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File: 1542615112987.png (189.73 KB, 2000x1143, 2000px-Flag_of_Mexico.svg.png)

2356d No.187532

Ah the internet, where at anytime you have no idea who you are talking to nor where they come from. So through a string of events I cracked a joke when another I was talking to made a typo and I said "I don't speak beaner nor invasionese." Well another in the chat who was from south America, took note and became really offended at the term "Invasionese". Of course to them an most of the other this made me seem like a racist, as if I care. But why so offended? Seriously? As if Beaner isn't offensive? But they went on as to say "Don't say that Spanish is Invasionese"

When I was referring to the word, I was trying to play into context of the caravan invasion but really as if I would have them figure that out. When I tried to explain sovereignty, I think they were in disbelief as if that made me more bigoted or racist? I may of offended this person but really, why are they offended if they aren't invading another country? How many times have America been called "Imperialist Pigs" and English as "The Language of Western Culture", remembering how they loath western culture and call it evil.

People today don't have thick skins, they are weak and pathetic and take offense to every single thing there is. The moment you dare lash out and throw a few punches yourself, you are suddenly the bad guy. Honestly don't fucking care.

But in all seriousness, what does MPOL think of the term "Invasionese" is that offensive? Did I go too far with out realizing how it could be offensive? Or really do people just need to learn how to stop allowing themselves to get their panties in a bind over stupid shit?

fc6c3 No.187533

I've never heard of "Invasionese" before. I think I ought to start using it. I usually to the Spanish language as "Mexican." Maybe "invasionese" would be a good term for Arabic or other languages instead or as well

de588 No.187534

File: 1542615540114.png (122.53 KB, 1024x796, littlepip__malicious_by_ab….png)

>Did I go too far with out realizing how it could be offensive?
You hit a sensible string. That is the reason of the outrage.
And it is worth to exploit even further.

2356d No.187536

>Never Change /mpol/

Well, I feel bad but better at the same time. Thanks.

b00f4 No.187547

I agree with both of the first posters. Invasionese is a great term and you should be proud of it.

2356d No.187551

I swear if that term starts trending, I would be surprised.

9b0c9 No.187555

People get offended the most by the truth. And emotional reactions are all that is left when no logical rebuttal can be used. You can only laugh something off if your armour does not get pierced.

Spain are invaders, Spanish is a language of invaders and very relevant to South America.

2356d No.187556

That was a good line of what you said, "You can only laugh something off if your armour doesn't not get pierced." I always heard of those that are 'thin skinned' but it just the way you said it that made it quite elegant.

Yeah, Most of all of Europe are no more than conquers, invaders, settlers and pioneers. Even if it was derogatory when I used it, fuck, own it like a badge. Years of conquest to build a nation and years more of war, conquest, and invasion. All because we want a better life ay?

Also checked.

9b0c9 No.187564

Thank you. I should probably correct "South America" to "Mexico" because technically it is in the North American continent.
I don't think modern culture has the right to retroactively just past cultures. Different times, different pressures to cope with. Human migration and invasion is natural, see all of history and pre-history. (Homosapians should have stayed out of Europe! Europe in Neanderthal clay!)

The anti-invader current climate is relevant to today's national actions (not the past) and is also today a culture war weapon. (Humans can't escape that they are clan based, war-like predators.) If any Libs are concerned about past invasions they could stand up for their cause by returning to Europe today. You have to go back!

We are at that awkward point of being more and more mutually integrated by high speed travel and communications but with a legacy of clan based historical perspectives. It's an improvement that we are emotionally shooting each other rather than physically doing it.

This will all smooth out as the centuries roll by. It's not a conspiracy, it's entropy.

2356d No.187566

The great heat death, if only. Perhaps one day it will happen on earth but that in my humble opinion would only be if we most likely kill all ourselves first. The next big conquest is space, it will be locally at first but mark my words it will stretch beyond the influence of earth and stretch into the cosmos. Our Moon, Mars, Venus, and the far reach of our solar system are just stepping stones. As long as there are places to reach for, we can never smooth out. Just think, a globalist would be synonymous with Nationalist, but the entire globe would be one nation, we would be fighting for mars and it's independence, who knows, the moon might revolt too. Never know what could happen when we keep reaching for the stars. Given we don't all die off first.

And I sorta agree that we have improved over the years of emotionally shooting another, but let's hope that emotions don't run wild. When so many run on emotions, it can lead to war.

9b0c9 No.187568

Have you watched The Expanse? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3230854/ Yes, you'd be right, globalists end up just being a faction when we are a space civilization. And over time they develop separate cultures. Interestingly they would be unlikely to be race based(?). But humanity has no problem with dividing and fighting over any difference. Really it is just excuses to control the resources for continuation of your culture/ideas/beliefs the rest is just propaganda.

