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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>179035


File: 1541047572741.png (452.27 KB, 4840x4840, HI, ME!.png)


File: 1541047750570.png (627.05 KB, 1342x1362, 1523331769614-0.png)

I call dibs to be the first filly to pick the candies from the shared basket


File: 1541052221857.png (30.78 KB, 373x326, AnonFilly-Stretch.png)

Held off on an update because I was expecting a new thread to be created any minute, but then you guys decided to wait. Oh well, recap time!

Pastebin Part 1: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G
Pastebin Part 2: https://pastebin.com/CuNuktSQ

>Be Anon Filly.

>One of seven humans who have been turned into horses by forces unknown.
>All of which have taken over the bodies of existing ponies, who have been thrust into the astral plane, doomed to watch you try to save the world.
>Well, except for the pony whose body you took over.
>Fucking bitch stole the Elements of Harmony to make herself corporeal.
>Led you on a wild goose chase in the middle of the swamp only to find out she's headed in the opposite direction - back to her home in Manehatten.
>You'll show her though, you know Princess Celestia, and you're totally gonna tell on her.
>You just need to get home first.
>Right now, you have stopped for lunch - an owl that Daring Do decided out of nowhere to kill, and Twilight intends to cook.
>This probably won't be good for your digestion, but fuck it, food's food.


File: 1541052939369-0.png (602.07 KB, 1789x1265, 1495830.png)

File: 1541052939369-1.png (238.63 KB, 594x612, 1512963791419.png)

File: 1541052939369-2.png (809.09 KB, 1600x1200, 1513291482615.png)

File: 1541052939369-3.png (675.96 KB, 1200x1067, DoOWu1cXoAsdiaK.png)


File: 1541053335907-0.png (401.83 KB, 1634x1689, 1518987523469.png)

File: 1541053335907-1.png (249.77 KB, 600x784, maid_anonfilly_by_lockhe4r….png)

File: 1541053335907-2.png (279.85 KB, 1602x1700, 1501623511155-0.png)


File: 1541053479755.png (81.74 KB, 700x700, 1509148105627.png)

Filly is boopsturbating and there's nothing you can do about it.


File: 1541054056821.png (134.56 KB, 1046x1055, 1481149242634.png)

Oh yeah? She can't boop herself if I boop her first.


File: 1541054393460.jpeg (264.47 KB, 1280x720, DaringDo-LayingInATree.jpeg)

You point your hoof at the strange-looking bird that Twilight has mounted on a stick, with a look of confusion and surprise about your face.

"Okay, two questions. One, what's a tarragon? Two… that's an owl? What the fuck?"

Twilight pulls up a second sprig of tarragon and levitates it over to your nose. It certainly smells like something you might find in a well-stocked spice cabinet.

>"That's tarragon. It's an aromatic herb. Goes well with chicken and turkey, will probably work for owl as well. If you're gonna cook poultry, you might as well do it right. Especially when it's an animal that isn't that common precisely because it's an apex predator."

Her tone gets a little more annoyed towards the end as she glares over in Daring's direction.

>"Anyways, yes, it's still an owl. Birds look a little weird when you pull out their feathers and internal organs. It's looking a little bit thinner than it was before though, so I'm thinking about stuffing it with mushrooms."

"Do you actually know what mushrooms here are edible?"

>"Yeah, the yellow ones that look like…"

Daring pipes up to speak over her as she starts digging up a firepit.

>"They're called chanterelles. They look kinda like a whore's used up cunt, but golden. Remember to wash it first in case it's covered in ants. Also, don't pick anything that glows in the dark. Those are jack o' lanterns, and they'll actually make you sick. Well, they'll make a human sick. Don't know about horses."

Twilight rolls her eyes, still rather annoyed by the ex con.

>"Yeah, what she said. Anyways, do you think you could forage some up while we get the fire going?"


"Shame, I was interested in watching the CIA go up against an outback ex con in wilderness survival skills." 1d100[ 1d100 = 82 ]


Go foraging but also look for Psilocybin mushrooms 1d100[ 1d100 = 58 ]


Need an excuse to shoehorn Twilynanas into a story. What happens to filly when Twilynanas occurs?




No Boop November!


Shit. L-leave some good stuff for the rest of us, okay?


File: 1541060594602.jpg (2.9 MB, 2504x3190, 1764368.jpg)

Any other fillies here doing the /mlp/ Secret Santa?





I think he's referring to 19:01 in the video.


Ok, what if the pudding has crystal meth in it, and the fil-oh wait


File: 1541076099886.png (354.29 KB, 823x1083, AnonfillyAnnoyedDisdainful.png)

Anonfilly doesn't like mushrooms and Twilight is actually asking her to scrounge around in the dirt with her mouth like a dog.
1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]

Not bad, but that is seriously out of character for Sweetie Belle. When has she ever been so mean? Also, would she even know the word autistic?


No, it's more like a pig sniffing out truffles.

Is there filly art of that somewhere?




It's a new episode of My Little Pony. What the fuck do you mean you're not gonna watch it? Do you even watch the show?


File: 1541092052847.png (449.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1456193191603.png)

she wants a fucking boop, she'll get one


File: 1541093970761.png (570.07 KB, 875x1024, scaredfilly.png)

I'm still on the fence about it
I've never done this sort of thing before, so I'm super nervous about a bunch of stuff


File: 1541094140683.jpg (672.17 KB, 2234x3264, 1514231073998.jpg)

just do it you faggot
i'm a 3 year vetera, nothing's gone wrong yet
and today's the last day of sign ups


I've never tried it before, but I know someone who got a choice Luna plush out of it.


I feel like /mlpol/ should try to do one. We've probably got just enough people for it to be fun.


Been doing it since the first year. Always lots of autistic fun.


File: 1541101158088.png (125.79 KB, 807x939, 1346269.png)

I'm nervous too. But I figured, why not? Have some fun this season.

Hurry up though, window is closing. Join in the fun, Anon.



File: 1541104063382-0.jpg (76.77 KB, 619x720, i_came_here_to_laugh_at_yo….jpg)

>He still watches the show


File: 1541104546460.png (2.06 MB, 5000x3545, 969992.png)


I’ll confess
I don’t watch the show
I came from /pol/ to call you guys faggots
I stayed because it’s honestly pretty damn cute

Now all my friends think I am a horsefucker… and I don’t regret anything
What has this board done to me


Your mistake for showing your power level my dude


File: 1541106336583.png (81.84 KB, 550x394, 1509849894823.png)

what it does to anyone who dares lurk in our domain, anon
one of us


File: 1541108937131.png (401.23 KB, 640x673, 1536269993712.png)





File: 1541109219813.jpg (44.3 KB, 450x800, hapewkst.jpg)

>Hape is a fundamental aspect of design

Teacher handed this worksheet out in my graphics design class today. Got me thinking about how fillies would try to teach courses.






>Going into graphic design
Don't expect to ever afford a filly plush


File: 1541110587784.jpg (22.11 KB, 256x256, smug.jpg)

>What has this board done to me


That's assuming I put all my eggs into one basket. My actual main plan is software development.


File: 1541112952307-0.png (3.08 MB, 4000x2500, 1084325__safe_artist-colon….png)



File: 1541113758095.gif (1.18 MB, 382x284, FreaksOneofUs.gif)



File: 1541124126987.png (115.61 KB, 600x600, candy corn filly.png)

>tfw all of the anonfillies go on a sugar rush from eating a bunch of Halloween candy


>Forthwith began the Slumber of Three Moons


Another incessant reminder for all of you to give me your shit for the Doc and Dropbox now, or forever be lost to the void.


>Be Twilight
>It's Nightmare Night, and you have just finished getting all of the fillies dressed up in their costumes
>Rarity agreed to help out with the costumes, and you are happy with the results
>Some skeletons, a ghost, a werewolf…
>And a cute pumpkin costume for the Babby
>…She wasn't too happy about that at first, but she put up with it
"Alright, is everypony ready?"
>They all shout out at once
"Good! Lets get going."
>You levitate the Babby up and into your chest carrier, strapping her in
>The other fillies grab their buckets and wait eagerly
>You open the door, and the fillies take off into the night
"Hey! Wait up!"


>Tonight has been exhausting

>You've just spent the last few hours leading all of the fillies around town trick-or-treating
>Well, "leading" is stretching it
>Half the fillies couldn't wait to get to the next house and kept running ahead
>The only way you could keep them from completely leaving your sight was to threaten to keep their candy from them
>Worked like a charm
>As you approach the castle, you can hear the fillies still grumbling about having to go home
>You open the door, and they pour into the hall
>Several fillies dump out their buckets on the ground and begin sorting through the candy
>"Ugh, fucking candy corn"
>"Hands off, faggot!"
>"We don't have hands anymore, faggot!"
>"Fuck you!"
>Well, this won't end well
"Girls, watch the language."
>They look at you with a slight look of worry
>Huh, no complaints
>Must still be scared of your threats from earlier
>As the fillies begin trading candy, you look down at the Babby in your carrier
>She looks like she's about to fall asleep, clearly tired from the night
"Lets go get you changed and down for the night, okay?"
>She scrunches at you, and babbles a protest
>You shake your head and look back at the rest
"You fillies be good, I'll be right back. Don't eat too much candy before bed, okay?"
>You walk down the hall to the nursery, leaving the rest to their candy trading


>Be a filly

"Is she gone?"
>The lookout filly peeks around the corner of the hallway and turns back, nodding her head
"Fuck yeah, lets eat!"
>You all begin cramming candy into your mouthes as fast as you can
>One filly speaks up
>"Uh… don't you think we should listen to Twi and save some for later?"
"Starbutt's probably going to ration our candy anyway, might as well eat what we can before she has the chance."
>"Yeah, 10 pieces of candy says she makes a fucking schedule for us too."
>You all giggle
>"I guess that makes sense…"
>The other filly joins in
>You probably burn through half your candy before Twilight comes back


>Be Twilight

>Babby is all cleaned up and tucked into her crib
>Thankfully she was too tired to put up much of a fight this time
>You know it must be embarrassing given her situation, but you can't understand why she makes it so hard on you
>It is in her own best interest…
>You quietly shut the door to the nursery and turn back down the hall
>Time to get all the other fillies ready for bed
>You round the corner, and your jaw drops
>Hundreds of wrappers litter the floor around them
>They jump and look up at you in shock
>"Aw, crap…"
>"You were supposed to be watching, dumbass!"
>"What? You never told me to do that!"
"Quiet, all of you!"
>They stop arguing and look back at you
>Using your magic, you put all of their candy back in their buckets and take the buckets away from them
>They groan
"I'm going to be keeping these locked up. If you all are good, I'll give you a little bit each day."
"I should have come up with a schedule from the start…"
>"Told you"
>A filly smacks the one who spoke up
>You glare at her
"Now, go take your costumes off and get ready for bed."
>They grumble as they get up and walk down the hall toward their room
>You teleport away with the candy into another room in the castle
>You set the buckets down in the corner of the room
>This room is locked, so none of them will be able to get in
>…You hope
>After double checking the lock, you teleport back to the hallway
>You listen as you walk toward their room
>Surprisingly, you don't hear anything
>You open the door
>There's a pile of costumes on one side of the room
>…And a pile of fillies on the other side
>Seems they were so tired they didn't even make it into bed
>You take a moment to watch them, all curled up with each other
>They really are cute when they're not fighting or shouting expletives
>You smile, and close the door slowly
>You'll talk with them more in the morning
>For now, you leave them to their rest
>You could really use some, too


File: 1541136009401.jpg (33.54 KB, 740x550, Beautiful.jpg)




The fuck is candy corn anyways?


File: 1541137015358.png (56.82 KB, 600x884, candy corn.png)


File: 1541137041574.jpg (189 KB, 600x600, swfupload_3750614948418264….jpg)


Tee hee hoddle hah, you know what i meant
What does it taste like, texture, etc.


Sweet, almost like white chocolate.


It's basically sugar and confectionery wax.
I love it


Please brush and floss after every time you consume them, that shit is highly corrosive to teeth.
also don't be a pleb, candy pumpkins > candy corn


Don't be bigoted, all candy lives matter.


File: 1541141150085.png (89.29 KB, 610x709, 1522390887703.png)

Even candy vag?


as long as there's no biting too hard.


File: 1541144220177.png (94.17 KB, 348x491, AnonFilly-AwkwardBlush.png)


"Shame, I was interested in watching the CIA go up against an outback ex con in wilderness survival skills."

>"Yeah, this isn't a competition right now, this is lunch. Unless you'd rather go hungry until we get back on the train…"

"I'd rather not, but I'm gonna be honest, I don't really like mushrooms and don't really feel like scrounging around in the dirt with my mouth flike a dog."

She tosses you her saddlebags.

>"Pick them up with your hooves, put them in here. You can have a slice of the owl without any mushrooms on it, but you're not getting any more than anyone else, okay?"


Begrudgingly, you set about foraging again, still taking Blossom with you, if only to give yourself someone to talk to. She doesn't have so much of a problem with picking up mushrooms with her mouth, although she stops as you start adding a few "extras" that Twilight didn't ask for. You're not quite sure what they look like, but you're pretty sure if you add a wide variety of mushrooms to the bag, one of them might be psilocybin.

>"Are you sure you should be shoving those in the bag with the others?"

"Eh, it'll be fine. I'm gonna check with Daring if any of these are good."

With your bag filled up, you make your way to a creek to wash the mushrooms off. Blossom carries a few extra chanterelles in her mouth "just in case", despite your notes that it would be unnecessary. Once cleaned, you bring your haul back to camp and present them to Daring.

"So Daring, are any of these mushrooms, uh, 'magic', if you catch my drift?"

She picks one up and scratches it lightly with her hoof, watching the bruised fungus change color to black before her eyes.

>"This mushroom will cause renal failure. You will die very, very slowly. It would probably be healthier to swallow a few shards of broken glass, to be honest."

"Okay, and the others?"

>"Well, all of those mushrooms have spent time rubbing against one another in the bag, so I'd consider the whole batch to be poisoned. Good job!"

"I'm pretty sure a mushroom can't make another mushroom poisonous just by touching it."

>"Maybe, maybe not. I'm not taking any chances. Neither should Twi if she knows what's good for her."

Blossom places down her chanterelles in a separate pile.

>"I still got some!"

Twilight lifts up Blossom's mushrooms with her magic, inspects them, and then promptly stuffs them into the owl. She begins roasting it slowly over the newly-created fire, rotating the stick constantly to make sure all sides get cooked evenly.

>"That'll do guys. Lunch'll be served soon. I hope you all have an appetite."





Yeah, I'll change that in the pastebin. Typos happen.


No problem, just pointing it out in case you missed it


Might as well eat. We also haven't had the voices in the filly's head berate each other in a while, so let's try to bring her one step closer to insanity. Bad voices. Bad. Just listen to Purple and Daring next time. 1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ]


Start hitting yourself over the head for repeating a needlessly naughty and destructive childhood.
1d100[ 1d100 = 60 ]


>Driving the filly to insanity with mere shitposts that happens to be the voices inside her head
The mind is a fragile thing… I pray for any future victims unfortunate enough to be subject to the same fate.


>Fillies want to draw
>But there s no paper anywhere in the castle and purple wont buy any supplies either
>So they just start painting in the walls
>A filly close to the window see Twilight coming back with groceries
>Warning everyone about it, all fillies rush to a bedroom
>The bedroom of one of the fillies, where a cuddle pile was going to happen this night
>A scream can be heard coming from downstairs as the last filly makes her way in
>The door needs to be locked, stat
>During a quick discussion they decide that there s no way out
>Purple is a friggin alicorn, so nothing is going to stop her from breaking her way in
>Nothing but themselves
>Surely she wouldnt go as far as hurting her own fillies would she?
>A courageous filly is the first to rush to the door, laying down by it
>Soon all fillies follow suit and a great pile locks the door
>As if having a magnet, they hear angry hoofsteps on the corridor
>Somehow purple knew exactly which door she needed to get to
>But pushing the door only met with a wall of fillies
"G-go away purple, we re having some comfy here"
>"Oh yea, can somepony explain the "comfy" from downstairs?"
"It was the orange filly!"
"Hey Im here too, also it was the blue one"
"Im innocent and its teal. Teal! REEEEEEE!"
>The door started shaking, as purple put more pressure on pushing it open
>And for a moment, the fillies were scared that Twilight would throw caution to the wind
>Dealing with them as if they were just another furniture, no doubt hurting some from the pile
>But as soon it started, it stopped
>Countless fillies sighed, finally being safe from the purple menace
>But a groan from outside showed them that they were not safe yet
>It was then that the door was pushed open once more
>Bumping into the pile, it opened just enough for a purple spark to make its way thru
>Each filly it passed by filled said filly it caressed with fear
>It kept floating around the pile, going from filly to filly as if searching for something
>More groans could be heard from outside the door, as the spark kept going from one place to another
>But at last, it found its way out into an open space by the outer wall
>And after doing some circles, a flash soon followed
>"You re in so much trouble missies"
"Oh fuck run!"
>High pitched screams filled the room, the fillies being quick to ditch the pile
>Like quicksand, all fillies slid out like a sea of green with little orange dots
>And in no time the ground was soon indiscernible from their fur
>Twilight couldnt help but magic herself in place, to not be swept out by it all
>Turning her head away, she lifted a wing over it to protect herself
>And seeing the opportunity one of the fillies moved to open the door
>But as soon her hoof touched the handle, it burned
>"No one is getting out until we talk!"
>Panic soon filled the room
>Some unifillies laid themselves on the ground, trying to think on a way to use their magic to escape
>Some pegafillies started flying, trying to find their way out in the air
>Some Erf-fillies started kicking the walls, trying to find a hollow area
>But all around, chaos reigned as most of them just kept running around an annoyed Twilight
>"Celestia have mercy…"


File: 1541200273522.png (54.81 KB, 367x502, Angle-ic.png)



as soon as she stops making us wear diapers.


All the time or only at night?


All the time


File: 1541205310091.png (227.78 KB, 1000x1285, 1555901.png)

I have a solution. Stop being a baby.


But im a man, shes keeping me here against my will!


>Tfw you grow up but Twilight still won't potty train you


That would imply you weren't already potty trained, or that your memory was entirely wiped when you were turned into the Babby.


>turned into babby
that would imply she didnt turn you into anon egg.


The new body could be what's causing it.
Or Twilight selectively removed just that part of your memory.


File: 1541207012610.png (349.68 KB, 946x1200, 1600550.png)

Well i can imagine potty training is far different as a filly than as a human, with how the backlegs bend, the tail, diferent toilet design for the body and all that


File: 1541207783373.png (367.14 KB, 1897x945, horses poop.png)


File: 1541208302060.gif (800.59 KB, 576x324, 534267.gif)

>knowing anything


Well yeah, I mean look at that filly. She's gonna piss all over her tail if she tries to go like that.


Toilets are hard


but anon would know. so he wants to piss on himself.


File: 1541210624422.png (94.73 KB, 839x928, disgusted.png)

So you're saying he's a pissfag?


Well, keep in mind she's quoting Faust there.


Maybe she's playing dumb to keep up the filly act


File: 1541211040584.png (247.36 KB, 2000x2026, _luftkreig clipboard.png)


>Luft and Anon playing doctor
"What is it Dr. Gaas?"
>"Anon, it's serious. I'm afraid you're…"
"Give it to me straight, doc!"
>"Terminally gay."



Lone is my favorite writefag.




File: 1541211533109.jpg (22.46 KB, 316x400, 1443824076737.jpg)

made me laugh.
Are you sure it is not Eatcarbs, Satan?



File: 1541213498314.png (175.88 KB, 660x901, filly diaper gang.png)



File: 1541214015443.png (163.97 KB, 1997x1689, _aryyanne anger.png)


File: 1541214058186.jpg (50.16 KB, 498x468, IMAGINE.jpg)

so, we doing these now?


File: 1541215070932.png (129.23 KB, 611x805, 1524940155877.png)


Why is this even a meme?


Because laughing at normalfags is fun.


Don't fall for this shitpost Reubes, we all love you.


Reuben master race!


Reuben is delicious. I mean both of them.




File: 1541222608805.png (4.02 MB, 2795x2728, Bottom Text.png)

Am I too late to hop on the shitty meme train?



File: 1541223299568.png (416.34 KB, 768x1024, 1094568.png)

Good meme


File: 1541223537406.png (594.42 KB, 1024x1024, dumpster dab.png)

>Bottom Text.png


>What are commas?


File: 1541224611228.png (483.23 KB, 2927x2341, AnonFilly-FuckOff.png)


You ought to be mad about having your hard work thrown out just because you thought you might like to try psychedelics, but somehow, you're not. Despite the outcome, you still have meat. And even though you know you're going to have a stomach ache later on, it's still food.

The owl tastes a bit gamey when it's finally removed from the fire, but the herbs make it into some pretty decent fair. You savor every bite, thanking the heavens that one of your party members is someone's mom, even if she's not your own. Having someone who can cook -- and really cook -- makes everything worth it.

Just as you're starting to feel comfortable about all of this, the voices start popping into your head again. Maybe you should hit yourself in the head. Like really hard. You're a dumb filly who keeps making the same naughty mistakes you made in your childhood. Why can't you just be good and listen to the purple one next time?

Gaaaaah, why can't they just shut up? You don't want this. There's only a little bit of owl left and you stopped savoring it to think about those stupid nonsense voices! You try to clear you mind, if only for a few minutes, so you can enjoy the last of the meat. You probably won't be getting anything more like this in months.

And as you finish it up and start packing everything up to get back on the road, the voices come back. They tell you you're a slut, who would fuck anything that moves just to satisfy your immense sexual curiosity from being put into a female body. Lesbian sex, straight sex, impregnation, rape, doesn't matter. Fuck, you might just start licking another pony's dirty hooves one of these days, wouldn't you?

"Fuck off!"

You said that one out loud, didn't you? You haven't been talking at all for about 20 minutes, and out of nowhere, you shouted this at the top of your lungs. Your friends are all staring at you, somewhat concerned. Twilight is the first to break the silence.

>"Anon, are you alright?"


