is never in the ideology but in the nature of predatory humans. No amount of political mechanism stops the predator from preying on the population. This natural corruption destroys any ideology and sends us to the next one in the chain.

0a0dd No.193233

And despite this, you continue to say that National Socialism failed.

25c28 No.193234

True but that Particular instinct could be discouraged systematically and Socially.

5e3af No.193235

And that is the cycle. The needed solution of the time (and the cause of the following problems). I fear that the cycle is a necessity, not a curse. It's like it's okay to have fun and get drunk and then nurse a hangover and recover until next weekend. To have the spike in fun you have to pay the price on the other side.

The alternative is to never go out. Only boring centrist cucks don't go out because they have no gfs.

6ce15 No.193236

File: 1545207664400-0.jpg (996.64 KB, 2880x1800, 2880x1800.jpg)

>Do you not like it because you are afraid of mama merkle's gestapo?
Most likely you are right.
This is the reason I am entertaining >>193223 and not calling out his obvious shilling, for now.
But patience is wearing thing.

5e3af No.193237

I'll be more precise:

[Ideology] failed to make utopia for humanity. [Ideology] didn't fail, people did, do and will.

I am looking for the ideology that stops this cycle of tragedy.

0a0dd No.193242

Then it's not ideologies that need to change, it's people.

5e3af No.193244

That seems to be the source. How do we do it? Or perhaps successful societies give too much free time/enegry to the citizenry who then becomes socially chaotic? Did we evolve minds to have problems and that breaks down when our serious problems are solved? And why is the part of the plot in The Matrix?
>The Architect created the first Matrix as a utopia for the humans whose minds inhabited it. However, the human minds rejected this first attempt as a perfect world and beta 1 of the Matrix crashed.

6ce15 No.193247

File: 1545209096417-0.gif (290.04 KB, 960x540, 1417707032761.gif)

You are polluting this thread with philosophy, matrix's theory, and politics.
The theme is interesting enough to start a new thread.
Perhaps if you fund it with logical arguments and intended consequences; it may gain traction.

5e3af No.193248

OMG the burden of responsibility is too high. Logs out.

6ce15 No.193249

File: 1545209598081-0.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy - afraid.jpg)


ecd66 No.193251

The President of the European Commission in EU
>The European Commission is an institution of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the EU treaties and managing the day-to-day business of the EU.

78de5 No.193276

It's human nature to want to solve problems, and there will always be problems to solve. People brainwashed and turned into cattle will shy away from thinking about problems, especially political ones.
Political discussions are shunned in favour of yelling, hooting, insult hurling, and other tribal stuff.
The average person won't think of political solutions to political problems, because too many have been shitpilled. Their heads have been filled with that "All politics are bullshit so there's no use fighting, voting, or resisting the will of our gods" shit.
The average person doesn't think of how he can make his country better. He thinks of how he can improve himself and his situation if you're lucky, and how he can win social points through bullshit drama if you're unlucky.

1dd60 No.193296

File: 1545246501949.png (47.24 KB, 330x400, NotanArgumentLeslieFaire.png)

>Communism is a natural extension of Libertarianism
Have you been reading only Proudhon or are you legitimately retarded? You always say "libertarianism=chaos=social decay" when there's a whole library of works dealing with your objections.

I personally don't think national socialism was sustainable over the long term, but to say it failed is ridiculous. Empirically it is impossible to say whether it was a success or failure because it was annihilated before long-term effects could be measured. Almost every resource on the subject is likely to be "Nazism=evil so it failed" or "NatSoc=good so it was successful" with very few writers being objective.

Your cycleposting is entertaining when you know something about what you're talking about and you're not derailing an important thread. Either stick to posting about UFOs (which you're good at) or actually read about opposing points of view before engaging in cognitive dissonance.