The mass psychological "system" we "occupy" is self correcting, including in negative ways, whilst preserving that humans are freewilled/random. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attractor#Strange_attractor ). When a civilization becomes flush will resources it used to lead to baby booms (and perhaps slaves) but with contraception and modern morality it now becomes flush with randomised perspectives and opinions and the free time and excess resources are then used to fight each other (see social media) rather than raise those kids which would soak up those excess resources and time. This means there is an upper limit to how utopian we can get. We seem to be in the process of tearing down the social infrastructure of the West, "because we are bored and it's was fun."

Humanity can't do large scale integration, it would need to be done via globalist authoritarianism, technology or mind control. Moving into space creates even more division because while oceans and mountain ranges are large, space is larger. So yes, I suppose it won't smooth out …. unless globalists hide space tech from us ……

Should a non-united planet go into space?

2356d No.187573

We have already went into space and locally have become united. ISS is probably the only place with in the sphere of influence of earth that USA and RUSSIA are not at war. Funny how that is.

Our desires to expand will continue as it is the next frontier. We conquered flight and now travel anywhere on the globe in a matter of hours, not months. When we did take flight, it changed forever the way we fight war. War is coming but I think it will be mostly in space, just like how airplanes was the next big thing, everything will be in space. It will probably result in WWIII and just like WWII which lead to more unification, the UN, EU, NATO and so on, I believe it will happen again but unifying the nation.

I feel this will be a good thing only at first as we then focus on expanding in space but only to have the power in charge become more tyrannical and places like the moon and mars will be the new "America" which will colonize and revolt against the tyrant. This will probably continue for eons. Our nations are built by land masses, then it will be by planets and moons, then the solar system, then it will expand to other systems, eventually it will take the entire arm of galaxy's and the entire galaxy itself. We will grow exponentially till everything is conquered or simply dies off. We don't know what is out there and chances are there are others out there that has been at this allot longer than we have. Just like the neanderthals, they didn't last forever and were replaced. Perhaps we could travel the stars, perhaps we too are destined to be replaced.

Also, never watched The Expanse. Perhaps I will look into it.

9b0c9 No.187576

Because there is a lack of opportunity to do it as a single nation. And even less so as the world ages and economically falters in the near future.

>War is coming but I think it will be mostly in space

and like aeroplanes they will bomb or directed-energy-weapon what is on the ground. You have to take out the production facilities to make winning faster. Satellites shooting and dodging satellites is amusing though.

>Our desires to expand will continue as it is the next frontier.

It has to be economically fruitful. So asteroid/comet mining. And then the economics will need to be militarily protected. Which means if nations are the prime way Earth operates, space objects will become nations property. Probably creating more economic disparity and then more migration tensions. No free lunches. No good deed goes unpunished.

>WWII which lead to more unification, the UN, EU, NATO and so on

Nothing scares the elite more than competing elites with big weapons. Best to unite the various cabals into the global cabal. Which periodically will be overthrown by an over-abuse public.

>places like the moon and mars will be the new "America"

>we would be fighting for mars
The greater the division (physical or ideological) the more likely the conflict. Martians aren't going to like being strip mined for rich Earthers.
You definitely need to watch The Expanse. It covers all of this we are discussing.

People do what hurts the least. People don't do what is the best (best takes effort which is a pain). When it hurts more to not work together then we will work together. The UN is the world fleeing from the pain of Armageddon. Later it is an opportunity for the 3% of the human psychopaths to play power games. Followed by the 3% of males who are pedophiles.

To improve humanity, we need to improve the faulty human.

2356d No.187577

It never seases to amaze me how interesting conversations one can have when you just open up and talk. I would continue if not for needing a bit of sleep. All nighters tend to do that. Im sure this thread will be here when I get back, one thing I sorta like about /mlpol/

9b0c9 No.187578

Sleep well it was fun. Now I can go do some painful rl things rather than pleasant digital no-things. :) And yes the permanence of /mlpol/ threads is nice. I once posted a long thread on 4/mu/ about music with dozens of youtube links. 1 hour later it's gone. Why bother?

ec410 No.187602

I can only wish I was that creative. I guess I'll add "Invasionese" to my vocabulary.