Stare blankly at Twilight while making dial-up noises. 1d100[ 1d100 = 6 ]


👌 1d100[ 1d100 = 77 ]


Dice rollRolled 17

piss your diaper


1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


Tell her that you miss your mom 1d100[ 1d100 = 64 ]


Also, it's "fare", not fair


Rolling to restore Anon's sanity. If we're going to kill some commies and BTFO a faggot impersonating us, then we need every last brain cell we can hold on to. said restoration should come in the form of a mental pep talk from one voice that's louder than the others.
1d100[ 1d100 = 16 ]


>be the filly
>Shining Armor just gote done raiding your lab
>having legal guardians is nice, but they could be less pushy
>he said he should get rid of anything connecting the lab to methamphetamine
>clean slate, i guess
>but really, did he have to throw out all your precurser?
>"so, where do you want to go for dinner?"
>you resist the urge to start reeeing for tendies
"dunno, pizza?"
>"oooh, pizza sounds good
>fucking peetzer poner
>in ageement, you go out to the local pizza parlor
>after you all arrive, you place your orders
>you never understood how ponies knead dough with hooves
>the waiter comes back with your pizzas
>nothin but vegetables & cheese
>its a good thing you actually like vegetarian pizza
>as you dig in, you notice a certain orange pony glaring at you from a corner booth
>son of a bitch
>he nods in the direction of the restroom, probably hinting to meet you there
>you painstakingly resist the urge to explain out loud from across the room how retarded that is, so you motion towards the door
>he nods confirmingly
>you finish up your dinner and tell Shining that you want to get some fresh air
>"sure thing, dont be too long and we'll meet you back at the castle"
>you head across the street and head into an ajacent alley
>you wait for a few minutes, and Crystal meets you there
>"i have several questions, first and foremost being why in tartarus are you eating pizza with the feds?"
"Long story, but-"
>"no i want to hear it"
"That 'fed' is my legal uncle, and now my guardian. Yes, that means he lives at the castle, yes that means we can't cook there anymore, and no, i'm not a rat."
>"i guess that makes sense, but what are we gonna do to cook? I have a basement where i can set up a lab, but you'll need to smuggle out precurser"
"oh it gets better. That dick decided that it would be appropriate to take all my methylamine and Phenylacetone and pour it out the window"
>"you are joking."
"Dont worry, i have a plan. I'll swing by your place after school and explain"
>"this better be good or i'm skipping town and i suggest you do too"
>you both leave


>after an uneventful day at school, you swing by a drugstore to pick up a few things before heading to Crystal Clear's place
>you knock on the door, and he lets you in leading you to the kitchen
>you both sit at a dining table and you put your rather heavy bag down
>"so, do you have a few gallons of P2P in that bag, or a miracle?"
>you reach into the bag and retieve a box of cold medicine, placing it on the table
>"what, you got the flu or something?"
"This is the answer to our problem"
>"unless you know somepony that lives out in the boonies who want to trade cold medicine for methylamine, i'm not seeing it
"We are not going to need Methylamine. We are going to use a substitution on the pseudoephedrine in these cold pills with red phosphorous and iodine and preform a acid/base reduction to purify it into Methamphetamine"
>he's in shock
>"..so no p2p"
"No p2p"
>"you're telling me we can make actual meth, out of cold pills?"
>"YESS BITCH! humph, so, what's the plan of attack?"
"We're gonna need a heating pad, round bottom boiling flasks, bekers, and a shit load of cold pills, iodine crystals, and matchbooks"
"For Red phospherous, unless you've got a pyrotechnic's permit and can buy it over the counter"
>"right, well i've got all the glassware, and i'm assuming that you have supplies in that bag"
"you assue correctly. Well? Cmon lets get started"
>you both head into the basement and set up a lab with the missmatched glassware Crys has
>all adequite, exept for having to substitute a boiling flask with a rather large erlenmeyer flask
>he says it wont crack, and you feel safe in assuming so
>you get to work


Reposting because i fucked up the formatting
>one meth cooking montage that would get the writer arrested if he described it here later
>you look at the tray of pure glass meth before you
>"so this stuff should be just as strong as the p2p stuff, right?
"Actually, it's even stronger. By using pseudoephedrine we eliminate the L-Methamphetamine from being synthesized"
"There are two types of meth, L-Meth and N-Meth. N-Meth is much stronger than L-Meth, so you want to produce as much of that over the L-Meth as possible"
>"how do you know so much about this?"
>you best shut up before you hint that you're not from equestria
"Twilight kept very maticulous notes. She wrote that it might be possible to synthesize meth from ephedrine but wrote it off as useless since the p2p cook worked fine"
>"so we're the only ones to know about this method, right?"
"As far as i know"
>"sweet celestia, we can make as much as we want, while everyone else fights over methylamine!"
"We have the methods here to become kingpins, you and me, ruling the steeets"
>"the feds would catch up to us if we flaunt our wealth though"
"Absolutely, the nail that stands tall gets hammered down"
>"yeah, i'll weigh this up and bag it. I'll see you tomorrow at Cane's place"
"Yeah, bye"
>you leave and head straight home
>reaching your front door you head inside
"I'm Home!"
>you see shining armor and candence sitting on a couch nearby
>"you took a while, young mare. What took you so long"
>you look at a clock and see that its 5:30
>fuck where were you for 2 hours
>extra curricular?
>yeah that'll work
>but what?
>chemistry tutoring?
>no thats way too toungue in cheek
>music tutoring
>that'll work
"I signed up for music tutoring"
>"wow! What instrument?"
>maybe not a good idea
>but, good thing you can already play
>"Guitar? Without magic? How do you work the frets though?
>"hey, if Octavia can work strings with hooves i'm sure my little filly can too"
"Look, i'm tired, can i go to my room now?"
>"sure, but i want you to practice at home if you want to get good. I'll take you guitar shopping if you like"
"No thanks, there's already a guitar in my room, the previous owner left it"
>"right, i remember anon."
>"he was weird."
>you head to your room
>you weren't lying about the guitar
>its one of the only things you have from earth
>you were innawoods when you fell through the portal to equestria twilight made
>so you had everything on your back at the time
>one acoustic guitar, one khukuri, a rucksack containing 6 MRE's and 400 rounds of .223 for your AR15, said AR15, a walkman, and a cassette copy of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.
>good thing you were always anal about analog music
>no MP3s in equestria


File: 1541258990444-0.png (407.84 KB, 680x680, large.png)

>fall for the shitpost
I'm not shitposting.
>wastes about a literal month of our time because he gets off to shitty anime plots
>arc that will obviously resolve in 'kill the commie because commies are bad lmao'
not that commies aren't fucking retarded, it's just a tired and predictable formula.
>can't actually into greentext or prose, writes in a disgusting amalgam of the two
>only has about thirty anonfilly images saved
>Came from 8chan where he did a cyoa to the same vein, will inevitably abandon us like his last story when he gets bored of the concept
>can't even get the concept right; sure it's a grown man in a filly's body, but the emotional connection you have with the characters is nonexistent because autists can't into emotions
>is apparently now the staple writefag everybody sucks the dick of after carbs decided Fallout was more fun than writing
t. someone who once saw promise in Reuben's shitty fic.


This is getting interesting. Criminal filly trying to live with normal pones seems fun. Especially when the princess of the Crystal empire is taking care of filly who wants to build a crystal empire of her own. Keep it up.


>arc that will obviously resolve in 'kill the commie because commies are bad lmao'
You seem to think it won't end in some kind of exorcism of the commie out of Fizzlepop like the actual demons commies are.


File: 1541285816657.png (2.47 MB, 2500x2500, _they see me rolling.png)

sounds like you like communists.




Nice, but why is filly's tongue covered with turmeric?


What, don't you smoke weed every day too, or are you a poorfag?


File: 1541302573404.png (630.67 KB, 1125x1000, AnonFilly-NoIdea.png)

Should probably let you all know that I might not be able to keep to a daily update schedule over the next couple of weeks, as I have qualifying exams for my PhD coming up, and I need to deal with both those and some homework assignments.


>wastes about a literal month of our time because he gets off to shitty anime plots

A fair point. I was not that proud of the time loop plot, and half of it was improvised. Yes, improvised, because my general approach to CYOA stories is the same approach I take to Game Mastering in tabletop RPGs, just on a slower scale. The idea to do a time loop came to me when I was wondering how to deal with the fact that Twilight was going to know about the fact that she was in a story. Then in the second loop, I came up with the exit condition. Then, after the loop terminated, I came up with the reason the loop occurred in the first place.

>arc that will obviously resolve in 'kill the commie because commies are bad lmao'

That would be one possible ending, but not the only one. You will be offered choices to turn the story in a different direction. If I had an absolute planned ending, this would not be a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story.

>can't actually into greentext or prose, writes in a disgusting amalgam of the two

Also a fair point. That said, I've been trying not to change style too much as the story progresses.

>only has about thirty anonfilly images saved

I have 116 AnonFilly images saved. I tend not to save a ton because I also tend to name each and every file instead of using something that's difficult to find, like "large.png"

>Came from 8chan where he did a cyoa to the same vein, will inevitably abandon us like his last story when he gets bored of the concept

Technically, the CYOA I wrote there came to a conclusion. I did not just abandon the story in the middle of nowhere. Barring some major changes in my life, I do not see myself abandoning this story until it has reached some sort of ending.

>can't even get the concept right; sure it's a grown man in a filly's body, but the emotional connection you have with the characters is nonexistent because autists can't into emotions

I'm not sure if you're suggesting that Filly isn't supposed to be having emotional connections because she's autistic, or that I'm bad at describing emotional connections because I'm autistic. If the former, you're a bit off in your understanding of autism. It doesn't make you incapable of feeling emotions or forming emotional bonds with others. It just makes you very bad at understanding other people's emotions from their body language, and expressing emotions in an appropriate manner.



I'm not sure why I made that second quote in there to the "Radical" poster.


it's the latter.


File: 1541305383572.png (75.24 KB, 538x650, AnonFilly-SurpriseBoop.png)


Well I suppose that is true. I do what I can to entertain you guys, but I'm not going to pretend this is something I'm skilled at.


File: 1541307033786-0.png (719.63 KB, 1899x1647, 1541303498224-0.png)

File: 1541307033786-1.png (541.06 KB, 1899x1647, 1541303498224-1.png)

>Nobody reposted these from the luft thread yet


File: 1541307712873.png (454.08 KB, 863x802, 1729512__safe_artist-colon….png)

mrajuano is bad drug


File: 1541307962352.png (167.85 KB, 1024x1024, brownie tries it.png)

Try the devil's grass anon. It will open worlds for you.


File: 1541309765937.png (268.87 KB, 565x656, Twilight-Hearts.png)


You opt to make an "okay" sign with your forefinger and thumb, only to realize you don't actually have fingers. Clearly, an actual answer is necessary.

"I think I miss my mom."

Blossom almost instinctively tosses her hooves around you in a warm hug. Twilight looks like she's about to do the same, but then stops.

>"Wait, didn't your mom die in childbirth?"

"I- yeah. Doesn't mean I can't still miss her. I never got to know her. And now I'm in the middle of a swamp in the middle of Equestria without a mom I never got to meet. It fucking sucks."

She places a hoof over your shoulder.

>"It sucks for all of us. I miss my husband and my kids. Blossom I bet misses her parents. And Daring…"

You all turn to face the ex-con, who simply offers a shrug in response.

>"I guess I miss my penis."

This turns Twilight's face rather sour. As if she didn't have enough problems with Daring.

>"You're happy to be here, aren't you? Completely new life, no criminal record? Population's low enough that you can live out in the wilderness without being bothered except when you're needed to save the world?"

>"Pretty much."

>"…I'm planning to find a way to get back home. I don't know if it will send just me, some of us, or all of us. It will probably easiest to send all of us, since our fates are tied together. I don't care if you want to stay, but don't get in my way."

She turns back to you and seems to relax a bit, passing a gentle hoof along your cheek.

>"And as for you… I can't bring your mom back from the dead, but I will get you home. I don't care what it takes. But I can't do this alone. I know all of this sucks, but I guess sometimes you need to just soldier on. We'll make it through this, okay?"


"Yes…yes we will. I just…I just need to clear my head while we continue on home. I'll be fine." 1d100[ 1d100 = 68 ]


this. you'll become a nazboi.


File: 1541313495587-0.png (168.63 KB, 857x783, download (1).png)

File: 1541313495587-1.png (218.51 KB, 948x650, download (2).png)

File: 1541313495587-2.png (194.25 KB, 983x752, download (3).png)

File: 1541313495587-3.png (281.38 KB, 1129x778, download.png)




You know one space in name field is enough, right?


are you sure?


File: 1541317318541.jpg (192.65 KB, 1600x1067, anon_filly_plush_by_topplu….jpg)


The guy who owns that one is cuter than the plush, no homo.


>pic 1
>Mental health knowledge in Equestria is trapped in the Middle Ages
>When you go into "hysterics", Twilight suffocates you under her posterior so "the lack of oxygen will purge the humours"


at that point though, wouldn't it be faster to just perform a lobotomy?


if i were the filly i wouldn't complain.


>have a dream featuring filly plush last night
>picture of one gets posted next day
cute and slightly spooky filly


That's a nice combination of fillies

I want to have a ree-off with another filly


Thanks, CIA 1d100[ 1d100 = 13 ]


File: 1541343572737.png (94.12 KB, 460x381, 1504928321293.png)

no u faget


File: 1541354860853.jpg (218.76 KB, 1291x644, image.jpg)

I-is all the diaperfaggotry discussion over?


It doesn't have to be.


Of course it's never over, this is the Mommy Issues General. It'll spark up again soon, maybe even now.

I, too, want my diaper changed by a loving momfu.


It was until that post, kek



File: 1541365164013.png (51.36 KB, 955x1011, kinky filly.png)


Kek, that face.

Who are the two ponies speaking?


Purple and Ponk


Ah, nice. Kinky Pinkie.

Good luck explaining that one.


what a fagfilly
at least she doesnt need to explain much


>Filly kept trying to run off and join the circus, so Pinkie had to chain her to the table


File: 1541375697222.png (139.12 KB, 720x1280, 1541374470651.png)

>Become filly
>Fuck yeah
>Lay down a mirror to check out your naughty bits


As it should be.
Fillies' cuteness are derived from a non sexual attraction, like our natural predisposition to pet and care.


>Days go by
>You've tried not to eat anything, but the apples just looked so tasty
>You have no anus but you must shit
>Consult purplesmart
>She's very confused
>Tells you that your pooper should appear naturally when you have to shit
>Something about the transformation fucked up the mechanics of it
>Rushed to Hospital
>Twilight holds your hoof as you're put under
>Wake up
>Twilight looks down at you with a smile
>You can see there are tears in her eyes
>"Well, they were able to fix you Nonny."
>Fuck yeah
>Reach down to touch bits
>Twilight stops you
>"You're still healing, sweetie."
>Give it a few days
>Catheter in, hurriedly notify a nurse whenever you have to shit
>New muscles have little control
>Finally, you're allowed to go home
>Catheter removed, Twiggles lets you ride on her back.
>Enjoying the mane in your breeze when you feel something wet beneath you
>She sighs deeply
>"Don't worry honey, it's not your fault."
>Leaves you sitting on the toilet while she goes off to run some errands
>You watch as the clear water slowly becomes yellow
>At least you can shit normally
>The self-cleaning anuses were a lie though
>A few hours go by before you hear the front door open
>"Alright, just stay where you are Anon."
>You do
>Twiggles walks in, tells you to close your eyes
>"I'm so sorry."


Damn. Maybe her control will improve over time?


>inb4 diaper


That was the implication


Or just because ponies in general are cute. I wouldn't want one as a pet, though.


File: 1541386580811.jpg (283.78 KB, 720x540, 1445921967440.jpg)

I think he means this kind of petting.


This. If I got one of you fags as a filly, I wouldn't fucking put a collar on you or anything like that. Unless you wanted me to


Maybe for your birthday I would.



File: 1541387991750.png (302.39 KB, 1111x1024, collared.png)

Collars and other neck wear(?) are actually really cute.


File: 1541406292097.png (108.07 KB, 1280x747, Velvet-LayingDownOnBelly.png)


"Yes… yes we will. I just… I just need to clear my head while we continue on home. I'll be fine."

>"Alright, good. We only have a few more hours to travel, so let's keep moving."

Without much more to say, you continue on your journey, with Daring leading the way, and Blossom walking close beside you to keep an eye on you. It doesn't take long before the effects of eating meat start to kick in, and your stomach starts to scream at you. You don't end up throwing up like last time, but part of you wants to. Blossom does, however, and you can tell this is definitely not something she's used to. She ends up snacking on flowers over the course of the day to settle her stomach, which you still can't get yourself to see as normal.

Something you find peculiar is how little Daring and Twilight have been affected by their meal. Daring you can somewhat understand, since she lives in the wilderness and regularly hunted, but just how often was Twilight getting meat from the castle kitchens back in Canterlot? Or maybe she's just really good at not showing pain. You're not sure.

Between stomach cramps and trying to suppress stupid voices in your head, the walk back to Dodge feels a lot longer than just a few hours. As the scenery becomes dryer and more forest-like, however, time feels like it's sped up back to normal. You manage to make it back to the city right around sundown.

Twilight notes that the train back to Ponyville doesn't leave until morning, and recommends checking into a hotel before doing anything crazy in town. You make your way to the nearest, cheapest hotel, and as soon as you enter the lobby, you find yourself met with a surprisingly familiar face - Mama Velvet. She does not seem pleased.

<<"You fillies are in so much trouble right now."


Now THIS is why I follow your story. Gib more Velvet drama.


"No we're not."
rolling to bluff: 1d20[ 1d20 = 8 ]
rolling to actually try: 1d100[ 1d100 = 39 ]


I thought we were forgetting something when we went off on an adventure. 1d100[ 1d100 = 68 ]


"Nice to see you too, Mom." 1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


"We're sorry! Running away from home was a terrible idea."
1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]


File: 1541426657977-0.jpg (551.42 KB, 1080x1462, 181028_222821_493._1.jpg)

File: 1541426657977-1.jpg (2.18 MB, 2984x5312, 20181029_211407.jpg)

File: 1541426657977-2.jpg (2.33 MB, 2984x5312, 20181029_214035.jpg)

File: 1541426657977-3.jpg (2 MB, 2976x5312, 20181029_215214.jpg)

File: 1541426657977-4.jpg (2.2 MB, 2984x5312, 20181102_170652.jpg)


File: 1541426699197-0.png (571.72 KB, 1430x1488, 1541240032766.png)

File: 1541426699197-1.jpg (1.57 MB, 3264x2448, image0.jpg)

File: 1541426699197-2.jpg (1.18 MB, 1728x3072, JPEG_20181029_140857.jpg)

File: 1541426699197-3.png (130.56 KB, 751x706, unknown (2).png)

File: 1541426699197-4.png (161.55 KB, 689x648, unknown.png)


File: 1541427249598-0.png (292.47 KB, 1646x1672, 1498214987883.png)

hope to see you continuing this mate, is good shit


You're making good progress!


File: 1541430204280.jpg (20.03 KB, 300x250, 1415434944363.jpg)

>First image
You motherfucker, you got me.


The fuck happend with Woofr's fics? Anybody can find Pink on Green?



>Be the filly

>Yes is in Equestria
>Has Twi as momfu
>Lives a peaceful and cheerful life as the object of all the mares doting.
>Suddenly, a new filly comes to Equestria. Specifically to Twilight's castle.
>Of course, she also gets adopted to Twi.
>She tells me that her name is Reuben. I recognize the name. That forsaken name.
>This writefag hogged all the (you)s back when I was posting on /mlpol/. Well, him and everyone else with any talent.
>I smile sadistically as I conjure up a ball of dark energy.
”I would be careful if I were I., This is my paradise. I better stay away from my momfu if you know what is best for you.”
>To my shock she smiles back at me.
>A blinding blast sends my whole body through all the walls in the house. The walls barely slow down my momentum and I continue to fly. I smash into the ground just outside of the everfree forest.
>But just before impact blue lightning spin around my front hooves. A transparent blue surface reminiscent of a window with blue tint appears beneath me and shields me from the brutal landing.
>As I step up out of the crater and exit the pillar of smoke, I see Rueben standing in front of me.
>Her mane waves to the side and slightly upwards yet there is no wind.
>Rolling around her hoof in the air, Reuben's hoof is encapsulated by the same blue lightning as mine.
”How?” I hiss out between breaths.
”Haven't I figured it out yet. The more (you)s a contentfag has gained before coming here, the more powerful they get.”
>She angles her head to the side as she looks at me.
”You didn't tell me your name. You must be a content flag to have these powers.”
”It would just be a waste of your time.” In my mind, I shoot finger guns.
”Suit yourself.” Reuben flicks her hoof, the blue light makes a cracking noise and a bright explosion of light flares.
>While I shut my eyes for the light, temporarily blinded, My stomach is assaulted by two tiny soft hooves or rather they should have been. Two metal bats pierced into my stomach emptying its lungs like a fat person sitting down on a ballon.
>I barely have time to throw a protective spell on me as I bounce away across the field like a skipping stone across a lake.
>At first I think that I'm seeing double because I have hit my head but soon the blurry images merge together into the super Saiyan filly attacking me, well maybe a bit of self-defense was in the mix, who stands in the direction that I'm are tumbling towards in high speed.
>The earth beneath her is ripped open like Anon opening a package of spaghetti with dirt and grass flying everywhere as she stomps her hooves into the ground to thoroughly cement her position. Her weight is shifted onto her front hooves as her back legs are lifted into the air. With what should have been untrained and soft abs she contorts her legs to her stomach and locks them in position. She vibrates as magical energies swirl around her hind legs. Getting ready to fire.
>In desperation, I swipe my hoof in the air and fire exits my hoof like people out of burning building.
>It is futile. My attempt at changing direction is too late thought of and I only managed to throw on another protective charm before this world's version of a double kick by [insert strong pokemon here] of the highest level slams my ribcage.
>The buck causes a sonic boom and somewhere RD looks down at her nether regions and feels ashamed.
>The air tries desperately not to get squashed as I am launched into the air.
>I spin around several times and each time the sun draws a line across my eyes where it blinds me. Afterward, my vision seems to have a filter on of purple transparent lines.
>BOOOOOOM MUTHERFUCKER!! ! Is the sound that the crystal tree walls make when I tear through it like your average Anon tears through… Nevermind.
>I black out temporarily and when I come to, I find myself in the playroom that only exists because Pinkie demanded that there were supposed to be one in the castle.


>But my peace doesn't last long as I faintly hear something that becomes louder and louder. It is the cursed: ”Akira,” orchestral soundtrack. The green menace hovers into the room.
>I instinctively try to cast a spell on her but as fast as my hooves get into motion I'm quickly shot down by a bolt of electricity. I hit a nearby bookshelf and boxes containing different board games falls down on my head after one another. For a moment I feel like Tom from Tom and Jerry and Donald duck's secret love child.
>Reuben steps forth and lifts up my chin. Our gazes meet. Due to all fillies looking the same in Equestria and that we both have the same color scheme her smile is something I have seen before. That power hungry look and megalomaniacal grin is something my unbias mirror tells me that I look like every morning.
”Remeber, I brought this on yourself. Any last words?”
>I try to come up with something clever to say. What would I have said if I were behind the safety of a computer screen?
”At least I am not as autistic as I.”
”Jealous much?”
>She continues to speak but my focus has drifted to a closed box that lays beside me.
>That's right. Autism!
>I grab the box, pull the top of it and pour its contents over Reuben like a shower.
”What are you doing?…”
>Then Reuben sees what it is. It is a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
>At first she only stands still until the pupils in her eyes beings to move to the pieces. It is like something is dragging her eyes to the pieces. She tries to resist it but to no awhile. I even begin to put on a lewd dance show, because I am that evil, for her but she might as well be a nun.
>She finally, give in to temptation and starts to put together the puzzle.
>All according to keikaku.jpg
>I summon revolver and a pair of sunglasses as I walk up to the now fully occupied filly.
”I told I that I wasn't as autistic as you.”
>She looks up at I but I can see it in the empty look she gives I that her mind is still on the puzzle. I bet you thought that her empty look was about her giving up but no she is barely listening to me right now. Only people on the spectrum can understand. When someone talks to us when we are in the middle of something, we only pretend to listen.
”Yes?” she says absentmindedly.
>I aim the gun at her.
”That is why you and that puzzle are the same.
>Put on my glasses.
”Because you will both be left in pieces.”

What and why did I just write that? Oh, well. Anyway, I am just kidding obviously. I would never shot Reuben that revolver is reserved for someone else IYou know what I am saying;P Pew pew pew. Okay, I will stop with my black jokes. I feel a bit dirty because of them. "I feel somethings should not be taken lightly," he wrote on a chan. Anyway, Reuben, I think you're great to keep going with your project for so long and while I might not be your fattest fan I do enjoy your story from time to time. Have a good one.


File: 1541438569317-0.jpg (1.3 MB, 3120x4160, 20181105_021613.jpg)

File: 1541438569317-1.jpg (2.33 MB, 2984x5312, 20181105_152723.jpg)

File: 1541438569317-2.png (168.67 KB, 1440x1728, sketch-1541426512960.png)

oh, I didn't make them
I just post what the faggots on discord don't

they are faggots, but at least they're productive faggots.


Oh Waste…
Not bad, I still miss your old stuff though. If you picked a concept and stuck it through instead of trying to do a billion different stories, I'm sure you would get plenty of (You)s. Any one of the premises you abandoned could've made a fine greentext. And you know what happens to dead writefags…


Cute. If we ever both make it to Equestria, I'll make sure you get your own room in Twilight's castle.


File: 1541441565338.png (143.31 KB, 870x1024, Anonfilly (You) Fishing.png)

Have you tried simply asking them to not be a faggot and post their content in the thread whenever they don't do so right away?
Because going behind their backs and posting their content in their place - and stealing their (You)s in the process - makes you even more of a colossal faggot, especially when the drawfags would otherwise post it themselves


File: 1541444168563-0.png (162.55 KB, 655x865, 1524347483246-2.png)

the 2 posts I made before were plenty old
on top of that, not only is there a notice at the top of every content-making channel that the thread still exists, lots of the people there don't even browse the thread.
they enjoy the filly culture over there, and the reactions of others are the (You)s that keep them satisfied.


Most of the fillies from the first two were already posted last thread, and one of them is actually from the /mlp/ drawthread.
Virtually of the contentfags do in fact partake in this thread, and they will always post their content when given a slight nudge or reminder if they don't do so right away. Trying to deflect blame just makes (You) even more of a faggot, not less of one.


File: 1541445689124.gif (4.58 MB, 400x300, popcorn.gif)

>Discord v. Thread Posting Drama
Here we go again.


File: 1541446242744-0.png (131.27 KB, 568x560, 1532648177441.png)

yes, some were, not all
I dont remember which ones, so I posted all of them
and yes, I'm aware the filly at the desk isn't made from them, faggot, what's that got to do with anything?

most of these aren't even from contentfags and just people who wanted to make a filly. some, like pics from smoldix and neuro, are pictures that they didn't seem fit to post.
you can fuck off and quit biting the hand that feeds you, but you do have a point.
these fillies need more pointing.


>and quit biting the hand that feeds you
Isn't that also what you're doing in a different sense? Either way, I don't disagree that filly content should go in the thread, I just believe it would be best to have the producers of said content be the ones to put it there when possible, and due credit should be given to the source in every other case.


no, I don't care for the (You)s, I didn't make them, mate
I don't get satisfaction from showing off things I didn't make.
but I agree with you there, it's a two-way street, and I haven't been doing my part.