5e3af No.193920

File: 1545473818129.jpg (97.81 KB, 997x533, OECD-Taxes-2018.jpg)

>The French are the highest taxed population in the industrialized world. We are receiving numerous accounts from readers there in cities outside of Paris where there are major protests and violence taking place that people have been unable to leave their homes while others report they cannot reach them. It appears that much of the protests outside of Paris are not being reported in mainstream media. This type of media blackout has been standard in hopes of preventing others from joining.

25c28 No.194678

Any updates on the situation?

5e3af No.195135


French cop caught with bag of military-grade explosives amid Christmas hustle at Paris train station…on Christmas Eve

Published time: 28 Dec, 2018 23:41


Yellow Vest protesters attempt to storm Macron’s Mediterranean castle

Published time: 28 Dec, 2018 14:04


(via voat)

6ce15 No.195140

File: 1546072499689.gif (3.24 MB, 480x264, mmmmmmm.gif)

>French cop caught with bag of military-grade explosives amid Christmas hustle at Paris train station

9aba8 No.195160

>Yellow Vest protesters attempt to storm Macron’s Mediterranean castle
I am glad to hear that the Yellow Vests are still going strong. Gods speed to them.

a395a No.195175

>He was recently rotated from Maisons-Alfort to Calais
Ouch. Suburb of Paris to "The Jungle" at Calais. I went to Calais years ago, it was a nice small town, a lot of british tourists because it is the endpoint of the chunnel. Now, it's a refugee slum because they all want to break into england.

That's enough to red-pill anyone.

25c28 No.195195

>yellow vests
>in the Mediterranean
Are there Italian and Greek yellow vests now?

0b542 No.195196

Good luck out there French bros.

5e3af No.195335

File: 1546211644178.jpg (183.46 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20181229_142714.jpg)

5e3af No.196584

File: 1546743487517-0.jpg (146.07 KB, 1144x912, paris-riots-5.jpg)

>The Rebellion Continues – Increased Yellow Vest Protests in France Following Arrest of Key Organizer – Government Spokesman Evacuated by Police…

8266c No.196861

6ce15 No.196862

File: 1546889560429-0.mp4 (5.6 MB, 854x480, 2019.01.06 - Boxer Takes O….mp4)

File: 1546889560429-1.webm (4.77 MB, 854x480, 2019.01.06 - French Rocky….webm)

Videos from yesterday.

25c28 No.196866

File: 1546892389608.jpg (42.51 KB, 500x418, _frog pepe.jpg)


0a0dd No.196896

I hereby dub thee: The Baguette Boxer.

0e9d4 No.197288

File: 1547046865848.jpg (302.05 KB, 1000x1000, doitfaggot.jpg)

60675 No.197308

Why don't they try to pull the shields away?

17b4d No.197330

Crashing the eurozone with no survivors.

9bb78 No.197336

Gods speed to the Yellow Vests.

0e9d4 No.197439

File: 1547092250249.png (274.27 KB, 500x375, 29e.png)

I have a felling banks will be on fire the Saturday after people wont be able to withdraw their money.

9dcab No.197447

I really hope the run on the banks is successful in stirring up some mayhem.
It could prove to the kikes that people can still really fuck up the (((system))) if they're angry enough.

425a5 No.197453

Setting the fed in fire is the ultimate sign of the happening indeed, the only way to top that, is to bomb Israel.

9dcab No.197464

A bombing of Israel is to be expected every now and then. They're surrounded by other hostile breeds of sandniggers on all sides.
They need to be nukes, in order to really scare them.

0e9d4 No.197549

File: 1547139724223.png (220.21 KB, 628x460, fuckofzion.png)

I would literally jizz my pants watching Israel nuked.

60675 No.197550

I'd jizz in all my pants.

9dcab No.198043

Is this gonna happen?

c52ab No.198045

One hand has a shield, the other a baton. If you grab the shield with both hands, you get the baton to the face.

The boxer took the offensive, moved quickly, the cop gets one shot with the baton, boxer mostly dodges, then delivers 3-4 hits to the cop's face, repeat. Even then, he doesn't bother to try to strip the shield, he just goes around it or punches through it.