93510 No.187665

Everytime a latino speaks about racism, I have to look a bit with disbelief.
I mean, here in Argentina is easy to be racist when most latinos segregate themselves.
Plus, is funny when a latino speaks about racism when they can throw worse slurs against racists.
There's a song called frijolero (beaner) by Molotov.
At one point, a border patrol officer says:
>Don't call me gringo you fuckin' beaner. Stay on your side of that goddamn river.
>Don't call me gringo, you beaner.
And the singer replies:
>No me digas beaner Mr. Puñetero.
Don't call me beaner Mr Assfag (slang for somebody who takes fists up his ass)
>Te sacaré un susto por racista y culero.
I'm going to scare you (slang for punch him) for racist and a fag
>No me llames frijolero pinche gringo puñetero.
Don't call me beaner fucking gringo assfag

Those internet baby boys need a thicker skin.
"Invasionese" sounds like a chinese invasion. Or a different brand of mayoinese.

9a636 No.187701

>When I tried to explain sovereignty, I think they were in disbelief as if that made me more bigoted or racist?
This is one of the things about Leftists that annoys me the most. The mere concept of sovereign states is offensive to them.
It must not fit into their global communist Utopia dream.
In the U.S. liberals consider calling illegal immigrants "invaders" to be offensive, so they would consider that term to also be offensive. Any vaguely-negative connotation applied to shitskins is going to be offensive to leftists.
I, for one, consider illegal immigrants to be invaders; so I don't care.
That aside, "invasionese" has a sound to it like it was intended to be a bit edgy. If your message was to say that illegal immigrants are barbaric invaders and criminals who don't respect our nation sovereignty (which they most certainly are), then it fits, but not if you don't want to offend the crybabies.

2356d No.188037

With the whole "beaner" and "Invaisonese" when I used it, it was because one person was correcting me that the mistyped word would of not been Spanish, to which I spoke, "I don't speak invaisonese" I guess I had in the back of my mind the whole Caravan thing and were more or less attacking the language. Oh well.

And yes, when it comes down to many today, everyone has this false vision of everyone sitting around a canpfire singing cu.bye.ya or how ever you say it. Then again, they reject God so scratch that they just want to get high.

91b7e No.195144

When my guys got infinitely pissed over Trump statement "Mexico has very good people, etc…but they're not sending us the best, they're sending rapists, killers, thiefs,etc.".
I have told them, "What you're calling patriotism, i call it insecurity".

d4edf No.195158

Remembering the human is for plebbitors

619d2 No.195168

Nigger cracker beaner kike
Nobody likes to be reduced and insulted
Luckily /Mlpol/ in a board of peace and all of us have green skin (if you have technicolor fur please be in Berlin)
All that matters is if you got something interesting or funny to say

619d2 No.195171

It is the same as the LHC or any major enterprise
The people there are not the average russian/burger/sandnigger/whatever but ones of the elite that have a favor for science
No wonder they put effort into it and get along

ec410 No.195178

Cracker is honestly the least-effective derogatory term in existence.

619d2 No.195182

Redneck honky reatard faggot spaz…
Take your pick

ec410 No.195183

I will never not laugh when I hear someone say "honky".

93fe8 No.195191

You weren't offensive enough. You are Disavowed by mlpol.

93510 No.195201

The heck is a honky? The only honky I have in my head is Honky Tonk.

93fe8 No.195202

thats what niggers(and other sub humans) call whites.

93510 No.195203

Funny, that doesn't sound like an insult; sounds like a friendly way to call you drunk.

93fe8 No.195204

Yea they arent smart enough to come up with a good insult.

53e35 No.195207

Well, as a supremely racist neo nazi, i love the term, and will refer to spicish as invasionese from now on.

My only concern is they might take it as reference to the spanish empire, but nothings perfect.

dde7b No.195233

Whats wrong with the color black or with beans or with circels or with burgers?

b21a9 No.195234

File: 1546128520091.jpg (32.64 KB, 498x324, unogreencards.jpg)

93510 No.195250

If you explain me what does circels means, I can tell you what is about each one of them.

75a29 No.197720

File: 1547191536889.gif (914.89 KB, 500x285, 1546279586018.gif)


I'm going to start using that.

f45da No.197791

wtf mlpol

04385 No.197858

Fugoff invader!

93fe8 No.197896

some of you are alright, Dont go to the border tomorrow.

d4c26 No.197991

I dunno how to feel, i wanted to join the Mexicans, but they treated me like shit because i was White and i also had US citizenship since i was born so…

64de0 No.198145

File: 1547339701644.jpg (2.52 KB, 100x125, 1535923729533s.jpg)

It sounds a bit messy to coin as powerful insult. Try I don't speak "illegal" or "boardrunner"?

be149 No.198153

Nah dude, Invasion-ese sounds like Chin-ese.

be149 No.198154

Just as Chinese means people of China, Invasionese means people of the invasion. It's perfect.

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