>I don't get satisfaction from showing off things I didn't make.
Fair enough, but by doing so you still prevent the ones who did make them from getting the satisfaction from showing off what they made


File: 1541447826559-0.png (38.48 KB, 297x298, 1539203960950-0.png)

well, like I said they get enough from the people there anyways, not a single pic gets ignored
but I understand that, and I'm glad you brought it back to my attention.


File: 1541448188110.png (15.31 KB, 593x647, 1459038436313.png)

I'm glad you understand anon
Thanks for being civil qbout this


File: 1541448532479-0.png (175.27 KB, 800x600, 1500361434057.png)

new home, new attitude
besides, why not be nice to the fags you'll see one day again as the filly?


Wow, thanks for those warm words. I think there are two reasons
why I never commit to my story ideas. 1) I come up with an idea and I must write it down. 2) I feel insecure about my ability to keep a long going narrative without it having more plotholes than swiss cheese. I also don't find it as fun as posting a new idea.
But I will try to keep going with the other story iIam writting right now.
>I'm sure you would get plenty of (You)s
You don't have to worry about that I am not malnourished with (you)s. I have yet to grow a big stomach for (you)s so I get easily satisfied with a small piece. Also, guys like you and I are not the ones that need (you)s the most. It is anons that are new or haven't been around for a while. To motivate them some. Wait, I haven't been around for a while. Give me at least six million of your (you)s.
I actually don't remember what happens to dead writefags. Do they go to Equestria?
Btw, I have an anonfilly story idea with you in it. Well, you are there anyway.
I have also decided to read your story now. I feel a bit guilty. I have not read yours and Placeholder's story. That is not your fault though. It is entirely on me since I never even gave it a chance. That is because well, I guess I was doing other things at the time.
Hehe, thanks. Glad you liked it:D




File: 1541450691294.jpg (164.95 KB, 1280x720, AAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

That exchange above just warms my heart
I can't wait to be fillies with all you adorable fagets


Good green, but the fuck is wrong with your pronouns, sven?
>”I would be careful if I were I., This is my paradise. I better stay away from my momfu if you know what is best for you.”
if i were i? lulwut? Did you mean "if i were you?"


>but the fuck is wrong with your pronouns, sven?
I will avoid obvious joke. Hehehe.

Hehe, ahh. I had hoped no-one would notice.Let's be honest here. I am writefag. I have an ego the size of the sun and I am thrilled you gave me attention even if its is bad;P When I wrote it, at times the habit of writting in second person seeped into the text. Afterwards, I simply did a "search and replace" for "you"s replace with "I"s. Later I realized that this might cause some problems so I went through it. Evidently not good enough.
>Did you mean "if i were you?"
Yes, exactly that.
>I better stay away from my momfu
I didn't actually see that. Oh, that so rich.
>Good green


>at times the habit of writting in second person seeped into the text.
Isn't that the whole point of greentext over prose? That's why it starts with "Be X" as in you are x that things are happening to. Therefore things are happening to you the reader and the story is written in 2nd person to cement that fact


Honestly, I kinda thought it was intentional, as if the one filly was taunting reuban by claming they're basically the same person.


Yeah, it is. But in this fic the main filly were suppose to be me, sort of, but with that opening I see what you mean.
That would be a unique idea for a future story.


File: 1541469410557.gif (726.38 KB, 561x451, heh.gif)

>he thought they were actually talking about that
>he thought there was actually any drama


File: 1541474612150.png (1.17 MB, 4961x7016, 1528583020638.png)

W-what happens to dead writefags? And/or drawfags for that matter?


demotion to the status of mental defective or something even worse, I don't really know what was implied.


Knowing Lone, it's worse.


dang, I hope he isn't right.


File: 1541482560845.png (129.1 KB, 707x682, Down.png)

If they finished their story or were unable to do so due to extenuating circumstances, then they become the filly/babby/egg/whatever
If they failed to do so, then they never go to Equestria. Maybe if they lived a good Christian life?
Dunno what happens to those who never technically finished but wrote several different endings. Probably number one.


maybe they still go because of being in the thread, but they just don't get the perks of being a contentfag?


File: 1541483056610.png (59.22 KB, 545x515, 1540973274358.png)

But what about one-shot fags?
Tecnically the green never finished since, on technicalities, those are just parcels of a bigger story, cut down for a quick trip into a single moment/event and stuff…

Im scared, hold me filies


Nothing. You will never be the filly, Equestria isn't real, your dreams will remain unfulfilled and your disappointment is eternal.


Do you know what happens after we die?


Nice work, keep it up!


File: 1541484870842.png (268.24 KB, 670x493, 1522824353312.png)


Nah man, your afterlife (caused by a large influx of Dimethyltriptamine at the point of death) manifests itself into whatever you believe in.


>Unironically wanting to be an egg trapped in a cartoon pony's uterus


File: 1541493866910.gif (274.86 KB, 708x540, Velvet-PartyingHard.gif)


"I thought we were forgetting something when we went off on an adventure. Sorry mama, I'll let you know before we leave next time."

<<"Next time? Do you plan to make a habit out of traveling halfway across Equestria in the middle of the week during the school year?"

"Maybe? I'm really not sure. Like right now I just want to go home, but I'm not too sure about the future."

<<"Says my psychic adoptive daughter. I guess I can forgive you though, because you are such a sweetie."

She wraps her hooves around you in a warm embrace, which you gladly accept, since it's much better than her being mad at you. In the middle of the hug, however, she points an accusatory hoof towards Twilight.

<<"YOU though… you know exactly how I feel about you going on adventures WITHOUT INVITING ME, young lady!"

Twilight does not seem to so much as flinch at her mother's raised tone. In fact, she makes a point of not even looking her mother in the eyes, but instead, lifts a hoof up and inspects it thoroughly as she provides her nonchalant answer.

>"Oh I'm sorry what kind of adventure was it you think we were going on?"

<<"I know what you're doing Twilight. Look me in the eyes."

>"Initiating eye contact with a pony who is angry with you will make you appear combative. I am deliberately avoiding eye contact because I do not want to argue with you. Now I believe I asked you a question."

<<"Combative? What do you think I am, some kind of abusive troll? I'm your mother!"

>"No, I'm saying I do not want to appear combative. You are the one who is angry and thus misinterpreting what I am saying. I understand that you are jealous because you want to go on adventures like you did when you were a kid. You also believe that because you are an adult, that you are more apt for protecting us from the dangers we might be facing, when based on certain recent events - namely you getting captured by changelings - I would think you would serve more as a liability than an asset."

<<"A lia… you know what? You're grounded missy!"

>"Oh yes, I will be spending all of my time indoors doing nothing but studying for Princess Celestia's personal assignments… like I always have."

<<"Are you asking for a more creative punishment? Because I can give you one. Just keep up that attitude."

>"Try me."

<<"Fine. You want to study, I'll let you study. At Anon's school."


Looks like she has to stop reading dusty old books and make some friends. 1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]


"Welcome to public education, where the teachers are paid minimum wage and the only thing you learn is communist propaganda!"
1d100[ 1d100 = 94 ]





Well, you'd eventually be born.


"I thaught you were punishing her, not me!" 1d100[ 1d100 = 35 ]


Well, Twilight is no doubt low-key angry with us. Bad idea to antagonize a CIA agent. The only thing to do is is make Velvet as angry with you as she is with Sparkle.
1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]


*evil grin* 1d100[ 1d100 = 75 ]


What are the chances that specifically Anon would get fertilized out of thousands or other eggs?
How long does he have until he dries up and dies?
Which mare would host Anon?
Would he be aware of anything since he lacks a brain?


1. High chances because it's >(you)
2 & 3. Depends on which mare's getting laid tonight (meaning anypony but Twilight)
4. No but he'll come to in the womb, slowly as the process of waking up would take weeks


I hope you enjoy extreme pain and discomfort, because that's what growing is gonna feel like as your nerves and skeleton form in tandem.


>implying Twiggles isnt gonna magic up a drug for that


I don't think the body would feel that pain so early on.


>Implying she would
>Implying she doesn't take pleasure in knowing that you will live in ceaseless agony for months


It would be uncomfortable, but is the actual development of a body painful?


File: 1541545011878.png (304.2 KB, 1017x1287, 1345821.png)

I want to be one of the fillies in that fillypile


Me too


>all these edgy redditfags who like to completely ignore Twilight's character, personality, and sense of ethics for unfunny shitposting


>All these people who don't get off to the thought of months of 'I have no mouth and I must scream'


Who wouldn't?


File: 1541548642755-0.jpg (1.15 MB, 3056x1985, image0.jpg)

It's unlikely it'll be out tonight, but I'd like to know what you all would prefer for the next update:
Don't worry, none of that Nueve shit here. I won't count votes until I can write.
Also another pudgy filly. Some day I'll figure out how to actually do horse anatomy…


File: 1541549375567-0.jpg (62.37 KB, 1026x666, 1541530428557.jpg)

Posting this from the drawthread on /mlp/ before the janicuck delete it


File: 1541549395473-0.gif (110.41 KB, 666x690, 1541541464323.gif)


Oh god no


I don't really follow the filly threads and I want to


Anthro is degenerate, Anon…


Will she at least get a bedtime story?


If she doesn't get on Twilight's nerves too much.


Better be a good filly, then


File: 1541557343272.jpg (143.89 KB, 1320x653, 1094639.jpg)


>"Twilight is acting OOC, oh my god that's so reddit." He says in a thread where many stories include an abusive Twilight
Nigger fuck off.


Forcing a living being into months of agony isn't abusive, it's downright evil. Most of the other Twiggles abuse is her being emotionally manipulative or cruelly negligent, not torturing you nonstop for months.


File: 1541561037592-0.png (1.95 MB, 600x1566, 1455324899778.png)

File: 1541561037592-1.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1440, 1463697096265.png)

File: 1541561037592-2.jpg (113.19 KB, 1280x720, large.jpg)

File: 1541561037592-3.jpg (584.93 KB, 1080x2834, 1476542337778.jpg)

File: 1541561037592-4.jpg (327.47 KB, 1480x1540, 1476547584602.jpg)

Grow thicker skin.


Yes, I get some images from derpibooru, so fucking what? Who doesn't?


File: 1541576813911.png (5.81 MB, 3402x2464, Twilicorn-DarkThrone.png)


You flash Twilight an evil grin as you realize the possible implications of sharing a class with her.

"Welcome to public education, where the teachers are paid minimum wage and the only thing you learn is communist propaganda!"

She doesn't seem too phased by your comment and simply shrugs.

>"Fair enough."

Without a word more, she takes a seat on a nearby bench and begins to stare at the ground with a hoof under her chin. You suspect she is planning something, but you're not quite sure what. Whatever it is, the coming school week may become very interesting, very fast.

At this point, you remember that you're still in Mama Velvet's embrace, so you take advantage and nuzzle your face into her chest fluff.

<<"Awww, you're sweet. So when are you going to introduce me to your new friend? I know Blossom, but who's the tan filly?"


"Well, cunt? What are you waiting for?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 4 ]


File: 1541577515259.jpg (2.05 MB, 4208x3120, Marehammad-1.jpg)


>Some day I'll figure out how to actually do horse anatomy

Could be worse. Check out this cringy thing I made a couple of years back.


Future tomb raider, archaeologist and book writing adventurer extraordinaire. Let her introduce herself by whatever name she picks >inb4 Bruce or some shit 1d100[ 1d100 = 23 ]


>Velvet forgives Anon for traveling upwards of 100 miles away from home unsupervised because she's cute
>"I am deliberately avoiding eye contact because I do not want to argue with you"
Twilight confirmed autist

Not really cringy. Bad, but it's nice that you're exercising your free speech. What is that cryptography above the pony, right of the hemiola? Doesn't look musical to me


File: 1541581867973.png (125.48 KB, 1005x1105, Sleepy Filly.png)


"That's Bruno Dundridge, Bart Simpson owes him 900 dollarydoos" 1d100[ 1d100 = 22 ]


>ywn have an evil queen momfu


Ask Daring "Do you come from a Land Down Under?"
1d100[ 1d100 = 89 ]


File: 1541600048196.png (19.51 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon.png)

>Day after Nightmare Night in Equestria.
>I had been brought along to the Royal Canterlot Nightmare Night Ball.
>Something something, expected to attend.
>I didn't even get to pick my own costume.
>For a good chunk of the night, I was the grumpiest princess one would ever see, complete with one of those stupid, pink, cone-shaped hats that have the tassel on the point and far too much lace.
>Who thought that was a practical hat, anyways?
>There weren't even any other children at the ball, and the idea of a costume in Canterlot was nowhere near as fun as in Ponyville.
>Things eventually started to look up when a few nobles started bringing over a few 'treats'.
>Some weren't exactly the standard fare, and were obviously a way of either sucking up to Celestia through me or a way of showing off how rich they were.
>My ears weren't even pierced! What was I going to do with so many bejeweled earrings?
>The tiny little cakes looked okay, but they mysteriously disappeared from the loot at the same time that Sunbutt went to 'powder her nose'.
>Still, there were at least enough sweets in there to be considered a barely passable haul for going door to door.
>I even got to see Blueblood almost piss himself when he accidentally crossed paths with me.
>Kinda weird. Didn't know why. It was still funny though.
>"Emerald Dawn, it's time to get up!"
>Celestia's voice was far too cheery for the time of day.
"No such pony. Also, it's the day after Nightmare Night. Candy coma is traditional."
>She chuckled as I pulled my covers over myself.
>"Oh? Why, I could swear the collection of sweets you got last night hasn't gone down enough to cause that."
>I felt the bed shift down as a large object settled onto it.
>She puts a hoof on my back, stroking.
>"I know it can be rough to keep going, but you've got to keep at it."
"C'mon. You're telling me you wouldn't sleep in if you got to go back to being a child with no responsibilities?"
>"Mmm… a compelling argument, but that could also be taken as a prompt to give responsibilities."
>"Language. We'll clean up that tongue of yours eventually, my little sunshine."
>I extracted a hoof to bat at the hoof that was poking at my side along with her comment.
>The hoof was snagged, and I was pulled out of my cocoon and into a pair of alabaster hooves.
>"Now I've caught you. Hmm… maybe I should have you take care of Philomena?"
"Ugh. You know that fire hazard has it out for me."
>"Oh, I'm sure she was just being playful. Besides, you're a filly now."
"That just means I'm easier prey."
>Another melodious laugh, and I was floated onto her back.
>"Perhaps. Come along now. Breakfast is waiting."
>I grumbled into her back.
"…still can't believe you won't let me have coffee…"
>"Now now, you'll stunt your growth with that. There's plenty of juice for you to enjoy."
"I'm sure that's just a myth."
>And so, the day went.

Apologies for the brevity. Sick. Probably would've done something relating to that, but this was already partly typed up. Hope it was still enjoyable.


No problem mate, worth the wait.


File: 1541604480087.png (1.06 MB, 3500x3000, AnonfillyLipstickMakeupDre….png)

Nice, I was looking forward to it! Is there any art of filly in a hennin?


Thanks for finishing and posting it despite your sickness Anon; I hope you get well soon.


File: 1541617548562.png (189.01 KB, 1197x1055, Steed.png)


If you turned into a filly in Equestria, would you be okay with it? Or hate it? Or maybe pretend to hate it but secretly like it?
If you're one of those who'd like it, then what would you tell Twilight if she asked you why?

>Become a filly

>Everything feels mighty strange at first
>But you eventually get used to walking on four legs and all that
>You even got to live with Twilight, whom has taken you in and is basically your adoptive mother
>A role she gladly plays when you're in public
>And sometimes even when it's just the two of you alone
>She kinda gets carried away sometimes and, when looking at you being so cute, forgets for a minute that you used to be an adult
>But you're okay with it
>In fact, you're quite happy with everything
>Twilight Sparkle, being the ever so curious pony who just needs to find answers to everything, eventually asks why
>You used to be an adult human
>Until you got thrown into a strange new world and had everything you've ever had and everyone you knew torn away from you
>And then you got turned into a little pony who had nothing and who would've been thrown into an orphanage if Twilight wasn't there
>Why are you happy?
>Is it the fact you've been given a chance to live a childhood life a second time?
>Or having Twilight as a "mother"?
>Or is it simply fun to be a filly?
>No matter your reasons for being happy in this new life you have, despite everything that's happened to you, she promises with all her heart to keep it a secret
>No matter what it is, nothing will change between the two of you
>She promises

So, what'd your honest anwser be?


I'd rather stay human, but fuck responsibillities


Im with him, the struggles of being forced to be a filly and mesh into their society by acting like one, often against our own will, is great thou


>being ill
>not writing more because nothing to do while bedridden
No wonder my green sucks


>Im with him


Deleted post was for the ausfag >>183945 , which is who i m agreeing with


Tell her that she's the only reason that I haven't killed myself. Also my diaper needs to be changed.


>Deleted post was for the ausfag >>183945 , which is who i m agreeing with
Ah, then now your post makes sense.
>Im with him, the struggles of being forced to be a filly
>Im with him,
That should have been a punctuation mark there, not a comma.

Amazing how the tiniest little typo can sometimes completely break everything one has written, isn't it?


You're secretly a furry


>Become filly innaquestria
>Shit's okay
>Eventually Twi asks why
"It's a change of pace. Also, it gives me the chance to be a fully integrated and porductive member of a society that isn't one angry communist away from going to hell."
>Twilight still doesn't know what 'communist' means
>Tell her that it's a bit difficult to explain, but I'll do it because she asked
>Tell her about the wonders and horrors of the human world

What was the question again?


File: 1541651839409.png (606.58 KB, 2000x1566, realises.png)

I wouldn't be happy, I would just pretend I am because I'll forever wonder what became of my race, if they made it or if at that time I'm all that's left even if I'm not a white man anymore. Either way, the principles I hold have little place in cutesy cartoon horse world and would die with me, causing me to feel a sense of perpetual existential dread.


Would the filly live a natural pony lifetime, or would she die of old age relative to your original age like Dolly the Sheep


Magic's a hell of a drug, I'm betting on full lifespan relative to the age of pony that filly becomes post transformation.


You're gaining a whole bunch of extra chromosome pairs, an entirely different genetic code and losing a ton of biomass in the process, it's not that farfetched to say it restores your telomeres in the process.


>implying Purple isn't making you eternally young so you can stay her little filly forever



I have no clue. This was a "public white board" at my old university. People wrote whatever.


File: 1541662994167.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


File: 1541663210544.png (217.15 KB, 811x1073, Ar1F4vEg.png)

Fuck, he's right


File: 1541663468475.png (170.08 KB, 1259x1024, Velvet-Scrunch.png)


"Oh, right."

You gesture over to Daring to grab her attention.

"Hey, hey Daring… do you come from a land down under?"

Her response is almost monotone, and somewhat sarcastic.

>"Actually no. I'm from the frozen north, where the beer is flat and the stallions are always flaccid."

She pauses to look at you with the most serious of gazes for all of about 5 seconds before you both burst into laughter.

"For a second there, you might have accurately described Canada."

Velvet seems confused.

<<"What's Canada, and why are you fillies talking about such inappropriate topics?"



Took you long enough to get here. What's up?


These fillies need a spanking, running away from home and having dirty mouths


I hope you don't mind using that as a writing prompt
I haven't done a lot of writing before but hopefully some people like it.
I meant to post it earlier, but I had a late start.

>Another sleepless night…

>A thick veil of rain clouds enveloped the night sky and devoured any stars that littered its path.
>The tranquil silence was broken by the pitter-patter of rain and a defeated sigh joined the chorus soon after.
>Anon’s thoughts scattered at the sudden reverberation.
>The respite from his own devices was appreciated, but he still couldn’t escape to the realm of his dreams.
>Sleep would not come with only the stars as his companions, and the drizzle made it even more improbable.
>It was a lost cause.
>With great reluctance, he rose from the safe comforts of his bed and landed onto the cold stone floor.
>The sound of hooves hitting the floor reminded Anon of his situation.
>Ever since he drifted away from his world, he found himself in a foreign body: a body of a filly.
>He still remembered his initial reaction; it was not pleasant.
>Phantom limb sensations and pain still plagued him.
>His previous muscle memory was still there, but with a quadrupedal body, it was incompatible and useless.
>The thoughts came back just as quickly as they left.

>Is this truly reality?

>What about the "reality" he left behind?
>Would anything have changed back there?
>Is he still himself… or is he "her"?
>How much longer can he last?

>A chill welcomed him to the physical world and the heat radiating from his body was sapped into the dark room.

>His newfound green coat of fur helped combat the chill, but the sensations were evident.
>His hooves were infected with freezing cold.
>He was reaching his limits.
>He wanted to cry.
>But he refused to.
"There only three times a man is allowed to cry: first, when he is born; second, when he loses his parents; third, when he loses his country." a fragile and distinctively feminine voice, fit for a little girl, recited the saying that was told to Anon countless times before.
>It no longer applied to him, but it was still effective.
>Even with hormones or magic or whatever element affecting his new brain failed to overcome several decades of discipline.
>He began his half-blind journey to door.
>His eyes were well adjusted to the darkness of the night but the rain clouds caused the shadows to drain the colours further.
>After a brief moment, he pushed the door open.
>A dim light immediately caught his attention.
>The intricate sconces that decorated the walls were unused, but a single candle was placed on a wooden table near one of the other resident’s room.
>The ember danced rhythmically to the cold breeze.
>A queer sight.
>The candle was recently used and it was hours since everyone retreated to their sleeping quarters.
>He wasn’t the only victim tonight.
>With his curiosity piqued and the night being too long for a single individual, he opened the candlelit door.
>The light behind Anon made his unsolicited entrance evident to anyone in the room.
>The same light also revealed the contents of the previously unseeable room.
>The mountain of green fur and black hair was erected on one corner, hugging the edge of the carpet beneath the filly construct.
>Anon realized his arrogance.
>He wasn’t alone.
>There were others who shared his fate.
>“Get in faggot, it’s freezing out there.” mumbled one of the fillies, tiredness and frustration of being so suddenly and rudely awakened was evident in her voice.
>Nevertheless, she motioned her wing to an empty foal-sized indent inside the pile.
>He became aware of the cold again.
>Wasting no time, he trotted over to the place offered to him.
>He was no longer exposed the the bitter coldness of the frigid night; the heat of the other fillies' bodies washed the chill away much like a waddle of penguins would.
>A wing draped over his small body and he embraced the feeling of warmth and protection.
>Weariness caught up to Anon.
>As his mind drifted slowly into the realm of sleep, he remembered.
>Zhuangzi once dreamt of being a butterfly and could not discern if he was a butterfly dreaming of being a human or a human who dreamt of being a butterfly.
>Anon saw himself in a similar situation, give or take the species and setting (and magic).
>To Anon, he was a human who shed his humanity and found himself in a peaceful world fueled by friendship and magic.
>It was a second chance: a clean slate.
>A cynical and misanthropic man turned filly in an utopia of a world, wanted to regain humanity and return to the very world he hated.
>He scoffed at the notion and its accompanying irony.

>It did not matter.

>Maybe when Anon woke up, things would make sense again.
>She thought about her recent past-self.
>Her wanting to cry… it was all laughable now.
>There were no more reasons for tears; she had a new family, and albeit it wasn't a country, she had a new place she could call home.
>Tomorrow was going to be a good day.


No worries, glad to see more. Hope you feel better.


>"There only three times a man is allowed to cry: first, when he is born; second, when he loses his parents; third, when he loses his country." a fragile and distinctively feminine voice, fit for a little girl, recited the saying that was told to Anon countless times before.
Hope nobody's ever told you that irl, it's bullshit. It's okay for men to express their emotions- doing so is what separates us from animals. Saying you should act like an animal is the most niggardly thing possible.


It’s a saying originating from South Korea


There's a clear cut difference between being in control of your emotions and not having them. Crying at every little thing because 'expressing your emotions is a good thing' is what a child does. Acting like a child for the entirety of your life is the most niggardly thing possible, it's what actual niggers do, they translate emotion into impulse into action and have almost no self discipline as a result. Being in control of yourself and your emotional state, that is, to feel but not to let your feelings rule you is the exact opposite of being an animal, it's the expression of a strong and disciplined mind.

I bet you claim to cry whenever you see something even slightly sad.


Well, for one, I get to be a pony, which is awesome. I also love being able to be innocent again and re-experience childhood. And it's great to have someone who loves and cares for me like Twilight.

And then hug her, of course


That was pretty great, Anon. Nice work!
Good feels all around.


>t. the large homosex


Start singing an absolutely butchered version of "Oh Canada". 1d100[ 1d100 = 27 ]
>t. Mangina


Of course you shouldn't be a huge faggot about it, but only three times in your whole life?
All these faggots trying to show off how "tough" they are like it's middle school. You're allowed to cry more than three times in your life, just don't do it all the time.