5e3af No.198064

File: 1547312715022-0.png (809.44 KB, 1017x764, 70zd.png)

File: 1547312715022-1.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1600, 70ze.png)

File: 1547312715022-2.png (1.63 MB, 1200x900, 70zf.png)

File: 1547312715022-3.jpg (597.8 KB, 1536x2048, 70zg.jpg)

0e9d4 No.198088

File: 1547325211136-0.jpg (20.75 KB, 316x316, 1547218748764.jpg)

File: 1547325211136-1.png (524.18 KB, 768x512, 1547323739661.png)

File: 1547325211136-2.jpg (25.94 KB, 498x323, 1544398834726.jpg)

File: 1547325211136-3.png (1.39 MB, 2347x1121, yay.png)

0a0dd No.198201

File: 1547365695977.png (244.74 KB, 894x894, 1166045__safe_artist-colon….png)

We need more French nation ponies.

5e3af No.199240

Fascism vs Freedom. Which side are you on?


9bb78 No.199244

I'm on the side of nation states and the end of the EU and Merkels reign. So I guess Freedom, but every nation once they are free from the new world order and the leftist globalist agenda, they can choose their path themselves. I prefer freedom, but freedom as in personal freedoms. Dangerous freedom is preferable to safe slavery ruled by leftists.
I hope the truth gets out to the masses soon so Europeans can see what Merkel and Macron wants for them.

9bb78 No.199276

Yellow Vest protest live feed (Ruptly)

0b542 No.200831

Godspeed. Keep fighting.

25c28 No.200847

Any Updates?

9bb78 No.202301

12th week Yellow Vest protest
Ruptly live stream https://youtu.be/of57ZLniAyQ

5e3af No.203622

News from anon in France:

I know you guys are mostly focused on what’s going on in the U.S but I also know you like having news from France. I had not posted in a while about yellow vest protest because there’s not that much going on. There still are protest every Saturday, but it seems, in my opinion, that it’s not improving much our situation here. Our president, Micron, has organized a national debate which has been ongoing for the few last weeks. He’s going everywhere in the country to talk with regular people and mostly mayors. It’s just a communication operation if you ask me since he already said he won’t change the way he runs the country. He’s trying to close the deal by setting up a referendum on the E.U election day coming in May. Approval rate, according to MSM poll, is still high (about 55-60%). Macron’s politics rate approval is also rising…

There is also something new with Italy, Italian prime minister came in France to support the yellow vest, that was not very well seen in Paris as you can guess.

There’s been a new development which I find to be very funny and I believe you will enjoy ! First you guys need a bit of background : On first of May, every year, we celebrate labour day. This is a tradition, in France, to go on the streets and protest on that very date which is a bank holiday. Anyone can come : unions, political parties, organizations whatever you could think of… Here is a link of an English article explaining it better than I do : https://www.thelocal.fr/20160429/what-to-expect-in-france-this-may-day

Last year on that day Alexandre Benalla, got caught on video beating up some protesters. Issue is that the guy is not a cop but was, back then, working at the Elysées as a security man for Micron (a top guy, very close to Micron). He had nothing to do there… Micron, Gvt and many cops, highly ranked, knew about it the very next day. They chose to remain silent hoping, I guess, it would not become public. It did become public in July, that was a big thing here (very big indeed). Long story short he’s been fired and we’ve learnt since then that this guy should met justice soon for many good reasons. Long story in English here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benalla_affair

Last week Mediapart, which is a French media on internet (https://www.mediapart.fr/) which is supposed to be independent (I wouldn’t bet on that) got an audio recording of Mr Benalla bragging about the affair and what Micron told him. That was a very private conversation (that took place back in July when the affaire was revealed) and the audio is good so you can assume someone in the room was recording it without Benalla noticing, probably a trusted person. On Monday cops come to mediapart office with a search warrant, mediapart refused it in order to protect their sources : they have the right to do so. On Thursday we learn that Prime minister security chief of staff resigned from her position, it would seem that her husband and Benalla are involved in a contract negotiation with Iskander Makhmudov, 22nd wealthiest person in Russia according to Forbes… That happened when Benalla was still in the Elysée. It would seem that Vincent Craze (which work in macron’s party) and was with Benalla on that 1st of may affaire received 300000 € in that business. There also are rumors that Prime minister chief of staff could be the one who did the audio recording…

So we have Russian collusion, bribery and, it would seem, treasonous acts between Micron and his prime minister. I don’t know if Q is behind any of this but if he’s not that might be a good opportunity to pull the trigger on French Gvt. And Micron.

Hope you guys enjoyed our own Russian collusion which should be buried soon. Q, if you have any free time this week-end and are willing to take care of France : Be my guest !

PS : I’ve read a few post about France saying there must be a civil war going on that is not the case at all, it’s actually calmer than it was a few weeks ago…


92351 No.203649

Kind of odd that you have a german flag. (give back clay)

It is sad to see Jupiters polls rising. But you saying he is traveling around the country seems odd. I have the feeling that he is more often in germany or brussels to pull his "EU is awesome " stunts than he in in france to take care for his people.

5e3af No.203670

I'm relaying the report… not making the report.

9bb78 No.203684

I hope Macron goes down in fires. It is amazing how much dirty deeds the Socialists and globalists are doing. Thanks for the indepth update.

9bb78 No.203740

File: 1549729774547.png (1.87 MB, 1889x1062, Screenshot (85).png)

>Yellow vest protester 'has hand torn off' amid violent clashes between police and demonstrators in Paris

>A yellow vest protester has suffered a horrific hand injury in Paris as violent demonstrations continue for the 13th consecutive weekend across France.

>Chaos broke out near the Champs-Elysees and the National Assembly on Saturday, with the demonstrators set to continue weaving through the streets before ending at the Eiffel Tower.
>Fire department spokesman Gildas Lecoeur said the injured man had a bloodied hand and was taken to a hospital.


6ce15 No.203861

It looks antifa to me.

5e3af No.203978

File: 1549837371186.mp4 (6.76 MB, 1280x720, Oh boy what a shot - 13th ….mp4)


13th week: #GiletsJaunes #Yellowvests protest: #Paris

- Ongoing protests in all cities in France
- Mainstream media: 'a few protesters'
- Protests against Macron govt, high taxes, labor laws
- More than 1000 arrested, hundreds of wounded, multiple dead

Courtesy of Q who added commentary:

Would you know if not posted by individuals on social media?
FAKE NEWS attempting to 'CONTROL' the narrative by not providing coverage?
Do the protests in EU go against the narrative that majority of people are for globalism, open borders, and mass immigration?
1. Dilution of citizen voice
2. Dilution of citizen vote
3. Dilution of national independence
>Police turned against its own citizens
>Citizens turned against its own police
>People v People
Controlled media > prevent mass awareness
If the news doesn't report the facts (ie, truth) - how do people get informed in order to be heard?
Silence the people.
Localize disruption.
Target leaders of disruption (quietly take action).
Deploy scare tactics & political cross-talk
Control volume.
The media no longer represents the will of the people.
Think for yourself.
Research for yourself.
Trust yourself.
Sheep no more.

6ce15 No.204025

File: 1549854683441.png (559.21 KB, 521x721, 2019.02.10 - Paris - Juden….png)

To goyim know.
Today, a bakery in Paris calling the jew.