File: 1541707638227.png (2.7 MB, 2234x1628, mydegreesaysso.png)


Kek, nice


Nice. But imo the glasses should be brown or something, as the green blends into the face.


>Scruffy holding gun: "Who killed Anonfilly?"


File: 1541708778458.png (2.68 MB, 2234x1628, dorker glasses.png)



File: 1541709543201.jpeg (43.34 KB, 357x524, B2453DEC-8654-4A02-BD30-8….jpeg)


"Canada, (Noun): EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH?


1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]


What did she say?


she's telling fillies why they're all gay and she isn't


There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers.


"Traps are gay"


File: 1541725254485.png (3.65 KB, 273x387, fillywithagun.png)

>Being right about anything
[muffled reeing in the distance about unifillies 300 IQ]

Listen here you lil shid


500 IQ alicornFilly here, gonna go partake in some Richard and Mortimer with my fellow contentfags


Are we gonna get schwifty?


Just got my Doctoral Qualifying Exam. Gonna disappear for a few days. Probably won't have any updates for a bit.


You'd better not be getting a doctorate in Sociology or some other humanities/arts field


Thank you doctor



Thanks Doc


Oi bruv can you fix my lungs? Keep coughing up shit even tho im not sick


File: 1541743245359.png (142.24 KB, 669x669, AnonFilly-ComplainFace.png)


It's Computer Science, with a focus in Cyber Security. The exam has me analyzing two papers (which are strongly related to my current research), from which I have to write a 15 page report by Tuesday 11:59 PM PST, and then prepare an oral presentation to give on the following Friday at around 11:00 AM.


Not that kind of doctor. Go see a real MD.


File: 1541743297412.png (110.9 KB, 700x750, AnonfillyNurse.png)

Okay, Dr. Reuben.

Can you cure computer viruses? My self-driving car keeps trying to kill me.



>My self-driving car keeps trying to kill me.

That's probably not a virus, but a feature. Apparently some people think that if a self-driving car has non-functioning breaks, it's okay to swerve into a wall and kill the passengers if it might save a couple more people.

Also, I don't have the title of Dr. yet. This is a qualifying exam, meaning I need it to be able to continue on with my PhD program. Once I've taken the QE, I get a pay raise on my stipend, and have to work on a proposal for my dissertation (academic term for "big fucking long essay"). A year after my QE, I take another exam called a preliminary exam, where I present my proposal for the dissertation. If I pass that, my title goes from "PhD Student" to "PhD Candidate." Then I have to actually write the dissertation (which could take a year or more), and when it's done, I have to provide an oral "defense" of my dissertation. If I pass that and get all of my required coursework done… then I can be called Dr.


File: 1541745132668.jpg (10.58 KB, 480x360, doctor.jpg)



Dang. A psychologist would be handy in these threads



If I were a psychologist, I would have written Twilight a LOT better. That said, I did do a little bit of research on some psychology topics when writing her. For instance: why might a person intentionally avoid eye contact with someone if they are not autistic? Either they are trying to show disinterest, OR… they know eye contact can show either sincerity or hostility depending on context. I tried to find out what types of hormones were released while giving eye contact and make Twilight go on a little rant about it, but the only thing I could find works on is oxytocin. Normally it's responsible for love and happiness and shit, but apparently in the presence of a couple of other hormones, it causes rage! But there's a limit on what I'm willing to say without the right credentials in neuroscience and such…


Oxytocin = love chemical
Adrenaline = fight chemical
Love + Fight = Maternal Aggression
aka "dont touch my baby reeeeeeeeee"


Well, who else is gonna diagnose therapy for the rampant mommy issues ITT?


That really shows an autism-level lack of social awareness on Twilight's part. Yes, making eye contact can sometimes be considered aggressive, but when your mom is raging at you and you decide to just stare at your hoof like she doesn't matter, that's gonna make her angrier.
So in conclusion, CIA Twilight is a confirmed autist.


That just makes her more adorable, not less.


You're not wrong.
Is autism a prerequisite for becoming a filly?


Nah, you just need to write or draw something. Only contentfags get to be the filly, but you don't have to have autism.


Autism helps with the arts, though.


Well, yeah… really all it takes is being a slave to the details, so ocd could be given a strong argument as well.


File: 1541773967327.png (15.73 KB, 732x657, 1619646__safe_artist-colon….png)

4chan sent us to hell
we're going deeper


File: 1541774409088.png (477.3 KB, 509x719, WhiteLight.png)

As someone who has OCD and is a terrible drawfag, I'm not so sure that's the case. Pic related is an attempt to draw an OC of mine.


I know it's helped me write, still better than what I could do.


File: 1541774871568.png (300.02 KB, 1600x900, 1512790521008.png)

Don't believe in you. Don't believe in me! Believe in the Anonfilly that believes in you!


Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my shitposts… And the OC… even the H O R S E P U S S Y… The board I've lost… the comrades I've lost… won't stop hurting… It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!

Give it back!
This isn’t right! That was ours…
We built it, damn it!


Not bad. Don't know how often you draw, but you could try drawing a bit larger and with different poses to practice.


File: 1541793983956.png (278.98 KB, 1000x671, Hates the Mailmare.png)


File: 1541802502098.png (188.45 KB, 1280x1277, twilooking.png)

>"I'm sorry Anon, but I couldn't perfect the transformation sequence."
>"Your stomach is currently almost devoid of the bacteria needed to digest food. Solids are definitely a no-go"
>"Don't worry, I've come up with a solution. A nice way to feed you AND spend some mother-daughter bonding time together."


Based mommy issues poster.


File: 1541803572603.gif (475.62 KB, 512x680, _filly triggered.gif)



File: 1541810710819.jpeg (47.12 KB, 500x500, 1878197__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

It's alive!


File: 1541817272293.png (364.8 KB, 1542x2084, AnonfillyGiggle.png)


I'd have a scrunch like #3 too if I got only that much candy



File: 1541839922770.png (687.4 KB, 844x1160, 1449384858115.png)

How likely is it that Twilight is telling the truth?


File: 1541840011160.png (192.71 KB, 1440x1531, sketch-1541839054184.png)

Filly is filly


>When the other fillies dress up a filly in her sleep

That is a very filly filly. Good work, filly.


But when is filly not filly?


when she is mare


When she's turned back into a human.


implying that'll ever happen


>be anon
>get sucked into Equestria
>can't stand up; turned into some creature
>a weird purple horse with huge eyes and a large round head is staring at me
"Where am I?"
>"Oh sorry, that wasn't meant to happen. Let me just send you back
>land back in bed with everything back to normal


>eqg anonfilly



A moving story


Top 10 Saddest Anime Endings


File: 1541847200088.png (269.82 KB, 680x680, 1462824120030.png)

Probably exactly what would happen to be honest.


You are king of the writefags, best story ever


>tfw your gave your pastebin to all nighter fgt and itisn't in the google doc
>be the filly
>with Crystal Clear on the way to sell your current inventory to Cane
>you did ask Crys, he doesn't know if he has a last name
>you figure asking could sour things
>he seems like a less than stable character
>should be a nice payday
>20,150 bits divided by 2
>Still haven't figured out how to into money laundering
>or if you even need it here
>would be handy, most people like to know why the suddenly got rich
>"how much meth exactly do we have here?"
"A little over 2 pounds."
>"so you're gonna be sitting on 10 grand, at however old you are, under the same roof as the feds"
"Best place to hide is in plain sight"
>"there's something you're not telling me, i can feel it"
>you arrive at Cane's place
>knock knock knock
>"i was wondering when you would show up, come in! come in!"
>you proceed into the house
>the interior is messy, but overall well furnished
>Cane leads you into the lounge room
>you both take a seat on the couch while Cane takes a seat on one of the two recliners across from you
>the other is taken up by a blue pony you've never seen before
>"so i never asked, what's your name, filly?"
>it might be smart to not give out your real name
>don't want this dude to find out your adoptive uncle is head of the meth taskforce
"Green Hornet, you?"
>"Holing Cane, but just call me Cane."
>Holing Cane?
>no wonder he's such a nigger
"Pleasure. Now, let's talk business"
>"Yeah, break out the product"
>Crystal dumps the some 31 bags of meth on the table
>he seperates one bag each from the seperate batches
>"ok. This bag was produced by the standard methylamine formula"
>wait, is this retard going to tell him about the pseudo cook?
>"but this bag was produced by a new formula E-Green Hornet came up with"
>"what's special about that?"
>"try it and you'll see"
>he obliges
>and he would know how?
>"it can't be that good"
>you forgot there was someone else sitting there
>"what did you just say"
>"i'm just saying"
>"whoa chill, shit maybe it is that good. Maybe i could get some"
>"so first you diss my judgement, and now you're asking for free clips?!"
>"if you dont want to sha-"
>hoof to the face
>followed to a scrambling to the floor and a flurry of punches
>this time with alot more blood spurting everywhere
>"oh shit"
>that nigga dead
>real dead


>"louie? LOUIE TALK TO ME!"
>he shakes the blue corpse trying to get a response
"damn shame. Anyways, we best be going-"
"Cane, he needs a hospital, or else a bodybag"
>"i think the latter"
>"yous need to help me get rid of him, no trace"
>"bury him?"
>"no somepony would find him eventually"
"If you really need to get rid of him with no trace, then our best bet would be Chemical Disencorporation."
>"a- th- ..fuck, that's messed up
>"fucking science nerds, what does that mean in ponish?"
"Dissolving in strong acid"
>"now that's the best idea you two have had all day!"
>this guy is fucking crazy
>he didn't even flinch
"Crys, i need you to head down to the store, get a heap of Lye and Muriatic Acid. If you can't find the acid look for muriatic acid based drain cleaner."
>"what are we gonna put it in?"
"Uhh… Get a tarp. we'll go into the everfree, dig a big hole, line it with the tarp, dump him in and fill it with a mixture of the two chemicals. Oh and get three respirators"
>"got it. I'll be going now?"
>he leaves
>you and Cane get the body formerly known as Louie prepped for transport
>aka you load him into a wheelbarrow and cover him in dirt
>you also take the oppertunity to get paid
>Crystal returns and you all head off towards the everfree
>after a brisk walk you arrive at a clearing that should be far away enough from civilization that you shouldn't inadvertantly be gassing anyone
>you opt to dig the hole since erf hoer strength
>Cane and Crys both watch out for timberwolves and shit
>once it's deep enough you all put on your gas masks
>you roll him into the hole
>Crystal opts to pour in the chemicals so that you all have do your part in the disposal
>one hoof washes the other
>you made sure that the wind was blowing the opposite direction to where you were standing
>once the body is about half way done melting you fill in the hole and rake over some leaves
>it should finish on its own
>and if not it probably won't be found for a while
>even then it almost certainly won't be recognised as a pony
"Remember: this never happened."
>they both nod as you each walk out of the forest in your seperate ways
>you enter your home to find some packed suitcases
>"Emerald, Princess Celestia has asked me back for a meeting, so we're going to take a weekend holiday to Canterlot!"
"That sounds great!"
>it certainly does
>getting as far away from that half melted face as possible sounds fucking peachy

Sorry for short update, completly forgot i had a green to write kek
On a side note, i am allowed to describe how to melt a body, right? mods no ban


All nighter is a busy faggot.


File: 1541862015483.png (165.7 KB, 898x1020, HappyAnonfilly.png)

Thanks, I was wondering what to do with that skeleton in my closet.



>"You want me to start?"
>You nod again.
>"I'm not that interesting. Couldn't get my grades high enough to get in anywhere decent, and of course I was too good for a career. I'd been leaving the neet life for about five years doing the occasional odd job so my parents wouldn't kick me out. One day-"
"The fall?"
>"Yeah, I fucking tripped and broke my nose on the floor here. Any idea how the hell that works?"
>You shake your head.
>"I guess that figures… anyways, Purple cunt offers to patch me up really quickly. What the hell am I supposed to do? A magical fucking unicorn walks up to me and asks if I want my broken nose instantly fixed, of course I say yes. Next thing I know every part of my essence is grinding itself to bits, and I wake up with a stunted height and no fingers. So, what'd you do in your past life to luck out with the forehead cock?"
"I don't know."
>"Come on, take your best guess. I told you about what a pathetic shit I am, the least you could do is detail what a well-endowed guy you were."
>Progress has been slow with the unicorn.
>That name sounds so unnatural.
>Like she made it up herself on the fly.
>Probably did.
>"I-I… don't think that's how it works."
"Alright. In any case, let's hear your end of the…"
>Her eyes are drooping and she's clearly trying to stave off sleep.
>You sigh as you go off to search the cabinets.
>You feel a slight ping from one to the left.
>You shrug and walk over to open it, why the hell not.
>You want to vomit.
>Whatever was being kept there was clearly not well-preserved.
>Decomposed matter falls to the floor as you gag at the smell.
>And yet…
>At the center mass of it, twelve of them.
>Large, yellow capped mushrooms.
>Everything you know about mushrooms screams at you to stop as you inhale deeply away from the growths and quickly nip one off.
>Don't swallow…
>Don't swallow…
>Don't swallow…
>Realizing your mistake, you forcibly attempt to put a hoof in your mouth to gag yourself, grossly overestimating both your dexterity and flexibility, and grossly underestimating your hoof size.
>You suddenly feel very oddly calm.
>Looking at the inner door of the cabinet, you just manage to catch the words 'for research on hallucinogenics' before the cabinet door comes off its hinges and starts trying to lick you.
>They always start with the symbols.
>Arranged like words, spaced similarly.
>You can never remember them well enough to write them down when you wake up.
>Well, that's if you even had paper or a writing implement.
>They fade away to the dripping floor once again.
>You could sit for hours and watch this place, the individual droplets of liquid licking themselves off of the surface of the hard stone floor and careening up into the sky.
>The one thing that Twilight used to ask you about were your dreams.
>She seemed almost genuinely interested.
>Well, until you started detailing the bits about the other you.
>You only ever saw her from afar, but she was a ringer.
>Same coat, same mane…
>Only difference was the lack of a horn.
>And the look in her eyes.
>Something almost palpable, you couldn't quite place what it was.
>And now you've found her.
>You wonder if she saw you too.
>In any case, the shock from her knocking you to the ground and the muttering were enough to get you to shut up about dreams.
>You would've told her more if she asked, about skies full of vibrant butterflies as intricate as snowflakes, and soft hares that smelt of cream and split into a million dandelion stalks at the slightest touch, only to reform moments later just as energetic and playful…
>But she never did.
>It was your own damn fault anyways, you never should've mentioned the filly's aura.
>Something malicious and ancient was at work with that one.
>And now here you lay, sleeping on the floor while she does Celestia knows what while you contemplate.
>At least you can maintain alert enough in this state.
>Well, until a dream whisks you away at least.
>It's taken this much time to build your dreamscape.
>While half of your dreams were blessings, after you started to see the other you they became a bit more twisted.
>Butterflies lifted their abdomens to reveal wicked barbs.
>Hares shattered into glass and tried to reform around your hoof.
>Very soon you will-
>Weight. Weight on your chest.
>Your eyes fly open to reveal your companion flopped over you.
>"I'm a dumbass. You wanna be a dumbass too?"
>You watch in silence as she holds up a mushroom.
>"The pings tell me what's good. These things are very good."
>Unicorn: You are in a compromising position being offered a mushroom.
>Earth pony: You are slumped over and in an Impaired state. (1d20 for action success.)
>Input actions.


Mind posting your pastebin? I'd like to read this from the beginning.


File: 1541880043681.webm (5.64 MB, 1280x720, BongoFilly.webm)

Was bored today.


bongo filly a cute!



Checked and coot


File: 1541880854333.png (225.52 KB, 1374x1675, Anon - Pony 25.png)

Thank ye kindly.


>Fillies start a band
>Hand out fliers for their first "performance" that afternoon
>Only Twilight shows up
>They don't care and appreciate their mom showing up to support them.


You speak like every single one who turned into a filly thinks the same.


File: 1541890911867.png (486.49 KB, 768x1024, thumbsup.png)



I mean, there's only 3 of them. It's not unreasonable to think so, especially since they're all autistic faggots.


and autistic faggots who likely have mommy issues at that


Do the hokey-pokey.
Uni: 1d100[ 1d100 = 72 ]
Earth: 1d100[ 1d100 = 86 ] 1d20[ 1d20 = 4 ]

How much is a ticket to the concert?


>Anon filly is Anon
>The most autistic self centered flaming faggot in history
>Doesnt care that only Twi showed up instead of all Ponyville
Be honest, they d probably have a fit and plan on pranking the whole city for that. How dare they dismiss their great show? It was their moment!

Only for Twi to find out before they were able to actually pull it off, giving each one of them a good round of spanking


Uni: Try to use your last reserves of magic to knock the mushroom away, be it zapping it or hitting it away from her hoof with another object
1d100[ 1d100 = 59 ]1d20[ 1d20 = 20 ]

Erf: Shove this thing as far down her gullet as your hoof can go
Kinda like AJ likes to put her hoof on other ponies mouths so they shut up or how panka shoves treats on other ponies face
1d100[ 1d100 = 26 ]1d20[ 1d20 = 3 ]


Are you saying you're an autistic faggot?


>Be anon?
>You're still not sure how it all happened.
>You sit, still dazed, only half paying attention to a purple mare aggresively spooning food into your mouth.
>It was too much, too fast; the transfer, the transformation, and now this…
>It was hard to tell what was real and what was a probably drunken hallucination.
>You could only try to recall all that had happened in the last twenty hours or so.
>…"Twenty hours", that is, in terms of how it all felt to you, at least.
>You're still assuming that a whole thousand years didn't actually pass since you woke up this morning.
>You had been sitting in your car in some parking lot, just contemplating things
>Just a few minutes ago, your employer had given you "unlimited vacation" from your job.
>Something about how your recent work had been lacking, or something.
>You didn't really care at that point, the reason for being fired can't change the fact that it happened.
>It was tedious, and you two never actually liked each other much at all, but the day job had been your only source of income at that point.
>As you think, you see how the past few years had been wasted at this dead-end job.
>Nothing had changed since you first started, except for the patience and time you had lost to the endeavor.
>You even felt the same way as before, lost and indecisive.
>Back then, you at least had the hope that you might climb the ladder of work, so to speak, and slowly get promoted into an actually interesting and well-paying career.
>Now, that too, has been lost.
>You had the savings for maybe a month with all expenses paid, but what kind of future could possibly lie beyond that?
>You simply couldn't answer that vital question, and thus, you sat at a standstill.
>Listlessly, you wandered back in the direction of your apartment, still deep in thought.
>You didn't pay attention as a male-ish voice called at you for help.
>At least, you assumed they called for help; you hadn't been listening, so you didn't hear what he said.
>You figured it didn't matter either way, there was plenty of stronger people than you ready to swoop in and save him.
>You had your own problems, like those weird bright lights to your right that aRE HEADED STRAIGHT FOR YOU AND ACTUALLY BELOND TO A HUGE TRUCK OH GO-
>Pain enveloped your entire existance as your legs lost contact with the earth.
>You flew a foot above the air, time slowing as it dawned on you just how much everything hurt.
>Not just the physical pain; after everything, the only reason you could be so calm after being fired was because you were already emotionally dead.
>You tumbled across the hard road, and another pain slices through your midsection.
>Screeches and screams assault your ears from all directions.
>You try to open your eyes, only to be blinded by bright headlights of a parked car that probably also just hit you.
>Everything is woozy, and you cease to be able to move rather quickly.
>The taste and smell of blood is in your mouth.
>Your mind, so busy just a minute ago, simply stops.
>You can't even call yourself aware as numbness consumes you.
>consumes you.



>Thoughtlessly, formlessly, lifelessly, you become aware of… something.

>You aren't alive, you can't think, and you can't move.
>You can't see or feel anything around you.
>There's just you, if you can call it that, and nothing else.
>Or so you think, when a voice returns your awareness to you.
>"I see both of our times have run out rather suddenly."
>You can't respond, and you only barely comprehend the words.
>Still, at the same time, you don't misunderstand them at all.
>"I am offering you a second chance at life, in a new land. Do what you want with it, for whichever purpose you see fit. However, only on the condition that when you are able, go and free me. I am currently being turned to stone, so I can't tell you much about where you can find me in the future. Just know that I am Discord, and that as the Spirit of Chaos, you must use the powers of Disharmony-AAAAAUGH!"
>Your existance was suddenly pulled along, offering no chance to resist.
>You followed the voice into a new light, a warm one.
>It's the first you've felt in a while.
>You close your eyes as more and more of yourself is returned to you.
>Slowly, your body rebuilds itself until finally you can move again.
>The scenery around you has changed drastically.
>You lie in the middle of some old-fasioned-looking village, with thatch-roof houses and multi-colored ponies staring at you in fear.
>Wait ponies?
>Looking around, multiple equines surround you, many of them slowly backing away.
>You stare back in confusion, when a pain in your head knocks you to the ground.
>Life really feels like a fever dream at this point, with you now waking up groggily in yet another new location.
>An odd, crystalline room greets you as you open your eyes once more.
>Pain returns to your head, and instantly you remember what you saw before, what you heard before, even how you died before.
>There's no wonder at all that you died, there's some instinctual part of you that denies any questioning otherwise.
>And the voice?
>You can remember every word, distinctly the name, Discord.
>Memories resurface of your past, of a TV show you had idly checked out many years before.
>A Spirit of Chaos named Discord had played the role of villain in one show before six ponies, the "Mane Six", the "Elements of Harmony", had encased him in stone.
>Discord himself even mentioned being petrified, further cementing those facts into your mind.
>Idly, you wondered why you weren't freaking out in any way, good or bad.
>You remember feeling for a short time as you arrived in Equestria, but suddenly, it's as if you just don't.
>Is this just shock?
>In either case, you feel a small sense of shock as a door nearby suddenly creaks open.



>"Hey, are you awake?"

>You turn your head towards the purple mare in the enterance, remembering her name in the show as Twilight Sparkle.
>Curiously though, you can see wings on her back.
>You could have sworn she was just a unicorn, but then again it was quite a while since you last watched an episode.
"Yeah, do you know what haaa… ppened?"
>You're slow to notice, but your voice is much higher-pitched than normal.
>It causes a weird kind of pause in your speech, followed by you finishing the sentence as fast as possible.
>Your eyes cross themselves as you try to look down at your mouth, and see that your nose has mysteriously turned fat and green.
>"Well, honestly I don't know everything about it, but you've been out for the last few days. When you showed up, you just stood there for a second, and then fell over backwards. When you finally got to the hospital, scans showed several broken bones across your entire body."
>That was certainly news; you had thought that maybe someone had gotten the idea that you were a monster and attack you.
>But you just fell over and knocked yourself out? Is that even possible?
"Alright, but what about how I look now?
>"To put it simply, we didn't know if we could save your. Your physiology was very complex and foreign to us, so we had to make it more familiar so that we knew our healing spells would work."
>Alright, that makes sense…
>…Does it?
>Your face contorts with confusion, but as you open your mouth to ask how transforming your body safely wouldn't be far harder, she continues speaking.
>"Anyways, while you recover, you'll be under my care. Say, what's you name?"
"Anon, but ho-"
>"Nice to meet you! I am Princess Twilight Sparkle, and while you recover, it'll be my job to inform your about Equestria, and to make sure you know everything about it that you need to."
>Her response is jovial, but still aggressive. It frustrates you how clearly she's dodging the subject you're trying to bring up.
>"Any questions? Good! There's a lot that you'll have to learn about being a filly, and I'll be glad to teach you everything you need to know."
>"Yep! Female pony child, also known as a filly."
>The shock fades quickly, as does the anger you expected yourself to feel.
>You're just confused by now, bewildered beyond any form of reason that can just be explained to you with words.
>Dumbly, idly, you nod your head in silence.
>You might as well try to get up, so you do.
>It's mechanical, unfamilar, but still instinctual.
>You're wobbly as you get up, but it's hard to tell if that's due to the bed's shakiness or your own.
>"Hey, why don't we get you off the bed and onto the floor?"
>Looks like Twilight's betting on the reason being the bed.