6ce15 No.204167

File: 1549951886872.png (1.55 MB, 1346x4148, canvas.png)

>44% of Gilets Jaunes think there is a Zionist conspiracy on a global scale.
>“immigration is organised deliberately by our political, intellectual and media elites to bring about the replacement of the European population with an immigrant population”.
Sauce: https://diversitymachtfrei.wordpress.com/2019/02/11/44-of-gilets-jaunes-think-there-is-a-zionist-conspiracy-on-a-global-scale/

5e3af No.204196

File: 1549976677143.jpg (21.26 KB, 646x361, france_abortions.jpg)

It is inevitable that a people who won't replace themselves will be replaced by others. 2.1 needed for replacement. People can whine all they like, but actually having and raising kids is the only useful action. The rest is wasted effort and blame deflection.

All women living in metropolitan France 1.74
Women born in Metropolitan France 1.70
Immigrant women 2.16
Women born in overseas France 1.86


69f1b No.204213

>It is inevitable that a people who won't replace themselves will be replaced by others. 2.1 needed for replacement. People can whine all they like, but actually having and raising kids is the only useful action. The rest is wasted effort and blame deflection.
Yeah, let's just pretend white people weren't told "Whiteness is bad for the environment! Have fewer kids and get abortions and dogs instead or the world will be destroyed!" for decades while "Strong wamen don't need men or want men!" and "Good Commie Goys don't get jobs or reproduce!" and other lies were shoved down their throats 24/7.
Let's just blame the fucking victims, instead of the globalist criminals who've been eroding whiteness away for longer than most of us have spent being alive. Fuck naming the jew, let's blame white people like the jews say to!
Honestly, where the fuck is a white man who wants kids and a job supposed to go? No business wants to be more than 50% white, so for every 1 willingly jobless nigger, there are over 10 unwillingly jobless whites. How is he supposed to afford a house big enough to raise more than one to two kids in, when the cancerous Perpetual-Baby Boomers are vampirically feeding off our wealth and potential growth? And where is a white man supposed to find a woman to raise kids with when thanks to feminism, it is in her best interest to appear kind and youthful and moral until she's got kids and a marriage contract she can use to exploit him and financially enslave him with the aid of the globalist governments? I fucking dare you to say "Just lift weights to become a 6/10 or 8/10 then fuck a 4/10 fat blob who watches Netflix all day" like every other fucking wannabe does when he talks this pro-globalist the-complainer-is-always-wrong mouthcancer.
I fucking dare you to say a man should forget everything and become the ideal woman for a four-hundred-pound obeast that can't breed, can't sing, can't dance, can't do anything except lie down and watch Netflix and get mad when you ask it for sex or any other thing women used to do before Globalists brainwashed them.
Getting angry. Getting violent. Fighting back against globalism. Purging the niggers and faggots and commies and Jews.
These things help make the world a better place for white humanity.
You know what doesn't make the world a better place for white humanity?
Your smug, dismissive, Merkelian tone.
The globalists declared war on whiteness long ago. Sure, the generations of old deserve to be mocked for buying into the jew lies, before the internet provided an alternative to TV. (Then again, radios existed back then)
But blaming whites for the problems Jews gave them helps nobody but the Jews.
You're on the wrong site if you want reddit upvotes for this worthless post, nigger.
Stop sucking Merkel's cock and stop being her advocate.

5e3af No.204265

The weak should fear the strong. Obviously whites are weak minded.

6ce15 No.204267

File: 1550007717925.png (105.5 KB, 1155x800, 1759164.png)

>It is inevitable that a people who won't replace themselves will be replaced by others.
I strongly disagree.
The inevitability is manufactured by the (((overlords))) and their narrative and justification repeated by NPCs or malicious kikes and their golems who truly understand its consequences and are rubbing their hands.
Replacement is genocide and a crime that will be harshly dealt when the time comes.

6ce15 No.204269

File: 1550009015258.png (503.43 KB, 557x768, Revenge.png)

>Replacement is genocide and a crime that will be harshly dealt when the time comes.
The magnitude of this racial genocide is unprecedented and in the same way its architects, executioners, and supporters are targeting our livelihood and children's future, our hate and rage must target theirs.
We didn't started this war, but we will end it along with all our enemies, their children, and any legacy left.

a91a6 No.204272

Wars begin when you will, but they do not end when you please.