"I actually do have a question."
>Twilight tenses a little, clearly ready with another subject change.
>But this time, you're ready to talk over her.
>"Well abo-"
"What do you know about Discord?"
>"Well you se-"
>It takes a second for the question to register in her mind, since it's clearly not what she expected.
>She ponders if for a moment, as if recalling the name from some deep trench in her mind.
>"You mean some old mare's tale about a God of Chaos who one tried ruling Equestria?"
"I'm pretty sure, yeah."
>"Well, isn't it just that? Fiction?"
>You can't say you expected that, and you have to take your own second to ponder her answer.
>Now that you're a little more awake, you do remember hearing about the great controversy around Twilight getting wings and being crowned Princess.
>However, that was clearly after Discord's defeat, meaning that she really should know who Discord is.
>Is this just a different pony than what you were thinking, after all?
"I guess it is…"
>"Then, why ask? Honestly, it sounds like a random question."
"Well, uh, I wanted to get you to stop interrupting me and dodging my questions."
>She looks at you funny, but lets you continue.
"So, how is it easier to transform m-"
>"*Ahem*, anyways, now we have t-"
"-e int-"
>"-o trave-"
"-o a fil-"
>Pain meets your face one more and you look at Twilight in shock, the sudden physical contact unlike anything you had been expecting, from the show or otherwise.
>"Listen up! As Princess, I will not tolerate you talking over me!"
>'Bitch, you're the one talking over me.'
>"And as I was saying, we'll have to take a trip over to Canterlot so you can get citizenship of Equestria. Due to your rather unique circumstance, I don't want to take any kind of risk, because I wouldn't be surprised if some weird ancient overlooked law could mess things up otherwise."
>It was a little annoying to have her just assume that you wanted to become a citizen of Equestria, but since you died in your old life, you had no reason to believe that it was possible to return.
>Somewhat begrudgingly, you can only decide to follow her, for now at least.
>Plus, since it is Canterlot, it might be able to provide some information that Twilight either cannot or will not divulge to you.



>Canterlot is no different than what you remember from the show.

>It's big, gorgeous, and hangs precariously off of a cliff that it has no right to be built off of without instantly collapsing.
>The trip was only a few seconds long, since Twilight is as fond of teleportation as ever.
>Quite quickly were you rushed towards the looming castle ahead, past strangers and bystanders before they could even wave at the purple princess and/or yourself.
>Or snort, in the case of some predictably snobby nobles as the castle inched closer and closer.
>You expected to be pulled along further when Twilight actually reached the castle, but instead, she basically dumps you in the garden while stating that she'll just go on ahead.
>You're still suspicious of her and her true intentions, but there's nothing much you can do now; she was long gone before you could even have a chance to consider following.
>It doesn't take too much garden wandering to find one particular attraction.
>Now right ahead of you was the stone statue of Discord in all its frightened glory.
>"You're… late…"
>Suddenly, a deep voice resonates inside of your mind.
>You jump, looking around even though you can tell it's coming from Discord himself, still trapped within the statue.
>"It's been a thousand… years, Harmony too strong… Need… chaos…"
>The voice sounded stressed, and strained, completely unlike what you had heard in your death-dream-slumber-whatever it was.
>Wait, did it say 1000 years?
>You voice your concerns, but recieve no answer.
>Still, it's all you need to know.
>Your only true goal here is to get him free.
>As per your "agreement", which you're still wondering even counts considering the circumstance.
>It's hard to tell, your memories are very vague regarding what happened in between your lives.
>Plus, you don't really want to think about what it felt like to die.
>However, looking into your mind, you don't really have any idea about how to spread "chaos".
>Or even which type of chaos is needed.
>Pranks? Panic? Politics? …Flat-out crime?
>You don't even know to what degree you have to fulfill your end of the "bargain".
>Well, you shouldn't be dumb at least; this is a creature with the power to grant you a second life as he was being defeated.
>He could damn well take it back away if he felt that you didn't want to take the deal after all.
>Nothing seemed certain to you, except that your new life was bound to this so-called "spirit of chaos" and the chaos he wanted you to create.



>Your idle garden wandering was eventually interrupted by the voice of Twilight calling out to you.

>For some reason, there was some part of her excitedness that only left you on edge.
>"Emerald Dawn! Over here! I have good news for you!"
>…Emerald Dawn? Really? Did she want to force some pony name on you just because "Anon" would have been unusual?
>Hesitantly, you approach, noting the papers held in her glowing purple aura of magic.
>Unsure of what else to say, you decide to take the probably bait.
"What do you mean by 'Emerald Dawn', Twilight Sparkle"?
>"That's 'Mommy' to you, young mare!"
>You halt, as does your mind.
"Then those are…?"
>"Your citizenship certificate and adoption papers. They were all accepted, by Princess Celestia herself!"
"…Let me see."
>She floats the sheets your way, and you read them as carefully as you can, making sure not to miss a single letter.
>The first is your "citizenship certificate"

No. 4318905
Description of Holder: Age 8 years; Height 3 legs, 2 hooves; Color Green ;
Complexion: Medium ; Color of Eyes: Green ; Color of Mane & Tail: Black ;
Tribe: Earth ; Gender: Female ;
Cutie Mark: ?
Be it remembered that Green Hornet ,
residing at number 547 Berry St. , city/town of Ponyville ,
who previous to naturalization was citizenship of fictopia , having
applied to be admitted as a citizen of Equestria and has been accepted as of 4/13/1003 .
Signed: Celesita Signed: Luna

>Your old countria clearly hadn't been "fictopia", which sounds like something made up on the spot.

>Furthermore, your cutie mark was simply labelled as being unknown.
>You suppose that you just didn't have one yet, that you'd need to discover your special talent on your own.
>Your hair and eye color were both the same at least, even if pretty much everything else was different.
"Hold up… I'm a girl now?"
>Twilight simply nods her head, leaving you to toss it in the "fuck it bucket" for later, along with basically everything else that's happened today.



>The adoption form is much less detailed, but clearly as valid.

No. 290536
Certificate of Adoption
This is to certify that
Emerald Dawn
Has been formally adopted
Into the care of Twilight Sparkle
On the day of 4/13/1003
Signed: Celestia Signed: Luna

>You can only sigh, having long since been defeated.

>"Aren't you just happy? Oh, I know! Whe should celebrate at the Diner!"
>You don't resist at all as she pulls you along by the hoof.
>That simply leaves you were you are at now, being pestered by the mare trying to be your "mommy"
>She does sometimes slip the spoon past your lips, but you don't really care for the taste or even what it is.
>Slowly, you process it again and again, when you've seen, felt, and read on this day.
>You blink, and your eyes feel wet.
>Ignoring twilight's response, you silently grieve for your old life.
>It didn't matter anymore that you didn't have any kind of future as your old self in your old world.
>For fucks sake, you still had yourself and your happy memories.
>Your parents, your friends, your experiences…
>None of them were great, but at least you had them.
>But now?
>…You have no idea how to answer that question.
>"C'mon, Emerald, you have nothing to cry about. Cheer up!"
>Her aggressive words finally reach your ears, but you make the conscious decision to offer no comment.
>Still, something about them irks you.
>That wasn't a friendly or concered "cheer up"
>That was the "cheer up" of that cranky old witch who just wanted you to shut up and do what you're told.
>The kind of person who would rush you into transformation, naturalization, and adoption not even a day after finding you, with no concern whatsoever.
>What was it that Discord wanted again?
>Well, you can create some chaos, all right.
>Now, you just have to figure out how…



>Be filly at nightime

>Sneaking through Twilight's castle was a nightmare in and of itself, so you were glad to finally be outside again.
>You knew you wouldn't be glad when you had to return, but whatever.
>Ponyville really was a ghost town at night, it's nothing like what you're used to, were you could still expect at least a couple cars to drive by in the dark.
>Oh well, that'd just make your plans easier.
>Admittedly, your plan didn't exactly stretch farther than this point.
>Then again, that's chaos in its own way, isn't it?
>By the time your wandering takes you near some residential district, you feel impatience rise up within you.
>"Fuck it…"
>You mutter under your breath as you take a sharp turn towards the nearest house.
>Turning the knob with your hoof, it's no surprise to see it locked.
>Oh well, there are plenty of rocks nearby, and the windows don't look solid at all.
>It took a few tries and just the right angle, but eventually, it goes in.
>Clearly though, it's louder than what you would've liked.
>More than a few windows have brightened up.
>The window is just barely low enough for you to quickly lift yourself up.
>Ignoring some cuts from broken glass, you hide in the first place you see when you get inside.
>That being a broom closet.
>From the now only slightly opened door, you look around to see what you can do now.
>Lots of drawing supplies are on the various tables, ranging from crayons to brushes.
>A paper canvas on an eisel is nearby, with random indistinguishable doodles on it.
>In general, there are lots of paint stains and arts/crafts supplies around the messy room.
>Finally, an idea comes to you, but now you have to wait for the commotion to die down.
>It's quiet again, and all the lights have shut off.
>Tentatively, you leave your little chamber, and inspect the new mess.
>Thankfully, the glass and rock are undisturbed.
>With some tape, a thin brush, and some red paint, you create your masterpiece.



>Not the most brilliant or elegant plan in the world, but you figure it's worth a shot.

>Since it's not even guaranteed to work, you figure that you should do something else, too.
>From the broom closet, you grab a dustpan to gather up the broken glass.
>Not to clean up, mind you, but certainly to do… something.
>As you do so, a new idea comes to you.
>It's evil, it's vile, it's awful and you'd despise any pony that did this to you for the rest of their life.
>You find the kitchen, and pull out several of the foods within.
>Into each, you dump several of the shards from your pan.
>Applesauce, a cake, flour, sugar, various juice cartons, amoung many other foods, now all hide glass shards.
>To top it off, the big pieces were forced deep into the trash bin, lined with a bag that could be cut open with a shard and a little bit of pressure.
>It's probably more straight-up evil rather than chaotic, but it's the start you needed.
>Now, you either have to wait for some kind of response, check on the statue yourself, or simply try something different.
>You're touring the town with Twilight "Mommy" Sparkle, half-listening as she describes places that you don't really care about outside of potentially terrorizing.
>The other half of your attention is distracted by all the holes in other ponies' windows.
>It seems like by now, every one in seven homes has been desecrated with a broken window.
>It's baffling, and the only explanation you can come up with is simply that the concept of chain mail is foreign due to the internet not being invented yet.
>But in some way, it still makes you smile.
>It's a half-smile, of course, you don't need Twilight to see it.
>But there's definitely satisfaction to be had in such a scheme actually turning out to be successful.
>Apparently, the tour went by quicker than Twilight expected it.
>It certainly went by quicker than you expected; you thought that the panicking and clearly-intending-to-trash-someone's-window ponies might slow you down at least a little.
>Given that she didn't have anything else on her schedule at this hour, you were left with your first free time since your revival.
>Now that you think about it, you probably should have made a few more rocks, in case the recipiant wasn't gullible and/or he/she had no children.
>At the very least, it was plenty successful.
>Now, you just had to come up with some way to contact Discord.
>Of course, his statue was still all the way in Canterlot, outside of easy access, especially if you wanted to do this more than once.
>Or maybe you're overthinking it?
>What if it's as easy as simply praying?
>You have heard him referred to as the "god" of chaos at least once, after all.
>On the fly, you concentrate as hard as you can and come up with some BS prayer mantra.
"O Discord, Great God of Chaos, I pray that thou shalt bless my soul with your words.'"
>…Just as you were about to give up, you can feel a response in your head.
>It's weak, it's only barely audible, you're not even sure if it's real, but you still listen as best as you can.
>"Go on…"
"Uh… Today, I brought chaos to Ponyville. I threw rocks into people's homes, with messages that would prompt the ponies to throw those same rocks into others' houses."
>There's no audible response, but you feel a form of affirmation in your head, prompting you to continue.
"Also, I put broken glass in most of this one house's food, and used the rest of the glass to shred their trash bag."
>Eagerly, you await a response from Discord, as you feel him pondering your words within your own head.
>Input response?

Surprise! While this isn't completely a CYOA, you will be able to give your voice through Discord's response. Rolls will help determine what he says, unless the post is along the lines of "stop spreading chaos".


>nat fucking 20


Dis breddy gud


“If you could be either Celestia’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?”
1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]


Based af

N-no (You)

Twi calls Anonfilly "Emerald Dawn" and its the same on the adoption paper, but the nationality paper has "Green Hornet" as name. If ya decide to make a paste remember to fix that to Emerald
Looks pretty good thou, filly being Equestria's villain as a Discord follower sounds interesting


Fuck, you're right. That's pretty awkward.
But, speaking of pastebin, here you go. Yes it's fixed, with a little extra proofreading in general.



>"The stoning was rather clever, but blind cruelty is not the chaos I desire. Don't let anger influence your actions, and possibly attempt to remedy your wrongdoings during tonight's stint. Of spreading. If I am to rise to power, blind fear in my subjects will aid me poorly. I will forgive this only once." 1d100[ 1d100 = 12 ]


*stint of spreading


to clarify further, I was talking about the broken glass in the food.


Yes, I could tell, no clarification needed.


this isnt ponychan faggot, details, details!


Rip that guy. Filly's getting in deep.


Uni: Do this >>184469
1d100[ 1d100 = 97 ]

Erf: Ignore mushrooms, acquire cuddles.
1d100[ 1d100 = 14 ] 1d20[ 1d20 = 2 ]

Cute, nice work!


Get bored more often.


Nice to see a new foal here. Just stay away from Lone15 and you will be fine. I look forward to read this later.
Your name reminds me of a story idea I had today. In it, Anonfilly becomes a necromancer. I call the story, "Necrofilly."


Great start, I'm really liking this!


Reminder that Erfilly is still going to do the hokey-pokey, and fail hilariously.


File: 1541989910215-0.jpg (71.52 KB, 888x500, 2mbbm7.jpg)

Attention all CYOA posters: Green Clover is in great danger and she needs your help to wipe out Twilight and escape the evil rape monsters, but to do this she needs all of the materials for gunpowder and a couple of ball mills. To help her, all she needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back, and the expiration month and year. But, you gotta be quick, so Green Clover can escape her abuser and achieve the fabled GOOD END 1


File: 1541990519500.png (257.64 KB, 1818x1818, really makes filly think.png)


Seems legit


This thread ain't big enough for the both of us.
>You are struck with an unbearable urge to initiate the hokey-pokey.
>Before that though, you attempt to shove the mushroom in your hoof down Nonny's gullet.
>She flinches as your hoof hits the floor next to her head, squishing the mushroom.
>A fluid begins to leak out from the remains.
>You stick your right forehoof into her mouth.
"You put your right leg in, you put your right leg out-"
>You're more than a bit frightened.
>Your companion just smashed a mushroom into the floor and began to drool all over it before sticking her hoof in your mouth.
>You hear her mumbling something about being 'the gatekeeper.'
>Clearly that mushroom was rather psychoactive.
>As she stares at her own building puddle of saliva, you very carefully push her off.
>Now what to do…
>Despite not getting much sleep you feel at least awake enough to walk around now.
>And damn is it cold…
>If memory serves you though, you just might-
>Thankful now for the candy bar you ate earlier, you open the latch on the box that contains the fire blanket.
>You size up the blanket mentally and smile.
>You silently approach the other filly and drape it over her.
>She gives you a puzzled look.
>"But what about the hokey pokey?"
"In the morning."
>Hopefully giving her time to sleep it off will help.
>She shrinks away from the blanket, no doubt seeing something horrifying in it.
>You sigh and pull part of the blanket up.
>Crawling under it, you wrap your left leg around her body and let the blanket fall back on top of you both.
>She's still drooling quite a bit, but she needs a pillow…
>You very carefully position your head under her chin, taking extra precautions to avoid poking her.
>"Night night Nonny…"
>You'll figure out what her name is in the morning.
>"You need to stay out of the trash compactor…"
>You bring a hoof up to your muzzle and give it a good whiff.
"Shut up."
>She giggles, but you don't know if it's from what you said or something projected from her psychedelically impaired mind.
>Lighting up your horn slightly, you brush her mane with your telekinesis.
>She buries her face in your mane.
>"I think I like the feel of this rat."
>To be fair though, she might actually think you're a rat…
>Whatever it takes to get warm.
>You go the full nine yards now and wrap hind legs around her.
>"T-thanks Victoria…"
>Her breathing slows down as her head slumps fully over yours.
>Now it's time for you to follow suit…
>She stirs and you groggily open your eyes.
>"Morning sunshine. Sleep well?"
>You nod.
>"So, about last night…"
>Input actions.


Unifilly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vRysBZk6iQ
1d100[ 1d100 = 74 ]
Erfilly: See if you can make an excessively strong acid with the chemistry supplies.
1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]


the discord server was a fucking mistake, i see that now. shut it down smol, please for the love of all that is holy shut it down. it's killing the thread activity. it brings about nothing but stupid drama and circlejerking. it distracts contentfags. nothing will come of it but the slow and eventual death of this thread, i can guarantee that much. i was so fucking naive. i thought it could never happen to us. please stop. stop before it's too late.


File: 1541999568654.png (775.26 KB, 625x626, don't call it a grave.png)

We fucking warned you, there are literally no exceptions to this, everyone thinks it won't happen to them, everyone thinks they just need some rules to keep things in check, but nothing stops people from craving the instant gratification of an IM platform, nothing. Even if it gets deleted right now, they'll just reorganise into another server to 'keep in touch'.


I refuse to use/read the discord as well. I'll go back to whatever /mlp/ general I use to post in when this dies.


is this how it all dies?


fuck you you fucking upside down nigger, why aren't you jerking off to porn of an emu cucking your waifu? 'i told you so' gets us nowhere dickbutt


Unless everyone in that server suddenly gains the willpower to turn away from the dopamine hits they get from circlejerking all day, yes. Imageboards naturally bleed users over time (mitigated by gaining new users), having offsite discussion platforms just accelerates that process.

>>185003 (You)


how much would it help to immediately shut it down now without warning?




>Imageboards naturally bleed users over time (mitigated by gaining new users), having offsite discussion platforms just accelerates that process.
Reminder that this very thread has been offsite ever since the eviction


it's not offsite, the site that hosts it just changed


File: 1542001086949.png (346.08 KB, 1200x1600, 1455850493826.png)

Depends on how many of them are networked into friends lists and how well they like each other, all it takes is one person attached enough to maintaining their social spider web to boot up another server and start inviting people to it. Then those people will invite others and so forth almost like a tumour, huh. Once you stop being anonymous and get to know the people you post with, it's not easy to let go, that's not saying making friends is a bad thing, but this thread's eventual death is a natural consequence of that >>185007 especially since this particular imageboard has an extremely low user replenishment rate due to its niche nature, let alone this niche-in-a-niche thread.

I don't have much hope for this getting fixed, this would be the fifth thread I've seen die due to this kind of thing. If we manage, and that's a big if, it would be the first. Really, it's up to the server members themselves, it's a shitty choice, but they've gotta give up their social spider web or the thread, it can't be done both ways. The IM is too strong.


File: 1542001514385.png (210.4 KB, 800x822, Comfy_fillu.png)

Do you think the actual death of the thread might be brought about by the thread's community cannibalizing itself over drama about this? I recall somebody proposing an alternate solution one time this was brought up a while back, but I don't remember what that solution was. If the server is indeed rooted in the thread, shouldn't we all be able to come together as a community and find a way to maintain the thread we all hold dear?

Someone hold me please, I'm scared


Actually I'm just too lazy to create content right now so I'd rather berate others for not posting in the thread to detract from my own ineptitude.


File: 1542001644402.png (170.28 KB, 849x941, Blossomforth-Embarassed.png)


You put on your absolute worst singing voice and attempt to remember the lyrics to the Canadian national anthem.

"O Canada, my home and native land. Something something something, in all thy sons' command!"

Blossom places a hoof over your mouth.

>"You don't actually know the lyrics, do you?"


>"Well neither do I, but don't screw it up."

<<"Okay, I'm just going to pretend to know what you all are talking about. Can I at least trust that you'll all be here in the morning to catch the train back home?"

"Yeah, we were pretty much planning on doing that anyways."

<<"Then while we're here, does anyone want to take a look around town?"


Remember, there's always a solution. What's important about that solution is how realistic it is. I do remember talk of a solution, but to my knowledge it was to have them post here more often which to be frank I didn't expect to happen.


>shouldn't we all be able to come together as a community and find a way to maintain the thread we all hold dear?
Going by the current discord chatter not many go here or care for the thread. This is probably the true beginning of the end tbh.


what have we seen of the town already, if anything?


then what's stopping us from cutting off the dead weight?


File: 1542001855835.png (148.19 KB, 836x863, 1515473310027.png)

I remember the solution being something other than what you remember it as, and it seemed like it might hold promise.
I just wish I could remember what it was!


People who don't give a shit about the concept finding their way into the server, some of them even invited by the owner himself, fucking Smoldix or Zippy or whatever you want to call him. In any case, he's too much of a pushover twink to do anything that needs to be done.



Only the storefronts of the areas you passed through to get towards the swamp.


do we remember what any of them were?


File: 1542002129873.png (117.79 KB, 800x800, ...really.png)

>2 people mention they don't go to the thread
>this somehow means not many go here or care for the thread


then I can't help you, m8.

is it possible at all to say that we aren't associated with it any more?


File: 1542002172487-0.png (55.95 KB, 851x337, unknown.png)

>It's not really 4channy
>it's not really 4channy


It has been a long time since I have ventured into this thread. I am glad to see the CYOA is still running. How much do I have to catch up on? Last I remember we were still trying to find an Australian.


File: 1542002241201.png (108.4 KB, 800x641, filly guy.png)

lmao hard serverfags just need to return to their roots


We found the aussie, now some bitch stole our bling and we're coming back from trying to track her down after pinpointing her destination and sending the guard to handle it.


2=many fam. It is a correct statement.


If I'm not mistaken, and correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't smol already put rules in place to try to mitigate this effect which seem to have been ignored by all or most in the server anyway? The only solution I see is the immediate execution of the server, and that's not an end all in any case, we're social animals and we don't like giving up the communities we've built.

Although it's worth mentioning that threads can and do simply die off in time and this one's something like 4-ish years old at this point I think. You just run out of things to talk about, you run out of ideas for stories and things to draw. Whether migration to an IM platform is the symptom or the cause of that is something I'm still trying to figure out.


Okay, at this point they're asking to be dropped.


Dear doomsayers in both the server and thread: you're all being fucking idiots. Kill yourselves. Saging in all fields, canceling any plans to writefag here. Have a nice fucking day, fillies. In fact, have a nice day mlpol. No point in listening to this shit. I have enough drama in day to day life.


Yeah. Keep in mind this is the guy that fucking owns the server too.


>Whether migration to an IM platform is the symptom or the cause of that is something I'm still trying to figure out.
>Yet you still come out swinging, doomposting out of the gate


>I don't generally enjoy most of the 4chan "lol fag" shit
What a complete faggot. How the fuck do these people end up here? A lost ponychan/derpibooru user? WHY WOULD YOU GO TO AN ANON FILLY THREAD DISCORD BUT DISLIKE THE CULTURE THAT SPAWNED IT.


File: 1542002513565.jpg (78.36 KB, 430x454, my fetish twilight.JPG)

Well this gives me a ton of ideas for draw/writefagging.


File: 1542002583246.jpg (79.56 KB, 683x762, aa0e2e806f8e851acac0edc4bb….jpg)

So not too much behind? Thanks. I'll get caught back up and ready to vote next time.


Cool, see ya.


See you tomorrow.


Not too much behind at all, though other shit that's pretty good has started up in the meantime.


File: 1542002655798.png (376.92 KB, 1700x2000, 1481699638871.png)

>The solution to our problems is to bury our heads in the sand and never talk about it.


source on image?



Dude, I can't brain right now. I've got another 3 pages to go on my QE and I stopped for the night because my ability to write has gone away. Which makes it all the more logical that I decided to update the CYOA!


looks like something out of VRchat.


That is straight fucked.


File: 1542002777775.png (115.77 KB, 702x932, (you).png)

>The solution is to spark drama about it, tearing the thread asunder in the process


Dang, I kinda get that. I slammed out a 6-page essay just today that was due yesterday and my brain has pretty much shut down. Take your time, my dude.


Asunder is better than dead, faggot. It's like you don't know /mlp/'s legacy of being active only when drama's afoot.


File: 1542002877454.png (147.38 KB, 816x979, anon_filly_by_lockhe4rt-da….png)

Wew lad.

This all seems stupid. Everyone should chill their tits and think rationally. There must be a mutually beneficial solution.


There is, and it's deceptively simple… How? Just click on the free spoiler! Server fags need to participate in the thread more.


Tearing the thread asunder also leads to its death, but in a raging frenzy rather than a slow fizzle


This solution was apparently so impossible for serverfillies to achieve that instead of simply offering a reminder, you dipshits decide the answer is to ree ineffectually and declare everything fucked.


Yes. Yes they fucking do. Now if only any of the serverfags came here in the first place…
Well if we don't fucking talk about it, it's a guaranteed eventual death. Would you rather a chance of this general surviving or what?


We need to talk about it calmly if we hope to achieve anything productive. Reeing about it while at each other's throats and proclaiming the end times just sends us careening towards death even faster.
I want this general to survive as much as you do, but we've gotta work through this together.