8093b No.204276

File: 1550010351568.jpeg (168.35 KB, 562x1421, (b-edit)soldat_indigo_zap….jpeg)

There are many reasons behind our decline, but for the ones pushing it the hardest; yes,it's the Jews.

5e3af No.204281

File: 1550012531089.jpg (76.12 KB, 600x325, DurexCondomsMrPrice_large.jpg)

Video games and shit posting > raising children.
Leave the future to us, we have it all sorted out.

5e3af No.204282

File: 1550012957308.jpg (78.73 KB, 630x630, 3562583_0.jpg)

A race war from a declining race is excellent for the Green Movement. Less humans is the ultimate goal! The Earth thanks you.

6ce15 No.204284

File: 1550013859760.jpg (117.28 KB, 1280x1280, 1280x1280bb.jpg)

>Less humans is the ultimate goal! The Earth thanks you.
If you are referring to exterminate all or most of the non-White and mongrels, I agree. They are reproducing like rats.
But if you are shilling for a reduction on the European breed, the only race declining along with the Japanese, then please neck yourself.

5e3af No.204286

Those who breed win.

6ce15 No.205519

File: 1550472055793-0.png (2.09 MB, 1346x2278, canvas.png)

File: 1550472055793-1.mp4 (7.76 MB, 640x352, Video French Female Police….mp4)

It looks like kikes servants' crimes aren't any longer unnoticed and DOTR is slowly materializing.
>Video: French Female Police Officer Starts Crying When Yellow Vests Are Mean to Her
Sauce: https://dailystormer.name/video-french-female-police-officer-starts-crying-when-yellow-vests-are-mean-to-her/

784a5 No.205536

And thats why you put people into such positions based on skill and not to fulfill some bullshit gender quota.

6ce15 No.206327

File: 1550803375465.png (3.73 MB, 977x5530, canvas.png)

AWOO is getting more redpilled.

>Jewish Organisations In France Demand End To Yellow Vest Protests

>The Representative Council of Jewish Organisations of France has commanded the ruthless Macronist regime to permanently end the Yellow Vest protests that have rocked France over the last few months.

9bb78 No.206328

>Jewish Organisations In France Demand End To Yellow Vest Protests
And they think that their demands of "Drastic measures to bring the demonstrations to an end" will be met with understanding from the Yellow Vest people?

5e3af No.208210

File: 1551612745115.jpg (70.32 KB, 962x638, 10493956-6763613-image-a-3….jpg)

>Yellow Vest activists set bins ablaze while police pelt mobs with tear gas as violence erupts in France for 16th weekend in row over Macron's tax policies

f5395 No.208236

Hahaha; no but really with the amount of times the CRS and cops remaining at the service of the gov't shot or harmed protestors they are literally asking for it. No wonder they don't get to rekt the dindus in the suburbs.

They are pathetic.

and it will not end. Macron DID the tax increases. And even if the movement is being filled by edgy leftists trying to poison the yellow vest movement with green bullshit and CGT flags, the real ones are here to stay.

c18e2 No.208278

File: 1551634578099.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 1540903630937.png)

Why the dude ain't the one driving?
girls in police forces are good at de-escalanting small situations like rounding up drunk retards that don't want to go home.

Not be in the heat of tough situations

6ce15 No.208511

File: 1551667827889-0.mp4 (178.39 KB, 320x576, Wheelchair-Bound Yellow-Ve….mp4)

File: 1551667827889-1.mp4 (8.53 MB, 592x1280, Gilets Jaunes Européens Tw….mp4)

From today.
>Wheelchair-Bound Yellow-Vest Pepper-Sprayed By French Cops; Another Man Shot In Face
At some moment I believe, the people has to reach the conclusion that police are meant to apply violence on them to protect and impose the will of the Overlords; and the time to hunt down the people enemies and their golems has to begin.

25c28 No.208519

Day of the guillotine when?

6ce15 No.208837

File: 1551878122672.png (3.12 MB, 1346x3689, 1percent.png)

>France’s Yellow Vests: Proving cops are indeed part of the 1%

5e3af No.208853

File: 1551882404464.jpg (41.76 KB, 524x763, _filly leaving the cycle.jpg)


Peak authoritarianism? Time to head towards the freedom/chaos of hippie libertarianism?

6ce15 No.208854

Most likely of time for bullets and fire.

25c28 No.208855

We Haven't peaked yet. shits gonna get a whole lot worse.

5e3af No.208856

Ah! We have to go hard right first! Then rebel against that by becoming hippies afterwards.

6ce15 No.208861

File: 1551883873827.jpg (137.37 KB, 700x700, a0633323469_5.jpg)

Die Kampfzeit kommt, niemand kann sie aufhalten.

5e3af No.208863

File: 1551884215352.jpg (96.42 KB, 700x550, ud.jpg)

Unintelligent Design demands it! >>208731

6ce15 No.210452

File: 1552451839595-0.mp4 (10.86 MB, 640x360, A Message to the World fro….mp4)

File: 1552451839595-1.mp4 (2.78 MB, 720x720, French police beat screami….mp4)

All these psychos have the same profile, it is funny how they complain when somebody hit them back.
But I believe it will be even funnier when the people ransack their homes as a compliment for their treason.

25c28 No.210462

I Wonder how many of those "Frenchmen" that were beating that woman,are shitskins?

9bb78 No.210490

I hope the rest of Europe wakes up and see what is happening in France in the name of the EU and Macron. And that the news media will start reporting about it.

Looks like Macron wants to become leader of Europe and create the new USSR.
>ALDE is the fourth biggest party in the European Parliament and has courted Macron, whose Republic on the Move party has no lawmakers in the assembly as it was created after the last EU parliament election.
>As the election race heats up, Macron has been cool to the idea of joining the ALDE alliance, aiming instead to create his own centrist coalition on the European stage in which he would call the shots.

6ce15 No.211793

File: 1552807341965.png (5.17 MB, 1346x6030, canvas.png)

>Chaos Breaks Out As Yellow Vests Clash With French Police

>Acte 18: les Gilets jaunes défilent à Paris après la fin du Grand débat


9bb78 No.212205

>France bans Yellow Vest protests

>France's prime minister has announced a ban on yellow vest protests on Paris' Champs-Elysees avenue and in two other French cities following riots on Saturday that left luxury stores ransacked and charred from arson fires.

>Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the ban would apply for an unspecified period in the neighborhoods that have been "the most impacted" in the cities of Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse where repeated destruction has occurred since the yellow vest protest movement began in November.
>Philippe announced new security measures Monday following a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and top security officials aimed at avoiding a repeat of Saturday's violence, in which rioters set life-threatening fires, ransacked luxury stores and attacked police around the Champs-Elysees.
>He also said Paris police chief Michel Delpuech will be replaced this week by prefect Didier Lallement.

66985 No.212279

Did they ban protecting altogether, or ban protesting in yellow vests?

9bb78 No.212515

From what I understand they banned protesting in most areas in Paris.

6ce15 No.213500

File: 1553319332978-0.png (2.27 MB, 1342x2331, canvas.png)

File: 1553319332978-1.png (669.16 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190323_013425.png)

File: 1553319332978-2.png (672.66 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190323_013447.png)

6ce15 No.214028

File: 1553593011519.mp4 (11.26 MB, 854x480, Yellow vests - Paris 2019-….mp4)

Yellow vests - Paris 2019-03-23
The fire rises and it looks like those siding against the People soon will pay.

9bb78 No.214036

>The fire rises and it looks like those siding against the People soon will pay.