Also invited in a writer from fimfic that wrote one filly story and who stated he'd never even been to the thread, let multiple people stay that outright stated they barely knew there even was a thread…
Then what's your miracle cure, Dr. Mario?


Being overly dramatic about it will just drive folks away. People need to calm down, even if they are passionate about the subject, because shouting will just drive more people away. Doomsaying is just going to drive people away too, because people will be unwilling to join something dying, and people will try to hop off.
Two is many out of two or three, but not many out of ten or a hundred.



File: 1542003749480.png (169.12 KB, 640x640, 1484187345009.png)

There's also a small chance of actually fixing it with a good old dose of reality. The difference between what you say is happening and what is actually happening is that when we hold up our End Is Neigh signs, it's because the end really is fuckin' neigh and something ought to be done to pre-empt it before it's actually fucked.

I can't believe you server fags only come out of your hole to defend it and insist that nothing is wrong and not to actually participate. Please, though, keep feeding me your tears, it's the only water source we have on this godforsaken island.

The only people reeing are the sudden influx of serverfags triggered over being called out for being faggots who are letting the thread die by not posting here.


Dr Mario says: Marry, more pills will leaven thy suffering, I prithee anon take more.


Stop calling others fags you faggot. We are all on the same team here. Everyone is here because they like filly content.

Asides from those that will never post here for some reason, do we actually know how many from the discord post here? If that percentage is high we are looking at a whole different problem. We should know what is wrong before anyone commits to a decision


so, where to start?


Been a while mate, you been doing alright?


File: 1542005882366.png (4.06 KB, 333x289, 1456761__safe_artist-colon….png)

>after a long day of trying and failing to find something to do with your day that can be called productive, you retire to your home
>the town is mostly quiet, but a few fillies, visibly injured, look through the windows, seeming horrified at the sight inside
>you ignore them and instead approach the front entrance
>the front door falls right off the hinges after you touch it, and the sight before you horrifies you
>the library is trashed, and fillies lie scattered across the floor either conked out or licking their wounds
>no, like, literally licking their cuts and scrapes
>to make this very worrisome scene worse, it's nearly sunset and Twiggleshitter is due to be home any minute
>you silently travel around, uncertain what there even is left to say
>up the stairs, you find a few fillies in the guests' room, either hiding or actually asleep - whether they slept through the fight or are resting due to it, you would rather not wake them
>you whisper to a filly hidden under her bed, their eyes seeming to scan your unharmed body as you do
"The fuck happened to this place, dude?"
>she understand you're not one of either side of this brawl, guard finally lowered as she peeks out of her covers to respond
>"Some of the artists and writers spent their time in purplesmart's study talking privately about ideas for their work, playing games together, roleplaying as their old selves."
>your nose wrinkles a little, wings flapping just a bit in vexation
"What? That's it? That's what the fillies do in the library. What's wrong with that?"
>"But we don't get much of it, ourselves. When's the last time you saw any new shit?"
>you're not an exclusive club member but you have been in the study, between your attempts to be a more grown up filly
"I dunno. You fags are alright but…I just want to find something to do while we're here. Not just shitpost and dick around with Twi's stuff."
>"But…but what if they aren't making enough? Other fillies are getting bored! A bored filly is dangerous…"
"Bored? Is it every contentfag's responsibility to dripfeed the others entertainment every day? Some of us have j-"
>you stop, your heart sinking as your voice goes from a harsh hissing whisper to a meek whisp of air
"Some of us…try to just make do with what we got. I'm trying to find someone who'll take me in as an apprentice so we're not all just a burden to the purple dildo-head. Can't you just…learn to enjoy what the fillies made so far, encourage them to keep going but not just shit on them?"
>they go silent, and just as you look at the other fillies you hear a familiar voicw shout out in exasperation
>"Oof…looks like we really fucked up now."
"No kidding. Not promising I'm gonna stick around, but I'll at least try to help pick up. What about you?"
>she stays in the bed, not saying anything as you solemnly turn around and head down to meet your momfu in the midst of her worst mood yet
>what are you even going to do with these fillies? Is it time you just gave up on them? Is sticking around Golden Oaks just compounding the problem?

>is it time you just walked away?


File: 1542005889197.jpg (504.03 KB, 1000x1160, 1454287259804.jpg)

No idea, I operate on the assumption that a significant portion of the dicksword server were there from the eviction and that they've just become more and more reclusive with a number of fags from elsewhere. For the record, I don't give a fuck about those fags, they're a non-issue since they never participated here to begin with and a bonus if they decide to ditch their polite and sterile ways to become anons.

We also know what is wrong, a lack of participation in the thread due to offsite IM discussion, this isn't a new thing or any sort of mystery, every general thread goes through this.

>Some guy, known henceforth as Chucklefuck Prime, decides he wants more friends and makes a group rooted in a topic he likes

>Some anons join out of curiosity or out of the desire for more friends like Chucklefuck Prime
>Other anons complain because they've seen this shit kill threads before and are shouted down by Chucklefuck Prime and friends usually to the song and dance of "You don't have to join" and "We won't let it kill the thread we'll still post here"
>Things are okay for a while
>Group members get to know each other on a name basis, they are no longer anons
>Group members begin discussing shit not related to the root topic, and in dicksword's very special case, an endless avalanche of shitty forced memes and emotes
>Why spend a few minutes typing out a thoughtful or insulting post on an imageboard when you can just beat your head against a keyboard in IM for instant gratification and (You)s?
>Group members get closer, become friends, topic is all but forgotten at this point as conversation meanders, the chattier folks inundate the group with an unbroken stream of consciousness related to their lives, what they should eat for what meal or in the worst cases, their fetishes
>Drama starts up as incompatible personalities clash, without the anonymity of the thread, grudge matches start and occasionally carry over to the thread as the smarter faggots recognise the typing styles of people they don't like
>Thread begins dying due to more and more anons joining the group and participating less in the thread (strict discussion of thread content and topic and not personal shit which is enforced by imageboard culture), effect is amplified by the thread's contentfags moving to it and getting distracted from producing content
>Chucklefuck Prime either doesn't give a fuck or actively denies anything is wrong, he has what he wants, he's a large, fat spider sitting happily in the middle of his personal web of social contacts
>Thread dies
>Group rooted in thread dies due to lack of content or becomes zombified corpse barely adhering to the original topic.

Also, no, fuck off faggot I'll call whoever whatever, they can grow thicker skin or cry, no one here gives a single fuck.


Get the fuck out of here PTFG shill, no one wants to collar you while you fap to body horror.


File: 1542005979870.jpeg (111.69 KB, 1600x1500, 1371109.jpeg)

>tfw we'll never have a writefag autistic enough to write a 2+ million word fanfic like the Dadonequus thread


I wouldn't say that, we do had ASS.


we may not have that level of autism, but we certainly have quite a few autists at at least a fraction of that.


Never say never


It's the most recent Anonfilly model I made for VRChat.
You can get it at : vrchat://launch?id=wrld_da1324f3-be0a-44be-ae43-4577a2b82d49
Didn't connect to VRChat in months tho, updates may have broke stuff.


Just remember that you are banished only by your own choice. There's still a thread on /mlp/ for Anon to become a filly and that's PTFG.


i will fucking strangle you


Death threats towards one of the top contentfags? IN MY FILLY THREAD? It's more likely than you think!


No, we're banished because mods are cucks who can't stand fun.


>one of the top contentfags
Don't make me laugh.


he's put out more content than you have, to my knowledge.


>one of the top contentfags
thats a bit of a strech


File: 1542011798304.png (Spoiler Image, 212.5 KB, 675x839, 1868547.png)

>mfw the thread wasn't auto-refreshing for some reason

You're reeing too, and the reason you're seeing a sudden surge of activity is because of the drama you started
We don't actually know for certain, but I would presume it's a high percentage. I know that there is a sizeable amount of lurkers in the discord, so they likely lurk and/or post in the thread as well.


There is a flawes assumption here, which is that the majority of the Discord is active users. I would guess that greater than 90% of users are inactive in the server (their activity on the thread cannot be gauged, for obvious reasons).
I'd say a small majority of active users on the Discord are contentfags, and they are generally encouraged to produce content.


Wtf happened here?


shit started flying.I may or may not have joined in at some point.


>He takes my crude language literally
I'm not even mad, just stating the facts, this thread can and will die if the situation continues at is, I'm beyond the point of caring whether it does or not since the decision to fix things is not and will not be in my hands. I'm happy enough just laying the cards on the table and letting you fags sort it out.

Perhaps in this example, but that post was based on my previous experiences with these things. They may be encouraged, but we're not seeing a lot of it here (drawfaggotry anyway, the writing has slowed a bit since last year), it's worth noting that contentfags are fueled by people discussing the content they make, don't listen to any of them saying they do it just because they want to, they know they like it when people talk about their shit.


Erf: Promise to not consume strange things again.
1d100[ 1d100 = 9 ]

Uni: Ask what her name is, and who Victoria is.
1d100[ 1d100 = 45 ]


I am in fact in the server, and, from what I can tell, the lack of content being produced by contentfags is unrelated to the server itself, and more to do with what is going on in their lives, which, as previously mentioned, is not discussed in thread. Many are saving up for Bronycon 2019 and hence are working more, or have had other problems or are simply running out of ideas or in a creative drought. It is also possible that it us not all being posted to the thread, but that seems unlikely as there are people who will consistently post such content to the thread.


The only drama that's ever been here because of the server is the drama about it that (You) started. You also seem to forget that everybody who is in the server is there because they enjoy Anonfilly, and it would stand to reason that most, if not all, of them at least care about the thread continuing to exist. The fundamental reason for the decrease in activity is because of our eviction. We're now on a slower imageboard with an extremely low user replenishment rate, and bumps are no longer necessary, which all contributes to less activity.
We can all make it through this together, but infighting just drives anons away, which is the worst possible thing for our situation.


Except when we first came here, we were even more active for a while than we had been on /mlp/. If you go back through recent threads, you'll find that each one has taken just a little bit more time to fill up since then, a problem we never had before the discord server. You can screech all you like about me starting drama, the only reeing here is coming from those defending the discord circlejerk. If you truly believe there's nothing wrong, a little doompauling wouldn't worry you so much, yet here we are. You're giving me (You)s desperately trying to convince me and others that discord can't be responsible for a thread's death when the statistics very clearly disagree. Offsite IM always marks the beginning of a drop of activity in the thread it spawns from, there are no exceptions to this on /mlp/ and there's no reason there'd be an exception here.


Different anon, but the decline in activity can also be a symptom of the move. The surge in activity was from the move, but it then slowed back down to a normal rate. Being a slower site, this rate is slower than on /mlp/.

Yes, the server could be affecting it, but they happened at the same time, so it can't be easily separated.


There was actually a server before the eviction, I think. The server that was made during the eviction got absorbed by it after the excitement died down after we all agreed a suicide pact for the server would be best, too.


The server before the filly ban was just a private chat between 6 people.


You have to be a delusional retard not to think shitcord doesnt kill threads. I've been in 3 and quickly watched the activity of those threads dry up and all interest on the board drop dead because of it, no discussion because it happens on shitcord, a constant stream of unrelated faggotry of the original thread, no anonymity so drama follows back to the thread, the thirsty contentfags want instant feedback and [1]s instead of waiting for a (You)
More than enough of a reasons to never go back to it and I've uninstalled it since more than a year ago.


I never said that it couldn't. I said there is more than just the server at play here.


You're a stupid faggot, the same symptoms of shitcord killing a community thread has been seen all over imageboards not just /mlp/ generals, and outside of imageboards too when it takes over as replacement of forums. It makes no difference on what you think, the self evident facts are it's absolute cancer on communities.


Again, I never said it hasn't. I am saying that the eviction and slower site can also be part of the problem.


Shitcord must use some kind of subliminal messaging, because every Discord server turns into a room of Redditfags vomiting verbal diarrhea constantly in an attempt to win emojis on their posts and the respect of the server. Hundreds of posts a day from multiple people, and nothing worthwhile is ever discussed or coordinated. Alliances are formed between faggots so they can gang up on others and make children on sonic forums in the early 2000s look comparatively mature when it comes to handling conflict resolution.
End the Discords, and force the users seduced by its speed and faggy siren song back here.


>some kind of subliminal messaging
Nah. Just being non-anonymous mean you have to "protect your reputation & popularity" and other stupid instinctive reactions like that.


The site has fuck all to do with it and stop using that to ignore the elephant in the room to excuse shitcord ruining threads like this one. anonfilly was always a big active thread and moving sites had no impact on it. What had an impact was shitcorders and the shitcord defense force trying to shift the blame. No, it's purely on shitcord and the ones who flocked to it. I've lost count on how many threads it has killed, watching from the outside even if I wasnt part of their circlejerk group. It's a poison for any and all niche communities not just this thread and not just /mlp/ related ones either.




File: 1542028971266.png (6.24 KB, 73x73, pixellyfillyshit.png)



File: 1542031002630.gif (2.01 MB, 500x281, FillyJumpDeath.gif)

kms I guess.


File: 1542032560226-0.png (177.37 KB, 1024x1024, large.png)

>bad end
Not what I wanted to see in the thread waking up.


File: 1542033185727.png (141.66 KB, 838x749, unknown (25).png)


File: 1542033357344.png (452.67 KB, 944x1080, 154.png)

>"Hey there sleepyhead! You had me worried sick when you accidentally fell out of the window."
>"Don't worry though, mama Twilight fixed you right up. Try to be more careful next time."
Twilight will never obliviously reverse your suicides because she's too autistic to recognise depression.


>a couple of anons are circlejerking about discord being bad because of circlejerking


Pick one.


File: 1542034728585.png (398.57 KB, 1293x1748, ThoughtfulFilly.png)

What if ponies commit suicide in the hopes they can come to our world?

Beautiful animation btw. Would be better if she left a cartoon filly-shaped hole in the ground like we know would happen


>"My preconceived conclusion is in line with the numbers, so that must mean my preconceived conclusion is correct and supported by the numbers!"
Except all that is also explained by this site being slower and more niche. People don't bump because there's never a need to bump here, so fresh discussion springboarding off of bump posts is no longer a thing. New users don't come to the thread as quickly, and lurkers don't have as many opportunities to jump in on discussion.
This is also supported by the data of a gradual decline, and would even be supported by a decline in users as well. Regardless of whether the discord is part of the problem, they can still be part of the solution. The only discussion that has been going on there at all since all this started has been concern for the thread and trying to figure out how to help it. Even that faggot who was invited by Zippy despite not enjoying 4chan much offered a bit of insight on past experience he'd had with this and genuinely hopes the thread manages to survive.
At the end of the day, we're all fillyfags, and we all share a common interest. If we all work together we might have a chance of keeping the thread alive.


>All this chatting while i was asleep
If its a issue then its need to be talked about, dont try to push it under the rug just to keep the pretense that everything is fine. Saying that its doomposting doesnt change that its right
Anyway have a green

>You are Anon

>And you are the best filly
>There are many fillies, fillies of many variations of green and orange, variations of black/dark grey mane and tail
>But you are the best
>Dont believe their lies
>Yes, the lies from all those fillies who decided to stay in the filly knox
>You wonder if any of the founders were from fort Knox
>Bleh, it doesnt matter now
>A storm is brewing
>The filly camp has gone for too long
>And its time to bring those heretics to light
>Under Twilight's blessing you and your remaining sisters(brothers) will attack tonight
>They kept taking fillies from the castle, promising better living conditions, booze and even >Fun
>I mean, some booze would be nice…
>But you cant believe fags would like to have >Fun
>You shiver for a second, after thinking about such degeneracy
>Worse of all is that once a filly had accepted to join, they d slowly stop coming to the castle
>Some rarely visiting only to check on what happened since they left and others stopping completely
>But tonight, you will cleanse this curse once and for all
>Tonight you will reunite all fillies
>And tonight filly knox will burn
>You lower your cardboard helm and go back and away from the window
>Staring at knox from this high up makes them look so peaceful…
>But you must do this
>For the good of all fillies

>You are Anon

>You dont think yourself as the best filly, but you try
>Everyfilly is best filly really, how can you say that (You) re the best?
>Still, tensions have been an all time high
>The fillies who decided to stay at Twilight's are getting mad
>And your fort is in danger
>You can feel it
>Something tells you to be prepared for tonight
>The massive castle looms above the tiny, battered but comfy cardboard fort
>You dont understand how fillies prefeer to stay with Twilight
>Cant they see how she s putting all of you one against the other?
>Is having royal luxuries really better than living free and doing as you wish?
>With a sigh you turn away from the window hole and go back into the fort
>Many fillies are chatting around, drinking and laughing about the most unimportant things from their day
>Seeing them have fun like this, not having to care if Twilight is watching or not, it warms your heart
>Its just what you always wanted
>But the worry from early doesnt leave you
>"A bit for your thoughts?"
>Nonny holds you a drink in her magical aura
>Another difference from the fillies from the castle, everyone can get a name for themselves
>Gone was the Anonfilly, Anonfilly and Anonfilly
>Now they ranged from pony names like Emerald, Clover and Hornet, to reminders of who they really were like Nonny, Icognito and "Hmm?"
>"Hmm?" was such a faggot, wanting a question mark for a name
>He was your faggot though
>"Hey, is everything alright?"
>Its now that you notice that all fillies have stopped what they were doing and are now watching you
"Y-yea, im fine"
>"Doesnt look like so, stop crying and tell us what s wrong faggot"
>"Hey language!"
>"Sorry, still not used to this being nice shit"
"Its okay, i am kind of a faggot for worrying like this"
>Sometimes you forget that not all of them are fillies, some just wishing to be part of the little freedom group you formed
>But you re reminded of it, as fillies and associates make a big circle as all of you sit down to listen to you
>Concerned glances can be seen all around the circlejerk, while they wait for you to tell them about your fears
>And tell them you do, about how much you love them and your fears for tonight
>It comes as a surprise that all of them have had the same feeling lately
>Not some, /all/ of them
>This is not good
>You have to prepare yourselves
>You dont know what s coming, but you need to defend this piece of heaven you created
>Away from the dumb impositions of others, away from purple
>But you need info
>The fillies from the castle could be in danger too
>I mean, they Ree a lot but they re nice once you know them
>Maybe boxfilly could give you some…
"Hey, anyone seen boxfilly?"

>This is bad

>This is really bad
>You need to go back to your box and get back to the fort
>All exits are locked, platoons of fillies with cardboard swords and armor locking the exits, ready to attack
>The fort actually has about the same number of fillies as the castle you d think, but they re extremely underprepared for this
>You need to warn them, pronto
>Thankfully no one ever batted an eye on you, as you went back inside your box
>Your lovely cardboard box
>This box that you had so many adventures inside…
>You couldnt hold back your moan
>This isnt the place, but this box is just so perfect
>Fitting perfectly on your body, hugging your flanks
>Gah, stop it, this isnt the place
>Focus filly, focus
>Looking in front of you and seeing the way clear, you start to move out
>But something heavy climbs on top of your box and you feel pinned down
>"Well well well, what do we have here?"
>You start shaking in fear under the box, you never actually thought about "being caught"
>We re all fillies so its not like it d matter, you thought
>But the situation only really hit you as the weight moved away and your box was lifted
>Being exposed to the armoured fillies and having the cardboard swords pointed at you was far scarier than you could ever imagine
>"Bring her to Twilight. If she s here that means we cant delay any further"
>Two of the three ponies in front grabbed your hooves and lifted you onto the Earth pony back
>As soon as you were settled she started moving away, with the two as escort
>Rounding the corner you heard muffled shouts from another room, no doubt a rally which you could only understand pieces of it and the ending
And that s how the great filly war started


We're still mad at you reeee


File: 1542045376824.gif (2.28 MB, 1802x1802, ShruggingFilly.gif)


File: 1542047432075.png (255.09 KB, 567x664, 1517141212779.png)

Why thought? Its not the fault of a single filly, and like was said before if it was deleted they d just regroup in another server
What s needed is a change of mentality and that s definetly not coming anytime soon, as history proves with other threads and their discords


>If its a issue then its need to be talked about, dont try to push it under the rug just to keep the pretense that everything is fine. Saying that its doomposting doesnt change that its right
It needs to be talked about it, but it needs to be constructive. Calling people doomposters and cunts is unproductive. A level head and identification of what the issue are is what is required.


File: 1542048366463.png (142.86 KB, 1280x793, this.png)


Fair enough, my point was people trying to make the discussion go away by saying its just doomposting

I should ve proofread that like i did for the green before posting so it was more clear, too late now i guess


File: 1542049592167.png (67.59 KB, 700x700, 1581791.png)



File: 1542049732944.jpg (716.5 KB, 2016x1512, wip.jpg)

Hey faggots, stop screeching and enjoy some content.


> they can still be part of the solution.
No they can not,
Take a moment to look at the rest of what you just typed. 'They have concern for the thread and discuss how to help it' but are unable to face the facts they are the problem, they arent discussing it here with the rest of us they've isolated themselves off into a bubble just like what happens in every. single. discord. ever. Shitcord is anti-imageboard culture and incompatible with it.



You still have yet to prove that this is fact. Anecdotes are not evidence, especially when your point of view is skewed in one direction.


File: 1542050193570.gif (958.36 KB, 1600x1200, 1518885699424-1.gif)

Listen here u lil shid
I gonna fookin boop u
Dont try me


File: 1542050303241.png (159.48 KB, 1503x794, 1660620.png)



File: 1542050374155.jpeg (431.82 KB, 1500x1200, 1518226737247.jpeg)

That s a big filly


File: 1542050451398.png (139.66 KB, 640x640, 1529392548366.png)


youre just going to keep saying that until the thread is completely dead, ignoring the writing on the wall like a colossal nigger and even after the fact you wont admit that it was because of discord


Are you going to prove it is because of discord or are you going to just keep saying it is while ignoring every other factor here?
If you can provide legitimate proof that discord is the direct cause then I'll admit you're right, but you haven't even made an attempt


File: 1542052172677.jpeg (117.43 KB, 760x541, Filly cops what you going….jpeg)

Both of you shut the fuck up. Your bickering is so unproductive it is anti-productive. The thread here is slowing and what needs to be asked is why. By chance, are any of the discord fags able to tell us if the sever is slowing down too? Maybe not in actual posts, but fewer active members? In example only a few make the most posts? If so, then general activity may be on the downward trend.


Maybe this subject needs its own thread?


>Maybe this subject needs its own thread?
That sounds somewhat homosexual and would get reee'd at by the natives. Lets solve this here and now before this spirals into further autism.


>before this spirals into further autism.
But how do we fight autism?


File: 1542052645297.jpg (33.73 KB, 512x384, scruff.jpg)

If'n Filly wants to make its own thread, Filly can make its own thread. Scruffy recommends /sp/, but it can be on /mlpol/ cuz ponies are allowed.
Scruffy don't like it when Fillies are fighting, Scruffy prefers cute and adorable Fillies.


Here, Scruff, watch me derail the argument in one post so you don't have to watch fighting anymore.

Stan Lee is dead.


File: 1542052993132.png (2.89 MB, 1802x2109, fug.png)

It doesnt need its own thread because it s related to Anonfilly and Anonfilly only, issues never needed its own thread when it was back in mulp, and it definetly wont need one now

And as was said before, Discord does suck the filly discussion, memes, and even shitposts to it, often ending out there and never finding their way to the thread, but the biggest point is the discussion itself, which helps keep the life in the thread

Oh fuck, Scruffy is here, everyone quick play nice
Where the fuck is the eggplant offering? I swear it was here somewhere


I sleep in for ONE day and I come back to this…


>But how do we fight autism?


Scruffy's always here. Scruffy likes the little Fillies.


File: 1542053883563.png (392.72 KB, 1280x720, What.png)

>Scruffy's always here
>Scruffy likes the little Fillies
>Scruffy is always in the shadows, watching.


File: 1542054039427.jpg (44.98 KB, 500x500, pence ligihtning.jpg)

>how do we fight autism
The same way we fight the gay.


File: 1542054192398.png (544.06 KB, 839x655, not good.png)

Whatever happened, it was Lone
I didnt touch the chocolate milk
It was just a sip, please have mercy


Scruffy don't mind, Scruffy stole it first.
Scruffy don't watch from the shadows, Scruffy hears Filly playing while he cleans the floors. Scruffy likes hearing Filly playing. Filly a coot.


"Sure, why not. Maybe we can see if there are actually any Dodges here." 1d100[ 1d100 = 100 ]


I did not ask for this roll.


Too late faggot. Reap what you sow.


>Light switch on behind you. A shadow of a man falls on the floor right beside your shadow. The shadow of a man who sits in a chair.
>Muscles in your arms contort in an effort to fight your restraints but it is no use. You only hurt yourself by your struggling.
>A whisper was hissed into your ear from behind.
”Any last words fag?” Mike Pence the man who put you in this chair said.
>Who knew that you would get transported back to earth and transform back into your original form. Just a few days ago you had been an adorable filly in Equestria and now you were here. You weren't a fag. You were innocent. Well, you had a little rumble with Rumble.
>How had Mike Pence learn of this? Well, it didn't matter anymore. At least, you were a cute fag.

>here's a trash green for (you)




File: 1542058415504.jpg (23.95 KB, 450x440, repence.jpg)

>Wake up as filly in Equestria
>Join other fillies in Equestria
>Enjoy second chance at life
>Is exactly as good as expected
>Decide to play in Whitetail Woods one day
>Have a lot of fun exploring
>Get lost
>It starts raining and lightning
>It comes down really hard
>One of the group even begin crying
>Fuck it
>You all run to the first shelter you see.
>Find an old creepy mansion
>You all run inside
>Doors lock behind you
>You hear a weird buzzing noise
>Look up at the top of stairwell
>You see the ghostly form of Mike Pence
>Electricity if dancing around him, and his eyes glow a ghastly blue
>Mike Pence yells,"repent, for the cost of your faggotry is neigh!"
>The electricity starts to go wild
>Somepony screams "Every faggot for themselves!"
>You all run off screaming and running for your lives

A long piece of trash green for the (you) given by (you).


File: 1542059006430.jpg (90.99 KB, 500x360, Scrunch 6.jpg)

Lone15 is great faget


You done sperging out zald?


I guess above was somesort of raid. I don't it is not very clear.


File: 1542061495000.png (13.99 KB, 900x900, AlicornFillyAnon2.png)

>Another Day
>I woke with my head feeling like the fluff that covered the outside had finally invaded the inside to attack my brain.
>I shambled out of my room, the sheets trailing after me until the closing door caught them.
>Not that I cared much.
>Shuffling down the hall, I felt the world tilt.
>If not for now being a quadruped, I certainly would've fallen on my ass.
>I widened my gait a bit and made my way over to slide along the wall for a little extra support.
>The cool stone felt kinda nice.
>I let my eyes drift closed like they wanted to and drifted through the castle on autopilot.
>Unfortunately, my journey was interrupted by my face slamming into something with a metallic clunk, doing the job that the world suddenly tilting failed to do.
>Prying my eyes open again and looking up, eventually a concerned looking door guard came into focus.
"Ah… shit… sorry, man…"
>That came out with considerably more rasp than I'd gotten used to.
>Pushing myself back to my hooves and spreading my wings out for a bit better balance, I moved around the guard and through the doors.
>"Good morning, my little sunshine! What would you like for breakfast?"
"Enough juice to sail a b-
>My croaking was interrupted by a bout of coughing.
"… sail a boat in."
>"… Are you feeling okay? Should I call the doctor?"
"No, I caught something, I guess. I can at least tell when I'm sick."
>The solar princess waved a hoof at one of the maids, who nodded with less urgency than last time.
"I'll be fiiine… I just godda get 'nuff rest and… and…"
>My face felt a bit warm, and a tickle settled into my nose.
>The sniffle was accompanied by a scrunch.
"Ahh… ahhh…"

>"Did she just…"
>"She went through the doors."
>"But they weren't op-"
>"She. Went. Through. The. Doors. You sure you want to inquire further?"
>"But she looked kinda sick. Shouldn't we..?"
>The doors exploded off of their hinges in an explosion of roiling arcane energies.
>The guards dove for cover behind nearby planters.
>When they peered out, they spotted a set of small, slightly singed green hooves sticking out of the fresh impact crater on the wall, weakly wiggling.
"…ugghh… 'zcuse be…"
>Luna peered out of the door, a blue shield shimmering around her.
>"…I believe the west tower is unoccupied at present, yes? I believe I shall go try and prepa-"
>An explosion could be heard in the distance.
"…ghuuuh… zorry 'boud that gate over there…"
>"… Please call for some of those more talented in protective wards from the university and send them there. I shall proceed before and begin the work of safeguarding it."
>The guards saluted and galloped away.
>"I'll make sure everypony is okay outside."
>"Good luck, sister."
>Eight larger hooves could be heard galloping off in different directions as well.
>The sounds of frenzied activity steadily came to life from below.
"Izz 'ere ennybony dere? Gan zumone ged me oud? …hello?"
>I was stuck there for two hours.

Illness identified. Turns out I've got strep. No wonder I wasn't getting better. Now got pills that should hopefully kill the unwanted microscopic invaders. But I digress. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of story.


It's happened before here and elsewhere on the board, faggot being a faggot.


We had a spammer, possibly a bot, in a holohoax bait thread the other day. Similar posts to that one.


Likely randomized messages from a bot designed to avoid the spam filter and banning as well, considering the different flags also indicate a rapidly shifting vpn. A bit much just to ask for furry stuff.


A script-kiddie by the MO. We're on this


He did another one a while back with random character strings and another before that with just periods. Seems he's steadily improving his bot-posting. Did the report function drop for anyone else while he was doing it just then?


Zald is a gay furry that loves under tail and pokemon. I think he is also a pedo but i'm uncertain. He visits daily for some reason. Ignore him and laugh at his crippling aspergers.


It did for me, tried reporting one of his messages and it just gave me an error about the id.


I only caught it just as they were being removed, but the site did slug a lot.
Also obligatory MODS = GODS.


We're aware what caused the delay, its being addressed


File: 1542062603889.png (206.73 KB, 900x949, 1535448685400.png)

Oh good. The junk that apparently happened in thread while I was writing was removed. Thanks, staff! (Also, thanks again to the one that drew this. Still awesome.)


File: 1542062802967.png (516.09 KB, 1441x2059, 1455496731685.png)

Final filly best filly.


Post the bounce version, ree

She's adorable



Kek. Filly has unstable magic like Flurry Heart?


File: 1542064793585.png (6.94 MB, 4000x10000, 1527993113240.png)

My boy, ponies are based. No matter who your waifu is, they re a great pick, but a nine outta ten tops.

But do you see this girl here. High in the Himalayan mountains there's a secret order of Celestianist monks. For centuries they've been perfecting their craft. Hundreds of young men have gone through the order's doors, bringing more and more knowledge and experience until, after nearly a thousand years of practice, they could begin.

A hundred of the order's greatest and most skilled craftsmen locked themselves in a chamber. For a hundred days and nights they neither slept or took food. They slaved over their work, each succumbed as the days went by, dying where they fell, but the others worked without pause. On the hundredth days, during one of the worst storms in living memory, the last monk finished his work, set his tools down, and died with a smile on his face, knowing that his work--the order's work-- was complete.

This horse was what they had been striving for. And do you wanna know what they build her for, Anon?

Cuddles. They built this flawless creature for cuddles.


Well, is there any other purpose in life that's greater than cuddles?


File: 1542065309915.png (96.83 KB, 536x623, shyfilly.png)

>Scruffy don't like it when Fillies are fighting, Scruffy prefers cute and adorable Fillies.
Th-thanks based Scruffy
I don't like it when us Fillies are fighting either



Is good filly, yes.

Well, practically an infant in terms of horn stuff, right? So why not BS some fun out with the sickness as a catalyst?


File: 1542066528328.png (135.87 KB, 429x377, sad_filly.png)

This really hit me hard in the feels, especially with all the drama surrounding it while it was written.
I love all you faggots, and all that ugly fighting really tore into my heart. I believe we'll be able to keep the thread alive together, but fighting amongst ourselves is not helpful to anyone.


File: 1542066926210.jpg (103.88 KB, 1244x700, 278ff24e168edfe29566f437ca….jpg)

>Wanted to be here for the raid, but was so sucked into playing Hearts of Iron that I didn't notice


File: 1542068063412.jpg (61.27 KB, 612x612, _for you.jpg)


Working and going to school, both full-time usually means no free-time.


I try to usually get everything when I can. Typically when a new thread starts. So bear with me.



Makes sense


All ways good to see an update from you. Get well soon.


File: 1542081660756.png (115.32 KB, 778x891, 1002132.png)

How much fluff would you huff as the filly?


File: 1542081984405.png (506.63 KB, 842x1300, 1517803961818.png)

I would huff all the fluff


File: 1542082157917.png (25.59 KB, 486x444, _filly qt.png)

All of it.


File: 1542082174162.png (168.73 KB, 1254x1080, 1783662.png)

Save some for the rest



New chapter, pre-proofread edition.


>"The stoning was rather clever, but blind cruelty is not the chaos I desire. Don't let anger influence your actions, and possibly attempt to remedy your wrongdoings during tonight's stint of spreading. If I am to rise to power, blind fear in my subjects will aid me poorly. I will forgive this only once."

>You take a second to consider his words, unsure if you can continue being so clever without running out of ideas.
>As if sensing your lack of confidence, he continues.
>"Don't worry your noggin one little bit, I know you can pull through for me. In fact, I can raise you a challenge. If you could be either Celestia’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?”
>Instead of awaiting a response, a feeling of lonliness takes over you, leaving to answer the question only to your own self.
>Celestia's worst enemy?
>You figured something like that might happen eventually, considering your overall goal.
>But to try right away?
>And without plain cruelty to her little ponies?
>It would be a challenge for sure, and despite Discord's reassuring words, you still didn't believe in your ability to do so.
>That's when Twilight's voice interrups your thoughts from down below.
>"Alright Emerald, are you ready to meet more new friends out in Ponyville?"
>You knew it wasn't a question, but an order.
>After shouting a quick "Yeah, alright," you carefully make your way towards the enterance of the castle, trying not to get lost yet another time.
>You're outside, and bored as ever.
>Even with the shock mostly worn off, it's hard to care about these ponies that Twilight is throwing in your face.
>You'd already met her five closest friends, the other members of the "mane six".
>This time, it was mostly ponies around the age that Emerald Dawn was supposed to be.
>Those being fillies and colts that ignored you after immediately noticing how much you didn't care to know them.
>Not on Twilight's terms, at least. It'd probably be better to introduce yourself for real if you ever escaped Twilight's presence.
>That is, until Twilight finally tracked down the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
>You had forgotten up until this point, the kind of trouble they tended to get in with their cutie mark schemes.
>Interestingly though, it seemed that in this wacky world, they had actually gotten their marks.
>On the off-chance that you could still use them to make some mayhem for Discord, you decide to actually listen this time around.
>"Hey girls! I have a new friend I'd like to introduce you to."
>"Princess Twilight!"
>Three heads turn your way, faces written with immense curiosity.
>The orange pegasus, Scootaloo if you remember correctly, is the first to speak.
>"Hey, I haven't seen you around here. Who are you?"
>While only partially prepared, you force yourself to talk as soon as possible, before Twilight can take over and drive the conversation out of your hands.
"I'm A-AEmerald Dawn, I just got here to Ponyville yesterday!"
>It's still just a little surprising whenever you actually hear your voice.
>It's generally why you've spoken less than you used to in your old life.
>"Uh, okay, well I'm Scootaloo."
>The yellow earth pony is next.
>"My name is Apple Bloom."
>And lastly but not least, the white unicorn.
>"Mine's Sweetie Belle, and we are:"
>At the very least, you were right in preparing to cover your ears.
>…Yeah, your head definitely hurts after that, and yes, there is even a dim ringing noise in the back of your skull.
>Slowly, you lower your hooves away from your ears, just in time to hear a few quiet apologies in response to Twilight's angry look.



>Apple Bloom's the first to continue the conversation afterwards.

>"So, what's your cutie mark mean?"
"I don…"
>You look at your backside as you speak, unsure as to why they're asking when you're pretty sure you don't have a cutie mark.
>To your surprise, a bold black question mark greets your eyes, just like the one you saw on your citizenship form yesterday.
>As quickly as you can, you come up with some kind of lie, any kind of lie really, as your best bet with them is to convince them to help you find your cutie mark.
"That's uh, that's not a real cutie mark."
>Four surprised expressions greet you, including one from Twilight.
>However, Scootaloo's expression quickly morphs into one that's a bit more skeptical.
>"Just what do you mean by that?"
"It's not a cutie mark, it's just a brand…"
>While none of them seem to get what you mean, Sweetie Belle is the only one to voice their thoughts.
>"What, you mean like a product brand?"
"No, I mean the kind of brand that is burned into your flesh with glowing hot metal. I'd… rather not go into details."
>Their faces are replaced by gaping mouths, wide eyes, and pinprick pupils; all except Twilight, whose expression is instead suspicious.
>And now also except Scootaloo, clearly engraged that the prospect of someone doing such a thing to another.
>"Who? Who they hay did that to you? Who deserves the beatdown of the year?"
>You didn't quite expect that intense of a reaction, but you can't say it really surprises you, either.
>Feigning a sad expression, you leave your response vague so you can get to the point without risk of too many questions your way.
"Just… someone I once thought I could trust, someone who's behind bars now. I just want to move past what happened now. I'm hoping my cutie mark will fix my flanks when I finally get it."
>You can't help but remember a real incident in your past, where your trust was broken and you used to have the scars to show for it, even after they were jailed.
>The scars just weren't in the form of two matching question marks burned onto your ass cheeks.
>At least the added bonus reason for them to accept you definitely didn't hurt as Apple Bloom speaks up again.
>"Well, we'll help you! Because, that's just what we Cutie Mark Crusaders do, don't we?"
>Unfortunately, Twilight just has to but into your plans and be strict about her plans.
>"You can save it for later girls, I still have to finish introducing Emerald to the rest of the ponies in the town."
>Their disappointed expressions are plain as day to you, your general dislike of this Twilight Sparkle, and your plans to use their ideas for Chaos convince you to do your best to ditch her and join them for as long as you can today.
"Twilight, is that really needed?"
>"That's 'Mommy', but what is it?"
"I'm serious about getting my cutie mark, I want to spend time with them as soon as possible. I can learn about the rest of the ponies here later, I promise!"
>As a good sign, she actually stops to consider your words.
>"Only if you do take the time to know everypony else, alright?"
>By that, you mean "heck no", but she doesn't really need to know that.
>"Alright, but you be back at the castle before the sun sets. No exceptions!"
>Before you can roll your eyes at her, Sweetie Belle speaks up.
>"We won't have any problems doing that, Princess Twilight!
>Thus, you're left alone with the crusaders, already feeling as if a giant weight has been lifted from your back.



>Back at the castle, at nighttime

>Thus, you're left shockingly disappointed.
>'Since when did the Crusaders become sensible?'
>The activities were still fairly exhausing, of course, but they still didn't give you many ideas, at least none that you could utilize easily.
>They did include some fairly labor-intensive work like a bit of construction, for example.
>However, it was all small-scale stuff, not the kind of stuff you were hoping for at all.
>Stuff like writing, playing instruments, various sports, stuff that would have to be stretched rather far to garner dishonesty without an immense amount of work and time.
>At the very least, from a mix of their stories from the past and your own memories, future endeavors could include the usage of substances such as Poison Joke or Love Poison.
>However, one of those was hidden in the Everfree Forest, and you wouldn't know how to make the other without first tracking down the same book that they read it from, given that you don't remember the recipe and they obviously weren't willing to share.
>Besically, neither option could be plausibly done today, unlike what you wanted.
>That could be on you, though; you had wanted something that would top the chain-mail, which had already died down shortly after Twilight left.
>Of course, you didn't want to just admit defeat, either.
>While you wouldn't be likely to find the poison joke you're after, it would still probably be beneficial to scout out the Everfree Forest at least a little.
>After all, it's just about the most chaotic place in Equestria that you can think of, and you remember it from the first and second episodes not actually being all that dangerous.
>Still, it'd probably be better to come up with a backup plan for spreading chaos before entering and getting your guts ripped out or something.
>Pulling a sheet of paper and a quill out from the desk in your room, you decide to simply leave a short note for twilight.
>Nothing honest, of course; instead, you forge a ransom note about how she should investigate every suspicious house in Ponyville if she wants to find you, and an extra little tidbit that if Twilight doesn't find you quickly, the rest of her family is next.
>Hell, if anything, if you ever have to give a reason why someone would want to take you hostage, you could use it as something to add to your story about the "brands" on your flanks.
>By now, you should just dig yourself a secret passageway that leads right from your room to the outside.
>But, that'll have to wait for later.
>Now, you set your sights upon the shadowy woods.
>You don't know exactly where it is compared to Twilight's castle, but you did pass it a few times this afternoon, so at least you have a general idea about its location.
>However, as you walk along, something catches your attention.
>Yesterday, Ponyville seemed completely desolate under the night sky.
>But now?
>You're not so sure.
>You stop, and listen around.
>Already, you're on guard for one of yesterday's victims trying to catch you on this night.
>But, nothing more than unease meets your senses.
>You trot along, when a rustling in some nearby bushes draws your attention.
>Wasting no time, you walk over, being as quiet as possible even though whoever's in them is probably watching you.
>But, when you reach them, you don't find anything within.
>Sighing, and turning around, you find nothing behind you either.
>Darn, you were prepared to not be scared when whoever was in the bushes magically popped up behind you.
>You turn towards the woods once more, only to then be an inch away from two sets of dark, swirl eyes… causing you to fall back on your flanks in surprise.
"Gah! Yo-you're there?"
>The voice is feminine and high-pitched, like Pinkie Pie but not quite as high or fast-paced.
>Though that might just be from her annoyed tone.
>"Really, someone like you being surprised so easily? I never would've expected that!"
>It's hard to see the details of her face, but it looks like her eyes are purple, her fur is pink, and her main is purple with what would be a thick white stripe through the middle if it weren't so curly and messy.
>She's also taller than you, like other mares you've seen, and oddly enough, there's the outline of some kind of beanie hat on her head.
"Well I thought you'd be right behind me."
>"Of course, the thinkings of a total amateur. Silly me for getting my hopes up."
>Of course, the novelty of this meeting had worn off fairly quickly, so you voice your thoughts and push behind her.
>"Not so fast, you! You don't just get to ignore me, you- hey! HEY!"



>You continued storming off, only partly caring about how oddly peeved you were getting at her.

>"Hey, don't be mad!"
>She floats up to you somehow, despite lacking any visible wings, but you simply speed up and do your best to leave her behind.
>"Hey, can't you just stop? For a second?"
>Again you speed up, already looking for some alleyway to duck in or something if she's not going to give up.
>"Hey, you aren't even going the right way!"
>As if she somehow knows where you're going. Speed up.
>"Hey, two can play at that game!"
>She zips past you completely, but your only response it to turn around and gallop away while you still have the chance.
>"Hey, you can't just do that! That's cheating!"
>You don't even speed up this time, since she hasn't actually caught up yet.
>"Hey, why don't you just slow down? Please? I just wanna talk!"
>Your patience was not designed to be stretched this thinly, especially not be such a whiny-sounding voice.
"Stop fuckin' saying 'hey' in every damn sentence and maybe I'll actually consider!"
>"Hey, little foals shouldn't talk like that! You oughta have that mouth of yours washed out with bacon, little filly!"
>Ignoring the odd choice of words, your pace increases to a complete sprint without any more words to her.
>"Oh come on, a joke! That was supposed to be a joke! You know, to cheer you up? Ah, WAAAIIIT!"
>Finally back at the castle, you don't even care that you pretty much wasted your time.
>Patience with coming up with chaotic ideas would be far more preferable to patience with the ponies that like to hang around at night, apparently.
>Quickly, you enter and lock the door as tight as possible, wishing for no further intrusions to your night.
>Once again, finding your room was more difficult than you liked.
>Your fake kidnapping note was still there undisturbed, so you took it down as you enter, folded it, and hid it in the back of some drawer to be used later.
>You roll your eyes that even that idea turned out to amount to nothing, but still, anything beats her voice.
>Except maybe Twilight's, but you can't exactly walk away from her like that without greatly reducing your chances at survival.
>Not because she'd actively try to kill you, at least not probably, but the citenship and adoption papers have already been signed, and it might not be in your best interest to so directly resist something signed by two different princesses and approved by a third, desire for chaos or no.
>So, of course, the moment you look out your window, you find a pair of swirly purple eyes staring back at you while being smushed against the glass.
>You shoot at her the most deadly glance you can come up with, but she only waves her hoof at you excitedly.
>Whatever, as long as she can't get in, you can just close the blinds and-
>Nevermind she got in somehow anyways; she's just on the other side of the window now, staring at you with no possible explanation as to why.
>Welp, time to so directly resist something signed by two different princesses and approved by-
>"I'm sorry, alright? No more games, at least not until the end of this conversation."
>That's just about the last thing you thought you'd hear, and it makes you pause, if only for a second.
>But only for a second.
>You turn to leave, but in a flash, she's ahead of you and blocking the only exit to your room.
>"Please, just talk to me!"
>You look up at her, into those bizzare eyes, trying to gauge her motive for doing this, her reason for acting and talking so desperately.
>Unlike hers, you keep your words hushed, a probably vain attempt to not wake up the sleeping princess in the next room.
"Fine, I'll talk to you."
>And right away she has that same excited expression, like a puppy after her owner returns from a long day away from home.
"Alright I've finished. Now get out."
>And her face just shatters to a million pieces.
>"Please, Anon…"



>It startles you that she somehow knows your real name, but you set that aside for now.

>Clearly, she's not going to give up until you miss out on all of your sleep.
>When you look up at her again, it looks like she's on the verge of tears, although her eyes don't seem to be wetting up.
>As hostily as you can, you demand to know what she wants.
>"Just to talk…"
>For a second, you consider her words.
>It's the same as she said before, so at least that's probably not a lie.
>Hesitently, you prompt her to go on.
>"I- I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Screwball, and I've noticed the chaos you've been trying to stir at night."
>So that's what this is about.
>Well, it was as you suspected, though not quite in the tone that you had in mind.
>You thought the first pony to catch you in the act would be outraged, probably accusational, but not so sincere sounding.
>Well, almost sincere, at least.
>"I just wanted to help you a little. I've loved chaos all my life, so I just got so excited to see somepony else who seemed to share in it."
>Carefully digesting her words, you ask her to elaborate further.
>"Well, I thought that maybe, with out powers combined, we could create for outselves a whole new era of chaos to Equestria. Think about it! We'll make ponies go mad together, rewrite physics together, even end the school system and its evil homework! It'll be fun!"
>As she speaks, she slowly loses the timid, fragile bunny act to regain her ever present and now ever familiar excitement.
>It hadn't impressed you anyways.
"Sorry, not interested. I can do it alone…"
>You look away as you speak, unable to stop doubting your own words.
>Despite your first success, despite what you were able to come up with on the spot, despite all reason, you couldn't shake the same kinds of thoughts you were having before.
>The ones you were having as you were brutally flung about by not one hit from a car, but two back-to-back hits.
>There's no future for you.
>Even as a pony, your special talent is and always will be a literal huge question mark.
>As if not even fate has any actual purpose for you to be alive in the first place.
>It's only when you feel fuzzy warmth blanket you that you realize how wet your eyes are getting.
>For at least a solid minute, but for what feels like days, you rest in her embrace, with no more words being exchanged.
>Idly, in the back of your mind, you wonder why Twilight couldn't be this way for you.
>That's before you start to feel a little uncomfortable.
>Not from awkwardness or anything emotional, but an odd stuffy feeling in your head, that you can't quite describe easily.
>It reminds you of those times you would sit upside-down in your chair…
>…Opening your eyes, you see your bed above you.
>Except it's actually below you, as somehow Screwball moved you onto the ceiling without you feeling any movement whatsoever.
>You scream, you flail, and you hit something solid outside of your range of vision that causes you to fall down, intensifying your fear.
>You sink deep into the bed as you land, and bounce back up a decent hight.
>It seemed you'd have to face round 2, ready or not.



>By the time you've at least stopped bouncing and screaming, Twilight had barged in, eyeing you the way a sleep-deprived college student would an alarm clock.