66985 No.214038

File: 1553604494261.png (1.01 MB, 1372x3221, 1589102.png)

The entire French government needs to have their heads roll.

ea16b No.214043

File: 1553610358827-0.jpg (36.8 KB, 600x600, clippty.jpg)

File: 1553610358827-1.jpg (38.86 KB, 600x615, 1551563109245.jpg)

If Article 13 wont tip people over the edge I don't know what will. I don't think Europe can save it's self.

9bb78 No.214051

I fear we will need some help from overseas. The governments in Europe have made it into an artform not pissing off too many people at any time. This way with the help of the media they manage to keep power and subdue the people. Remember we have never had true free speech over here. But I hope things will change.

ea16b No.214054

File: 1553617657289.png (402.81 KB, 500x464, shittygov.png)

This is what happens when you let an unelectable "government" tell your country what to do.

6ce15 No.214787

File: 1554047819161.png (6.06 MB, 1346x8192, canvas.png)

>French people defy Macron's diktats: Yellow Vests flood streets of France for 20th straight weekend

6ce15 No.216131

File: 1554887958278.webm (17.02 MB, 854x480, Suicides surge among Fren….webm)

Video from 2018 about zogbots complaining, but not a word about quitting.
It looks like to renounce to their privileges and crimes is a hard habit.
>Suicides surge among French police, why?

d3be7 No.216139


6ce15 No.216236

File: 1554971994340-0.png (693.23 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190411_043140.png)

File: 1554971994340-1.png (899.93 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_20190411_043109.png)

>Yellow Vests: Realisation
>The following mini film was created by a Yellow Vest who goes by the name “Stef B” and recounts their journey from ignorance to realisation concerning what’s happening in France, detailing along the way the “slaps” they received that helped them to pull their head out of the sand.

6ce15 No.218364

File: 1555739344067.png (1.36 MB, 1027x2226, ts.png)

>Six months after it begins, the oligarchs/Macron versus Gilets Jaunes battle is still raging and will keep on

9bb78 No.218398

The Yellow Vests have turned up the heat today.

34392 No.218399

Can't see any dead 1%ers or their puppets tho.

9bb78 No.218400

That is true. Makes you wonder what the French carpenters are doing. They should have plenty of guillotines ready by now.

6ce15 No.218405

>They should have plenty of guillotines ready by now.
The obstacle to reach the oligarchs and their golems are the zogbots, to pacify them first is a must.

9bb78 No.218408

File: 1555768759988.png (1.93 MB, 1746x980, Screenshot (75).png)

I wonder what news outlet the man they arrested works for. Lets hope it is a major one.

9bb78 No.218434

It is reported that at lest 126 people have been arrested (so far).

66985 No.218436

The fire rises.

6ce15 No.218928

File: 1556014019679.png (998.18 KB, 1321x1594, ss.png)

>Suicide Rate Doubles In France Among Police

But still not one word about quitting or turning their guns against other policemen committing crimes against the French People.
It looks like shape shifting to adapt to the political winds might be their way.

6ce15 No.219688

File: 1556530600277.png (231.41 KB, 898x730, Screen-Shot-2019-04-29-at-….png)

A fake tweet underscoring hypocrisy.

a7449 No.219709

File: 1556558796246-0.jpg (29.02 KB, 600x381, puppet.jpg)

File: 1556558796246-1.png (260.61 KB, 2000x2733, WTENqTN.png)

What a fucking tool. At least entertain us again.

6ce15 No.219713

File: 1556559785129.mp4 (9.22 MB, 854x480, Why the Yellow Jackets are….mp4)

>Why the Yellow Jackets are leading to nowhere

a7449 No.219723

File: 1556564501719.jpg (38.75 KB, 474x341, 1556464689906.jpg)

>Not bitching about the jews in the ECB.
The ECB are frauds just the the Federal Reserve Bank. Money in France is as worthless as the U.S. dollar. They are fucked no matter what they do now. Unless you kick out the central bank.

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