>"By all the harmony in Equestria, why are you screaming so loud?"
>Frantically, you look around for Screwball, failing to find her in any place you can see from the top of your bed.
>Unable to put off talking to twilight for any more than that, you're forced to confront her frightning level of hostility.
"Uh… Nightmare?"
>She squints her eyes in suspicion, but says nothing more as she backs out the door.
>When you hear her bedroom's door slam shut, a new noise greets your ears, one that sounds awefully like a helicopter.
>Looking up, you see Screwball floating down from the ceiling she hadn't been at just a second ago, rubbing a dark spot on her cheek.
>She looks down at you as she descends with a mixed expression of guilt and unsurity, probably over what she should say after all that.
>For dropping you from the ceiling, causing Twilight to yell at you, and for being such a general nuisance, you want to hate her.
>To whisper-yell at her, to throw her out into the cold night outside, to never have the displeasure of seeing those freaky eyes ever again.
>You just want to…
"Thank you."
>She looks like she can hardly believe what she just heard as she leans closer towards you.
>However, you stop her with your hoof, much to her disappointment.
"But no more hugs, alright? I can only take so much in one night."
>To your chargrin, she still pulls your hoof close, but releases it quickly afterwards.
>Fortunately, she seems to have taken the hint, and quieted down her voice.
>"Alright. Can I sleep in here, though? It's been like a thousand years since I've last been able to actually sleep indoors."
>You give a very concerned frown, one that is also very confused.
"How? A- And who are you that you can live for that long?"
>"Oh, didn't I tell you? Discord's my Daddy, silly!"
>Oh, so she is.
>That makes… sense?
>Wait, hold on…
>"Huh, guess I forgot to mention it. Sorry about that!"
>You sit there, piecing things together with this one newfound fact, and then your face contorts completely with complete panic.
"Oh shiiit shit shit shit shit, I've been avoiding and antagonizing his daughter, I just smacked and bruised his daughter, I-"
>She interrupts you by pressing her hoof against your snoot.
>"Shuuush, shush sh- sh- sh- sh- ush, it's okay, I can get him to forgive you. I already have. But back to my request,"
>Even though her words are reassuring, it's obvious to you both the extra care you take, however instinctual, as you push her hoof away from your mouth so you can speak.
"Uh, yeah, sure, alright… I'll just sleep on the floor and-"
>She stops you the same way as before, holding your mouth closed with her hoof as she speak.
>"It's your room, and I'm not going to let you treat me differently, just because you now know something about me that you didn't before. I'm still the same pony as before, you know. The identity of my Daddy shouldn't change that."



>Ultimately, you concede, but even after all that, those last words of hers ring hollow in your mind.

>You find yourself jumpy, unable to keep your eyes closed with her at the other side of the bed.
>It probably doesn't help that you have little to no blanket for yourself, or that there's only one pillow and you let her have most of that as well.
>But, she's already snoring away happily, clearly in a happier sleep than she's felt in, well, a millenia.
>Still, despite her looking as cute and cuddly as a sleeping kitten, you can't help the unease you feel from her.
>It's just… she's the daughter of Discord.
>The Discord.
>The guy who turned all of Equestria upside-down when he was free, the guy who pulled you across dimentions in the god's equivalent to his final moments before being reduced to a powerless statue.
>That Discord, who you've been trying to set free only out of fear of losing this second chance at life.
>He's the one who Screwball looks up to as a "Daddy", and is likely the reason for all of her unusual powers, plus many more that she's simply yet to demonstrate.
>How are you supposed to trust that?
>How're you supposed to sleep next to that when she could hang you from the ceiling without you noticing just by hugging you?
>Well, that's not fair; you'd already forgiven and even thanked her, thinking that you could break out of this shell for once and actually enjoy something from this life.
>Are you just being stupid?
>Are you just being an irrational hypocrit, ready to go back on your own word at the first inconvenient revealation?
>Probably, but clearly reason alone isn't enough to fix your feelings.
>Sighing, decide to turn over and talk to her, since you aren't going to get any sleep at this rate.
>Cautiously, you poke at her back to try and wake her up before your worry convinces you to stop trying and instead torture your mind more in trying to force yourself to sleep.
>…God damn it.
>Also, you just realized that you don't actually know how to ask what you want to ask.
>As in, how the fuck do you essentially tell someone to not be so creepy so that you can fall asleep next to them?
>"Troubles sleeping?"
>Or she can just be suddenly sharp again and know exactly what you were thinking, that works too.
>"Look, it's okay, I can leave you be and sleep somewhere else. It's fine, I won't mind if it bothers you so much."
>You don't want to know how much Discord would agree with that, though.
>"And if you're only doing this because you don't want to offend Daddy, then you really don't have to worry about that. He's nice, and'll listen to what I have to say. He wouldn't want me use him to burden you this way, especially when you're trying to help set him free."
>You give an annoyed huff.
"Would you stop reading my mind?"
>Looks like she still doesn't mind dropping the kitten act just for some mischief.
>"No, never!"
>Your only response is the biggest death glare you can muster in your tired state.
She holds her hooves up (relatively speaking, since she's still laying on her side) defensively.
>"Kidding, kidding."
>You sigh, feeling the tiredness show through your face.
"But no, I don't want you to leave. I just… I just don't know how to calm down, even though I want to."
>Honestly, it feels weird to say that, so very unlike how you normally act.
>You've barely known her for a few hours; you should be telling her to go away, not inviting her close with such blind trust, shouldn't you?
>"And here I thought you wanted me to go away at all costs!"
>Here comes death glare round two.
>"Kidding, kidding. Hey, why don't you just ask discord?"
>She knows about that too?
>You voice a "Hm?" in reponse, curious as to how she knows about what you had assumed previously to be a private conversation.
>"Yeah, he told me about how you figured that out aaall by yourself. You know, you can be pretty smart when you need to be."
"Uh, thanks. So um… O Discord, Great God of Chaos, I pray that thou shalt bless my soul with your words."
>You hear a "Snrk" from her at your word choice, but you decide to ignore it and continue.
"I didn't get to spreading around chaos today, but I did meet your daughter. She's, well, she's, uh…"
>"He's having trust issues because I forget to tell him about you being my Daddy until after he ran away from me and then hit me, even though I already forgave him. Could you help us?
>Not exactly the way you would've liked to word it, but you can't exactly help that now.
"Ah, yeah, pretty much, ha ha, uh…"
>Input response?


Neat. Please post this story in PTFG too.


File: 1542083320327.png (409.52 KB, 1441x2059, Final Form [C].png)




Suicide yourself


No u


File: 1542095387129.png (515.24 KB, 2580x1587, sleepinganonfilly.png)

Please be quiet.
Filly is asleep.


I'm too burnt out to be loud. Sleep tight filly. I'll make an omelet in the morning before I say goodbye.


File: 1542095771867.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, confusedfilly.png)

Don't make me worry


Fillies leave all the time, dun worry about it. Greener pastures, more momfus…


File: 1542096511782.png (159.94 KB, 436x473, 1449273278022.png)



Where I'm going, I doubt I'll find momfus.


File: 1542096617814.png (13.73 KB, 454x602, REEEEEEEEE.png)

Look what you've done!
You've woken up the filly and now she won't stop reeing!


Anon, please don't an hero


Just saying that the real world doesn't have many momfus, that's all. That's not all. Send help.


What's wrong?


I know blogposting is unwelcome. I'd rather just act like a faggot in other ways for the night. Nothing drastic's going to happen. Just me being autistic. As usual.


Alright, if you say so
At least make sure you don't hurt yourself or anything though, all you fellow fillyfags are like family to me


Hell of a family.


Fuck off.


File: 1542098159556.png (1.29 MB, 1950x2000, fuck off filly boop.png)

Hello fuck-off filly!
It's been so long since we've last seen you!


No u. You faggots derail the thread to screech from the mountains about the death of the thread, rile up a dozen people, then ban me for retaliating to the perp. You fuck off.


>Implying I'm from the discord
>Implying you're not just being a rude faggot who needs to be told to fuck off



And who's derailing the thread again now?


Fillies, please
Bickering like this is only going to end in more anguish like last time


I dunno, why don't you try scrolling up to the four hour bitchfest from a single day ago.


Then maybe Lone and his aussie fucktoys could think that over next time they decide to be a bunch of anonfilly-apocalypse doomsayers.


File: 1542098933672.png (1.35 MB, 960x1818, arguingfillies.png)

All of you!
Shut the fuck up and kiss and make up right now!
Continuing to be antagonistic about this will only bring strife and make things worse!


Keep the discord drama in the discord kthanks


I thought you fillies wanted more activity! Isn't this what you wanted? More shitty bumps and tism fits?


It's almost as if doomsaying has the inverse of the intended effect, upsetting people and scaring them off.
It's almost as if doomsaying is actually what causes threads to die.


Or maybe just maybe it's autists like you that counter-post so hard they ruin the thread. What's done is done, shut the fuck up and move on drama queen.


File: 1542099334290.png (157.35 KB, 504x590, 1481660926367.png)

Cuddle her until she stops


File: 1542099530012.png (239.75 KB, 552x594, sad filly.png)

Guys, please…
All this fighting is just making everything worse
If we really do have such a drastic issue, we ought to calmly discuss it together to find a way to fix it
Angrily shouting at each other helps nobody


What if it's both?
Between the doomposting and the angry reeing about doomposting and all the other drama, this thread feels awful.


Having other hobbies, interests and obligations is strictly off limits. You're either with filly or against her. If you make filly content but you're not actively limiting your marketing and distribution to a single thread on a single website, you're not one of us(TM).



It is both. Neither extreme is helpful.


Hey, you know this site based on a single meme with less import than gurochan? It needs twenty posts a minute 24/7. Otherwise, I will never be satisfied with what I've got and will ree every month or two at people who I pretend are like a family to me for not posting enough. Sure, they still upload their content, sure they visit the thread in the first place and know the culture, but it'll never be enough.

I'm Lone! My hobbies include kicking puppies and killing children in broad daylight, then professing my love for dogs and children!


You think, maybe, perhaps, I get fucking miffed at this because it dissuades me from coming back and doing shit? If so, I have one piece of advice for you, stamp Lone's shit off the platform and keep it down.


As a content creator, I'd post more but real life got busy.
God forbid that happens to a lot of people and everything goes quiet for a while. At that point it's basically a thread full of NEETs.


Shut the fuck up faggot, you’re an aggressive cuck that just likes to blog post and type in caps all the time, the discord doesn’t need you, so neither does the thread.


File: 1542100603065.png (105.14 KB, 436x482, bap.png)

>this absolute shitfest right now


I thought you guys needed every post you could get! After all, that's what Grand Champion of Content Lone says: since our conception the only days our boards aren't ded is when there's drama afoot. Gosh, I deserve a medal for my brave contribution to this thread!


File: 1542100692941.png (305.27 KB, 1802x1653, 1350047.png)

It's just one guy sperging out


It's still a total shitfest regardless
I just hope this drama is able to clear up


File: 1542100881304.png (135.33 KB, 626x690, 1355023.png)

Give it time, it'll pass


Daily reminder that while Lone did nothing but point fingers, us AWFUL, REPREHENSIBLE Discordfags were actually talking seriously about the issue, discussing ways to drum up more posts instead of being massive faggots. And after a successful day of ringing a cowbell and shouting the sky is falling, Lone decides to pick a fight.


File: 1542101021398.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1461759164011.gif)

I can't believe he's still salty after an entire day, and that he's blaming it on Lone.


He had a fight with Lone, and they both were pretty bitter


Everybody shut the fuck up and cuddle.


this is exactly what everyone needs right now, so shut up and cuddle it out faggets


File: 1542102319075.png (2.32 MB, 2565x1710, 1739566.png)

I want to cuddle up with a bunch of other fillies


File: 1542102338076.png (1.19 MB, 1283x855, cuddlingfillies.png)


File: 1542102342377-0.png (158.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181112-111600.png)

File: 1542102342377-1.png (151.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181112-111615.png)

File: 1542102342377-2.png (148.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181112-111624.png)

File: 1542102342377-3.png (159.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181112-111633.png)

File: 1542102342377-4.png (149.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181112-111644.png)

Just to showcase that there are human beans with eyeballs who dare to talk serious about this topic - unlike Lone of course - reasoning for low post counts, ideas for drumming up posts, and non-fingerpointing shit are in pics related. Can't show much else for obvious reasons.

I'm done making my point about spammy, shitty finger pointing and why I cannot fucking stand Lone's attitude. Goodnight. Normal filly schedule in effect when the fuck ever.


File: 1542102775333.png (396.12 KB, 1193x896, 1507520532908.png)


Hivemind, looks like we need more cuddle pics.


File: 1542102997759.png (262.24 KB, 1779x1353, 1854189.png)

Definitely. This was a great one


There is always a need for more filly cuddles


filly cuddles = best cuddles
so I'm hoping we can sort this out without anymore arguing cause thats just making most of us really sad because at the end of the day we all love filly


dont do it but if you do livestream it for the boys


You humans are bigger worryworts than ponies. Can't you ever learn to live in the moment? Learn from Screwy.
1d100[ 1d100 = 98 ]

great story, btw, loving the amount of content


>INB4: the fillies reeing about Discord and the fillies reeing about the fillies reeing about Discord are one and the same


File: 1542122136885.png (66.04 KB, 479x771, 1530417489823.png)

All I see there is one fag trying to defend why discord is so much better than the thread and a worried Anonfilly about the ongoing discussion that happened in the thread
Those prints does not qualify as "discussion", but a single guy spouting his opinions. Where are the counter arguments? Only your side is shown, as if you were trying to convince the thread of what you think while claiming its a full discussion, which i dont doubt it happened on the whole, but again, showing it like that is the same as the politicians do, cutting only the parts that matter for their side of the history and hiding the rest

>They dont take as many suggestions from threadgoers like before discord

And how is that not "bleeding out the thread" again? Taking out the discussion / /r/'s from here to there?

>You see the posts become redundant because they're more easily (((acessible))) in another place

You know, I saw the entitled imperial marines in the hue greentext as the threadfags and socialist as the discords, but maybe I should've read the other way around if all discord fags are as much of faggots as you are
Note: as far I know they are not

>Its not just (You)'s its a more (((efficient))) way

A more efficient way to stroke your own ego, since who will shit on your stuff when names are involved right? Gotta level up that rep with the other namefags am I right?
But now I see why yall are shitting on Lone if "fillus ponis" is Lone, since that was the only mention of any possible differing opinion in the caps, he had the balls to point this stuff out and instead of listening and talking about it, yall just turned on him and most likely ended leaking it into the thread.
Just like you said for him to fuck off because he "whined" of it being a fidget spinner site, then why dont (You) fuck off from the thread since its so pointless and redundant? Afterall, discord is better for everything isnt it? Why are you even coming here? Go back to your circlejerk

Really, to all of you discordfags with the same mentality as this guy: You dont need to try and convince anybody, if you think the thread is pointless and redundant then just fuck off, dont waste your time to stay there. At least then we'll stop bleeding the thread away and you fags will still have your content, we may as well be two different entities >implying we aren't already
Yes, I'm aware this may as well kill the thread depending on how deep down the hole we are, and contrary to what this post may sound like, I'm not angry or anything, it's a long time coming and these caps are proof of this simple solution. Like I said, isn't the thread redundant and pointless? Then don't come here, problem solved, and you even get more time to jerk each other off and grind that sweet rep as bonus

And before anyone even try it, no its not an "its us or them, pick one", but a "stop wasting your time here if you just want to be praised no matter what", that s what discord is for, not a chan.


File: 1542122567002.png (226.46 KB, 1156x1070, 1510292982337.png)

I miss our fillies…



File: 1542122780464.png (183.97 KB, 1800x1800, 1509910766229.png)

>flags never seen before
>both talking shit about Lone15
>a minute apart


File: 1542123244534.jpg (336.67 KB, 1675x1674, 1513323920046.jpg)

He's throwing a hissy fit cause he got kicked from the Discord.
Not even they wanted to deal with his attitude, so he's reeing here. I don't know the full story, DM's were probably involved, but the guy's clearly just assblasted filly isn't even autistic enough for him.


I agree with alot of what you said but the part about how he was saying that we should get rid of the thread isn't true, he was actually doing the opposite trying to suggest ideas to help increase the population and speed of the thread, as much as I think that this whole argument thing is stupid, I dont think that he is the only person in the wrong,


>>"You see the posts become redundant because they're more easily acessible in another place"
>Kicks people who likes filly from said place instead of muting if they re acting up
Hmmm…I think I ll need more popcorn for all this drama

Because lets be honest, this is much more drama than a discussion, even more when it turns to a namefag instead of continuing on thread politics


File: 1542125091128.png (305.71 KB, 1080x1436, 1518289317014-1.png)

So lets drop all that and find what kind of filly you d be

Instead of choosing a filly, you do the second roll with the last filly that posted, go

1d100[ 1d100 = 87 ]
>Tfw i ll need to 1d100[ 1d100 = 22 ] to myself since no filly rolled before


File: 1542125407485.png (7.83 KB, 333x289, 1537587914645.png)

>horny filly
>Tfw i ll need to hug myself since no filly rolled before
Its not like hugging myself is anything new…as long i can have a drink to go with it


Dice rollRolled 11, 84 = 95



He did say those caps were only what he had capped, and he got b&. He never said Discord was better - all he said was that drawfillies and writefillies got their advice and resources more efficiently. Do you dispute this? Or do you think having to link to something for every iteration of a thread isn't repetitive?

What you don't see is him talking to Anon27 with advice, questions and critiques of the site which were all asked calmly before the IM fight happened. Discussing publicity, raids, possible improvements to the site's design, etc. Probably talked further in DMs too.

If he actually hated the thread, the only signs he gave during his fit were when he said doomposting gets to him. He probably didn't mind the slow activity because this isn't 4chan - traffic is low and the entire concept of Anonfilly is almost a dead horse. No shit content doesn't just rain from the heavens. Maybe the fact the thread is slower paced is part of the appeal, and being singled out as a cancer killing the internet isn't something he takes kindly to.


File: 1542126979664.png (1.07 MB, 4840x4840, 1444273420920.png)

1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]
i hope you like holding hooves anon


Dice rollRolled 98, 96 = 194

I'm gonna boop Filly in her snoot


File: 1542127345292.png (1.04 MB, 2784x3827, 1506449536823.png)

i-i don't think this is how you boop other fillies…


>all these horn fillies
where the fuck are these rolls in any cyoa?


>try to contact him after his fight with Lone
>he deleted his discord minutes after getting b&
>tfw filly was probably his only server


File: 1542128142876.png (89.41 KB, 732x633, 1522958393076.png)

>These rolls
Holy hell you fillies are lood today

I dont want for this to become a "point and laugh at the fag", so yea, i ll be his defence force just this once because one: i dont know what happened and two: because Lone is quite based, always saying what needs to be told without holding back on his tongue. He hurt your feefees? Well, then grow thicker skin, truth hurts and that s what i like about him the most
And who cares if he deleted his discord? Heck, i just didnt delet mine because of the 4cc and some fags, like fillus, who i randomly talk to, when either parties are completelly bare of ideas


>truth hurts

Both of them are faggots but I'mma stop you there


He and Lone were arguing with the same angry and incredibly bitter attitude towards each other, and only he got kicked thereafter, despite both being equally at fault and muting being the appropriate recourse for the situation - not outright kicking. He only got kicked because one mod personally didn't like him, and other people who were there agreed that outright kicking was going too far.
The point that was being made wasn't that discord is better than the thread, simply that discord isn't what's killing the thread. It indeed isn't a "discussion", but it was only claimed to be "serious talk", and it's the closest we've had to actual discussion anyway, since people continually misinterpret and misrepresent the opinion that goes against their own, and it immediately devolves into pointless arguing that goes nowhere.

I agree that we should drop the drama, since it's only making things much worse for everybody.
I wholeheartedly agree with the entirety of this post


File: 1542128588887.png (751.05 KB, 845x1024, angery filly.png)

>tfw the auto-update wasn't working again and I didn't notice


This. The only reason Lone wasn't punished for being an asshat is because when he does it, the truth hurts. When others do it in response to him, it's entirely without merit and stop bullying u guise


Not saying what he said was the truth, i made sure to make it the first point, so you d bat an eye and remember it, that i dont know what happened in there. The truth part was an anecdote to growing thicker skin and how he doesnt measure his words to say what he thinks, which is based. But sure, keep distorting my words to fuel your agenda


Ironic that Lone pretends to hate namefag culture and yet he gets thrown a bone for being the darling of the server and thread every time he acts like a cunt, hmm.


1d100[ 1d100 = 33 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 21 ]

In before me fucking up the rolls due to not rolling before.


File: 1542129850292.png (Spoiler Image, 497.41 KB, 2485x1804, DONOTWANT.png)

I think.at this point he's just out for blood.


1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 23 ]
Th-this is how you do this, right?


>awkward filly hugs


1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 68 ]
>inb4 i am that one guy who fucks up rolling


That's on the moderators, not his part. And can you give a time that's happened before? I don't recall seeing anything like that.


File: 1542130379407.png (75.77 KB, 541x527, ice cream time.png)

unf, wouldnt mind watching that


Obviously, earth ponies are best for hugs.

More like feels up rolling, eh?


He's done the doomposting circus before - from the mlpol discord server and multiple threads several months ago. In fact it looked about like it did before the discordfilly got into the sperg fight with him.


Wasn't that also perpetrated by Ash?


Fuck it, let's see what's goin' down tonight, leaf filly.
1d100[ 1d100 = 1 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]




I hereby decree that every filly shall get a free massage.


>Alicorn filly massages

Was just about to reroll for the leaftoo , but an alicorn is fine
I dont want to just hug myself while a filly is licking my no-no zone, so get in here faget hope you re ready to hold my hoof

Rolling for action since already rolled for type of filly
>Tfw always get hornhead in these
>All i want is to be a T H I C C erf filly
Twilight is so cruel….

1d100[ 1d100 = 87 ]


Pretty sure he grew out of doomposting soon after he started. If >>185438 is Ash at least.


You really love those 87s, don'tcha?


>talking about writefagging but still not delivering
>giving his address on the discord confirming he's in California
yup that's Ash.


>tfw claimed by a new goddess
>tfw I, as a mudpone, am getting a massage from her
I can die happy now

Also because I got dubs, is it too late to add a fetish?
since heterosexual sex in the missionary position between a consenting married couple with the purest purpose of bonding and procreation is not applicable, can I add hoofholding and just sleeping in the same bed?


File: 1542132153428.jpeg (330.75 KB, 1727x1842, 1281050.jpeg)

Well I had to make the three-way work to appease our new princess somehow




Its dubs on the roll, like on my first one where i got 22 for action, sorry m8


Pics or it didn't happen?


Thread is at bump limit. Who shall bake the new bread at 750?


File: 1542136175757.jpg (48.77 KB, 319x316, 1539873901955.jpg)

WHAT! No, never! That is too far.


Can't take pictures of a server I'm not in.


Save everything or know someone who saves everything. Knowledge is power.


Yeah thanks for the advice. I'll tell all my friend to remind my 100 days in the past self to do that.


>I'll tell all my friend
Get your friend to get the info or use your alt account. Can't get either, then oh well. Live and learn. It's not like this is the end or anything.


Great work! Really enjoying this.


Here goes nothing
1d100[ 1d100 = 38 ]
1d100[ 1d100 = 100 ]


File: 1542141328037.png (Spoiler Image, 102.6 KB, 800x800, 1612569.png)

>Winger filly
>Absolutely anything
Oh man. Hope you're ready for hugging, cuddling, hoof rubs, kissing…

And if you're okay with it, m-maybe pic related


File: 1542142437590.jpg (3.62 MB, 5312x2988, 20181113_203739.jpg)


That filly looks like its face is full of cookies. Ponies don't actually have cheeks, do they?


File: 1542143008270.jpg (249.35 KB, 861x1008, Horse Cheek.jpg)

They do.


File: 1542143178522.gif (1000.23 KB, 498x280, aqua panic.gif)

Wait, they do? Since fucking when?


>Filly finds the hidden cookie jar


That smug horse fuck is laughing at us. I can just tell.


Yeah, for future reference I am also Fillus.
I try, t-thanks. I will admit however that I went a bit overboard this time, and that I'm not exactly the ideal picture of composure under fire either.
I don't hate namefag culture, I just think names should be used sparingly.
I'm a bit confused as to what you're talking about, I have never been in the mlpol discord. Are you talking about the filly discord?


File: 1542153380012.png (25.39 KB, 540x540, 1458476911867.png)

man, see, we are more active because of all the arguing!
and like a good family, dont you all feel a stronger connection towards your fellow anon faggot?


File: 1542153657989.png (251.73 KB, 1920x1845, 1518669183797.png)

Bread baked fast this time.


[muffled external reeing]
>but intenally still want to be pet more by the anon

Umm…you did get a "anything you wish" roll i guess…
Please gentle


>not exactly the ideal picture of composure under fire
>under fire

I dunno who lit a fire under you before your first post to make you come right out of the gate declaring that the thread is beyond saving, completely fucked, and it's entirely the fault of shitsword.


>I will admit however that I went a bit overboard this time, and that I'm not exactly the ideal picture of composure under fire either.
I'm glad you can acknowledge that. No hard feelings.


No hard feelings. So where was that sentiment before? How's this any different than dismissing it as "I have a problem?" But whatever, right? Water under the bridge. Not like there was anything gained or lost in stirring the pot so thoroughly as to get shit on half the walls.


While I'm back here, I bet you guys didn't notice that Lone stated that the turnout, the drama, was literally his intention. He said that that was the idea behind being inflammatory and pointing fingers, from the start. That's why he opens it up with "discord was a mistake everything is falling apart you ruined everything" before any drama can come of it. But I guess that's just him overreacting under fire, huh. Just poor misunderstood Lone not knowing how to react to those rude serverfags.


Here s your (You), now go back to your shitty discord


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